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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recover
00:12 I'm Cheri your host.
00:13 Today is going to be a wild show so get a pen, paper for
00:17 notes and put your seatbelt on because, oh man, I'm not
00:21 even going to tell you because of why.
00:23 Come and join us!
00:51 I love this section of the show.
00:53 Last season I had Leo Schreven on and what was funny about
00:56 that whole thing is that I have had Leos tapes and his
01:01 Power Seminar at my house forever.
01:02 When I first heard Leo, I thought that is such good stuff.
01:06 Of course as good wife that I am, I want my husband to
01:09 hear every word and do it.
01:12 So I come home, Brad you have to listen to this it is so
01:16 good and Brad he is busy.
01:18 He works at the University, plays in the orchestra and he
01:20 has just put it off, put it off, put it off.
01:22 The last season that Leo was on, he listened to him, he said
01:26 don't we have that guy's tapes?
01:28 Now he is listening to every one of them because, Leo
01:31 have to say first of all thank you for coming back.
01:33 You so impressed Brad, he just said everything he said is
01:38 right on, so now he has his own devotional time and getting
01:44 up and he's going through the Scriptures.
01:45 He is trying to eat right and all that stuff that you
01:48 quickly went over on the last season.
01:51 So I want to say that on this season lets not quickly go
01:54 over it, let's hit some points.
01:56 First of all for people who haven't seen the show,
01:59 don't know a thing about you, who are you?
02:02 My name is Leo Schreven and we do a seminar called
02:05 'All Power' and it basically is a Bible-based seminar
02:08 on how to master your life physically, emotionally,
02:10 spiritually and financially.
02:12 Every area of life is important.
02:14 So we have taken the position that you can know everything
02:16 about God, you can know everything about truth and all
02:17 the doctrines or whatever, but how do you manage your
02:20 life, how do you manage your emotions, how do you manage
02:21 your marriage and your finances?
02:23 All these challenges that people have in everyday life.
02:24 What I love about your program, because I always want
02:27 to say give me a pill, give me something, give me what ever.
02:31 Yours is basic stuff and you don't have to go buy
02:34 anything. - that's right.
02:36 The principles are all in the Bible and once people pick
02:38 out those principles and start to use them it makes
02:40 instant changes in their lives.
02:42 It's powerful in every area and we don't have to go for
02:44 the pills, that is what this whole program is about,
02:47 addictions, people try pills, they tried drugs,
02:49 they try overeating they try all this stuff.
02:51 The principles are in the Bible.
02:53 Once you pick up God's principles is just like that you
02:56 can overcome these things and it's so exciting.
02:58 So that is what we share with people.
02:59 You are like a rebellious kid. I love that a rebellious
03:02 kid acting out and you find God.
03:04 In your finding God your whole life changed.
03:07 Yeah, absolutely, absolutely.
03:08 That is cool so we want to start with, the reason we are
03:11 starting to show a little different for people at the café
03:13 and for people in the audience, is that I know Leo has
03:17 a ton of stuff. We are going to do two shows.
03:19 We are going to do them up here.
03:21 We are still going to ask questions but were going
03:23 to get right into it.
03:24 So I want you to get right into the first principles of
03:28 the Power Seminar, things you start teaching.
03:30 And the reason, every time I am with somebody that is
03:34 trying to change their life there is significant changes.
03:37 Our thinking is twisted, what we put in our bodies is
03:40 is all messed up.
03:41 Our relationships, I have been with people
03:43 that they choose the worst of the worst people and they think
03:45 why isn't God blessing us?
03:47 Why? Because you chose a biker that strung out on heroin.
03:49 A great role model. - exactly!
03:52 So start with... what are the basics that you
03:55 take people through?
03:56 The first one is Paul's basic principle of putting the
03:58 past behind you and to forget what's behind you and
04:00 reach for what is before you.
04:01 So many people carry baggage and they want to hold onto
04:03 it, I did this in the past.
04:05 Who cares about past its behind you.
04:06 You have to get to that breaking point.
04:08 You know the first part of my recovery people say that
04:12 you needed to get a 12 step group, you need some
04:14 self-help books, you need to go to therapy and I spent.
04:17 This is embarrassing to say, because I believe your theory
04:21 100%, but I spent 15 years looking at my past.
04:26 And at the end of 15 years I sat there and thought,
04:28 you know what it shouldn't have happened.
04:30 I'll thought that from day one.
04:32 It's the craziest thing, I happen to disagree with that
04:35 too, because I think it's a humanistic philosophy that has
04:37 kept many people in trenches, in bondage for years.
04:39 They go through their past my mommy did this, my daddy
04:42 my uncle did this, who cares.
04:43 Put it behind you, and if you spent your whole life
04:46 digging up your past you are going to be miserable.
04:48 Not only that you are finally going to end up with someone
04:51 to blame, I'm this way because my mommy did this or my
04:52 daddy did this and I grew up in these circumstances.
04:54 You are never going to get ahead.
04:55 So when I read my Bible God talks about an instant heart
04:58 plant, a heart transplant in an instant change so when
05:00 you apply God's principles you have that happen
05:02 tens of thousands of times.
05:04 - exactly in what is interesting to me is when I finally
05:07 decided I was going to trust God with my past.
05:10 I was molested since I was three months old, I was
05:12 homeless by the age of 13 and all that stuff.
05:15 When I finally said, God I will have to trust You on this.
05:17 Because nobody has made sense.
05:20 Somebody said it is probably God's will let you went
05:23 through that, STOP! I don't think God intended that.
05:26 I think that we are in a messed up place, if you have to
05:31 look at that stuff look at it but ask God to show you
05:34 something and then get on with what you are doing today.
05:38 There are two ways that you can look at it.
05:39 My brother is sheet rocking a house right now.
05:41 A bunch of guys sheet rocking his house.
05:42 They are some of the biggest failures in your life.
05:45 They come for a couple hours and hang sheet rock and they
05:47 get so doped up and drunken crazy they have to go home.
05:49 The one guy has a bumper sticker - I've seen that!
05:51 He's got a bumper sticker on the back of his van that goes
05:55 like this, 'Before Therapy I Was a Complete Idiot, and Now
05:59 after Therapy I Understand Why and I like Myself. '
06:03 You never going to go anywhere with that.
06:04 Put the past behind you and take responsibility for your
06:07 life and if there's one thing we really emphasize in our
06:09 seminar right away is that you have to take responsibility
06:11 for your life.
06:12 We teach people to words, I am. Those are Bible words.
06:14 Who is responsible for your life? I am!
06:17 Who is responsible for your future? I am!
06:19 Who's responsible to make the right decisions? I am!
06:20 - who's responsible today?
06:22 Today I can take responsibility and quit blaming my past,
06:26 quit blaming God, quit blaming my circumstances and just
06:29 say God, You have said I can make a new beginning.
06:31 - that was huge for me, all of a sudden because my family
06:35 is a mess, my parents are addicts and everything was a
06:38 mess, I was homeless, I was picked up by perpetrators and
06:41 all that stuff but as soon as somebody said that to me,
06:44 not said it to me and I listened, but said it to me and
06:47 it's sunk in that I thought if I am then I can change it.
06:51 It was just like this light went off and I thought
06:53 I wanted to say God, thank you so much because I am not
06:57 going to live my life defeated.
06:59 You got it, you got it.
07:00 We can all be winners in the game of life simply by
07:04 choice, and it is one of the most awesome gifts God has
07:06 given us, we have the ability to choose.
07:08 You can stay in the mud, you can stay in the trenches,
07:10 or you can say man, I'm a child of God and I have been
07:13 forgiven and cleansed and I have a future ahead of me.
07:15 Just by making the right decisions.
07:17 So that is the first thing, as we get into people's lives you
07:19 have to accept responsibility for your life and you
07:20 have to put your past behind you.
07:22 Some people enjoy being on a pity trip,
07:24 they like complaining about
07:26 the past and what happened.
07:27 It's almost like a drug. - it is like a drug.
07:28 They just want people to feel sorry for them and everybody
07:32 has to get past that point where I am not on a pity trip
07:34 anymore, I am not a victim.
07:35 What we are boiling it down to this victim mentality.
07:37 Our whole culture today is that we are victims, we're
07:39 victims and there is no such thing as a victim.
07:41 A victim is a choice, I'm sorry I'm a winner in the game
07:44 of life, God has given me victory, God has given me power.
07:46 For people that are watching I have to say, some people
07:50 are going to feel like, wait you don't understand.
07:52 I want to talk to this person, I know that this is going
07:56 to be a hard thing because of what you have been through,
07:59 what I have been through.
08:00 But as soon as you get this, there is a freedom.
08:03 As soon as I got that, I did 15 years in therapy,
08:06 15 years of looking at stuff, 15 years of trying to
08:08 figure things out and the only thing I figured out is
08:11 that it shouldn't happen.
08:12 So as soon as I decided that I'm going to take
08:16 responsibility, what with goofy to me is that I felt like
08:19 somebody walked by me too fast or blew on me and I was a
08:22 mist and would disappeared because they didn't know who
08:25 I was outside of that damage, outside of all that junk.
08:29 So I felt like the Holy Spirit said to me, which is what
08:33 the whole show is about, the Holy Spirit and listening to
08:35 God, the Holy Spirit said what do you want to do?
08:38 It's crazy, I want to learn to sew, take piano lessons.
08:44 It was simple stuff so I rented a piano and brought it to my
08:46 house and took lessons instead of looking at the junk.
08:49 What do you want to do?
08:52 You just hit a point that was so powerful that most people
08:54 spend their whole lives trying to figure out what
08:55 they don't want to do, I don't want this, I don't want
08:57 this or don't want this.
08:58 What do you want out of life?
08:59 And the possibilities are endless.
09:02 I wanted to learn to draw, and I started a graphic design
09:04 business, because I was good, and I thought shut up.
09:08 I didn't think I had one gift on the planet and all of a
09:11 sudden when God said don't focus on your junk, focus on
09:14 who I created, and I promise you, your gifts are amazing.
09:17 Absolutely amazing. - right, right!
09:19 Yeah, so basically when people are willing to take
09:22 responsibility for life than they move forward.
09:23 Basically there are five areas that will really end up
09:26 making a person successful.
09:27 The first one is to decide to follow God and God's
09:29 principles and you can't do it apart from God no matter
09:32 how hard you try the principal works.
09:34 The second thing is what you just mentioned.
09:37 Decide what you want out of life, do you realize that most
09:39 people go through life and they never decide what they
09:40 want, what do you want physically, what you want
09:42 emotionally, what do you want spiritually,
09:43 what do you want financially?
09:44 What do you want in your relationship with God, in other
09:45 words you want to go to church once a week and sit in warm
09:47 up you for three hours, or do you want to be in
09:49 a dynamic living relationship?
09:50 Do you want to be frustrated and angry or do you want
09:53 to live in emotional abundance, what do you want out of life?
09:56 Most people never decide and here's the tragedy.
09:58 When you and I don't decide what we want physically,
10:00 mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially
10:01 in our life, we end up settling for a lot less than what we
10:03 are capable of achieving.
10:04 I think that is the greatest tragedy in anyone's life.
10:07 And others will decide for us.
10:08 That's right, fast food industries decide for us and
10:10 2/3 of Americans are obese and can't control their weight.
10:13 The music industry decides for us and that is why
10:15 we are filled with hatred and four letter words
10:17 and everything else.
10:18 The movie industry decides for us, people are out of
10:20 control with their lives and they don't even know it
10:21 because they never decided what they really want.
10:23 Then when you do decide, take action.
10:26 I had a dear lady come in the other day and it was so
10:29 funny to meet her and we had this in a book called Cowboys
10:31 Make Better Preachers, you've read it.
10:33 It's a great book for young people teaching life mastering
10:35 lessons, anyway she said I really want to buy this book
10:38 but it's $10 and we can't afford it.
10:40 I said stop, stop, stop don't ever say in my presence we
10:41 can't afford it, say how can we afford it?
10:44 Then your brain engages and you will figure out a way
10:45 to come up with 10 bucks.
10:46 So I said to her let me ask you a question, I said I
10:48 perceived by talking to you that you smoke, is that right?
10:50 She said yeah, I said how much do you smoke?
10:52 She said two and a half packs a day.
10:53 I said does your husband smoke? Yeah!
10:55 How much does he smoke? The same.
10:56 I said well between the two of you, you smoke five packs
10:58 a day right? Yeah! I said don't tell me you can't afford
11:00 to buy a $10 book, all you have to do is quit smoking for
11:02 15 minutes and you can buy one.
11:08 I said to her, do you have a television?
11:09 Yeah who doesn't.
11:10 I don't, I don't have time for it except for 3ABN.
11:15 I said what do you pay for television?
11:19 She said Will we have a satellite dish.
11:20 I said how many channels? 940 channels.
11:23 I said how do you watch 940 channels, so what does that
11:26 cost you a month? She said $149.
11:28 I said dear lady don't tell me you can't afford a book for
11:30 $10, ignorance is self-inflicted in our world today.
11:33 It is inexcusable so when people choose to take action
11:36 they choose to quit letting the music industry,
11:38 the fast food industry, the fashion industry control the
11:40 their life and say I am going to be in control by
11:42 following God's principles and that is the day
11:44 they are set free.
11:45 What is fun about being set free is like what I said
11:47 I decided that, when someone said you are responsible and
11:50 I decided that, the first thing that happened was I just
11:52 felt like now what?
11:54 Because I absolutely had no skills other than
11:57 victimizations, that whole lifestyle thing.
12:00 I had to ask God, You have to speak to me and God does.
12:04 Open up the word, talk to somebody else that you know has
12:08 got it, and I don't grab hold of anybody anymore.
12:11 I used to if you walked by me and I will grab a hold,
12:14 what do you do with this?
12:16 Now I grab a hold of people that I know has mastered that
12:19 in a sense, so I just don't grab anybody.
12:21 I want somebody that can tell me, this is what you do.
12:24 But grab somebody, open up the word of God, you speak to
12:26 God yourself and you find somebody that is going to
12:29 tell you how to live differently then you have lived.
12:31 You are looking for a role model.
12:32 You can have role models in your emotional life, your
12:34 physical life, your financial life, your spiritual life.
12:36 - they are all over the place.
12:38 The neat thing is they can save you years of pain.
12:40 They can accelerate your success, why re-invent the wheel
12:43 if somebody has been successful in their emotional life,
12:45 in their marriage, or raising their kids, whatever it is,
12:47 find out what they did and it can save you so much time.
12:50 What is funny for a lot of us, I'm not even talking about,
12:55 I'm not pulling your stuff out, I'm pulling my own stuff out.
12:58 What is funny for a lot of us is that we think we are so
13:01 unique, as a molested kid, depressed and on the street,
13:05 I think nobody's felt this way.
13:06 Then I talked to every single molested person on the planet
13:09 and they fell exactly that way, exactly that way.
13:11 So it's like being able to say is first of all your
13:14 issues are not unique, Solomon says there's nothing
13:18 new under the sun.
13:19 Earl? has one of my favorite quotes and he talks about the
13:22 problems of the human mind are seemingly endless.
13:24 They have two things in common, one is they are shared
13:26 by most people, and two they can be solved a lot easier
13:28 than you might think, once you can face them.
13:30 How may people have problems in their marriage?
13:32 They've got books, they got DVDs,
13:34 and they have hundreds of resources.
13:35 How many have had problems in their spiritual life?
13:37 I don't have a relation with God, there are a million
13:39 people felt like that, find out what they did.
13:42 Like they got books, they got tapes, they got DVDs,
13:43 that is what 3ABN is full of this stuff.
13:45 It doesn't matter, raising your kids.
13:47 - call us, call us. - exactly, exactly!
13:50 Folks I want you to know this,
13:51 we have all the answers, no.
13:52 But seriously, in every area of your life, I don't care
13:55 what it is there are a million people that have trod the
13:56 way before you, all you have to do is, how did
13:58 they solve the problem?
13:59 What did they do and quit being on pity, I'm the only
14:01 one, no you are not.
14:02 There is so much encouragement in that and there is fun
14:04 in that because you realize I can solve anything because
14:07 a million other people face the same problem.
14:10 One thing that I used to do in recovery, I did nursing so
14:14 I did groups and all that stuff.
14:15 I'd say to everybody imagine, just imagine that every
14:19 single time, let's imagine you have a beeper on.
14:21 Those old beepers, and every single time you think
14:25 something negative about yourself, or you feel sorry for
14:28 yourself, or old stuff comes up your beeper goes off.
14:30 Your job is to stop the beeper.
14:34 At first, I said what do you think the
14:35 beeper would sound like?
14:36 Somebody says I think it would be just nonstop.
14:39 I think it would be just as long thing.
14:41 When you walk around the mall what do you think it would
14:43 sound like if everybody at the mall had one?
14:45 What God wants is the beeper to stop. Let it stop.
14:50 Challenge everything, if something comes in your mind,
14:53 that is just going to come in and tear you down again,
14:56 don't let it anymore, let it be gone.
14:59 You really have to be that aware. - yeah.
15:03 That is what taking responsibility for your life
15:05 is all about, and this leads us into another very important area
15:08 Making decisions, when a person takes responsibility
15:11 for their life and put the past behind them and all the
15:14 things we just talked about, they all of a sudden have a
15:16 new tool they never had available to themselves before
15:17 either, that is making good decisions.
15:20 Everything in your life depends on making decisions.
15:22 This is something that I feel very passionate about because
15:25 I find that sometimes even Christians circles, and I want
15:28 to say this in the most respectful way, we can blame God
15:30 or we blame Satan for certain things in our life.
15:32 God says listen I have given you a choice, I lay before
15:35 you blessings and I lay before you curses and what every
15:38 choice you make you reap the results.
15:39 Especially when it comes to making positive decisions in
15:42 our lives, everything depends on your decisions.
15:45 One good decision can lead you to a lifetime of happiness,
15:47 and one bad decision can obviously lead
15:48 you to a lifetime of pain.
15:50 I used to pray to God, God take the decisions from me.
15:52 He said no they're yours. - it's a gift.
15:54 We can see this way back clear to the
15:57 beginning of Lucifer.
15:58 Lucifer rebelled against God, right? God gave him a
16:00 choice and when he made the wrong choice he was cast out
16:03 of heaven, he reap the painful results of it.
16:05 The same thing happens with Eve, here is the Garden of
16:08 Eden with the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
16:09 God says don't touch the fruit, she made a bad choice.
16:12 That has plunged us into years of sin and darkness.
16:15 Everything depends on our decisions and God does not
16:17 interfere, He tells us how to do it, he tells us the
16:20 principles on how to make right choices.
16:22 He gives us all the tools but ultimately we get to choose
16:25 and to me that is the most amazing and empowering thing
16:27 in the world today.
16:28 I have the ability to choose, even in my eternal life
16:32 I get to choose and wow, this is amazing.
16:35 And God doesn't interfere, once that that tool comes into
16:38 our hands and when people grasps it, it changes everything.
16:42 What's really interesting is that I look at so many
16:46 people today, like when you talk about most of us are
16:48 obese and all that stuff, is that God says that simple
16:51 and we still eat a donut and say how come I'm gaining
16:55 weight? - exactly, exactly!
16:57 How come I have a bad attitude, because your watching 42
16:59 hours of television and get filled the glorification of
17:01 people losing their tempers and getting mad.
17:03 A TV fast! Wow! Get rid of it altogether except for 3ABN.
17:11 Seriously, I have ladies coming all the time with their broken
17:13 marriages say my husband is my husband that and they
17:15 are watching six hours of sentimental sickening
17:18 sacramental slop soap operas.
17:21 They did a clinical study with in Burton by the way.
17:23 Any woman that watches soap operas 2 and 1/2 months, for two
17:26 days is declared clinically insane.
17:27 You can't watch all the crying and lying and cheating
17:30 and expect to have a happy marriage.
17:32 Go to the bookstore and get some good books and learn how
17:34 to have a good relationship and make the same decisions
17:36 people did before.
17:37 Don't get the book, take a walk, take a breath.
17:40 To me what's interesting is that as soon as I break away
17:45 from some of things that have so trashed me is that
17:48 everything around me is edifying and uplifting,
17:52 if I turn those things off, God said it is all around
17:57 you and I really will bless you.
17:59 Exactly, it's renewing the mind and filling it with good
18:01 things and positive things and happy things.
18:03 You know the word decision, most people don't realize
18:05 this, can we talk about the principles now? - yeah.
18:07 The word decision actually comes from a Latin word
18:09 that means to cut off.
18:11 It comes from were they cut dog tails off, and I'm going
18:14 to teach you how to cut a dog's tail off.
18:15 Well thank you just in case I ever need that skill.
18:19 You take a dog like a Doberman pinscher that's got this
18:22 long tail and you take 2 foot of it is a dodgy I know it's
18:24 going to hurt so will do a little at a time.
18:26 You take the first inch and whack the dog goes woo-woo.
18:27 Bandage him up and send him on his way and next week
18:29 you bring him back there and whack, you cut the next
18:31 little inch off, and inch by inch and finally after two
18:32 months the tale is gone.
18:33 No! - You cut it off, that is so mean.
18:37 I take that entire tale and whacked it off and there's
18:41 a little temporary pain and the dogs healed.
18:43 The worst decision, believe it or not comes from that word
18:46 to cut off.
18:47 A true decision means I'm going to do this and cut myself off
18:51 than any other possibility of doing this.
18:53 The challenges, we save in an uncommitted generation,
18:56 and I say that aching with love and respect.
18:57 We don't commit to anything anymore, our churches, our
19:00 marriages, our kids, nothing.
19:01 And because we are so conditioned this way by so many
19:03 things around us in our environment we have forgotten
19:05 what it feels like to make a solid decision.
19:08 It's like when people come to Christ, this happens
19:10 all the time in our life seminars.
19:11 We invite them to except Christ, when they sit on the
19:14 fence their miserable and when they finally make that
19:16 decision and they get off the fence and say yes I'm going
19:18 to stand for Jesus, Joy and the whole life explodes.
19:22 So people have got to understand that when they make
19:25 a decision and say I'm going to do this and cut myself
19:27 off from any other possibility.
19:28 Let me illustrate it this way.
19:29 I do want to say something with that, I thought that if
19:34 I was going to make a decision at cut something off,
19:36 especially something that I perceived gave me pleasure,
19:39 that I would just be miserable the rest of my life.
19:43 But what is really interesting is God, I felt like the
19:46 Holy Spirit is just screaming that is just so not true.
19:48 Somebody has lied to you and it is like being able to say
19:51 that we are uncommitted and we have lost because of it.
19:54 Once you make the commitment is the happiest
19:56 life in the world.
19:58 Because you become in control again and you become
19:59 real and present in your own life. - exactly!
20:01 It's powerful. - man, it's huge.
20:02 You see we liken this process of getting on the river of life.
20:06 Many of us get on the river of life and we get caught up
20:08 in the current how current events, current culture,
20:10 current fashions or whatever.
20:11 We become part of this mass of humanity that is floating
20:14 down the river directed by the environment rather than being in
20:16 control of it, and most people remain in this unconscious
20:19 state until one day the sound of raging water wakes them
20:22 our and they realize they are three feet away from a major
20:24 waterfall in a boat without a motor.
20:25 That could be cancer, that could be divorce, that could
20:28 be a child acting out. - what happens they take a fall.
20:30 They go over the waterfall and when you fall it hurts.
20:33 Like you say sometimes it's a spiritual fall, you feel
20:35 disconnected from God like He hates you.
20:37 Or sometimes it is an emotional fall and we end up on
20:41 drugs or things to keep our emotions together.
20:43 Sometimes it's a fall on our relationships, but what the
20:46 point is when you fall it hurts.
20:47 So we try to raise the awareness in the seminars is this.
20:50 If you look back upstream, if you had made a different
20:54 decision up stream, would your life be radically different
20:57 today, and would you not be dealing with the issues
20:59 you're dealing with today?
21:00 Most people say Yeah, if I made that decision up stream.
21:02 Upstream I would have said does anybody have an ore?
21:05 - all right! - Because I am sitting there with nothing.
21:10 Do we have a little motor that I can put on that thing?
21:12 Right, so we just encourage people to recognize that God
21:16 has given you one precious gift, it's the one thing in
21:18 your life He will not interfere with, it is the one gift
21:20 that sets you apart and that is freedom to choose.
21:23 Choose ye this day and that pertains to every area
21:26 of your life. - even 10 years on the street I could lie
21:31 better than most people, I can manipulate better than most
21:34 people and I would start to say something and God would
21:37 say Cheri, tell the truth. I'm thinking get out!
21:40 Because it's not going to work here and God said to tell the
21:44 truth anyway, tell the truth anyway.
21:46 Almost when you start doing that is that you literally
21:50 change your whole body, neuro mind, chemistry stuff.
21:55 You do, you really do. - it's so significant and I
21:58 think we don't think it's significant.
22:00 I don't think that choosing right is going to give me
22:03 life, doing the right thing is going to give me life.
22:06 And my family, and my husband, and the people I worship
22:09 with, and it's just like a ripple effect that affects
22:12 everybody around you.
22:13 In fact I really look like what you say about the ripple
22:15 effect, in fact we have an illustration we use in our
22:17 seminar is like a rock thrown in a pond, one good decision
22:20 or bad decision will have a ripple effect and goes
22:22 on for generations sometimes.
22:24 We have a situation in the Middle East right now with
22:26 war on terrorism and what have the Arabs that hate the
22:29 Israelis, and the Israelis that hate the Arabs and this
22:31 feud has been going since I was born and people wonder where did
22:35 this really actually start?
22:36 It started over 4000 years ago with one man who made some
22:39 bad decisions, Abraham and he decides he has to do it his
22:43 way and help God.
22:44 So he gets Hagar pregnant and his wife pregnant and you have
22:47 one dad and two different ladies.
22:48 These two boys grow hating each other and they get
22:50 married and their wives hate each other and Isaac becomes
22:52 the father of the Israeli nation and Ishmael becomes a
22:54 father of the Arab nation and the family feud has been
22:56 going on for 4000 years and we are paying for it with
22:58 our tax dollars and our sons and daughters are dying on
23:01 the battlefield because 4000 years ago somebody made
23:03 a bad decision you see.
23:05 It all matters, everything matters.
23:07 You can make a decision today that can affect not only
23:09 your life, this is where I think the second commandment
23:12 comes in, unto the third and fourth generations and
23:14 sometimes even for thousands of years so don't ever
23:16 underestimate the power of this thing called decisions.
23:20 To me I love the way you say that, because on the other
23:23 side of that I can make a decision that changes
23:25 generationally for the positive.
23:27 My daughter has never done a drug and I'm a drug addict,
23:31 my mom is a drug addict, my grandmother is an alcoholic,
23:34 and my daughter has never done a drug and I'm thinking,
23:36 God I love that because I decided it stopped with me.
23:40 There are fives to strategic areas when it comes to
23:43 decisions, first when is your core beliefs
23:45 and your unconscious roles.
23:46 The second one is your lifestyle.
23:48 The 3rd, what is your references or experiences of life.
23:50 The fourth is habitual questions you ask yourself.
23:52 The fifth one is the emotional stage you experience.
23:54 Those five areas, when you make decisions in those five
23:57 areas they influence every other area of your life.
24:01 By making a change in any way in those five areas you can
24:04 produce immediate change in your life as well.
24:05 Let me give you one quick example.
24:07 We teach our young people all the time, don't do drugs,
24:09 don't have pre-marital sex, don't do that, as soon as
24:12 you tell somebody don't do something, what do they do?
24:14 They do it, that's why it is called human nature.
24:15 Here is what I find it is. Rather than to tell young
24:19 people don't do this, why don't we teach them to say yes
24:22 to virtue, that is the point you want to bring out.
24:24 In other words I am not going to teach my daughter to
24:26 say no to drugs, I'm going to teach her to say yes
24:28 to a healthy body, yes that my body is the temple
24:31 of the Holy Spirit of God.
24:32 Because when I teach her to say yes to virtue,
24:34 I don't have to worry about the drugs.
24:35 I'm not going to teach her to not have premarital sex.
24:37 I'm going to teacher to say yes to be a virgin until
24:40 the day she gets married.
24:41 As people are coming out of addictions and challenges
24:43 in their life - and value that.
24:44 Yes, exactly and have a covenant between us.
24:46 As people come out of addictions we all have certain addictions
24:49 we all have come out with them whatever it may be.
24:51 All in all of us in this audience today have challenges
24:53 in our life I have found over and over again when
24:55 you quit focusing on the negative, don't, don't, don't,
24:56 and focus on yes, I'm going to do this.
24:58 It is like a farmer, if I get a farmer out here in this
25:02 beautiful state we are at and he is growing corn.
25:04 He is hoeing his corn and eliminating the weeds.
25:06 I say to him what is your primary agricultural aim?
25:08 Is it to eliminate all these weeds?
25:10 He's got say no, no my primary agricultural aim is to grow
25:13 a great crop of corn.
25:14 We often teach like eliminating the weeds was the most important
25:18 thing in our life, no, sow the good seed, sow the positive
25:20 decisions because when you do that you will reap an
25:22 abundant harvest and that's what we need to focus on.
25:24 On that note we are going to take a break and we are going
25:28 to let people go get a pen and paper because you are going
25:31 to want write some of this stuff down.
25:32 But when you get all this stuff together, come back,
25:35 sit down and join us, we will be right back.
25:42 Think you've seen it all? Think again.
25:45 Cheri Peters is back for a second season of
25:49 Celebrating Life In Recovery with more lives
25:52 more stories and more miracles.
25:55 Watch the shocking, inspiring, and the incredible.
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26:01 Celebrating Life In Recovery comes to you and get
26:05 ready for another dose of reality, Cheri style.
26:24 When you gave the illustration about the farmer in the
26:27 seed, I always thought that recovery was about the weeds.
26:31 If so isn't, if you can get that mind shift that is a
26:34 paradigm shift that has to happen in recovery is I
26:36 don't know what's good and that is what I have got to find out.
26:40 As soon as I make those decisions to choose I am not
26:42 going to focus on the weeds, I will pull them out when I see
26:45 them, but I will not focus on them because I want to plant
26:48 something that is incredible.
26:50 Exactly, Yep, we often see the fruits in the addictions
26:54 and the problems or whatever.
26:55 The fruits are not the problem, the roots are the problem.
26:57 You have to get down to the roots and change the roots.
26:59 When you change the roots everything becomes easy.
27:01 That is amazing. - that is fun.
27:02 When I took piano lessons and drawing lessons and then
27:06 I decided to see what else can I do.
27:09 I was amazed that God, it was like He was so excited for
27:12 me to get up in the morning because he said Cheri I want
27:14 to kiss you on the face and I want to show you this.
27:17 It was the first time in my life that I didn't get up with
27:21 this dread that I'm a molested kid, and homeless and that
27:24 stuff and God said, you are a child of God dressed in
27:26 priestly garments and I want to send you out to change
27:29 the world, and I am thinking Yahoo.
27:32 How cool is that, but I have to let go of one in order to
27:37 grasp the other. - that's right!
27:39 Emotionally it is really tough.
27:40 We should go into this area little bit too because right
27:43 now is a huge area that all of us struggle with again
27:46 coming out a particularly certain addictions.
27:48 Emotional, the negative emotions that we experience
27:51 whether it is depression, whether it is anger, whether
27:53 it is frustration, fear, all the negative debilitating emotions
27:56 is a huge part of people's lives.
27:58 Also that I believe can be changed quickly by God's
28:01 principles. - and when somebody said, when I first
28:04 started to look at emotions, I grabbed a book by Don
28:08 Colbert called 'Deadly Emotions' and what he says is that
28:11 you literally can kill yourself by your anger, depression,
28:15 or whatever can cause heart disease and stuff.
28:17 When you go into the brain functions and all the stuff
28:20 that is tied in neuroscience, one negative emotion can
28:23 literally trigger an entire chemistry change in your body.
28:26 It can cause cancer or all kinds of physical problems.
28:28 Why didn't somebody tell me that? It's a big deal?
28:31 The things I found out is most people don't know how to
28:33 deal with their emotions, they don't know what is causing
28:35 their emotions and we need to take the next couple minutes
28:38 to deal with this, it will set the audience free.
28:39 I'm sure tens or hundreds of thousands of people around
28:43 the world and it will change their life quickly.
28:45 You can take the most famous people in the world, I don't
28:47 care if it's the Elvis Presley's, the Marilyn Monroe's,
28:49 the Karen Carpenter's, whoever.
28:51 These people had every reason to be happy, they had fame,
28:53 Fortune, everything but all of them
28:55 caused their own death.
28:56 Here's the reason, they used drugs, they used alcohol and
28:58 interestingly they used food to change how they felt
29:01 and they paid the ultimate price.
29:02 So I always asked people one simple question.
29:04 What do you want out of life?
29:05 Most people won't answer that question they give the
29:07 general answer like I want to be married, or a lot more
29:09 money, but when you think about it,
29:11 it is not those things.
29:12 What we're saying when I say I want more money, or being
29:15 married, or I want a new car, we actually want those
29:17 things they will give us.
29:19 Because when someone wants to get married is not
29:21 marriage that you want, it's companionship,
29:23 it's love, its intimacy.
29:25 When you want more money what you're saying is
29:27 I want more freedom and less worries, I want to be
29:28 able to contribute to worthy causes.
29:30 When you think about anything you want your life,
29:32 do you know what it boils down to? One thing!
29:34 It makes me feel good. It makes me feel happy.
29:37 It makes me feel secure so emotions or feelings are
29:40 a huge part of our life.
29:44 There are people that want to control and people who do
29:46 not want to control their emotions.
29:47 I'm going to teach you how to do it with a couple minutes
29:49 from the audience, we have fun with this.
29:51 Whenever we do a live seminar like this.
29:53 The first thing I will do is say will bring a guy on
29:54 the stage and say alright folks I want you to help me
29:56 get this guy depressed, okay?
29:57 - okay I'll be the guy. - you'll be the guy?
29:59 I don't get depressed easy anymore.
30:03 Of course you are a child of God and the Holy Spirit's
30:06 in you so you can't get depressed.
30:07 Let me explain how this works.
30:08 Most people do not realize it but every emotion you feel
30:11 or experience happens in only one dimension of your life.
30:14 Your physical body, now most people this has never dawned
30:17 on them, it only happens in your physical body.
30:19 So if I were to say to the group here, help me to get
30:21 Cheri depressed, what would she have to do?
30:23 - and be nice to me!
30:25 How would she have to act and the answers are always the
30:28 same, the audience will say things like she has to hang
30:30 her head, and put her frown on her face.
30:33 So she puts her frown on her face right?
30:35 Then say slumped shoulders, she slumps her shoulders.
30:36 Then wring her hands, so she wrings her hands.
30:39 Think of all the people that have hurt you, life's unfair.
30:42 And if you start looking at her she looks depressed right?
30:45 The audience is laughing at this point and here's the
30:49 amazing thing - at my depression.
30:52 But you know you start to feel it.
30:54 - You do and this is what I want to point out.
30:56 To the audience listen, everything you told me to get
31:00 Cheri depressed happened only in one dimension, did you
31:03 notice this? It happened in her physical body.
31:05 Did that ever dawn on you?
31:06 First of all you put your head down,
31:08 that is your physical body, frown now.
31:10 Slump your shoulders, physical body, everything that got
31:14 you depressed happened in your physical body.
31:16 Most people don't realize that, then we do another
31:17 experiment with the audience, we get the whole audience
31:19 having so much fun.
31:20 So we asked them to pick partners, so everybody pick
31:23 partners and face that person face-to-face.
31:24 Let's do it right now, just face each other, face each other.
31:28 But the biggest happiest smile on your face, just really
31:31 smile and now with this big smile on your face you can't
31:35 take it off, you have to keep on smiling.
31:36 I want you to get mad at that person and tell them how
31:39 much you hate them and can't stand them.
31:40 Oh Leo you know I am so mad at you, you can't do it!
31:45 You can't do it and here's the reason why.
31:47 The audience cracks up when we do this
31:50 it's funny because I can see her want to say Cheri
31:53 I hate you, I hate your guts but it just the work.
31:56 Because my body is sending a different message
31:58 to my brain, if I put my physical body in a state of
32:01 happiness I can try all I want to get angry and
32:03 I can't do it, that is the power of the physical body
32:06 that God gave us.
32:07 99% of people have never discovered this when it comes
32:09 to controlling their emotions.
32:10 Wait, you are saying if somebody in the audience right now
32:14 even viewing us, that is feeling horrible smile and see
32:17 what happens and you will feel it even if it is a little
32:21 bit you will feel throughout your body.
32:22 You have to, let me explain why.
32:24 Culture has taught you the opposite of what God teaches.
32:26 Let me give you a couple Bible verses.
32:27 Proverbs 15:13 Solomon says the happiest face means a
32:31 glad heart, a sad face means a breaking heart.
32:35 Now culture is the exact opposite, or you are feeling bad
32:37 somebody hurt you, you have permission to put on a sad
32:39 face, no, no, no. You put on the sad face and when
32:42 you do the Bible says you're going
32:43 to get the corresponding emotion, a breaking heart.
32:46 If you put on a happy face he says
32:47 you're going to have a glad heart.
32:49 The second verses in Proverbs 15:30 he says when
32:51 a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong,
32:53 when he's cheerful everything seems to go right.
32:54 Pleasant sights and good reports improves the health.
32:58 So what God does - so why does things work out for you.
33:01 I think it is because I literally have been miserable
33:05 most of my life before God and I refuse to live that way
33:08 anymore, I just refuse.
33:10 I want to not only be happy myself, but I want to be able
33:13 to share that with someone else so that they are smiling
33:16 by the time we get done.
33:18 What you are doing with your body makes all the
33:20 difference, and you think about this.
33:22 The culture has taught you I can blame this person, this
33:24 person, but boss makes me frustrated, my wife makes me.
33:27 And they did mess up, but it doesn't matter because
33:30 I want to live life today.
33:31 I want to choose how I have my physical body.
33:33 If I choose to put it in a state of happiness, God says
33:34 I will get the corresponding emotion.
33:36 I want to really nail this because this whole addiction's
33:39 issue, most people focus on addiction, they take drugs,
33:43 they get drunk, they have fear or sex, gambling or
33:45 whatever it is, do you know what the real problem is?
33:48 Why do we have two thirds of people overweight, I will
33:50 tell you why, people hate themselves.
33:52 They hate how they feel and what I put drugs in my body.
33:55 Let me ask you a simple question and see if the audience
33:57 gets it, do drugs work? Yes or no!
33:59 Yes - yes they work.
34:00 You nailed it because that's your past.
34:02 Most audience say that drugs don't work, they work.
34:04 Millions of people can't be wrong, right?
34:06 What is really interesting is what I came off drugs and
34:10 I'm not doing drugs, I find out that 5 million people are
34:14 taking Prozac, 5 million people are taking tranquilizers,
34:17 3 million people are taking sleep aids, 16,000 tons of
34:20 aspirins are being taken a year in the United States.
34:24 It works, - the thing is it works temporarily.
34:27 It's the same thing with alcohol why do people go out get
34:29 drunk on a Saturday night? Because it works.
34:32 It works temporarily but it works.
34:34 Why do people overeat, because it works, I feel good when
34:37 I overeat but what we don't realize is that when I put a
34:40 drug in this body you know what I'm actually doing?
34:42 I'm changing my physical body, when I change the body
34:45 I behave differently.
34:46 Same thing with overheating, same thing with alcohol,
34:48 when I put it in it changes my body and I behave
34:50 differently and so people are looking for drugs.
34:52 They are looking at all these other things they do
34:54 with their bodies and they don't realize that
34:55 God's already has given them the answer.
34:56 Change the body to a state of happiness and go into ever
34:59 area, walking, talking, all these parts of our body.
35:02 I was standing in a prudential insurance at their
35:06 corporate seminar and it was funny because we had a
35:10 CEO come in, I was interviewing the CEO.
35:12 This guy comes in and if I replicated him he sat down
35:15 like this, watch my body.
35:16 Leo, I'm so discouraged. - like you are!
35:25 He is looking at me and says I can't seem to motivate my
35:30 employees, I can't help but I cracked up.
35:34 I'm not supposed to crack up and supposed to be
35:35 a professional, anyway I said, the problem is look at
35:38 your body, but what you are talking
35:39 your voice is giving you away.
35:41 If you talk sad, or you talk low they are going
35:44 to feel that way.
35:45 The way you walk, watch how people walk, they slough
35:47 along with no passion, no purpose, no past, no future.
35:50 Try walking like that and you're going to die.
35:52 Walk with some confidence come put your head back and take
35:54 a deep breath of air and see how you feel.
35:56 He goes into all these different areas, your face.
35:58 Have you noticed that whatever face you put on,
36:00 you get the corresponding emotion?
36:02 Some people always have a sad face right?
36:04 And they wonder why they are sad.
36:05 Some people have a worried face, and you wonder why
36:08 they're always worried.
36:09 Other people have a mean face, make my day pal, we have all
36:12 these corresponding emotions from these faces.
36:15 God gave you a face but He left it up to you to
36:18 give it an expression.
36:19 But people will say that it's just who I am.
36:21 And that's where the lie is. - what does that mean?
36:23 It means nothing but you hear that all the time.
36:25 It is just who I am, it is who I have always been.
36:28 What I found out is that was such a lie and when
36:31 I became what God wanted me to become it was nothing
36:34 like how I was raised.
36:36 I'm actually pretty good, pretty neat, not good in my
36:39 behavior but all of a sudden I thought I actually like
36:42 being in my own skin now and I never have in my life.
36:46 I can pick the people that I want to hang around me and
36:49 people that have passion and a love life and stuff.
36:52 I would never have thought I could do that so when people
36:55 say this is who I am, I just want to say somebody lied to
36:58 you because it is not, it's so is not.
37:00 It's not what it used to be.
37:02 Look at the joy of the Lord is your strength, look when
37:04 God says we'll mount up like eagles, run and not be weary.
37:07 To live life 100% where God wants us and all it takes is
37:10 following His principles, I can choose to do with this
37:13 body whatever I want, it is my choice.
37:15 Think about it sadness, depression in most cases, anger,
37:18 frustration, all these deep debilitating emotions are
37:22 our choice, I choose not to live that way.
37:24 I choose to put the body into a state of happiness
37:26 whether it is the way I walk, the way I talk,
37:28 the way I smile and move my face.
37:30 You know you have 108 muscles in your face, it takes 104
37:32 to frown, try it!
37:34 It's hard to frown it takes six to smile so we teach
37:38 parents in our parenting classes, we have trigger
37:43 points that make us feel a certain emotions.
37:45 Your kids know you trigger points because they know just
37:47 what buttons to push.
37:48 Mine used to be 10 feet out, you walk by anywhere in the
37:51 country I lived in and you would hit it.
37:53 Even as someone who looks angry, with parents all the time
37:59 they say my kids make me angry.
38:00 No they don't make you angry take responsibility for
38:02 your life, your kids never make you angry unless you
38:03 give them permission to.
38:05 You choose to get angry when they say this. - exactly.
38:07 When they push certain trigger points, all they have to
38:09 do, there's only 3 things wrong with the physical body.
38:11 One your faces contorted, your face is messed up.
38:14 Second thing is your words, part of your physical body
38:16 also, children get back in your room.
38:18 Your words out of control.
38:19 The third thing is sure gestures, when you're angry
38:21 you're flinging your arms - her shoulders come up to your ears.
38:24 So you have three things wrong with your body and here's
38:27 what you do, next time Johnny pushes your button.
38:28 You put on a smile, you talk calmly, you have calm gestures
38:34 and little Johnny's going to look at you and say huh!
38:37 Who is this person.
38:38 I thought this person was going to come out.
38:40 It is simply by controlling our physical body.
38:42 One of the first things that God gave me permission to
38:46 look at when I felt insecure, insecurity was my worst
38:49 thing, when you feel insecure where do you feel that in
38:52 your body, in my shoulders, in my chest and He said when
38:56 you start feeling that long before it is in your face,
38:59 start bringing your body back into a place of contentment
39:02 or joy and it is amazing.
39:05 It sounds so simple but that's the way God is.
39:07 Exactly, this is not complicated psychology, this is basic
39:11 Bible principles and they work.
39:14 When you get intense, when you're breathing starts being
39:17 more shallow and rapid, take a deeper breath to get things
39:20 going and it is amazing that all the sudden I can respond
39:23 in a different way because my body is not congruent with
39:26 what I am thinking.
39:28 That's what God gave us, He gave us our physical bodies.
39:30 It's huge. - it's huge! - it's so powerful.
39:32 We are going to open it up for questions here at the café.
39:35 So that is my favorite part because I know with everything
39:38 that you have presented people have questions.
39:41 So we are going to start with Trent, I know you had
39:44 something that you wanted to ask Leo.
39:45 Yeah I have a couple questions for Leo.
39:48 One, where did you learn to talk so fast?
39:50 This is cool. - it's my mother, it's my mother.
39:53 You ever been around my mom you would know why.
39:56 No, at the beginning of the program you talk about people
39:59 living in their past and you said you have to get out of
40:02 that and let go of your past, you can't live in the past.
40:05 The only ways to go forward, what would be your number
40:08 one way to get out of the past for those people you know
40:11 that live in the past constantly and that is
40:13 all they think about.
40:14 What would be the first that they should take and the most
40:16 important step that should take to quit living like that?
40:19 First of all it is a choice, and I think people ought to
40:22 take responsibility for that choice.
40:23 I'm very keen on that, but you cannot take the step
40:26 without God, you cannot take it without forgiveness.
40:28 A big part of getting rid of your past is saying that I am
40:31 willing to let God forgive me and willing to accept the
40:34 fact that if I confess my sins He's faithful and just to
40:36 forgive me my sins and cleanse me from all
40:38 unrighteousness. To look at the fact that I am clothed in
40:40 the righteousness of Jesus and He presents me faultless
40:42 and perfect before His thorn of glory with exceeding joy.
40:45 I have to choose to believe the side of light and joy and
40:48 freedom of who God has made me.
40:50 There is no more condemnation in Christ, all these things
40:53 that God does for me.
40:54 And when I choose to accept that instead of Satan lies by
40:56 saying I'm no good and that my past is too dark and shameful
40:59 and you are never going to amount to anything,
41:00 why listen to the devil?
41:02 There comes a choice that can only be done, you can only
41:04 put your past behind you when you know what God has done
41:07 for you and you except His forgiveness, not only from God
41:09 but to forgive yourself.
41:10 Also forgiving the people that have so kept you in
41:13 bondage with that, that was the hardest for me.
41:16 I took forgiveness as being that I had to forgive them
41:19 and somehow come to grips with what they had done to me.
41:23 God said that is not it, forgive them and let Me deal
41:26 with that issue.
41:27 I love the people that have hurt me in my past,
41:29 but I needed to say that I forgive them, they have been
41:32 hurt in their past and I don't need to understand it
41:34 but I totally have to deal with forgiveness.
41:37 With mom, dad, whoever.
41:39 Without forgiveness is like hating, bitterness and anger
41:45 you are trying to poison somebody else and to kill them
41:50 but end up poisoning yourself, you can't do that.
41:52 So it only comes by the grace of God, and whenever it
41:55 happens it's nice.
41:57 You know a lot of people, it that sounds like, that do
42:01 walk around holding their stuff.
42:03 Yeah I think we all know and a lot of people like that,
42:06 Society is filled with them.
42:07 Leo I have another question, you said there is five steps
42:10 in decision-making and if we control those steps we can
42:13 change our lives.
42:14 One of them you said was unconscious decisions,
42:16 what do you mean by those?
42:18 The unconscious rules is the actual words.
42:20 Let me give you an example of that,
42:21 it is a great question.
42:22 I get to do a lot of work with young people and in Christian
42:25 schools, I'm not sure you're aware of the latest statistic.
42:29 86% of Christian young people going to Christian schools
42:31 by the time they graduate have experimented with drugs,
42:34 alcohol and premarital sex.
42:36 Now having said that with these kids thousands of times,
42:39 I know that they all know that drugs are horrible choices.
42:42 They all know that smoking is bad for them.
42:44 They all know that premarital sex is going to cause
42:46 emotional damage and scars for the rest of their life.
42:48 They all know it, and yet 86% of them, of Christian young
42:51 people end up doing it. So the question is why?
42:54 The answer is this, unconscious rules.
42:56 They think if I don't go to a party they are going to make
42:58 fun of me, they think if I don't have premarital sex the
43:00 guys will think I'm frigid.
43:01 They are always worried about what other people think
43:04 about them that is an unconscious rule and it causes
43:06 them to make many, many painful decisions in
43:09 their lives because they do not realize
43:11 I have this unconscious rule there.
43:12 I have to fit in, I have to be liked.
43:14 It's peer pressure is what it boils down to and so when
43:17 we teach them we say hey, I'm going to make a clear-cut
43:21 decision and here is what it is.
43:22 I don't care anymore what anyone thinks about me except
43:24 God, and doing it God's way.
43:26 I'm going to make my own choices and not let other peer
43:29 pressure make me make bad decisions.
43:31 That is an unconscious rule in our lives when we go
43:33 witnessing, when people slammed the door in my face it is
43:36 an unconscious rule you see.
43:37 So when you make a clear decisions, listen I'm going
43:39 to go to this house believing there is a soul in there
43:41 to be saved for the kingdom of heaven.
43:43 I going in there is a candidate for heaven and I train my
43:46 brain to make that decision rather than oh they are
43:48 going to slam the door in my face.
43:49 See that is an unconscious rule.
43:50 In every area of our life when you start getting control
43:53 of both unconscious rules what a difference it can make.
43:55 My daughter is going to public high school, and she goes
43:58 into public high school and she believed that as a
44:01 Christian nobody was going to like her.
44:03 So she goes in there and she starts joining in and trying
44:06 to fit in and she said she was miserable.
44:09 I'm miserable and I know that God doesn't want this for me
44:12 so she turned her life over and she started, what's really
44:16 cool, abstinence program in her little group.
44:18 The people start being drawn to her because they didn't have
44:21 act out around her.
44:23 So her unconscious rule about nobody liking me for being
44:25 herself, when she was herself she was liked more.
44:28 Just being able to challenge those lies, the beeper has to
44:32 go off. - you bet, you got it.
44:34 Okay so Robby D. you had some questions.
44:36 Well what do you tell someone that has made so many wrong
44:39 choices in their lives that they're so afraid to make
44:42 another choice, they are like lock down and won't make
44:45 choices in life because they have made so many wrong
44:47 choices. - they are almost paralyzed. - yes.
44:49 They are paralyzed so they just choose
44:51 not to make any choices.
44:52 The issue there is fear and perhaps in the next segment
44:55 we can get into fear and learning how to overcome it.
44:57 Because Bible says that God does not give us the spirit
44:59 of fear but power, love and a sound mind.
45:01 So what we are looking at there is the symptom rather than
45:04 the root, so let's answer that question and maybe a little
45:07 more thorough way.
45:08 It begins like anything else, once you get rid of the fear
45:11 factor and you understand that you can make good
45:14 decisions, that God has empowered you with tools
45:16 to do it, if people will take one good decision at a time.
45:20 - tiny steps. - little steps.
45:22 It's like the old Chinese proverb,
45:23 How do you whole elephant? One bite at a time.
45:25 I told you that I took the music lessons, the art lessons,
45:28 it was so amazing to me.
45:30 I drew a little cup, a teacup and it was in perspective.
45:34 I had some shadow and perspective,
45:36 the guy was teaching us.
45:37 I looked at it and thought man, it looks like a cup.
45:41 To someone else that was such a simple thing, it couldn't
45:45 be life-changing, to me it was life-changing in that it
45:48 was a gift that I had, a skill that I had that was apart
45:50 from all this damage.
45:52 It was like we discount all the little stuff that really
45:55 will make a difference, and we want it to be huge.
45:58 We want to do something and say something that will change
46:00 the world, God says just change this one step.
46:03 Living a life of victory and power is one day at a time,
46:06 one choice following one of God's principles.
46:08 The culmination of daily small successes builds your life
46:12 to the life of victory and power that you want.
46:14 Even if you can have one Little victory in one little
46:16 area, that's for you find courage.
46:18 Like you said find a little area that you are good in
46:20 already, something you know you can master.
46:22 Something you know you feel confident about and when you
46:24 take that one little baby step it builds confidence and
46:26 the next step will build confidence,
46:27 that is how it is done.
46:28 Say that's why it is also good to have a personal one that
46:30 you are accountable to, someone that cares about you.
46:32 - friends, sponsor, pastor.
46:34 - yeah because they are going to pat you on the back and
46:35 say the man you did it and that was great.
46:36 It's like when a baby learns to to walk, our daughter, Sierra
46:39 learned to walk and I came home late, and my wife
46:42 said Leo, Leo, my wife waited up for me.
46:43 She said Leo, Leo I Sierra took her first step she can
46:47 walk, so we get little Sierra out of the room, out of bed,
46:50 that's not real good because my wife doesn't like.
46:53 She holds her over here and says come on Sierra make dad
46:56 proud of and she takes one step and falls flat on her
46:58 face, I didn't say you stupid kid can you learn to walk
47:01 and I hate you, no!
47:02 I picked her up and said that was great Sierra, one step
47:05 yeah you did it.
47:06 Step two she falls flat on her face.
47:08 As soon as she learned to walk she learned to trot and now
47:11 she's the terror of our house so that's the way it works.
47:14 That's how you have to encourage her, one step at a time.
47:16 What's funny is that I ended up getting a parenting book
47:18 in my recovery because I didn't know these principles.
47:21 So I got a book on how to parent myself, I mean how to
47:24 parent, and I decided to parent myself.
47:25 It said to really encourage yourself, or your
47:30 child when they have any little success.
47:32 I literally went out and set myself flowers, I sent a card
47:35 with them and it was like being able to say when you make
47:39 one thing for your friend, one thing that is different
47:42 than you had before, celebrate it.
47:45 Not celebrated with food, chocolate or something that is
47:48 going to give you more problems, but celebrate and make
47:51 sure you say out loud, good job!
47:53 How cool is that, that you are not going to live the rest
47:55 of your life depressed or angry or whatever.
47:58 That kind of affirmation is so very, very important.
48:00 The more you can do it, the more it pleases God.
48:03 What you are basically doing is just affirming scripture.
48:05 All through the Bible tells you how special you are.
48:07 God tells you that your clothed in His righteousness and
48:09 that He presents you faultless.
48:10 God says you are a child of the King, it's all positive.
48:13 All you are doing is affirming what God said about you.
48:15 Why not, instead of what Satan says.
48:17 - exactly, we have another question, Lois.
48:20 Do you, or have you concerned yourself with whether or not
48:24 people can understand you after you have spoken?
48:27 Or do you just leave up to the Holy Spirit to teach them?
48:30 Why do you ask? Because he talks so fast?
48:32 Yes! You are very entertaining.
48:35 You say it's entertaining!
48:37 I have this philosophy, I do not talk fast, people listen
48:41 slow. - I love that.
48:46 It is true I talk four times faster than the average
48:48 seminar speaker, but that is actually a good deal because
48:51 even if you catch half of what I say you still get twice
48:53 as much as most guys give you.
48:54 You still come out ahead, I'm kidding.
48:56 Here's the bottom line, we have done a lot of studies on
48:59 this as you can imagine.
49:00 I understand that we come from different walks of life,
49:02 language, cultures and different things like this.
49:04 We're old, we're young and I can tell you for sure though
49:07 I have sat down with thousands of audiences and if they will
49:10 hang in there with me for even half an hour to 45 minutes
49:13 their brain engages.
49:15 It is a matter of psychology, there are thousands
49:17 of studies on this.
49:18 The human mind is capable of listening to things
49:20 thousands of times faster even than I am talking to you
49:22 right now, literally thousands of times faster.
49:24 So what it is, it is a matter of training the brain to
49:28 engage and there has never been an audience I have sat down
49:31 with after 2 and 1/2 hours after opening night of our Power
49:34 Seminars and people say yes I heard every word you said,
49:36 because the brain engaged.
49:38 So we have had to ask the question, you watch audiences
49:41 and I will challenge anybody on this because we have done
49:44 hundreds of studies on it.
49:45 If we have a guy talking slow and methodical and I think
49:50 we should think about this,
49:55 exactly! - come on!
49:57 You would fall asleep man, this is the MTV generation.
49:59 Everything just changes every 2 and 1/2 seconds, words are
50:02 fast and I believe that is how God designed this was to
50:05 pack in a lot whole lot more.
50:06 And during our one seminar, said this last time we were
50:08 together, when you look at all a neuropathways in your
50:11 brain and you look at the capacity of your brain, we are
50:13 only using 2% of it.
50:15 I believe we should use a 100 percent so that is why
50:17 we talk fast and keep people engaged.
50:18 I'll tell you one thing, 99% of people they love it,
50:22 they enjoy it and get 10 times more out of it.
50:25 - what's funny though is that everybody I ever
50:28 interviewed you are my favorite to interview because
50:31 I feel like finally somebody is getting this on.
50:34 But you were the only person by the end of the time that
50:38 we hang out together, I am so ready for a nap.
50:40 It is amazing, I'm going to say to wrap it up, just for
50:44 somebody that is watching is how do they start?
50:47 Be specific because if I want to change my life and
50:49 I have been stuck in my past my whole life how do I start,
50:53 what do I do?
50:54 The bottom line is you have to look at your life right
50:56 now, I don't care where it's at, where you are at,
50:58 whatever the picture is right now.
50:59 Say hey, I have a bright future, God has said I'm a child
51:03 of the King and I am not junk.
51:05 I may have wasted some years, so what.
51:06 There is plan A., plan B. and there is no better time
51:08 to begin then today.
51:10 You must literally buckled down and say I'm going to
51:13 forget how I feel, I'm going to forget my past,
51:14 you have to follow that first principle by putting
51:16 your past behind you.
51:17 Make a decision that you are not a victim.
51:19 I am taken full responsibility of my life and my choices
51:21 from this day forward and I'm going to
51:22 take the first step.
51:24 I want to say what's incredible about that by saying that,
51:26 it doesn't matter how you feel.
51:28 When I start to feel those old things I have to rebuke
51:31 them, or have to say no longer, this is no longer mine.
51:34 When you say it enough that becomes the unconscious rule.
51:38 That is correct, that's correct.
51:39 And you must affirm the positive, this is just as
51:42 important, in other words don't just destroy the old
51:44 thought patterns but replace them with new ones.
51:46 We talked about that last time we were here.
51:48 Keep affirming the positive affirmation.
51:51 Once you are able to do that and take responsibility of
51:53 your life and get over that anger, the bitterness,
51:55 the hatred of people that hurt you and say hey,
51:58 I'm in control of this and I follow God's principles.
52:00 Once that happens you take one thing at a time.
52:03 Whether it is hanging around positive people.
52:06 Whether it is watching this 3ABN program.
52:08 - and at first you will hate it, you'll hate it because
52:10 it is not something you are used to, do it anyway.
52:13 The cardinal mine is at enmity with God.
52:14 When I first gave my heart to God I was so messed up as
52:17 a teenager as well, and the guy told me put a half hour
52:20 in God's Word every day, I hated it.
52:21 It was the most dumb boring book I ever read my life.
52:23 Again the reason is your cardinal mine is at enmity with
52:26 God, you will not naturally like things that are not the
52:28 way you use to be.
52:29 But any thing in life worth having you going to have to
52:31 put into it. - Do you know what somebody said?
52:33 You will laugh at this because it was so crazy to me.
52:36 So you lie to yourself? No, for the first time in your
52:39 life you tell yourself the truth.
52:40 For the first time is the truth that God loves you.
52:43 It's the truth that you have a great life and that you
52:46 were created to do something fun and exciting.
52:48 - you have been listening to things lies all your life
52:50 and you don't realize it, now you're beginning to believe
52:52 God's truth. - it sounds like a lie at first.
52:54 It is the strangest thing, but you have to persist in it.
52:56 What you can do to persist in it, just start to pick up
52:59 some of these practical tools that are in the Bible.
53:01 The power of decisions we talked about.
53:03 Anybody, right now you can make a decision.
53:05 Did it ever dawn on you that you could make any decision
53:07 you want and nobody in the universe can stop you.
53:10 That is so powerful to realize I have this power to
53:14 actually make a decision that I want.
53:16 If you don't like how you feel about yourself you can
53:17 make a decision to change it.
53:19 If you don't like how you look you can make a decision
53:20 to start eating right, nobody can stop you.
53:22 If you don't like your spiritual life, make a decision
53:24 to change it, if you don't like your relationship make
53:25 a decision to improve it.
53:27 God has given us that choice and He recognizes the one
53:30 thing He will not interfere with, He gives you complete
53:33 freedom, you are a free moral agent.
53:34 All heaven celebrates when you finally decide to decide.
53:38 Exact, exact and remember to not make a decision is
53:40 a decision, that's what most people don't realize.
53:43 If I sit on the fence and do nothing that is a decision.
53:46 So that proactive step, that moving forward in one little
53:48 area, it doesn't matter when you taste that first victory
53:51 it's good, it's good.
53:54 Then you just start to apply God's principles, if I can
53:56 emphasize one thing to this audience it would be this.
53:58 God's principles are there for every area of your life,
54:01 I don't care if it's physical, the diet we talk a lot
54:04 about that here on 3ABN.
54:05 Get your body healthy, when you have a healthy body you
54:08 have a healthy mind, just making those choices.
54:09 Same thing with your spiritual life, you don't have to
54:11 be like the majority of the people who go to church once
54:13 a week and warm the pew, no!
54:14 You can choose to be the most on fire Christian simply by
54:17 applying these beautiful Christian principles in the
54:20 Bible, it's choices again, that your spiritual life.
54:22 It applies to your emotional life, use the power of your
54:24 physical body, just one little change.
54:26 - smile! - yes smile, just that one little tool and
54:29 practicing it can change your destiny for ever.
54:31 The same thing in every area of your life.
54:35 I have a friend that is very negative and she said
54:37 I decided, because God showed her through the Holy Spirit,
54:40 I decided that I couldn't complain anymore.
54:43 She said at first I didn't speak at all.
54:48 But now she has a life that is full of joy and she is
54:50 surprised that it changed everything.
54:52 One man said that once he decided to quit swearing he
54:54 dropped his vocabulary by 90%.
54:59 That is too funny, you know Leo we are going to have to
55:02 do part two because we want to have you back and cover
55:05 all this stuff and I know that you have a ton more to
55:08 cover. - okay let's do it.
55:10 Thank you for being on the show. - it's been a pleasure.
55:12 You know if you are dealing with anything, with anything.
55:15 If you have felt like your whole life is stuck,
55:16 I have been stuck with this my entire life,
55:18 I'm telling you it's a lie and it needs to be changed.
55:21 I come from homelessness and being depressed, wanting to
55:24 kill myself every day, and I do not feel like that ever,
55:27 absolutely ever.
55:30 Gods says I want you to wake up laughing out loud.
55:34 When so many takes me out, I'm going to be laughing out
55:37 loud, when the second coming comes and I'm raise back up,
55:41 I'm laughing because God has changed my life.
55:43 Stay with us we will be right back.
55:50 Cheri Peters uses the book, 'Coming Of The Comforter'
55:53 as a guide for the second season of Celebrating Life In
55:57 Recovery, written by Lee Roy E. Froom is a 320 page book
56:00 that offers every sinner the knowledge that the
56:03 Holy Spirit is available to all.
56:05 3ABN now offers this book to you for a suggested donation
56:09 of only $13 postpaid within the US.
56:12 Call 3ABN at 618-627-4651 or go online to 3ABN.org.
56:33 I love having Leo on the show, and it must feel
56:36 incredible to teach what he teaches with these Power
56:38 Seminars because it really does change lives.
56:41 When I first came off the street and I first got into
56:43 recovery I spent years and years and years trying to
56:45 fight this stuff and one I realized I could change.
56:48 I have the right to change and I don't have to live my
56:51 life this way, when I started to do things differently
56:53 and think differently, to challenge my thinking.
56:56 When I told myself your stupid because I was off the
56:59 street, I was illiterate and couldn't read and I used
57:01 to say your stupid and I realized I'm not stupid,
57:04 I just couldn't read.
57:05 Start telling yourself the truth and everything changes.
57:07 Like it's amazing and life starts pouring into you.
57:10 You can start laughing out loud and I want to tell
57:13 everybody, if I see somebody at the gas station that looks
57:15 miserable I want to say, hey, you don't have to be
57:18 miserable, what are you telling yourself?
57:20 Do something different, eat different, take a walk take a
57:24 breath, exercise and when I see somebody heavy and they
57:27 look like they are just dying every step is work.
57:30 I want to tell them, Hun you don't have to be that way.
57:32 If you are listening to this show you don't have to be
57:34 that way, Satan has lied to us, the devil has lied to us.
57:37 People have lied to us, turn the TV off and don't look at
57:40 another donut commercial.
57:41 Do you know I mean? Go and do something that is healthy
57:45 for yourself, go and ask God.
57:47 The Holy Spirit will talk to you, ask God and if you need
57:49 to ask Him every day until you start recognizing His
57:52 voice, ask Him God how can I start this?
57:55 Then start taking little steps, start refusing to think
57:58 the way you think in your life and start refusing all that
58:02 and let God pour into you and let Him teach you and you
58:05 will be like everybody else that has found the secret,
58:08 that life is good.
58:10 Life is good and there is joy, and the Bible says the joy
58:14 of the Lord is our strength because every single lie about
58:17 us gets confronted as we start knowing the truth and the
58:21 truth of sets us free.
58:22 See you next time and always remember that God is crazy
58:24 about you, definitely and so are we.


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