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Meth Mindset -part 2

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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery.
00:13 I'm Cheri, your host.
00:14 Today we are going to look at drugs.
00:15 All kinds of drugs, amphetamines, pot, heroine
00:19 and all that stuff and we are going to answer some questions,
00:22 but mainly we are going to look at the power of prayer.
00:24 Come join us.
00:52 We are going to cover a lot of information today.
00:56 We are going to talk about drugs, and I am going to try
00:59 and cover every single thing that Mary Holley knows.
01:04 Doctor Holley thank you for joining us again.
01:06 I loved having you on the show before.
01:08 Thank you very much.
01:10 You have researched a lot on drugs, especially meth
01:14 amphetamines, can you recap why the interest?
01:18 I became involved with the methamphetamine issue when
01:22 it affected my family.
01:23 My brother was 22 when he got hooked on crystal and he
01:26 was 24 when it killed him.
01:29 First it made him crazy, made him delusional, he thought
01:31 the police could see through the walls.
01:33 He thought they could read his mind.
01:34 He was at a party one night and the fellow next to him
01:37 got a hit of crystal and had a heart attack and
01:38 died right in front of him. - Right in front of him!
01:40 But he thought because his finger prints were on the flask
01:43 he thought he would get framed for the murder of this
01:45 fellow so he wanted to run right away and go to Mexico.
01:48 My mother knew that a crazy white boy wouldn't last five
01:51 minutes in Mexico so she brought him to my house.
01:53 See what you can do Mary.
01:56 You were a doctor? - I was an obstetrician delivering
01:59 babies, so I took him to my friend a Physiatrist that
02:02 diagnosed him paranoia schizophrenia.
02:04 - Which he wasn't?
02:05 - Well he was a drug induced Schizophrenic,
02:08 but there is a difference.
02:09 I know there is a difference because I was on the street
02:13 for 10 years so I saw a lot of my friends go from being
02:17 just normal and having fun, partying and things all the
02:21 way to very psychotic.
02:23 One of my best friends turned into an orange, he would sit
02:26 there and just spit, and I would say what are you doing?
02:29 He said I'm making orange juice.
02:31 We all laughed and thought that was hilarious, but he in
02:34 the state hospital for years and sat there and spit.
02:37 Yeah, it will cause a syndrome very much like
02:40 schizophrenia but for 90% of them it goes away when they
02:44 have been clean for a year or more.
02:46 Only 10 % remain psychotic the rest of their lives.
02:48 We have to say that again for anybody watching the
02:50 show that is on meth.
02:52 If you are on meth right now and you stop, your paranoid
02:54 would go away in about a year. - About a year.
02:57 We want it to happen right now, over night.
03:00 Yeah, and it does improve very quickly when they get
03:03 clean, but your still hallucinating occasionally up to
03:07 a year after using meth.
03:09 Then 10 % of them require medicine the rest of their life,
03:13 but the vast majority don't.
03:15 They restore the mental faculties, they restore their
03:19 memories, start laughing and cutting up again.
03:21 They enjoy their life again, but it will not happen over night.
03:24 I want you to share, I went on your website one time and
03:28 I saw a different things that you have learned in your
03:31 research, different things about different drugs.
03:33 Can we start out with, how about the drug that everyone
03:37 says is not big deal? Pot!
03:40 Oh, Yes! - No big deal, I'm just smoking weed.
03:42 Marijuana causes memory loss and loss of judgment and
03:47 reasoning, you do stupid things.
03:49 You lose motivation, you don't care about going to work
03:52 tomorrow, don't care about paying the bills.
03:55 That apathy just pervades every part of life.
03:58 Memory loss can last for years after stopping.
04:01 There is a loss of IQ points which is just about as much
04:05 as you get from fetal alcohol syndrome,
04:07 it's not a benign drug.
04:09 When I talk with kids, they will say I am just smoking
04:13 weed and it is no problem.
04:14 I'll ask them, when you go to the movies do you enjoy
04:19 the movies? Oh Yeah! Do you smoke weed before you go?
04:23 Yeah! Would you enjoy it as much if you didn't smoke
04:27 weed? Well why would I even go?
04:29 It is like, you use to be able to go to the movies
04:32 without smoking weed, when you go to visit friends do
04:34 you go over there, or do you smoke weed and then go
04:37 over there that everything becomes why I smoke weed
04:40 first, if I play video games.
04:42 We go to get a bag of weed first, smoke weed first.
04:45 So everything becomes that I do it on this drug.
04:48 If I am not on the drug I don't enjoy the activity.
04:51 Um Hummm! Yeah their mind becomes organized around it.
04:54 When they stop using it, they feel grouchy and irritable,
04:58 the lights are too bright, the sounds are too loud.
05:00 It takes about 28-days for the biochemical change in
05:03 the brain to reverse and the nerves to start firing correctly
05:07 again and during that 28-days you are miserable
05:11 until you get another joint.
05:12 So you have mentioned the brain a couple times.
05:16 Can you tell us what actually happens in the brain?
05:19 Know that I am an addict in recovery, you have to keep
05:22 it simple, no I have studied this.
05:26 I love this stuff because I think when you know what
05:30 happens in the brain, you make better choices.
05:32 Yes, and when addicts under - stand what the drug is doing
05:35 to their brain, they seem to recover some hope.
05:38 It's not that I am a derelict, this drugs making me a derelict.
05:41 It is not that I am stupid, the drug is making me stupid.
05:45 When they start realizing that, they start having
05:48 some hope about them.
05:49 Yeah I can recover and become functional again.
05:52 With any addiction? Especially with methamphetamine
05:55 Methamphetamine causes sever brain dysfunction,
05:59 it affects every aspect of life.
06:02 You can't nurture or protect your children.
06:04 Can't enjoy a good meal, you can't remember what you talked
06:08 about this morning, you forget about it this afternoon.
06:12 So many functions are involved with methamphetamine,
06:16 it makes them wonder whether they are every going to be
06:20 alive again, especially that first few months of recovery.
06:23 You are so depressed,
06:25 - it's horrible because you would really rather die.
06:28 Yes! - Even when someone says if I can use again, if I
06:31 even could drink again, if I can get online and look at
06:35 one more porn site again is that for at least a moment
06:38 I feel alive and don't realize if you really get through
06:41 that, time, if you give yourself time you will start
06:45 feeling alive without the addiction.
06:47 Right, Right! - So tell us a little bit about synopsis
06:49 and dopamine and all that stuff.
06:52 Okay, I always introduced in terms of Cell A and Cell B.
06:55 Cell A and Cell B are separated by a layer of fluid,
06:58 they can't touch directly or they will short out.
07:00 They are electorally charged. - Right!
07:02 So they are separated by fluid and we communicate
07:05 across the fluid using chemicals.
07:06 They are called neuro-transmitters.
07:08 When Cell A releases this neuro- transmitter and it gets on the
07:11 receiving Cell, then Cell B says I know what that is.
07:15 That is Cell A trying to tell me something.
07:17 It sends a little feed-back signal to Cell A and says,
07:20 I heard you, you can stop now.
07:21 So that stops the normal transition, but when the
07:25 amphetamine gets into the picture, it is shoveling out
07:28 dopamine a hundred miles an hour with no chemical
07:33 electrical signal to trigger it, it is just dumped out
07:37 there and the receiving Cell is overwhelmed by excess
07:41 of dopamine and just shuts down.
07:43 It's like I heard you, I heard you, I heard you and
07:46 eventually stops. Yeah! If you won't shut up I will have
07:48 to hang up the phone.
07:50 So that is what Cell B does, it hangs up the phone.
07:52 Disconnects it's receptors, cuts them right off the Cell.
07:54 Now, after awhile of using, Cell A can't talk anymore, it's vocal
07:59 cords are ruptured, and Cell B can't hear anymore,
08:02 it's hung up the phone.
08:04 Cell A and Cell B are your ability to control your temper.
08:07 Your ability to nurture your children, your ability to get
08:10 up and work, laugh and enjoy life.
08:13 What's interesting is when these two stop communicating,
08:18 it really is every single thing.
08:21 When the sun hits your skin and you think that feels great,
08:25 you can't communicate that anymore so I cannot feel it.
08:29 When somebody laughs, when somebody tries to reach out,
08:32 I can't feel it, it is not the same.
08:34 That is so devastating.
08:38 Sometimes it is very long - lasting, I've talked to
08:41 fellows in the state Penn that are a year out and still feel
08:44 like plastic, like they can't feel anything.
08:47 When am I going to be able to feel again?
08:50 I don't know what to tell them because some of this
08:53 damage is permanent, the methamphetamine is unique among
08:56 all the drugs of abuse in that it causes real holes in
08:59 the brain, definite structural defects in the brain.
09:03 How does that happen?
09:04 It has been made out of battery acid and hydrosominia? and
09:07 Red Devil Lye, well when you metabolize that stuff down,
09:11 break it down in your body, you turn it back into
09:14 Red Devil Lye and battery acid.
09:16 That stuff eats a hole in the brain or your other tissues
09:19 as well, eats a hole in the lungs and heart.
09:22 It's interesting for a lot of the drugs we can break them
09:26 down and flush them from our system.
09:29 With those acids, we cannot so they pass the brain barrier
09:33 and literally drop onto our brain tissue, which is soft
09:37 tissue. - Yes, it is very sensitive, delicate tissue and
09:41 it doesn't take very much poison to destroy.
09:44 When one brain Cell dies, it is unique to the brain,
09:47 no other tissue does this.
09:48 When one brain Cell dies, it releases toxins to kill all
09:53 the neighbors, so the radius of destruction expands,
09:57 the more you use the bigger it gets.
10:00 There are big structural holes.
10:02 Of course, as you are speaking, we are putting graphics
10:04 up for that, but one of the things, I think is amazing,
10:07 when I first saw that, it looked to me like it wasn't
10:10 even a brain, I mean when you see a normal brain and then
10:13 you see the brain with the holes in it you think they
10:15 look like craters! - Craters, that's a good description of it.
10:18 Those craters are not just on the surface, they are all
10:21 the way through the middle of it too.
10:23 I have talked to people who have gotten out of prison
10:26 and say, I just can't read anymore, all the letters just
10:29 swim together and it doesn't make sense.
10:30 Well you can't read you can't work,
10:33 the man's an electrician.
10:34 So he has to go back to school and get the second grade
10:37 readers out and teach himself how to read all over again.
10:40 Because the area of the brain that knew
10:42 how to read is gone? - right!
10:44 You have to teach another bunch of Cells how to read.
10:46 It's amazing we are so adaptable, stop using and
10:50 your brain will actually rewire, retract things.
10:54 Oh dramatically, this is been shown in many different
10:57 context that the brain does remodel and rewire and restore.
11:00 I'm so grateful for that.
11:04 - well it says in the Bible in Philippians that if you
11:07 think on good things, if you think on things that are
11:09 right, and true, and good, and gracious, your brain heals.
11:13 That is not just Bible talk, that brain talk.
11:16 What's incredible, as an addict, I can look at those
11:19 things and think, God knows what is going to restore me.
11:23 A lot of times people think, or say those are nice words.
11:26 They are not, He created us and He knows how our brain works.
11:30 He knows about our recovery.
11:32 When we speak good things into our hearts, our brains
11:36 reorganize themselves, so thinking good things become
11:40 more natural spontaneously.
11:42 Controlling your temper becomes easy and natural.
11:44 You don't have to think about that stuff anymore,
11:47 it becomes part of you.
11:49 Take your time, again it takes time.
11:52 Making a commitment to recovery no matter how you feel.
11:55 It is not about how you feel. - Yes!
11:57 When you talk about, okay synapses, and in neuro there
12:00 is a, and we have talked about this in the other show,
12:03 but my favorite little track, talk about that.
12:06 A retro... - your favorite little track in the brain is
12:11 called visiculous-retro-flexis?.
12:13 Okay I want all of us to say that, but it is my favorite.
12:17 I had no idea that we had something literally going from
12:20 the frontal lobe to the back of our brain with our animal
12:23 instincts that really help us to choose right.
12:26 This is the thing that gives you your conscious mind,
12:29 where you make decisions and have rational thought.
12:31 It gives you control over the urges, drives, and cravings
12:35 they come out of the bottom of the brain.
12:37 So you can control your cravings, you can control your
12:41 temper, you can control your impulses, but when those
12:44 Cells get damaged you don't control that stuff anymore.
12:46 - exactly - it controls you!
12:49 I wonder why, why can't I just say no?
12:51 You don't have the ability because you are not
12:54 using your frontal lobe.
12:55 The frontal lobe is used, but it is not connected to the
12:58 behavior, and so that is the fallacy of cognitive
13:02 behavioral therapy that has been used for
13:04 so many years at rehab centers.
13:05 It has its role, it has a place, but we can't rely on
13:08 cognitive behavioral therapy to get us out of meth
13:11 amphetamine, the connection between cognitive and
13:14 behavioral isn't there anymore.
13:16 We have to heal that process and that takes a lot of time,
13:20 12 to even 18 months.
13:22 Doctor Holley, is it just meth that destroys that connection?
13:26 Methamphetamine does it the fastest and the most devastating
13:29 way, but cocaine damages the same bunch of Cells.
13:31 So does alcohol and inhalants, they all damage that same
13:37 little track that causes addiction.
13:40 So when that track is damaged, the electrical current
13:42 does not happen? - right!
13:44 In fact electrical activity goes the other way,
13:47 the impulses and desires to control the cortex instead
13:50 of the cortex controlling the impulses and desires.
13:53 That is huge! - yes it is huge.
13:56 I think for a lot of us we have no idea, we think that we
14:00 are in control when in fact we are no longer in control.
14:04 That is what the feeling of addicts have come they think
14:08 I can use just once, this fantasy of controlled use.
14:11 They have the idea that they can use just once and get by
14:14 with it, the next time they use they will speak smarter
14:17 about it, they won't get into as much trouble.
14:19 They will keep their job, they will pay their bills,
14:21 they will do better next time.
14:23 That is a fantasy and it is not reality.
14:26 Once those Cells have been damaged you don't control that
14:29 behavior anymore, you look for strength from the
14:33 Holy Spirit to overcome those impulses because you don't
14:36 have that natural track that makes it easier and
14:39 spontaneous and natural to control those impulses.
14:42 You need a power of Almighty God to control's those
14:45 impulses, you're helpless over it.
14:47 The next step of AA is recognizing we are helpless.
14:51 Yes we are helpless, we don't have those neurons anymore.
14:54 We are relying on God for that control.
14:56 For a lot of people that want an addict to come in and
15:01 just behave, I think what they don't realize is that it
15:04 is going to take a good year for us to sit down with a
15:09 structured program, and people have healed outside of AA
15:13 in different programs, but it is not just because
15:15 we sit there and know what to do.
15:17 I have to be in a program, I have to be around people
15:20 that tell me, don't rely on yourself, don't think you are
15:24 going to know what to do, ask somebody,
15:25 let somebody model for you the right behavior because
15:28 I am not making those connections.
15:30 To me the saddest thing is to watch an addict stumble into
15:35 a church and him or her to sit there.
15:38 I know that they are lost.
15:41 Addicts heal in communities, they heal with people around
15:44 them that understand what they're going through and can
15:47 pray with them, and help them understand themselves.
15:51 You do not heal in isolation, you have to heal in
15:54 community with people who understand you.
15:56 By that time, I believe for myself anyway when I stopped
16:00 using, I didn't even know who myself was anymore.
16:02 Who am I? And I seen things done and done things myself
16:07 with these drugs that I was just praying it was not me.
16:11 You know what I mean, I'm praying that's not who I am.
16:15 So I think in community, we have talked about this on
16:18 other shows, when you start getting affirmed and walk
16:21 with and discipled by someone,
16:23 that you literally have that restoration easier.
16:27 The most powerful things addicts do in community is to learn how
16:31 to pray, they learn how to pray genuine and effective prayers.
16:35 This is not lip service, it's not reading out of a book,
16:38 this is real prayer, this is real guts, and real crying.
16:41 If you are not willing to be genuine with the people
16:44 around you, you can't do it.
16:45 This is hard enough, but don't play your own recovery.
16:51 - yet we can't play games here.
16:53 The other pillar of recovery is the intense and
16:56 intelligence study of the Bible.
16:58 I recommend a 12 step Bible that Tyndale publishes.
17:02 - I love that. - I love that Bible.
17:04 It is so real, and really the addicts families get as
17:07 much out of it as the addict themselves.
17:09 You know for the people who haven't seen that Bible,
17:12 it's incredible, it is my study Bible.
17:14 You are reading along and they have the devotionals all
17:16 through the Bible that are about different parts of
17:19 recovery, different things you you need to know about honesty.
17:22 So you will read a story in the Bible and all of a sudden
17:25 the devotion will tell you why that story is important
17:29 and how it relates to recovery.
17:31 It brings it to life, a lot of people thought 12 steps
17:35 is on one page and the Bible is over here and
17:37 they don't have anything to do with each other, oh no,
17:39 those two are married.
17:41 The 12 steps are solidly biblical, they lead to deep
17:44 repentance and real restoration, but they need
17:48 to be joined with the word of God,
17:50 that is where their power comes from.
17:52 It's good to know that it is Jesus is blood that covers
17:55 me and He will restore me to sanity.
17:57 It is His righteousness not ours.
17:59 - and the Holy Spirit will live in me.
18:01 So let's talk about, what are some of the things you saw
18:06 in your research, after your brother's death,
18:11 that was the hardest for you?
18:14 I guess what I'm asking is that when I first started
18:18 seeing the downfall of addicts, just pictures of them
18:22 into recovery, or that thing I was just shocked.
18:26 What kinds of things where you felt shocked?
18:29 I saw pictures of their teeth falling out, and their hair
18:34 turning to straw, cheeks sunken in, they are wasted and
18:39 destroyed by this drug and they are totally oblivious.
18:44 I saw a woman walking downtown Huntsville a few months ago,
18:47 I just pulled over because I had to answer the Cell phone.
18:50 I can't drive and answer the Cell phone at the same time.
18:53 I was parked there by the side of the road and here comes
18:55 this woman staggering across the parking lot.
18:58 She could barely walk, I knew she was strung out on meth.
19:02 There was nothing I could do for her.
19:05 Once you have experienced it you can see it so clearly
19:09 everywhere. - the pasty skin, the dilated pupils,
19:14 can't focus, staggering, can't hold herself up,
19:18 and she was just as skinny as a rail and barely dressed.
19:22 I have seen women, I'm sure you have too,
19:25 even pregnant in those states.
19:28 I look at that and think what about their children?
19:32 The babies are born usually premature and always very
19:36 small, because they are malnourished.
19:39 The oxygen supplied to the placenta was not what it
19:43 should be, many of them have signs of seizures or even
19:47 Cerebral Palsy as we follow them out.
19:49 Many of them have ADHD, or learning disabilities that
19:55 will follow them throughout their lives.
19:57 If those children are raised in a nurturing environment,
20:00 where they are loved and fed and cared for, a lot of that
20:03 reverses and with proper intervention you can get a
20:07 healthy two-year-old out of that situation.
20:09 But if that child is sent home with a squeaker mother who
20:13 then shakes that child, abuses that child, doesn't feed
20:16 that child, he doesn't have a chance.
20:19 Right, and the neurochemistry for that child just gets
20:21 worse and worse. - it does!
20:23 The children, as they grow up in an abusive home,
20:26 a drug abusing home in particular, they learn that,
20:29 that is normal, they think that is how
20:31 you're supposed to do things.
20:32 Whatever daddy does, must be the right thing to do.
20:34 So the kid is 10 years old and he is using too.
20:37 When seventh-grade he is 12 years old, now he has been
20:40 promoted, he's daddies dealer and he thinks he's smarter
20:44 than anybody he knows.
20:46 In ninth grade the kid is up for murder charges.
20:48 It is the same child eating dog food six years ago because
20:52 no one would feed him, and now he's up on murder charges.
20:57 I know people say there is no excuse for certain behaviors,
21:02 but my heart breaks for that child.
21:04 I know the history, I know every single thing that led up
21:07 to that and I also know the power of this drug.
21:10 It is huge. - all the lies that kid believes.
21:13 He thinks he's worthless, he thinks he's useless and believes
21:18 that, and so he acts like it.
21:20 If I think I'm just an animal, I'm going to act like an animal.
21:24 You talk with a lot of people in prison, in rehab centers.
21:28 So what is it that you say to them?
21:32 Do you think it gets through?
21:35 Yes, the main thing that they come to me with is their
21:39 anger, they are enraged, they are mad at their peers,
21:43 they are mad at their dealer, they are mad at the arresting
21:45 officer, they're mad at the legal system, they are mad
21:48 at their attorney, they are angry.
21:49 Just boiling over with anger. - right!
21:51 I take that anger to the cross of Jesus Christ.
21:55 That is where we have to take it.
21:57 Yeah, what happened to you was brutal and obscene.
22:00 That cross is brutal and obscene.
22:03 You don't have to pretend it didn't happen, and you don't
22:06 have to pretend it didn't hurt.
22:08 You take real pain and real rage to the foot of this
22:11 cross because guys, that's real, and you do not
22:14 have to be controlled by your anger anymore.
22:16 I don't have to excuse it.
22:18 You don't have to wallpaper over it, I can accept it.
22:22 Yes I am enraged because I was raped when
22:24 I was 8 years old and that was wrong.
22:26 That man hanging on a cross is paying for it.
22:30 You do not have to gloss over it.
22:32 The flip side of that, after we have been talking about
22:36 that for a little while, then we're talking about,
22:38 well what have you done to your kids?
22:40 I mean you are here in jail, there is a good reason for it.
22:42 What have you done to your dad?
22:44 What have you done to your mother?
22:46 Let's take your shame and your guilt to the very same cross,
22:49 guys, He died for you too.
22:52 He died for you too, you don't have to deny it,
22:55 you don't have to play games with Him.
22:57 He'll explain the part that can be explained.
23:00 He will excuse the part that can be excused, the part that
23:02 somebody else's fault, it is somebody else's fault.
23:05 It's the part that's left over, the part that says,
23:08 I did it and there is no excuse for it,
23:11 that is the part He forgives.
23:14 When He has forgiven you, you can forgive yourself,
23:18 restore your dignity and self- respect and now you can
23:23 heal from your addiction, it's a whole new world.
23:27 Now I can see in their eyes they hear you, they so long
23:30 for someone to say there is hope.
23:32 They often don't understand with their minds,
23:34 but they understand what their hearts.
23:36 My heart is speaking to your heart and you will remember
23:40 it tomorrow. - right!
23:42 With any addiction, it's like being able to get that basic,
23:46 you have to be able to get to God, you have to understand that
23:50 He knows your insanity and He wants to restore you.
23:53 He has paid the price and He wants to help you learn to
23:56 forgive, and He wants to forgive you.
23:58 Now let's stand up and it will be a daily walk.
24:02 We are going to have to work at this and pay attention
24:05 to what we put in our bodies every day.
24:08 We must be aware of what we put in our minds.
24:10 But it is a walk we don't walk by our self, He is within
24:14 us giving courage, wisdom, the courage and strength to do
24:19 what we know we have to do.
24:20 You can know that it is wrong to go to this party and that
24:23 you should do this instead, but you need strength within
24:26 you to make that decision.
24:27 You don't have the necessary neurons to do by yourself.
24:32 He does it within you, He is holy within you.
24:36 This is not rocket science, He does it within you.
24:39 That's amazing, and as that restores, as those tracks to
24:44 restore those neurochemistry's restores, you can
24:46 literally see it on a PET scan, that fascinates me.
24:48 All of a sudden when I start using my brain again,
24:51 when I'm starting to pay attention and being able to use
24:54 my frontal lobes, I can see it on a PET scan.
24:58 I can bring up a graphic for you, I'll show you which one
25:02 to put in where the brain recovers over a 14 month period.
25:05 You see one month clean, the guy has no read stuff in his
25:09 mid-brain, the red stuff is dopamine transmissions.
25:13 Cell A talking to Cell B.
25:15 By the time the guy is 14 months clean, Cell A and
25:18 Cell B have started talking to teach other, the red stuff
25:20 came back, healing is occurring in the brain.
25:25 This is not just somebody going through the motions,
25:29 this is real healing in a real brain track that really
25:33 makes a difference in your lives.
25:34 So when someone says it's easier for me to make
25:36 a decision today, it is literally is because
25:38 your brain is restoring itself.
25:40 That's a sign, and we gotta to know that, we gotta know
25:44 that, so we don't feel so helpless, the first little while
25:46 when we feel like we can't make a decision, when we have
25:49 to rely on someone else, we have to call someone else.
25:52 It is brutal that first three months.
25:54 That three months they hit a wall and they think they
25:57 are not going to make it, I'm not going to make it.
26:00 - you feel like you're going to die.
26:01 But if they hang on, they can march through that first six
26:04 months and things start looking better.
26:06 You have good days to match the bad days.
26:08 You start laughing and cutting up again.
26:11 You start remembering things, you start feeling more
26:14 motivated and want to go to work
26:15 and do something meaningful.
26:16 In about a year, then all that comes together.
26:20 You're thinking, I used to live in the gutter,
26:24 I don't live in the gutter anymore.
26:26 We're going to take a break and then open it up for questions.
26:29 Every time I hear you speak, I feel so much hope,
26:32 not only for myself but for every addict out there,
26:35 everybody that is watching this show that is
26:38 dealing with a loved one that is strung now,
26:40 know that God is so bigger than all that.
26:43 He has created us in a way that all the damage we have
26:47 done, in time, corrects itself.
26:50 We may be left with some of it, but you would be surprised,
26:54 eat right, think right, and put your hands together and pray.
26:58 We will be right back!
27:05 Think you've seen it all? Think again.
27:08 Cheri Peters is back for a second season of
27:12 Celebrating Life In Recovery with more lives
27:15 more stories and more miracles.
27:18 Watch the shocking, inspiring, and the incredible.
27:23 Check your local listings to find out when
27:25 Celebrating Life In Recovery comes to you and get
27:29 ready for another dose of reality, Cheri style.
27:47 Thanks for coming back.
27:48 Doctor Holley, I know that you travel a lot,
27:50 when you travel, what is your audience and
27:53 who calls for your engagements?
27:55 I get a variety of audiences, I go to prisons and
27:58 rehabilitation centers, especially in North Alabama.
28:03 I also teaching in churches, talk to moms and dads and
28:07 youth, and boy that is powerful.
28:09 I always assumed there are four or five addicts in my
28:11 audience, so I drill them about the cross.
28:14 I take them to the cross of Jesus Christ for healing.
28:17 Then on the other side I do a lot of secular work with
28:20 teachers and lawyers and doctors and nurses.
28:23 Sometimes employer groups about a drug-free
28:26 work place act clause.
28:28 You worked where I lived not long ago
28:30 talking with professionals.
28:32 That was a full eight hour seminar for professionals.
28:35 It ran the gamut from biochemistry for rehabilitation
28:39 professionals all the way to school strategies,
28:42 what schools districts can do to reduce
28:44 drug use in their schools.
28:46 When you got done talking I had people calling me,
28:48 Cheri, do you know who Doctor Mary Holley is?
28:51 She was amazing, they were so thrilled with what you had
28:55 shared with them and felt fully empowered by the
28:57 information, which is incredible.
28:59 Yes, I always give a solution.
29:01 And I'm going to present a problem,
29:02 I'm also going to present a solution.
29:04 If talking about drug endangered children, I'm going to
29:06 talk about intervention that we can do to help those kids.
29:09 If were talking about problems in the schools,
29:11 I'm going to talk about programs we can do in the schools
29:13 to educate and prevent drugs abuse in our students.
29:16 If we're talking about medical issues,
29:18 I'm going to talk about the treatments for those medical
29:20 issues, the heart attacks and strokes.
29:22 I will always bring a solution to the table.
29:25 What's interesting for the people watching, or at the café,
29:30 you have 'Power Over Addictions', CDs, books,
29:36 and CDs for teenagers.
29:39 You have books on crystal meth and videos that go with
29:42 that, so you really cover a lot of this in your material.
29:45 So when people talk to me and say, I'm not sure
29:50 I know enough about addictions.
29:52 I'm thinking, get yourself educated, get some books.
29:55 If you don't like to read get some CDs, but educate
29:58 yourself because the more educated we are, especially as
30:01 a church or in our communities, the more we can help to
30:05 bring in solutions instead of just aggravate the problems.
30:09 Yes, the more we know the less we fear.
30:11 It we don't know very much about addiction we are afraid
30:14 of addicts, we don't like addicts.
30:17 But if we understand addiction, we can reach out with
30:19 compassion to those addicts.
30:21 We are not expecting them, we just what you shared
30:24 with us, we aren't expecting them the next day to make
30:27 a major decisions, that we know it's going to take a
30:30 good year for this person to start making decisions and
30:33 being on their own.
30:35 So our expectations change.
30:37 We understand what they are up against biochemically,
30:40 and we don't expect a miracle, but what we do witness
30:44 is kind of a miracle.
30:46 We are watching the blossoming of the Holy Spirit in
30:49 somebody's life and it is almost like watching Lazarus
30:53 rise from the dead. It is beautiful!
30:56 We are going to open it up for comments, questions.
30:59 I know Hal you had a comment.
31:00 Yes I did, Doctor Holley is very interesting that you
31:03 are talking about the three months, six months as they
31:06 progress into this because there is a caller that calls
31:09 and in quite often, and her son, her name is Carolyn.
31:12 Her son never has made it past three months and he has
31:15 been in like 5 rehabs and she can't figure this out
31:18 because he seems like he's doing so good and then he
31:21 gets against a brick wall and he is back out
31:24 and back in trouble.
31:25 I've been praying for this young man in the Pastoral
31:28 Department now for three years, his name is Justin.
31:31 I'm not going to give up on him, but he could just make
31:33 it past three months do you feel like that would be
31:36 a turning point for him?
31:38 Three months is a turning point where they realize the
31:41 value to the sobriety, at about three months.
31:44 Get past that profound depression, but if they can't
31:48 get past that profound depression all by themselves,
31:51 they need a network of people around them.
31:53 He needs to be in a support group, or some outpatient
31:57 rehabilitation, or a halfway house to get past that
32:01 hard first few months.
32:04 Like to just start appreciating a life again.
32:06 This is amazing what I'm hearing, and the prayer requests
32:10 that are coming in from all over the world.
32:13 There are so many that will call, desperate,
32:16 I mean desperate to be delivered from this.
32:20 I just asked one man recently, why did you get on crystal meth?
32:24 He told me I enjoyed smoking weed, I enjoyed snorting coke,
32:28 but I went to crystal meth. I said why did you do this?
32:32 If my memory is correct on this, he said, marijuana is
32:36 $150 an ounce, an eighth ball, three and half grams of
32:40 cocaine is $250 and he said, meth is cheap.
32:45 He said not only is it cheap but it lasts a lot longer than
32:48 the cocaine would last, and this is why do it.
32:51 I said well are you able to quit?
32:54 He said no, after the first time I used this I realized
32:58 that I could not get past this.
33:00 I run into people although time on the streets,
33:02 and I know you have too, it is obvious that they are on
33:07 meth, their teeth are rotting out, their face have holes
33:11 in them and sunk in, like that.
33:14 As a matter of fact, I was at a dentist office recently,
33:17 he said, they are now holding seminars, dental seminars,
33:20 for what he referred to as meth mouth.
33:23 He showed me some pictures that were horrible, teeth all
33:27 gone, sores inside their mouth and everything else.
33:30 This is something that every one of us need to sincerely
33:34 pray about and seek God on.
33:37 Because this thing is a snowball rolling down the side of
33:41 a snow-covered hill.
33:42 It is growing, and we can't stick our head somewhere in the
33:45 sand and play an ostrich, neither can we be
33:48 a lion and roar, we need to be the Dove and reach out to
33:51 minister to these people.
33:53 I got a prayer request two weeks ago ended up e-mailing
33:55 the man and asking him to call me.
33:57 He lives in Chicago and is moving to Junction city Kansas.
34:04 I couldn't figure out why are you moving to
34:05 Junction City Kansas?
34:07 He said it's a farming area, put two and two together.
34:11 The fertilizer everywhere, what they use to make this
34:15 stuff with, if they can get the pseudoephedrine.
34:18 I went to Wal-Mart about two weeks ago, I had some sinus
34:21 problems and was go to get some Tylenol sinus and I had
34:24 to give a pint of blood, old yellow dog and my drivers
34:27 license just to get it.
34:28 This is affecting everybody so people sitting home think
34:33 this doesn't affect me, they better believe that it will
34:38 affect them, and affect them big time.
34:41 If you pay taxes methamphetamine affects you.
34:43 You are paying for the law- enforcement, incarceration,
34:46 the public hospital visits where they come in with their
34:50 strokes, the lab cleanup, the environmental damage,
34:53 the poisoned wells and destroyed property.
34:57 If you pay taxes, you are paying for methamphetamine.
35:00 Something else too, I think we have a tendency to think
35:03 it is the down and outers that are doing this.
35:06 I have a friend in Kentucky, I won't tell you names,
35:10 but she and her husband are very, very, wealthy and their
35:14 son not only does meth, he started selling meth and now he
35:19 is facing 20 years for doing this.
35:22 Had everything he wanted, everything he needed,
35:25 not that they just dished it out to him
35:27 but it was there to ask for.
35:29 It's like the prodigal son's brother, it was all there for
35:32 the taking and yet he is into this.
35:34 So it is easy for us to go after the down and outers,
35:37 but there are up and outers that need Jesus just as bad
35:40 as the down and outers.
35:42 These people are attracted to methamphetamine because
35:45 it makes them more effective,
35:47 more powerful, work longer hours.
35:49 They want to drive another hundred miles,
35:51 or work a double shift, or keep their place real clean,
35:55 or chase after three soccer kids, and they are intelligent
35:59 people that work hard.
36:01 They think they're getting by with it because they haven't
36:03 gotten to the point where their teeth are falling out yet.
36:06 They are not sunken in, they have lost weight yet and they
36:09 think they're getting by with it.
36:11 They are just as addicted as the skid row bum.
36:13 So what you are saying is that the meth does not affect
36:16 the lows, it keeps the highs up, but you don't go back
36:19 down in the lows when you first start doing it?
36:21 When you first start using it makes them feel powerful,
36:24 and attractive, and intelligent and invincible.
36:27 It is only in the later stages of addiction that they start
36:30 losing their teeth, losing their jobs, losing their families.
36:34 By then they are in a terrible pickle.
36:38 They are mentally addicted to it, emotionally addicted to
36:42 it, and physically addicted to it, but they think they are
36:46 just driving in another 100 miles, they are deluded.
36:50 To me it's a powerful thing that a lot of people don't,
36:55 you just don't see the end result of meth use.
36:59 A lot of drug use, all of a sudden it gets you, it comes
37:04 around and bites you and nothing works anymore.
37:07 I am not getting the same highs, I'm not feeling the same
37:09 and I'm afraid this power is a lie.
37:12 Even the addict eventually will feel that.
37:15 In the early stage addicts feel so wonderful and powerful
37:19 an intelligent, they don't realize when they've turned the
37:23 corner and started becoming self-destructive.
37:26 They still think they are in control, that is one of the
37:29 effects of the drug, the hallucination of control.
37:31 Some of these people are professionals doing six cities
37:34 in four days, one of whom was an obstetrician in Tulsa,
37:38 Oklahoma, and intelligent, educated woman delivering babies
37:41 for a living and she took speed to stay up all night.
37:44 People do that for weight loss, weight control so there is
37:48 a lot of reasons, but one of the things I have to say on
37:52 the show is they are all lies, they are all lies.
37:56 If I could do anything, I would love to convince people
38:00 to take care of themselves and get away from their
38:03 addictions, that is what this show is about.
38:05 Find Christ, turned it over to Him, step away from your
38:08 addictions before you cannot, before someone has to intervene.
38:12 Brian, I know that you had some comments.
38:15 Yeah I have a comment and a question.
38:17 I thank God that we serve a God that loves us
38:21 and doesn't give up on us.
38:22 I was a former drug and alcohol user as someone prayed for
38:27 me, I think the message that needs to get out there to the
38:31 family members of the users is, never give up on them.
38:34 Never give up on them, someone prayed for me and that is
38:38 why I am here today.
38:39 There is a lot people that just want to give up on these
38:42 drug users, but I thank God I learned some today,
38:46 Jesus is our healer and He can restore us back.
38:49 Did it bug you, when you were in the middle of your
38:52 addiction, they kept coming up and wanting you to clean up?
38:56 It bugged you, hey? - Yeah did, it did, like leave me alone.
39:00 They said no I'm not. - this is my life and I'm going to
39:03 live it the way want to live it, but I thank God someone
39:07 did not give up on these.
39:09 As long as they have a breath in their body we need to
39:12 keep praying for them and doing whatever we can for them
39:15 to get them clean and sober.
39:17 I wish that somehow we had, when you talk about treatment
39:21 centers, it is really difficult to get an addict
39:24 in treatment for a year.
39:26 You know teen challenge has a program for year.
39:28 There are people who do programs that last for an entire year,
39:32 it's tough for me to find, when I have a meth addict or
39:36 somebody I know they need somebody directing their steps
39:40 for a while, not just the weekend, not just 30 days.
39:43 Yes, and they have to agree to it, nobody can hold them
39:47 against their will, accept the law.
39:49 So, yeah keep them in jail for a year against their will,
39:52 but you can't keep them in a rehabilitation for a year
39:55 against their will, they have to want it.
39:57 It's generally after a future trip's through the county
40:00 jail that they decide they want to get clean bad enough
40:03 to stay in a program for full-year.
40:05 I so understand when they talk about,
40:07 like in San Francisco there is that prison on the island,
40:10 you know just get an island somewhere, lots of food,
40:15 lots of fruit and just say I'll be back in a year.
40:21 That sounds so cruel, but for me it is amazing as God
40:25 restores some of the stuff within myself, all of a sudden
40:30 to fill health for the first time is absolutely the
40:33 coolest thing ever, to just feel that start to restore and feel
40:37 that life and your personality is starting to come out.
40:41 It is so incredible, and I know that with a lot of addicts that
40:45 I work with, is that I cannot hardly convince them,
40:48 please give me three months, six months because you will
40:51 start to feel it and then you will self reinforce.
40:55 Do you know what I mean?
40:57 You are feeling good from within, instead of somebody
40:59 forcing you to toe the line, stand up straight,
41:02 you will feel that strength from within and it becomes
41:07 authentic and natural and spontaneous.
41:09 I woke up for the first time and felt healthy, but I felt so
41:13 happy and I was thinking is it my birthday, what's going on?
41:16 I was trying, just in my head, trying to figure out
41:18 what was going on, and I heard the Holy Spirit say,
41:21 no this is health. I'm like shut up, I love this.
41:25 It had been so long since I had felt that that I was
41:29 overjoyed, this is a, this is what it feels like to feel
41:33 joy and God says, the joy of our Lord is our strength.
41:36 God says I will pour that into you, that you will feel joy,
41:39 maybe for the first time for some of us.
41:41 The things that actually come into your life after you do
41:45 give recovery time, you wouldn't trade for anything.
41:49 I wouldn't trade my life for anybody, I never thought
41:52 I would say that, but that's what recovery brings to you.
41:55 Curly, you had a question.
41:58 Yeah, your brother, did he OD, is that how he passed away?
42:03 My brother committed suicide under the influence of
42:06 methamphetamine, he had been clean off and on,
42:09 struggling with it, going to programs and taking
42:12 medication and he tried to stay clean,
42:15 but the hallucinations wouldn't go away.
42:18 The satellites in space for telling him to kill yourself,
42:21 kill yourself, kill yourself, constantly.
42:24 He would take psychiatric medicine that would slow
42:28 it down, quiet it down a little bit,
42:30 but it never completely went away.
42:32 He was like I cannot live like this and so he got a gun
42:36 on the Fourth of July, we thought it was a firecracker.
42:39 Was he at your house still?
42:42 He was a my uncles house, uncle son had just gotten
42:45 married and they had a wedding celebration and the next
42:48 day, after everybody has left town, it was the fourth of July.
42:52 He killed himself in the basement of the house and
42:56 we all thought it was just a firecracker.
42:58 Was he turning to God at this point, trying to...
43:01 the day before his suicide he had wanted to go to church.
43:04 Mom had to take him to church, I've got to go to church.
43:07 The only church they could find was a little Methodist
43:10 Church, and he went to 8:30 service and stayed for the
43:13 10 o'clock service because he wanted to hear it again.
43:16 But the next day he caved in.
43:21 when someone is in recovery like that, for a lot of us,
43:25 is you really do have to pay attention and watch them.
43:29 Not that you can catch everyone, what I mean is you don't
43:33 get signals for some, but for some you do, so pay attention.
43:36 During that first three months, six months there is a lot
43:40 of potential for suicide because you feel so horrible.
43:43 So depressed, so grouchy, from the radio, from the TV, you're
43:49 getting all this psychotic stuff that will be less, but you are
43:55 not really safe with yourself.
43:57 No! - with your family, how is everybody?
44:04 With your brothers and stuff, I know you are really
44:07 reaching out and educating people.
44:10 Yeah, for the first year after he died I did want to think
44:12 about it, I did want talk about it, I didn't want nothing
44:15 to do with methamphetamine.
44:17 Were you angry at the drug culture itself?
44:20 I closed down, I just didn't want anything to do with it.
44:23 But then after about a year I started noticing that my
44:25 patience were coming in and acting just as crazy as Jim
44:28 was, and that is what motivated me to look into it.
44:31 Yeah, the first paper I saw, that I pulled up on the
44:35 Internet, was about how methamphetamine causes this kind
44:38 of brain damage to these kind of Cells,
44:40 and it was exactly what my brother had told me.
44:43 He kept insisting he had brain damage from this drug and
44:45 I kept telling him that's nonsense, drugs don't do that
44:48 kind of thing to your brain.
44:50 I thought it was a cop out, that he was just playing the brain
44:53 damage game to avoid doing what he needed to do to stay
44:55 clean, but everything he described was right there
44:59 on that scientific paper, he really did damage
45:02 his brain using that drug.
45:05 The hair stood up on the back of my neck and I got sick
45:08 to my stomach when I realize what really happened to him.
45:11 And you wanted to tell someone.
45:13 - I wanted to tell someone.
45:16 I started teaching at the local rehabilitation center,
45:18 and the juvenile probation, and the county jail.
45:20 I start writing little articles and putting them in the
45:23 local newspaper and people kept
45:25 calling me for more information.
45:26 There are some mug shots that you have on your website.
45:29 I would like to bring them up and show them,
45:31 explain to us what we are seeing as far as the girl
45:34 that got arrested a number of times?
45:36 Oh, there are serious of about six pictures.
45:39 The first time she was arrested she was about
45:41 32 years old, she worked as a librarian in Hollywood Florida.
45:45 She a couple little kids, she was a productive member of
45:48 society, but over the next several years
45:51 she disintegrated, her cheeks sunk in, her skin turned
45:55 gray, and the last picture you notice her nose and her
45:59 chin are a little too close together and that is
46:01 because her teeth are gone.
46:03 When your jaw just collapses in on itself, it's pretty
46:06 amazing. - bones disintegrate, there's not even
46:08 anything to put a denture on.
46:10 Yes and pictures to of children that have been taken
46:14 out of meth houses during the arrest.
46:16 Can you talk a little bit about that?
46:18 Children that had broken bones, chemical burns.
46:22 This one little girl, where her mother's tweaker
46:25 boyfriend thought it was fun to pull her hair out
46:28 one strand at a time, just to hear her scream.
46:31 Children with chemical burns on their bottoms where
46:35 they were in a lab when it exploded.
46:38 These kids come out of these environments and
46:41 they don't know what's normal.
46:43 They literally, on some of the kids I've worked with,
46:46 have meth scores, and they are not users,
46:49 they are just inhaling the drug around them.
46:52 If it is in the carpet, or on the floor, the little kids,
46:56 the first thing they do is put their fingers in
46:57 their mouths and they can get toxic levels of methamphetamine
47:01 just from putting their fingers in their mouth.
47:03 The ventilation system, it's blown into every room in the
47:06 house, so they could cook it in the kitchen, but the far
47:09 bedroom, four rooms away, still has toxic levels of meth
47:12 just in the air they breathe.
47:14 When you think of all that, and the environment that kids
47:21 are being raised in, and the mindset of the addict
47:26 themselves is that it is hard to go in and just say
47:29 common sense, you need to stop this, what you're doing.
47:33 You're just not thinking, right?
47:35 So when you intervene with somebody, if a family member
47:38 is watching and they really want to intervene with
47:40 somebody that is that out of control, could you give
47:43 them suggestions on what to do?
47:45 There are a set of professionals called, interventionists.
47:49 They do an effective job of confronting a person with the
47:52 reality of what they are doing, that is a professional
47:55 level job, you can't do that by yourself.
47:58 If you don't have access to an interventionist,
48:01 you can find one at us psychologist office.
48:03 I used to be on those teams come if you call in to any
48:07 psych hospital, a lot of times they will have teams that
48:10 will go out with you.
48:11 Yes, but if you don't have access to that in your little
48:14 rinky-dink town, you have to use the Police Department.
48:17 If there is any way you can file charges, if they have
48:20 stolen anything from you, if they ran off with your car
48:22 and didn't bring it back, call it grand theft auto.
48:25 Get the kid arrested.
48:27 For someone listening right now, why would you answer my
48:30 question with that? Because they are going to say,
48:32 did you just ask how we help?
48:35 What you are saying is, call the police.
48:37 Why would you answer that?
48:39 You want to stop your kid from using, the other word for stop
48:42 is arrest, nobody else can hold him against his will.
48:45 One of the meth addicts that I work with says, I wasn't
48:48 arrested, I was rescued. - yes!
48:50 So when they get their sense back, if people can intervene
48:54 long enough, if they can get the drug out of their body
48:57 long enough, then maybe you can reason with them somewhat.
49:00 Yes, I met a woman in Indiana that had been arrested on her
49:03 meth charges, that is what brought her around where
49:06 she could live again.
49:07 She was giving a seminar to her community and I was
49:10 invited to speak there.
49:12 One of those people who spoke with me
49:13 was her arresting officer.
49:15 She was so grateful to this man for stopping her and saving her
49:19 life, just tears, tears running down her face as
49:22 she hugged his neck.
49:24 Not the night she got arrested? Nope, not that night.
49:28 So it's hard to say, if we're going to intervene in the
49:32 community from a church level, or our families,
49:35 it is not going to be pleasant initially,
49:38 but you save somebody's life.
49:40 They are going to cuss, they're going to scream,
49:42 they're going to threaten to burn your house down and
49:45 they might very well turn around and burn
49:47 your house down, you have to do it anyway.
49:49 Get insured first! No kidding!
49:54 I hear what you're saying, what you're saying is for
49:57 a lot of people I work with, a lot of the addicts,
50:01 they truly know that I care about them so I lot of
50:04 anger stuff doesn't come back on me.
50:06 Not that I don't get cussed out in that stuff but the
50:08 really hard-core anger doesn't come back.
50:10 So if you can, I care about you, I love you and
50:16 let that always be spoken.
50:18 I hate what this drug is doing to your body.
50:21 I hate what it is doing to your children.
50:25 I hate the fact that you can let them sit here and
50:27 not even pay attention to them for four or six hours
50:30 and not even know if you have the kids or not,
50:33 because I hate all that, but I love you and
50:36 I will not let go, I will not stop trying to intervene.
50:40 Trying to get your life back together.
50:42 Keep praying, even when there is no communication with
50:46 that kid whatsoever, he doesn't call you and
50:48 you don't call him, you can still pray for that kid.
50:51 So you believe that prayer matters?
50:53 Oh absolutely! - I have to say that, some people say,
50:57 all I can do is pray and I'm thinking stop!
51:00 All of heaven is down there.
51:02 It's the most powerful thing you can do is pray, all of heaven
51:05 responds when you pray for that kid.
51:07 So for people that are outside of the problem,
51:10 even the communities when it is not a child involved,
51:13 you want to change a community.
51:15 Randy Maxwell is a prayer guide I love.
51:18 He is a friend of mine, just married my daughter.
51:20 He was a Pastor that married my daughter.
51:22 He really believes in prayer, so I think for a lot of
51:26 people, if you have any concern whether
51:29 prayer is answered, study it.
51:30 Read in the Bible what God says about prayer,
51:32 because when you realize that Christ intercede for us
51:37 in the very throne room.
51:39 He says, pray, the Holy Spirit sometimes changes your
51:42 prayer, if you can't really get it as deep as you want
51:45 to get, the Holy Spirit knows what you want to say and
51:48 will say it for you.
51:49 Christ Himself is interceding for you, saying out loud,
51:52 in the presence of God, and intercedes for the person
51:55 you are praying for.
51:56 So it is huge, and for people that are not Christian,
51:59 I want to say, sorry, because it is huge
52:02 and prayer does matter.
52:04 And you better watch out when you pray for that kid.
52:06 Because he's going to lose his job, he's going to get
52:09 kicked out of his place, he's going to end up living
52:11 in the back of his car and eating out of dumpsters,
52:13 because that is what the Holy Spirit is going to do
52:15 to save your child's life.
52:17 You have to let Him do it. You have to let it happen.
52:21 What I think is amazing, tell me what you think about this.
52:26 Not only let it happen, but when you look at that child,
52:31 I want you to look at the child as under there,
52:34 and when they see your eyes I don't want them to see fear
52:37 or anger or somehow that you think that
52:39 this drug is going to take them out.
52:41 I want to look at you and say that I know that
52:45 God is answering my prayer.
52:46 I cannot give you this hundred bucks, but I know that
52:49 tonight I'm going to be on my knees and that
52:52 God is going to answer this.
52:53 As mad as you are right now that I am even praying, and
52:55 I am going to pray that you no longer can feel this drug
52:57 and pray that you no longer can get high, that you can't
52:59 find it because I love you and I want you home.
53:03 You have a confidence about yourself when you handle
53:07 them that way, that confidence speaks volumes about
53:11 their potential to recover.
53:13 They see it in your eyes.
53:14 A lot of times I will see some body that will minister
53:19 to their child and they looked defeated, and
53:21 they really do not believe in the power prayer or that
53:24 God is going to respond, because when they look at them
53:27 it is almost like they're buying funeral clothes.
53:29 Don't let them see that in your eyes because they take
53:32 that on, you get an addict that is not thinking clearly,
53:35 that is paranoid, that is not reasoning the same way,
53:38 and the only reality they are seeing is the defeat
53:41 they see in your eyes.
53:43 Don't do it, I don't care who you have to get to affirm
53:46 yourself, to lift up yourself, but let them lift you up.
53:50 Let them really start to get you some solid ground to
53:53 stand on so that when this child is in front of you,
53:56 or when spouse or whoever the addict is in front of you,
53:59 you are saying I know that
54:01 God is bigger than this addiction. I know it.
54:03 If you let them make you angry you have just given them control
54:07 over you, and as long as they are in control,
54:11 they think everything is fine.
54:12 If they can make you angry, they control you.
54:15 But if you have confidence in peace in the Lord,
54:18 then you don't get angry, you don't have to get angry.
54:21 Because I am not talking to this drug, I'm done.
54:23 I'm done and I am going to wait for
54:25 God to make a difference here.
54:28 I would like to say again, it was amazing to have you on
54:31 the show, you have so much information and
54:34 I am so glad that you shared it with us.
54:36 I'm sorry about your brother, but I know that God
54:40 is using everything you do for His glory and
54:42 to vindicate His name, which is amazing.
54:45 We will be right back, but as we take this break I want
54:49 you to think about that we as Christians have the
54:53 throne room of God to go to.
54:55 Even if you have no addicts in your family,
54:58 let's say you have somehow, in this world,
55:01 gotten through life with intact families, and
55:04 the community around you has not been so lucky.
55:07 We have the ability and the privilege to pray for them.
55:10 To pray and ask God, please step in,
55:13 change this community, take it back.
55:16 If you can get one more person in, and one more person
55:20 in and watch God do what God does best.
55:23 He brings restoration and healing.
55:25 Stay right with us, will be right back!
55:32 Cheri Peters uses the book, 'Coming Of The Comforter'
55:35 as a guide for the second season of Celebrating Life In
55:38 Recovery, written by Lee Roy E. Froom is a 320 page book
55:41 that offers every sinner the knowledge that the
55:43 Holy Spirit is available to all.
55:45 3ABN now offers this book to you for a suggested donation
55:49 of only $13 postpaid within the US.
55:52 Call 3ABN at 618-627-4651 or go online to 3ABN.org.
56:13 You know talking about the power of prayer over addictions,
56:15 I was doing and outreach in the West Indies.
56:18 There was a young kid that was acting out, drug involved,
56:22 his mother had called me before we flew in to do this
56:26 outreach, and she said would you pray for my son.
56:29 I ended up there and met the son one time, the rest of
56:34 the week he was high on drugs.
56:36 Didn't come to any meetings, I had no contact with him.
56:38 So on the way to the airport I felt like the Holy Spirit
56:41 said you need to go on pray for Michael.
56:43 So I said does anybody know where Michael lives,
56:46 and somebody did so I said, I'm going.
56:48 I'm going to pray for Michael and I get there and
56:51 his mom says, oh he has been out drinking all night and
56:53 he's been using drugs and he just got in really late
56:56 and is passed out.
56:57 I said please let me come in and pray for him.
57:01 I felt so burdened that I had to before I left.
57:04 I said if he tells me no, I'll ask him if I can pray for
57:08 you and he says no, I will go to the airport and
57:10 you will never see me again.
57:11 If he says yes, I will have a quick prayer before I go.
57:15 Well I came in, Michael is laying on the bed naked
57:20 and hung over, I'm thinking oh man.
57:23 He's 14 years old, just this kid and I walk over and
57:27 I tapped him on the shoulder and said Michael, Michael.
57:31 It took a while for him to wake up.
57:33 This one little bloodshot eyes looks at me and he sees
57:36 the evangelist, who had just been running these meetings.
57:40 I could tell, he was like, am I dreaming?
57:42 I'm like Michael, I said, it again and he opens his eyes
57:45 again and finally he says, what, what do you want?
57:49 I said I just want to pray for you.
57:51 He was like, what?
57:54 I just want to pray for you is that okay?
57:56 He said yes, I put my hands on him and said God,
57:59 let nothing work for him any more, if he goes out to get
58:03 high let him get busted.
58:04 If he takes drugs let it not even give him a high anymore
58:07 and let every single thing get in his way and reclaim this boy.
58:11 And you know what? Michael is in treatment now and he
58:14 is fine and it is because some body prayed, so pray.
58:17 Always remember, until we see each other next time that
58:20 God is crazy about you and me too! God bless!
58:23 Thanks for joining us!


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