Cracking the Genesis Code

9/11 And The Destiny Of America

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Participants: Pastor Stephen Bohr


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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:15 Father in heaven, we thank you so much for the privilege
01:18 of being here today.
01:20 The world is in turmoil.
01:23 Nations are angry
01:26 and we want to know exactly what's happening
01:30 and what will soon transpire in this world.
01:33 We want to be ready for the coming of Jesus.
01:36 And so we ask that as we study
01:38 about the role of the United States in Bible prophecy
01:42 that Your Holy Spirit will be with us to instruct us.
01:46 Give us tender hearts to receive the message
01:48 that You have for us.
01:50 And we pray these things in the precious name of Jesus
01:53 Your beloved Son. Amen.
01:57 We would like to begin our study
01:59 today reviewing
02:03 three prophecies that we have
02:05 already gone over in this seminar.
02:09 The first of these prophecies is found in Revelation
02:13 chapter 12. And basically I'm just going to review.
02:17 We're not going to look up the verses because we've
02:19 studied this before.
02:21 Revelation 12 begins in the Old Testament
02:24 with this woman who is with Child.
02:27 That indicates that this is the Old Testament period
02:31 because the Child has not been born yet.
02:34 And then, of course, you have this dragon.
02:38 And this dragon wants to devour the Child
02:41 as soon as the Child is born.
02:43 It becomes very clear that this power is Rome
02:48 because Rome is the power which tried to slay Jesus
02:51 when Jesus was born.
02:53 Now this dragon had ten horns.
02:57 And the ten horns represent the ten divisions
03:00 into which the Roman Empire was divided.
03:05 Then as you continue with this process in Revelation chapter 12
03:10 you have the woman fleeing into the wilderness
03:13 for 1,260 days
03:17 or time, times, and the dividing of time.
03:21 And then you find at the end of that period
03:25 that the earth helps the woman
03:27 and swallows up the waters of persecution
03:30 which the dragon spewed out of his mouth.
03:33 And then finally in verse 17
03:36 you have the dragon angry with the woman.
03:39 And he goes to make war with the remnant of her seed
03:43 who keep the commandments of God
03:45 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
03:48 So we've moved from the Old Testament
03:50 before the Child is born
03:52 to Rome when the Child is born
03:54 to the ten divisions into which the Roman Empire was divided
03:59 to the 1,260 years
04:03 to a time when the earth helped the woman
04:06 eventually to the final war when the dragon
04:11 is enraged with the woman and goes to make war
04:14 with the remnant of her seed
04:16 who keep the commandments of God
04:17 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
04:20 So Revelation 12 begins in the Old Testament
04:23 and it continues till the final war of Satan
04:27 against God's people.
04:29 Now in Daniel chapter 7 we have a very similar sequence.
04:34 Daniel chapter 7 presents a lion which is Babylon,
04:38 a bear which is Medo-Persia,
04:41 a leopard which is Greece,
04:44 and then the fourth beast is a dragon-like beast which is Rome.
04:48 You see, that dragon-like beast is the same dragon
04:51 that stood next to the woman to devour her Child
04:54 in Revelation 12.
04:56 And we're told there in Daniel chapter 7
04:58 that this dragon beast sprouted ten horns.
05:03 There you have the same dragon with ten horns
05:06 as in Revelation 12.
05:08 And then we're told that among the ten rises a little horn.
05:12 And the little horn rules for time, times, and the dividing
05:16 of time: 1,260 years...
05:19 the same period that the woman fled to the wilderness
05:23 where the dragon tried to slay her.
05:25 And then we notice in Daniel chapter 7
05:30 that this little horn is destroyed when Jesus comes.
05:34 He's judged and destroyed when Jesus comes which means
05:38 that this little horn must last until Jesus comes.
05:42 You say: "Now wait a minute. You just said that this
05:44 horn was going to have dominion for time, times,
05:47 and the dividing of time... 1,260 years...
05:50 and now you're saying that he's going to exist until the
05:52 second coming of Jesus. "
05:54 It must be that this horn is going to rule
05:58 for 1,260 years then it is going to lose
06:02 its rulership. And its ruler- ship is going to be restored
06:07 in order for this power to be destroyed when Jesus comes.
06:10 Because if he's going to be around when Jesus comes
06:12 and he's going to be destroyed
06:14 he must be ruling when Jesus comes.
06:16 So we notice that Daniel chapter 7 followed the same
06:20 sequence of Revelation 12.
06:22 Begins in the Old Testament with Babylon, Medo-Persia,
06:25 Greece. Continues with the fourth beast - Rome -
06:28 the dragon-like beast. The dragon-like beast
06:30 sprouts ten horns
06:32 just like the dragon-like beast in Revelation 12.
06:36 Then as in Revelation 12 the woman flees to the wilderness
06:40 for 1,260 years.
06:42 The little horn rules for 1,260 years.
06:46 And then in Revelation chapter 12 verse 16
06:49 you have the earth helping the woman.
06:51 In other words, the period of persecution for the woman
06:53 comes to an end. And then of course you have the final
06:57 onslaught against God's people
06:59 which the dragon is enraged with the woman and goes to make
07:03 war with the remnant of her seed.
07:05 Daniel chapter 7 does not directly present that
07:08 but it does tell us that the horn is going to be destroyed
07:11 when Jesus comes which gives us the idea
07:14 that the little horn is going to resurrect to power again.
07:18 Now Revelation 13 follows the same basic sequence
07:22 as Revelation 12 and Daniel 7.
07:25 In Revelation 13 verse 2 you have a dragon
07:31 which is the fourth beast. And then you find three beasts
07:35 that are mentioned that come before the dragon.
07:37 You have a leopard, you have a bear, and you have a lion.
07:41 So notice that Revelation 13 follows the same order
07:44 of Daniel 7.
07:45 You have a lion, a bear, a leopard, a dragon.
07:49 And that dragon has ten horns as we've noticed.
07:53 And then the dragon with the ten horns
07:56 gives his throne, his seat, and his authority
08:00 to the beast, and then the beast rules 42 months.
08:04 Isn't this interesting? The same sequence.
08:07 The beast governs 42 months.
08:09 And at the end of the 42 months the beast power is removed.
08:14 But we're told in Revelation 13, which by the way is amplifying
08:18 Daniel chapter 7, that this beast which received the deadly
08:22 wound, its deadly wound is going to be what?
08:25 Its deadly wound is going to be healed
08:28 and everyone is going to marvel after the beast.
08:32 The whole world is going to marvel after the beast.
08:35 So you'll notice once again the same sequence of events.
08:38 Revelation 13 begins with Babylon.
08:44 Then Medo-Persia, then Greece,
08:47 then Rome... the dragon beast.
08:50 The dragon beast has 10 horns.
08:52 And that dragon beast gives his power to the beast
08:55 who rules 1,260 years.
08:59 It's expressed as 42 months.
09:01 And then at the end of this period
09:04 this power receives a deadly wound.
09:07 For a while it's inactive, but then its deadly wound is healed
09:11 and you have the final persecution
09:13 against God's people.
09:15 So Revelation 12, Daniel 7, and Revelation 13
09:20 are parallel prophecies.
09:23 Is this clear in your mind?
09:25 Now what I particularly want us to notice is
09:28 that this fourth beast has three stages of existence.
09:33 Notice Daniel chapter 7 verses 23 and 24.
09:38 Daniel chapter 7 and verses 23 and 24.
09:43 We're told here the following:
09:54 "which shall be different from all other kingdoms
09:57 and shall devour the whole earth, trample it,
10:01 and break it in pieces. "
10:03 And now notice verse 24:
10:10 You see the sequence?
10:11 You have the dragon beast
10:13 then ten horns rise from this kingdom.
10:16 And then it says in the last part of the verse:
10:26 So how many stages does this fourth beast have?
10:30 It has four... actually three stages.
10:33 We're going to notice that there's a fourth when it
10:35 resurrects, but it has three for our purposes right now.
10:38 The first stage is the dragon beast ruling by itself.
10:42 The second stage is the period of this dragon with ten horns.
10:46 And the third stage is the dragon beast with the little
10:50 horn on its head.
10:52 Now you notice that all of the beasts in Daniel chapter 7
10:56 come up from the waters.
10:59 Now what do waters represent in scripture?
11:02 Well, let's go to Isaiah chapter 17 and verses 12-13.
11:08 Isaiah 17 and verses 12 and 13.
11:12 All of these beasts come up from waters.
11:16 It says there in verse 12 of Isaiah 17:
11:37 So you notice that waters represent what?
11:40 Nations and represent multitudes of peoples.
11:44 All of the beasts of Daniel 7 rise from waters.
11:50 So let me ask you: do they rise in the same
11:53 geographical location?
11:55 Absolutely, because they all rise from the waters
11:58 where there are multitudes of peoples.
12:01 Now what I would like us to do is go to the end
12:06 of the first stage of power of the little horn or the beast.
12:10 Go with me to Revelation chapter 13 and verses 9-10.
12:15 Revelation chapter 13 and verses 9 and 10.
12:20 This is after the little horn or the beast
12:24 has ruled for 1,260 years;
12:27 or time, times, and dividing of time;
12:29 42 months. It's the same period expressed in different terms.
12:33 Notice Revelation chapter 13 and verse 9:
12:48 Who was it that led into cap- tivity during the 1,260 years?
12:52 The beast or the little horn.
13:13 What was this power going to receive at the end of
13:16 the 1,260 years of dominion?
13:19 At the end of the 42 months or the time, times,
13:23 and dividing of time?
13:24 He was going to receive a death wound.
13:28 What was going to give him the death wound?
13:31 A what? A sword.
13:35 Now immediately you ask the question: "What does a sword
13:38 represent in Bible prophecy? "
13:40 Now I know that the sword represents the Bible
13:43 because the Bible is the sword of the Spirit.
13:45 But in this case the sword does not represent the Bible.
13:50 The sword represents the civil powers of the world
13:55 that this beast power or this little horn power
13:59 used to accomplish its purposes.
14:01 You say: "How do we know that? "
14:03 Well, go with me to the book of Romans chapter 13.
14:07 Romans chapter 13.
14:10 Here the apostle Paul is speaking about being subject
14:13 to the civil powers.
14:15 And he says this... Romans 13 and verse 1:
14:33 Now let's jump down to verse 4.
14:36 "For he... " That is, the civil power or the magistrate...
14:59 Question: what does the sword represent in Romans 13?
15:04 It represents the magistrate.
15:07 It represents the civil power
15:10 which preserves the civil order.
15:14 So if Revelation 13:10 says that this beast was going to be
15:19 wounded by the sword it must mean that this beast
15:22 was going to be wounded by the power of what?
15:25 He was going to be wounded by the power of the state
15:29 or by the civil power.
15:30 Now let me ask you: we've already identified
15:33 this system as the Roman Catholic papacy.
15:36 Did the Roman Catholic papacy employ the civil powers
15:40 of Europe to fulfill its purposes during the 1,260 years?
15:45 All you have to do is read history books.
15:47 They allied themselves with the state
15:50 and used the state to accomplish its purpose...
15:54 the papacy's purpose.
15:56 So what must it mean that suddenly the sword
15:59 now rises against this power?
16:01 It must mean that the civil power now rises against
16:04 the papal power. It's no coincidence, folks,
16:08 that in the year 1798 AD - February 10th of 1798-
16:14 General Berthier entered the Vatican City.
16:17 The pope was celebrating the anniversary of his...
16:21 of his accession to the throne.
16:23 It was Pius VI by the way.
16:24 And Berthier came in. He removed the pope from
16:28 his throne. The pope was taken captive and he spent
16:32 some time in different locations.
16:35 And he finally died in exile in France.
16:38 It's interesting that Napoleon Bonaparte
16:40 had the express intention of abolishing the papacy.
16:45 In other words, France removed from the papacy
16:48 the ability to use the civil power.
16:51 And do you know what's interesting?
16:53 No country in Europe wanted to have anything to do
16:57 with the Roman Catholic papacy immediately after 1798 AD.
17:01 They did not want to touch this system with a ten-foot pole
17:04 because they knew what had happened during the 1,260 years
17:09 of the dominion of this power.
17:10 And so France rose against this power and removed
17:14 its civil authority.
17:17 In other words, the Roman Catholic church
17:19 did not disappear as a church but it could no longer
17:23 use the civil powers of the world
17:25 to accomplish its purposes.
17:27 Malachi Martin in his book The Keys of This Blood
17:30 has a statement where he says that the civil powers of the
17:34 world have imposed 200 years of inactivity
17:38 upon the Roman Catholic papacy.
17:40 He himself recognizes that the papacy could no longer use
17:44 the civil powers of the world to accomplish the purposes
17:47 that it accomplished during the 1,260 years.
17:51 And so basically what we have in all three of these prophecies -
17:54 Revelation 12, Daniel 7, and Revelation 13-
17:58 it begins in the Old Testament, moves to the period of the
18:01 dragon, then it moves to the period of the dragon
18:04 with ten horns, then it moves to the period
18:07 of the 1,260 years of persecution,
18:10 and then Revelation 13 emphasizes that at the end
18:13 of this period of persecution persecution ceases.
18:18 Revelation 12 emphasizes that the earth helps the woman
18:22 and swallows up the waters of persecution.
18:25 But then the devil is angry,
18:27 and so he rises this power to new life.
18:32 The deadly wound is healed and you have the final onslaught
18:35 against those who keep the commandments of God
18:37 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
18:40 Now in Revelation 13 we have a second beast which rises,
18:44 and we need to identify this second beast.
18:48 And I have 12 characteristics that I want to share with you
18:52 in identifying this second beast.
18:55 Let's go to Revelation chapter 13 and verse 11.
19:00 And we're going to stay in that verse
19:02 for several characteristics. I'm going to take one by one.
19:06 Revelation 13 and verse 11 says:
19:09 "Then... " What does that indicate... then?
19:13 It indicates that this is transpiring when?
19:16 After the first beast receives its deadly wound
19:21 because the previous verse speaks about the deadly wound.
19:25 And what date was the deadly wound given?
19:28 1798 AD
19:30 That's a matter of history.
19:32 You can read it in any history book.
19:34 Which means that this beast is going arise after which date?
19:39 Or at which date?
19:41 It's going to arise around the year 1798 AD
19:46 after the first beast receives its wound.
19:49 Secondly you'll notice that it says in verse 11
19:52 that he saw another beast.
19:57 Now what does a beast represent in prophecy?
19:59 A beast represents a kingdom or a nation.
20:05 The lion is Babylon; the bear is Medo-Persia;
20:08 the leopard is Greece; the dragon is Rome.
20:10 Whenever you find beasts in prophecy it represents
20:13 nations or kingdoms.
20:15 So my question is: is this going to be a nation
20:18 or a kingdom which will arise around the year 1798 AD?
20:22 Absolutely.
20:24 Now let's notice our third characteristic.
20:26 Once again, Revelation 13 and verse 11:
20:35 We need to take a look at that expression
20:39 "coming up. " It's the expression that is used
20:42 to describe the sprouting of a plant.
20:46 In other words, you're not talking about a full-grown tree.
20:49 You're talking about the sprouting of a plant.
20:52 That is that when this power was rising it had not reached
20:56 the apex of its power.
20:58 It actually was just beginning to germinate or to sprout
21:02 when John saw it rise.
21:05 Incidentally, in Matthew 13 and verse 7
21:08 this expression "coming up out of"
21:11 is used the parable of the sower to speak about a plant
21:15 growing up out of the earth.
21:17 So our third characteristic is that in 1798 AD
21:20 this power was not fully grown
21:22 it was just sprouting out of the earth at that time.
21:25 Now let's notice the fourth characteristic.
21:28 It says there in verse 11:
21:30 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the... " What?
21:34 "Coming up out of the earth. "
21:37 It comes out of the earth. That is significant.
21:40 You say: "Why is it significant? "
21:42 Well, let me ask you: where did all of the previous beasts
21:46 come up from? We've already noticed it.
21:48 They came up from waters
21:51 where there were multitudes and nations
21:54 and tongues and peoples.
21:57 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
22:01 Rome... all arose from waters.
22:04 But suddenly we see this beast that arises out of what?
22:08 That rises up out of the earth.
22:11 Would this seem to indicate that this power is going to arise
22:14 in a different place?
22:17 Obviously.
22:18 That's the strong impression that you get.
22:21 Furthermore, there are not only any waters
22:24 there are also no winds.
22:27 In other words, this power is not rising due to warfare.
22:32 Furthermore, this power does not fight any of the
22:35 previous powers to gain its ascendancy.
22:38 Let me ask you: did the bear fight the lion to get its power?
22:41 Sure. Did the leopard fight the bear to get its power?
22:45 Yes. Did the dragon fight the leopard to gain its power?
22:48 Absolutely. Each successive kingdom
22:51 conquers the previous kingdom.
22:53 But with this beast of Revelation 13
22:55 it comes up out of the earth.
22:57 There are no waters which means that there must be a very
23:00 scarcity of inhabitants. It's a different place.
23:04 There are no winds, which we've already studied represents war.
23:08 Represents warfare. This must be a power that
23:12 rises in a different place.
23:14 Not in the midst of conquest.
23:17 Not conquering previous nations.
23:19 So this power rises in a different place.
23:24 Let's go to our fifth characteristic.
23:26 This one is not directly found in Revelation 13 but I think
23:30 that we need to mention it because it's important.
23:34 If you notice the beasts of Daniel chapter 7
23:38 you'll find that the first two beasts rise in Asia:
23:44 Babylon and Medo-Persia.
23:47 The next two beasts rise in Europe.
23:51 In other words, prophecy is moving from east to west.
23:57 Now this beast that you find here rises from the earth
24:02 after all of these powers have risen.
24:06 Would you expect this power to rise further west
24:11 than Asia or Europe?
24:13 Sure... because prophecy is moving in what direction?
24:17 Prophecy is moving from east to west.
24:20 By the way, the reason why this happens is because God's
24:22 people are moving from east to west.
24:24 Prophecy moves with God's people.
24:26 When God's people move - when Christianity moves west -
24:30 prophecy moves west
24:32 because prophecy fulfills with God's people.
24:35 And so this power is further west than Asia or Europe.
24:40 Characteristic number six:
24:42 this power is a global power.
24:46 In fact, it not only is a global power
24:50 but the power that existed before is also a global power.
24:56 Let me ask you: the little horn or the beast
25:00 that governed for 1,260 years...
25:02 was this a global power?
25:05 It most certainly was.
25:07 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 7 says
25:09 that it ruled over every nation, over every kindred,
25:12 over every tongue, and over every people
25:14 during the 1,260 years.
25:17 Now that's interesting.
25:18 So you have one global power and then you're going to notice
25:21 that this beast of Revelation 13 is also a global power.
25:26 So you have two global powers.
25:29 You have the one that ruled during the 1,260 years
25:32 and you have this power or this kingdom
25:35 which arises in 1798 AD.
25:38 And you know what's very very interesting
25:40 is the fact that this second power, this second global power,
25:44 which comes up out of the earth
25:46 instead of fighting with the previous power
25:49 it helps the previous power regain its authority.
25:54 If you look at this second beast, its only purpose
25:58 is... and intention... is to restore power
26:02 to the previous beast.
26:03 Very different than all of the other beasts.
26:05 All of the other beasts try to annihilate the previous power.
26:08 But this power actually helps the previous power
26:13 regain its ascendancy...
26:16 it's political and religious ascendancy.
26:19 So you're supposed to look for two global powers.
26:23 One which ruled in the past
26:25 and one which rises around the year 1798 AD
26:28 which will help the previous power recover its throne.
26:34 Now characteristic number 7. We'll go a step further.
26:38 Now only are these global powers
26:39 but this second power must also be a global political power.
26:45 You say: "Why is it a global political power? "
26:48 Go with me to Revelation chapter 13 and verse 16.
26:51 Revelation 13 and verse 16.
26:55 It says there about this second beast:
27:08 Must this power have political clout in order to make
27:13 everyone receive the mark of the beast?
27:16 It most certainly has world-wide political influence
27:20 so it must be a world-wide global political power.
27:24 But it is also a global economic power.
27:29 You say: "How do we know that? "
27:30 Notice Revelation 13 and verse 17.
27:33 It says in verse 17:
27:44 Does this power control commerce?
27:47 Does it control business? Yes it does
27:50 because it controls buying and selling.
27:53 It must be a global economic power.
27:56 But this power must also be a global military power.
28:00 It must have the power to enforce its decrees.
28:04 Notice Revelation chapter 13 and verse 15.
28:08 Revelation 13 and verse 15. It says:
28:27 So does it have world-wide military power to enforce
28:32 the decrees of that first beast?
28:35 Absolutely. Now what have we seen so far? Reviewing.
28:39 Number one: this power must arise around the year 1798 AD.
28:44 Number two: it is a nation or a kingdom because it's a beast.
28:48 Number three: it's just sprout- ing up around the year 1798 AD.
28:53 Number four: it rises out of the earth where there are
28:56 very few inhabitants.
28:57 It does not arise by fighting any of the previous powers.
29:01 There is no wind of strife.
29:03 In other words, it's going to help the previous power
29:05 recover its power.
29:07 Number five: it is going to arise further west
29:10 than Asia and Europe.
29:12 Number six: it is going to be a global power
29:15 along with that first power that ruled 1,260 days.
29:19 Number seven: it is going to exercise world-wide political
29:24 power. Number eight: it is going to
29:27 exercise world-wide economic power.
29:30 Number nine: it is going to exercise global or world-wide
29:35 military power.
29:37 Now let's go to number ten.
29:39 It is going to be contempo- raneous with the first beast.
29:42 What do I mean by contemporaneous?
29:45 In other words, they're going to be contemporaries.
29:49 In other words, this second beast does not really succeed
29:52 the first beast but they actually rule together.
29:56 Are you following me or not?
29:57 They exist at the same time.
29:59 And the purpose of the second beast is to give power
30:04 back to the first beast but they're contemporaries.
30:07 So what you have to do is you have to look for two powers
30:10 around the year 1798 AD and afterwards
30:13 who are both global powers
30:16 and who rule at the same period
30:18 of time in history.
30:20 Now characteristic number 11:
30:23 we're told that this second beast makes an image
30:27 to the first beast.
30:28 Let me ask you: what is an image?
30:31 An image is a replica,
30:34 a copy, a reproduction.
30:38 So if this beast is going to make an image to the first beast
30:41 is this image going to be simi- lar to what the first beast is?
30:45 Sure. So what do you have to do?
30:48 You have to go and look at the characteristics
30:50 of the first beast. Question: did the first beast
30:53 attempt to change God's law?
30:56 Sure. So if this beast makes an image to the first beast
31:00 is there going to be something having to do with a change
31:02 in God's law? Obviously yes.
31:04 Did the first beast change
31:07 God's prophetic line of events?
31:10 In other words, did he attempt to change God's prophetic
31:13 calendar? Yes he did.
31:15 He instituted Preterism,
31:17 the idea that prophecy was fulfilled in the distant past,
31:19 and he implemented Futurism, the idea that the antichrist
31:23 is going to arrive in the future, way at the end of time.
31:26 And that way people couldn't see that the antichrist was
31:29 right in front of them because they were looking
31:31 way to the past or they were looking way to the future.
31:33 Must this second beast then have the same counterfeit
31:37 prophetic interpretation system?
31:39 Absolutely. Now that beast during the 1,260 years
31:45 mixed or blended church and state.
31:48 If this beast is going to make an image,
31:50 must this also be a blending of church and state?
31:52 Absolutely. This first beast persecuted those who were not
31:56 in harmony with the union of church and state...
32:00 who did not agree with the changes that were made.
32:03 Are we to expect that this second beast is going to bring
32:06 also persecution for the same motivations?
32:09 Absolutely... no doubt about it.
32:11 Now let's go to characteristic number twelve.
32:14 This is the last one.
32:15 Revelation 13 and verse 11.
32:18 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 11.
32:22 Here we find another character- istic which we haven't read
32:25 before... and so we're going to read it now. It says:
32:39 He had two horns like what?
32:41 Two horns like a lamb.
32:44 Now what does that mean? "Two horns like a lamb. "
32:47 Well, let's first of all determine what horns mean
32:51 in Bible prophecy. You know what horns mean in Bible prophecy?
32:54 Horns represent kingdoms or divisions of kingdoms.
32:59 For example, in Daniel chapter 8
33:03 you have a ram with two horns.
33:05 The two horns represent the kingdoms of Media and Persia.
33:08 You have four horns that come out of the head of
33:12 the he-goat of Daniel 8.
33:15 Represents the four divisions of the Grecian Empire
33:18 after the death of Alexander the Great.
33:20 And so horns represent kingdoms.
33:23 And you're saying: "What in the world could be
33:26 represented by these two horns?
33:27 Is that talking about the idea that this is going to be
33:30 two nations or two kingdoms? "
33:33 We already read that there's only one beast.
33:35 But this beast has two horns. Is it possible that this kingdom
33:40 is going to be a dual kingdom in some sense of the word?
33:43 The answer is yes.
33:46 Now before I pursue the meaning of the two horns
33:49 allow me to go through the characteristics once again
33:52 and ask which nation fulfills these exact
33:58 details. What nation arose around the year 1798 AD?
34:03 Is a nation... bona fide nation?
34:06 Was just sprouting in 1798 AD?
34:09 Arose where there were very few inhabitants?
34:12 Did not fight any of the previous powers of prophecy?
34:15 Is further west than Europe and Asia?
34:18 Is a global power con- temporary with the first power?
34:23 Has world-wide political clout?
34:26 World-wide economic clout?
34:29 World-wide military might?
34:32 Which actually is now helping that first beast
34:36 get its power back and which is reflecting
34:40 many of the same teachings and practices
34:43 of that first power?
34:45 Listen folks, there's no doubt whatsoever
34:47 what this beast represents.
34:49 It represents the United States of America.
34:52 You say: "How is that? "
34:55 Did the United States arise to power around the year 1798 AD?
34:59 Absolutely! In fact, the Declaration of Independence
35:02 was signed in 1776 AD. The Constitution in 1787 AD.
35:06 1791 AD you have the Bill of Rights.
35:09 In 1798 AD you have the deadly wound.
35:12 Incidentally, do you know which was the first nation
35:14 that the United States formed official diplomatic relations
35:17 with? It was France.
35:20 Do you know what year? 1798 AD.
35:22 The first nation to recognize the United States
35:25 as a bona fide nation was the very nation
35:28 that gave the deadly wound to that first beast.
35:31 That's significant.
35:32 Is the United States a nation or a kingdom?
35:36 It most certainly is.
35:38 Was the United States fully grown when it first arose
35:41 to power or was it just sprouting up in 1798 AD?
35:45 It was just sprouting up.
35:47 Did the United States arise in a sparsely-populated area?
35:51 Yes. Did it have to defeat any of the kingdoms
35:54 of Europe - of Bible prophecy - that had existed before?
35:58 Absolutely not.
36:00 Is the United States further west than Europe and Asia?
36:03 It most certainly is.
36:05 Is the United States ruling contemporaneously
36:09 with that first beast?
36:11 Are they both world-wide systems?
36:14 The Roman Catholic papacy and the United States?
36:16 Absolutely.
36:18 Is the United States a political global power?
36:21 It is. Is the United States a global economic power?
36:25 It most certainly is.
36:27 Is the United States a global military power?
36:29 Absolutely.
36:31 Is the United States contemporaneous with the
36:34 first beast and actually by what we're seeing today
36:37 is it helping that first beast recover its power
36:41 and its authority? Absolutely.
36:43 And I will share with you a little bit more about that
36:45 later on. Is Protestantism in the United States
36:50 today in this country talking about joining church and state
36:54 and actually joining church and state? Absolutely.
36:57 What day of worship do they say we're supposed to keep?
37:00 The first day of the week.
37:02 Do they say that prophecy is fulfilled with the papacy
37:07 and with apostate Protestantism?
37:09 Is that their perspective of prophecy?
37:11 No. Where are they looking?
37:13 They're looking back at a fellow called Antiochus IV Epiphanies
37:16 or they're looking forward to some future antichrist
37:20 after the church has been raptured to heaven.
37:23 The only thing that is missing of making an image to the
37:26 first beast is the persecution aspect
37:29 because these things have not yet fully matured.
37:32 Are you with me or not?
37:33 Now let's talk about the two horns...
37:36 the two horns like a lamb.
37:38 The word lamb is used in Revelation 29 times.
37:42 Every single time the lamb is a symbol of Jesus Christ
37:47 with this one exception.
37:49 Now if the lamb is a symbol of Christ,
37:53 must these two horns have something to do with Christ?
37:57 Absolutely. Now we noticed that horns represent kingdoms.
38:02 You say: "Well the United States
38:04 isn't two kingdoms. The United States is one kingdom. "
38:07 You're right but allow me to tell you
38:10 in what sense you have two kingdoms in this country.
38:15 Let me ask you: Did Jesus teach that there are 2 kingdoms?
38:18 He said: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's
38:23 and unto God that which is God's. "
38:26 Did Jesus recognize there are two kingdoms?
38:28 Did He teach that they're supposed to remain separate?
38:31 He sure did! By the way, the two horns are not one horn...
38:35 they're two horns... they're separate.
38:37 They're on the same beast but they're separate.
38:40 Are you following me or not?
38:42 Did Jesus say that: "My kingdom is not of this world? "
38:45 He most certainly did.
38:47 In that way He's recognizing that there's another kingdom
38:49 that is His. It's not from this world.
38:51 Now, my question is this:
38:54 when the United States began as a nation
38:57 did it recognize that there are actually two kingdoms
39:02 or two powers?
39:04 It most certainly did.
39:06 Did it teach that those two kingdoms need to remain
39:09 separate one from another?
39:11 Absolutely. What kingdoms are we talking about?
39:14 We're talking about church - which is Christ's kingdom
39:19 spiritually on earth - and what? State.
39:24 Church and state. Two kingdoms
39:27 but that are supposed to be what? Separate from one another.
39:31 Now allow me to read you the first amendment of the
39:35 Constitution of the United States.
39:36 It's interesting how this...
39:38 I was listening to a Senator - a very prominent Senator -
39:41 the other day on television on Meet the Press.
39:44 And I had to write a letter to Tim Russert
39:47 to tell him: "How did you let him get away with that? "
39:50 But let me tell you what the issue was.
39:52 This is what the first amendment says.
39:54 By the way, the first amendment actually has
39:59 an establishment clause, a free exercise clause,
40:02 and a civil liberties clause.
40:05 In the same amendment you have religious and
40:08 civil liberties. It says there - the first amendment:
40:20 That's been re-interpreted to mean that Congress cannot
40:23 establish a church or a religion above other religions.
40:27 That's not what the first amendment says
40:29 and that's what this Senator says. He said:
40:31 "What the first amendment forbids is from Congress
40:35 making a law establishing a religion. "
40:36 It doesn't say a religion. It says religion... period.
40:40 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
40:43 of religion. " In other words,
40:45 Congress can make no laws having to do with religion
40:49 or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. "
40:54 In other words, Congress cannot make laws
40:59 implementing religion
41:02 or forbidding the free exercise of religion.
41:04 But then the first amendment continues saying this:
41:17 So in the first amendment to the Constitution of the
41:20 United States you have these two principles:
41:23 religious liberty...
41:25 God's kingdom ruling itself
41:28 without interference of
41:29 government, and the civil power
41:31 functioning without the interference of the church.
41:35 In other words, each of these kingdoms separate
41:38 following the principle that Christ established
41:40 that you have two kingdoms
41:43 but the kingdom of God is supposed to be separate
41:45 from the kingdom of men or from the civil power.
41:50 Incidentally, these two principles are called
41:53 Republicanism and Protestantism.
41:57 Republicanism simply means a state
42:02 without a king.
42:05 And Protestantism means a church without a pope.
42:12 Because in the Middle Ages - you know - if the king said "jump"
42:16 you said "how high? "
42:18 I mean the king had all power; the people had no power.
42:21 The king spoke and people obeyed.
42:24 It was a monarchy. The same was in the church.
42:27 You know, when the pope spoke everybody did what he said.
42:31 in the religious realm. There was no civil
42:33 or religious liberty.
42:35 But the founding fathers of the United States decided
42:37 that they would establish a government of the people,
42:39 by the people and for the people
42:41 where religion would be protected by the state
42:45 in the sense that people could practice their religion;
42:48 the government would not interfere;
42:50 and people could be free to worship God according to
42:53 the dictates of their conscience.
42:55 Republicanism and Protestantism.
42:58 In other words, the separation of the two kingdoms.
43:02 Now why would our founding fathers do this?
43:04 Why would they want this kind of government?
43:06 Well you see, they had the benefit of three things.
43:10 Number one: they had the benefit of knowing
43:14 what had happened during the Middle Ages when church and
43:16 state were joined together. They lived very close to that
43:18 period. I mean, 1798 AD... that's when the deadly wound
43:20 was given. They were close to the history.
43:23 One of the problems of the United States is that people
43:25 don't remember history any more.
43:26 They don't remember what this power had done in the past
43:29 and so they're allowing this power to gain ascendancy again.
43:32 Which is scary! But anyway...
43:35 You know, we find that the founders had the benefit
43:40 of knowing the history of the Middle Ages...
43:41 what happens when church and state are joined together.
43:44 They knew it leads to persecution
43:45 like John Huss who was burned at the stake
43:47 because he didn't agree with the teachings of the church.
43:49 So they say: "In this Republic we're not going to have
43:52 that problem. Church and state are going to be separate
43:55 one from another. "
43:56 They also knew the history of the Colonial period of the
43:59 United States. That's a period which many people forget.
44:03 Do you know that the Pilgrims came here looking for freedom?
44:07 By the way, "the earth helped the woman. "
44:10 That's what Revelation 12 means when it says
44:12 "the earth helped the woman. " They fled from Europe.
44:14 They came over here. They came to the territory
44:16 of the United States to look for freedom.
44:19 And once they established themselves, they took away
44:21 peoples' freedom... in the Colonial period.
44:25 If you did not return your tithe... by the way,
44:27 the government paid the pastors.
44:30 People, you know... they returned their tithe
44:32 or they paid their tithe like a tax
44:34 and then the government paid the ministers.
44:37 And if you didn't pay your tithe you could be thrown in jail.
44:40 If you did not go to church on Sunday - which they believed
44:43 to be the day of worship - you could be thrown in jail
44:45 or you could be flogged.
44:47 Only people who professed the Christian religion
44:50 could occupy offices in the government... positions in the
44:54 government in the Colonial period.
44:56 In the early history of the United States...
44:58 not the Constitutional period.
45:01 And Roger Williams who came in the year 1629
45:04 from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony
45:07 he suffered the wrath of the people there because he was
45:10 teaching the total separation of church and state.
45:12 He had to flee in the dead of winter - a very raw winter.
45:17 He had to cross huge snowdrifts
45:20 and finally ended up in Rhode Island.
45:22 And he established the capitol of Rhode Island known as
45:26 Providence. And it became a city of refuge for everyone...
45:29 Quakers, Jews, atheists.
45:31 All he said: "I want you to come here.
45:33 You can worship God any way that you wish.
45:36 As long as you work hard and you obey the civil laws
45:39 you'll be welcome here. "
45:40 But he was persecuted. They wanted to lynch him
45:43 because of his idea of separation of church and state.
45:47 He was certainly a man ahead of his time.
45:50 Now I want you to notice that as we look at what's happening
45:55 at the United States or with the United States
45:59 it's so amazing and it's happening so fast
46:02 that it makes you dizzy.
46:04 You know, I wish I had a lot of time here to talk to you
46:07 about all of the track record of what's happening...
46:10 happened since 1963. It actually all began at Vatican II
46:15 where under the name aggiornamento
46:18 renewal of the Catholic church
46:21 they gave the Catholic church a facelift.
46:24 No longer mass in Latin.
46:26 You know, they could sing in the worship services and so on.
46:29 It was all cosmetic changes to make the church attractive
46:33 to Protestants. And then of course you have
46:36 the election of John F. Kennedy.
46:38 I'm not saying that he was used by the Catholic church
46:42 but basically there were people who were scared of having
46:44 a Catholic as a president.
46:46 But when John Kennedy came in and he seemed to do a pretty
46:48 good job, people liked him pretty well. They said:
46:50 "Hey, it's not such a threat to have a Roman Catholic
46:52 as the president of the United States. "
46:55 And then, of course, we could go to the 80's.
46:57 The Holy Alliance.
46:58 So it was called by Time Magazine.
47:00 It was on the cover with Reagan and the pope
47:02 on the cover of Time. The Holy Alliance where
47:05 the United States helped the pope
47:10 overthrow Communism in the former Soviet Union.
47:14 It was actually an alliance - a secret alliance -
47:18 between the United States and the Vatican
47:21 to overthrow Communism.
47:23 And then of course you have the book The Keys of This Blood.
47:25 Interesting book written by a Roman Catholic Jesuit
47:29 Malachi Martin.
47:31 In that book he says that there are three powers in this world
47:35 vying for... to sit on the throne of the world.
47:38 Number one: Communism.
47:40 Number two: Western capitalism.
47:43 And number three: the Roman Catholic papacy.
47:46 And in that book he guarantees -
47:49 and by the way, this is before it happened -
47:50 he guarantees that Communism was going to fall,
47:53 Western capitalism was going to fall,
47:57 and eventually the Roman Catholic papacy was going to
48:01 regain the throne of the world.
48:05 You know, we've just seen the death of the pope.
48:10 I can't help but be amazed as I watch on television
48:13 every single news program on television.
48:16 You can't get any other kind of news.
48:19 And you have Protestant ministers and you have Jewish
48:22 rabbis and you have people who don't claim the Christian
48:26 religion being interviewed by these programs.
48:28 And they're saying how wonderful this system is.
48:31 How wonderful this man is.
48:32 The whole world, according to Revelation 13,
48:35 would "wonder after the beast. "
48:37 And by the way, in order for this prophecy to be fulfilled
48:40 that the United States is going to help this first power
48:44 regain its ascendancy, three walls have to come down.
48:48 The first wall is the wall
48:50 of Communism
48:52 represented by the Berlin Wall.
48:54 That thing came down.
48:56 The second wall that needs to be
48:58 knocked down is the wall between
49:00 Protestants and Catholics.
49:02 And that is coming down.
49:05 The document Evangelicals and Catholics Together
49:09 which is a group of very influential evangelicals
49:12 and very influential Roman Catholics
49:14 signed a document saying that they basically
49:17 agree on doctrine and they should just forget
49:19 their differences and they're supposed to go out
49:22 and evangelize the world.
49:24 The Joint Declaration on Righteousness by Faith
49:26 by Catholics and Lutherans
49:28 where basically they're saying that the Protestant Reformation
49:31 was a mistake. They're saying that Catholics and Protestants
49:35 agree on the issue of justification by faith.
49:38 This has just happened in the last few years.
49:40 Recently in Time Magazine there was an incredible article
49:44 where it says that Protestants are adopting the Roman Catholic
49:48 view of Mary.
49:52 Now if this isn't telling us that we're close to the end
49:55 I don't know what does.
49:58 Furthermore, there was a Time Magazine article
50:00 which described the red states so called from the South
50:04 and how Protestants and Catholics are allying themselves
50:08 together to take over the political system.
50:11 This is only in the last 2 or 3 months that I'm talking about.
50:17 So certainly the wall of separation between Protestants
50:20 and Catholics is coming down.
50:21 Do I need to say anything about the third wall:
50:24 the wall of separation between church and state?
50:27 I mean it is coming down so fast, there are so many
50:31 bricks that have been knocked off of that wall,
50:33 that there's not much wall left.
50:36 You know, Protestants allying themselves with Catholics
50:40 to take over the government.
50:42 And in the Terri Schiavo case you can see this.
50:46 You know, they're using... they're actually trying to use
50:49 Congress to intervene in this case
50:53 which is a problem of separation of powers incidentally.
50:57 Not only that, thank God that the judiciary is still
51:00 independent judiciary. Thank God that the judges are
51:05 elected for life and they don't have to worry about elections.
51:10 Because what is going to happen someday when the
51:12 multitudes will not only be able to influence Congress
51:16 for Congress to do what they want -
51:18 even intervene in the case of one person.
51:21 Which by the way, I don't believe that the feeding tube
51:23 should have been removed... I'll tell you that...
51:25 I believe that it should have been left in.
51:27 But apart from that point, it's the mechanism or the process
51:31 that was used that's a problem.
51:34 You know, influencing... The religious right influencing
51:38 Congress to intervene in this case.
51:40 What's going to happen when the judges feel the heat
51:44 and feel the pressure?
51:45 Then God's people are not going to have any court of appeal.
51:49 And that is happening right before our eyes.
51:53 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
51:56 Now, in closing I'd like to say that there are two stories
52:00 from the book of Daniel that illustrate
52:04 the first amendment of the Con- situation of the United States.
52:07 You see, our founding fathers not only knew -
52:10 and by founding fathers I mean the Constitutional fathers -
52:12 they not only knew the history of the Middle Ages
52:16 when church and state were joined together;
52:18 they not only knew the history of the Colonial period
52:22 of the United States... therefore they said
52:24 "We're not going back to the Colonial period. "
52:26 And that's why you have the Constitution
52:29 and that's why you have the Bill of Rights,
52:31 the amendments to the Constitution.
52:33 They said: "We're not going down that road
52:35 of the Middle Ages or the Colonial period. "
52:37 They also knew their Bibles believe it or not.
52:43 They knew the stories of Daniel 3 and Daniel 6.
52:47 And this is what I'm going to speak about to end
52:49 our study today.
52:52 Daniel 3: Nebuchadnezzar tried to
52:57 establish religion.
52:59 Have you ever noticed that?
53:01 He raised an image and he said: "Everybody's going to worship
53:04 that image. " By the way, this is symbolic of what's
53:07 going to happen at the end of time.
53:08 Nebuchadnezzar - who lived as a beast for a period of time -
53:11 lived as a beast, raised an image.
53:15 Whoever did not worship the image was to be killed.
53:18 That sound like Revelation 13?
53:20 You have an image to the beast.
53:23 Whoever doesn't worship will be what? Killed.
53:25 Only back there it was local over there in Babylon.
53:28 At the end of time it's going to be a global situation.
53:31 And the image is not going to be a literal image.
53:34 It is a symbolic image as we have studied.
53:36 In other words, it's a reflection of what that first
53:39 beast was like during the Middle Ages.
53:40 But anyway, Nebuchadnezzar tries to establish religion.
53:45 He says: "Everybody has to worship this way.
53:47 The government says so. "
53:50 But three young men said: "You can't establish religion.
53:53 It's beyond your authority. "
53:55 And the king says: "OK... I'll burn you in the fire. "
53:59 They said: "God will deliver us. And if He doesn't,
54:01 we'll still not follow your establishment of religion. "
54:07 And you know what happened.
54:08 They were thrown into the furnace, but Jesus Himself
54:11 came into the furnace and delivered them.
54:14 Is that going to happen at the end of time again?
54:17 Is there going to be an establishment of religion
54:19 even though we have the first amendment to the
54:21 Constitution of the United States? Absolutely.
54:23 And then you have the story of Daniel chapter 6.
54:26 You know, it's similar but different
54:29 because in Daniel chapter 6 what the king is doing:
54:33 he's forbidding the free exercise of religion.
54:36 I don't know whether you've noticed the difference.
54:38 In Daniel 3 Nebuchadnezzar is saying "You have to worship
54:41 this way. " In Daniel chapter 6
54:44 the king is saying: "You can't worship
54:46 the way you want to worship. "
54:48 In other words, the king is forbidding the free exercise
54:51 of religion. Said: "You can't pray
54:54 to anyone except to the king for a period of 30 days. "
54:57 And Daniel says: "Well, this is the realm of God.
55:00 This is not the realm of government. "
55:02 So he says: "I feel the perfect freedom to
55:05 practice the free exercise of religion. "
55:08 And so Daniel goes to his room
55:11 and he kneels and he prays as usual.
55:17 He's practicing the freedom of religion.
55:21 And what happens as a result?
55:23 The Bible says that he was thrown into the den of lions.
55:27 And interestingly enough it was the angel of the Lord -
55:31 Christ in the Old Testament incidentally -
55:33 who came into the lions' den and closed the mouths of the lions.
55:40 Do you know that even Nebuchadnezzar and Darius
55:43 did not really understand the principle even after
55:45 these stories happened?
55:47 Do you know what Nebuchadnezzar said immediately after
55:49 God delivered the three young men from the furnace?
55:51 He said: "Now I give a decree that whoever doesn't worship
55:54 the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
55:57 will be cut in pieces. "
55:59 He was out of bounds
56:01 because you can't enforce the worship of a false god
56:05 or the true God. Worship belongs to God
56:08 and only to God... not to government.
56:13 And Darius did the same thing.
56:15 He said: "Now I give a decree that everyone
56:17 is to tremble at the God of Shadrach, Meshach,
56:21 and Abednego. " He was out of bounds.
56:24 That is not the realm of the government.
56:26 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
56:28 And so Revelation chapter 13, this second beast,
56:31 represents the United States. One final point:
56:35 in Revelation chapter 12 it says that the earth helped the woman.
56:41 That earth there is the territory.
56:44 Revelation 13 you have a beast that rises from the earth.
56:47 That's the nation that rises in the territory
56:50 that is mentioned in Revelation chapter 12.
56:53 And in Revelation chapter 12 it says that after the earth
56:57 helps the woman the dragon is enraged with the woman.
57:00 In Revelation chapter 13 interestingly enough
57:03 it says that after this lamb- like beast arises from the earth
57:08 the earth of Revelation 12 that helped the woman
57:11 it says that this beast ends up speaking like a what?
57:15 Speaking like a dragon.
57:18 Friedrich Nietzsche once said
57:20 "Be careful when you fight the dragon lest you become
57:22 a dragon. "


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