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00:15 Welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:17 We're your host, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:19 And we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:22 In past programs, we've been learning about the blueprint,
00:26 God's plan of salvation.
00:29 And we've seen that
00:30 how He has sprinkled it all over the Bible.
00:33 And in the last program, we even learned that prayer,
00:36 Bible study, and being a light,
00:38 witnessing to the world are all equally balanced.
00:43 That God doesn't put one over the other
00:45 and how important as Christians
00:47 we must do all three.
00:48 That's right, the Holy Place in the Sanctuary
00:51 had those three articles of furniture
00:53 and as we look to the plan of salvation,
00:56 and how it is applicable to each of our lives,
00:58 we saw that those three in particular are
01:01 extremely important for the Christian
01:04 to be balanced in and ultimately that leads us
01:10 to the very throne room of God,
01:12 where He brings us back into His presence.
01:13 And that's the entire plan of salvation,
01:15 it is to bring us back into the presence of God.
01:20 The blueprint that we have been discussing,
01:22 the sanctuary that God had given the children of Israel
01:25 in the wilderness is God's GPS.
01:29 His Gospel Plan of Salvation
01:31 that He gives a world lost in sin.
01:34 And He gives it to us because He loves us,
01:36 and He wants us to understand
01:39 the clear path to salvation.
01:42 And some who may just be tuning in for the first time
01:45 or maybe have missed some of the programs,
01:47 may still be wondering,
01:48 why does He have to give this blueprint?
01:53 What took place that caused God to have put this in place?
01:57 Right, and we're gonna, we're gonna to do is,
01:58 we're gonna to do a little recap
02:00 because we're going to get into what happens
02:03 with this blueprint and basically see
02:06 how God had given it and how Satan
02:08 is trying to counter its influence.
02:11 So, again we invite you to get your Bibles,
02:14 and we invite you to follow along
02:16 because we have a powerful study
02:18 today in the word of God.
02:20 And we're gonna begin with the Book of Ezekiel 28,
02:23 and I'm just gonna kind of share some of these verses
02:26 and pass them, because we're just giving a recap here.
02:29 But in Ezekiel 28, the Bible speaks of this angel
02:35 that we understand to be Lucifer,
02:38 "He was called the covering cherub."
02:40 He was perfect in his ways
02:42 when he was created the Bible says,
02:43 "Until inequity was found in him."
02:46 Looking at this concept of covering cherub,
02:48 it led us through the Old Testament,
02:50 where we saw that God had given Moses
02:53 this instruction to build this temple,
02:57 the sanctuary in the wilderness.
02:59 And the sanctuary was like a miniature model
03:02 of the throne room of God or the Kingdom of God,
03:06 if you will, His government.
03:08 Inside that sanctuary was something
03:10 called the Most Holy Place,
03:12 and inside that Most Holy Place
03:14 was the "Ark of the Covenant."
03:16 On top of that Ark, was the Mercy Seat.
03:19 You can read all this in the Book of Exodus Chapter 25.
03:21 The mercy seat was symbolic of God's throne.
03:25 And on either side of the mercy seat were covering cherubs.
03:31 Angels, whose job it was, was to protect
03:35 and defend as it were the law of God,
03:37 that what cover means to defend.
03:39 So based upon this miniature model
03:41 of God's throne room in heaven,
03:43 we can look at that model and see,
03:46 Lucifer, Satan was one of these angels,
03:49 one of these two angels
03:50 that stood in the very presence of God
03:53 and was in charge or was his, was commissioned to uphold
03:58 and to show the sanctity of the law of God.
04:02 But the Bible tells us that Lucifer
04:05 he was perfect in his ways
04:07 until inequity was found in him.
04:09 Now that word inequity means sin,
04:11 and sin means transgression of the law.
04:14 So, Lucifer, who was to be defending the law of God,
04:17 which is the foundation of his throne, remember,
04:19 "The mercy seat rested upon the Ark."
04:23 Lucifer, who was to be defending
04:25 that law turned against it
04:27 and hence there was war in heaven.
04:29 Lucifer and his angels are cast out,
04:32 God raises up humanity, creates planet earth,
04:37 and creates Adam and Eve, okay.
04:40 And part of the reason that He creates Adam and Eve,
04:42 we're told, is to serve as jurors.
04:45 We read that in First Corinthians 6:1 through 3,
04:47 where the Bible says,
04:49 "Know ye not that the saints shall judge angels?"
04:51 We're talking about judging the Lucifer
04:54 and his fallen angels.
04:56 But, you know, this, we know the story,
04:57 Adam and Eve sinned, they fall fromthe grace of God
05:01 and hence the plan of salvation is put in place
05:05 to bring mankind back to the throne of God.
05:09 Remember, well, according to the verse
05:12 Psalms 77:13 tells us
05:14 "'Thy way, O God." Is where?" In the sanctuary."
05:18 When Lucifer was rebelling against God in heaven,
05:21 he was rebelling against God's way of doing things.
05:26 So, when God creates mankind
05:29 and calls him to walk in God's way,
05:33 Lucifer, approaches Eve in the Garden
05:36 and gets her to turn away from God.
05:39 The plan of salvation is designed
05:41 to lead us back into the way, back to God.
05:46 And so we find in Exodus Chapter 25 that,
05:50 God instructs Moses to build the sanctuary.
05:53 Now we've spent the last, I believe three programs
05:56 going through the incredible parallels in the sanctuary
06:02 that show the plan of salvation.
06:04 So I'm not gonna do that now,
06:06 where it was simply recapping
06:09 what we've gone over so far.
06:10 But, God gives this sanctuary blueprint to Israel
06:14 because in it is the very path of salvation
06:18 that God wants to get to the whole world.
06:21 So imagine with me, if you will,
06:23 I want to say this carefully,
06:24 imagine Israel as God's football team, okay.
06:29 Just, just go with that analogy with me for a moment.
06:32 And those who are watching in other, in other countries,
06:35 I think they call in America football
06:38 is not the game that you play with your feet.
06:41 Well, you use your feet, but it's not we call soccer.
06:44 Yeah, so I think in other countries,
06:45 people might see this, your thinking football,
06:47 I guess it's the same,
06:48 same kind of just in the game, same concept.
06:51 Trying to move the ball up the field
06:52 and get it into the goal. That's right.
06:54 Or the end zone, whatever, well,
06:56 God gives Israel this blueprint like a football
07:01 and He says, Israel, take it down the field,
07:03 you ought to take this blueprint.
07:06 And because this blueprint contains a plan of salvation,
07:10 I'm going to use you to prepare the world
07:13 for the coming of Jesus Christ.
07:16 That was their entire mission.
07:18 And so as we begin to consider the entire
07:20 Old Testament is really about Satan's
07:24 or God's desire to prepare the world
07:28 for the coming of Christ
07:30 and Satan's desire to stop the people
07:34 who God had called to do it, okay.
07:37 So Satan is against Israel,
07:39 and he is against the blueprint
07:41 because in that blueprint
07:42 which contains the way of salvation.
07:46 The devil doesn't want anyone to be saved.
07:48 So, he begins to attack the people,
07:50 that's Israel, and the blueprint.
07:53 And so we'll find that, you know,
07:56 what begins to happen throughout the Old Testament
07:59 is that Israel begins to falter,
08:01 they begin to do all kinds of things that
08:04 that are getting them just basically in trouble
08:07 like worshiping idols and falling away
08:10 from the very thing God had called them up to be.
08:14 So they started disobeying God and His word,
08:17 taking things into their own hands
08:19 and there's many, many examples of that
08:22 scattered throughout the Old Testament
08:25 and it would take us several programs
08:27 to go over everything that is real started to do. Yep.
08:30 But, I guess the main point is,
08:31 is they started to go against the will of God,
08:34 started to rebelled Him be disobedient.
08:35 Right, in other words, we've just summarized
08:38 basically the whole Old Testament.
08:40 The whole Old Testament is about God's desire
08:43 to prepare the world for the coming of Christ
08:45 through the blueprint that He had given to Israel
08:49 and Satan's desire to stop that mission
08:53 from being accomplished by either destroying Israel
08:57 or calling them, causing them to turn away from God
09:00 or destroying the blueprint itself.
09:03 And that's what we find happens.
09:05 The children of Israel become so rebellious that God allows,
09:10 finally allows the nation of Babylon to come
09:13 and take them captive
09:16 because they were rebelling against His will.
09:19 We find it in Second Chronicles
09:20 Chapter 36 verse 18, the Bible says here,
09:26 "And all the vessels of the house of God,
09:29 great and small, and the treasures
09:31 of the house of the Lord, and the treasures of the king
09:34 and of his princes, all these he,
09:38 that is Nebuchadnezzar, brought to Babylon.
09:41 And they burnt the house of God,
09:43 and break down the wall of Jerusalem,
09:45 and burnt all the palaces thereof with fire,
09:48 and destroyed all vthe goodly vessels thereof."
09:52 Now this is not the tabernacle
09:53 that was built in the wilderness.
09:55 This is a new tabernacle, a different temple,
09:57 a more sturdy structure that have been built,
10:02 and this temple is the one that was destroyed.
10:07 And so this leads us to the Book of Daniel,
10:11 which takes us to a very important time prophecy
10:14 that we're going to look at,
10:15 it is called the 70 week prophecy,
10:18 the 70 week prophecy,
10:20 it's found in Daniel Chapter 9.
10:22 Now this is the first of three major time prophecies
10:26 in the Book of Daniel.
10:28 There is the 1260 day prophecy,
10:31 there is a 2300 day prophecy,
10:34 and there is the 70 week prophecy.
10:36 The 70 week prophecy is the shortest of all three.
10:40 And we're gonna get into other two prophecies
10:42 in a future program.
10:44 We're gonna focus in on the 70 weeks right now. Daniel 9--
10:48 And I have to say this.
10:49 Don't let your mind shutdown
10:51 as soon as you start hearing the numbers and the prophecies,
10:54 I know there is a time before I really understood
10:56 the blueprint honestly, that my mind would
10:59 just shutdown 'cause like oh, there it goes again.
11:01 Okay, I get the whole point of it,
11:03 but I'm not understanding all the little details
11:05 and God wants us to understand the details.
11:09 And because the blueprint gives us a nice wonderful overview
11:13 and it makes these time prophecies
11:15 extremely easy to grasp and understand,
11:17 and even to share with others.
11:19 That's right, and that's what we're gonna do.
11:20 We're just gonna show you the basic
11:22 70 week time prophecy and what it represented,
11:25 okay, in the context of our study with the blueprint.
11:29 So remember now, what do we have going on here,
11:32 the children of Israel are in Babylonian captivity
11:35 because of their rebellion towards God.
11:39 And Daniel 9 begins with a Prophet Daniel,
11:44 and he is praying to God, praying for understanding,
11:47 praying for wisdom, praying for enlightenment.
11:51 When he receives a prophecy, the prophecy begins in verse,
11:57 verse 24, in fact, we'll read verse 23.
12:02 Angel comes to Daniel, then angel comes to Daniel
12:04 as he's praying and verse 23 reads,
12:07 "At the beginning of Thy supplications
12:09 the commandment came forth, and I am come,"
12:12 that is the angel, "to show Thee,
12:14 for thou art greatly beloved,
12:16 therefore understand the matter,
12:18 and consider the vision."
12:20 Verse 24, begins, "Seventy weeks are determined
12:24 upon Thy people and upon Thy holy city
12:27 to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins,
12:31 to make reconciliation for iniquity,
12:33 to bring in everlasting righteousness,
12:36 and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
12:39 and to anoint the Most Holy.
12:41 Know therefore and understand,
12:43 that from the going forth of the commandment
12:45 to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah,
12:49 the Prince shall be seven weeks
12:52 and threescore and two weeks,
12:54 the street shall be built again,
12:56 and the wall, even in troublous time."
13:00 Now pause right here.
13:01 I know you're probably thinking what if, what was that?
13:04 What did you just read? Just, just hold on.
13:07 We're not gonna get into the detail of this prophecy,
13:09 I just simply want to give you
13:11 the nutshell of what this prophecy was about.
13:13 When the Bible says, "Seventy weeks are determined."
13:17 The word means, cutoff, allowed it to.
13:20 In other words, what the prophecy is basically saying
13:23 and what the angel is basically telling Daniel was,
13:25 listen Daniel, your people, Israel,
13:28 has 70 weeks to get their act together,
13:34 that's what's being spoken here in this prophecy.
13:37 Seventy weeks, why?
13:39 Because in that time period, the Messiah is coming.
13:43 The very one to whom the sanctuary points
13:48 that very one is coming.
13:50 I have called you into existence
13:52 to prepare the world for the coming of this man of my son.
13:56 In 70 weeks, he's gonna be here.
14:00 Seventy weeks, if you take that time period
14:04 and look at the prophecy,
14:06 when the prophecy was suppose to begin
14:08 which was from the decree going forth
14:10 to restore and to build Jerusalem.
14:12 Just a very quick historical fact here,
14:15 that decree went forth in 457 B.C.,
14:19 which means that the 70 weeks if you'd count 70 weeks
14:23 or four-hundred and ninety days,
14:26 do you come to the Messiah from 457 B.C?
14:29 Absolutely not.
14:30 But, when you understand that
14:31 in Bible prophecy a day equals a year,
14:35 then if you'd count 457 from 457,
14:39 four-hundred and ninety years,
14:41 it will bring you to 27 to 34 A.D.,
14:47 that is exactly the time
14:48 that the Messiah came upon the scene,
14:50 where he was anointed and baptized.
14:52 It's an amazing prophecy that pinpointed the very time
14:57 that Christ was to come.
14:59 So you have the picture there?
15:01 Great. I'm glad you said yes.
15:03 Now, this prophecy basically it's telling Israel,
15:08 if, if you do not receive My Son,
15:16 the Savior of the world at this time period.
15:20 Israel, I'm going to take the ball from you
15:24 and I'm going to give it to another nation
15:27 that will accomplish the work that I have set into play.
15:33 Because it wasn't so much about a group of people
15:36 as it was just god needing A group of people
15:41 to hold this blueprint message
15:43 and take the ball down the field if you will.
15:47 And so he had mercy upon Israel but... That's right.
15:52 If they could reject the Christ.
15:53 That's right, it's interesting,
15:55 you know, the prophecy stated 70 weeks
15:58 or that will be seventy times seven
16:01 and you remember that Jesus once said He was asked
16:04 how often should I forgive?
16:05 And Jesus replied seventy times seven.
16:10 This was an extension of forgiveness
16:12 and grace extended to Israel
16:14 but when the Messiah came what did Israel do?
16:18 The Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, the Sadducees,
16:22 they rejected Jesus Christ.
16:24 And in rejecting Christ they rejected something else
16:27 which they did not understand.
16:29 You see Jesus said in John 2:19,
16:31 "Destroy this temple and I will raise it up again,"
16:35 Christ Himself was the embodiment of that sanctuary.
16:40 He was everything in that sanctuary.
16:42 And so when Israel rejected Christ
16:44 here's what they were rejecting.
16:45 Number one, in fact, before we even go there
16:48 I want to put up our image of the sanctuary
16:51 so you can take a look at this image
16:53 and for those of you who haven't seen it before,
16:54 I'll explain it briefly.
16:55 So, here we go, here's our image,
16:58 of the bottom of the screen
16:59 you'll see what is called "the Altar of Sacrifice"
17:02 that where animals were sacrificed
17:05 on a daily basis in the temple.
17:08 Above that you find the "Laver,"
17:10 so if you were to go a little bit further
17:11 into the sanctuary, in the outer court
17:14 you would find the "Laver," that's where the priest would
17:16 wash their hands and feet with the water
17:18 that was found in that "Laver."
17:20 If you went further you would go into the Holy Place
17:22 where there are three articles of furniture,
17:25 "the Table of Showbread," "the Altar of Incense,"
17:28 and "the Seven Branched Candlestick."
17:31 And then above that in the Most Holy Place
17:33 was something called "the Ark of the Covenant,"
17:37 where in was the law of God.
17:38 Okay, you have that picture?
17:40 Memorize it, that's the blueprint right there.
17:42 That's what God had given Israel,
17:44 that plan of salvation, the plan of salvation
17:47 that's found in this, in this, in this sanctuary
17:50 and when Israel rejected the Messiah,
17:54 they were rejecting the temple itself, why?
17:59 Number one, Jesus is the Lamb of God,
18:03 when they rejected the Lamb of God
18:06 they were rejecting that Altar of Sacrifice.
18:08 They were saying, we don't accept
18:09 the sacrifice in our behalf.
18:11 He is not the Messiah, He's an imposter.
18:15 Number two, they were rejecting the water of life
18:18 right there at the Laver, which represents washing.
18:21 Without Christ we cannot be cleansed,
18:24 we cannot be purified, we cannot be made whole.
18:27 So they rejected the Altar of sacrifice,
18:29 they rejected the Laver,
18:30 they rejected the Table of Showbread,
18:33 because Christ said, "I am the bread of life."
18:36 The bread of life, they rejected the bread of life
18:38 and with out the bread of life, you can't survive, you can't,
18:41 you know, you can't live, you starve to death.
18:44 They rejected the bread of life.
18:45 In Ephesians 5:2 He's called the sweet smelling incense,
18:49 he is our righteousness when they rejected Christ
18:51 they were cutting off the only communication
18:56 you could have with God.
18:57 They were cutting Him off.
18:59 Our intercessor. Our intercessor.
19:01 When they rejected Christ, they were even rejecting
19:03 that Seven Branched Candlestick
19:05 which is the light of the world
19:06 because that's what Christ was called Himself.
19:07 He said I am the light of the world,
19:10 they rejected Him there and they --
19:13 when they rejected Christ they were rejecting
19:15 the very law of God because He was the law personified.
19:21 So, it's as though Israel said, we don't want the blueprint,
19:24 we don't want the football and so what happens,
19:30 you look in Matthew Chapter 27 when Jesus dies--
19:35 And the interesting thing to all of that is
19:37 I don't believe Israel at that time really knew
19:39 that they were rejecting all of those things.
19:43 Not, you know, and that's what Satan will do,
19:45 he will try to, you know, cause us
19:51 to go against God's word or his will in one thing
19:53 and over all we're rejecting the whole big picture.
19:56 But we're not thinking at that time
19:58 and that's what we're really doing.
20:00 They had no idea that they were,
20:01 that they were rejecting the very sanctuary
20:04 which they had so much pride in, right.
20:06 You know, so Matthew 27 verse 51
20:09 or verse 50 the Bible says,
20:11 "Jesus when he had cried again with a loud voice
20:13 yielded up the ghost
20:14 and behold the veil of the temple
20:16 was rent in two from the top to the bottom,
20:19 and the earth did quake, and the rocks were rent."
20:23 So, when Jesus died what happened
20:26 that veil was ripped into signifying that the blueprint
20:31 that God had so graciously given to Israel.
20:33 He said, you rejected this blueprint,
20:36 it's of no more use to you, I am taking it from you,
20:40 you're no longer the people that possess this,
20:43 you've rejected My Son,
20:45 you've rejected the blueprint,
20:46 I'm gonna take the plan of salvation
20:48 and I'm going to give it to another people,
20:52 in fact we read about that in the Book of Matthew,
20:57 Matthew Chapter 21 verse 42.
21:01 Matthew 21 and verse 42, the Bible tells us here
21:08 Jesus is speaking, and it says,
21:10 "Did you never read in the scriptures
21:12 the stone which the builders rejected
21:14 the same has become the head of the corner.
21:17 This is the Lord's doing and it is,
21:18 and it is marvelous in our eyes,
21:21 therefore say I unto you
21:22 the kingdom of God shall be taken from you
21:25 and given to a nation bringing forth
21:28 the fruits there off."
21:31 When they had rejected
21:32 the chief cornerstone of the sanctuary, Jesus Christ,
21:37 God said, "I am taking this, I am taking it from you
21:40 and I'm gonna give it to a nation bringing forth
21:44 the fruits there off."
21:46 And the question is who is that nation?
21:49 It was none other than the gentiles,
21:52 God raises up as it were a spiritual Israel
21:57 and what does He give to the spiritual Israel?
22:00 What is the significance?
22:01 What is the spiritual Israel going to
22:04 surround themselves or going to be given,
22:07 I believe that they were given a message
22:10 and that message was that Christ was crucified,
22:15 He was risen and had ascended into heaven
22:18 into what the Bible calls a heavenly sanctuary.
22:24 We read about in the Book of Hebrews
22:26 Chapter 8 verses 1 through 5,
22:28 do you have that, Atonte, can you read that? Yes.
22:30 It says, "Now the things which we have spoken
22:33 this is the sum, We have such an high priest,
22:37 who is set on the right hand
22:38 of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens.
22:41 A minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle,
22:44 which the Lord pitched, and not man.
22:48 For every high priest is ordained
22:50 to offer gifts and sacrifices,
22:52 therefore it is of necessity
22:54 that this man have something also to offer.
22:57 For if he were on Earth, he should not be a priest,
23:00 seeing that there are priests
23:02 that offer gifts according to the law.
23:04 Who serve unto the example
23:06 and shadow of heavenly things,
23:08 as Moses was admonished of God
23:11 when he was about to make the tabernacle.
23:14 For, See, saith he, that thou make all things
23:17 according to the pattern showed
23:19 to thee in the mount."
23:20 Okay, so this sanctuary we're reading again
23:24 was a pattern of heavenly things.
23:27 God had given the ball to Israel
23:29 the sanctuary blueprint to Israel,
23:30 but they rejected it when they rejected the Messiah.
23:33 And now what happens is Christ dies, He resurrects,
23:37 He ascends into a heavenly temple
23:39 and He raises up a new people.
23:41 Second Peter or rather First Peter Chapter 2
23:45 tells us about that people.
23:46 First Peter Chapter 2 verse 9 says this, it says,
23:50 "But ye are a chosen generation,
23:53 a royal priesthood, an holy nation,
23:56 a peculiar people, that you should show forth
23:59 the praises of Him who has called
24:00 you out of darkness into His marvelous light.
24:04 Which in time past were not a people,
24:06 but are now the people of God."
24:08 If you were to ask the question
24:09 who are the people of God?
24:11 Christ tells us, God tells us, anyone who accepts My Son,
24:15 he is a child of God.
24:18 It's not about your lineage,
24:19 it's not about, you know, your skin colors,
24:21 it's not about who your parents are
24:23 or who their parents were,
24:24 it's about have you accepted Christ
24:26 that is only way that we can claim lineage
24:32 in the house of God.
24:33 And so God raises up a new people
24:36 anyone can be a part of this people,
24:38 no matter whether you're, you know,
24:39 no matter where you're born,
24:41 no matter who you are,
24:42 anyone is welcomed into this fold of God's people,
24:46 regardless of nation, color, anything.
24:49 But God raises up a new people
24:50 and He gives them a message of a heavenly sanctuary,
24:54 that's the new blueprint.
24:56 God says to spiritual Israel,
24:58 Israel, take this ball and take it down the field
25:02 and that's exactly what they do,
25:03 God blesses them with the gift of tongues.
25:06 So that they can get it into the world very quickly
25:10 with no language barrier.
25:11 That's right. It was not unintelligible gibberish.
25:13 It was the gift of tongues
25:15 that God had given to them
25:16 so that they could take this message of Christ,
25:19 risen and in heaven interceding on our behalf,
25:23 that this message could be taken to the world
25:25 and you look through the New Testament.
25:27 This is exactly the New Testament gospel.
25:30 This is what they preached that Christ was crucified.
25:32 They preach you must be baptized.
25:34 They preach that the word of God
25:35 is sufficient for our salvation.
25:37 They preach that by the intercession of Christ
25:40 we are brought closer to God.
25:42 They preach that we,
25:44 that the Church is to be the light of world.
25:46 And most importantly, not most importantly
25:48 but just as important as all those things,
25:50 they preached the law of God.
25:52 Paul said, "Circumcision is nothing
25:54 and uncircumcision is nothing,
25:56 but the keeping of the law of God."
25:59 And, Atonte, Israel, spiritual Israel
26:01 took that ball and off they went down the field
26:06 to take this gospel into all the world.
26:09 In our next program we're gonna discover
26:12 how Satan was able to get the ball
26:14 out of their hands and bring about
26:16 what we call the Dark Ages.
26:19 And you think about it, they were so zealous
26:21 and so on fire because Christ had just died
26:25 and they realized, I mean, when He's saying,
26:28 He'll return and come quickly.
26:30 I mean, they're working
26:31 just to do all that they can do
26:33 there is nothing more important in their life
26:36 than to fulfill what God had called them to do
26:38 so that Christ could return soon.
26:41 They didn't want to delay His coming.
26:43 They realized after He had gone,
26:45 how much He really meant to them.
26:47 And that how we should be,
26:49 we should be doing everything in our power
26:52 that God gives us the power to do
26:55 to hurry up His second coming,
26:58 not to delay it.
27:01 And there should be nothing more important in our life,
27:04 nothing that we are doing, not our work,
27:07 not family, not friends,
27:09 these are all very important things,
27:10 but being a witness and doing everything in our power
27:14 should be the most important thing in our life.
27:16 That's right, you know, Israel allowed things
27:18 to come in between them and God,
27:20 and we don't want to do to make the same mistakes
27:23 that many of those leaders made.
27:25 So what we're seeing is that God's GPS moves forward.
27:29 We've jut covered the entire Old Testament
27:32 and in our next program, as I said,
27:34 we're gonna get into how the devil comes up
27:37 with the master plan
27:38 to almost destroy the sanctuary truth
27:40 but how God redeems it just at the right time.
27:44 You don't want to miss the next program.
27:46 If we have a DVR 'cause you know,
27:49 you're gonna be gone somewhere set your DVR
27:51 to this program to record it
27:53 so that you can see it
27:54 because it is going to make
27:55 the hair stand up on your arms
27:57 and I am not exaggerating.
27:59 Every time I hear it I get goose bumps
28:01 because it is just so amazing
28:03 what God is doing to preserve this blueprint.
28:06 Thank you for joining us. Until next time, God bless.


Revised 2014-12-17