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Genesis And The Gift Of Prophecy

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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:15 Our Father in heaven, we thank you for the awesome
01:18 privilege of being here once again
01:20 to study about Genesis and the gift of prophecy.
01:24 We ask that as we open Your holy book
01:27 that Your Holy Spirit will be with to instruct us.
01:31 Help us to realize that we're living at the very end of time
01:34 and that we need special guidance from You.
01:39 We thank you for the privilege of prayer
01:41 and we ask that You will answer us
01:44 because we ask it in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.
01:49 We'd like to begin our study today at Genesis chapter 5
01:54 and verse 24.
01:56 Genesis chapter 5 and verse 24.
02:01 Here it's speaking about an individual called Enoch.
02:06 And by the way, Enoch is the
02:08 only person in Genesis 5
02:10 who did not die.
02:12 You'll find in the list there
02:13 that it says: "he died, he died, he died, he died. "
02:17 But when it comes to Enoch Enoch did not die.
02:23 It says there in Genesis chapter 5 and verse 24
02:27 the following:
02:29 "So all the days of Enoch
02:33 were 365 years... "
02:36 I'm starting at verse 23 for the context.
02:39 It says in verse 24:
02:52 It doesn't say that Enoch died.
02:54 It says he walked with God and God took him.
02:58 Now in the book of Hebrews we have additional information
03:02 about Enoch. Go with me to Hebrews chapter 11
03:07 and we want to read verse 5.
03:10 Hebrews 11 and verse 5.
03:14 It says here:
03:38 So Genesis tells us that Enoch walked with God.
03:42 In the book of Hebrews it explains that walking with God
03:46 means that he pleased God. To walk with God
03:50 is to please God.
03:52 Now a detail which many people have missed
03:57 is that according to the Bible Enoch was the first prophet.
04:04 Go with me in your Bibles to the book of Jude...
04:08 Jude 14 and 15.
04:12 And I only mentioned the verses because Jude has only 1 chapter.
04:16 Jude 14 and 15.
04:22 It says there:
04:30 So was Enoch a prophet?
04:31 Sure he was.
05:06 Now do you notice in these verses
05:09 the number of times that the word "ungodly" is used?
05:13 3 or 4 times in this passage the word "ungodly" is used.
05:18 And the emphasis is that Enoch - this man
05:22 who walked with God, this man who pleased God -
05:26 actually rebuked the evil which was in the world
05:31 before the flood and prophesied about the final judgment
05:36 against those who practice wickedness and who live
05:40 ungodly lives in the end time.
05:43 We begin to catch the picture that God's prophets
05:46 are raised up by God to rebuke wickedness,
05:51 to proclaim God's judgment,
05:53 and to call the world to obey and to serve God.
05:58 So we are told in Jude 14 and 15.
06:04 Now obviously Enoch was speaking about the end-time generation
06:10 because it says there that the Lord was going to come
06:14 with ten thousand of His saints.
06:16 It describes the second coming of Jesus Christ
06:20 in power and glory.
06:22 And it says there that he prophesied about those who
06:25 would be living ungodly lives and warned them that God was
06:29 going to come in judgment upon the wicked world.
06:34 Now as we go to the New Testament
06:37 we discover that in the end time there are also
06:41 going to be prophets...
06:44 true prophets as well as false prophets.
06:48 Go with me to the gospel of Matthew chapter 24
06:51 and verse 24. Matthew chapter 24 and verse 24.
06:57 This is the chapter which is speaking about the signs of the
07:01 second coming of Christ.
07:04 And I want you to notice in verse 24 that Jesus has
07:08 a dire warning. And by the way, He's speaking
07:11 to His own disciples. He's speaking to His followers.
07:14 He's warning His followers.
07:17 He says this:
07:40 Question: are there going to be false prophets in the end time?
07:45 Absolutely.
07:46 Now if there are going to be false prophets in the end time,
07:50 do you believe that God is also going to bring about
07:53 in His church the true gift of prophecy?
07:56 Obviously. Because if all prophets were going to be
07:59 false prophets then you could say every prophet we have to
08:03 reject because he's a false prophet.
08:05 But the fact that the devil is going to raise up false prophets
08:09 indicates that God is going to raise up the true gift
08:13 of prophecy at the end of time as well.
08:15 And I want you to notice that Jesus says that the purpose
08:19 of these false prophets will be to deceive
08:22 if possible the very elect. In other words,
08:26 God's chosen people are the target of these false prophets.
08:30 Now go with me also to Matthew chapter 7...
08:33 Matthew chapter 7 and let's notice what else
08:38 Jesus said about these false prophets in the end time.
08:42 Matthew chapter 7 and let's read verse 15.
08:48 Jesus says:
09:04 Let me ask you: what does a sheep represent
09:08 in scripture? It represents Christ.
09:12 Remember we've talked about the coverings that God made
09:15 for Adam and Eve from the skins of the lamb
09:18 represented the righteousness of Christ?
09:21 So let me ask you: are these false prophets going to claim
09:24 to be Christians? Yes they are
09:27 because they come clothed with sheep's clothing
09:31 but inside they are what? They are ravenous wolves.
09:37 So are these end-time prophets going to claim to be Christians?
09:42 These false prophets? Absolutely according to Jesus.
09:46 And then Jesus goes on to say "By their fruits ye shall
09:50 know them. " And a little bit later on in the chapter
09:53 He says: "Whoever does not hear these words of Mine
09:57 and does not do them I will compare to a man
10:00 who build his house upon the sand. "
10:02 That's speaking about the false prophets.
10:05 They build upon the sand. They don't build upon the rock
10:08 Jesus. And so the Bible makes it clear that in the end time
10:13 there are going to be false prophets... which must mean
10:16 that God is also going to raise the true gift of prophecy.
10:22 Now the big question is: how can you distinguish
10:26 between a true prophet and a false prophet?
10:30 How do you know that a true prophet is called by God
10:34 and that a false prophet is being used as an instrument
10:38 of Satan? Well, the fact is
10:41 the Bible tells us that we are
10:42 supposed to test the prophets.
10:45 Go with me to I Thessalonians chapter 5
10:48 and verses 20 to 22.
10:51 I Thessalonians chapter 5
10:54 and verses 20 through 22.
10:59 Here we find the apostle Paul giving some very wise counsel
11:02 to the church. He says:
11:15 "Abstain from every form of evil. "
11:19 What are we supposed to do with the prophecies?
11:22 We are supposed to test the prophecies.
11:24 That means we're supposed to test the prophets to see
11:27 if they are true prophets or if they are false.
11:31 This means that we should not outright reject anyone
11:35 who claims to have the gift of prophecy.
11:37 We should examine that individual's teachings
11:41 and then if their teachings square with scripture
11:45 we will accept what they teach.
11:48 If their teachings do not square with scripture,
11:50 then we cannot accept what they teach.
11:56 Now I would like us to review some things that we have studied
12:00 previously. What we're going to do
12:02 in our study is go to two prophecies
12:07 that we've studied previously in this seminar.
12:10 We're going to examine the sequence of Revelation 12
12:13 and we're going to examine the sequence of Revelation 13.
12:17 And most of this will be review.
12:19 And what I want to show you is that God predicted
12:23 exactly when and where the gift of prophecy
12:29 would arise in the end time.
12:31 And He also taught what that prophet would teach
12:37 or what that prophet would tell God's people to do.
12:41 In other words, by examining the sequence of Revelation 12
12:45 and Revelation 13 we know exactly when, where
12:49 the gift of prophecy is going to appear
12:51 and what that prophet is going to teach.
12:55 Now go with me to Revelation chapter 12
12:58 and let's follow the sequence of this chapter.
13:01 We've done it before but now we need to do it in the context
13:04 of what we're studying in our lecture today.
13:07 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 1.
13:10 "Now a great sign appeared in heaven:
13:13 a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet
13:18 and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
13:21 Then, being with Child, she cried out in labor
13:27 and in pain to give birth. "
13:30 We've already studied that this woman represents the church.
13:34 At this stage it represents the Old Testament church
13:37 because the Child is Jesus and the Child has not been born yet.
13:41 So Revelation 12 begins with the Old Testament church.
13:45 Now let's go to Revelation chapter 12 and verse 4.
13:51 In verse 3 you have the reference to a dragon.
13:54 And then verse 4 tells us this:
13:57 "His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven
14:00 and threw them to the earth.
14:11 So you have moved from the Old Testament.
14:13 The woman who was with Child, the Child has not been born yet,
14:16 and now there's a dragon that stands next to the woman
14:20 to devour her Child as soon as the Child is born.
14:24 By the way, how many horns does this dragon beast have?
14:28 We've studied this before.
14:29 The dragon beast has ten horns.
14:31 It does not have them when it arises to power.
14:35 The ten horns come out later as we studied in Daniel chapter 7.
14:39 So Revelation 12 begins in the Old Testament
14:42 before the woman has the Child.
14:44 Then you have the period when the dragon is going after
14:49 the woman to devour her Child.
14:52 And then this dragon beast according to Revelation 12
14:56 sprouts ten horns.
14:59 And then I want you to notice what the next stage is.
15:02 Notice verse 5:
15:14 This is the ascension of Christ, right?
15:17 Jesus gained the victory at the cross
15:19 and 40 days after His resurrection according to
15:22 Acts chapter 1 He ascended to heaven.
15:24 Now I want you to notice the next stage in verse 6.
15:28 It says:
15:43 Which represent what?
15:44 Represent years.
15:47 Now what have we studied so far?
15:49 This prophecy begins in the Old Testament
15:52 before the woman has the Child.
15:54 Then the dragon stands next to the woman to devour her Child
15:58 as soon as He is born.
16:00 The Child is born.
16:02 Later on we find that this dragon beast comparing with
16:05 Daniel 7 sprouts ten horns.
16:07 After it sprouts the ten horns
16:10 and the Child is caught up to God's throne,
16:13 then we're told that the dragon - who can no longer
16:15 go after the Child because the Child has ascended to God -
16:18 now he goes after the woman
16:20 and the woman flees for 1,260 years
16:25 which we have already studied ended in which date?
16:29 1798 AD.
16:32 Now I want you to notice how this chapter continues.
16:36 Verse 16...
16:37 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 16.
16:41 And you say: "Why are we jumping all the way from verse 6
16:44 to verse 16? " Simply because the rest of the chapter
16:47 repeats the same material that we have early in the chapter.
16:50 We've noticed this before.
16:52 Now notice Revelation chapter 12 and verse 16
16:55 when the woman is being persecuted. It says:
17:10 So at the end of this period the earth spoken of here
17:15 helps the woman who is being persecuted.
17:18 And the earth does it by swallowing up
17:21 the waters of persecution.
17:23 We've already studied that the United States
17:27 provided a territory of refuge for those who were being
17:31 persecuted in Europe.
17:32 In other words, the earth here in Revelation 12 and verse 16
17:36 represents the territory of the United States
17:39 where the Pilgrims and those who were persecuted in Europe
17:43 fled to find refuge... to find a place where they could worship
17:47 God according to the dictates of their conscience.
17:50 But then notice that the devil launches a final onslaught
17:55 against the woman. After the earth helps the woman
17:59 for a period persecution ceases.
18:01 The waters are swallowed up. Notice verse 17:
18:30 Now do you see the sequence here?
18:32 Let's review it again.
18:33 I want to review it because it's important.
18:35 The sequence is of vital importance
18:38 because it lets us know exactly
18:40 where we are in the flow
18:41 of prophetic history.
18:43 This chapter begins in the
18:44 Old Testament before the Child is born.
18:46 Then you see the dragon which is Rome...
18:49 Satan working through Rome...
18:51 who stands next to the woman to devour her Child.
18:54 The devil did that through Herod, incidentally.
18:56 Then that dragon beast sprouts ten horns.
18:59 That's the year 476 AD.
19:01 Then you have the woman fleeing to the wilderness
19:04 for 1,260 years.
19:07 This takes us to 1798 AD.
19:09 But when this period comes to an end, the earth -
19:13 the territory of the United States -
19:15 helps the woman by receiving all of those who are persecuted
19:18 in Europe, and the waters of persecution are swallowed up.
19:22 But then the dragon is enraged with the woman
19:26 because the earth has helped her
19:28 and he goes out to make a final war against her.
19:31 And notice the characteristics:
19:40 Now, let's notice four characteristics here.
19:44 Characteristic number 1: does this woman...
19:48 is this woman, rather, persecuted in its final stage
19:54 after the year 1798?
19:57 Sure.
20:00 Is this final onslaught against the woman
20:04 on the earth?
20:07 Yes. And what does the earth represent?
20:09 The territory of the United States.
20:12 And the characteristics are that this woman
20:16 or the remnant of this woman
20:17 keeps the commandments of God
20:20 and has the testimony of Jesus Christ.
20:23 So we have four characteristics.
20:26 Characteristic number 1: this remnant of her seed
20:29 must rise after 1798 AD.
20:32 This remnant must rise on the earth.
20:36 This remnant must keep the commandments of God.
20:41 And this remnant must have what?
20:44 The testimony of Jesus Christ.
20:47 Four characteristics of this end-time remnant of her seed.
20:53 Now what does Revelation 12:17 mean when it says
20:56 they "keep the commandments of God? "
20:59 Go with me to the gospel of Matthew chapter 19 and verse 17.
21:05 Matthew chapter 19 and verse 17.
21:09 What is this issue of keeping the commandments of God?
21:13 Here Jesus is speaking to a rich young ruler and I want you
21:17 to notice what Jesus says to this rich young ruler.
21:38 The same expression.
21:39 What commandments was Jesus referring to?
21:43 If you continue reading, you'll find that Jesus
21:46 actually quotes five of the last six commandments
21:50 in the Decalogue... in the Ten Commandments.
21:52 So when Jesus says to him "keep the commandments"
21:56 He's referring to the Ten Commandments.
21:59 So in Revelation 12:17 when it says that this remnant
22:02 of her seed keeps the commandments of God
22:05 what commandment is it referring to? It must be the what?
22:10 It must be the Ten Commandments.
22:14 Not the nine commandments.
22:16 Not nine commandments plus one changed commandment...
22:19 but the commandments of God.
22:22 But notice also it says that she has or she possesses
22:26 something... she possesses the testimony of Jesus.
22:30 Now the question is: what is the testimony of Jesus?
22:34 Go with me to Revelation chapter 19 and verse 10.
22:38 Revelation chapter 19 and verse 10.
22:43 Here we find an explanation of what the testimony
22:46 of Jesus is. See, the Bible explains the Bible.
22:49 We're told there... By the way, an angel appears to John
22:53 and John kneels to worship him.
22:55 And we're going to notice that the angel says
22:56 "Don't worship me.. I'm your fellow servant. "
22:58 And so it says in verse 10:
23:16 What do the brethren of John have?
23:18 They have the testimony of Jesus. Don't forget that.
23:21 The brethren of John have the testimony of Jesus.
23:24 And then notice:
23:37 So what is the testimony of Jesus?
23:39 The spirit of prophecy.
23:41 Now you say: "What is that... the spirit of prophecy?
23:45 And why it is called the spirit of prophecy? "
23:48 Go with me to II Peter chapter 1
23:51 and let's find the explanation in the Bible itself.
23:54 II Peter chapter 1
23:57 and we'll read verses 20 and 21.
24:01 II Peter 1:19...
24:06 actually 20 and 21.
24:08 It says there:
24:10 "Knowing this first: that no prophecy
24:14 of scripture is of any private
24:19 interpretation. For prophecy never came
24:24 by the will of man but holy men of God
24:28 spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. "
24:33 Who spoke through the prophets?
24:36 The Holy Spirit.
24:37 Do you understand now why it's called the spirit of prophecy?
24:41 Who gives prophecy? The Spirit according to this.
24:46 And so it is the Holy Spirit who is speaking
24:49 through this final remnant through the gift of prophecy.
24:54 Now I want you to notice also Revelation 22 and verses 8-9.
25:00 Revelation chapter 22 and verses 8 and 9.
25:05 Do you remember that the brethren of John had the
25:08 testimony of Jesus?
25:10 Now let's notice who the brethren of John are
25:14 according to Revelation 22:8-9.
25:16 Once again you have this angel appearing to John
25:18 and he feels the inclination
25:20 to fall at his feet and worship him.
25:22 Notice what the angel says. Verse 8:
25:53 According to this verse who are the brethren of John?
25:57 The prophets.
26:00 According to Revelation 19:10 what do the brethren of John
26:03 have? The testimony of Jesus.
26:06 So the testimony of Jesus is to be a what?
26:10 Is to be a prophet
26:12 when you compare these two passages.
26:15 And so what God is saying
26:17 is that this remnant of the woman's seed
26:20 was going to keep all of the commandments of God
26:24 and was also going to possess or going to have
26:28 in its midst the testimony of Jesus
26:31 which is the spirit of prophecy
26:33 or was going to have a prophet in their midst.
26:38 Are you clear so far?
26:40 So if you are going to look
26:43 for God's final remnant on earth
26:47 the remnant of the woman's seed,
26:49 you need to look for a people who teach that we're supposed to
26:53 keep all of the commandments of God
26:55 and you're supposed to look for a remnant who have
27:00 the gift of prophecy in their midst.
27:03 Now let's go to Revelation chapter 13
27:07 and notice the sequence that we find in Revelation chapter 13.
27:12 It follows the same order of Revelation 12.
27:15 Let's begin with verse 1.
27:18 It says: "Then I stood upon the sand of the sea
27:22 and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea
27:26 having 7 heads and 10 horns
27:28 and on his horns 10 crowns
27:32 and on his head a blasphemous name. "
27:35 Now verse 2 is very important:
27:52 Now we've already studied that the lion, the bear, and the
27:56 leopard represent Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece.
27:59 Are these Old Testament powers by the way?
28:01 Certainly. We've already noticed that the dragon beast
28:05 of Revelation 12 represents what nation?
28:07 It represents Rome.
28:09 So my question is: in Revelation 13
28:12 is this dragon Rome?
28:15 It most certainly is.
28:16 Now how many horns does this dragon have?
28:19 It has ten horns.
28:21 Is this following the same sequence that we have in
28:24 Revelation chapter 12? Absolutely!
28:26 Revelation 12 begins in the Old Testament.
28:28 The woman hasn't had the Child.
28:30 Then you have the dragon who wants to devour the Child.
28:33 Then the dragon sprouts ten horns.
28:36 Then the woman flees to the wilderness for 1,260 years.
28:41 At the end of that period the earth helps the woman.
28:44 Persecution ceases.
28:46 And then after persecution ceases for a while
28:49 the dragon is enraged with the woman and goes to make war
28:53 with the final remnant of her seed who keep the commandments
28:56 of God and have the testimony of Jesus.
28:58 Now Revelation 13 once again begins in the Old Testament.
29:02 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece... the three beasts.
29:05 Then you have the dragon beast just like in Revelation 12.
29:08 And this dragon beast has what? He has ten horns
29:12 just like in Revelation 12.
29:14 And then I want you to notice that this dragon beast
29:17 gives his seat and his power and his authority
29:21 to another beast. It's called the sea beast.
29:25 And the question is: how long does this beast rule?
29:29 Go with me to verse 5. Revelation 13:5.
29:34 It says:
29:46 Is that the same period that the woman fled to the wilderness?
29:50 Absolutely. Is Revelation 13 following the same sequence
29:54 of Revelation chapter 12? Absolutely!
29:57 Now listen up:
29:59 what would you expect to be the next stage
30:03 if Revelation 13 is following the same order of Revelation 12?
30:08 You would expect a reference to the earth
30:11 and you would expect a reference to the final rage of the dragon.
30:16 Correct? Now go with me to Revelation chapter 13
30:19 and verse 11. Revelation chapter 13 and verse 11.
30:24 It says here... and by the way you read verse 10
30:27 it speaks about the deadly wound.
30:29 We've already discussed that, right?
30:31 The deadly wound was given in 1798 AD
30:34 when the civil power of France arose against the papacy,
30:38 took the pope captive, and withdrew the civil power
30:41 from the Roman Catholic papacy.
30:43 But notice verse 11. It says:
30:53 See? You have the earth - the next point in the sequence
30:57 is the earth. Now the only difference between the earth
30:59 in Revelation 12 and the earth in Revelation 13
31:02 is that the earth in Revelation 12 is the territory.
31:06 There's no beast there. It's just the earth... the territory.
31:09 But in Revelation 13 you have a beast rising from the earth.
31:14 It represents a nation or a kingdom which rises
31:17 in that territory. Are you understanding what I'm saying?
31:20 And then notice what happens.
31:23 It says there in the last part of Revelation 13 verse 11:
31:36 And then you read the succeeding verses
31:39 and it speaks about the perse- cution against God's people.
31:43 Is that the same thing that we noticed in Revelation 12:17?
31:47 Absolutely.
31:49 And so Revelation chapter 12 and Revelation chapter 13
31:53 follow the same order or the same sequence of events.
31:56 Now why have I taken the time to give these parallels?
32:01 Because I want you to see exactly when and where
32:06 the gift of prophecy was going to appear.
32:08 It was going to appear after 1798 AD
32:11 and it was going to appear in the United States of America.
32:15 And it was going to appear among a people
32:18 who keep the commandments of God
32:21 and it was going to be a gift given to those people:
32:24 the gift of prophecy.
32:26 In other words, a prophet was going to rise in their midst.
32:31 Now, go with me to Daniel 7 and verse 25
32:34 and let's notice two character- istics of the little horn.
32:38 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25.
32:42 There are two characteristics here that I want to underline.
32:46 It says there in verse 25 speaking about this little horn:
33:14 Two points: he thinks he can change what? Times and law.
33:21 And notice the time reference
33:23 that we find at the end of the verse.
33:25 It says:
33:40 Question: was the little horn going to intend to change
33:45 the times and the law during the 1,260 years?
33:49 During the time, times, and dividing of time?
33:51 Was he going to intend to change the law
33:53 and to change the time?
33:55 Absolutely... the Bible is clear on that.
33:57 Now do you suppose that at the end of the 1,260 years
34:01 God was going to raise up a people that would rectify
34:05 what the little horn tried to do?
34:09 Now we've already studied what it means that he would think
34:12 he could change the law. What is the law there?
34:16 It is God's Ten Commandments.
34:18 Did the Roman Catholic papacy attempt to change God's law?
34:23 It testifies itself. We've noticed this.
34:27 It says: "We, through the authority given to us by
34:29 tradition, have changed the day of worship
34:32 from Saturday to Sunday. "
34:34 And furthermore, out of their catechisms
34:37 they take the 2nd commandment -
34:39 You can't find it in the catechism
34:41 even though it's in the Roman Catholic Bible -
34:43 and they eliminate that
34:45 commandment and so they have to split the 10th commandment
34:47 in two. You shall not covet your neighbor's goods
34:50 and you should not covet your neighbor's wife.
34:53 In other words, the papacy placed its hand
34:56 in the law of God to attempt to change the law of God.
35:00 We've also studied that the Roman Catholic papacy attempted
35:03 to change God's times. We studied the word times.
35:06 It means to try and change God's prophetic calendar...
35:10 God's delineation of prophetic events.
35:13 We noticed that the Roman Catholic papacy established
35:16 a system known as Preterism, the idea that the antichrist
35:19 appeared in the distant past
35:21 with an individual called Antiochus IV Epiphanies.
35:24 And they originated on the other hand a system
35:27 of interpretation known as Futurism
35:29 where they taught that the antichrist hasn't risen to power
35:33 yet. He's going to arise at the very end of time.
35:36 A literal individual over in the Middle East
35:39 who is going to re-build the temple.
35:41 And so the Roman Catholic papacy through the Jesuits
35:44 after the Protestant Reformation attempted to change
35:47 God's times or God's prophetic calendar.
35:50 Do you suppose God was going to raise up a people
35:54 who would set the record straight and exalt
35:56 the commandments of God and would have the gift of prophecy
36:00 to rectify the wrong inter- pretation of Bible prophecy?
36:03 Absolutely! And that's where Revelation 12:17 comes in.
36:08 By the way, you say: "How can you connect
36:10 Revelation 12:17 where it says that they keep the commandments
36:13 of God and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ,
36:16 how can you connect that with Daniel 7 verse 25
36:19 where this little horn thinks he can change the times
36:23 and the law? " Are you understanding what I'm saying?
36:26 The change in the law is rectified by raising up
36:29 a people who keep the commandments.
36:30 The change in the times is rectified by God raising up
36:34 the gift of prophecy to correct and to rectify
36:38 the wrong interpretations of Bible prophecy.
36:40 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
36:42 You say: "How can you connect those two verses? "
36:44 It's very, very simple.
36:45 Daniel 7 verse 25 says
36:49 that the times and the law were going to be given into the
36:52 hands of the little horn for time, times, and
36:56 the dividing of time.
36:58 comes immediately after...
37:05 after the woman has fled to the wilderness
37:08 for 1,260 years.
37:11 In other words, it's the same context.
37:14 In the Old Testament you have the 1,260 years
37:18 expressed as time, times, and the dividing of time.
37:20 The little horn thinks he can change the times and the law.
37:23 At the end of this period, according to Revelation 12 and
37:25 13, God raises up a people who keep the commandments of God
37:30 to rectify the change in the law
37:32 and a group of people who have the testimony of Jesus
37:35 or the true gift of prophecy to rectify the change
37:38 in God's prophetic calendar.
37:40 Raise your hand if you're understanding what I'm saying.
37:42 This is of critical importance
37:44 as we'll notice as we continue our study.
37:47 Now let me ask you: do you suppose the devil
37:50 was going to take this lying down?
37:52 This rectification of God?
37:54 You see, history's a play and a counter play.
37:57 God says: "Oh, your little horn thought it could change
37:59 the times and the law? OK, I'm going to raise up
38:01 the final remnant of her seed who keep the commandments of God
38:04 and have the true gift of prophecy.
38:06 And they're going to rectify that the law is still binding
38:08 and they're going to correct your
38:09 false views about prophecy. "
38:12 But is the devil going to take that on the chin lying down?
38:15 Of course not. So what does the devil do?
38:18 If you read Revelation chapter 13, you discover
38:22 that this beast power aided by the second beast
38:27 which is a symbol of the United States
38:29 enforces what? Enforces the mark of the beast.
38:35 Question: is the mark of the beast in the end time
38:39 the same thing as the change of the law by the little horn
38:42 during the 1,260 years?
38:45 We've studied that.
38:46 It is the imposition of Sunday by force as the day of worship.
38:50 So the devil says to God:
38:51 "You're going to raise up a remnant who exalt the law?
38:54 And You're going to raise up a remnant that has a true prophet
38:57 in its midst? Well, I'm going to counteract that
39:00 by enforcing the mark of the beast by law. "
39:03 And the mark of the beast is the change in the law
39:06 which was done during the 1,260 years.
39:08 Are you following me?
39:10 But the devil is going to try and counteract the true
39:14 interpretation of God's prophetic calendar by raising up
39:18 a false prophet.
39:21 Notice that the second beast has a very interesting name.
39:25 Revelation chapter 16 and verse 13.
39:28 Revelation chapter 16 and verse 13.
39:33 It speaks about the same powers that we noticed in Revelation 12
39:36 and 13. It says here in Revelation 16 and verse 13:
40:00 So is the devil going to raise up a false prophet
40:04 to counteract God's raising up of a true prophet?
40:07 Absolutely yes.
40:09 And is this false prophet going to teach all kinds of
40:14 divergent prophetic scenarios to distract from the true
40:17 fulfillment of prophecy as God has delineated?
40:21 Absolutely.
40:23 But God's isn't going to take this on the chin just lying
40:27 down. God is going to respond to this also.
40:30 He is going to respond to the enforcement of the mark of the
40:35 beast; He is going to respond to this teaching by the false
40:40 prophet where he directs the eyes of everybody to the
40:43 Middle East or to the distant past to Antiochus IV Epiphanies
40:47 God is going to correct this by proclaiming a global message
40:52 which is found in Revelation 14 and verses 6 through 12.
40:59 Have you ever read that passage?
41:02 Well, let's notice several verses here.
41:04 Revelation chapter 14 and verse 6:
41:08 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
41:12 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell
41:16 on the earth to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.
41:22 Saying with a loud voice: 'Fear God and give glory to Him
41:27 for the hour of His judgment has come.
41:30 And worship Him who made the heaven, the earth,
41:33 the seas, and the springs of water. ' "
41:35 Does the first angel call attention to the Creator?
41:39 It actually is a direct reference to the 4th commandment
41:43 of the law of God. Why do you suppose that God
41:45 would draw the attention of the whole world
41:50 to God the Creator and His sign, the Sabbath?
41:54 Because the powers of the world are doing just the opposite.
41:58 They're going to enforce a false day of worship.
42:02 And so God says: "Worship the Creator. "
42:05 And then notice verse 8: "And another angel
42:09 followed saying: 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen. ' "
42:13 By the way, Babylon has three parts.
42:15 Three parts of Babylon? The dragon, the beast, and
42:17 and the false prophet. So Babylon has three divisions.
42:21 And so it continues saying:
42:23 "And another angel followed saying: 'Babylon is fallen,
42:26 is fallen. That great city because she has made all nations
42:30 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. ' "
42:33 And then notice verse 9:
42:35 "Then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice:
42:40 'If anyone worships the beast and his image
42:43 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
42:47 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God
42:50 which is poured out full strength into the cup of
42:53 His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and
42:56 brimstone in the presence of the holy angels
42:59 and in the presence of the Lamb.
43:00 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever
43:03 and they have no rest day or night
43:05 who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives
43:09 the mark of his name. ' "
43:12 Question: is God going to have a people who rebuke the beast?
43:17 Who present the true scenario about who the beast is?
43:22 Yes. Is God going to have
43:23 a people who clearly teach
43:25 the world who the image to the beast is?
43:27 Absolutely.
43:29 Is God going to have a people
43:30 who announce what the mark of the beast is?
43:33 Absolutely.
43:35 And notice how the three angels' messages ends.
43:38 Notice verse 12 of Revelation 14.
43:42 It says: "Here is the patience of the saints.
43:46 Here are those who keep the commandments of God
43:50 and the faith of Jesus. "
43:53 Now are you seeing what's happening here?
43:56 Let's review because it's extremely important.
43:59 The little horn thinks he can change the law of God
44:04 and the times or God's prophetic calendar.
44:06 So God says: "After these 1,260 years
44:10 I'm going to raise up a people on the earth
44:13 after 1798 AD and these people - contrary to what the little horn
44:17 has said - are going to keep the law of God
44:20 as it is written.
44:22 And secondly, they are going to have a prophet in their midst
44:25 that shows what the times really mean...
44:29 the true interpretation of Bible prophecy. "
44:33 And the devil says: "I don't like that. "
44:35 So in Revelation chapter 13
44:37 he's going to enforce what? The mark of the beast
44:40 which is the change in the law.
44:42 And he's going to raise up a false what?
44:44 The false prophet which is this second beast:
44:47 apostate Protestantism.
44:49 And in that way he's going to teach a false scenario
44:54 of Bible prophecy. Are you understanding what I'm saying?
44:57 That's why it's called the false prophet.
44:59 But God isn't going to take this lying down
45:01 because in the three angels' messages God rebukes
45:05 the power that enforces the mark of the beast
45:08 and He also brings to view a people who keep
45:12 the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.
45:17 So you see very clearly that you have a play and a
45:20 counter play in history here.
45:23 So if you're looking for where the gift of prophecy
45:26 was going to appear, when it was going to appear,
45:29 and what characteristics it would have,
45:31 you have to look for it after 1798 AD in the United States.
45:36 You have to look for a people who keep the commandments of God
45:40 and a people who have in its midst
45:44 the gift of what? The gift of prophecy.
45:49 Now the question is: does this prophet
45:54 actually bring any new information
45:58 that is not contained in holy scripture?
46:01 The fact is, folks, and we don't have time to read
46:04 all the verses but I'm going to mention them.
46:06 The fact is that in the Bible prophets are called
46:10 to restore that which has not been obeyed.
46:15 They're restorers.
46:17 They are not innovators.
46:19 They don't bring new truth.
46:21 They don't bring new doctrines.
46:23 What they do is try to bring God's people
46:26 back once again to the foundations of truth
46:29 which God's people have forgotten or which they ignore.
46:34 Now notice Deuteronomy chapter 13 and verses 1-5.
46:39 Deuteronomy chapter 13 and verses 1 through 5.
46:43 It speaks here about character- istics of false prophets.
46:47 And I'm going to read these verses very quickly.
46:50 Deuteronomy chapter 13 and verses 1 through 5.
46:54 It says here:
47:06 Didn't we see that somewhere before?
47:08 Sign or wonder?
47:11 Did Jesus say in Matthew 24
47:13 that there will be false prophets and they will show
47:15 signs and wonders? So how do you know?
47:17 If they do signs and wonders they must be God's, right?
47:20 They must be following God because they do signs and
47:22 wonders. Uh-uh. Notice what it continues saying:
48:13 And now notice verse 4:
48:58 Do you see the difference between a true prophet
49:00 and a false prophet?
49:01 Can a false prophet do many signs and wonders
49:04 and yet not be an instrument of God?
49:07 Absolutely. What is the test of a true prophet
49:11 according to this passage?
49:12 It's not the signs or the wonders.
49:15 It is whether the prophet leads God's people to what?
49:18 To obey the commandments of God.
49:21 To obey the voice of God.
49:23 That is the sign of a true prophet.
49:27 He calls God's people who have gone astray -
49:29 who are in apostasy - he calls them back
49:32 to worship the true God.
49:35 And by the way, repeatedly in the Bible
49:37 we find references where true prophets
49:40 exalt the law of God.
49:43 Notice for example Zechariah chapter 7 and verse 12.
49:46 Zechariah chapter 7 and verse 12.
49:50 Here the idea of a prophet exalting the law of God
49:54 is brought forth very clearly.
49:57 It says there in Zechariah chapter 7 and verse 12
50:01 the following:
50:20 What did God send with His prophets?
50:23 He sent His what? His law through His prophets.
50:28 You see, if any prophet tells you that the law of God has
50:31 been changed. If any prophet tells you
50:34 that you don't have to keep the law of God because you're
50:36 under grace you're not under law,
50:38 if any prophet tells you that one of the commandments
50:42 is not important to keep, no matter how many signs
50:45 and wonders he performs he is not of God.
50:49 Because false prophets lead God's people astray
50:52 from the light which God has given.
50:56 Now before we bring this to a
50:58 close allow me to tell you
51:01 something about a prophet that God raised
51:03 within the Seventh-day Adventist church.
51:06 Her name? Ellen White.
51:10 Let me tell you a few things about Ellen White.
51:12 Some people outright reject her
51:16 and say: "I don't want to hear that name. "
51:17 Then you're not obeying what God said in
51:19 I Thessalonians 5. He says that we're supposed to
51:22 examine the prophets. We're supposed to test the prophets
51:25 to see whether they're true or not.
51:28 And Ellen White deserves that from us as well.
51:31 Now allow me just to say a few things about Ellen White.
51:36 She was raised up a prophet when she was just 17 years old.
51:41 She was a woman...
51:43 which at that time was absolutely not very good
51:48 because it was a male-dominated society.
51:52 Now not only that, not only was she a woman,
51:54 not only was she young,
51:56 but she was poor and she was sick and she was weak
52:03 and she was uneducated.
52:04 Two and a half years of primary education.
52:08 Furthermore, she arose within an environment where
52:11 people didn't want anything to do with people who claimed
52:14 to be prophets. In other words, she had
52:16 everything going against her.
52:19 But in December of 1844 God gave her a vision.
52:23 And in the course of her ministry she had approximately
52:26 2,000 visions and dreams.
52:30 She wrote a very famous book.
52:33 It's the book The Great Contro- versy Between Christ and Satan.
52:38 Every person in this world needs to read this book
52:41 because this book basically is a commentary on the book
52:46 of Revelation... especially Revelation chapter 14:
52:51 the three angels' messages.
52:53 Now if you read this book from cover to cover,
52:55 you're going to discover that Ellen White
52:59 exalts the gospel and she exalts the holy law of God.
53:05 She points out who the beast is.
53:08 She points out who the false prophet is.
53:11 She points out what the mark of the beast is.
53:13 She points out what the wine of Babylon is.
53:16 She points out who the dragon is.
53:19 She speaks about the two witnesses.
53:21 She speaks about the seven churches.
53:23 In other words, this book is a commentary
53:27 on the book of Revelation with special emphasis
53:30 on the closing scenes of this earth's history.
53:34 Now if you read this book you're going to discover that
53:37 her perspective is very different than the perspective
53:40 that's being taught today in the Protestant world.
53:44 You see, very recently the pope was buried in Rome.
53:50 And those of you who were able to see on television
53:54 the ceremonies, for about 10 days all you could get
53:57 on the news was what was happening in Rome in Vatican
54:02 City with the pope. There was pomp and there was circumstance
54:05 and there was just glorious music
54:07 and everybody who was ever interviewed
54:09 had just glorious things to say about this system
54:12 and about this individual.
54:14 Even many Protestant pastors.
54:16 All of the comments that I heard were good.
54:18 Now the question is: is this system God's system
54:23 according to scripture?
54:24 Not according to scripture.
54:26 Not according to the book The Great Controversy.
54:28 It's just the opposite.
54:30 How in the world could the Protestants of the world,
54:34 how could people who belong to the Muslim religion,
54:39 how could people of the Hindu religion,
54:43 how could Roman Catholics almost without dissenting voice
54:47 praise this system when this system is predicted in scripture
54:53 as the final antichrist system?
54:55 I hate to have to say that but it's the truth.
54:58 How could people be so deceived? Let me tell you why.
55:03 Because they have a totally different way of interpreting
55:07 Bible prophecy. They believe that prophecy
55:10 will be fulfilled... most of the prophecies of Revelation
55:12 will be fulfilled after the church has been raptured
55:14 to heaven. See, the church is raptured
55:17 and then Revelation 4 through 20 takes place.
55:20 And it's going to take place in the Middle East
55:23 with a nasty individual sitting in the literal Jerusalem
55:26 temple raising up a literal image.
55:29 And so the eyes of everybody is looking to the Middle East
55:32 for the fulfillment of these prophecies
55:35 when all of these powers exist in the West - in Rome
55:39 and in the United States - and they can't see it
55:42 because they're looking in the wrong place.
55:45 And these same systems say: "You can't keep the law.
55:49 You know, you really can't be perfect. Nobody's perfect. "
55:53 And most of these Christian denominations
55:57 observe which day of the week?
55:59 They observe the first day of the week.
56:00 They day of the sun, Sunday,
56:02 which was established by the Roman Catholic system
56:05 by their own admission.
56:07 How in the world could Protestantism keep Sunday
56:11 as the day of worship and point everybody's eyes
56:13 to the Middle East? Simply because they have been
56:17 deceived by this power. They have been deceived by
56:20 the change in the law and by the change in the times.
56:24 But God has raised up a people. He's raised up
56:27 a people who teach that we're supposed to keep all
56:30 of the commandments of God through the power of God.
56:32 Not because we have to but because we want to.
56:35 Because we love God. As Jesus said: "If you love Me
56:38 you will keep My commandments. "
56:40 And God has raised up also the gift of prophecy
56:44 to correct the change in the times.
56:46 And this gift of prophecy is manifested in books such as
56:50 The Great Controversy. Every person in the world should
56:54 read this book because this book points out the true
56:57 prophetic scenario in the end time.
57:00 And if you read it with a prayerful attitude
57:03 God will show you history such as you have never seen it
57:07 in your life. It will all come together
57:11 and God will show you His light for these last days.
57:15 I pray to God that we will all read this book
57:17 and read the scriptures
57:19 that we might withstand
57:21 the devil's temptations in these last days.


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