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New Age Or Ancient Lie?

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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:13 Our Father in Heaven, we thank You for this wonderful day that
01:17 You have given us.
01:18 We thank You for the privilege of living in a country
01:21 where we can worship freely, and read Your Holy Word
01:25 freely and obey it.
01:27 We ask that as we open that word this evening that You will
01:32 be with us through the presence of Your Holy Spirit.
01:34 Help us to understand the very important issues
01:39 that we're going to bring forth tonight.
01:41 We thank You Lord for hearing our prayer for we ask it
01:45 in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:47 The title of our study today is, New Age or Ancient Lie?
01:59 And we want to begin our study at Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:9.
02:09 There's a very important principle that is expressed here
02:14 in what is known as The Lord's Prayer.
02:17 Matthew 6:9. Here Jesus says this:
02:36 Now why are we beginning our study with this verse?
02:39 Because this verse has some very important information
02:45 which will be useful in our study in understanding our study
02:50 for this evening.
02:51 First of all this verse makes it very clear that God
02:57 is a personal God, because we're supposed to
03:03 address Him as Father.
03:05 And so if He's our Father, we are His sons and daughters.
03:11 We are His children.
03:12 The only way that this can be true is if God is a person.
03:17 The second point that I want us to notice is that God is in a
03:25 specific place, which in the Bible is called heaven.
03:30 In other words, God inhabits a certain place,
03:34 a certain location, which in this verse is called heaven.
03:41 Now we're going to notice in our study this evening many things
03:46 that you've thought about, and you've heard many times before.
03:50 But I want you to notice the way that all of the points
03:54 are interconnected, because at the end of our study we're going
03:58 to talk about a philosophy which has almost taken over the whole
04:02 world, including the Christian world.
04:06 I'm talking about New Age philosophies
04:10 and New Age theologies.
04:12 Now go with me to Genesis 1:1, and this verse we practically
04:19 don't even have to look it up, but I'm going to look it up
04:22 in my Bible anyway.
04:23 It has a very important principle. It says there:
04:35 Now you say, Why would you read that verse?
04:38 For a very simple reason.
04:39 This verse makes it very clear that God
04:45 pre-existed the universe.
04:49 In other words, God existed before His creation.
04:54 God and the universe are not co-eternal.
05:00 God existed before the universe was created.
05:06 God is distinct from His universe.
05:10 God is transcendent.
05:13 That is He is separate from His universe, from His creation.
05:18 God is the Creator and the universe is His creation.
05:23 Notice Colossians 1:16, 17, Colossians 1:16, 17.
05:32 This is speaking about Jesus Christ, and it enunciates
05:39 several very important principles. It says:
06:16 Is it clear to you in these verses
06:19 that Jesus Christ was the Creator?
06:21 Is it also clear to you that Jesus Christ existed
06:26 before His creation?
06:27 Is it clear to you that there's a distinction between
06:31 Jesus and His creation?
06:34 That Jesus transcends His creation.
06:37 He pre-exists His creation.
06:39 He is separate and distinct from creation.
06:43 He is distinct, in other words, from the universe.
06:47 Notice another text that enunciates this same principle.
06:52 You're probably wondering why I'm underlining this so much.
06:55 You're going to see before we reach the end
06:57 of our study today. John 1:1-3.
07:14 Now lets stop there just for a moment.
07:22 It doesn't say, In the beginning became the Word.
07:26 It says, In the beginning the Word already was.
07:31 In other words, Jesus existed before the beginning.
07:36 Before the beginning of what?
07:38 Let's continue reading verse 2. It says:
07:56 According to this verse, did Jesus pre-exist His creation?
08:03 Is He distinct from His creation?
08:06 Does He transcend?
08:08 Is He above His creation?
08:10 Yes, He is distinct and separate from His creation,
08:15 and the Bible calls Him our Father.
08:18 Of course, when He becomes incarnate
08:20 He becomes our brother.
08:21 But as our Creator Jesus is our Father.
08:26 Now this is a very important point that we're beginning with
08:30 in our study today.
08:31 Jesus pre-existed His creation.
08:35 He brought everything into existence.
08:38 He is distinct from His creation.
08:42 He transcends His creation.
08:44 All things came from Him, which means that there was a time
08:48 when there was no universe and only God existed.
08:53 Because if you believe that the universe has always existed
08:57 you would have to conclude that the universe is equal to God.
09:02 But scripture makes it clear that the universe,
09:05 at some point in eternity past, we don't know exactly when,
09:10 the universe came into existence.
09:12 It is not eternal.
09:13 It was created. God created it.
09:17 Now I want you to notice Genesis 1:11, Genesis 1:11.
09:25 We're going to go through creation week and see what it
09:30 was that Jesus created.
09:32 Genesis 1:11. By the way, when it says here that God said,
09:38 we know that the person of the Godhead who is
09:40 doing this is Jesus.
09:42 All things were made through Him,
09:46 and He is before all things.
09:50 And through Him all things were created.
09:53 And so it says in verse 11:
10:11 Who created the plants?
10:13 Who created the vegetation? Jesus.
10:17 Is the vegetation eternal like Jesus is,
10:23 or did vegetation have an origin?
10:26 Vegetation had an origin according to this verse.
10:30 Now go with me to Genesis 1:21, Genesis 1:21.
10:41 You could put Jesus there in the light of John 1.
11:02 Did the fish and the birds have an origin or a beginning? Yes.
11:07 Who made them? God, or Jesus.
11:11 Go with me to verse 24, verse 24 of Genesis 1.
11:30 Were the beasts of the field created by Jesus?
11:34 Did they have an origin or a beginning during creation week?
11:38 Absolutely. Now lets go to Genesis 2:7, Genesis 2:7.
11:46 Here it speaks about the creation of man.
11:50 And we're told this:
12:07 Is man eternal, or did man have a beginning?
12:12 It goes without saying that, according to this verse,
12:16 man did not always exist.
12:18 At some point God, Jesus, in the light of John 1, created man.
12:26 Now go with me to Isaiah 64, Isaiah 64:8, Isaiah 64:8.
12:36 Here we find an additional description
12:40 of the creation of man.
12:41 It says there, once again Isaiah 64:8, But now, O Lord,
12:48 You are our what? father; we are the clay, and you our potter;
13:01 and all we are the work of your hand.
13:06 Very close to Genesis 2:7 where it says that God took dust
13:10 from the ground. Actually, it was clay.
13:12 It was wet dust. And He formed man.
13:15 The only thing is in Isaiah 64 it tells us
13:19 that God is our Father.
13:22 In other words, Jesus is our Father.
13:25 So the book of Genesis makes it very clear that everything
13:31 in this earth had an origin; had a beginning.
13:35 And it also clearly reveals that God, who created these things,
13:40 pre-existed these things, and actually transcends,
13:45 and is separate and distinct from His creation.
13:49 Now lets notice where life originated.
13:54 It goes without saying that plants are alive,
13:58 and birds and fish are alive, animals are alive,
14:00 human beings are alive.
14:02 But what was the source, explicitly,
14:05 of the life of creation?
14:07 Go with me to Acts 17, Acts 17, and we'll begin
14:15 reading at verse 24.
14:17 Acts 17:24. Here the apostle Paul is entertaining a dialog
14:23 with the philosophers at Athens.
14:27 You know, the Greeks were renowned for their philosophy.
14:30 And so the apostle Paul matched philosophy with philosophy.
14:35 Now I want you to notice what he says to those who were
14:38 worshipping the unknown God. Verse 24:
15:00 And now notice this:
15:47 Where did life come from, according to the apostle Paul?
15:50 It came from God!
15:53 God is the source of our life.
15:55 He is the source of our existence.
15:58 Now notice what we find in Genesis 2:9, Genesis 2:9.
16:06 God, that is Jesus, placed in the garden of Eden
16:10 a special tree, and Genesis 2:9 tells us about that tree.
16:16 It says there:
16:34 Now the tree that I want us to focus on here
16:36 is the tree of life.
16:38 Question, Did man have to eat from the tree of life in order
16:43 to have his existence perpetuated?
16:46 Did he have to eat from the tree of life to continue living?
16:51 He most certainly did.
16:52 You say, How do we know that?
16:54 It's very simple. After Adam and Eve sinned they were cast out
16:59 of the garden, because God did not want them to eat from
17:03 the tree of life and continue living forever.
17:06 Now if they already had eternal life abiding within themselves
17:10 it would have done absolutely no good for God to forbid them from
17:14 eating from the tree.
17:15 Notice Genesis 3 on this point.
17:18 Genesis 3:22-24.
17:57 Let me ask you, was the life of man contingent?
18:01 Do you understand that word contingent?
18:04 In other words, did man depend on a source of life outside
18:10 himself? Yes. The life was not inside, the life was in the tree
18:15 which God planted in the garden.
18:18 In this way God wanted to teach man that his source of life
18:21 was not within himself.
18:23 His source of life was outside of him in the tree
18:26 which God had planted.
18:29 In other words, the life of man was derived.
18:32 The life of man was received from God, from the Creator.
18:36 It was not inherent.
18:38 It did not belong to man by nature.
18:41 He could perpetuate his existence only by partaking of
18:45 the external tree that God had made.
18:48 Now another very important point that we find in the book of
18:52 Genesis is that man was created to have dominion over the earth.
18:57 Notice Genesis 1:26, and then we'll read also verse 28.
19:04 Genesis 1, and I'll read verse 26 and then I'll go to verse 28.
19:10 It says in verse 26: Then God said, Let us make man
19:14 in our image, according to our likeness.
19:17 Let them have what? dominion over the fish of the sea,
19:22 over the birds of the air, and over the cattle,
19:25 over all the earth, and over every creeping thing
19:28 that creeps on the earth. Verse 28.
19:47 Notice that God created man to have dominion over creation.
19:53 Let me ask you this then, was man superior to creation?
19:58 Was he? Was he king of creation?
20:03 Absolutely, because he was told to have dominion.
20:06 Of course, above and over man, God had dominion over him.
20:11 But I want you to notice that man was placed to rule
20:15 over nature, which means that nature and man are not equal.
20:19 Animals and man are not the same.
20:25 Plants and human beings are not the same.
20:29 Planets and human beings are not the same.
20:32 What I'm saying is that man was created to have
20:37 dominion over nature.
20:38 He is distinct and separate from nature, because he was created
20:43 in the image of God.
20:45 Now notice also Genesis 2:15, Genesis 2:15.
20:52 By the way, this was supposed to be a loving dominion.
20:54 Man was not supposed to mistreat the ecosystem.
20:59 In other words, he was supposed to care for creation.
21:03 He was supposed to care for the air, and for the rivers,
21:06 and for the earth, because this was going to be his home.
21:10 He was to care for creation, not because creation was God,
21:13 but because creation was made by God, and it belonged to God.
21:18 Now notice Genesis 2:15, Genesis 2:15. It says here:
21:37 What did God place Adam in the garden for? to be the caretaker;
21:43 the one who would maintain the garden beautiful and in order.
21:50 In other words, man was superior to creation that God had made.
21:57 He was made to take care of the ecosystem.
22:01 Are you understanding what I am saying?
22:03 All of this is of critical importance,
22:05 we'll notice as we study along.
22:07 God made man. He made a wonderful body, didn't He?
22:12 Now notice what the apostle Paul says in
22:15 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.
22:22 You know this is something that it would be a good idea for
22:26 Christians to read on a regular basis.
22:28 The apostle Paul says, For do you not know that your body
22:32 is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you,
22:35 whom you have from God, and you are not your own?
22:39 For you were bought at a price: therefore glorify God
22:44 in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.
22:50 Why was Adam supposed to take care of the garden of Eden?
22:53 Because it was God's.
22:57 Why, according to the apostle Paul, are we supposed to
23:00 take care of our body? because it is God's.
23:04 Don't forget that, because later on we're going to find that
23:07 New Agers believe that we're supposed to take care of
23:09 the body, and we're supposed to take care of nature,
23:12 not because they are God's, but because they are God.
23:16 There's a difference!
23:19 Now, let's notice a few other things about creation.
23:25 Genesis 2:16, 17, Genesis 2: 16, 17.
23:33 This God who gave life to man, who created nature,
23:40 who placed Adam and Eve as caretakers of His creation,
23:48 or rulers over His creation, had a law which He expected
23:54 Adam and Eve to obey.
23:55 Notice Genesis 2:16, 17, Genesis 2:16, 17. It says there:
24:19 Did God have a law that He expected His creatures to obey?
24:23 Yes or No? Was this law external to man, or did man just guess
24:30 within himself what God expected from him? No!
24:34 The fact is that God had a law outside man, external to man,
24:40 which He expected man to what?
24:43 He expected man to obey.
24:46 Was Adam, and was Eve accountable
24:51 to God as a superior? Absolutely!
24:56 Notice that after they sinned something very interesting
25:00 occurred. Genesis 3:8-11, Genesis 3:8-11.
25:08 Notice that He's calling Adam to render Him an account.
25:12 Adam is supposed to give God an accounting of his actions.
25:16 Does this make God greater than Adam?
25:18 Does this show that God is separate from Adam?
25:22 That God has a law which He expects His creatures to obey?
25:25 Absolutely! Now notice Genesis 3:8: And they heard
25:30 the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden
25:32 in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves
25:36 from the presence of the Lord God among the
25:38 trees of the garden.
25:39 Then the Lord God called Adam, and said to him, Where are you?
25:43 So he said, I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid,
25:48 because I was naked; and I hid myself.
25:58 Is God asking Adam to render Him an account;
26:02 an accounting for what he's done? Absolutely!
26:05 The accounting is of a creature to his Creator.
26:10 Notice also Genesis 3:13, when He comes and speaks with Eve.
26:16 It says there in verse 13:
26:23 The woman said, The serpent deceived, me and I ate.
26:29 Is God asking Adam and Eve to render Him an accounting
26:34 for what they have done? Absolutely!
26:37 For breaking His law; His external, objective law
26:41 outside of man? Absolutely, Yes!
26:46 In fact, do you know the Bible in many places says that we as
26:50 creatures will have to render God an
26:52 accounting for our actions.
26:54 Let's notice several of those verses.
26:56 Go with me to 2 Corinthians 5:10, 2 Corinthians 5:10.
27:05 Here the apostle Paul presents this very important principle
27:09 that God is the Creator, and we as creatures someday will have
27:14 to stand before His judgment bar, and God is going to hold us
27:17 accountable as to whether we obeyed His law or not.
27:21 Notice 2 Corinthians 5:10.
27:24 Here the apostle Paul says:
27:36 The judgment seat of whom?
27:40 Who's going to be our judge? Christ.
27:45 Who is our Creator? Christ.
27:48 Will we have to render an account to our Creator? Yes.
27:52 By the way, whom did Adam and Eve render an account to?
27:55 It must have been who? Christ.
27:59 Because we must appear before the judgment seat of Christ.
28:02 Now notice:
28:13 Must we someday render an account for our
28:18 actions to our Creator, to Jesus Christ? Absolutely!
28:23 Notice also John 5:22, 27, John 5:22, 27.
28:31 This theme of us giving an accounting for what we've done
28:34 to our Creator God is very abundant in scripture.
28:39 It says there in John 5:22:
28:50 Notice verse 27: It says:
28:55 That is the Father.
29:06 According to the Bible, who is going to be the judge?
29:10 The judge is going to be none less than
29:13 Jesus Christ our Creator.
29:15 We will all have to render Him an account as to a superior.
29:21 Now lets go to Ecclesiastes 11:9.
29:25 I want this point to be absolutely abundantly clear.
29:28 Ecclesiastes 11:9, and here Solomon is speaking
29:37 to the young people.
29:38 He's speaking to youth, and he says this:
29:44 He's speaking kind of sarcastically. He's saying:
29:53 In other words, live it up.
29:57 That is have a good time, but now notice:
30:10 And then chapter 12 and verse 1 says to the youth,
30:14 because you remember that God is going to bring you into
30:17 judgment, He says:
30:24 Do you see, once again, that the idea is that we will
30:27 have to appear before our Creator in judgment
30:33 to give an account for our actions, according to scripture?
30:36 By the way, do you know that we are now in that judgment?
30:40 Go with me to Revelation 14, Revelation 14:6, 7,
30:46 Revelation 14:6, 7. It says here:
31:09 Ha Ha, you're sharp tonight! It says:
31:25 Do you see how the idea of judgment is connected to the
31:28 fact that God is the Creator; that Jesus is the Creator?
31:30 It says, Worship Him who what? who created the heavens,
31:34 the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.
31:37 Now is this clear that we're all going to have to render
31:40 an account to God, because God is going to judge us?
31:43 Jesus is going to judge us?
31:44 Absolutely, the scripture is clear.
31:47 Now let me ask you, as a result of sin did man begin to die?
31:54 Man had to eat from the tree of life to continue living;
31:59 God's tree. But when Adam and Eve sinned, did they and their
32:04 descendents begin to die, just like God said?
32:06 So man must not be immortal then.
32:09 Now notice several verses on this point.
32:12 Genesis 2:17, I don't even have to look this one up.
32:17 It says in Genesis 2:17:
32:26 In the day that you disobey My law you will what?
32:31 And, of course, God is saying, I will judge you,
32:33 and if you're found guilty, in the judgment,
32:37 then you will what?
32:39 Then you will die.
32:40 Did God pronounce that sentence against Adam?
32:43 In Genesis 3:19 God said to Adam, Dust you are, and to dust
32:52 you shall what? and to dust you shall return.
32:55 By the way, how many people in this world have sinned?
32:59 Anybody here that's never sinned?
33:03 Don't raise your hand.
33:05 I don't want you to sin, because you'd be lying.
33:09 The apostle Paul says there is none righteous, no, not one!
33:16 That's in Romans 3:10, and he says in Romans 3:23:
33:21 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
33:25 And as a result of disobeying God's holy law, appearing guilty
33:30 before the judgment battle of God, to render an accounting
33:33 for what we've done, the sentence of death is
33:37 pronounced against man.
33:39 And, by the way, the sentence of death has been
33:42 dictated upon all men, because all men have sinned.
33:45 Notice Romans 5:12, Romans 5:12, on this point.
33:52 Here the apostle Paul explains the consequences of sin
33:57 with the following words:
34:12 Death spread to how many?
34:14 Death spread to all men.
34:17 Let me ask you, is God mortal?
34:20 Can God die? God can't die.
34:27 Do you remember we read a text where it says,
34:30 that only God has what?
34:33 Only God has immortality.
34:37 Now you're probably saying, Pastor Bohr, this is a pretty
34:40 negative picture that you've painted here tonight.
34:45 You know the fact that God has a law that He holds His
34:50 creatures accountable to?
34:51 We've all disobeyed that law therefore when we appear
34:57 before the judgment seat of Christ we're all doomed.
35:01 We're all condemned to die, because we've sinned.
35:05 You say, Pastor, then how can anyone in this world ever
35:10 be saved from death?
35:12 The answer is very simple.
35:15 The Creator, according to the Bible, came down to this earth
35:20 to pay the debt that we owed.
35:24 He came down to this earth to suffer the death
35:28 which we should suffer so that we could have life.
35:31 In other words, because of sin, because of death, Jesus came
35:38 to this earth to pay our debt, so that we could be redeemed
35:43 from the power of death.
35:45 It was the only way out.
35:47 There was no other way of escape.
35:50 By the way, have you noticed that in Genesis 2:17 God said
35:55 to Adam, When you're 930 years old you will surely die?
35:59 What is it that he said in Genesis 2:17?
36:04 He said, The day that you eat thereof, you will what?
36:08 You will surely die.
36:11 But Adam did not die that very day.
36:13 You know, people say, Well, he began to die.
36:15 He died spiritually, you know.
36:17 And all of those have an element of truth.
36:19 But God was saying, The day that you eat from this tree,
36:22 that day you are going to die; second death,
36:25 eternal separation from God.
36:27 But Adam didn't die that day.
36:30 And so you ask the question, Why not?
36:33 Very simple. We've studied this before.
36:35 In Genesis 3:21 it says that God took the skins God made for Adam
36:42 and his wife, tunics of skins, and He clothed
36:47 the shame of their nakedness.
36:49 What needed to happen in order to get the skins
36:51 of those animals?
36:52 Those animals had to die.
36:56 The only way of getting the skin of an animal
36:58 is by slaying the animal.
36:59 In other words, the very day that Adam and Eve sinned,
37:02 they appeared before the Creator.
37:04 They said, We're guilty, we sinned, we deserve death.
37:08 But God, instead of executing the sentence of death against
37:11 them, executed the sentence of death against two lambs.
37:17 You say, but the blood of lambs and goats can't take away sin.
37:21 You're right! But those lambs represented Jesus Christ.
37:27 The Creator who would come and take the place of all of His
37:31 creatures, and suffer on the cross of Calvary the death that
37:36 His creatures should suffer.
37:38 And Jesus now became accountable before His Father in our place.
37:43 That's why in John 1:29 it says:
37:57 And as we're told in John 1:14:
38:05 In other words, the only way that humanity could be redeemed
38:11 from the sentence of death was if the Creator took the place
38:16 of His creatures, and suffered the death which they should die.
38:20 There was no other way out.
38:22 Now two or three other things before we study this world view,
38:29 this totally radically different world view of pantheism.
38:33 Do you remember that in the garden of Eden,
38:36 and this is just review, the devil came and he told Eve,
38:41 You will not surely die.
38:47 And then he said, God actually knows that the day you eat
38:55 of this tree, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God
39:01 knowing good and evil.
39:03 Now he's not saying you're going to be little Gods.
39:06 He saying, You are going to be God, just like He is God.
39:12 Some versions translate it, You will be like God's.
39:16 The word there is Elohim, the very same word that appears
39:18 in Genesis 1:1: In the beginning God created the heavens
39:22 and the earth. The translation needs to be God.
39:24 You will be like God; you will be God's in yourselves.
39:28 You won't have to depend on that individual,
39:31 who claims to be God, who intimidated you saying,
39:35 Don't eat from the tree, because if you eat you're going to die.
39:37 He knows very well you're not going to die,
39:39 is what the devil is saying.
39:41 He knows that you're going to be just like Him,
39:43 and God doesn't want any rivals around.
39:45 He doesn't want any competition.
39:48 So the devil is sharing two lies:
39:51 1. You're not going to die.
39:52 2. You don't have to obey God's law, because you can be a law
39:57 unto yourself. Now let me ask you something.
40:02 Why do we worship God?
40:09 Because the Bible says that God is the what?
40:14 He's the Creator.
40:15 Notice Psalms 95 very quickly.
40:18 Psalm 95, and let's read verses 1 through 6, and we'll do this
40:24 very quickly. Psalm 95:1-6. It says: O come, let us sing
40:31 to the Lord: let us shout joyfully to the
40:33 rock of our salvation.
40:34 Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving,
40:37 Let us shout joyfully to him with psalms.
40:43 For the Lord is the great God, and the great King
40:45 above all gods.
40:46 In his hand are the deep places of the earth:
40:49 the heights of the hills are his also.
40:52 The sea is his, for he made it: and his hands
40:55 formed the dry land.
40:56 And now notice verse 6: O come, let us worship and bow down:
41:02 let us kneel before the Lord our maker.
41:09 Why do we worship God?
41:11 We worship God because He is our what? our Creator!
41:16 In fact, the passage that we read a few moments ago
41:19 from Revelation 14 makes this clear.
41:33 Worship the Creator, in other words.
41:36 We worship God because God is the Creator.
41:39 Notice that as creatures, we render God worship
41:43 as a superior, or One greater than us.
41:47 Now my question is this: Has God given us a sign
41:53 that He is the Creator?
41:54 Has God given us a sign that He is the Creator?
42:00 He most certainly has.
42:01 What is the sign of the Creator, of the distinction between Him
42:05 as God, and us as creatures?
42:07 It is the Holy Sabbath.
42:10 Notice Exodus 20:8-11, Exodus 20:8-11.
42:19 This is the fourth commandment, which we've read before.
42:22 And I want to notice the motivation again for keeping
42:26 the Holy Sabbath.
42:27 It says in verse 8:
42:47 And then God explains why.
43:01 Why did God tell His people to keep the Sabbath?
43:03 Because the Sabbath reminds His people that He is the what?
43:08 the Creator, and they are His creatures.
43:13 The observance of the Sabbath then is a recognition
43:17 on our part that God is the great Creator.
43:20 He's superior to us.
43:22 We are His creatures.
43:24 We are the work of His hands.
43:26 Every Sabbath when I come to church I'm announcing
43:29 to the world that the great Creator God is my Father,
43:33 and I am His creation.
43:35 Now notice Isaiah 66 very quickly before we turn to speak
43:40 a little bit about New Age theories.
43:43 Isaiah 66. There are three ideas here that I want us to notice.
43:47 Isaiah 66:22, 23.
43:51 We're told here by the prophet:
43:57 Is God going to make a new heavens and a new earth?
43:59 Who do you suppose that's going to be who's going to make
44:02 a new heavens and a new earth?
44:03 Jesus, of course!
44:05 Jesus is the Creator.
44:06 Jesus is the Redeemer.
44:08 Jesus is the Judge.
44:10 Jesus is coming again.
44:12 Jesus will make a new heavens and a new earth.
44:15 The Father has given this planet to Jesus.
44:17 He's one of us! He's our brother!
44:20 He became incarnate. And so it says:
44:42 What will be the motivation for worship in the earth made new?
44:45 The fact that Jesus made what? a new heavens and a new earth.
44:51 At the beginning the Sabbath was observed to commemorate
44:55 the creation that was made at the beginning.
44:57 Now we observe the Sabbath for that reason, and for another
45:01 one, because Jesus rested in the tomb on Sabbath,
45:05 and outside His followers rested with Him.
45:08 And someday very soon, when Jesus makes a new heavens,
45:12 and a new earth, His people are going to observe the
45:15 Sabbath in eternity, according to this.
45:18 And so the Sabbath is a triple sign of the distinction between
45:23 God and His creatures.
45:25 It points to Him as our Creator, as our Redeemer,
45:29 and as our final restorer.
45:32 Now, let's talk a little bit about New Age philosophy,
45:38 which has overtaken, basically, the world, and many,
45:42 even in the Christian world.
45:44 I'm going to go through this as quickly as I can,
45:47 but it's very, very important.
45:50 For New Age philosophers God is an impersonal, immaterial,
45:58 cosmic force of energy that permeates the entire universe.
46:05 God is not a person in New Age theology who lives
46:11 in a place called heaven.
46:13 He is not a loving Father who cares for His creatures.
46:17 You see, in New Age theology, which is philosophically called
46:23 Pantheism, the idea that God is everything,
46:27 and everything is God.
46:28 The idea is that the universe is God.
46:31 God is indistinguishable from the universe, because God
46:37 is the universe, and the universe is God.
46:40 In other words, God is imminent in nature.
46:44 He's within nature.
46:45 And because man is part of nature, and nature is God,
46:51 man ultimately is what? is God.
46:55 There is no distinction between creator and creature.
46:59 You see, in New Age theology, in Pantheism,
47:04 God is not separate or distinct, or independent, or transcendent
47:09 from His creation, God is creation.
47:13 According to New Age philosophy the universe has eternally been
47:19 creating itself by the process of evolution.
47:23 There's no place for a personal Creator God, who loves,
47:28 who's distinct from His creatures, who transcends
47:31 His creation, because God is creation.
47:35 Now this must mean that if the universe is God, and man is part
47:41 of the universe, man is God, and because God is immortal,
47:46 man must be also what?
47:48 Man must have inherent life within himself;
47:52 he must be immortal.
47:54 Because if the universe is God, and God is immortal,
47:57 and man is part of the universe, man is immortal
48:00 as well as being God.
48:02 Where did these ideas come from?
48:05 They came directly from the garden of Eden.
48:08 Now allow me to read you a statement from R. M. Buck.
48:12 This is a New Ager.
48:15 His book is Cosmic Consciousness, Page 14. He says:
48:19 Of the universe.
48:35 In other words, the universe is entirely immaterial.
49:00 Now this has serious implications, because if the
49:05 universe, if creation is God, the New Ager, you know,
49:11 is very much into taking care of the ecology,
49:15 the animal kingdom, the air, and the rivers, and so on.
49:21 But it's for the wrong reason.
49:22 You see, we believe we're supposed to take care of
49:25 creation because it was made by God.
49:27 The New Ager believes that nature, you're supposed to
49:29 take care of it because it is God!
49:31 Christians should be better ecologists than the New Agers,
49:36 but for a different reason.
49:38 Not because nature is God, but because nature is God's.
49:43 In other words, nature belongs to God.
49:45 Now let me ask you, if I am God, whose law am I supposed to keep?
49:49 Whose? My own!
49:54 After all, what makes your law greater than mine,
49:57 if we're both God in this scheme?
50:01 Are you following me or not?
50:02 So New Agers talk about values clarification.
50:05 They say everybody has values within themselves.
50:08 All they have to do is discover the values
50:11 that they need to live by.
50:12 Therefore they say, It doesn't matter if one wants to
50:15 live a homosexual lifestyle, another wants to live a
50:17 heterosexual lifestyle.
50:19 If we're both God, what makes you think that your lifestyle
50:22 is better than his, or better than hers?
50:25 In other words, man becomes autonomous.
50:28 Do you know what the word autonomous means?
50:31 It comes from two Greek words: altos, which means self,
50:35 and nomos, law, which means that you are
50:38 a law unto yourself.
50:40 Because if you are God, according to this idea,
50:45 then whose law are you accountable to,
50:48 if you're accountable to God's law?
50:50 You're accountable only to whom?
50:53 You're accountable only to yourself.
50:56 Allow me to read you a statement from the book,
51:00 A Crash Course On the New Age, Page 119.
51:04 This is a very good book, by the way. The author says:
51:39 So what happens with the law of God in New Age theology?
51:43 You become a law unto yourself.
51:47 What happens with the personal, loving Creator?
51:50 There is no such thing, because you are what? God.
51:54 What happens with the place where God lives in heaven?
51:58 No such thing, because God is everywhere!
52:01 He is in everything!
52:02 He is in everyone, whether they be good,
52:05 or whether they be evil.
52:06 Therefore in New Age theology, there is no such thing as sin.
52:17 And if there is no sin, there must not be any what?
52:22 any law, but also no what? no death.
52:27 Because if you are God, and God is immortal, you are what?
52:33 You are immortal.
52:34 And then the question comes up.
52:37 Who will you be accountable before?
52:43 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
52:46 Who will you have to render an account to?
52:49 Only to yourself, because according to this idea,
52:54 everything is God.
52:55 You are God, so all you have to do is render
52:58 an account to yourself.
53:00 Now I'll tell you, if I have to judge myself,
53:02 I'm going to come out pretty well.
53:07 Ya, think I'm going to condemn myself? Yeah right!
53:11 By the way, from New Agers, there's no need for
53:15 a Creator God to come to this world, and take the place
53:18 of His creatures; to die the death that they should die.
53:22 After all, death doesn't exist!
53:26 For the New Ager, salvation means to harness that Godhood
53:31 that you have inside, and somehow tap into it,
53:34 so that you can discover your Godhood.
53:36 And they say that whenever humanity discovers the divine
53:40 spark of Godhood within, then society will regenerate
53:44 itself. The world will become perfect.
53:46 The world will become beautiful.
53:48 And we'll enter what is called the Age of Aquarius.
53:54 Are you seeing the difference between these two world views?
53:59 So Christians who say, I'm immortal.
54:04 Christians don't have to keep the law,
54:05 Jesus kept the law in my place, are on very dangerous ground.
54:12 They might not be New Agers, but the end result
54:18 is basically the same.
54:19 By the way, do you know that New Agers say
54:21 that you can heal yourself?
54:23 You know they're much into holistic medicine, so called,
54:26 because they believe that if you're God you can harness
54:29 your energies to heal your own body.
54:31 I guess that we won't need to pray anymore to God to heal us.
54:34 No need for prayer in this scheme.
54:37 There's no need for the second coming of Jesus.
54:39 I mean if humanity is regenerating itself,
54:43 and everybody eventually will discover the Godhood within,
54:46 then society is going to become perfect without Jesus
54:51 coming to this world to destroy those who disobey His law,
54:55 and to establish a perfect society.
55:01 In fact, in New Age theology there's no
55:04 reason for the Sabbath.
55:05 How can you have one day which is holier than the others
55:11 if everything in the universe is God?
55:14 Everything is equally holy.
55:15 There's no difference between the holy and the common.
55:18 So when a person sins it is God who is sinning.
55:20 You're not with me are you?
55:23 You're awful quiet tonight.
55:25 See, there's no sin, there's no death, you're God,
55:32 there's no prayer, there's no redemption, there's no second
55:35 coming, there's no law that you are accountable to.
55:40 These theories totally sweep away Christianity.
55:47 Allow me to read you one statement
55:49 as we bring this to a close.
55:50 This is from the book, Education, pages 227, 228.
55:58 The author is right on target.
56:47 This breathes what Lucifer said in heaven,
56:52 I will be like the Most High.
56:54 You will be like Gods!
56:56 You will not surely die!
56:59 And, of course, it totally obliterates the Sabbath.
57:03 God has given us the Sabbath folks, as a sign to protect
57:07 us from these theories.
57:08 Because it's the one sign that makes a clear distinction
57:13 between the Creator, and His creatures.
57:15 And every time that we keep the Sabbath, we're announcing
57:18 to the world that we are creatures, and we are followers
57:22 of the great Creator God.


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