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00:15 Welcome to battles of faith.
00:16 We're your host Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:19 And we're with power of the lamb ministries.
00:22 Today we're talking about Gods Judgment.
00:26 And you know, I know from many of you
00:28 as from myself there-- in years past
00:32 I was always a little afraid of the judgment
00:35 I mean because it just sounds scary,
00:37 I mean God is judging.
00:39 We know that there are angels that record
00:41 all of our actions, all of our things
00:44 that we have done and sad and of course
00:47 because Jesus came and died on the cross,
00:50 we can ask for forgiveness for those things.
00:52 And he forgives us.
00:54 But still because there are so many things
00:57 that you doing say throughout your lifetime.
01:00 I think, Satan still tends to tempt us to
01:02 fear the judgment of God and so we're going to
01:06 take a look at the judgment at during this program
01:10 and it is our prayer that by the end
01:12 you will not be fearful of the judgment any longer
01:15 but you will have a better understanding
01:17 of God's character and the love
01:18 that he has for each and everyone of us.
01:20 That's right, the book of Revelation
01:21 Chapter 14, verse 6 and 7 speaks of
01:25 what we call the first angels message
01:27 and the message is basically saying
01:29 fear God and give go to him.
01:30 The word fear there doesn't mean
01:33 to be afraid of it means to honor and reverence.
01:36 So it says fear God and give go to him
01:38 for the hour of His Judgment is come.
01:41 We believe we're living in that
01:42 judgment time right now and we want to understand,
01:46 we want to be able to know,
01:47 how can we make it through that judgment,
01:50 how can we pass the judgment scene
01:52 and the be found not having our own righteousness
01:54 but be found having His righteousness.
01:58 So that's what we are going to do,
01:59 we're going to study God's Judicial System.
02:03 How the judgment works so that we can
02:05 better understand and be prepared
02:08 to pass that judgment.
02:09 So we invite you to open your Bibles,
02:11 to the book of Daniel Chapter 7
02:13 as we begin our study, Daniel Chapter 7
02:17 and we are going to begin reading from verse 9
02:21 and I want to give a little bit of context here.
02:24 If you read the verses preceding verse 9,
02:28 you see that Daniel is having a vision
02:30 of earthly powers coming into play.
02:33 And after he sees a line of powers
02:36 different nations or kingdoms rising into power.
02:39 His view is suddenly moved from things on earth
02:45 to something happening in heaven.
02:47 So this lets us now that this, you know,
02:50 this scene is not the second coming of Christ
02:52 this happens before the second coming of Christ.
02:55 Daniel is looking at things happening on earth
02:58 and then suddenly he sees something happening in heaven.
03:01 And this, what we are about is read is a judgment scene.
03:04 So notice with me Chapter 7 verse 9.
03:08 "I beheld till the thrones were cast down,
03:11 and the Ancient of days did sit,
03:13 whose garment was white as snow,
03:15 and the hair of his head like the pure wool,
03:18 his throne was like the fiery flame,
03:20 and his wheels as burning fire.
03:23 A fiery stream issued and came forth
03:25 from before him thousands ministered unto him,
03:29 and ten thousand times ten thousand
03:31 stood before him the judgment was set,
03:33 and the books were opened.
03:35 Alright, so the Bible is here
03:37 clearly describing a judgment scene,
03:40 the ancient of days that would be God
03:43 himself is seen taking his seat
03:46 and thousands upon thousands are surrounding him.
03:50 Now these thousands represents angels,
03:53 because remember Daniel is seeing
03:55 this happen while at the same time
03:57 earthly kingdoms are rising and falling in power.
04:00 Daniel's vision is then taken upward
04:02 and he sees this judgment scene,
04:05 God surrounded by a red new of angels
04:08 and then the Bible says the books were opened,
04:11 the judgment was set or the judgment began.
04:14 Yeah, that's the part that always sounds scary.
04:16 Right, you know, oh God, God is about to
04:19 review the books and what's in those books
04:21 while we know what's in those books,
04:23 you know, the record of our lives.
04:26 That's what the judgment is all over
04:28 it's about the record of our lives
04:30 and so we begin them on the,
04:31 oh, boy what's in the books? What's in the books?
04:34 Everything we were done is in the books.
04:37 The book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 verse 13 and 14
04:40 says fear God and keep his commandments
04:42 for this is the whole duty of man.
04:44 For God will bring every work
04:46 into judgment with every secret thing,
04:49 whether it be good or whether it be evil.
04:52 So here these books are they are opened up
04:55 and you know, the question is asked
04:58 why does God need books?
05:00 Doesn't God know everything I mean,
05:01 books are for recording.
05:03 So doesn't God know everything,
05:05 why does H e need books?
05:06 Well, here something interesting
05:07 lets go to the book of Jeremiah,
05:10 Jeremiah Chapter 17 and we're going to
05:13 take a look at verse 9 and 10.
05:16 Jeremiah 17, verse 9 and verse 10.
05:21 The Bible tells us, Jeremiah 17 verse 9 and 10
05:26 if you have that Atonte, you can read it.
05:28 Okay it says, "The heart is deceitful
05:30 above all things, and desperately wicked,
05:33 who can know it?"
05:34 Okay, pause right there. Who can know it?
05:36 That's the question been asked,
05:38 the answer is obvious.
05:39 Nobody can know the heart. That's right.
05:42 No created being can know the heart
05:45 or the people can know your heart,
05:48 not even angels can know the heart.
05:52 Only God can know the heart.
05:54 Okay, go ahead and read on.
05:56 "I the Lord search the heart,
05:57 I try the reins, even to give
05:59 every man according to his ways,
06:01 and according to the fruit of his doings".
06:03 Okay, so the Bible clearly tells us
06:05 here that God is the only one
06:08 that knows the heart.
06:10 Now this is very important to understand
06:13 because sometimes you know people think what--
06:16 And that's why we should not judge.
06:17 That's right, that's why we shouldn't judge
06:19 because only God can judge, only God knows the heart.
06:22 But this tells us something very powerful,
06:26 you see not even the angels in heaven
06:30 know the heart, okay.
06:33 So angels in heaven have to trust God
06:38 when he says the thief on the cross,
06:41 he is gonna be in heaven. Right.
06:43 When he says that person who lived--
06:45 a life of just pure crookedness
06:48 and then on their deathbed,
06:50 in their heart will nobody could hear.
06:52 That person said in their heart Lord,
06:55 forgive me, I've lived at life of
06:57 total wickedness and I see,
06:59 I see what I've done, forgive me.
07:02 Those silent confessions angels can't read that.
07:04 So just imagine when God is saying to the angels,
07:06 write his name in the book of life.
07:08 Angels are going, well, what we seeing,
07:13 tells us something different but God we trust you.
07:16 And God says trust me because one day
07:20 I'm going to open the books.
07:22 Which will prove to you.
07:24 Which will show you and now that the angels are doubting.
07:27 But God is such a fear God that he is not
07:30 going to say, hey, I'm God and just you know that's it.
07:33 He opens the book and he allows the angels
07:36 to see every decision that he made and why he made it.
07:41 There is a very important reason
07:42 why God is doing it.
07:44 We are gonna find that out a little bit later
07:46 but what we see here is that God
07:48 keeps a record of the books because he wants
07:53 the angels in heaven that the scene
07:55 that was see here in Daniel 7 the angels in the heaven
07:58 are gathered around and they are going over the books why?
08:02 God is basically sense of the angels, angels.
08:06 I would like to invite, humanity into
08:10 your society, into our society.
08:12 Not just imagine that you have a, you know,
08:15 maximum security prison where you live
08:17 and a decision that is made that
08:19 there are gonna let up all the, all the in made of the prison.
08:23 like how would you feel about that?
08:25 Yes, I would be afraid, I hated that.
08:28 Right, well, think about it God is saying to the angles,
08:32 I'm inviting humanity up into our atmosphere and,
08:37 or up into our environment into our society
08:41 and so what this judgment does is God open the book
08:43 and He allows the angles to see His decisions.
08:48 And at the end of that judgment.
08:49 That judgment He's all ready made.
08:50 That's right, the angles you know,
08:53 they say just in true or that ways of God
08:56 in another words, yeah, we were,
08:57 we're told in the same page of you not that we went
08:59 before but now we can see it with our own eyes
09:03 the decisions of the heart that we could not read
09:07 because we're not who, we're not God.
09:09 We're not God they basically see
09:11 what God has always known
09:13 because He can judge the heart
09:14 and they've never been able to see
09:18 the heart or the motive or the.
09:20 Everything the God I'm already knows
09:22 and really God doing this is just assigned of
09:27 how much He loves all of His created beings,
09:30 how he loves for them to feel comfortable
09:34 and you know, He is God, He doesn't have to do that
09:37 but this is a characteristic of God that,
09:40 He is not, He is not a dictator,
09:43 He is a loving kind God and it's just
09:45 a characteristic that, I pay for myself
09:47 I want to have, I want to be like God
09:49 and that we all should pray to be more like God
09:51 and his different characteristic that he on this dose.
09:55 That's right, well, now we want to find
09:57 ask another question and this is one is
10:01 often confused among people it's you know
10:04 how is the prosecution in this courtroom scenario?
10:10 I want to you notice with me Revelation Chapter 12
10:12 verse 9 and 10, the Bible says there.
10:17 "And the great dragon was cast out
10:19 that all serpent called the Devil and Satan,
10:21 which deceive with the whole world.
10:23 He was cast out on to the earth
10:24 and His angels were cast out with him.
10:26 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
10:28 now is come salvation, and strength,
10:30 and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ
10:33 for the accuser of our brethren is cast down
10:38 which accused them before our God day and night.
10:41 Very powerful verse here, Satan is the prosecutor,
10:46 not God, not God, not now I think
10:50 that's you know, there is gonna be
10:51 a shuffle something because most people
10:53 think when God is opening the books
10:55 He's looking to see who can I prosecute,
10:58 who can I get lost, who can I find that will be lost.
11:01 That's not the reason the God is opening
11:03 the books, God is not the one bringing our
11:07 sins up in our face, it is Satan,
11:11 He is the one that is basically saying
11:13 and not Satan is right there in the judgment scene.
11:15 But Satan is basically saying to God you can
11:20 save this person and this is why?
11:22 You can save that person and this is why?
11:25 This person has done this, this, this,
11:27 I mean Satan is the prosecution.
11:30 And many people look at God
11:32 is though he is the prosecution.
11:34 Or the prosecutor. Or the prosecutor,
11:37 you know, they've got a totally backwards
11:39 and this actually you know,
11:43 messes of the way the view of God.
11:45 Well, I was gonna say that it's you know,
11:47 Satan has been very clever and just
11:51 presenting God with this characteristic,
11:54 which is not his characteristic at Satan,
11:57 this is the way God is always portrait move,
11:59 this is the way he's portrait,
12:00 in television program I mean there is
12:02 so many people who look at the fear God
12:04 I've like trembling fear you know,
12:06 he is like, you know, this God who just wants to
12:09 you know, zap us out is to he gets a chance,
12:13 and this is not, through God is.
12:15 Yeah, Satan is the, is the accuser
12:18 and we find example of that in the book of
12:20 Zechariah Chapter 3 where the Bible says in verse 1.
12:23 "He showed me Joshua the high priest
12:26 standing before the angel of the Lord
12:28 and Satan standing at his right hand
12:31 to resist him or to accuse him.
12:35 This is the work of Satan, he is the accuser,
12:38 he is the one that's trying to get us lost.
12:41 So if Satan is the accuser then the question is
12:45 what role does God play, I want to you notice with me
12:47 Psalm 94, Psalm 94 and verse 22
12:51 go ahead and read that Atonte you have that.
12:53 And the Bible says, But the Lord is my defense
12:55 and my God is the rock of my refuge.
12:58 Okay, very powerful verse, the Bible tells us
13:01 that God is our defense, He is trying to save us,
13:06 He is not willing that any should parish
13:08 but that all should come to repentance.
13:10 So very important point here
13:12 God is not trying to find ways
13:14 to get us lost that's the devils drop.
13:17 God is trying to find ways. The save us. The save us.
13:21 Psalms 51 verse 1 reads this, "Have mercy upon me, O God,
13:25 according to thy loving kindness,
13:27 according on to the multitude of thy tender mercies
13:30 blot out my transgressions.
13:33 That's what God wants to do,
13:34 God wants to blot out our transgressions
13:37 he wants survive pardon next our name
13:40 and next our sins, so get this when the devil comes to God
13:44 and is like he did this and he did that
13:46 and he did that, God opens His books
13:49 and He says according to my books
13:52 pardon is written next to his name.
13:55 He is been forgiven in another words
13:56 but it says though, the books contained evidence
14:01 not so much against us but for us,
14:06 at least that what God wants.
14:08 The devils wants the books to contain
14:10 evidence against us and see you know,
14:14 ultimately was gonna happen with many people
14:16 is God is gonna have to say you know what?
14:19 Satan is right on this one you know,
14:21 he is accusing you, there is no forgiveness
14:23 or pardon written next your name,
14:26 there is nothing I can do to save you and still be just.
14:30 Right, and only because God will only say that
14:33 if we don't repent our sins and accept
14:37 the blood of Jesus to cover our sins
14:40 and to change us and turn us away from those sins.
14:44 Which is really the first article of furniture.
14:46 That's right, that's right well, you know,
14:48 let's talk about this process of you know,
14:50 being acquitted of the crime or of sin or being cleansed.
14:53 What needs to happen in order of God
14:57 to forgive us not for us to be cleanse.
14:59 Very simple, number one, the sinner needs to repent.
15:07 1st John 1:9, if you confess our sins
15:09 He's faithful and just to give us our sins
15:12 and the cleanse us from all in righteousness.
15:14 But I've there something else
15:16 that needs to happen not only to sinners
15:18 need to repent but those who have been sinned
15:21 who have been offended you know,
15:24 there is usually, this usually happens in
15:26 pairs of two someone has offended someone
15:29 because of their sin.
15:30 Not only must the sinner ask for forgiveness
15:32 but the one who has been
15:33 offended must offer forgiveness.
15:38 They must offer forgiveness
15:40 and this is why, this is so important.
15:41 Now I want to focus on this offering forgiveness
15:43 in order to make it through the judgment because listen,
15:46 if you do not forgive someone
15:50 then what are you doing.
15:52 You are holding it against them.
15:53 You are holding it against them,
15:55 and if you're holding it against them
15:57 you become part of the prosecution.
16:03 You actually joined the team of the prosecution
16:07 you are not saying I don't forgive this person
16:10 this person is wrong because of this, this, this
16:13 and what happens is the devil
16:14 can now use you as a star witness
16:16 as to why somebody else shouldn't be saved.
16:20 Have mercy.
16:21 This is why Jesus said, the best through out
16:24 to take with your enemies is to forgive them.
16:27 Let's look at Matthew 5 very quickly,
16:29 Matthew Chapter 5 and verse 14.
16:33 And you know, as we're turning there,
16:35 when you're struggling with forgiveness your,
16:37 you know, you feel so justified,
16:40 you feel so this person did this I don't have you know,
16:44 you technically know you're suppose to forgive
16:48 but emotionally you feel like you have the right.
16:51 The right told in adult, we're actually
16:53 going to Matthew 6 I'm sorry,
16:55 Matthew 6 verse 14 and Matthew 6 verse 14 says this.
16:59 "For if you forgive men their trespasses
17:02 your heavenly father will also forgive you.
17:07 But if you forgive not men their trespasses
17:11 neither will your father forgive your trespasses."
17:15 Very powerful point if we feel to forgive
17:18 we are accusing and if we are accusing
17:20 we have joined the team of the prosecution.
17:24 And when you're not forgiving I know,
17:25 for myself when I've struggles with this issues
17:27 I don't look at myself is been on the team of Satan.
17:32 Like again you feel like
17:33 you have the right to feel this way.
17:35 And especially you think about
17:36 this if God puts forgiveness next to some ones name
17:40 but you refuse extent forgiveness
17:42 what you are saying is God your judgment
17:45 about this person is wrong it is unjust,
17:49 it is unfair and you are now
17:51 in direct contradiction or comfort if you will with God,
17:57 you're saying I don't agree with your judgment,
17:59 I don't agree with the way that you view things
18:02 and so this is why God says, this is why the Bible tells us,
18:05 forgive your enemy, forgive your enemy.
18:10 Because by not doing that, you by default
18:13 join the team of the prosecution.
18:15 And he saying it for you because you can't be,
18:18 saved with an unforgiving heart
18:20 and an unforgiving spirit no matter how bad it hurts
18:23 or no matter what the person has done to you.
18:27 That's right, The safest route, Matthew 5 verse 43.
18:30 The safest route to take,
18:32 the safest route to take is found in verse 43,
18:35 "You have heard that it hath been said,
18:36 Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thy enemy.
18:39 But I say unto you, Love your enemies,
18:42 and bless them that curse you,
18:44 do good to them that hate you,
18:45 and pray for them which despitefully use you
18:48 and persecute you, that you may be
18:50 the children of your father, which is in heaven."
18:54 So God tells us, this is how you pass the judgment.
18:58 Number one, you confess your own sins,
19:01 Lord forgive me, have mercy one me,
19:03 a sinner, please write part in next to my name.
19:06 But then that also that passing the judgment
19:09 means that you must also extend forgiveness
19:13 as forgiveness has been extended to you.
19:16 Basically, this is what it is.
19:17 You've been given mercy, now offer mercy.
19:22 You've been given mercy, offer mercy.
19:25 Mercy is the one avenue where by we're saved.
19:29 We're saved by the mercy of God.
19:31 So here's the thing, you can have a sinner
19:34 as for forgiveness but the offended person
19:37 not extend for forgiveness that offended person joins
19:41 the team of the prosecution or you can flip it.
19:44 The offended person may offer forgiveness,
19:45 Lord forgive them they know not what they do,
19:47 but the sinner might say I haven't done any wrong.
19:50 And I don't need mercy and when you
19:52 cut yourself of from mercy you cut yourself of
19:57 from the only having you where by you can do saved.
20:01 And we don't extend mercy because people deserve it,
20:04 because God doesn't extend mercy because before it
20:06 deserve it it's because He is a merciful God
20:09 and so when we're following His example
20:13 we just have to say because God has forgiving me
20:17 of my many sins in transgressions I know,
20:19 you forgive you. That's right.
20:20 Even if they don't ask for forgiveness
20:22 that's a hard one. That's right.
20:24 So what you have here is God is simply saying,
20:27 I've extended mercy to you
20:30 because you ask for it, now forgive others.
20:32 And when we see that pattern,
20:34 this reveals to the angels, yep,
20:38 this person is safe for the atmosphere of heaven,
20:42 because they are following the will of God.
20:47 They are following the will of God.
20:49 And so you maybe out there struggling right now
20:50 with forgiving someone and you just realized,
20:54 well, in not forgiving this person,
20:57 I'm actually teaming up with Satan like,
20:59 look, you know, you don't need
21:02 to assist Satan in getting somebody lost.
21:04 If somebody is gonna to be lost,
21:05 they can be lost without you saying,
21:07 and here's another reason why they should be lost.
21:10 God says, don't assist,
21:11 do not help Satan, don't be his star witness.
21:14 Don't say, I'll testify, Satan, against this person.
21:19 Don't. Forgive, forgive, forgive
21:22 because when you do that you show
21:25 that you are a child of your Father in heaven.
21:29 And our job is to pray for those
21:32 who have heard us and God will do the rest.
21:36 So, Atonte, the judgment then we might say,
21:39 is actually based upon the blueprint.
21:42 We've been talking about the blueprint,
21:43 God's sanctuary message and the articles of furniture
21:46 in that sanctuary basically
21:48 show us how we pass the judgment.
21:52 Maybe we could put our chart up.
21:53 Yeah, let's put our chart up again very quickly
21:56 and what we'll see here
21:57 in the chart that you're looking at,
21:59 this is the view of the sanctuary,
22:00 the blueprint we've been discussing.
22:02 There you have the Altar of Sacrifice
22:04 representing the sacrifice of Christ.
22:06 There you have the Laver, item number two,
22:09 which represented the baptism or the washing.
22:12 Item number three, found in the Holy Place
22:14 is the Table of Showbread,
22:16 that represents the word of God.
22:18 Altar of Incense in the middle,
22:19 representing prayer and intercession.
22:22 And the Seven-Branched Candlestick representing light.
22:25 And then you have the Most Holy Place
22:27 which contain the Ark of the Covenant,
22:30 which represented the law of God.
22:33 So basically when God extends forgiveness to us,
22:39 He is literally taking us through this pattern.
22:43 I died for you, Christ died for you,
22:46 that's a sign of forgiveness,
22:48 that's how we're forgiven, by the sacrifice of Christ.
22:51 I'm gonna wash you and cleanse you, why?
22:54 Because I've forgiven you. That's a sign.
22:57 When God is opening up His books,
23:00 He's gonna show that all those who have been forgiven,
23:03 they have accepted the sacrifice of Christ.
23:05 They are forgiven.
23:06 They have been washed and cleansed,
23:09 evidence that they've been forgiven.
23:11 They have accepted His word as a part of their life,
23:14 evidence that they've been forgiven
23:16 and transformed, then converted.
23:18 They have accepted Christ intercession on their behalf.
23:22 This is all evidence showing, look, here is the evidence.
23:25 These are they which followed the lamb
23:29 with us wherever he goes.
23:31 God is gonna show, look,
23:32 they walked right through the pattern, they followed,
23:35 they allowed the light to come to their life,
23:37 they kept my law, that's right there
23:38 in Ark of the Covenant.
23:40 And not only did they do that
23:42 but they extended this very thing to their enemies.
23:46 They instead of cursing their enemies
23:48 they tried to get their enemies
23:49 to accept Christ's sacrifices.
23:51 They tried to get their enemies
23:53 to be washed and cleansed.
23:54 When they ate of the word of God,
23:56 they tried to feed their enemies too.
23:58 "When your enemy hungers, feed him."
24:01 They prayed for their enemies, Altar of Incense.
24:04 They did good to their enemies,
24:05 letting their light shine,
24:06 Seven-Branched Candlestick.
24:08 They tried to lead their enemies to repent to confess
24:11 and to keep the commandments of God.
24:13 This shows evidence that this person
24:15 is safe for heaven because not only
24:17 were they looking out for themselves,
24:19 they even were looking out for their enemies.
24:23 At the end of this judgment, God says
24:25 "Just and True." I'm sorry, the angels say,
24:29 "Just and true are thy ways."
24:30 Now we're gonna try to cover this
24:32 in the four minutes that we have remaining,
24:34 because there are two more judgments
24:35 spoken of in the Bible.
24:38 After this judgment occurs, Jesus comes,
24:41 returns to Earth and He gathers
24:43 all those who have been found worthy
24:45 to enter the kingdom of heaven.
24:47 The Book of Revelation 20 verse 4 tells us,
24:51 that the redeemed are going to be given judgment.
24:56 What does that mean?
24:57 Well, during the millennium,
24:59 that is the one thousand years
25:01 that the saints will spend with Christ in heaven.
25:03 Read Revelation Chapter 20,
25:05 in particular verses 1 through 5.
25:08 The Bible says, "judgment was given unto the saints."
25:10 Now why do the saints now get their turn
25:13 to go through the books, because before God
25:16 destroys the wicked, the saints are going
25:18 to want to know, why isn't my brother here?
25:20 Why isn't my sister here?
25:21 Why isn't my pastor or my elder here?
25:23 And they're gonna go through the very same process
25:26 that angels in heaven went through.
25:28 They're gonna see the books and they too are gonna say
25:31 at the end of that judgment
25:33 "Just and true are thy ways, O God."
25:37 So now that righteous angels in heaven--
25:38 Wipes all the tears.
25:39 And now the redeemed humanity,
25:42 redeemed humanity, they all agree,
25:43 "Just and true are thy ways."
25:45 Now here is the thing, at the end of that judgment,
25:48 the end of the one thousand years,
25:49 read Revelation 20, you'll find that God
25:53 and all the angels and all the righteous humans
25:56 are descending to earth
25:58 and the wicked dead are now raised.
26:00 And we see that once again, Revelation 20 verse 11 on,
26:05 says, there is a great white throne judgment
26:07 and the books are opened one more time. Why?
26:11 Because now the wicked get to look.
26:14 And what the wicked are going to see,
26:16 they're gonna see just how often God
26:19 reached out to try to save them.
26:22 How many people He sent knocking on their doors.
26:25 How many times He made providence to just
26:29 lead them to the church and how they rejected it.
26:33 And when they see those books,
26:34 Lucifer included and the angels,
26:37 they too are going to say,
26:40 "Just and true are thy ways, O God."
26:43 The entire Universe, there will be
26:45 a unanimous decision in the entire Universe
26:48 for the destruction of the wicked
26:50 including the wicked themselves.
26:53 So that when God does that final work of destruction,
26:57 no one in the future will ever be able to say,
27:00 well, I wonder if, no, they're gonna remember,
27:02 the wicked themselves confessed and said,
27:05 "just and true are thy ways."
27:08 And Satan's original accusation against
27:11 the character of God will be clearly answered.
27:13 That's right.
27:14 Because Satan himself will say "Just and True."
27:18 Every tongue, every knee will bow
27:21 and every tongue confessed.
27:25 So you now know how God's judicial system works.
27:32 It's very fair, very just.
27:34 It's very fair, very just. God is good.
27:38 I get caught up in this topic
27:40 because like I said so many times,
27:43 I just feared the judgment or misunderstood it.
27:47 But understanding in this way really
27:50 helps me to see how much God is really trying to
27:52 -- what to do to save us.
27:54 But I still have to surrender to His will
27:59 and to His yearning and to the things
28:02 that He's trying to tell me to do in my life.
28:04 But it's wonderful to serve our loving God.
28:06 Thank you for joining us. Until next time, God bless.


Revised 2014-12-17