Cracking the Genesis Code

The Genuine And The Counterfeit

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Participants: Pastor Stephen Bohr


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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:13 Our Father in heaven, we thank You once again for the privilege
01:18 of being here to open Your Holy Word to discover what
01:23 Your will is for our lives.
01:25 We ask that as we study about the genuine and the counterfeit,
01:29 as this is addressed in the book of Genesis,
01:32 that Your Holy Spirit will be with us, and help us to learn
01:35 those things which will be important in our personal
01:39 walk with Jesus. We thank You for hearing our prayer
01:42 for we ask it in His Holy name, Amen.
01:45 I'd like to begin our study today at the gospel of
01:51 Matthew 24, and we're going to read verses 23 and 24,
01:58 Matthew 24:23, 24.
02:03 Here Jesus is speaking about the end time.
02:08 And I want you to notice the warning that Jesus gives
02:12 concerning the end time.
02:14 He says there in Matthew, once again, 24:23, 24:
02:45 Now imagine deceptions that are so powerful that they will
02:51 almost deceive even the elect.
02:55 Now the question is, to whom did Jesus give this warning?
02:59 Notice Matthew 24:4, Matthew 24:4.
03:06 Notice who Jesus is speaking to.
03:09 And Jesus answered and said to them,...
03:13 That is the disciples, if you look at the context.
03:16 ...Take heed that no one deceives you.
03:22 Who was in danger of being deceived? The disciples.
03:28 Deceptions so powerful that they would deceive, if possible,
03:33 although the syntax indicates that it's not possible.
03:36 But if it were possible, the very elect.
03:41 Obviously Satan's final deception's will be very, very,
03:45 powerful, very delusive.
03:48 And, therefore, we need to understand how the devil
03:53 deceives. Now let's go to Genesis 2:15, and read once
04:00 again the command that God gave to Adam and Eve
04:04 in the garden of Eden.
04:06 Genesis 2:16, And the Lord God commanded the man, saying,
04:14 Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat, but of the tree
04:21 of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat:
04:26 for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.
04:31 Now I need to ask you some questions about this prohibition
04:36 that God gave Adam and Eve.
04:38 First of all, was the command of God clear?
04:43 Was it complicated? hard to understand? No.
04:48 Was it simple? His command was simple and clear.
04:55 Was it an easy command to obey? Sure it was.
05:01 I mean, do you think Adam and Eve were starving to death
05:04 when they came to the tree?
05:05 They had no reason to, because God told them that they could
05:10 eat of every tree of the garden.
05:12 So probably Eve, when she came to the tree, wasn't even hungry.
05:17 There's more than physical appetite involved here.
05:20 So what I'm saying is that the command was clear.
05:23 By the way, Eve understood it, because she repeated the words
05:26 of God to the serpent.
05:27 Only she added a few things that God had not said,
05:31 like God didn't say you can't touch it.
05:33 He said you can't eat of it.
05:35 Eve added to what God said.
05:37 We'll come to that later.
05:38 But what I want you to notice is that the command was clear.
05:42 The command was easy to obey.
05:45 And, furthermore, God did not explain the reason why they
05:51 could not eat from that specific tree.
05:53 Now God explained the consequences of eating from
05:57 the tree. He said, if you eat from the tree you will die.
06:00 But He did not explain why they couldn't eat from that tree,
06:04 as compared from all of the other trees of the garden.
06:06 God simply said, Don't eat from the tree.
06:12 Clear command, easy to obey, and a command which
06:18 God did not explain the reason for, and which He explained
06:23 what the consequences would be if they disobeyed.
06:26 Now there's one detail which is extremely important
06:30 in Genesis chapter 1, and that is that God did not actually
06:38 allow Adam and Eve to see Him create anything.
06:41 You know, this is something that many people pass up.
06:45 Many people haven't even noticed that God did not allow Adam
06:50 and Eve to be eye witnesses of His creation.
06:52 They saw God create nothing.
06:54 The first day God created the light.
06:57 They weren't around.
06:58 The second day God created the firmament.
07:01 They still weren't around.
07:02 The third day God created the dry earth and the vegetation.
07:05 They still weren't there.
07:07 The fourth day God made the sun, the moon, and the stars.
07:10 Adam and Eve still weren't around.
07:12 The fifth day God made the fish, and the birds.
07:15 Adam and Eve still had not been created.
07:17 The sixth day God made all of the land animals,
07:20 on the first part of the sixth day.
07:22 Adam and Eve weren't there.
07:24 And then God, of course, created Adam.
07:29 Adam did not see God create him, obviously.
07:32 And then, to make this story even more amazing,
07:35 God put Adam to sleep, and then He created Eve.
07:40 So Adam did not see the creation of Eve.
07:42 What I'm saying is that Adam and Eve did not see God
07:46 create anything, which means that if they were to believe
07:50 that God was the Creator, they had to believe it because God
07:54 said so, not because they saw it, or not because they had any
07:59 type of scientific, visual, or sensorial proof.
08:03 They simply needed to believe that God was their Creator
08:06 because God said that He was their Creator.
08:09 And, of course, God put the test in the garden of Eden to see if
08:12 they would recognize Him as the Creator.
08:15 Clear command, clearly understood, easy to obey,
08:22 without any explanation as to why God gave it,
08:25 but explaining the consequences of eating from the tree.
08:30 Then, of course, the serpent comes into the garden.
08:34 Go with me to Genesis 3:1, Genesis 3:1.
08:40 It says there: Now the serpent was more cunning...
08:44 Jesus says that we're supposed to be wise as serpents.
09:04 Now it's very probable that God had warned Adam and Eve
09:11 that there was an angel who had fallen from heaven who was going
09:15 to come to the garden to tempt them.
09:17 You say, how do you know that?
09:19 Well, we can only deduce that from circumstantial evidence.
09:26 Have you ever stopped to think about why Satan would use
09:31 a serpent to try and get Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge
09:35 of good and evil? Why didn't he just come as an angel and say
09:40 to Eve, you know God has sent me down to the garden to tell you
09:43 that He's changed His mind.
09:45 You can eat from any tree, including from this tree.
09:48 Why didn't the devil come down as an angel such as he was?
09:53 Why did he use a serpent as his medium to try and convince Eve
09:59 to eat? Perhaps it was because Eve was expecting an angel.
10:04 And so the devil says, I can't come as an angel.
10:07 I have to use a more careful, planned specious way
10:14 of deceiving her. By the way, it's virtually certain that
10:17 the serpent at this time had wings.
10:20 There's three reasons for this.
10:22 1. Isaiah 14:29 speaks of serpents with wings.
10:26 2. In all of the ancient inscriptions of Egypt,
10:32 and these ancient cultures: Babylon, Assyria, you'll find in
10:36 caves and in tablets that have been on Earth,
10:39 serpents depicted with wings.
10:42 But the third and most important reason is the fact that God,
10:48 when the serpent allowed itself to be used as an instrument
10:52 of temptation, God said to the serpent, from now on you will
10:56 drag yourself on the earth, and you will eat dust.
11:00 That would not have been any punishment unless the serpent
11:03 was not dragging himself before this.
11:06 And so the ancient depictions in the caves are really a memory of
11:12 this original event that took place in the garden of Eden.
11:16 And so you have this serpent coming to Eve in the garden.
11:21 Now I don't need to go through the whole story
11:24 of the temptation and the fall, although we're going to examine
11:26 certain aspects of it in our study today.
11:31 What I want to do is go to Genesis 3:13.
11:35 This is after Eve has sinned, and God is asking her to render
11:41 an account for what she's done.
11:42 And I want you to notice what Eve says, Genesis 3:13.
12:03 What did the serpent do?
12:05 The serpent deceived her.
12:08 Now lets talk about that word deceived.
12:12 By the way, I like the way the King James expresses it:
12:15 beguiled me. That's an old English word that we seldom use
12:21 anymore. It really means deception.
12:24 And so Eve says, the serpent deceived me, and I ate.
12:29 Now let me ask you a question, What do you need to do
12:33 in order to deceive someone?
12:39 What's at the foundation of every act of deception?
12:44 What's that? Dialogue.
12:46 What else? Lying.
12:49 I hear several of you saying, lying.
12:51 Okay, now look at me.
12:54 If you don't want to participate in this experiment don't look
12:57 at me. I'm going to deceive you right now. Okay?
13:02 Everybody looking forward.
13:04 I'm going to deceive you.
13:05 You see this suit? This suit is red.
13:14 Right, Norma? It's red.
13:17 Oh, is she ever deceived easily.
13:19 Or else she's color blind.
13:22 Let me ask you, how many of you were deceived by what I said?
13:27 Just Norma. Why weren't you?
13:31 I lied, didn't I? Didn't I lie?
13:33 Of course, I lied. Why weren't you deceived by my lie?
13:37 Because my lie was absolutely obvious.
13:42 It was a huge lie.
13:45 I mean you could see through it instantly.
13:47 Do you know which lies deceive people?
13:50 The lies that are closest to the truth.
13:54 When you make a lie as close to the truth as possible,
14:00 that's when the lie becomes dangerous.
14:04 And we're going to find that that's exactly what Satan did.
14:10 By the way, what comes first, the genuine
14:15 and then the counterfeit, or the counterfeit
14:18 and then the genuine.
14:19 In time, what comes first?
14:22 What comes first is the genuine, and then you have what?
14:26 The counterfeit. Allow me to give you an illustration.
14:30 How many of you have ever seen a counterfeit six dollar bill?
14:36 Yeah, you haven't seen a counterfeit six dollar bill?
14:41 No? Neither have I.
14:45 Let me ask you, why isn't there a counterfeit six dollar bill?
14:50 Because there is not a genuine six dollar bill before.
14:55 In order to falsify something, that something has to exist
15:02 first. So the genuine comes first, and then afterwards comes
15:07 the counterfeit. And listen up, everything that God has genuine
15:10 Satan has a counterfeit.
15:13 Now let me ask you, how can you distinguish a counterfeit from
15:17 the genuine? The only way is knowing what?
15:22 Knowing the genuine will help you detect the counterfeit.
15:28 So three ideas: the greatest counterfeits are those who
15:33 appear closest to the truth.
15:34 2. The genuine comes first, and then afterwards
15:40 comes the counterfeit.
15:41 Correct? Are you all agreed with me?
15:44 3. Is what? How do you detect a counterfeit?
15:53 By knowing what? By knowing the genuine.
16:01 Very good. Now let me give you an illustration.
16:03 For six years of my life I had the privilege of teaching in a
16:07 university in the city of Medellin, Columbia.
16:10 I love that place.
16:12 We visit there every year or so.
16:17 My wife has relatives who live down in Medellin.
16:20 I taught there for six years.
16:22 One day I went downtown to a store, department store,
16:28 kind of life Wal-Mart.
16:29 Let's give K-Mart some credit, too.
16:31 Okay, kind of like K-Mart, and when I went to the cash register
16:38 I took out a 5,000 peso bill, and I paid with the 5,000
16:44 peso bill. Immediately the girl at the cash register
16:49 took the bill, and she looked at it in the light.
16:52 She crumbled it in her hand.
16:54 And she had a little black light there and she put it underneath.
17:00 And she gave a signal to a couple of police officers,
17:05 and she said, come over here.
17:07 This man has given me a counterfeit 5,000 peso bill.
17:11 Now you need to understand that down there you're guilty
17:14 until proven innocent.
17:15 It's a totally different thing than it is here
17:18 in the United States.
17:19 And so they took me to a back room in that store,
17:22 and they started interrogating me.
17:24 They said, Where did you get this 5,000 peso bill?
17:28 Well, I said, I have no idea.
17:29 You know, I didn't check it out.
17:30 I just had it in my pocket when I paid.
17:31 They said, Where do you have the machinery?
17:35 I said, I don't have any machinery.
17:37 And so one of them says to me, Where do you live?
17:41 What do you do for a living?
17:43 And I said, Well, I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Pastor,
17:45 and I teach at our university here.
17:51 He said, Oh really? Wow!
17:56 That's a good university.
17:58 I know lots of people from there.
18:00 Those are good people.
18:01 Boy, I was feeling a lot better now.
18:03 You know, knowing that this police officer had a positive
18:07 opinion of our school.
18:09 And so he says to me, Look, lets go to the cash register
18:14 and I'm going to show you something which is going to
18:17 keep you from going through this experience again.
18:19 So I went to the cash register with the counterfeit bill,
18:23 and he asked the cashier for a genuine 5,000 peso bill.
18:27 And he showed me the counterfeit.
18:29 He said, Look at the counterfeit in the light.
18:31 Do you see there's no brown line running through it.
18:33 Then he put the genuine up in the light,
18:36 and it had a brown line.
18:37 And sure enough, I said, Isn't that interesting?
18:40 So then he took a counterfeit 5,000 peso bill and he crumpled
18:43 it up in his hand, and it stayed crumpled.
18:46 He took the genuine 5,000 peso bill and he crumpled it in his
18:50 hand, and it started opening, kind of like the flowers;
18:52 a different kind of paper.
18:53 And then he put it up in the light and he says, Look at the
18:58 face of Simon Bolivar, which is the equivalent of
19:00 George Washington.
19:01 Do you see that it's nice and clear?
19:02 His face is nice and clear on the genuine bill?
19:04 I said, yeah, it looks pretty clear.
19:06 So then he put up the counterfeit one, and he says,
19:08 Do you see the face is not very clear at all?
19:11 I said, sure, I noticed that.
19:12 I can see now. And then he took the counterfeit bill and he put
19:17 it under the black light and nothing happened.
19:20 And he put the genuine bill underneath and the two circles
19:23 on the bill shone in a deep purple.
19:26 So I said, Oh, now I know how to distinguish a counterfeit
19:32 5,000 peso bill from a genuine 5,000 peso bill.
19:36 Let me ask you, How could I not now detect a counterfeit?
19:41 Because I knew the characteristics of the what?
19:44 of the genuine. You cannot detect a lie unless you know
19:49 the truth, especially when the truth and a lie are very, very
19:55 close together. And so when I went to pay at a store
19:58 after that, I would take out a 10,000 peso bill,
20:03 and I would pay. The cashier would take it and she would look
20:07 at it in the light, and she would check it all out,
20:10 and then when she gave me the change, I would take the bill,
20:14 and I would look at the bill in the light.
20:16 And one day one of the cashiers says to me, What's the matter?
20:19 Don't you trust me?
20:21 And I said, I trust you as much as you trust me.
20:26 I wasn't about to be deceived again, because I knew from the
20:32 genuine bill how to detect a counterfeit.
20:36 And by the way, there could not be a counterfeit 5,000 peso
20:42 bill unless there was a genuine one before.
20:44 Is that correct? And the genius of the counterfeiters is to make
20:50 the counterfeit as close as possible to the genuine.
20:54 So when Eve says that the serpent beguiled her,
21:01 or deceived her, he deceived her because he made the
21:05 counterfeit appear very, very close to the genuine.
21:11 By the way, 2 Corinthians 11:3 says that the serpent deceived
21:16 Eve by his subtlety.
21:19 Revelation 12:9, if you go with me there, Revelation 12:9
21:25 speaks about the devil in the end time.
21:27 Revelation 12:9. We've read this verse before. It says:
21:38 Who does what?
21:49 Notice that this is speaking about the end time.
21:51 It says he deceives the whole world.
21:54 Let me ask you, is he going to use the same methods
21:57 of deception at the end as he used at the beginning?
22:01 I believe, absolutely, yes.
22:04 Now we're going to study in our lecture five methods
22:10 that the devil used at the very beginning of human history
22:14 which he is using now, and he's going to use more and more
22:18 as we near the end of time.
22:21 Let's go to his first method of deception in the garden of Eden.
22:26 Genesis 3:1, Genesis 3:1. It says there:
22:45 Now let's stop there for a moment.
22:47 He said to the woman.
22:50 How many of you have ever seen a talking snake?
22:52 If you went to a zoo and you were looking in a snake cage,
23:02 and suddenly the snake in the cage lifted his head and said,
23:06 Good morning, Steve.
23:08 What would you do?
23:10 I guarantee that you would run, because for a snake to speak
23:17 would be a miracle.
23:19 It is a sign, it is a wonder.
23:21 The serpent could not speak.
23:26 In other words, the first thing that the devil does is perform
23:29 a counterfeit miracle, a sign or a wonder.
23:35 He gave the serpent the capacity to what?
23:38 The serpent the capacity to speak.
23:41 Now let me ask you, is that what the devil is going to do
23:45 in the end time according to Bible prophecy?
23:49 Let's go to John 6 just for a moment, and notice that the
23:54 same thing happened during the ministry of Christ when He came
23:58 to this earth the first time.
23:59 Do you know why many people followed Christ when He came
24:01 to this earth the first time?
24:02 Because He was a great what?
24:06 Because He was a great miracle worker.
24:09 People love to follow signs, and wonders, and miracles.
24:14 Notice John 6:2.
24:21 For what reason?
24:31 What was the reason they followed Jesus?
24:34 Because of all of the signs, and wonders, and miracles that Jesus
24:38 performed. And then, of course, Jesus feeds 5,000.
24:41 The people are liking this.
24:42 They're saying, this is great!
24:43 And He has multitudes following Him.
24:46 But then Jesus starts preaching.
24:48 You can read it there in chapter 6.
24:51 And He says some very unpopular things that they don't like,
24:55 like you've got to eat my flesh, and drink my blood.
24:57 He's saying that you actually need to assimilate Me
25:01 through a study of the Word.
25:02 You need to obey the Word.
25:04 And when Jesus finishes His sermon, notice John 6:66,
25:10 how many people are left?
25:12 John 6:66, It says here: From that time many of his disciples
25:23 went back and walked with him no more.
25:27 And you continue reading to verse 71 and you'll discover
25:32 that only His disciples were left when the miracles
25:37 came to an end, and Jesus started preaching the truth,
25:40 what happened to the multitudes?
25:42 The multitudes left, because people want signs and wonders.
25:48 They don't want to follow the Word, because the Word crosses
25:53 many times their lifestyle, and their tastes,
25:55 and what they like.
25:56 Now notice also 2 Thessalonians 2:9, 2 Thessalonians 2:9.
26:06 This is speaking about the end time anti-Christ.
26:09 Have you ever heard about the coming of the
26:11 anti-Christ at the end of time?
26:12 Notice what he's going to do when he comes.
26:15 2 Thessalonians 2:9. It says:
26:26 Now notice this.
26:35 How is this emissary of Satan going to come?
26:39 He's going to come with power, signs, and what?
26:43 and lying wonders.
26:45 Now listen to what I'm going to say.
26:47 There is only one other verse in all of the Bible that uses these
26:51 three words, which, by the way, here the words are power,
26:57 signs, and wonders.
26:58 There's only one other verse in the Bible that uses
27:01 those three words together.
27:03 Go with me to Acts 2:22, Acts 2:22.
27:09 I want you to notice who is doing these signs and wonders
27:13 in Acts 2, and, by the way, they're not translated the same,
27:16 but they are the identical three Greek words.
27:19 It says there in Acts 2:22, Peter here is speaking.
27:39 The identical three words.
27:47 According to this verse who performed miracles, wonders,
27:51 and signs? Jesus did by the power of whom?
27:54 by the power of God.
27:57 Is the anti-Christ going to do many of the same things
28:00 that Jesus did according to this?
28:01 Yes or no? If 2 Thessalonians 2:9 uses the same three words,
28:09 and it says that the anti-Christ is going to perform signs,
28:12 miracles, and wonders, it must be that the anti-Christ is going
28:17 to be able to counterfeit many of the signs and wonders
28:21 that Jesus performed.
28:22 And, of course, people who go by signs, and wonders, and miracles
28:28 rather than what God's Word teaches will be easily deceived.
28:33 Go with me to Matthew 7, Matthew 7 on this same point.
28:38 We're dealing with the first way in which the devil deceives,
28:41 and that is by performing signs; counterfeit signs and wonders,
28:46 and miracles. We know the snake could not talk.
28:49 The serpent could not talk, but the devil gave him
28:53 the miraculous ability, counterfeit ability, to speak.
28:57 It says in Matthew 7 beginning with verse 22, listen to this:
29:16 Are these Christians?
29:20 How do we know they're Christians?
29:21 Because they're doing it in the name of Jesus.
29:27 Cast out demons in Your name?
29:50 What was their problem?
29:53 They claimed the name of Jesus.
29:56 They performed signs.
29:58 They gave prophecies.
29:59 They did miracles.
30:01 They professed the name of Jesus.
30:03 But Jesus says, I never knew you.
30:06 Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.
30:10 They had problems with what? with the law of God,
30:15 because they were lawless.
30:17 And so Satan's first method in deceiving Eve, and in deceiving
30:24 the world at the end, is to perform signs, and miracles,
30:28 and wonders that are counterfeits of the true.
30:33 And, by the way, if you read Matthew 24, listen to what I'm
30:36 going to say, Matthew 24:23-27, you're going to discover
30:41 that the devil is even going to counterfeit
30:44 the second coming of Jesus.
30:45 Once someone said to me, I don't really care how Jesus is coming,
30:52 I only care that He's coming.
30:54 Well, let me tell you something, if you don't know how Jesus
30:59 is coming, you'll probably receive the wrong Jesus,
31:03 because Matthew 24 says we have to know how Jesus will come.
31:10 So that's the first method.
31:13 Second method: Go with me to Genesis 3:1 again.
31:17 Genesis 3:1, here it says:
31:39 Is the serpent claiming to quote the Word of God?
31:43 Is the serpent claiming to quote the Word of God? yes or no?
31:47 Of course he is. Is he quoting it correctly,
31:50 or is he twisting it?
31:54 He's giving it a twist because he's saying, God told you that
31:59 you can't eat of any tree of the garden, right?
32:01 And Eve immediately says, No, that's not exactly what God has
32:05 said. God has said that we can eat from all of the trees except
32:09 for this one. Does the devil here misquote God's Word?
32:15 He most certainly does.
32:16 The devil's second method, which he revealed from the very
32:20 beginning, is that he is going to add, he is going to take
32:24 away, he's going to embellish, he's going to take scripture
32:28 out of context, and he's going to change the meaning
32:32 of God's words, and he's going to lead people to add
32:35 to God's words like Eve did.
32:37 Oh, God has told us that we not only can't eat from the tree,
32:42 but He said that we can't even touch it.
32:44 That's not what God had said.
32:45 So Eve adds to the Word, and the serpent gives the words
32:50 of God a wrong twist.
32:52 In other words he misinterprets the words of God.
32:56 Is it just possible that in the end time the devil is going
33:00 to do the same thing with the Word of God?
33:03 That he's going to add, subtract, misquote, change,
33:08 take things out of context, in order to deceive people with
33:12 the very Word that they claimed to follow?
33:15 I believe so. Now how did Jesus face the devil in
33:21 the mount of temptation?
33:22 Matthew 4:3, 4 says the tempter came to Jesus,
33:28 and he said to Jesus, Listen, if you are the Son of God,
33:32 do what? Turn these stones into bread.
33:39 How did Jesus answer?
33:41 Jesus answered, Man shall not live by bread alone,
33:47 but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
33:52 How did Jesus answer Satan?
33:54 He answered Satan with the Word of God.
33:57 He did not allow Himself to be deceived.
34:00 He used the Word of God as His protection.
34:02 By the way, after the first temptation the devil learned
34:06 something. He says, Oh, this is the man who likes to live by
34:09 the Word of God, huh? okay.
34:10 So in the second temptation he takes Him to the temple tower,
34:15 and he says, If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down.
34:22 For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over you,
34:27 and they shall take you in their hands lest your foot
34:34 crash into the ground, into the stones.
34:39 Now what did the devil do?
34:42 He says, You like to live by it is written?
34:44 He says, jump! It is written that God is going to protect
34:50 you. And, by the way, do you notice that he quoted from
34:56 Psalm 91:11, 12? And he did not misquote the Word.
35:01 He quoted it correctly.
35:04 It is a correct quotation from the Psalms.
35:07 And so you say, well, the devil quoted it right.
35:11 Yes, but we need to notice something.
35:14 The devil quoted verses 11 and 12, but he forgot to quote
35:18 verses 1 and 2. What do verses 1 and 2 have to say
35:26 in this Psalm. Let's notice.
35:27 Psalm 91:1, 2, Psalm 91:1, 2.
35:35 This is the condition for Jesus claiming the promise.
35:38 It says there, Psalm 91:1, 2, He who dwells in the secret
35:44 place of the Most High, shall abide under the
35:47 shadow of the Almighty.
35:49 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, and my fortress, my God
35:56 in whom I will trust.
35:57 If Jesus had jumped from the temple tower, would He have
36:02 been abiding under the shadow of the Almighty?
36:05 Would He have been obeying His Father, if He had jumped
36:09 from the temple tower?
36:10 Absolutely not. Do you know, this was the sin of presumption.
36:14 Presumption is claiming the promises of God in disobedience.
36:22 In other words, it's the devil telling Jesus, jump from the
36:25 temple tower, when God hasn't told you to jump, and then you
36:30 can claim the promise that He's going to protect you.
36:34 It's kind of like a student who doesn't study for a test,
36:36 and when he gets to the desk he raises a prayer to God.
36:41 He says, Lord please help me pass this test.
36:43 That's presumption.
36:45 It's claiming God's help in disobedience.
36:47 It's kind of like praying before you go on a journey,
36:50 or on a trip. Please, Lord, protect me on this trip,
36:54 and then you drive 100 miles an hour!
36:57 You're claiming God's protection, and God's promise
37:00 in disobedience. That's what the devil is doing.
37:02 He's saying, claim God's Word, but you can disobey Him
37:07 in the process. And so the devil can quote God's Word.
37:11 He can misquote God's Word.
37:13 He can take God's Word out of context.
37:16 He can quote only part of a verse to make you think that
37:20 the Bible is teaching one thing, when the Bible is teaching
37:23 something very different.
37:25 You know, many people do this with the writings of the apostle
37:29 Paul. Do you know that Peter says that the apostle Paul wrote
37:33 many things that are difficult to be understood,
37:35 which the unlearned twist, along with the other scriptures,
37:42 for their own destruction.
37:44 That's what Peter says about Paul.
37:47 He doesn't blame Paul for being complicated in his writing.
37:49 He says that those who are unlearned twist
37:53 to their own destruction.
37:54 In other words, there are many individuals who are in the
37:57 church today who twist scripture.
37:59 Let me give you three examples.
38:00 And I'm not going to look up these verses.
38:02 I'm just going to mention them.
38:04 Romans 3:28 where it says that man is justified by faith,
38:08 without works of law.
38:12 And so people say, Oh, see, we're justified by faith
38:15 without works of the law.
38:16 Our works make absolutely no difference.
38:21 But if they just read in verse 31, just three verses further
38:27 down, they would discover that that's not what the apostle Paul
38:29 is trying to teach.
38:30 He says, what do we do then?
38:33 Do we get rid of the law because of faith?
38:38 He says, No, we don't get rid of the law, we what?
38:42 we establish the law.
38:44 And then there's that famous verse in Romans 5:20,
38:49 where the apostle Paul says, Where sin abounded,
38:52 grace did much more abound.
38:54 And so the conclusion is, if there's a lot of grace,
38:59 where there's a lot of sin, let's sin a lot so there's
39:02 a lot of grace. I've heard some Christians say that.
39:05 The apostle Paul knew that they were going to say that.
39:09 And, therefore, in the book of Romans 6:1, the apostle Paul
39:14 says, What shall we say then?
39:16 Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?
39:19 Certainly not! How shall we, who died to sin, live any longer
39:27 in it? Did the apostle Paul know that someone was going to take
39:30 that text? He most certainly did.
39:32 And then there's the famous text in Romans 6:14,
39:37 where it says, You are not under law.
39:39 You are under grace.
39:40 And that's a beautiful verse.
39:42 So some people take it and they say, because I'm not under law,
39:45 I'm under grace. I don't have to keep the law.
39:48 Is that what the apostle Paul is trying to teach?
39:51 Notice the apostle Paul knew that somebody was going to
39:55 use it that way. And so in the very next verse the apostle Paul
39:59 says this in Romans 6:15: What then, shall we sin because
40:05 we are not under the law, but under grace? Certainly not!
40:11 So when people say, Well, I'm not under law, I'm under grace,
40:15 and they quote Romans 6:14.
40:18 All I do is I tell them, Would you, please
40:21 read verse 15 as well?
40:23 When they quote Romans 5:20 I say, Would you continue
40:26 reading Romans 6:1, 2?
40:29 When they quote Romans 3:20, I say, Would you please read
40:33 down to verse 31? You see, the devil has led even Christians
40:39 to misquote scriptures, and to defend certain actions in their
40:45 lives based on a wrong interpretation
40:48 of Holy Scripture. Now we have to move on here.
40:51 Let's go to our third method of deception.
40:53 What is the first method of deception?
40:57 Signs, wonders, false counterfeit miracles.
41:00 2. To play games with the Word of God.
41:04 3. Genesis 3:4-6. Then the serpent said to the woman,
41:16 You will not surely die.
41:19 What is he saying about God there?
41:21 God is a what? God's a liar.
41:24 You will not surely die.
41:34 What is the devil saying there to Eve?
41:36 God wants you to be what?
41:40 God wants you to be blind.
41:41 He wants blind service.
41:43 God says that He's your Creator.
41:44 Do you have any proof of that, by the way, Eve,
41:46 that God was actually your Creator?
41:49 God has told you not to eat from this tree,
41:53 but it's not because He's your Creator, it's really because
41:59 He does not want any rival god's around.
42:01 Let's continue reading.
42:03 Notice verse 5. It says in Genesis 3:5: For God knows
42:10 that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened.
42:15 In other words, God had you blind right now.
42:17 And you will be like what?
42:20 Like God, knowing good and evil.
42:23 Who is the absolute arbiter of right and wrong, good and evil?
42:26 Who defines what is good, and who defines what is evil?
42:28 God does, correct? Do you need God's guidance to know what
42:33 is good and what is evil?
42:34 Is that standard outside yourself?
42:37 It's found in the law of God.
42:39 God defines good and evil outside of us in His Holy Law.
42:43 Do you know what the devil is saying to Eve?
42:44 He's saying, God has told you that if you eat from this tree,
42:47 you're going to die.
42:48 Do you know why God told you that?
42:49 Because God is trying to intimidate you.
42:53 Because He knows that if you eat from this tree,
42:56 you're going to be like Him.
42:57 And He doesn't want any rivals around.
43:00 Is that what he's really saying?
43:01 Think of it! He's saying God knows that the day you
43:06 eat of this tree, you're going to be like God.
43:09 You're going to be just like Him.
43:10 And God doesn't want any other gods around.
43:13 You're not going to die.
43:15 God has intimidated you because He doesn't want anyone around
43:18 like Him. He wants to have all the power.
43:20 He wants to be the head honcho.
43:22 And He wants everybody to render Him blind service.
43:26 Are you understanding what the devil is really saying?
43:27 He's saying, You can be your own definer of good and evil.
43:31 You will be like God, knowing good and evil, without God
43:34 telling you what is good and what is evil.
43:38 The third method that the devil uses is playing mind games
43:41 with us; lead us to follow our own logic, our own reasoning,
43:48 which might appear very logical because Eve is thinking,
43:52 you know, really God didn't explain to us the reason why
43:55 we weren't supposed to eat from the tree, other than to say that
43:59 we were going to die.
44:00 Now I have the explanation.
44:02 Now I understand.
44:03 It's because God doesn't want anybody like Him around.
44:06 Now I know that God was lying to us.
44:10 What is the devil doing with the mind of Eve?
44:12 The devil is playing what?
44:15 He's playing mind games with Eve.
44:18 He's leading her to follow her impressions, her logic,
44:22 her intuition, instead of following what God said
44:26 in His Holy Word.
44:28 Now allow me to say that many Christians follow their heart,
44:33 and their mind, in place of what God has said in His Holy Word.
44:39 Let me just mention a few things here.
44:42 Do you know the apostle Paul says in Romans 12:9 that our
44:46 love should be without dissimulation.
44:48 Now that's a word that we don't use much in English.
44:51 Love should be without dissimulation.
44:53 That means that love should be without faking.
44:58 Is there such a thing as false love that comes from inside
45:03 our hearts? Is there such a thing that is really
45:06 sentimentalism. It's not really love?
45:08 Absolutely! Have you ever found a young man that courts a woman,
45:12 you know, and he's all sweetness,
45:16 and, you know, buys her presents,
45:17 and does this, and does that, and courts her and everything.
45:20 And when they get married he's a wife beater?
45:23 Have you ever heard of those kind?
45:26 Individuals who feign love, but it's counterfeit love?
45:33 Now let me ask you, how can you know whether love
45:35 is true or false? Is it by what your mind tells you,
45:37 by what your heart tells you, or by some other external standard?
45:41 We read Romans 13:10 where the apostle Paul says that
45:48 love is the what? Love is the fulfilling of the law.
45:53 What is the true definition of love?
45:56 Love is the fulfilling of the law.
46:01 Many Christians want to separate love and law.
46:03 They say, you know, I don't go by the law, I go by love.
46:08 Well, the fact is that love is implementing the law
46:15 in the life, because the law is a law of love,
46:17 as we've already studied in this seminar.
46:19 So to go by an internal standard, by feelings,
46:22 and by emotions, and by our reasoning, and by our thinking,
46:26 by our mind, instead of going by what God says,
46:29 is a dangerous endeavor.
46:31 Some Christians say, well, I go by what the Holy Spirit says
46:35 inside of me. Do we need to check out the voice of the Holy
46:42 Spirit? Yes. Do you know that someone came to me once.
46:46 It was a church member, not from here but from another place.
46:51 He says to me, Pastor I've been praying to the Lord to reveal
46:56 to me whether I should separate from my wife,
46:58 and marry this other woman.
47:02 I looked at him and I said, Has your wife
47:04 been unfaithful to you? No.
47:09 Does she mistreat you? No.
47:12 So why would you want to separate from her?
47:15 Well, because I don't love her anymore.
47:18 So I looked at him and I said, Listen, don't bother to pray
47:25 anymore, because the Holy Spirit isn't going to tell you
47:30 to separate from you wife and marry this other woman
47:33 when the Bible says that the only reason for divorce
47:36 and remarriage is adultery.
47:37 See, God gives you the standard.
47:40 Don't follow your heart, follow what God says.
47:43 Don't follow your mind, follow what God says.
47:48 In fact Jesus said in John 14: 15, 16, He says very clearly
47:54 there, If you love me, keep my commandments, and I will
48:01 pray to the Father and He will give you another counselor.
48:04 Now do you see the sequence there?
48:07 First it's loving Jesus.
48:09 He says, If you love Me you will what?
48:12 You will keep my commandments, and if you love Me and keep My
48:16 commandments, I will pray to the Father and He will give you
48:21 another counselor. And what is the name of that counselor?
48:23 It is the Holy Spirit.
48:25 The Holy Spirit was never meant to take the place of obedience.
48:29 1 John says, He who says I know Him, and does not keep His
48:36 commandments is a liar.
48:39 1 John 5:3 says, this is the love of God, that we keep His
48:47 commandments. And then he goes on to say, and His commandments
48:51 are not grievous, and they're not burdensome, in other words.
48:57 You know, only the unregenerate man looks upon the commandments
49:01 as being grievous, and a heavy load, and a burden.
49:04 Those who love Jesus will delight to do the will of God.
49:09 In fact, in Psalm 40:8 Jesus says, in a prophecy
49:14 that is given before His birth, I delight to do Your will.
49:18 Your law is written where?
49:21 Your law is written in my heart.
49:24 So Satan's third method is to lead us to follow our reasoning,
49:29 our logic, our mind, our heart, an internal standard,
49:34 instead of following what God says in His Holy Word.
49:40 Now we need to move on to the devil's fourth method.
49:42 Go with me to Genesis 3 again, and I want to read verse 6.
50:12 Let me ask you, are her senses involved here?
50:15 What is she following here?
50:17 She's following her senses.
50:20 She sees that the fruit looks luscious.
50:25 She takes the fruit, she touches the fruit.
50:29 She's hearing what the serpent is saying.
50:33 She even tastes the fruit.
50:37 The devil's fourth method is to lead us to follow the testimony
50:41 of our senses: our eyes, our ears, our touch, instead of
50:49 strictly doing what God has said in His Holy Word.
50:52 And we have many examples of this in scripture.
50:56 You know, we have the example of Sampson you can read in
51:00 Judges 14:2, 3. You know he says to his parents,
51:03 I want this woman from Timnath.
51:05 It wasn't Delilah. It was another Philistine woman.
51:08 Sampson had this problem.
51:10 He said, I want her.
51:11 The parents say, don't you think you should get a Hebrew?
51:13 He says, Oh no, get her for me for she's pleasant to my eyes.
51:17 Since when are your eyes a good guide?
51:22 That's a big mistake that many young people make today.
51:24 They go by what their eyes say instead of going by what
51:29 God says in His Holy Word.
51:31 What a contrast with Joseph.
51:36 He sees this beautiful woman.
51:37 You can read it in Genesis 39:9.
51:39 You know, he could have gone by what his eyes said,
51:42 and by what his ears said, because she really talked sweet.
51:45 You can read it there in Genesis 39.
51:48 He could have said, wow, this is amazing,
51:49 and could have gone after her.
51:51 But what did Joseph say?
51:52 He says, How can I commit this terrible sin against God?
52:01 What was the standard of behavior for Joseph?
52:04 It was what? It was obeying the will of God as revealed
52:12 in His law, as revealed in His Word.
52:17 Then, of course, you have the story of David.
52:20 It says, He went out onto the balcony of the palace one day,
52:22 and he was looking out, and he sees this woman bathing.
52:24 She was naked.
52:26 He should have turned away immediately, but he followed
52:31 the testimony of his eyes.
52:33 And this eventually led to the act of adultery.
52:37 And it led to the act of murder.
52:40 Because he followed the testimony of his senses
52:43 instead of following the Word of God.
52:46 You see, the Bible says that we live by faith, not by sight.
52:51 All of the Hebrew heroes that are found in Hebrews 11,
52:58 lived by the Word of God, even when logic told them that it
53:02 was ridiculous to do so.
53:03 For example, God tells Noah, I'm going to send a flood to
53:06 the world. Build me a boat.
53:08 It had never rained!
53:09 We're going to study about Noah in a couple of lectures.
53:13 God says, build a boat, because I'm going to make it rain.
53:16 Rain? What's that Lord?
53:17 He didn't know what rain was.
53:19 And yet God said, I'm going to flood the world.
53:22 Noah believed what God said, even though he could not see
53:27 the rain. He'd never seen the rain.
53:28 He'd never heard rain.
53:30 And he built the boat because he trusted God.
53:33 God told Abraham, Leave your land.
53:36 I'm going to take you to another land.
53:37 You don't know where I'm taking you yet, but just obey Me.
53:39 Abraham left. God told Moses, I want you to lead the children
53:44 of Israel out of Egypt, and not stay and become the next
53:49 Pharaoh, and have all of the riches, the pyramids,
53:52 and all of the fame in the world.
53:53 I want you to go out with these people who are going to
53:55 criticize your every move, who are going to want to kill you.
53:58 You'll have to put up with heat and with snakes,
54:00 with lack of water, and all of these things.
54:03 If Moses had gone by what his senses told him,
54:07 he would have fallen in a minute.
54:08 But Moses obeyed the Word of God.
54:11 In other words, faith means obeying what God says
54:16 implicitly, no matter what.
54:18 Now we need to go to our last method.
54:22 It's found in Genesis 3:6.
54:25 We won't have a lot of time to deal with this one.
54:28 It says in Genesis 3:6, So when the woman saw that the tree was
54:34 good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes,
54:38 and a tree to be desired to make one wise,...
54:42 Now notice this.
54:43 ...she took of its fruit and ate.
54:44 She also gave to her husband with her and he ate.
54:49 Do you know what the final method of deception of Satan is?
54:54 Using people to tempt other people.
55:01 The devil did not tempt Adam directly.
55:05 He tempted Eve. And, by the way, 1 Timothy 2:14 says that
55:10 Eve was deceived. Adam was not deceived.
55:12 Adam knew that Eve had done wrong, but he could not stand
55:18 the idea of living without Eve, so he gave in
55:21 to the peer pressure.
55:23 The devil's last method is the method of using people
55:28 to pressure us into committing wrong acts, as he used Eve
55:36 to tempt Adam. That's why Jesus says, Anyone who loves father or
55:41 Mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me.
55:44 And He says the day is coming when one's enemies will be those
55:49 of his own household.
55:52 So if we give in by pressure or pulls, or the majority,
55:56 we're going to be on the wrong side.
55:59 We have to trust God.
56:02 So we have the devil's five methods revealed in Genesis:
56:09 Counterfeit signs and wonders, misusing and abusing
56:14 the Word of God, leading us to follow the testimony
56:18 of our senses, leading us to follow the logic of our mind,
56:23 and follow the feeling of our hearts, and our intuitions,
56:27 and using people to tempt other people into doing evil.
56:33 Do you know what Eve should have done?
56:35 She should have said, Listen, what you say sounds logical.
56:40 I didn't know that snakes could talk.
56:43 The fruit looks delicious.
56:47 There's only one problem and that is that God has said,
56:51 Don't eat, and we live by every word that proceeds
56:58 out of the mouth of God.
57:01 Folks our only protection in the end time is going to be
57:07 to read the Word, understand the Word,
57:10 and live by the Word of God.
57:14 We cannot trust miracles.
57:16 We cannot trust other's interpretations of scripture.
57:20 We cannot trust our senses.
57:22 We cannot trust our reason.
57:24 We cannot trust others; only the Word of God.


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