Cracking the Genesis Code

Genesis And Revelation's Millenium

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01:12 Let's bow our heads for prayer.
01:15 Beloved Father,
01:18 What a joy it is to come into Your presence
01:22 with the specific intent of opening Your Word
01:27 and hearing Your voice.
01:31 We ask that as we study
01:33 about Genesis and Revelation's millennium
01:38 that Your Holy Spirit will be with us
01:41 to teach us the lessons which will strengthen our faith
01:43 in these last days.
01:46 We thank you for hearing our prayer.
01:48 For we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:54 We would like to begin our study
01:56 today by turning in our Bibles
01:58 to Genesis chapter 1 and verses 1 and 2.
02:03 Genesis chapter 1 and verses 1 and 2.
02:08 We've read these verses before.
02:10 We probably can recite them from memory.
02:13 But there are four points that I want to underline
02:16 as we begin our study.
02:18 It says:
02:56 Four ideas. The earth before creation was
03:00 without form, void, in darkness,
03:04 and it is described as "the deep. "
03:09 And then of course God which we've already discovered
03:12 is Jesus Christ... God proceeded to create
03:17 this world, to put it in order, and to fill it.
03:22 And I'm not going to read the verses in Genesis chapter 1
03:25 that describe the order of creation.
03:28 I'm just going to mention the verses and also what God did
03:32 on that specific day. And I'm going to do it
03:34 for a specific purpose.
03:37 Of course the first day the Bible says that God made
03:40 the light. In other words, He dispelled the darkness
03:43 and light appeared.
03:46 The second day God made the firmament.
03:49 And basically it's described as God separating the waters
03:53 from the waters. He put waters under the earth
03:56 and he put waters above the earth.
03:58 Above the earth to make the world a gigantic greenhouse
04:02 so to speak and under the earth to water the earth.
04:06 Kind of like with an automatic sprinkler system.
04:10 So He placed water above and He placed water below.
04:14 The springs of water if you please on the second day.
04:17 The third day God made the dry land
04:21 and He also created the trees, the plants, the grass,
04:26 the flowers... upon the earth.
04:30 On the fourth day we find that God made the sun,
04:34 the moon, and the stars.
04:36 On the fifth day God performed two works of creation.
04:41 He made the fish that swim in the waters
04:44 and He made the birds that fly in the air.
04:47 On the sixth day we find that God created the land animals
04:52 and then finally He created man and woman.
04:58 And when God finished His work of creation we find
05:02 that He looked upon what He had made
05:05 and it was very good.
05:09 Each day was good, but when He finished the sixth day
05:12 He saw that it was very good.
05:15 He had made the light, the firmament, the fertile land,
05:19 vegetation, sun, moon, and stars,
05:22 birds and fish, land animals, and human beings.
05:28 And so the earth was in an orderly state
05:31 and the earth had been filled.
05:35 Now the book of Revelation describes seven devastating
05:39 plagues which are going to afflict this earth
05:45 shortly before the second coming of Jesus Christ.
05:49 Actually the seventh plague cul- minates with the second coming
05:52 of Jesus Christ.
05:54 And what these plagues are going to do is they are
05:57 going to reverse creation.
06:00 They are going to return the earth to the condition
06:03 that it was in before God proceeded to put this world
06:08 in order before He proceeded to fill it.
06:11 In other words, the plagues are to be understood
06:15 as a reversal of creation
06:17 and a return to primeval chaos or to primeval disorder.
06:25 Now I would like us to go in our Bibles
06:28 to Jeremiah chapter 4 because that's where
06:30 the condition of the earth is described in consequence
06:34 of these plagues, in consequence of the second coming of Christ
06:40 as well. Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 19.
06:44 Here Jeremiah is seeing or witnessing an awesome
06:50 catastrophic event.
06:52 It says in verse 19:
07:05 In other words, his heart is raging.
07:08 His heart is beating very fast. He says:
07:22 So notice that what's making Jeremiah's heart beat in his
07:27 chest is the fact that he's hearing the sound of the
07:31 trumpet; he's hearing the alarm of war.
07:35 Now the question is: what event is Jeremiah witnessing
07:40 in this verse that we just read?
07:43 Well, all you have to do is go to the New Testament.
07:47 And I'll just mention the verses because you know them very well.
07:50 I Thessalonians chapter 4 and verse 16 says that the Lord
07:54 will descend from heaven with a shout,
07:57 with the voice of an archangel,
07:59 and with the what? And with the trumpet of God.
08:03 I Corinthians chapter 15 verses 51 and 52:
08:07 "Behold, I show you a mystery:
08:09 we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed
08:13 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
08:15 at the last... " What? "at the last trumpet. "
08:19 And so what Jeremiah is witnessing here
08:22 is actually the culmination of the period of the plagues.
08:25 He's witnessing the second coming of Jesus
08:27 in power and glory. And by the way,
08:30 the word war that is used in Jeremiah 4
08:33 is found in Revelation 19
08:35 which describes the second coming of Jesus.
08:37 It says that John saw heaven opened
08:40 and on a white horse was seated one who wages war
08:45 in righteousness, and He's coming to punish the inhabitants
08:49 of the earth... specifically the kings of the earth.
08:52 So what Jeremiah is seeing here
08:54 and what Jeremiah is hearing is describing
08:58 the second coming of Jesus in power and glory
09:01 which is actually the seventh plague, the culmination
09:05 of those catastrophes which return the earth
09:09 to its original primeval condition.
09:13 Now notice Jeremiah 4 and verse 23.
09:16 Here Jeremiah goes on to describe
09:19 what the condition of the earth will be when Jesus comes...
09:24 when the trumpet sounds and when Jesus comes
09:27 seated on the white horse
09:28 to make war with the powers of the earth.
09:31 It says there in Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 23:
09:49 Do you notice three of the characteristics
09:52 that we found in Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2?
09:55 Without form, void, and the heavens had no what?
10:00 No light. In Genesis 1 and verses 1 and 2
10:04 we find these 3 characteristics
10:06 before the creation of this world
10:08 which means that Jeremiah saw that this world
10:12 returned to the condition that it was in before God
10:16 proceeded to put the planet in order and before
10:20 He filled this world.
10:23 The world will return to primeval chaos
10:27 and disorder according to Jeremiah chapter 4.
10:31 Now I'd like us to notice and I'm not going to dwell
10:35 a long period of time on these because you can read these
10:38 verses. You've read them before. I'm only going to refer
10:41 to some of them. But let's go to Revelation chapter 16
10:45 and verses 4 and 5.
10:48 Revelation chapter 16 and verses 4 and 5.
10:51 What I want to show you is that the seven last plagues
10:55 which take place before Jesus comes -
10:58 actually they culminate when Jesus comes -
11:00 actually reverse what God made at creation.
11:03 Now Jesus made the light on the first day.
11:05 Is that reversed according to what we just read in Jeremiah 4?
11:09 The heavens now have no what?
11:11 No light.
11:13 And so when Jesus created
11:15 there was light.
11:16 As a result of this cataclysmic event
11:19 there is no light.
11:20 The first day is reversed.
11:23 Now what about the springs of water that were created
11:26 on the second day? Notice Revelation 16:4-5.
11:40 "And I heard the angel of the water saying: 'You are righteous
11:43 O Lord... the One who is and who was and who is to come
11:47 because You have judged these things. ' "
11:50 Notice that the springs of water no longer can sustain life.
11:54 They are turned into blood.
11:56 No longer can they help the inhabitants of the earth
12:00 to survive. In other words, to a certain extent
12:04 the springs of water are reversed to a condition like
12:08 they were before creation when they could not serve
12:11 the purpose of life.
12:13 Notice Revelation chapter 16 and verse 20.
12:17 You remember that on the third day God made the dry land.
12:21 Actually this whole earth is going to be turned upside down.
12:24 Notice chapter 16 and verse 20 of Revelation.
12:28 It says there:
12:41 In other words, the surface of the earth is totally
12:45 broken up and turned upside down so to speak.
12:49 What God created on the third day for plants
12:52 and for trees and for flowers
12:55 has now been reversed to primeval chaos.
12:59 Notice Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 26.
13:03 Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 26.
13:06 What about the land that has trees and flowers
13:11 and all of these things that beautify the earth
13:14 and sustain life? Notice Jeremiah 4 once again
13:19 and verse 26. It says there:
13:38 What happens to the fruitful land?
13:40 All of the trees that bore fruit?
13:42 Everything is turned into a vast wilderness.
13:46 And by the way, the fourth plague explains why.
13:49 In the fourth plague the sun scorches the earth
13:53 with a devastating heat and all of the vegetation
13:57 of the earth burns up.
13:59 And so what God did on the third day is reversed.
14:03 What God did on the second day is reversed.
14:05 What God did on the first day of creation is reversed.
14:09 Now let me ask you: what about the sun, moon, and stars?
14:12 Do you know what's going to happen to the sun, moon,
14:13 and stars? Go with me to Matthew chapter 24.
14:16 Matthew chapter 24. We're dealing now with the
14:19 fourth day of creation.
14:20 Matthew chapter 24, and we'll read verses 29 and 30.
14:25 This is the great discourse of Christ that deals with
14:28 the signs of the second coming.
14:31 It says here in verse 29 of Matthew 24:
14:52 Let me ask you: what are the powers in the heavens?
14:57 Actually you could translate this the rulers in the heavens.
15:01 Do you know who the heavenly rulers are?
15:04 Genesis 1 verse 16 explains that God made the sun
15:08 to rule the day
15:11 and He made the moon and the stars to what?
15:14 To rule the night.
15:16 So what is going to happen with the heavenly bodies?
15:19 They are going to be shaken out of their places
15:22 by the voice of God.
15:24 And by the way, that's the reason why when Jesus
15:27 makes this earth all over again He not only makes a new earth
15:31 He makes a new what? He makes a new heavens...
15:34 because He has to put this whole planetary system in order
15:38 which has been turned upside down
15:40 by the plagues and by the coming of Jesus.
15:44 So what God did the fourth day is undone.
15:47 Now what about the birds?
15:49 Go with me to Jeremiah chapter 4 once again.
15:53 Jeremiah chapter 4 and let's read verse 25.
15:57 Jeremiah 4 and verse 25.
16:00 It says, and we'll come back to this first point:
16:11 That means that all of the birds of heaven were gone.
16:14 What about the fish that God created on the
16:17 fifth day of creation?
16:19 Go with me to Revelation 16 once again.
16:21 Revelation chapter 16 and let's read verse 3.
16:26 Revelation 16 and verse 3. It says:
16:41 How many birds? None.
16:45 How many fish? None.
16:48 Sun, moon, and stars? Moved.
16:52 The fruitful land? A wilderness; no vegetation.
16:56 The fresh waters which were to sustain the earth?
17:00 Turned to blood.
17:02 The sun which God created the first day?
17:04 No longer... By the way, He did make the sun
17:08 the first day. I'm not misspeaking because
17:11 I don't have time to explain it but the sun was there.
17:14 On the fourth day what God did was synchronize the sun, moon,
17:18 and stars so that they would serve for the month
17:21 and the season. But I won't get into that right now.
17:23 But there was light the first day.
17:25 You say: "How do we know that? " Because there was the evening
17:27 and the morning of the first day.
17:29 Now I'm not going to pursue that any further.
17:32 What I want you to see is that what was done the first day
17:35 was actually undone because the planet is in darkness.
17:39 Now what about human beings?
17:41 We just read in Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 25
17:45 it says that he beheld no what? He beheld no man.
17:51 In other words, there are no human beings on planet earth
17:54 any more. In fact, what happened with the human beings?
17:59 Go with me to Jeremiah chapter 25 and there we find
18:03 the description of what happens when Jesus comes
18:06 with all of the human beings who are left on planet earth.
18:09 It says there in Jeremiah chapter 25 and verse 33:
18:36 What's going to happen with all of those human beings
18:39 who are left on planet earth? They are going to what?
18:43 They are going to die and they're going to be spread
18:46 all over the surface of the earth from one end of the earth
18:49 to the other end of the earth.
18:52 Is it clear in your mind
18:55 that the plagues and the second coming actually reverse
18:58 everything that God made during creation week?
19:01 Let me ask you: how many people are going to be able
19:05 to live on planet earth during the millennium?
19:11 How are they going to eat?
19:14 How are they going to drink?
19:17 How are they going to live without light?
19:22 If the world is reduced to pre-creation disorder
19:26 and chaos, this earth absolutely cannot sustain what? Life.
19:31 It cannot sustain life any more
19:34 than this world did before Jesus proceeded to
19:37 put it in order and to fill it.
19:40 And somebody says: "But Pastor, but God is going to make
19:42 a new heavens and a new earth. " That's true, but that's after
19:45 the thousand years.
19:47 It is not before the thousand years.
19:49 It is not during the thousand years.
19:51 It is after the thousand years.
19:54 And so folks, what we find when we compare Genesis
19:58 with Revelation is that in Genesis Jesus created
20:02 this world. He put it in order; He filled it.
20:07 And as a result of the plagues and the second coming
20:10 the world will return to the condition that it was
20:13 originally before creation.
20:16 Now this is the picture of Revelation 16
20:19 and Jeremiah 4. But there is another chapter in scripture
20:23 that describes this period in a very vivid way.
20:27 Isaiah chapter 24.
20:29 Isaiah chapter 24 and I would like to read
20:33 verses 18 through 20.
20:36 Isaiah chapter 24. Actually, before we get to
20:39 verses 18 to 20 let me give you a little bit of context
20:42 in the course of the chapter.
20:44 It says here in Isaiah 24 verse 1:
21:09 We just read in Jeremiah that
21:11 they're spread out. They're dead.
21:12 From one end of the earth to the other. Verse 2:
21:50 "The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants. "
21:54 And now it gives the reason. Notice:
21:56 "Because they have... " What? "transgressed the laws. "
22:03 Is that significant?
22:05 You know, I have a whole 1-hour presentation just on verse 6.
22:08 I just have to give you the gist of what we're talking about
22:11 here. "They have transgressed the laws. "
22:14 What else have they done?
22:16 "They have changed the ordinance. "
22:19 I wish I had time to talk to you about the changing
22:22 of the ordinance. Does Daniel
22:23 chapter 7 talk about
22:24 someone who tried to change
22:26 something relating to time?
22:29 Some scheduled event that comes about every week?
22:33 That's relating to this.
22:36 And then it says: "changed the ordinance,
22:39 broke the... " What? "the everlasting covenant. "
22:43 And by the way, the covenant in the books of Exodus and
22:48 Deuteronomy is the Ten Commandments.
22:51 Deuteronomy 4 verse 13 says that God gave His covenant
22:55 even the Ten Commandments.
22:57 In other words, what leads to this desolation and this
22:59 destruction is the fact that people have transgressed
23:02 God's laws. People have changed God's ordinance...
23:06 which by the way has to do with set times that God has
23:08 established to celebrate certain events.
23:11 And they have broken the everlasting covenant of God.
23:14 That's the reason why destruction comes.
23:17 And then notice what we continue finding here
23:20 in Isaiah chapter 24 and I want to read verse 6.
23:24 Isaiah 24 and verse 6. It says here once again:
23:44 Now we need to stop there just for a moment.
23:46 "Few men are left. " We just read in Jeremiah
23:48 that how many men are left?
23:51 None.
23:53 Jeremiah says: "I looked at the earth and there was... " What?
23:56 "there was no man. "
23:58 Isaiah is describing the same event and he says that
24:00 "few men are left. " How do we reconcile these two ideas?
24:05 Well perhaps we need to under- stand what the word left means.
24:10 You know, it's common among Christians to believe
24:12 that when Jesus comes in the so-called rapture
24:17 He's going to take the righteous to heaven
24:21 and the wicked are going to be left on earth.
24:26 So the left ones are the wicked
24:29 and the taken ones are the righteous.
24:31 Well I have a surprise for you.
24:33 It's just the opposite.
24:36 The ones who are taken are the ones who are taken
24:40 by the destruction whereas those who are left
24:44 are those who are left how?
24:46 Alive after the destruction comes.
24:50 And you say: "How do you know that? "
24:52 Well, let's go back to Genesis chapter 7.
24:55 Genesis chapter 7 and verses 22 and 23.
25:00 You know, we have a tendency of forming these traditions
25:02 that we repeat them year after year after year.
25:05 And many times we don't study for ourselves
25:07 and so we come with the idea. By the way,
25:09 it's theologically true that when Jesus comes
25:12 He's going to take His people to heaven.
25:14 And it's theologically true that the wicked are going to be
25:18 left behind. But that's not what this text is saying.
25:22 What this text is saying is that the wicked are taken
25:26 by destruction and the righteous are left.
25:29 Now do you remember that Jesus said: "As it was in the
25:32 days of Noah so also shall it be at the coming
25:35 of the Son of Man? "
25:36 Do you remember that also in Matthew chapter 24
25:39 it says that "one will be left and the other will be... " What?
25:43 "taken. " Matthew 24 verses 40 and 41.
25:46 Immediately after it describes the second coming.
25:49 Now who is the one who is left
25:52 and who is the one that is taken?
25:54 We have to go back to study the story of the flood.
25:56 And you say: "Why? " Because in the previous verses
25:59 it's talking about the flood.
26:00 So if you want to know who the taken ones are
26:03 and who the left ones are, you have to go back to Genesis
26:06 because it's referring to the flood.
26:08 Now let's notice Genesis chapter 7 verses 22 and 23.
26:13 It says about the flood:
26:15 "All in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life,
26:19 all that was on the dry land... " What? "died. "
26:49 Says the New King James.
26:50 Now if you read most modern versions,
26:52 they'll tell you that only Noah and his family
26:56 were left.
26:59 Let me ask you: in the flood who were the left ones?
27:02 When the devastating destruction came
27:06 who were the only ones who were left?
27:08 Not the wicked but the what? But the righteous.
27:12 And so when Isaiah 24 verse 6 says that "few men are left"
27:16 the few men that are left are not the wicked
27:19 because they're dead all over the surface of the earth.
27:22 It must be whom? It must be the righteous.
27:26 And by the way, Matthew 24 says
27:28 that when the flood came it "took them all away. "
27:33 So the ones that are taken away are not the righteous,
27:36 they are what? They are the wicked.
27:38 So much for the idea that there's going to be
27:40 a pre-tribulation rapture and the ones who are taken
27:43 are the righteous and the ones who are left
27:45 are the unrighteous. You can't derive it from this text.
27:49 And so the few men that are left is referring to those
27:53 who survive this cataclysmic event:
27:56 the seven last plagues and the second coming of Jesus.
27:59 They are the ones that we spoke about in our previous lecture.
28:03 When Jesus comes seated on His throne
28:06 the question is asked: "The great day of His wrath
28:10 is come and who shall be able to stand? "
28:13 And what is the answer?
28:15 The answer is: the 144,000
28:19 spiritual Israelites who are sealed on the forehead
28:23 who reflect the character of Jesus,
28:26 who mirror the character of Jesus.
28:28 They will be able to what? They will be able to stand.
28:32 Those are the ones who are left in the midst of the
28:35 cataclysmic destruction.
28:38 Now I want to go a little bit more in detail
28:41 into Isaiah chapter 24.
28:44 If you'll go back with me to Isaiah 24,
28:47 we'll jump several verses and we'll go to verse 18. It says:
29:03 Do you see that people are fleeing here?
29:06 Are you catching that people are fleeing?
29:07 By the way, in Revelation chapter 6
29:09 are people fleeing when the Lamb
29:11 is seated upon His throne?
29:12 Do they hide in the caves?
29:14 Do they beg for the rocks to fall upon them?
29:17 This is the same event. It says:
29:40 This is a global earthquake.
29:54 At least the world as we know it because God's going to make
29:56 a totally new world.
29:57 This world will not rise again.
30:00 And then I want you to notice
30:02 verse 21. We're going to
30:03 dedicate the rest of our time
30:05 to verses 21 to 23.
30:08 It says there in verse 21:
30:10 "It shall come to pass in that day... " Which day?
30:15 Which day has just been described?
30:17 The day of Christ's coming when the world is going to be
30:21 destroyed; when the earth is going to be split open. It says:
30:35 Now modern translations actually have a better rendering
30:39 of this verse than the King James or the New King James.
30:42 Actually the best translation I've been able to find
30:45 is the Revised Standard Version
30:47 where it says that God will:
31:00 The host of heaven in heaven and the kings of the earth
31:04 on earth. Now do you notice here that we have two groups
31:07 that are going to be punished when Jesus comes?
31:09 One is the host of heaven in heaven
31:14 and the other is the kings of the earth on earth.
31:18 Now I don't think we have very many problems with the
31:20 kings of the earth on earth.
31:22 Because if you read Revelation 19
31:24 when Jesus comes seated
31:25 upon the white horse and the armies of heaven
31:28 follow Him in Revelation 19 and verse 14,
31:30 we find that later on in the chapter the kings of the earth
31:33 are standing to fight against Jesus as He's coming
31:37 on the white horse. And Jesus, of course, is coming
31:40 to punish the kings of the earth.
31:42 So obviously the kings of the earth are the rulers
31:45 of the world who will be punished when Jesus comes.
31:49 But we ask the question: who are these hosts of heaven
31:54 that are in heaven?
31:55 There's a heavenly group which is also going to be punished.
31:59 Go with me to the book of Ephesians
32:01 chapter 6 and verse 12.
32:03 Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 12.
32:06 Here we find the identification of the host of the heavenly ones
32:12 or the "exalted ones" as the New King James says.
32:14 Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 12.
32:21 What does that mean we don't wrestle against flesh and blood?
32:25 It represents humanity.
32:28 Hebrews 2 verse 14 says
32:30 "because the children partook of flesh and blood
32:34 He also partook of the same. "
32:37 In other words, flesh and blood means humanity.
32:40 Human beings.
32:41 So the apostle Paul is saying:
33:00 So we are not struggling against human beings.
33:03 We are struggling against powers of wickedness
33:06 in heavenly places. Let me ask you:
33:08 who are those powers of wickedness?
33:11 Ephesians chapter 6 identifies
33:14 this power as the power of the prince of the air.
33:18 Satan and his angels are referred to.
33:22 In other words, Isaiah 24 verse 21
33:25 says that when Jesus comes to devastate the earth
33:27 He's going to punish the kings of the earth on earth
33:31 and He's also going to punish the host of heaven
33:35 who are in heaven. He's going to punish
33:38 a group of heavenly beings
33:39 and He's going to punish a group of humans
33:43 that live upon planet earth.
33:45 Now the question is: How is He going to punish them?
33:49 What is their punishment?
33:51 Go back with me to Isaiah chapter 24
33:53 and let's read verse 22.
33:55 Isaiah 24 and verse 22.
33:59 It says here in verse 22:
34:17 What is their punishment?
34:19 Their punishment according to this is
34:22 that they will be gathered together as prisoners
34:24 are gathered in the pit and will be shut up in the prison.
34:29 Now allow me to say something about the word pit here.
34:33 It's a very interesting Hebrew word.
34:36 And I believe that Isaiah could have used other words.
34:40 You know, there are words in the Hebrew that describe
34:42 a place where dead people go: the tomb, the grave, Sheol.
34:45 There are many different words that describe the grave.
34:48 But Isaiah purposely does not use the normal word
34:52 for the place that dead people go.
34:54 He uses a word which is broader in its meaning.
34:58 Now what am I talking about?
35:00 Well, let's notice Genesis 37:24-25.
35:04 This identical word.
35:05 Genesis chapter 37 and verses 24 and 25.
35:11 Here we find the experience of Joseph.
35:13 His brothers have found him...
35:16 he's found his brothers, and his brothers actually
35:19 cast him somewhere. Notice Genesis chapter 37
35:23 and verses... what did I say? 24 and 25.
35:27 It says here:
35:33 Was he alive or was he dead?
35:37 So they cast him in the pit in a living state.
35:45 What was it really? It was a cistern. Verse 25:
35:49 "And they sat down to eat a meal.
35:51 Then they lifted their eyes
35:53 and looked and there was a company of Ishmaelites
35:56 coming from Gilead with their camels
35:59 bearing spices, balm, and myrrh
36:00 on their way to carry them down to Egypt. "
36:02 And then of course they take Joseph out of the pit.
36:05 Now did you see that the pit is a place where he was...
36:08 where he was put in a living state?
36:11 Very, very important.
36:13 Now notice also in the book of Jeremiah
36:15 chapter 38 and verse 6.
36:17 Jeremiah chapter 38 and verse 6.
36:20 The same idea. Notice what they did with the prophet Jeremiah.
36:23 Jeremiah 38 and verse 6. It says here:
36:53 That is, in the clay or in the mud.
36:55 Was Jeremiah put in there in a living state or was he dead?
36:59 He was retained in the pit in a living state.
37:03 But do you know that this word can also refer to a place
37:06 where dead people are retained as well?
37:09 Notice Isaiah 38... Isaiah 38 and verse 18.
37:13 Isaiah 38 and verse 18.
37:17 It's also used to refer to people who are retained
37:20 in the pit in a dead state.
37:23 So it's a versatile word. It can refer to a place of
37:26 retention for the living or a place of retention
37:30 for the dead. Now notice chapter 38 and verse 18.
37:34 It says:
37:52 With what is the pit identified?
37:54 It is identified with those who go to Sheol...
37:57 those who are made captives of death.
38:01 Is it just possible then that when Isaiah 24 verse 22 says
38:07 that the kings of the earth and the host of heaven
38:10 are placed in the pit that one group is placed
38:14 in the pit of death so to speak and the other group
38:17 is placed in the pit in a living state?
38:20 That's what the Hebrew word indicates in the Old Testament.
38:24 I believe Isaiah uses this word because he knew that there were
38:27 going to be two different groups.
38:29 Both were going to be imprisoned,
38:31 but one was going to be imprisoned being dead
38:35 and the other group was going to be imprisoned being alive.
38:40 Now the question is: who is the leader of this host
38:43 of heaven who is going to be punished?
38:46 Go with me to Revelation chapter 20.
38:48 Revelation chapter 20. This is immediately after
38:51 the second coming of Jesus.
38:53 And we just read in Isaiah 24
38:55 about the second coming of Jesus.
38:57 We read in Jeremiah chapter 4 about the second coming of Jesus
39:01 so this is speaking about the same moment of time.
39:04 Notice Revelation chapter 20 and verse 1.
39:08 "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven
39:11 having the key of the bottomless pit. "
39:13 Terrible translation: bottomless pit.
39:15 Incidentally, it's the Greek word abussos...
39:19 the abyss.
39:21 Actually, in the Old Testament the equivalent word
39:25 is the same word that is
39:27 translated deep in Genesis 1:2.
39:30 You say: "How do we know that the word deep in Hebrew
39:32 is the same word abussos that
39:34 we find here? " It's very simple.
39:35 All you have to do is go to the Greek translation
39:38 of the Old Testament. And you want to discover
39:41 how the Hebrew word tehom in Genesis 1 verse 2-
39:44 which is deep - how that word is translated into the Greek.
39:48 And in the Greek version of the Old Testament
39:50 the word is abussos... the very word that we have here.
39:52 Do you remember the four words that we found in Genesis?
39:55 Four ideas in Genesis 1 and verses 1 and 2?
39:58 Without form, void, in darkness,
40:01 and the earth is described as "the deep. "
40:04 Do we find these same characteristics with relation to
40:06 the earth when Jesus comes when the plagues devastate the earth?
40:09 Absolutely. The earth is without form,
40:12 void, the heavens have no light,
40:15 and the earth is described here as "the deep. "
40:18 Now notice verse 1: "Then I saw an angel
40:22 coming down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit
40:25 and a great chain in his hand. "
40:40 That means He cast him into the world in a state that it
40:43 was in before creation, because that's what the word means
40:47 in the book of Genesis.
40:49 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
40:50 And by the way, the same thing is going to happen to the devil
40:53 as happened to him at the flood.
40:56 How many of Satan's followers remained alive outside the ark
41:02 when the flood came?
41:04 Did the devil lose his power base?
41:07 Were all of his followers dead?
41:10 Yes. And the saved were where? In the ark.
41:15 Is it just possible that during the millennium
41:17 all of the followers of Satan are dead
41:20 and the only ones who are alive are the righteous?
41:24 You see, the story of the flood is going to be repeated.
41:26 "As it was in the days of Noah so also shall it be
41:31 at the coming of the Son of Man. "
41:32 And you say: "Well, yes, it says that he has a chain
41:34 in his hand. And yes it says that he cast him into the abyss
41:38 or the bottomless pit or the deep if you please.
41:41 And it says that he was shut up. Yes.
41:44 But it doesn't say here that he was cast in prison
41:46 Like Isaiah 24. " Go with me to verse 7.
41:49 Revelation 20 verse 7. It says:
41:59 So who is the host of the
42:00 high ones? Who is the host
42:02 of heaven? The host of heaven
42:04 is Satan and his angels.
42:06 How will they be bound to this earth?
42:08 Will they be dead or alive?
42:10 They will be alive.
42:12 What about all of his wicked followers?
42:14 His wicked followers will all be what? Will all be dead.
42:17 You know, it's interesting in Revelation the way that this
42:19 is described. Revelation 20 says
42:22 that at the beginning of the thousand years Satan is bound.
42:26 At the end of the thousand years he is unbound.
42:29 You say: "Now how do you understand what that means? "
42:31 It's so simple. Where does the power of Satan reside?
42:38 If he doesn't have people, does he have power?
42:40 No! And what happens with all of the wicked when Jesus comes?
42:45 They're dead.
42:47 So how much power does the devil have?
42:50 None.
42:51 But what's going to happen after the thousand years?
42:53 The rest of the dead according to Revelation 20:5
42:57 are going to live again.
42:58 The rest of the dead must be wicked because the righteous
43:01 dead resurrected at the beginning of the thousand years
43:03 and were taken by Jesus to heaven.
43:06 Are you understanding me? So the rest of the dead
43:08 live after the 1,000 years and what does the devil have back?
43:11 He has his power base back again.
43:14 So binding and unbinding of Satan
43:17 has to do with the condition of his power base:
43:20 the wicked. When they're dead he's bound.
43:22 When they are alive, he is what? He is unbound.
43:25 It is that simple.
43:27 Now, let's go back to Isaiah chapter 24
43:33 and let's read the last part of verse 22.
43:38 Isaiah 24:22.
43:40 Let me ask you: is the millennium clearly taught
43:43 in the Old Testament? Yes or no?
43:46 See, you go to Revelation 20 and if you don't go to the
43:50 Old Testament you have a very incomplete picture.
43:52 But when you go to Genesis, you go to Jeremiah,
43:56 you go to Isaiah, and you compare Revelation 20
43:59 everything makes sense.
44:01 Now notice Isaiah chapter 24 and verse 22 again.
44:06 "They will be gathered together as prisoners are gathered
44:08 in the pit and will be shut up in the prison... "
44:12 And now notice:
44:19 Now whoa... let's stop there.
44:21 After many days they will be... What?
44:26 Who will be punished?
44:30 The kings of the earth and whom?
44:32 And the host of heaven.
44:34 "After many days... " How many days is many days?
44:37 You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that
44:40 the many days are 1,000 years.
44:42 And by the way, we've always believed in the year/day
44:45 principle in the inter- pretation of Bible prophecy.
44:48 In prophecy, days are equal to years.
44:51 Here you have the proof.
44:53 Some people say: "Why don't you apply the year/day principle
44:56 to the thousand years of Revelation?
44:57 Why don't you say that that's 360,000 years? "
45:01 It's very simple. Because the Bible itself
45:03 gives us the year/day principle. In Isaiah it says days.
45:06 In Revelation, it interprets those days as years.
45:10 So when you go to Isaiah, the days in Revelation
45:14 are explained as years.
45:15 So you don't have to use the year/day principle in Revelation
45:18 because Isaiah uses the year/day principle.
45:21 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
45:23 Now... "After many days they will be punished. "
45:27 How many stages does the punishment of the wicked have?
45:33 Now you have to be a careful reader to catch this.
45:35 Are they punished when Jesus comes?
45:38 When they're thrown into prison are they punished?
45:40 Did we read it? Sure!
45:43 Verse 21 and verse 22 says that they are punished.
45:48 They're cast into prison or into the pit.
45:52 Stage #1. But did you notice here that it says
45:55 that after many days they will be punished?
45:58 So is the first punishment their permanent punishment?
46:01 It can't be, because after the many days they are what?
46:06 After the many days they are punished.
46:08 In other words, the punishment of the wicked has how many
46:10 stages? It has two stages.
46:12 The punishment of Satan has how many stages?
46:15 Two stages.
46:17 Is the devil destroyed when Jesus comes?
46:19 Do the wicked receive their reward when Jesus comes?
46:23 No.
46:24 Now I want you to notice that the wicked suffer two deaths.
46:29 The two deaths are related to what we're talking about.
46:33 You see, when Jesus comes all of the wicked what?
46:37 Are slain. They all die.
46:40 Are you agreed with that?
46:41 There's not one person alive on planet earth.
46:44 The few that are left are the saved.
46:48 But of the wicked no one is left. They're all dead
46:51 from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth.
46:54 So they died... either before Jesus came or at the moment
46:57 that Jesus came... all of the wicked are dead.
47:00 Is that their final death?
47:01 Is that their final punishment for sin?
47:03 No, because after the thousand years
47:05 the rest of the dead live again
47:09 and then they are judged according to Revelation 20
47:14 verses 11 through 15. They're judged.
47:16 And then they suffer what the book of Revelation calls what?
47:21 Second death.
47:23 You cannot have a second death unless you have a first death.
47:26 So do you see? This is so simple.
47:29 That when Jesus comes all of the wicked die.
47:31 They remain prisoners in the pit
47:34 in a dead state for 1,000 years.
47:37 After the thousand years they come to life again
47:39 and then they're punished with second death.
47:41 Satan and his angels are punished when Jesus comes.
47:44 They are put in prison in a living state.
47:47 And after the 1,000 years they receive their final what?
47:52 They receive their final punishment.
47:55 Is this clear to you? It's so simple.
47:57 How many people are going to live on planet earth
47:59 during the thousand years?
48:01 If you can call the devil and his angels people,
48:03 they would be the only ones that are going to live here.
48:06 Who else could live here?
48:08 Can this earth sustain life? It's impossible!
48:12 Everything has returned to the way it was before creation.
48:16 Without form, void. Darkness in the heavens.
48:20 A desolate wilderness
48:23 described as the deep,
48:25 as the abyss.
48:27 There's no way that human beings
48:29 could live on planet earth
48:30 if creation has been reversed.
48:32 Now let's go quickly to
48:34 Isaiah chapter 24
48:35 and let's read verse 23.
48:37 Notice what happens after the many days.
48:40 It says in verse 23:
48:42 "Then... " that is, after the many days...
48:52 What is this?
48:54 After the many days it says that the moon will be disgraced
49:00 and the sun ashamed?
49:07 What's seen after the many days?
49:09 Mount Zion and Jerusalem.
49:12 And what happens with the sun and the moon?
49:15 They are disgraced and they are ashamed.
49:18 What does that mean?
49:19 Go with me to the book of Revelation chapter 21.
49:23 What comes down from heaven after the thousand years?
49:26 Is it Jerusalem that comes to view after the many days?
49:29 After the thousand years? Absolutely.
49:31 Revelation chapter 21 and let's read verse 2. It says:
49:43 And now let's jump down to verse 23.
49:45 It says in verse 23:
50:00 So what does it mean that the sun and the moon
50:02 are disgraced and ashamed?
50:04 It's because the Lord sits in Jerusalem on Mount Zion
50:09 and His light is so great that the sun and the moon
50:13 have to step aside.
50:15 Now understand me. It doesn't say that there will
50:17 not be any sun or moon because we are going to have
50:19 a monthly cycle.
50:22 Because we will go from month to month
50:24 to eat from the Tree of Life.
50:27 There is a weekly cycle because we are going to go
50:29 from Sabbath to Sabbath to worship before the Lord.
50:32 Let's read the text carefully. The text says
50:35 there in the city - not all over the earth -
50:39 in the city there is no need of sun or moon.
50:43 It doesn't say that there isn't a sun or moon.
50:46 They're simply ashamed and disgraced
50:49 before the glory of God.
50:53 And then, of course, the wicked surround the city
50:59 and the devil, his angels, and the wicked
51:03 are destroyed by the fire that comes down from heaven.
51:09 And then God will make a new heavens and a new earth
51:13 where righteousness dwells.
51:17 Now I'd like to ask the question: where will God's
51:19 people be during the 1,000 years?
51:23 Fundamental misunderstanding of Christians today.
51:27 They say Jesus is going to come in the rapture
51:31 and He's going to take His people to heaven for 7 years.
51:35 And then He's going to come back in His glorious coming
51:38 and He's going to set up His kingdom here on earth
51:40 for a thousand years. Not possible.
51:44 Because Jesus said very clearly in John 14
51:47 "I go to prepare a place for you.
51:50 And if I go to prepare a place for you
51:52 I will come again and receive you to Myself... "
51:54 take you to My Father's house -
51:56 "that where I am there ye may be also. "
51:58 Where is Jesus going to take His people when He comes?
52:01 He's going to take them to heaven.
52:03 They're not going to be in heaven seven years.
52:06 How long are they going to be in heaven?
52:08 They're going to be in heaven for a thousand years.
52:12 By the way, I Thessalonians chapter 4 makes it very clear.
52:33 Jesus doesn't come all the way down.
52:37 We are caught up
52:40 because He's going to take us to the Father's house.
52:43 Are you following me?
52:45 By the way, in Matthew chapter 29 and verses 29-31
52:50 it says that when Jesus comes He is going to send forth
52:53 His angels to gather His elect
52:55 from the four winds of heaven.
52:59 If He's going to come all the way down to the earth,
53:01 why bother to send His angels to gather them?
53:05 The apostle Paul in I Thessalonians 5
53:09 speaks about our gathering together to Him.
53:12 Not Him to us but us to Him.
53:15 In other words, the churches have it wrong when they say
53:19 that Jesus is going to come in the rapture.
53:21 His people will be taken to heaven for seven years
53:23 then He's going to come back to this earth and establish
53:26 His everlasting kingdom here on earth
53:28 beginning with 1,000 years of peace and prosperity.
53:32 How could anybody live here during the thousand years
53:35 if the earth has been devastated
53:37 and a new heavens and a new earth have not been created yet?
53:42 By the way, do you know why the devil wants people to think
53:44 that Jesus is going to spend 1,000 years on earth?
53:47 I'll go through this quickly.
53:50 II Thessalonians 2 says that the devil is going to
53:53 counterfeit the second coming of Christ.
53:56 He's going to appear like Christ.
53:58 Like a glorious being he's going to perform miracles
54:01 and going to speak many of the words that Jesus spoke
54:03 while He was on earth.
54:06 Let me ask you something:
54:08 if you believe that when Jesus comes
54:11 He's coming to live on this earth and to set up His kingdom
54:14 on earth for a thousand years,
54:16 will you probably buy what the false Christ is teaching
54:19 and what the false Christ is doing?
54:21 Sure, because you're expecting Him to come to this earth.
54:25 BUT if you know Jesus is not coming to this earth,
54:30 at His second coming He remains in the air,
54:33 then any being who appears walking upon planet earth
54:36 speaking the way Jesus spoke
54:38 performing the miracles that Jesus performed
54:40 you know that it is not Jesus!
54:44 Because the millennium will not be spent here.
54:47 The millennium will be spent where?
54:49 The millennium will be spent in heaven with Jesus.
54:54 And do you know what we're going to do during the millennium?
54:58 Go with me to I Corinthians chapter 6.
55:02 It's going to be a working vacation.
55:07 Have you ever taken a working vacation?
55:09 All my vacations are working vacations.
55:11 My family can tell you that.
55:14 I get scolded for it.
55:17 Well deserved... well deserved.
55:33 By the way, "the world"
55:35 means worldlings; the lost;
55:37 the unrighteous.
55:54 What are we going to do?
55:56 Judge angels. Which angels? The good ones, right?
56:00 Why would we have to judge the good angels?
56:03 It must be that we are going to
56:05 judge the evil angels.
56:07 And Revelation 20 and verse 4
56:08 says that God's people who
56:10 resurrect at the beginning of the millennium
56:12 reign with Christ 1,000 years
56:14 and judgment is given unto them.
56:17 In other words, they are given the capacity to judge
56:20 those who are left here on earth dead.
56:24 Those who have been overtaken by destruction
56:26 will be judged in heaven, and the punishment of each
56:31 will be written in the books.
56:34 And after the millennium when the wicked resurrect
56:36 when the devil and his angels rally the wicked
56:39 against the city, God will show the life of each one of those
56:43 people who are outside the Holy City.
56:46 And He will show the sentence which was determined for them
56:49 in the heavenly court during the thousand years.
56:52 And Revelation 15 says that they will say
56:55 "Just and true are Your ways, O God. "
57:00 And they will be destroyed by their own request.
57:03 And then God will make a new heavens and a new earth.
57:08 And the meek shall inherit the earth
57:13 and we shall live with Jesus forever and ever.
57:17 And He will wipe away all tears
57:20 and He will remove death forever.


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