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The Prince And The Dragon

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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:16 Our loving Father, we thank you so much
01:21 for Your Word, which is a sure guide in a world of confusion
01:27 and rebellion. We ask for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit
01:31 as we study that great prophecy of Revelation 12.
01:36 We ask that You will teach us and give us understanding
01:40 that we might be willing to follow Your will.
01:44 We thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayer.
01:46 For we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:51 We want to begin our study today by reviewing
01:55 what we studied in our last
01:57 lecture. If you remember,
01:59 we studied the prophecy
02:00 of Daniel chapter 2.
02:02 You remember that king Nebuchadnezzar had this dream
02:07 and in the dream he saw a gigantic image.
02:11 The head of the image was of gold.
02:13 The breast and the arms were of silver.
02:17 The belly was of bronze.
02:19 The legs were of iron, and the feet were of iron and clay.
02:25 And then Nebuchadnezzar saw a gigantic stone
02:30 come from heaven and smite the image on its feet
02:35 and broke the image into smithereens.
02:39 And then that stone became a mountain
02:43 which filled the whole earth.
02:45 Now I'm going to review the sequence of nations
02:49 which are mentioned in Daniel chapter 2.
02:52 The head of gold represents the kingdom of Babylon
02:56 which governed from the year 605 BC
02:59 till the year 539 BC.
03:03 The breast and arms of silver represent the kingdom
03:07 of Medo-Persia which governed from 539 BC to 331 BC.
03:13 The belly of bronze represents the kingdom of Greece
03:19 which ruled from the year 331 BC till the year 168 BC.
03:25 The fourth kingdom of iron represented by the legs
03:29 represents the iron monarchy of Rome.
03:33 In other words, the Roman Empire.
03:35 And of course the feet of iron and clay, ten toes,
03:40 represent the divisions of Western Europe.
03:44 But you'll notice that the divisions of Western Europe
03:47 are a continuation of Rome because the feet have iron
03:52 just like the legs have iron
03:54 but this is a different kind of Rome.
03:57 It is a continuation of Rome because it's the same iron
04:00 as the legs, but it is a different kind of Rome
04:03 because it is a mixed Rome.
04:06 And we studied in our last lecture that the clay
04:09 represents the church. In other words, after the
04:12 Roman Empire was split up you had a period
04:15 where church and state were joined together.
04:18 And actually, that condition lasts until
04:22 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
04:24 Now the kingdom that we're especially going to focus on
04:28 on our study today is the fourth kingdom of Daniel chapter 2.
04:34 We're going to be quite a bit of time in the image
04:40 the portion that has to do with the legs of iron.
04:44 Now we need to look at some background
04:47 before we actually get into the study of Revelation chapter 12.
04:52 Go with me once again to Genesis chapter 3
04:55 and verse 15... that verse which has guided us
04:59 in the study in this seminar.
05:01 Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15.
05:05 Very well-known verse.
05:08 God is speaking to the serpent, and He says:
05:28 Four key elements in this verse.
05:31 Number one: enmity.
05:33 Number two: a serpent.
05:36 Number three: a woman.
05:38 And number four: seed.
05:41 Now we're going to find that this verse is in the background
05:45 of Revelation chapter 12.
05:47 I want you to notice that in Genesis 3:15
05:50 though there is warfare between the woman and the serpent
05:54 the real warfare is between the Seed of the woman
05:58 and the serpent. Because the last part of the verse says
06:01 "He... " the Seed of the woman...
06:03 "will bruise your head... " That is, the head of the serpent...
06:06 "and the serpent will bruise His heel. "
06:10 The war is between the Seed of the woman and the serpent
06:13 even though there is also warfare between the serpent
06:16 and the woman.
06:19 Now we've also studied in our seminar that the devil
06:22 tried to keep Jesus from coming
06:25 all throughout the Old Testament.
06:26 We had a whole lecture on all of the episodes of the
06:29 Old Testament which illustrate how Satan tried to keep the Seed
06:34 from coming. He did it by trying to kill the Seed
06:38 and then he also did it by trying to corrupt the holy line
06:43 from which the Seed would come.
06:46 But folks, the devil was not able to interrupt the plans
06:51 of God. In the fullness of time
06:54 Jesus came to this world exactly the way God had prophesied
07:00 in Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15.
07:04 Now there's one more thing that I want to notice
07:07 by means of introduction before we get into
07:10 a specific study of Revelation 12,
07:12 and that is that this chapter has three distinct stages.
07:19 The first stage is found in Revelation 12
07:22 and verses 1 through 5.
07:25 And that is the stage where the dragon tries to kill
07:30 the Seed of the woman.
07:32 By the way, that's clearly a reference to Genesis 3:15...
07:37 the dragon trying to kill the Seed that is born of the woman.
07:41 That's the first stage.
07:43 The second stage is found in Revelation 12 and verse 6
07:47 and also verses 13 through 15.
07:51 In this stage the Child has already escaped the grasp
07:55 of the serpent or the grasp of the dragon
07:58 and so the dragon now goes after the woman.
08:01 And the woman flees to the wilderness where she has her
08:05 place prepared for 1,260 days or years.
08:11 The third stage in this chapter
08:13 is the final warfare of the dragon against the seed
08:18 of the Seed... "the remnant of her seed"
08:21 as it says in Revelation 12 and verse 17.
08:25 And so we find three distinct stages
08:28 of warfare in Revelation chapter 12.
08:31 First: the devil against the Seed.
08:36 Secondly: the devil or the serpent against the woman.
08:40 Third: the warfare of Satan against the remnant of the
08:44 woman's seed. And of course, the woman's seed is Jesus.
08:48 So the remnant of the woman's seed would be the remnant
08:51 of Jesus. Three distinct stages.
08:54 I want you to remember these stages because we're going to
08:57 come back to them later on.
08:59 What I want you to notice is that in all of these 3 stages
09:04 it is the serpent or the dragon who is the perpetrator
09:10 of the events that are taking place.
09:12 Now he uses human instruments
09:14 but really, he is the force behind.
09:17 He's the one who tries to kill the Child.
09:19 He's the one who persecutes the woman.
09:22 And he is the one who launches the final onslaught
09:26 of warfare against the remnant of the woman's seed.
09:30 Now we want to examine another Old Testament story
09:34 which forms the backdrop specifically to the prophecy
09:38 of Revelation chapter 12.
09:41 I am referring to the story of the exodus of Israel
09:45 from Egypt. Now you say: "What possible relationship
09:49 could there be between Revelation chapter 12
09:53 and the exodus of Israel from Egypt? "
09:55 Well, I believe that as we move along in studying the
09:59 exodus of Israel we're going to begin to see
10:03 some interesting parallels to Revelation chapter 12.
10:06 Now time does not allow us
10:09 to read all of the verses which describe the exodus
10:13 of Israel from Egypt.
10:15 In the handout that you will receive after the lecture today
10:19 you have all of the scripture references with explanations
10:24 about all that I'm going to share.
10:25 For now, what I want is for you to catch the picture
10:29 or the idea of what happened at the exodus so that
10:34 when we go to Revelation chapter 12 you're able to see
10:37 this backdrop. Now, Exodus chapter 1, I'm going to mention
10:42 the verses. Exodus chapter 1 verses 13 and 14
10:45 explains that Israel was in cruel
10:50 and despotic bondage.
10:53 They had no way of escaping themselves.
10:56 They were slaves. They had to serve Pharaoh
11:00 day after day after day.
11:02 In fact, there in Exodus 1:13 and 14
11:05 it uses the word "bitter" to describe their bondage.
11:09 And so Exodus chapter 2 and verses 23 and 25
11:13 we find that the people are moaning and groaning
11:18 and crying out
11:19 because they want a deliverer
11:22 to be born to lead them
11:24 out from bondage.
11:26 Because they know that they cannot deliver themselves
11:28 because they are slaves.
11:30 And it's interesting to notice in that passage in
11:32 Exodus 2:23-25 that they're crying out.
11:37 I want you to remember that word: "they're crying out. "
11:39 They're groaning because they want someone to deliver them
11:43 from bondage. Well, it just so happens
11:47 that a deliverer was born in Egypt.
11:50 He was born of a woman. I want you to remember that.
11:54 The name of the woman was Jochebed, his mother.
11:59 And so we find here a child, a man child,
12:03 who is going to be born of a woman
12:07 and he is going to be the deliverer of Israel
12:11 from bondage when they are crying out to God
12:15 for deliverance. But there was one who did not want this child
12:20 to survive. He felt threatened by his existence
12:24 or by his potential existence.
12:27 And of course the name of that individual was Pharaoh.
12:31 Now do you know that in the book of Ezekiel
12:35 chapter 29 and verse 3 Pharaoh - and by the way,
12:40 this is in the King James version -
12:42 Pharaoh is called "the great dragon. "
12:46 I want you to remember that: Pharaoh is called "the great
12:49 dragon. " The New King James says: "the great monster. "
12:53 You know, if you read the Greek translation of the
12:55 Old Testament you'll find that the word there is the word
12:58 drákôn. And so we're dealing not with a monster
13:03 as such, we are dealing with a dragon.
13:06 So Pharaoh is called "the great dragon. "
13:11 And the Bible says that Pharaoh stands next to the woman
13:15 so to speak to devour this child,
13:19 this deliverer, as soon as he is born.
13:24 Have you read this story?
13:26 Are you starting to catch an interesting picture here?
13:29 This is really the backdrop of Revelation chapter 12.
13:34 Now, it's interesting to notice how Pharaoh tried to get rid
13:40 of the deliverer.
13:41 In Exodus chapter 1 and verse 22
13:44 it says that Pharaoh had all of the male children
13:51 thrown into the Nile River.
13:53 In other words, he had all of the male children killed
13:57 in the hopes of also killing the deliverer.
14:02 Now I must make a parentheses here
14:05 and explain to you that the devil had a greater agenda
14:08 here than just slaying Moses.
14:13 Did you know that approximately 400 years before this
14:18 God had given a prophecy to Abraham?
14:21 It's found in Genesis chapter 15 and verses 13 through 15.
14:25 And in that prophecy God had told Abraham
14:29 that the children of Israel were going to be sojourners
14:33 in the land of Egypt for 400 years
14:38 but that after the 400 years God was going to deliver them
14:43 from Egypt and He was going to take them to Canaan.
14:48 Do you think the devil carefully calculated
14:52 when the 400 years began and when the 400 years ended?
14:57 Of course he did!
14:58 The devil did not want Israel to be delivered from bondage
15:03 because he knew that if Israel went to Canaan
15:06 in Canaan the Messiah would be born.
15:09 And so he says: "I'm going to nip this in the bud.
15:12 I am going to kill the deliverer so that Israel cannot leave
15:15 Egypt and cannot enter Canaan, and that way the deliverer
15:19 will not be born. " And folks, it is no coincidence
15:22 that the Canaanites fought tooth and nail for the Promised Land.
15:27 This was not only their attitude, it was Satan
15:31 inspiring them to resist Israel entering the Promised Land.
15:36 Because the devil knew that in that place
15:39 the Messiah was going to be born.
15:41 And he knew it because God had taken Abraham out of Ur of the
15:45 Chaldees. And He took him to Haran and then He took him
15:48 to the Promised Land. And so the devil says
15:51 "I cannot allow a deliverer to exist. I must kill him.
15:56 I must nip this in the bud and that way Israel
15:59 will remain in bondage. "
16:02 But it's interesting that Moses was preserved in Egypt.
16:08 His life was spared. He was protected
16:11 in the land of Egypt.
16:13 And of course we are told in Exodus that he became
16:16 the great deliverer of the children of Israel.
16:20 In fact, the night that Israel was delivered I want you to
16:24 notice. This is very interesting.
16:26 The night that Israel was deliverer God told them
16:30 as a sign of their deliverance
16:32 to sacrifice a lamb without blemish.
16:36 In other words, the sign of their deliverance
16:39 was the death of a perfect lamb.
16:42 And when they sacrificed that lamb
16:44 they were delivered from bondage to the literal Egyptians.
16:49 Now, there's much more that we need to say.
16:53 Before Israel entered the Promised Land
16:57 Moses, the deliverer, died on the borders of Canaan.
17:04 The story of his death is found in Deuteronomy chapter 34.
17:08 And I'm not going to go there; I just want to mention
17:10 the verses: Deuteronomy 34:5-6.
17:13 There are two strange things about the death of Moses.
17:17 Number one: we are told in Deuteronomy 34
17:21 that God buried Moses.
17:24 He's the only person in the Bible that God ever buried!
17:26 We don't know of anyone else who God buried...
17:29 not even Jesus.
17:31 Jesus wasn't buried by His Father.
17:33 But Moses was buried by God.
17:36 And another interesting detail which is very strange
17:38 is the fact that it says there in Deuteronomy 34
17:42 that no one knew where his tomb was till that day.
17:47 Very unusual because the Jews marked the tombs
17:51 of their heroes. They knew exactly where Abraham was
17:54 buried in the Cave of Machpelah.
17:56 They knew where David was buried in Jerusalem
18:00 and also probably where Daniel the prophet was buried
18:02 because an inscription has been found that says: "Here lies
18:05 Daniel the prophet" recently. His body wasn't found
18:09 but the inscription says that Daniel was buried there.
18:11 The Jew marked the tombs of their heroes.
18:14 But with Moses? God buried him
18:17 and nobody knew where his tomb was.
18:20 Do you know what happened when Moses died
18:22 according to scripture?
18:24 He died, he was buried,
18:29 and when he was buried we are told in the book of Jude
18:33 verse 9... I only mention the verse
18:36 because Jude only has one chapter...
18:38 Jude verse 9, that there was a battle at the gravesite
18:43 of Moses. It says there that Michael the Archangel
18:48 fought with Satan over the body of Moses.
18:55 Now do you think they were fighting for dead corpse?
18:59 Do you think that every time a person dies
19:02 Michael the Archangel and the devil fight over a dead body?
19:06 Obviously not.
19:08 By the way, that individual - Michael,
19:11 the Archangel - was none less than Jesus Christ Himself.
19:16 Now let me explain that the Bible does not teach
19:19 that Michael the Archangel was the first creature of God
19:23 like some churches teach.
19:24 We believe that Michael the Archangel is Christ,
19:28 but Christ is everlasting God.
19:31 He never had a beginning.
19:33 He is the great angel of the resurrection...
19:36 the great messenger of the resurrection.
19:38 That's the reason why in I Thessalonians chapter 4
19:41 we are told that the Lord will descend with a shout.
19:44 "The Lord Himself will descend with a shout,
19:47 with the voice of the Archangel
19:49 and with the trumpet of God. "
19:51 Notice that the Lord Himself
19:52 utters the voice of the Archangel.
19:54 And so there was this battle
19:56 over the body of Moses.
19:58 And actually, Michael had come to resurrect Moses.
20:02 You say: "Now how do you know that? "
20:04 Well, it's very very simple.
20:06 In Matthew chapter 17 and verse 3
20:09 we find the episode where Jesus was transfigured
20:14 on the Mount of Transfiguration.
20:16 And we are told there that as Jesus was being transfigured -
20:21 in other words, He was glorified there -
20:24 it says that "His garments shone like the sun" -
20:26 we are told that two individuals were sent to speak with Him.
20:31 One of them, of course, was Elijah
20:33 who was translated to heaven from among the living.
20:36 The other was Moses.
20:39 Now what was Moses doing there 1,400 years after his death?
20:44 It must be that he resurrected.
20:47 Because if he didn't resurrect he could not have come
20:50 to speak to Jesus. In other words, Moses
20:54 died once he had delivered Israel from Egypt.
20:58 He died; he was buried; he resurrected
21:02 and he ascended to heaven.
21:05 Now let's summarize what we've studied about Moses.
21:09 Moses delivered literal Israel from literal bondage
21:14 in literal Egypt. Took them across a literal desert
21:19 to a literal land of Canaan.
21:21 They sacrificed a literal lamb.
21:24 Moses brought literal water from a literal rock
21:27 and literal bread from heaven.
21:29 A literal serpent was raised up in the literal desert
21:33 to prevent literal death from literal poison.
21:36 In other words, what happened in the Old Testament was
21:39 literal and local
21:42 but it symbolized future events
21:44 which would be spiritual and global.
21:48 In other words, we have in this episode of Moses
21:51 a prophecy of a far-greater event which was going to
21:55 take place in the future
21:57 and which was foreshadowed by this experience of Israel
22:03 leaving the land of Egypt.
22:06 Are you clear in what we've spoken about so far?
22:09 You have the backdrop of Daniel 2.
22:13 Don't forget that: the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2.
22:16 That's the key right now.
22:18 Rome. The Empire of Rome. The iron monarchy of Rome.
22:22 That's the backdrop of which kingdom from the Old Testament:
22:26 the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2.
22:28 We have the backdrop of Genesis 3:15.
22:31 Let me ask you: do you have the same elements in the story
22:33 of Moses that you have in Genesis 3:15?
22:36 Do you have enmity? Yes you do.
22:38 Do you have a women? Yes... Jochebed.
22:41 Do you have a seed? Yes... Moses.
22:44 Do you have the dragon wanting to kill the seed?
22:48 Absolutely! And so really this story of the exodus from
22:53 Egypt is really a re-enactment of the story
22:58 that is told in Genesis 3 and verse 15.
23:01 Now let's go in our Bibles to Revelation chapter 12
23:04 and verses 1 through 5.
23:06 Revelation chapter 12 verses 1 through 5.
23:09 And I'm going to read this passage...
23:13 I'm actually going to read all five verses... and then
23:15 we're going to study them more carefully.
23:19 It says here:
23:47 So do you have a Seed in her womb? Yes. OK. verse 3:
24:34 Question: do you have a woman in this passage?
24:39 Yes you do.
24:40 Do you have a dragon or a serpent in this passage?
24:45 Yes we do.
24:46 Do you have enmity in this passage?
24:49 Absolutely!
24:51 And do you have in this passage
24:54 a Seed which the woman is going to bring into the world?
24:58 Yes! This is really a development and an unfolding
25:04 of the prophecy of Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15.
25:08 And by the way, it is also a greater amplification
25:13 on a world-wide scale of the experience
25:17 that took place with Moses when he delivered Israel
25:20 from the land of Egypt.
25:22 By the way, do you know that the New Testament presents Jesus
25:25 as a new Moses or as one greater than Moses?
25:29 Notice the book of Hebrews chapter 3 and verses 1 and 2.
25:34 Hebrews chapter 3 and verses 1 and 2.
25:38 Here there's a comparison between Moses and Jesus.
25:42 It says there in verse 1:
26:04 In other words, Moses was great
26:07 but Jesus is greater than Moses.
26:11 In fact, do you know that Moses in Deuteronomy 18:15-18
26:16 predicted that a prophet greater than himself would arise
26:21 and that Israel was to listen to that prophet
26:24 greater than himself.
26:26 If you read Acts chapter 3 and verses 22 to 26
26:31 you'll discover that clearly in Acts 3:22-26
26:36 Peter identifies Jesus as that prophet
26:41 greater than Moses. In other words, Jesus is
26:45 going to do what Moses did but on a much larger and greater
26:49 scale. Whereas Moses delivered literal Israel from literal
26:54 bondage Jesus was going to deliver the human race
26:57 from spiritual bondage to sin.
27:01 Now let's draw the parallel.
27:03 Go with me once again to Revelation chapter 12
27:07 and verses 1 and 2. Revelation 12:1-2.
27:12 We just read those verses but let's read them again.
27:31 You have a women here in Revelation chapter 12
27:34 verses 1 and 2. Now in the Old Testament
27:37 you have a literal woman who brings Moses into the world.
27:41 But in Revelation chapter 12 the woman is symbolic.
27:45 What does the woman represent?
27:47 The woman represents the church.
27:51 The question is: which church?
27:53 The Old Testament church or the New Testament church?
27:56 It has to be the Old Testament church.
28:00 And you say: "How do we know that? "
28:01 Very simple. When John sees the woman
28:04 she is with child but the Child has not been born.
28:08 She's crying out in pain
28:10 because she wants this Child to be delivered.
28:13 She wants this Child to deliver God's people
28:16 just like Israel in the Old Testament was crying out
28:19 for deliverance. Now do you know that in the Old Testament
28:23 Israel is presented as the wife of God?
28:28 Notice what we find in Jeremiah 31 and verse 32.
28:33 Jeremiah 31 and verse 32.
28:37 This is speaking about the episode that took place
28:40 at Mt. Sinai and it says there...
28:43 Actually, let's read verse 31 for the context:
28:45 "Behold the days are coming says the Lord when I will make
28:48 a new covenant with the house of Israel
28:51 and with the house of Judah.
28:53 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers
28:57 in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them out of
29:00 the land of Egypt. " Now notice this:
29:03 "My covenant which they broke
29:07 though I was a... " What?
29:09 "Though I was a husband to them. "
29:12 So who is the husband of this woman?
29:15 The husband of this woman is God!
29:18 Who implanted Jesus in the womb of Mary?
29:22 God the Father did.
29:25 Are you with me or are you not with me?
29:27 In other words, the woman here represents
29:30 the Old Testament church culminating with Mary
29:34 who was a member of that church so to speak.
29:38 By the way, in Jeremiah 6 and verse 2
29:40 Israel is compared to a beautiful and delicate woman.
29:46 In other words, when you find in prophecy a woman
29:49 it represents the church.
29:52 And in the case of Revelation chapter 12 this woman
29:55 must represent God's church in the Old Testament
29:59 because when John sees the woman the Child has not yet
30:03 been born.
30:05 In other words, what John is seeing is the Old Testament
30:09 church moaning and groaning and crying out in labor pains
30:15 because they want the Messiah to be born into the world
30:19 to deliver the human race from sin.
30:23 Now you say: "How do you know that it's the Old Testament
30:25 church? " Well besides the fact
30:27 that this woman has not had the Child yet
30:31 we have another clue that indicates that this represents
30:35 the Old Testament church. Go with me to Genesis chapter 37
30:40 and verses 9 and 10.
30:42 Genesis 37 and verses 9 and 10.
30:46 It's speaking here about the sons of Jacob.
30:49 And it's very interesting to notice a dream that Joseph had.
30:54 Notice verse 9: "Then he dreamed still another dream
30:58 and told it to his brothers and said: 'Look, I have dreamed
31:03 another dream, and this time the sun, moon, and the 11 stars
31:09 bowed down to me. ' "
31:14 What are the brothers of Joseph compared to?
31:17 They are compared to stars.
31:20 Who would the 12th star be?
31:22 It would be Joseph.
31:24 The sun would be Jacob
31:27 and the moon would be his wife.
31:31 The eleven stars would be the brothers of Joseph
31:34 and the 12th star would be Joseph.
31:36 So what do the twelve stars represent?
31:38 They represent the sons of Jacob
31:42 which later became what? They became the tribes of Israel
31:46 which is God's Old Testament church.
31:50 Are you following what I'm saying?
31:51 In fact, in Genesis 49 verse 28 it says that
31:54 the 12 sons of Jacob became the 12 tribes of Israel.
32:00 Now let me ask you: were God's people in bondage
32:05 when Jesus was about to come to this world?
32:08 Yes they were. In bondage to what?
32:11 Are we talking literal bondage? I mean, were they literally
32:15 slaves of a slave master?
32:16 Absolutely not. They were slaves to what?
32:19 Slaves to sin. Notice John chapter 8.
32:23 John chapter 8 and we'll read verses 34 to 36.
32:28 John 8:34-36.
32:31 Jesus is speaking to the Jews who were expecting the Messiah
32:34 and notice what He says in verse 34:
33:02 So were God's people in slavery or in bondage
33:08 when Jesus came? Absolutely.
33:10 Were they crying out for a deliverer?
33:12 Yes. They were waiting for "the consolation of Israel"
33:16 it says in Luke chapter 1. And then of course
33:20 Jesus is born. And what was He born for?
33:25 Matthew chapter 1 and verse 21 has the answer.
33:28 "You will call His name Jesus
33:33 for He shall save His people from their... " What?
33:38 "He shall save His people from their sins. "
33:42 Was Jesus the Savior born into this world
33:45 to deliver His people from spiritual bondage to sin?
33:49 Were His people groaning and moaning, waiting for the
33:52 consolation of Israel? Absolutely. And by the way,
33:56 Jesus is born during the time of the legs of iron.
34:00 Don't forget that.
34:01 He's born during the period of the fourth kingdom
34:05 of Daniel chapter 2. Now let me ask you: when Jesus
34:08 was born was somebody waiting for Him?
34:12 Did somebody know that He was going to be born?
34:15 Absolutely. Notice Revelation chapter 12
34:19 and verses 3 and 4. Are you seeing the repetition
34:22 of the Moses story? Revelation 12:3-4.
34:27 It says here speaking about this dragon:
34:56 What is the name of this individual who wanted to
34:58 devour the child? The what?
35:01 The great dragon. Do you remember an Old Testament
35:05 individual who was called the great dragon?
35:07 Pharaoh. Now who really wanted the death of Jesus?
35:12 It was Satan, the great dragon.
35:16 Now who was that great dragon?
35:18 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9 has the answer.
35:21 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9
35:24 tells us who this dragon was.
35:25 It says: "So the great dragon was cast out,
35:29 that serpent of old" or 'that ancient serpent' as it says
35:32 in the King James, "called the devil and Satan
35:35 who deceives the whole world. He was cast to the earth
35:38 and his angels were cast out with him. "
35:41 So who is the dragon that stood next to the woman
35:44 to devour the Child as soon as the Child was born?
35:47 It was the great dragon Satan
35:50 the ancient serpent, which is a reference to Genesis 3:15.
35:57 Now how did the devil try and destroy Jesus?
36:00 The devil wanted to destroy Moses, didn't he?
36:03 Who did the devil use to try and destroy Moses?
36:07 Pharaoh. See, Pharaoh was the great dragon because he was
36:11 the instrument of "THE great dragon. "
36:14 Let me ask you: when Jesus was born
36:17 was there also THE great dragon who uses a great dragon
36:23 to try and destroy Christ?
36:24 Yes. What was the name of that individual?
36:27 He was called Herod.
36:30 Do you see that the devil has his seed?
36:33 Are you following me with Genesis 3 verse 15?
36:37 The devil works through his what? Through his seed
36:40 to destroy the woman's seed.
36:42 Now notice Matthew chapter 2 and verses 13 through 15.
36:46 Matthew chapter 2 and verses 13 through 15.
36:51 Here we find the story of how the devil tried
36:54 to destroy Jesus. He did not do it directly himself.
36:58 He did it through an instrument just like in the days of Moses.
37:00 It says in verse 13:
37:02 "Now when they had departed behold an angel of the Lord
37:05 appeared to Joseph in a dream saying: 'Arise!
37:08 Take the young child and His mother. Flee to Egypt. ' "
37:14 Where was the life of Jesus preserved?
37:16 In... Of course, that's all a coincidence.
37:19 In Egypt! Where was the life of Moses preserved?
37:23 In Egypt. And so it says: " 'Arise. Take the young child
37:27 and his mother. Flee to Egypt
37:28 and stay there until I bring you word
37:32 for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him. '
37:36 When he arose he took the young Child and His mother
37:39 by night and departed for Egypt
37:41 and was there until the death
37:44 of Herod that it might be
37:45 fulfilled which was spoken by
37:47 the Lord through the prophet
37:48 saying: 'Out of Egypt
37:50 I called My Son. ' "
37:52 Now notice verse 16:
38:16 Is he doing the same thing that Pharaoh did in the
38:19 Old Testament? Yes.
38:21 In the Old Testament it was a figure but in this case
38:24 it is the fulfillment of what we find in the story
38:28 of Moses. Incidentally,
38:32 do you know the devil tried to kill Jesus on other occasions
38:35 during His life? He didn't only try to kill Jesus
38:38 when Jesus was born.
38:41 Do you remember for example one time Jesus was preaching
38:44 a sermon in Nazareth and He said some very
38:46 politically incorrect things?
38:48 The people shoved Him out of the synagogue
38:51 and they took Him to a precipice and they wanted to throw Him
38:53 over the precipice. He disappeared from their midst.
38:56 He was actually covered by the angels so that the people
39:00 could not see Him. Who do you suppose was behind that?
39:05 The devil. You say: "Well, but if Jesus died
39:08 He would save us from our sins. " Listen,
39:10 the only death that would count was if Jesus offered His life
39:14 not if the devil took His life.
39:16 And the devil knew it. So he says: "If I am able to
39:18 kill Him before He gives His life
39:22 I will be successful. "
39:24 Once the devil tried to drown Jesus in a storm.
39:27 He was sleeping in a boat.
39:29 See we don't usually read these stories from this perspective.
39:31 We usually say: "Oh, there was this bad storm
39:34 you know, and Jesus calmed the storm. "
39:36 Listen, the devil knew that Jesus was sleeping in that boat
39:38 and the devil wanted to drown Jesus because it was not a time
39:41 of storms. Because all of the fishing boats were on the lake.
39:45 In Galilee, fisherman do not go out onto the lake
39:48 when it's stormy season. They simply don't.
39:50 And so this was a storm out of season.
39:53 On another occasion the devil tried to have Jesus stoned.
39:58 On several occasions people picked up stones to
40:00 stone Jesus. The devil was behind this.
40:03 But all through the life of Jesus God the Father
40:07 spared the life of Jesus.
40:09 The devil also tried to defeat Jesus by infiltrating
40:14 Him with sin. Are you seeing the same two methods
40:17 that the devil used in the Old Testament?
40:19 Try and kill the seed and try to corrupt the seed.
40:24 He did the same thing with Jesus.
40:26 He tried to kill Him repeatedly
40:28 and he tried to infect Jesus with the virus of sin.
40:32 But every time that the devil tried to infect Jesus
40:35 with the virus of sin Jesus said: "It is written"
40:40 and He resisted the temptation of Satan.
40:44 The devil also tried to get Jesus to retaliate.
40:48 You see, when Jesus is suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane,
40:52 when He's sweating drops of blood,
40:54 when Jesus is being beaten in Pilate's court
40:58 and in Herod's court, the devil is doing this because
41:03 he wants Jesus to do one of two things.
41:05 He wants Jesus to retaliate
41:07 and thus to sin - to deliver Himself -
41:10 or secondly he wants Jesus to give up and to leave
41:15 and go back to heaven without redeeming the human race.
41:18 He does not want Jesus to go to the cross and die.
41:22 He's causing these sufferings because he wants to bother Jesus
41:28 so much that Jesus will retaliate or Jesus will leave
41:32 when He sees that His disciples have forsaken Him,
41:34 that there's nobody with Him. The devil's saying:
41:36 "What's the use of You going through this?
41:38 Nobody's going to be saved. Everybody's forsaken You.
41:41 Go back to heaven where You're loved. "
41:44 But Jesus stuck with it.
41:47 And the Bible tells us that Jesus died as the Passover Lamb.
41:54 Is that what would happen for the deliverance of Israel
41:56 in the Old Testament?
41:58 Notice I Corinthians chapter 5.
42:00 I Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 7.
42:02 See Jesus is repeating the history of Israel.
42:05 I Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 7.
42:08 The apostle Paul says this:
42:10 "Therefore purge out the old leaven
42:14 that you may be a new lump
42:16 since you truly are unleavened.
42:18 For indeed, Christ our Passover
42:23 was sacrificed for us. "
42:26 And do you know what Jesus did when He died on the cross?
42:29 Notice John chapter 12.
42:31 John chapter 12, and let's read verses 31 to 33.
42:37 John 12 verses 31 to 33.
42:40 And I want you to notice the tense of the verbs.
42:42 Jesus says:
42:52 What tense is that verb?
42:55 "Now the ruler of this world will be cast out. "
43:01 Jesus has not died yet.
43:03 What was going to cast him out?
43:04 Notice... It continues saying there in verse 32:
43:22 What was it that cast out Satan as the king of this world?
43:26 What returned the kingdom and the world back to Jesus?
43:30 It was the death of Jesus on the cross.
43:33 Now we can remember Genesis 3:15.
43:36 God said that He's going to send a Seed to the world
43:38 and the Seed is going to crush the serpent's head.
43:41 And just a few verses further down in verse 21
43:45 God explains how that Seed
43:48 is going to crush the serpent's head.
43:50 It says in Genesis 3 verse 21
43:53 that lambs were sacrificed on that day.
43:57 And from the skins of the
43:59 sacrifice the nakedness of Adam
44:01 and Eve was covered.
44:03 In other words, they returned
44:04 to their original condition.
44:06 And so Genesis 3:15 said "The Seed will crush your head. "
44:10 Verse 21 of chapter 3 explains that it's the death
44:14 of the Lamb that will crush the serpent's head.
44:17 In John chapter 12 Jesus says: "The ruler of this world
44:20 will be cast out" and then He explains how.
44:23 It's because He is going to what?
44:26 Because He is going to die.
44:28 And when Jesus on the cross said: "It is finished! "
44:32 He had won back the kingdom of this world
44:35 and He had won back the earth to return to man
44:41 who lost it originally.
44:43 Now I want you to notice Revelation chapter 12:5.
44:46 By the way, we all know that Jesus died, right?
44:50 Was He buried?
44:52 Was He buried? Yes, He was buried.
44:55 What happened the 3rd day? He what?
44:58 He rose from the dead.
45:00 Did that happen to Moses?
45:03 Yeah. What happened to Moses after he rose from the dead?
45:07 He ascended to where? To heaven.
45:10 Now how about this male Child?
45:11 After He'd won the victory on the cross
45:14 He's buried. He dies... He's buried
45:18 and on the third day He what?
45:21 He resurrects! And where does He go?
45:25 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 5.
45:28 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 5.
45:31 It says here:
45:46 Now do you know how heaven felt when Jesus got back to heaven?
45:51 Let's notice Revelation chapter 12.
45:54 Revelation chapter 12 and I would like to begin reading
45:58 at verse 10. Revelation 12:10.
46:02 And I want you to notice the tense of the verbs here.
46:05 You see, in John 12 Jesus has not died yet.
46:08 He's pronouncing these words about Wednesday
46:10 before His crucifixion.
46:12 And so He says: "Now is the judgment of this world.
46:15 Now the prince of this world will be cast out. "
46:18 And then He says he will be cast out by His death.
46:22 But notice the tense of the verbs in Revelation chapter 12.
46:26 Jesus is now in heaven.
46:28 He's been "caught up to God and to His throne. "
46:30 Notice what it says in Revelation chapter 12
46:33 and verse 10:
47:00 What tense is the verb?
47:02 Past! Because He's already died on the cross.
47:06 He's already died as the Passover Lamb.
47:08 He's already delivered His people from bondage
47:12 to the great dragon and His people are on the way
47:15 to Canaan... eventually someday to enter there.
47:19 Notice verse 11:
47:20 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
47:23 and by the word of their testimony. And they did not
47:27 love their lives to the death. "
47:29 And now notice verse 12:
47:37 Let's stop there.
47:38 What are the heavens supposed to do because Jesus has cast
47:41 down the ruler of this world and now Jesus legally rules?
47:44 The heavens are supposed to what? Rejoice!
47:47 Why should they rejoice?
47:49 Because that pest can't go up there any more.
47:51 The accuser of the brethren has been cast down.
47:55 Jesus is now the representative of this world.
47:59 Jesus as the second Adam has legally recovered the world.
48:03 He hasn't empirically taken it yet,
48:06 but legally in court He has gained the world back.
48:10 And so it says here: "Rejoice O heavens
48:13 and you who dwell in them. "
48:15 But now notice:
48:17 "Woe... " You get that? "Rejoice! " "Woe. "
48:22 "Rejoice! " "Woe. "
48:24 Up there: "Rejoice! " Down here? "Woe. "
48:27 Why woe on earth?
48:54 Now we need to quickly look at the final stages
48:58 of Revelation chapter 12.
49:00 We've only discussed the first stage up till now,
49:03 and that's the one that I primarily wanted us
49:04 to understand. But there's 2 additional stages.
49:08 Let's go to Revelation chapter 12 and verse 6.
49:13 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 6.
49:16 What happens after this Child ascends to heaven?
49:19 The dragon is furious... he's enraged.
49:21 He can't vent his rage upon the Child any more
49:25 because the Child beat him and He's back in heaven.
49:27 So what does the devil have to do?
49:29 He has to take second best.
49:32 And what is second best?
49:35 To go after the woman.
49:38 Notice verse 6:
49:58 Where does the woman go? She flees into the what?
50:03 "Into the wilderness where God has prepared a place
50:06 for her and feeds here 1,260 days. "
50:11 Which are really what? Years.
50:13 Now the question is: why is she fleeing?
50:15 Who's persecuting her?
50:17 Well, later on in the chapter we have an explanation
50:20 of this verse. Notice verse 13:
50:27 Does the persecution of the woman have anything to do
50:29 with the fact that the devil has been cast out
50:31 as the ruler of this world?
50:33 He's filled with rage 'cause he doesn't have access to Jesus
50:35 any more. So it says:
50:42 See, now the enmity is between the serpent and the woman.
50:45 Genesis 3:15 has that also.
50:50 The serpent and the woman are at war
50:52 and the Seed of the woman and the serpent are at war.
50:55 He already warred against the Seed of the woman and lost
50:58 so now he goes after the woman.
51:01 And notice verse 14:
51:37 And so after the Child escapes
51:40 is there a period where the dragon goes after the woman?
51:44 Yes. How long does he go after the woman?
51:47 1,260 years.
51:50 Would you think that this would be the period of the feet
51:53 of the mixture of church and state?
51:55 All you have to do is look at history in the Middle Ages.
51:58 You see that it was the nominal church of the Middle Ages
52:01 that persecuted God's people who were in the wilderness
52:05 so to speak. The Waldenses and the Albigenses
52:09 and others had to flee from the established church
52:12 that wanted to destroy them because the church said
52:15 that they were heretics.
52:17 And so here you have the feet
52:19 of iron and clay, the mixture
52:21 of church and state. Now in Daniel 2 you don't have
52:23 any specific time period
52:25 given to the feet, but in our lecture on Daniel 7
52:29 we are going to study how after this dragon
52:33 rules for a period he's going to sprout ten horns.
52:37 And then among the 10 horns will rise a little horn
52:41 and the little horn will rule time, times, and the dividing
52:45 of time. Revelation 12 is covering the same period
52:49 as Daniel 2 and the same period as we will study
52:52 from Daniel chapter 7.
52:55 Now I want you to notice... We're not going to get into this
52:58 in detail, but when the woman is being persecuted
53:01 she flees into the wilderness. God maintains her there.
53:04 God feeds her there.
53:06 But then suddenly something comes to the rescue.
53:10 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 16 says:
53:14 "But the earth helped the woman. "
53:26 Does persecution come to an end?
53:30 Yes or no?
53:32 Absolutely. When would it come to an end?
53:33 It would have to be when the 1,260 years end
53:37 because the church - the woman - is persecuted
53:39 for 1,260 years.
53:43 So the earth helping the woman must come after this period.
53:48 The earth swallows up the waters of persecution.
53:51 Persecution ceases for a period.
53:55 Does it cease forever?
53:57 No. Notice the third stage of Revelation 12 in verse 17.
54:02 This will be our final closing verse.
54:09 Why? Because the earth helped the woman, right?
54:13 We'll talk about the earth later on in this seminar.
54:35 Do you have the same 4 elements in Revelation 12:17
54:39 as you have in Genesis 3:15?
54:42 Let's look at it. Do we have in Revelation 12:17
54:47 enmity? Yes or no?
54:50 Absolutely. Do we have in Revelation 12 verse 17
54:54 a woman? Yes we do.
54:57 Do we have in Revelation 12:17 a dragon or a serpent?
55:03 Yes. Do we have in Revelation 12:17
55:07 a seed? Yes we do.
55:10 And by the way, Revelation 12:17 is not speaking about the seed
55:13 of the woman, it's talking about the Seed's seed.
55:19 I'll let you digest that for a couple of seconds.
55:22 The warfare is not against the seed.
55:25 It's not even against the woman.
55:27 It's against the Seed's seed.
55:31 The final remnant of the woman's seed.
55:33 Now who is the woman's seed?
55:36 We already studied it. Verses 1 through 5 said that
55:38 the Seed of the woman that she bears is what?
55:41 Jesus. So who must the remnant of her Seed be?
55:46 If her Seed is Jesus, it must be the remnant of?
55:50 Jesus. You're not following me, are you?
55:54 It's the remnant of Jesus.
55:57 So are there going to be Christians in this world
55:59 in the final persecution of Satan against the church?
56:02 Absolutely.
56:04 By the way, in John chapter 12 and verse 24
56:09 Jesus says that unless a seed falls into the ground
56:11 and dies it cannot bear fruit.
56:14 But if it falls into the ground
56:17 and dies, it will grow into a plant and produce much fruit.
56:22 That Seed was Jesus.
56:24 When Jesus died on the cross He was planted in the earth.
56:27 He resurrected... He sprouted to new life.
56:30 The Seed died... and it sprouted.
56:33 And now, because Jesus died and resurrected,
56:36 what is He going to bear? He is going to bear
56:39 many children. The Seed's seed if you please.
56:44 That's why in Galatians chapter 3 it says that Jesus
56:48 is the Seed of Abraham.
56:50 He's the only Seed.
56:52 The promise was not made to seeds
56:54 but to the Seed, who was Christ.
56:56 But then later on in the chapter it says:
57:02 Because when we join Jesus we are the Seed's seed
57:06 and the devil hates us as much as he hated Jesus.
57:11 And so this verse is speaking about the final persecution
57:15 against the church at the very end of time
57:18 and we will study more about this as we move along
57:21 in this seminar.


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