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00:14 Welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:16 We are your host Ivor and Atonte Myers
00:19 and we are with Power of The Lamb Ministries.
00:22 In our last program we've learnt
00:24 about the Judgment of God.
00:27 And today we are going to learn
00:29 about the Mark of the Beast and how to avoid it.
00:33 That's right. The Book of Revelation
00:35 speaks about this dreaded mark and,
00:38 you know, when people read this
00:39 and read that, the time is coming where a person
00:44 will not be able to buy or sell.
00:47 You kind of think, well what kind of environment
00:49 could we be living in that brings about such a markism.
00:53 We will read more about the mark in a little while,
00:55 but we know that, you know, the way we look at
00:59 the things that are going in this world today
01:01 and people are beginning to see, you know what?
01:04 It doesn't, it wouldn't take much to create an atmosphere
01:09 where we could see something like this happen.
01:12 But we are gonna take a look at this scripture
01:13 and see what the scripture tells us
01:16 and come to some conclusions.
01:17 We will begin with Revelation Chapter 13.
01:19 We invite you to get your Bibles
01:21 as we have been doing, Revelation Chapter 13.
01:24 And we are gonna take a look at Verse 12 onward
01:29 and this is leading us up to the description of the Mark.
01:32 So let me read Chapter 13, verse 12.
01:36 Why don't you start in verse 11.
01:37 Okay, the Bible says
01:39 "And I beheld another beast coming up
01:40 "out of the earth, and he had two horns
01:42 "like a lamb, and spake as a dragon.
01:43 "And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast
01:46 "before him, and causeth the earth
01:49 "and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast,
01:51 whose deadly wound was healed."
01:53 Now this is the verse I want you to focus in on,
01:55 and, you know, your mind could be going
01:57 in many different places asking many different questions,
01:59 Beast, who, what? Just focus in on
02:01 this verse here, verse 13,
02:02 "And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire
02:07 "come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
02:10 "And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth
02:13 "by the means of those miracles which he had power to do
02:17 "in the sight of the beast, saying to them
02:19 "that dwell on the earth, that they should make
02:21 "an image to the beast, which had
02:22 "the wound by a sword, and did live.
02:24 "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast
02:27 "that the image of the beast should both speak,
02:29 "and cause that as many as would not worship
02:31 "the image of the beast should be killed.
02:33 "And he causeth all, both small and great,
02:35 "rich and poor, free and bond,
02:37 "to receive a mark in their right hand,
02:39 "or in their foreheads,
02:41 "And that no man might buy or sell,
02:45 "save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast,
02:47 or the number of his name."
02:49 So I just want you to notice here
02:51 that it was by miracle working power,
02:54 fire falling from the sky as it were
02:57 that leads the world, those that dwell upon the earth
03:01 to make an image to the beast and also to bring
03:04 about this mark of the beast.
03:07 So we've got to figure out, how is it that miracles work
03:11 in this nature to bring this kind of environment above.
03:15 Think about this, in the world you have,
03:18 you know, many different kinds of people,
03:19 you have skeptics, you have Christians,
03:22 you have people from different religions.
03:24 How in the world are all of these people
03:26 going to come together to receive this particular mark.
03:31 I have always wondered that, because it's like
03:34 you look at the world, you look at politics,
03:37 you look at religious different views
03:39 in different parts of the world and you are thinking,
03:41 there is no way all these people are gonna come together. Right.
03:44 Bible says that it's gonna happen.
03:46 That's right. Well, you know,
03:47 when we look at this concept of fire falling from the sky.
03:50 If you are familiar with the Old Testament,
03:52 you will know that this has happened before
03:55 in the Old Testament has happened in particular
03:58 with Elijah, the prophet.
04:01 And we find that when fire falls from the sky
04:05 even like with the story of Job,
04:06 let's take the story of the Job.
04:08 When fire fell from the sky in the story of Job,
04:10 that fire was equated with the wrath of God.
04:14 God must have been displeased
04:16 and this is why this is happening.
04:19 I believe that as you look out in society today
04:21 and you hear some of the things that believers are saying.
04:24 You know, God's wrath is upon on this nation,
04:27 because we've turned away from God as a nation.
04:30 You know, the reason why we have so much crime
04:32 and so many earthquakes and all these things
04:34 as this is the wrath of God trying to show us
04:37 that we must turn this nation or this world back to God.
04:42 And so on one hand, the wrath of God,
04:46 fire falling from the sky, natural disasters,,
04:49 and calamities and things of that nature are going
04:51 to be used by sincere, but misguided Christians
04:56 to try to show that unless,
04:58 for example America returns to its Christian roots
05:02 and enforces Christian values and laws.
05:05 Unless we do that, the wrath of God
05:08 is going to continue to fall upon us.
05:10 So that's what is gonna set the environment
05:12 for the Christian part of, you know, of the world.
05:16 But then what about the nonbeliever?
05:18 Well, remember in the story of Elijah,
05:20 when Elijah called fire down from heaven,
05:24 it was for the purpose of not only convincing Israel
05:27 that God was God, but also convincing the skeptic,
05:31 because remember there were skeptics there,
05:32 who didn't believe in the God of Israel.
05:35 So when fire fell from the sky, when this miracle took place
05:38 the skeptic, wow, God is God.
05:43 So when, when, when skeptics, and atheists,
05:45 and nonbelievers begin to see some of these miracles
05:48 that take place. In fact, the greatest miracle
05:50 that will occur is that Satan himself will descend
05:54 and come as an angel of light.
05:55 Now for the skeptic seeing is believing.
05:59 That's right, and when you cannot deny the miracles
06:01 that he sees taking place in front of him,
06:03 he is gonna be like, okay well I guess I have to go along.
06:06 Now it's important to understand that the mark of the beast
06:08 is received in the forehead, or in the hand.
06:12 Now, this is not a literal mark anymore than the seal of God,
06:15 received in the people of God is a literal seal.
06:17 It's good that you said that it's by literal mark.
06:19 That's right.
06:20 Because you have a mark right here on your forehead.
06:23 And you pointed to it. Yes, yeah, I do have a mark,
06:26 but that is not the mark of the beast, okay.
06:28 That's a whole another story.
06:29 That's right, whole another story.
06:31 Before you go back into that, I did want to say that,
06:33 you know, there might be some who are watching,
06:35 who are thinking for the Christians,
06:38 when you said for the Christians that this,
06:42 you know, America, this country, you know,
06:45 all these bad things are happening, because we've turned
06:47 so far from God and we need to now enforce
06:50 that our Christian roots, and beliefs,
06:53 and values come back.
06:55 And there were some people who'll say,
06:56 well, hey what's wrong with that, that sounds good.
06:58 You know, yeah, I would love for people to start studying
07:01 their Bibles and praying to God and following the principles
07:04 found in His word, but the problem is forcing them.
07:08 That's right, because God is not a God of force.
07:10 Through legislation, right, and the legal system
07:13 trying to enforce Christianity, that's right,
07:15 is against the principles of the Bible
07:18 and of the Holy Spirit, because the Spirit never forces.
07:21 Right. It draws and it woos.
07:23 Okay, so misguided
07:25 concepts of what God wants is what's going to drive.
07:28 In fact, Jesus, said the time is coming
07:29 where they that killed you will think that
07:31 they are doing God a service, that's a scary thought.
07:35 So anyway we come back to this point
07:39 of fire being called down to convince the skeptic,
07:43 the nonbeliever, and when they see these miracles,
07:46 they are gonna go ahead with this.
07:48 Some people are gonna receive the mark in the forehead,
07:50 that means they were mentally agreed,
07:52 but others who receive it in the hand,
07:54 meaning they don't necessarily see it that way,
07:56 but they are gonna go ahead with it,
07:57 because if they don't do this, they won't be able to eat,
08:00 they are putting their, their preservation of self
08:02 above the word of God.
08:04 And that makes sense.
08:07 When people like I said earlier when you are wondering
08:09 how is all this gonna come together.
08:11 It's not that like you said, they are gonna all agree,
08:13 but when it comes to, how am I going to eat?
08:17 I can't go to the store and buy food,
08:19 if I don't go along with whatever this system is
08:22 saying that I need to do.
08:23 How I am gonna feed my children?
08:25 That's when people who may not agree will go ahead
08:29 and do this, receive it in their hand anyways,
08:33 because you know, they are not trusting God
08:36 enough to be able to provide for them.
08:38 They are thinking, I must go ahead
08:41 and bow down to this image, if you will.
08:42 That's right, now whatever the mark is,
08:44 it is something that will be enforced,
08:47 so that if you don't do this, you will be killed.
08:50 So the mark of the beast is not present yet.
08:52 It is only when there is this universal decree that says
08:57 if you do not do this, then you will be killed.
08:59 So you could be doing something today
09:01 that will closer to the mark of the beast in the future.
09:03 It's not that now, it's only when this particular thing
09:07 is enforced that it becomes the mark.
09:09 That's right, so having said that, let's go ahead now
09:12 and ask a question well, what is the mark?
09:14 Can we find any clues that will help us determine
09:17 what the mark is? So we are gonna go to
09:18 the Book of Revelation Chapter 14,
09:20 Revelation Chapter 14 and we are going to see
09:24 the third angels message which begins in verse nine,
09:26 the Bible says, "The third angel followed them,
09:29 "saying with a loud voice, If any man worship
09:31 "the beast and his image, and receive his mark
09:33 "in his forehead, or in his hand,
09:35 "the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
09:38 "which is poured out without mixture
09:39 "into the cup of his indignation,
09:41 "and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
09:44 "in the presence of the holy angels,
09:46 "and in the presence of the Lamb,
09:48 "and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up
09:50 "forever and ever and they have no rest
09:52 "day nor night, who worship the beast and his image,
09:55 and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."
09:58 I want you to notice that, those who received
09:59 the mark have no rest, day or night.
10:03 No rest, it's very interesting.
10:05 We are gonna come back to that.
10:06 Notice how the next verse picks up.
10:09 Here is the patience of the saints,
10:10 now the saint is not going to receive the mark
10:12 and look at how it describes them,
10:14 "Here are they that keep the commandments of God,
10:17 and the faith of Jesus."
10:19 So here is one thing that we can know for sure.
10:22 Those who keep the commandments of God
10:24 will not receive the mark of the beast.
10:26 Those who fail to keep the commandments of God
10:29 will receive the mark of the beast,
10:31 which lets us know that the mark of the beast
10:33 must be something that is diametrically opposed
10:38 to the commandments or one of the commandments of God.
10:43 I hope that makes sense so far, okay.
10:46 There it is, the mark of the beast
10:47 and then it says talks right after that
10:49 about those who keep the commandments of God.
10:52 Now, I want you to notice again Revelation Chapter 15,
10:56 Revelation Chapter 15 beginning with Verse 5.
10:59 "The Bible says, after that I looked,
11:01 "and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle
11:03 of the testimony in heaven was opened,"
11:05 Now we are gonna pause right here.
11:07 I want to put up our image on the screen,
11:08 so that you can see the blueprint,
11:10 we have been speaking about throughout this series.
11:13 The blueprint, God's plan of salvation, the sanctuary.
11:16 In that sanctuary, if you notice in the upper part
11:19 of your screen there, you will see what was called
11:23 "The Ark of the Covenant," its number 6 on that picture.
11:26 That was found in the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary.
11:30 Inside that Ark was the testimony
11:32 that God had given Moses, or the law of God,
11:35 because God spoke it Himself.
11:37 Okay, so very good. When you see here
11:40 in Revelation Chapter 15 verse 5,
11:42 that the Temple of the Tabernacle of the testimony
11:45 in heaven was opened, it's actually pointing you
11:48 to the very Ark of the Covenant in which was the law of God.
11:53 And notice what happens, verse 6,
11:55 "And the seven angels came out of the temple,
11:57 "having the seven plagues, clothed in pure
12:00 "and white linen, and having their breasts
12:02 girded with golden girdles."
12:05 Verse if you jump down to Chapter 16 and verse 1,
12:09 "And I heard a great voice out of the temple
12:11 "saying to the seven angels, go your ways,
12:13 "and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.
12:17 "And the first went, and poured out his vial
12:19 "upon the earth, and there fell a noisome
12:22 "and grievous sore upon the men which had
12:25 "the mark of the beast and upon them
12:27 which worshipped his image."
12:28 So notice this, the mark of the beast,
12:32 or rather the seven last plagues,
12:35 the first plague is poured out upon those
12:37 who have the mark of the beast.
12:40 Where are these angels seeing coming out of?
12:42 They are seen coming out of the Most Holy Place.
12:46 What's in the Most Holy Place? The law of God.
12:48 The law of God, remember what we just read.
12:50 Those who keep the law will not receive the mark.
12:54 Those who reject the law, will receive the mark.
12:58 The angels come out of the Most Holy Place
13:02 pouring the first plague upon those who had
13:05 obviously done what? Rejected the law of God.
13:09 Now, now that we know that the mark has something
13:12 to do with rejecting the law of God,
13:13 we just got to find out, is it rejecting the whole law,
13:16 or can it be just one point of the law?
13:18 Let's go to the Book of James Chapter 2.
13:21 James Chapter 2 and let's notice what James Chapter 2 tells us.
13:25 The Book of James Chapter 2 beginning with verse 10.
13:28 Atonte, if you get there before me,
13:30 you can go ahead and read, James Chapter 2--
13:33 Two verse 10. Verse 10 to 12.
13:35 And it says, "For whosoever shall keep the whole law,
13:38 "and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.
13:41 "For he that said, do not commit adultery,
13:45 "said also, do not kill.
13:46 "Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill,
13:50 thou art become a transgressor of the law."
13:52 All right, so there we have it.
13:54 James tells us that all we need to do is to transgress
13:57 in one point and we become guilty of all.
14:00 And of course, God, is always there to,
14:02 you know, forgive us if we ask for forgiveness.
14:04 But if we persistently rebel against
14:07 one of God's commandments, we are setting ourselves
14:11 up to receive that mark. It's interesting that,
14:16 you know, when you consider this word "mark"
14:18 and is not a literal mark in the hand as we said,
14:21 but it takes us back to an Old Testament concept,
14:24 because when you read in Revelation Chapter 15 and 16
14:29 about those who receive the mark.
14:32 In verse 8 of Chapter 15, it says that no man
14:36 was able to enter the temple
14:38 until the seven plagues had been fulfilled.
14:40 If you go back to the Old Testament,
14:42 you will find that there was a mark that was received,
14:47 that anyone who had this mark was not allowed
14:51 to enter the camp or the temple,
14:53 it was the mark of leprosy, the mark of leprosy.
14:57 Now what's interesting about this is that
14:59 in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 1, I believe it is or Chapter 5,
15:04 Chapter 1 verse 5 and 6, the Bible takes this principle,
15:11 this concept of leprosy and applies it to rebellion.
15:14 In other words, leprosy is a symbol or a sign of rebellion.
15:20 So what that tells me, when you understand what leprosy is,
15:23 the way that leprosy begins, is it begins with a small mark.
15:30 It's not something big and grand, it's something small,
15:33 but it indicates a very large problem.
15:38 If you were to tell your--parents,
15:39 you are talking to your kids
15:40 and you have to run out for a moment,
15:42 you say to your son, I'm about to leave for 10 minutes,
15:45 please do not put the cat in the drier,
15:48 do not burn the house down,
15:52 you know, don't hit your brother,
15:54 or your sister and see that pen on the counter,
15:57 don't touch that pen.
15:58 Now your son may be able to reason,
16:00 or your daughter may be able to reason,
16:01 I can see why you said don't do this,
16:03 don't do this, don't do that, don't do that.
16:04 But why did you say don't touch that pen,
16:06 tat one doesn't make sense to me
16:08 and you step out of the house
16:09 and you are looking around the window,
16:11 you are watching your child, you see your child looking
16:13 at the pens staring intently and you see the child walk over
16:16 and they touch the pen, what have you just seen.
16:19 A sign of rebellion.
16:21 That your child has the spirit of rebellion.
16:23 It doesn't matter how big or small it is,
16:25 the point is that the spirit of rebellion is there.
16:29 It's the same thing with the law of God.
16:31 And I believe that God use this exact same test
16:34 in the Garden of Eden.
16:35 He took a very small thing, when we think about it,
16:39 because there were so many.
16:40 I mean this was the Garden of Eden,
16:41 there were so much fruit abundant,
16:43 so many different trees that they could have.
16:46 It wasn't like they were hungry or going into a drought,
16:49 or anything like that, and He was like,
16:50 look you can have of these trees eat freely,
16:52 but just of this one tree, I don't want you to eat of it,
16:56 and that's a really simple seems small,
17:01 a thing for a test, but that's what God uses.
17:04 That's right. He seems to say,
17:05 look the big things, I think it's obvious,
17:07 you get that, but the little things,
17:09 I want to know that you are going to be faithful
17:11 in the most smallest areas of your life.
17:13 That's right. Even, you know,
17:16 when Satan rebelled in heaven. What was he rebelling against?
17:19 He was rebelling against God's law.
17:21 He was a covering cherub, that means he covered
17:24 the Ark of the Covenant were in was the law of God
17:27 and the law of God represents
17:29 the foundation of God's throne.
17:31 So we know that Lucifer's role in heaven
17:33 was that he was to uphold the law of God.
17:37 But the Bible says he sinned, what his sin,
17:39 transgression of the law,
17:41 and as a result, he marked himself.
17:44 In fact, in Ezekiel 28, verse 17
17:47 when it says "O Lucifer thou hast corrupted thy wisdom"
17:49 that word corrupt means to mark,
17:52 Lucifer was marked
17:53 because of his rebellion against God's law.
17:56 Right. And he was cast out of heaven,
17:58 but before he was cast out that you see,
18:00 he took one-third of the angels with him
18:03 and his argument to them was "I can be like God,"
18:06 Isaiah 14 verse 14, "I can be like God righteous
18:09 without God telling me how to do it."
18:12 It was the argument of self sanctification,
18:14 or self righteousness and its this very argument
18:19 that even Cain exercised back there
18:23 at the beginning of creation when God said,
18:25 I want you to bring me a sacrifice and Cain says,
18:30 "I am gonna give you a fruit.
18:31 "I am gonna give you something in the place
18:33 that you asked for."
18:36 Be happy that I am at least giving you something,
18:39 it was Cain's attitude.
18:41 And it was an argument again of self righteousness
18:44 at least I am giving you something.
18:47 So what we are gonna see is that
18:48 this mark basically encompasses that spirit.
18:52 It may seem like a small thing in the eyes of people,
18:55 but it indicates a much larger problem,
18:58 the problem of self righteousness,
18:59 I don't need to follow God's law in order to be like Him,
19:03 I can be holy already.
19:04 And for those who don't even believe in God,
19:06 well, I am just gonna do this anyway,
19:08 because I have to survive. Right.
19:11 I have to survive, okay. So what then,
19:14 what commandment would Satan attack?
19:17 We might say, you know what,
19:18 it's got to be a commandment that seems pretty insignificant.
19:23 One that may be seems to have no moral,
19:26 you know, real moral issue to it,
19:28 it means its not going to be like adultery,
19:30 or stealing, or killing, you know,
19:32 most good people you know,
19:33 honoring your parents, it's got to be something.
19:35 Bowing down to images. That's right.
19:37 It's got to be something that seems,
19:38 you know, ah, not so bad.
19:40 Well, we get our answer just by going back
19:43 to the Book of Revelation where the Bible says of Babylon.
19:49 Notice with me, Revelation 14 of verse 9, or verse 8,
19:54 it says, And there followed another angel, saying,
19:56 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
19:59 "because she has made all nations drink of the wine
20:02 of the wrath of her fornication."
20:04 Babylon representing a fallen system is going to try to force
20:08 the world to drink of this wine.
20:11 We might ask a question, what is the wine?
20:13 Well, you remember that Jesus Himself gave
20:16 His disciples bread, and what?
20:20 Wine at the last supper. Now in that wine,
20:23 he said this is the blood of My covenant,
20:27 or the new covenant in My blood.
20:29 What is a covenant?
20:31 It's the law of God written on our hearts.
20:34 Christ blood is special blood. It has the DNA of life,
20:38 the code of life and the code of life is the new covenant,
20:41 the law of God. So He says, take this blood,
20:43 take this wine. Well, what the devil is offering
20:45 is the counterfeit wine, one that is fermented,
20:49 because what Christ gave was pure grape juice,
20:51 amen, representing a pure teaching,
20:53 a pure doctrine, pure blood.
20:55 What Babylon gives is fermented wine
20:58 that causes one to get drunk.
21:01 Now the Bible tells us why we should not drink
21:03 and here is why? Lets go
21:05 over to the Book of Proverbs,
21:07 Proverbs Chapter 31, Proverbs 31
21:14 and we are gonna notice verse is 5 I believe it is,
21:19 Proverbs 31 verse 4 and verse 5.
21:23 "It is not for kings, O Lemuel,
21:27 "it is not for kings to drink wine,
21:30 nor for princes strong drink, lest they drink,
21:32 and forget the law, and pervert the judgment
21:34 of any of the afflicted."
21:36 All right, so why shouldn't we drink.
21:38 We're told that we shouldn't drink,
21:39 because if we do so we will forget the law.
21:44 It's very interesting, Atonte,
21:45 that there is one commandment out of all 10
21:48 that begins with the word "remember"
21:51 and it is the Sabbath commandment
21:54 found in Exodus Chapter 20. Remember the Sabbath day.
21:58 The one commandment that God says to remember
22:01 is the very commandment that Babylon has altered
22:05 and said "No, Saturday is not the Sabbath, its Sunday"
22:08 and by the way no big deal
22:10 at least you are giving God a day, by the way. Right.
22:13 By the way. Where the Bible is very specific
22:15 to save it Seventh-day. That's right.
22:18 This Sabbath commandment in Exodus 20 verse 12,
22:21 God said that it was a sign that we may know
22:25 that God is the one that sanctifies us,
22:28 we can't sanctify ourselves.
22:31 Now that's amazing to me, because that Sabbath
22:34 is the sign of God sanctification.
22:38 So to avoid that Sabbath to turn away from it is to say,
22:41 I can sanctify myself, I can choose what's right and wrong.
22:44 I can know the difference between good and evil
22:46 for myself, I don't need a law telling me
22:48 how to know the difference between good and evil.
22:50 That's what being said. What's being said
22:52 is look I know you ask for Saturday,
22:54 but we as a church have chosen to give you Sunday instead.
22:58 Be happy, at least we're giving you something.
23:01 And really you are putting yourself in the place of God,
23:05 dictating to God what you are going to do
23:08 and it's really righteousness by works
23:11 versus the Sabbath where God is sanctifying
23:14 and that's righteousness by faith.
23:15 That's right. You see the Sabbath is all about rest
23:18 and the commandments that God gives are all about rest.
23:22 But the devil has flipped it to make it
23:24 look like commandments is about work.
23:27 No, commandments are not about work.
23:29 Commandments is about, you know,
23:31 when God says do not, He is saying cease,
23:34 rest from lying, rest from stealing,
23:37 rest from killing, rest from murder,
23:39 I mean rest from adultery.
23:41 He is saying stop.
23:42 It's like, you know, we get saved,
23:43 oh, God I thank you for saving me.
23:44 What shall I do now and it's like God says,
23:46 don't do anything, just rest, just relax,
23:49 just rest, don't steal, don't lie.
23:51 I want you to rest from the works of the flesh.
23:54 Right. That's why Christ has given us that rest.
23:57 So remember, there is one commandment that says rest,
24:00 but those who receive the mark have no what?
24:03 Rest, day or night.
24:06 Also there is one commandment in which we are called
24:10 to not do any buying or selling or any work.
24:13 It happens to be the Sabbath commandment.
24:16 What are the odds,
24:17 what are the odds of the mark of the beast
24:20 being specifically pointed to commerce?
24:23 You will not be able to buy or sell if you don't do this.
24:28 There is only one commandment that deals with
24:29 buying and selling, right,
24:30 and that is the Sabbath commandment.
24:32 On this day, I want you to rest from your labors.
24:36 What's also interesting, Atonte,
24:37 is that the law of God is written in the mind
24:41 and we are also to bind it upon our fingers.
24:44 The devil is counterfeiting this law.
24:46 He is giving a wine that says, yeah,
24:48 this is the new covenant, drink it.
24:50 And when people are drinking it,
24:51 they are getting drunk and they are beginning to say,
24:53 oh yeah, the law, oh, we are on the grace,
24:55 we don't need to keep the law.
24:56 They are forgetting the law.
24:57 They are forgetting, its drunkenness,
25:00 its drunken reasoning to say if you look at the blueprint
25:04 and you see where God is trying to lead us
25:06 and you see where Babylon is trying to lead us.
25:08 You begin to understand oh, this is what it is, listen.
25:12 Who would have ever thought,
25:13 because some people are saying right now Sunday?
25:16 You mean to tell me that God is going to destroy,
25:18 you know, for Sunday really?
25:20 Are you serious? Well, you know what?
25:21 Let's just, let's just substitute that.
25:24 A tree, Eve, do you really think
25:27 that God is going to punish you for eating from a tree.
25:30 Come on Eve, really are you serious?
25:33 I can hear the devil reasoning with Eve saying,
25:36 come on you are not going to die.
25:38 And it's the only commandment that you can think
25:41 to reason away that it's just not that
25:44 important or significant.
25:46 Not that significant.
25:47 And so what God is showing is,
25:49 God is revealing in this particular commandment
25:51 is look, who is willing to serve Me even in the thing
25:55 that appears to have no significance.
25:58 The test with Adam and Eve wasn't, don't kill,
26:00 if you kill, you will be put out of the garden.
26:02 It was a very simple test.
26:05 It was a simple test in the beginning.
26:07 It's going to be a simple test in the end.
26:09 Remember, the mark of leprosy is a mark
26:12 that kept people out of the camp of God.
26:17 In the same way, those who receive
26:19 the mark of the beast will be kept out of the camp of God.
26:23 The Bible says nothing that defiles
26:26 will enter into that temple.
26:28 And so we've got to realize,
26:30 God says, "Keep My commandments."
26:32 Daniel 7:25 says, "This little horn Babylon
26:35 would seek to change God's law."
26:37 So we can know any change in the blueprint,
26:41 any change in the map, any change that says
26:44 make a left here, there is a shortcut.
26:47 You say no, there is no shortcut.
26:49 I'd rather stand before God and explain to him
26:52 why I kept the Sabbath
26:53 and why I kept the commandments
26:54 than try to stand before Him
26:56 and explain to Him why I didn't.
26:58 And for those of you who are hearing this
27:01 for the very first time, there is in the Bible it says
27:06 that God winks at our ignorance.
27:08 That's right. So there is a time
27:10 where we are not knowledgeable.
27:11 We didn't know, or didn't understand this Bible truth,
27:14 but you know, you are a Christian,
27:16 or you didn't, you don't believe in God at all,
27:18 but now you are trying to believe in Him.
27:19 And so when you are learning this truth,
27:22 God doesn't counted against you if you have not,
27:26 then keeping the Sabbath,
27:27 or honoring this part of His life,
27:29 if you didn't know, but once you know
27:32 that's when God does at that point hold you
27:35 accountable which way you are going to go,
27:37 are you are going to follow the way of the world
27:39 and the way of the Babylon,
27:40 are you gonna follow the word of God.
27:42 That's right. The test of the true Christian
27:43 is not now much he knows,
27:45 but what he does with how much he knows.
27:48 Yes. And so this is the condemnation that light
27:51 has come and man loved darkness rather than light.
27:55 A true Christian is gonna walk in ever increasing light
27:59 and be willing to follow the lamp
28:00 with this wherever he goes.
28:02 That's right. We want to thank you for joining in us.
28:04 Until next time God bless.


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