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01:14 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:16 Father in Heaven, we thank You once again for the privilege
01:20 of being here to study Your Holy Word.
01:24 We ask for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit as we open
01:28 to the book of Genesis.
01:30 Help us to understand the great issues that are brought forth
01:35 in this wonderful book, and we thank You for hearing our prayer
01:39 for the ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:43 We're going to begin our study in our lecture today
01:49 at the place where we ended in our last lecture.
01:53 Genesis 3:15, Genesis 3:15.
02:01 Now for those of you who were not here for the previous
02:04 lecture, I recommend that you get a copy of the hard copy
02:10 as you go out this evening, because you'll be able to review
02:14 all of the details from our last lecture.
02:16 But basically what we studied is that Adam and Eve sinned
02:21 and gave up their position of dominion over the earth.
02:26 And, of course, God pronounced upon them the sentence of death.
02:30 But we found that God came down to the Garden of Eden
02:35 and He made that wonderful promise to Adam and Eve
02:39 as they were listening to God speak to the serpent.
02:42 And those words of God to the serpent were God's declaration
02:47 of war, and they're found in Genesis 3:15.
02:53 God is speaking here to the serpent.
03:12 Three kinds of enmity: between the serpent and the woman,
03:18 between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman,
03:23 and between the seed of the woman and the serpent.
03:27 The enmity runs, in other words, in three directions.
03:32 But the real enmity is between the seed of the woman,
03:36 and the serpent, because the last part of the verse says,
03:40 He, the Seed of the woman, will crush your head, serpent,
03:47 and you are going to wound, you're going to hurt His heel.
03:52 In other words, God is saying, I'm going to send a Seed
03:56 to the world, and He's going to do battle with you.
03:58 In the process of the battle you're going to hurt Him,
04:01 but by hurting Him, His foot is going to come down on your head
04:07 and it is going to crush your head.
04:10 He's going to eliminate you.
04:13 He's going to destroy you.
04:14 Now when Satan heard those words he trembled, he shook,
04:22 and he made up his mind from that point on that he was not
04:26 going to allow that Seed to come to the world.
04:31 And the first example of this we find in Genesis 4:25.
04:40 We all know the story of Cain and Abel probably.
04:44 The Bible tells us that Cain arose and he killed his brother.
04:51 Now the question is, was it really Cain who wanted Abel
04:56 dead, or was there someone behind the scenes
05:00 who wanted Abel dead?
05:02 The fact is 1 John 3:12, I'll just refer to it, says:
05:14 Notice that this text says that Cain was of the wicked one.
05:19 In other words, Cain did not act alone.
05:22 The wicked one was behind him, instigating him to kill Abel.
05:27 Now the question is, why would Satan want Abel dead?
05:34 Because God had promised in Genesis 3:15 that He was
05:38 going to send a Seed to the world to do battle with him,
05:44 and He was going to crush his head.
05:47 And so the devil is thinking, maybe this Abel is the promised
05:53 Seed, or perhaps the promised Seed is going to come from him,
05:56 so I'm going to nip this in the bud.
05:58 And so he influences Cain to kill his brother Abel.
06:05 So when Abel dies the devil says, mission accomplished;
06:10 no more Seed, because Cain is mine and Abel is dead.
06:16 But in Genesis 4:25 we find that God's plan was not
06:22 frustrated. It says there:
06:34 And then she explains why she called him Seth.
06:36 Seth means substitute, or one who takes the place of.
06:41 She says this:
06:55 God has given me another seed.
06:57 Notice that key word that we find in Genesis 3:15.
07:02 The Seed will crush your head.
07:06 The devil gets rid of Abel, by using Cain, and God says,
07:10 I will give Eve another seed.
07:14 So God's plan was not thwarted.
07:18 The devil's first method for trying to keep the Seed
07:21 from coming is by trying to directly kill the Seed.
07:26 And we find this clearly in the story of Cain and Abel.
07:30 You'll notice that the same elements of Genesis 3:15
07:33 are found in the story of Cain and Abel.
07:36 You have a woman, who is Eve; you have a serpent,
07:41 because Cain is of the wicked one; you have two seeds,
07:46 which is Cain and Abel; and you also have enmity between
07:52 the two seeds. And so the first example of Genesis 3:15
07:56 is the story of Cain and Abel, although we know now that Abel
08:01 was not specifically the promised Seed.
08:04 The Seed would come later on from Abel.
08:07 And so the devil learns that God is not expecting any of these
08:13 preliminary seeds to crush his head, but that what God is doing
08:20 is that He's preparing a Holy line, or a lineage from which
08:24 eventually the Seed will come.
08:27 And so the devil says, now I'm going to go to plan B.
08:31 It does me no good to kill the seed, because I kill one seed
08:36 and God introduces another.
08:38 So he says, I'm going to go to the second method;
08:42 the second plan. And we find that in Genesis 6:1, 2,
08:48 Genesis 6:1, 2, verses that we're going to study later on
08:53 when we deal with the flood in the days of Noah. It says:
09:16 Notice here that it speaks about marital relationships between
09:22 the sons of God and the daughters of men.
09:25 Now I want you to notice before I answer who is the group
09:30 referred to as the sons of God, and which is the group referred
09:33 to as the daughters of men?
09:35 I'd like to read verse 5, which shows the results of these
09:39 unions of the sons of God with the daughters of men.
09:43 It says in Genesis 6:5:
09:57 This evil came as a result of the relationship between the
10:03 sons of God and the daughters of men; the sons of God going
10:07 in to the daughters of men, which is an expression in the
10:09 Old Testament which means to have sexual relations with.
10:13 In other words, the sons of God entered into marital
10:17 relationships with the daughters of men.
10:19 Now the question is, who are the sons of God,
10:22 and who are the daughters of men?
10:23 The best answer is by looking at the context.
10:26 You look at Genesis 4 and you have the genealogy of Cain,
10:32 the wicked one. And it's interesting that in the
10:36 genealogy of Cain you have three women mentioned.
10:40 And then in Genesis 5 you have the genealogy of Seth.
10:44 That is the genealogy of the righteous.
10:47 So in Genesis 4 you have the genealogy of Cain.
10:51 In Genesis 5 you have the genealogy of Seth.
10:55 And in Genesis 6 you have the sons of God and the daughters
10:59 of men. In other words, these marriages were actually
11:02 marriages between the seed of Cain, and the Seed of the woman:
11:09 The Seed of Abel, the Seed of Seth, the good and righteous
11:16 seed. When the righteous and the wicked began to mix together
11:21 the world became corrupted.
11:24 Now let me ask you, how many people do you think lived in
11:27 this world the day before the flood?
11:29 A hundred, a thousand, how about five thousand?
11:37 Anybody give me ten thousand?
11:38 Let me give you some statistics.
11:42 Between creation and the flood 1,656 years transpired;
11:50 in a world where there was no scarcity of natural resources,
11:57 because most of the effect upon the natural resources came
12:00 as a result of the flood; in a world where men lived to be
12:07 almost 1,000 years old.
12:11 How many children can a 1,000 year old man have?
12:14 Actually, the oldest was 969.
12:17 In a world where God had told man and woman,
12:22 be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.
12:26 And in Genesis 6 it says that the whole earth was filled
12:29 with violence. In other words, the whole earth was populated.
12:31 And yet here's the terrifying thought: of the millions of
12:37 people that no doubt lived on Planet Earth before the flood,
12:42 only eight remained faithful to God.
12:48 And Genesis says that there was particularly one:
12:51 Noah was righteous in the eyes of the Lord.
12:55 What would have happened if God had allowed history to continue
13:00 without the flood intervening?
13:03 The human race would have become totally corrupted,
13:08 and God would not have had anyone in a Holy line through
13:14 whom to bring the Messiah into the world.
13:18 In other words, the devil was using two plans:
13:21 Plan 1. try and kill the seed.
13:24 Plan 2. try to intermingle and mix the two seeds,
13:29 so that the genealogy of the righteous would lose its
13:34 identity. And if it lost its identity there could be no
13:38 promised seed coming from that lineage.
13:42 Now all throughout the Old Testament we find the devil
13:46 using these two methods.
13:48 These are his primary methods in trying to keep
13:52 the Seed from coming.
13:53 He uses Cain to kill Abel, so that the Seed can't come.
13:59 He mixes the sons of God with the daughters of men to make
14:04 the lineage disappear in its uniqueness, so that the Seed
14:08 cannot come. Now I'm going to take you through a tour of many
14:12 stories in the Old Testament that we need to look at through
14:17 the lenses of Genesis 3:15.
14:19 You see, in Genesis 3:15 God is saying to Satan, I'm going to
14:23 send you a Seed, and your very existence is at stake.
14:27 So do you think that the devil is going to make it priority
14:31 number one to keep the Seed from coming,
14:34 who's going to crush his head?
14:36 Obviously, yes. So we need to read the Old Testament with
14:40 enlightened eyes. We need to see in the background
14:45 this controversy between Satan, who is trying to keep the Seed
14:49 from coming, so his head won't be crushed, and God working
14:53 to bring the Seed into the world.
14:56 I'd like to take you to the time after the flood.
14:59 We're only going to study certain highlights;
15:01 the time after the flood.
15:02 Go with me to Genesis 10:1, Genesis 10:1.
15:10 Now we need to understand that Genesis 10 is chronologically
15:14 after Genesis 11. In other words, God gives chapter 10
15:19 all of the nations of the earth, and then in chapter 11
15:23 He explains how those nations came to exist.
15:25 Now notice Genesis 10:1.
15:42 Notice that Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.
15:48 Now let's go to verse 20.
15:50 It says in verse 20 the following:
16:09 And that is said about each of the sons of Noah.
16:13 Nations, languages, cultures of the world, all came from
16:20 these three sons. Now if you go to Genesis 11 you'll discover
16:25 something very interesting.
16:26 The Holy line continues through Shem, one of the sons of Noah.
16:34 The other two sons, Ham and Japheth, continue the unholy
16:43 line, if we could say.
16:45 In fact, if you look at the nations that came from Ham,
16:50 and Japheth, you'll discover that these were the very nations
16:54 that later tried to destroy Israel.
16:58 Allow me to just mention some of the nations that came from
17:02 Japheth. You have Magog.
17:05 By the way, it's mentioned in Revelation 20 as a great enemy
17:08 of God's people. You have the Medes coming also from Japheth.
17:14 You have Greece. It's called Javen.
17:17 You have Tyre, an arch-enemy of Israel.
17:21 And you have Rome mentioned also as one of those
17:26 who descended from Japheth.
17:28 Now how about Ham? You have Egypt coming from Ham.
17:33 You have Assyria, which destroyed the ten tribes
17:37 of the North in Israel; destroyed Samaria in the year
17:41 722. Babylon came from Ham.
17:46 The Canaanites came from Ham.
17:49 The Philistines; in other words, all of these nations which later
17:53 became enemies of Israel, and frequently tried to destroy
17:57 Israel, came from Ham, and from Japheth.
18:01 They were trying to destroy the Shemites.
18:06 We call them Semites today.
18:08 And so in Genesis 10 we already find in two of the sons of Noah,
18:14 the devil from them, forming the nations through which he is
18:20 going to try and destroy Israel.
18:23 Now there's a fundamental misunderstanding,
18:26 and that is that the devil hated Israel.
18:29 But the devil, you know, he wanted to get rid of Israel.
18:33 But the fact is, folks, that the battle of Satan against Israel
18:38 is not because the devil hates Israel, it's because the devil
18:43 hates Israel's Messiah, because God had promised that from this
18:48 lineage the Messiah would come.
18:51 And so, when the devil is trying to blend Israel
18:54 with the nations, to cause them to lose their identity,
18:56 when he tries to destroy Israel, we're going to notice several
19:00 examples from the Bible.
19:01 The devil is not focused primarily against Israel.
19:05 Attacking Israel, and trying to destroy Israel is the way
19:10 in which He can cut off the Holy line and keep the Messiah
19:15 from coming. Are you following what I'm saying?
19:17 This is the way we need to read it.
19:19 Everything the devil does in the Old Testament is to keep
19:23 the Seed from coming, because his very existence is at stake.
19:28 Now lets go to Genesis 11:4.
19:33 This is happening about 100 years after the flood.
19:57 Now we're going to study later on that their intention was
20:01 to establish what we call today a New World Order,
20:04 centered in their Capitol, which will unite all of humanity
20:09 in rebellion against God.
20:11 And when their plan failed the name which was given to that
20:17 place, according to verse 9, was Babel.
20:22 Have you ever heard of Babel before?
20:25 In the book of Revelation, the archenemy of God's people
20:30 is called what? Babylon.
20:33 Here you have the origin of Babylon.
20:35 You know, it's interesting that there where the Tower of Babel
20:40 was built, lived the family of a very well known man.
20:47 His name was Abraham.
20:50 He lived in the very place where these tower builders
20:54 had the intention of establishing a society
20:57 in rebellion against God.
20:59 In fact, the name of the individual who was the
21:03 ringleader in the building of the Tower of Babel was Nimrod.
21:07 And the name Nimrod means rebellion.
21:10 It was a rebellious endeavor.
21:12 And Abraham lived in that area in Ur of the Chaldees;
21:17 Caldia, it's ancient Babylon.
21:20 And we find that Abraham and his family were starting to be
21:25 defiled by the god's in that place.
21:29 Go with me to the book of Joshua; Joshua 24:2, 3,
21:36 Joshua 24:2, 3. I want you to notice what was happening
21:41 to Abraham and his family who lived there in this apostate
21:45 area known as Babel, or Babylon. It says:
22:04 That's the River Euphrates, incidentally.
22:07 And what was the problem? They what?
22:13 Were they becoming defiled by the god's of Babylon?
22:19 They most certainly were.
22:20 And it says in verse 3:
22:29 That is the River Euphrates.
22:35 ...It says here his descendents.
22:37 In the King James Version it says, his seed.
22:45 What was the problem there in Babel where they had planned
22:49 to form a society in rebellion against God?
22:52 The problem is that Abraham lived there.
22:55 And it says that he and his family were serving other gods.
23:00 But God had plans for Abraham.
23:03 He could not fulfill His plans for Abraham there in Babel,
23:07 in Ur. And so we're told here that God took Abraham out
23:13 of the place where they were serving other gods,
23:16 to take him to the land of Canaan.
23:18 And God had a special plan for Abraham.
23:20 God had to take him away so that he would not become defiled
23:23 with those nations. And eventually the Holy Seed,
23:26 which would come from Abraham, would disappear.
23:30 You see, God knew what the devil was trying to do,
23:32 so he took Abraham out, because God had plans to do something
23:37 very special with Abraham.
23:38 Let's notice what it is.
23:40 Genesis 12:1, Genesis 12:1, and then we'll jump down
23:46 to verse 3. It says:
23:52 Notice, God says, Get out of your country.
23:54 Get out of Babylon.
23:55 We're going to find in Revelation there's a call
23:57 to come out of Babylon in the end time.
24:02 Because his family was serving other god's,
24:04 we noticed in Joshua.
24:25 What plans did God have with Abraham?
24:27 He had plans that through Abraham all of the nations
24:31 of the earth would be blessed.
24:33 But now listen to what I'm going to say.
24:34 It wasn't Abraham who was going to bring the blessing.
24:38 It was the Seed of Abraham.
24:41 Abraham was the instrument to bring the Seed, eventually,
24:45 into the world. Notice what we find there in Genesis 22:18,
24:50 Genesis 22:18. We'll be studying Genesis 22 later on
24:57 in our seminar. God says to Abraham this:
25:11 Notice that in Genesis 12:3 God says, In you all the nations
25:17 of the earth will be blessed.
25:18 Here He explains that it is in the seed of Abraham that all
25:24 of the nations of the earth will be blessed.
25:26 You see, God was planning to bring the blessing
25:30 into the world through the seed of Abraham.
25:33 Now go with me to Galatians 3, and lets notice
25:38 who that seed is. Galatians 3, and we've read this verse
25:44 before. Verse 16, 3 verse 16.
25:48 It says there: Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises
25:55 made. He does not say, and to seeds, as of many,
26:02 but as of one. And to your Seed who is Christ.
26:08 Who was the Seed of Abraham through whom all of the nations
26:12 of the earth were going to be blessed?
26:14 It was Christ, according to the Apostle Paul.
26:18 In other words, God called Abraham out of Babylon,
26:22 out of Ur of the Chaldees, because he and his family were
26:25 becoming defiled with the gods there.
26:27 They were going to lose their identities.
26:30 Satan was doing the same thing as he did before the flood;
26:32 blending the two seeds.
26:34 So God took him out to Canaan, and He says, in your Seed all
26:39 of the nations of the earth will be blessed.
26:42 Now the devil knew that God had a special plan with Abraham,
26:46 and he knew that God had promised Abraham that He was
26:50 going to give him a Seed.
26:51 So now the devil says to Abraham, it's been many, many
26:55 years, and you don't have any seed.
26:59 Your wife can't even have any children.
27:02 And so the devil whispers in his ear, Abraham, maybe there's a
27:08 different plan that God is contemplating here.
27:10 Maybe you need to have children in a different fashion.
27:16 So the devil whispers in Sarah's ear.
27:19 Sarah, tell your husband to take the slave woman Hagar,
27:25 and perhaps the seed will come from Hagar.
27:30 Notice what we find in Genesis 16:2, Genesis 16:2.
27:36 It says there:
27:46 She blames the Lord, but it wasn't the Lord.
27:59 Do you think that was just the voice of Sarai?
28:02 Absolutely not, because you have Genesis 3:15
28:07 in the background.
28:08 Everything the devil does, he does with the intention
28:11 of keeping the Seed from coming, or destroying the Seed.
28:15 Now why is the birth of this child significant?
28:18 The name of the child that Abraham had with Sarai
28:22 was Ishmael. Do you know what Ishmael wanted to do with Isaac
28:27 when Isaac, the son of the promise was born?
28:30 He wanted to destroy him.
28:33 Who do you suppose was using Ishmael, whom he had convinced
28:38 Abraham and Sarai to have, to kill Isaac,
28:41 the son of the promise.
28:42 There's no doubt that the devil was the one who wanted Isaac
28:46 dead. And you say where does the Bible say that?
28:49 Well, in Galatians; in Galatians 4:29, Galatians 4:29
28:57 we find this reference to Ishmael.
29:00 It says there, in Galatians 4:29:
29:12 That is Ishmael.
29:22 What did the child of the flesh, Ishmael, do?
29:25 He persecuted the child who was born according to the Spirit.
29:30 Who was behind Ishmael?
29:33 It must have been Satan, because Satan was behind Cain,
29:37 wasn't he? in destroying Abel.
29:39 Satan is fighting for his own existence.
29:42 He's trying to keep the Seed from coming.
29:45 And then a little bit later on you have another birth,
29:49 actually two births, twins.
29:52 You have Jacob, and you have Esau.
29:56 Have you ever read the story of Esau and Jacob?
30:00 Whose character did Esau have?
30:04 Who was Esau like? Like God?
30:12 He took wives in Canaan.
30:15 When his father said, don't take wives, he said,
30:17 I will if I want to.
30:19 He sold his birthright for a plate of lentils.
30:24 He didn't consider the fact that he who had the birthright
30:28 would bring the Messiah into the world eventually.
30:29 He says, who cares when you're hungry.
30:31 And so he sold that for a plate of lentils.
30:34 And we're told in Genesis 27:41, Genesis 27:41:
31:00 Who do you suppose was behind the idea of using Eau to kill
31:06 his brother Jacob? There's no doubt whatsoever that the
31:10 devil knew that Jacob was going to play a very important role
31:16 in the plan of salvation that God was developing.
31:18 In fact, the twelfth from the twelve sons of Jacob was going
31:23 to come, the promised Seed specifically from Judah.
31:28 Now we move forward a little bit more to the days of Joseph.
31:32 And in our lecture tomorrow, we're going to study
31:37 a little bit more about this experience of Joseph,
31:40 because it's very, very interesting.
31:42 It has much to do with what we're talking about
31:44 this evening. I'm going to make a long story short.
31:49 But Joseph suffered many injustices.
31:54 Everything seemed to go wrong, and he was a good kid.
31:57 He was sold as a slave to Egypt.
32:00 Because he refused to commit adultery, he ended up in prison.
32:04 Anyone would have thought, why should I even bother
32:07 to serve God? Look what happens to those who serve God.
32:10 But he knew that God had a plan.
32:14 And, of course, the plan was eventually to become the
32:17 Prime Minister of Egypt, so that when seven years of plenty came
32:21 he could administrate and store the excess that the land
32:26 produced, so that when the seven years of famine came
32:30 society could survive.
32:33 Now at the end of the story Joseph reveals himself to his
32:39 brothers. And his brothers, they hug Joseph, and they say,
32:42 oh Joseph, we're so sorry for what we did.
32:45 Please forgive us! Do you know what Joseph says?
32:48 Go with me to Genesis 45, Genesis 45:5-7,
32:55 Genesis 45:5-7: Joseph says,...
33:27 And now notice verse 7.
33:41 Do you suppose that God knew that the devil was going to
33:44 cause those seven years of famine?
33:45 What was the devil's intention?
33:49 His intention was to starve Jacob and his family to death,
33:56 but God knowing it, sent Joseph beforehand down into Egypt
34:04 to make provision, as it says here, to preserve the posterity.
34:09 Other versions translate it, to preserve the Seed.
34:13 Do you see what's going on here in the background?
34:16 All of these events that are taking place are revealing
34:20 a plot that is taking place beyond history, behind history.
34:24 We only see external events, but when we know that God told
34:29 the devil, the Seed is going to come and He's going to crush
34:31 your head. We know that the devil says, I can't let the Seed
34:35 come. And so through all of these circumstances and events
34:39 the devil is trying to keep the Seed from coming.
34:43 Now there's so much more that we could say.
34:46 I'm not going to read all of the verses, but I'm going to give
34:49 you the concept. Notice Genesis 15:13, 14.
34:54 Moving on a little bit further, forward in history.
34:57 Genesis 15:13, 14. Here God is giving a prophecy to Abraham.
35:06 And it says there:
35:07 What is God saying? He's saying, Your people are going to be
35:36 taken down into a certain land.
35:38 We know that that was Egypt.
35:39 And at the end of 400 years, I am going to bring them out
35:44 of the land of Egypt.
35:46 And in other places He says, I'm going to take them to the land
35:49 of Canaan. Now isn't it interesting that God would
35:54 promise to take Israel out of Egypt and to Canaan?
35:58 Do you know that God had promised Abraham and his seed,
36:04 the land of Canaan? Many people today believe that the Jewish
36:10 nation owns the land of Israel by divine right.
36:13 But do you know, as we study the scripture, we discover
36:17 that the reason why God gave Abraham the land of Canaan,
36:22 and his seed the land of Canaan, is because God had plans for the
36:27 Messiah to be born in that land.
36:30 Was Jesus born in what was before the land of Canaan?
36:35 He most certainly was.
36:36 He was born in Bethlehem of Judea.
36:40 That used to be Canaan.
36:42 And so the devil, he heard that prophecy.
36:45 Four hundred years after that he's going to take them out.
36:48 He's going to lead them to Canaan.
36:49 Do you suppose the devil wanted them to go to Canaan,
36:51 where the Messiah was going to be born? Absolutely not.
36:54 So what did the devil do with Pharaoh?
36:58 Was it easy for Israel to leave Egypt?
37:03 It was a battle, a supernatural battle.
37:08 In fact, do you know that in Ezekiel 29:33, Pharaoh is called
37:12 the great dragon?
37:14 Pharaoh is called the great dragon, because he's the
37:18 dragon's seed, and Pharaoh is going to do everything in his
37:22 power to keep Israel from leaving Egypt.
37:25 Who do you suppose didn't want Israel to leave Egypt?
37:28 It wasn't Pharaoh alone, it was Satan, because Satan knew this
37:35 prophecy. He knew that if Israel went to the land of Canaan,
37:38 the promised Seed was going to be born there, because he had
37:41 seen God take Abraham out of Babel, out of Ur, to take him to
37:46 the land of Canaan. The devil knew that there was something
37:49 special which was going to happen in Canaan, and he was
37:52 not going to allow Israel to leave to go to Canaan.
37:56 Israel arrived at the borders of the promised land.
38:01 They sent out spies.
38:04 Ten of the spies came back with a bad report;
38:08 there were giants there.
38:09 We can't go in there.
38:10 Who do you suppose was the one who instilled in them this idea
38:15 that you can't go into the land of Canaan.
38:18 You're not strong enough.
38:19 Go back to Egypt. It wasn't God.
38:24 It wasn't their idea.
38:26 Whose idea was it? Who did not want them to go into
38:31 the land of Canaan? Satan.
38:34 And then forty years later they arrive at the borders of the
38:37 promised land again, about to enter the land of Canaan,
38:42 and you have the experience of Numbers 25.
38:46 And I'll just tell you something about it.
38:48 They're ready to go into the promised land and Balaam
38:52 is invited to curse Israel, and he can't curse Israel,
38:57 because Israel is in a good relationship with God.
38:59 And so finally Balaam tells Balak, the king, he says,
39:04 the only way that these people can ever be defeated is if
39:10 you corrupt them from inside.
39:12 You can't destroy them from outside,
39:15 because their relationship with God is right.
39:17 The only way you can do it is by corrupting them from inside.
39:21 Do you know what happened?
39:22 The idolatrous women of Moab came and enticed the children
39:28 of Israel, the men of Israel, to have illicit sexual relations,
39:32 and to practice idolatry and to worship the gods of Moab.
39:36 23,000 of the cream of Israel fell on the borders of the
39:42 promised land, because of the blending and the mixing
39:46 of the two seeds. Once again, behind the scenes is Satan
39:52 working to keep the Seed from coming,
39:55 God working to bring the Seed into the world.
39:59 Why do you suppose the nations of Canaan stood up against
40:03 Israel? They were not going to give Israel this land,
40:07 because something special was going to happen in that land.
40:10 Satan knew it, because God took Abraham to that land;
40:14 He took Israel to that land.
40:16 He says, I know the Seed is going to be born in that land.
40:19 And, by the way, do you know that Mount Moriah,
40:21 which is the place where Abraham took his son, Isaac,
40:24 and placed him on the altar.
40:26 Mount Moriah was the last place that David conquered
40:31 in establishing the city of Jerusalem.
40:34 The devil was not going to give up Mount Moriah without a fight,
40:38 because Mount Moriah is the very place where later on the temple
40:41 of Solomon was built.
40:43 We're going to discuss that later on.
40:45 And then, of course, we have the story of David.
40:48 Do you know that in 2 Samuel 7, 12 and 13, and I'm kind of going
40:53 a little bit fast here.
40:54 We can't read all of the verses.
40:55 You have them on the list.
40:56 I hope that you look them up, in the light of what we're
40:58 studying. God said that the throne of David
41:02 would be forever. God would give David a Seed
41:06 who would sit on His throne forever.
41:09 Now let me ask you, who was that Seed?
41:12 Luke 1:32, 33 tell us that that Seed, from the house of David,
41:19 was Jesus. Do you suppose the devil knew that the Messiah
41:25 was going to be a son of David?
41:26 Do you suppose he heard this promise that God made?
41:29 Of course he did. Why do you think David had so many
41:33 problems? For example, he's sitting in the palace playing
41:38 his harp for Saul twice, and Saul who is possessed by an
41:45 evil spirit the Bible says, took his spear and he hurled it
41:51 at David to nail him to the wall.
41:53 Whose idea was that?
41:54 Was that Saul's idea?
41:57 I don't think so. It was the evil spirit.
42:01 Who wanted to see David dead? Satan.
42:03 Why would he want David dead?
42:06 Because the Seed was going to come from whom? from David.
42:12 Then you can go to 1 Chronicles 21:1.
42:16 God had told David, don't you number Israel,
42:20 because your strength is in Me, not in numbers.
42:22 And it says there in 1 Chronicles 21:1 that Satan
42:28 enticed David to number Israel.
42:31 It was his intention that by numbering Israel,
42:35 God would destroy David, because the Seed was going to come
42:41 from David. And then, of course, you have the sad experience
42:45 of David and Bathsheba.
42:47 The idle mind is the devil's workshop.
42:53 The Bible says that David should have been out to war,
42:57 but he was idle in the palace.
42:58 Of course, he goes out; he sees this beautiful woman.
43:03 To make a long story short, commits adultery with her,
43:06 and then has her husband murdered in battle.
43:10 Do you know what the penalty in God's law in the Old Testament
43:15 under the theocracy, what was the punishment for adultery
43:18 and murder? The person was to be taken out and stoned.
43:22 Who do you suppose wanted David stoned? Satan!
43:28 You say, this idea of committing adultery and killing did not
43:33 merely come from David's mind.
43:35 There is one who wanted to destroy David.
43:39 Not because he hated David, but because he hated the Seed
43:45 who would come from David.
43:46 Are you catching the picture here?
43:48 All of the Old Testament must be seen within this framework
43:52 of Genesis 3:15, because it's a battle for self existence.
43:57 It's priority number one!
43:59 And then, of course, you have the story of Solomon.
44:02 You know, I have several verses here.
44:06 1 Kings 11:1-3 says that Solomon, you know, who was
44:10 the wisest man who ever lived, and he also became the most
44:12 foolish man who ever lived, because when he was a young
44:16 man he went astray from the Lord.
44:20 Do you know why he went astray?
44:21 Because, basically, he had a thousand wives.
44:25 And do you know where those wives were from?
44:29 You can read it in this passage in 1 Kings 11.
44:32 They were from the pagan nations which surrounded Israel.
44:36 Now why do you suppose the devil wanted Solomon to blend
44:42 with the women from other pagan nations?
44:45 Because he was hoping that Solomon would lose the identity
44:50 from whom the Seed would come, because Solomon was the son
44:55 of David. He was from the lineage of David, and the
44:58 Messiah was going to come from the lineage of Solomon.
45:01 I could give you so many other stories.
45:05 You have Senacrib the king of Assyria who comes and destroys
45:09 the ten kingdoms of the North, which is known as Israel.
45:12 Then he comes against Judah.
45:14 He's going to destroy Jerusalem and the Assyrians were known
45:17 for committing genocide.
45:19 I mean they didn't take any prisoners.
45:21 They uprooted whole nations.
45:23 And when they surrounded Jerusalem, 185,000 soldiers
45:30 ready to strike, the angel of the Lord came out
45:34 and in one night slew 185,000 soldiers, delivering Judah,
45:40 the two tribes of the South.
45:42 The devil was the one who led Israel to mix with the nations,
45:47 so that they would be expelled from the promised land
45:50 to Babylon. Have you ever noticed that? that because of
45:55 their sins, mixing with the nations, Israel was taken
46:00 captive to Babylon.
46:01 They were expelled from the land.
46:02 Do you know that God had told Moses in Deuteronomy 28 that
46:05 if they were unfaithful they would be expelled from the land.
46:08 And the devil was really happy when they were expelled
46:10 from the land because he knew the Messiah was going to be
46:12 born in the land. This is what the taking and the losing of
46:18 the land is all about.
46:19 It's not about Israel, it is about Israel's Messiah.
46:23 And then you have the story of Esther.
46:26 You have Esther 3:13 there.
46:29 It says that a man called Haman prepared a plot, and he worked
46:34 upon the mind of the king. It says:
46:43 in a certain day. I suppose the devil hates the Jews.
46:50 I believe he hates everybody.
46:52 But why would he want to uproot the Jewish nation
46:55 after the captivity?
46:56 Because he knew that from the Jews would come
47:00 the promised Seed. You see the Old Testament is seed centered.
47:04 It is not Israel centered.
47:07 Israel could not give the devil a death blow on his head.
47:11 The devil overcame them.
47:13 But there was One who could, and that was the Messiah,
47:17 Jesus Christ. Notice Ezra 9:2.
47:22 The devil was not only trying to destroy Israel after the
47:25 captivity, he was trying to do something else as well.
47:32 Ezra 9:2; Ezra is that little book right before Nehemiah.
47:38 I'm sure that helps you an awful lot.
47:40 It says here, after the captivity:
47:49 The nobles that is, those who had kingly blood.
48:08 What was the devil leading the nobles to do
48:10 after the captivity?
48:11 He was leading them to intermingle with the nations,
48:14 to miss, according to this, the Holy Seed.
48:18 And so all throughout the Old Testament Satan is working
48:24 by trying to kill the Seed, by trying to corrupt the Seed,
48:29 that is the lineage from whom the Seed will come.
48:33 The devil is trying to keep the prophecy of Genesis 3:15
48:37 from being fulfilled.
48:38 But we find that in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son,
48:46 born of a woman. The devil was not able to keep Him
48:51 from coming. When the moment came, the fullness of time came,
48:57 God sent His Son to this world.
49:00 And Matthew 1:1 tells us that He was the Seed of Abraham,
49:06 and He was the Seed of David.
49:08 By the way, don't you find it interesting that you have
49:12 in Genesis 11, you have the genealogy from the days of
49:17 Adam until the days of Noah.
49:18 In Genesis, that's Genesis 5, in Genesis 11 you have the
49:25 genealogy from the times of Shem, the son of Noah,
49:30 to the days of Abraham.
49:31 And in Matthew 1 you have the genealogy from the days of
49:36 Abraham till the times of Christ.
49:37 And after that genealogy you don't have anymore genealogies.
49:42 In fact, the Apostle Paul says, don't get caught up
49:46 in genealogies. They're not important anymore,
49:48 because the purpose for the genealogies was to trace
49:51 the Holy line of the Messiah.
49:53 And so Jesus was born; the Seed of Abraham.
49:58 The solitary Seed through whom all of the nations of the earth
50:03 were going to be what? were going to be blessed.
50:06 Did the devil know that He had been born?
50:08 Did the devil know where He was going to be born?
50:11 Oh yes, so the devil said, I wasn't able to keep Him from
50:16 coming. I wasn't able to destroy Israel.
50:19 I wasn't able to intermingle Israel with the nations to
50:22 lose their identity.
50:23 He has come! So what does the devil do when Jesus is born?
50:29 Go with me to Revelation 12, Revelation 12, and I want you to
50:34 notice verse 3. Revelation 12:3.
50:38 It says here: And another sign appeared in heaven;
50:42 behold a great fiery red dragon, having seven heads
50:47 and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.
50:51 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven, and threw them
50:54 down to the earth:... (And now notice.)
51:08 Do you have the same elements here as Genesis 3:15?
51:11 Do you have a woman? Sure.
51:14 Do you have a Seed of the woman? Sure.
51:18 Do you have a dragon or a serpent? Yes.
51:22 Do you have enmity? You most certainly do.
51:26 This is the first fulfillment of Genesis 3:15 where it says He,
51:32 the Seed of the woman, will crush your head,
51:36 and you will bruise his heel.
51:39 In other words, Jesus is born into the world, and the devil
51:42 tries to nip Him in the bud; tries to destroy Him.
51:46 But we find in verse 5 that it tell us:
52:01 So the child escaped the hands of Satan.
52:06 In fact Jesus came to this world and He lived a perfect life.
52:10 The life that you and I should live.
52:12 When I receive Him, He gives me His life.
52:15 He credits His life to my account.
52:18 And then at the end of His life He died.
52:21 He died the death that I should die.
52:23 He died for my sins.
52:25 He never allowed Himself to be overcome by Satan.
52:29 In other words, He fulfilled the promise of Genesis 3:15.
52:34 He gave a death blow to the devil on his head.
52:38 And then Jesus went back to heaven.
52:41 Now the story doesn't end there, because when Jesus ascends back
52:48 to heaven, the devil says, now I have to take second best.
52:53 I wasn't able to defeat the Seed of the woman, and so now I'm
52:58 going to go after the woman.
53:00 And in Revelation 12:13, if you'll go with me there,
53:06 we find the devil persecuting the woman who brought the Seed
53:11 into the world. By the way, we're going to find that the
53:13 woman represents the church.
53:15 The woman represents the church.
53:18 In this case the Old Testament church brought Jesus
53:22 into the world, and then after Jesus ascends to the throne
53:25 the church continues and is persecuted by Satan.
53:28 Notice Revelation 12:13. It says here:
53:44 Does Genesis 3:15 say that there was going to be enmity between
53:49 the serpent and the woman? Yes.
53:53 Is that being described here in Revelation 12? enmity between
53:58 the serpent and the woman? Yes.
54:01 Is that the primary enmity? No.
54:04 The primary enmity is that the Seed of the woman is going to
54:08 crush the serpent's head.
54:09 That's enmity number one.
54:11 The enmity between the serpent and the woman is a secondary
54:16 enmity. Do you notice that in Revelation 12 you have that
54:19 exact idea, because it says that the Child is born
54:22 from the woman? The Child defeats the serpent,
54:25 and He's caught up to God to His throne.
54:27 Then the devil says, I wasn't able to defeat Him, so I'm going
54:31 after whom? I'm going after the woman.
54:33 And there you have the other type of enmity.
54:36 I'm going to go against the church, and that's the reason
54:39 why during the period of the Roman Empire you have these
54:43 savage persecutions against the church, the body of Christ.
54:47 During the Middle Ages you have a savage persecution also
54:50 against God's faithful followers.
54:52 Millions of them died in the period of the Middle Ages,
54:57 because now the devil was not able to destroy the Seed, Jesus,
55:01 so he has to take second best, the seeds, seed if you please.
55:07 Now lets go to Galatians 3 very quickly, and then we'll go to
55:12 our last verse, Revelation 12:17.
55:17 Galatians 3:27, Galatians 3:27.
55:22 This is a very, very important verse because it speaks about
55:28 the Seed's seed. You see, the only true Seed is whom? Jesus.
55:32 It doesn't say to seeds, as of many, but to Your Seed, b
55:37 which is One: Christ.
55:40 But now notice Galatians 3:27.
55:55 And now notice verse 29.
55:57 A very important verse.
56:02 How do we become Christ's?
56:03 We just read it in verse 27.
56:05 How do we become Christ's?
56:07 We become Christ's at baptism. And so it says:
56:24 So the question is, who is the Seed of Abraham today?
56:28 The Seed of Abraham is Christ.
56:31 But who else is the seed of Abraham?
56:34 Those who have accepted Jesus Christ.
56:38 Question, do you suppose the devil hates the church as much
56:41 as he hates Christ? Of course, because the church is the body
56:45 of Christ. So the final persecution is going to be
56:49 against Abraham's seed; Abraham's Spiritual Seed,
56:53 who have receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
56:56 Final verse: Revelation 12:17.
57:00 It speaks about this final persecution.
57:02 And the four elements of Genesis 3:15 are here.
57:08 There you have the woman, the serpent.
57:12 There you have the enmity.
57:15 Actually it should say the remnant of her seed, who keep...


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