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Hebrews: Chapter 13

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00:20 Welcome to of the book, the program that explores
00:24 the word of God book by book,
00:26 just as the word of God reads.
00:27 I'm Ty Gibson and with me is my co-host James Rafferty,
00:31 and we are in our concluding study in the
00:34 book of Hebrews James.
00:35 So, would like to invite our friends to grab a Bible,
00:38 pull up a chair, and look at Hebrews
00:40 chapter 13 with us.
00:42 And you know, Ty it has been incredible.
00:43 It's been quite a journey.
00:44 It's been a fast journey and we want to be sure
00:47 and emphasize for all of our listeners and viewers
00:49 that we have not been able to cover in detail
00:52 the book of Hebrews.
00:53 In these short sessions together.
00:55 I mean there's so much more here.
00:56 We've had to skip a number of verses.
00:58 We just want to encourage you that these programs
01:01 are given to encourage you to go back into the
01:04 Bible and study it for yourselves.
01:06 Allow God to become the One who leads and directs and
01:10 strengthens your faith through the study and through
01:14 the understanding of the word of God.
01:16 In our previous study together James, we saw that
01:18 the book of Hebrews has two very,
01:21 very prominent guiding themes.
01:24 One of those themes is the idea of superior things,
01:28 or better things.
01:29 13 times in the book, the word better is used,
01:32 which means superior in strength, more powerful and
01:36 over and over again Paul is bringing home to us this
01:40 idea that in Jesus Christ, we have a superior priesthood,
01:46 a superior sacrifice, a superior revelation
01:49 of God's character.
01:50 Every thing in Christ supersedes everything
01:53 that has gone before Him.
01:55 In fact, Hebrews chapter 1 introduces a better God,
01:58 Hebrews 2 a better man.
01:59 Hebrews three introduces a better home, that God has
02:02 established for us.
02:03 Hebrews 4 a better rest.
02:04 Hebrews 5, a better obedience.
02:07 Hebrews 6 better promises.
02:09 Hebrews 7, we have a better priesthood.
02:11 Hebrews 8, a better sanctuary.
02:13 Hebrews 9, or a covenant, Hebrews 9 a better sanctuary.
02:16 Hebrews 10, a better sacrifice.
02:18 Hebrews 11 better faith.
02:20 Hebrew 12 a better experience, and so vice a versa.
02:23 What we see here in the book of Hebrews is something
02:26 better that is held out to us.
02:27 And the second over arching theme, that we've noticed
02:30 in the book of Hebrews, is pretty exciting one James.
02:34 That is that God approaches us in the book of Hebrews
02:38 through the Apostle Paul with relational intentions,
02:42 relational language.
02:44 He wants us to know that He is eager to enter into
02:48 a personal relationship with each one of us.
02:51 He is a consuming fire, and so this relationship
02:54 brings us to Him.
02:55 In the Old Testament, we found people that were afraid
02:58 of God because of the awe of His presence.
03:01 And in the New Testament through our Mediator Jesus Christ,
03:04 we have this gentle admonition to draw close to God.
03:09 Not to forsake Him, not to turn away from Him,
03:12 not to refuse Him to refuse to enter into this
03:14 relationship that He wants to have with us.
03:17 And now when we come to the concluding chapter
03:20 of the book of Hebrews.
03:21 We notice that the Apostle Paul is leaving us with
03:26 some concluding moral directions and admonitions.
03:30 There's kind of a list here of very important things
03:34 that He wants us to be mindful of.
03:37 Now that we have come to Christ, now that we have entered
03:40 into a faith relationship with God through Christ,
03:44 Paul wants us to grasp the fact that Christianity is
03:48 a very practical venture.
03:49 There are things that we need to take into consideration
03:52 and keep uppermost in our thinking,
03:54 as we make this Christian journey.
03:56 "Let brotherly love continue," he says in
03:59 Hebrews 13 verse 1.
04:01 And it's interesting because, "let brotherly love continue",
04:05 Paul knows that the secret of letting brotherly love
04:08 continue, is to at first partake of that brotherly love.
04:12 And that is what he has done.
04:14 He has shared, he has revealed the love of Christ toward us.
04:17 He wants that to be our food.
04:19 To be the source of our energy.
04:21 The motive power for us.
04:23 And then, as we partake, he wants that love to continue
04:26 to work through us.
04:27 God's love is a powerful force James.
04:30 It's a re-creativity power.
04:32 We partake of God's love and then in turn, we are made
04:37 able to let brotherly love continue.
04:40 We are able to love one another, when we have a clear
04:42 perception of God's love for us.
04:45 When brotherly love continues, when we let brotherly love
04:49 continue, then verse 2,
04:51 "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby
04:55 some have entertained angels unawares. "
04:57 When we let brotherly love continue, we won't be
04:59 forgetful to entertain strangers, because brotherly
05:02 love will motivate us to entertain strangers.
05:05 It is an incredible thing that Jesus told us that in all
05:07 our interactions with our fellow human beings,
05:10 there is a sense in which we are dealing with Jesus.
05:14 He said in Matthew, chapter 25, that anything we do to
05:18 anyone else, it is as if we did it to Him.
05:20 Anything that we fail to do, when someone is in need,
05:24 it is as if we failed to minister to Him.
05:27 So there's the sympathetic connection between Jesus
05:32 and every member of the human race.
05:35 So we need to be mindful of this.
05:37 We need to relate to people in the light of God's love for us,
05:41 realizing that we're always in an ultimate sense
05:44 dealing with our God.
05:45 In fact, that is exactly what Paul brings out in the verse 3.
05:48 He says, "remember them that are in bonds as bound with them
05:51 and them which suffer adversity as being yourselves
05:55 also in the body. "
05:56 In other words, you are part of corporate humanity.
05:59 And again, the admonition, "let brotherly love continue",
06:03 is foundational to this.
06:05 Because basically what God is saying to us here is
06:08 when you let brotherly love continue, you will not
06:10 only entertain strangers,
06:12 you will also remember those that are in bonds.
06:15 You, will remember those that are in adversity.
06:17 You will remember that marriage is honorable and
06:20 the bed is then defiled.
06:21 And that whore mongers and adulterers, and that word
06:24 whore mongers means male prostitutes or fornicators
06:26 that God will judge them.
06:28 I like this, its balance.
06:29 Today marriage is under attack, but with brotherly love,
06:33 understanding God's love, marriage is honorable
06:36 the bed is undefiled.
06:38 So this is a series of admonitions in moral
06:41 instructions that Paul is giving us.
06:42 And we need to remember at, as we continue to work through
06:45 these, that this is all in the light of the Gospel.
06:49 This is all in the context of all the better things
06:52 that we have in Jesus Christ
06:54 as our high Priest in Jesus Christ, as our once
06:57 for all sacrifice in Jesus Christ.
07:00 As the Mediator of the new covenant, through whom we
07:03 understand that God is the One, by His power and might,
07:06 is going to write His law in our hearts,
07:09 and remember our sins no more.
07:11 It is all in that context, it's not moral instructions
07:15 that are given to us that we're called upon to carry out,
07:19 merely as a matter of doing what is right
07:23 in our own strength.
07:24 This is moral instruction that is coming on the tail end
07:27 of a beautiful and powerful presentation of the Gospel.
07:31 A motivating presentation of the Gospel.
07:33 It motivates us to put love in a different perspective.
07:37 Marriage is honorable, because marriage is the full
07:40 perspective of what love entails.
07:42 Love involves commitment to someone through
07:45 thick and through thin.
07:47 So, it pulls us all way from the cheap, fake, imitation
07:50 manifestations of love, that are manifest through fornication
07:54 manifest without commitment
07:56 and it brings us into this full commitment to the marriage
08:00 union in which the bed is honorable or another way to say
08:03 it says that God created sex.
08:05 Sex is the physical is part of that marriage relationship,
08:09 it is a positive thing.
08:10 It is a good thing, when it is done in the
08:12 context of commitment.
08:13 And then he continues on in the verse 5.
08:15 When brotherly love continues again, your conversation
08:18 will be without covetousness.
08:19 You will be content with the things that you have,
08:22 for God has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.
08:25 Yeah, praise the Lord.
08:26 There is just so much peace in knowing that what we have
08:30 from God, that He is providing for our needs and that
08:35 we don't need to be anxious about the material pursuits
08:39 that has just saturated our society.
08:41 We can be content with those things that we have,
08:45 because we have an ultimate possession,
08:48 that is Jesus Christ and the heavenly home that
08:52 He has prepared for us.
08:53 This life is so short, James.
08:55 It is passing by, James says, like a vapor.
08:59 It is here today and it is gone tomorrow, and then we
09:01 launch into eternity future.
09:03 Amen, so we can come boldly and say, "the Lord is my helper,"
09:07 verse 6, "I shall not fear what man shall do unto me, when
09:10 brotherly love, continues, we will remember them that have
09:14 rule over us, who have spoken to us the word of God,"
09:17 verse 7, "and we will follow their faith,
09:20 when we consider their conversation. "
09:23 Now, I like this in the New American Standard Version, it
09:25 says, "remember those who lead you, who spoke the word
09:29 of God to you and consider the result of their conduct,
09:32 and then imitate their faith. "
09:34 That's interesting.
09:35 It is! What it is saying there is don't just follow anyone.
09:38 Even those who preach to you, pastors, whoever they are.
09:40 But at the same time as you are listening to what
09:43 they are saying, see how they live their lives.
09:46 If their lives correlate, if their lives lined up with
09:50 what they are saying, then imitate their faith.
09:52 Faith has actions and those action should be in harmony,
09:55 that fruit should be in harmony with the words
09:57 that they are speaking.
09:58 Right in the next two verses, it is a very clear that
10:02 this is not a blind obedience to spiritual leaders and
10:06 those who preach the Word of God to us,
10:07 because he said to us in verse 9,"don't be carried about
10:10 with the various strange doctrines. "
10:12 So he is admonishing us to remain doctrinally pure,
10:16 which means that there is a responsibility that
10:19 each one of us have.
10:21 In a priesthood of all believers to be Bible students
10:24 for ourselves, to search the Word of God, to know what
10:27 we believe on the firm foundation of God's Word.
10:31 As we are simultaneously benefiting by the preaching
10:35 of the Word, those who have the rule over us as
10:38 they are referred to here.
10:40 Those who have spiritual leadership over us,
10:43 we look to them as teachers of God's Word.
10:46 And we manifest respect for those who have this
10:50 spiritual role over us at the same time.
10:52 We are diligent Bible students for ourselves,
10:56 lest we be swept away.
10:58 He says, here with strange doctrine, and there is
11:02 no shortage James, of strange doctrines in our world.
11:05 Yes, different and strange doctrines.
11:07 You know what I like about, this is verse 8, says,
11:09 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
11:12 God is consistent.
11:14 What is consistent about God, love.
11:16 Love is consistent with God.
11:17 And so in 1 Corinthians Paul is and it's interesting,
11:20 1 Corinthians 13, Hebrews chapter 13.
11:23 1 Corinthians 13 is the love chapter.
11:25 In that Chapter Paul basically outlines
11:28 how significant love is.
11:30 In relationship to doctrine, in relationship to prophecy,
11:33 in relationship to speaking in tongues,
11:34 in relationship to giving our body to be burned,
11:37 in relationship to speaking with the tongues of men
11:39 and of angels, love goes beyond all that.
11:43 All of that is passed by and love comes out on top.
11:46 Even in faith and hope, love is the consistency, God is love,
11:50 love is the consistent jewel that we want to put
11:53 above everything else.
11:55 Doctrine, and everything else, come short of this rule of
11:58 faith for us, and that is to let brotherly love continue.
12:01 Paul gives us a clue here on how we can remain
12:05 doctrinally pure.
12:06 He says don't be carried about with various and strange
12:10 doctrines, for it is good that the heart
12:13 be established in grace.
12:15 So, establish ourselves in grace, because every true
12:19 doctrine, every truth of Scripture is going to be
12:23 ultimately, a manifestation of some kind of
12:27 avenue toward understanding God's grace.
12:31 Any doctrine, any teaching that compromises the
12:35 grace of God, and returns us to dependence upon
12:39 ourselves for salvation.
12:41 Any works based religious movement or teaching, is going
12:47 to be contrary to sound doctrines.
12:49 Amen, in fact, I liked that in relation to Colossians 4 verse 6
12:52 Paul here speaking in Colossians 4 verse 6, of how
12:56 that our speech, our conduct, our experience,
12:59 should be always with grace and seasoned with salt so that
13:04 we should know how we ought to answer every man.
13:07 There is a place for salt there is a place for the
13:09 manifestation of that salt of the word.
13:13 But the entrée, the main dish is grace.
13:16 We should have a lot of grace, but don't leave out,
13:19 in a world bland with iniquity, don't leave out the salt.
13:22 We need to make sure that we have that truth,
13:25 that salt in the there because part of what Paul
13:28 is giving us here, is an admonition as to how to live in
13:31 the context of God's love.
13:32 We're going to continue through Hebrews 13 and note
13:35 the additional admonitions that the Apostle Paul
13:39 gives in his concluding remarks with the book of Hebrews.
13:42 But we need to take a break and we will be back
13:44 just a moment.


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