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00:15 Welcome to "Battles of Faith."
00:16 We're your hosts, Ivor and Atonte Myers
00:19 and we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:22 In our last program,
00:23 we learned so many exciting things
00:26 but the main point was,
00:28 how protective God is of the blueprint.
00:32 God's Plan of Salvation, which we like to call His GPS.
00:36 In the Dark Ages, as Satan was trying to get rid of
00:41 each major point in the plan of salvation,
00:47 God immediately rouse up reformers to restore each--
00:52 for a piece of furniture in the Sanctuary,
00:55 Bible study, prayer, being a light to the world,
00:59 dying to self, all of these things,
01:01 the law of God and he's all of these different reformers
01:05 and then finally, the Seventh Adventist Church in 1844.
01:09 And so we are just so excited about what God is doing
01:14 and what He has done and what He wants
01:16 to continue to do in each and everyone of us.
01:18 That's right. We've been looking at this blueprint
01:21 and how it laid out the plan of salvation.
01:24 And in particular, how Lucifer,
01:27 how Satan attacked this blueprint
01:29 during the Dark Ages, just as you said,
01:31 taking away these various truths
01:33 and how over a period of 500 years,
01:37 God began to raise up the reformers like Martin Luther,
01:40 and John Wesley, and Wycliffe and others that,
01:45 that one by one, century by century
01:48 restored a particular truth.
01:51 And so we're gonna pickup with that final truth
01:53 that was to be restored, which was found
01:56 in the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary of God.
02:00 The blueprint of God and that dealt
02:02 with the Ark of Covenant or the law of God.
02:06 So we want to invite you to open your Bibles,
02:08 because we're gonna pickup our study
02:10 in Daniel Chapter 8 and we're going to move forward.
02:15 It's almost like we've being moving down the timeline,
02:17 from the very beginning of time down to the end of time.
02:20 And we're gonna pickup now at the,
02:24 what appears to be the closing of earth's history.
02:28 We would like to invite you to open
02:30 to the Book of Daniel and we're gonna pickup
02:33 with Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 13.
02:38 The Bible here is speaking in particular of this prophecy,
02:43 which we call the 2,300 Day Prophecy.
02:47 And Bible says in verse 13,
02:49 "Then I heard one saint speaking,
02:51 and another saint said unto that certain saint
02:53 which speak, how long shall be the vision
02:56 concerning the daily sacrifice,
02:58 and the transgression of desolation,
03:01 to give both the sanctuary
03:03 and the host to be trodden under foot?"
03:06 Let me rephrase this question.
03:08 Basically what's being asked here in this vision is,
03:11 how long would this little horn,
03:13 this power, this desolating power,
03:16 how long would it be able to practice
03:19 and prosper in its deception?
03:22 How long would it be able to keep these truths,
03:26 that the Sanctuary taught the truth about Salvation,
03:29 the truth about Christ's intersession
03:32 as our high priest, the truth about the law of God,
03:35 how long would it be able to withhold
03:37 these truths from humanity?
03:39 And the answer comes back in verse 14,
03:42 "He said unto me, unto two thousand
03:45 and three hundred days,
03:47 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
03:51 Some Bible's read, then shall the Sanctuary be restored.
03:55 Again what we've seen according
03:57 to Bible prophecy one day equals a year.
04:03 This is a 2,300 year prophecy.
04:07 The prophecy began in 457 BC and ends in 1844 AD.
04:15 And basically this is what we've seen is that
04:18 these truths that were cast down during the Dark Ages
04:21 were ultimately restored by that very year 1844.
04:26 That's the year that we might say
04:32 the nucleus of the Adventist Church began.
04:36 It's the year that a group of people from every,
04:40 almost every denomination that was present
04:44 at that time began studying this particular prophecy.
04:47 The prophecy of the 2,300 years
04:49 and they unanimously came to the conclusion
04:53 that something very special was going to happen in 1844,
04:57 Atonte, I think it's amazing.
05:00 You know, usually you have one person coming up
05:02 with a particular teaching
05:03 and then people begin to follow along.
05:05 What happened in 1844 and the years prior
05:09 was that people from different denominations.
05:11 From all around the world.
05:12 From all around the world
05:13 began studying this very prophecy and all came
05:17 to the conclusion that something
05:18 was gonna happen in that very year.
05:21 And so, we understand now that the sanctuary being cleansed
05:25 or restored was a prophecy pointing forward
05:28 to the fact that the truths that had been cast down
05:31 during the Dark Ages would be fully restored by 1844.
05:35 And this was the final truth that needed to be restored.
05:40 That's right, the truth that was found
05:41 in the Ark of Covenant, the law of God,
05:45 in particular the Sabbath commandment
05:47 had been changed from Saturday to Sunday.
05:51 This happened during the Dark Ages
05:53 and it was the final piece of truth to be restored.
05:56 And hence, you have the rising up
05:59 of the Seventh-day Adventist church
06:02 to push that particular truth
06:05 along with all the other truths
06:07 that had been taken away during the Dark Ages.
06:09 The truth of Christ's sacrifice being sufficient
06:12 for our forgiveness, the truth of baptism
06:15 by immersion which is signified by the Laver
06:20 which was part of the Sanctuary of the Old Testament
06:22 where priests would wash their hands and feet.
06:25 The word of God, the Table of Showbread
06:27 represented the word of God,
06:29 "that man shall not live by bread alone
06:30 but by every word that
06:32 proceeds out of the mouth of God."
06:34 It re-exalted, if you will,
06:37 the Bible over the traditions of man.
06:41 And personal study. That's right.
06:42 personal Bible study. The Altar of Incense,
06:45 representing prayer, Christ as our high priest,
06:48 letting your light shine.
06:49 All these things were fully restored by 1844.
06:54 But there's something else you wanna look at
06:56 in terms of the sanctuary being cleansed here.
06:58 You see, the cleansing of the sanctuary was synonymous,
07:03 in the Jewish mind it was synonymous
07:05 with the Day of Atonement,
07:07 which was actually a day of judgment.
07:11 A day of judgment. So this prophecy
07:13 not only points forward to the fact that,
07:17 that all the truths that had been cast down
07:19 during the Dark Ages would be finally restored by 1844,
07:23 but also in that very year judgment was to begin.
07:28 And this takes us to the Book of Revelation
07:31 where we find that this very message going forth
07:35 under what we call or what the Bible calls
07:38 the first angels' message.
07:40 So I wanna invite you to go with me
07:42 to the Book of Revelation, Chapter 14
07:46 and we're gonna read verses 6 to 8.
07:49 Atonte, would you read that for us please.
07:51 Yes, and it says,
07:52 "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
07:55 having the everlasting gospel to preach
07:57 unto them that dwell on the earth,
07:59 and to every nation, and kindred,
08:01 and tongue, and people.
08:02 Saying with a loud voice, fear God,
08:04 and give glory to him,
08:06 for the hour of his judgment is come
08:07 and worship Him that made heaven,
08:09 and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
08:13 And there followed another angel saying,
08:15 Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
08:18 because she made all nations drink of the wine
08:21 of the wrath of her fornication."
08:23 Okay, powerful verses here.
08:26 Here's an angel seen flying in the midst of heaven
08:29 having the everlasting gospel.
08:32 I think that's significant.
08:33 Because you see prior to 1844
08:36 the gospel was still being restored.
08:39 It was not the full gospel because of all the damage
08:43 that had been done to it during the Dark Ages
08:46 by the church of the Dark Ages.
08:48 Teaching, you know, penance you know in order to be--
08:51 in order to be forgiven you have to pay.
08:54 Infant sprinkling, traditions over the word of God.
08:59 Going to priests to ask for forgiveness
09:02 instead of going to Christ himself.
09:04 And so, and the law of God being altered.
09:08 All these truths having been altered,
09:10 the full gospel was not present.
09:13 But now, we have this message going forth
09:17 since the final restoration, the full restoration,
09:21 this message is going forth,
09:22 an angel is seen with the everlasting gospel
09:25 to take to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
09:29 Well, what is that gospel, where is it found?
09:31 It is found once again in God's blueprint,
09:35 in God's sanctuary. Psalms 77:13 says,
09:39 "Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary."
09:43 Why do we need God's way?
09:45 Because humanity is lost,
09:48 and we're trying to find the way back to God.
09:51 This angel is symbolically seen flying through heaven
09:54 with the way if you will.
09:56 The gospel as it is found
09:58 and laid out in the sanctuary message.
10:02 You know what I love about this so much
10:03 is that each church or each reformer,
10:08 they represented a church
10:10 at that current time that they're following.
10:13 God impressed them, the Holy Spirit impressed them
10:16 that, you know, this truth had been lost and they,
10:19 you know, moved forward and restoring
10:21 and teaching this truth.
10:23 And as, you know, the Altar of Sacrifice
10:26 and then the Laver and then the Table of Showbread.
10:28 They didn't leave anything behind,
10:31 you know, they kept going and didn't say,
10:33 oh, this is the new truth for now
10:34 and so we're just gonna march with this.
10:35 But they-- Incorporated.
10:37 Incorporated everything and it just shows the unity of God
10:41 and just the direction of God
10:44 and the leading of each reformer.
10:45 That's right, well, verse 7 tells us that this angel,
10:49 the message this angel comes with is this,
10:52 it says, "Fear God and give glory to Him
10:55 for the hour of His judgment is come."
10:59 In other words, this is telling us
11:02 that the judgment has begun,
11:04 the judgment is going forward
11:06 and it only makes sense because before Christ
11:09 comes again there has to have been a judgment.
11:11 If He's coming to take His saints with Him,
11:13 judgment must have occurred previous to this.
11:16 So here is the message that's telling us,
11:21 it's pointing us back to God's Plan of Salvation
11:24 as it is found in the blueprint
11:26 and it's telling us that the judgment has began.
11:30 I think what we're seeing here is that
11:32 the blueprint has something to do with judgment
11:36 and if I wanna pass the judgment,
11:38 I think it would be wise for us,
11:40 wise for me to understand this blueprint
11:43 because it's very possible this blueprint is based off of
11:46 or the judgment is based off of this blueprint.
11:50 Right. So I wanna look at something,
11:52 because this term 'fear God' is rich with meaning.
11:58 If you'll go with me to the book of Proverbs,
12:00 invite you to turn there with me, Proverbs Chapter 1.
12:05 Proverbs Chapter 1 now, Proverbs 1 is an amazing book
12:10 and many people read Proverbs because they wanna get what?
12:13 Wise. Wise. They wanna get wisdom.
12:15 That's what the book is about, it's the book of wisdom.
12:17 Proverbs 1 verse 7 tells us this,
12:20 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge
12:25 but fools despise wisdom and instruction."
12:31 Very interesting verse,
12:32 you see Revelation Chapter 14 verse 7 tells us,
12:36 the angel tells us, "Fear God."
12:38 Well, what does it mean to fear God?
12:40 The book of Proverbs tells us,
12:42 "That the fear of the Lord
12:44 is the beginning of knowledge or wisdom."
12:48 Wisdom. We wanna be wise. Right.
12:53 And wisdom is the fear of God.
12:55 God says, "Be wise." He says don't be foolish,
12:58 now what does it means to be foolish?
13:01 To be not wise. To not be wise.
13:04 To do unwise things. It means to be confused,
13:08 it means, you know, to just not be thinking
13:15 the way that God wants us to think.
13:17 Now it's interesting because immediately
13:19 after this first angel's message
13:22 we found another angel coming and you read that earlier
13:26 and this angel's message is this,
13:28 that Babylon has fallen.
13:31 Now what does the word Babylon mean?
13:33 What Babylon means? Confusion.
13:35 Confusion, confusion.
13:37 Now, if you're looking for directions
13:39 you don't want to ask someone who is confused.
13:43 Right. That would be foolish to do that.
13:48 It's quite interesting here that in Proverbs 1 verse 7
13:51 there is a distinction between the wise and the foolish.
13:55 Just as in the Revelation Chapter 14,
13:58 fear God which means to be what? Wise.
14:03 And then the second angel's message is,
14:05 Babylon has fallen.
14:07 To go with Babylon means to be what? To be foolish.
14:12 So what we have here is a distinction,
14:14 the first and second angel's message is really calling us
14:18 to make a decision as to whether we want to be wise
14:22 or whether we want to be foolish.
14:24 Now, I want to be wise,
14:26 how about you? I see your hands.
14:28 Very good, we all want to be wise,
14:30 we don't want to be foolish
14:31 and if we want to be wise, I happen to think
14:34 that one of the best books in the Bible to read,
14:37 to get wisdom would be the Book of Proverbs.
14:41 That's right. The Book of Proverbs.
14:43 So we're gonna take a little time
14:44 to go through the Book of Proverbs and see,
14:47 is there any wisdom in Proverbs that we can use,
14:49 that we can look at that relates
14:51 to the first and second angels' message.
14:54 Okay, so, so let's see here Proverbs Chapter 1,
14:58 we're gonna take a look at
14:59 Proverbs Chapter 1 verse 8 and 9.
15:01 Same Chapter Proverbs 1 and look at the very next verses.
15:05 It says, "My son, hear the instruction of thy father,
15:08 and forsake not the law of thy mother,
15:11 for they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head,
15:14 and chains about thy neck."
15:16 Okay, very interesting, one of the first things
15:19 that the Book of Proverbs instructs us
15:22 in terms of wisdom is about law.
15:25 Keep the law because it'll be an ornament of grace
15:29 to your neck, and I find that quite interesting.
15:32 People seem to make this distinction
15:34 between law and grace.
15:37 But Proverbs says that the law
15:40 is an ornament of grace around our--
15:44 Will be an ornament of grace around our neck.
15:46 Wisdom, be wise and keep the law, very interesting.
15:51 Let's jump down, if you will, to Chapter 2, Chapter 2
15:56 and let's read verses 1 through 5.
15:59 "My son, if thou will receive my words,
16:02 and hide my commandments with thee.
16:04 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom,
16:07 and apply thine heart to understanding.
16:10 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge,
16:12 and liftest up thy voice for understanding.
16:15 If thou seekest her as silver,
16:17 and searchest for her as for hid treasures.
16:20 Then shall thou understand the fear of the Lord,
16:22 and find the knowledge of God."
16:24 Okay, so again Proverbs Chapter 2,
16:26 begins almost the very same way.
16:29 Be wise, keep the commandments.
16:33 Keep the commandments. Seems like Proverbs
16:35 is actually trying to tell us something here
16:37 like if you want to be wise
16:39 this is the book to read. Keep the commandments.
16:41 Wisdom is summed up in the law of God.
16:43 That's right, wisdom is summed up in that law.
16:45 It is a, it is a perfect law.
16:47 And remember, what's being restored,
16:50 what was the final truth to be restored.
16:53 It is the truth found in the Ark of the Covenant.
16:57 That the law of God does not change,
17:00 cannot be altered and cannot be done away with, right.
17:03 let's go to Proverbs Chapter 3.
17:05 Proverbs Chapter 3, let's see if you find anything in there
17:08 that might add to what we're looking at here.
17:10 Proverbs 3 verse 1 to 3.
17:15 "My son forget not my law,
17:18 but let thine heart keep my commandments.
17:20 For length of days, and long life
17:22 and peace shall they add to thee.
17:25 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee,
17:27 bind them about thy neck,
17:29 write them upon the table of thine heart."
17:32 Do you want to continue?
17:33 You could stop right there. Okay.
17:36 There seems to be this continuous theme
17:38 in the book of Proverbs about the fear of the Lord.
17:41 Now remember, what is the first angel's message?
17:44 Fear God. Proverbs tells us
17:46 that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
17:50 and then it goes on to tell us
17:51 about keeping the commandments.
17:55 In the first three chapters that's what we see,
17:57 the first thing--you wanna know the wisdom of God,
18:00 you wanna have wisdom.
18:01 Keep his commandments, keep the commandments,
18:03 keep the commandments. How about Proverbs Chapter 4?
18:06 Proverbs Chapter 4 verse 1, and verse, from 1 to verse 4.
18:12 "Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father,
18:15 and attend to know understanding.
18:17 For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law."
18:20 All right, pause right there and then we're gonna read on.
18:23 But would you say, you know, you sitting out there,
18:25 would you say that it will be wise to keep God's law?
18:28 Yes. Would you say it to be foolish to forsake his law?
18:31 Yes. Absolutely, all right, let's read on.
18:33 "For I was my Father's son,
18:36 tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother.
18:39 He taught me also, and said unto me,
18:42 Let thine heart retain my words,
18:44 keep My commandments and live.
18:46 Get wisdom, get understanding forget it not,
18:49 neither decline from the words of My mouth.
18:52 Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee love her,
18:56 and she shall keep thee."
18:57 Okay, that's good right there.
18:58 So what we're seen here again,
19:00 the first four chapters of Proverbs
19:03 that are trying to instruct this in wisdom
19:05 are talking about the law of God.
19:09 How keeping that law will preserve you.
19:12 Now here's what's interesting,
19:14 because if you were to jump down,
19:16 Proverbs Chapter 4, just jump down to verse,
19:19 let's see here. In fact, let's do this,
19:22 just go over to Proverbs Chapter 7,
19:25 Proverbs Chapter 7 and this gets very interesting,
19:29 because Proverbs 7 verse 1 reads this,
19:31 " My son, keep My words,
19:33 and lay up My commandments with thee."
19:35 There we go again, it's almost like
19:37 the Book of Proverbs has this,
19:38 this continuous of theme of law of God,
19:42 "Keep My commandments,
19:43 lay up my commandments with thee,
19:45 keep my commandments and live
19:47 and my law as the apple of thine eye.
19:50 Bind them upon thy fingers,
19:52 write them upon the table of thine heart."
19:54 It's interesting that in the New Covenant is God
19:57 writing His law upon our hearts and in our minds.
20:01 But then notice verse 4,
20:04 "Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister,
20:06 and call understanding thy kinswoman.
20:09 That they may keep thee from the strange woman,
20:14 from the stranger which flattereth with her words."
20:18 Now, some of you reading this may already be jumping
20:20 up and down going, oh, my goodness.
20:22 But, if you're not doing that,
20:24 let me show you why this text is so important.
20:27 You see, in the Book of Revelation,
20:29 Babylon is described as a woman, a harlot.
20:35 Proverbs is telling us, keep the commandments
20:37 because they will, they will keep you
20:39 from the harlot or the strange woman.
20:43 Could Proverbs be actually talking
20:47 or trying to give us wisdom
20:50 about this first angel's message
20:52 and the second angel's message,
20:53 about the fear of God,
20:54 keeping His commandments to keep us from the harlot,
20:57 from the strange woman.
20:58 I wanna jump over, jump with me very quickly
21:01 if you will to the Book of Proverbs
21:03 Chapter 31, Proverbs Chapter 31.
21:06 Now remember this, what is Babylon guilty of?
21:11 She's guilty of giving wine to the world.
21:15 Notice this, Proverbs 31,
21:18 beginning with verse 1 the Bible says,
21:20 "The words of King Lemuel, the prophecy,"
21:22 and notice that word prophecy,
21:24 "the prophecy that his mother taught him.
21:26 What, my son? And what, the son of my womb?
21:29 And what, the son of my vows?
21:30 Give not thy strength unto women,
21:34 nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings."
21:39 "It is not for kings," now remember
21:41 God says that we are kings,
21:43 if we accept Christ we become kings.
21:46 "It is not for kings, O Lemuel,
21:48 it is not for kings to drink wine,
21:52 nor for princes' strong drink.
21:55 Lest they drink and forget the law,
21:59 and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted."
22:04 Wow, this prophecy is telling us
22:07 it is not wise for kings to drink lest they drink
22:09 and forget the law.
22:11 What is Babylon trying to do, this woman?
22:14 By the way a woman is symbolic of a church.
22:16 So we're talking about a counterfeit church
22:18 that is giving wine to the world
22:21 and that wine is leading them to drink
22:23 and forget what God said to remember.
22:28 And what commandment that God said to remember?
22:29 He said, remember the Sabbath day,
22:33 remember the Sabbath day.
22:34 Now here's what gets more interesting,
22:38 verse 6 says, "Give strong drink
22:40 unto him that is ready to perish."
22:43 Anybody out there that wanna to perish?
22:44 Okay, then don't drink if you wanna perish, right.
22:48 If you don't wanna perish. If you don't wanna perish.
22:49 Right. Jump down with me to verse 10,
22:53 right after it speaks about not being drunk
22:56 with the wine of strange women,
22:58 verse 10 goes on to say,
23:00 "Who can find a virtuous woman?
23:03 For her price is far above rubies."
23:06 This is absolutely mind blowing.
23:08 Because the Book of Revelation talks about a virtuous woman
23:12 and that is the true church of Jesus Christ.
23:16 The rest of Proverbs goes on to describe
23:18 this virtuous woman and how she's favored
23:21 than all these other woman.
23:23 The virtuous woman is the wise woman,
23:26 the one that keeps God's commandments.
23:30 And we always thought it was just about cooking
23:32 and cleaning and all of those things.
23:34 That's right, jump over with me
23:36 to the Book of Ecclesiastes.
23:37 Very next book, Ecclesiastes Chapter 12,
23:40 Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 verse 13 and 14 tell us this,
23:44 "Let us hear the conclusion
23:45 of the whole matter Fear God," and what?
23:49 "Keep his commandments"
23:50 "For this is the whole duty of man.
23:54 For God shall bring every work into judgment,
23:58 with every secret thing,
24:00 whether it be good or whether it be evil."
24:04 It's amazing, it come right out and tells us,
24:08 fear God means to keep His commandments
24:10 and that's what the entire Book of Proverbs
24:12 seems to be trying to point us to.
24:14 Here's something else interesting, Atonte,
24:16 that we need to understand, this is what I say,
24:19 the first angel's message is nothing
24:21 more than the message Noah preached
24:26 just before the flood.
24:27 Noah's message was very simple, get in the Ark.
24:32 Get in the Ark. That's the message of the first angel,
24:36 get in the Ark. No, we're not talking about Noah's Ark,
24:38 we're talking about the Ark of the Covenant.
24:42 Get in the Ark, because that is the place of safety.
24:44 Remember, on our sanctuary.
24:46 That's what the law of God says.
24:47 That's right. Our sanctuary diagram
24:50 shows the pattern of salvation.
24:53 You've the Ark of the, I mean, you've the Altar of Sacrifice,
24:56 at the very bottom there you go the Altar of Sacrifice,
24:59 that's giving your life to Christ,
25:00 then you've got to be baptized at the Laver,
25:02 that's number two. Then you got to study
25:04 the word of God, that's number three,
25:05 the Table of Showbread.
25:06 Then there's prayer, that's the Altar of Incense
25:09 and then there is the Candlestick,
25:11 that's letting your light shine.
25:12 But ultimately God's trying to lead us up into that Ark,
25:16 because it is that Ark where safety is found.
25:19 In fact if you read Psalm 91, Psalm 91 tells us,
25:23 "that those that dwell in the secret place
25:27 of the Most High shall abide
25:28 under the shadow of the Almighty."
25:30 Read all that Psalm and you'll find in verse 10 that it says,
25:34 "those at in the secret place no plague
25:38 is gonna come near them."
25:39 Why is that so interesting?
25:41 Because if you were to look at
25:42 the Book of Revelation, Chapter 15,
25:45 "the plagues that the angel that comes out
25:48 with the plague at the end of time,
25:50 the seven last angels, they're seen coming out
25:53 of the Most Holy Place."
25:56 Could it be that those who receive the plagues
25:59 are those who neglected to get into that Ark.
26:04 The Ark of safety. I believe it is so.
26:07 God is saying be wise. Yes.
26:09 Don't be foolish when someone comes along
26:11 and tries to give you a counterfeit GPS saying,
26:14 I don't worry about it, just go this way or go that way.
26:17 Be wise, do not forsake His law, keep His Sabbath,
26:21 keep those commandments because that is wisdom.
26:26 And to truly be wise because it might be
26:29 the first time you're ever hearing anything like this,
26:32 then to be wise would to, to take the word of God
26:35 and ask the Holy Spirit
26:37 to give you wisdom as you're studying.
26:39 And to study these principles, these thoughts
26:43 these points out even further not to,
26:47 it would be foolish to just say,
26:49 oh, yeah, I don't, I think I've already heard that
26:52 before or, you know, I've always thought it
26:56 a different way my entire life.
26:57 To be wise would to take the Bible
27:00 and test the truths and allow the Holy Spirit
27:03 to continue you to lead you and guide you to the altar.
27:06 Daniel 12 verse 10 tells us, Atonte,
27:08 "Many shall be purified, and made white
27:10 and tried but the wicked shall do wickedly
27:13 and none of the wicked shall understand
27:16 but the wise shall understand."
27:19 The wise shall understand.
27:22 That is, we've got to keep His commandments.
27:25 I want to read one more verse, if we have time to do it.
27:27 It is Daniel 11, verse, let's see verse 32.
27:32 It says, "And such as do wickedly
27:34 against the covenant shall he corrupt
27:37 by flatteries but the people
27:38 that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."
27:43 The wicked work against God's Covenant,
27:46 that's His law. Don't be wicked, don't be foolish,
27:51 don't follow Babylon and her directions,
27:54 follow God and His directions.
27:56 That's right. Well, we thank you for joining us
27:59 for this program, until next time, God bless.


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