Cracking the Genesis Code

The Battle For World Dominion

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01:13 Let's pray. Our Father,
01:16 we thank you so much for Your holy Word.
01:19 It would be a terrible thing to be in this world without
01:22 any guidance from You.
01:25 We just ask that as we open Your holy Word
01:29 and study this marvelous prophecy of Daniel 2
01:31 that Your Holy Spirit will be with us
01:34 and help us understand that we're living at the very
01:37 last moment of time.
01:39 Help us to commit our lives to Jesus fully and completely
01:44 that we might be ready for His glorious coming.
01:47 And we thank you for hearing our prayer.
01:49 For we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:53 We want to begin our study today in the book of Genesis
01:57 chapter 1 and verse 28.
02:00 Genesis chapter 1 and verse 28.
02:04 And I'm going to underline two ideas that we find
02:08 in this verse... which we have underlined before.
02:11 But we're going to look at this from a different perspective
02:14 in our study today.
02:17 Here God is creating man
02:22 and notice what He says... verse 28:
02:49 Two ideas. First of all man was given dominion
02:53 and secondly, the territory of his dominion was
02:58 everything relating to planet earth.
03:01 In other words, God expected Adam and Eve
03:06 to reproduce, to fill the earth with a holy race,
03:09 and that God's kingdom would spread all across the earth.
03:14 But then sin came into the world.
03:17 Notice what we find in the gospel of Luke chapter 4.
03:23 The gospel of Luke chapter 4. We read this before,
03:26 but let's read it again.
03:27 And beginning with verse 5.
03:32 The devil takes Jesus to a high mountain,
03:35 and I want you to notice what the devil shows Jesus.
03:40 It says in verse 5:
03:54 You can imagine the broad sweep of human history
03:58 that the devil shows Jesus.
04:01 And then notice what he says in verse 6:
04:23 Do you notice in this passage that at this point
04:26 the devil has stolen the kingdoms of this world?
04:30 Because he's offering them to Jesus and he's saying that they
04:34 have been given over to him.
04:36 And we understand that it was Adam that gave the kingdoms
04:40 over to Satan. And so you have the kingdom
04:44 going from Adam to Satan...
04:48 sitting on the throne and exercising dominion
04:51 because the devil usurped or stole the position of Adam.
04:57 In fact, the reason why Jesus came to this world
05:00 was to recover the throne and to recover the territory.
05:05 Jesus had to come to this world to live a life without sin.
05:09 He had to gain the victory where Adam failed.
05:13 And He came to this world to die for sin
05:16 to pay for all of our sins
05:18 so that Jesus could restore the throne to man
05:23 and could restore the earth and the kingdoms of the world
05:27 to man. And we know that Jesus gained the victory.
05:31 I want you to notice what happened as a result of the
05:35 victory of Christ.
05:37 We find it in the gospel of John chapter 12.
05:40 The gospel of John chapter 12 and I would like to begin
05:45 reading at verse 31. John 12 and verse 31.
05:51 Here Jesus says... This was, by the way,
05:55 a couple of days before the death of Christ. He says:
06:07 Who was the ruler of the world up till this point?
06:11 The devil. And what does Jesus say He's going to do?
06:14 He's saying: "I am going to cast him out. "
06:18 In other words, he's not going to be the ruler any more.
06:21 Now what great event led Jesus to remove the kingdom
06:27 at least legally from the hands of Satan?
06:29 Not empirically... because the devil still controls
06:32 most of the nations of the world.
06:34 But legally Jesus gained this earth back
06:38 when He won over Satan, when He lived a life without sin,
06:42 and when He paid for all the sins of the world,
06:46 Jesus legally - in God's court of law - won the world back.
06:50 And it's only a matter of time until He empirically
06:54 and actually takes control of it.
06:58 Now what event gave the world back to Jesus
07:01 as the second Adam, the repre- sentative of the human race?
07:05 Notice verse 32:
07:21 So what was the event that led to the victory of Jesus
07:25 over the devil and Jesus casting out the devil
07:28 as the ruler of this world and Jesus recovering the throne
07:32 of the world and this earth?
07:33 It was the death of Jesus on the cross.
07:37 When Jesus said "It is finished! "
07:39 the kingdoms now belonged once again to Jesus.
07:43 Jesus had recovered them from the hands of Satan.
07:47 In fact, this is the picture that we find in Revelation
07:50 chapter 12 and verse 12.
07:53 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 12.
07:55 And by the way, in our next lecture we're going to study
07:58 Revelation 12. That will be our chapter.
08:01 We'll go through it with a fine-tooth comb.
08:03 Now notice Revelation chapter 12 and verse 12:
08:07 This is speaking about the victory of Jesus
08:10 over Satan at the cross. And I'm going to read verse 10
08:14 and then I'm going to read verse 12. It says:
08:17 "Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven
08:20 'Now salvation and strength
08:24 and the kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ
08:29 has come. For the accuser of our brethren
08:32 who accused them before our God day and night
08:36 has been cast down. ' "
08:40 Now if we read this in the light of John 12
08:43 we know where he was cast down.
08:45 He was cast down at the cross!
08:47 And so this is the hymn that the heavenly beings are singing
08:51 in consequence of what Jesus has won.
08:55 They're singing. Notice: "The kingdom of God and
08:58 the power of His Christ have come for the accuser of our
09:01 brethren who accused them before our God day and night
09:04 has been cast down. " And then in verse 12:
09:10 You see, before Jesus died on the cross
09:12 whenever there was a meeting in heaven the devil went
09:15 as the representative from planet earth.
09:17 You find that, for example, in the book of Job.
09:19 Actually, Adam should have been in that meeting
09:22 but the devil went because he had taken over the kingship
09:24 of the world. But now we find John saying:
09:43 What has angered the devil?
09:45 The fact that the kingdoms of the world have now been
09:49 taken over by whom? By Jesus.
09:52 Now in our lecture today we are going to study
09:56 the battle for the kingship of the world as it's been
10:01 manifested from the times of the prophet Daniel
10:04 to the conclusion of the great controversy between
10:08 good and evil. Even though Jesus has legally gained the victory
10:12 over Satan, even though Jesus, in God's court of law,
10:16 has the title to this earth He has won, still there are
10:22 conflicts between kingdoms in this world.
10:24 The devil has come down with great wrath.
10:27 There still is the final battle that is going to take place
10:31 where Jesus is actually - empirically - going to take over
10:35 the rulership of this world.
10:37 And we want to study the battle that has been going on
10:40 between Christ and Satan in the history of the kingdoms
10:44 of the world from the days of Daniel until the very end
10:48 of time. Now before we get into
10:51 the study of Daniel 2
10:53 which will be our key chapter
10:55 we need to say something
10:56 about the great prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
11:00 They function on the basis of a method which is called -
11:05 I call it anyway - the historical flow method.
11:09 Basically, the historical flow method teaches that these
11:13 prophecies begin their fulfillment in the day in which
11:17 the prophet was writing.
11:20 And then those prophecies are fulfilled in sequence
11:24 and they culminate with the setting up of Christ's
11:28 everlasting kingdom. Now it's very important to realize
11:32 that in between the time when the prophet wrote
11:35 and when Jesus sets up His kingdom
11:37 there are no gaps in the sequence.
11:40 There are no parentheses.
11:43 In other words, there is a flow of continued events
11:47 one kingdom falling, the other rising
11:50 that kingdom falling, the other rising
11:52 without any gaps in between from the days of the prophet
11:56 until the second coming of Christ to set up His everlasting
12:01 kingdom. This is what is called the historical method
12:05 or the historical flow method.
12:07 The reason I call it the historical flow method
12:09 is because history flows continuously
12:13 without interruptions or gaps.
12:15 Now this is a beautiful way of interpreting prophecy
12:18 because you can know exactly where we are
12:20 in the course of history at this very moment
12:23 by looking at the sequence of events that have taken place
12:27 from the time that the prophet wrote.
12:29 And so if you follow the line of events in Daniel 2
12:33 you can know exactly where we are now
12:36 in the flow of human history.
12:38 Now let's turn in our Bibles to Daniel chapter 2
12:42 and examine this story.
12:43 And allow me to say that many times
12:46 preachers are so anxious to get to the moment of
12:50 talking about the great image of Daniel chapter 2
12:53 or the great statue of Daniel chapter 2
12:56 that they just very briefly pass over the first half
13:00 of the chapter. But there are some very important points
13:04 in the first half of the chapter that I want to deal with
13:07 before we talk about that great image which Nebuchadnezzar
13:10 saw in his dream.
13:12 Now go with me to Daniel chapter 2 and verse 29
13:16 and let's notice something very interesting here.
13:19 Daniel 2 and verse 29.
13:22 Here Daniel says to Nebuchadnezzar:
13:43 Now if you notice here that Nebuchadnezzar was thinking
13:48 about the future of his kingdom when he went to bed.
13:52 Let me ask you: is God able to read thoughts?
13:56 How do we know He is able to read thoughts in this story?
14:00 Because Daniel is saying: "Thoughts arose in your head
14:04 about what was going to be the future of your kingdom. "
14:07 And who knew what he was thinking?
14:10 God did! And so God, know- ing what the king is thinking,
14:14 gives him a dream to answer his concerns.
14:18 And so we find from the beginning of the story of
14:21 Daniel 2 when Nebuchadnezzar goes to bed
14:23 God knows what he's thinking and God is going to answer
14:28 his concerns.
14:30 God is able to read the mind because Nebuchadnezzar
14:35 thought this, and God gave him a dream in his thoughts.
14:39 Now it's interesting... We are told in the story that
14:43 after God gave him this dream
14:45 when Nebuchadnezzar woke up he forgot the dream.
14:50 Do you think it was an accident that he forgot the dream?
14:54 Who do you suppose led Nebuchadnezzar to forget
14:58 the dream? Well... God knew what he was thinking.
15:02 God gave the dream.
15:04 And so now, undoubtedly, when Nebuchadnezzar wakes up
15:08 and forgets the dream you might call this some type of
15:13 divinely-induced amnesia.
15:17 In other words, it's God that leads him to forget his dream.
15:21 And you say: "Why would God give him a dream
15:23 and then God lead him to forget the dream? "
15:26 There was a very good reason.
15:29 And the reason is very simple.
15:32 God knew that when Nebuchadnezzar woke up
15:36 he was going to call the astrologers, the magicians,
15:41 the individuals who claimed to have communion with the gods,
15:46 to come and tell the king his dream and what the dream meant.
15:51 Now notice Daniel chapter 2 and verse 10.
15:56 Daniel chapter 2 and verse 10.
16:20 Do you notice here what God is doing?
16:23 God is unmasking these methods as totally incapable
16:28 of revealing the dream and its meaning.
16:31 In other words, the reason why God led Nebuchadnezzar
16:35 to forget this dream is because He knew that Nebuchadnezzar
16:39 was going to call all of these charlatans
16:42 and they were not going to be able to tell the dream.
16:44 And in this way God would reveal that the religion of Babylon
16:48 was bankrupt.
16:51 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
16:53 God is actually taking this opportunity
16:56 to show that these methods simply do not work.
17:00 By the way, we see very clearly here that the devil
17:03 is not able to read the mind.
17:05 Do you think the devil was dying to whisper in the ear
17:09 of the astrologers and the magicians what the dream was?
17:14 Oh, it was to his advantage to do it.
17:16 Tell them: "this is the dream" so that then they would tell
17:19 the dream and people would say: "See, the religion of Babylon
17:22 works. You can consult the stars;
17:24 you can consult the magicians; you can consult the astrologers
17:28 because look, they told the king his dream. "
17:31 But the fact is, the devil was not able to tell them the dream
17:34 because the devil was not able
17:36 to read Nebuchadnezzar's thoughts.
17:39 Who is in control in this story?
17:41 In control in this story is God.
17:45 And by the way I'm not going to take the time
17:47 to read Deuteronomy 18. You can do it at your leisure.
17:50 It's on your list of texts.
17:51 Deuteronomy 18 verses 9-12 has a long list
17:55 of occult practices which God forbids.
17:59 Among those practices is astrology,
18:02 channeling... that is, trying to communicate with the dead,
18:07 also the idea of consulting the crystal ball,
18:12 going to psychics.
18:14 All of these methods are forbidden by God.
18:18 In fact, He says there in Deuteronomy chapter 18
18:21 that whoever practices these methods to discover what God
18:25 has in store for the future
18:27 is to be taken out
18:28 and is to be put to death.
18:31 And so these individuals were
18:32 not able to tell the king
18:34 his dream.
18:37 In fact, when the king comes
18:40 and he tells these men: "I want you to tell me
18:43 the dream and I want you to tell me the interpretation
18:46 of the dream, " I want you to notice what they say
18:50 in Daniel chapter 2 and verse 11.
18:53 Daniel chapter 2 and verse 11.
18:56 Remember, these were the individuals who claimed to be
18:58 able to communicate with the gods. Now they're going to admit
19:01 "our religion is bankrupt. "
19:04 Chapter 2 and verse 11 says:
19:22 In other words: "The gods... they keep secrets. "
19:25 "They don't care about us who dwell in the flesh. "
19:29 "Only the gods who don't inhabit in flesh could actually
19:34 reveal these secrets. "
19:35 Now let me ask you: is this in contrast to the
19:38 God of the Bible?
19:39 You know, there's a verse in the gospel of John
19:42 which is the exact antithesis to this.
19:45 John 1 verse 14.
19:47 It says: "The Word was made... " What?
19:51 "was made flesh. "
20:05 The Bible tells us that God is a God who communicates.
20:08 He even takes human flesh to communicate God to us.
20:13 What a contrast with these gods of the Babylonians.
20:16 They don't dwell with flesh. They don't care to reveal
20:20 what's going to happen in the future or dreams
20:23 or the interpretation of dreams.
20:25 What a difference between them and the God of the Bible.
20:29 Now I want you to notice that there's a play and a counterplay
20:33 of events here in Daniel chapter 2.
20:36 When Nebuchadnezzar brings these men and they're not able
20:40 to tell the king his dream much less what the dream means
20:44 what does Nebuchadnezzar do?
20:47 He commands that all of the wise men in Babylon
20:52 be what? Be slain.
20:56 Go with me to Daniel chapter 2. Daniel chapter 2 because there's
20:59 a very important point here.
21:01 Daniel chapter 2 and verses 12 and 13.
21:05 Daniel 2:12-3.
21:08 "For this reason the king was angry and very furious
21:12 and gave the command to destroy all the wise men of Babylon. "
21:18 Nebuchadnezzar is saying that his religion is bankrupt.
21:21 "So you guys... what do I pay you for?
21:24 I mean, you have no communion with the gods.
21:27 Be real. " Now why? Who's acting on the mind
21:31 of Nebuchadnezzar to kill these wise men?
21:35 It's Satan. Why? Notice verse 13:
21:51 So what is the devil doing? He's saying: "Ah-ha!
21:53 You unmasked my astrologers and my magicians
22:00 and you showed that the religion of Babylon is bankrupt.
22:02 OK, I'll take second best. Now I'll use your method
22:07 and I'm going to have Daniel and his three friends killed...
22:11 your servants. " What is the devil trying to do?
22:14 He wants to destroy Daniel and his three friends.
22:17 Why do you suppose he wanted to destroy Daniel
22:18 and his three friends? Because in Daniel chapter 1
22:22 the devil had seen how Daniel and his three friends
22:25 were faithful to God in matters of diet.
22:30 And when the devil saw that they said: "We will not eat
22:34 the food which is forbidden by God that the king serves us.
22:37 We will not drink his wine. " The devil says: "Oh-oh,
22:42 these are a potential problem.
22:46 I can't have them around. "
22:48 And so the devil influences Nebuchadnezzar
22:51 to kill all of the wise men in the hopes that Daniel
22:55 and his friends will also be what?
22:58 Will also be killed.
22:59 But you know God always laughs last
23:03 because by the very act of Nebuchadnezzar
23:07 sending out a decree to kill the wise men
23:10 that very act brings Daniel to prominence in the kingdom.
23:16 Do you see that there's a play and counterplay of things
23:19 that are happening here? You see, it's like a tug-of-war
23:23 in the background.
23:24 What's happening in Daniel 2 on the level of history
23:29 on the level of events that can be seen
23:31 is only a reflection of certain movements
23:35 that are taking place in the invisible world between Christ
23:39 and Satan. God working to save Nebuchadnezzar
23:44 and save Babylon and the devil seeking to destroy.
23:49 And then of course the Bible tells us
23:51 that Daniel finally came before the king.
23:54 And by the way, we all know that text in Amos chapter 3
23:57 and verse 7 where it says that:
24:09 So is God a God who reveals secrets?
24:13 What did the gods of Babylon do?
24:15 They concealed secrets.
24:17 You see, the gods of the pagans were gods that were capricious.
24:21 They enjoyed partying.
24:23 You know you read stories about them partying up there
24:26 and not being concerned at all
24:27 about what's happening on planet earth.
24:29 But the God of the Bible is a God who wants to reveal
24:33 the future; He wants to reveal His secrets.
24:36 And so we notice in Daniel chapter 2- if you'll go with me
24:40 there - Daniel chapter 2 and beginning in verse 17.
25:11 Do you see what's going on here?
25:13 The devil wants to get rid of them.
25:16 Then it says in verse 19: "Then the secret was revealed
25:19 to Daniel in a night vision.
25:22 So Daniel blessed the God of heaven. "
25:26 Do you notice here what method God used to communicate
25:30 His will to Daniel. It wasn't a crystal ball.
25:34 It wasn't his sign of the zodiac.
25:37 It wasn't going to a psychic.
25:40 It wasn't reading a crystal ball.
25:42 It wasn't going to a channeller.
25:45 It wasn't going to a palm reader.
25:48 The Bible tells us that Daniel went directly in prayer
25:52 to the God of heaven, and the God of heaven
25:55 revealed the secret to Daniel.
25:59 Now if Daniel had been one of those television evangelists
26:04 today he probably would have taken all of the credit
26:06 for this great miracle that had taken place.
26:09 But when he goes before the king
26:11 I want you to notice what he says
26:13 in Daniel chapter 2 and verses 27 and 28.
26:17 Daniel chapter 2 verses 27 and 28.
26:21 "Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said:
26:24 'The secret which the king has demanded the wise men,
26:28 the astrologers, the magicians, and the soothsayers cannot
26:32 declare to the king. But there is a God in heaven
26:37 who reveals secrets, and He has made known to
26:42 King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days.
26:46 Your dream and the visions of your head upon your bed
26:51 were these. ' "
26:54 And then Daniel tells the king his dream.
26:59 Now let's notice that dream in Daniel chapter 2
27:02 and verses 31 to 35.
27:05 I want this to be very clear in our minds the sequence
27:08 that we have in Daniel 2 and verses 31 to 35.
27:13 It says here in verse 31:
27:16 "You, O king, were watching. And behold a great image.
27:24 This great image whose splendor was excellent
27:27 stood before you and its form was awesome... "
27:57 You notice that? Gold, silver, bronze, iron.
28:01 Do you notice that the value of the metal deteriorates
28:05 as you go from Daniel's day till the end?
28:09 So much for the idea that history is moving toward
28:10 the golden age. God would have put the statue
28:14 upside down if that was true.
28:17 But history is degenerating,
28:19 shown by the devaluation of the metals.
28:23 And then it says in verse 34:
28:35 "Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold
28:39 were crushed together and became like the chaff
28:43 from the summer threshing floors.
28:45 The wind carried them away so that no trace of them was
28:48 found. And the stone that struck the image
28:50 became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. "
28:56 Gold, silver, bronze, iron,
29:01 iron and clay. Then a stone
29:04 cut out from a mountain
29:06 comes down. Strikes the image
29:08 on the feet. Totally demolishes it,
29:11 and the stone becomes a mountain
29:14 that fills the whole earth.
29:16 That was the dream that Nebuchadnezzar received.
29:22 Now Daniel also gave the interpretation of the dream.
29:27 That is, he not only told the king the dream
29:30 but he told him what the dream meant.
29:32 By the way, the Bible teaches that God is able to tell the end
29:36 from the beginning. Isaiah 46:9-10 tells us
29:40 that God knows the end from the beginning.
29:42 And this is an example - a clear, Biblical example -
29:45 of God being able to predict with absolute precision
29:50 events which were going to take place hundreds and thousands
29:54 of years after they were written.
29:57 Now let's notice the interpretation of this dream
30:02 as we find it in Daniel chapter 2 and beginning at
30:05 verse 37. Daniel chapter 2 and verse 37.
30:11 Here comes the interpretation or the meaning of the dream.
30:15 It says:
30:20 Why? Because he had better armies?
30:23 Because he was a wiser warrior?
30:25 Because he had better weapons?
30:28 Is that why Nebuchadnezzar was a king of kings?
30:31 Absolutely not. Notice what it continues saying:
30:57 Why was Nebuchadnezzar king?
30:59 Because God placed him as king.
31:02 In verse 21 it says that God places kings
31:06 and God removes kings. So who is really in control
31:10 of human history? Who is really in control is God
31:13 sitting on His throne in a serene and calm eternity
31:19 guiding the events of planet earth.
31:22 And then the last part of verse 38 says:
31:27 "You are this head of gold. "
31:32 What is the head of gold? Nebuchadnezzar.
31:36 Now we need to understand that when it says:
31:38 "You are the head of gold" it's talking not only about
31:40 Nebuchadnezzar it's talking about his kingdom.
31:43 Because a king has a kingdom.
31:45 And by the way, that's reflected in the next verse
31:48 where it says that after him would arise another kingdom.
31:51 See? After you will arise another kingdom.
31:55 You can't have another kingdom unless Nebuchadnezzar's...
31:58 unless Nebuchadnezzar had a kingdom.
32:01 Are you following what I'm saying?
32:02 And so the Lord says: "You or your kingdom
32:07 is the head of gold. " Now what kingdom was that?
32:10 Babylon. By the way, Babylon existed
32:13 from the year 605 BC
32:18 to the year 539 BC.
32:22 That was the period of dominion of the Babylonian Empire.
32:26 So Babylon did arise and did rule
32:30 the way this prophecy said.
32:32 But now notice verse 39.
32:45 Do you notice that the devaluation of the metals
32:48 does mean that kingdoms are going to be inferior?
32:51 Particularly when it comes to moral quality.
32:56 Now notice it says once again in verse 39:
33:00 "But after you shall arise another kingdom
33:03 inferior to yours. "
33:06 Now let me ask you: which kingdom rose
33:09 after the kingdom of Babylon?
33:11 All you have to do is read history books.
33:14 It was the kingdom of the Medes and Persians.
33:17 By the way, you don't even have to read history books.
33:19 All you have to do is read Daniel 5.
33:21 Daniel 5 speaks about the handwriting on the wall
33:24 when Belshazzar was king in Babylon.
33:27 And it very clearly says: "The kingdom is taken from you"
33:30 from Babylon "and is given
33:33 to the Medes and Persians. " All you need is Daniel.
33:36 You don't even have to go to history
33:38 because the Medes and Persians are mentioned by name.
33:41 But of course history backs up what scripture says.
33:44 By the way, the Medes and Persians ruled from the year
33:48 539 BC to the year 331 BC.
33:53 And then I want you to notice how this story continues.
33:57 It says there in Daniel chapter 2 and verse 39
34:01 once again: "But after you shall arise another kingdom
34:04 inferior to yours. " And now notice:
34:14 Now let me ask you: what was that third kingdom
34:16 which overcame and gained the victory over Medo-Persia?
34:21 You read history books and it's Greece.
34:23 But you don't even need the history books
34:25 because if you go to Daniel chapter 8
34:28 which we're not going to study in this series by the way
34:31 but I've preached on this in other venues
34:34 but in Daniel chapter 8 the Medes and Persians are mentioned
34:37 by name and then the kingdom of Greece is mentioned by name
34:43 as following the Medes and Persians.
34:45 So in Daniel chapter 2 and chapter 8
34:48 you have these three kingdoms mentioned by name:
34:51 Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece.
34:55 There's no doubt that these are these three kingdoms.
34:58 The first Babylon, the second Medo-Persia,
35:00 and the third Greece. But that's not all the story.
35:04 Notice verse 40. It says:
35:27 Now what empire overcame the kingdom of Greece?
35:32 It was Rome.
35:33 History will tell you that.
35:35 Now Rome is not mentioned in
35:36 this prophecy, but by knowing
35:38 that the first is Babylon, the second is Medo-Persia,
35:40 and the third is Greece you know that the fourth one
35:42 has to be Rome.
35:44 Because you have a chain of powers that are being mentioned
35:47 in this prophecy. By the way, the great historian
35:51 of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon,
35:54 wrote a series of volumes called The Decline and Fall
35:57 of the Roman Empire. I have that set.
35:59 I think it's probably seven or eight volumes.
36:02 He called Rome "the iron monarchy of Rome. "
36:08 And those of you who have seen movies of Rome
36:11 know how they just totally trampled on any army
36:17 that they came in contact with
36:18 and their weapons were made of iron.
36:21 They destroyed mercilessly when they went to battle.
36:25 And so this fourth kingdom is the kingdom of Rome.
36:29 But now I want you to notice that something very interesting
36:33 happens. Verse 41:
36:49 What kingdom shall be divided?
36:52 The fourth, right?
37:01 Let me ask you: does Rome continue in the feet?
37:06 You tell me. Does Rome continue in the feet?
37:08 How do we know that?
37:10 Because the legs are of iron and the iron is Rome.
37:15 So if the feet have iron, Rome must what?
37:20 Must continue in the feet, but how does Rome continue?
37:24 In a what? In a divided state it says here.
37:29 In a divided state. And I want you to notice
37:32 that not only do you have Rome divided...
37:34 You know, it could have been illustrated by saying
37:37 the feet are also of iron and they have ten toes
37:39 and that means ten kingdoms.
37:40 But this kingdom was going to be different than all of the
37:43 other kingdoms also.
37:45 It was going to be divided in ten, but it was going to be
37:47 different because it was not composed only of iron
37:50 but it was mixed with what? It was mixed with clay.
37:56 Was it still going to be a Roman kingdom? Yes.
38:00 Was it going to be a different kind of Roman kingdom? Yes.
38:04 Was it going to be an amalgamated Roman kingdom?
38:09 Was it going to have two substances mixed
38:12 which really should not be mixed?
38:15 What person in his right mind would build a house
38:18 on a foundation of iron mixed with clay?
38:25 There is a certain unity in Daniel 2
38:28 of the iron and the clay.
38:30 But they should not exist together.
38:32 They're brought together, two elements.
38:35 It is a role that is amalgamated.
38:38 The iron of Rome - the political power of Rome -
38:41 continues, but there is another substance which is added to the
38:44 iron which is the clay.
38:47 Now what does this mixture of iron and clay represent?
38:50 Well let me say first of all that when Rome...
38:53 when the Roman Empire fell in the year 476 AD
38:56 the last emperor was Romulus Augustulus.
38:59 That's a mouthful.
39:01 You know, he was deposed and there were no more emperors
39:04 of Rome. In fact, the Barbarians were invading from
39:07 the northern sector of the empire. And they came
39:10 and they carved up what had been the territory of the Roman
39:13 Empire. And those kingdoms which they established
39:17 carving up what had been Rome
39:19 are the present countries in Europe.
39:23 Do you know that the Roman Empire... there was 1 language
39:27 and there was one culture all over the Empire?
39:31 But when Rome was divided now you have French and
39:34 you have German and you have Spanish
39:37 and you have Portuguese... all of these different languages.
39:40 Because what had been the Roman Empire
39:42 was divided into 10 kingdoms.
39:47 Now what is this mixture of iron and clay?
39:51 We're going to have to go very quickly here.
39:53 Go with me to Jeremiah chapter 18.
39:56 We have to allow scripture to explain scripture.
39:59 Jeremiah chapter 18 and I want to read verses 1-6.
40:05 By the way, we're dealing with symbols here, are we not?
40:07 Let me ask you: is the gold a symbol?
40:10 Is it a symbol?
40:12 Is the silver a symbol?
40:15 Is the bronze a symbol?
40:17 Is the iron a symbol?
40:20 Is the stone a symbol?
40:23 Is the mountain a symbol?
40:25 So must the clay also be a symbol?
40:28 It must represent something beyond literal clay.
40:32 Now the question is: what does clay represent in scripture
40:36 so that we can understand what the mixture of iron and clay is?
40:40 Jeremiah 18:1-6. It says:
41:07 By the way, did you notice that in Daniel chapter 2
41:11 this was not just any kind of clay. It was potter's clay.
41:15 Potter's clay. So if you want to know what potter's clay means
41:19 you have to go to other passages in scripture that
41:21 speak about potter's clay, and that's what we're doing.
41:24 Now notice what it continues saying. Verse 4:
41:27 "And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand
41:30 of the potter. " By the way, that represents the Babylonian
41:33 captivity. When Nebuchadnezzar came and took them captive
41:36 Israel was shattered. But now notice:
41:46 In other words, he brought Israel back to her land.
41:49 Now you say: "Is this the right interpretation? "
41:51 Let's continue reading.
41:53 "Then the Word of the Lord came to me saying:
41:56 'O house of Israel can I not do with you... ' "
42:14 What did the potter represent in the Old Testament?
42:18 It represented God's people.
42:21 God's Old Testament church.
42:23 Israel. Is that clear in your mind?
42:27 Now, let's go to Isaiah 64 and verse 8.
42:33 Isaiah chapter 64 and verse 8.
42:36 This is another text which mentions potter's clay.
42:41 It's referring to creation.
42:43 Isaiah 64 and verse 8 says this:
43:06 So what is composed of clay according to this text?
43:10 Our what? What's composed of clay?
43:14 Our what? Our body, right?
43:19 Who formed the body out of clay?
43:22 God did. He's the Father; He's the Potter.
43:27 We are the Potter's what? Clay... and He formed us.
43:31 Now go with me to Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7
43:34 and notice something very interesting here
43:36 referring to the creation of man.
43:39 Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7.
43:43 Here it says:
43:48 Isaiah 64 explains that the dust was really what?
43:51 It was clay.
44:14 The body became animated. Can I say it that way?
44:18 So the body made of clay by the Potter - God -
44:22 plus the breath that goes into the body
44:25 animates the members of the body
44:27 so that they can all fulfill their function.
44:29 Are you with me or not?
44:31 And of course, Israel is compared with the clay
44:34 because Israel is God's spiritual body in the
44:37 Old Testament. They are God's church in the Old Testament.
44:40 Are you following me or not?
44:41 So it can be said physically about man
44:44 that man's body was formed out of clay,
44:47 God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,
44:50 can also be said of Israel. Because God also formed Israel
44:54 spiritually speaking out of clay
44:56 and then God gave them what? God gave them life
45:00 so that that could function as His people, as His church.
45:05 Now we have one more link that we need to take a look at,
45:07 and that is in the New Testament.
45:10 Go with me to Colossians chapter 1.
45:14 Colossians chapter 1 and let's read verse 18.
45:18 Colossians 1 and verse 18.
45:20 Very interesting verse. It's speaking about God's
45:25 New Testament church.
45:26 No longer is it talking about Israel.
45:28 It's talking about the New Testament church.
45:30 It says there is Colossians chapter 1 and verse 18
45:34 the following:
45:43 Who formed the church? Who formed the church?
45:48 Jesus says: "You are Peter...
45:53 and upon this rock I will build My church. "
46:00 So who formed the church? Who chose the first disciples?
46:03 Who evangelized the first people that became the nucleus of
46:06 the church? Jesus did. Did Jesus form the church?
46:10 Yes He did. He formed the church.
46:13 But let me ask you: when He formed the church
46:15 what needed to happen so the church could begin
46:17 to function?
46:21 Do you remember what happened on the Day of Pentecost?
46:24 They were all gathered together in one accord.
46:27 Had the body all come together?
46:30 Had the body been formed by Jesus?
46:32 Oh yes it had. But what was lacking?
46:35 The breath of life.
46:37 And so what did God do on the Day of Pentecost?
46:40 He breathed into the church what?
46:43 The Holy Spirit... the breath of life.
46:45 Let me ask you: did the church now stand up
46:47 and all of the parts of the body according to the apostle Paul
46:51 in I Corinthians 12... Did all of the parts of the body
46:53 begin to function? Absolutely!
46:57 And so what does the clay represent?
47:02 Tell me. What does the clay represent?
47:04 It represents the church.
47:07 Because as the body of man was made by clay
47:10 the church which is the body of Christ is made with
47:13 spiritual clay.
47:15 As man received the breath of
47:17 life in order to physically live
47:19 the church received the spirit
47:20 of life on the Day of Pentecost.
47:22 As Adam's members began functioning
47:25 when his body was animated by the spirit or the breath
47:28 that came from God, the church now becomes animated
47:30 when it receives the breath of life on the Day of Pentecost.
47:36 And so the clay that formed the body of man
47:38 is symbolic of spiritual clay of which Jesus
47:42 formed what? The church.
47:46 Are you following me or not?
47:47 So let me ask you then - going back to Daniel chapter 2-
47:53 what kind of Rome are we talking about here?
47:57 Are we talking only about an Empire, a political Empire
48:01 of Rome? Or are we talking about a different kind of Rome?
48:07 Are we talking about a Rome that is a political power
48:10 but also is mixed with the church?
48:14 Are you following me or not?
48:16 Is anybody alive out there?
48:18 Have you received the spirit of life? Praise the Lord!
48:21 Come on... animate me, folks.
48:27 Good to hear those amens.
48:30 Now are you following what I'm saying?
48:33 The iron is the political power of Rome.
48:36 That's the fourth kingdom.
48:38 But now an added element... the clay... comes into play
48:44 and the clay represents the church.
48:46 Which means that after the fall of the Roman Empire
48:49 the empire was going to continue in a divided state
48:52 but it was going to be a union of what?
48:55 Of church and state.
48:59 Is that historically true?
49:02 I want you to remember when we're studying because
49:06 this is the skeleton of Bible prophecy.
49:09 Everything else is built on it.
49:11 You know, the reason why there are so many jellyfish
49:15 interpretations of Bible prophecy is because those
49:18 interpretations have no backbone.
49:21 It has no structure. This is the key prophecy.
49:25 This is the backbone of prophecy.
49:27 If we understand this prophecy, all of the others
49:29 fit within its sequence and its structure.
49:33 So there was going to be a kingdom which would unite
49:38 church and state.
49:40 But now we come to the best part.
49:43 There's a stone. Who is that stone?
49:48 Go with me to Matthew chapter 21.
49:50 Matthew chapter 21.
49:53 Let's see who that stone is, the stone that crushes
49:57 and destroys, particularly those who reject it.
50:02 It says in Matthew 21 and verses 42 and 44...
50:06 Matthew chapter 21 and verse 42 we find these words:
50:11 "Jesus said to them: 'Have you never read in the
50:13 scriptures the stone which the builders rejected
50:17 has become the Chief Cornerstone.
50:19 This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in your eyes. ' "
50:22 Verse 44:
50:33 Is that what happened in Daniel chapter 2?
50:36 See, you can accept Jesus and have your heart broken
50:39 or converted. And if you don't,
50:43 the stone will fall upon you and crush you.
50:46 That's a very strong warning that God gives in scripture.
50:51 And so who is this stone?
50:53 The stone is Jesus. By the way, did you notice
50:56 that in Daniel 2:34 it says that this stone was cut out
50:59 without hands?
51:03 What does that mean it was "cut out without hands? "
51:07 Go with me to Hebrews 9 verse 11.
51:09 Let's notice that expression "without hands. "
51:12 Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 11.
51:15 It's not speaking about the stone, but it's speaking about
51:18 the sanctuary. And it's the same expression.
51:20 So we can determine what this expression means
51:23 by reading Hebrews 9 and verse 11.
51:26 It says here:
51:51 Why is the stone made without hands?
51:54 Because it is a stone that was not made in this world.
51:59 It was a stone - a supernatural stone -
52:02 that comes from the other world.
52:04 Now the question is: who is this stone?
52:07 The stone is Jesus. By the way, did you notice
52:10 that the stone is cut out of the mountain?
52:14 We read that the stone is cut out of the mountain.
52:17 Taken out of the mountain and then it comes
52:20 and it crushes the image. And I would add that
52:23 afterwards the stone is taken and put back in the mountain.
52:26 Even though the prophecy doesn't say so.
52:28 What is this idea of the stone being cut out of a mountain?
52:31 Which mountain?
52:33 We need to allow scripture to interpret scripture.
52:36 Go with me to I Peter chapter 2 and verse 6.
52:38 I Peter chapter 2 and verse 6.
52:40 Here we find an explanation of which mountain is being
52:43 spoken about and what cutting out the stone means.
52:46 It says in I Peter chapter 2 and verse 6:
53:14 What did God put in Mt. Zion?
53:17 A precious stone.
53:19 Who is that stone? It's Jesus.
53:22 So what does it mean when it says that the stone
53:24 will be taken out of Mt. Zion
53:26 and will come down and smash the image?
53:28 It must be referring to the fact that Jesus is going to
53:31 leave Mt. Zion someday -
53:33 that stone, that precious
53:35 stone - and is going to come
53:36 down to this earth
53:38 and He's going to destroy
53:39 the kingdoms of the world
53:41 and He's going to establish a kingdom which shall never
53:45 be destroyed.
53:47 Now, let's go to the climax:
53:51 Daniel chapter 2 and verse 44.
53:55 This is what we're looking forward to.
53:57 Daniel chapter 2 and verse 44.
54:00 It says here:
54:23 By the way, the mountain in scripture represents
54:26 a kingdom. Babylon in Jeremiah 51 verse 25 is
54:30 called a mountain, a kingdom.
54:33 Zion is the place where God's kingdom is found.
54:37 Revelation 17 speaks about seven mountains which represent
54:41 seven kings or kingdoms.
54:43 In other words, mountains represent kingdoms.
54:45 So if this stone is going to come and destroy all of the
54:50 kingdoms of the world and then this stone is going to
54:53 become a mountain, it means that it's going to
54:56 become a world wide what? A world-wide kingdom
55:00 which will never be destroyed.
55:03 Now I want you to notice
55:06 Daniel chapter 7 and verses 26 and 27.
55:12 Referring also to this same fact, Daniel 7:26-27.
55:18 It says: "But the court shall be seated, and they shall take
55:21 away his dominion. " This is talking about the little horn
55:24 which comes up among the ten kingdoms.
55:26 We'll discuss it later on.
55:27 "To consume and destroy forever. "
55:48 That's what we're looking forward to.
55:51 And then, of course, as prophecy says
55:54 "the meek will inherit the earth. "
56:00 And Jesus once again will restore the kingdom
56:02 to man that was lost at the very beginning.
56:07 And we will live in a new heavens and a new earth
56:11 where righteousness dwells.
56:15 Now allow me to mention some lessons from this chapter
56:18 in closing. Lesson number one:
56:22 the world is not spiraling out of control.
56:26 God knows exactly what's happening.
56:29 He has revealed the end from the beginning.
56:33 Everything has happened the way He said.
56:36 He's in control of human history.
56:39 We have nothing to fear.
56:41 By the way, if history was declared by God so long
56:45 in advance, if all of the events of Daniel 2
56:48 have taken place: Babylon, Medo-Persia,
56:51 Greece, Rome, the ten divisions of Rome,
56:54 the mixture of the iron and the clay which we'll talk
56:56 more about in Daniel 7, what makes you think that
56:59 the last event isn't going to take place?
57:02 If everything has taken place just the way God said,
57:05 we know that the last event will take place.
57:07 And by the way, it's very soon
57:10 because we are presently living in the toenails of the image.
57:16 The toes are the last part and then Jesus will establish
57:21 His everlasting kingdom where righteousness dwells.


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