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00:10 Hi! I'm C. A. Murray and welcome to season number four
00:13 of Celebrating Life in Recovery.
00:15 This is real television, real lives, real changes,
00:19 real victory in Jesus, real-life situations.
00:22 Stay by you will be blessed!
00:50 Welcome back!
00:51 You know C. A. is really funny when you talk about
00:54 real-life victories, all those kind of things,
00:56 this whole season is going to be about people
01:00 that not only came from really incredible things,
01:02 really some dark, dark backgrounds,
01:05 but they are all in Ministry.
01:06 To me it was so fun to put together, but I couldn't
01:10 hardly even do a teaching around it because I just
01:12 wanted folks to hear the story, see what God did,
01:15 and see what the next step for them was.
01:17 Incredible, and you know what is interesting,
01:19 and almost unbelievable, is that we are in season number 4.
01:22 I know! C. A.: It's gone really, really fast.
01:25 Also we did do some survey work just last year.
01:30 You know you want to make sure that you're kind of
01:33 scratching where people are itching, that you are
01:34 answering questions that are being asked.
01:36 We found out that this is one of the shows that has
01:39 been a major blessing to so many people.
01:41 But also we found that there are those who sort of
01:44 feared this show, and it is because we tackle stuff,
01:48 real-life stuff.
01:49 And there are those who, mistakenly, believe once
01:52 you come to Christ that all this stuff just
01:53 dissipates and disappears,
01:55 Cheri: Don't you wish that was true?
01:56 Yeah wish it was, I really do,
01:58 but what you get is coping skills.
01:59 So we are dealing this year with people who not only
02:01 survived, but thrived and give back, that is kind of
02:04 a new wrinkle, another layer of frosting on the cake,
02:08 as it were, It's a good thing.
02:10 I've got a, I want to even say to people that have
02:12 watched the program, bless you.
02:15 Because there are people that have e-mailed and
02:16 I could just feel their tears in the e-mail.
02:21 I could feel their tears in the letters.
02:24 They would say you know I'm so glad that you said
02:26 this out loud, in the light of God's love.
02:29 And the fact that you say this out loud
02:31 and God still loves us, God is so crazy about us,
02:34 there is still hope even in this.
02:36 It allows people to walk into recovery,
02:38 it allows people to know that not only are you going
02:41 to do recovery, but God is going to stand you up.
02:43 To me I'm like, How cool is that?
02:46 How absolutely cool is that and there are times
02:49 when I get to process with someone and somebody gets
02:53 to walk through those steps with one of the viewers,
02:55 or one of the listeners.
02:57 I get to see how God does that and stands them up
03:00 and I just want to kiss God on the face.
03:02 I want to say that every story really is about how cool
03:06 He is, and it is a vindication of who God is.
03:08 When somebody says is a little bit too much,
03:11 I think that about life. C. A.: Right!
03:14 You know what I mean when I go out to schools and hear
03:18 about molesting and abortions, and date rapes and all
03:22 that kind of stuff, multiple personalities, somebody
03:25 being raised by a schizophrenic mother.
03:27 I hear these stories and they are so intense that I have
03:31 to look at God and say, God can You do something here?
03:34 I just hear all of heaven say absolutely,
03:38 I can do something right there.
03:39 Yeah incredible, incredible.
03:40 You know I heard this cute story about this mother
03:42 who put her son on the bus to go to school.
03:44 Third day of school the bus leaves and he is standing
03:46 at the curb, so soon he knocks on the door and she
03:48 says what are you doing here the bus has left?
03:49 He said I quit school, she said you quit school?
03:53 Three days in to school, first grade and
03:54 you quit school?
03:55 He said yeah, I quit school, it's tough, it's hard,
03:58 and sometimes it's boring.
03:59 She said, welcome to life get, on the bus!
04:01 And that's what we deal with, sometimes it's tough,
04:05 it's hard, sometimes boring but that's life.
04:08 The people that we'll meet this year, really have
04:11 wrestled with life and have come forth in Jesus.
04:15 Hey I have got to tell you something, because we
04:16 get a lot of e- mails on you personally.
04:19 Should I brace myself?
04:23 They're on you personally, but the big thing is a
04:25 lot of it says she is very real, and that's what
04:29 we get the most, real and very believable.
04:32 I've been there, I know this stuff and people
04:35 buy that because it is coming from your heart.
04:37 People ask often, is she like that off camera too?
04:40 And we have to say, ah yeah!
04:41 In fact I'm probably a little tamer on camera.
04:45 So it makes a show real because we know we are dealing
04:51 with a person who has been through stuff, and the Lord
04:53 has blessed you and your giving back.
04:55 But even people who have a hard time with the stuff,
04:57 is that doesn't excite me anymore.
05:00 The stories and the junk and I think those are more
05:04 typical than abnormal anymore.
05:05 What excites me is whenever
05:07 I see a glimmer of somebody trusting God,
05:10 allowing God into that situation.
05:12 And then I want to celebrate, I want to say you know what?
05:14 just let that happen.
05:15 In this season we are doing a couple things.
05:18 We're covering people who have been there and
05:20 going into testimony.
05:22 We're covering how to talk to God because that is,
05:26 we have to connect with God, we have to somehow say we
05:30 don't know what we're doing, how I got here, it's just
05:33 a mess, and somehow get into saying this is how you
05:37 talk to God about this.
05:38 This is how you talk to God in the car, in the shower,
05:43 walking down the street, in a hospital room when you
05:46 just get diagnosed all those kind of stuff, in jail.
05:49 And you're going like man if you get me out of this one, you
05:54 know that prayer if you get me out of this one I'll never
05:56 do that again. Right!
05:58 So we have an offer I would like to put out there on
06:01 prayer, this is something to think about, prayer.
06:05 I never thought about the fact C. A., that God said,
06:09 I'm going to create you in my image, so that is all biblical.
06:13 You are created in the image of God.
06:15 In the Image of God we are created, and He spoke the
06:19 Universe into creation, right?
06:20 He spoke and it happened.
06:22 And we think we are created in His image and our
06:24 nose just looks like His.
06:25 Do you know what I mean?
06:26 Stop, He speaks and things happen and I think we
06:30 are created in that image and we speak, whether it
06:33 is positive or negative, and that is going
06:35 to reflect in our lives.
06:36 So being able to say, being aware of who you are
06:40 and to power of your speech and the power of God
06:44 in your life, so definitely the prayer book.
06:46 Some people have asked, Cheri, what about your book?
06:51 I wrote a book about the testimony of where I came
06:53 from and kind of thing, and I am going to have that
06:56 available at this time, Miracle From the Street.
06:58 There is another book, C. A. you can have that.
07:01 Yeah God Is Crazy about You, this is sort of
07:03 Cheri: your continuation yes, God is crazy about
07:10 you and He knows your junk and He is crazy about you.
07:12 That the affirmation we hear from you constantly.
07:15 And it is a worth while one because there are those
07:18 who get so beat down by life that they are not that
07:21 crazy about themselves and figured that God can't be
07:24 too crazy about me, because I don't even like what
07:26 I see in the mirror little alone what God sees.
07:28 This affirms that God is crazy about you, warts and all.
07:31 Exactly and what is really interesting the whole season
07:34 is about someone stepping into their relationship with God,
07:38 learning how to speak to God and walk in that
07:41 relationship into recovery.
07:43 Then how does he stand them up, that God Is Crazy
07:45 About You book is how God stood me up.
07:48 There were times that I literally was awestruck with
07:53 what He was doing in front of me,
07:55 totally unfolding who He was.
07:57 Not unfolding who I am, I know who I am and that
08:00 is not even worth unfolding.
08:02 He is like let me unfold who I Am and let you be
08:05 transformed in that.
08:07 So whole season is talking about who God is,
08:11 who we are in that, how do we speak to Him and then how
08:15 does He stand us up to go tell someone else, it's huge!
08:18 It is huge and what is really huge is the cherry on the
08:22 sundae as it were, not only our guests this year
08:26 recovering, what makes this year a little different
08:28 is that they're giving back, they are paying it back,
08:31 they are in evangelism, going out and giving others
08:33 they are sharing their recovery.
08:34 And that keeps us in recovery to do that, so we are
08:38 going to do the first roll.
08:39 I am going to show you some friends of mine, and they
08:41 live in the same area, I am blessed by these guys and
08:44 I get to work with them.
08:45 One of them is a gang member, and this gang member
08:47 left some folks for dead and just walked away
08:50 saying, what ever.
08:52 He was so proud of himself in how God brought him from
08:55 that, and we also brought his parole officer.
08:58 I loved that, and the parole officer had a program in
09:02 his own right, because this was a really rebellious kid.
09:04 God ended up cleaning up, bringing to ministry,
09:07 stepping him into prison guard, then parole officer
09:10 and now he teaches officers how to look at folks in
09:15 recovery in a way that is healing.
09:17 The third program that you are going see is my favorite
09:21 one to do, and I hate to say that because they are all so
09:23 amazing, because you get to share peoples testimonies.
09:27 But it was a group of bikers that are now coming out of
09:30 being incredibly twisted and messed up in bike gangs.
09:34 Coming out of Vietnam, strung out on heroine and all
09:37 that kind of stuff, going to prison for murder and now
09:40 they are going back to other bikers to tell them you
09:44 don't have to be there your whole life.
09:45 I've got to stop you because, yesterday I was
09:47 walking down the hall and I said boy that motorcycle sounds close
09:51 And I heard this broom, room, room, and then I heard 2,
09:55 3, 4, and realized that all those bikes were here on
09:57 the set, Cheri: we wanted them on the set.
09:59 It was great - that show on the bike was really good.
10:02 It was fun, okay enjoy this you will be blessed.
10:05 I sat there and I was looking at my car being worked on.
10:10 I looked on the floor and noticed a moving van coming
10:14 and pull in front of our house.
10:15 I just thought somebody was getting furniture,
10:18 looked down, looked up within seconds my yard was
10:21 full of military men with assault rifles.
10:25 Everybody had them pointing at us,
10:27 had my parents hogged-tied.
10:29 My sister was screaming saying listen to what they
10:36 are telling you, they're going to kill us.
10:37 It was just real dramatic and seeing my family have
10:42 to go through that for something that I had did.
10:43 Officer on the on the roof, my cousins jumped the fence,
10:47 and they were caught on the other side.
10:48 I mean it was really hard because we had left two
10:52 men to die under the bridge and thought
10:55 we had gotten away with it.
10:56 These men, I remember the emotion that
11:00 I had watching these men die.
11:03 It was just one of those things, they didn't die
11:07 by God's grace, but watching them bleed,
11:11 it was one of those things where,
11:12 it wasn't, it didn't affect me.
11:14 I knew there was some kind of evil presence
11:16 within me that allowed me to smile while
11:19 somebody was in pain like that.
11:20 Nobody should have to deal with that kind of pain,
11:24 but that's why was there we thought we had gotten
11:26 away with it but here we go with the SWAT team.
11:29 Half the National Guard had picked us up and I was
11:31 sitting in this cell, high on Meth, full of alcohol,
11:35 knowing the Devil's presence was in that cell.
11:39 I was in the lieutenant's office and she said,
11:41 what are you doing with the inmates?
11:43 I said, I am doing work crews I said, I am helping
11:46 no, no that is not what I'm talking about.
11:47 What's this Bible thing?
11:49 Well they know me from before and they know that
11:53 I am a Christian and they bring me their Bibles
11:54 and ask me questions.
11:56 Well you can't do that!
11:57 I said, with all due respect, my job as a correctional
12:00 officer is to use my life experience to prepare
12:04 them for the outside.
12:06 And it is only one thing I'm good at, and that's God.
12:08 That is all I know and so they are asked me something
12:11 that I know and I'm answering their questions,
12:13 is that against the rules?
12:14 Come to find out that lieutenant was a backslidden
12:16 Christian and she was very concerned for me that
12:21 I was going to get ganged by the offenders and get
12:22 disoriented and walk away from God like she did.
12:25 I ended up helping her recommitting her life to the
12:28 Lord in her office that day.
12:29 Cheri: That is incredible!
12:31 And she was my most staunch protector,
12:34 from that point forward.
12:35 God had you doing what you were doing and it's okay.
12:38 As long as I stay within the policy of the Department.
12:41 Exactly!
12:42 My sweet wife prayed for me for 23 years, she said
12:45 Lord change him, and finally she said Lord help him.
12:49 Two nights later she got the call, I was in jail and
12:54 had shot a man in a bar.
12:55 She stayed with me and that's what it took.
13:01 God finally said okay, now I am going
13:04 to get your attention.
13:05 I spent 23 years telling her I don't have a problem
13:08 with alcohol, I could quit anytime I wanted to.
13:09 When I am standing in front of a judge with my hands
13:12 cuffed behind me, we've charged you with attempted
13:14 murder, I said I think I have a problem.
13:16 You know finally gets through our heads.
13:19 It's what it took, God had to slap me down
13:21 to get my attention and then I said, What do
13:23 You want I'm listening.
13:24 Cheri: We start promising Him anything, You get me
13:28 out of this one, I promise you.
13:30 I mean I told people even then in 1974, I said, if I
13:35 can't have more fun being a Christian then I did being
13:39 in the bars, I will go back to the bars.
13:40 Guess what the only time I've been in a bar is a
13:43 poker run to get a coke or something.
13:45 Wow again really powerful stories and those bikers
13:49 are too much, a lot of nice guys.
13:51 nice guys and what is even interesting to me
13:54 about the bikers is, the newer guy, there's a guy
13:57 that just came to Christ.
13:59 For him, it was I brought my son into this lifestyle
14:03 and he's lost in it and just crazy in it, and that stuff
14:06 You could tell that his tears are just right on the
14:10 surface because he wants to somehow fix
14:12 everything that he did.
14:13 I think that as God stands him up, he will get the
14:17 privilege of seeing the restoration in his family.
14:19 Which is amazing!
14:21 I'm so glad that God does allow us, encourages us,
14:26 enables us to make changes.
14:28 You know you can become that Romans 12:1, that living
14:30 sacrifice, it is not about what you were, it is about
14:34 what you are a where you're going.
14:35 And who you are taking with you, and that is what
14:37 this year is about, about taking others with this.
14:39 And even with Max Revera, the gang member, he speaks
14:43 in front of judges, legislators, he has spoken front
14:46 of our governor in the state of Idaho.
14:48 People are bringing him in to talk about how to
14:52 negotiate with gang members.
14:53 So not only is God restoring him as a man of God,
14:58 in his family, people are calling him, would you mind
15:01 being on this task force?
15:03 He said there are times that he just says I cannot
15:06 believe they called and God just kisses him on the face.
15:09 Everything that the Devil meant to destroy you with,
15:12 I am going to use in order for you to bless
15:16 and help other people.
15:17 I'm thinking God, You are so God!
15:19 You do that so well!
15:21 Cheri: Exactly, exactly!
15:23 Okay the next one, you are going to love this next one.
15:25 We have another 3, and they are all Meth addicts, and
15:29 people wonder why we just did so much on Meth this
15:33 season, some folks in the studio had asked me that.
15:35 Because almost every other person I work with is on
15:39 Meth, because it is the drug right now that is trashing
15:42 the entire United States, but definitely worldwide it is
15:46 one of the worst drugs out there.
15:48 So we have got 3 people in Meth, and the first one
15:51 you are going to see is Rich and Susan Kollenberg.
15:55 They are from this horrible background, they had a
15:57 little shack they lived in with dirt floors and found
16:02 on a little tiny black and white TV because they were
16:04 so crazy they hardly ever leave their house and had to
16:08 turn it over to God.
16:09 They were almost crawling on the floor crazy
16:11 and they found 3ABN.
16:14 C. A. incredible! Praise the Lord!
16:16 And that is the only, only thing that kept them,
16:20 you know it was like a lifeline.
16:22 Now not only is she in recovery, but she works for
16:25 Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor.
16:27 The very evangelist she saw in that little black-and-
16:30 white TV when she was out of her mind.
16:31 And I think, God how fun are you?
16:34 He says I will give you the desire of your heart,
16:36 I will stand you up, and you will be so blessed
16:39 you will sometimes not even know how to thank Me.
16:41 Not that God needs it, but you won't even know how to
16:44 because you will be so thrilled.
16:46 The other person is a friend of mine, Dave Parnell.
16:49 So tweaking on Meth, so crazy literally took an
16:53 assault rifle put it up to his chin and blew his whole,
16:55 he thought he was going to blow his head off, he blew
16:58 his face off and lived.
16:59 Now as he died the third time in the ambulance he
17:04 thinks, you know I think a better stop using drugs.
17:07 And I'm like you think! The big Dah!
17:10 I know but now he is talking to hundreds and thousands
17:15 of kids about the dangers of drugs.
17:18 He goes out there with a face that was re-built, his
17:21 nose and everything rebuilt by bones in his hips.
17:24 The skin on his nose was pulled from his forehead
17:27 and they made a new nose for him.
17:29 He has had 30 facial surgeries and he has only
17:32 been a Christian for the last 5 years.
17:34 So he is a baby still and God has got him standing up
17:38 already and he doesn't even know what it means to stand
17:39 up, he is a little bit of afraid.
17:41 He has 7 kids all born in this drug crazy stuff,
17:45 and now God is saying stand up I need you to teach
17:48 somebody the dangers of this drug.
17:50 The third person you're going to meet is Ken and Sherry
17:53 Blundell and what is really fun about them is that they
17:57 are both in ministry.
17:58 He is a pastor now, 24 years Meth addict, in and out
18:02 of stumbling around even in his ministry, and God is
18:07 still saying, this is a man after my own heart.
18:09 You will be blessed by all of them.
18:13 They have come from horrendous backgrounds,
18:15 you'll enjoy this one you will be blessed.
18:17 And you know at that point in time you have to make a
18:22 decision, you can use drugs one more day you are going
18:26 to die, this is it, it has come down to this.
18:28 And you look back on your life you say I know
18:32 it's come down to this.
18:33 When you make that decision and you start telling
18:37 friends, I'm not going to use drugs anymore,
18:41 of course naturally they say yeah, right!
18:43 But you know in your heart that you have changed
18:47 you are going to turn around, you do not know how
18:49 you are going to do it.
18:50 I would call her up and I would say I do not know
18:53 what to do, she say just pray and God will help you.
18:55 So for 3 months I prayed a 3 word prayer, God help me!
18:59 Just God help me, and He was there for me.
19:02 So it doesn't have to be complicated, prayer does not
19:06 have to be complicated.
19:08 No, I can remember lying face down on my bed, screaming
19:11 at the top of my lungs for God to help me the last time.
19:13 Because I didn't know what was going to do, didn't know
19:15 how I was going to do it, all I know is that everything,
19:17 I had done up to that point was wrong.
19:19 And I will come home at 9:30 in the morning.
19:21 At this time you had how many kids?
19:23 At this time 6.
19:24 I would come home at 9:30 in the morning the 21 of
19:27 February in 2003, her and the kids were packing up to
19:30 leave, and I asked her if we could lay down and talk
19:32 about it, I was too sick to stand up by this point
19:34 I had lost so much weight and stuff, after 2 or 3 days
19:37 I would get real sick.
19:38 I got sick that morning and she agreed to lay down
19:40 beside me and said that she would talk to me for a
19:43 moment but me the kids are still going to leave.
19:45 When she said that something in me snapped.
19:47 I reached over her and grabbed my SK rifle laid on my
19:51 stomach, pushed the barrel up under my chin.
19:53 I thought man that's it, I'm going to blow my head off.
19:55 This dope has robbed me of everything.
19:57 She screamed and reached to grab the barrel out from
19:59 under my chin, but before she could grab it
20:01 I pulled the trigger.
20:02 The bullet went in me here and came out between
20:04 my eyes, breaking every bone in my face except
20:06 my left eye socket.
20:07 It had blow my nose off, all my front teeth out,
20:10 but I didn't pass out.
20:13 I remember hearing that gun blast, and I felt my face
20:15 fall apart, because Meth has such a strong stimulant,
20:19 it kept me awake doing all that.
20:21 I fell off the bed onto the floor, my wife went to screaming
20:25 and my kids came running back to the bedroom.
20:27 You entire half of your face laid on the floor too!
20:29 Yeah and I'm laying face down trying to hold my face
20:33 together, I thought the whole front of my face had actually
20:35 blown off, that is what it felt like.
20:37 And my kids, what I remember and what really haunts me,
20:41 is my kids.
20:42 I still remember my boy David, jumping up and down
20:45 in a circle throwing his hands like this.
20:48 Of course I couldn't see him, but he is screaming
20:50 Daddy's dead, Daddy's dead!
20:51 I mean and then he disappeared again.
20:53 And at that point, I have had enough, I was going back
20:58 to California, I didn't want anymore.
21:01 And Ken called me from a motel in town and asked if
21:08 he could come home.
21:10 I said I really don't care.
21:11 Cheri: I've done that I can't do this again.
21:13 And he came home.
21:15 You know I came home, and I remember when I called
21:20 you that night, my life I knew it was over.
21:25 This wasn't the first time that this had happened,
21:28 multiple times, I hadn't been faithful to you on more
21:31 than one occasion.
21:32 I thought well Lord, I've hit bottom what am I going to do?
21:36 In that motel room I prayed and asked God to help me.
21:39 Of course I was coming down from being on Meth for
21:42 several days and I've got home and said hello to you.
21:47 We hardly said anything, she had nothing to say to me.
21:51 I walked back into the bedroom and I picked up this
21:54 Bible and I opened it up.
21:55 And I opened it up to just where I am right now.
21:58 I say God help me what do I need?
21:59 Man I've got to say even with Dave and C. A.,
22:05 I don't know if you were in on the discussions but,
22:07 Dave the Meth addict, that blew his face off had
22:11 hundreds of pictures on a DVD that we were going
22:16 to show during his program.
22:18 Because you know when the police came into the crime
22:19 scene, they came into pull him off of floor thinking he
22:22 was dead, his entire face laid on the floor,
22:25 and he started talking.
22:27 It's like, everybody is like this, it is so not right.
22:30 His son, his children are screaming and
22:33 his wife is screaming.
22:34 One of the sons called his mom.
22:36 His mom came over and she is screaming and he is alive.
22:39 So the staff here went through the pictures to see what
22:43 we could actually show. C. A.: Yeah!
22:45 Dave went in, as he teaches, he went in and have
22:49 pictures of Meth labs, has pictures of this one
22:51 couple that was so strung out that
22:55 they forgot to feed their child.
22:57 They found the baby with rigor mortis and dead in the
23:01 crib. C. A.: Incredible!
23:02 They just forgot to feed him, forgot that he was even there,
23:04 and not only, and this was days and days and
23:08 days that this kid was not fed.
23:10 They have pictures of this.
23:11 They have pictures of kids coming out of the Meth lab
23:14 with sores all around their face, and they finally
23:17 figure out those were cockroaches that were eating
23:19 their skin while these kids slept.
23:22 They were so much filth in these places.
23:23 As we were trying to figure out what even kind of
23:26 pictures we could show, what they said is we can't
23:28 hardly show any of this.
23:29 Yeah we had to pull the plug on so many of them because
23:32 they are just so very, very strong, and yet they are not
23:35 made up, they are not things we invented,
23:38 it wasn't done in the studio.
23:39 That is the life that they live. Cheri: Exactly!
23:42 That's the life that many, you said just a moment ago,
23:44 when you look at these, everybody thinks they are the
23:47 only one, yet there are so many thousands, tens of
23:51 thousands who are suffering that way.
23:53 The good thing is, Cheri: and so predictable,
23:55 and so predictable, what is unpredictable is
23:57 what God is going to do for you when you get straight.
24:00 How is He going to use this individual.
24:02 right that is what is unpredictable.
24:03 So we look at the story where a fellow tried to kill
24:07 himself and all he did is rearrange his face.
24:10 Then science has to come back and rearrange it again,
24:12 now God is rearranging his life.
24:15 He is actively rearranging the lives of other people,
24:18 that's what makes this so great, so powerful.
24:19 Cheri: it's absolutely to me, I'm so proud of God,
24:23 for one, when some of these folks stand up there so
24:26 much shame in who they are and what they have done,
24:29 and the extent of where they have been in their life
24:32 that they don't want to stand up and
24:33 they don't want to share it with anybody.
24:35 I don't want to tell you how bad I have been,
24:38 I don't want to show you what that lifestyle looks like,
24:41 and because you know what some of it is so disgusting
24:44 that I'm afraid of what you will think about me.
24:47 God says you know what, there is going to be a time,
24:49 and when somebody told me this C.A.
24:51 I was just like, are you nuts?
24:53 There is going to be a time that you use every
24:56 single thing, that you will bring every single thing
24:58 to the table because it helps to vindicate who God is,
25:01 it helps to vindicate what is wrong with this lifestyle.
25:04 What is wrong with the lifestyle that's it can
25:07 so take you under its control
25:09 that you will not even feed your child?
25:11 You will not even care if you are sleeping on top of
25:15 chemicals that can blow the entire city block up.
25:18 You won't even care, you will not even care that your
25:20 child has Meth sores and they are only 3 years old,
25:23 because you are so twisted.
25:25 God says I will take all that kind of stuff and you'll
25:28 use it in ministry, and most of us say you got to be kidding.
25:31 God says, Oh absolutely not that's who I Am.
25:33 Will be right back stay with us and you will be even
25:36 more blessed with the next things we that share with you.
25:39 Come back!


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