Cracking the Genesis Code

Lessons From A Forbidden Tree

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01:12 Shall we bow our heads?
01:14 Our Father, what a wonderful day You have given us.
01:19 What a privilege it is to be alive
01:23 in these last days of the history of the world.
01:28 We believe that the coming of Jesus is very close,
01:31 very near. And we ask that as we study this very important
01:35 subject today that Your Holy Spirit will help us understand
01:39 so that we might choose to be on Your side
01:43 when Christ's time comes.
01:46 We thank you for hearing our prayer
01:48 for we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:53 I'd like to begin by mentioning something which I have
01:57 underlined previously in our studies.
02:01 And that is that when Jesus or God, because Jesus is God,
02:07 created this world
02:10 Adam and Eve were not eye- witness of the work of Jesus.
02:15 In other words, Adam and Eve saw Jesus create absolutely
02:20 nothing. The only way in which Adam and Eve could be certain
02:25 that God was the Creator
02:27 was not because they had
02:28 scientific evidence,
02:30 historical evidence,
02:32 or empirical evidence.
02:34 The only way that they
02:36 could be absolutely certain
02:38 was because they believed God's story
02:41 when He told them: "I was the Creator. "
02:45 They had to accept it by faith.
02:49 Now God put a test in the Garden of Eden
02:52 to see if they actually were willing to believe in His story,
02:57 whether they would show their loyalty to God
03:01 as their Creator and as the only true God.
03:04 And that test, of course, was a tree:
03:08 the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
03:12 Now go with me to Genesis chapter 2 and let's examine
03:16 several important details about this specific tree.
03:21 And we're going to go very quickly because
03:24 we're then going to make an application of what we study
03:27 from primarily Genesis chapter 2.
03:30 Now go with me to Genesis chapter 2 and verse 16.
03:45 Did God first give a positive command
03:49 about what they could do? Yes.
03:52 He said: "All of the trees of the garden are for your personal
03:56 consumption and for your personal, everyday use. "
04:00 But then I want you to notice that the positive command
04:03 is followed by a negative command.
04:06 It says in verse 17:
04:21 So God in this commandment begins with the positive.
04:25 He says: "You can partake and enjoy of any tree
04:29 of the garden BUT I have reserved one tree
04:33 which is off limits which you are not to partake of.
04:38 This is My tree... you are not to use it
04:42 for your own personal use. "
04:46 Positive command... negative command.
04:49 "All the trees you can use except for this one. "
04:53 Now I want you to notice where this tree was located
04:57 in the garden.
04:58 Go with me to Genesis chapter 3
05:01 and let's read verses 2 and 3.
05:03 Genesis 3 and verses 2 and 3. It says:
05:30 Where was the tree which tested the faith of Adam and Eve
05:35 in God as their Creator?
05:36 It was in the center of the garden.
05:40 And so you have a positive command,
05:43 a negative command, and you have the test in the middle.
05:48 Now let me ask you: who chose the tree from which
05:51 Adam and Eve were not supposed to eat?
05:53 Did God tell Adam and Eve: "Now Adam and Eve,
05:57 I'm going to allow you to eat from all of the trees of the
05:59 garden but I want you to reserve one tree
06:03 especially for Me.
06:04 Now you choose which one you don't want to eat from. "
06:07 Is that the way it worked?
06:09 No! Who chose the tree?
06:11 God chose the tree.
06:13 Was God serious about that particular tree?
06:17 Or did God really care? Would He accept Adam saying:
06:20 "Well, Lord, you know I chose not to eat from that tree
06:23 over there instead of the one that You specified. "
06:26 No... God was dead serious.
06:28 God chose the tree and God is the One who said
06:32 "From this tree you will not eat. "
06:35 Now as you read the story about this tree in the book of Genesis
06:39 you get absolutely no impression that this tree was any different
06:43 than any other tree.
06:44 We're not told that the tree was taller;
06:47 that it was surrounded by a glorious light;
06:51 or that the fruit of this tree was different from the fruit
06:54 of any other tree.
06:56 In its outward appearance, we get the impression from the
06:59 story that it looked just like every other tree.
07:03 But what set this tree apart from all of the other trees
07:07 was not its external appearance.
07:10 What set it apart is the fact that God had specified
07:14 that Adam and Eve were not supposed to use
07:17 this particular tree.
07:21 Now let me ask you: to whom did this tree belong?
07:25 It belonged to God.
07:27 How many of the trees of the garden incidentally
07:29 belonged to God?
07:31 Do you believe that all of the trees belonged to God?
07:33 You notice for example Psalm 24 and verse 1. It says:
07:38 "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. "
07:43 In other words, everything on planet earth
07:46 belonged to the Lord.
07:47 ALL of the trees of the garden belonged to the Lord.
07:51 But let me ask you: did this particular tree
07:54 belong to the Lord in a special sense
07:57 over and above all of the other trees?
07:59 Obviously yes.
08:01 All of the trees were God's,
08:03 but this tree was God's in a special sense.
08:07 It was not to be used by Adam and Eve.
08:11 Now what was the purpose of this tree?
08:14 As we read Genesis 3 we discover that the purpose
08:18 was to give Adam and Eve the opportunity to recognize
08:23 by not eating from the tree
08:25 that the Creator was the true God
08:29 and that they were creatures. How do we know that?
08:31 Go with me to Genesis chapter 3 and verse 5.
08:35 Genesis chapter 3 and verse 5.
08:39 Here we find the devil speaking to Eve.
08:42 And he says this:
08:59 What is the devil trying to get Eve to think?
09:02 That she doesn't have to be creature. That she can be what?
09:07 God. And when it says "like God"
09:10 you know the King James version says "you shall be like gods"
09:14 in plural. The Hebrew word is Elohim...
09:17 the same words that's used in Genesis 1 verse 1
09:19 where it says: "In the beginning God created the heavens and
09:22 the earth. " The word should be translated in the singular.
09:25 The devil is saying: "You will be like God. "
09:28 In other words: "You will be God. "
09:29 In other words, the purpose of the tree
09:32 was to test Adam and Eve to see if they recognized that
09:35 they were creatures and that there was only one true God.
09:40 The tree was a sign, a test that God gave them,
09:44 to prove that they believed that He was the true God
09:47 and that they were creatures.
09:50 Of course, Genesis chapter 3 and verse 13
09:54 after Eve ate from the tree
09:57 she complains to God and she says:
10:11 Now we talked about deception in one of our previous lectures.
10:14 Let me ask you: what do you have to do
10:16 in order to deceive someone?
10:18 You have to lie.
10:20 But what kind of lie do you have to tell in order for that
10:23 lie to deceive? It has to be a lie
10:27 which is very close to what? To the truth.
10:30 And by the way, the counterfeit always comes after the genuine
10:36 in time. I want you to remember this
10:39 because we're going to come back to it.
10:41 Eve complains: "He deceived me. "
10:44 Deception is very close to the truth
10:48 and deception always comes after the truth in time.
10:52 And then I want you to notice what the consequence was
10:56 for them eating from this tree which gave them the opportunity
11:00 to show that they believed that God was the true God
11:03 and the only Creator.
11:05 In Genesis chapter 3 we find these words
11:09 about the consequence of their actions.
11:12 Genesis chapter 2 actually
11:14 and let's read verse 17.
11:28 What would be the consequence of disrespecting the tree
11:31 of the Creator? Death.
11:34 Now let's review what we've studied.
11:36 One: God gives a positive command.
11:38 "You can eat of all the trees of the garden. "
11:40 Second: He gives a negative command.
11:42 "Of this specific tree you shall not eat. "
11:44 The tree which tested Adam and Eve was in the very middle
11:48 of the garden. God chose the tree
11:50 from which they were not supposed to eat.
11:52 And God was serious about that
11:54 particular specific tree.
11:56 Furthermore, that tree
11:58 showed no evidence of being
11:59 different from any other tree
12:01 in its outward appearance.
12:03 The only thing that made it
12:04 different is that God had set it
12:07 apart from all of the
12:08 other trees.
12:10 Furthermore, we notice that God
12:12 owned all of the trees of the
12:14 garden, but He owned this tree
12:16 in a special sense.
12:18 The purpose of the tree was to test Adam and Eve
12:21 to see if they recognized
12:22 the Lord as their only God and as their Creator.
12:27 And we notice that the devil deceived Eve
12:31 and as a consequence the Bible tells us
12:34 that because they broke God's commandments they were
12:38 sentenced... sentenced to die.
12:42 Now why have I gone through all of this...
12:44 all of this material as we begin our study today?
12:49 Because we're going to find that God has given another test
12:55 to the world today and particularly to Christians.
12:59 Now before we go and speak about that test
13:02 let me ask you: do we have any more proof today
13:06 that God was the Creator than Adam and Eve had
13:09 in the Garden of Eden?
13:11 Do we have any empirical proof that God was the Creator?
13:14 Do we have any scientific proof that God was the Creator?
13:19 Do we have any historical proof that God was the Creator?
13:23 No!
13:24 In fact, in Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 3
13:27 it says: "By faith we understand
13:31 that the worlds were formed by the word of God.
13:35 The things which are seen were formed from that which
13:38 does not appear or from that which cannot be seen. "
13:41 So in Hebrews 11 we are told that the only reason
13:44 we can know that God was the Creator today
13:47 is because God says that He was the Creator in His holy Word.
13:51 We did not see it. We were not eyewitnesses to it.
13:55 We must accept it by faith.
13:58 Now let me ask you: has God given a test
14:02 for us to show whether we believe that He is the Creator
14:05 or not? Yes He has.
14:08 Now go with me to Exodus chapter 20 and let's notice
14:12 some very interesting things here.
14:14 Exodus chapter 20, and I would like to read verses 8 and 9
14:19 first of all. Exodus chapter 20 and verses 8 and 9.
14:24 It says here:
14:29 Now notice that we have a positive command first.
14:37 Did you catch that?
14:43 What is God saying? He's giving a positive command
14:46 He's saying: "Every weekday is... " What?
14:51 "For your own personal use. "
14:54 But now notice that that is followed by a negative command.
14:58 Notice Exodus chapter 20 and verse 10.
15:02 "But... " Do you remember that little word in Genesis 2?
15:26 So God has given a command which is positive:
15:31 "Every day of the week is for your own personal use
15:36 but there is one particular day that is off limits to you. "
15:42 And so the fourth commandment has a positive command
15:45 and it has a negative command.
15:49 Now let me ask you this: where is the fourth commandment
15:54 found in the law of God?
15:56 Do you know that somebody once counted the number of syllables
16:00 that are found in the Ten Commandments in the Hebrew.
16:04 And that person discovered that the Sabbath commandment
16:07 is in the exact center of the law of God.
16:10 It comes with the same number of syllables before
16:14 and after the 4th commandment.
16:16 In other words, the Sabbath commandment is found
16:19 in the heart of the law of God
16:21 just like the tree was found in the heart of the Garden of Eden.
16:27 Now allow me to amplify this point just a little bit.
16:32 Archaeologists several years ago were digging
16:36 in... in a place called Ugarit in Canaan.
16:42 And in Ugarit they unearthed some tablets...
16:46 some very interesting tablets of clay.
16:51 Now I want to tell you a few things about these tablets.
16:54 They were actually covenants between a great king
17:00 and a lesser king.
17:02 I want you to remember that: they were covenants
17:05 that a greater king was making with a lesser king.
17:09 The covenant was on tablets as I mentioned.
17:13 The tablets were written on both sides.
17:18 Now in the PowerPoint presentation we have pictures
17:21 of several of these interesting tablets that were discovered.
17:25 They were written on both sides.
17:27 And interestingly enough,
17:30 on one side of the tablet
17:33 right in the middle of the tablet was the seal
17:38 of the king who was actually writing this covenant
17:42 for the lesser king.
17:44 Now it's interesting, of course, that this tablet
17:47 was made of clay. And when the clay was wet
17:50 the king would take his seal and he would impress the seal
17:54 right in the middle - right square center - of the tablet.
17:58 And of course, when the seal was impressed on the tablet
18:01 the writing where the seal was impressed was obliterated.
18:04 People could not read what was underneath the seal.
18:07 And that's the reason why they wrote the covenant
18:11 on the obverse side or on the back side.
18:14 You see the front side had the seal which showed
18:17 that this was an authentic covenant
18:19 and then the other side allowed people to read
18:22 the contents of this covenant specifically.
18:27 Now the interesting thing is that these covenants
18:30 in the middle in this seal contained 3 items of information
18:36 about the king who was actually giving this covenant
18:40 or forming this covenant with the lesser king.
18:42 Three items of information in the seal.
18:44 Number one: the name of the king who was making the covenant.
18:50 Number two: the territory over which
18:54 that king ruled.
18:57 And number three: the title or the office
19:01 that that king held... which in this case would be
19:05 king of such and such a location.
19:08 The name, the title, and the territory over which that king
19:13 rules or governs.
19:16 Now somebody might say: "Why are you bringing this up? "
19:21 There's a very specific reason,
19:23 and I want you to go with me to study it.
19:25 Go with me to Deuteronomy chapter 4 and verse 13.
19:28 Deuteronomy chapter 4 and verse 13.
19:32 This is going to get very interesting.
19:34 Do you know that these covenants were found in the
19:36 same general geographical area?
19:38 They were found in the Middle East
19:41 by the way where the Ten Commandments were given.
19:44 And I want you to notice the characteristics of the
19:46 Ten Commandments. Notice Deuteronomy 4:13.
19:52 It says:
20:21 Were the Ten Commandments a covenant between a great king
20:24 and His followers? Absolutely.
20:26 Were they written on tablets? Absolutely.
20:29 Now there's a detail which very few people know
20:32 and that is that the Ten Commandments were written
20:33 on both sides of the tablets.
20:36 Did you know that?
20:38 Go with me to Exodus 32. Some of you did.
20:41 Exodus 32 and verses 15 and 16.
20:44 Exodus chapter 32 and verses 15 and 16.
20:50 Notice what we're told here.
20:52 It says in verse 15:
21:15 Now the tablets were the work of Moses...
21:19 Thank you very much. "The tablets were the work
21:22 of God and the writing was the writing of God
21:27 engraved on the tablets. "
21:29 On how many places were the
21:31 tablets written?
21:33 On the front side and where?
21:35 And on the back side.
21:36 The reason why the Bible says
21:39 that the Ten Commandments were given in this way
21:41 is because that's the way in which covenants were given
21:44 at that time... which has been discovered by archaeologists
21:47 who have unearthed dozens of tablets that follow
21:51 this same pattern. Now my question is:
21:53 where would you expect to find the seal of God
21:58 in the Ten Commandments?
22:00 You would expect to find the seal of the great God
22:03 in the middle of the tablet.
22:06 Is it in the middle of the tablet?
22:08 Would you expect that seal to have the name of God,
22:13 to have the title, and His territory?
22:17 Absolutely. Go with me to Exodus chapter 20 and verse 11.
22:22 Exodus chapter 20 and verse 11.
22:26 See, God uses archaeology to show things to us.
22:29 Even the stones speak out if we don't.
22:33 Notice Exodus 20 and verse 11. It says:
23:10 By the way, this is the only one of the Ten Commandments
23:14 that has all three necessary elements of a seal.
23:18 The name of the lawgiver, His function or His office,
23:22 and the territory over which He rules.
23:27 Isn't this interesting.
23:30 Now allow me to say something about the Sabbath
23:35 and the reason why God gave the Sabbath.
23:39 Did God give the Sabbath to establish the distinction
23:42 between Himself and His creatures?
23:45 Is that what the commandment says?
23:47 "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy"
23:49 and at the end He said "The reason why is because
23:52 I made the world in... " What? "in six days
23:55 and rested the seventh therefore I commanded you
23:59 to... " What? "to rest on the seventh day
24:03 in recognition that I was... " What?
24:05 "that I was your Creator and you are the creature. "
24:10 By the way, go with me to Ezekiel 20 and verse 20
24:14 where we find this same idea. Ezekiel chapter 20 and verse 20.
24:19 Here we find some very interesting words.
24:22 You see, Israel had apostatized from God
24:24 consistently time and again. And in Ezekiel chapter 20
24:29 God is telling them about their history.
24:32 And He's going to explain the reason why He gave them
24:35 the Sabbath. Notice Ezekiel chapter 20 and verse 20.
24:40 God says:
24:41 Hallow Moses' Sabbaths... Oh, thank you.
25:04 What was the purpose of the Sabbath?
25:06 To show the distinction between the Creator and the creature.
25:09 To show that man believed that God was the Creator.
25:14 Is this the same with the tree in the Garden of Eden?
25:18 Absolutely. The tree and the day are parallel.
25:23 Now let me ask you something:
25:25 Do you suppose the devil loves the Sabbath?
25:28 Go with me to Isaiah 14 and verse 14.
25:32 I want to explain to you why the devil doesn't like the Sabbath.
25:34 Isaiah 14 and verse 14.
25:37 There's a very specific reason.
25:39 You see, the devil was not satisfied with being a creature.
25:45 What did he want to be?
25:47 He wanted to occupy the position of whom?
25:50 Of the Creator... of God.
25:53 Now what do we find in chapter 14 and verse 14?
25:59 Here Lucifer in heaven says:
26:01 "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.
26:07 I will be like the Most High. "
26:12 He's saying: "I will be... " What? "God. "
26:15 It's no coincidence that he says to Adam and Eve -
26:17 to Eve specifically -
26:19 "You will be like God. "
26:23 Because he had already done it where?
26:25 He had already done it in heaven.
26:27 He said: "I will ascend and I will be like God. "
26:30 Let me ask you: "Can the devil love the Sabbath? "
26:34 Why can't he love the Sabbath?
26:36 Because the Sabbath points to the fact that there is only
26:39 one true God, and that is the God
26:44 that created the heavens and the earth.
26:46 The Sabbath denies Satan's right to claim to be God
26:50 because the Sabbath is a sign that God is the Creator,
26:54 that God is the only true God of the universe.
26:58 And if the devil promoted the Sabbath he would definitely
27:01 be promoting God.
27:03 And so the devil said: "I have to find a sign
27:06 that points not to God but points to... " Whom?
27:10 "that points to me and my kingdom. "
27:15 Now let me ask you: who chose the Sabbath as the day of rest?
27:19 Did God say: "Folks, here's seven days.
27:23 I'm a generous God. I want you to dedicate one day
27:26 in seven to Me. You choose which. "
27:30 Lots of Christians would like to believe that.
27:32 That God said: "Any day in seven.
27:34 As long as we take one day to rest that's all right. "
27:37 Who chose the specific day that we're supposed to rest?
27:40 Notice Genesis chapter 2 and verses 2 and 3.
27:43 Genesis chapter 2 and verses 2 and 3. It says here
27:48 in Genesis 2 and verses 2 and 3 the following:
27:53 "And on the... " Notice the number of times seventh day
27:56 is used... "And on the seventh day God ended His work
28:00 which He had done. And He rested on the seventh day
28:03 from all His work which He had done.
28:05 Then God blessed the seventh day... "
28:08 I think He's trying to tell us that the Sabbath is the 7th day.
28:12 "And on the seventh day He rested
28:14 from all His works which He had done and made. "
28:18 And then it says: "He sanctified the Sabbath
28:21 and He rested on the Sabbath. "
28:22 In other words, who chose the day that He expected human
28:25 beings to keep? God chose the day just like
28:29 God chose the what? Just like God chose the tree.
28:35 Now how did the devil
28:40 try and change the Sabbath on this earth?
28:47 He needed a human instrument or a human system
28:50 in order to do it.
28:53 And that system we talked about last night.
28:57 I want to read you a few statements now...
28:59 I'm going to read you particularly one right now
29:02 but we'll be reading several of them.
29:04 This statement is from a Roman Catholic,
29:07 very reputable Roman Catholic encyclopedia
29:11 called Prompta Bibliotheca.
29:14 It's speaking about the authority of the pope
29:17 and this is what it says.
29:19 This is a Roman Catholic scholar writing:
29:21 "The pope is of so great authority and power
29:25 that he can modify, explain,
29:29 or even interpret even divine laws.
29:34 The pope can modify divine law since his power is not of man
29:40 but of God
29:42 and he acts as vice-regent of God upon earth
29:46 with most ample power of binding and loosing his sheep. "
29:52 What does the pope have the power to do?
29:55 To modify, explain, or interpret divine laws.
30:02 And then he says: "The pope can
30:04 modify divine laws. "
30:05 Do you remember what the little horn was going to
30:07 attempt to do?
30:08 He thought that he could what?
30:10 That he could change the law.
30:12 And he did it by eliminating the second commandment.
30:16 It's not in the Catechisms... you can look.
30:19 And by changing the rest day from Sabbath to Sunday.
30:23 You can check the website that I mentioned in our last lecture.
30:26 There are 16 pages of quotations from Roman Catholic
30:30 books where they openly admit that it was the Roman Catholic
30:35 church which changed the day - at least in their mind -
30:38 changed the day from Sabbath to Sunday.
30:40 Allow me to read you just one of them from a Catechism.
30:43 This is Life in Christ, instructions in the Catholic
30:46 Faith page 243.
30:49 It says this: "Why did the church change the Lord's Day
30:53 from the Sabbath to Sunday? "
30:56 Answer: "The church, using the power of binding and loosing
31:02 which Christ gave to the pope,
31:05 changed the Lord's Day to Sunday. "
31:10 And you can look in history.
31:12 Sunday was kept long before Protestants came on the scene.
31:16 Sunday was kept all the way back to the 3rd century
31:20 actually, and it did not come as a result of the study
31:25 of scripture. It came as the result of several
31:28 pressures within the Roman Empire,
31:30 anti-Judaism and other factors.
31:33 It did not come as a result of a direct command of God.
31:37 Now let me ask you this:
31:40 does the pope or does the papacy claim
31:44 that the pope is God's representative on earth?
31:48 There are statements that even say that he is God on earth.
31:51 Let me ask you: who could only be the one who could change
31:53 the law of God?
31:55 It would have to be whom? It would have to be God.
31:58 Would the devil want to use an earthly system
32:01 that claims to have God on earth to attempt to change God's law,
32:07 particularly the commandment that identified the true God?
32:11 You see, how could people ever believe that the pope
32:14 is God on earth if the pope kept the Sabbath as his sign?
32:18 What does the sign of the Sabbath point to?
32:21 It point to the fact that there is only one true God
32:25 in heaven... the Creator of the heavens and the earth.
32:29 You see, if the Roman Catholic papacy claims that the pope is
32:32 God on earth, the pope could not keep the Sabbath
32:36 because then people would say: "Now wait a minute.
32:38 You say that you have the power of God on earth
32:40 but look, the Bible says that the Sabbath points to only one
32:45 true God in heaven. "
32:47 And so did the papacy need to establish a different day
32:51 that would distract sight from God
32:54 and would attract sight to this system?
32:57 Absolutely.
32:59 Now allow me to mention something which is very very
33:02 interesting. And some people might not like what I'm going to
33:06 say now, but it's the truth.
33:08 Do you know that the observance of Sunday as the day of rest
33:13 is really idolatry?
33:16 Now you say: "Well I've been keeping Sunday.
33:18 Have I been an idolator? "
33:20 Well, perhaps not knowingly.
33:24 Let me show you what I mean.
33:26 Let me ask you: who created the sun?
33:30 Who created the sun?
33:31 God created the sun.
33:33 Did He create the sun for worship?
33:36 No. So what happens if you convert the sun
33:39 into an object of worship? What is that called?
33:41 That's called idolatry.
33:43 Now let me ask you: who made the first day of the week?
33:46 God. Did He make it for worship?
33:49 Which day did He make for worship?
33:51 The Sabbath. Did He make the first day for worship?
33:54 No. So what happens if man con- verts it into a day of worship?
33:58 What is that called? Idolatry.
34:00 It doesn't make any difference whether it's an object -
34:03 the sun - or whether it's a day.
34:06 Anything that man makes as a substitute for worship
34:10 in place of what God has established for worship
34:13 is what? It is practicing idolatry.
34:17 Now, allow me to read you some interesting statements.
34:21 See, the statements get even more interesting.
34:25 You know, Protestants believe that they are keeping Sunday
34:27 in honor of the resurrection of Jesus because the Bible
34:30 says that we're supposed to keep Sunday.
34:33 But what they don't realize is that they're really continuing
34:36 the tradition of the Roman Catholic church.
34:39 Of course, they try to find arguments from scripture.
34:41 "Yeah, Jesus resurrected the first day. "
34:43 I'm not going to argue with that.
34:45 But where does the Bible say we're supposed to keep Sunday
34:47 in honor of the resurrection?
34:49 They say: "Yes, but you know Sunday's the day that's been
34:52 kept for centuries. " Yes, but where does the Bible
34:55 say that we're supposed to keep Sunday?
34:57 The fact is that Protestants in the Protestant Reformation
35:00 did not go all the way in establishing the true day
35:04 of worship which the Bible enjoins
35:06 and which Jesus and the apostles kept.
35:08 They simply took the tradition
35:11 that came through the Roman Catholic church
35:13 and continued this as the day of worship.
35:16 Now do you want to hear what Catholics say about this?
35:19 This is what one Catholic scholar says.
35:22 Actually there's two: Reverend Leo J. Trese
35:24 and John J. Castletot.
35:28 "Nothing is said in the Bible about the change of the Lord's
35:31 Day from Saturday to Sunday.
35:34 We know the change only from the tradition of the church.
35:39 A fact handed down to us from the earliest times
35:43 by the living voice of the church.
35:46 That is why we find so illogical
35:49 the attitude of many non-Catholics who say that they
35:53 will believe nothing unless they can find it in the Bible
35:56 and yet will continue to keep Sunday as the Lord's Day
36:00 on the say-so of the Catholic church. "
36:05 Here's another one.
36:06 This one is even more meaningful.
36:09 This one is by H. Canon Cafferata.
36:13 "A word about Sunday.
36:15 God said 'Remember that thou keep the Sabbath day
36:18 holy. ' The Sabbath was Saturday not Sunday.
36:21 Why then do we keep Sunday holy instead of Saturday? "
36:26 He says: "The church altered
36:29 the observance of the Sabbath to the observance of Sunday.
36:32 Protestants who say that they go by the Bible and the Bible only
36:38 and that they do not believe anything that is not in the
36:41 Bible must be rather puzzled by keeping of Sunday
36:46 when God distinctly said 'Keep holy the Sabbath Day. '
36:50 The word Sunday does not come anywhere in the Bible
36:55 so without knowing it they are obeying the authority
37:00 of the Catholic church. "
37:02 Here's another one. I'll read one more.
37:04 This one is from Father Enright who for many years was
37:10 teacher at the Redemptress College of America.
37:13 He's actually president of the Redemptress College of America.
37:16 He says this: "It was the holy Catholic church
37:19 that changed the day. " See, notice... "changed the day
37:22 of rest from Saturday to Sunday. "
37:24 By the way, does the prophecy of the little horn
37:26 say that the little horn would think that he could change
37:28 the law of God?
37:30 Yes! And so he says: "It was the holy Catholic church
37:35 that changed the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday,
37:37 the first day of the week.
37:39 And it not only compelled all to keep Sunday
37:43 but urged all persons to labor on the seventh day
37:46 under pain of anathema. "
37:48 That's being accursed.
37:49 "Protestants profess great reverence for the Bible
37:53 and yet by their solemn act of keeping Sunday
37:57 they acknowledge the power of the Catholic church.
38:00 The Bible says: 'Remember the Sabbath Day
38:03 to keep it holy' but the Catholic church says
38:06 'No. Keep the first day of the week. ' "
38:09 And now notice this:
38:11 "And lo, the entire civilized world
38:15 bows down in reverent obedience
38:20 to the command of the holy Catholic church. "
38:26 Is this an important issue?
38:28 This is a very important issue.
38:31 You say: "Why is it important? "
38:34 Let me ask you: does the Sabbath look just like any other day?
38:39 Does the Sabbath have 24 hours?
38:41 Does the sun rise and set on the Sabbath?
38:45 Do you get up and go to bed on Sabbath?
38:48 Is Sabbath one of the numbers on the calendar?
38:50 You look at the Sabbath, the Sabbath looks just like
38:52 any other day. What makes
38:54 the Sabbath different?
38:56 Not its outward appearance
38:58 like the outward appearance of the tree was not different.
39:00 What makes the Sabbath
39:01 different is the fact that God
39:04 what? God set it apart.
39:07 Now I want you to imagine that in your pocket you have
39:09 two dollars. One dollar is for you to go to the market.
39:13 And you can't buy much with one dollar I realize.
39:15 One dollar to buy things at the market
39:17 and the other dollar you've set aside for tithe.
39:19 Let me ask you: do those two dollars look exactly alike?
39:24 Yes. Are they printed on paper?
39:27 Are they worth the same amount?
39:28 So they're exactly the same, right?
39:30 There's no difference between the two dollar bills.
39:33 Are they different? Sure they are.
39:36 What makes them different?
39:37 The fact that one is set apart for a holy use
39:41 and the other one is for secular use.
39:44 The Sabbath was set apart by God
39:47 not because it is different than any other day
39:50 but because God simply wanted to set it apart to test
39:56 the faithfulness of man in recognizing Him
39:59 as their Creator and as their God.
40:04 Now you say: "Pastor, does it really make any difference
40:07 which day we keep? "
40:09 If God didn't change the day and the papacy did,
40:11 whose authority are you accepting?
40:14 You know, obedience is the highest form of worship.
40:17 If you say you worship God and you disobey God
40:20 knowing that you're supposed to keep the Sabbath and you don't,
40:24 whose authority are you accepting?
40:26 You're accepting the authority of the individual who changed
40:28 the day. So the final conflict has nothing to do with
40:32 just one day vs. another day.
40:34 The issue is: whose authority do you accept?
40:38 Do you accept the authority of the true God, the Creator
40:42 who made the Sabbath and you keep the Sabbath as a sign
40:45 that you are loyal to Him
40:46 or do you keep the first day of the week, thus accepting
40:50 the authority of the power that changed the day
40:52 from Saturday to Sunday? The issue is whose authority
40:56 do you accept not which day specifically you keep.
41:01 By the way, we have a story in the Bible that shows
41:04 how serious in the mind of God it is
41:07 when we do not respect what He has made holy.
41:11 When we offer God something secular as if it was holy.
41:15 We have in Leviticus chapter 10 the story of Nadab and Abihu.
41:19 I'll tell you very quickly the story.
41:20 In Leviticus 9 it says that God rained fire from heaven
41:23 down on the altar. That was holy fire.
41:26 And God said to Israel: "I want you when you take fire -
41:29 when the priest takes fire into the sanctuary -
41:31 make sure that they use holy fire from this altar.
41:36 Not any kind of fire. This fire because this fire is holy. "
41:40 But the Bible says that Nadab and Abihu - the sons of Aaron -
41:43 they were under the influence of wine.
41:45 By the way, Babylon at the end of time is under the influence
41:47 of spiritual wine... false doctrines...
41:51 that does not allow them to think straight.
41:54 And so under the influence of wine, they actually took
41:57 common fire and they took it into the sanctuary.
42:00 Now let me ask you: if you had looked at the two fires
42:02 would they look alike?
42:04 Sure. If you analyzed the chemical properties of both,
42:07 would the chemical properties be alike?
42:09 If you put your finger in both fires, would the fire
42:12 burn your finger? Of course!
42:14 So the fires were just alike.
42:17 So what distinguished one fire from the other?
42:20 It was not its external appearance.
42:22 What distinguished the two fires was that God had said
42:26 "This fire is holy and this fire is common.
42:30 And you will present to Me holy fire. "
42:33 Of course, God isn't as particular today.
42:36 God today doesn't really mind; He doesn't care.
42:38 "Just bring Me anything. "
42:41 Did God change? The cross changed God.
42:44 He was particular before and now He's really lenient.
42:48 Come on, folks. Does God change His character?
42:51 Does God still expect us to offer Him as holy that which is
42:55 holy? Absolutely!
42:57 The Bible says that Nadab and Abihu brought in
43:00 "strange fire" the Bible says.
43:03 That means common, everyday fire.
43:06 And God said: "Oh, well thank you very much.
43:09 Fire is fire. I don't mind... "
43:10 No. The Bible says that the glory of God came up
43:13 and consumed Nadab and Abihu there
43:16 because they took common fire and they offered it to God
43:20 as if it was holy.
43:22 How do you suppose God feels when we take a common
43:25 working day and present it to God as if it were holy?
43:30 Now most Christians don't realize this.
43:32 The ministers - I might say - to a great degree are to blame
43:36 because God has given them a Bible to study
43:39 and a Bible to preach, to share with their congregations
43:42 the truth... even if it's unpopular.
43:45 Even if everybody leaves the church.
43:48 Ministers should be faithful to God and preach the truth
43:51 though the heavens fall.
43:53 Do you agree with that?
43:55 I'll tell you folks: the blood of many people are going to be
43:57 on me if I don't tell you the truth.
43:59 I might say some things that appear to be hard
44:01 and harsh... but they're the truth.
44:04 And God wants us to know them and to obey them
44:08 because the destiny of souls depends upon it.
44:10 And by the way, we find in Exodus 31 verse 15 that
44:13 God says that whoever tramples upon the Sabbath
44:17 is to be put to death.
44:18 You say: "Well, we don't put people to death anymore today. "
44:20 That's true, because Israel lived in a theocracy.
44:23 But reckoning day will come.
44:26 If we trample upon God's Sabbath knowingly and say
44:29 "I know that the Sabbath is the day I'm supposed to keep
44:32 but I'm going to go ahead and keep on keeping Sunday
44:34 because that's what my church says, that's what my minister
44:37 says, that's why my friends do, that's what my relatives do. "
44:40 If we insist on doing that,
44:42 we might not be destroyed now
44:46 but when Jesus comes it will happen.
44:50 By the way, folks, do you know what the final controversy
44:53 and the final conflict is all about?
44:55 It's not about the oil of the Middle East.
45:00 It is not the Arabs against the Jews.
45:04 It is not a war of East against West.
45:09 It is a war that has to do with two things.
45:12 Number one: worship
45:15 and number two: obedience.
45:17 You say: "How do we know that? "
45:19 Well, let's go to Revelation chapter 13.
45:23 Revelation chapter 13. By the way, do you know that
45:25 worship has to do with the first table of the law, right?
45:29 First table of the law is the one that has to do with
45:31 our relationship with God.
45:34 That deals with the issue of worship. So which table
45:37 is involved especially in the final controversy?
45:40 It's the first table of the law.
45:42 Now notice Revelation chapter 13.
45:45 Revelation chapter 13 and let's read verse 15.
45:49 It says here: "He was granted power to give
45:53 breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast
45:55 should both speak and cause as many as would not... " What?
45:59 "worship the image of the beast to be killed. "
46:04 What is going to be imposed? False what?
46:07 False worship according to this.
46:11 Now the question is: does the devil hate
46:14 the commandments of God?
46:16 Is the final conflict going to have to do with the commandments
46:18 of God? Absolutely!
46:20 Go with me to Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17.
46:23 We've read this verse before.
46:25 Time and again in Revelation we find this idea.
46:27 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17.
46:30 It says here: "And the dragon was enraged
46:33 with the woman... " That is, with the church.
46:35 "and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring... "
46:39 Or as the King James says: "With the remnant of her seed. "
46:42 Who what? "Who keep the commandments
46:46 of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. "
46:51 Notice Revelation chapter 14 and verse 12.
46:54 This is the conclusion of the third angel's message,
46:57 God's final message to the world.
46:59 It says there in Revelation 14 verse 12:
47:14 And by the way, if you read the previous verses -
47:17 verses 9 through 11-
47:18 you're going to find that there's a contrasting group.
47:20 That group worships the beast and his image
47:24 and receives the mark of the beast.
47:26 So there's a contrast between those who worship
47:28 the beast and receive the mark of the beast
47:31 and those individuals who keep what?
47:34 Who keep the commandments of God.
47:38 Now the question is: what is the mark of the beast?
47:41 Well perhaps we should let the Catholic church itself explain.
47:45 By the way, what is the beast? Did we study the beast?
47:47 Who is the beast?
47:48 It is the Roman Catholic papacy. Was that clear in your mind?
47:52 Very clearly, scripturally,
47:54 it's the Roman Catholic papacy.
47:56 So must the Roman Catholic
47:57 papacy have a mark or a sign
47:59 of its power? Obviously.
48:01 Now I'm going to read you a couple of statements here.
48:06 This is from The Catholic Record,
48:08 a Roman Catholic journal.
48:10 The date is September 1, 1923.
48:13 It's an old publication.
48:15 Here's what it says:
48:17 "Sunday is our mark of authority. "
48:23 Did you catch that?
48:25 Why would it be a mark of authority?
48:29 Listen, if the papacy claims to be the power that changed
48:32 the law of God, then the papacy must have God on earth.
48:38 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
48:40 By the way, every single prophecy that refers
48:43 to the papacy, there's something concerning the law.
48:46 I'll give you some examples.
48:48 In Daniel chapter 7 it says that he thinks he can change
48:51 the law. In II Thessalonians 2
48:55 it says he's called "the man of lawlessness. "
48:58 "The man of sin. "
49:01 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
49:06 With respect to other places that speak about the antichrist
49:11 you have this same idea coming through
49:14 that there's something happening with the commandments.
49:17 In Revelation chapter 13 you have him imposing what?
49:20 The mark of the beast.
49:22 See, it all has to do with the law of God.
49:25 So it says: "Sunday is our mark of authority. "
49:29 And then comes this comment:
49:31 "The church is above the Bible
49:34 and this transference of Sabbath observance
49:38 is proof of that fact. " That is powerful stuff.
49:44 There was an individual who in 1895 wrote to
49:48 James Cardinal Gibbons.
49:51 I don't know if you've heard of James Cardinal Gibbons.
49:53 Very famous cardinal in the Roman Catholic church.
49:55 This individual wrote to him asking him if the Roman Catholic
49:59 church considered Sunday - the change of the Sabbath
50:03 to Sunday - as a mark of her authority and power.
50:06 And I'm going to read that statement.
50:10 This is the answer from Chancellor H. F. Thomas
50:13 given to this question.
50:15 Does the Roman Catholic church claim the act of changing
50:19 the observance of the Sabbath from the 7th to the 1st day
50:23 of the week as a mark of her power?
50:27 Here's the answer:
50:29 Of course the Catholic church claims that the change was
50:33 her act. It could not have been otherwise
50:37 as none in those days would have dreamed of doing
50:40 anything in matters spiritual and ecclesiastical
50:43 and religious without her.
50:45 And now comes this:
50:46 And the act... that is, the act of changing the day...
50:50 the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical power
50:56 and authority in religious matters.
51:00 The beast itself identifies what is the sign or the mark
51:03 of it's power. It's the change in the holy law of God.
51:08 The change of the Sabbath to Sunday.
51:10 And let me ask you: what happens when individuals
51:13 observe the Sunday as the rest day
51:17 knowing who changed the rest day?
51:20 Whose authority are they accepting?
51:23 They are not accepting the authority of God...
51:25 they are accepting the authority of whom?
51:28 The authority of the power that changed the day.
51:31 Once again, the issue is not is Sabbath better than Sunday.
51:35 The issue is: who are you confessing as your authority
51:39 by keeping the Sabbath?
51:41 And who are you confessing as your authority
51:44 by keeping Sunday?
51:45 The issue is: who do you obey
51:48 and who do you worship?
51:49 Do you worship the Creator and the day that He gave
51:52 at the beginning on that day? Or do you worship on the day
51:56 that has been changed?
51:58 By the way, do you remember that in the Garden of Eden
52:02 the devil deceived Eve?
52:06 Is it possible that the devil is deceiving the majority
52:09 of the Christian world?
52:11 You say: "Ah, Pastor, that can't be possible. "
52:13 You don't think so?
52:14 You look at the whole history of the church from the
52:16 Old Testament and New Testament you'll find that the vast
52:19 majority were always wrong.
52:21 How many in the days of Christ were right?
52:26 A handful... and you know it.
52:29 The rest were in apostasy.
52:31 In fact, it was a union of church and state that
52:33 crucified Jesus.
52:35 The church using the power of Rome to crucify Jesus Christ.
52:41 Do you think it's going to be any different at the end of
52:43 time? Do you think that the majority of those who claim
52:45 to be followers of Jesus are really going to be
52:48 followers of Jesus?
52:49 That would totally go against the grain of everything
52:51 that has ever happened in human history incidentally.
52:55 Now allow me to end by mentioning several details here.
52:59 I'm going to have to do it quickly.
53:00 We won't be able to read the verses.
53:03 Do you know in the Bible what it is that God constantly
53:06 writes upon our foreheads?
53:09 By the way, Revelation makes a contrast between the mark
53:12 of the beast which is given on the right hand and on the
53:14 forehead and the seal of God which is given where?
53:18 On the forehead.
53:19 The seal of God and the mark of the beast are opposites.
53:24 Is that clear? Revelation 14:1 speaks of a
53:27 group that has the seal of God on their foreheads.
53:30 The immediately-preceding verse speaks about those who have
53:33 the seal of the beast on their foreheads.
53:35 So the mark of the beast is opposite to the seal of God.
53:38 Now let me ask you: the seal of God is placed where?
53:41 In the forehead. What is it that you have
53:44 behind your forehead?
53:46 Your mind.
53:48 What does God write on our minds?
53:51 Go with me to the book of Hebrews chapter 8 and verse 10.
53:56 Hebrews chapter 8 and verse 10.
53:58 I want you to see that the seal of God has to do with
54:00 His law. With His commandments written on our hearts
54:05 and on our minds. By the way, the only other place that
54:08 something is written on the hand or on the forehead
54:11 is in Deuteronomy chapter 6 where God says:
54:13 "I will write My laws and My statutes and My words
54:17 upon... You should write them on your right hand
54:19 and on your forehead. "
54:23 Which means that your actions should reflect the law of God
54:27 and your thoughts should reflect the contents of the law of God.
54:31 Notice Hebrews chapter 8 and verse 10.
54:35 Hebrews 8 and verse 10.
54:37 "For this is the covenant that I will make with the
54:40 house of Israel after those days says the Lord:
54:45 'I will put My laws in their minds
54:51 and write them on their hearts.
54:56 And I will be their God
54:59 and they shall be... ' What?
55:00 'and they shall be
55:03 My people. ' "
55:05 One final point before we
55:07 draw this to a close.
55:09 I mentioned that in Revelation 14 God gives
55:12 a message to the world
55:15 to counteract the errors of Babylon.
55:18 This message is known as The Three Angels' Messages.
55:22 I want you to notice what the first angel's message says
55:26 in calling the world to renounce the errors of Babylon.
55:30 Chapter 14 of Revelation and verses 6 and 7.
55:34 Verse 6 says:
55:36 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
55:39 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell
55:43 on the earth. To every nation, tribe, tongue, and people
55:46 saying with a loud voice:
55:48 'Fear God and give glory to Him. ' " By the way,
55:50 this is in the very end time. God is warning the world
55:55 because He's going to say that Babylon is fallen
55:56 because Babylon did not accept this message.
55:58 And so it says:
56:00 "Saying with a loud voice: 'Fear God and give glory to Him
56:03 for the hour of His judgment has come. ' And now notice:
56:06 'And worship Him who made heaven and earth,
56:10 the sea, and the springs of water. ' "
56:12 Where does that quotation come from:
56:14 "Worship Him who made the heavens, the earth, the seas,
56:17 and the fountains of waters? "
56:19 It comes from the fourth commandment of the holy law
56:23 of God. The first angel brings attention to the
56:27 fourth commandment to the Creator to worship the Creator.
56:31 And by the way, we have read from Isaiah 66 and verses 22-23
56:38 where when we get to the kingdom when God makes a new heavens
56:41 and a new earth the Bible says that all flesh
56:45 will go from Sabbath to Sabbath
56:49 to worship before the Lord.
56:53 You see, the Sabbath was God's plan at the beginning.
56:57 The Sabbath will be God's plan in the earth made new.
57:02 And the Sabbath has been God's plan in between.
57:06 It is man who has changed the day.
57:09 The papacy has adopted Sunday as its mark of authority
57:13 but we must choose the mark of authority of God,
57:18 the sign between God and His people.


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