Cracking the Genesis Code

A Warning For The Mockers

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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:14 Our Father in heaven, we thank You so much for the awesome
01:20 privilege of coming into Your presence to hear Your voice,
01:25 speaking to us, and to honor and glorify Your name.
01:30 We ask that as we study the message that You have for us
01:36 from 2 Peter 3, that Your Holy Spirit will be with us
01:40 and instruct us. Help us, Lord, to long for the coming of Jesus.
01:47 Help us to realize that this world is not our home.
01:52 Help us to look for our real and true homeland
01:55 where Jesus dwells.
01:57 We thank You for hearing our prayer,
01:59 for we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
02:04 As you heard from my prayer this morning, we are going
02:12 to study the message that God has for us in 2 Peter 3.
02:19 Now before we begin reading at verse 3, allow me to say
02:24 that this epistle of Peter was written very close to the end
02:31 of his life. In fact Peter, probably, at this time was
02:36 imprisoned, and he was about to be crucified
02:40 with his head down, by his own request.
02:44 And so we have, in chapter 3, the last written words
02:51 from the apostle Peter shortly before his death.
02:55 Now the last words, I believe, are very important words,
03:00 and so it would be well for us to listen to what the
03:05 apostle Peter has to say.
03:07 And, by the way, we're going to notice that he is speaking about
03:11 the end time generation.
03:14 He's speaking about our day and age.
03:16 Now let's turn in our Bibles to 2 Peter 3, and I would like to
03:22 begin at verse 3, 2 Peter 3:3.
03:31 In other words, this is of the utmost importance.
03:45 Now let's stop there just for a moment.
03:48 We're told by Peter that in the last days...
03:52 That places it within our time frame.
03:55 the last days scoffers will arise, mockers will arise,
04:02 and they will want to live according to their own lusts.
04:07 Now this is very, very important as we begin our study,
04:10 because we're going to notice that these individuals
04:14 are actually delaying, and postponing the coming of Jesus.
04:19 In fact they're going to say, Where is the promise
04:22 of His coming? And the reason why they want to postpone the
04:27 second coming, the reason why they're saying where is the
04:31 promise of His coming? is, because according to verse 3,
04:35 they want to live according to their own lusts.
04:39 You see, people who live according to their own lusts
04:43 do not really want Jesus to come.
04:48 They are not anxious about Jesus coming.
04:51 And so Peter begins by saying that in the last days mockers
04:56 will come who live according to their own lusts,
05:00 and they will want to postpone, and delay, the coming of Jesus
05:04 for that particular reason.
05:06 Now if you turn with me in your Bibles to 2 Timothy 4,
05:11 we will read some verses from the last epistle which was
05:17 written by the apostle Paul.
05:18 And, by the way, he also uses the expression "the last days".
05:25 So we have the last words from Peter in 2 Peter 3,
05:29 and now we're going to read the last words of the apostle Paul
05:35 as he was imprisoned in Rome, and about to the be beheaded.
05:39 2 Timothy 4:1.
06:17 By the way, that's the identical Greek word.
06:20 ...according to their own lusts,
06:40 Notice, once again, a group of individuals who are living
06:43 in the time of the judgment when Jesus is going to come to judge
06:47 the living and the dead.
06:49 The apostle Paul says that they're living according
06:53 to their own lusts.
06:54 And what they do in order to pacify their conscience
06:59 is they pile up teachers who teach them according to what
07:04 they want to hear.
07:06 Now the image that is being used in this passage of the apostle
07:11 Paul, is that there are people who are itching to hear
07:15 what they want to hear.
07:17 And what they're going to do is they're going to find teachers
07:21 who will scratch their itching ears.
07:24 In other words, they will tell people what people want to hear.
07:29 So we find in the writings of Paul, and in the writings of
07:33 Peter, the last words that each of them wrote they had
07:37 grave concern for the church, grave concern over individuals
07:42 who would live according to their own lusts,
07:45 would teach false doctrine, and would say, Where is the promise
07:50 of His coming? Now let's go on in our study to verse 4,
07:56 2 Peter 3:4. Verse 3 says, knowing this first that scoffers
08:04 will come in the last days, walking according to their own
08:08 lusts. This explains why they scoff.
08:10 Now what are they going to say?
08:28 Where is the promise of His coming?
08:31 Everything is the same as it was from the beginning of time,
08:37 is what these mockers, or scoffers, are saying.
08:40 They're saying, we don't have to be concerned about Jesus
08:44 coming soon, anytime soon.
08:47 There's no assurance of that, because you can go as far back
08:51 as you want, and things continue exactly the way they've been
08:55 since the beginning of time.
08:57 I guess we could call these individuals uniformitarian's.
09:03 Basically, this is the idea, that there's nothing new under
09:07 the sun. The ocean stays within its banks,
09:12 that is most of the time.
09:14 The sun rises and sets.
09:18 Nature is governed by set laws.
09:22 Seasons come and they go.
09:25 Society carries on as usual.
09:29 People eat, drink, buy, sell, plant, build, and marry,
09:38 and are given in marriage, just like they have since
09:43 the beginning of time.
09:44 Business is carried on as usual.
09:48 And, so basically, these individuals, these mockers,
09:52 who want to live according to their own fleshly desires,
09:57 or their own lusts, say there's not going to be any
10:01 second coming of Jesus any time soon, because everything
10:05 continues the same from the very beginning of time.
10:09 Now, folks, I have seen in my experience that there are three
10:14 steps that people take, which eventually leads, not only to
10:21 leaving the church, but being turned off also on religion:
10:25 1. Apathy towards the coming of Jesus.
10:30 2. What results from apathy is a more and more secular lifestyle;
10:39 more and more feeling comfortable with living in this
10:44 world, with the things of this world.
10:46 And ultimately a total abandonment of religion,
10:51 the Bible, and faith.
10:54 That's what the apostle Peter is talking about here.
10:58 Individuals who say, my grandparents talked about the
11:03 second coming, my parents talked about the second coming,
11:06 and everybody has talked since time and memorial about
11:10 the second coming of Jesus, but it hasn't happened.
11:13 Things continue as they always have, and they always will
11:18 continue in that way as well.
11:20 Don't be concerned about the coming of Jesus.
11:24 It's okay to live according to your own lusts.
11:28 And apathy leads to comfort in this world, which ultimately
11:34 leads to an abandonment of faith in Jesus Christ,
11:39 and acceptance and belief in His coming.
11:42 Now let's go to verse 5.
11:44 The apostle Peter is going to say that those who argue in this
11:49 way willingly ignore several facts.
11:54 Now notice verse 5.
11:56 For this they willingly forget.
11:59 Now notice that if they simply forgot it, or didn't have any
12:04 chance to know about it, it would be okay.
12:07 But the apostle Peter says that they make a decision
12:11 of their will that they are not going to believe in what
12:15 we're going to talk about.
12:16 In other words, they willingly forget, or ignore, that by the
12:22 word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing
12:28 out of water, and in the water.
12:30 The first thing that they ignore is the fact that by the
12:35 word of God this world was created by God.
12:42 And the idea is that it was created not over long periods
12:47 of time, but it was created by the Word of God
12:50 instantaneously. You see, these individuals believe in long
12:56 ages. Everything has continued the same since
13:00 the beginning of time.
13:01 Peter is saying, you ignore the fact that in old times
13:06 the Word of God created this world.
13:10 Out of the water, it was in water, and by the way,
13:14 He's going to say that the world will eventually
13:16 be destroyed by water.
13:19 Now I want you to notice Psalm 33:6, 9, Psalm 33:6, 9.
13:28 This is describing creation, the creation that these individuals
13:33 are denying, the supernatural, instantaneous, quick creation
13:38 of God at the beginning. Psalm 33:6, It says:
13:53 Now notice verse 9:
13:57 and a million years later it was done.
14:01 That's not what it says! It says:
14:13 In other words, these individuals are ignoring
14:16 that when God created this world, He created this world
14:20 by His Word, at the beginning, quickly, and instantaneously.
14:26 Now how do we know that?
14:27 We cannot empirically prove it.
14:30 We can only know it by faith.
14:34 Notice Hebrews 11:3, Hebrews 11:3.
14:41 This is a very well known verse, but I think it's important to
14:45 read it once again.
14:46 Here the apostle Paul, whom I believe to be the author
14:49 of Hebrews, actually the writer of Hebrews, the author is God.
15:08 And by the way, in the Genesis story we find that each day,
15:13 for example the first day it says that God declared,
15:17 Let there be light, and there was light.
15:21 Let there be the firmament, and there was the firmament.
15:25 Let there be dry land, and there was dry land.
15:28 Let there be plants, and there were plants and trees.
15:31 Let there be the sun, the moon, and the stars, and they were.
15:34 Let the heavens produce birds, let there be fish in the seas,
15:38 and it was so the Bible says.
15:41 In other words, there's no room for long ages of time.
15:45 Everything continues, who knows how far back, the same.
15:50 Peter is talking about individuals who deny that the
15:54 Word of God, at the beginning, created this world
15:58 instantaneously and quickly.
16:02 Now allow me to read you a statement, very interesting
16:06 statement, that we find in Patriarchs and Prophets,
16:09 page 111. Do you know that there are Seventh-day Adventist
16:12 theologians today, Seventh-day Adventist scientists today,
16:17 who are teaching something known as progressive creationism.
16:23 It's the idea that God used evolution as His
16:27 method of creation.
16:28 In other words, God used millions of years to bring the
16:33 things into existence as we know them today.
16:36 God used the mechanism of evolution to create.
16:40 And, actually, they're teaching that death existed long before
16:45 sin in the animal world, because the animal world was used
16:49 in the process of evolution.
16:50 And they say that the fossil record reveals that dead
16:54 animals, and dead plants existed long before Adam and Eve were
16:58 created, because they're trying to reconcile the testimony
17:02 of the earth with scripture, and it is impossible, because
17:06 scripture speaks of a quick creation in six literal days.
17:11 It does not speak of progressive creation.
17:14 Now notice Patriarchs and Prophets, page 111.
17:19 Ellen White says:
18:15 This is sad. You see, if you believe that God has taken
18:23 millions of years to create this world, and that the world is
18:28 still evolving, what makes you think that the coming of Jesus
18:32 is anytime soon?
18:33 How much longer are we going to have to wait?
18:37 You see, if you don't have an instantaneous beginning,
18:41 what makes you think that we're going to have an instantaneous
18:43 end? Furthermore, why would we even keep the Sabbath?
18:48 We keep the Sabbath because we believe that God created the
18:51 world in six literal days, and rested the seventh literal day.
18:54 We are supposed to work six literal days, and we are
18:58 supposed to rest the seventh day in commemoration of what He did.
19:01 But if each day was millions of years, as Ellen White says,
19:05 why would we even bother to keep the Sabbath in honor of the day
19:09 which consisted of millions of years at the beginning?
19:12 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
19:14 What the devil is doing is he is attacking the Creator.
19:18 He is attacking the sign of the Creator: the Sabbath, because he
19:23 hates Jesus, and he wants people to forget Jesus.
19:27 Now let me just summarize a little bit what happened
19:31 according to 2 Peter 3:5. It says:
19:47 Now what's this, standing out of the water, and in the water?
19:51 Let me explain, and I'll do this without reading the verses.
19:54 Genesis 1:2 tells us that the planet was covered with water
19:59 before God created it.
20:00 The planet was a globe of water.
20:05 And what God did on the second day of creation
20:10 was to separate the waters.
20:13 He took part of the water and He placed it above
20:17 in the firmament, and He took another portion of the water
20:21 and He placed it under the earth, which is known as the
20:25 fountains of the great deep.
20:27 Scripture speaks about the water that was placed above
20:30 as the windows of heaven.
20:32 And then on the third day God made the land
20:36 appear out of the water.
20:38 That's what Peter is talking about.
20:39 He's referring directly to the fact that this earth,
20:44 which was covered with water, God at creation made the earth
20:48 appear in the water, and He separated the waters from
20:52 the waters; placing waters above and waters below.
20:56 In other words, Peter is saying that God created this world
21:00 by His Word, and He emphasizes the fact that God stored water
21:05 above, and stored water below when He made the dry land,
21:09 and when He made the firmament.
21:10 And he's trying to make this point for a specific reason.
21:13 Go back with me to 2 Peter 3, and let's read verse 5 again,
21:19 and go on to verse 6.
21:21 It says: for this they willingly forget.
21:24 There's evidence, in other words.
21:25 They could have faith, but they forget it purposely, willingly,
21:30 that by the Word of God the heavens were of old,
21:35 and the earth, standing out of water, and in the water,
21:41 Now notice:
21:54 Do you notice the earth was in the water, out of the water,
21:59 and God destroyed the world with that water.
22:03 Now the question is, how did this happen?
22:07 According to Peter, was there once a worldwide flood,
22:12 a worldwide deluge?
22:14 Do you know that some of our own scientists, and our own
22:18 theologians, are saying that the flood referred to in Genesis
22:22 was a local flood in the valley of Mesopotamia?
22:27 In some of our schools that idea is being taught; that the flood
22:33 was not a worldwide flood, it was a local flood that took
22:37 place over in the middle east.
22:39 Now I'm not going to go into the reasons why it was a universal
22:43 flood in their fullness, but allow me just to make a few
22:47 remarks about that.
22:48 The word which is generally used in the New Testament
22:52 for flood, is the word potamos.
22:57 Whenever the New Testament talks about a flood, a local flood,
23:02 it's the word potamos.
23:04 But when Jesus described the flood in Noah's day, He used a
23:09 different word that is used only for that flood,
23:12 and it was the word kataklusmos.
23:15 In other words, the flood in Noah's day was a cataclysm.
23:19 And, by the way, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah,
23:22 which Jesus presented as parallel with the destruction
23:25 of the world by the flood, the word that is used for
23:28 the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Greek is the
23:31 word katastrophe, which means that the destruction of
23:36 Sodom and Gomorrah, the destruction of the world,
23:38 was a catastrophe.
23:40 And the word that Peter uses for flooded in 2 Peter 3,
23:46 is the word kataklusmos, where we get the word cataclysm from.
23:51 This was not some local flood.
23:53 This was a global worldwide cataclysm.
23:58 Now we've all seen the pictures of the Tsunami that took place
24:05 in Asia, in these few places on the globe where the Tsunami
24:11 manifested itself.
24:13 You know, you look at those places before and after,
24:16 and after they don't look anything like they did before.
24:19 Now you're talking about a disaster, so called natural
24:23 disaster, that took place there in a certain
24:27 region of planet earth.
24:28 Now I want you to imagine the same thing happening all over
24:34 planet earth, only a million times worse,
24:38 and you can imagine what the flood was in the days of Noah.
24:43 And so what these individuals are saying in the last days,
24:48 by the way, and I believe that God allowed Peter to see
24:52 what's happening today in the Adventist church, as well as
24:55 with many theologians who are outside the Adventist church.
24:58 He saw people who started doubting a supernatural creation
25:02 by the Word of God, instantaneous, in six literal
25:05 days, and resting the seventh literal day.
25:07 He also saw individuals within the church who started teaching
25:12 that the flood was just a local flood, that this was not some
25:15 global, universal catastrophe.
25:18 By the way, if you go with me to Genesis 7:11, we find the
25:24 description of what happened at the time of the flood.
25:27 Do you know God did not have to invent water for the flood?
25:31 God did not have to create water.
25:33 Do you know what He did?
25:35 He simply took the water that He had placed above, and He took
25:39 the water that He had placed below, and He brought the water
25:42 from up there down, and He brought the water from down
25:46 there up. Notice Genesis 7:11, Genesis 7:11. It says:
26:12 That must have been some type of rainstorm,
26:17 that you could completely cover every mountain on planet earth
26:22 in forty days and forty nights of rain.
26:25 Ellen White says that gushes of water came forth from the earth,
26:31 and they hurled huge boulders hundreds of feet into the air.
26:37 You know, when people today, when scholars today don't
26:41 believe that there was a universal flood, how can they
26:44 ever study geology?
26:46 You see, they're coming to the conclusion that everything
26:49 is the same from the beginning.
26:51 So if they don't take into account that there was a flood,
26:54 they're obviously going to misread the testimony
26:58 of the earth. Now not only do we find this description of this
27:03 cataclysm, but after the flood another thing happened
27:07 which affected greatly the condition, or the situation,
27:12 of the earth. Notice Genesis 8:1, Genesis 8:1.
27:19 Here we're told, very briefly, and in a moment I'm going to
27:22 read a statement from the Spirit of Prophecy,
27:24 which is very interesting. It says:
27:40 So not only do you have this catastrophe of the water
27:44 turning the world upside down, but you also have this massive
27:49 wind that God sends after the flood.
27:51 Now allow me to read you something about this wind,
27:55 because Ellen White saw it.
27:56 Patriarchs and Prophets, page 108. She says:
28:21 Have you ever seen any wind like that before?
28:24 Or notice what she continues saying:
29:02 Can you imagine wind that can take debris and form a mountain
29:09 out of the debris?
29:11 And so scientists and theologians, who deny that there
29:15 was a universal flood, they are going to read, just like the
29:20 mockers in 2 Peter 3, that everything continues
29:23 as at the beginning.
29:25 And they're trying to read the earth as if that were true,
29:28 when there has been a supernatural catastrophe
29:32 in between, which would help them read the earth aright.
29:36 You see, they find fossils in the earth that says, yes,
29:40 the world is a lot older than it appears to be.
29:43 And look at the order of the fossils.
29:44 The fact is that you cannot read the earth as if everything
29:49 had been buried in sequence in the course of history,
29:52 because you have this catastrophic flood.
29:54 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
29:56 Now allow me to read you another couple of statements from the
29:59 Spirit of Prophecy.
30:00 And, by the way, I believe that God has raised up the
30:01 Seventh-day Adventist church for a time such as this.
30:04 When our name was adopted in 1860 there was one individual,
30:10 there was a committee of three, who felt that the best name
30:13 would be Church of God, and the other two said, Church of God?
30:16 What does that say?
30:18 Everybody claims to be the Church of God.
30:19 What would be the name which would show the distinctiveness
30:24 of this movement of this church?
30:26 And after a period of debate, they adopted the name,
30:31 Seventh-day Adventist.
30:33 This is a name that fits perfectly with 2 Peter 3,
30:38 because 2 Peter 3 speaks of a divine beginning.
30:42 God created, by His Word, instantaneously,
30:47 at the beginning, six literal days, and rested on the seventh
30:51 literal day. That's the part of our name which is called
30:55 Seventh-day. It shows that we believe in a literal Creator
31:00 at the beginning.
31:01 But the name Adventist shows that we believe equally in a
31:05 supernatural, instanious end to human history.
31:10 In other words, it's a name that shows that we believe
31:13 in a divine beginning, and a divine end,
31:16 and that in a period when Darwin and other scientists
31:19 were saying, we see no vestige of a beginning, and we see no
31:24 prospect of an end.
31:26 It's as if Peter was writing in those days.
31:30 Now Ellen White has this to say about those who doubt
31:35 the literal story of creation, and the story of the flood.
31:39 On page 114 of Patriarchs and Prophets, she says:
31:47 I like that. She says:
31:55 Jesus said they were supposed to have faith like children.
31:58 Have you ever found a child, when you teach them the story
32:01 of the flood they say, now is that scientifically possible?
32:07 Or you talk about creation and the child says, now ah,
32:12 how in the world could God scientifically speak,
32:17 and suddenly a bird appears?
32:19 I have never been in a Sabbath School where I've shared
32:22 the story of creation, where children will come up with
32:25 such a foolish comment.
32:26 And yet those of us who become sophisticated,
32:31 who get college degrees, we come to the point where we think
32:35 that we're smarter than God's Word.
32:37 We're wiser than God's Word.
32:39 The fact is, folks, that we can trust the Word of God.
32:43 The Word of God created the world.
32:46 The Word of God caused the flood, and that same Word
32:50 we're going to find in Peter, is going to bring destruction
32:53 finally to the world.
32:54 She says these persons have lost the simplicity of faith.
33:22 That is doubting.
33:52 On page 112 she says this:
35:17 Folks, if we ever, if we ever get to the point where we
35:23 disbelieve a literal creation, in six days with God resting
35:28 on the seventh day, automatically, we'll delay
35:31 the second coming of Jesus, because if there was no
35:34 instantaneous, supernatural, miraculous beginning,
35:37 how much longer are we going to have to wait until the
35:40 process of evolution reaches its end, if we believe
35:44 in progressive creationism, that is?
35:47 Now let's go on to 2 Peter 3:7, 2 Peter 3:7.
35:54 Here Peter says these individuals say that since
35:58 creation everything has been the same.
36:00 They willingly ignore that God destroyed the world by a flood.
36:04 And now he's going to say they ignore one further thing.
36:08 Verse 7:
36:24 Now it's interesting when you read the book, Patriarchs and
36:28 Prophets, you'll discover that God is not going to have to
36:31 invent fuel or create fuel to burn this earth.
36:34 Just like at creation, He stored water above and below,
36:38 and at the flood He brought the water from above down,
36:42 and the water from below up.
36:43 In the same way, at the flood, gigantic amounts of organic
36:51 matter: trees, animals, human beings,
36:54 were buried under the earth, and they have become coal,
36:59 and they have become oil.
37:01 Believe me, all the oil that is to be found
37:05 has not been found yet.
37:06 There's much, much more than has ever been taken out.
37:09 And the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that when Jesus comes
37:13 the lightning's from heaven will join this fuel from the earth
37:18 and it will bring about destruction of planet earth.
37:22 And so these individuals ignore three things:
37:26 They ignore that Jesus created the world in six literal days,
37:31 and rested the seventh.
37:32 They ignore the fact that the world at one point was destroyed
37:37 by a universal catastrophe, a universal cataclysm,
37:41 a worldwide flood, for the ungodliness of the inhabitants.
37:45 And they ignore that God has stored His arsenal in the earth.
37:49 and that very soon this earth is going to be enveloped in flames,
37:55 and it's going to be destroyed once again, along with all those
37:58 who are ungodly, and do not love the appearing of Jesus.
38:03 Now lets go to 2 Peter 3:8.
38:06 Peter's going to discuss this a little bit further.
38:09 Notice, he says in verse 8:
38:23 Now do you notice that?
38:25 What is Peter saying?
38:27 Peter is simply saying that time for God, and time for us,
38:31 needs to be looked at differently.
38:33 He's speaking about the temporality of man,
38:36 and the eternity of God.
38:37 You know, we speak of a delay, ah, it's been 6,000 years.
38:41 How much is 6,000 years for God? for one who is eternal?
38:46 I mean it's not even a drop in the bucket!
38:49 For God 6,000 years is not a delay at all, because the
38:57 concept of time that God has is very different than the
39:01 concept of time that we have.
39:03 The fact is that in the sight of God there is no delay.
39:08 We know that there's a delay, and that's the reason why,
39:10 according to Peter, these individuals were saying,
39:13 where is the promise of His coming?
39:14 They developed apathy.
39:16 They got caught up in the world, in a secular lifestyle,
39:20 and they were about to lose their faith.
39:22 And Peter is telling the believers, he's saying,
39:25 don't fall for it, don't buy it, because it's not true,
39:29 because the delay is only a delay in our mind.
39:33 It's not a delay in the mind of God.
39:35 Now notice 2 Peter 3:9, 2 Peter 3:9.
39:42 See, what's he's saying is, you who are saying that the
39:47 promise of Jesus' coming is not here, and it's not going to
39:50 come anytime soon.
39:51 You doubt that the Word of God created the world.
39:53 You doubt that the Word of God brought about the flood.
39:56 You doubt that the Word of God is going to bring destruction
39:59 upon the world. You're saying that God is delaying His coming.
40:03 He says, listen, you can speak of a delay, but for God there is
40:08 no delay, because for God one day is as a thousand years,
40:12 and a thousand years as one day.
40:13 In other words, there is no delay in the mind of God.
40:16 And then he says, I am going to tell you the reason why
40:19 Jesus hasn't come yet.
40:21 Notice verse 9. It says:
40:25 Slow, that means.
40:36 As some count slowness, in other words.
40:54 What is the reason for the delay?
40:55 Humanly speaking, because for God there is no delay.
40:59 The reason for the delay is because there are people
41:03 who still need to be what? still need to be saved.
41:07 Now you say, how's that?
41:09 Let me ask you, do you think God has set a date
41:13 for His second coming? for Christ's second coming.
41:17 Do you think God has set a date?
41:19 Or does God have a sliding date?
41:23 Has God set a date? Yes, He has.
41:27 Does God know the end from the beginning?
41:30 Isaiah 46 says that He declares the end from the beginning.
41:36 Does God know the date of the second coming? Sure He does!
41:42 Mark 13:32, Jesus says:
41:53 The Father knows the date of the second coming.
41:56 But that date, according to Acts 1:6-8, is hidden in the
42:03 secret councils of God.
42:09 Now some people have troubles with this idea of hastening,
42:12 or delaying the coming of Christ.
42:14 Let me explain exactly how we should understand this.
42:18 Did God arbitrarily set a date for the second coming of Christ?
42:23 Did God say, I make a declaration,
42:27 I'm going to come such and such a month, of such and such
42:31 a day, such and such a year.
42:33 Ready or not, here I come!
42:36 Did God set an arbitrary date?
42:40 God did not set an arbitrary date.
42:42 He did not give a divine decree saying when Jesus
42:47 was going to come.
42:48 On what basis then did God set a date?
42:51 He set a date based on His knowledge of the decisions
42:55 that His people would make.
42:59 Are you following me or not?
43:00 Did God know that His people were not going to get caught up
43:07 with Him? That His people were going to slumber?
43:11 That His people were going to become lazy?
43:15 That His people were going to be comfortable in the world?
43:18 Did He know that long before it happened? Yes.
43:21 So what date did God set for the second coming?
43:25 He set the date according to His knowledge of when His people
43:29 would prepare, and are ready for Jesus to come.
43:33 Do you know that Jesus could have come back to this earth
43:37 shortly after 1844?
43:39 In fact, He could have come back in 1888.
43:43 Allow me to read you an interesting statement
43:45 from the book, Evangelism page 696.
43:48 She says, for forty years did unbelief, murmuring and
43:52 rebellion shut out ancient Israel from the land of Canaan.
43:57 The same sins have delayed the entrance of modern Israel
44:02 into the heavenly Canaan.
44:05 Could Jesus have come before this? Of course.
44:11 Did God set an earlier date, and then say, oh, oh, I've got to
44:14 change the date? No.
44:16 Did God know that His people were going to manifest
44:19 this spirit? Yes, so what did God do?
44:21 He set a date when He knew that His people would be ready
44:26 for Him to fulfill His promise.
44:28 He did not determine the date.
44:30 He knew the decisions that His people would make,
44:32 and on that basis He set the date.
44:35 She continues saying, In neither case,...
44:40 That is of Israel or us.
44:42 ...were the promises of God at fault.
44:46 It is the unbelief, the worldliness, the unconsecration,
44:53 and strife among the Lord's professed people, that have kept
44:59 us in this world of sin and sorrow so many years.
45:03 The fact is folks, that God is not going to close the door
45:08 of probation upon this earth until every single human being
45:12 has had a chance to make the choice for or against the Lord.
45:17 And the reason why it hasn't happened is because God's people
45:21 have not gone out to preach the gospel so that the end can come.
45:25 And God knew that His people were not going to do it.
45:29 But God also knew that if His people had done it, then God in
45:34 His calendar would have set an earlier date.
45:37 Raise your hand if you're understanding what I'm saying.
45:39 See, God does not arbitrarily choose a date
45:42 to close probation for Jesus to come.
45:45 He establishes the date based on His knowledge of the choices
45:49 that His people are going to make.
45:52 So Peter is saying, listen, God is not delaying His coming
45:58 as some think of a delay.
46:01 He says, the reason why there's an appearance of a delay is
46:05 because God wants everyone who is savable to be saved.
46:09 He doesn't want anyone to perish, but He wants everyone
46:14 to come to repentance.
46:16 Now let's go to 2 Peter 3:10, 2 Peter 3:10. It says here:
46:29 That's interesting; as a thief in the night.
46:33 What usually happens when a thief comes in the night?
46:37 People are sleeping and they're unconscious about the thief
46:42 coming, right? Are a lot of people going to be caught
46:45 by surprise? Sure they are.
46:50 Because they're what? they're sleeping.
46:54 Hum, reminds me of, this is kind of an interesting little
46:59 story I heard of a young boy who was using some building blocks
47:04 to the living room of the house, and his father came into
47:08 the living room; burst in and started talking real loudly,
47:11 and the son looked at his father and he went shush!
47:17 And his father said, why should I be quiet?
47:20 The little boy says, because I'm building a church.
47:23 The father felt real well.
47:26 He said, wow, my son, he's learned the lesson of reverence.
47:30 Then he said I'd better ask, and he says, Son, why should I
47:33 be quiet in church?
47:35 He said, because everybody's sleeping!
47:44 That's the picture that Jesus gives.
47:47 Jesus, when He comes, is going to find a lot of His people
47:52 what? sleeping! And He will come as a thief in the night.
47:56 He will be surprising, even for many of God's own people.
47:59 Notice, once again, verse 10:
48:09 That's the noise of raging fire.
48:16 The heavens and the elements are the building blocks
48:18 of planet earth; the ABC's so to speak.
48:28 And then He says what we should be doing in the light of
48:30 the fact that this is coming. It says:
48:44 How should we be living as we expect this great event?
48:57 That means anxiously anticipating the...
49:22 A better translation would be, in which righteousness makes
49:26 its home, or righteousness abides.
49:30 And then notice verse 14: Therefore, beloved, looking
49:36 forward to these things be diligent to be found by Him in
49:41 peace, without spot, and blameless.
49:46 The apostle Paul speaks about the church being without spot,
49:50 or wrinkle, or any such thing.
49:54 Jesus spoke about the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
49:59 John said that those who have this hope in their hearts,
50:03 they purify themselves, even as He is pure.
50:11 In other words, God is not going to take to heaven individuals
50:15 who do not have purity of thought, and purity of life.
50:21 The whole purpose of this passage of Peter is to encourage
50:26 and exhort the church.
50:28 Yes, to believe that there was a supernatural, literal creation.
50:32 Yes, there was a supernatural worldwide, global flood.
50:38 Yes, there is a delay, humanly speaking.
50:41 But the reason for the delay is because there's still people
50:45 who have to make the choice to be saved, so that probation
50:49 can close. And he's saying, just like what happened at the flood,
50:53 is going to take place again.
50:54 As in the days of Noah, so also shall be the coming
50:57 of the son of man.
50:58 And so as the ungodly were shut out at the flood, the ungodly
51:03 will be shut out at the end.
51:05 So He says we should live in peace.
51:07 We should live a Godly life.
51:10 We should live with pious conduct in our lives
51:14 as we await that great day.
51:18 Now I wouldn't want to close without mentioning one further
51:21 thing about 2 Peter 3:13.
51:25 It says that we're awaiting new heavens, and a new earth,
51:30 where righteousness dwells.
51:33 Notice that we're waiting for a new heavens, and a new earth.
51:36 Now listen up. How many days did Jesus take
51:40 to create the world?
51:41 Six days, and then what did He do? rested the seventh.
51:47 Is this world going to be dissolved?
51:49 Is it going to be burned up?
51:51 In fact, we get the impression from 2 Peter 3 that this planet
51:55 is not going to exist anymore.
51:57 God is going to make a new planet, because it is going
52:00 to be totally vaporized.
52:02 So my question is, how many days do you think God
52:06 is going to use to create this world again?
52:13 Is He just going to make it appear all of a sudden?
52:16 I don't think so.
52:19 In fact I know He's not going to.
52:21 You say, how do you know that?
52:23 At the beginning, when Jesus created this world,
52:27 Adam and Eve weren't here.
52:31 They had to accept the fact that God was the Creator by faith,
52:36 because they didn't see God create anything.
52:39 I mean Adam didn't even see God create Eve.
52:43 God put him to sleep.
52:44 They saw God create nothing!
52:47 The only way that they could know that God was the Creator,
52:50 is because He told them so, because there could have been
52:54 another explanation.
52:55 The devil said, ha, God isn't the Creator. Come on!
52:58 There were other possible explanations.
53:00 They simply needed to abide in faith
53:02 that God was their Creator.
53:03 But at the end of time, the wonderful thing is, that all of
53:07 God's people will be alive when God makes a new heavens,
53:10 and a new earth. Imagine what it will be like when God
53:14 re-creates this planet, and He says, Let there the light!
53:19 And there was light.
53:22 Let there be the firmament, and there was the firmament.
53:25 Let there be dry land, and there is dry land.
53:29 Let there be trees, and flowers, and plants, and it is so.
53:35 Let there be in the heavens sun, moon, and stars,
53:38 because the sun, moon, and stars are going to be moved out
53:40 of their places when Jesus comes.
53:42 They will be moved!
53:46 Imagine what it will be like when God says, Let the waters
53:49 be filled with fish, and let the airs be filled with birds.
53:54 And when He creates animals, like at the beginning.
53:59 Straw eating lions.
54:04 The Bible says that children will play with snakes.
54:08 That's an amazing world!
54:13 And then, of course, God's people will observe the Sabbath,
54:18 in commemoration of the new creation.
54:21 You say, how do you know that?
54:22 It's very simple.
54:23 In Isaiah 66 we are told very clearly, as the new heavens,
54:33 and the new earth that I create shall remain before you,
54:40 so shall your name remain.
54:41 And then He says, it shall be that from one new moon
54:45 to another, and from one Sabbath to another, all flesh shall
54:49 come to what? to worship before Me.
54:52 The new heavens and the new earth are followed by the
54:56 command to observe what? the Sabbath, in Isaiah 66.
55:01 Only we'll be observing the Sabbath in commemoration
55:05 of the new creation.
55:07 And then God's people will live with Jesus forever and ever.
55:12 Now listen folks, the passage of time can produce one of two
55:20 results. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
55:28 Are you homesick when you really want to be with somebody
55:31 and you've been absent for a long time?
55:33 Are you really homesick to be with that person? Absolutely!
55:37 Why are you homesick?
55:39 Because you love that person.
55:42 And the more you think of that person, the more you want to be
55:44 with him or with her.
55:46 But there's another danger, and that is with the passing of time
55:52 we don't think about that person, and love grows cold.
56:02 Either one is a possibility, and it all depends on whether we
56:07 have our focus on Jesus.
56:09 I don't know if you're homesick for Jesus or not.
56:11 I didn't say homesick for heaven,
56:13 I said homesick for Jesus.
56:15 The only way we can be homesick for Jesus, is if we love Jesus
56:19 more and more each day.
56:20 If we think of Him; if we can't stand even one moment living
56:24 apart from Him. Our focus is on Him, on that world where we're
56:30 going to be with Him, our Redeemer, our Creator,
56:33 forever and ever. And when Jesus is the center of our thoughts,
56:37 we become sick of the world, and homesick for Jesus.
56:40 But if we don't focus on Jesus, love grows cold, and that's what
56:49 Peter is talking about.
56:50 People who have lost their faith, people who have lost
56:56 their assurance that Jesus is coming, because in the passing
57:01 of time they have forgotten Jesus.
57:05 I pray to God that in this coming week, we will make it a
57:10 point to think of Jesus more and more.
57:15 That we will be homesick for Jesus.


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