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00:15 Welcome to "Battles of Faith."
00:16 We're your hosts, Ivor and Atonte Myers
00:19 and we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:22 You know, we have been covering the blueprint
00:25 for several programs now and in the last program
00:28 I told you don't miss this program.
00:31 And I don't know if you're watching it as it's airing
00:34 or if you decided to record it on DVR.
00:37 Whatever the case maybe, I'm happy that you're here,
00:39 because you are not gonna regret watching this program,
00:42 and you're gonna be so excited about the information
00:45 that is shared within this program.
00:48 Before we jump right in, you know, one of the things
00:51 that just really stood out to me in our last program.
00:54 As we're looking at the blueprint,
00:56 how important it is to God to give us a blueprint,
00:59 so we can have the gospel plan of salvation
01:03 and what we call His GPS.
01:06 It's so important to Him
01:07 and He give it to the children of Israel,
01:10 and said here take this, I need you to guard it,
01:13 I need you to apply it to your lives
01:16 and share it with the world,
01:18 so that it can go to all the world.
01:20 But as we know, the children of Israel did not do that.
01:23 And, you know, I was thinking during the last program,
01:25 God took the whole entire Old Testament
01:28 to just show us what happens
01:30 when we rebel against His word or His will.
01:33 And that's what happened to Israel,
01:34 they, God always gives us the freedom of choice,
01:37 and they choose not to take this blueprint and guard it,
01:42 but they decided to go against some of the principles of God.
01:46 And because of that, the enemy,
01:48 Satan was able to come in and do things to them,
01:54 and even put them into captivity.
01:56 And so he was able to do things
01:57 that wouldn't have happened to them
01:58 if they would have just trusted God
02:01 and had Faith in God.
02:02 And follow that blueprint,
02:03 which is what the Bible describes as the sanctuary.
02:07 We've been, according to His verse quite frequently,
02:09 Psalms 77:13 tells us,
02:12 Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary,
02:14 and that's what we're calling the GPS the blueprint.
02:17 It is God's model of the gospel plan.
02:23 And in the program that we're gonna be doing today,
02:26 we're gonna show how God had given this model
02:30 to planet earth as a way to save as many as possible,
02:34 and how at a certain point Satan
02:38 tried to destroy this model,
02:40 and actually was almost successful at doing it.
02:44 And I think it's just amazing to see
02:47 how God was able to preserve this blueprint
02:51 and that's what we're gonna take a look at.
02:52 So we again invite you to get your Bibles,
02:55 because we're going to go through
02:58 a large portion of history.
03:01 We're gonna be covering a lot in this segment,
03:04 and so I want to begin just by sharing some things
03:08 to kind of bring us up to the point
03:11 where we see this blueprint
03:13 or the sanctuary being attacked,
03:15 and how God would restore it at the end of time.
03:18 Well, where we left off
03:19 in the last program really quickly is that
03:23 Spirit, I mean, literal Israel did fumble the ball,
03:26 if you will, they did not follow all that
03:29 God was telling them to do.
03:30 So God passed the ball to spiritual Israel
03:32 and spiritual Israel ran down
03:34 that was running down the field
03:36 and was on fire for the Lord
03:38 and doing all that they could do in their power.
03:40 So we know because of that Satan had to try to come up
03:44 with some plan to try to stop them.
03:47 That's right. God gives this sanctuary blueprint
03:50 to Israel in the Old Testament
03:52 and He says, Christ is coming in a certain period of time,
03:56 you're to be ready for His coming.
03:58 But Israel instead of accepting Christ,
04:00 they rejected Him and God takes that message
04:05 and He passes it off, if you will,
04:06 to a new nation First Peter,
04:08 or First Peter Chapter 2 verse 9, I believe
04:11 it is speaks about the gentiles
04:13 being a royal nation,
04:15 who were one time not the people of God,
04:17 but are now the people of God.
04:19 So off spiritual Israel goes down the field
04:23 with this sanctuary blueprint.
04:24 Now, for those of you who have not seen
04:27 any of the previous programs,
04:28 we want to put up an image of the blueprint,
04:31 so that you can get the idea,
04:32 get this image in your mind
04:34 because it's gonna be crucial to our study today.
04:37 So on the screen you're looking at a image
04:39 of the sanctuary as it was outlined in the Old Testament.
04:43 First article of furniture,
04:44 you had when you came into the Ark,
04:46 into the sanctuary was the Altar of Sacrifice.
04:51 That's right, and then moving out from there,
04:55 the Altar of Sacrifice we have the Laver.
04:57 The Laver. The Laver is symbolic of what, Atonte?
05:00 Of baptism. Baptism and washing--
05:02 the Altar of Sacrifice points us
05:05 to the powerful sacrifice of Christ on our behalf.
05:09 Then you got to The Table of Showbread, which represented?
05:12 The word of God. That was found in the Holy Place,
05:14 a two compartment room divided by a curtain.
05:18 The Holy Place and then the Most Holy Place
05:20 and in between those was a curtain.
05:22 You had The Table of Showbread,
05:24 you see it right there on your screen,
05:26 represented the word of God.
05:27 And then you have the Altar of Incense representing?
05:30 Prayer. Prayer, very important,
05:33 our communion with God.
05:36 The Seven-Branched Candlestick represented
05:39 the light or our light shining.
05:43 "Let your light so shine that men may see your good works,"
05:47 Jesus said over Matthew Chapter 5 verse 16.
05:50 And then finally, you went up into the Most Holy Place,
05:53 and in the Most Holy Place
05:54 there was the Ark of the Covenant,
05:56 wherein was the Law of God,
05:58 there was the mercy seat above it,
06:00 and seated upon that mercy seat
06:02 was the divine glory of God.
06:05 God sat in between the two covering cherubs
06:09 or two angels that were in his very midst.
06:13 And so, here you have a picture of,
06:15 basically this is a nutshell of the plan of salvation,
06:19 Christ's sacrifice, baptism, the word of God,
06:23 prayer, letting your light shine,
06:25 and the law of God and the very presence of God.
06:28 This is the gospel right here in a nutshell.
06:31 Sometimes we like to say that it's the gospel juice,
06:34 you know, it's concentrated.
06:37 And so, now that you have that picture in your mind,
06:39 we're going to take a look at what Satan actually did
06:43 to try to destroy the truths
06:47 that are taught by this sanctuary.
06:50 Well, first, spiritual Israel was so understanding
06:54 every aspect of this GPS,
06:57 they understood it and they got it.
06:59 And so Satan's original plan was,
07:02 well, let's just destroy, kill spiritual Israel.
07:05 That's right, and so he uses literal Israel
07:10 to attack spiritual Israel.
07:11 That's what you find in the New Testament
07:14 with the persecutions that were going on because of this,
07:18 you know, new religion, spiritual Israel
07:22 the gentiles are being, are being,
07:24 you know, attack this religion,
07:26 and in fact, what they do is
07:27 they team up with literal Rome.
07:29 So literal Israel, and literal Rome kind of unite
07:37 in their persecution against the New Testament Church,
07:43 which was made up of both Jew and Gentile.
07:47 There was no distinction anymore.
07:49 Christ's death, burial, and resurrection
07:51 got rid of that dividing line, if you will.
07:54 And so, but the devil got,
07:57 you know, upset about it, about the tact He was using.
08:01 Because what he found was the more
08:03 that Christians were killed
08:04 is the more that they multiplied.
08:07 And so we're talking about,
08:08 you know, 100 AD, 200 AD, 300 AD,
08:13 Rome is seriously persecuting the Church,
08:17 but they're just multiplying, multiplying, multiplying.
08:19 So Satan realizes he has to come up with a new tactic,
08:23 and so we find this new tactic in Daniel Chapter 8.
08:28 Daniel Chapter 8, we invite you at home
08:32 to get to your Bibles, so that you can read along with us.
08:36 But in Daniel Chapter 8 a prophecy is given,
08:40 of a power that would come upon the scene.
08:42 I believe it's Daniel 8
08:43 beginning with verse 11 and 12.
08:47 Daniel Chapter 8 verse 11, the Bible tells us here.
08:53 Atonte, would you read that for us, verse,
08:56 you know, let's read verse 9--
08:57 Okay. --to verse 11.
08:59 "And out of one of them came forth a little horn,
09:03 which waxed exceeding great,
09:04 toward the south, and toward the east,
09:07 and toward the pleasant land.
09:08 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven,
09:11 and it cast down some of the host
09:14 and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon it.
09:18 Yea, he magnified himself even to the Prince of the host,
09:21 and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away,
09:25 and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.
09:28 And an host was given him
09:31 against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression,
09:34 and it cast down the truth to the ground,
09:36 and it practiced and prospered."
09:38 Okay, Daniel Chapter 8 is telling us of this power
09:41 that was to come upon the scene
09:45 that would do something just amazing in a bad way.
09:50 It would take this, the truth,
09:53 and cast it down to the ground,
09:55 and it would practice and prosper.
09:57 It also says that this little horn power
09:59 would cast down the sanctuary.
10:04 Now it's important to understand
10:05 the timeframe we're speaking of here
10:07 because this little horn
10:08 is also mentioned in Daniel Chapter 7.
10:10 So let's just flip back one chapter
10:13 to Daniel Chapter 7 and in Daniel 7,
10:16 Daniel has another vision where he sees four beasts
10:20 or four kingdoms coming into power.
10:23 For the sake of time those four beasts
10:26 are Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and then Rome.
10:30 And after Rome, Daniel sees ten horns,
10:34 these ten horns represent the various divisions of Rome,
10:37 but after that he sees another little horn
10:41 coming up among these ten horns.
10:44 We can read about that in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 8,
10:49 it says, "I considered the horns
10:52 'that is the horns coming out of this fourth kingdom.'
10:55 And, behold, there came up among them
10:58 another little horn, before whom there were
11:01 three other first horns plucked up by the roots
11:03 and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man,
11:07 and a mouth speaking great things."
11:09 Because of our limitation of time
11:11 we can only see that these little horn
11:13 is the very same power found in Daniel Chapter 8,
11:16 there is the same little horn.
11:18 This little horn comes upon the scene sometime
11:21 after the fall of Rome, that would be 480 onward,
11:26 and this little horn is said to have cast down the truth
11:29 to the ground and cast down the sanctuary to the ground.
11:32 So, what we're looking for in this little horn power,
11:35 this power that the devil will use
11:37 is a power that would seek
11:39 to attack the sanctuary, what sanctuary?
11:42 There was no earthly sanctuary in the time of Rome.
11:45 There, the only sanctuary was a heavenly sanctuary.
11:50 So we're looking for a power that would attack the truth
11:52 being taught in this heavenly sanctuary
11:57 or this heavenly blueprint.
11:59 So let's go ahead and see
12:01 what power according to the word of God
12:04 would attack that heavenly sanctuary,
12:07 and the answer is absolutely amazing.
12:09 Satan would use the Church of the Dark Ages
12:14 to attack these truths,
12:17 you will see what I mean in a moment.
12:19 Remember, our diagram, the blueprint,
12:21 what God Has given us to show us the path of salvation,
12:25 to show us the way to be saved.
12:27 Ultimately what the devil would attack
12:30 through this little horn power,
12:32 were the trues being taught
12:35 by each of those Articles of Furniture.
12:39 So how did this happen?
12:41 Well, the Church of the Dark Ages began to teach us
12:46 something called the indulgence, the indulgence.
12:49 Now, what is that?
12:50 Basically it was, it was, it was saying that,
12:54 the sacrifice of Christ which is what Article of Furniture?
12:58 Which is that Altar of Sacrifice.
13:01 The sacrifice of Christ was not sufficient
13:04 for the forgiveness of sins.
13:06 To really capitalize on the forgiveness of sins,
13:09 you have to pay? Money.
13:12 Money, so that your sins could be forgiven.
13:15 Now this was literally or, you might say
13:19 it was just reaching out for that Altar of Sacrifice
13:22 and casting it down to the ground
13:24 and replacing it with an error with a counterfeit.
13:28 The Church of the Dark Ages also taught
13:30 that the sacrifice of Christ was not sufficient,
13:34 that one time sacrifice was not sufficient,
13:36 and so they began another teaching which basically said,
13:39 every time a priest takes bread and prays over it,
13:44 it becomes the body of Christ.
13:47 Christ is being sacrificed over and over again.
13:52 It nullifies the efficiency of Christ's one time sacrifice.
13:58 This truth was effectively cast down
14:01 and people lost sight of what
14:03 that Altar of Sacrifice stood for you.
14:05 Not only did that happen,
14:07 but the same Church of the Dark Ages also began
14:10 to attack that Laver, which represents?
14:13 Baptism. Baptism, and what did they began to teach?
14:16 That you could the sprinkling, sprinkle infant.
14:20 Sprinkling, that's right.
14:21 There was no need to ask
14:22 for the forgiveness of sins any more because,
14:24 you know, I mean, an infant can't ask
14:26 for forgiveness of sins.
14:27 So all you have to do was to be sprinkled,
14:30 and then you'd be okay. Confession?
14:32 Sprinkle, that's a little baby.
14:33 That's right, that's a little baby,
14:34 and then you would be all right.
14:35 No need for confession or repentance
14:36 and then being baptized,
14:37 just once you're sprinkled, you're good.
14:40 This Laver, the truth taught by the Laver was cast down
14:44 and something put in its place.
14:47 The same Church went up into the Holy Place,
14:51 and even took the Table of Showbread
14:53 and in a symbolic sense cast that down to the ground,
14:56 how do they do that?
14:57 By teaching that the laity could not understand
15:02 the word of God for themselves,
15:04 you have to go to a priest or some teacher
15:08 to understand the word of God.
15:10 And that caused people to, you know, believe that
15:14 and so they stopped going to the word of God.
15:16 That's right. It was all.
15:17 They would only go to a priest and believe everything--
15:19 That's right, exactly.
15:20 That priest said, it's not personal study.
15:22 Exactly, that got rid,
15:23 that cut the people off from the word of God.
15:26 Satan was using this power to cast the truth
15:29 down to the ground to provide the people
15:31 with a counterfeit GPS or path to salvation.
15:35 They also began to teach that tradition
15:38 was more important than the word of God.
15:41 And basically it lowered the importance
15:45 of the word of God in the eyes of the people.
15:47 Not only did the same Church do that,
15:49 they also even set, took that Altar of Incense,
15:53 which represents prayer, our prayer to God
15:56 and cast it down, telling the people,
15:58 you can't go to God and pray to Him yourself,
16:00 you have to come through priests to do so.
16:03 You have to pray through saints
16:05 in order for God to hear you.
16:07 In fact, you'll remember, let's put our image
16:10 upon the screen very quickly if we could.
16:12 You'll remember in our diagram
16:14 that the Most Holy Place was divided by a curtain,
16:17 or the Holy Place and Most Holy Place
16:19 were divided by a curtain,
16:20 and on the side of the Most Holy Place
16:23 was the very presence of God.
16:25 Well, the Church even went as far as to take this truth,
16:29 and create their own two compartment room,
16:32 we call it a confessional booth.
16:35 With the priest sitting in the place of God
16:38 hearing the confessions of mortal men.
16:41 This Church effectively took the truth
16:42 of the Altar of Incense and cast it down to the ground.
16:45 Removing the vision of the people of--
16:49 their sight from Christ, our Heavenly High Priest
16:51 and intercessor, to man as intercessor.
16:54 They even reached out to the candlestick,
16:56 which represented the Church of Christ
16:58 letting their light shine and persecuted them so much so
17:02 that they almost extinguished the light of the Church.
17:06 And ultimately, Atonte,
17:08 this Church reached up into the Most Holy Place,
17:12 and what they did was absolutely mind blowing.
17:14 Daniel 7:25 tells us
17:16 that "this little horn would speak great words
17:19 against the Most High,
17:21 wear out or persecute the saints of the Most High,
17:23 and think to change times and laws."
17:27 That's exactly what they did.
17:28 Number one, they reach into the Ark of the Covenant
17:31 and took the Sabbath commandment,
17:33 which says, remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
17:35 Six days shall you labor and do all thy work,
17:36 but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
17:40 They took that commandment and replaced it
17:43 with the first day of the week,
17:44 and they said, we do this by our authority,
17:48 by our traditions we have power to do this.
17:51 They actually did exactly
17:53 what the prophecy stated they would do.
17:54 And not because they didn't have any direction from God.
17:57 No direction from God.
17:58 Not God telling them to change it,
18:00 but through their own power as human beings.
18:04 Exactly, they were basically doing the same thing
18:07 that Lucifer did in heaven by attacking the law of God
18:10 which is the foundation of His throne.
18:12 They also took the Ten Commandments,
18:16 and took out commandment number two,
18:18 which says, Thou shalt not worship graven images,
18:21 they took out number two
18:23 and took the Tenth Commandment split into two,
18:26 so that you will still have Ten Commandments.
18:29 They tampered totally with the law of God,
18:32 that's like lifting up God off of His mercy seat,
18:34 reaching down to his,
18:36 to the foundation of His throne,
18:37 and changing it according to your will.
18:40 Absolutely mind blowing.
18:43 Even so much so, Atonte,
18:44 that, you know, that the mercy seat was God's throne,
18:48 there you have God sitting on His throne
18:51 between two cherubim, and the Book of Revelation
18:53 describes four angels are surrounding the throne of God.
18:59 Well, take a look at this picture,
19:01 here you have a man sitting on a throne
19:04 between two cherubim and surrounded by four other men,
19:11 that is a picture of man claiming to be God,
19:16 man claiming to be God.
19:18 And so this is what the dark,
19:20 that the Church did during the Dark Ages
19:22 during that 1260 year period spoken up
19:25 in Daniel 7:25 a time, times and dividing of time.
19:30 So the question now, Atonte is, what would happen,
19:33 you know, what would happen to the blueprint?
19:35 Is God gonna do something, is He gonna intervene?
19:39 Where do we go from here?
19:41 And the answer is absolutely profound.
19:45 And I'm sure during these 1260 years,
19:48 I mean, the people of God,
19:50 spiritual Israel, was--they were being so faithful to God,
19:53 but you know, they at some point had to wonder,
19:56 Lord, what are you gonna do, when is this going to end?
20:00 And God heard their cries and their prayers.
20:02 which brings us to the final prophecy
20:05 of the Book of Daniel,
20:06 it's called the 2,300 day prophecy,
20:10 in Bible prophecy a day equals a year,
20:13 so this would actually be 2300 years,
20:16 just like the 70-week prophecies day for a year,
20:19 the 1,260 a day for a year that covered the Dark Ages,
20:23 where the truths were cast down.
20:25 This 2,300 day prophecy would extent,
20:29 would begin in 457 BC and end 2,300 years later,
20:36 Now I know for the sake of time those numbers may,
20:39 you know, sound a little confusing.
20:41 But the prophecy starts at the very same time
20:44 as the 70-week prophecy, which was 457,
20:48 and it takes us down to 2,300 years
20:52 and at that time God says,
20:54 the truths of the sanctuary would be restored.
20:56 That actually brings us to the year 1844,
21:00 if you count from 457 when the decree went forth
21:03 to rebuilt Jerusalem, you count 2300 years,
21:07 you get to 1844.
21:08 If we're right, and I know many of you
21:10 listen to this are going, I don't get those numbers,
21:12 I've never heard it before.
21:13 But if we're right, what we're gonna see
21:16 is that God would have restored all the truths
21:20 of that blueprint by the year 1844.
21:23 So let's see, did that happen.
21:25 Let's take a trip down history.
21:28 That's right. Lane.
21:29 Over a period of 500 years God begins to restore
21:33 the very truths that were cast down
21:35 by the Church of the Dark Ages beginning with a man
21:39 by the name of John Wycliffe in the 1300s.
21:42 John Wycliffe translates the Bible
21:45 into the common language
21:47 or the language of the common people.
21:49 We might say, he effectively restored
21:52 the word of God to the people,
21:54 so that they could begin to read
21:56 and find the direction for themselves.
21:59 John Wycliffe is known as
22:00 "the Morning Star of the Reformation,"
22:02 because he got the Bible
22:04 into the language of the common people.
22:06 So, when we did that,
22:07 The Table of Showbread was restored.
22:10 Exactly, was effectively restored.
22:12 In the 1400s, a man by the name of Martin Luther is born.
22:16 Martin Luther comes upon the scene,
22:18 and Martin Luther begins the Protestant Reformation.
22:21 One of the first things that Martin Luther wars against
22:26 is this teaching that you have to pay
22:30 in order for sins to be forgiven.
22:32 Martin Luther rediscovers the truth of justification
22:36 by faith in the sacrifice of Christ.
22:39 And so Martin Luther becomes the founder
22:41 of the Lutheran movement.
22:43 So Jesus' onetime sacrifice on the cross--
22:46 Was sufficient. Was enough for our sins.
22:49 Exactly. So Martin Luther picks up on
22:50 what Wycliffe did in 1300s
22:52 and he adds or restores the Altar of Sacrifice,
22:57 and so we have that altar that truths
22:59 now being preached and restored.
23:01 But it doesn't end there, because in the 1500s
23:05 and by the way Martin Luther begins
23:06 his reformation in the 1500s.
23:09 But around that same time a man
23:10 by the name of John Calvin comes upon the scene.
23:13 John Calvin is the founder of the Presbyterian movement.
23:17 And John Calvin has this special burden for prayer,
23:20 it is said that no one has written
23:22 more on prayer than John Calvin has.
23:24 Wow. And what John Calvin does
23:25 is he effectively restores the Altar of Incense,
23:29 which tells us, you don't need to go
23:31 to a man to confess your sins,
23:33 you can go direct, you have direct access to Jesus Christ,
23:36 our Heavenly High Priest.
23:39 I think I was, if I was living in the 1500s,
23:41 you know, I would have been a Presbyterian.
23:43 God raise that movement up
23:45 for a reason to restore a particular truth,
23:47 but it didn't stop there.
23:49 Because in the 1600s another man
23:52 comes upon the scene by the name of John Smyth.
23:56 John Smyth is studying his Bible,
23:58 and John Smyth finds discovers the truth,
24:02 that baptism must be preceded
24:08 by confession and repentance.
24:11 You don't sprinkle in baptism, you must fully immerse.
24:16 John Smyth builds on the truth that came before him,
24:19 he becomes the founder of the Baptist movement,
24:22 that's the 1600s, God is restoring
24:25 these articles one by one,
24:26 one by one. So he restores the Laver.
24:29 He restores the Laver.
24:30 The altar of The Table of Showbread, Wycliffe John.
24:34 Martin Luther, the Altar of Sacrifice.
24:37 Calvin, the incense, and now John Smyth the Laver.
24:41 Well, in the 1700s another man comes upon the scene
24:45 by the name of John Wesley.
24:46 John Wesley is the founder of the Methodist movement.
24:49 And what John Wesley does is he has this very strong burden
24:53 for seeing the gospel work
24:54 go into all the world, for witnessing.
24:57 And he begins, you know, sending missionaries out
25:01 to do the work of taking the gospel to the world.
25:04 John Wesley, we might say effectively restores
25:09 the Seven-Branch Candlestick.
25:10 Well, this is what excites me, Atonte.
25:12 Because there was one article of truth
25:15 left to be restored it is the Ark of the Covenant.
25:20 What movement would God raise up in the 1800s,
25:23 remember, what year does the 2,300 prophecy end?
25:27 It ends in 1844.
25:30 Beloved God raised up what movement?
25:33 He raised up the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
25:38 that took all the truths of all the reformers before it
25:41 and brought them all together replacing the final restoring,
25:45 the final truth which is that the law of God
25:48 has not been changed, that there is no man
25:50 that we should call the Holy Father,
25:52 and that all these things are a restoration of God's GPS.
25:58 And so that this, the Seventh-day is the Sabbath
26:02 of the Lord thy God.
26:03 And not to split the Tenth Commandment in two
26:07 and we should not bow down to graven images.
26:10 That's right. And it is this message,
26:12 when this message was fully restored.
26:15 Matthew 24:14 Jesus says,
26:17 and this gospel shall be preached in all the world
26:20 and then shall the end come.
26:21 There was a football game that was in 1982,
26:24 where one team was just a couple of,
26:28 they were, they were one point down
26:30 and there was one second left on the clock.
26:33 This team that thought there were gonna win,
26:35 they did the kickoff, the other team got the ball,
26:38 they began going down the field.
26:40 While they tackle the guy with the ball
26:41 but before they got him down,
26:42 he passed the ball back to one of his teammates,
26:45 and he took the ball and started running.
26:47 They tackle him, but he passed it back,
26:49 this happened six times.
26:51 The opposite team, their band was on the field celebrating.
26:55 They knew they were gonna win.
26:57 They knew they were gonna win.
26:58 When all of a sudden, the sixth guy takes the ball
27:00 across the end zone and into the end zone,
27:04 they win by an upset that the place it shocked.
27:08 The devil and his angels were celebrating.
27:10 But God took that blueprint and Church
27:13 by Church he raised up for a particular reason,
27:15 but he hands the ball last of to the Adventist Church,
27:19 and he says, take it into the end zone.
27:21 If you're an Adventist and you're listening,
27:23 you're not an Adventist by chance,
27:25 that's what I'm trying to tell you.
27:26 This movement has been ordained of God,
27:28 and if you're not an Adventist I want you know
27:30 that all Adventists are, they are Baptist,
27:32 Methodist, Presbyterian, who all walk, Lutherans,
27:36 who walked into more light,
27:37 took their truths and brought them
27:39 all together into one movement.
27:41 We invite you into the final movement
27:44 that God Has called for such a time as this.
27:47 This is the GPS that God desires to be taken
27:51 into all the world. So then, the end will come.
27:54 Amen. This is why this message always gives me goosebumps,
27:59 because the history proves along with the Bible,
28:02 what God is trying to do for His people.
28:06 Thank you for joining us, until next time, God bless.


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