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01:15 Shall we pray? Father, in heaven, as we begin this very,
01:19 important study from Your Holy Word, we ask that You will give
01:23 us understanding, and not only understanding, but that You will
01:27 give us the willingness to listen to Your voice,
01:30 and to put into practice that which we learned
01:33 from Your Holy Word.
01:34 We ask for the guidance of Your Spirit, and we ask for a
01:39 submissive and tender heart.
01:41 We thank You, Lord for hearing our prayer for we ask it in
01:44 Jesus' name, Amen.
01:47 I'd like us to begin our study today at the book of
01:52 Exodus 20:8-11, Exodus 20:8-11.
02:00 This is the fourth commandment of the law of God.
02:04 The law which God wrote with His own finger
02:08 on tables of stone, with, actually, flames of fire,
02:13 according to scripture.
02:14 It says here:
02:29 In it you shall do no work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter,
02:35 nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle,
02:41 nor your stranger who is within your gates:...
02:45 And then we have the reason why God gave this commandment.
02:49 Notice verse 11. It says:
03:12 That is He made it holy.
03:14 Now there are two things that I want us to notice
03:16 as we begin our study.
03:18 First of all, the reason for the observance of this commandment
03:23 is creation. It says that God gave us this commandment because
03:29 in six days He made the heavens, the earth, the seas,
03:32 and all that is in them, and He rested the seventh day.
03:37 So this commandment is actually a creation ordinance.
03:42 The second thing that I want us to notice about this verse
03:46 is that it clearly tells us that God did three things
03:49 with the Sabbath.
03:51 First of all, we are told that He rested.
03:54 And I want you to remember these words: He rested.
03:56 Secondly, He blessed the Sabbath.
03:59 And in the third place, we find that God hallowed it,
04:04 or sanctified it; He made it Holy.
04:06 So three ideas: resting, blessing, and hallowing.
04:13 And it points us back to creation.
04:16 Now if this commandment points us back to creation,
04:19 where do you suppose would be a good place
04:21 to go to find out why God gave it?
04:23 I think it would be a good idea for us to go back
04:26 to the book of Genesis, because that's where
04:29 we find creation described.
04:31 This commandment sends us back to Genesis.
04:34 So let's go back to Genesis.
04:36 We have a couple of verses that I'm going to refer to.
04:39 I'm not going to read them, but I'm going to refer to them,
04:42 because we've mentioned them before.
04:44 First of all we have Genesis 1:1.
04:46 I don't think I even have to turn in my Bible to that one.
04:50 It says: In the beginning God created
04:53 the heavens and the earth.
04:54 We have three ideas: in the beginning, God,
04:59 created heaven and earth.
05:01 When we go to John 1:1-3 we find who that creator was.
05:07 It says very clearly there: In the beginning,...
05:12 See, the same expression.
05:13 In the beginning was the Word.
05:16 The Word was God.
05:18 And then verse 3 tells us that all things were made by Him;
05:23 and without Him nothing was made that was made.
05:28 So as we compare Genesis 1:1, with John 1:1-3,
05:33 there's no doubt whatsoever that the Creator of Genesis
05:38 was none other than whom?
05:40 It was none other than Jesus Christ.
05:42 So, if at the beginning Jesus created the Sabbath,
05:46 the Sabbath is the day of Jesus, because Jesus is the Creator,
05:52 according to scripture.
05:53 Now let's go back to Genesis 1 and discover what condition
05:59 this world was in before Jesus actually created it.
06:05 Genesis 1:1, 2: In the beginning God,...
06:12 That's Jesus; we've already seen from John 1.
06:14 In the beginning God created the heaven's and the earth.
06:18 And now comes the verse I want to underline.
06:24 How many problems did the earth have? two.
06:36 And the Spirit of God was hovering over
06:38 the face of the waters.
06:39 Now you notice that the planet before Jesus put it in order,
06:46 before He actually performed the work of creation of the
06:48 six days of creation week, we find that the earth was without
06:53 form and void. Now what does that mean,
06:55 without form and void?
06:56 Well, I like the translation in Spanish better,
07:00 because it's closer to what the original means.
07:02 In Spanish it says: Desordenada y Vacia.
07:07 What does Desordenada mean?
07:10 There's some of you who know Spanish.
07:12 It means in a disorderly state.
07:14 And what does Vacia mean?
07:17 It means empty. In other words, there were two problems
07:21 with the planet. It was in a disorderly state,
07:24 and it was empty. Now what the Bible means by a disorderly
07:29 state is that the planet, as it was, could not sustain life.
07:36 In other words, the planet was in a disorganized state.
07:39 It could not sustain life.
07:40 And so God, first of all, had to place the planet in order
07:45 to resolve the first problem, and then He had to fill it
07:49 to resolve the second problem.
07:52 And it's interesting, as we examine the story of creation,
07:56 that the first three days of creation week,
07:59 Jesus puts the planet in order.
08:02 And the last three days of creation week
08:05 He fills the planet with life.
08:08 Now, have you ever noticed that there was a progression
08:12 in the story of creation?
08:15 First of all God created inanimate things;
08:18 things that were not alive.
08:20 He created light, He created the firmament,
08:23 and He made the dry land.
08:25 None of those are conscious, or living.
08:27 Then he proceeded to create the sun, the moon, and the stars.
08:32 And then we find God creating vegetation,
08:38 and we find Him creating birds, and we find Him creating fish,
08:44 and we find Him creating human beings.
08:47 Now what Jesus did, was during the first three days of
08:51 creation, to prepare the planet for the living things
08:55 that He was going to fill the planet with
08:58 on the last three days.
08:59 Now let's review what Jesus did during creation week.
09:03 First Day: Jesus says, Let there be light, and there was light.
09:09 Second Day: Let there be the firmament.
09:14 And as He speaks the firmament appears.
09:17 By the way, that's the layer of oxygen.
09:19 Can any living thing survive without light? No.
09:24 Can any living thing survive without oxygen? Of course not.
09:28 And God knows that.
09:29 Some people say, Why didn't God create man first
09:32 if man was the most important thing?
09:33 Because he would have died without having any
09:36 oxygen to breathe.
09:37 See, God is pretty smart!
09:39 The first three days He organizes the planet,
09:42 so that then He can fill the planet afterwards.
09:45 And so the third day God said, Let the dry land appear,
09:49 because He knows that human beings are going to
09:51 live on the land. Hello!
09:52 He knows that the land animals are going to have
09:56 to live on the earth.
09:57 He knows that on the earth there are going to have to be
09:58 trees and plants, and so on the third day He makes the land
10:02 appear, and then He creates the vegetation.
10:06 And at the end of the third day He looks at what He has done,
10:11 and He says, It's good!
10:12 The fourth day He now fills the heavens with heavenly bodies;
10:17 with the sun, the moon, and the stars.
10:19 And at the end of the fourth day He looks upon what He has done,
10:22 and Jesus says, It's good!
10:24 Then comes the fifth day.
10:26 The waters are empty.
10:27 In the daytime the sky's are empty.
10:31 There's no songs of birds.
10:32 And so on the fifth day Jesus says, Let the waters produce
10:37 living creatures. And suddenly the waters are filled with
10:42 all sorts of living fish, and marine animals.
10:46 And then Jesus says on the fifth day, Let there be in the sky
10:50 birds. And suddenly the air is filled with birds
10:54 singing their songs.
10:56 Of course, at this point they didn't have anybody to sing
10:58 their songs to, but God is going to work on that.
11:00 Now, do you notice that at the end of the fifth day God looks
11:04 upon what He's made, Jesus does, and He sees that it is good.
11:09 Now comes the sixth day.
11:11 Do you know that on the sixth day Jesus worked more
11:16 than on any other day?
11:17 Allow me to review what happened on the sixth day of creation.
11:22 First of all, if you read the story in Genesis 2...
11:28 By the way, Genesis 2 is an amplification of certain
11:32 elements of chapter 1.
11:33 There were not two creations.
11:35 There's not the creation of Genesis 1, and the creation of
11:38 Genesis 2. Genesis 2 amplifies certain details that are not
11:42 contained in Genesis 1, particularly how the woman
11:47 who was created, how man was created, and amplifies also
11:52 several aspects about the tree of life, and the tree of the
11:55 knowledge of good and evil.
11:56 Now the first thing that Jesus made on the sixth day
12:00 were the land animals.
12:01 You can find that in Genesis 1: 25 and following.
12:08 Secondly He made man.
12:10 Have you ever noticed that when He made man He did not speak him
12:14 into existence, like He spoke everything else into existence?
12:17 He gave him the personal touch.
12:19 He took clay, He took dust, and He formed man
12:24 out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils
12:27 the breath of life. And the Bible says that man became
12:30 a living soul. Now I'd like to ask you, Do you suppose that
12:34 when Jesus created Adam, and suddenly Adam wakes up,
12:41 if we can use the expression, and he's suddenly conscious.
12:45 He wasn't there, and now suddenly he's there.
12:49 Do you suppose that Adam was somewhat surprised?
12:52 Do you suppose Adam asked, Where did I come from?
12:56 What am I doing here?
12:58 Where am I going? He must have had questions, because he wasn't
13:04 there, and now suddenly he's there.
13:06 Adam is surprised, but God does not explain to Adam,
13:10 at that moment, the source of His existence.
13:14 In fact, we find God saying after He created man,
13:20 that there's something in creation week that is not good.
13:22 Have you noticed that at the end of every week it says,
13:25 it was good? It was good, it was good, it was good.
13:27 When it gets to the part of the sixth day where God creates
13:31 man, He looks at Adam and He says, there is something here
13:34 that is not good. It is not good that man should be alone.
13:39 I will make him a helpmeet; a helper like unto him.
13:44 And so the Bible says that Jesus told Adam to name all of the
13:50 animals that He had created.
13:52 Now that's going to take more than five minutes.
13:54 That's going to take the better part of the sixth day.
13:56 And so Adam, and there's a purpose in this.
13:58 Adam starts naming all of the animals.
14:01 And as he names the animals, he sees that each one of them
14:03 has a mate, but he doesn't have a mate.
14:05 God wanted him to feel lonely.
14:08 And now in his loneliness, he's craving for a mate
14:13 like the animals have a mate.
14:14 And the Bible says that Jesus says it's not good for Adam
14:20 to be alone. And so you have the first anesthesia of human
14:23 history, general anesthesia, and Adam is put to sleep.
14:28 And then you have the first surgery of human history.
14:32 The Bible says that God, Jesus opened up Adam's side,
14:37 and He took out one of Adam's ribs.
14:40 And out of the rib He made a woman.
14:44 And now suddenly, you can imagine Adam shaking off
14:49 the effects of the anesthesia.
14:50 And, you know, he was sleeping.
14:54 He didn't know what was going on.
14:55 And then suddenly he wakes up and here comes Jesus,
14:59 walking along with Eve next to His side,
15:03 because the Bible says that God brought Eve to Adam.
15:06 See, you don't go out hunting for a mate.
15:10 God brings the mate to you.
15:12 If you go hunting you might run into trouble.
15:15 And so God, Jesus brings Eve to Adam.
15:21 And I can just only imagine somewhat what Adam
15:26 must have said. He must have said, Wow!
15:30 Where did you come from?
15:32 You're beautiful! You're just like me!
15:35 You stand erect. And you're able to communicate;
15:40 you're able to talk.
15:41 How wonderful! Where did you come from?
15:44 By the way, have you noticed that not once in all of this
15:50 creation story did Adam or Eve see God create anything?
15:55 This is amazing! Even when He created Eve,
15:59 He put Adam to sleep.
16:00 In other words, the only proof, if you can speak of proof,
16:05 that Adam and Eve had that God was their Creator, was what?
16:09 The fact that God told them that He was their Creator.
16:14 They had no scientific proof.
16:16 They had no empirical proof.
16:18 They had no historical proof.
16:19 They had no proof whatsoever.
16:21 The only proof, or evidence, if you please, that they had
16:25 that Jesus was their Creator, is the fact that Jesus told
16:29 them that He was their Creator.
16:32 They had to accept it by faith.
16:35 They had to trust God's Word.
16:37 By the way, do you know that the whole controversy in human
16:40 history is over God's Word.
16:44 You can boil everything down to God's Word.
16:47 We studied that in our last lecture.
16:49 What the devil is trying to do in Genesis 3 is shake the trust
16:54 of Adam and Eve in God's Word.
16:56 And we notice that He uses five methods:
16:58 First method, signs and wonders.
17:01 You know, accept the sign and the wonder, instead of what I've
17:03 said. The second method is for the devil to actually change
17:09 God's Word. God has said, You can't eat of any tree
17:12 of the garden, to get Eve to exaggerate God's Word.
17:16 God told us not to touch it.
17:17 And later on we'll find that the devil will actually quote
17:22 God's Word correctly, but he'll leave certain portions out,
17:25 like in Psalm 91. See, he quoted Psalm 91 correctly, but he left
17:31 a portion of it out.
17:32 And so, if you leave a portion out, it can leave a totally
17:36 different, and wrong impression.
17:38 And then, of course, we find that the devil tried to get Adam
17:40 and Eve to follow their senses.
17:42 He tried to get Adam and Eve to follow their reasoning powers.
17:45 And he used Eve, a person, to tempt Adam.
17:48 So the devil uses five methods to try and get God's people
17:53 to disobey His clear, explicit, simple Word.
17:58 Adam and Eve were supposed to accept that Jesus was their
18:03 Creator, because Jesus told them that He was their Creator.
18:07 After all, there could have been other explanations, right?
18:10 Couldn't they have come into existence by a big bang?
18:14 I suppose so! Couldn't they have come into existence
18:17 by spontaneous generation? I suppose so.
18:19 And that's what the devil wanted Eve to believe.
18:22 He says, Oh, this story of God that He's your Creator,
18:25 and that when you eat from the tree you're going to die.
18:27 Oh, come on! You actually believe that?
18:30 You trust that? Oh, come on now!
18:33 You see, what God knows is that if you eat from that tree,
18:37 you're going to be just like Him.
18:39 You're going to be other gods around, and God doesn't want
18:41 other gods around. He's the only one who wants to be God,
18:44 and so He intimidates you into thinking that if you eat,
18:47 you're going to die.
18:48 You're not going to die, you're going to be just like Him.
18:51 And God doesn't want any rivals.
18:53 Do you see what this temptation really involves?
18:56 It's much more serious than what most people think.
18:59 Now we need to take a look at Genesis 2:2, 3, Genesis 2:2, 3.
19:09 Do you remember the three things that are mentioned in Exodus 20?
19:14 The fourth commandment of the law of God?
19:15 The three ideas? What did God do with the Sabbath?
19:17 He what? He rested.
19:19 Secondly He blessed.
19:21 And then the third, He sanctified, or made Holy.
19:24 Now is the Sabbath of Genesis the same Sabbath of Exodus 20?
19:28 Do you think so?
19:29 Notice Genesis 2:2, 3, Genesis 2:2, 3. It says:
19:59 Question: did Jesus in Genesis, do the very three things that
20:04 are mentioned in the fourth commandment of the law of God?
20:06 Did He rest? Yes. Did He bless? Yes.
20:10 Did He make holy or sanctified? Yes.
20:13 Is the fourth commandment referring to the same Sabbath
20:17 that was made at the beginning?
20:18 Absolutely. There's no doubt whatsoever.
20:20 The Sabbath is a creation ordinance.
20:24 Now let me ask you, do you think that God had to bless
20:28 the Sabbath for Himself?
20:29 Listen folks, God is the source of all blessing.
20:32 Why would He have to bless a day for Himself?
20:34 He's infusing the day with a blessing not for Himself,
20:39 but for others. Everything that God blesses is for others
20:42 in scripture. Never for Himself.
20:44 So God blessed the seventh day Sabbath.
20:47 He infused the day with life, health, and prosperity,
20:52 because anytime you find the word blessing in scripture,
20:55 it has to do with life, with abundance, with prosperity,
20:58 with that which is good.
21:00 Did God have to make a day holy for Himself?
21:04 He says, Oh, I'm going to make a holy day for Myself.
21:07 Listen, for God all days are holy, because everything
21:10 connected with God is Holy.
21:12 And so God didn't have to set apart a day, a Holy day,
21:15 for Himself. Did God really need to rest, in fact?
21:19 The fact is that we're going to notice in a few moments that
21:22 God did not have to rest.
21:24 Jesus did not have to rest.
21:25 I mean, how much rest do you need after saying,
21:28 Let there be light?
21:29 Let there be the firmament.
21:31 Let there be dry land.
21:33 Let there be trees, and plants, and grass.
21:38 Let there the be the sun, the moon, and the stars.
21:40 Let there be fish.
21:42 Let there be birds.
21:43 Let there be land animals.
21:45 You know, God at the end of creation week, He says, Wow,
21:47 I've really worked!
21:48 I need a vacation.
21:49 Is God resting because He's tired?
21:53 Is Jesus resting because He's tired?
21:56 Absolutely not! Then the question is, why is He resting?
22:02 We'll get to that in a moment, but before that allow me
22:05 to mention one other thing, which is extremely important.
22:08 Do you know that the story of creation says that Jesus
22:11 actually finished His work twice?
22:15 Now you say, how can you finish your work twice?
22:18 Well, let's notice Genesis 1:31.
22:21 There's a very interesting nuance here.
22:24 Genesis 1:31, and we'll continue reading through chapter 2.
22:28 Genesis 1:31, and we'll go on to read chapter 2. It says there:
22:50 When did He finish?
22:54 It says it was the evening and the morning of the sixth day.
22:57 Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them
23:01 were finished. He finished the sixth day,
23:03 according to this verse.
23:04 But then you read the next verse.
23:06 It appears to have a contradiction.
23:08 It says in verse 2: And on the seventh day God ended his work
23:13 which he had done;...
23:14 Now wait a minute. Did He finish on the sixth
23:19 or did He end on the seventh?
23:22 Maybe Moses forgot what he wrote in Genesis 1:31.
23:27 And he says, Oh, excuse me.
23:29 It wasn't the sixth day that He finished, it was the seventh day
23:32 that He finished. Actually, there's something else
23:34 that's going on here, and let me explain it.
23:36 I had the privilege of working for 41/2 years in New Mexico.
23:43 All of New Mexico was my territory, and West Texas.
23:45 I lived in Amarillo, Texas.
23:47 And one of the places which I really enjoyed visiting
23:50 was Taos, New Mexico.
23:51 Have any of you ever been to Taos, New Mexico?
23:54 Beautiful country up there.
23:55 Yeah, you know, that's God's country.
23:57 Wonderful! Especially in the winter.
23:59 It gets beautiful because of all of the mountains.
24:01 But, anyway, something which Taos has, which I'm sure other
24:06 places have, but it impacted me, is a huge number of art
24:11 galleries. They have so many artists.
24:15 Many of them are Native Americans.
24:17 And, you know, you can go to their shop, and you can see them
24:20 actually painting works of art.
24:23 And I had the privilege, while I was there, I had a series of
24:27 meetings for three weeks one time.
24:28 In fact it was on Genesis.
24:30 This was many years ago.
24:31 And I used to enjoy going to the art galleries,
24:34 and watching the artist work.
24:35 And do you know what they would do?
24:37 What they would do is they would, first of all,
24:39 take a frame, a wooden frame, and then they would staple
24:42 a piece of canvas over the frame.
24:48 They would make sure that it was nice and tight.
24:50 They would place it on the easel, and then they would
24:54 sit down, and I'm dramatizing for effect.
24:56 They would sit down, and they would put some colors on the
24:59 canvas. And after they finished the first day of work they
25:03 would look at the canvas and say, It looks good.
25:06 And then the second day they would come and they would
25:10 add a few colors there.
25:11 They would perhaps add a few clouds in the sky.
25:15 And then after a day's work they would look, and they would
25:18 say, Hum, it looks good!
25:21 Then they would come the third day and they would add some
25:24 hills, and they would add some mountains, and some trees,
25:26 and some plants, and some flowers.
25:29 And at the end of the third day they would look and they would
25:31 say, Hum, looks good!
25:34 Then the fourth day they would sit down, and they would
25:37 probably, you know, paint a sun in the sky, and they would add
25:40 a few more colors to the canvas.
25:42 And at the end of the fourth day they'd look at their work,
25:45 and they'd say, Hum, looks good!
25:48 And the fifth day they would have jumping out of a lake,
25:52 you know, some fish.
25:54 And they would color some birds flying through the air.
25:57 And at the end of the fifth day, they would look and they would
26:00 say, Hum, looks real good!
26:03 And then the sixth day they would sit down and they would
26:06 and some giraffes, and some elephants, and different kinds
26:09 of animals on the canvas, and then they would paint a woman
26:15 and a man perhaps, there enjoying the beautiful scenery.
26:18 And then they would add the final touches to the canvas,
26:24 and look and say, It is very good!
26:31 Now let me ask you, was the work of art finished?
26:37 I said they finished. I said he finished.
26:41 Is the work of art finished?
26:44 Yes, and No. The work itself is finished, but what is lacking?
26:52 The signature of the author of the work of art.
27:01 Without identifying who made it, (Hello), anybody can come along
27:06 and claim it. But the fact is that the picture was finished;
27:11 the work of art was finished.
27:12 But then the artist would take the brush.
27:18 See, I'm not an artist.
27:20 He would take the brush, and he would sign his name
27:24 to the work of art.
27:25 And then the work was finished.
27:30 If we apply this to creation, now we understand how Jesus
27:36 finished His work twice.
27:37 The sixth day He finished a work of art.
27:41 And, by the way, this work of art was not ecstatic that when
27:44 you look at it it's always the same.
27:47 This was a living picture.
27:50 It was a picture that changed at every instant,
27:53 at every moment. He made this beautiful world.
27:56 This beautiful work of art.
27:58 But Jesus knew that it was necessary to identify who was
28:04 the One who made this work of art.
28:07 And that's the reason why He created the Sabbath.
28:10 The Sabbath identifies the Creator.
28:14 The Sabbath is the signature of Jesus upon His work
28:18 of creation. It tells us who made all of these things.
28:23 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
28:25 Now, I mentioned that God wasn't tired, Jesus wasn't tired when
28:31 He finished creation week.
28:32 Let's go to Isaiah 40:28, Isaiah 40:28.
28:39 Here we find an interesting declaration about creation,
28:43 and about the Creator.
28:44 And I want you to notice this interesting statement
28:48 of the prophet Isaiah. It says here:
29:12 Does the Creator get weary, according to this verse?
29:17 Was Jesus tired at the end of creation week? Absolutely not!
29:21 By the way, was man tired?
29:27 I don't know whether you've stopped to think about this.
29:29 Man was created on the second half of the first day.
29:34 So his first day on earth, first full day on earth, was the day
29:39 of what? It was the day of rest.
29:41 Now this is strange!
29:43 God rests, and He's not tired.
29:46 And man hadn't worked, and so he rests,
29:50 and he's not tired either.
29:52 Why would you have God and man resting on the Sabbath
29:56 if neither one of them are tired?
29:59 There must be a deeper purpose to the observance of the Sabbath
30:05 than physical rest.
30:08 Are you understanding what I am saying?
30:10 There's a deeper dimension to the Sabbath than physical rest,
30:15 because Adam wasn't tired, Eve wasn't tired,
30:18 and God wasn't tired either.
30:21 And, by the way, have you ever noticed in the creation story
30:24 that Adam and Eve did none of the work?
30:26 How much work of creation did Adam and Eve perform?
30:31 Nothing! And so when the seventh day comes around, God says to
30:38 Adam and Eve, I'm going to come down to the garden,
30:41 and I want you, Adam, and you, Eve, to spend the Sabbath
30:49 with me. I want us to rest together.
30:52 And you say, well, that's not what Genesis says.
30:54 Genesis says that God rested.
30:57 That's true, but notice what Jesus says in Mark 2:27,
31:02 Mark 2:27. And we'll read verse 28 also.
31:08 Notice Jesus, who was the Creator of the Sabbath,
31:12 what He has to say.
31:14 Mark 2:27. And He said to them:
31:28 ...and not man for the Sabbath.
31:31 Therefore the Son of man is also Lord of what?
31:38 Lord of the Sabbath.
31:39 For whom was the Sabbath made?
31:41 The Sabbath was not made for God, because God doesn't need
31:45 a Sabbath of rest. The Sabbath was made for man.
31:48 And yet God rested, and He invited man to rest.
31:52 Now why would they rest together?
31:54 Let me dramatize what happened that first Sabbath.
31:57 By the way, the last thing that God makes on the sixth day
32:02 is marriage. Do you notice that?
32:06 He calls Adam and Eve and He says, Adam, Eve, could you stand
32:11 right here in front of Me?
32:12 Ah, we're going to have our first marriage here.
32:14 And He pronounces those words: What God hath joined together
32:19 let not man cast asunder.
32:21 I declare you man and wife.
32:22 He didn't say that, but He married them.
32:25 And immediately after He marries them, the holy hours
32:30 of the Sabbath begin.
32:32 Now, have you noticed that during creation week,
32:35 the first six days God made things?
32:38 On the seventh day He made holy time.
32:43 This shows us that time is more important than what?
32:47 than things. In fact, during the sixth days of labor and work
32:54 we remember the things of God, whereas on the seventh day
32:59 the purpose is to remember the God of things.
33:04 Now, allow me to mention what happened on that first Sabbath.
33:08 God calls Adam and Eve.
33:10 He's resting with them.
33:11 It says so in Genesis.
33:12 And Jesus says to Adam, Well, Adam, what do you think?
33:19 Well, Lord, You could have made that tree a little bit taller
33:22 over there. I don't think so!
33:25 Jesus says, Do you like what you see?
33:29 What do you think Adam said? Wow!
33:34 How about those birds over there? Amazing!
33:38 How about this wife that I gave you? Wow!
33:41 How about this husband? Oh, marvelous!
33:45 In other words, on that day Jesus met with Adam and Eve
33:49 and they contemplated His work of creation.
33:53 God said, All of this that you see, I made for you.
33:59 It is My gift for you.
34:03 But you might forget where this came from.
34:08 So what I want us to do is every seventh day you're going
34:11 to interrupt your activities.
34:14 You're going to interrupt your endeavors.
34:17 And for twenty-four whole hours I'm going to come to the garden
34:22 and We're going to contemplate what I made for you.
34:27 The focus is going to shift from you to Me.
34:31 By the way, have you noticed that on the sixth day God made
34:35 Adam king of creation?
34:39 He gave Adam and Eve dominion, the Bible says.
34:42 But by creating the seventh day God is saying to Adam and Eve,
34:45 you are Lord's of creation, but the seventh day shows that I am
34:48 your Lord, because I made you; you're My creatures.
34:54 And so every seventh day Jesus promised to come and meet
34:58 with Adam and Eve so that they could contemplate His works
35:01 of creation; His marvelous works of creation.
35:03 And in this way their hearts would be filled with reverence,
35:06 and with love, and with gratefulness, because of the
35:11 love, and the wisdom of Jesus in giving them this gift.
35:15 Notice that they had not worked for it; it was a gift.
35:20 Is this true of salvation, too?
35:22 See, this is part two.
35:24 We're not dealing with the Sabbath and salvation in our
35:26 lecture today. We're going to deal with that tomorrow,
35:29 because the Sabbath has an additional dimension.
35:31 You see, the purpose of the Sabbath is to show that Jesus
35:36 works, and we simply receive His gift and accept it.
35:39 And keeping the Sabbath is a sign that we believe that He
35:43 is the Creator, and that we're thankful and grateful to Him,
35:46 and that we worship Him because He is our Creator.
35:49 How about it? Can you imagine Adam saying, You mean to say
35:55 that I have to take a whole day of the week out of my busy
36:00 schedule? And we have twenty- four hours to suspend all of my
36:05 things so that we can just talk about You, and what You've done?
36:09 How is it, Lord, that You deliver unto me this yoke
36:13 of bondage? You know what I think Adam said, what Eve said?
36:19 They said, Jesus, couldn't we meet every day?
36:25 Because if they loved Jesus, would they want to spend that
36:28 time of fellowship with Jesus? Yes!
36:31 The sixth day Jesus says, Adam I made you for Eve.
36:35 Eve I made you for Adam.
36:36 But the seventh day He says, Adam and Eve, I made you for Me.
36:40 I am your Lord. I am your Creator.
36:44 I made you for fellowship.
36:46 Suspend your things, and just come and enjoy rest with Me.
36:55 That was the original intent of the Holy Sabbath,
36:58 and God knew that people might forget it.
37:01 That's why, in the fourth commandment He says,
37:04 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
37:06 Do you think that if the Sabbath was necessary at creation,
37:09 in a perfect world, with a perfect Adam and Eve,
37:12 if it was necessary to remind them about their roots,
37:17 the source of their existence, how wonderful their Creator was,
37:20 how much love He had for them by giving them all of these
37:23 things free of charge, without their working for them.
37:26 Do you think that Adam and Eve needed to remember who
37:33 the Creator was? Obviously, Yes,
37:36 because the Sabbath was created for that purpose.
37:39 Now, it's interesting that some individuals say that the Sabbath
37:47 was okay in the Old Testament, but that the Sabbath does not
37:52 apply to Christians today.
37:53 I once had an interesting conversation with a pastor
37:57 friend. He was not a pastor of the same church
38:00 that I belong to. And just to play devil's advocate,
38:03 I said to him, You know what?
38:05 I believe that's it's perfectly okay for a man to marry a man,
38:08 and a woman to marry a woman.
38:12 Now, I don't believe that, but I said that to him.
38:16 And his eyes bulged, and he looked at me and he says,
38:20 You as a pastor would say that you think that a man can marry
38:25 a man, and a woman a woman?
38:27 I said, Sure, why not?
38:30 And he looked at me and he says, the answer is obvious.
38:34 The Bible says that at the beginning God made Adam and Eve,
38:39 and He performed the first marriage between a man
38:43 and a woman. And then I had him where I wanted him.
38:45 And I looked at him and I said, Okay, good point.
38:51 What else did Jesus make at creation week?
38:57 And boy, you should have seen him.
38:58 You could have heard a pin drop.
39:01 And I'm still waiting for his answer.
39:04 You see the Sabbath was made at the same time as marriage.
39:10 And so if you say that marriage still applies between a man
39:14 and a woman, and you argue on the basis of creation,
39:17 you must also argue on the basis of creation that the Sabbath
39:21 is still binding. And, by the way, some people say the Sabbath
39:24 was for the Jews. Listen up to what I'm going to say.
39:26 No place in the Bible does it say that the Sabbath was
39:30 the Sabbath of the Jews.
39:31 Furthermore, Adam was not a Jew, because the name Jew comes from
39:36 Judah, one of the sons of Jacob.
39:40 In fact the Sabbath, some people say, Well, the Sabbath was
39:42 a symbol of the rest that we have in Jesus
39:44 when He died on the cross to give us His spiritual rest.
39:46 Listen folks, when the Sabbath was created there was no need
39:49 for any Redeemer, because man had not sinned.
39:52 The Sabbath is part of God's original plan for man.
39:56 It is not an after thought of God.
39:58 Well, I'll give them the Sabbath now to show them the rest that I
40:01 am going to give them someday when I die on the cross.
40:03 There was no need for a cross when the Sabbath was created.
40:07 There were no Jews, so you can't say that the Sabbath was
40:10 made for the Jews.
40:11 Am I making myself clear?
40:13 The Sabbath is a creation institution.
40:17 Now I'd like to ask the question, when does the
40:20 Sabbath begin? This is very important.
40:23 You know, some people say I keep Sunday.
40:26 And what they do is go to church on Sunday.
40:28 It's not the same to go to church on Sunday,
40:31 or go to church on Saturday, as observing the Sabbath
40:36 the way the Bible says.
40:37 Notice Genesis 1:5, Genesis 1:5.
40:44 This is a formula that is used each day of creation.
40:48 It says there in verse 5:
41:02 Did you notice the order?
41:03 What comes first, the evening or the morning?
41:05 According to this it's the evening and the morning.
41:09 And, by the way, the word evening means sunset.
41:14 Go with me to Mark 1:32, Mark 1:32.
41:22 Here it's speaking about the healings of Jesus,
41:25 and these are the words that we find.
41:27 At evening...Notice the same word.
41:42 When is evening? When the sun what?
41:46 When the sun sets.
41:48 And it says in the Bible, from evening to evening
41:52 shall you keep, your what? your Sabbaths.
41:57 Now let me ask you, do you know why we have a week today?
42:00 Why does a week have seven days?
42:05 Do you know that every measurement of time that we have
42:07 has an astronomical explanation, except one?
42:11 Our year is the amount of time that it takes our earth to make
42:17 one complete revolution around the sun: 365 and 1/4 days.
42:22 It has an astronomical explanation.
42:24 Our month, technically speaking, is the period between one
42:28 new moon and another.
42:31 The day is the amount of time that it takes our planet to
42:35 make one complete turn on its axis.
42:37 Every one of those measurements has an astronomical
42:41 explanation. There's one measurement of time that has no
42:44 astronomical explanation, and that is the week.
42:46 Why does the week have seven days?
42:48 It could have ten. It could have five.
42:50 Why does it have seven days?
42:54 Simply because that's the way that God made the Sabbath,
42:59 that Jesus made the week, and the Sabbath at the beginning
43:02 of human history. And the weekly cycle has continued
43:06 uninterrupted since that time.
43:09 By the way, do you know that there are some people that say,
43:13 Well, you know, that's okay, but we don't know whether
43:16 the Sabbath today is the same Sabbath that existed
43:19 way back then. We don't know whether the weekly cycle
43:22 has been broken. Biblically we can show that the weekly cycle
43:27 has not been broken.
43:28 By the way, Christians have no problems saying that the Sunday
43:30 that we keep is the Sunday Jesus resurrected.
43:33 It's just the Sabbath that Adventist's keep
43:37 that isn't the same Sabbath.
43:38 But the Sunday that we keep today is the same
43:41 Sunday as the Resurrection.
43:42 You can't have it both ways.
43:44 If the Sunday that is observed today is supposedly in honor
43:48 of the resurrection of Jesus, then the day before Sunday,
43:51 the Sabbath, is also the same Sabbath.
43:53 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
43:57 And if the Sabbath today is the same Sabbath as it was
44:00 in the days of Christ, and Jesus kept that Sabbath,
44:04 because we find in Luke 4:16 that it was the custom of Jesus
44:08 to go to the synagogue to observe the Sabbath.
44:11 Now listen up to what I'm going to say.
44:12 If Jesus kept the same Sabbath, which we keep today,
44:15 which is true, astronomically and historically.
44:19 Even Christians recognize that, because they observe Sunday,
44:23 in honor of the resurrection of Jesus.
44:24 If that's true, then we have to conclude that the Sabbath
44:32 that Jesus observed is the same Sabbath of creation,
44:35 because do you think Jesus would be observing the wrong Sabbath,
44:38 being the Creator of the Sabbath in His day?
44:40 Are you understanding my point?
44:42 If the Sabbath of Christ is the same Sabbath of today,
44:45 and Jesus kept it, and Jesus created the Sabbath.
44:48 It must be the same Sabbath that He made at the beginning,
44:50 because the Creator would not be observing the wrong day.
44:55 In fact if you look, and I'll just mention this,
45:01 at Luke 23:54 through Luke 24:1, you'll find the sequence
45:07 of days. It very clearly says there that Jesus died
45:10 on the Preparation Day, the day before the Sabbath,
45:14 it says there, Jesus died.
45:15 Then it says that the women rested on the Sabbath day,
45:20 according to the commandment.
45:22 And then we're told in Luke 24:1 that Jesus resurrected
45:27 on the first day of the week.
45:28 So there you have the sequence.
45:31 You have Friday, His death.
45:34 By the way, Christians keep Good Friday.
45:37 Isn't it interesting how the Sabbath gets lost
45:40 during Holy Week? They speak about Palm Sunday.
45:45 And among Hispanics Holy Thursday is particularly
45:49 important: Jueves Santo.
45:51 Oh, that's a very important day.
45:53 And, you know, Crucifixion Friday, and Resurrection Sunday.
45:58 Who ever says anything about the Sabbath?
46:02 It's lost in the shuffle, because there's one who doesn't
46:06 want us to remember the Creator.
46:07 Who would that be? Satan.
46:12 So you find the sequence of days is the same.
46:17 By the way, did you notice that in the commandment,
46:19 and in Genesis, it doesn't say keep one day in seven.
46:23 Every day is the Sabbath.
46:26 Worship every seventh day.
46:28 Because some Christians say, Yeah, I worship every seventh
46:32 day. That's not what the Bible says.
46:35 The Bible says that the Sabbath is the seventh day.
46:39 The same seventh day of creation.
46:41 The same seventh day that Jesus kept, is the same seventh
46:45 day today. And it's a day when Jesus wants us to suspend all
46:49 of our activities.
46:51 And He wants us to forget about our business,
46:53 and about our work, and about our endeavors,
46:56 and our recreation.
46:57 He says, forget the things that I have made, and now we're going
47:01 to reflect, and we're going to think about our relationship.
47:04 Quality time in the rat race of life.
47:08 How about it? Is this a blessing?
47:10 Do you need a break? I do.
47:14 Actually, I work harder on Sabbath than any other day,
47:18 but it's a different kind of work.
47:20 The priests offered double sacrifices on the Sabbath,
47:23 but it was a delight for them.
47:25 I delight to have all of the church family together,
47:29 and enjoy the fellowship, and the church programming,
47:33 and the corporate worship.
47:35 It's absolutely beautiful!
47:37 Now, do you know that the Sabbath is the only day
47:41 in the Bible that is declared to be holy?
47:45 By the way, some people say all the days are holy.
47:49 I keep every day.
47:50 The Bible never says you're supposed to keep every day.
47:52 It says six days you're supposed to work.
47:56 The seventh day is the Sabbath that we're
47:58 supposed to keep holy.
47:59 Listen, if all days are holy, then God would not be able to
48:06 separate the Sabbath as holy, because in order to separate
48:09 one day as holy, the rest of the days have to be secular days.
48:13 Hello! Are you catching my point?
48:16 In order to separate a holy day, that means that the other
48:19 ones aren't holy.
48:20 For example, I have a church hymnal, and I have my Bible.
48:23 Well, let's not use the church hymnal.
48:25 Let's use a history book that we use in college.
48:27 Are they different?
48:30 Yes! Do they have paper?
48:35 Do they have covers?
48:37 Do they have a name?
48:38 Sure, they're exactly the same, right? No.
48:42 What separates the Bible from other books?
48:45 It's God's Holy Word.
48:48 How about the tithe?
48:53 I put a dollar bill into the offering plate,
48:55 and I have a dollar bill in my pocket.
48:57 Are they the same?
48:58 Don't they both have George Washington?
49:02 Yes, they do, but are they the same?
49:04 No, because one is secular, and the other is what?
49:08 the other is holy.
49:09 You have this building, and you have other buildings.
49:12 You have city hall.
49:14 Is this building different than city hall?
49:16 It most certainly is, because this building is what?
49:20 It's been separated for a holy use.
49:23 And so six days are secular, and one day, which Jesus has
49:29 separated, is holy; the seventh day, according to scripture.
49:35 Some people say, well, hasn't it been changed>
49:39 Why would God change it?
49:42 Why would Jesus change it?
49:43 Nowhere in the Bible do you find that it says that
49:45 the day was changed.
49:46 No place do you find Jesus saying, well folks,
49:48 now we're not supposed to keep Sabbath anymore,
49:50 because I resurrected.
49:52 Now we're going to start keeping Sunday.
49:53 There's no thus sayeth the Lord; there's no command,
49:55 like the Bible commands us to observe the seventh day Sabbath.
49:58 Some people say it doesn't really matter, Pastor,
50:01 which day we keep, as long as we're sincere,
50:03 and we dedicate one day to the Lord.
50:08 Do you think God accepts a secular day that we offer Him,
50:11 instead of the holy day that He has established?
50:13 Do you remember the story of Nadab and Abihu?
50:17 God said, bring holy fire into the sanctuary?
50:22 And they were a little under the influence of alcohol?
50:24 The Bible says, and you can read this in chapter 10,
50:28 they entered into the sanctuary with common, ordinary,
50:31 everyday fire? not the holy fire from the altar?
50:34 By the way, if you looked at those fires,
50:37 would they look alike? Sure.
50:40 If you put your finger in both fires,
50:41 would your finger be burned?
50:43 If you analyzed the chemical qualities of the fires,
50:46 would they be the same?
50:47 Yes, so why was the fire from the altar different than the
50:52 fire that they used for cooking?
50:53 Because the fire on the altar, God made what? holy.
50:57 And God said, bring holy fire.
50:59 And so they bring common, ordinary fire,
51:01 and they present it to the Lord, and God says, Oh, who cares?
51:05 Fire is fire. No way!
51:10 The Bible says that the glory of the Lord
51:13 destroyed Nadab and Abihu.
51:15 It's one of those references that people don't like to read,
51:17 because they say, Eew, you know, God destroyed them!
51:23 What was the principle?
51:24 They took something which was common, and they presented it
51:28 to God as if it was what? holy.
51:30 How do you suppose God feels when we take a common day of
51:33 work and present it to Him as if it were holy?
51:36 Is it the same principle?
51:38 The first day of the week is a day of work:
51:41 Six days you shall labor.
51:43 The first day is the first day of labor.
51:44 To bring that day and present it to Him as a holy day,
51:48 is the same principle.
51:49 God, if we know what His will is, will not accept that.
51:54 Some people say, Well, pastor, we're under grace,
51:56 we're not under the law.
51:57 So does that mean that you can commit adultery now?
51:59 You can go out and kill someone, right?
52:03 You can lie, you can covet, you can worship idols.
52:10 Can you do all of those things?
52:11 Is it okay? Oh, no, you can't do that!
52:13 Than why does a different principle apply to the Sabbath?
52:18 He who offends in one point, is guilty of all,
52:21 according to scripture.
52:22 So just because we're under grace doesn't give us the
52:25 license to disobey God's holy law.
52:27 Some people say it was for the Jews.
52:29 Never once does the Bible speak of the Sabbath as
52:31 the Sabbath of the Jews.
52:32 There was no Jew when it was established.
52:34 Oh, but isn't Sunday the Lord's day? No it isn't.
52:37 Twenty-three times in Scripture we are told that the Lord's day
52:41 is the Sabbath. The seventh day is the Sabbath
52:45 of the Lord thy God.
52:47 The Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.
52:52 Never once does the Bible present the first day of
52:56 the week as a day of rest.
53:00 Some people say, Well, Jesus broke the Sabbath.
53:03 We'll deal with this accusation tomorrow.
53:06 Listen, if Jesus broke the Sabbath,
53:08 and the Sabbath is one of the ten commandments,
53:09 Jesus was a sinner, and Jesus needs a redeemer.
53:14 Are you understanding what I am saying?
53:18 Serious implications!
53:19 And, by the way, if Jesus broke the Sabbath,
53:21 then the Pharisees were right.
53:23 Are you going to take the side of the Pharisees?
53:29 Are you going to accuse Jesus of sinning?
53:31 Jesus did not break the Bible Sabbath,
53:33 He broke the Sabbath of the Pharisees,
53:36 which is not the same Sabbath, because the Pharisees
53:40 had made it a yoke of bondage.
53:42 It was a day of restrictions, and rules, and regulations
53:46 that made people miserable.
53:48 The original intention of just enjoying the whole day in
53:51 basking in God's presence, and taking a break from our things,
53:55 and just resting in God, and enjoying what He has done;
53:59 what He has given, that had been lost.
54:01 The delight had become a day of misery, and bondage.
54:05 And Jesus came to deliver the Sabbath from bondage.
54:08 Some people say it was beyond repair, so He got rid of it.
54:12 Well, the fact is that marriage was also beyond repair,
54:17 so I guess we've got to get rid of marriage, too.
54:19 Jesus addressed the issue.
54:22 You get divorced for any old reason, Jesus said.
54:24 So if you apply it to the Sabbath,
54:26 you have to apply it to marriage.
54:28 We can't pick and choose.
54:30 Some people say, but pastor, how can the majority be wrong?
54:35 Well, you show me one time in history when
54:36 the majority was right.
54:42 In the days of Noah how many were right? Eight!
54:48 The Bible says only one, the others tagged along.
54:54 Let me ask you, in the days of Daniel, did he stand alone?
54:59 did he stand alone? Yes he did.
55:02 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, when the multitudes
55:05 met in the valley of Dura, did Daniel stand alone?
55:10 He most certainly did.
55:12 How about Elijah? Did he stand alone?
55:16 He sure did. Did Jesus stand alone?
55:19 He even felt that His Father had forsaken Him.
55:22 My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?
55:25 The fact is, folks, that the majority is never right,
55:30 because the majority, as a general rule, does not want
55:35 to order their lives in harmony with what God teaches.
55:38 It takes too much effort.
55:41 It cramps our lifestyle.
55:44 And so people, instead of following what God says,
55:48 they follow the crowd.
55:50 They follow peer pressure.
55:52 They trust their religious leaders.
55:56 Folks we cannot blindly trust our religious leaders.
55:59 I'm not saying that we should not respect our pastors.
56:03 What I'm saying is, we should not blindly follow them.
56:06 We should compare what they teach, with what the Holy Word
56:09 of God says. And we should follow the Word.
56:14 We can always trust the Word.
56:17 Some Christians say, Well, we have signs and wonders.
56:22 Don't you believe it!
56:23 Some ministers quote the Word out of context.
56:27 Be careful, go check it out for yourself.
56:29 Some people follow their reasoning.
56:32 Well, I honor Jesus on Resurrection Day.
56:35 That's human reasoning.
56:39 Some people follow the testimony of their senses.
56:41 Some follow the peer pressure of others.
56:44 We can only follow and trust the Word of God.
56:47 Do you remember that in our last lecture we said that the genuine
56:51 always comes before the counterfeit?
56:53 Now let's apply that principle to the day of worship.
56:57 Which was the original, genuine day of worship that Jesus made
57:01 for the human race?
57:03 There's no doubt. Do you think the devil, later on in history,
57:06 would have another day to rival the Sabbath?
57:10 The devil has a counterfeit for everything that God has true,
57:13 So the devil would obviously want to have a different day
57:18 of worship. I pray to God that we will all choose to spend
57:23 this time with Jesus. How about it?


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