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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery,
00:12 I'm Cheri your host and today were going to talk about
00:15 the stumbling around on our own garbage all the time.
00:18 If you're stumbling around, if you struggle with this,
00:21 stay with us because it's amazing.
00:22 Get free of it!
00:51 Again this is my favorite part of the show and last time
00:53 we had Leo on we talked about all different things.
00:57 Making decisions, really starting and doing it right.
01:00 Challenging what you believe about yourself.
01:03 Stop, stop every single thing about your past and make
01:07 everything new, find out who you are and really get a
01:09 clue of that, ask God and ask people around you.
01:12 Figure out what you want to do, what you're passionate
01:15 about doing and then do it.
01:16 Hey, what a concept.
01:18 The end of that show Leo, I want to first say thank you
01:21 for coming back on the show.
01:23 On the end of that show you start to talk about health,
01:26 weight and getting FIT.
01:28 I'm thinking don't end it now.
01:32 So tell us a little bit about health.
01:34 A lot of health in a few minutes.
01:35 I think the most powerful concept when I was 17 I gave
01:39 my heart to God at 15 and started getting my life around.
01:42 At age 17 I read something in the Bible that blew my
01:44 mind, and I'm growing up in the 70s and 60s.
01:46 The concept was in 1 Corinthians were Paul says your
01:50 body doesn't belong to you it belongs to God.
01:52 You are to take care of it and then he went on to say,
01:54 it's the temple of the Holy Spirit.
01:56 So two things hit me, number 1 I was raised on the
01:58 concept, your body you can do whatever you want.
02:00 Eat what you want, drink what you want abort your babies
02:02 or whatever and all of a sudden here's this concept that
02:05 says it's not yours it belongs to God.
02:06 I just decided to accept that and the day I accepted it
02:10 it blew my mind, because it was so out of a parameter
02:12 I had been taught all my life.
02:13 But then I discovered something powerful, I'm into
02:16 power, you know that. - right!
02:17 Victory and living 100% and what I read this I realized
02:21 the Holy Spirit of God says I'm going to dwell inside
02:24 of you, well if I've got God's Spirit inside of me
02:26 that is endless power, endless joy, endless love and
02:29 endless everything it's like some people say
02:31 I'm dumb enough to believe it.
02:34 I just accepted it and I just realized that if I take care
02:37 of this body and put in it what it should be put in it,
02:39 make the right choices, I can have that source of power.
02:42 All I can tell you is this, most people physically are
02:45 living at 10% when they could be living at day 100%.
02:46 To me even when I started working harder, I'm doing
02:51 more projects and every single thing about health goes by
02:55 the wayside, and when it goes by the wayside I start
02:59 feeling not good, I'm staying up too late and doing all
03:02 that stuff and then someone says, well just eat right.
03:06 I'm thinking, isn't there an easier way?
03:09 Can I have something easier than that because that seems
03:12 too hard. - right!
03:15 Well again it goes back to that pain and pleasure
03:17 principle, we did in one of the seminars.
03:19 - we'll go over that again.
03:20 Go over that again? Will you have to associate pain
03:22 because two forces control all of our behaviors
03:24 either pain or pleasure.
03:26 Everything you do or don't do in your life is
03:27 because of pain or pleasure.
03:28 The reason we eat so much, and each too often, and eat
03:30 the stuff is not good for us is because it's pleasure.
03:32 So you have to start associating pain to fat, to being in a
03:36 condition, pain of not feeling good and pleasure of having
03:38 a healthy body, once you taste it, like you said,
03:40 you begin to realize everything else in your life is
03:44 related to your physical health.
03:45 I don't hesitate to say spiritually many people
03:47 struggle, emotionally people struggle, they do not realize
03:50 what an impact that the food has on our emotional and our
03:54 spiritual life, even in our finances.
03:56 I mean many areas of our life.
03:57 So once you get a healthy body and you start feeling good,
04:00 you say man, I will never go back the way I was because
04:02 this is a great way to live.
04:03 You do this show and I get home and think I'm trying that,
04:06 right? My favorite thing is Dreyer's ice cream, oh man.
04:10 This could be a Dreyer's ice cream commercial.
04:13 I'm eating it and thinking okay this is not good for me.
04:15 I need to not think pleasure, I need to think pain.
04:19 You know its first it is in my mouth and I'm taking
04:24 a bite and it tastes so good I'm thinking how,
04:26 what is he talking about?
04:28 But then all of a sudden I thought, when I gain weight
04:31 I don't feel good, I feel slow and sluggish.
04:34 When my clothes are too tight I have to go up a size.
04:37 I hate that and I really don't have the same energy.
04:40 The same passion that stuff, than I thought it is all
04:44 because of this bite that last.
04:47 The good flavor lasts seconds, man!
04:49 Yeah you look at that every time you take a bite,
04:52 that Ben & Jerry's or Dreyer's whatever and this is nothing
04:56 but fat and you're turning into this blimp.
04:58 You associate that kind of pain as stuff going through
05:00 your blood vessel like sludge.
05:02 You're trying, - no matter how nice the package is,
05:05 it's a lie.
05:06 Again massive pleasure feelings isn't good, so I don't
05:10 have to say too much about the health principles because
05:11 3ABN teaches the stuff to everybody.
05:13 You have some great classes on this program and
05:16 good eating but there are couple elements
05:18 I find people leave out. Number one is the
05:19 is the exercise part, you can have the healthiest
05:21 diet, you can do everything right as far as
05:23 your eating and drinking but if you're not exercising
05:25 you are going to miss a large portion of the feel-good
05:28 that God put in us.
05:30 The endorphins come through exercise and both aerobic and
05:33 anaerobic exercise because many people miss that as well.
05:35 Aerobic as will keep your heart healthy, that's where the
05:37 you get the heart rate up and you sustain it for
05:40 a period of time like a half hour.
05:41 Of course anyone watching this consult with your
05:43 physician and make sure you do it right.
05:45 I get a health professional, but that is one thing.
05:47 But anaerobic is what releases the HGH package to our system.
05:50 HGH is the fountain of youth and is the most amazing
05:54 thing, they have studies at the anti-aging institute in
05:56 Geneva Switzerland, Miami, Florida and they are taken
05:59 70-80-90-year-old men and women and they dress them in
06:02 swimsuits and bikinis and it's not pretty.
06:04 Their skins hanging down and they are all flabby and
06:07 they take those people and put them on a strict vegan diet
06:09 and the exercise them aerobically and anaerobically
06:12 because anaerobic puts HGH back into your system.
06:14 Explain what Anaerobic is for people.
06:17 Anaerobic are short burst exercises that you can only
06:20 sustain for short period of time.
06:21 They build specific muscle groups, like chin-ups,
06:23 lifting weights, push-ups.
06:25 You can only do them for 3 or 4 minutes.
06:26 What you are doing is building muscle groups.
06:29 As soon as you do that you enter anaerobic capacity for
06:31 about 20 seconds, automatically the system kicks in.
06:34 The HGH in your system, because it stops producing,
06:38 and our body stops producing it, about age 30.
06:40 That's why we start this slow march to the grave.
06:42 If you get released in your body again,
06:44 and that is the only way they have discovered to do it
06:46 is by anaerobic exercise.
06:47 When you taste that I can't tell you what it does
06:51 for you. - when you start feeling what it feels like,
06:53 to be well, to be in health.
06:54 Yeah I plan to never die.
06:58 You know some people are so tired all the time and it
07:01 is so normal for them that this is just the way it is.
07:05 You are like no! It is so not the way it is.
07:08 Your greatest wealth is your health.
07:09 You can have 100 million bucks in the bank but if you
07:11 don't have the health you can't enjoy it.
07:12 I'm 47 today and I feel better than I did when I was 16.
07:14 I run 3 miles a day, I eat right and exercise
07:18 anaerobically as well.
07:19 I take a portable gym everywhere I go.
07:20 Everyday I put HGH's back in my system and you can
07:24 literally feel great the rest of your life and
07:26 that is how it should be.
07:27 I thought looking at studies of serotonin level and
07:28 people were saying that you can increase your serotonin
07:31 level by what you eat and exercise.
07:33 It's a serotonin that makes you feel good about life.
07:36 I feel like living today, I feel like smiling today,
07:40 I want to go out and do something today because
07:42 those levels are up.
07:43 The balance between health and fitness and how you feel
07:46 in your emotional and all other areas of your life is
07:49 how you are successful.
07:50 There is such an incredible relationship between those.
07:52 Many people don't realize it, but reason they are not
07:54 going anywhere in life is because her body is so
07:55 polluted, their brain is so lame they can't comprehend
07:57 even the simplest things.
07:59 So getting control of your physical body, eating right
08:01 and exercising right is such an advantage.
08:04 I have friends that come up and they will be smoking
08:07 weed all day, smoking weed and thinking about how they
08:11 are going to change the world.
08:13 So it feels like they've done everything, 12 hour
08:15 sitting there, but they feel like they are exhausted
08:18 by that time, thinking of ways to change the world.
08:20 They realize when they get into recovery, you really
08:23 haven't physically moved your body much.
08:25 You know sitting before porn addictions all those
08:28 computers, or video game addictions, any of that stuff
08:31 is that when you talk about change from an addictive
08:34 lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle you physically
08:37 are going to have to move.
08:38 And you can be blessed by it!
08:41 Yeah, you can't imagine, you can't imagine.
08:42 Just taste it, it's one of those things you have to
08:44 taste in order to feel healthy.
08:45 Most people who ever tasted it knows what it's like.
08:48 And so don't quit. - exactly!
08:50 When you get addicted to it, that is a nice thing, when
08:52 you associating pleasure with lifestyle, I can't live
08:54 without running, I live every day for it.
08:55 I can't live without my exercise because I just feel
08:58 so run down. - I see you, you run you can't walk.
09:01 Oh yeah it is great.
09:02 What is really fun about that is to say that we have
09:06 covered a number of things, making decisions, taking
09:08 ownership of your issues, and choosing to do something
09:12 different, and then being physically healthy as far
09:15 as what you eat and exercise.
09:17 Anything else we need to cover?
09:19 Well we could talk about hours about health and fitness.
09:21 For one thing we are into a mode of instant change.
09:24 Everything has to be instant, instant and our whole
09:27 society wants instantaneous gratification.
09:29 It doesn't work that way, someone didn't
09:30 get fat overnight.
09:32 They got fat over a period of time, eating too much sugar.
09:35 Eating too much cholesterol or whatever, not enough
09:38 exercising and so one of the things I want to encourage
09:40 people to do with health and fitness is to don't try to
09:42 see this as an instant thing I can do today.
09:44 No, you take it one step at a time.
09:46 One day you make it a decision you're going to quit
09:48 eating dessert for a week.
09:49 Next day you make another choice and that is to exercise
09:52 five days a week.
09:53 Next day I'll take another step in to add the culmination
09:55 of small steps builds what you want.
09:58 The same thing with your dieting, diets don't work.
09:59 They work on a false premise, you don't get heavy
10:02 overnight and you're not going to lose it overnight.
10:03 So set a goal of six to eight months and make it
10:06 achievable and I have some great stories.
10:08 I met a lady, I want to you this great story.
10:10 I want is to encourage the audience.
10:12 We were in Glorieta Center in New Mexico, they wheeled in
10:15 a lady who was manic-depressive, she was grossly overweight,
10:18 she was diabetic, she had several heart attacks
10:22 so she was a mess.
10:24 She was like only 42 years old and she went through the
10:27 whole seminar and the whole time she sat there like this.
10:28 I never knew if I got through to her even.
10:30 So we're teaching the Power seminar and going through the
10:32 principles and 13 months later at the Albuquerque Camp
10:35 Meeting, the Texaco Camp Meeting I was doing my first
10:38 seminar and this lady comes running down the aisle.
10:40 It's a big tent you know and she is running down
10:42 the aisle and I don't know she's mad or happy.
10:44 She jumps on me, just jumps on me and wraps her legs
10:47 around me and I don't let women do that to me.
10:49 I'm to get her off and I can't figure out who it is.
10:51 I get her off me and she says to you remember me?
10:53 I said no. She said she remembered Glorieta about
10:55 13 months ago? I said yeah.
10:56 She said remember the lady they brought in the wheelchair?
10:58 I see yeah do you know her?
10:59 I know are really well she said.
11:01 Well how is she doing?
11:02 You won't believe it I'm the lady. - oh man!
11:05 She said I am, she had lost 142 pounds and she was no
11:12 longer a diabetic and she was running around
11:14 that place like a spring chicken and
11:16 I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
11:17 She said all I did was follow your principles and one
11:19 day I looked at my physical body and said is this going
11:21 to be my destiny, no way.
11:29 She said followed all those things one step at a time and
11:33 look at my life and said this was not going to be my
11:34 destiny and I'm going to change it.
11:35 Just by make you one decision, one day at a time
11:37 I have lost 142 pounds and this is where I am today.
11:40 People really believe that, that is not possible for
11:43 them, and every single person that I have ever been
11:47 around that has decided I'm going to try it.
11:50 I'm just good change some things, every single person,
11:53 myself included, everything changes.
11:55 Everything changes and so I don't even care who it is.
11:58 I don't care who it is I don't care how disabled you
12:01 think you are, change your mindset, change the way that
12:05 the you treat yourself, the way you think,
12:08 treat your body, definitely the food you put in your
12:10 mouth, and getting out and exercising.
12:12 For some people if they only sit in the chair and move
12:15 their legs around in your arms around, do that.
12:18 It's a step, it's a step. - do something!
12:21 God will bless it, what's interesting is when you go
12:24 back to the Holy Spirit from God which show us that He
12:27 guides us, I could not, not love sweets. I love sweets.
12:34 If you give me something healthy to eat, all that stuff
12:37 and you give me ice cream, man ice cream anytime.
12:41 So then all of a sudden I'm thinking, what you said was
12:44 right that ice cream is killing me, especially if
12:47 I don't have time to do a lot of things and that is
12:49 all I'm eating, its killing me.
12:50 So it's like being able to say finally, God I am
12:54 powerless, I'm powerless against this ice cream.
12:58 I'm thinking I'm a heroine addict in recovery and
13:00 now it is ice cream, and God said, I will honor that.
13:04 I said, please just take it away from me.
13:06 I know what even try to figure out anything else anymore.
13:09 God has taken that away from me, I don't know if it's
13:13 going to be everyday but so far it's like He is saying,
13:16 Cheri thanks for giving that to Me.
13:18 It's amazing to me because I never thought
13:21 I would get victory over that.
13:23 Yet you can get victory over it and that's the good news.
13:25 Okay we are going to go onto the next thing.
13:28 In your power seminar where - well you just mentioned
13:31 something else and that was our belief systems.
13:32 I think that is a key area as well because most of us
13:36 our born with hundreds of false beliefs and we have
13:38 programmed our entire life with these beliefs systems.
13:40 We say we can't do it, God doesn't love me, I can afford
13:42 it and all these negative belief systems.
13:44 When it comes to really beginning to grow and overcome
13:47 I have victory in these areas of our lives, your belief
13:50 systems, it's critical to change those as well.
13:52 The Bible talks about this in hundreds and hundreds of
13:56 versus, God taught to believe on His name believe in
13:59 His Scripture the word and the light.
14:01 But there is something else that's really neat.
14:02 When you start to study the Word believe in the Bible,
14:04 you begin to see the power in our belief as well.
14:07 God says as you believe, so it will be done.
14:10 We've vastly underestimate that,
14:12 as I believe it will be done?
14:13 We don't realize that what I believe these false
14:16 negative beliefs, it will be done in my life.
14:18 If we believe in God's empowerment, the same thing is
14:19 going to happen.
14:20 If I believe nobody's ever going to love me I'm going
14:22 to pick people that won't love me.
14:23 Exactly, exactly the lull of attraction that is in
14:26 play here, which is a biblical principle as well.
14:28 Jesus says all things are possible to him that believes.
14:31 How much is possible? All things!
14:33 Most people don't believe that and so when it comes to
14:36 your belief system one of the most powerful illustrations
14:38 as I saw this, and this will really bless those that
14:40 are recovering from addictions.
14:42 There was an interview the TV program did with these two
14:46 boys, they had grown up in a single parent home.
14:48 They were eleven months apart, there were dad was in jail.
14:50 Their dad was a murderer, their dad was a drug dealer
14:52 and he was just a bad dude.
14:54 The two boys grow up in a single-parent home and the one
14:57 ends up just like his dad, he ends up in jail and strung
14:59 out on drugs a really messed up life.
15:00 The other one turns out to be extremely successful.
15:03 He is the manager of the company in Boston.
15:05 Lovely wife and two kids, great health everything
15:07 in his life was perfect.
15:09 They were so intrigued by these two boys turning out so
15:11 different that they decided to interview them.
15:12 So they did the one guy in jail and the other
15:15 in his office in Boston.
15:16 They went through a series of questions and they asked
15:18 both boys the same questions.
15:19 One of the questions was,
15:20 why has your life turned out like this?
15:22 The amazing thing is both boys gave the same answer.
15:24 Their answer was what else could I become with
15:27 a dad like I had?
15:28 See, but one believed his dad is a murderer,
15:31 a whore monger, a drug user what else can I be?
15:33 I'm like you meant I didn't have a chance.
15:35 The other guy says my dad is a drug dealer, my dad is
15:37 a murderer, what else can I become but successful,
15:39 because I didn't want to turn out like him.
15:40 Their beliefs overrode every other area of their life.
15:44 I find this to be so true, especially for coming
15:47 out of addictions, whatever you believe is what's
15:49 going to happen to you.
15:50 God talks about this over and over again in the Bible.
15:53 Again our culture has taught us that the events
15:55 around us that control our life.
15:57 You were born under unfortunate circumstances where
15:59 you were a victim of this, no!
16:01 It's only what you believe about those things.
16:03 We had a young lady who did a lot of work in high school
16:05 with our all power program.
16:07 This young lady almost killed herself, she was bulimic
16:09 and anorexic from the constant binging in purging
16:12 she almost killed herself.
16:13 Down to 70 pounds and ruined her voice and I asked her
16:16 if I could interview her and ask you some personal
16:18 questions and she said sure.
16:19 I asked where did you get this idea that you were fat
16:21 and ugly and had to lose weight?
16:24 She was a very attractive girl and should have been
16:26 very confident about her appearance.
16:27 She said Leo you won't believe but it goes back to my
16:29 freshman year in high school.
16:31 She said I had a crush on a guy on the football team
16:33 and I wanted him to like me.
16:34 So I decided to get close to him,
16:36 I'll become a cheerleader.
16:37 So I was cheerleading out there one day with my friends
16:39 having fun and practicing and this boy came by and
16:41 I smiled and winked at him.
16:42 She said he looked at me and said you girls got big
16:44 rear ends and thought that was funny and went
16:46 laughing on his way.
16:47 She said I was so crushed at what he said,
16:49 I was dumb enough to believe him.
16:51 She said once I believed it I'd look in the mirror and
16:54 see I had a big rear and I had to lose it.
16:55 She said I started to binge to purge and almost
16:58 killed myself because I believed this guy.
17:01 This is what happens once we accept the belief
17:03 it becomes an unquestioned command in our nervous
17:06 system and we act on it whether it's true or not.
17:09 So this is where it is critical, especially if we are
17:12 recovering to get out of these false belief systems.
17:14 Abusive situations, why do women go from one bad situation
17:17 to another one, because they believe my husband said I'm
17:19 this, my husband called me a blank this and a blank that
17:21 and we can't use the words on the TV obviously,
17:23 but what a woman hears that over and over again
17:26 she begins to believe it and pretty soon and that is
17:27 what she attracts to herself.
17:29 We have to get in the Bible where God says all things are
17:31 possible to them that believe.
17:32 God says I've loved you with an everlasting love.
17:35 God says I present you faultless.
17:37 God says your precious to Me and a child of the King.
17:40 When we begin to get these true belief systems, which I find are
17:43 only in the Word of God, forget what cultures taught you,
17:46 forget all the pressures out there and you can change your
17:49 life so powerfully so beliefs are a huge part of it.
17:51 Somebody was tell me one time that our subconscious mind
17:55 is where we hold these beliefs, right?
17:56 You have talked about that, and that your subconscious
17:59 mind is like your very best friend.
18:02 I thought what does that mean, your very best friend.
18:04 Every day when I wake up what ever I truly believe, my
18:07 subconscious mind, like my best friend will try to prove
18:11 it true for me, and if it is negative everything in my
18:15 environment of the subconscious mind says see, see, see.
18:18 it's like a matter of saying I want to live my life.
18:21 I want to live my life where when I look at somebody
18:27 I know it is because they are safe and friendly and they
18:29 love life and all that stuff to prove that positive thing.
18:33 So when you taste it does make a difference.
18:36 I couldn't imagine going back and living my life in defeat
18:41 again, I'm done, I'm done.
18:44 Okay so what's the next one?
18:45 You brought up another point that I do want to leave
18:47 because it was so good.
18:48 Your brain can't tell the difference between something
18:50 you believe, or something that is an actual part of your
18:53 real physical life at this point.
18:54 That's why beliefs are so powerful.
18:56 Getting into the subconscious, that's another seminary
18:57 teaching that is powerful, we do a whole seminar on
19:00 just the subconscious, most people don't realize
19:02 how this works.
19:03 Your subconscious works 24 hours a day and it responds
19:06 basically to pictures and images that are received
19:08 through the conscious mind, through your eyes and your ears.
19:11 Those are the two main avenues that go into your soul.
19:13 So whatever goes into your eyes and your ears ends up
19:15 in your subconscious mind, and especially if it has
19:17 any degree of emotion.
19:18 - It's like have a file cabinet back here.
19:20 Yes, this massive file cabinet.
19:22 Let me compare this again, a lots of us has all kinds
19:24 of file cabinets of all our life.
19:26 Here's what happens, let's compare it to a car that's
19:30 easy way to illustrate it.
19:31 The conscious mind is like the driver, but the
19:35 subconscious is the car itself so anywhere you go is in
19:37 the actual car, but the driver steers or directs and
19:41 releases the power. - right!
19:42 So you have to realize that every action you take,
19:44 everything you do or don't do is being driven by your
19:47 subconscious mind, so whatever you put into it, it is
19:50 going to come out in your words and actions and attitudes and
19:53 everything else.
19:54 So if you put in these limited beliefs, that is like
19:56 a car that is going down a limited road with the brakes
19:58 on all the time, so release the brakes and put
20:00 in a positive release and awe, it's amazing.
20:03 I'm going to ask you to do something because the first
20:05 time I did it, it was absolutely mind-boggling to me.
20:09 Somebody said, Cheri I want you to do some positive
20:12 affirmations when I was coming in off the streets and
20:15 my addictions or whatever.
20:16 And I'm thinking all right, get a piece of paper and
20:18 write something, just write something good about
20:20 yourself and I was dumbfounded.
20:23 I thought, you know I can't think of anything.
20:25 They said write something like I am sweet,
20:28 and I thought what? I'm what?
20:31 That didn't work for me.
20:32 So somebody made a joke, and I want you to think about
20:35 this, think of paper and you are going to put a line
20:39 down the middle with positive on one side and you are
20:40 going to write I'm an incredible, sensual,
20:43 creative woman of God or a man of God.
20:45 Think about that just writing that down.
20:48 Now slow down, stop for a minute and think if there is
20:51 anything negative that comes up in your mind.
20:53 I had four pages of negative every time I said that one
20:58 positive, and so someone was saying when you do that,
21:01 and you have four pages, I'm not sweet, I'm stupid,
21:04 I'm not a good wife, my parents didn't love me, I never
21:08 had a good relationship with what ever.
21:10 That whole four pages is what really moves you around
21:13 in this world and that's what you have to challenge,
21:16 that four pages of stuff, all of stuff that comes on
21:18 the negative side is to be done with that.
21:20 It's all lies and when I started challenging that they
21:25 were all lies and that I was not stupid,
21:27 I'm not worthless, I'm not, not loved.
21:28 The fact the God of the universe says Cheri I'm crazy about you.
21:32 I think you're fabulous and so being able to say that
21:34 you have to really know what drives you.
21:37 So you're asking for inside into these very core issues
21:41 so you can let go of them.
21:43 One of the best ways to let go is to associate pain to
21:45 them, and only ask questions like what if I lost in my
21:47 personal life due to this belief,
21:48 what's this cost me financially.
21:50 How many irrepairable mistakes do I make because
21:53 I have this goofy belief in my life.
21:54 What does it cost me, mostly what does it cost me and
21:57 how am I going to spend eternity.
21:59 Really associate pain into that, but every false belief
22:01 you have and turn it into a positive one.
22:03 If you say I am stupid, turn around and say I am smart
22:05 because I'm created in the image of God.
22:07 And I am. - exactly! - I love that give me five.
22:10 That's your new believe.
22:11 Always replace the old with the new one.
22:14 We can't afford it, how can we afford it?
22:17 Replace it with a new one.
22:18 Hey God I'm ugly, replace it with God doesn't make junk.
22:21 You always have to get a new belief system in there.
22:22 That's definitely true. - but you know even what I
22:25 found out is that being able to challenge all those lies
22:27 is that I don't have to lie to replace it.
22:30 You know what I mean? Someone says well what if I am
22:33 ugly, you're not ugly you might just have a big nose.
22:36 I have a big nose, you know what I mean? That's okay!
22:39 It's like being able to say somehow figure out how to
22:45 change that around and not lie to yourself, because I'm
22:47 smart, my subconscious is smart.
22:49 If I lie myself and say you know your sweet.
22:52 I'm really not sweet, I may be nice but I can't lie to
22:56 myself, it's just telling yourself that truth and the
22:59 truth will set you free.
23:00 And that is the point, a truth, we often think truth is
23:03 a lie but again following Jesus, Jesus can't lie.
23:08 God can't lie, if I base my belief systems on the Bible
23:11 and the Bible principles I can never go wrong.
23:13 The power of our beliefs you cannot underestimate.
23:15 I was just reading the other day a story of this guy who
23:17 got locked in this carrier, what do you call the back of
23:21 trucks with freezer compartments and all?
23:23 The guy accidently closed the door on him and he freaked and
23:27 realized I'm going to die, I'm going to freeze in here
23:29 tonight and sure enough they found him the next morning
23:32 frozen to death.
23:34 Guess what? The temperature in there was 68°.
23:36 They had never put the freezer on during the night,
23:39 they never started the engine.
23:40 This guy so believed that he was trapped, he's so believed
23:43 I'm going to freeze in here that he literally had every
23:45 symptom that he had actually froze to death at 68°.
23:48 They do this study at the University of Kentucky
23:51 with the medical College.
23:52 You probably heard about this where they take the
23:53 two pills, the purple pill and the white pill.
23:55 One is a super stimulant and the other one is a
23:57 a tranquilizer and they tell the students were going
23:59 to give you these pills.
24:00 They do this every year and there's about
24:01 a hundred students altogether.
24:02 So 50 of them go on the tranquilizers,
24:04 50 of them go on the super stimulant.
24:07 And they tell these guys over here they're going to be
24:09 wired, you're going to be bouncing off the walls.
24:10 And you guys are going to be dopey and can hardly
24:11 stay awake and they don't tell the students
24:13 they reversed the ingredients.
24:14 Over 50% of the student body develops physical reactions
24:18 in expectation of what they thought they were given.
24:20 So those on the super stimulant, actually on a
24:22 tranquilizer, were actually wired when they should be
24:24 asleep in your beliefs are so powerful they can even
24:28 override a drug in your body.
24:31 So again using those in the right way what an asset.
24:35 God says I want you to know who you are.
24:37 I want that to set you free, I want that to infiltrate
24:40 your family and your churches.
24:42 All these are possible. - Amen, Amen!
24:44 Let's go on to the next one, you have a ton, 20
24:47 different things in this power seminar that you do.
24:51 So we are just going to cover as much as we can.
24:52 But when let's take a break, because I know we are
24:55 getting close, let's take a break and come back.
24:57 And we are also going to come back and ask,
25:00 there are a lot of people here at the café that have
25:02 questions for Leo and we are going to ask questions
25:04 so stay with us.
25:11 Think you've seen it all? Think again.
25:14 Cheri Peters is back for a second season of
25:18 Celebrating Life In Recovery with more lives
25:21 more stories and more miracles.
25:24 Watch the shocking, the inspiring, and the incredible.
25:28 Check your local listings to find out when
25:31 Celebrating Life In Recovery comes to you and get
25:34 ready for another dose of reality, Cheri style.
25:52 You know what I would like to talk about now?
25:54 We have talked about all kinds of different things
25:57 on the show already about goal setting, about disciplining
26:00 your life and all that stuff.
26:01 Yeah one of my favorite topics, it actually is
26:03 my favorite topic.
26:04 It was hard for me to get, it was hard for me to
26:06 understand the importance of it.
26:08 Yeah, goal setting, the Bible says without a vision
26:09 the people perish. - right, right!
26:11 And they tell us there are only two kinds of people in
26:12 life who never amount to anything. Number one there
26:14 are those who cannot do anything except for what they are told.
26:16 Number two there are people cannot even do what
26:18 they are told, so the point is this.
26:20 People that get ahead in life and live a life of victory
26:23 in power often it is because they have got goals and are very
26:26 clear about those goals. They are excited about their future.
26:29 Again God says without a vision the
26:32 people are going to perish.
26:33 One of the best illustrations of that, they did a survey,
26:35 actually the IRS was studying.
26:38 For those of you do not know the IRS, it is the
26:39 US government's tax line.
26:40 At any rate they were studying that morgues did most of
26:44 their business during January and February and
26:46 they thought they weren't reporting their income right
26:48 because all the income was in January and February then
26:50 all the rest of the year.
26:51 As they studied this they found out that more and more
26:54 people over age 65 die in January and February more than
26:57 all the other 10 months put together.
26:59 Why? - well here's what they found out.
27:01 They found out that in January and February the nights
27:04 are long and the days are short and the weather is
27:06 gloomy and people give up then croak and die.
27:08 - ouch! - then you come to springtime about April and
27:13 May Easter - people wake up. - exactly!
27:15 The grandkids are coming home, in the fall you got
27:17 Thanksgiving and everybody's is that grandma and
27:19 grandpa's house and then you have Christmas.
27:20 But between New Year's in April Thursday nothing going
27:23 on and they just die because they have nothing to look
27:25 forward to, it's subconscious.
27:27 So they began to realize that if they don't have
27:29 something to look forward to, it makes all the difference.
27:31 We discovered, yeah especially people that are addicts,
27:34 if they don't have something to look forward to.
27:36 In fact one of the greatest reasons for frustration and
27:38 anger and resentment, to take it out on society,
27:41 they take it out on their spouses or whatever,
27:43 is people do not know where they are going.
27:44 They have no vision and life.
27:46 - you know what I have to say with addicts, I don't know
27:49 if you run across this, is everything has been instant
27:52 gratification for so long that we don't even know how
27:55 to wait for something. - right, right!
27:57 Goal setting gets us out of that parameter, you can set
28:01 short-term goals of course a weeklong or even
28:04 a day long, but here's the amazing thing.
28:06 Most people's goals I find is to make it through the day,
28:08 most people's goals is to make it through the day
28:11 so I can go home and watch television. - ouch!
28:14 It's a terrible truth.
28:16 - I know but I don't like it anyway.
28:18 Did you ever notice most people accomplish their goal
28:20 every day, - oh shut up!
28:23 most people's goal is to make it through the week
28:26 so they can get drunk on Friday nights.
28:28 It's amazing how many people accomplish their goal.
28:30 They do not realize how powerful this is, once they
28:33 have set the goal and they go home and get drunk tonight
28:34 or whatever, they get there usually.
28:36 Those are limiting goals, goals are like weeds that grow
28:39 in the garden, they are just there automatically.
28:40 Most people spend their whole life harvesting weeds when
28:43 in the same soil along with a few exciting goals,
28:45 Godly goals, principal goals, they can have this
28:47 incredible harvest in every area of their life.
28:49 So we encourage people that God made you in such a way,
28:52 in fact we talk a lot about this on 3ABN.
28:54 What God's greatest promise? What does God love to do?
28:56 One thing, He loves to create.
28:58 Isn't that right? God creates, our God can do this
29:00 because our God made the stuff that false gods are made out of.
29:02 anyway, that will catch up with you tomorrow.
29:04 I did, yeah I got it.
29:06 God loves to create but He also made us in His image.
29:10 Isn't that right? - yeah!
29:11 So we can also create, and of course most profound example is
29:15 procreation, two people can create another life.
29:17 But more than that we limit, it is much broader, as I think-
29:20 I create, has that ever dawned on you?
29:22 This is exciting, as I think I create.
29:24 You take this production right here, this was a thought
29:28 that was in your brain a number of years ago.
29:31 The thoughts become things, the things you can see
29:34 and touch and experience.
29:36 Again it is only a thought here, now a living breathing
29:39 reality and that goes into every area of your life.
29:42 As you think you create and God made you in
29:43 His image in that way.
29:45 When you begin to set exciting goals in your spiritual life,
29:47 and exciting goals in your financial life, and exciting
29:50 goals in your physical life and all the dimensions of
29:52 life that God has given you it takes you out of this mundane
29:55 mode where people are watching TV and vegetating their life
29:59 away he gives you something to look forward to and
30:00 to take action to accomplish it.
30:02 Which is incredible because I remember taking classes.
30:05 Like when I started setting goals I remember taking the
30:07 same class four different times because I wasn't really
30:09 good at making sure they happened.
30:11 As I stuck with it I learned to set goals and actually got
30:14 through to the other end.
30:16 Someone said well what if I set a goal and go back to
30:20 school and fail? Who cares go back again.
30:23 There's no such thing as failure.
30:24 Let's do that in the next seminar,
30:26 or the next part we talk about.
30:27 To me it was interesting that any little thing that
30:31 I succeeded in I felt great.
30:34 I felt that this is going to be different and
30:36 I can feel the difference and feel the change.
30:38 But it is a matter of literally, would you say to
30:41 someone not only set goals but write them down,
30:43 tell somebody, make sure. - they have to be written.
30:46 In fact they have discovered that writing a goal is
30:48 actually 50% of accomplishing it.
30:50 They don't know how this works, but it's basically this
30:52 principle, I can't hit a target unless I know where
30:55 it is, right? - Exactly!
30:56 As soon as I know what the target is I can start
30:58 moving that direction, something happens when
31:00 I write down a goal.
31:01 The fundamental principle in all the goals setting is that
31:03 you have to write it down, you are 50% they're simply by
31:05 virtually putting it on paper.
31:07 Suddenly then your mind knows where to go, you know what
31:09 direction to start moving and you may take a small journey
31:12 this way or that way, but you are moving toward that goal
31:14 and eventually you're going to get there.
31:16 So the other discipline they teach you after you have
31:18 written it down is then you have to take an action
31:21 every single day, it can be a small one but every
31:24 action gets you there.
31:25 I was up in Alaska one time, this is so cool.
31:27 We were hiking in this remote island called
31:29 Baranof Island and there was about 6 inches of snow.
31:31 We came around the corner and there was a grizzly bear
31:34 there, he spooked he was going around us and we are
31:36 walking on this riverbed because these things often
31:39 come behind you and hunt you.
31:40 It's a very met remote area and you have to carry guns.
31:43 Anyway we were going up this river and I hear a sound
31:45 suddenly, I think it's the bear.
31:46 We get our position and there's woods on both sides,
31:49 and suddenly I see what it is.
31:52 It's this little trickle coming through the snow,
31:53 it was warming up and we were walking on the creek bed
31:55 and this little trickle comes in the snow like this.
31:57 I thought wow this is amazing and then another little
31:58 one comes over here at joins this one.
32:00 Another one comes over here joins us one and pretty
32:01 soon it's 3 inches wide and another one comes.
32:03 Then at 6 inches wide and after about two minutes
32:05 is about a foot wide and in five minutes this thing
32:08 was a raging 30 foot river.
32:09 We saw the river, that's how it works in your life.
32:11 You can take what little action today,
32:13 a little trickle that comes down.
32:14 In another action tomorrow, a little one tomorrow.
32:16 In fact almost little actions coming together helps you
32:18 to accomplish your goal in ways you never thought were
32:21 possible. - isn't that exciting? It's so exciting.
32:23 Jesus says that you have faith as a grain of mustard
32:25 seed nothing shall be impossible unto you.
32:27 I believe that is part of what goal setting is.
32:29 You set up Godly goal, a Biblical goal,
32:32 a goal that is exciting to you.
32:33 If you want to discover what God's created you to be, you
32:36 got to find a goal that is big enough and grand enough
32:38 and exciting enough to get you to push beyond your normal
32:39 limits and to achieve your full God given potential.
32:42 Coming into recovery, I was in the restroom at church
32:46 one day and there was a girl sitting on the floor crying.
32:50 I remember thinking how sad this is.
32:52 Is there anything I can do?
32:53 She looked up at me and said, how are you going to
32:56 understand any of this you've had such a perfect life.
33:00 I thought, I wanted to stop and say God how did you do
33:03 that? How did you do that, coming from where I came
33:05 from for someone to say that?
33:07 I didn't want to disregard her because I wanted to be
33:10 there, but I wanted to celebrate and
33:11 that is what you are saying is that when you start
33:14 doing that pretty soon your life is changed in you may
33:16 not even know how far it has changed.
33:18 But God will change every single thing.
33:20 The look on your face, the texture of your skin,
33:23 the light in your eyes, all that stuff is different.
33:26 How exciting is that? But it is a matter of making
33:29 that commitment and that's what you're saying.
33:31 The other show is taking the responsibility in making that
33:34 commitment and actually doing something, doing anything.
33:37 Goal setting has changed my life.
33:39 It is the single most powerful tool there is in the Bible.
33:42 I've seen it change entire churches, most churches do not
33:45 have any goals, but have no baptismal goals, they have no
33:47 growth goals, they have no church planning goals,
33:49 no goals and that is why they just sit there week after
33:52 week doing the same dumb thing and it drives you nuts.
33:55 He didn't mean dumb things, go ahead.
33:58 The same old dead songs, the same old rituals and I don't
34:04 believe in that I am sorry, I serve big God.
34:05 I serve God that is powerful to serve and I'm tired of
34:09 status quo, if I read my Bible right God said through
34:12 Israel there is a blessing if Israel follows through He
34:14 would bless them among all the people on this earth.
34:16 If the church doesn't know where it's going,
34:19 it's business doesn't know where it's going,
34:21 if the individual life does not know where it is going,
34:23 physically and mentally emotionally and spiritually and
34:24 financially, in all these areas.
34:25 If they don't know they're never going to get there.
34:27 You can't hit a target if you don't know where it is.
34:28 So goal setting changes everything.
34:30 Somebody was talking about dieting and we talked about
34:34 health when we started.
34:35 I can't do that, I'm just not smart enough, two brain
34:38 cells it doesn't work for me.
34:39 So I'm thinking, so as I am sitting there someone says
34:44 instead of thinking about dieting add something good to
34:49 your plate everyday, one thing.
34:51 So now I had one thing good to my plate everyday and
34:54 as that changes, pretty soon my plate looks healthy.
34:57 So it is that same principle, add one thing, don't
35:01 overwhelm yourself, don't make yourself crazy with this.
35:04 Add one good thing and then pretty soon you'll tasted it
35:07 and want something better. How fun is that?
35:09 - It's fun, it's fun. - Okay go ahead.
35:11 The reason I want to go back is the part about what
35:14 about if I fail, everybody always asked that question.
35:16 What if I fail? Because many people have failed.
35:18 People are afraid to even try for fear of failure.
35:21 Failure is a huge fear, we have so many fears in our life
35:23 right now and again I go back to the Bible principle,
35:26 God has not given us a spirit of fear but
35:27 power, love and of a sound mind.
35:29 That is where we are to live. - power of sound what?
35:31 The power of a sound mind.
35:34 I'm going to make a statement and this will blow the
35:37 audience away, it's the absolute truth.
35:38 There is no such thing as failure, it is a complete lie.
35:42 It is a complete delusion, it doesn't exist.
35:44 Now we have been programmed since birth that we can fail.
35:46 There is no such thing as failure biblically.
35:49 Shut up! Everybody knows the fear failure keeps people
35:54 from doing anything.
35:56 I'm sorry it's simply not true.
35:57 I'll prove it unequivocally to this audience,
35:59 will that be all right?
36:00 Let me ask you a question, what would you attempt to do,
36:02 what would all of you attempt to do if you could not fail?
36:05 You do anything, isn't that right?
36:07 The truth is it is impossible to fail.
36:10 Let me explain it to you this way. What is failure?
36:12 Your culture has taught you one thing, I'd tried
36:15 something and it didn't work so I failed.
36:16 It's a lie, it's an illusion. Here is the truth.
36:19 Failure is only a temporary defeat.
36:21 Everybody here say that with me.
36:24 Failure is only a temporary defeat.
36:27 Let me put it to you this way, Cheri, say you attempt
36:30 to do something and it doesn't work.
36:32 Have you failed yes or no? Yes!
36:34 What did I just teach you? This is horrible.
36:37 Temporary defeat. Yeah failure is only a what?
36:40 Temporary defeat so what you are saying is that the
36:43 only thing stops me is my belief system that
36:46 doesn't make me get up and do it again.
36:48 That's right let me go through it again.
36:49 When you attempt to do something and it doesn't work,
36:52 did you fail, yes or no? No! - exactly!
36:57 You only had to what? A temporary defeat.
37:01 Ah right now follow me. If you had a temporary defeat,
37:03 do you realize you actually succeeded?
37:06 Now I dare you to prove me wrong because now you know
37:09 one way that doesn't work.
37:11 Now you know one way not to try therefore are you now
37:14 closer to your gold and you were a just a minute ago,
37:16 yes or no? Yes! - absolutely!
37:18 You run the play a second time, it doesn't work the
37:21 second time, did you failed yes or no? No!
37:23 You only had a temporary defeat, very good.
37:25 Now I know two ways. - now you know two ways.
37:27 So have you actually succeeded? Yes!
37:29 Because now you are even closer than you were a minute
37:30 ago. You see what happens to most people is they try
37:32 once and it doesn't work, I've failed.
37:35 I'm a failure God must hate me and they fall into this
37:37 trap of believing they actually failed.
37:39 It's a lie of Satan.
37:40 When you realize I just had a temporary defeat, no big
37:42 deal, I learned from my experience and I will grow
37:44 from this and give it a second attempt.
37:46 You may have to go through a hundred temporary defeats
37:48 but you're going to get there were people have
37:50 long ago left off.
37:51 That is the difference where someone is the victorious
37:53 in Christ and one that is not.
37:55 I am so close on some issues then.
37:57 Well praise God, Thomas Edison he had over
38:01 14,000 temporary defeats.
38:03 We are sitting under all these gorgeous lights in the
38:05 studio, he had this crazy idea that you could actually
38:07 contain light in a bulb.
38:08 They said hey we got candles, candles have worked for
38:11 5000 years, good enough.
38:12 No, no he, in fact if you look at the artist drawing of
38:16 this studio it was on the third floor.
38:17 Every time he had temporary defeat key threw it out the
38:19 window and there was a land slide of these failed attempts
38:22 from ground zero all away to his third floor level.
38:24 He never gave up, 14,000 temporary defeats until
38:27 he finally got it, and this is how life is with God.
38:30 It's a sanctified life and yes you may have a temporary
38:33 defeat and fall flat on your face.
38:35 You may stumble, when I first gave my heart to God
38:38 I had the foulest mouth is the world.
38:39 I cussed four hours after my baptism, it was terrible.
38:42 But it was a temporary defeat in God knew my heart and
38:46 that I didn't want to do this.
38:48 I'm growing in Your grace, please take this in for my
38:50 life, I claim victory over it.
38:51 Yeah I had temporary defeats for a while, but everyone
38:53 I finally got the victory.
38:55 This goes into every area of your life, so don't give up.
38:57 There is no such thing as failure, it doesn't exist.
38:59 We are going to open it up for questions.
39:02 But I want to say thank you so much because everything you
39:04 are talking about is a paradigm shift, we have to think
39:07 differently, we have to challenge everything we believe
39:10 now and say if it hasn't worked in the past, let it go.
39:13 Exactly follow God's word and the principles and it.
39:16 Okay Trent you had a question.
39:17 Yeah Leo you are a busy man, right? - yes.
39:20 How much do you travel? About 320 days a year.
39:23 Well I ask because you are talking about healthy eating,
39:28 exercise, and or aerobic anaerobic and you are say that
39:33 a lot of people don't feel well enough to do it.
39:35 They don't want to start, they can't do it or don't
39:37 feel like it, what about the people that are busy
39:39 like you for example?
39:41 How do you take care that? You say you take a gym with
39:43 you when you're on the road. How do you find time for all
39:45 the exercise, eating right and everything when
39:47 you are constantly traveling?
39:49 Really I don't think there's hardly anybody in the world
39:51 busier than I am and I can say that because
39:54 I meet a lot of people.
39:55 There are several key things,
39:57 I have three disciplines in my life.
39:58 Nothing, and I mean nothing breaks those 3 disciplines.
40:02 Number one is my daily time with God, that's where
40:04 I receive my daily strength.
40:05 The other is my proper diet, I don't care how you live
40:07 or your travel or what you do, if you plan in advance
40:09 you can take food with you and you can eat right.
40:12 I've learned to master that, I keep an extra backpack with
40:15 me and take a lot of natural food with me wherever I go.
40:17 I can master that, third thing is my exercise.
40:20 Even here, I got here exhausted this morning,
40:22 just exhausted because I just came from New Zealand and
40:24 I have been on an airplane for 39 hours.
40:26 I got up this morning at 5:30 and I knew, I don't care what
40:30 happens I always exercise, end of conversation.
40:33 If I exercise and eat right and have my spiritual time
40:35 with God, those are three disciplines and never break.
40:37 End of conversation: so it is a matter of choice again.
40:39 A matter of discipline of your life.
40:41 We have talked all about that.
40:43 You can say, I am tired and I can pick it up tomorrow,
40:46 and as soon as you do that you start letting things drop.
40:50 You can't compromise one time, end of conversation.
40:53 You don't ever compromise and those are three areas
40:55 I don't compromise, ever.
40:56 It is a choice in which you live like that
40:59 it's a wonderful feeling.
41:00 It's funny you said that because when you said that
41:03 I thought about every single person with an addiction.
41:06 We don't compromise getting high, we don't compromise
41:09 getting on line, and all that stuff but if we get
41:12 healthy we think we can compromise.
41:14 It's the same, once healthy and one is not.
41:17 One of the things that you said really impressed my
41:20 husband, and my husband is a great guy.
41:21 He heard you say I wouldn't compromise that devotional
41:25 time and he started to add that to his own life and it is
41:28 amazing because he has so changed.
41:31 Not that I even knew he needed that, but it was like that
41:34 makes such a difference in someone's life.
41:36 That's my paycheck, how cool is that.
41:38 We have more questions, Tim you had a question.
41:41 When you are talking about setting your goals earlier,
41:46 we have a fallen nature were Satan loves to trap us in our
41:52 own, by ourselves, putting speed bumps and roadblocks in
41:57 front of us and we are so prone to believe it.
41:59 Or so, okay already lost so how do you get above that?
42:05 Cheri: We just believe our own garbage.
42:08 Tim: how do we get above that because we are so
42:11 apt to believe it.
42:13 Leo: you hit one key point, I think, that is the stumbling
42:17 block, you talked about Satan did this and Satan does that
42:21 to us, I could care less about the devil.
42:23 I don't give him the time of day, he is a fallen foe and
42:27 he is under my feet and God says stomp him.
42:29 He says I give you authority over serpents and scorpions,
42:32 Satan is the biggest serpent in the Bible.
42:34 So what I think we're dealing with is defeated mental
42:37 system that all of us have been program with so don't feel
42:39 bad about it, it is normal.
42:40 When you constantly say Satan this and he put this speed
42:44 bump, I don't see speed bumps, I don't see Satan.
42:46 He is a nobody, he is a nothing in my life,
42:48 all I see is God, all I see is the Bible with
42:50 God's principles.
42:52 It is a matter of focusing here, and training the mind to
42:55 quit focusing on the negativity of Satan this, the devil
42:57 this and the devil is tripping me up here and he doing
42:59 this in my life, forget it, it doesn't exist.
43:02 God has made you in His image.
43:04 God says I'm the God of unlimited possibilities.
43:07 You have to start focusing and believing the Word of God,
43:10 what it says about you and forget Satan.
43:13 That's why Jesus says get thee behind me Satan
43:15 and he doesn't have the time of day.
43:17 So starting to stand on the promises of God, and by the
43:19 way you cannot do this apart from a Christian perspective.
43:21 There are all kinds of self-help books out there and
43:24 I have studied them all,
43:25 New Age gurus and all this other stuff.
43:26 A lot of that stuff is good, I'm not knocking it but I am
43:29 saying if you missed that spiritual element of knowing
43:32 who you are and who God created you having that identity may be
43:36 the real issue we're dealing with is identity,
43:38 we are teaching in our seminar.
43:39 If your identity is that I am a sinner, I'm no good,
43:42 I have all these problems in my life that is what you are
43:44 going to be, but the day you say hey!
43:46 This is what the Bible says about me and I don't have to
43:48 worry about speed bumps, I don't have Satan in my life.
43:51 The Bible says the devil cannot touch you.
43:54 I'm covered by Jesus and the devil cannot touch me.
43:57 I stand on that promise and what the devil comes knocking
44:00 at your door don't answer it, send Jesus.
44:02 Jesus opens the door and says who are you?
44:04 I'm the devil. What do you want? I'm here to say Leo.
44:06 Leo doesn't live here anymore, I live in this house and
44:08 you can go you know where.
44:12 So it is a matter of retraining the brain to stand on
44:15 the unfailing Word of God.
44:17 Somebody told me and it's interesting is imagine the
44:22 the devil as a cosmic David Copperfield.
44:24 He's an illusionist and every single thing he puts in front
44:28 of me, like he could screw up my whole past but all I have
44:32 to do is say Jesus, God what's this?
44:36 It is gone, there is definitely no power, no ability to
44:40 trip me up anymore, but I have to hold onto who I am in
44:44 Christ. So I always think about that.
44:46 I also think about, but what if there are a billion bad
44:51 angels around me, God says I'm around you.
44:54 - it doesn't exist. - it doesn't exist.
44:57 All allusions and all lies, the biggest discipline is,
45:01 it only comes through time and the word,
45:02 it comes through positive? People to church and
45:05 programs like here on 3ABN.
45:06 The more you fill your mind with positive affirmations,
45:10 rather than the past and what the devil tries to throw in
45:13 your face just don't give him the time of day.
45:14 It's a training of the brain, the training of the mind to
45:17 do that, and think that's were the Bible talks so much
45:19 God says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.
45:22 Notice He didn't state be transformed by the renewing of
45:24 your behavior, and we often focused on our behavior.
45:27 That's what you are doing in your question.
45:28 Focus on renewing the mind and behavior becomes automatic.
45:31 That's how simple it works, being renewed in the spirit
45:35 of your mind, let this might be in you that was in
45:37 Christ Jesus, it is totally transforming the mind
45:38 and behavior becomes automatic.
45:40 It's funny when I first got into recovery I used to think
45:44 the devil moved me from here to here and tempts me.
45:48 Then I read a part of the Bible that said you are drawn
45:52 away by your own lust and I thought oh shut up.
45:55 So it's me how and I'm thinking as I read that, the more I
46:00 started looking at the things that really draw me were the
46:04 things that I liked doing, found pleasure in those things.
46:08 Gods says change that and you won't be drawn so easily.
46:12 I thought even that is my ability to make decisions.
46:16 God wants to empower me and saying it really is you,
46:19 not that the devil is not out there doing some stuff,
46:22 but most the time I'm drawn by my own desires.
46:24 One the most critical points in the life of victory
46:27 and power I have found consistently, and I say this
46:29 with great respect and I don't want anyone to take
46:31 offense at this.
46:33 Christian people use God or Satan as the ultimate
46:36 excuse for all their behaviors and
46:38 they don't take responsibility.
46:40 Oh the devil did this in the devil did this, and no he
46:42 didn't, you made a foolish choice and you're reaping
46:43 the painful results of it.
46:45 It's really tough because you say it straight up.
46:49 I say that in loving compassion because I see people
46:53 struggling their whole life, I've prayed about it,
46:56 I've asked God to help me, it's like God is not even there.
46:58 They get all mad at God and God said hey
47:00 I told you what to do and you are not opening My law,
47:02 you are not following My principles and you are reaping
47:05 these painful results, change it I cannot do that for you.
47:09 God is not going to come in there and say I'm glad you
47:13 prayed not to listen to the filthy rock song,
47:14 He is not going to turn the dial
47:15 He says I impart My righteousness to you and you
47:19 turn the knob you see, so we often blame God and the Devil
47:22 for things that God and the devil had nothing to do with.
47:25 These are our choices, take responsibility.
47:28 I'll give you something for my husband you can use and
47:29 I'll tell Brad you can use it.
47:31 We are playing golf, he's teaching me how to play right?
47:33 I love it and he loves it and he's very good.
47:36 I looked down and I am thinking Brad, I'm going to use
47:40 my driver right? He says yeah.
47:42 Well what about the Sand trap and the water on the other
47:44 side? He says what Sand trap?
47:46 I'm thinking, He said you can't see it, you have to see the
47:50 green. What you're saying is the Sand trap is there and
47:53 the water is there, I'm not denying the realities around
47:55 me, but I'm just seeing the green. - exactly, exactly!
47:58 Okay we have another question. Henry you had a question.
48:01 Yeah Pastor is sounds really good when you said that we
48:03 are not actually, we are always defeated.
48:08 We are not actually failures.
48:11 But what do you tell someone what they have been defeated
48:15 so much that they are losing their hope on this belief.
48:19 I'm trying to understand your question right, you were so
48:23 discouraged and so down because of your past life.
48:25 - because they were defeated so much in their life that
48:27 they are actually losing their hope from this belief.
48:29 They are like maybe I am failure, they are going
48:32 back to their old way.
48:33 Yeah and that is what it is, only you can give yourself
48:35 a title, if you are going to give yourself a title
48:38 I am a failure and write this down in your journal
48:40 I am failure, that is what you will be.
48:42 So it is a total choice, and again I can choose to say
48:45 that I am a winner in the game of life.
48:47 I am perfect through Jesus Christ,
48:48 I have victory in Christ now and I can sit with Christ
48:52 in the heavenly realm.
48:53 I can choose what belief system I have and that belief
48:56 system will determine my destiny.
48:57 So a person in that same condition again even though they
49:00 failed over and over again and they think they have failed
49:02 they have to realize there is no such thing as failure.
49:04 That's what we talked about earlier.
49:05 They have had a lot of temporary defeats, but God is the
49:07 God of new beginnings and if you have planned A and blow
49:09 it doesn't matter because God has a plan B. and if you
49:11 blow that He's got plan C.
49:12 God is always got a plan for your life.
49:14 It is never too late to make a new beginning I don't care
49:17 how dark or shameful your past might be.
49:19 So again it is conditioning the mind to believe
49:23 the word of God rather than the lies and things of Satan.
49:26 That may sound very elementary but it really boils down
49:28 to that simple principle.
49:30 What is interesting to me, I did 10-15 years in recovery
49:33 and before I realized that I had to take responsibility.
49:37 I went down every road and looked at everything and felt
49:41 like is this working, am I supposed to do this.
49:44 I'd grab another self-help book and got into another
49:47 group and all those things and God at one point finally
49:50 said to me, Cheri, I never sent you down that road.
49:53 So sometimes I think when someone is failing or feeling
49:56 that they are failing is to ask them to stop and really
49:59 as God and listen, is what do I do now?
50:02 I don't know what you think about that but I think a lot
50:05 of people get into their mind that I need to be this,
50:08 our need to do this because my father wanted me to be
50:11 this or whatever and it's like being able to stop and put
50:14 all that out and get a good idea of who I am in Christ
50:18 and in what direction.
50:19 It's amazing to me because I never would have believed
50:22 that God had the plans He had my life.
50:24 I had to let go of all the things I believed about where
50:28 I was going and who I was, my successes and failures and
50:33 saying okay God, now what?
50:34 I'm blown away because all that is good and I'm thinking
50:38 I want to get up now and say God what is it today because
50:42 I am excited about that.
50:43 Thing that you touched on and it is real powerful,
50:46 we teach in our seminars and I think we brushed on it in
50:49 one of the programs, but even victory in people's lives.
50:51 This basically is the question you are asking, how do I
50:53 get this victory, how do I get out of this mental state
50:55 I'm in and all the failures that I have had?
50:57 Most churches I think are at fault in this too because
50:59 they teach to go home and pray about it, ask God to help
51:02 you, ask God to give you strength and He's going to.
51:04 That is pure heresy, all right
51:06 I don't read that anywhere in the Bible.
51:08 The Bible says thanks be to God - you have someone
51:11 yelling at the television screen right now so you have
51:14 to explain it, go ahead I'm ready.
51:15 The Bible says thanks be to God which gives us the
51:19 victory, victory is a gift from God.
51:22 I don't have to ask God for it, He is waiting for me to
51:24 claim it, why do I have to ask Him for something
51:27 He has already given me?
51:28 I open my wallet, we have done this before.
51:29 I open my wallet and say Cheri I'm going to give you,
51:32 I've only got New Zealand money, I'm going to give you
51:34 a $10 bill, I gave to her and it is hers now right?
51:37 Did she work for it? No!
51:39 How did she get it? I gave it to her.
51:41 Victory is a gift, thanks be to God which gives us the
51:44 victory so we have train people to say hey God is
51:46 standing here with this massive smile on His face and
51:48 His arms open wide saying, you do not have to struggle
51:50 with this pornography, you don't have to struggle with
51:52 drugs, you don't have to struggle, I'm giving you the
51:54 victory, take it! Alright!
51:57 It took me 15 years to really believe that and it was
51:59 true, I could have done it before but
52:02 I did not believe it.
52:04 We complicate it, and ask God to help you, ask God to give
52:06 you strength, where's that in the Bible, I don't read that
52:08 anywhere in the Bible.
52:09 God says I already did it for you, just take it.
52:11 The second step, He says in Romans 6: 11, I reckon that
52:14 you are dead to sin.
52:15 Whenever I am tempted, we all get tempted that is normal.
52:18 That's the neuro pathways kicking in and our old habits
52:20 that are built into our nervous system, when that comes up
52:23 don't fight it just simply say hey God said I am dead and
52:26 I can't do it. - I have victory here. - exactly!
52:28 God gave me the victory and I'm dead.
52:29 Dead people can't get angry.
52:31 Dead people can't smoke marijuana.
52:33 Did people can't look at pornography, I am dead.
52:36 The third part is Romans 13:14 God says don't make
52:39 provision for the flesh.
52:40 My flesh wants alcohol, tobacco, my flesh wants lust, my flesh
52:43 wants whatever, I had to get rid of the things that feed
52:45 my flesh, that is my part to cooperate with God.
52:47 So when I realize the steps to victory are literally that
52:50 simple where I accept the victory and I'm dead to whatever
52:53 I am tempted to how I say God I'm dead but thank you for
52:55 giving me the victory and you walk on the word of God
52:57 and that also changes everything.
53:00 Does that make sense?
53:01 Again it is so simple and we make it so complicated.
53:04 Like that is basic psychology how else can you put it.
53:08 What is interesting because it is so simple and basic and
53:11 all that stuff, but I believe, and tell me what you think
53:15 about this, I believe there is a part of me that so didn't
53:18 want to give something up that I would sabotage myself.
53:21 I had to come to the place where I thought,
53:24 God it is me isn't it? I sabotaged it, I get my security
53:29 here and this is where I feel empowered and You are asking me
53:32 to give it up.
53:33 I may give up three of these things but I'm holding two
53:35 and wondering why am still defeated.
53:37 It's like those other two, God says I will stay with you
53:40 until you can feel safe enough, secure enough that you
53:44 will give Me the other two.
53:45 Because I want your life to be victorious.
53:47 But we do hold on to things and it's absolutely
53:51 unbelievable, to me, how much I sabotage myself,
53:55 but I'm done. The day you said I am done this is the
53:58 greatest day of your life because that's when God can say
54:01 are right now I can do something for you.
54:03 It's like a person praying for victory and they are
54:07 constantly breaking God's law, God operates on fixed laws and
54:09 I let go of this book, it falls down every time because a law
54:11 called gravity and it is the same thing with our minds.
54:14 If I'm watching 42 hours of TV filled with glorification
54:17 of sin and crime, profanity, immorality, nudity,
54:20 and all these other things and listening to murder
54:23 mysteries, or reading murder mysteries, and listening to
54:25 country and Western music, the most depressing
54:27 music in the world.
54:28 Like all this stuff if I'm filling my mind with nothing
54:31 but negativity sin and evil I can pray tell the cows
54:33 come home and there is nothing God can do for me.
54:35 If we can't lie to ourselves and say why isn't God helping
54:39 me? God is just saying I so want to help and I have to
54:43 say the law of time, we're out of time.
54:45 I love having you on the show, but I want to continue this
54:50 because the law of reaping what we sow is so evident.
54:56 When I waste time, when I watch TV and put it all those
55:01 images and do that kind of stuff.
55:03 When I watch the news every single day and am bombarded my
55:07 mind with all the stress and I wonder why I'm stressed and
55:11 miserable and God is saying I know, owh, owh just ask Me.
55:15 Because I'm miserable when you keep putting this in,
55:18 and you have to trust Him, trust Him.
55:20 Fast On your television.
55:22 Fast on all the stuff that is negative in your head.
55:26 Fast on all that just for a few days and see what happens.
55:29 We will be right back and I want you to stay with us
55:32 because we are not done yet, we'll be right back.
55:40 Cheri Peters uses the book, 'Coming Of The Comforter'
55:43 as a guide for the second season of Celebrating Life In
55:46 Recovery, written by Lee Roy E. Froom is a 320 page book
55:50 that offers every sinner the knowledge that the
55:52 Holy Spirit is available to all.
55:54 3ABN now offers this book to you for a suggested donation
55:58 of only $13 postpaid within the US.
56:01 Call 3ABN at 618-627-4651 or go online to 3ABN.org.
56:22 It is incredible to me that the choice really is mine.
56:26 God made it that way and I don't want to say that in some
56:29 way that it is all about us, but God gave us the ability
56:34 to choose, gave us the ability to be healthy or not and
56:38 He respects that and says that if something is not working
56:41 for you, like we have talked about in this whole show,
56:44 figure it out.
56:46 Sit down and write until you can't write anymore.
56:49 Until you get a picture of what it is in front of you that
56:52 is not working and then choose different.
56:55 Literally choose different, every part of it.
56:57 When I first got into recovery and decided that I'm going
57:01 to eat better, I'm going to get more fluids in, I'm going
57:05 to try to get all these toxins out of myself and I started
57:08 feeling better and it was, oh man this is cool.
57:11 When I started in my mind getting rid of the things that
57:14 I am no good, not wanted, nobody loves me and that stuff,
57:18 you know what that is so not true.
57:20 If you are out there and you are my friend I thank you for
57:23 loving me, I have people all around the world that love me
57:26 and I would have never allowed that to happen if I were to
57:29 operate in my old beliefs system.
57:30 So if you are struggling with that, you have to trust what
57:35 Leo had to say today.
57:36 Trust the fact that you can make decisions, that you can
57:39 set different goals, you can believe different things
57:42 about yourself and the world around you.
57:44 You can actually get up and shut the TV off, not 3ABN!
57:48 But you can shut the TV off and say to yourself that I no
57:53 longer am going to let my mind get flooded by whatever.
57:56 I'm going to start checking what comes in and what goes
58:00 out and I'm not going to be critical, I'm not going to be
58:03 angry, I'm going to start really paying attention to that.
58:06 I'm going to bring my shoulders down and relax because
58:09 my life is different today because God said so.
58:12 I love that, God says so and all I have to do is to accept
58:15 it and accept it in a way that will change everything.
58:19 Until next time, always remember that God is crazy about
58:23 you and always remember I am too, bye and God bless!


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