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The Return Of The War Hero

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01:10 In our last lecture, we studied about
01:15 the mission of Jesus.
01:17 We noticed Jesus had to come to this world,
01:23 basically to accomplish two things.
01:28 Number one, to live a life without sin.
01:33 Number two, to die for sin.
01:38 Jesus accomplished his mission.
01:42 Let us pray, father in heaven, as we open your word today,
01:45 We ask for the precents of your holy spirit. Give us clarity
01:49 of thought, and receptive hearts.
01:52 We pray in Jesus' name. Amen
01:57 Let's begin our study in the book of Psalms reviewing what we
02:01 studied in our last lecture.
02:03 Psalms 8:3-5
02:07 It says here...
03:17 God placed Adam as king on planet Earth.
03:23 As we noticed in our last study Adam allowed himself to be
03:28 Over come by an enemy, the devil.
03:31 On the mount of temptation,
03:34 according to Luke 4:5-7
03:38 Jesus, embattled with Satan. Satan says to Christ
03:41 when he shows him all he kingdoms of the world
03:45 All of the kingdoms of the world will I give to you
03:50 because they have been delivered unto me and to whom ever
03:55 I wish, I give them.
03:58 In other words, this world had a new king
04:02 and the territory was taken over by Satan.
04:07 The human race needed a
04:11 redeemer. The problem is, that scripture tells us that every
04:15 single descendent of Adam also
04:19 became a servant to this new
04:21 king, a servant of Satan.
04:24 We find in the book of Romans 3:10
04:43 In other words, all of the descendents of Adam, also became
04:47 servants or slaves of Satan. There was no one within the
04:52 human race that could recover, that which was lost.
04:56 The human race needed a redeemer
05:01 and of course, the redeemer appeared.
05:05 I need to tell you something about the redeemer
05:09 and who he needed to be.
05:12 Turn with me to Leviticus 25, and
05:16 notice a characteristic of those who could redeem the lost
05:22 possession of their relatives.
05:24 Notice Leviticus 25:25.
05:29 What would happen if somebody sold
05:32 his inheritance in Israel? Their plot of land?
05:37 What would happen if a Israelite sold himself into slavery?
05:41 There was a way in which everything could be recovered
05:44 There were laws of redemption among the Hebrews
05:47 I want you to notice in 25:25,
05:53 what happened when an
05:54 individual sold his land.
06:27 The word redeemed here, is a Hebrew word that means to buy
06:31 back, by paying a price.
06:34 In other words, if an individual sold his inheritance
06:37 the only way to get it back, is if a next of kin or close
06:42 relative, preferably a brother, would pay the price
06:46 to buy it back.
06:48 Notice verses 48-49, what would happen if a person sold himself
06:52 into slavery or sold herself into slavery.
06:56 It says in Leviticus 25:48-49
07:27 The only person who could redeem a lost possession
07:30 and who could redeem a slave from bondage, was a relative
07:36 paying the price to buy back, that, which had been lost.
07:41 The problem is, there was no one in the human race who
07:45 had not sold his possession.
07:48 There was no one in the human race that had not become a slave
07:52 of Satan. The human race needed a redeemer, but there was
07:56 no one within history who could perform the work of redemption
08:03 Notice what we find in John 1:1 and 3.
08:09 Speaking about Jesus here
08:11 It says there...
08:35 In other words, the bible tells us that Jesus the creator was
08:37 God. Now, did Jesus belong to our family?
08:42 Did he belong to the human race when he created this world?
08:46 No he didn't. He belonged to God's family, not ours.
08:51 So, Jesus could not fulfill the laws of redemption, because
08:55 Jesus was not our next of kin.
08:59 He did not belong to our lineage. In order to redeem the
09:04 human race, in order to redeem us from slavery, and buy back
09:09 the lost possession, he had to be our blood brother.
09:14 Flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone.
09:17 Which he was not when he created the world because he was God.
09:22 The human race needed a human being to redeem, what was lost.
09:27 That's why we find in John 1:14, we find these words
09:52 In other words, Jesus who was God, became man.
09:56 He became part of our lineage. Now, he could fulfill
10:01 the laws of redemption, because he was one of us.
10:06 In fact, we find this very interesting characteristics
10:10 in Revelation 22:16, we are told that Jesus is
10:16 the root and offspring of David.
10:22 Now, you tell me. Is it possible for me to be
10:28 father of my son and son of my son?
10:33 You say, that is ridiculous pastor. That can't be
10:37 Yet, Jesus is the father of David
10:42 and also the son of David
10:44 He is the father of David by creation and the son of David
10:48 as man. Do you know that we
10:52 have the same characteristic
10:54 as we talk about Abraham? You read Matthew 1:1.
11:00 We are told there that Jesus is the son of Abraham.
11:06 Yet, in John 8:58, we find Jesus
11:10 meeting with the Jewish leaders
11:21 Do you notice this very interesting characteristic?
11:23 Jesus is the father of David and He is the son of David.
11:28 Jesus is the father of Abraham and He is the son of Abraham.
11:32 He's the father of David and Abraham as God. He is the son
11:36 of David and Abraham as man. He incorporated Himself
11:41 into the human race.
11:45 We notice, in our last lecture
11:49 Jesus came down to this world, took our flesh, our blood
11:54 took our nature, battled with Satan, lived a perfect life
11:59 died the death all of us should die,
12:04 and as He hung on the cross
12:06 He said, Father it is finished. Into your hands I command
12:11 my spirit. He was saying, father you have promised to raise me
12:14 from the dead, if I am faithful. I am placing my existence
12:19 into your hands. Into your hands I commit my spirit.
12:24 Then He rested in the tomb on Sabbath, early on the first day
12:29 of the week, that mighty angel descended from heaven
12:32 rolled away the stone, and said. Oh, thou son of God
12:35 thy father calleth thee, and suddenly out of the tomb
12:40 comes Jesus, proclaiming those words, I am the resurrection
12:44 and the life.
12:47 We noticed in our last study together that Jesus did not come
12:50 out of the grave by Himself.
12:53 According to Matthew 27:51-53
12:57 Go there with me, just for a moment.
13:03 We find this interesting description about those who
13:07 resurrected with Christ. It says there...
13:49 Have you ever wondered what happened to those people
13:54 who resurrected with Jesus?
13:58 Some people ask, did they die again?
14:01 Where did they go?
14:04 What did they do? They appear to disappear from history
14:10 This morning, we are going to talk about this group of people.
14:16 After Jesus resurrected with this group of individuals,
14:20 We are told in Acts 1:3,
14:23 that Jesus spent 40 days
14:28 upon this earth. He showed Himself after His passion.
14:32 To many of his disciples with infallible proofs, it says there
14:37 For 40 days, He was there with his disciples.
14:40 At the end of the 40 days, we find Jesus gathered with His
14:46 disciples on the Mount of Olives.
14:49 He will bid farewell to His disciples. Now you can imagine
14:52 what this must have been like.
14:55 33 years earlier, Jesus had gathered the heavenly angels
15:00 and the heavenly beings, and said, I'm going down to that
15:03 little planet and I'm going to do battle with the enemy.
15:05 I'm going to take away the throne he robbed from Adam
15:08 and I'm going to recover the territory. I'm going to live a
15:10 life without sin, I'm going to die to pay the debt for them.
15:15 Now, 33 years later, having come forth from the tomb
15:19 victorious He is going to return. How do you suppose the
15:23 heavenly beings felt? Do you think they were waiting to
15:27 welcome Him? Absolutely, no doubt We are going to talk about
15:31 the welcoming party in a few moments. Let's read about the
15:35 assention of Christ.
15:36 Notice, Acts 1:9-11.
16:17 Do you notice a cloud received Jesus out of their sight?
16:22 What was that cloud?
16:24 That cloud was a cloud of angels
16:30 Now Jesus departs from planet earth,
16:33 and He ascends to heaven.
16:36 What must that reception been like? Who was waiting for this
16:42 war hero to return? Jesus was a war hero. He had the scars to
16:48 prove it. He was wounded in battle. Now he comes back
16:53 to where He had left 33 years before. What was that reception
16:57 like? We have a clear description in the Bible.
17:01 Turn to Revelation 4.
17:07 We are going to move though this very
17:10 quickly. Revelation 4, is the preparation of the heavenly
17:15 throne room for the reception of Jesus. You need to have that
17:20 in mind. It's the preparation of the heavenly throne room
17:23 for Jesus, before Jesus actually arrives.
17:27 Notice Revelation 4:1.
17:49 John is shown a door opened in heaven.
17:53 Last I knew, a door
17:56 leads into a building. The question, where did that door
18:00 lead into? I want to leave that question with you for now.
18:03 There was a door in heaven, not the door of heaven.
18:06 this is a door in heaven. There is a certain building in heaven
18:11 where this door leads into, John sees this door open in heaven
18:16 What does he see inside this door?
18:19 Notice verse two... It says in verse two
18:55 Where did Jesus go when he ascended to heaven?
18:57 To what location did Jesus go?
19:01 If you read Revelation 3:21, go with me to the previous
19:05 chapter for a moment.
19:32 Now we have a problem in Revelation 4:2
19:37 We are told there, there is only one who is seated on the throne
19:43 It becomes clear as we study this that the one that is seated
19:47 on the throne is God the Father and He is by himself
19:51 and immediately we ask the question, Where was Jesus?
19:57 If he ascended and sat at the right hand of God on his throne
20:02 Why is He absent in Rev. 4:2?
20:06 It must be, He has not arrived.
20:12 Lets go to verse three...
20:30 Lets go to verse four...
21:04 We are going to talk about this verse in our next lecture
21:08 The 24 elders. There are many interesting characteristics in
21:13 this verse. First of all. they have crowns and they sit on
21:15 thrones, so they must be what? They must be kings.
21:19 The question is, kings of where?
21:22 They also have white apparel. They are not angels
21:26 because we are not told in scripture that angels have crown
21:30 and sit on thrones and angels are always standing in the
21:34 presence of God, they are in movement.
21:37 You say, Who were these 24 elders, who were called
21:41 together in God's reception room?
21:45 Notice what we find in verse 6..
22:12 I want you to imagine this. There's one sitting on throne
22:14 Around the throne, there are 24 thrones with 24 elders
22:19 In the midst of the throne, you find the four living creatures
22:24 Now, who were these four living creatures? Go with me to verse
22:27 8, to help us interpret who they are. Verse 8 says...
22:53 Two characteristics, 1, they have six wings. Number 2, they
22:55 sing holy,holy,holy.
22:57 Go back to the book of Isaiah 6.
23:01 This is the chapter that describes the call of Isaiah
23:07 Notice some interesting characteristic that we find here
23:11 Isaiah 6:1-3 It says there.
23:59 So, who are the four living creatures? They are seraphims.
24:02 If you go to Ezekiel chapter 10 and 11, you'll notice that the
24:05 cherubim are also described in very similar terminology
24:09 it seems as though the cherubim and the seraphim are there
24:12 in the immediate presence of God in the midst of the throne
24:15 You have the seraphim in the midst of the throne the 24 elder
24:20 on thrones around the throne,
24:22 and you have beyond that the one
24:26 seated upon the throne, but Jesus is missing.
24:30 Do you know what else is missing in chapter four?
24:33 There is no reference to the angelic host.
24:37 Impossible, that John wouldn't have seen the angels.
24:41 There are ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of them
24:46 according to the Bible, yet, we notice that in chapter 4
24:51 they are totally absent.
24:53 Notice the hymn that is sung to the one sitting on the throne.
24:58 Go to chapter 4 and verse 10.
25:01 The four and twenty elders fell down before Him, that sits
25:06 on the throne and worshiped Him that liveth forever and ever
25:09 and cast their crowns before the throne, saying:
25:30 The hymn sung in honor of the one seated on the throne,
25:34 is sung because He is the, what?
25:36 He is the creator. If you look in chapter 4, you find no
25:42 reference to redemption.
25:45 All of the references have to do with creation. You say pastor
25:49 You said that Jesus was the creator. If this is the Father
25:52 it says, the Father is the creator. You'll notice that the
25:55 Father devises the plan and Jesus implemented the plan
25:58 Lets read carefully, the last part of verse 11...
26:01 ...and for thy pleasure they are and were created.
26:06 It was by the authority of the Father, that Jesus created
26:10 Jesus was the active agent in creation, but the plan was
26:14 devised by the absolute monarch of the universe, God the Father.
26:19 So, chapter 4 ends.
26:23 One sitting on the throne, in the midst of the throne,
26:27 cherubim and seraphim, around the throne 24 elders.
26:32 No reference to redemption, Jesus doesn't appear in chapter
26:37 4 In fact, the angelic host is absent, and you say. Where was
26:41 Jesus and where were the angels?
26:45 Is it perhaps true, that Jesus
26:49 and the angels were not there
26:52 because the angels had come
26:56 to this earth to pick up
26:59 Christ?
27:02 I'll leave that question in your mind for a few moments.
27:05 Lets go to chapter 5.
27:09 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne
27:15 a book. A better translation is 'a scroll'.
27:20 They wrote books
27:22 on scrolls. They didn't have codices like we have.
27:40 Could the contents of that scroll be read
27:44 if the scroll remained sealed? Of course not.
27:47 In order to read the contents of the scroll, you would have to
27:51 break the seals and then open the scroll to reveal what it
27:55 contains. You have this scroll sealed with seven seals
27:59 Verse two...
28:16 Who is worthy to break the seals and to reveal the contents
28:21 of the scroll? A better translation would be,
28:24 Who is qualified?
28:29 Who has the necessary characteristics?
28:33 To break the seals and open the scroll and reveal the contents?
28:38 Now there's a crisis. Notice verse 3.
29:15 Obviously, not even God the Father
29:17 was qualified to open that scroll. It says no one
29:22 in heaven. At that time we just read that the Father
29:26 was in heaven. Even the Father was not qualified.
29:30 He was qualified to receive praise as the creator.
29:33 He was not qualified to break the seals and read the scroll.
29:41 When this crisis ensues,
29:43 John is very, very concerned
29:48 and worried. Notice verse 4.
30:30 A universal crisis. How many of you believe that there was
30:33 something was very important in that scroll?
30:37 Do you think John would just start crying over nothing?
30:39 Just because he was curious to know what was in the scroll?
30:42 John knew what was in that scroll. Now what was in it?
30:47 Allow me just to say that
30:50 Romans wrote their wills and
30:55 testaments in the exact way that is described in Rev. 5.
30:59 They would write the testament or will on a scroll
31:02 Then they would put seven pieces of string around the scroll
31:06 then they would put a blob of wax or wet clay where the
31:10 two ends of the string met. The clay or the wax would
31:15 stick to the scroll and the two ends of the string
31:18 that way they would know if someone had tampered with the
31:22 will. Can just anyone open a will?
31:27 Must there be someone who is qualified to open the will?
31:32 Somebody must be qualified. What does a will reveal?
31:37 A will reveals who is going to what? Who is going to inherit
31:43 and what they are going to inherit. John knows that this
31:48 scroll is a will. Allow me to read you a couple of statements
31:54 quickly from scholars, about this scroll.
31:58 First of all, I'm going to read from Ranko Stefanovic
32:00 "Revelation of Jesus Christ", pg 197 is very recent book
32:04 He explains how in the Roman Empire they would prepare these
32:09 scrolls and how they would put the strings around and they
32:13 would seal it. He says this...
33:02 We know that is the way Roman wills were prepared.
33:05 I would like to read statement by Kenneth Strand
33:08 in his book "Interpreting the Book of Revelation" pg 55
33:11 He dedicated years and years to the study the book of Revelation
33:16 in fact, the literary structure we study today is due in great
33:20 degree to Kenneth Strand. He says this on page 55 in his book
33:24 about the contents of this scroll.
34:24 If the scroll remained sealed, no one inherits the lost
34:26 possession. Everyone is lost in the mind of John.
34:31 So, John is wailing because the human race is lost
34:34 There is no one that can open the will to reveal its contents.
34:41 Then comes the good news.
34:44 Notice Revelation 5:5.
35:25 The lamb has overcome, he has prevailed, he is worthy
35:27 because of what he did, he is worthy and qualified to break
35:32 the seals to open the will to reveal who will inherit the lost
35:37 inheritance and lost possession.
35:40 In verse 6, we find a strange scene. That lion who can open
35:46 the scroll, is actually a lamb. Notice verse 6...
36:18 Where did the lamb come from? It wasn't there in chapter 4.
36:21 Suddenly, John sees a lamb in the midst of the throne.
36:22 Obviously, between chapter 4 and chapter 5 he arrives.
36:26 We have evidence for that. Notice verse 7...
36:39 Notice that Jesus comes to the one that is seated on the throne
36:42 Question is, where did he come from?
36:47 Lets go back to verse 6
37:07 This lamb now come into the presence of God as though he had
37:11 been slain. Where was he slain? He was slain on planet earth.
37:16 He was slain in the battle.
37:21 Allow me to read you a couple very
37:23 interesting statements that we find in the spirit of prophecy
37:27 on this scroll. The first of these is found in
37:32 Manuscript Releases, vol 9, pg 7
37:36 She says about the contents of this scroll.
38:31 The scroll contains a complete record of human history.
38:35 The decision that each individual and each nation have
38:40 made within the course of history which will reveal what
38:44 they will inherit. Are you understanding what I am saying?
38:49 I thank the Lord we have one more statement from the writings
38:53 of Ellen White about this scroll. It is found in
38:57 Christ Object Lessons pg 294.
39:00 She describes a precise historical
39:04 assurance that is written in that scroll. Remember when
39:07 Pontius Pilate brought Jesus forth and placed him next to
39:12 Barabbas, and he said chose who you want. Jesus or Barabbas.
39:16 The crowd, instigated by the religious leaders, said release
39:21 unto us Barabbas. Do you know what happened at that moment?
39:27 Allow me to read it. She says, thus the Jewish leaders made
39:31 their choice. Their decision
39:34 was registered in the book
39:37 that John saw in the hand of Him that sat upon the throne.
39:41 The book which no man could open.
39:45 Notice this.
40:02 Question... Ellen White wrote this around 1900, had the scroll
40:06 been opened in 1900 yet?
40:10 No, because Ellen White saying in
40:12 the day when this scroll will be opened by the lion of the
40:16 tribe of Judea. Furthermore, where are those people who
40:20 said, release unto us Barabbas and crusify Jesus. Where are
40:23 they now? They are in the grave. So, in order to see the decision
40:28 that has been written in the book it would have to be, what?
40:31 They would have to be alive. When are they going to be alive?
40:37 Actually, after the millennium. I don't have time to dwell
40:42 on this point. It is very interesting if you read the book
40:45 The Great Controversy, pg 666-668, approximately
40:49 Ellen White describes, after the millennium this huge
40:53 panorama of the holy city where the whole history of the human
40:55 race is seen. She says from Adam to the very close of human
40:59 history The experience of Christ while he was on earth and how he
41:05 was miss treated by the religious leaders. All of this
41:08 appears above the holy city. This is the actual unfurling of
41:13 the scroll because all of human history is being seen. Who is
41:18 going to inherit the lost possession and who is not because of the choice
41:23 that has been made in human history, but if this scroll
41:26 remains sealed, no one will inherit anything.
41:30 Everybody is doomed.
41:32 I want to go farther in this chapter 5
41:37 It says here in verse 7, and he went and took the book out of
41:42 the right hand of him that sat upon the throne. Now notice...
42:41 What is it that qualified Jesus to regain the lost possession
42:45 and to deliver his people from slavery? The fact that he became
42:49 one of us and died on the cross to pay the price of redemption
42:54 Therefore, when he unfurls the scroll it will be revealed
42:58 who will inherit life and who, as a result of rejecting Christ,
43:04 will receive the sentence of death.
43:10 Then suddenly, in verse 11, we find something very interesting.
43:15 Suddenly the angels appear. Impossible that John would not
43:20 have seen the angels in chapter 4. Notice verse 11.
43:45 Where did they come from? Where did Jesus come from?
43:47 In chapter 4, you have only one seated on the throne, you have
43:51 the 24 elders, you have the living creatures, and the one on
43:55 throne being praised because he is the creator. In chapter 5,
43:59 says that the lamb comes. Where do you think he is coming from?
44:04 He is coming from the earth, where he has been involved in a
44:07 battle. He has the scars to prove it.
44:10 He is being brought back to heaven by the angels. That were
44:14 sent to pick him up. Remember the cloud that received Jesus
44:18 and He ascends to the heavenly city. In chapter 5, he enters
44:22 into the presence of the Father and the purpose is to unfurl
44:26 the scroll to show that he will be able to bring his people back
44:31 because of what he has done on earth.
44:35 I want you to notice the hymn in verse 12. All these hymns are
44:40 hymns of redemption. Suddenly, redemption comes to view.
44:43 In the chapter 4, creation. Here, redemption. Verse 12.
45:18 They're praising the lamb, because he has redeemed
45:20 Now he is coming into the presence of his father to open
45:24 the last will and testament of the human race to reveal
45:27 those that he will be able to bring home with him.
45:33 Is your name there?
45:38 Very important question?
45:40 I'd like to read an extensive
45:44 passage from the Desire of Ages.
45:50 I want you to notice how Ellen White caught the significance
45:54 of what we talked about. How Jesus on earth, and in chapter 4
46:00 Heaven is being prepared for the return of the war hero.
46:04 The one, who by shedding his blood, and living a perfect life
46:08 has made it possible for me to appear before my father
46:12 in his righteousness and who suffered the death penalty
46:16 that I should suffer. Thus winning back a lost inheritance
46:21 and won my deliverance from slavery.
46:26 Then in chapter five Jesus comes into the presence of his father
46:31 brought by the angels and all of the hymns are in honor of
46:35 the redeemer and all of the angels are singing in honor of
46:38 the redeemer and the 24 elders and the four living creatures
46:41 as well. Allow me to read this statement. It is powerful.
46:47 This is in Desire of Ages, that classic book pgs 832-834.
46:53 She says this.
46:55 All heaven was waiting to
47:00 welcome the savior to the
47:02 celestial courts. I like that. I can imagine them saying,
47:07 "He's coming back".
47:09 He was gone 33 years, he defeated that old foe, he bought
47:14 it back, and they're ready for the party.
47:19 She says, he led the way and the multitude of captives
47:24 set free at his resurrection followed
47:28 Now we know who those people are that resurrected and where they
47:32 went. They were following Jesus like a general, he is delivered
47:37 from the hands of the enemy. Now he is coming back as a general.
47:42 Victorious, a war hero. Behind him are all of those
47:47 individuals who resurrected from the tomb.
47:52 She says, the heavenly host with shouts and acclamations of
47:57 praise and celestial song attended the joyous train.
48:01 Did you notice, the heavenly host attended the joyous train.
48:06 That means they are coming up with Jesus.
48:08 That's why their not in chapter four.
48:11 They came to get Jesus.
48:15 There was no one on earth, under earth
48:19 or in heaven, but Jesus was on his way at this point.
48:22 She continues saying, as they
48:25 drew near to the city of God
48:30 the escorting angels cry out,
48:33 Lift up your heads, oh ye gates
48:38 and be ye lift up your ever- lasting doors the King of glory
48:42 shall come in.
48:45 Joyfully, the waiting sentinels respond, Who is this King of
48:50 glory? This they say, not because they know not who he is,
48:54 but because they will hear the answer of exhausted praise.
48:57 The Lord, strong and mighty. The Lord mighty in battle
49:01 Why would it say the Lord mighty in battle?
49:04 Because he just came back from the battle and he has the scars
49:07 to prove it, but he's alive.
49:12 So, the answer comes, the Lord strong and mighty
49:14 the Lord mighty in battle, lift up your heads, all ye gates
49:17 even lift them up ye everlasting doors and the King of glory
49:21 shall come in. Again, is heard the challenge, Who is this King
49:25 of glory? For the angels never weary hearing his name exalted.
49:28 The escorting angels make the reply, Lord of hosts, he
49:33 is the King of glory. Then the portals of the city
49:37 of God are opened wide, and the angelic throng sweep through
49:41 the gates, amid the burst of rapturous music.
49:44 This whole scene is taking place of the holy place of
49:48 the sanctuary. That's the throne room. How do we know
49:53 that? I'll go though it quickly before I finish reading this
49:55 statement. In Revelation chapter 4, it said that the seven
50:00 candlesticks are there in front of the throne The candlesticks
50:03 were in the holy place. Besides that, cups with incense are
50:07 there in the holy place, according to Rev. 5:8. That's
50:12 the golden alter which was in the holy place. The reception
50:15 room is in the holy place. In 1844, there was another party.
50:19 Everybody moved from the holy to the most holy.
50:24 Notice what she continues saying Then the portals of the city
50:27 of God are opened wide and the angelic throng sweep through
50:30 the gates amid the burst of rapturous music. Notice this.
50:35 There is the throne and around it the rainbow of promise
50:41 There are cherubim and seraphims. See Ellen White
50:44 doesn't say living creatures, she interprets it. She says
50:47 cherubim and seraphims. In fact we are going to notice
50:51 that Rev 4 and 5 speaks about one seated on the throne.
50:55 It doesn't identify him, but Ellen White says it's the
50:58 Father. Ellen White interprets what these groups are.
51:03 She says, there are cherubim and seraphim Then what about the
51:07 24 elders, we'll come back to that later. The commanders of
51:11 the angel hosts, the sons of God, the representatives of
51:16 the unfallen worlds are assembled.
51:20 Wow! An invitation was given
51:24 to all of the representatives
51:27 of the unfallen worlds, the sinless worlds. Each one of them
51:31 has their Adam, so to speak. She says the heavenly
51:35 counsel before which Lucifer had accused God and his son
51:38 The representatives of those sinless realms over which Satan
51:42 had thought to establish his dominion. All are there to
51:47 welcome the redeemer. They are eager to celebrate his triumph
51:51 and glorify their King.
51:54 He waves them back. Not yet
51:58 he can not now receive the coronet of glory and royal robe
52:02 He enters into the presence of his Father, Rev 5:7.
52:05 He enters into the presence of his Father, He points to
52:09 his wounded head, to his pierced side, the marred feet
52:13 He is presenting himself, as a what? As a lamb, Revelation says
52:17 Lamb, Ellen White says the wounds of Jesus. Ellen White is
52:22 interpreting this. She is explaining the symbols. She says
52:25 he points to his wounded head, the pierced side the marred feet
52:29 He lifts his hands barring the print of the nails, he points
52:34 to the tokens of his triumph, he presents to God the wavesheff
52:38 those raised with him as representatives of that great
52:42 multitude, who shall come forth from the grave at his second
52:45 coming.
52:47 Now with a down payment.
52:50 There's a little sample, of all
52:55 the redeemed that come forth
52:57 from the grave when Jesus returns because of what he has
53:04 done. She says, he approaches the Father. The one on the
53:08 throne is the Father. With whom there is joy over one sinner who
53:13 repents Who rejoices over one with singing. Before the
53:18 foundation of the earth were laid, the Father and the Son had
53:21 united in a covenant to redeem man if he should be overcome by
53:24 Satan. They had clasped their hands in a solemn pledge that
53:30 Christ should become the surety for the human race. This pledge
53:34 Christ has fulfilled. When upon the cross he cried
53:38 out it is finished, he addressed the Father, the compact
53:43 had been fully carried out. Now, he declares.
53:46 Remember we talked about the will? It reveal who will be with
53:50 him. The passion of Jesus is that opening of the scroll
53:53 revealing who he legally has a right to bring back.
53:59 She says, Now he declares
54:04 Father, it is finished
54:05 I have done thy will, oh mighty God. I have completed the
54:09 work of redemption. If thy justice is satisfied, thy will
54:14 that they also who thou hast given me, be with me where I am.
54:21 There you have it. I want now the assurance that my people
54:24 can come home with me someday, because of what I have done
54:28 That they will get back the lost inheritance, once again
54:32 regain dominion, I need that assurance, Father.
54:36 The voice of God is, proclaiming that justice is satisfied.
54:41 Satan is vanquished. Christ's toiling struggling ones on earth
54:46 are accepted in the beloved. Before the heavenly angels
54:51 and the representatives of the unfallen worlds, they are
54:55 declared, they are justified. Where he is, there his church
55:00 shall be. Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and
55:05 peace have kissed each other. The Fathers arm encircle his son
55:10 and the word is given, Let all the angels of God worship him.
55:18 With joy unutterable, rulers and principalities, and powers
55:23 acknowledge the supremacy of the Prince of Light. The angel
55:27 hosts prostrate themselves before him, while the glad shout
55:31 out, fills throughout heaven. Worthy is the lamb that is slain
55:36 to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength
55:39 and honor and glory and blessing Revelation 5:12, in case
55:44 you are wondering what Ellen White is commenting on here.
55:47 She says Songs of triumph mingle with the music from angel harps
55:51 until heaven seems to overflow with joy and praise
55:55 love has conquered, the lost is found, heaven rings with voices
56:00 and lofty strains proclaiming, blessing and honor and glory
56:05 and power be unto him that sit upon the throne and on to the
56:09 lamb for ever and ever.
56:13 Would you have liked to have been there? Well let me tell you
56:17 something, there's going to be an even greater party very soon.
56:23 This party, all of the redeemed
56:28 will join in the celebration
56:31 Remember the parable of the lost sheep? We usually think of
56:34 that when somebody goes astray from the church. You have to go
56:37 and bring them back to church. The greater application of this
56:40 parable, is that the 99 that are secure are the worlds that
56:44 worlds that never sinned. The one sheep that went astray
56:48 is another world. The sheperd leaving the safety of the fold
56:51 to seek for the lost one, represents Jesus coming to this
56:55 dangerous earth to recover this world.
56:59 The bringing back of the sheep, where there is a party
57:03 in the household, represents Jesus bringing all the redeemed
57:07 back to heaven. Once again the angels will come to planet earth
57:10 with Jesus. Jesus and the angels make a trip back to
57:14 heaven with all of the redeemed. I pray to God,
57:20 that we will all be there. That we are making our
57:24 reservation and our plan. May God bless us.


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