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Participants: Cheri Peters and Leo Schreven


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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery,
00:12 Today we're going to look at what does God want
00:14 us to know about Him.
00:15 About recovery, about life, this is going to be
00:17 a blast, so come in, join us.
00:50 Welcome back, when I first came to Christ what was
00:52 really interesting to me is that everybody said I had to
00:55 get to know who God was, right?
00:57 So I opened up the Bible and started going through the Bible.
00:59 I was illiterate, I could not read.
01:01 I can read just a little bit, but like people would say,
01:06 turn to Revelations and I would be in the first
01:08 part of the book and trying to play like I was in Revelations.
01:10 And every Christian was like she's not even close to
01:14 Revelation, so once I started getting better and learning
01:17 to read, doing all that stuff, doing Bible studies.
01:20 It is amazing that God's going to give us a new heart and
01:24 a new mind and restores our brain cells at all that stuff.
01:26 He just has all these promises through the Bible and I am
01:29 thrilled, I'm thinking how cool is that?
01:31 You know our theme today is Isaiah 57:18 where it says,
01:35 God knows all about us, every single thing about us.
01:38 He wants to heal us anyway, and I am thinking Amen.
01:40 All those things are good to know, but I thought
01:44 you know what? God wants us to know a ton of other stuff.
01:46 As I'm getting to be a Christian, and this is like 10
01:49 years because it takes me a while to learn something.
01:51 So 10 years into my Christianity I start learning about
01:55 you know what? Maybe I can start taking better care of
01:57 myself, and I'm such a mess.
01:58 I've been homeless for 10 years, heroin addict, my parents
02:01 were addicts, my sister has a porn line on Internet and
02:04 sells Coke for living, and my other sister is a meth
02:06 addict, I mean our whole family is totally a mess.
02:08 So I mean I am really having to learn a lot of stuff.
02:11 I was molested since I was three months old, I mean
02:13 I have all this junk, and so as I'm learning who God is
02:16 and I'm trusting that, turning my recovery over to Him,
02:19 somebody comes up to me and says you know what Cheri?
02:22 Do you know why you're such a mess? I said why is that?
02:25 They were so serious that I'm thinking they're going to
02:28 give me something right now it is going to be good.
02:30 I wish I had a notepad, because I would write this down.
02:32 They said because you're not eating right.
02:34 I'm like shut up, I'm serious and so I'm thinking.
02:40 Really, is that it? That all this junk that has happened
02:44 in my life means nothing, I just need to get some brown
02:47 rice and a convert, and I'm like alright.
02:50 So I said, well how do you learn to eat right?
02:53 They say, go to a seminar, and I'm like shut up is that it?
02:56 I've been struggling for 10 years in my recovery and going
02:59 to meetings and learning about the Word of God and trying
03:02 to figure out, I have every self-help book on the planet.
03:04 On the planet, how to socialize, because I don't know how.
03:08 My palms sweat when I had to sit down with somebody at
03:10 pot luck because I don't know how to eat with anybody.
03:12 I don't how to trust people, everybody for the first five
03:15 years if somebody just brushed beside me or touched me
03:18 I would think what do you want? What do you want from me?
03:22 It was like I was like I was so untrusting, but if I learned
03:27 this, it's all good. So I get a notebook, I get in the front
03:35 row, I am at a seminar on how to learn to eat right.
03:38 There's a thousand people at this seminar, I couldn't
03:40 believe how many people came to hear this guy.
03:43 And a really don't take the guys name because you will
03:45 know him, and if you are out there this is for you.
03:47 Anyhow, so I go to this seminar, and he comes running in
03:52 because he is in this incredible shape.
03:56 He has the best little body, and I'm thinking man
03:59 he looks good. He runs all the way up the aisle on to
04:02 the stage, and I'm thinking wow.
04:04 He said he was a triathlon athlete, and I'm ignorant,
04:08 thinking I don't know what that is but it sounds good.
04:11 And he explains what that is for about a half an hour.
04:14 So he tells you all about his stuff, and all about this
04:17 at all about that and I'm thinking how incredible.
04:19 His training, his family history, he was raised by normal
04:24 folks and I'm so jealous I think I want to shoot somebody
04:26 when they say that.
04:28 My family are drug addicts you know. That doesn't mean
04:31 that I want to shoot somebody, I've gotten better,
04:32 you know in my recovery.
04:34 But I just feel like that is an incredible gift to have
04:37 normal parents and so he was talking about that.
04:39 Then he says something that almost killed me.
04:42 It literally felt like somebody grabbed my soul
04:46 and ripped it out.
04:47 He said if you've ever had one bite of meat in your life,
04:51 you should never presume to stand up and talk about Christ
04:54 in front of somebody.
04:56 I just had a hamburger, so I wanted to tell him shut up,
05:00 you cannot be telling the truth.
05:02 And then he said, and I'm sitting there feeling like I
05:05 can't hardly breathe because somebody is taking God away
05:08 from me, it is the only thing I can hold onto in
05:10 my life and because I have been such a mess.
05:12 He said you know what? One sin is no different than
05:15 another if you have had a hamburger you might
05:18 as well, it you have eaten it, you might as well as
05:21 gone to Mustang Ranch.
05:22 and I know what Mustang Ranch is some people don't.
05:25 I'm not even going to go into that, we'll just use another
05:27 sin if you have had a hamburger you might as well
05:29 as killed somebody.
05:30 I thought you know what? Shut up! I wanted to scream.
05:33 I wanted to say you need to stop talking, you need to shut
05:36 up because I am not going to live through this seminar.
05:39 I'm in the front row and there is a thousand people and
05:42 I can't just walk out, I really excuse me you don't know
05:45 me but I need you to shut up.
05:47 It was like stop this meeting.
05:49 So he kept talking and kept talking and he kept talking.
05:53 With an addict in recovery we get hurt for about a minute
05:58 and then what do you think happens? We get angry.
06:02 I was so mad, I'm in the front row and I cannot put my
06:10 hand down, I'm thinking you need to call on me.
06:12 I have something I want to say.
06:14 He is talking about his triathlon and some award he's
06:17 got or whatever, and he finally called on me, like what?
06:21 I'm right in the middle of my thing.
06:23 I said does the Bible talk about the sin of pride anywhere?
06:26 Because you know you are in trouble if it does.
06:30 You might as well eat a hamburger, cause you are in such
06:36 trouble, and I went home and I walked out.
06:38 It was time to walk out, I was so angry.
06:40 So I went home and I am crying with snot dripping out of
06:43 my face and I am praying and telling God, you know
06:46 what was I doing fooling myself that you would love some
06:49 body like me, heroin addict in recovery,
06:51 homeless and all that kind of stuff.
06:52 Who am I to think that you would tolerate me at all, I don't
06:56 know anything and what I am finding out is that every time
06:58 I think I have gotten one step further, I stopped heroin,
07:01 I not striping in clubs, I'm not doing all this stuff.
07:04 I'm trying to not even cuss.
07:05 And that's a little hard, I still smoking and I know I'm
07:08 spraying perfume so people don't have to smell the
07:11 cigarettes when I come in, but I am working on that.
07:13 I remember I was like crying and talking to God and
07:15 He gives me a vision.
07:17 This is weird because people say, God doesn't do that.
07:19 He does do that, He wants to speak to us.
07:22 He wants to communicate with us and with the Holy Spirit,
07:24 He wants to fill us with a knowledge of Him.
07:27 He gives me the vision and I see nothing but I see
07:29 everything, I don't know how He does that.
07:31 But it is a time that I had truly overdosed years ago
07:34 in a drug house, so it is a true story.
07:36 When I overdosed and didn't see it, Janette you work with
07:39 Addicts, you know what I am talking about.
07:40 I didn't see it, there was a bunch of addicts around me
07:42 and they tried to do CPR right?
07:44 I had slammed a bunch of heroin and it was more potent than
07:47 I normally had and I went out, I started going into
07:51 seizures, I was throwing up all over the place and my
07:53 heart stopped and they had to remove the stuff from my
07:56 mouth and breathe for me.
07:57 But what He showed me was actually what happened at that
08:00 event, so I got to see it.
08:03 I don't know how He does that but I feel like I was
08:05 present at that event.
08:06 I lost, when you go into seizures you loose bowel and
08:10 bladder control, I lost bowel and bladder control,
08:13 you know it was disgusting and when He showed me,
08:19 I felt He showed me what it was like with the throw up,
08:22 with smells, with all that kind of stuff.
08:24 They finally put me in the shower and put ice all over me
08:26 they thought I was going to die.
08:28 I obviously didn't and I came out of that and I remember
08:30 saying, God, God wait because I came in here praying
08:35 just because I was guilty because I had a hamburger.
08:38 You show me this whole scene at a drug house and it
08:40 didn't make me feel better, I do not feel better with that
08:43 and God said something that changed my life forever.
08:46 He said Cheri I loved you as much as when you were laying
08:51 in your own feces in a drug house, do not make this
08:54 a behavioral thing, you are My child, and I am your Father
08:58 and I am crazy about you.
09:00 I thought Man, do I even know God?
09:03 All of a sudden I realized, that eating is important,
09:05 all that stuff is important, but God loves me.
09:08 God loves you, there is nothing we can do that is going
09:12 to change God's mind about us, but He said there is
09:15 a knowledge I want you to have of who I am.
09:17 Before I introduce you to the guest, and the guest is
09:20 amazing, but before I introduce you to the guest
09:22 I just want to say who is here today.
09:24 We have people Leo Schreven, I love you. - you do?
09:27 You are a life coach, motivational speaker all over
09:31 the world, you speak with hundreds of thousands of people
09:34 all the time and when I called Leo, just got to say I'm going
09:38 to introduce you to him in a minute, but when I called Leo
09:40 he was like I will be in Africa and just be flying home.
09:42 I said but do you know what can you stop by my place?
09:45 Just do the show with us, and I love you because you said
09:48 yes. - I am glad to be here.
09:50 Susan you have been on the show before, and I love you.
09:52 Larry and Janette, we lived in the same state and the only
09:56 time we actually get to see each other is when we do this
09:58 kind of thing, which is fun.
10:00 And Betty and Fasoa, I just want to say God bless you
10:04 guys for being here.
10:05 I want to tell you one more thing before I introduce you
10:07 to Leo, and the next thing is that God gets me into
10:10 ministry and I love that.
10:11 From sitting and trying to learn how to be a Christian,
10:14 eat right and all that kind of stuff I start praying to
10:17 God that I want to work in ministry.
10:18 And years later, I mean, He was doing, I mean He is
10:21 teaching social things, He's working with the attachment
10:23 disorders and bonding disorders, He's working all my trust
10:26 issues and He is so faithful, I mean He is so amazing.
10:29 I had teeth knocked out because I got beat up by a
10:31 motorcycle gang and God gave me new teeth.
10:35 My jaw in my face was so infected from being homeless for
10:38 10 years, they literally had to go in and scrape the
10:41 infection off my jawbone to hold the teeth that I had left
10:43 before they gave me the new teeth. You know God is just
10:46 faithful and He has been faithful every step of the way.
10:49 So now I say, I want to be in ministry.
10:51 When God opens a door, I am a worldwide ministry.
10:55 How fun is that? All over the world working with
10:57 who do you think, addicts.
11:00 You know what? at first I said, no way, I don't like them.
11:03 They will lie to me and manipulate me, they run games on
11:06 everybody and play you like crazy God, not fair.
11:10 Can I teach like English in China?
11:12 I'll do Sabbath school, I'll teach the Bible, I don't
11:16 want to work with people that are a mess.
11:18 You know to see something wrong the cut their head off,
11:20 I'm just like I do want to do that.
11:23 He said that is what you are going to do, that's what
11:24 you're going to do.
11:25 So after I got that I thought how fun is that?
11:27 So I get a call one time and I'm doing Camp Meeting,
11:30 women's retreats, talking in schools, having a blast going
11:34 to jails, prisons and rehab centers, homeless shelters and
11:37 I'm having a blast because as an addict in recovery needs
11:39 to do something like that, right?
11:41 We had a TV show, radio show and all that stuff and
11:43 I get a call one day, I can't even tell you what
11:48 health Institute, you would know if I told you.
11:50 From a vegan vegetarian health Institute.
11:55 They said Cheri, we're having our annual seminar, and we
12:03 want you to be a speaker.
12:05 I'm like, shut up, there's no way I just had a hamburger.
12:12 I'm thinking there's no way, how funny is this?
12:15 And the other speaker, I just have to say this because
12:18 it makes it more funny is Hans Diehl, I don't know of
12:21 anybody knows him, he's like a health nut of the planet.
12:23 I mean he is like, he's incredible what he knows about
12:26 health and I don't mean nut in case Hans Diehl is
12:29 watching, he's absolutely amazing.
12:31 But he is the other speaker so I want to say no,
12:33 you don't even know, have you read my book?
12:35 But anyhow they say no, we want you to speak.
12:38 I'm like really, so God is telling me yes.
12:42 I'm saying God, excuse me God You can't.
12:45 I finally said yes and I go to this health place.
12:48 So I am now at this health place.
12:50 I walk in for breakfast and I'm telling you this is the
12:53 truth, they have plates of fruit, I love fruit.
12:56 It's no problem for me, I love fruit.
12:58 But putting the fruit aside they are eating the white
13:01 stuff on the rind, with this little white stuff rind
13:04 remover fork, I'm thinking am I in the twilight zone?
13:09 Rind on the fruit had they're saying this is an
13:13 antioxidant, and I don't know if anybody knows that.
13:15 I didn't know that and I thought it looks freaky.
13:17 So as soon as I saw that, I think I am definitely in the
13:21 wrong place and I need to go out and go back to my room.
13:23 Praying God, what are you doing to me? You know,
13:26 You can't do this to me.
13:29 So then I'm thinking, I never write notes or figure out
13:32 what I'm going to say or even these shows, we kind of
13:34 pray beforehand to see what God is going to do for our
13:37 stories and stuff, so I'm saying God you are got to
13:41 tell me what I'm going to say.
13:42 Because I'm scared, Hans Diehl is talking, I finally go into
13:45 the Auditorium, they are going to introduce me
13:47 after he finishes his last word.
13:49 There are all these health nuts sitting there and I'm
13:51 thinking, Oh Man, so they finally say Cheri we're so glad
13:54 to have you, and I'm thinking you don't even know.
13:56 I shouldn't even be here, it is like God is going to zap
14:00 us, you, me, who ever.
14:02 I get up on the stage and I have no idea what to say.
14:06 I had the mic on and I'm looking at them, they are
14:13 looking at me, not a word for almost a minute.
14:17 That is a long time when you are in front, it's a long
14:20 time and finally I said God I've got to say something.
14:22 He said just tell the truth, so I just said,
14:25 you know what? I don't know why I am here because I don't
14:29 even like health nuts.
14:30 And there are some people that laugh but it was actually
14:33 pretty quiet in this room and I'm thinking you know what?
14:37 I really don't and I'm not sure why I'm here and I'm not
14:39 a health nut, I'm not even a vegetarian, I'm too flaky
14:43 to know anything about all that kind of stuff.
14:44 But I know you can't eat enough brown rice to deal with
14:48 your emotional issues.
14:50 And all the sudden God gave me this whole sermon about
14:53 part of what He wants to do with us is to teach us about
14:55 the Bible, part of me wants to teach us about health.
14:58 But also He wants to teach us how to live right.
15:01 How to think right, how to actually live a life that is
15:04 free from all that stuff.
15:06 And that is what we are going to talk about today because
15:08 you know God doesn't want us in bondage.
15:10 He does not want us tied up, but if you are chasing any
15:12 thing trying to get well, rather than surrendering it to
15:15 God and figuring out what He wants you to know about that,
15:17 you'll die skinny.
15:19 I've seen some health nuts real skinny, really looking
15:23 angry all the time, sunken eyes and you know God wants
15:27 us to be healthy, happy and full of joy and enjoying life
15:31 We are going to take a break and I'm going to introduce
15:33 you to our guests when we come back.
15:35 My most favorite part of the show, I want to tell you,
15:38 you will blessed so stay with us!
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15:47 called 'Steps To Christ'.
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16:28 This is my favorite part of the show where I get to
16:30 introduce you to some of the guests.
16:32 And today we're going to have on Leo Schreven, and the
16:35 first time I worked with him was that Cowboy Camp Meeting.
16:37 I didn't even know we had a Cowboy Camp Meeting and he
16:40 got up and he talks so fast, but I am ADD so I'm thinking
16:45 oh I love this guy and he's just like one thing after
16:48 another after another and I fell in love with you on that
16:51 Camp meeting, and we've worked a little bit together
16:53 since then and you are going to tell us what you know
16:56 about making the right choices and about life.
16:59 You are a life coach aye?
17:00 Yep that is what we do. - okay, and what else?
17:03 Can you start telling a little bit of your testimony?
17:08 - yeah. - especially about the guy and the...
17:11 - yeah the hold up, we call it the cowboy hold up.
17:15 First of all it is a pleasure to be with you and
17:17 I appreciate so much what you are doing and what a joy.
17:19 But yeah it goes back to 1975 when I was a messed up
17:22 teenager, I was just born violent and out of control.
17:25 I made bad choices until I got to the age of 15.
17:28 My mother began to pray for me, there's nothing more dangerous
17:30 then a praying mother, you might as well give up.
17:32 So anybody out there if your mother's praying for you,
17:34 just give up now and save yourself a lot of pain.
17:36 At any rate, so yeah we had an experience with these two
17:39 guys that come to our house and held us up for three
17:41 hours, and try to kill us three times.
17:42 - first of all I have to say, you and your brother are
17:44 pranksters, you thought when the guys came in your
17:47 brother was - no, no that was my brother's girlfriend.
17:49 My brother had just flown in with his girlfriend Mary
17:51 three hours before and he is a terrible prankster.
17:54 So when these two guys jump in our house and blow the door
17:56 open and are holding us up, she thinks this is a sick joke
17:59 and walks up to the one guy laughing, this is a really
18:02 funny joke, and shut up lady, and the guy throws her down.
18:05 It took us 10 minutes to convince her that these guys
18:06 are real, and when she realized she passes out.
18:09 At any rate, so we got off to a bad start and they didn't
18:12 like us from the get go.
18:13 But that is how it started and I'm just sitting there
18:15 thinking, man I'm going to die tonight, where am I going?
18:17 I knew I wasn't going to heaven that was a given.
18:19 So I figured I was going to hell and it's just a bad feeling.
18:23 You don't think about life and death when you are 15.
18:25 It lasted for three hours and they finally took us in
18:28 the garage and they were going to kill us, they lined us up.
18:30 And my praying mother, the most amazing thing she just
18:33 starts praying out loud and singing out loud.
18:34 These guys are trying to shoot her, it was unreal.
18:37 To make a long story short they couldn't pull the
18:41 trigger three times, they tried.
18:42 You seem like they went on and shot other people after
18:44 they left our house, but that was the night that I said
18:47 I'm sick of my life and I'm tired of doing it my way and
18:49 there has got to be a better way of life than this.
18:50 It is the first time I decided to put God in my life and
18:53 the Bible, and I'll tell ya it changed my life.
18:57 I begin to spend a half hour in the Bible every day, then
18:59 and hour, and then two hours, then three hours.
19:00 Aged 15 to 20 spent three hours a day in the Bible.
19:03 I never had to worry about my foul mouth, it was gone.
19:06 I never had to worry about my bad attitude, it went like that.
19:08 - it went out just like that? I'm so jealous.
19:09 Well there's reasons - mine didn't go that fast.
19:12 - is that right. - I had to struggle with different
19:15 things. - it's different for different people.
19:16 For me I was so sick of how I was I think, and here
19:19 was something better, every- thing Jesus was I wasn't.
19:21 It was pretty easy, by beholding you become changed.
19:24 It just so radically changed my life in a matter of
19:28 months, and it is a great way to live.
19:30 We have devoted our whole life to just doing seminars.
19:33 How did you get into life coaching?
19:34 How did you get into that whole kind of ministry?
19:36 Yeah well, when I went to high school everybody had issues
19:39 and God has so radically changed my life.
19:42 Who doesn't have issues, but the teachers were coming
19:46 To me for counseling and I am 16 years old.
19:47 They're coming to me for counseling but I began to read,
19:50 I'm a ferocious reader and I read two books a week and
19:53 it's probably the best decision I made in my life.
19:55 I've read hundreds of book on life mastery skills.
19:57 Psychology, just the study and the answers are there.
20:01 They are all Bible-based, which is the most amazing thing.
20:04 This stuff has been in the Bibles for years.
20:05 Just simple tools sometimes, one or two little tools can
20:08 make all the difference.
20:09 So I started to teach it even before high school,
20:11 from high school and went into the ministry, and the
20:13 ministry kept on teaching and doing seminars for 24 years.
20:15 - all over the world. - all over the world!
20:16 You just got back from Africa. - yeah last night at one
20:19 o'clock in the morning.
20:20 And talk about even the Africa trip, how was that and
20:24 what did you do?
20:25 It was awesome, we did Germany and Africa together.
20:27 I do corporate work as well as a lot of church work,
20:31 volunteer work.
20:32 We had been there to Germany first of all I'll start there
20:35 because Germany is a very secular society and they don't
20:38 really believe in God, but the all power principles
20:40 we teach, these life skill principles, they love it.
20:43 They come out and so we have been there several years
20:45 before and the neat thing was coming back to the people
20:47 and seeing how they have grown and the testimonies.
20:49 One young lady Bulimic, terribly bulimic had gone down
20:52 70 pounds and almost killed herself.
20:53 She came a year and a half ago, came back and she was
20:56 just thriving and healthy and it was so beautiful.
20:59 People had quit smoking, had a great one quit smoking.
21:02 I've got to tell you this story.
21:03 - smoking is the hardest thing.
21:05 - yeah we help people do it in five minutes, there's
21:07 a five-day plan but everything in my life is fast and
21:08 don't have time for five days.
21:09 We have a five minute plan - remember when I talk to you
21:13 about him talking fast, don't you love him? I love you.
21:16 Seriously why take five days when
21:18 you can do it in five minutes?
21:19 But this couple came to me in British Columbia just before
21:21 I went to Germany and they were telling me, do you remember
21:25 our son? I said yes I remember you got us stop smoking
21:27 eight years ago. - I said really.
21:29 They said you told us to invest the money we're putting
21:31 up in smoke and we have been doing that and we just paid
21:33 $380,000 for a brand-new house just on the money
21:37 we saved from smoking. - no way.
21:38 So yeah it was - they were smoking quite a bit.
21:42 Oh yeah, about five packs a day between Canada
21:45 it's very expensive to smoke there.
21:46 It's like 6-7 dollars a pack - they are just putting
21:49 that away, the money they were putting up in smoking
21:52 they put on the house.
21:53 So Africa was awesome and we go there, this is South
21:55 Africa and most people would think that is largely a
21:58 black community, but it is largely a white community.
22:02 We had 1700 show up and you can't believe the changes
22:06 in these people's lives.
22:07 - You are saying that a number of them were actually
22:09 millionaires, people that you wouldn't even think about.
22:11 The reason I think of that sometimes it's when we think of
22:13 addiction and trying to get our lives together, we think
22:15 of addicts. - like gutter, if I can use that word.
22:17 - that is only a small percentage of the population.
22:19 It is you would be amazed, you would be amazed.
22:22 I don't care across culture, across income levels,
22:25 every part of social anomic, it makes no difference.
22:27 Everybody has got challenges. - right.
22:29 Sometimes they are more hidden, sometimes they are more
22:32 professionally bathed, but they are all there and so yes
22:35 I've studied with thousands of multimillionaires through
22:38 the years, and our seminar tends to attract them because
22:41 we teach life mastery skills on a professional level.
22:43 But boy when you sit down one on one, I don't care
22:46 who they are, they can be a Fortune 500 company owner,
22:47 but they have got issues.
22:49 We live here in this world. - this is it, this is it.
22:52 So we don't have a lot of time because the show is short,
22:55 so I want you to teach us some of the stuff you teach.
22:58 And know this is Celebrating Life In Recovery, so this
23:01 is people coming out of junk, normal junk, twisted junk,
23:05 just stuff. - sure, sure, it's real.
23:09 It's really real and that is the best thing.
23:11 Well the first thing we teach is how to make a new
23:12 beginning, Paul said forget what is behind you, put what's
23:15 before you and press toward the mark.
23:16 One of the biggest things is people's ability to forgive
23:18 themselves and realize that anybody makes mistakes,
23:21 everybody makes mistakes but there is always a brand-new
23:23 beginning and even if God's plan A, B. or C it doesn't matter
23:26 where you are on the scale, there's a new beginning today.
23:28 So we really teach that and how to take responsibility
23:30 for your life, that is something critically
23:32 important in our seminars.
23:33 People don't realize that is like almost the first step
23:36 If I know I take responsibility I can change.
23:38 I have power for that day.
23:40 - that's the starting point. I think a lot of modern
23:42 psychology which I do not want to say this critically,
23:44 but they had to go through your past and dig it up
23:46 and dig it up and dig it up so finally you have someone
23:48 to blame for why you are like you are.
23:50 We teach you to take full responsibility for your life and
23:52 the day you do that you put the steering wheel back in your
23:54 hands, quit blaming your mom, quit blaming your dad,
23:55 quit blaming your circumstances.
23:57 If you choose to, anybody could have a life of
23:59 victory and power.
24:00 And if somebody says, like I could say to you but Leo
24:03 you don't understand I had a horrible life.
24:05 What would you tell me?
24:06 I would tell you to quit focusing on your horrible life.
24:09 I had two ladies the other day in Alaska.
24:12 The first one came in and she was mad and angry and bitter
24:14 and hateful and I tried to help her for an hour but she
24:17 was, bless her heart my heart just broke for her, but she
24:19 wouldn't let me help her.
24:20 Your a man. Didn't you get it? She hates men.
24:25 Oh I am sorry go ahead.
24:26 Alright, I didn't get that?
24:30 No, I love it, I just love it, but the point is she had
24:36 been abused by her father and she took that and she used
24:40 it as a weapon to destroy her life.
24:42 And the next lady came in, and said there is a little Methodist
24:44 church across the road from where I grew up and I was abused
24:46 until I was 17, and she said that Methodist church taught
24:48 me that all things work together for good, and I decided
24:50 I'm going to turn this into a stepping stone.
24:52 I'm going to be the one that breaks this chain of abuse
24:54 that has been in my family for generations.
24:55 She talked for 10 minutes, maybe two minutes and told me
24:58 what happened, the rest of the time she's smiling and has
24:59 her degree in child psychology and devotes her life to
25:02 helping abused children.
25:03 She is happy and fulfilled, the difference was how they
25:05 interpreted their experience. - Amen.
25:06 And we teach people that you can use it as something to
25:09 destroy yourself, or you can find a positive meaning for
25:11 it and it will take your life to the top.
25:13 Incredible, God really wants you to find a positive
25:16 meaning for it, He really wants you to surrender it to Him so He
25:19 can actually lift you out of that. - yeah, that's right.
25:21 That is an incredible way to start. - you bet.
25:23 So everybody makes a new beginning take responsibility.
25:25 Once that happens, you can go on.
25:27 We talk about the two forces that control all behavior
25:29 and its very fun.
25:30 Most of us don't realize there are two things built in us
25:32 by God and everything we do is for these reasons.
25:35 I'm so bad what is it? Tell me! - give me the money, no.
25:40 pay me. Alright go ahead.
25:44 It's two things, pain and pleasure.
25:45 Think about it, everything you do in your life is for
25:47 pain or pleasure.
25:48 They did a study in the book, The Day America Told the Truth.
25:51 They found out that 34% of married men cheat on their
25:54 wives in America.
25:55 Now every man intellectually knows - I'm calling my
25:57 husband, what are you doing right now?
26:00 I'm sorry go ahead. 34% - I love this show.
26:06 Yeah one out of three of us, now every guy intellectually
26:11 knows that is going to ruin his finances, devastate his
26:13 home, wreck his children, everything and they still do it.
26:16 Why? Because we like pornography we like sex, we like
26:20 it's pleasure. - You guys are visual and it brings pleasure.
26:22 He also guy has an affair he does it with a woman mostly,
26:24 most of the time anyway.
26:25 And so for a few moments of pleasure, he is willing to
26:29 ruin his entire life see.
26:30 We teach people it's pain or pleasure that makes you do
26:33 everything in your life and the biggest challenge we have is
26:36 we associate pleasure to hundreds of things that limit
26:39 our life. - and causes pain eventually. - exactly.
26:41 Even to the point we turn on the television and watch
26:43 another man blow another man's head off and
26:45 we are entertained by it you see.
26:46 Once you associate pleasure to sinful degrading, negative
26:49 limited things, your life will go down.
26:51 The day you associate pleasure and happiness to Godly,
26:53 good, pure and wholesome things your life goes up.
26:55 Skiing, snowboarding, photography, traveling
26:58 - so many fun and wholesome things, so we teach people
27:01 how to put those two forces where they belong.
27:02 Then how to make instant changes and this is probably
27:04 the most powerful thing we teach.
27:05 It is how the brain works. Most people won't realize
27:07 their habits are bound up in their neural pathways.
27:10 Everything you do is a neural pathway in your brain.
27:13 The more you do it the more strands it adds to cables in
27:15 your brain that make you go down certain areas.
27:18 - and I have to butt in - please do.
27:21 Because you know you changed my life the first time you
27:23 taught me that, and totally when you say you get this
27:26 you can actually change within so it really did change me.
27:30 I teach that at every school I go to, I just love it.
27:32 I'm so happy that it was a blessing. - it's amazing.
27:35 People when they see that seminar I don't care where
27:37 you are, I could have a room full of atheists, I can have
27:39 a room full of addicts and they look at it like a thousand
27:41 light bulbs go off in their head and they say man, for the first
27:44 time I finally know why I'm behaving like I do.
27:45 I understand the habits I have are there and I can't seem
27:48 to break them and then we teach them how to change their
27:50 neural pathways and it is not hard to do.
27:52 Once the neural pathways don't exist and new ones are in
27:56 their place your behavior changes automatically.
27:58 That is just so powerful.
27:59 - so you have to understand how you were made. - right.
28:02 How your brain works, how your behaviors are set or not
28:04 set. - exactly and the audience may wonder shall I give
28:07 you two minutes of it? - yes, yes.
28:08 What it boils down to is every- thing you do from the time you
28:11 are born in the mother's womb, at four months the
28:13 neural pathways begin to form.
28:14 So if a mother sits in front of a television and she
28:17 hears violence and screaming and anger, the baby's neuro
28:19 pathways are being formed.
28:20 They learned that, let's take anger.
28:22 Every time you are angry or watch someone that is angry
28:24 or you read a book where people are angry, anything you
28:26 hear or see a fracture audio and visual senses.
28:29 It adds a strand to the neuro pathway and that it adds
28:31 another strand. - they kind of wrap around itself.
28:34 Yeah a rope is not one piece of material but thousands
28:36 bound together and the same thing happens in the brain.
28:38 Pretty soon you end up with these huge cables in your
28:39 brain and you see it so many times and you've heard it
28:41 so many times and it takes you down an automatic path
28:43 of behavior, because God wired to bring this way.
28:45 But the neat thing is that you can break it, we teach that
28:47 people by interrupting the patterns, first of all getting
28:50 motivation, interrupting the patterns with Bible verses,
28:52 songs or prayers, jokes or whatever.
28:53 Yet it's fun and then you create a new neural pathway
28:57 that is the behavior you want.
28:59 Once that happens you don't have to worry about your
29:00 behavior anymore because it is an automatic condition
29:02 response, if I say to you birds of a feather what do
29:04 you say? - Flock together. - yes see.
29:06 The reason this neural pathway, you didn't think you
29:08 didn't analyze you just went down that path.
29:10 So a man is known by the company he - keeps.
29:12 There again. - it's automatic. - I love that.
29:14 Never leave home without it.
29:20 I love this we could do this all day. Okay go ahead.
29:22 The point is it is an automatic response, how many
29:24 automatic responses do we have?
29:25 If you are drug addict is an automatic response.
29:27 If you are a professional and somebody offers
29:30 you something, I can't do it, we can't afford it.
29:32 You see these are automatic responses.
29:33 So you wake up in the morning it's cloudy and rainy,
29:34 how I dress? It's an automatic response.
29:36 So if you teach people how to break those and put new
29:38 neural pathways and they ding dong along the positive path.
29:41 Then you take that to the Bible it says renewing your mind.
29:44 That is all we teach us how to renew your mind
29:46 like the mind of God.
29:47 They don't know in the audience but that is what we are
29:49 teaching them. - and when the Bible also says the joy
29:51 the Lord as your strength, you actually are filled with
29:54 joy after that and anticipating life. - absolutely.
29:56 - okay the next one. I love this, next one.
29:59 I need a notepad, if somebody taking notes here?
30:02 The next was the awesome power decision, because
30:05 everything in your life depends on your decisions.
30:07 It is the one thing that God doesn't control in your life.
30:09 He tells you how to do it but ultimately you have to make
30:11 the choice here after, so if you want to go to heaven you
30:13 can go to heaven, if you want to go to hell you get to go.
30:16 Isn't that great? So here you are free and how to harness
30:19 that, most of us get on the river of life and we don't
30:21 decide where we are going to end up and we just become
30:23 a part of this massive humanity that goes with the flow.
30:25 We flow down this river of life and comes to a fork and do
30:28 I go right or do I go left, do I go midstream, we don't make
30:30 a decision, we just go with the flow.
30:31 Pretty soon we end up 5 feet from a massive water fall and
30:33 a boat without a motor and that is usually when people
30:36 cried God help me! But there's nothing God can do.
30:38 Your going to take a fall, sometimes it's an emotional fall
30:41 sometimes it's a fall in a relationship, sometimes it's a
30:43 physical fall. - financial - but it hurts, you know it hurts.
30:47 So we teach people to make better decisions upstream and
30:50 that way you won't go through the falls.
30:52 So we teach them how to role model, people that are
30:54 successful in their spiritual life, or their financial
30:55 life, physical life or whatever have to make good decisions
30:57 consistently. - I've got a story to tell you on this and
31:00 it just fits perfectly with that.
31:01 The guy has a sex addiction, he's trying to deal with it.
31:05 But when he gets really stressed, when he is feeling put
31:07 down, not respected and all that stuff he has problems.
31:10 So he has problems with his wife, at work the boss is on
31:13 him and all that kind of stuff, problems at work.
31:15 And he said you know what? I'm sick of this and I'm
31:18 just going to go to the store and get a Pepsi on the way home.
31:20 He goes to the store to get a Pepsi, the store he always
31:23 goes to and right next to the Pepsi are the porn
31:24 magazines. So he ends up getting the magazine and he is
31:27 going to go home and he is just going to go through the
31:29 magazine, but I am not going to do anything else.
31:30 So he is going to the magazine and decides to cruise the
31:33 streets, so he's cruising the streets and he is a
31:35 Christian so he never buys hookers but he likes to look
31:37 at them, so he looks at all that and comes home.
31:40 Gets in trouble with some self pleasure and stuff and then
31:45 he gets online and do some porn stuff.
31:48 He starts get into treatment with someone that is holding
31:51 him, accountability person and do you know they tell him?
31:53 Stop drinking Pepsi. - exactly.
31:56 So stop way upstream, and a lot of people want to stop
31:59 in the middle of a crisis we want to stop.
32:01 We say don't stop there, stop in your head before
32:04 you even start acting out. - right.
32:05 That is all going back to making proper decisions.
32:08 We have lost that art. One of guests was commenting today
32:11 that we have lost the ability to be committed to anything.
32:14 The decision means that I'm going to do this and cut myself
32:17 off from any other possibility of accomplishing it.
32:19 So learning that skill is very fundamental to really overcoming
32:22 any habits or addictions in our life.
32:24 When you even say that, sometimes when you actually make
32:26 those commitments to yourself and stop something,
32:29 it feels like it's going to kill you not to do it.
32:32 Maybe for the first time or second time or third time or
32:34 fourth time, but eventually you start feeling actually
32:37 good. - you build the new neural pathway and it becomes an
32:39 automatic response and it is easy.
32:41 God just loves to do that for us. Okay next thing.
32:44 Yeah, well the next is on health and fitness and weight
32:47 loss and mastering our physical body.
32:48 Now I need a notepad. Alright this presentation is an
32:52 hour and a half but we cover some really cool stuff.
32:55 Of course 3ABN and other channels carry a lot of this
32:58 kind of information, but we do it on a basis most people
33:02 your greatest wealth is your health.
33:03 You have a hundred bucks in the bank it does you no good if
33:06 you don't have health and so we look at it from that
33:07 standpoint, our bodies are the temple of God and God
33:09 knows how to take care of it the best.
33:12 The more I come in harmony with that the better.
33:14 I'm 45 years old today, and because eating right and
33:17 drinking right and a very clear exercise program I feel
33:19 better today and have more energy than when I was 16.
33:22 I can't imagine you with any more energy.
33:24 It's like oh no. - I'm glad you're not serving coffee
33:27 today. - but even what's interesting about the health
33:30 thing is that I started out being taught in a very
33:34 negative way, but as I get taught it in a positive way it
33:37 is really cool to think clearer and to be happy and to have
33:39 energy in the morning and not to be tired.
33:42 You know I did an experiment, I'll confess to the audience
33:45 two years ago I go to Alaska on a camping trip up there.
33:48 I'm with a group of hunters and I went into a camp with
33:52 a cholesterol level of 114, I keep it close to healthy.
33:55 I decided to break every rule so I ate meat and I drank
33:58 pop and I ate donuts and just confused my body and I
34:01 came out of camp at 298 on my cholesterol two weeks later.
34:06 I felt terrible and it was hard to move it hard to get
34:10 up in the morning then I did a quick cleanse and got back on
34:12 my regular diet and exercise and I feel good all day long.
34:15 But there's people, there's a guy that even did a movie
34:17 about that, not eating a real healthy thing for a month
34:20 and almost died, he had diabetes, he had weight gain,
34:23 his sexual stuff with his wife decreased at all that kind
34:26 of stuff, but we don't know and I really believe for
34:29 people in recovery, if they could get this message.
34:32 Take care of yourself, drink water and get away from all
34:35 the junk, and it's not that God says I'm going to punish
34:38 you and you've not going to have anything you enjoy again,
34:40 God says you are going to have life again and
34:43 you will be surprised at how hard you laugh.
34:45 How good it is. - that is something about the Bible,
34:48 and I say this to every audience, the Bible is not
34:51 religion. I hate religion, religion has caused more
34:54 heartache and bloodshed than anything else.
34:55 It binds people and controls people, but man the Bible
34:59 and Jesus liberates people and everything about
35:01 Christianity, it makes life better, you're marriage
35:04 better, and your health better, your sanity better
35:06 and everything is better.
35:07 It's the only way to live, if there was no heaven or hell
35:09 I'd still be a Christian is an incredible way of life.
35:11 And I just love it.
35:12 - I love that, I love that. Okay next thing.
35:14 Next thing is on your spiritual part because you realize
35:16 most people miss a quarter of the potential power
35:18 they can have in their life because we thrown Jesus out,
35:21 we thrown Bible out in much of our culture.
35:22 - we thrown the Holy Spirit out. - and yet when
35:23 you get that time of devotional life, daily devotion.
35:26 Most people wake up and they turn on the TV, what kind
35:28 of life is that? There's nothing but negativity,
35:30 negativity and it just drives you crazy.
35:33 Then you go to work people are frazzled and cussing all
35:35 day and then turn on the radio and hear all the talk shows with
35:37 this is happening in the govern- ment, unsafe streets health care
35:40 and teenage pregnancy, then you turn on the country-
35:42 western station and Henry the hillbilly is crying
35:44 about his wife leaving him for another man.
35:46 Goodnight it's no wonder people are messed up.
35:48 You put in all that negativity and going to live that way see.
35:51 You need some quiet time to read and feed the mind, as
35:55 spiritual, happy, positive, loving and so we teach people
35:58 how to get a devotional life so they can get that power,
36:02 get that joy, get that love.
36:03 We know at first it is really tough because at first
36:06 you think I don't even know what to think of.
36:08 Your mind is wandering and all that stuff,
36:10 and you really do have to train yourself.
36:12 It's like I need to get this stimulation down,
36:15 I need to do all that kind of stuff but at first when
36:17 I tried it, I thought I'm going to die here.
36:19 Well I had the same experience when I started to read
36:21 the Bible it was the most stupid, dumb, boring book
36:23 I ever read in my life.
36:24 It made no sense to me, I hated it.
36:25 But like anything in life, if you want something you have
36:27 to put into it, you have to work for it.
36:28 I hated English in schools too, boy am I glad I took it.
36:33 At any rate what I found is that you have to stick with
36:36 it because the cardinal mind is at enmity with God.
36:39 It will not naturally like the Bible or spiritual things.
36:42 But you stick with it, the first week I hated it.
36:45 The second week it was still boring.
36:46 The third week began to make sense and the fourth week
36:49 I met the man Jesus.
36:50 All I can say is that Jesus and Leo were different.
36:53 Very different, and the more you behold Him the more
36:56 you become like Him.
36:57 And pretty soon I enjoyed it so much an hour or two or three.
36:59 Even to this day the one priority in my life is time
37:02 with God just get that positive joy, love in your heart.
37:05 You said earlier the joy of the Lord is your strength.
37:07 You'll mount up on wings as eagles. You'll run and not be
37:10 weary, you will walk and not faint.
37:11 There is a supernatural power, I am totally convinced
37:13 of this in the Bible that is available to everybody
37:16 but you have to plug in, no one can plug in for you.
37:18 We teach that whole spiritual part.
37:20 Even an atheist sitting in the audience, they look at that
37:23 that and say wow, I'm missing a quarter of the potential
37:25 power I could have a my life, I'm going to go get it.
37:27 And it is great and that is that.
37:30 I love that, I love that. But I think until you make
37:33 a commitment you never do figure out what people are so
37:36 excited about, make the commitment and you will find out
37:39 Exactly, exactly it's like getting married, everybody
37:41 talks about it but once you get married you say I love
37:43 this companion and it is a great way of life,
37:45 a lot better than being single.
37:47 The same thing with Jesus, it is a whole lot easier
37:48 going through life with Jesus. - with God.
37:50 Okay what next? The next one is a fun one, you talk about
37:53 emotions, and many of us battle debilitating emotions.
37:56 I feel badly today. Is that right?
37:59 I want five minutes, I want a five-minute thing.
38:02 I'll give it to you in five minutes,
38:04 I'll give it to you in one minute.
38:05 All emotion is experienced only on one level.
38:07 The physical level, people don't realize this.
38:09 We bring a guy on the stage in our live seminar,
38:11 this is hilarious, I say all right audience help me get this
38:13 guy depressed, what does he have to do to be depressed?
38:17 Well he has to hang his head.
38:18 So he hangs his head, and get a frown, so he frowns.
38:20 Got to slump his shoulders, he slumps his shoulders.
38:22 And after we go through this whole thing, did you notice
38:24 one thing you told this guy to get him discouraged and
38:27 depressed had to do with his body.
38:28 His head down, his frown, slumped shoulders and that is
38:32 the power of your physical body.
38:33 You can use this body to create any happy or power
38:36 of emotion, you can use it to create a disempowered emotion.
38:39 And try this, you can look at the audience right now
38:41 and try to put a big smile on your face and try to get mad.
38:43 It just doesn't work.
38:45 I can look at you right now and say Cheri I hate you.
38:47 You make me so mad, you can't. And the reason is your
38:50 body is sending a different message to your brain.
38:52 If you put your body in a state of happiness, so you
38:55 end up with that corresponding emotion.
38:57 That is the power of the physical body.
38:58 Think about the truth of this, people do all kinds of
39:00 things to their body.
39:01 We are talking about addictions on this program.
39:04 Why do people to drugs? Why do people to alcohol?
39:06 Why do they overeat? Because it changes their body
39:09 and they behave differently.
39:10 We always ask our audience, do drugs work?
39:13 And you say no. I say come on think about this.
39:15 Do drugs work? Yes or no and finally they finally
39:17 did it and say yeah, sure true they work.
39:19 Millions of people can't be wrong. - right.
39:21 The thing is they work temporarily, but they work
39:24 because they actually change the body.
39:25 So once you could realize the power of this, and by the
39:29 way you have mastered Cheri, because I watch you,
39:32 you are always walking fast and with purpose, and that is
39:34 one of the things we teach how you walk is how you feel.
39:36 You walk with purpose and passion and you feel good.
39:38 Exactly, you put a smile on an exactly you will have
39:41 those emotions and so it is a simple tool.
39:43 It is real simple because I try to challenge myself as I'm
39:46 thinking about negative things, I tell myself stop,
39:49 don't do that because I don't want that kind of life.
39:52 I want you in less than two minutes to tell me all of
39:55 them, all the rest.
39:57 Because how many points to cover in a PowerPoint seminar.
40:00 We can cover 20 in a typical all power seminar.
40:02 - hurry up a lot faster. You are so slow.
40:05 Audience is bored to death. - I know, come on.
40:09 Okay so the next time we teach is on achieving success.
40:12 Our value systems and our belief systems, we get rid
40:15 of the negative belief systems.
40:16 Next one is on goal setting, my favorite one of all.
40:18 How to create your future in advance.
40:19 The Bible says without a vision the people perish.
40:21 So we had to create exciting goals in our life.
40:23 You just don't fall out you've got to think about it.
40:25 Exactly, your physical life, your emotional life, your
40:27 spiritual life and everything. So we do that.
40:29 The next one is some breaking unlimiting rituals.
40:30 We have unlimiting rituals are life, internal as well as
40:33 external and we deal with those.
40:34 - you know what, say one unlimiting rituals.
40:37 Waking up grumpy, did you hear the great joke about
40:39 waking up grumpy? - no.
40:40 I was sitting with a couple one time I looked at her and
40:43 said to you always wake up grumpy, she says no sometimes
40:45 I let him sleep.
40:49 Anyway we break these rituals, and it's fun we laughed
40:52 the whole seminar and we are having fun doing a series.
40:55 We are having a good time.
40:57 After doing unlimited rituals we do overcoming fear.
40:59 The Bible says that God has not given a spirit of fear,
41:01 but the power, love and a sound mind.
41:02 Fear stops us, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of what
41:04 other people think about us.
41:05 We destroyed the fear and get confidence in its place.
41:08 We deal with solving problems, how to solve problems
41:11 effectively, simple principles that really work.
41:13 We deal with is own power of positive thinking.
41:16 That gets into the conscious as well as the subconscious mind.
41:18 We could do a whole talk on this sometime.
41:21 You know I think sometimes I would love to do that,
41:24 and I wanted to say to you is there so many things that
41:27 you cover and I want to open it up for questions for the
41:29 group here and have them ask you some things.
41:33 Then maybe cover some of what you teach.
41:35 It is one thing I know about people in recovery, and
41:37 people that want to change their life, or have a life.
41:40 I don't want to just be in charge, I would be in love
41:43 with God, right? And there's something to have to happen.
41:46 So it is like all those things matter, change the way
41:48 you think, changing the way you live, changing what
41:50 you eat, how you look at life, how you walk out in life.
41:53 So we are going to ask him questions like Jeanette,
41:56 I know you had a question for Leo.
41:58 Yes, the question is when you were talking about limiting
42:01 one of the things I hear people say is I can't do you do that?
42:05 I get it a lot as addiction professional or I can't,
42:09 can't not use or I can't stay sober during the holidays.
42:13 I think what you were saying was correct, it's just a
42:16 self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you see it that same way?
42:19 Exactly, if I expect to fail, it greatly increases
42:22 my changes I'm going to.
42:23 So we simply write the word can't and we tell them how to
42:25 knock off the 'T', you are never allowed to use that word.
42:27 You know my daughter is five years old and she came to me
42:29 just a couple days ago, she said Daddy I can't do this.
42:32 I said whoa stop, I say where did you hear that word?
42:35 What word. Can't. She said well I think I heard it from
42:37 my cousin, and I said that is the most dirty four
42:40 letter word, foul word that you could ever use.
42:43 You are never to use that word again. Okay daddy.
42:46 I showed her c-a-n-'- t and knock off the 'T'
42:48 I can do anything, see.
42:50 It basically goes back to who you are going to believe.
42:52 The devil says you can't do it, you're worthless, you're
42:54 stupid, you're a failure.
42:55 Gods as I can do all things through Christ.
42:57 Who do you believe? It is reprogramming the brain.
42:59 It is the law of attraction, if I say I can't do it,
43:02 I will attract that to myself, if I said can do it,
43:04 I can do all things to Christ and it's a done deal.
43:07 When I first got into recovery, my favorite thing was,
43:09 oh I should have done that, I could have done that,
43:12 I wish I would have done that, and so I got a pin for
43:15 myself, and on the pin it says "Don't Should On Me".
43:18 S H O U L D and I used to think of that because I'm
43:21 not allowed to say that to myself and being able to teach
43:23 yourself to not say that to yourself anymore.
43:26 It takes a while, like any pattern to reprogram yourself.
43:30 You are not allowed to say that word.
43:32 - yeah, you have to reprogram the brain, not hard to do.
43:34 But you can do it. - any other questions?
43:36 I know that Faso a you had a question.
43:38 Yes, Leo, by the way this is very fascinating what you are
43:41 talking about, and I am currently a student at
43:44 a university, I'm attending the seminary.
43:47 And I have a lot of friends and we struggle with issues of
43:51 I can't, or issues of I'm prioritizing, different issues.
43:57 Including our professors, what can you say to, as they are
44:00 watching this program, if they are watching this program
44:03 Will help them get out of this rut that
44:06 we get ourselves into?
44:07 Your mind is like a file box, every time a situation comes
44:11 up in your life, whether it is school, work, or whatever
44:14 you do, you're mind automatical- ly goes back to these files
44:16 ever created, and a lot of our files in our brain were
44:19 created by our parents.
44:20 If you had an impatient father that said you were stupid,
44:22 you can't do anything right that is one of our files.
44:24 We have all these belief systems and whenever a situation
44:26 presents itself we go back to one of those files.
44:28 So it's a matter of changing the files on a daily basis.
44:31 Taking action in every area that you are weak in or that
44:34 you need to grow in.
44:35 So we teach people how to focus on where are the areas
44:38 you most need growth, what areas are you lacking most,
44:41 and then how can we get by day make one choice.
44:44 You see life mastery, it's like losing weight.
44:46 I didn't get fat overnight, it was a steady one step at a
44:49 time, not following the right health plan, not exercising,
44:52 not eating correctly, and the same thing with losing it.
44:55 I have to step-by-step by step do it.
44:56 The culmination of little daily successes is what builds
44:59 you, so if you can take one action today in this area
45:02 of your life, whether it's procrastinating, or whatever
45:04 the thing you are doing as a student, and then tomorrow take
45:07 another action and next day another action,
45:08 this is what we teach people.
45:09 We set a goal, here's what I'm going to do, but everyday
45:12 take one small action and over a month you end up overcoming.
45:15 But deliberately, have it be a deliberate thing.
45:18 - yes. - when I first got in recovery I started to do
45:21 that, and one time I even decided I'm going to send
45:24 myself something for having such a success.
45:26 I went to a floral shop and had them pick some
45:29 wildflowers and I like getting them in the mail so I had
45:32 them sent to myself and wrote a card, you're doing an
45:35 amazing job and had them set them to me.
45:38 What is really interesting is when you do change your
45:41 life skills, when you decide to do that, really tell
45:44 yourself good job and think about it.
45:46 Don't let it just be a success that happened all by itself
45:49 because you had a good test that day, but actually think
45:52 I'm going to do this today and is going to feel good to
45:54 have it be successful.
45:56 Ya, I give myself gold medals, I stand on a platform and
45:59 play the national anthem while tears are coming down my
46:02 eyes, you do have to reward yourself.
46:06 It's almost like it took us forever and people have
46:09 really reinforced all the negative stuff that we have to
46:11 get either people around us to reinforce the positive
46:14 stuff or us ourselves to reinforce that.
46:17 It's like being able to say God, I believe, is our
46:21 favorite cheerleader, God is up there, all the angels are
46:23 up there not looking at what we do wrong in life.
46:25 They are really looking forward to us to get it.
46:27 Come on just get it because I love you.
46:30 I created you to laugh out loud and to love each other
46:33 and to enjoy life.
46:34 And anytime we decide to do something right I think God
46:37 just says, oh my goodness I think he's got it.
46:39 I think he's got it I can see it in his eyes. Right?
46:42 It's a matter of making it very deliberate and that is
46:45 what I so love about your program, it's so deliberate.
46:48 Larry I know that you had some thing you would
46:50 like to ask him.
46:51 What you said about cables, building cables, well I've got
46:53 cables in my brain and they are building up pretty good
46:56 except that I seem to know where I've got to go.
46:58 I'm following that path and I get to a certain point
47:01 and look down here, and I know what I am supposed to,
47:03 but there is like a gap there and I can't get to it.
47:06 It's like something got me by the feet and I can't move.
47:08 How do I get from this point to that point?
47:11 His cables aren't connected. - No they are not.
47:16 Anyone with a habit or an addiction in their life,
47:19 what ever it, has this challenge
47:21 It basically boils down to this, recognize first of all
47:24 that your behavior is rooted in your nervous system.
47:26 Everything you do, everything you say, when you lose your
47:29 temper, when you smoke a cigarette, when you do the drug,
47:31 it is because a neuro path where you have done it
47:33 over and over again and it automatically takes
47:34 you down that path.
47:35 So what you have to change is that actual neural pathway.
47:37 If you try to change your behavior you to spin your wheels
47:40 the rest of your life.
47:41 You try and fail, try and fail.
47:42 So what we teach people is first of all you have to have
47:44 motivation, first step is motivation.
47:46 That only comes through pain and pleasure.
47:48 You have to hit a threshold where you say I'm sick of
47:50 living this way, I don't want this in my life anymore,
47:52 and an associate pleasure to being free of that habit.
47:54 That is a whole study in itself but pain and pleasure
47:57 you have to put in the right place.
47:58 You are associating pleasure to your drugs then you have
48:00 to associate pain to it.
48:01 Once you have the motivation that's what get you going.
48:02 If don't have enough motivation it is because your level of
48:05 pain isn't high enough.
48:07 The second one is to interrupt the pattern.
48:08 When ever this comes up, then you have to interrupt the
48:12 pattern, by that you can do anything, but you have to do
48:14 something unusual, it can be a prayer, it can be a joke,
48:17 he can be a statement, it can be a laugh, it can be a deep
48:20 breath, but you have to do some- thing where you actually break
48:22 this neural pathway as electri- city is flowing thorough it.
48:25 They actually filmed this in neuro science now.
48:27 As you interrupt the pattern it's like you short-circuit
48:29 the neural pathway and in sort of blows up and paralyzes
48:32 and you can't go down that path.
48:34 They found for the average person, if you interrupt the
48:37 pattern 21 consistent times it is gone for the rest of
48:39 your life, you completely damaged and break the neural
48:42 pathway, even if there is a half-million strands all bound
48:44 together, just 21 times consistently interrupting
48:46 it you break it.
48:47 I don't care what you use to break it, it doesn't matter.
48:50 A lot of Bible verses are really, really good because when
48:52 that pattern comes up just hit it with a Bible verse.
48:54 Like fear, God has not given me the spirit of fear.
48:56 You can use jokes, you can use prayers, and use a little
48:59 saying, sometimes just pausing and taking two seconds for
49:02 a deep breath, anything to break the pattern.
49:04 That is what is really, really critical.
49:05 Once that pattern is broken, you do a 21 times
49:08 consistently, you destroy it then many people stop there
49:11 and I think this is where one of the most important parts
49:14 take place in this kind of a situation.
49:16 You also then have to go on to build a new pathway,
49:19 a new neuro cable that will take you down a new path of behavior
49:22 you just don't destroy the one, you also have to build a new one
49:25 Okay, that is where I have a problem.
49:27 I feel like I have started a new cable and I am going down
49:32 this path and I get to this point, I can see the end of it
49:36 but I can't get there. I can't get past that gap.
49:39 My cables don't connect, they are all separated right
49:42 there, and I can do it again and again.
49:44 I'm going down another road, my life is taken a different
49:47 path, my thoughts have taken a different path and it just
49:49 can't seem to get to a point - where you want to be
49:52 different, where you want to live different.
49:53 - it's almost like a self - destruct thing.
49:55 I get to a point where I know I got to continue, but I can't.
49:58 You are dealing with the behavior, and this
50:01 is the key issue.
50:02 Whenever you try to change your behavior you will fail.
50:04 That is so critical, because you are dealing with what is
50:06 obvious, not with what the root is of it.
50:09 Sometimes you have to go back and really look at
50:11 situations and say alright, what am I really
50:13 dealing with here?
50:14 If I have this addiction, the addiction is not my
50:16 problem, it's what's behind this addiction.
50:18 It goes back to the pain and pleasure principle for every
50:21 single time, and as long as you are associating pleasure
50:24 to this behavior, or this habit, or this addiction, what
50:27 ever it is in your life in any way or shape or form,
50:29 it's going to be there and you have to deal with that.
50:32 That is the first step begin, pain, pain to the habit.
50:35 And pleasure to overcoming it.
50:37 That is what creates the motivation.
50:39 Interrupting the pattern is easy, but then the key is
50:41 this, once I have got the old pattern broken,
50:44 I'm continually building a new one.
50:46 Because when a new cable is in my brain and I do
50:49 it over and over again, I rein- force it over again, then soon
50:51 I've go this massive cable in my brain to this new behavior
50:54 and I go down that path without even thinking.
50:55 One thing that I think was important in my own recovery is
50:58 that I thought that my recovery was coming off of heroin,
51:02 coming off the streets, when I realized finally 20 years
51:05 into my recovery, God said you'd never learned to love
51:07 anybody or trust anybody.
51:09 So the real cable was I was afraid. - exactly.
51:13 Then you had to build that cable specifically because the
51:16 issue wasn't the heroin, the issue was rejection.
51:18 - behavior. - exactly, can we do with our behavior and
51:21 you try to change your behavior you will fail every time.
51:24 But when you do with the cause that is behind that
51:26 behavior, then it is easy.
51:28 This is what most people have to figure out, is not hard
51:31 to do but as you are in your recovery, as you are claiming
51:34 victory and you destroy the old way of thinking.
51:36 The old emotional habits or whatever it is, when that old
51:39 cable is destroyed, the new one is critical, critical,
51:42 critical and it has to be positive, it has to be
51:44 affirming, and it has to be good, and has to be Godly,
51:46 and it has to be Biblical.
51:47 In my own life, when I got mad I had to replace that with
51:51 a smile, and that became the new cable.
51:52 Where there was lust, I had to replace that with purity.
51:55 A desire to have a pure and moral life, I had that
51:57 as a goal in my life, the cable got built, and built, and built.
52:00 Same thing with anger, anger was my biggest issue.
52:02 I had to interrupt that pattern then I had to come up with
52:06 a new pattern, that is to speak kindly to people, spend my life
52:09 up building other people because more I build you up the more
52:11 it's going to reciprocate.
52:12 These are the new neural pathways, and once they are
52:14 built it is easy. - alright, now I do that.
52:17 I get up every morning and make a choice, either I'm gonna
52:20 complain all day, and worry all day, or in going to
52:22 get up and say, I like to say praise God for another
52:25 beautiful day and I think positive, I go positive.
52:28 But then all of a sudden it goes awry.
52:30 I don't know if it's because I'm trying to do it on
52:33 my own or I want to go and do what God wants me to do
52:37 and trying to do it on my own, my own knowledge
52:39 which is limited or what. But it seems to do the same
52:42 thing, I seem to get to a certain spot and I can't go
52:44 any further even though I know.
52:46 It's very interesting, and I have to say this to you too
52:49 Larry, is sometimes for me it was that I had to ask God
52:52 what were the real issues.
52:53 And when you say studies for 21 days, I really learned
52:57 those two and saw some studies that were 21 days.
52:59 It's like keep doing the same thing, keeping interfering
53:02 with that, I am done and sick and tired of being sick
53:05 and tired, I'm done living like that.
53:06 God says, you know what? Stay with Me and I promise you
53:09 those neural pathways will be redeveloped.
53:12 I've got to say to you, we ran out of time and I knew
53:15 that was going to happen but I want to have you back
53:18 because I think you have so much to give us and I love
53:20 having you here, thank you for being on the show,
53:22 thank you for teaching us this kind of stuff.
53:24 We are going to check out right now and we will be right
53:28 back, stay tuned because I want to tell you some stuff
53:31 to kind of wrap all of this up.
53:32 This is good stuff and anybody in recovery for anything,
53:36 you need to kind of change all stuff and let God just
53:40 pour joy and happiness and life into you.
53:42 It is so cool, we will be right back.
53:49 Amazing stories, of real people in real situations discussing
53:52 issues that really matter.
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54:16 of these powerful interviews.
54:20 I love this show, I love a couple things about it more
54:23 than anything else is the fact that God really wants us
54:25 to have a knowledge of Him.
54:26 He wants us to understand who He is, what the Bible says,
54:29 what are the promises, all those kind of things.
54:32 There is incredible stuff in the word of God.
54:34 You really need to open it up and get in there, especially
54:36 if you are dealing with any kind of recovery issues, but He also
54:39 says that when you to know how your body works.
54:42 What Leo was saying as far as setting goals and not
54:45 allowing negative things to come in your head, about
54:48 changing habits, changing our neuro pathways
54:50 and all those things.
54:52 As an addict when I learned that it was like Amen.
54:55 I didn't even realize that every single time I ate
54:59 a Snicker's, a neural pathway was developed.
55:01 I'm thinking not that Snickers is bad, but for me
55:04 I was gaining weight, I was turning for my addiction
55:06 into eating disorders and I had to learn all of that.
55:09 So God says, learn as much as you can about yourself.
55:13 When I learned initially, when I told you I learned the
55:16 health message from a guy that said it in a way that
55:19 was not positive to me.
55:21 I got diagnosed with hepatitis A B and C and all of a sudden
55:24 I thought wait a minute, should I not learn about health?
55:27 I ended up doing some good stuff for my body, I started
55:30 thinking clearer, I start having more energy, I started
55:33 really loving life and I realized that the knowledge of
55:37 God in recovery is all of it, all of it.
55:40 What we do, getting outside and getting fresh air.
55:43 Taking some breaths, unders- standing what I think about.
55:47 When I try to understand what I think about, I'm twisted.
55:50 I've said on another show when I was in church and they
55:54 would pass the offering plate, it took me five years
55:56 to not to want to steal all that money because I thought
55:59 there is a lot of money in that offering plate.
56:01 I need to have it. So even been able to say when you
56:04 see something for an addict, for somebody in recovery,
56:08 when I see something that I like I don't have to take it.
56:11 I actually can go buy it because I have a job.
56:15 Those things in us have to be changed.
56:18 There is no way to change that overnight, it didn't happen
56:21 overnight, but God says I promise you I will be faithful
56:24 and follow you all the steps of the way.
56:26 I will follow you out of porn addiction, drug addiction, anger
56:30 stuff, perfectionism, religious addictions and don't fool
56:34 yourself, those can be pretty intense.
56:36 I will follow you out of that, but you have to trust Me.
56:40 You have to give it to Me and make some commitments to
56:43 yourself to actually do the right thing.
56:45 And I'm thinking, God, why do you love us so much?
56:48 Why do You love us so much that not only are You going
56:52 to come in and teach us how to live a life that we may
56:55 not have ever lived, but after I get it, You will fill
56:59 me with laughter, with joy, with energy, with the desire
57:02 to go out and change the world because
57:04 I want to tell every single addict.
57:06 If you are out there watching this, this is for you.
57:09 God has a plan for your life. He wants you healthy.
57:12 He wants your mind clearer. He wants your cables to
57:15 connect and He just wants that.
57:18 Everything about Him wants that for you and He says,
57:21 just trust Me, just raise your hand and trust Me and I
57:24 promise you I will start bringing things into your life.
57:27 If you need to, call Leo, get in touch with me and get him
57:30 out to your church to do seminars because it's amazing.
57:33 So I want to tell you, trust God and get to know Him and
57:36 until next time always remember that God is crazy about
57:39 you and so am I.
57:41 I love the fact that you joined us.
57:44 Bye, see you next week.


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