Cracking the Genesis Code

The Serpent, The Woman And The Seed

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01:13 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:15 Father in heaven, we thank you so much for the
01:19 opportunity, the awesome opportunity of opening your
01:23 Holy Word, and particularly the book of Genesis. We ask
01:28 for the guidance of your Holy Spirit as we study about
01:32 "The Serpent, the Woman, and the Seed. " We thank you for
01:37 sending your Holy Spirit to be with us, and we ask it in
01:40 the precious name of your beloved Son Jesus, Amen.
01:45 We'd like to begin our study at the book of Genesis Chapter 1
01:52 and verse 1, Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 1.
01:56 This is one of the better known texts of Holy
01:59 Scripture. And I don't even have to look it up because I
02:02 have it memorized, and I'm sure you do also. It says there,
02:08 "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. "
02:14 Three things I want us to notice in this verse. First of
02:18 all, the expression "in the beginning. " Secondly, "God. "
02:23 And in the third place, "created the heavens and
02:27 the earth. " Now let's go to the gospel of John Chapter 1, and
02:33 we'll read verses 1 and 3, and I'm trying to make a point by
02:37 comparing these two passages of scripture, or these texts
02:42 of scripture. It says there in John Chapter 1 and verse 1...
03:09 Very clearly, these two
03:12 texts of scripture are closely
03:16 linked, because in both of them you have the expression "in the
03:21 beginning. " In both of them you'll have the idea of God -
03:25 in fact, the word "God" is used. And in both, you have
03:30 "creation. " In Genesis it says that "God created the heavens
03:35 and the earth. " In John Chapter 1 it says that "the
03:39 Word created all things, and without Him nothing was made
03:44 that was made. " So, we have the same three ideas in Genesis
03:48 and in John. The point that I'm trying to make is that the
03:53 Creator of Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 1 was none other than
03:58 Jesus Christ, because in John Chapter 1, we find that the
04:03 Word is Jesus, because we're told in verse 14 that the Word
04:08 was made flesh. And, so, the Creator of the book of Genesis
04:13 is Jesus Christ. And obviously in Genesis it says God, and
04:18 Jesus is God. Now, even though Jesus was the Creator of this
04:24 world, He did not directly rule the world. He placed on this
04:30 earth a king to rule for Him. I want you to notice this in
04:36 Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 28,
04:39 Genesis Chapter 1 and verse 28.
04:42 Actually, God placed here a
04:44 king and a queen, if you please. It says in verse 28,
04:50 "Then God blessed them and God said to them, 'Be fruitful
04:55 and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it...
05:12 Every king has to have a
05:14 territory over which to rule. Now, what was the territory?
05:17 Let's go back to verse 28. It says, "Then God blessed
05:21 them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply...
05:36 So, we have two principle ideas in this verse. Number one,
05:42 Adam was placed as king on this planet and, of course, Eve was
05:47 by his side as queen. And their territory of dominion,
05:52 or their territory of rule, was Planet Earth.
05:58 However, if we go to Genesis Chapter 2 and verses 16 and 17,
06:03 we're going to discover that God laid down a condition for
06:08 them to continue their rule and for them to continue enjoying
06:13 the earth as the territory of their domain. Genesis Chapter
06:19 2 and verses 16 and 17, God put a test in the garden. You see,
06:24 Adam and Eve did not ask God to create them. They were
06:29 created, and now they had to choose to be loyal to God.
06:32 It wasn't enough just to create them and automatically they
06:36 would serve God. God wanted to give them a choice. And He
06:39 placed the tree in the garden to give them a choice so that
06:43 they could serve Him, not because He merely created them,
06:46 but because they could choose to do so.
06:50 Now, Genesis Chapter 2 and verses 16 and 17 say this...
06:55 "And the Lord God commanded the man saying, 'Of every tree of
06:59 the garden you may freely eat. But of the tree...
07:13 So, God placed this condition in the Garden of Eden. He
07:17 said, "Adam and Eve, I created you. If you want to continue
07:22 reigning over the earth, if you want to continue enjoying
07:26 the territory of your domain, you must abstain from eating
07:31 from this tree. You must make the choice. I'm not going to
07:35 force you. I created you, yes, to serve Me, but I'm
07:38 giving you a choice and the tree will give you that
07:42 opportunity to choose. " Now, let's just pause for a
07:47 moment before we continue our study of Genesis Chapter 2.
07:51 And I want you to notice the condition that Adam and Eve
07:56 were in when they were created. Notice Genesis Chapter 2 and
08:01 verse 25, Genesis Chapter 2 and verse 25, just a short
08:06 parenthesis in our study to notice how Adam and Eve were
08:11 garbed originally when they were created. It says there
08:15 in Genesis Chapter 2 and verse 25...
08:27 We get the impression from Genesis 2 verse 25 that
08:31 Adam and Eve were totally naked and they weren't
08:35 ashamed. However, we need to understand that they were
08:39 naked with respect to human garments. They had no
08:43 man-made garment, so to speak, but they were robed. They
08:48 were robed with the garment of light. And you say,
08:52 How do we know that? Well, we have several avenues in
08:55 scripture which indicate this. By the way, do you know that
09:00 God's garments, which are spoken of as being white in
09:05 scripture, are actually garments of light? I want you
09:10 to notice Psalm 104 and verses 1 and 2. Psalm 104
09:15 and verses 1 and 2. Here the garments of God are described.
09:20 And it says here, "Bless the Lord, oh, my soul. Oh, Lord
09:26 my God, you are very great. You are clothed with honor
09:31 and majesty. " And now notice verse 2."Who...
09:44 Notice here that God covers himself with what? With light
09:49 as a garment. In other words, the garments of God
09:52 are garments of light. They're not made out of
09:55 satin. They're not made out of any other type of material.
09:59 They are light. And Adam and Eve, even though they were
10:03 naked with respect to human garments, they were
10:06 covered with the glorious light of God.
10:09 Notice Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 1 where it speaks
10:13 about the "true Church. " Revelation Chapter 12 and
10:16 verse 1. It speaks here about a Woman. And I want you to
10:20 notice how this Woman is garbed. She's garbed in white
10:24 garments. But I want you to notice what the white garments
10:27 are. It says, "Now, a great sign appeared in heaven. A
10:32 woman clothed with" what? "Clothed with the sun. " We'll
10:35 We'll stop there. We'll only read till there. The woman was
10:39 garbed with the sun. She had radiant garments. They were
10:44 not artificially-made garments. They were garments of light.
10:49 Notice also Psalm 8, Psalm 8, and we'll see once again that
10:54 Adam when he was created - because it's talking
10:57 specifically about Adam in Psalm 8- he was robed in
11:02 garments of light. Notice Psalm 8, and we want to begin
11:09 reading at verse 3. Psalm 8 and verse 3. Here David says,
11:14 "When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the
11:19 moon and the stars which you have ordained, what is man that
11:24 you are mindful of him? And the son of Man that you visit
11:29 him? For you have made him a little lower than the angels. "
11:35 And now notice this. "And you have crowned him -" who
11:41 wears crowns? Kings. "You have crowned him with glory and
11:46 honor. " Some versions say "with glory and splendor. " In
11:51 other words, Adam, when he was created, was covered with the
11:56 glory and the splendor of God, and he was crowned to be king
12:01 over creation. And, so, you can imagine Adam and Eve in the
12:06 Garden of Eden in their innocence, naked, but covered
12:11 with the garments of light that God provided for them.
12:17 But then Adam and Eve decided to disobey God. They decided to
12:22 exercise their freedom of choice to eat from the tree
12:26 rather than obeying God. And I want you to notice what the
12:31 first result of their sin was. Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 7,
12:37 Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 7. The first consequence of their
12:42 sin; we're told there in Genesis 3 and verse 7.
12:46 "Then the eyes of both of them...
13:00 What happened with the glorious robe of light? The glorious
13:05 robe of light disappeared. It left them. That's why in the
13:09 book of Romans it says, "All have sinned and come short of
13:13 the glory of God. " Because when they sinned, the robe of
13:18 light left, and now suddenly they see themselves naked.
13:23 And I want you to notice what solution they implement to the
13:27 problem of their nakedness. It continues saying, once again,
13:31 Chapter 3 and verse 7... "Then the eyes of both of them were
13:35 opened and they knew that they were naked...
13:46 In other words, they covered their own nakedness by making
13:50 garments of fig leaves. But do you know what's interesting?
13:55 Even though they had covered their nakedness with artificial
14:00 garments, they still felt naked, which clearly indicates that
14:05 the original garments they had were not artificial
14:08 garments; they were garments of light. I want you to notice in
14:13 Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 10, here we're told in Genesis 3
14:16 and verse 10, that even after they covered themselves with
14:20 the fig leaves, they still feel naked. Obviously their
14:23 nakedness is not nakedness of body, it's nakedness of soul.
14:27 They're guilty before God. They've lost their innocence
14:31 because garments represent innocence... represent
14:34 righteousness... represent holiness. They were sinful now.
14:39 They no longer had innocence and holiness and
14:42 righteousness. Therefore, the garments of light left them.
14:46 Notice Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 10. God comes looking
14:52 for Adam. So, he said - that is, Adam says, "I heard your
14:58 voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and
15:04 I hid myself. " Now, wait a minute. At this point Adam
15:08 wasn't naked. In verse 7 he had covered himself with fig
15:12 leaves. And yet even though he was covered with artificial
15:17 garments, he still felt what? He still felt nakedness. Why?
15:22 Because he no longer had the glorious robe of light.
15:27 He knew that his garments were artificial. They were made
15:31 by himself, and garments made by himself and by Eve could
15:35 not begin to cover the nakedness of their soul,
15:39 the nakedness of sin. So, God now comes down to
15:43 the garden. He's searching for Adam. And I want you to
15:47 notice Genesis Chapter 3, and let's start reading at
15:51 verse 8. Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 8...
16:38 Verse 13. "And the Lord God said
16:39 to the Woman, 'What is this that you have done?'
16:43 The Woman said, 'The Serpent deceived me and I ate. "
16:47 Now, there are some very
16:49 important things that I want us to notice in this
16:52 passage that I just read. You know, psychologists
16:55 and psychiatrists today - I have nothing against
16:57 psychologists and psychiatrists, but many
17:00 times what they do is they treat the symptoms, but they
17:03 do not treat the disease. I don't know whether you
17:06 notice in this passage that for the first time in human
17:10 history, you have guilt. For the first time in human
17:14 history you have Adam and Eve with a very low self-image.
17:19 That's why they're introverted. They're hiding from God.
17:24 For the first time in human history you have fear. For the
17:28 first time in human history you have blame. Adam is saying,
17:33 "This woman that you gave to be with me, if it hadn't been for
17:37 her I wouldn't have eaten. " And the woman says, "If you hadn't
17:40 made that Serpent, the Serpent would not have tempted me and I
17:44 would not have eaten. " The blame game begins with sin. A
17:49 low self-image begins with sin. Guilt begins with sin. Strife
17:53 begins with sin. Fear begins with sin. And if you are going
17:58 to resolve these psychological problems, the only way that you
18:02 can resolve them is by solving the problem that caused these
18:06 things in the first place... the problem of sin. And any
18:10 psychiatrist or psychologist that does not deal with
18:14 the central core issue of sin can never actually
18:18 bring healing to people. And, so, Adam and Eve are there
18:22 in the garden hiding from God. God searching for them.
18:27 They're naked. They're covered with artificial garments, but
18:31 they're naked. They're hiding from God. They're filled with
18:35 fear because God has said that if they would eat from the
18:40 tree, they would surely die. Now, when Adam and Eve ate from
18:45 the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they lost what
18:49 God gave them originally. First of all, they lost their
18:54 dominion. They lost their role as rulers of the planet,
19:00 primarily Adam who was the head of the household. I want you
19:05 to notice in Luke Chapter 4 and verses 5 through 7, who took
19:09 over dominion? And who took over the earth? Because Adam
19:14 and Eve also lost the earth as their territory, and they lost
19:18 their position as rulers. I want you to notice Luke
19:23 Chapter 4, and we'll read verses 5 through 7. Jesus is
19:28 here on the Mount of Temptation, and notice what the Devil says
19:32 to him. "Then the Devil, taking Him upon a high
19:37 mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a
19:41 moment of time. " What did the Devil show Him? All of the
19:45 what? All of the kingdoms of the world. To whom did those
19:50 kingdoms originally belong? To Adam.
19:55 Verse 6... And the Devil said to Him...
20:19 Notice that the Devil said, "The kingdoms of the world have
20:23 been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give them. "
20:27 Now, the question is: Who gave
20:29 these kingdoms to the Devil? It was Adam and Eve, primarily
20:35 Adam, because Adam was the father and the representative
20:40 of the human race. And, so, when Adam and Eve sinned, Adam
20:45 gave up his position as king. Adam gave up the territory of
20:50 the world, and the Devil took it over. This is the reason why
20:55 Jesus called the Devil "the prince of this world. " In
20:59 fact, in the New King James Version, which is the one we're
21:03 using in this seminar, it says "the ruler of this world. " We
21:07 have an interesting story in the book of Job where God calls
21:10 a heavenly council and the representatives of the
21:13 different realms of the universe come to present
21:16 themselves before the Lord. And among the sons of God who come
21:20 from different places in the universe to present themselves
21:24 before God, it says that Satan comes to that meeting. And God
21:28 asked him, "Where did you come from?" God knew, of course. And
21:33 the Devil says, "I have come from roaming around the earth. "
21:37 What he's saying is, "I have come from patrolling my
21:39 territory, from reigning over my territory. " In other words,
21:43 he went to that meeting representing Planet Earth.
21:46 Actually, Adam should have been the one representing Planet
21:50 Earth in that meeting, but at this point the Devil had
21:56 stolen dominion from Adam. And, so, you can imagine Adam
22:01 and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they're shaking. "God has said
22:05 that the day that we eat of the tree we are going to die.
22:10 What's that, death?" There had never been any death. But they
22:15 know that it's something terrible! God has told them
22:17 that it's something horrendous! And, so, now they're about to
22:21 give up hope, and God comes down to the Garden. He's
22:24 already talked to the man. Notice He talks to the man
22:28 first, holds him accountable. Then He talks to the woman. And
22:32 then He says, "I have some business to deal with the
22:35 Serpent. " And, so, He comes and He speaks to the Serpent.
22:39 And I want you to notice what He says to the Serpent. We call
22:44 this the first Gospel Promise of the Bible. And, you know,
22:49 many ministers say that this is a promise that God made to Adam
22:53 and Eve. That's true, but only indirectly. Because, really,
22:57 these words were not spoken to Adam and Eve. They were spoken
23:02 to the Serpent. But Adam and Eve, according to the story,
23:06 were there listening to what God was saying to the Serpent.
23:09 And, so, as they were listening to what God was saying to the
23:13 Serpent, it became a promise for them as they heard
23:17 the challenge of God. Now, notice Genesis Chapter 3
23:21 and verse 15, the words that God - actually, Jesus in this
23:26 case - speaks to the Serpent. And there's four elements
23:30 in this verse that I want to underline...
24:07 And I want you to notice that this battle goes between the
24:12 Serpent and the Woman, and between the Serpent's seed and
24:16 the Woman's Seed. But the real warfare is not primarily
24:20 between the Serpent and the Woman, and the Serpent's seed
24:25 and the Woman's Seed. The real warfare is in the last part of
24:30 this verse. Notice the last part of the verse. It says...
24:46 Now, what is God saying? God is saying, as a result of sin
24:49 there is going to be enmity, and I'm going to put that
24:53 enmity between the Serpent and the Woman, and between the seed
24:57 of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman. Notice, two ways
25:01 that the warfare runs. Serpent-woman, seed-Seed.
25:05 But He's saying that's not the real primary warfare, because
25:09 He says the Seed of the Woman is going to do battle with
25:13 the Serpent, and He is going to bruise the Serpent's head,
25:18 and the Serpent is going to bruise his heel.
25:21 Do you know what the picture is
25:22 here? The picture is that God is saying to Satan - and we're
25:25 going to notice in a moment this is Satan. The Bible makes
25:29 it very clear that the Serpent was really Satan. Maybe he used
25:33 the Serpent as a medium to speak. Some people think that he
25:37 converted himself into a Serpent. That's immaterial, but
25:40 the person behind this really was Satan. And the picture that
25:44 we have here is that God is saying to the Devil, "Listen,
25:50 you took dominion... you took the earth from Adam and Eve and
25:55 from all of their descendants. But I am declaring war on you.
26:00 I am going to send a Seed to Planet Earth. That Seed is
26:04 going to do battle with you. In the process of the battle,
26:10 you are going to hurt His heel. But in the process of hurting
26:15 His heel, He is going to crush your head. "
26:19 The idea, if you can catch the picture, is an Individual who
26:23 is raising His foot to have the foot fall upon the head of the
26:28 Serpent. Now, what might happen if you lift your foot to crush
26:33 the head of a Serpent? What might happen before your foot
26:37 falls on his head? He might just bite your what? He might
26:41 bite your heel. But after biting your heel, the foot
26:44 comes down and crushes his head. That is the image that we
26:48 have here. God is saying, "I'm going to send a Seed to the
26:52 world. He's going to be born of a Woman. He is going to take
26:56 the place of Adam. He's going to be the second Adam, and He's
27:00 going to do battle with you on the same battleground as the
27:04 first Adam did. In the process of the battle, you're going to
27:07 hurt Him. You're going to bite His heel, but it's going to be
27:11 a very expensive bite because after you bite His heel, His
27:15 foot is going to come down upon your head and He is
27:18 going to crush you and He's going to return to Adam and Eve
27:22 and all of their descendants that which they lost. "
27:27 Now, if that isn't good news, I don't know what good news is.
27:32 I can imagine now the glimmer of hope, Adam and Eve saying,
27:36 "There's hope! God is going to send Someone to the rescue!
27:41 He's going to send a Man born of a Woman who is going to do
27:46 battle with this enemy, and He's going to recover
27:49 that which we lost. " Now, the question is: Who is
27:53 this Serpent? It's not an animal. It represents something
27:59 beyond the literal animal. Notice Revelation Chapter 12
28:04 and verse 9. Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 9 explains the
28:10 identity of the Serpent. It says there, "So the great dragon...
28:28 What is God telling us? "Hint, hint, go back to Genesis. If
28:32 you want to understand this final battle, go back
28:34 to Genesis. " Isn't that what He's saying?
28:37 Now, who is this great dragon,
28:39 that ancient Serpent? Well, "So, the dragon was cast out,
28:44 that Serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who...
28:54 Do you notice here who the Serpent really was? The Serpent
29:00 was Satan himself. Either he used the Serpent as a medium to
29:05 speak, or he disguised himself as a serpent. That's
29:09 immaterial. But behind the original temptation was Satan.
29:14 Now, who is the Serpent's seed?
29:19 Well, we need to go to John Chapter 8 and verse 44, the
29:25 Serpent's seed. John Chapter 8 and verse 44. By the way, the
29:29 Devil doesn't do anything in this earth directly, or usually
29:33 he doesn't work directly. He works through whom? He works
29:37 through human instruments. He works through human beings.
29:41 And in this way, the Devil accomplishes what he wants to
29:45 do. He doesn't do it directly. He does it indirectly.
29:48 Jesus is speaking here in John Chapter 8 and verse 44 to a
29:53 group of Jews who claim to be the children of Abraham, but
29:57 they want to kill Jesus at this point. So, notice what Jesus
30:01 says in John Chapter 8 and verse 44. By the way, no
30:06 political correctness in the comment of Jesus...
30:32 Jesus says to these people who are sharing the spirit of
30:35 Satan, wanting to kill Jesus, "You are of your Father the
30:39 Devil. " By the way, when we speak about the seed of Satan,
30:42 we're not talking about people who literally genetically
30:46 originate with the Devil. We're talking about people who have a
30:49 character similar to the character of Satan. We have
30:53 several other passages in scripture. I'll just mention
30:56 them in passing. We have, for example, 1 John 3:12 where it
31:00 speaks about how Cain killed his brother Abel. It says
31:03 there, "not as Cain who was of the wicked one and killed his
31:09 brother. " Notice that Cain killed his brother, yes, but he
31:14 was actually of the wicked one. He was the seed of Satan. Satan
31:20 accomplished his purpose through a human instrument.
31:23 By the way, in the parable of
31:25 the wheat and the tares in Matthew Chapter 13 and verse
31:30 38, Jesus refers to the tares as "the sons of the wicked
31:36 one. " So, once again, the seed of Satan are his followers.
31:41 We're going to identify in a moment who is the Seed of the
31:46 Woman. The Serpent is Satan. Now, let's go to identify who
31:52 this Seed born of a Woman is, and who the Woman is. Go with
31:58 me to Galatians Chapter 3 and verse 16, Galatians Chapter 3
32:04 and verse 16. Let's notice who this Seed is born of a Woman.
32:09 Galatians 3 and verse 16 says this: "Now to Abraham...
32:32 Who is the Seed? The Seed is Jesus Christ. Now, notice
32:39 also Galatians Chapter 4 and verse 4, just across the page.
32:43 It says there in Galatians 4 verse 4: "But when the...
32:59 So, who is this Seed of the Woman? The Seed of the Woman
33:04 is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.
33:09 Also go with me to Matthew
33:11 Chapter 1 and verse 16, Matthew Chapter 1 and verse 16. And
33:15 while you're looking for that verse, I want to tell you that
33:22 in the Bible, genealogies are really lists of men who bring
33:27 men into the world. In other words, most of the names, with
33:32 a couple of exceptions in the Bible, in genealogies are names
33:36 of men. You go, for example, to Genesis Chapter 5. You find all
33:41 of the pre-Flood heroes of the Old Testament, and they're all
33:46 men. You go to the genealogy of Genesis 11, which is the
33:51 genealogy from the days of Shem, the son of Noah, all
33:55 the way to the time of Abraham, once again, they're all men.
33:58 You go to the genealogy of Jesus Christ, every one of them
34:02 is a man except for three women, two of them are
34:07 mentioned very briefly. And I want you to notice how this
34:13 list ends in Matthew Chapter 1 and verse 16. It says there...
34:35 Do you notice something interesting in this verse?
34:38 Jesus is actually born of a what? Of a woman, but he is not
34:45 born from Joseph. That's very unusual, because in all of the
34:50 genealogies, a male begets a male, begets a male, begets a
34:55 male... and so on. But here we have the exception. It says
35:01 here that Jesus was born from Mary His mother, but He was not
35:06 born from Joseph. The reason why is because Jesus Christ was
35:12 actually the Son of... God was His Father. God was His Father.
35:18 And, so, Jesus came into the world differently. This was
35:22 contemplated in Genesis 3:15, where it says that the Seed -
35:25 it doesn't say that the Seed would be born from a man or the
35:28 Seed would be born from a man and a woman. It says that the
35:32 Seed would be born from whom? From a Woman. And, by the way,
35:35 Mary is the culmination of a whole series of women in the
35:39 Old Testament, and men which ultimately from that
35:43 genealogy comes Jesus Christ. Let's go to Revelation
35:48 Chapter 12, once again, to identify this Seed.
35:51 Revelation Chapter 12, and let's read verses 1 and 2.
35:55 "Now, a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed
35:59 with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her
36:03 head a garland of 12 stars. Then being with child, she
36:08 cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. "
36:12 Notice that she's pregnant. She's got
36:13 to give birth to a Seed. Now, who is that Seed?
36:17 Notice verse 5. "She bore a male Child...
36:30 To His what? To God and to His throne.
36:32 Who is the Seed of the Woman? The Seed of the Woman is
36:37 Jesus. Galatians 3:16 says so. Galatians Chapter 4 and verse 4
36:43 tells us so. Matthew Chapter 1 and verse 16 tells us so.
36:47 Revelation Chapter 12 and verses 1 and 2 and 5 tell us
36:52 that Jesus was that Promised Seed who was going to come to
36:58 the world to rescue that which Adam and Eve and all of their
37:03 descendants lost. Not only Adam and Eve, because scripture
37:08 tells us that there is none righteous, no, not one.
37:11 Scripture tells us "all have sinned and come short of the
37:15 glory of God. " There is no one within the human race who can
37:19 rescue that which has been lost, because everyone on
37:23 Planet Earth at one point or another has become a slave of
37:26 Satan, has been conquered by the evil one. So, the human
37:30 race needed Someone to come and do battle, Who would never sin,
37:35 Who would win the victory so that eventually Adam and Eve
37:39 and all of their descendants could recover dominion and
37:43 could recover the earth as their inheritance.
37:47 Of course, the key question is this: How was the Seed going to
37:54 gain the victory over Satan in order to restore rulership...
38:00 in order to restore the earth? Obviously the nakedness of man
38:06 had to be covered again, but how could the nakedness of sin
38:13 be covered as a result of the iniquity of Adam and Eve? How
38:18 could that happen? Let's go to Genesis Chapter 3 and verse 21.
38:24 I want you to notice that God not only says that He's
38:28 going to send a Seed to recover that which was lost,
38:31 but He's going to explain how He's going to do it. Genesis
38:36 Chapter 3 and verse 21. Do you remember that Adam and
38:41 Eve, after they sinned, they covered themselves with what?
38:46 Fig leaves. Were they still naked after they covered
38:49 themselves with fig leaves? Could they appear before
38:52 God's judgment bar in their nakedness? No, they couldn't.
38:57 Did they need coverings that would truly cover their
39:01 nakedness in order to appear before God and receive that
39:05 which had been lost? Yes. Now, how was the Seed going to
39:09 be able to cover them? How was the Seed going to cover the
39:14 shame of their nakedness? Genesis 3 verse 21, one of my
39:19 very favorite verses in the whole Bible. It says, "Also...
39:37 Who made the garments? God did. Who clothed them? God did. What
39:46 did he clothe them with? With garments of skin. What do you
39:52 need to do in order to get the skin of an animal? You have to
39:57 kill the animal. You see, on the very day that Adam and Eve
40:02 sinned, there was an animal sacrifice. Most likely two
40:09 animals were sacrificed, one for Adam and one for Eve. In a
40:14 world where there had been no death, now the hand of Adam has
40:18 to be raised up... You can imagine the little lamb coming
40:23 when Adam calls the lamb. And Adam takes that little lamb in
40:28 his arms, he takes the knife, and he slits the throat of the
40:33 lamb. And suddenly the blood gushes out of his throat and
40:38 that little lamb is limp in his arms. And then he has to take
40:43 another lamb and slit that lamb's throat, and the blood
40:48 gushes out and the other lamb is limp in his arms. What was
40:53 God trying to teach Adam and Eve when he took those skins
40:58 after the lamb died and covered the shame of their nakedness?
41:03 He was teaching what the Seed needed to do when He came. The
41:08 Seed would have to shed His blood in order to cover the
41:13 nakedness into which Adam and Eve and all of their
41:18 descendants had fallen into. Now, let's go to Genesis 2
41:24 verse 17, and notice something very interesting. I'm going to
41:29 underline this point. Genesis 2 and verse 17. By the way,
41:33 sometimes I read texts wrong, and I've been told that I need
41:38 glasses, and that's true. After this series I'm probably going
41:41 to have to start using glasses. But I think I can read this
41:46 text well enough. Genesis 2 verse 17, it says, "But of...
41:59 ...A thousand years later
42:00 you will die. "
42:03 "930 years later you will die. "
42:07 No... God says, "The day that
42:11 you eat of it, that day you will surely die. " By the way,
42:16 in the Hebrew it says, "you will die by death. " I don't
42:20 know of any other way that you can die. But God is saying,
42:24 "You are going to be dead as a door nail. " "You are going to
42:28 surely die. " "You can take it to the bank," is what God is
42:32 saying. "The very day that you eat, you will die. "
42:36 Then the question is: Why did Adam die when
42:40 he was 930 years old? Why did all the heroes
42:44 in Genesis Chapter 5 die in their 800s, in their
42:49 700s, in their 900s? Did God lie when He said, "The day
42:54 that you eat of the tree, you will surely die"?
42:58 God did not lie. That day the sentence of death was
43:01 executed, but it was executed on those lambs.
43:06 Do you know what happened that day? The sacrifice of those
43:11 lambs was an earthly indication that Jesus Christ had presented
43:16 Himself before His Father in heaven and He said, "Father,
43:21 My creatures have sinned. Father, they deserve to die!
43:25 You said that they would die the day that they ate from
43:29 the tree! But, Father, I offer My life in place of theirs. I
43:35 offer My life for everyone that will descend from them. I offer
43:40 My life in place of theirs. " And the Father says, "Being
43:44 that You're the Creator of everyone who is going to come
43:48 into the world, I accept Your promise of being sacrificed so
43:53 that they don't have to die. " Now, is that good news?
43:57 Now, I want you to notice some interesting texts from
44:01 scripture that indicate this. The sentence, by the way, was
44:04 executed that day. I want that to be clearly understood.
44:07 The sentence of death was executed that day, was it not?
44:10 It was executed in the lambs. And what did those lambs
44:14 represent? How did John the Baptist introduce Jesus?
44:18 He said, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away
44:22 the sin of the world. " Notice what we find in
44:27 1 Peter Chapter 1 and verses 18 through 20.
44:31 1 Peter Chapter 1 and verses 18 through 20. Here we find
44:36 a very interesting passage which indicates that Jesus was
44:41 actually sacrificed before the foundation of the world. Now,
44:45 you say, How could Jesus be sacrificed before the
44:47 foundation of the world? He died about 2000 years ago.
44:51 Yes, He died personally 2000 years ago, but the Plan of
44:54 Salvation was devised in eternity, and it was
44:57 implemented as soon as Adam and Eve sinned.
45:01 Notice 1 Peter Chapter 1 and beginning at verse 18...
45:46 When was this Plan devised? Before the foundation of the
45:52 world. But then it says, continuing in verse 20...
45:56 "But was manifest in these last
45:59 times for you foreordained in eternity. " But the Plan
46:04 implemented "in these last days for you," says Peter.
46:09 Notice also Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 8, Revelation
46:14 Chapter 13 and verse 8. It's speaking about those who
46:19 worship the beast, and we're not going to dwell on that at
46:22 this moment. We have a whole lecture on that later on.
46:25 It says here in Revelation 13 verse 8...
46:42 When was Jesus slain, according to this verse?
46:47 He was slain from the foundation of the world.
46:51 So, what happened that day when Adam and Eve sinned is that God
46:56 said to Satan, "I'm going to send a Seed to the world. He's
47:00 going to go over the same ground that Adam and Eve went
47:04 over. He's going to do battle with you. He's going to live a
47:09 life without sin, redeeming the failure of Adam and Eve and all
47:14 their descendants. He's going to live a perfect life. He's
47:17 going to be a perfect Lamb without blemish. After He gains
47:21 the victory over sin, you're going to wound Him. You're
47:24 going to hurt Him because He's going to die. But guess what?
47:29 He's going to resurrect. And by His death and His resurrection,
47:33 you who have hurt Him, He is going to what? He is going to
47:38 crush your head and He's going to buy back - He's going to pay
47:43 the price to get back dominion and to get back the earth which
47:48 Adam and Eve originally lost, and which all of their
47:52 descendants lost as well. " And all of that happened
47:56 the very day that Adam and Eve sinned.
48:01 Now, how do you suppose the Devil felt when he heard these
48:06 words? You know, I can guess that the Devil must have been
48:12 shaking in his sandals, if he wears such a thing. He was
48:18 scared! And he made up his mind, as we're going to study
48:24 in this seminar, that he was not going to allow that Seed to
48:28 come to this world. He says, "I'm going to keep the Seed
48:33 from coming. I'm going to do everything in my power so that
48:38 that Seed can't come, because if the Seed doesn't come, then
48:42 He's not going to crush my head. " And, so, from that
48:46 moment on, the Devil decided that he was going to prevent
48:49 the Seed from coming. And we're going to study that there were
48:52 two methods that the Devil was going to use.
48:54 Let's notice the first method as it's found in Genesis
48:58 Chapter 4. And in a moment I'm going to read verse 25.
49:02 Do you remember the story of
49:03 Cain and Abel? This is the first illustration in human
49:09 history of Genesis 3:15. Let's take a look at that story. Do
49:14 you have enmity in the story of Cain and Abel? Is there enmity?
49:18 Is there war? Oh, yes. Do you have a woman in the story of
49:24 Cain and Abel? Who is it? Eve. Do you have a Serpent in the
49:30 story of Cain and Abel? Not in Genesis, but when you
49:34 go to 1 John 3 and verse 12, it says, "not as Cain who
49:38 was of the wicked one, and killed his brother. " So,
49:42 behind Cain was the wicked one. So, the Serpent is there.
49:47 Do you have two seeds in the story of Cain and Abel? Do you
49:51 have a Seed of the Woman which represents, by the way, the
49:55 righteous? And do you have a seed of the wicked one? You
49:59 most certainly do. And, by the way, all throughout the Old
50:03 Testament, you have preliminary seeds of the Woman. I want
50:07 you to understand that. Abel was not the Seed of the
50:12 Woman. He was an individual through whom God eventually
50:17 would bring into the world The Seed. Are you understanding
50:21 what I'm saying? So, there are many preliminary seeds. There
50:25 are many preliminary wars before the real war takes place
50:30 and before the real Seed actually comes.
50:33 Who wanted the death of Abel?
50:36 Cain? Is that all there is to the story? Cain was the only
50:42 one who wanted the death of his brother Abel? No. Satan wanted
50:48 the death of Abel. Why did Satan want the death of Abel?
50:52 Not because he just hated him, right? No. What had God said to
50:57 Satan? "I'm going to send" what? "I'm going to send a Seed
51:02 to the world. And that Seed is going to" what? "Is going to
51:08 crush your head!" So, when Cain and Abel are born, Cain grows,
51:14 and the Devil says, "Hmm, he's quite like me. I don't have to
51:20 worry about him. But Abel, a different story. He offers the
51:28 sacrifice of the lambs. And I remember Genesis 3:21. Who
51:35 knows. Maybe he's the Seed. Who knows. Maybe God is
51:41 planning through his descendants to bring into
51:44 the world the Seed. " So, the Devil says, "I'm going
51:48 to nip this thing in the bud. I am going to have my seed,
51:54 Cain, kill Abel. And if Abel dies, there will
51:58 be no possibility of the Seed coming into the world
52:01 because there's only two brothers. Cain is already mine.
52:04 And if Abel is dead, no Seed. " Do you see what the agenda is?
52:09 Now, you say, How do you know this?
52:12 Let's go to Genesis 4 verse 25; Genesis Chapter 4 and verse 25.
52:17 This is after Cain kills
52:19 his brother Abel. It says here in verse 25...
52:39 Do you know what "Seth" means?
52:42 It means "substitute," "in place of. " Isn't that a strange
52:50 name to give a son? "Oh, this is my son, Substitute. " "This
52:55 is my son, In Place Of. " Why would she call him "in place
53:01 of"? Well, she explains it. Notice once again verse 25...
53:32 And do you know what's interesting?
53:33 In the very next chapter, you have a genealogy.
53:38 Who does that genealogy begin with? It begins with Adam,
53:42 it continues with Seth, and it goes all the way down to Noah.
53:49 What was God doing? He was preparing a what? He was
53:56 preparing a Holy line. He was preparing a genealogy from
54:02 where Messiah would eventually come. And then in Genesis 11
54:09 verses 10 through 32, you have the list of descendants from
54:15 Shem, the son of Noah, all the way to Abraham. And then in
54:20 Matthew Chapter 1 you have the list of descendants, from
54:24 Abraham all the way to the birth of Jesus. And after Jesus
54:30 is born, no more genealogies. Why did God keep genealogies in
54:35 the Old Testament? The sole purpose was to show that God
54:40 always had a Holy line from which eventually the Messiah
54:44 would come into the world just as He had promised.
54:50 The Devil wanted to keep it from happening, but God did
54:55 not allow His plans to be frustrated. In the fullness
55:00 of time, the Messiah came to the world, born of a woman
55:06 did battle with Satan, lived a perfect sinless life for 33
55:11 years. And at the end of His life, being a perfect Lamb,
55:16 without spot and without blemish, He offered His blood
55:20 in place of the blood that you and I should shed so that we,
55:25 once again, could recover dominion and we could recover
55:29 the earth. For, the Bible says, "The meek shall inherit the
55:34 earth. " What a marvelous prophecy in Genesis Chapter 3.
55:38 You see, when man sinned, God had a solution to the problem.
55:42 Now, I'd like to just do a little bit of introductory work
55:46 here into what we'll study a little bit later on before we
55:50 bring this to a close in our lecture today. This prophecy of
55:55 Genesis 3:15 is actually described in all of its glory
55:58 in Revelation Chapter 12. We're going to study Revelation 12
56:04 later on in this seminar. But you're going to find in
56:06 Revelation 12 that the first scene is of a Woman - we just
56:10 read part of it a while ago - a Woman who has a child in her
56:17 womb, a Seed. As she's about to bear the Seed, a Dragon, who is
56:23 identified as the Serpent, stands next to the Woman to
56:27 devour her child as soon as He's born. But he is not
56:30 successful in killing and devouring the child.
56:34 Does that have any relationship to Genesis 3:15?
56:37 Do you have a Woman? Yes.
56:40 Do you have enmity? Yes. Do you have a Serpent? Yes.
56:45 Do you have two seeds? Yes, because Herod acts in
56:50 place of the Devil to kill all of the male children. And then
56:53 we're going to find later on in Revelation Chapter 12 that when
56:56 the child escapes from the hands of the Serpent or the
57:01 Dragon, he goes after the Woman. Remember the war is
57:05 also between the Serpent and the Woman? He goes after the
57:08 Woman! And later on in Revelation Chapter 12, he goes
57:12 against the remnant of the Woman's Seed who keep the
57:15 commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
57:18 We have fascinating things to study in this seminar, and I
57:23 hope that we will all make it a point to be here regularly.


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