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How To Choose The Right Church

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01:13 Shall we pray? Father in heaven, we thank You once again,
01:17 for the awesome privilege of gathering together
01:20 to open Your word.
01:22 What an awesome word it is!
01:25 It reveals the end from the beginning, and how we can
01:30 prepare for the closing events in the history of this world.
01:33 We ask that as we study today about how to choose the right
01:38 church, that Your Holy Spirit will guide our thoughts.
01:41 We thank You for hearing our prayer for we ask it
01:45 in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:47 I have the privilege of traveling quite a bit,
01:52 not only within the United States, but also to other
01:55 countries of the world.
01:56 And I find it very interesting that people choose all different
02:03 kinds of reasons why they want to choose a particular
02:09 church to attend.
02:11 I'd like to share with you, as we begin our study today,
02:14 some of the reasons that people have given me in my travels
02:18 for their belonging to a certain church.
02:21 Some say, well, my friends attend this certain church,
02:26 and that's the reason why I go there.
02:29 Other individuals say, well, my family has belonged to this
02:34 church for generations, and why change a good thing?
02:38 Still others say, I attend such and such a church because
02:43 it has the most members.
02:44 Others say, I choose to go to this church because it has
02:49 upbeat worship services, or it has wonderful programs,
02:54 or it has plenty of felt needs seminars.
02:58 Others say, I attend this church because of the location,
03:02 and because of the wonderful physical plant
03:05 that the church has.
03:06 Others say, I go to this church because it has the most
03:10 charismatic, and wonderful preacher on planet Earth.
03:15 Still others look at the church as a social club.
03:19 They say, well, you know, my social life
03:21 is excellent at church, and that's the reason why
03:24 I go to this specific church.
03:26 My question is, are these really the true criteria which should
03:33 lead us in choosing which church we should belong to?
03:37 I believe that all of these things are important,
03:40 but I believe that there's something which is far more
03:44 important than any one of these that I've mentioned,
03:48 or all of them put together.
03:49 And that is we should choose the church that God specifies
03:55 in scripture, as being the church which is in harmony
04:00 with His truth as it is presented in Holy Scripture.
04:04 And so in our study today we're going to examine the Biblical
04:08 characteristics of the true church, and we're going to allow
04:12 the Bible to tell us if, in this world, there is a true church,
04:17 and whether we can actually find it.
04:20 Now we're going to follow a very carefully reasoned presentation.
04:28 We're going to follow step by step.
04:30 You remember that I mentioned in a previous lecture,
04:33 the principle of historicism.
04:35 Prophecy begins fulfilling in the days when the prophet wrote,
04:38 and it continues fulfilling without interruption
04:41 until the close of time.
04:42 That is going to be the method that we will use for identifying
04:47 the true church in our study today.
04:49 We're going to begin our study in Revelation 12,
04:54 and we're going to move through this chapter and notice
04:57 the different stages that we find here in this wonderful
05:02 symbolic chapter of Holy Scripture.
05:04 Revelation 12, and I want to read verse 1. It says:
05:26 Now I want to dwell on two particular symbols
05:30 in this verse: Symbol 1. the woman;
05:34 and Symbol 2. the twelve stars that she has on her crown.
05:40 or on her garment.
05:41 Now we need to ask the question, what is represented
05:46 by the woman in this verse?
05:49 Well, let's go to the book of Jeremiah 6:2, Jeremiah 6:2.
05:58 Here God is speaking about His church in the Old Testament.
06:02 He's speaking about Israel.
06:04 And it says here; God speaking:
06:10 That is Israel, in other words.
06:17 To what does God compare His Old Testament church?
06:21 To a beautiful and delicate woman.
06:24 In other words, a woman represents the church.
06:28 Now immediately we ask the question, in Revelation 12,
06:33 is this speaking about the Old Testament church,
06:36 or is it speaking about the New Testament church?
06:39 The answer is simple.
06:41 It's referring to the Old Testament church.
06:44 And you say, how do we know that?
06:45 Well, the fact is that when John sees this woman
06:50 in Revelation 12, she has not had the child yet.
06:53 The child is still in her womb, and she's crying out because
06:58 she wants to have the child.
06:59 This represents the fact that Israel was clamoring
07:03 for the Messiah. They were clamoring for the deliverer
07:06 to be born. In other words, the fact that the woman still has
07:09 the child in her womb when John sees her, indicates that
07:14 this woman represents the Old Testament church.
07:17 Now let's pursue another avenue to nail down this point.
07:22 Go with me to Genesis 49:28.
07:25 Why a crown of twelve stars?
07:28 This will help us identify this woman.
07:30 Genesis 49:28. Here we find a reference to the twelve sons
07:37 of Jacob. And I want you to notice what we find in this
07:44 verse that helps us identify, very clearly, this woman
07:49 as the Old Testament church.
07:51 Genesis 49:28. It says this:
08:06 The sons of Jacob.
08:17 So notice that we have the twelve sons of Jacob,
08:21 which become the twelve what? the twelve tribes of Israel.
08:24 Incidentally, it's no coincidence that in
08:28 Genesis 37:9, we're not going to read it, but in Genesis 37:9
08:34 Joseph makes reference to a dream that he had.
08:36 And he said that he saw the sun, the moon, and eleven stars
08:42 bowing to him. And, of course, that's referring to what
08:46 would happen later in Egypt.
08:48 Notice that his brothers are compared to what? to stars,
08:52 according to Joseph.
08:54 And so the twelve stars represent the twelve tribes
08:57 of Israel, which constitutes the Old Testament church.
09:02 Are you with me?
09:03 Now, this woman not only represents the Old Testament
09:08 church, but we're going to notice that it also represents
09:10 the New Testament church.
09:12 You see, God has only one people throughout the course of
09:16 all of history. He doesn't have an Old Testament church,
09:19 and a New Testament church, technically speaking.
09:22 He actually has one true church that begins at the very start
09:27 of human history, with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden,
09:31 and ends at the very end of time with the faithful remnant
09:35 of God. I want you to notice that Jesus chose,
09:39 according to the Bible, twelve apostles to be the nucleus
09:45 of the Christian church.
09:46 And so you have twelve sons of Jacob,
09:49 which formed the tribes of Israel.
09:50 You have the twelve apostles of Jesus, which formed the
09:54 nucleus of the Christian church.
09:56 Now I must underline, once again, that the woman
09:59 that is seen in Revelation 12:1, at this stage in verse 1,
10:04 represents the Old Testament church,
10:06 because she has not had the child.
10:07 Later on though this woman has to flee into the wilderness,
10:11 and this is referring to the New Testament church.
10:14 But I want you to notice that it's the same woman
10:16 the number twelve identifies both the Old
10:20 and the New Testament church.
10:22 In case someone says, Well, the number twelve isn't
10:25 really that important.
10:26 Jesus chose twelve apostles by coincidence.
10:29 I want to go to the book of Acts 1:16, Acts 1:16.
10:36 When Judas Iscariot fell by the wayside, we find very clearly
10:41 that the disciples felt that they needed to have twelve.
10:44 There was something special about the number twelve.
10:47 Notice Acts 1:16. Here Peter is speaking.
10:53 He says, Men and brethren, this scripture had to be fulfilled
10:57 which the Holy Spirit spoke before by the mouth of David,
11:01 concerning Judas, who became a guide to those who arrested
11:05 Jesus. And then I want you to notice that as the story
11:09 continues, they say, We need to name a successor to Judas.
11:16 There need to be twelve apostles, because twelve is
11:20 the kingdom number.
11:21 It's the number of the church of God in the Old
11:24 and in the New Testament.
11:25 And so they cast lots, and Matthias is actually elected
11:31 as the successor of Judas.
11:33 In other words, he took Judas' place.
11:36 It's no coincidence, also, that according to the book of
11:40 Revelation, in Revelation 21:12, we are told that the gates
11:46 of the holy city have the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.
11:50 And the foundations of the city have the names
11:54 of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
11:56 Do you notice that there's only one city that includes the
12:01 saints from the Old Testament, and the saints
12:04 from the New Testament?
12:05 There's only one woman.
12:06 The number twelve represents the twelve tribes of Israel,
12:10 and the twelve apostles of the Lamb; one church,
12:14 from the beginning of history, till the end of time.
12:17 One true church. And so in Revelation 12,
12:21 the chapter begins with this woman.
12:23 She has a child in her womb, and she's crying out
12:27 to deliver this child.
12:28 Now I want you to notice who this child is.
12:33 Galatians 4:4 identifies the child.
12:38 By the way, this is very closely connected with Genesis 3:15.
12:44 Galatians 4:4 says:
13:01 Who is the seed that is born from the woman?
13:04 It is Jesus Christ.
13:05 Notice also Revelation 12:2, Revelation 12:2. It says there:
13:20 So she has a child in her womb.
13:22 Now let's go to verse 5 to identify this child.
13:25 It says in verse 5:
13:38 Who is this child? this male child born of a woman,
13:42 who later is caught up to God and to His throne?
13:46 There's no doubt.
13:47 It, obviously, is Jesus Christ.
13:50 Now when Jesus Christ is born, now this woman transitions
13:55 into the New Testament period.
13:57 The same woman. There's not a woman that represents
14:00 the Old Testament church, and then another woman which
14:03 represents the New Testament church.
14:05 There is only one woman; one true church.
14:08 It has different stages, yes.
14:11 It has different periods, yes.
14:13 But it is one church.
14:15 And so the child is born.
14:17 Now I want you to notice what happens when the child is born.
14:21 Let's go, once again, to Revelation 12 and let's read
14:25 verse 3. Revelation 12:3.
14:42 Notice we have a dragon, and what does this
14:44 dragon want to do? Notice verse four.
15:00 So what is the dragon trying to do?
15:03 He's standing next to the woman to devour the child
15:06 as soon as the child is born.
15:08 Question: who is this dragon?
15:11 Well, Revelation 12:7 identifies this dragon.
15:16 It says there: and war broke out in heaven.
15:20 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon
15:23 and his angels fought, and they did not prevail.
15:27 That is the devil and his angels.
15:28 Nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.
15:46 Who is this dragon?
15:48 The dragon is Satan, very clearly identified.
15:53 But now I need to explain something.
15:56 Even though in the primary sense, the dragon represents
16:01 Satan, in a secondary sense, the dragon, or the political,
16:06 or civil powers of the world that the devil uses
16:09 to accomplish his purposes.
16:11 I'll give you an example, which I've mentioned
16:13 in a previous lecture.
16:15 Ezekiel 29:3. We're not going to go there,
16:18 but I'll just mention it.
16:19 You have it in your list of texts.
16:21 There in Ezekiel 29:3, in the King James Version, it calls
16:26 Pharaoh the great dragon.
16:30 Interesting that a civil ruler would be called
16:35 the great dragon. Now when Jesus was born,
16:39 we're told in Revelation 12 that the great dragon stood next to
16:43 the woman to devour the child as soon as the child was born.
16:47 Did the devil stand, personally, next to the woman to destroy
16:52 Jesus when He was born? No.
16:54 How did the devil try to accomplish it?
16:58 Go with me to Matthew 2:16, Matthew 2:16.
17:06 Here we find the way the devil works.
17:08 The devil works in the background.
17:09 He uses political powers of the world.
17:12 He uses civil powers of the world.
17:14 Now notice Matthew 2:16, Matthew 2:16. It says here:
17:43 ...according to the time which he had determined
17:46 from the wise men.
17:47 So who was the one who actually did the dirty work, so to speak?
17:50 It was Herod, and Herod was a ruler of which empire?
17:55 He was a ruler of the Roman empire.
17:58 So in another sense, the dragon represents what?
18:01 The dragon represents Rome.
18:04 Are you following me?
18:05 The same fourth beast of Daniel 7, remember?
18:10 Now that beast that had teeth of iron, and trampled,
18:13 and destroyed everything that he came in contact with?
18:16 That's the same power we have here.
18:19 Now let me ask you, how many horns did the dragon have
18:21 in Daniel 7? The dragon had ten horns.
18:25 How many horns does this dragon have in Revelation 12?
18:29 We just read it in verse 3.
18:31 It says that he had ten horns.
18:33 Is the fourth kingdom of Daniel 7 the same dragon
18:37 of Revelation 12? Absolutely!
18:40 And so notice, we've moved from the Old Testament church.
18:43 The woman has the child.
18:44 The child hasn't been born.
18:45 And now we've moved to the moment which the child is born.
18:49 And when the child is born the dragon, the devil,
18:52 through Herod, tries to destroy the child, but the child escapes
18:58 from the power of Satan, and He's caught up to God,
19:01 and to His throne. And then you notice that the dragon has what?
19:05 The dragon has ten horns.
19:07 Now if you read Revelation 12 you would never get the
19:11 impression that the ten horns come up after the dragon
19:14 has ruled for a period.
19:16 You don't get that from the book of Revelation.
19:18 That's why we need to compare Daniel and Revelation.
19:21 We've studied this before.
19:23 Do you remember that this dragon beast has three
19:25 stages of existence?
19:26 First of all it governs as a dragon beast,
19:29 or a nondescript beast.
19:31 Then in Daniel 7:23, 24 it says that from the head of this
19:36 dragon beast come forth what? ten horns.
19:39 In other words, Rome is divided into what? into ten kingdoms.
19:43 And then among the ten horns rises what? a little horn,
19:49 which rules for time, times, and the dividing of time.
19:53 Now, let's go back to Revelation 12 and continue
19:57 studying the sequence.
19:59 You have the woman in the Old Testament; child not born.
20:02 Then the child is born.
20:04 Then, comparing with Daniel, that dragon sprouts ten horns.
20:09 Rome is divided into ten kingdoms.
20:11 Now my question is, which would be the next stage that you would
20:15 expect to come in Revelation 12?
20:18 It must be the same stage as the little horn. Right?
20:22 And, by the way, before we get to the little horn,
20:24 allow me just to mention two passages: Revelation 12:5,
20:28 speaks of the ascension of Jesus; Jesus ascended to heaven,
20:31 and if you read John 12:31-33 Jesus says:
20:40 And He was talking about His death on the cross.
20:42 And then when Jesus arrives in heaven,
20:45 according to Revelation 12:10- 12, all heaven is singing
20:48 because the accuser of the brethren has been what?
20:51 has been cast out, who accused them day and night.
20:54 And so you have the dragon, and you have the ten horns.
20:57 You would expect the next period to be time, times,
21:01 and dividing of time, if we're following the parallel
21:03 sequence of Daniel 7.
21:05 Now go with me to Revelation 12: 6, Revelation 12:6.
21:14 This is immediately after the period of the dragon
21:17 with ten horns. And you notice that in verse 6 it says:
21:21 Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she has
21:26 a place prepared by God, that they should feed
21:30 her there 1,260 days.
21:36 What comes after the period of the dragon with the ten horns?
21:38 The period when the woman flees to the wilderness for how long?
21:43 1,260 days, which really are what? years.
21:50 Now Revelation 12:13-15 amplifies this point.
21:54 Notice what we find in verse 13.
21:57 Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth,..
22:00 This was done at the cross.
22:02 ...he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child.
22:06 See, he went after the male child first.
22:09 And when he wasn't successful, now he goes after the woman.
22:12 Verse 14:
22:27 Is this the same period of the little horn of Daniel 7?
22:31 Absolutely! It's expressed even in the same terms: time, times,
22:36 and dividing of time, is the same as 1,260 days or years.
22:40 And so you've moved from the Old Testament to when the dragon
22:45 rules, and Satan, through Rome, tries to kill the child;
22:49 to Rome divided into ten kingdoms, and now to the period
22:54 of the 1,260 years, which, by the way, lasts from 538,
23:00 according to what we've studied, till the year 1798.
23:05 Now let's go to Revelation 12, and examine verses 13-15,
23:11 and then we'll read 16, which is very, very important.
23:15 Revelation 12:13: Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast
23:19 to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth
23:22 to the male child.
23:32 Now notice:
23:42 What do waters represent in scripture?
23:45 Revelation 17:15 says: the waters upon which the woman
23:51 sitteth are multitudes, nations, tongues, and peoples.
23:56 In other words, the dragon used multitudes, nations, tongues,
24:00 and peoples to try and do away with the woman who had
24:04 brought the male child into the world.
24:07 But the Bible says that God gave the church, the woman,
24:11 refuge in the wilderness.
24:14 He was not able to destroy her.
24:16 Who came to the rescue of the woman?
24:20 Notice verse 16; very important.
24:24 It says in verse 16 of chapter 12:
24:29 In other words, when the woman is being persecuted by the
24:34 dragon, who is spewing his multitudes to try and drown
24:38 the woman and destroy her, something comes to the rescue.
24:41 Notice, it's not another beast that comes to the rescue,
24:44 it is the earth; a territory, if you please. And so it says,:
24:53 And what did the earth do?
25:01 And as a result persecution what? ceases, because the earth
25:06 swallowed up the waters of persecution,
25:08 and helped the woman.
25:10 By the way, this must have happened around the end of the
25:14 1,260 years, right?
25:16 Because we're following a sequence.
25:17 The little horn and the beast governed for 1,260 years,
25:22 which means that the earth helping the woman has to come
25:25 towards the end of this period.
25:27 Now I want you to notice Revelation 12:17.
25:31 Do you think the Devil is happy about the Earth helping
25:34 the woman, and swallowing up the waters of persecution?
25:37 Obviously, not!
25:38 And so we have one final stage of warfare.
25:42 Revelation 12:17:
25:49 Why would he be enraged with the woman?
25:51 What does the previous verse say?
25:52 The earth what? helped the woman.
25:56 And because the earth helped the woman, now the dragon
25:59 is further enraged. And notice:
26:08 I like the way the King James says it:
26:10 with the remnant of her seed...
26:20 And so Revelation 12 comes to an end.
26:23 We followed a sequence of events.
26:26 Let's review that sequence of events.
26:29 Chapter 12 of Revelation begins in the Old Testament
26:34 before the child is born.
26:36 Then it moves to the period of the dragon, when the dragon
26:40 tries to kill the child as soon as He is born.
26:42 That dragon, according to Daniel 7, then sprouts ten horns;
26:47 the ten divisions in western Europe.
26:49 Then the woman is persecuted into the wilderness
26:53 for 1,260 years: 538 to 1798.
26:59 But towards the end of this period something known as the
27:02 earth swallows up the waters of persecution,
27:05 and helps the woman.
27:06 This angers and enrages the dragon, and so he goes to
27:11 make a final war against the remnant of her seed,
27:14 who keep the commandments of God,
27:16 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
27:19 Do you see how this prophecy has moved from the Old Testament
27:22 till the final persecution of God's people on planet Earth
27:25 without interruption?
27:27 Now, what are the commandments of God that are mentioned here
27:34 as being kept by this remnant?
27:37 Well, let's go to Matthew 19:17, Matthew 19:17.
27:45 Here Jesus is speaking to the rich young ruler, and He uses
27:49 the same terminology as we find in Revelation 12:17.
27:54 Actually, Jesus says to the rich young ruler
27:58 in Matthew 19:17, Why do you call me good?
28:05 No one is good but God, but if you want to enter into life,
28:13 what? keep the commandments.
28:16 The same expression: keep the commandments.
28:18 Now which commandments was Jesus speaking about?
28:20 If you continue reading, the young man says, Which?
28:24 Jesus says, You shall not murder,
28:25 you shall not live in adultery, you shall not steal,
28:27 you shall not bear false witness,
28:29 honor your father and your mother.
28:30 Which commandments is Jesus quoting when He says,
28:32 Keep the commandments?
28:33 He's referring to the ten commandments, which means that
28:37 this final remnant on planet Earth will keep what?
28:40 will keep the commandments of God.
28:43 The nine commandments, all nine of them.
28:46 Oh, thank you very much!
28:48 They will keep all of the commandments of God;
28:51 the ten commandments.
28:53 But notice also that they will have the testimony of Jesus.
28:57 What is that testimony of Jesus, which appears in the remnant
29:01 after the year 1798?
29:02 By the way, did you notice that this remnant has to appear
29:05 when the earth helps the woman at the end of this period?
29:09 Have you noticed that this remnant has to appear after
29:11 1798? And where do they have to appear?
29:14 They have to appear where? on the earth.
29:17 Because that's the place where the woman was helped.
29:21 So you need to look for a people who appear
29:25 on what is called the earth.
29:27 You have to look for a people who arise
29:31 shortly after the year 1798.
29:33 You have to look for a people who teach that you're supposed
29:38 to keep all of the commandments of God.
29:39 And you have to search for a people who have
29:42 the testimony of Jesus Christ.
29:44 Now the question is, What is the testimony of Jesus Christ?
29:47 Let's go and let Revelation itself explain it.
29:50 Revelation 19:10, Revelation 19:10.
29:55 John says this: And I fell at his feet to worship him.
30:00 Because an angel has appeared to him.
30:02 But he said to me, See that you do not do that: I am your fellow
30:07 servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus.
30:13 What do John's brethren have?
30:14 The testimony of Jesus.
30:17 Worship God: for the testimony of Jesus
30:21 is what? is the Spirit of Prophecy.
30:25 In other words, the final remnant, against whom the devil
30:30 launches his final onslaught, will keep the commandments
30:35 of God; all of the commandments of God.
30:38 And will have the testimony of Jesus,
30:40 which is the Spirit of Prophecy.
30:43 The reason why it's called the Spirit of Prophecy is because
30:45 prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
30:48 It is the Spirit of Prophecy.
30:50 In other words, they will have the gift of prophecy.
30:54 Now do you remember in Daniel 7: 25, the two things that the
31:00 little horn thought that he could change?
31:03 Go back with me to Daniel 7:25, Daniel 7:25.
31:10 Some of you weren't here on that previous presentation,
31:13 so we need to read this, because it's very, very important.
31:16 It says there in Daniel 7:25:
31:27 Or as the King James says, shall think...
31:34 We've already identified the times as God's prophetic
31:38 sequence of events, God's prophetic calendar.
31:41 The way in which He explains how prophecy will be
31:45 fulfilled in the end times.
31:46 We've already identified the law as the law of God,
31:50 as found in the ten commandments.
31:52 Now, are you seeing something interesting?
31:54 The little horn thinks that he can change the law of God,
31:57 and he thinks that he can change God's prophetic calendar.
32:00 Do you know how God counteracts that?
32:02 He says, Okay, I'm going to raise up a people who keep
32:05 the commandments of God, and who have the gift of prophecy.
32:07 In other words, God raises up a people to undo what
32:12 the little horn tries to do.
32:13 A people who will exalt the ten commandments,
32:16 including the one which the papacy tried to change,
32:19 and which will have the gift of prophecy,
32:22 which shows the true way in which final events will develop
32:27 in Bible prophecy.
32:28 And, by the way, if you're interested in knowing how this
32:31 end time scenario is going to develop, you need to read
32:34 the book, The Great Controversy.
32:36 You can pick up a complimentary copy as you go out
32:39 from the lecture today.
32:40 It's a fabulous book.
32:42 It's a book that was written by Ellen White, and if you read
32:45 that book, particularly the last half of it, you say, Wow,
32:48 it's like she lived right now in these days.
32:52 It's like she was seeing the news that you see on television
32:55 today, because things are developing just like she said.
32:59 And, by the way, this book was published in 1911,
33:04 almost one hundred years ago.
33:08 And what she writes is simply amazing, because God gave this
33:12 gift to the remnant church to show how prophecy will truly
33:16 develop, not the way the little horn said that it would develop.
33:20 Now we need to move on to Revelation 13,
33:24 because Revelation 13 is parallel to Revelation 12.
33:28 Go with me to Revelation 13 and let's follow the
33:32 sequence in this chapter.
33:33 Revelation 13, and we will begin at verse 1.
33:37 Then I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast coming up
33:42 out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns,
33:46 and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads
33:49 a blasphemous name.
33:51 Now we could take time to explain every one of these
33:53 symbols, but it would take us far beyond the time period
33:56 that we have here.
33:57 Verse 2 is a critical verse.
34:12 What chapter of the Bible does this make you think of?
34:16 Daniel chapter what? 7!
34:19 Do you have a lion in both chapters? Yes.
34:22 Do you have a bear in both chapters? Yes.
34:25 Do you have a leopard in both chapters? Yes.
34:27 Do you have a dragon in both chapters?
34:29 Does the dragon have ten horns in both chapters? Absolutely!
34:34 So Revelation 13 is following the same sequence as
34:39 Revelation 12. And, by the way, Revelation 13 is beginning
34:43 in the Old Testament, isn't it?
34:45 Because Babylon, Media Persia, and Greece are Old Testament
34:47 powers: the lion, the bear, and the leopard are Old Testament
34:51 powers. And then you move to the dragon with ten horns,
34:54 which is the same dragon with ten horns that tried to kill
34:57 the male child when He was born.
34:59 Are you following the sequence?
35:00 Now let me ask you, which would you expect to be the next
35:03 period in Revelation 13, if it's parallel to Revelation 12?
35:07 You've seen the Old Testament: the dragon.
35:12 The dragon has ten horns, and now the dragon gives his power
35:16 to whom? to the beast.
35:18 How long would you expect the beast to govern?
35:20 How about 1,260 days, if you're following the same sequence?
35:25 Yes, you think so? Absolutely!
35:28 Let's go to Revelation 13:5 and you'll see it.
35:31 Revelation 13:5, it says here in verse 5:
35:40 Is that what the little horn did also? Absolutely!
35:49 Is that the same period as time, times, and the dividing of time?
35:53 Absolutely. Is it the same time period as 1,260 days or years?
35:58 Absolutely! So is Revelation 13 running parallel
36:03 to Revelation 12? Absolutely!
36:05 And parallel to Daniel 7.
36:08 No doubt whatsoever!
36:09 And now I want you to notice verse 7 of Revelation 13.
36:13 Verse 7.
36:18 By the way, did you notice here that in Revelation 12 it says
36:23 that the dragon persecuted the woman?
36:26 Here it says that the beast persecuted the saints.
36:29 This is very important.
36:32 What is the woman? It's the church, Yes.
36:38 In Revelation 12 the woman is called in Revelation 13 what?
36:43 the saints. So what is the woman? the saints.
36:47 Are you understanding me?
36:49 In other words, it is the faithful church of God.
36:52 And so it says in verse 7:
37:03 Remember the waters that the dragon spewed out of his mouth?
37:07 By the way, whose emissary is the beast?
37:09 Whose emissary is the little horn?
37:11 Satan's, and that's why God gives us these two chapters:
37:17 Revelation 12 and 13, because Revelation 12 shows that the
37:21 real power behind the persecution of the church
37:24 is the dragon. But chapter 13 shows us that the dragon
37:29 persecutes the woman through using what? the beast.
37:34 In other words, the beast is the emissary of the dragon.
37:38 Now I want us to go to Revelation 13:10,
37:43 Revelation 13:10. At the end of this period, the year 1798,
37:49 this beast power, this little horn power, was going to receive
37:53 a deadly wound. It says in verse 10:
37:58 In other words he's not going to be able to persecute
38:02 the Saints of the Most High anymore, at least for awhile.
38:11 Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.
38:14 We've already studied about the sword.
38:15 What does the sword represent?
38:17 The sword represents the civil power.
38:19 Romans 13 is the critical chapter; the first 9 verses.
38:24 Do you remember that it is the civil power
38:26 that bears the sword?
38:28 And so this power was going to be wounded by the civil power
38:32 which it had used during its 1,260 years of dominion.
38:36 Let me ask you, when did this happen to the Roman Catholic
38:38 Papacy? 1798. The power was removed from the Roman Catholic
38:44 Papacy. It did not cease to exist as a church, but the civil
38:47 power was removed from it.
38:49 It could no longer use the governments of the world
38:52 to accomplish its purposes.
38:54 And the governments of the world have kept that wound in place
38:58 until this day. But in the United States of America,
39:01 slowly but surely, ironically in this country,
39:05 that wound is being helped to heal by people who have
39:10 religious zeal, by people who are sincere in their hearts.
39:14 They want to moralize America, but they are using the state to
39:18 accomplish their purposes, just like the Papacy did
39:21 during the middle ages.
39:22 In other words, they are forming an image, and a likeness
39:25 to what that first beast did.
39:27 You know Friedrich Nietzsche, the great philosopher,
39:32 once said, Be careful when you fight the dragon,
39:36 lest you become a dragon.
39:39 And I would say that to Christians all over the world
39:44 today. Be careful when you fight the dragon of immorality,
39:50 and corruption in society.
39:52 Beware of the methods you use lest you, in the process,
39:56 also become a dragon.
39:59 Now, we've moved from the Old Testament to the period of Rome;
40:05 Rome divided, 1,260 years.
40:10 This beast receives a deadly wound at the end
40:13 of the 1,260 years.
40:15 Do you remember in Revelation 12 it said that the next stage
40:18 was that the earth helped the woman?
40:20 And then it says that the dragon is enraged with the woman?
40:24 So you have two key words there.
40:27 You have the word earth helped the woman.
40:31 And the second is the earth now, the devil, the dragon,
40:36 persecutes the woman in it's final stage of existence:
40:40 earth and woman. Now notice Revelation 13:11.
40:45 Very interesting! Right after this beast receives its deadly
40:49 wound, notice what we find in Revelation 13:11. It says:
41:02 Is that the same earth of Revelation 12?
41:06 Do you know what the only difference is?
41:08 In Revelation 12 the earth is the territory.
41:11 In Revelation 13 the beast is the nation that arises
41:17 in that territory. Are you following me or not?
41:20 Let me ask you, which was the country in the world that gave
41:24 refuge to those who were persecuted in Europe?
41:26 It was the United States.
41:29 Have you ever heard of the pilgrims that fled
41:31 from Europe, from the persecutions in Europe,
41:34 and came to the United States?
41:35 And, by the way, they then became the persecutors.
41:38 That's a stage that people don't talk much about.
41:42 We talk about the Constitutional stage of the United States,
41:44 but we forget that there's the period, the colonial period,
41:46 when you could be fined and thrown into jail for not going
41:50 to church on Sunday.
41:52 Where you could be fined and thrown into jail if you didn't
41:56 pay your tithes, and I say pay your tithes, in this case.
42:00 Where if you were not a Christian, you could not occupy
42:04 an office in the government.
42:06 Is that the kind of America that you want today?
42:10 Do you want to return to Colonial America?
42:12 That's what many ministers want to do.
42:14 They want to return to Colonial America,
42:17 and not to Constitutional America,
42:20 the America of the founding fathers, so to speak.
42:23 And so in Revelation 12 the earth helps the woman.
42:26 The United States provides refuge for those who are
42:29 persecuted. Persecution ceases.
42:31 But Revelation 12 says that then the dragon is enraged because
42:35 the earth helps the woman.
42:36 Does Revelation 13 say that after this nation rises from the
42:40 earth it will speak like a dragon?
42:42 It most certainly does!
42:43 And, by the way, listen to this.
42:45 In Revelation 12 it says that the dragon is enraged against
42:48 the woman, because she keeps the commandments of God,
42:50 and it has the testimony of Jesus.
42:51 Do you know what the devil is going to do?
42:53 He's going to try and counteract that.
42:55 He's going to try and counteract the commandments of God
42:58 by imposing the mark of the beast, which is the same thing
43:01 as the change in the law in Daniel 7.
43:05 And he's going to try to counteract the testimony
43:08 of Jesus, the gift of prophecy, by raising up the second beast,
43:13 which, by the way, is called the false prophet.
43:17 So he's going to raise up a false prophet in Protestantism
43:21 to try and counteract the true gift of prophecy.
43:24 So you have a play and a counter play.
43:26 During the 1,260 years the devil says, I'm going to use this
43:29 power to change the law, and to change the prophetic times.
43:32 God says, Oh, yeah?
43:33 At the end of this period I will raise up a people who exalt
43:37 the law, and keep the commandments, and they have
43:39 the testimony of Jesus to set prophecy straight.
43:41 And the devil says, Is that right?
43:43 I'm going to launch a final persecution, imposing the
43:46 mark of the beast, and also raising up a false prophet
43:50 to deceive people about how prophecy will develop.
43:54 Lead everybody to look to the Middle East.
43:58 Lead everybody to look to Iraq, while the enemy grows in Rome.
44:04 And where, in the United States, people who are sincere,
44:10 I'm not impugning their motives.
44:13 They're sincere, like king Ahasuerus was sincere,
44:18 in the days of Esther.
44:19 People who don't understand the issues, and think that they
44:24 need to listen to what the religious right in this country
44:28 wants, and to impose by law their will.
44:33 I wish I had time, more time to speak about this.
44:36 We're entering a very dangerous period
44:39 in the history of the United States;
44:41 very dangerous period in the history of this country.
44:45 So do you see how Revelation 12 and 13 follow the same
44:48 sequence? Let me ask you, where are we now?
44:51 The Old Testament is past, Yes? Yeah?
44:58 When the child was born. Past?
45:00 Ten division of Rome. Past?
45:03 1,260 years. Past?
45:06 The earth helping the woman. Past?
45:09 What is the last stage?
45:13 The dragon being what? enraged with the woman, with the remnant
45:19 of her seed, who keep the commandments of God,
45:22 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
45:26 So where would God expect, where would we expect God
45:30 to raise His end time church, and when,
45:32 and what characteristics would it have?
45:35 Very simple, the true church has to arise in the United States,
45:41 the earth. The true church has to arise shortly after 1798,
45:46 according to the sequence.
45:48 It has to be a church which teaches that you're supposed
45:51 to keep all of the commandments of God.
45:54 And it is a church that has the true prophetic scenario
45:58 of end time events, as reflected in the book,
46:01 The Great Controversy.
46:02 But there are other characteristics which identify
46:05 this true church. Let's go through them quickly.
46:08 Revelation 14 has God's final message to the world.
46:14 It's called the three angels' message.
46:17 It's actually one message with three parts.
46:19 And we're going to go through several characteristics
46:23 very quickly in Revelation 14 of this end time message.
46:28 And, by the way, this is God's final message to the world.
46:30 You say, how do we know that it's God's final message?
46:32 Listen, it's very simple.
46:33 Because the three angels proclaim their messages
46:36 in Revelation 14:6-12.
46:39 That's where the three angels' messages are found.
46:41 Immediately afterwards, in verse 14, Jesus is seen seated on a
46:46 cloud, and He has a sickle in His hand, and He's going to
46:50 harvest the harvest of the earth, and the grapes
46:52 of the earth. The grapes represent the wicked,
46:55 and the harvest represents the righteous.
46:58 So in other words, the whole world has been divided into
47:02 two groups by the three angels' messages.
47:04 And so this is God's end time message.
47:06 Let me ask you, would you expect there to be a church
47:10 which would proclaim this triple message to the world?
47:13 Would that be the true church?
47:15 The church that is proclaiming God's end time message
47:18 to the world? No doubt whatsoever about it.
47:21 Notice Revelation 14:6:
47:32 Must this be a worldwide church?
47:34 Must it have a worldwide system in order to proclaim
47:38 God's message on a global scale? Yes.
47:42 This can't be some local church somewhere.
47:44 It can't be some denomination that works in only one
47:47 little area of the world.
47:48 It has to be a church which has the capacity to preach the
47:53 gospel to every nation on planet Earth.
47:56 It must be a worldwide church.
47:58 Notice verse 7. It says in verse 7:
48:05 I wish I had time to refer to that.
48:07 Fear God means to keep His commandments.
48:11 In the Old Testament, time and again, as well as in the New,
48:14 when the expression: fear God, is used, it is linked with
48:17 keeping God's law, with keeping God's commandments.
48:21 So this first angel is saying, Fear God,
48:23 that is keep His commandments.
48:25 Give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment will come.
48:31 Thank you, thank you.
48:33 The hour of His judgment has come, or is come.
48:37 Let me ask you, will the true church teach that we are now
48:40 living in the judgment? Absolutely!
48:43 So you have to look for a church who teaches that we are now
48:46 living in the judgment; the judgment of the righteous,
48:49 which God is separating the righteous from the unrighteous,
48:52 because when He comes, He's going to take the
48:54 righteous to heaven, so He has to separate them first
48:57 in order to take them home when He comes.
49:01 The hour of His judgment has come.
49:04 And, by the way, along with the doctrine of the judgment
49:07 this church has to teach that the dead are dead.
49:11 You say, why is this?
49:12 Well, it's actually very simple.
49:14 You don't have to be king Solomon to figure it out.
49:16 If God celebrates the judgment at a certain point in time,
49:22 then people didn't go to hell or to heaven when they died.
49:25 Because if they went to heaven or hell when they died,
49:29 they already were judged.
49:31 Are you understanding what I am saying?
49:33 So implicit here is the idea that the true church will teach
49:37 that we are in the judgment, and therefore the dead
49:41 know not anything.
49:43 And, by the way, the first angel continues saying, And worship
49:47 Him who made the heaven, the earth, the sea,
49:51 and the springs of water.
49:52 That is a quotation that comes from the fourth commandment
49:56 of the law of God.
49:57 This church will call people to keep God's Holy Sabbath.
50:01 They will proclaim it to the world;
50:05 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
50:08 Notice the second angel's message, verse 8:
50:23 What will the remnant church do?
50:24 They will call God's people to come out of where?
50:28 To come out of Babylon.
50:30 By the way, do you know what Babylon is?
50:32 Revelation 16, I'll just mention the verse.
50:35 Revelation 16:13 says that Babylon has three parts:
50:40 the dragon, which we've already seen represents Satan,
50:44 but it represents the political powers of the world that Satan
50:47 uses; the civil powers joining the religious power.
50:51 The dragon, the beast,...
50:53 What does the beast represent?
50:55 We've studied this before.
50:56 It represents the Roman Catholic Papacy,
50:58 not individual Catholics.
51:01 Most of God's true people are within the Catholic Church.
51:04 That does not make the Catholic Church the true church.
51:07 Actually, during the 1,260 years, the Roman Catholic Church
51:13 persecuted. Are you following me or not?
51:18 It was the persecutor, not the persecuted.
51:22 And so I want you to notice here that you have the dragon,
51:27 you have the beast, and you have the false prophet.
51:30 What does the false prophet represent?
51:32 It represents apostate Protestantism as it is found
51:35 primarily where? in the United States of America,
51:38 which is going to join the beast to enforce by law what?
51:44 the mark of the beast.
51:46 So is the true church going to call God's true children out of
51:50 these three powers?
51:52 Out of secularism, so to speak?
51:54 Out of the Papal system, out of apostate Protestantism,
52:00 to join God's remnant church.
52:02 Absolutely, according to Bible prophecy, this is exactly
52:06 what was going to happen.
52:07 And then the third angel's message warns about the beast,
52:12 his image, and about receiving the mark of the beast.
52:17 If you want to know what the true church is, you have to find
52:19 the church that is talking to you about the beast,
52:22 about the image of the beast, and that is talking to you about
52:26 the mark of the beast.
52:27 And we've already identified the mark of the beast as that
52:31 mark that the Roman Catholic Papacy says that it has,
52:34 and that is that it has changed God's law,
52:37 in their mind at least, from Sabbath to Sunday.
52:40 And they say, this is the mark of our power, because only God
52:45 could change His Holy Law.
52:47 And so it has to be a system that warns people, a religious
52:53 organization, the church which warns people about these
52:58 apostate powers. And folks, I know it is not politically
53:02 correct to do this.
53:03 But it's not a time for political correctness when
53:07 people's spiritual lives and eternal destiny is in play.
53:13 We need to speak out, not because we hate people,
53:17 we love people in all of these systems.
53:20 And that's why God calls them out incidentally.
53:23 In Revelation 18:4 God says, Come out of her my people.
53:28 Come out of Babylon, my people.
53:30 Isn't it marvelous that God has people in Babylon?
53:32 Would He ever call them out if He didn't have
53:34 people in Babylon?
53:35 Most of His people are in Babylon.
53:38 And let me tell you something, Adventists, do you know that
53:42 the Bible teaches that most of those who are in the Adventist
53:45 Church will eventually leave?
53:49 But the Adventist Church will not see any decrease,
53:54 because the places of those who left will be taken by those who
54:00 come in from all of these religious systems
54:02 to embrace the truth of God.
54:06 So we've noticed several characteristics
54:09 of the remnant church.
54:10 I'll tell you, there's only one church in the world
54:11 that fits these specifications.
54:14 What are the specifications?
54:16 Well, let's review them.
54:18 First of all it must be a church of the same stock of the church
54:23 of all ages. It must be built upon the teachings of
54:26 the apostles, and the prophets; all the New Testament.
54:29 It must be in harmony with the true church in all ages.
54:34 2. It must reappear after the fall of the Papacy in 1798.
54:39 3. It must arise where the earth is.
54:43 In the United States of America.
54:45 4. It must keep the commandments of God; all of them.
54:51 It must have in its midst the gift of prophecy;
54:55 the Spirit of Prophecy.
54:56 6. It must be a global, worldwide church.
55:01 7. It must preach that we are now in the hour
55:06 of God's judgment.
55:07 It must preach God's Holy Sabbath.
55:11 Are you following me?
55:13 Are you starting to catch a picture here?
55:15 It must call God's true children out of these apostate religious
55:19 systems, and it must have as its foundation the pillar
55:25 of the truth that we find in God's Holy Word.
55:29 Now some people might be wondering, Pastor Bohr,
55:33 is it really important that I join the church?
55:37 Yes, it is. Let me tell you why in closing.
55:42 Go with me to Acts 2:41, Acts 2:41.
55:49 Here it's speaking about the harvest of souls that came
55:54 on the day of Pentecost.
55:55 It says in chapter 2 and verse 41:
56:03 What happened with those who received the word?
56:06 They were what? They were baptized.
56:16 What does that mean?
56:17 When they were baptized 3,000 souls were added to them.
56:21 Go with me to verse 47. It says:
56:34 What does it mean, added to them?
56:36 It means to be added to the what?
56:38 It means to be added to the church.
56:40 And baptism means two things.
56:42 It means joining Christ, and it also means joining His body,
56:46 which is the church.
56:47 Colossians 1:18 says that the body of Christ is the church.
56:52 And in 1 Corinthians 12:13, we're told that it's through
56:57 baptism that we join the body of Jesus Christ.
57:01 What a wonderful privilege it is to belong to God's remnant
57:04 church in these last times, to proclaim His message
57:07 to the world, to prepare a people for the glorious
57:11 second coming of Jesus Christ in power and in glory.


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