Cracking the Genesis Code

Two Devastating End Time Deceptions

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Participants: Pastor Stephen Bohr


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01:11 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:13 Father in heaven, As we study this very important lecture
01:21 tonight, two devastating end time deceptions, we ask for the
01:28 guidance of Your Holy Spirit.
01:31 Give us clear minds, and Lord, give us tender hearts
01:35 to understand, and to receive, that which You have for us.
01:41 Help us to set aside any preconceived notions,
01:45 and ideas, and help us to hear Your voice, and only Your voice.
01:50 We pray this in the precious name of Jesus,
01:53 Your beloved Son, Amen.
01:56 As I mentioned in my prayer, this evening we are going
02:04 to study two devastating end time deceptions which have
02:10 captivated almost the entire world.
02:14 And when I say the entire world, I'm not only speaking about the
02:18 secular world, I'm speaking also about the religious world.
02:24 Most of the religious world has accepted, and teaches these
02:33 two devastating errors that Satan has prepared
02:37 to deceive the whole world in the end time.
02:40 Now these two errors are very closely related one to another.
02:45 They are two separate errors, but they are not independent.
02:50 They are interlinked, which means that if you believe one
02:54 of the errors, you will automatically believe the other,
02:57 because they are very, very closely connected,
03:03 and if you teach one, you will automatically teach
03:07 the other as well.
03:09 Lets begin our study in the book of Romans 3:20,
03:17 Romans 3:20. And the point that I want to underline now
03:23 as we read this verse, is that if there is no law,
03:30 there can be no sin.
03:33 This is the first point.
03:34 We're going to follow a very logical order in our study
03:38 today, so don't get distracted.
03:41 Don't go to sleep on me, because if you just dose off
03:44 for a couple of minutes, you're going to lose the sequence
03:48 of what we're going to study.
03:49 My first point is that if there is no law there can be no sin.
03:56 Now go with me, as I mentioned, to Romans 3:20.
04:02 The apostle Paul says:
04:17 How do we know sin? by the law.
04:21 By the law is the knowledge of sin.
04:25 So if you don't have the law, you wouldn't have
04:28 the knowledge of sin.
04:29 Now lets go also to Romans 4:15, Romans 4:15.
04:39 Here we find the same basic idea, but in different words.
04:42 It says there... The apostle Paul once again is writing.
04:46 He says: Because the law...
04:51 And some people say, See, the law is bad
04:54 because it brings about wrath.
04:55 Now wait a minute.
04:56 Why does the law bring wrath?
04:59 The law brings wrath because we are what?
05:03 Because we are sinners.
05:05 If we were not sinners the law would say, you are okay.
05:10 The law brings wrath because we are sinners.
05:14 So notice, it says, because the law brings about wrath.
05:18 And now notice, for where there is no law
05:23 there is no transgression.
05:26 Can you break a law that does not exist? Of course not!
05:32 You know, if you come to a corner and there's no stop sign,
05:36 and you go through the intersection, and a policeman
05:39 stops you, and wants to give you a ticket, you can tell
05:43 the officer, Listen officer, you can't give me a ticket,
05:47 because there is no stop sign.
05:49 It's only when there's a stop sign, and I violate that
05:53 stop sign, that the officer has the right to give me a ticket.
05:56 Are you understanding what I am saying?
05:58 So, in other words, the law points out sin.
06:03 If there is no law, there can be no sin.
06:07 Let me give you an illustration.
06:10 Supposing you go to the office of an Oncologist,
06:15 because you haven't been feeling too well.
06:17 The Oncologist examines you very meticulously,
06:21 very carefully, runs some tests on you, and after running
06:25 the tests he says, I'm sorry to tell you that you have cancer.
06:33 Now I pray to God that this wouldn't
06:37 happen with anyone here.
06:38 This is just an illustration.
06:39 But he says, after examining you carefully, you have cancer.
06:45 Now let me ask you, is that doctor doing me a favor?
06:48 Do you think the solution to the problem would be to take a
06:54 baseball bat and kill the doctor?
06:56 Is getting rid of the doctor the solution to the problem?
07:01 Of course not! The doctor points out that I'm sick.
07:05 If there was no doctor to examine me, I would not
07:11 know that I'm sick, and I would not know that I need someone
07:15 to heal my illness.
07:17 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
07:19 In other words, where there is no law, I don't know sin.
07:22 I don't know I'm sick, and by the way, therefore I will not
07:26 seek a solution to sin.
07:28 I will not seek a Savior if I don't feel that I'm sick,
07:31 because the law tells me that I am sick.
07:33 Now go with me to Romans 7:7 on this same point.
07:38 Romans 7:7. Here the apostle Paul uses the example of a
07:44 specific commandment.
07:46 He says this in Romans 7:7.
07:58 Says the apostle Paul.
08:07 How do we know sin? through the law, it says here.
08:19 How would I know that covetousness is wrong,
08:22 if there wasn't a law that says: Thou shalt not covet?
08:25 It's the law that shows me that covetousness is wrong.
08:30 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
08:31 So if there is no law, there can be no sin, because the law
08:36 defines, and points out sin.
08:39 Allow me to give you another illustration so this is clear.
08:43 Many, many years ago I went to the Seminary in Michigan.
08:47 And I had to hold down three jobs to be able to study.
08:52 You know, people who go to school have to do that.
08:54 And one of my jobs was working at the furniture factory.
08:58 The name of it was College Wood Products, and my job was after
09:02 hours I would have to clean out the chimney.
09:05 You know, they had these spray machines where they would spray
09:09 varnish on the furniture, and the excess paint would be sucked
09:14 up by a fan into the chimney, and the paint would gather
09:19 on the sides of the chimney inside like dust.
09:23 And it actually gathered quite a bit of dust.
09:26 So every day, at the end of the day I would have to go up the
09:29 chimney with a spatula, and I would have to clean the chimney.
09:33 I remember that they provided this green mechanics suit,
09:37 and the first day that I went, I went up the stairs,
09:41 because it had a stairs right up the middle of the chimney,
09:43 and I was scraping off all of the excess paint.
09:47 And I had a mask on, but there was dust going
09:51 all over the place.
09:52 Finished the job, got down, went home, and when I got to the door
09:59 of the house I knocked.
10:01 My wife opened the door, and when she saw me at the door
10:07 she was frightened.
10:08 She said, What happened to you?
10:11 And I said, What do you mean, what happened to me?
10:15 I've been cleaning the chimney.
10:16 She said, Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?
10:20 I said, No, I didn't think about doing it.
10:23 I cleaned the chimney and I came right home.
10:25 She said, You should have looked
10:26 at yourself in the mirror!
10:28 And so I went to the bathroom, and I looked in the mirror,
10:32 and the only thing that I had white were my eyeballs,
10:36 and my teeth. And here I had walked all the way from
10:41 College Wood Products home.
10:43 And people, I passed, people in the street, obviously I had been
10:49 caught up in my thoughts, because I didn't see what their
10:51 reaction was. Now let me ask you this, Would I have known
10:57 that I was dirty if it wasn't for the mirror?
11:00 Actually, if it wasn't for my wife!
11:03 I wouldn't have known that I needed my face cleaned.
11:07 In the same way, folks, I would not know that I'm a sinner.
11:12 I would not know that I need healing from the cancer of sin
11:16 unless the law told me that I am a sinner.
11:21 So much for those who say that the law was nailed to the cross.
11:24 If the law was nailed to the cross there can be no sin,
11:27 because where there is no law, there is no sin.
11:30 Are you understanding me?
11:32 That's point number 1.
11:34 Now let's go to point number 2.
11:36 If there is no sin, because there is no law,
11:42 there can be no death.
11:45 Lets read what the Bible says.
11:48 Go with me to Romans 5, Romans 5:12, Romans 5:12.
11:57 Here the apostle Paul says this:
12:15 What does this text say? that death came in through what?
12:21 Death came in through sin.
12:24 So the law tells you that you are a sinner, and as a result of
12:30 sin comes what? death.
12:33 Go just to the next page, Romans 6:23, Romans 6:23,
12:39 and we will read only the first part of the verse.
12:42 Later on in our study we will read the second
12:45 part of the verse.
12:46 The apostle Paul says, inspired by the Holy Spirit:
12:57 So basically if there is no law, there is no sin.
13:01 If there is no sin, there can be no what? no death, because death
13:07 is the wages of sin.
13:09 Go with me also to James 1:15, James 1:15.
13:18 Here we find this same principle that if there is no sin,
13:23 there can be no death.
13:24 Here James, the brother of our Lord, says this:
13:35 Desire means when covetousness, evil desires, this isn't just
13:41 any kind of desire.
13:56 What does sin bring? death.
13:59 And what is it that reveals sin? the law.
14:03 So what have we noticed so far?
14:05 If there is no law, there can be no sin.
14:09 If there is no sin, there can be no what? no death.
14:14 Now, if there is no sin, and therefore there is no death,
14:19 that must mean that I am what? that I am immortal.
14:24 You're not following me, are you?
14:27 Yes? You're pretty quiet tonight.
14:31 Let's go over that again, because it's important.
14:34 If there is no law, and therefore no sin,
14:38 if there is no sin, and therefore no death,
14:42 then I must be immortal.
14:46 Is that a logical conclusion?
14:49 You don't have to be, you don't have to have the wisdom of
14:53 Albert Einstein to figure that out.
14:55 You don't have to be as smart as king Solomon to figure that out.
15:00 It's a logical conclusion.
15:02 Now, who only, according to the Bible, is immortal?
15:09 Let's notice what the New Testament has to say.
15:12 Go with me to 1 Timothy 6:16, 1 Timothy 6:16.
15:20 There is only one who is immortal
15:23 according to scripture, and that is God.
15:26 And in this case it's speaking about Jesus Christ,
15:30 but of course, God is one in three persons,
15:33 so what is said about Christ can be said about the Father,
15:36 can be said about the Spirit, because they are three,
15:38 but they are one.
15:39 And maybe Pastor Finn can, in the Question and Answer
15:43 session, talk about the concept of the Trinity:
15:46 three persons, one God.
15:49 1 Timothy 6:16, actually lets read starting with verse 14,
15:56 so that we can get the context.
15:58 That you keep this commandment without spot, blameless until
16:02 our Lord Jesus Christ's appearing, which He will
16:07 manifest in His own time, He who is the blessed and only
16:11 potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords, who alone
16:18 has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light,
16:23 whom no man has seen or can see, to whom be honor and
16:28 everlasting power, Amen.
16:30 It says that He alone has immortality.
16:35 Now let me ask you, What part of alone don't you understand?
16:37 Alone means what? It means that He is the only one
16:44 who has immortality.
16:47 Only God is immortal, according to scripture.
16:51 Notice one other text: 1 Timothy 1:17, 1 Timothy 1:17.
17:00 Here the apostle Paul says this: let's see, it's the 2nd epistle.
17:07 Well, no wonder! 1st epistle verse 17, chapter 1. It says:
17:15 What's the next word?
17:28 According to the New Testament, who is the only one
17:32 who has immortality?
17:34 The only immortal one is God.
17:37 Now let's review what we've studied.
17:39 If there is no law, there can be no sin.
17:44 If there is no sin, there can be no death.
17:48 If there is no death, I am immortal,
17:52 but only God is immortal.
17:56 Now, what is the inevitable conclusion?
18:01 It's this: that if man is immortal,
18:05 but only God is immortal, man must be...
18:11 Say it louder... Man must be God.
18:18 Let me repeat that again.
18:21 If only God is immortal, but man is immortal,
18:28 because there is no law, no sin, no death,
18:31 then man must be God, because only God is immortal.
18:39 Are you following what I am saying?
18:41 In other words, there are two great teachings which lead
18:48 to two gargantuan errors in the end time.
18:54 The first is the idea that there is no law.
18:59 That the law was done away with.
19:01 That the law was nailed to the cross.
19:03 That all of us need to be just the law unto ourselves.
19:08 And the second one is the idea that man is by nature what?
19:13 That man is by nature immortal.
19:17 Now lets go through it again, because this
19:19 is of critical importance.
19:21 If there is no law, there is no sin.
19:24 If there is no sin, there is no death.
19:27 If there is no death, I am immortal.
19:30 But because only God is immortal, if I'm immortal,
19:34 I must be God. Now let me ask you, where did these
19:39 two ideas originate?
19:41 Where did these two ideas begin, that you don't have to worry
19:47 about God's law, and you are immortal?
19:50 Let's go back to Genesis.
19:53 Let's go back to Genesis 3:4, 5, Genesis 3:4, 5.
20:02 And actually, I'll start reading at verse 1 so that we can catch
20:05 the context. It says: Now the serpent was more cunning than
20:10 any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.
20:13 And he said to the woman, Has God indeed said you shall not
20:18 eat of every tree of the garden?
20:20 And the woman said to the serpent, We may eat of the fruit
20:24 of the trees of the garden, but of the fruit of the tree,
20:27 which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, You shall
20:31 not eat it, nor shall you touch it lest you die.
20:35 And now notice verse 4:
20:45 What is the serpent telling Eve?
20:48 If she's not going to die, she must be what?
20:52 She must be immortal, according to this.
20:56 You're not going to die.
20:59 God is lying. You're going to be immortal.
21:03 But now I want you to notice verse 5. It says:
21:26 Now let's take a look at this verse.
21:29 I've dealt with it before, but I want this verse
21:31 to be absolutely clear.
21:34 Let me ask you, Was the devil right when he said to the woman,
21:41 that God knows that the day that you eat of it, your eyes will be
21:48 opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.
21:51 Was the devil right?
21:52 He was? Let me ask you, Who is the absolute arbiter
21:58 of good and evil?
21:59 Who defines what is good and what is evil?
22:02 God does. And what document has God given us to show
22:06 what is good, and what is evil?
22:07 What? His ten commandments.
22:12 Would you say that the ten commandments
22:13 define good and evil?
22:15 Did man come up with that law or did God give that law?
22:21 God did. So who is the one who defines good and evil?
22:25 It is God, not man.
22:27 God tells Adam and Eve, It's okay to eat from all these
22:31 trees, but it's bad to eat from this one.
22:33 And we've already noticed that in this one command
22:36 are contained all of the ten commandments;
22:38 in principle all of the ten commandments are there.
22:40 So God is defining, in the garden, good and evil.
22:44 Now what is Satan saying to the woman?
22:46 He's saying, Listen up!
22:48 You think that if you eat from the tree you're going to die.
22:53 But let me tell you what's really going on.
22:55 God knows that if you eat of this tree you're going to be
23:00 just like Him, and you are going to be able to define
23:05 good and evil without having to depend on God's
23:09 definition of good and evil.
23:11 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
23:13 He's saying, Listen, God has intimidated you.
23:16 He's said that you shouldn't eat from the tree, because you're
23:19 going to die, but that's just to scare you so you don't eat,
23:22 because He knows that if you do eat, then He's going to have
23:25 other God's running around, and only He wants to be God.
23:29 That's what the devil is really saying.
23:31 But he says, If you eat from the tree, not only will you be
23:36 God, but you will be able to determine what is good,
23:39 and what is evil without having to depend on God's definition
23:43 of good and evil.
23:44 Let me ask you, Is the devil attacking the law of God,
23:49 the objective external law of God? He most certainly is!
23:53 He's saying, You don't have to accept God's standard
23:56 of right and wrong.
23:57 If you are God, you can follow your own standard
24:00 of right and wrong, of good and evil.
24:03 So in these two verses you have these two ideas:
24:07 you will not die, and you can be your own
24:10 source of ethical decisions.
24:13 You don't have to define on God's definition
24:16 of right and wrong.
24:17 If you're God, you can define what's right and wrong.
24:20 It's an attack on the law, and besides that you will not die,
24:25 you are what? you are immortal.
24:28 Do you see how these two ideas are very closely
24:33 linked one to another?
24:35 If you believe one, you will automatically believe the other.
24:40 These two ideas originated with Satan in the Garden of Eden.
24:45 The idea that you have to get rid of God's objective law,
24:48 God's definition of right and wrong.
24:50 You can choose right and wrong for yourself.
24:53 You're old enough, you're wise enough, you're mature enough
24:56 to decide what's good and evil without having somebody tell you
24:59 that the law tells you what's right and what's wrong.
25:02 You can come in from inside and know what's right and wrong.
25:06 And he also says that you will not die.
25:09 And so notice that we have here: if there is no law there is no
25:14 sin, if there is no sin there is no death.
25:17 If there is no death, I am immortal.
25:20 But because only God is immortal, if I'm also immortal,
25:25 I must be God. The two great errors that the devil tried to
25:33 pan off, and actually did pan off on Eve
25:36 in the Garden of Eden.
25:37 Now let's go back to the book of Genesis and examine the sequence
25:42 of events that led to the sin of Adam and Eve,
25:45 and the consequences of their sin.
25:48 Go with me to Genesis 2:16, 17, Genesis 2:16, 17.
25:57 It says there: Then the Lord God took the man and put him in
26:02 the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it.
26:10 In other words, it's okay to eat from all
26:11 of the trees of the garden.
26:24 What did God say? Did God give a law?
26:28 Was this law outside man?
26:31 Was it outside man?
26:33 Did God lay down the ground rule?
26:35 And we've already studied that this law contained
26:37 all of the commandments.
26:39 Because when Eve sinned she coveted.
26:41 She stole God's fruit.
26:42 She dishonored her heavenly Father.
26:44 She chose another spiritual lover.
26:47 She committed spiritual adultery.
26:48 She brought death into the world.
26:50 In other words, she killed.
26:51 All of the commandments were broken
26:53 when she broke this one commandment.
26:55 Now let me ask you, When Eve and her husband, Adam,
26:59 afterwards broke the ten commandments, was that sin?
27:02 Was what Adam and Eve did sin?
27:07 Lets notice Romans 5, Romans 5: 12, Romans 5:12.
27:15 Here the apostle Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, says this:
27:21 And we've read this verse before.
27:31 Let me ask you, did sin come into the world through one man?
27:34 Yes or No? Who was that man?
27:36 That was Adam. Let me ask you, In order to be sin,
27:40 must there have been a law to break?
27:42 Are you with me or not?
27:45 Did Adam sin? What is sin?
27:49 Transgression of the law.
27:51 So was there a law to break? Of course!
27:54 So there was a law?
27:56 When Adam and Eve broke the law they what? They sinned.
28:00 And when they sinned what came in as a consequence?
28:04 Let's read once again verse 12. It says:
28:12 And then what does it say?
28:21 Do you see the sequence?
28:22 God has a law. Adam and Eve break the law,
28:26 and that's what? Sin.
28:28 And because Adam and Eve sinned,
28:30 what comes into the world? death.
28:33 So my line of reasoning is not mine.
28:36 The line of reasoning that we've been using
28:39 is in harmony with scripture.
28:42 By the way, you can read in Genesis 3:6
28:46 about the sin of Adam and Eve.
28:48 Let's go there just for a moment.
28:50 Genesis 3:6 says this:
29:08 So they sinned, didn't they?
29:09 They broke God's command.
29:11 They sinned, and as a result God said to Adam, Dust you are,
29:15 and to dust you shall what?
29:17 And to dust you shall return.
29:20 In other words, God says, Because you broke My law,
29:22 you are going to die.
29:26 Is that contrary to what the devil said?
29:29 What did the devil say?
29:31 Eat and you won't die.
29:34 Disobey God's law and you won't die.
29:37 God says you disobey My law, and you will die.
29:41 Who was telling the truth?
29:43 God was telling the truth, because Adam died
29:47 when he was 930 years old.
29:49 And if you read the list in Genesis 5 of all of the great
29:52 heroes up to the times of Noah, the expression is used,
29:56 and he died, and he died, and he died, and he died,
29:59 and he died, with the exception of one: Enoch.
30:02 And later on in our series we're going to talk about Enoch,
30:05 and why Enoch was translated to heaven without seeing death.
30:12 He's the only one in the list that did not actually die.
30:16 Now lets notice what God did to Adam and Eve
30:19 in consequence of their sin.
30:21 Notice Genesis chapter 3, Genesis 3, and let's read
30:28 starting at verse 23, Genesis 3: 23. It says here:
30:48 What happened to Adam and Eve?
30:49 They were what? They were cast out of the garden.
30:54 What was in the garden?
30:56 In the garden was the tree of life.
31:01 Now listen up. Did Adam and Eve have to continue eating
31:06 from the tree of life to continue living? Yes.
31:09 Do you know that their only source of life
31:11 was in God's tree?
31:12 They had to eat from the tree to refurbish their strength,
31:17 and to refurbish their life.
31:18 In other words, their source of life was not inside,
31:21 it was outside in God's tree.
31:22 And do you know that even in eternity, when God makes a new
31:27 heavens and a new earth, we read in our last lecture,
31:31 that from month to month we will go to the Holy City.
31:36 And what will we go to the Holy City for?
31:38 To eat from the tree of life.
31:41 Even in eternity our source of life will not be inside,
31:45 it will be where? It will be outside in God's tree.
31:49 In other words, God has a tree which served the purpose
31:52 of a battery charger, if you please.
31:55 In other words, Adam and Eve had to go
31:58 and charge their battery.
32:00 As long as they were obedient to God they had access
32:03 to the tree of life.
32:04 But now, because of their sin, what happened?
32:07 They were cast out from the Garden of Eden,
32:11 and they could no longer partake of what?
32:14 of the tree of life, because they disobeyed
32:17 God's commandment.
32:18 Now let's notice verse 24.
32:20 It says in verse 24:
32:26 No more access to the tree of life. Notice:
32:43 Whom did God place at the gate of the garden?
32:46 What were cherubim? angels.
32:51 Now do you notice?
32:53 They broke God's law.
32:55 They sinned. God cast them out of the garden,
33:00 so that they could not eat from the tree of life,
33:04 and an angel was placed at the gate. Follow me?
33:09 And two things came as a result: first of all, the curse.
33:15 Notice what we find in Genesis 3:17, Genesis 3:17.
33:23 Then to Adam He said, Because you have heeded the voice
33:27 of your wife, and have eaten from the tree of which
33:31 I commanded you saying, You shall not eat of it.
33:39 What came in as a result of their sin of breaking God's law?
33:42 The curse. And, by the way, this word is used three times
33:47 in Genesis 3 and 4.
33:49 It's used of the serpent.
33:51 God cursed the serpent.
33:52 And in Genesis 4:11 He cursed Cain.
33:55 In other words, in consequence of sin, of them being cast out
34:00 of the garden, now the curse comes in.
34:03 And, of course, as a result of the curse, also comes in death.
34:09 God says, Dust you are, and to dust you shall return.
34:14 So reviewing: Adam and Eve broke God's law.
34:18 That was sin. Because of sin they were cast
34:22 out of the garden.
34:23 Angels were placed at the gate to guard the access
34:29 to the tree of life.
34:30 And then as a result, comes in the curse and death.
34:36 Now you say, why are you going through this sequence?
34:39 Because this sequence is going to be undone
34:45 at the very end of time.
34:47 I want you to go with me to Revelation 22:14,
34:52 Revelation 22:14, and I want you to notice this interesting
34:58 verse in conjunction with what we just read from Genesis.
35:01 It says there in Revelation 22 and verse 14:
35:13 Who what? the King James says, keep. Here it says:
35:20 Some people say, Well, Pastor, but in other versions it says,
35:24 Blessed are those who wash their robes.
35:27 Actually, both ideas are in Revelation.
35:30 Revelation 7:13, 14 says, speaking about the saints who
35:34 go through the tribulation, it says that they've made their
35:37 garments white in the blood of the Lamb.
35:39 But also Revelation speaks about the dragon being enraged against
35:44 those who keep the commandments of God.
35:46 Both ideas are present, but what is the best
35:49 translation here?
35:50 I believe that the best translation is the King James
35:53 translation: Blessed are those who keep His commandments.
35:55 And we're going to see why, because really it's an undoing
36:00 of breaking the commandments in Genesis.
36:02 Notice once again verse 14: Blessed are those who do His
36:06 commandments. Is that opposite of what Adam and Eve did?
36:11 What did Adam and Eve do?
36:14 They broke the commandments.
36:15 Is there going to be a group who keep them? Yes. Now notice:
36:25 Is that an undoing of what happened in Genesis? Yes.
36:32 Is that the opposite of what happened to Adam and Eve?
36:35 Yes. And, by the way, do you know
36:37 who's standing at the gates?
36:38 Notice Revelation 21:12, Revelation 21:12.
36:44 Speaking about the Holy City, it says:
36:55 Excuse me, who is at every gate? an angel.
37:02 What are the angels checking?
37:04 They're checking ID.
37:09 So in Revelation you have a group who keep
37:12 the commandments.
37:13 They're allowed through the gates by an angel.
37:17 They now have access to what?
37:21 They now have access to the tree of life.
37:24 And I want you to notice the two things
37:26 that are no longer present.
37:27 Notice Revelation 22:3, Revelation 22:3.
37:34 Two things that are absent once they enter the city.
37:38 It says there in Revelation 22:
37:42 ...what? Is that an undoing of what happened in Genesis?
37:46 Of course!
37:55 Notice what else will not be there.
37:57 Revelation 21:4 says:
38:13 Does Revelation speak about the undoing of what
38:17 happened in Genesis? Of course.
38:20 Adam and Eve broke the commandment. They sinned.
38:23 As a result they were sentenced to death.
38:25 They were cast out of the garden so that they could not
38:27 eat from the tree of life.
38:29 Angels were placed at the gate.
38:30 As a result you have the curse, and death.
38:33 In Revelation you have a group of people who keep
38:37 the commandments of God.
38:38 The angel lets them through the gates to have access
38:41 to the tree of life, and as a result you don't have anymore
38:44 curse, and you don't have anymore death.
38:47 Are you understanding this point?
38:49 Revelation undoes what happened in Genesis.
38:54 God will have a people who will keep His commandments.
38:57 And, by the way, they're not immortal in themselves,
39:00 because if they were immortal, why would they have
39:01 to eat from the tree?
39:03 In fact, listen up, if man was created immortal,
39:08 what good would it have been for God to forbid him
39:10 from eating from the tree?
39:11 You're not understanding me, are you?
39:15 If man was by nature immortal what good would it do
39:19 for God to bar him from eating from the tree?
39:21 It made no difference whether he ate or not.
39:24 He was still immortal.
39:26 Furthermore, and this is even more serious, if man is by
39:31 nature immortal, what did Jesus come to save us from?
39:37 Did Jesus come to save us from death? Yes, He did.
39:40 But if we're immortal what is He saving us from?
39:43 The doctrine of the immortality of the soul
39:48 makes Jesus unnecessary.
39:50 And it makes the casting out of Adam and Eve from the Garden
39:55 of Eden unnecessary.
39:57 Are you understanding my point or not?
40:00 This is a critical point.
40:02 Now I want you to go with me to Revelation 22:15,
40:05 because somebody might say, Okay, well the parallel
40:07 is interesting, but does the text really mean those who keep
40:11 the commandments or those who washed their robes?
40:14 Well, let's notice the contrast at verse 15, and you'll see that
40:17 keeping the commandments is a better translation.
40:20 By the way, if God has a people in the end time who keep the
40:22 commandments, I guess they weren't nailed to the cross.
40:27 Hello, anybody out there?
40:31 Why would God say that He has a people who keep His
40:33 commandments if the law was done away with
40:36 when Jesus died on the cross?
40:37 Or He doesn't expect Christians to keep the law anymore?
40:41 Do you know what the problem is? and I'll be brutally frank.
40:46 People want to get rid of the Sabbath, and I can't explain it.
40:52 I don't know why, because it's such a beautiful day.
40:55 Twenty-four hours of communion with Christ!
40:57 You ask them, Oh, can you commit adultery then? No, No.
41:00 Can you steal? No, No.
41:02 Can you covet? No.
41:05 Can you worship idols? Never!
41:08 Can you beat up your parents? Don't even think of it!
41:12 Can you kill? No.
41:17 Can you bear false witness against your neighbor? No way!
41:21 Can you break the Sabbath? Yeah!
41:26 Now lets be consistent folks.
41:27 Lets be honest with ourselves, and honest with God.
41:31 I know that there are preachers out there that teach
41:35 that the Sabbath was done away with, but the Bible
41:37 does not teach that.
41:38 In fact, I'll give you a reward if you can show me one text
41:42 in the Bible where it says, Thus saith the Lord, You shall now
41:45 keep the first day of the week instead of the seventh
41:48 day of the week. You won't find it.
41:50 People say, Well, we keep Sunday because we want to honor
41:53 the Resurrection of Jesus.
41:54 There's no place in the Bible that says you're supposed
41:56 to keep Sunday because you honor the Resurrection of Jesus.
41:58 In fact, the Bible says that it is baptism which commemorates
42:02 the death and the Resurrection of Christ.
42:04 It is baptism, not Sunday, but this is an assumption,
42:08 an idea that came into the Christian church by tradition.
42:12 Now notice Revelation 22:15, and I'm going to read verse 14
42:17 because I want you to catch the context.
42:19 It says, Blessed are those who do His commandments that they
42:22 may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through
42:24 the gates into the city, but...
42:26 What does that word, but indicate?
42:29 There is a group of contrasts with those who enter,
42:32 who keep the commandments.
42:42 By the way, sorcerers break the commandment, Thou shall have
42:44 no other gods before Me, because sorcerers claim to have
42:47 the power to create reality.
42:54 Some versions say fornicators, or adulterers. And what else?
43:02 Let me ask you, Are these all violations
43:05 of the ten commandments?
43:06 Which commandment is murderers?
43:08 Thou shalt not kill.
43:11 What about fornicators, or adulterers?
43:13 Thou shalt not commit adultery.
43:15 How about idolaters?
43:16 Thou shalt not make any graven image.
43:19 How about he who loves and practices a lie?
43:21 Thou shalt not bear false witness.
43:22 That is those who are outside the city
43:24 are commandment breakers.
43:27 Those who are inside the city are what?
43:31 are commandment keepers.
43:33 Is that clear? Raise your hand if that's clear.
43:36 I mean it's there in scripture.
43:38 Now, is Pastor Bohr saying that God's going to let us into this
43:43 city because we kept His commandments?
43:45 We earned our entrance into the city
43:48 by keeping His commandments. No way!
43:51 Then what am I saying?
43:55 Listen, the only thing that gives us access to the Holy City
43:59 is the fact that Jesus bore the curse for our sins.
44:07 Do you remember Genesis 3:21 when Adam and Eve were naked?
44:11 They were actually covered with fig leaves,
44:13 but they still felt naked.
44:14 What happened in the Garden of Eden?
44:17 Animals were slain.
44:21 What did those animals represent?
44:24 They represented the death of Jesus to cover the shame
44:29 of their nakedness.
44:30 Of course, nakedness represents living in a state of sin.
44:33 In other words, the only thing which would allow Adam and Eve
44:37 access again into the presence of God, was to be covered
44:42 with the skins of the lamb slain, which represented the
44:47 death of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.
44:51 As it says in Galatians 3:13, Jesus redeemed us from
44:59 the curse of the law.
45:00 Why does the law curse us?
45:03 Because we're sinners!
45:06 See, the law isn't bad because it curses us.
45:08 It says Christ redeems us from the curse of the law,
45:11 and how did He do it?
45:12 Becoming a curse for us.
45:16 In other words, Jesus took my sin upon Himself.
45:21 He was cursed by His Father in my place.
45:24 He died on a cross paying for the penalty for my sins.
45:28 And when I come to Jesus and I see that, and I see what sin
45:32 did to Jesus, I say, Lord Jesus, Why did this happen to You?
45:35 Why did You cry out, My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?
45:39 Why, why were You sweating drops of blood?
45:43 Why did You have that cup trembling in Your hand?
45:46 Where you said, Father if this cup can pass from Me,
45:50 which is the cup of God's wrath.
45:51 Why did You say this?
45:53 Why did You go through this?
45:55 Jesus says, The wages of sin is death.
45:59 When I see Jesus in that way, I say, Lord Jesus, I love You,
46:04 and I hate sin! It's when I look at Jesus, and see what sin
46:11 did to Jesus, that I once and for all want to get rid of sin.
46:15 Let me tell you this, people who have received Jesus as their
46:20 Savior will, out of love for Jesus,
46:24 get rid of sin in their lives.
46:27 They will keep the commandments, not because they have to,
46:31 not because they're ordered to, but because they're grateful
46:37 to Jesus for what He has done for them.
46:40 So I would say in the light of all of the Bible,
46:43 that what Revelation 22:14 is trying to teach is,
46:47 blessed are those who love Jesus, therefore keep His
46:51 commandments, and enter through the gates into the city,
46:55 because Jesus said, If you love Me, keep My commandments.
47:01 He who says, I know Him, and does not keep His commandments
47:07 is a liar, and the truth of God is not in him.
47:12 Are there many Christians in the world today who say,
47:15 Oh, I received Jesus.
47:16 Jesus died on the cross for me.
47:17 And they live like the devil?
47:23 Yes, absolutely, Yes.
47:26 You see, our life shows whether we have truly
47:31 committed ourselves to Jesus.
47:33 The Bible says we will be judged by our works, even though we are
47:39 saved by grace through faith.
47:41 The apostle Paul says we are justified by faith
47:44 without works of the law.
47:46 But then he says, the doers of the law will be justified.
47:49 The apostle Paul says we are not justified by works of law.
47:54 But then James says, don't you know that Abraham was justified
47:58 by works when he offered his son?
47:59 You say, that's a contradiction.
48:01 No it isn't. You see, Paul is looking at how we're saved.
48:05 We're save by grace through faith, whereas James is looking
48:09 at the life of those who have been saved by faith.
48:13 In other words, Paul is telling you how you're saved.
48:17 James is telling you how saved people live.
48:20 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
48:24 So if we love Jesus, we're going to obey Jesus,
48:27 because sin nailed Him to the cross, and so when we come
48:32 to the cross we hate sin and we love Jesus.
48:35 How about it? The reason why we sin so much is because we don't
48:38 spend very much time at the cross.
48:39 We spend most of our time behind the television set,
48:41 or in front of the television set.
48:43 I wish it was behind.
48:45 And the television set confirms our sin.
48:50 It makes us greater sinners, because it says, Oh, what you're
48:53 looking at, that's normal.
48:54 That's what happens.
48:56 And we're confirmed in our sins, whereas when we come to the
48:59 cross of Jesus, the cross o Jesus rebukes our sin,
49:01 and we don't want anything more to do with sin.
49:05 Notice 2 Timothy 1:10, 2 Timothy 1:10.
49:12 This is a very important verse.
49:14 It says there, the apostle Paul, once again:
49:33 What has Jesus done?
49:34 He's brought immortality to light through the gospel.
49:37 Now if we already have immortality, what use is it for
49:40 Jesus to bring immortality to to light for the gospel?
49:43 It's absurd! It doesn't make any sense.
49:46 By the way, do you know that our only source
49:49 of life is in Jesus?
49:50 In 1 John 5:11, 12, we find John saying, This is the testimony
49:58 that God has given us eternal life,
50:00 and this life is in His Son.
50:13 So where is our source of life? within us, or outside us?
50:20 It is outside us.
50:22 It is in being connected with Jesus.
50:26 We are not immortal in ourselves.
50:29 We cannot define what's right and wrong in ourselves.
50:33 We need the law of God not only to show us our external
50:38 deeds, we need the law of God to show us our internal
50:41 thoughts and motivations.
50:42 To rebuke our sin, if you please.
50:45 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
50:47 And when the law does that we realize that we're sentenced
50:51 to death and we cry out, Who shall deliver me
50:54 from this body of death?
50:55 Ah, the answer comes, Look at the Lord Jesus.
50:59 He bore your death.
51:00 He took your death upon the cross, because of your sins.
51:04 And therefore, the law is upheld, and also eternal life
51:11 depends only and exclusively upon Jesus Christ.
51:17 Now I want to make absolutely clear the relationship
51:23 that exists between keeping the law, and God's grace.
51:26 Let me ask you, when you turn on your car, and you put it in
51:34 gear, and your car starts rolling, which of the two wheels
51:38 moves first, the front wheels or the back wheels?
51:46 Almost always people will say, that depends whether it's back
51:50 wheel or front wheel drive.
51:51 Wrong! If it's back wheel drive, when the back wheels move
51:58 the front wheels follow.
52:01 Faith is the power that moves our life.
52:07 The works are what follow in consequence.
52:11 Now I'd like to do a little experiment here.
52:16 Let me ask you, when someone opens that door in the back,
52:19 which side of the door moves first,
52:21 the inside or the outside?
52:24 You snickered. I've had people say the outside,
52:30 and I've had people say the inside, but actually both sides
52:33 move what? move together.
52:36 It's like two oars of a row boat.
52:40 Which oar is most important, the left oar or the right oar?
52:46 Actually, both of them working together move the boat forward.
52:51 Do you want your life to move forward? your spiritual life
52:55 to move forward? The only way is through the oar of works,
52:59 and through the oar of faith working together.
53:02 Or you could illustrate it this way: imagine a piece of paper.
53:09 Let's do a little experiment here.
53:11 If I have a sheet of paper, and I've got this little sheet
53:14 back here, I want to ask someone here, Would you please come and
53:21 take away one side of this piece of paper?
53:27 Anybody want to try and take one side off of this?
53:30 And some people say, Well, I'll peel it.
53:32 It still has two sides. Nice try!
53:34 Can you have a one sided piece of paper? No.
53:39 You have to have two sides.
53:40 And that's true of faith and works.
53:44 Faith is the moving power, works are that which follow.
53:48 Now lets go to Ephesians chapter 2 where this is brought out very
53:53 clearly. Ephesians 2:8, 9.
53:58 Most Christians will read verses 8 and 9 and they'll stop.
54:00 But we've got to read verse 10, too.
54:04 It says there in verse 8:
54:22 And people take that and they say, See, we're saved by grace,
54:25 through faith without works.
54:28 Yeah, but you need to read verse 10.
54:32 Notice verse 10. It says there:
54:42 By the way, that means that we've received Jesus
54:44 into our lives. He's become our Savior.
54:54 And who prepared those good works?
54:57 Do we do them in our own power? in our own selves? No.
55:10 So we are saved by grace through faith.
55:14 We cannot boast, but in consequence of that
55:18 what follows? works follow.
55:22 Now allow me to mention something which is very
55:25 terrifying to me, as we bring this lecture to a close.
55:28 Do you know that there are two texts, there are more but I'm
55:32 going to mention two of them in the New Testament that tell us
55:35 that in the end time, the world is going to be in a terribly
55:40 lawless state. Notice Matthew 24:12, Matthew 24:12.
55:50 Here Jesus is speaking about the signs of His second coming,
55:55 and He says this. Matthew 24: 12.
56:04 That word lawlessness is the same expression,
56:06 transgression of the law of 1 John 3:4.
56:11 What is the consequence?
56:15 What is law breaking?
56:16 It's a lack of what? of love.
56:21 I'll only mention the second passage.
56:23 It's in Matthew 7:21-23.
56:26 We've referred to it before.
56:29 Do you remember that many will come to Jesus in that day,
56:32 and they'll say, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name?
56:34 Lord, Lord, did we not do miracles in Your name?
56:37 Lord, Lord, did we not cast out demons in Your name?
56:40 By the way, are these Christians?
56:42 Do they profess to be Christians?
56:44 Of course. They wouldn't be claiming the name of Jesus
56:47 if they didn't profess to be Christians.
56:49 And what does Jesus answer to them? He says:
57:02 Say what? Christians who practice lawlessness?
57:07 Perhaps these are the Christians who say that you don't have to
57:10 keep the law because Jesus kept it for you.
57:12 Folks, the fact is that these two doctrines have
57:16 overtaken the whole world: the idea that the law of God
57:20 was done away with, and man is immortal.
57:23 May God deliver us from these two great errors.


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