Cracking the Genesis Code

The Paradox Of Good And Evil

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Participants: Pastor Stephen Bohr


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01:12 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:13 Our Father in Heaven, we thank You once again for the privilege
01:17 of being here to study the marvelous things from Your Word,
01:21 and specifically from the book of Genesis.
01:23 We ask for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit as we study about
01:29 the origin of evil, and how You will dispose of it eventually,
01:35 very, very soon. We thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer
01:39 for we ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:42 I'd like to begin our study in the book of Genesis 1:31,
01:50 Genesis 1:31. This is a very well known verse.
01:55 It's speaking about the conclusion of creation,
01:57 and it makes a very important statement.
02:00 Genesis 1:31. This is at the end of the sixth day.
02:06 It says there: Then God saw every thing that he had made,
02:11 and, indeed, it was very good.
02:16 Notice every day God sees, that's it's good,
02:21 but on the sixth day we're told that God saw that every thing
02:27 that He had made was very good.
02:30 So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
02:34 Thus the Bible begins by telling us that God made every thing
02:41 good in this world.
02:43 But then we go to Genesis 3 and we discover that in the
02:49 garden of Eden a mysterious serpent shows up.
02:53 And this mysterious serpent is actually slandering God,
02:59 which seems to be a discordant note in the context of every
03:04 thing being created good, and created perfect.
03:08 Notice Genesis 3: 4, 5.
03:20 See, God had said, you're going to die if you eat from the tree.
03:23 The serpent says:
03:26 In other words, God is a liar. Verse 5:
03:43 Now in Genesis the serpent appears suddenly, speaking,
03:49 talking, and it makes you wonder where this serpent came from,
03:53 because God made Adam and Eve in His image.
03:56 He gave them the capacity to speak.
03:59 He gave them the capacity to communicate,
04:01 to make moral decisions, to hold on rational discussions.
04:05 Here we have a serpent holding a rational discussion
04:08 with the woman. The question is, where did this serpent
04:12 come from? Obviously, the serpent, as he's spoken of
04:16 here in Genesis 3, was not part of the creation of God.
04:20 I know that the snake itself was, but the serpent who was
04:24 using this animal obviously was not created during creation
04:29 week, because God made everything good.
04:32 Now where did he come from?
04:33 Go with me to the book of Revelation chapter 12.
04:37 Revelation chapter 12 speaks about the origin
04:42 of this slanderous serpent.
04:44 We're told there in Revelation 12:7 the following:
04:53 And war broke out in heaven.
04:56 Where did war break out?
04:58 It broke out in heaven.
05:00 This is important.
05:01 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon;
05:05 and the dragon and his angels fought,
05:08 but they did not prevail.
05:10 That is the devil and his angels did not prevail,
05:13 nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.
05:24 Now notice the reference back to Genesis.
05:26 The Old King James version says: the ancient serpent.
05:29 So this is referring to the story in Genesis 3.
05:33 That ancient serpent called the Devil and Satan...
05:49 Now we know how the Devil got to planet Earth.
05:53 Scripture tells us that he was cast out of heaven,
05:57 and he ended up here on planet Earth.
06:01 Now I'm so thankful that God in His Holy Word has given us
06:06 some details about the origin of this being in heaven.
06:10 We know about his origin.
06:13 We know about his sin in heaven.
06:16 And we also know what his final end will be.
06:20 Let's study a few things about this being as he originally
06:27 existed in heaven. Go with me to the book of Ezekiel 28,
06:32 and I would like to read verses 13 and 15, Ezekiel 28:13, 15.
06:42 Speaking about this being, it says this:
07:10 Notice what we find in verse 15.
07:26 How was this being created according to Ezekiel 28?
07:31 He was created perfect in his ways until iniquity was found
07:39 in him. God did not create the Devil.
07:44 God created a glorious, perfect being who chose to become
07:51 the devil. Because if God created the devil,
07:55 God is a greater devil than the devil.
07:57 But scripture tells us that God created him perfect
08:03 in all of his ways.
08:05 He was beautiful.
08:06 Now the question is, who created this glorious being,
08:12 which according to Isaiah, his name was Lucifer,
08:16 the star of the morning.
08:18 Who created him? Well, go with me to Colossians 1:16, 17,
08:26 Colossians 1:16, 17.
08:29 We read this in our last lecture, but we want to read it
08:33 again, because it's very important to understand who
08:36 created this glorious being.
08:38 It says there in verse 16, speaking about Jesus:
09:11 Clearly these verses teach that Jesus was the Creator
09:16 of everything in the universe.
09:19 Not only things in heaven, but also things on earth,
09:24 which must mean that Jesus was the Creator of Lucifer.
09:30 Now let's go back once again to Ezekiel 28:12, Ezekiel 28:12.
09:41 Here we find another interesting detail about this glorious
09:45 being. It says there:
09:51 And, of course, the king of Tyre is an earthly being,
09:54 but behind the earthly being is this Lucifer. And so it says:
10:18 Is it clear to you that this being was originally perfect?
10:24 He was full of wisdom.
10:26 He was full of beauty.
10:29 And that there was no sin in him when he was created by God.
10:34 This is very, very clear in Ezekiel 28.
10:38 Now what position did this majestic individual occupy?
10:45 Well, go with me to Ezekiel 28: 14, Ezekiel 28:14.
10:54 We find a very important detail here that I want to underline.
10:58 Very, very important!
11:00 It says here, speaking about this being:
11:08 Wow, now we understand that this being was an angel.
11:14 And he wasn't any old type of angel, he was a covering cherub
11:22 according to this verse.
11:23 Now let's continue reading verse 14.
11:35 By the way, that's Mount Zion.
11:40 The fiery stones are stars.
11:41 They represent angels.
11:43 He walked up and down in the midst of the angels,
11:46 according to this. Now you'll notice here that he's called
11:50 the covering cherub.
11:52 Now what is that, a covering cherub?
11:55 Well, we have to go back to the book of Exodus to discover
11:58 what a covering cherub is.
12:00 Let's go to the book of Exodus 25:19, 20, Exodus 25:19, 20.
12:11 Here we find a description of the sanctuary that Moses was
12:16 commanded to build by God.
12:18 And I want you to notice when the ark of the covenant
12:23 was built, how it was supposed to be built.
12:26 It says there in verse 19:
12:36 That is of the ark of the covenant.
12:40 That's the plural.
12:55 And now notice the next word.
13:07 So you noticed that the cherubim, or the cherubs were on
13:12 either side of the ark of the covenant.
13:15 The top of the ark of the covenant was known as the
13:18 mercy seat, and that's where the glory of God was manifested,
13:21 which is known as the Shekinah.
13:23 In other words, the ark of the covenant, the cover,
13:26 the mercy seat, represents the throne of God,
13:29 which means that Lucifer was one of the individuals who were
13:34 closest to God, who was sitting on the throne, because he was
13:39 one of the covering cherubs on one of the sides of the ark
13:44 of the covenant. Now somebody might be thinking, well,
13:47 Pastor Bohr, are you saying that in heaven there was an
13:51 ark of the covenant originally?
13:54 Wasn't that just an earthly piece of furniture that God
13:58 told Moses to build?
14:00 The fact is folks, that the Bible tells us in Hebrews 8:5
14:06 that the earthly sanctuary was a copy of the heavenly sanctuary.
14:12 In other words, what God did was show Moses on the mountain
14:17 a scale model of the heavenly sanctuary, and He told Moses
14:21 to build the earthly sanctuary in harmony with the scale model
14:25 of the heavenly one which God showed him.
14:28 So this must mean that if there was an ark of the covenant
14:33 in the earthly sanctuary, and the earthly sanctuary is built
14:38 according to the scale model, which is a model of the heavenly
14:42 sanctuary, that must mean that the heavenly sanctuary must also
14:46 contain what? It must contain the ark of the covenant.
14:51 Now let's prove that from scripture.
14:53 Go with me to the book of Revelation 11:19,
14:58 Revelation 11:19. Here we are told of a moment when the
15:07 heavenly temple is opened, and I want you to notice what John
15:10 sees inside the heavenly temple, of which the earthly temple
15:14 is a shadow or a copy. It says there:
15:31 ...and there were lightenings, noises, thunderings,
15:34 an earthquake, and great hail.
15:37 Question, is there an ark of the covenant in the heavenly
15:40 sanctuary according to this verse?
15:43 Absolutely, because John saw the heavenly sanctuary open
15:48 and he saw in the temple the ark of the covenant.
15:53 So when you have these two cherubim in the earthly
15:58 sanctuary on either side of the ark of the covenant,
16:01 is that a reflection of two covering cherubs that are
16:06 originally, and also now, even though Lucifer isn't
16:09 one of them, does the heavenly sanctuary have an ark of the
16:13 covenant, and are there cherubim on either side?
16:16 Obviously, yes. Now there's something else that we need to
16:20 take a look at when we talk about the ark of the covenant.
16:23 Go with me to the book of Deuteronomy 10:2,
16:28 Deuteronomy 10:2.
16:32 Here we find a description of the ark of the covenant.
16:35 And we're going to find that inside the ark of the covenant
16:38 was something very, very important, which all of us have
16:42 heard of. Actually, let's begin by reading verse 1.
16:45 It says: At that time the Lord said to me, Hew for yourself two
16:51 tables of stone like the first,...
16:54 Because Moses had broken the first.
16:56 ...and come up to me on the mountain, and make yourself
17:00 an ark of wood.
17:09 And now notice this:
17:15 What was Moses supposed to put in the ark?
17:19 He was supposed to put the tables of stone with the
17:22 ten commandments inside the ark of the covenant.
17:26 Now here's my question.
17:28 If the earthly sanctuary is a reflection of the heavenly
17:32 sanctuary, and the heavenly sanctuary has an ark of the
17:36 covenant, and the earthly sanctuary has an ark of the
17:39 covenant, and the earthly sanctuary has the
17:41 ten commandments within it, what must be within
17:45 the ark of the covenant in the heavenly sanctuary?
17:48 You must also have the ten commandments,
17:51 because if the earthly sanctuary is a reflection of the heavenly,
17:55 and the earthly sanctuary had the ten commandments inside,
17:59 it must mean that in heaven the ark of the covenant must also
18:03 contain what? It also must contain the ten commandments.
18:06 And by the way, the reason why the ten commandments are inside
18:10 the ark, the mercy seat is above, is because God is trying
18:13 to teach that the ten commandments are the foundation
18:17 of God's government.
18:19 They are the foundation of God's throne, just like the laws of
18:23 the United States are the foundation of our government.
18:26 In other words, the mercy seat is the throne of God,
18:29 the ten commandments underneath,
18:31 inside the ark of the covenant represent the fact that the
18:34 ten commandments are the foundation of God's throne,
18:38 the foundation of His government.
18:40 Now we need to take a look at something that happened
18:45 with this being, Lucifer.
18:49 Go with me to Ezekiel 28, and let's read verse 16,
18:53 Ezekiel 28:16. Something happened with this being.
18:59 It says there:
19:04 We'll come back to what means later.
19:17 You what? sinned!
19:30 Why did God cast this being out of heaven?
19:33 Because he what? Because he sinned.
19:37 The question is, what is sin?
19:40 Go with me to 1 John 3.
19:43 The Bible has a very clear definition.
19:45 1 John 3 and we will read, first of all verse 8, 1 John 3:8.
19:53 Here we are told, and the reason why we connect this verse
19:59 with Ezekiel 28 is because it's speaking about the same being.
20:05 Now notice verse 8. It says:
20:15 From Mount Sinai on.
20:20 What does the text say? It says:
20:33 So Jesus came to destroy sin, right, correct?
20:37 When did Satan sin?
20:40 He sinned from the beginning.
20:43 Where? In heaven.
20:45 Now what is sin? Go with me to verse 4.
21:00 I like the way the King James Version translates it.
21:03 It says sin is the transgression of the law.
21:08 In other words, sin is breaking God's holy law,
21:13 according to 1 John 3.
21:16 And the devil sinned from the beginning.
21:18 So let me ask you, did Satan, did Lucifer break
21:23 God's holy law? He must have!
21:26 And where was that law?
21:27 That law was in the ark of the covenant.
21:31 In fact we just noticed that the angels, you know they were on
21:35 either side of the ark, and they were looking down in reverence
21:39 towards the place where the glory of God was manifested.
21:42 Towards God's holy law.
21:44 In other words, this being came up with the preposterous idea
21:49 of breaking the very law of God, which was found
21:54 in the ark of the covenant.
21:56 And thus he sinned, and for this reason the Bible says that
22:02 God cast him out of heaven, and he came to this Earth.
22:07 Now we need to look at something that happened on this Earth.
22:11 Now that we know where this being originated, where he was.
22:16 He was created perfect.
22:17 By the way, he was created; he's not eternal.
22:20 He going to have an end, according to scripture,
22:22 because he was created by God.
22:24 Everything that God creates He can destroy if He wishes.
22:28 Now let's notice what happened when this being came
22:31 to this Earth. Go with me to Genesis 2:16, 17,
22:36 Genesis 2:16, 17.
22:40 Here we find a commandment given by God to Adam and Eve,
22:45 and it says there: And the Lord God commanded the man, saying,
22:51 Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat.
22:56 I like the fact that God gives a positive command first.
22:59 He says, You can eat of every tree of the garden.
23:01 Verse 17: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
23:07 you shall not eat: for in the day that you eat of it
23:13 you shall surely die.
23:15 One command that God gave Adam and Eve.
23:18 Now listen to what I'm going to say.
23:20 In this one command were actually contained all of
23:24 the ten commandments.
23:25 You say, now how is that?
23:27 Well, let me take a look at some of them.
23:30 You know, I've gone through all of them, but I'm going to go
23:32 just through some of them, and I'm going to ask you
23:34 if when Adam and Eve ate from the tree,
23:37 they actually broke that commandment.
23:39 The first commandment says thou shalt have no other gods
23:42 before me. Did Adam and Eve break that commandment?
23:45 What did the serpent say to Eve?
23:48 You shall be like God.
23:52 So did she break that commandment?
23:54 Did Adam? Absolutely!
23:56 Let's take the third commandment.
23:59 What does the third commandment say?
24:02 You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
24:06 You say, well, Eve didn't break that one.
24:08 She certainly did. Do you know in fact that she attributed
24:12 to God words that God had not spoken, bringing dishonor upon
24:17 the name of God, because she told the serpent,
24:20 God has told us that we should not eat of the tree,
24:24 or even touch it. The fact is God didn't tell them
24:28 that they couldn't touch it.
24:29 God told them that they couldn't eat, so she's bringing dishonor
24:34 to the name of God.
24:35 What about the commandment that says,
24:37 Honor your father and your mother?
24:39 Does that include honoring our Heavenly Father? Yes.
24:43 Did they break that one? Yes.
24:45 How about the commandment, Thou shalt not kill?
24:47 Did they break that one?
24:49 What came into the world as a result of what they did?
24:51 Death came into the world.
24:53 What about the commandment that says,
24:55 Thou shalt not commit adultery?
24:56 Spiritually, did they break that commandment?
24:59 They most certainly did, because their only love relationship was
25:03 to be between them and God.
25:05 Marriage is used as a symbol of the relationship between
25:08 God and His people, but when Eve listened to the serpent,
25:13 she, so to speak, spiritually adopted a different lover
25:17 than God. There's a commandment that says, Thou shalt not steal.
25:21 Did Eve steal? Yes, she took the fruit that did not belong
25:26 to her. There a commandment that says, Thou shalt not covet.
25:30 Did Eve covet? It says so in Genesis 3.
25:34 And so contained in this one command, in principle, were all
25:39 of the ten commandments.
25:40 Now the question is, what was the serpent trying
25:44 to get Adam and Eve to do?
25:46 Let's go to Genesis 3:4, 5, Genesis 3:4, 5.
26:00 In other words, God is lying.
26:11 We'll study this a little bit later on.
26:20 Do you know what the serpent is really telling the woman?
26:23 He's saying, listen you think that God has to define
26:26 what is good and what's evil?
26:28 You think that you just have to listen to God?
26:31 That it's okay to eat from all of the trees, but you can't eat
26:34 from this one because you're going to die?
26:35 He says, listen, you don't have to have God define what
26:38 is good and what is evil.
26:40 You can be God, and you can define that yourself.
26:45 You can know what is good and evil without God telling you
26:50 what is good and evil.
26:52 Are you understanding what I am saying?
26:53 What is the serpent trying to get Eve to do?
26:57 He is trying to get her to disobey God's commandment.
27:04 He is trying to get Eve to disobey God's law.
27:08 Is that exactly what happened to him in heaven?
27:12 Did he sin? Did he transgress God's law?
27:17 He most certainly did.
27:18 So now he comes to Earth and he says, I'm going to do
27:21 the same thing with the human race.
27:24 I'm going to get them to break God's commandment, God's law.
27:27 I'm going to get them to depend upon themselves, and in that way
27:32 they will have the same experience that I have.
27:37 They will be mine! They will be my slaves.
27:40 So what happened to him in heaven
27:42 is now happening on Earth as well.
27:47 By the way, the law is much deeper than what most people
27:55 realize. Let's go to the other passage that speaks about
28:01 the rebellion of this being, Lucifer,
28:04 and look at a deeper dimension of sin.
28:06 You see, sin isn't only breaking a code.
28:08 You know, some people look at the ten commandments just as a
28:12 bunch of rules written on tables of stone.
28:14 They say, okay, I'm not supposed to steal.
28:17 I'm not supposed to commit adultery.
28:19 I'm not supposed to kill.
28:20 I'm not supposed to bear false witness.
28:22 I'm not supposed to covet.
28:23 Okay, I'm going to try my best to obey the ten commandments,
28:26 and they can't, because in ourselves we can't,
28:34 because we have a sinful nature.
28:37 We'll be talking about that, by the way, in our next lecture.
28:40 What On Earth Is Happening is our next lecture.
28:42 We're going to be dealing with this issue of the observance
28:45 of God's Holy Law. Sin is deeper than breaking a code.
28:51 Sin is deeper than breaking a list of rules.
28:54 Now let's notice what the essence of sin is.
28:58 It is breaking the law, but there's something deeper than
29:02 just breaking the law.
29:03 Notice Isaiah 14:12-14.
29:07 Here it speaks about Lucifer and what happened to him. It says:
29:28 Now it's going to explain the reason why he was cast down.
29:32 And I'm going to underline one little word here.
30:02 I would say that Lucifer had an I problem.
30:05 And the I problem is called myopia.
30:10 He was near sighted.
30:12 He could only see himself.
30:15 In fact, do you know, that we're told, and we're not going
30:20 to read this now, but I'll just mention it.
30:22 We're told that Lucifer was created with four assets:
30:28 First of all he was created beautiful, with beauty.
30:35 Secondly, he was created full of wisdom; wise.
30:40 In the third place, he was created very rich.
30:45 You could find that in Ezekiel 28.
30:47 And in the fourth place, he was created to occupy a very
30:52 powerful position next to the throne of God.
30:55 And so Lucifer had beauty, wisdom, riches, and power.
31:02 But if you read Ezekiel 28, you'll discover that it says
31:07 that he was lifted up because of his beauty.
31:11 We're told that he corrupted his wisdom.
31:15 We are told that his heart was lifted up because of his riches.
31:19 And we are told in the passage that we just read that he said,
31:24 I will be like the Most High.
31:26 I'm not satisfied with being second fiddle.
31:30 I want to be first fiddle.
31:32 I want to be the main thing.
31:35 So really at the heart of breaking God's law is what?
31:42 self! That is the root of breaking God's holy law.
31:50 Now I'm going to mention some words, and I want you to give me
31:54 the antonym of these words.
31:56 Right: wrong. Wrong, good.
32:00 Good: evil. Come on, you just had supper.
32:05 You can do better than that!
32:06 White: black. Light: dark.
32:12 Love: hate. I knew you were going to say that.
32:20 The opposite of love is not hate.
32:23 The opposite of love is self.
32:29 Let's take a look at the ten commandments.
32:32 Go with me to Romans 13:8-10.
32:37 I always trick people with that one.
32:39 Don't feel bad. Romans 13:8-10.
32:43 I'll be you this is the second time I've tricked
32:45 some of you, too.
32:46 Romans 13:8-10. It says here, the Apostle Paul speaking:
32:53 Owe no one any thing, except to love one another:
33:01 for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.
33:06 Did you catch that?
33:10 Loving others is to what? To fulfill the law.
33:14 Somebody says, well, which law?
33:16 Verse 9: For the commandments, You shall not commit adultery,
33:20 You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not bear
33:25 false witness, You shall not covet; and if there is any other
33:30 commandment, are all summed up in this saying, namely,
33:34 You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
33:37 Love does no harm to a neighbor: therefore love is the
33:42 fulfillment of the law.
33:44 So Lucifer's attack was against God's love.
33:48 In attacking the law, he was attacking God's love.
33:55 Now what do I mean?
33:56 Can you really understand the ten commandments unless you
34:00 understand that the purpose of the ten commandments is to
34:03 protect relationships?
34:07 For example, honor your father and your mother.
34:12 Could you really keep that commandment
34:14 unless you had a father and a mother? Obviously not!
34:18 You shall not kill.
34:20 Could you keep that commandment if there wasn't someone to kill?
34:25 You shall not commit adultery.
34:28 Could you break that commandment if there wasn't someone else's
34:30 wife that you could commit adultery with?
34:33 You shall not steal.
34:35 Could you break that commandment if there wasn't someone
34:38 you could steal from?
34:41 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
34:43 Could you break that commandment unless you had a neighbor
34:45 to bear false witness against?
34:46 You shall not covet.
34:49 Could you covet if there wasn't something that belonged
34:52 to someone else that you could covet?
34:54 Obviously not. The purpose of the commandments is to protect
35:00 relationships. Let me ask you, the commandment
35:04 thou shall not commit adultery.
35:05 Does that protect human relationships?
35:07 Is it a good commandment?
35:09 How many of you believe that the commandment
35:10 thou shall not commit adultery is a good commandment?
35:12 Do you think that's a good commandment?
35:13 Don't think it was nailed to the cross, huh?
35:17 It's a good commandment.
35:18 How would you like to live in a world where everybody keeps
35:21 the ten commandments?
35:23 What kind of world would it be?
35:25 Ho ho, my lands! It would be wonderful!
35:28 You would have no death, no killing, everybody would respect
35:32 each other's wife. You could leave your doors open
35:35 day and night; no theft.
35:39 And, by the way, the first four commandments protect our
35:42 relationship with God; our loving relationship with God.
35:44 You see, if I love God, I'm not going to have other gods.
35:47 If I love God, I'm not going to worship a representation of God,
35:54 which lowers my image and view of Him.
35:58 If I love God, I'm going to respect His name.
36:02 If I love God I'm going to spend the time that He has set aside
36:07 for me to spend with Him, to enhance my
36:10 relationship with Him.
36:11 In other words, the purpose of the ten commandments is to
36:14 protect human relationships.
36:17 They define what love is.
36:20 So an attack on the ten commandments
36:23 is an attack on love.
36:24 Raise your hand if you're understanding what I'm saying.
36:27 To attack the commandments is to attack love.
36:30 And, by the way, when we break the ten commandments,
36:32 you break relationships.
36:33 When Adam and Eve sinned, they're hiding from God.
36:38 They've broken a relationship.
36:40 In fact Isaiah 59:2 says, Your iniquities have made separation
36:45 between Me and you.
36:46 And when Adam and Eve sinned, they broke their relationship.
36:50 Adam who, by the way, knew what he was doing when he sinned,
36:54 but he couldn't stand the idea of living without Eve.
36:57 His real sin was that he loved Eve more than he loved God.
37:06 He says to God, huh, this woman that You gave to be with me.
37:10 A little while before he's saying, oh, I can't stand
37:16 the idea of living without Eve, so I'm going to sin, too.
37:20 So now he's bickering with Eve, because when they broke God's
37:26 law, they broke their relationship,
37:29 their loving relationship, one with another.
37:34 Are you understanding the depths of sin?
37:36 And, by the way, sin, basically, is selfishness,
37:40 because selfishness is the opposite of love.
37:45 Do you believe that?
37:46 You know what? I have to do a lot of marriage counseling.
37:49 Do you know what the biggest problem is among couples?
37:55 Selfishness! He doesn't do what I want.
37:59 He doesn't go where I want to go.
38:02 He doesn't pay any attention to me.
38:04 He forgets my Anniversary.
38:06 And the same the other way around.
38:10 It's self! That's why we find in Isaiah 14 the word I
38:18 used six times by Lucifer; saying, I will be
38:23 like the Most High.
38:24 His attack was an attack on the love of God,
38:30 which was attacking the law of God.
38:34 But the law cannot be isolated from human relationships.
38:39 So whoever today tells you that the law was nailed to the cross;
38:42 that Christians don't have to keep the law;
38:45 what they're doing is they're attacking love, because love is
38:50 fulfilling the law.
38:51 Somebody says, well I only live by two now.
38:53 Jesus said love God and love your neighbor.
38:59 What does it mean to love you God?
39:00 It means you keep the first four.
39:02 What's the definition of loving your neighbor?
39:05 It's the last six.
39:07 The ten commandments simply amplify the two,
39:13 but they do not get rid of the two commandments.
39:15 Now the question is, how many in heaven followed Lucifer
39:23 in his rebellion? Go with me to the book of Revelation 12:4,
39:30 Revelation 12:4. Do you know that we live in a world filled
39:36 with demons? But do you know that for every demon there's two
39:43 of God's angels. Praise the Lord!
39:45 It's two against one!
39:47 Ha ha! And we have God on our side besides.
39:51 So don't worry about it.
39:53 Revelation 12:4, Revelation 12:4 Speaking about this dragon,
39:58 the ancient serpent.
39:59 It says: His tail. We'll talk about the tail in a moment.
40:13 So you'll find how many of the stars of heaven did he take
40:16 with him? A third of the stars.
40:18 What were those stars?
40:20 Go with me to Revelation 12:7.
40:23 And war broke out in heaven.
40:44 The stars represent what? Angels.
40:49 So a third of the angels were cast out with him.
40:52 And, by the way, when you realize that according to
40:55 Revelation 5:11, if you'll go with me there for a moment.
40:58 Revelation 5:11. The number of angels is practically
41:03 incalculable. You know that this world has lots of angels
41:10 involved in the battle between righteousness
41:13 and unrighteousness.
41:14 It says there in Revelation 5:11:
41:29 By the way, in the Greek there's no word for million,
41:32 and so it's calculated by multiplying thousands.
41:37 Ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.
41:42 How could the devil get one third of the angels to follow
41:49 him in his rebellion?
41:50 Well, we need to take a look at this because this is very
41:54 important because the devil is doing the same thing on Earth
41:57 right now. If we know what he did in heaven,
42:00 we're going to know what he does on Earth, and we're going
42:04 to be able to protect ourselves from his power.
42:06 Let's go back to Ezekiel 28:16 and notice a very important word
42:12 here. We're going to see the strategy that the devil used
42:15 to deceive a third of the angelic host to follow him
42:19 in his rebellion. It says there in Ezekiel 28:16:
42:29 That's the word I want to underline.
42:41 What did he do? The abundance of his what? trading.
42:46 So the devil trades. The devil is a wheeler dealer.
42:54 The devil is a businessman.
42:56 The question is, what does he trade?
42:58 What does he try to sell?
42:59 Well, we need to look for this word other places in scripture.
43:04 It's the same root word, but it's translated differently.
43:09 It helps us understand what he did.
43:10 Go with me to Ezekiel 22:9, Ezekiel 22:9.
43:16 The very same root word.
43:20 You would never know it by the translation, but if you go to
43:23 Strong's Concordance you'll find that it's the same root word
43:26 in Hebrew. It says in verse 9:
43:44 That word, slander, is the same root word trading.
43:50 Isn't that interesting?
43:53 You can check me out in Strong's Concordance, if you wish.
43:56 And notice that it says, In you are men who slander to cause
44:01 bloodshed. Do you remember that we read in Ezekiel 28
44:05 that because of his trading he became filled with violence
44:09 within? So what was he trading?
44:13 He was actually trying to sell what?
44:16 He was trying to sell lies.
44:20 What do you say sometimes when somebody says something that
44:24 sounds pretty preposterous?
44:26 You say, I don't buy that.
44:30 We even use the expression today.
44:34 Oh, you can't sell me that one!
44:36 You see what he was trying to do was to sell his slanderous
44:42 accusations against God.
44:44 Notice also Leviticus 19 where the same root word is used.
44:50 Leviticus 19:16. We'll just read one verse.
44:55 Leviticus 19:16. God is saying to Israel:
45:16 The word talebearer there is the same root word that is used for
45:22 trading in Ezekiel 28.
45:24 So what did the devil do?
45:26 What did Lucifer do in heaven?
45:29 He started telling tails about whom? About God.
45:33 Do you know what he said?
45:34 He said, listen, we don't need God to be telling us what's
45:38 right and what's wrong; what we can do and what we can't do.
45:40 We're smart enough. We can decide that on our own.
45:45 You know, God is a slave master.
45:48 He wants us to render him blind service.
45:51 You can see this by the way in which the devil spoke to Eve
45:54 in the garden. He says, you know, you don't have to accept
45:58 what God says as the definition for good and evil.
46:00 He says, you can be God knowing good and evil.
46:05 By the way, he was telling Adam and Eve that God wanted them to
46:07 be blind, because he says, if you eat from the tree your eyes
46:09 are going to be opened.
46:10 God wants blind service.
46:13 He wants you just to obey without questions.
46:16 Well, you don't have to have God tell you what to do.
46:18 You're smart enough, and you're wise enough to decide that
46:22 on your own. So he's saying God is a dictator.
46:27 And a third of the angels bought his lies.
46:32 Now do you remember the tail?
46:34 It says the tail of the dragon drew a third of the stars?
46:40 Now what does a tail represent?
46:42 Go with me to the book of Isaiah 9:15, Isaiah 9:15.
46:50 Very clearly we're told what the tail is there.
46:53 It says here in Isaiah 9:15, The elder and honorable,
47:05 he is the head; the prophet who teaches lies, he is the tail.
47:13 What is the tail? The prophet who teaches what? lies.
47:19 How did the devil get a third of the stars of heaven to follow
47:23 him? By telling lies.
47:28 The tail is a prophet who tells lies.
47:32 And, by the way, there's an interesting phonetic
47:37 relationship between tail and to tell a tale.
47:44 There was the tail that draws a third of the angels
47:49 by telling tales about God.
47:53 And we know that because he came to the Earth,
47:56 and he did the same thing. Didn't he?
47:57 If you know what he did on Earth, you will know what he did
48:01 in heaven. We have Biblical examples of this as well.
48:03 It's very, very interesting.
48:05 You take, for example, the story of Absalom, the son of David.
48:09 David was the king. Absalom was his son.
48:13 And Absalom gets the preposterous idea that he needs
48:18 to be sitting on the throne instead of his father.
48:20 And so he sits at the gate of Jerusalem, and anybody who comes
48:25 to the king for judgment, to set things right, Absalom says,
48:32 don't even bother to go to the king.
48:33 He doesn't care about you.
48:34 But if you put me on the throne I would look out for you.
48:40 Same spirit of Lucifer in heaven!
48:45 He said to the angels, listen, if you put me on the throne
48:49 things will improve.
48:50 No loss! Everybody can live according to the law that comes
48:54 from within. I guess he was the first New Ager.
49:01 No dictators! Everybody will live to himself.
49:04 Same thing that the devil has done with human beings
49:08 on this Earth ever since.
49:11 John 8:44. We're told that Satan:
49:24 In other words, Satan is the father of lies,
49:29 according to scripture.
49:30 From the very beginning he lied about God.
49:34 And, by the way, it's no coincidence that Jesus came
49:38 to this Earth to reveal the truth.
49:43 Do you know that Jesus came to this world to counteract
49:45 the lies of Satan? Satan said, Ah, God only sits on the throne
49:49 and He has everybody serve Him and do what He says.
49:52 And when somebody doesn't do what He says, He makes them sick
49:57 and He casts them out of heaven, and He mistreats them,
49:59 and He beats them up.
50:01 Jesus comes down to the Earth and He leaves His throne
50:04 in heaven. He who had the power of God now becomes a servant.
50:12 The Jews believed that God made people sick.
50:15 Why is that man blind?
50:16 Who sinned, his parents or did he?
50:18 Why does that man happen to have leprosy?
50:21 Oh, because it's the finger of God.
50:24 They believed that God made people sick.
50:28 Jesus came to the Earth and now He heals people.
50:32 He casts out demons.
50:35 He restores people. And the devil hated Him because Jesus
50:39 was showing what God is really like;
50:44 that God loves human beings.
50:46 That Tsunami; that wasn't any more an act of God
50:50 than the man in the moon exists.
50:56 I mean, how can you conceive that God caused that Tsunami
51:00 to kill over a quarter of a million people?
51:03 The book of Job tells us that this is the work of Satan.
51:06 It is not the work of God.
51:10 Yes, God withdraws His hand and allows it, but God does not
51:14 cause these things. Now the question is, is the devil
51:18 ever going to have an end?
51:20 Do you know where he got his death blow?
51:23 He got his death blow on the head.
51:28 He will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel.
51:34 But you know, when his head was whacked by Christ,
51:39 the devil still exists.
51:41 In one of our future lectures we're going to study about the
51:45 conflict between David and Goliath.
51:47 That story has to be seen in the light of Genesis 3:15.
51:51 You know, David, he swung his sling, threw the stone,
51:58 the stone encrusted itself in his forehead, and he fell to the
52:04 ground, but he wasn't dead.
52:07 He was almost dead.
52:09 He had received the death blow on his head, but the Bible says
52:13 that David went and with his own sword, he took out the sword
52:18 and he cut off his head.
52:19 The devil has been wounded with this stone.
52:23 What only remains is for his head to be chopped off.
52:30 And that will happen after the millennium, which we will study
52:36 in this seminar. Revelation 20 refers to that.
52:40 Notice Ezekiel 28:18, 19, speaking about the end
52:47 of this being. Praise the Lord that he is going to
52:49 come to an end. Meanwhile we have to battle with him.
52:52 We have to put up with his lies, but we don't have to give in
52:57 to his lies. When the devil tells us to break God's law,
53:01 we don't have to break God's law, because we know what
53:05 he's up to. Now notice Ezekiel 28:18, 19.
53:11 It says: You defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of
53:15 your iniquities. By the iniquity of your trading.
53:18 There's the word again.
53:27 Notice he's going to be reduced to ashes.
53:44 Is that good news? That's great news!
53:47 It's coming soon. Now allow me to conclude by saying this:
53:54 In this world there are only two groups, not three.
54:02 There's not the good, the bad, and the half bad:
54:06 those that are going to heaven, to hell, and to purgatory.
54:12 In the world there are two groups: the seed of the serpent,
54:17 and the seed of the woman's seed.
54:21 The Seed is Christ, but Christ has seed.
54:25 If you are Christ's you are His seed.
54:26 So there's only two groups in the world.
54:29 Now let me ask you, what is it that characterizes both groups?
54:34 Go with me to 1 John 3:10, 1 John 3:10.
54:41 And actually we'll read several verses from 1 John,
54:46 as we bring this to a close.
54:47 1 John 3:10. We find the two groups mentioned and what
54:53 characterizes the two groups. It says there:
55:08 In this way you can know who a child of God is,
55:11 and who a child of the devil is.
55:12 Notice what the characteristics are.
55:22 What is righteousness?
55:23 If sin is transgression of the law, what is righteousness?
55:27 It is obeying God's law; not because we can do it,
55:31 but because we love God, and He empowers us.
55:34 You need to come to the next lecture.
55:36 We're going to talk about the law of God,
55:38 and how it is possible to overcome;
55:40 not in ourselves, but in His power because we love Him.
55:43 And so it continues saying there, in 1 John 3:10:
55:48 In this the children of God, and the children of the devil
55:51 are manifest. Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of
55:56 God nor is he who does not love his neighbor.
56:03 And what is keeping the commandment?
56:05 It is what? love.
56:10 Now go with me to two passages in closing: 1 John 2,
56:19 1 John 2:3, 4. Now by this we know that we know him:
56:28 If we keep his commandments.
56:32 He who says I know him and does not keep his commandment
56:37 is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
56:43 Hello! Who was the first liar, and the truth was not in him?
56:46 John 8:44. Who was it? Satan.
56:49 So whoever says, I know him and does not keep
56:52 his commandments; whose seed is he?
56:55 Satan's seed. It says so here.
56:58 Now let's notice one more text.
57:01 1 John 5, very quickly, and verse 3.
57:06 For this is the love of God that we keep his commandments.
57:12 And his commandments are not burdensome.
57:19 Because some people say, oh, that old law.
57:21 That's such a hard thing to keep.
57:23 It's such a burden.
57:24 Don't believe it.


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