Cracking the Genesis Code

The Eight Health Secrets In Genesis

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Participants: Pastor Stephen Bohr


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01:12 Shall we bow our heads?
01:14 Father in heaven, as we study about the 8 laws of health
01:18 that You established at the very beginning of human history
01:22 we ask for the guidance of Your Spirit.
01:24 Help us to understand them
01:26 and give us the power to implement them in our lives.
01:30 We pray this in the precious name of Jesus,
01:33 Your beloved Son, Amen.
01:38 In our lecture today we are
01:39 going to study about the eight
01:42 laws of health
01:44 in the book of Genesis.
01:46 And basically we're going to
01:48 look at the eight laws of health in five different periods
01:54 of human history.
01:55 The first period is, of course, at the very beginning
01:59 before sin came into the world.
02:02 The second stage where we're going to look at these 8 laws
02:06 of health is between the fall and the flood.
02:11 The third stage that we're going to take a look at
02:14 is the period between the flood and today.
02:21 And the fourth stage is as things are, of course,
02:26 today. And then the final stage that we're going to deal with
02:31 is how the eight laws of health will be practiced
02:35 among God's people once sin is eradicated
02:39 from the universe. So we're going to study
02:42 the eight laws of health from the way they were
02:47 at the beginning; from the fall to the flood;
02:51 from the flood till today.
02:53 We're going to say a few things about between now
02:57 and the end of time and how those laws of health apply
03:01 eventually in God's everlasting kingdom.
03:05 Now, we're going to deal with three points in each one
03:10 of these five sections.
03:12 We're going to first of all take a look at the environment
03:16 which existed at these different stages.
03:20 Secondly, we're going to take a look at the 8 laws of health
03:24 at each stage. And finally we're going to look
03:27 at how life could be prolonged during each one of those stages.
03:33 Now let's begin at the very moment
03:37 that God created this world.
03:42 At the beginning, man was created with a perfect body
03:47 and he was placed in a perfect environment.
03:51 The ecosystem was in perfect balance.
03:56 The air was crystal clear.
03:59 The water was pure and refreshing.
04:04 The earth was absolutely fertile with no pests,
04:09 no weeds, no thorns, and no thistles.
04:15 Animals did not eat animals for food.
04:18 There was no death.
04:20 There was no disease in the world.
04:24 In other words, the environment at creation
04:28 was perfect for the preservation and for the prolongation
04:34 of life. This is the reason why in Genesis 1 and verse 31
04:39 we find at the conclusion of creation that God...
04:55 In other words, God made at the very beginning
04:57 a perfect environment in which Adam and Eve lived.
05:03 Secondly, at creation God established eight laws
05:08 to preserve health.
05:11 Now those eight laws are the following:
05:14 #1- sunlight.
05:18 Now if you look at the story of creation
05:21 you will find that light was created the first day.
05:24 And of course we are told that the sun was made
05:28 the fourth day. And I'm not going to get into how
05:33 the light was made the 1st day and the sun was made the 4th day
05:36 because right now our interest is that God made light -
05:40 sunlight - because He knew that man would need sunlight
05:44 in order to preserve life.
05:47 Secondly, God made fresh air. He made the atmosphere.
05:51 He did this the second day of creation
05:53 indicating that man was supposed to breathe that fresh air.
05:58 After all, God gave man lungs to breathe.
06:01 In the third place, God made fresh water also on the 2nd day.
06:06 He placed water under the earth.
06:09 They're known as the fountains of waters.
06:11 And that indicates that man was supposed to partake
06:15 of that fresh water to sustain his life.
06:19 On the third day God made plants and He made trees with fruit
06:24 indicating that He expected man to enjoy the vegetarian
06:29 cuisine that He had made
06:31 in order to sustain and perpetuate his life.
06:35 God also explained the law of temperance
06:40 in the Garden of Eden.
06:41 In other words, to abstain that which is detrimental
06:44 or bad for your health.
06:46 And God taught this lesson by placing in the garden
06:50 the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
06:52 And He was teaching man to abstain from that which
06:55 He had forbidden. In other words we have the principle of
06:59 "abstemiousness" or temperance.
07:03 To abstain from that which causes harm.
07:07 Also during creation week God made the day and the night.
07:11 By making the night He was indicating that man
07:15 needed to rest... he needed to sleep.
07:18 God also made originally exercise.
07:22 We are told in Genesis chapter 2 and verse 15
07:25 that God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden
07:30 to tend and to keep it.
07:32 In other words, He wanted man to get exercise.
07:36 And finally, God - by creating the Sabbath -
07:40 tried to teach man that he was supposed to trust
07:44 in the divine power of his Creator.
07:48 In other words, at creation God made eight laws of health
07:53 that man was to live by in order to preserve his health
07:58 in a perfect environment.
08:00 I'd like to read a statement that we find in the book
08:03 The Ministry of Healing page 127.
08:07 This is from the great health reformer from the 19th century
08:11 Ellen White. I would recommend this book to everyone.
08:15 It is a tremendous book on health principles.
08:18 She says this:
08:54 I find it interesting that this health reformer
08:57 mentions the very eight laws of health that we find
09:02 in Genesis that God made during creation week...
09:05 which we have already referred to.
09:07 Now not only did God place Adam and Eve in a perfect
09:11 environment, not only did God give Adam and Eve eight laws
09:16 for the preservation of health,
09:18 but even with the perfect environment and with the 8 laws
09:21 of health, the life of man still needed something else
09:25 in order to be prolonged.
09:27 And that was that God placed in the Garden of Eden
09:30 a tree which is mentioned in Genesis chapter 2 and verse 9.
09:35 It's called the Tree of Life.
09:39 We're told in Genesis 2 verse 9:
09:54 Now we need to understand the Tree of Life
09:57 like a battery charger.
09:59 In other words, God gave man a certain constitutional
10:03 force, a certain supply of vital energy.
10:07 And even though he lived in a perfect environment,
10:10 even though he lived in harmony with the 8 laws of health,
10:13 that battery in the course of time would deplete.
10:17 And so it was necessary for man to continue eating
10:20 from the Tree of Life to continually charge his vitality,
10:25 his vital force or his energy to function.
10:30 So we find at creation
10:32 man created in a perfect environment.
10:36 God gave him eight laws of health
10:39 to preserve his health.
10:43 And in the third place God put a battery charger
10:46 to refurbish his life.
10:50 But then, of course, sin came into the world
10:54 and all three of these things were affected by sin.
10:59 The environment was greatly impacted by sin.
11:03 Notice what we find in Romans chapter 8
11:07 and verses 20 to 22.
11:09 Romans chapter 8 and verses 20 to 22.
11:13 Here we find the impact of the fall upon creation.
11:17 It says there in verse 20:
11:55 Notice that nature after sin was in travail.
11:59 It was moaning and groaning
12:02 in pain according to this passage.
12:05 The environment was impacted
12:07 by sin. First of all, the earth
12:10 began producing thorns and thistles.
12:14 Also we're told in the Bible that animals commenced
12:19 to eat other animals and death appeared in the world.
12:24 In other words, the environment was impacted
12:28 by the sin of Adam and Eve.
12:29 Now between the fall and the flood
12:33 the creation or the environment was not greatly impacted.
12:39 The big impact would come in consequence of the flood.
12:42 And yet the environment was impacted to a certain extent.
12:47 Now we also know that between the fall and the flood
12:53 human beings violated the laws of God,
12:57 the moral laws of God,
12:59 as well as the laws of their constitutional body.
13:05 We know that because in Genesis chapter 6 and verse 5
13:08 we're told about the wickedness that existed
13:12 in the earth. Genesis chapter 6 and verse 5
13:16 says this:
13:18 "Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great
13:23 in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his
13:26 heart was only evil continually. "
13:30 And notice verses 11 and 12:
13:48 And so we find that not only
13:51 was man living now in an environment which was no longer
13:55 perfect but also he was violating the eight laws
14:00 of health - the physical laws that God had established -
14:03 and obviously also the moral law of God.
14:07 And also man no longer had access
14:12 to the battery charger.
14:14 Notice Genesis chapter 3 and verses 22 to 24.
14:18 Genesis chapter 3 and verses 22 to 24.
14:23 Man was barred from the battery charger.
14:26 We are told there in Genesis chapter 3 and verse 22:
15:02 And so man no longer had access to the battery charger.
15:06 So you see three changes as a result of the fall.
15:11 An imperfect environment;
15:14 violation of the eight laws of health;
15:16 and no access to the battery charger to refurbish the life.
15:21 And yet the constitutional energy which God gave originally
15:26 to Adam must have been immense.
15:30 You say: "Why? "
15:31 Because of the lifespans of the people that lived
15:34 between the fall and the flood.
15:36 Allow me to mention those lifespans.
16:07 What an amount of constitutional energy
16:10 Adam must have been given
16:12 at the very beginning of human history
16:14 that even by living in a less-than-perfect environment
16:18 and living in violation of the laws of health
16:22 to a greater or less degree
16:24 and having no access to the battery charger
16:27 people still lived to be almost 1,000 years old.
16:33 Now what about after the flood?
16:35 The lifespan of people greatly decreased after the flood.
16:40 Allow me to read the ages of the post-flood heroes
16:45 that are found in Genesis 11.
17:18 Drastic decrease in the lifespans of those who lived
17:22 after the flood. And immediately we ask the question: "Why? "
17:27 Folks, the world-wide flood
17:30 totally turned the ecosystem of planet earth
17:35 upside down. The environment was thrown out of balance
17:40 as a result of this world-wide cataclysm.
17:43 Great regions of the earth became inhospitable.
17:47 Huge bodies of salt water appeared.
17:52 Deserts and icecaps came into existence.
17:57 The cosmic rays now penetrated the atmosphere
18:01 because the layer of water that God placed above the earth
18:04 was brought down at the time of the flood.
18:07 Disease appeared and became more prevalent.
18:11 And the land was less fertile because of what happened
18:15 at the time of the flood.
18:17 So the environment greatly
18:19 depreciated and became
18:23 not conducive to the sustaining
18:26 of life. Furthermore, human beings continued
18:30 violating the 8 laws of health.
18:33 They continued depleting their constitutional energy
18:36 by disobeying the physical laws that God had established.
18:39 The Tower of Babel episode illustrates this.
18:43 You know, these wicked individuals were creating this
18:47 tower or building this tower because they wanted to
18:50 save themselves from another flood.
18:52 And this is happening only 100 years after the flood.
18:55 The wickedness of the earth was great
18:58 and they wanted to centralize evil and wickedness
19:01 as we've studied previously in order to lead the world
19:04 into total and complete rebellion against God.
19:07 And so you find an environment which is totally inconducive
19:13 to the sustaining of life.
19:14 You have a violation of the laws of health
19:18 and, of course, you no longer have access
19:21 to the battery charger to refurbish the vital force.
19:27 And so that's the reason why the lifepsans after the flood
19:31 decreased greatly.
19:34 Now what about today?
19:36 Go with me to Psalm 90 and let's read verse 10.
19:40 Psalm 90 and verse 10.
19:43 What about today? What is the lifespan like today?
19:47 Well, let's take a look at what David had to say about this.
19:51 Once again the reference is Psalm 90 and verse 10.
19:55 There David says:
20:15 In other words, David is saying "The lifespan of man in my day
20:20 is 70 to 80 years.
20:23 And if you live to be 80 years old, it's with aches and pains
20:28 and sorrows. "
20:30 Now the question is: "Why did the lifespan of man decrease
20:35 even more between the time after the flood
20:40 and the time of David?
20:43 There's no doubt whatsoever that it's because
20:46 of environmental factors,
20:48 violations of the eight laws of health,
20:51 and having no access to the battery charger.
20:55 Now somebody might say:
20:57 "But Pastor Bohr, the lifespan today
21:01 is very similar to the lifespan which existed
21:04 in the days of David. Why hasn't it further decreased? "
21:09 Let me explain why.
21:11 You see, science has eliminated many of the environmental
21:16 hazards and diseases which deplete the vital force.
21:21 There is a tremendous and marked emphasis
21:24 upon hygiene and sterilization
21:27 even among the people of Israel but especially today.
21:32 Scientific discoveries have helped reduce the threat
21:37 of viruses and bacteria.
21:40 Antibiotics and vaccines have gotten rid of diseases
21:45 which cause fear and terror in the hearts of people
21:49 such as tuberculosis, smallpox, polio, and the plague.
21:54 And medical treatments are able to help people
21:59 preserve the amount of vital energy or vital force
22:04 that they have. And yet today we even have a tremendous
22:10 emphasis upon following the laws of health.
22:14 You've noticed, for example, on television
22:16 they have a lot of plans - diet plans - and a lot of
22:20 exercise plans and so on
22:23 so that people can preserve their health.
22:26 There's an emphasis upon getting enough water
22:28 and getting enough exercise
22:30 and eating the right kinds of foods.
22:33 And so, because of the environmental factors
22:37 being not eliminated but being reduced
22:41 because of medical science
22:43 and because there's a renewed emphasis on the 8 laws of health
22:47 and following them the lives of people have
22:51 continued to be about the same as in the days of David.
22:56 But human beings still do not have access
22:59 to the battery charger.
23:01 And so people live to be 70, 80. You know, some people
23:06 as the exception to the rule live 90.
23:09 Some people live to be 100.
23:11 And we say "Wow, that person lived to be 100 years old! "
23:15 But what is 100 compared to 969?
23:20 Certainly not very much.
23:22 I mean, when those people who lived before the flood
23:26 reached the age of 500 they were only entering their...
23:31 maybe their middle age.
23:33 You know, they still had 400 or 500 years to live.
23:38 And yet today, life has decreased drastically
23:43 from those times.
23:44 And yet because we live in a world today
23:47 where environmental hazards to a great degree have been
23:50 eliminated and because there's a great emphasis
23:53 on the laws of health life has been able to hold
23:57 quite steady. Now I want to talk to you a little bit about
24:02 the constitutional energy which each of us has
24:07 which actually preserves our life and helps us have
24:11 a good quality of life.
24:13 Two doctors several years ago
24:16 did some very intensive studies in this area
24:21 of the constitutional force which is also called
24:23 adaptation energy.
24:25 Their names: Hans Selye and Paul Tournier.
24:30 They published their research
24:33 in several books as well as articles in medical journals.
24:37 They discovered that each one of us
24:41 is born into this world with a certain supply
24:45 of what they called "constitutional energy"
24:49 or "adaptation energy. "
24:51 It's also called vital force.
24:54 They discovered that some people receive more
24:58 vital energy and others receive less.
25:02 We receive it according to the habits of our ancestors.
25:06 If our ancestors lived in severe environmental...
25:11 environmental hazards and if they violated the
25:15 eight laws of health, we receive less constitutional energy.
25:19 If our ancestors were quite careful in their health habits
25:23 and they lived in a better environment,
25:25 they discovered that they passed on a greater supply
25:29 of adaptation energy or constitutional energy.
25:35 Now when we receive this vital energy
25:38 it is used to make the physical functions
25:42 of the body work.
25:44 In other words, the vital force keeps the heart pumping
25:48 and it keeps the brain thinking
25:50 and it keeps the lungs breathing.
25:52 It's kind of like the energizing force for the body.
25:57 When we receive the vital force it cannot be replenished.
26:00 What we receive must last us a lifetime.
26:05 It is not going to earn interest.
26:08 It will not be replaced.
26:10 As we live, it depreciates or it gets weaker.
26:16 We can decide either to preserve the vital force
26:20 by following proper habits
26:23 and living in the best environment possible.
26:26 Or we can decide to live in any old environment
26:30 and violate the laws of health.
26:32 But this depletes the vital force
26:35 and shortens our life
26:37 and makes us less happy
26:39 and less healthy.
26:42 Allow me to illustrate
26:43 what I mean.
26:44 I once saw this cartoon
26:46 and in the cartoon was this young man.
26:49 He had a big smile on his face
26:52 and he had a candle in each hand which was burning on both sides.
26:56 Then you have a second frame of the cartoon.
27:00 And this same young man is old and decrepit.
27:05 He's bent over, and the candle is a little stub.
27:10 And the candle is lit, but it's just flickering about to go out.
27:15 And he has his hand over the flame
27:18 just begging for the candle to not go out.
27:21 What did he do with his vital force in his younger years?
27:26 He burned the candle on both ends.
27:29 In other words, he used his vital force -
27:32 his adaptation energy,
27:34 his constitutional force - recklessly.
27:37 And as a result his life was shortened and made unhappy.
27:44 And unhealthy I might say.
27:46 I'd like to read another state- ment from this health reformer
27:50 Ellen White in her book Counsels on Health page 99.
27:56 See, she understood this issue of constitutional force
27:59 much much before Selye and Tournier
28:04 and those who have done modern research.
28:06 She says this:
29:56 What she's saying is that if we live in harmony with
29:59 the eight laws of health we will preserve and conserve
30:04 our constitutional energy for times of emergency
30:08 and to prolong our life and our happiness.
30:11 But she's saying that every time that we violate these laws
30:15 our energy is depleted
30:18 and as a result our life is shortened,
30:21 our health is impacted,
30:24 and obviously our happiness is impacted as well.
30:28 Because nobody can be fully happy when he or she
30:32 is sick all the time.
30:35 So we all receive this vital force or this vital energy,
30:39 this adaptation energy, from our ancestors.
30:42 Some more... some less.
30:44 You know, I can't help but think about George Burns,
30:47 that Hollywood actor who died in his 100's.
30:51 Some people say: "Look, he smoked cigars
30:54 and he lived a disorderly life and yet look, he lived to be
30:57 over a hundred years old!
31:00 So I guess that means I can do anything with my body
31:03 and maybe I'll be lucky and live a hundred. "
31:05 The only reason he lived to be a hundred is because of the
31:07 constitutional energy that he received from his ancestors.
31:11 They must have had a strong constitution!
31:14 They must have lived relatively well in harmony
31:18 with the principles of health.
31:20 But it does not apply to everyone
31:23 because everybody receives
31:24 a different supply of vital energy.
31:27 Now allow me to address some habits which deplete
31:32 and diminish this vital energy that God has given to us.
31:37 By the way, the vital energy not only is for our physical
31:41 functioning but also for our mental functioning.
31:44 The more vitality we have
31:47 the better our minds will function
31:49 and the closer we can draw to God and understand His will.
31:54 Allow me to address some examples of habits
31:59 which deplete this vital energy.
32:02 Not getting enough rest.
32:05 Not sleeping enough.
32:08 You know, when I was a student I used to study all night
32:12 to prepare for a test.
32:14 Do you know what that's like?
32:17 It's like having your car racing at 100 miles an hour
32:21 when it should be idle.
32:24 You see, at night our engines should be idle.
32:29 Our bodies still function but the engine is "idled. "
32:34 We're not supposed to be running full steam day and night
32:38 because this depletes our energy.
32:41 And so one of the laws of health is rest.
32:44 We need to get enough rest.
32:46 We need to get enough sleep.
32:48 One thing which I admire about the people in Latin America
32:51 is they all close their stores at noon
32:54 and they take a siesta. They go home and they eat
32:57 and they have a good family time
32:58 and then at 2 o'clock they come back and they open up
33:01 their stores... because they know that rest is of critical
33:06 importance. What is another factor that
33:11 reduces this constitutional energy?
33:14 Trauma... accidents.
33:17 We all need to be careful to not have accidents.
33:19 I realize that we will have accidents now and then.
33:22 But you see, what happens when we have an accident
33:24 is, for example, we break a bone.
33:27 The body has to expend additional energy
33:30 to repair that bone
33:31 which would not be expended if we had been careful.
33:36 Also exercise... lack of exercise...
33:40 impacts the burning of that vital energy
33:44 that we have received.
33:45 You see, when we have too much body mass
33:48 the result is that the heart must pump harder
33:51 and it must pump more times
33:55 to get the blood to the additional body mass.
34:00 And by the way, when we are overweight -
34:03 and I'm not criticizing anybody - but when we're
34:05 overweight our vessels constrict and it makes it much harder
34:10 for the heart to get the blood through the vessels.
34:14 Because the vessels constrict they build up cholesterol
34:16 and the heart has to work harder to push the blood
34:20 through the vessels.
34:21 Let me give you an example.
34:24 With very little exercise, the heart of the normal person
34:28 beats 80 times a minute.
34:31 But if people just did a little bit of exercise -
34:34 and let me tell you this before I tell you about
34:37 the little bit of exercise - at 80 times a minute
34:40 that means that your heart beats 115,000 times a day.
34:46 OK? But if you do a little exercise,
34:49 you can reduce your heart rate to 60 beats a minute
34:54 which means that your ticker is saving
34:58 29,000 beats a day
35:02 because it's only beating
35:04 approximately 86,000 times.
35:07 And so what are you doing?
35:09 By exercising you are reducing
35:13 the use of the vital energy.
35:16 You're preserving your vital force.
35:18 And by the way, the vital force not only lengthens our life
35:22 but it also helps us have resistance against disease.
35:27 Now let me address certain habits that people have
35:30 like for example smoking.
35:35 What's the downside of smoking?
35:37 Well, when people smoke the poisons enter their body -
35:43 for example the kidneys -
35:45 and the kidneys have to work overtime
35:48 to expel the poisons.
35:50 The liver also has to work harder
35:55 and longer to expel the nicotine
35:59 and the other 30+ poisons that cigarettes have.
36:02 And as a result your body is working overtime
36:06 to expel the poisons. And in order to do that
36:09 it is expending the vital force which should be used
36:14 to preserve life.
36:17 By the way also, the body has to repair the damage
36:21 which is done by the smoke.
36:23 And so the body is depleting unnecessarily
36:28 the vital energy that we have received.
36:31 Now some people might say: "Well Pastor Bohr, but
36:34 the Bible does not forbid smoking. "
36:36 What do we do when the Bible does not specifically address
36:41 a certain habit. How do we know whether that habit is
36:45 OK or not OK?
36:48 Some people say: "If the Bible doesn't say thou shalt not smoke
36:51 it's OK to smoke. "
36:52 Well let me tell you that when the Bible does not particularly
36:55 address a habit, what we need to do is look for Biblical
36:58 principles and apply those principles
37:01 to a specific situation.
37:03 Allow me to take some principles - and I'm going to do
37:05 this very quickly - with, for example, smoking.
37:10 There is one of the Ten Commandments - #6-
37:13 that says "Thou shalt not kill quickly. "
37:17 Is that what it says? "Thou shalt not kill quickly? "
37:20 No. It says: "Thou shalt not... " What?
37:22 "kill. " Let me ask you: is a smoker
37:25 slowly killing himself?
37:27 Is he shortening his life? Of course.
37:29 So it's a violation of the principle that says:
37:31 "Thou shalt not kill. "
37:34 In Revelation 21 verse 27
37:36 we are told that nothing unclean will enter heaven.
37:38 Have you ever seen the lungs of a smoker?
37:42 Furthermore, in Isaiah 55:2 it says: "Why do you spend
37:47 your money on that which is not bread? "
37:50 You know, people who smoke cigarettes... they have money
37:52 to burn... obviously. It would be better to take
37:56 the 3 or 4 dollar bills that you spend on a packet of
37:59 cigarettes and just burn the 3 or 4 dollars bills.
38:02 At least you would be burning the money
38:05 but you would not be ruining your health.
38:07 In other words, spending money on cigarettes
38:10 is a bad stewardship practice.
38:13 Furthermore, in Leviticus 19:18 we are told that we are to love
38:18 our neighbor as ourselves.
38:19 Now does second-hand smoke show love for our neighbor?
38:23 You know, they have done studies to show that second-hand smoke
38:26 is just as bad or sometimes even worse
38:30 than first-hand smoke.
38:32 And so when we're smoking around people -
38:34 around our kids for example -
38:37 we are not showing much love for them.
38:39 Furthermore, in Romans 6:16
38:43 the apostle Paul says that we're not supposed to be
38:45 enslaved by habits.
38:49 And of course the biggest motivation is found in
38:52 I Corinthians 6:19-20 where we are told
38:55 that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
38:57 That we do not belong to ourselves.
38:59 And so if we take these principles - even though
39:02 the Bible does not say "Thou shalt not smoke, "
39:05 if we apply these principles
39:07 we find that smoking is out of bounds.
39:11 Now, I don't want to be critical of people who are caught up
39:14 in the habit of cigarette smoking. I know it's a terrible
39:17 habit. Some people are saying that it's even worse
39:20 than some hard drugs.
39:21 I'm not being critical because God can give us power
39:25 to overcome anything. The Bible says: "I can do all
39:27 things through Christ who strengthens me. "
39:29 But I'm simply making a statement of fact
39:32 that cigarette smoking depletes the life forces.
39:36 It reduces the vital energy.
39:39 It makes us sick. Have you ever heard,
39:41 for example, the cough of a smoker?
39:43 You know it sounds in advanced stages
39:46 like someone who has pneumonia.
39:49 You know, you can hear that deep cough from the lungs.
39:53 Now what about alcohol?
39:55 You know, there's Christians that say: "Ah, there's nothing
39:58 wrong with drinking a little bit of alcohol. "
40:00 Well... is that true?
40:03 Do you know that alcohol - no matter what amount
40:07 you take in - kills brain cells?
40:10 It's been proven that alcohol causes cirrhosis
40:14 of the liver and other diseases.
40:17 It causes tremendous heartache among families.
40:22 It causes accidents.
40:24 It clouds the brain so that you're not able to
40:27 distinguish between right and wrong.
40:30 And it takes away also your willpower to perform
40:35 the good and to reject the wrong.
40:38 In other words, it affects your powers of discernment,
40:41 your powers of choice,
40:44 and your power to do that which is right.
40:47 The Bible has a lot of things to say about the issue
40:52 of alcohol. You know, some people take a text here
40:55 or a text there and they'll say: "See, the apostle Paul
40:58 said that a little wine is good for the stomach. "
41:00 Well, the word wine can apply to grape juice
41:03 or it can apply to fermented grape juice...
41:05 what we call wine.
41:07 You have to allow the context to dictate it.
41:09 Some people say: "Well Jesus made wine at the
41:11 wedding of Cana. " That's true enough.
41:14 But do you think that Jesus would make an alcoholic beverage
41:17 that kills the brain cells that He Himself created?
41:21 I don't think so. And that causes family strife
41:24 and that makes people sick? Absolutely not.
41:27 Now allow me to mention just some passages
41:30 from scripture - and by the way, in the handout
41:32 that you will receive at the end of the lecture
41:34 you'll have all of these texts.
41:36 So I hope that you look them up.
41:38 In Genesis 19:35-38
41:41 we find the daughters of Lot making him drunk
41:45 and then committing incest with their own father
41:48 to have children. And Lot, of course, he couldn't think
41:51 straight. He couldn't see straight. He didn't even know
41:53 they were his daughters because he was under the influence.
41:57 Proverbs 20 and verse 1 says
41:59 "Wine is a mocker; strong drink is raging. "
42:03 In other words, Solomon knew this.
42:05 Solomon is not speaking from some ivory tower.
42:08 You know, Solomon went astray from God
42:10 in the days of his youth.
42:12 And you read Proverbs and you read Ecclesiastes.
42:15 He went out into the world and he became a party animal
42:20 so to speak. So when he says that wine is a mocker
42:23 and strong drink is raging,
42:25 Solomon knows what he's talking about.
42:27 Then we have the story in Leviticus chapter 10
42:30 of Nadab and Abihu
42:31 who offered strange fire before the Lord.
42:34 They could not distinguish between holy fire and
42:36 common fire. Why? Because we're told there
42:40 that they were under the influence.
42:41 They had drunk too much wine.
42:43 You see, wine does not allow you to distinguish between
42:45 right and wrong and to choose
42:47 the right and to reject the wrong.
42:50 The apostle Paul in Galatians
42:52 chapter 5 verses 19-21
42:54 gives a list of the works of the flesh.
42:58 And he says that drunkenness is one of the works of the flesh.
43:03 And he says that those who become drunk
43:07 unless they repent and they change their ways
43:10 shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
43:12 In I Corinthians 6:9-10 the apostle Paul says
43:15 the same thing. He says: "Those who are drunk
43:19 will not inherit the kingdom of God. "
43:23 So alcohol, cigarettes are off limits when it comes to
43:29 preserving the constitutional energy.
43:32 Now let's talk for a few minutes about diet.
43:35 Basically, there's four types of diets.
43:39 One is the vegetarian diet.
43:43 Fruits and vegetables.
43:45 Second: lacto-ovo vegetarian.
43:49 Those are people who don't eat flesh foods.
43:52 They don't eat meat but they eat dairy products.
43:56 The third type of diet is people who eat clean meat
44:00 or clean flesh foods.
44:03 And the fourth type of diet is a "see-food" diet.
44:07 You see it... you eat it
44:10 and you don't think any more about it.
44:12 As long as it's edible - so called - eat it.
44:18 Now what is the best diet?
44:20 What is the diet that preserves and conserves
44:23 the constitutional force?
44:25 Well folks, there's no doubt whatsoever that the diet which
44:28 God created is a vegetarian diet.
44:31 That's the best diet.
44:33 That's Plan A. Notice Genesis chapter 1 and verses 29 and 30.
44:39 Genesis chapter 1 and verses 29 and 30.
44:57 And notice the beasts were also vegetarians.
45:13 Human beings and animals were created vegetarians
45:18 at the very beginning.
45:20 Now there are several principles of diet that I would like to
45:23 share with you very quickly.
45:25 First, our diet should be simple and natural.
45:30 That means that we should not eat processed and refined foods.
45:34 Eat them the closest to the natural state possible.
45:38 Secondly, we should eat a variety
45:43 of fruits and vegetables.
45:46 You know, God could have made one superfood that had all
45:48 of the necessary nutrients...
45:50 but God made a buffet.
45:53 He made different kinds of fruits, different kinds of
45:56 vegetables that have the same nutritional properties.
45:59 Because He's a God of variety.
46:02 He knows that there are going to be different tastes.
46:05 So we should have a varied diet.
46:08 We should have a balanced diet
46:10 which means that we should have a balance of proteins,
46:13 carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.
46:16 We should eat a regular times in the proper amounts.
46:21 We should guard against eating "junk foods"
46:24 and an excess of sugar.
46:25 You know, we could take a whole lecture
46:27 to speak about these principles.
46:29 But we need, in other words, to be careful to follow
46:33 God's counsel when it comes to diet.
46:36 The original diet is the best diet.
46:39 Incidentally, eating flesh foods has many downsides.
46:45 For example, they have fat.
46:48 Fat has cholesterol,
46:52 and cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries
46:56 and it causes strokes and it causes heart attacks.
47:01 Furthermore, the diseases are carried in the blood.
47:06 I'm sure you've heard about mad cow disease for example
47:09 and there are other diseases.
47:11 So animal food - in other words, flesh food -
47:16 is not the ideal in these days.
47:19 Furthermore, these days they inject growth hormones
47:23 many times into the animals.
47:27 And so when we eat these growth hormones we are impacted
47:30 and affected. Furthermore, the animals themselves
47:35 have what are called purines.
47:37 You know, people say: "If I quit eating meat,
47:39 I feel weak all of a sudden. "
47:41 Well the reason why is because meat has certain stimulants
47:46 in it. You know, the animals also have adrenaline like we do.
47:51 And when we eat the meat we're eating those hormones
47:55 which they naturally produce
47:56 and so people have a sensation of strength
47:59 when really it's an artificial sense of strength...
48:02 which can be gained by a vegetarian diet
48:05 as long as we get used to it.
48:07 Now some people say: "Well, those regulations
48:09 about clean and unclean foods, those were for Israel.
48:13 Those were given by Moses. "
48:16 Well the fact is, folks, that Genesis 7:2-3
48:19 very clearly shows that there were clean and unclean animals
48:23 before the flood because God told Noah
48:26 to take clean and unclean animals into the ark.
48:30 Now I realize that many of those who are listening are going to
48:33 say: "Whoa... Pastor Bohr is really raising the bar.
48:36 You know, becoming a vegetarian overnight? "
48:38 It might just be possible that some people say:
48:41 "I cannot become a vegetarian overnight. "
48:43 Well, God has established certain transition points
48:47 that you can follow in reaching that ideal.
48:50 You know, He allows in the Bible
48:53 people to eat certain kinds of animal foods.
48:58 And I would say that would be like a step towards
49:01 God's original ideal.
49:03 You say: "What standards has God established
49:06 for the types of meat that can be eaten if I feel like
49:10 at this moment I cannot survive without eating meat? "
49:14 Well, let me mention just quickly some texts here.
49:17 Deuteronomy 14 verse 6 gives the prescriptions
49:20 for the land animals which can be eaten.
49:23 The land animals must have a cloven hoof
49:27 and they must chew the cud.
49:28 Of course, animals that chew the cud
49:30 are vegetarians.
49:32 If you look at those two characteristics,
49:34 you'll find that animals that have a cloven hoof
49:38 and that chew the cud... they are vegetarians.
49:42 In other words, God forbids animals that are scavengers
49:45 and that feed on other animals.
49:47 In Deuteronomy 14:8 God forbids the eating of pork
49:51 because pork is not clean.
50:05 Now some people say: "Oh, I don't see anything wrong
50:08 with eating pork. That law was for the Jews. "
50:11 Let me ask you: is the digestive system of a Jew
50:14 different than ours?
50:16 Are pigs dirty in other places and they're clean in Israel
50:20 or vice versa? Of course not!
50:24 The digestive system of man is the same
50:26 and the pig is still dirty.
50:28 And so, what applied back then applies just as well today.
50:33 Now what about marine creatures like fish?
50:36 In Deuteronomy 14:9 there's also two rules.
50:40 Rule number 1: they have to have scales.
50:43 And rule number 2: they have to have fins.
50:46 And God had a reason for that.
50:48 You know, if you look at the marine creatures,
50:50 you'll discover - and there are exceptions to this rule -
50:53 you discover that most of them that don't have fins or scales
50:58 are scavengers and they feed on
51:01 other fish. For example,
51:04 the shark. Does the shark have
51:06 scales? No. Catfish.
51:09 "Oh, he's taking catfish from us! "
51:11 Catfish. Does catfish have scales?
51:15 Absolutely not. Do you know what catfish eat?
51:18 Well I'd better not tell you
51:19 because you might be going from here to supper.
51:21 So I'd better not tell you what catfish eat.
51:23 Because you already know! They go around the bottom
51:26 of the lake or of the river and they're really the garbage
51:30 disposer if you please.
51:32 And so God says: "Don't eat them. "
51:35 Also God gives prescription about the birds that we can eat.
51:39 He doesn't say this character- istic or that characteristic.
51:43 He simply said:
51:47 And then He gives a list of birds that cannot be eaten.
51:50 And as you look at that list of birds
51:53 every single one of them is a scavenger
51:55 or feeds on other birds.
51:57 So I guess that would mean
51:59 that birds that feed mostly on a vegetarian diet
52:02 like chickens and birds like that
52:05 would be edible according to the prescription
52:08 that God has given. Although chickens will also eat
52:11 roaches and they'll also eat worms.
52:13 Even they have degenerated.
52:15 I don't know whether you were aware of this or not.
52:18 So folks, God has given us
52:21 these simple rules - eight laws of health.
52:27 I've mentioned some of them.
52:28 You know, the need for rest. And I've mentioned diet
52:31 and I've mentioned smoking and I've mentioned alcohol.
52:36 I've mentioned the importance of exercise.
52:37 I've only mentioned some of them.
52:39 But God has given us these laws so that as we
52:43 live them we are healthy, we are holy,
52:47 we are happy, and we prolong our life.
52:51 Now allow me to close this lecture
52:54 by talking about motivations for living healthfully.
52:58 What should be our motivations for living healthfully?
53:02 I have six that I've written down.
53:04 Number one - and this is the motivation of most people -
53:09 good physical health; less medical bills;
53:12 and a more enjoyable life.
53:14 There's nothing wrong with that.
53:16 But that's not the best motivation for obeying the laws
53:19 of health. Second motivation:
53:22 the apostle Paul says that "we are not our own. "
53:25 Our body belongs to God by creation and by redemption.
53:31 So if our body is not our own,
53:33 is it imperative for us to take care of that
53:36 which is not our own? Certainly a good motivation.
53:39 Third motivation: do you know that in Leviticus 11
53:43 after God gives the list of animals that can be eaten
53:45 and animals that cannot be eaten
53:47 He says to Israel: "You shall be holy
53:52 for I am holy. "
53:54 In other words, being holy like God
53:57 has a lot to do with our physical habits.
54:01 After giving this list God said: "Be holy for I am holy. "
54:06 So the desire to be holy as God is holy
54:08 is a good motivation for living in harmony with God's laws
54:12 of health. Number four: Jesus said that
54:16 we're supposed to serve the Lord with all of our might
54:18 our mind and our strength.
54:20 How can we serve God with all of our might
54:24 and all of our mind and all of our strength
54:27 if we're depleting our mind and our strength
54:30 by bad habits?
54:32 Number five: when we practice the laws of health
54:37 we have a clear mind to dis- criminate between good and evil,
54:43 to choose good over evil,
54:47 and to live good instead of evil.
54:51 When our body is affected by bad habits
54:54 our mind is also affected by those bad habits
54:57 and the will of God becomes blurry in our minds.
55:01 Let me ask you: does drinking affect your capacity
55:04 to communicate with God?
55:07 After you have a great big meal
55:11 do you feel like reading a book and doing some serious thinking?
55:16 Of course not because what affects the body
55:19 affects the mind. And so a very important motivation
55:23 for living in harmony with these eight principles
55:27 is to have a clean body with a clear mind
55:31 that can discern, choose, and implement the will of God.
55:38 Finally... this is the greatest motivation of all...
55:41 the apostle Paul says in I Corinthians 10:31
55:55 These are the best motivations for living a healthy lifestyle.
56:02 Now we've studied about the environment.
56:05 We've studied about the eight laws of health.
56:08 We've studied about the battery charger
56:10 in all of these stages. At creation,
56:13 between the fall and the flood,
56:16 between the flood and the days of David,
56:19 today. But what about the future?
56:23 Well, there's a glorious future awaiting us because
56:27 what God did at the beginning He's going to do again.
56:31 And we're going to be there
56:33 if we are obedient to God's principles
56:37 because we love God with all of our hearts.
56:40 Allow me just to summarize what it's going to be like.
56:43 In Revelation 22 and verse 2 we're told that God will make
56:48 a perfect environment again.
56:50 There will be no curse just like at the beginning.
56:53 And God, according to I Corinthians 15, will
56:57 give us a new body. Immortal!
57:00 Incorruptible! And by nature
57:04 we will keep the 8 laws of health that He has created.
57:07 And once again we will have access to the battery charger.
57:12 In other words, to the Tree of Life!
57:15 And we will refurbish our life and live forever and ever
57:20 in the presence of the Lord.


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