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The Antichrist And The Number 666

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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:14 Our Father in heaven, we thank you so much once again
01:17 for the privilege of being here.
01:19 We're hungering and thirsting for Your Word.
01:23 We want to know what Your will is.
01:26 And as we study this awesome subject -
01:28 The Antichrist and the Number 666-
01:31 we especially ask for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit.
01:36 We ask for divine guidance and wisdom.
01:39 And give us tender hearts to receive what You have for us.
01:44 We thank you for hearing our prayer.
01:46 For we ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.
01:50 I'd like to begin by reviewing
01:54 Revelation chapter 12
01:56 which was our subject of study in our last lecture.
02:00 And basically this chapter is
02:02 foundational for the lecture
02:05 tonight and the lecture for tomorrow night.
02:09 Because Revelation chapter 12 shows the different stages
02:14 of the controversy between Christ and Satan
02:17 and it shows that the culprit behind the scenes
02:22 is the devil.
02:24 In other words, Revelation 12 connects with Genesis 3:15.
02:29 Now in the subject that we're going to study tonight
02:33 which is Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation 13
02:36 the connection is not as obvious because Genesis 3:15
02:41 is not mentioned in connection with these prophecies.
02:45 But with the background of Revelation chapter 12
02:48 you see that Daniel 7 and Revelation 13
02:52 are to be understood within the context of Revelation 12
02:56 because they follow the same order of events,
02:58 the same sequence.
03:00 Now I'm going to go quickly through Revelation chapter 12
03:03 and review what we studied in our last lecture.
03:06 We find there a woman
03:11 who is with Child.
03:13 She's pregnant.
03:15 When John sees her, the Child has not been born yet.
03:19 Right? Which means that this represents the church
03:23 in which period? In the Old Testament period
03:27 before Jesus is born.
03:29 But then we notice that the Child is born,
03:32 and what power is ruling at that time?
03:35 The... Rome, yes... but what is it called? The dragon.
03:41 The dragon stood next to the woman to devour her Child
03:45 as soon as the Child was born.
03:47 And so you go from the Old Testament -
03:50 the woman being pregnant, the Child not born yet -
03:53 and you move on to the dragon
03:55 who wants to devour the Child as soon as the Child is born.
03:59 The Child is born, but He is protected by God.
04:04 And of course, this Child is none less than Jesus.
04:08 Now how many horns did that dragon beast have?
04:11 The dragon beast had 10 horns.
04:14 And we're going to notice in our study today that those 10 horns
04:17 were not always on the head of the dragon.
04:20 We're going to find that the dragon ruled for a while
04:22 by himself and later on in the period of dominion
04:27 of the dragon the 10 horns sprouted out
04:30 after the kingdom had governed for a while.
04:33 And then you remember that you have a period
04:36 of 1,260 days...
04:39 also called time, times, and the dividing of time
04:43 in which the woman has to flee to the wilderness.
04:46 And who wants to devour the woman?
04:48 Once again... who? The dragon.
04:52 Who's behind all of these events?
04:54 The dragon. In fact, he's called
04:56 "that ancient serpent, the dragon, and Satan. "
04:59 That's the connection with Genesis 3 verse 15.
05:02 In other words, behind all of these earthly kingdoms
05:04 and powers is who? The ancient serpent
05:08 of the Garden of Eden: the devil and Satan.
05:10 And so you have 1,260 years where the dragon or the serpent
05:14 is persecuting the woman.
05:17 But the woman flees to the wilderness and she's preserved
05:19 by God in the midst of the persecution.
05:22 And then, something comes to the rescue of the woman.
05:26 What came to the rescue of the woman?
05:28 The earth helped the woman who was being persecuted.
05:33 And how did the earth help the woman?
05:35 By swallowing up the waters of persecution
05:39 that the serpent spewed out of his mouth.
05:41 And the waters represent multitudes, nations, tongues
05:44 and people. In other words, the earth stops persecution.
05:49 Is the dragon happy about this?
05:52 No! Because in the very last verse of chapter 12
05:56 it said: "Then the dragon was wroth or was angry with
06:00 the woman. " After the earth helps the woman
06:04 the dragon is angry with the woman
06:07 and goes to make war with the remnant of her seed
06:10 who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony
06:14 of Jesus Christ.
06:16 Who is behind these three principal stages
06:20 of Revelation 12?
06:22 It is the dragon or the ancient serpent.
06:25 First he wants to kill the Child.
06:27 Secondly he persecutes the woman
06:29 in the wilderness for 1,260 years
06:32 and lastly he persecutes the last remnant of God
06:36 who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony
06:39 of Jesus Christ. So we've moved from the Old Testament
06:43 to Rome to the 10 kingdoms which are the divisions of Rome
06:47 to the 1,260 years of persecution
06:51 to a period when persecution comes to an end -
06:56 at least for a while - and then to the final persecution
07:00 of God's people at the very end of time.
07:03 Now, we need to compare with this Daniel chapter 2.
07:07 Let's follow the sequence of Daniel chapter 2.
07:11 And you don't even have to look up the chapter because
07:12 this is just review. In Daniel chapter 2 you have
07:16 a great image. The head of the image is made of what?
07:19 Gold. The breast and arms of silver are composed of?
07:23 Silver. The belly is made of bronze.
07:27 By the way, are all of these Old Testament kingdoms?
07:32 Are Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece Old Testament kingdoms?
07:37 Yes they are.
07:38 And then you have a fourth beast or a fourth power
07:43 represented by the legs of the image.
07:46 What were the legs composed of? They were composed of iron.
07:50 What kingdom is represented by the legs of iron?
07:53 It is Rome... because you have Babylon, Medo-Persia,
07:57 Greece, and Rome.
07:59 So does Daniel 2 also begin in the Old Testament
08:02 like Revelation 12? Yes it does.
08:04 Revelation 12, after speaking about the woman
08:08 being in travail, she has the Child.
08:10 The dragon wants to kill the Child.
08:12 Let me ask you: in Daniel chapter 2
08:15 which is the kingdom that actually was governing the world
08:19 when Jesus was born? It was the legs of what?
08:24 Of iron. In other words, the legs of iron
08:26 are the same as what? Are the same as the dragon
08:30 wanting to slay the male Child.
08:33 Raise your hand if you're understanding what I'm saying.
08:35 See, we need to follow the sequence. This is very simple.
08:37 I mean you don't have to guess about when the antichrist
08:40 is going to appear and what he's going to do.
08:42 Because when you study the sequence - the historical flow -
08:46 you know exactly where to look for the antichrist.
08:49 And so then you have in Daniel chapter 2
08:52 the legs of iron. That's the same as the period
08:55 when the dragon wants to kill the Child.
08:57 And let me ask you: how many toes did the image have?
09:01 It had ten toes, right?
09:04 Now let me ask you: how many horns did the dragon have?
09:06 It had ten horns.
09:08 Are we running parallel here?
09:11 We most certainly are.
09:12 Now you remember that in Daniel chapter 2
09:15 there were ten toes. And they had iron,
09:18 which means that Rome continues.
09:20 But then there's an added element which was not there
09:23 before. And what is it?
09:24 Clay. What does the clay represent?
09:27 We studied it. It represents the church.
09:30 A different kind of what? A different kind of Rome.
09:34 Are you following me?
09:35 Now would that be parallel to the 1,260 years?
09:39 Is that a continuation of Rome? Yes it is.
09:43 Is it a period of amalgamation between church and state?
09:47 Those 1,260 years?
09:49 Yes! So what we have during the 1,260 years
09:53 is parallel to the mixture of the iron and the clay.
09:58 Now there's something that is not mentioned directly
10:00 in Daniel chapter 2.
10:02 You'll notice that the mixture of iron and clay
10:05 lasts from the time that Rome is divided
10:08 all the way till Jesus sets up His everlasting kingdom.
10:12 Are you following me?
10:13 But what Daniel chapter 2 doesn't tell you
10:16 is what Revelation 12 does.
10:19 And that is that this power that persecutes God's people
10:23 is going to have two stages of existence.
10:25 And we're going to study that in our lecture this evening.
10:28 The first stage lasts how long?
10:31 1,260 years.
10:35 But is that the end of this power?
10:38 That is not the end of this power
10:40 because the Bible tells us that this power is going to last
10:44 until when? Until Jesus comes.
10:47 Which means that if it has a period of dominion
10:49 of 1,260 years at some point after that
10:52 its power must be what? Suspended.
10:56 But in order to rule until Jesus comes
10:59 its power must be what?
11:02 Its power must be restored
11:04 and it must have a second period of dominion.
11:07 Now are you understanding my point?
11:09 This is a very important point.
11:11 The feet of iron and clay in Daniel chapter 2
11:14 simply tell you that there's going to be a mixture of iron
11:16 and clay until Jesus comes to set up His everlasting kingdom.
11:19 It doesn't give you any impression that the feet
11:22 of iron and clay is going to have two stages.
11:25 But Revelation chapter 12 does give you that information
11:29 because it says that this power that persecutes God's church
11:32 is going to last for 1,260 years
11:35 and then it says that the earth helps the woman.
11:38 And after the earth helps the woman by stopping
11:40 the persecution we're told that the dragon is enraged
11:43 with the woman and goes to make war against her again.
11:48 Raise your hand if you're understanding what I'm saying.
11:50 This is of critical importance.
11:52 Now we need to go to
11:54 Daniel chapter 7...
11:56 which is one of the two chapters
11:57 of study. We're also going to
11:59 study Revelation 13 and verses 1 through 10.
12:02 Daniel chapter 7.
12:05 Now allow me to mention here
12:07 the sequence that we find in Daniel chapter 7.
12:12 First thing that I want us to notice is that in this chapter
12:15 we have four beasts.
12:19 And according to Daniel 7 and verse 17
12:22 these four beasts represent four kings or kingdoms.
12:26 It says there:
12:31 And we've already studied that kings and kingdoms are what?
12:35 Are interchangeable
12:38 because there is no such thing as a king without a kingdom.
12:41 In other words, these four beasts
12:43 represent four kingdoms.
12:46 Now let me ask you: just perhaps do you think
12:49 that maybe these four beasts represent the same thing
12:52 as the four metals in Daniel chapter 2?
12:55 What do you think?
12:57 How many metals were there in Daniel chapter 2?
12:59 Four. There was gold, silver, bronze, and iron.
13:04 In Daniel chapter 7 we have four beasts.
13:08 The four beasts represent four kingdoms.
13:10 Do the four metals in Daniel chapter 2
13:13 represent four kingdoms? Absolutely.
13:16 And so Daniel 7 is actually running parallel
13:20 to the prophecy of Daniel chapter 2.
13:23 Now, we need to interpret some of the symbols here.
13:28 It says there in Daniel chapter 7
13:31 that these beasts come forth from waters.
13:36 From raging waters.
13:39 Now what do waters represent in scripture?
13:42 Isaiah 17 and verses 12 and 13 tells us what waters represent.
13:47 Let's go there for a moment:
13:48 Isaiah chapter 17 and verses 12 and 13.
13:55 Here we find the following words. It says:
14:10 What do waters represent?
14:12 They represent the tumult among what? Among nations.
14:17 By the way, it also says in Daniel chapter 7:2-3
14:21 that the beasts arise in the midst of the combating of the
14:25 four winds of heaven.
14:27 Now what do winds represent in scripture?
14:30 Well, let's turn in our Bibles to Jeremiah chapter 4
14:34 and verse 13. Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 13.
14:40 There we find what the winds represent.
14:43 Actually they represent strife or war.
14:46 It says there:
15:03 In other words, the winds represent invading armies.
15:07 They represent wars.
15:09 The waters represent the tumult of nations.
15:12 In other words, these four kingdoms arise
15:14 in the midst of what? In the midst of war.
15:19 Now you need to remember that because in our next lecture
15:22 we're going to notice that there's another beast
15:23 in Revelation 13.
15:26 It does not arise from waters.
15:28 There are no winds.
15:30 It arises silently from the earth.
15:34 That's the reason why I am mentioning this this evening
15:37 because we need to understand that these four beasts
15:40 actually arise in the midst of warfare. In fact,
15:43 if you read Daniel chapter 7 you'll discover that one beast
15:48 devours the previous beast and rules.
15:50 Then the next beast devours that one
15:52 and the following beast devours that one.
15:55 Just like in Daniel chapter 2 you have a sequence of nations.
15:59 Now I'm just going to mention very quickly
16:02 the sequence of beasts in Daniel 7
16:06 so you have it clear in your mind.
16:08 First of all you have a lion.
16:12 What would the lion be equivalent to in Daniel 2?
16:16 The head of what? Gold... Babylon.
16:20 Secondly, you have a bear.
16:23 What would the bear be equivalent to?
16:26 The breast and arms of silver; the Medes and Persians.
16:29 Then you have a leopard beast.
16:33 What would the leopard beast be equivalent to?
16:35 It would be equivalent to the belly of what? Of bronze.
16:39 Then you have a terrible dragon beast that has iron teeth.
16:45 Now I want you to notice that.
16:46 A dragon beast that has iron teeth.
16:49 Which kingdom in Daniel 2 would that be equivalent to?
16:52 It would be equivalent to the legs of what? Of iron.
16:57 Now you'll notice in Daniel 7 that it speaks about this
17:01 dragon beast having ten what? Having ten horns.
17:05 Is this running parallel to Daniel chapter 2?
17:08 Is it running parallel to Revelation chapter 12?
17:10 It most certainly is. And we're going to notice
17:12 that Revelation 13 further amplifies this point.
17:16 So I want you to notice that you have this 4th dragon beast
17:19 who sprouts ten horns
17:23 and then among the ten horns rises what?
17:27 A little horn.
17:29 Now let's go to Daniel chapter 7
17:31 and read verses 23 and 24.
17:35 Daniel chapter 7 and verses 23 and 24.
17:41 I want you to notice that this fourth beast
17:43 has three stages of existence.
17:47 Three stages of existence.
17:49 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 23:
18:08 Now notice this:
18:16 Let me ask you: does the kingdom exist before the ten horns arise
18:19 from it? Does the kingdom rule for a period of time
18:23 before it sprouts the horns?
18:25 Yes. So Daniel 7 is explaining
18:28 that in Revelation chapter 12 where it speaks about the dragon
18:32 with ten horns, the ten horns were not there from the
18:35 beginning. The ten horns came out after
18:38 the dragon ruled for a period. Are you with me or not?
18:41 Now let's notice what it continues saying in verse 24.
18:58 So do you notice the sequence?
19:00 How many stages does this dragon beast have?
19:03 It has three stages of existence.
19:06 One is as a simple dragon.
19:09 Two: 10 horns coming from the head of that simple dragon.
19:13 And three: coming from among the ten the little horn.
19:18 Is this clear in your mind?
19:20 Now if the fourth kingdom represents Rome
19:23 and the ten horns come from the head
19:26 of the dragon beast, and the little horn
19:28 comes from the head of the dragon beast
19:30 that must mean that all three of these stages
19:33 are Roman stages.
19:37 Are you understanding?
19:39 Now, let's go to examine then
19:44 who this little horn represents.
19:48 I want to review once again.
19:49 It's important that we understand the sequence.
19:51 We have a lion... Babylon.
19:54 A bear... Medo-Persia.
19:56 A leopard... Greece.
19:58 A dragon... Rome.
20:00 The dragon sprouts ten horns.
20:02 The ten divisions of Rome which is Western Europe today.
20:06 Then among the ten horns the little horn.
20:09 By the way, the little horn would be equivalent to the clay
20:14 in Daniel chapter 2...
20:16 the added element that was not there before.
20:18 Because Rome continues in the feet because there's iron
20:21 in the feet, but now there's something that's different.
20:24 We're going to notice that the little horn is different
20:26 than that fourth beast and different than the other horns.
20:30 In other words, the clay
20:33 is the same thing as
20:35 the little horn.
20:37 And by the way, in Daniel chapter 7
20:41 you have the little horn. In Revelation chapter 12
20:44 you have what? The 1,260 years of persecution
20:49 of the woman. That would be equivalent to the clay
20:52 and to the period of the little horn.
20:54 Now, the question always comes up
20:57 who is this little horn.
20:59 Who is the antichrist?
21:01 Well, there have been different ideas throughout the course
21:06 of the last couple of hundred years.
21:08 I remember people saying that Benito Mussolini
21:12 would be the antichrist. Not so.
21:16 Others said that Adolph Hitler.
21:19 Others said perhaps Henry Kissinger.
21:22 I don't know whether you heard that but I did hear that.
21:26 Others said that the Ayatollah Khomeini...
21:29 that nasty guy from Iran - you remember? - that held our men
21:33 hostage. Others more recently said that the antichrist
21:36 perhaps was Saddam Hussein.
21:39 It seems like every time a nasty guy appears on the scene
21:42 of history he's a candidate in the minds of Christians
21:46 for the antichrist. Now my question is:
21:48 do we need to determine the identity of antichrist
21:52 by guesswork?
21:54 I don't think so, because the Bible gives us
21:57 clearly the characteristics of the antichrist.
22:00 Now, let's notice... I'm going to share with you
22:03 ten characteristics from Daniel chapter 7
22:07 and then I'm going to share with you two characteristics
22:10 from Revelation chapter 13
22:11 and you're going to know who the antichrist is.
22:14 First characteristics: Daniel 7 and verse 24.
22:18 Go with me to Daniel chapter 7 and verse 24.
22:22 We just read that verse but let's read it again.
22:25 It says:
22:31 That is from which kingdom?
22:33 From the fourth kingdom... from Rome.
22:39 Where does the little horn rise from?
22:42 From the head of what? From the head of the dragon beast.
22:45 Everybody agreed? What does the dragon beast represent?
22:48 Rome. So is this horn Roman?
22:54 Or is it perhaps Syria?
22:57 Can't be, because the fourth beast is not Syria.
23:00 The fourth beast is Rome.
23:02 So if the little horn comes from the fourth beast
23:05 and the fourth beast is Rome,
23:06 this little horn must be Roman.
23:09 It must be one of the stages of Rome.
23:12 Not the united Empire of Rome.
23:14 Not the Rome that was divided into ten kingdoms
23:18 but a Rome that came up after the ten kingdoms came up.
23:22 Now, first characteristic then.
23:25 It must be a Roman power.
23:29 Second characteristic: it must arise after the ten horns
23:33 are in place. Did you notice that in verse 24?
23:37 It says that after the ten horns will arise this horn.
23:42 So let me ask you: are the ten horns in place
23:45 when the little horn rises?
23:47 Of course. Now when were the ten horns in place?
23:51 You could read the document that I refer you to
23:54 that you can download at SecretsUnsealed. org
23:58 And I have an abundance of information there on how
24:01 the ten kingdoms were all established
24:04 in the year 476 AD when the last Roman emperor
24:09 Romulus Augustulus was deposed from his throne.
24:12 There were no emperors after him. The kingdom had been
24:15 divided by the Barbarian tribes that invaded from the north.
24:19 So we must expect that the antichrist
24:22 will rise from Rome. It will be Roman.
24:26 And it will arise after what date?
24:29 It will rise after the year what?
24:32 After the year 476 AD which is when the ten horns
24:36 are complete.
24:38 Now let's go to our third characteristic.
24:41 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8.
24:44 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8.
24:49 Here we find another interesting and important characteristic
24:54 of this little horn. It says:
25:05 Where does the little horn come up?
25:08 Among what? When it says "them" what is it referring to?
25:12 Among the ten.
25:14 Now where were the ten located geographically?
25:18 It was in Western Europe.
25:20 Was Rome divided into ten kingdoms?
25:23 Absolutely. Was that the territory of what had been Rome?
25:27 Obviously yes.
25:28 And so the little horn was going to arise among
25:32 the divisions of Western Europe.
25:34 Of course you're saying: "If it's a Roman power,
25:37 it must be in Western Europe. "
25:39 But this is an added emphasis
25:43 to - exclamation point - to the idea that this power
25:47 is Roman. Because first of all it comes from the head of the
25:50 fourth beast which represents Rome
25:52 and secondly it comes among the ten
25:55 which are the divisions of the Roman Empire.
25:58 So we have three characteristics so far.
26:00 Number one: it must be Roman.
26:02 Number two: it must rise after the year 476 AD.
26:05 Number three: it must arise in Western Europe
26:08 because it rises after the ten horns are there.
26:11 Characteristic number four:
26:13 notice Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8 once again.
26:17 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8.
26:19 Here we find another interesting characteristic.
26:22 It says there in verse 8:
26:24 "I was considering the horns and there was another horn,
26:27 a little one, coming up among them. "
26:39 What did this horn do when it rose to power?
26:43 It uprooted three of the ten horns.
26:47 So you must find in history of Western Europe
26:51 some power which uprooted three of the ten Barbarian
26:56 kingdoms which established their nations there in
27:00 Western Europe. You must have a power that uprooted three
27:03 of the ten horns in Western Europe.
27:05 Characteristic number five: Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25.
27:11 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25
27:14 has our fifth characteristic.
27:17 And it says there in Daniel 7 and verse 25...
27:22 And there's several character- istics actually in this verse
27:25 that we're going to come to. But it says there:
27:36 Now Revelation 13 that we're coming to a little bit later on
27:40 says that the pompous words are what?
27:42 Blasphemies.
27:45 In other words, this power would speak blasphemies
27:48 against the Most High. The pompous words
27:51 or the great words are blasphemies.
27:53 Now what is blasphemy?
27:56 Well, there are two key texts in the New Testament
28:00 which describe blasphemy. There are others, but two
28:02 key ones in relationship to what we're studying.
28:04 The first is in Mark chapter 2 and verse 7
28:07 where... remember Jesus said to the paralytic
28:10 "Your sins are forgiven. "
28:12 Did Jesus have the right to forgive sins?
28:15 Why? Because He was God! Right?
28:19 But what did those who were present there say about Him?
28:29 So let me ask you: if a man claims to have power to forgive
28:32 sins and he's not God, what is that?
28:35 That is blasphemy.
28:36 The other important text is in John chapter 10 verses 30-33
28:42 where Jesus says "I and the Father are One. "
29:03 So blasphemy is when a mere man claims to have the power
29:08 to forgive sins and claims to be God on earth.
29:13 Those are the pompous words of the little horn.
29:16 Are you starting to catch an interesting picture here?
29:19 We're letting the Bible
29:20 interpret who this power is.
29:22 It's not some nasty individual
29:23 who's going to rise in the Middle East
29:25 some time in the future.
29:26 The devil wants people to think that
29:28 because meanwhile the antichrist grows in Rome
29:30 and nobody notices it because they're looking
29:32 in the wrong place. Hello? Do you think the devil
29:36 would want Christians to look for the antichrist
29:37 in the wrong place at the wrong time... the wrong person?
29:41 Obviously yes, because the devil can do whatever he pleases.
29:44 Now the sixth characteristic.
29:46 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 24.
29:49 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 24
29:52 says something very interesting about this little horn.
29:55 Daniel 7 and verse 24. It says here:
30:12 Is this little horn different than the other ten?
30:15 Yes or no? Absolutely!
30:18 Was the clay in the feet different than all of the metals
30:22 that came before it? Absolutely!
30:24 So this kingdom's going to be different
30:27 because it's not only going to be a kingdom like iron
30:31 of Rome but it's going to be an amalgamated kingdom.
30:35 It's going to be a blended or mixed kingdom.
30:38 A kingdom that blends or mixes what?
30:41 Church and state.
30:44 So we're supposed to look for a power that is different.
30:47 It's not a mere political power like all of the rest
30:49 of the kingdoms. It is a different type of kingdom
30:53 just like the mixture of iron and clay is a different type
30:55 of kingdom because all of the others were metals
30:58 whereas the feet are a combination of metal and clay.
31:04 And so #6 is that this power has to be different.
31:08 Characteristic number seven.
31:10 Notice Daniel chapter 7 and verse 21.
31:14 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 21.
31:18 Here we find in this verse as well as in verse 25
31:22 the same idea. It says:
31:32 What did this horn do?
31:34 He persecuted who? He persecuted the saints.
31:38 Notice verse 25. It says in verse 25:
31:48 Was this little horn going to be a persecuting power
31:51 against the saints? Absolutely.
31:53 By the way, do you know what it means by saints there?
31:56 It's the same as the woman who fled to the wilderness.
32:01 What does a woman represent in prophecy?
32:03 It represents the church.
32:04 So when it says that he persecuted the saints
32:06 what's it talking about? It says that he persecuted what?
32:10 The church. So let me ask you:
32:11 was the established church in the Middle Ages the true church?
32:16 You want to know what the true church was in the Middle Ages?
32:20 All you have to do is see which church persecuTED
32:23 and which church was the persecuTOR.
32:28 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
32:30 There were two churches during this period.
32:33 There was the established church
32:35 who persecuted the saints or the woman
32:38 and there was the true church
32:39 which is represented by the woman.
32:42 You say: "How is this possible? "
32:44 Do you know that all throughout human history
32:47 the greatest enemies of God's people have been others
32:49 who claimed to be God's people?
32:52 It began with Cain and Abel.
32:54 Cain claimed to serve the true God.
32:55 He killed his brother.
32:57 In the Old Testament those who hated the prophets
32:59 were the very nation that they were sent to...
33:01 people who claimed to serve God.
33:03 Jesus Christ was crucified by those who claimed to serve God.
33:08 And during the Middle Ages God's people, God's true people,
33:11 were persecuted by a church that claimed to be on God's side.
33:15 And Jesus says in the end time in John chapter 16
33:18 He says: "The time is coming when those who persecute you
33:21 will think that they're doing God a favor. "
33:24 So that's nothing new under the sun.
33:27 In other words, this power would be a church that would
33:30 persecute God's true people.
33:32 And we're going to notice that it was during a specific period
33:35 of time. Now let's go back to Daniel 7 verse 25
33:38 for characteristic number eight.
33:40 Daniel 7 and verse 25: characteristic number eight.
33:45 It says here:
34:00 Let's stop there.
34:02 "And shall intend to change... " What?
34:04 Times. Now you say: "What does that mean to change times? "
34:08 I'm going to explain it very quickly.
34:10 We don't have time to read the verses.
34:12 You have them in your list.
34:14 Acts 1:7 Jesus says: "It's not for you to know the times
34:18 or the seasons that God has placed under His own power. "
34:22 By the way, He's talking about prophetic events, isn't He?
34:24 Not for you to know the sequence of prophetic events.
34:27 God has those in secret.
34:29 The apostle Paul say in I Thessalonians 5 and verse 1
34:32 he says: "Regarding the times and the seasons I don't need to
34:35 talk to you about that. " And then he begins talking
34:36 about the prophecies concerning the second coming of Jesus.
34:40 And so the word "times" in scripture
34:43 when it's in a prophetic context is referring to events
34:48 that are in God's prophetic calendar.
34:50 God's prophetic calendar of events.
34:53 In other words, how history is going to develop.
34:57 By the way, do you know that after Daniel chapter 2
35:00 Nebuchadnezzar did not like what he saw.
35:03 Do you know he tried to change God's times?
35:07 'Cause God said there's going to be Babylon, Medo-Persia,
35:10 Greece, Rome, Rome is going to be divided in ten,
35:13 and then among those ten is going to rise a little horn.
35:15 Then God's going to set up His everlasting kingdom.
35:16 And Nebuchadnezzar - by the way, that's Daniel 7
35:19 but Daniel 2 is the same idea -
35:21 Nebuchadnezzar said: "That's not the way it's going to be. "
35:25 And so what he did in Daniel 3
35:27 was raise up an image all of gold.
35:29 He's saying: "History's not going to flow that way!
35:32 It's going to flow the way I say. "
35:34 He was trying to change the order of prophetic events
35:38 that God had established.
35:39 So what would this little horn try to do?
35:42 He would try to change God's prophetic calendar of events.
35:48 In other words, he would point people to the wrong place,
35:51 the wrong time, and the wrong powers as fulfillment of Bible
35:56 prophecy. By the way, I did a series here a while back
35:59 specifically on the changing of the times.
36:03 A whole one-hour lecture on everything that the Bible says
36:06 about changing the times.
36:08 This little horn, in other words, thought that it could
36:11 change God's sequence of events, the fulfillment of prophecy,
36:16 as God had indicated that it was going to be fulfilled.
36:19 Now what else would this little horn think about changing?
36:23 It says there in Daniel 7 verse 25
36:26 "he shall think to change times and... " What?
36:30 "and the law. "
36:33 He was even going to intend or to attempt
36:38 to change what? God's holy law.
36:42 Not only God's prophetic calendar but he was going to
36:46 stick his hand in God's law and attempt in some way
36:48 to change the law. Notice it doesn't say
36:50 that he was going to abolish the law.
36:52 It says that he was going to try to change it.
36:57 And then I want you to notice the tenth characteristic.
36:59 And we're going to review them in a minute
37:01 in case you lost track of the number.
37:03 Notice once again Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25.
37:07 How long was this power going to rule?
37:10 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25.
37:14 It says here... Daniel 7 and verse 25... the following:
37:18 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
37:21 shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
37:23 he shall intend to change times and law... "
37:38 Is this the same time period that the woman fled to the
37:40 wilderness in Revelation 12?
37:42 Or, is this the same sequence?
37:43 You're not with me tonight, are you?
37:45 Is this an orderly way of studying Bible prophecy?
37:49 I mean, this is not guesswork.
37:51 When you follow the historical flow method
37:53 you know exactly where you are
37:54 at each moment in the flow of history.
37:57 It's that simple.
37:59 You don't have to guess because it jumps out at you
38:02 when you know that you're going to have Babylon,
38:04 Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome,
38:07 Rome was going to be divided
38:08 into ten kingdoms 476 AD
38:10 and then shortly thereafter
38:12 a little horn was going to arise
38:14 which fulfills all of these specifications.
38:16 Now what are the ten characteristics?
38:18 Quickly. Number one: it must be Roman.
38:20 Number two: it must rise after the ten horns.
38:23 Number three: it must arise among the ten horns...
38:25 that is, in Western Europe.
38:27 Number four: it must pluck out three of the ten horns.
38:30 Number five: it must speak blasphemy against God.
38:33 It must claim to be God on earth
38:35 and it must claim to have the power to forgive sins
38:37 in other words. Number six: it must be different
38:40 than the other kingdoms.
38:41 Number seven: it must be a persecutor of God's people.
38:44 Number eight: it must have sought to change
38:47 God's order of prophetic events.
38:50 Number nine: it thought that it could change the law of God.
38:54 And number ten: it ruled for time, times,
38:58 and the dividing of time.
39:00 How many of you think that you know what power this is?
39:06 Do you really have to guess if you know history?
39:09 Now, we need to take a look at Revelation 13
39:14 because this completes the picture.
39:17 We have two more characteristics that I want to underline
39:20 in Revelation 13.
39:22 Let's go to Revelation 13 verses 1 and 2.
39:25 Revelation 13 and verses 1 and 2.
39:31 And you're going to tell me if this has any connection with
39:33 Daniel or whether I'm guessing.
39:35 By the way, who is the power behind all of these kingdoms
39:39 in Daniel chapter 7?
39:41 Who's really behind the little horn?
39:44 I mean, do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out
39:47 that in Revelation chapter 12 it's the dragon,
39:50 the ancient serpent, that goes after the woman?
39:52 And in Daniel 7 it says that the little horn is the one
39:55 that goes after the saints. Do you have to really be
39:57 that intelligent to know that the little horn is really
40:00 the emissary of Satan?
40:03 You're not following me.
40:05 See? Revelation 12 gives you the background -
40:08 who's behind the scenes -
40:11 whereas Daniel chapter 7 talks about the up-front guy...
40:15 the power that the devil uses to persecute the saints
40:18 of the Most High. Revelation 13 verse 1:
40:35 Now notice verse 2... critical verse:
40:44 What does that scream at you?
40:46 Go back to Daniel 7.
40:50 By the way, do you notice the order of the powers here?
40:53 In Daniel 7 it is lion, bear, leopard, dragon.
41:00 In Revelation 13 it's dragon, leopard, bear, lion.
41:05 Do you know why? Because Daniel is living in the
41:07 period of the lion and he's looking forward
41:09 whereas John is living in the period of the dragon
41:12 and he's looking backwards.
41:15 Are you understanding my point?
41:17 Now notice it says there's four beasts here.
41:20 It says in verse 2: "Now the beast which I saw
41:22 was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear,
41:25 his mouth like the mouth of a lion and the dragon... "
41:28 There you have the fourth beast.
41:29 "The dragon... " By the way, how many horns does that dragon
41:31 have? It's the same one of Revelation 12. It has 10 horns.
41:36 "The dragon gave him his power, his throne,
41:39 and... " What? "and great authority. "
41:44 So you have lion, bear, leopard, dragon, and beast.
41:51 In the prophecy of Daniel 7 you have lion, bear,
41:56 leopard, dragon, ten horns, and what?
42:02 And what? And little horn.
42:05 Are these prophecies running parallel?
42:08 Yes they are.
42:09 So is the little horn the same as the beast?
42:14 Lest any of you don't still believe that
42:18 allow me to read you some characteristics of this beast.
42:20 Notice Revelation 13 and verse 7.
42:23 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 7.
42:26 Speaking about the beast it says:
42:32 Is that the same thing as the little horn did?
42:34 Yes. Now let's notice Revelation chapter 13
42:38 and verse 6. Revelation chapter 13 and verse 6.
42:42 It says:
42:55 And I wish I had time to speak about each one of those
42:57 phrases... each one of those phrases deserves 15 minutes
43:00 at least. And now notice how long does this power rule.
43:04 Notice verse 5. It says:
43:16 Now isn't this interesting.
43:19 How long is 42 months?
43:21 Well, the Biblical month has 30 days.
43:23 Let's do the operation.
43:25 42 months times 30 days each...
43:27 how much is that?
43:30 1,260. Does that sound familiar?
43:34 Is this the same period as the times, times, and dividing
43:37 of time of the little horn?
43:39 Is it the same period of the 1,260 days
43:42 that the woman flees into the wilderness?
43:44 Yes. These prophecies are all parallel.
43:47 And Revelation 12 shows that the devil is the power
43:52 behind all of these.
43:55 Now we need to take a look at the last two characteristics.
43:59 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 3.
44:01 Do you remember that the clay continues
44:03 until the second coming of Jesus?
44:05 The iron and clay mixture is the last power
44:09 until Jesus comes.
44:12 In Daniel chapter 7 I want you to notice this.
44:14 In Daniel chapter 7 it says that the little horn
44:17 rules for time, times, and the dividing of time.
44:19 But then Daniel 7 explains that the little horn,
44:22 it's dominion will be taken away when Jesus comes.
44:25 So implicitly in Daniel chapter 7
44:28 what it's saying is that this little horn is going to govern
44:32 for 1,260 years - time, times, and the dividing of time -
44:36 and then somehow after this period of dominion
44:40 it is going to rule what? Again.
44:43 Because if its dominion is taken away when Jesus comes
44:47 it must rise to power again.
44:50 Raise your hand if you're understanding what I'm saying.
44:53 So how many stages is this little horn or this beast power
44:55 going to have? It's going to actually have three stages.
44:58 We already noticed... Actually it has two.
45:01 The first is the 1,260 years
45:04 and the second is what? When it recovers its power.
45:08 Now let's notice Revelation chapter 13 and verse 3.
45:11 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 3.
45:15 Here we find a very interesting characteristic
45:19 of this beast. It says there:
45:28 Would you say that that took place when the 1,260 years
45:32 came to an end? Of course.
45:35 That's what cuts its career short of the second coming
45:39 at the end of 1,260 years.
45:41 And so it says:
45:43 "And his deadly wound was... " What?
45:46 Is he going to have another power of dominion?
45:49 Is he going to rule until Jesus comes?
45:51 Absolutely. It says his deadly wound was healed.
46:01 How many stages is this power going to have?
46:03 It's going to have two stages.
46:05 One of the stages is already what? Past.
46:09 The other stage is still future.
46:13 Now I want you to notice Revelation chapter 13
46:18 and verses 9 and 10.
46:19 What was it that wounded this power?
46:21 Because he received a deadly wound.
46:23 How was he wounded?
46:24 Revelation 13 and verse 9.
46:27 "If anyone has an ear let him hear:
46:30 he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity;
46:38 he who kills with the sword
46:41 must be killed with the sword.
46:44 Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. "
46:48 How was this power killed?
46:50 How did it receive its deadly wound?
46:53 With the sword.
46:55 Is that clear? Now, what does the sword represent?
47:01 Yes, the sword represents the Word of God, but not
47:04 in this particular verse.
47:06 Who bears the sword according to the apostle Paul?
47:09 We don't have time to look up the text.
47:11 But in Romans chapter 13 it says
47:14 the government has the what?
47:17 The government has the power
47:19 of the sword.
47:20 And God said it's for your good.
47:24 And if you misbehave and you don't obey the civil magistrates
47:28 he will use the what? He will use the sword.
47:31 So the sword represents the civil power.
47:36 I don't know whether you're following me or not.
47:38 Which must mean that at the end of the 1,260 years
47:41 the civil power was going to rise to give this religious
47:46 power a deadly wound.
47:50 Are you with me or not?
47:52 And so that's another characteristic.
47:54 It has to be a power that after the 1,260 years
47:57 was wounded by the civil power
47:58 but this power is going to recuperate its world-wide clout.
48:04 Final characteristic.
48:06 And then we'll quickly identify this power.
48:09 I think that you already know who it is.
48:10 What is the number of this power?
48:13 Go with me to Revelation chapter 13 and verse 18.
48:17 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 18. It says here:
48:30 What is the number of the beast?
48:31 666.
48:34 Now how do you determine the number of a man?
48:37 That's kind of hard.
48:38 Well, let's go to verse 17.
48:40 It explains how you do it.
48:41 It says:
48:55 How do you determine the number of the beast?
48:57 It's the number of his what? Of his name.
49:01 In other words, his name must give the total what?
49:05 666.
49:08 Are you understanding? He has a name
49:10 whose numeric value is 666.
49:14 Because in antiquity they wrote numbers with letters.
49:16 Each letter of the alphabet stood for a number.
49:20 Now let me ask you: what language do you suppose
49:23 we should use to try and find his name?
49:28 What language do you think we should use?
49:30 English, right?
49:33 How about German?
49:35 Will anybody give me Japanese?
49:38 What language must we use
49:40 to determine the name and get the number from the name?
49:44 It has to be Latin
49:48 because this is a Roman power.
49:51 It has to be a Latin name
49:53 whose numerical value is 666.
49:56 And by the way, Revelation 13 verse 1
49:59 says that it must be a blasphemous name.
50:05 Now let's put it all together. What would be the name
50:07 of this power and that name when you calculate the value
50:12 of the letters in Latin gives the number 666?
50:18 Well, we're going to take a look at that.
50:20 We have about 7 minutes now to go through all of these
50:22 characteristics and see who this power is.
50:27 Anybody care to tell me who this power is?
50:32 You're all shy.
50:33 Camera shy.
50:36 There's no doubt whatsoever, folks, that this power is the
50:40 Roman Catholic papacy.
50:43 Let me tell you why.
50:44 Is the Roman Catholic papacy Roman?
50:47 It's called the Roman Catholic church.
50:49 What is its language? Latin.
50:51 Where is the seat of its power? Rome.
50:56 The name of its leader is Pontifex Maximus.
50:59 In Latin... the supreme pontiff.
51:02 It's religion is from ancient Rome.
51:05 Its organizational style is from Rome.
51:09 I could take time to prove all of these points.
51:12 In other words, it is Roman.
51:14 Let me ask you: did the Roman Catholic papacy
51:17 arise after the ten horns were in place?
51:20 If you read that document, you'll find that it rose to
51:23 power in 538 AD when Justinian the emperor
51:25 said: "The pope is now lord in east and in west
51:29 of the entire church. " The emperor Justinian
51:32 proclaimed that.
51:34 Did the Roman Catholic papacy arise in Western Europe?
51:39 'Cause if it arises in Rome
51:40 obviously that is Western Europe.
51:43 Did the Roman Catholic papacy uproot three of those kingdoms?
51:46 It's a long story.
51:47 There were three rebellious kingdoms that were Arians.
51:50 They taught that Jesus Christ was a created being.
51:53 And the pope said: "We need to get rid of these. "
51:55 493 AD through the help of the empire
51:59 they got rid of the Heruli.
52:02 In the year 534 AD they got rid of the Vandals.
52:04 And in the year 538 AD they got rid of the Ostrogoths.
52:07 Three of these ten kingdoms were uprooted
52:11 and today there is no nation in Europe
52:13 that descends from these three powers.
52:16 They were taken out by the roots.
52:18 This can be proven historically
52:21 that the church used the empire to do this.
52:25 Does the Roman Catholic papacy claim that the pope
52:28 is God's representative on earth?
52:30 I could read you statement after statement,
52:32 page after page from this document
52:34 that I wrote from Roman Catholic sources.
52:37 Does the Roman Catholic papacy claim to have the power
52:40 to forgive sins?
52:42 Yes, they have the confessional in their churches.
52:45 The very characteristics of blasphemy.
52:49 Is the Roman Catholic papacy different than any of these
52:52 other kingdoms? Yes it is.
52:53 Because the Roman Catholic church... you don't know
52:55 whether it's a church or whether it's a state.
52:58 It is a state but it's a church.
53:00 And when the United States was going to establish
53:02 diplomatic relations, there was all sorts of confusion
53:06 in Congress. How can you have diplomatic relations
53:08 with a church? And the argument was:
53:10 "Well you're not having it with the church part.
53:12 You're having it with the state part. "
53:14 As if you could separate the two.
53:16 You see, you have a mixture of iron and clay.
53:19 You have a mixture of church and state.
53:22 The papacy was certainly different.
53:23 Did the Roman Catholic papacy persecute God's people?
53:28 It's calculated that at least 50 million of God's people
53:31 were killed during the 1,260 years of apostasy.
53:35 Did the Roman Catholic church
53:37 seek to change God's prophetic interpretation
53:41 of events? Of prophetic events?
53:43 It would take me far longer than we have
53:46 to talk about this. They actually invented
53:49 two rival systems of prophetic interpretations:
53:51 one known as Preterism - the idea that all of the
53:54 prophecies of antichrist were fulfilled in the past
53:57 with the Roman Empire and with a nasty individual
53:59 called Antiochus IV Epiphanes way in the past.
54:01 And the other Futurist scenario
54:04 established by a Jesuit priest called Ribera.
54:07 His idea was the antichrist prophecies
54:10 are going to be fulfilled at the very end of time
54:12 with a nasty individual who's going to arise
54:14 and persecute the Jews after the church has been
54:17 raptured to heaven.
54:19 And that's what Protestants believe today.
54:22 It was created in the Roman Catholic church.
54:24 Two rival systems of interpreting Bible prophecy.
54:27 Did the Roman Catholic church claim to have the power to
54:30 change God's law. If I had the time, I would read
54:32 you. I have 16 pages of statements from Roman
54:35 Catholic writers saying "We, by the authority that
54:38 God gave the church, changed the day of worship
54:41 from Saturday to Sunday. "
54:43 They unabashedly say it.
54:44 Time after time after time in their publications
54:48 they claim to change God's law.
54:49 And if you go to a Roman Catholic catechism
54:51 you'll discover that the Roman Catholic catechism
54:54 eliminates the 2nd commandment that forbids the worship
54:56 of images. And they have to end up with 10, so they
54:59 divide the 10th commandment in two.
55:03 Did the Roman Catholic papacy govern for 1,260 years?
55:07 Yes. When Justinian's decree was implemented
55:12 in the year 538 AD that was the beginning.
55:14 And lo and behold, in February, February 10th of 1798 AD
55:19 Napoleon Bonaparte
55:21 entered Vatican City
55:22 and through his general Berthier
55:24 the pope was arrested
55:26 and he was taken captive like it says.
55:28 "He who leads into captivity will be taken into captivity. "
55:31 And the civil power of France arose against the papacy
55:35 and withdrew its power.
55:37 And the Roman Catholic church has not been the same
55:40 since, but it is slowly recovering its power
55:44 if you're able to see what's happening in the world today.
55:48 Is the Roman Catholic papacy...
55:52 Does it have a lot more prestige now than it used to?
55:55 It most certainly does.
55:57 I mean the pope sneezes and the media dedicates
56:02 all of their news shows just to that.
56:05 Because this power has tremendous prestige.
56:07 But the Bible calls it the antichrist.
56:09 Now understand me, I'm not saying that everybody in the
56:11 Roman Catholic system is bad.
56:13 Most of God's true people are there.
56:17 Believe it or not.
56:19 That's why God says: "Come out of her My people. "
56:22 God must have people there in Babylon
56:24 in order for Him to call them out.
56:26 And finally, folks, not only was the papacy
56:31 wounded and its deadly wound is in the process of healing
56:34 see, it's going to dominate the world again.
56:36 The whole world is going to follow this system...
56:38 even Protestants.
56:40 But also, the pope has a name.
56:43 By the way, it will be in the DVD presentation.
56:46 The name is Vicarius Filii Dei
56:50 which means vicar or substitute for the Son of God.
56:55 That name was on the papal crown until the 17th century
56:59 but it was removed for obvious reasons.
57:03 The name if you count the number of the letters
57:05 in the Latin numeral system is 666.
57:09 There's no doubt who this power is.
57:12 It's the Roman Catholic papacy.
57:14 And we must flee from this power.
57:17 We must never fall into its hands.


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