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00:15 Welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:16 We're your host, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:19 And we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:22 In our past programs,
00:23 we've learned that God has given us a GPS,
00:27 a blueprint, if you will.
00:29 A plan of salvation in the sanctuary,
00:32 that shows us how we are to obtain salvation.
00:36 And it has been so exciting to study this,
00:39 because we have seen so many different ways
00:41 that God has put the blueprint in scriptures
00:44 as early as well, the time, the fall of even Adam and Eve.
00:49 And then in the Exodus,
00:51 when the children of Israel had to leave Egypt,
00:54 and in so many different places He has put this plan,
00:57 so that we can clearly see it.
00:58 And I think it's so important for all of us
01:01 to understand this message
01:03 but especially for young people.
01:06 Young people out there that are listening,
01:09 who are Christians and still just don't quite understand
01:13 their real calling and their real purpose.
01:16 Well, by studying the blueprint,
01:18 you will understand how important your calling
01:21 and your purpose is in this life to help others
01:25 and guide them to the plan of salvation.
01:28 And once you understand this,
01:29 it takes on a whole new light puts you
01:33 just in a different place
01:34 where there is so much excitement about
01:36 what God is trying to do in you
01:38 and through you to help others.
01:39 That's right, we were just speaking
01:41 in an earlier program.
01:43 You know, talking about the fact that Jesus
01:45 at the age of 12, when He goes to the temple
01:47 and begins to see the services going on in the temple,
01:52 that's where He came into the realization
01:55 of His mission of His destiny who He was,
01:58 the Lamb of God.
01:59 And I believe that is a very powerful lesson
02:03 even for our young people today.
02:05 That as we study the sanctuary,
02:08 we can see God's plan and purpose for our lives.
02:12 So that's we're gonna do in this program,
02:14 we have been looking at the plan of salvation,
02:17 we call it God's GPS, 'The Gospel Plan of Salvation'
02:20 which is found in the blueprint or in the sanctuary.
02:24 Psalm 77:13 tells us
02:27 "Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary,"
02:30 and that's where, you know,
02:32 that's with the reason God gave that sanctuary
02:35 to humanity was because we were lost,
02:37 didn't know where to go and how to get there.
02:40 And God tells Moses and the children of Israel
02:42 to built a sanctuary because it would be
02:44 an object lesson of the plan of salvation.
02:48 So we invite you to get your Bibles
02:50 because we're now going to take a look
02:52 at this sanctuary once again
02:54 and show it in its relation to us personally.
02:59 How does the sanctuary point out
03:01 my personal walk with Christ?
03:04 When I look at that in this particular program,
03:08 and for those of you who are just joining us
03:10 for the first time, we're gonna give you just
03:11 a little brief description of the sanctuary,
03:16 so you can be on board.
03:17 We want to encourage you to memorize
03:19 the picture you're about to see.
03:22 In the Old Testament, God had given
03:23 the children of Israel a temple,
03:25 a structure to build, and were you to be living
03:30 in that time you would see an incredible design
03:34 made by God himself.
03:35 We're gonna put this picture upon the screen
03:37 and I'm just gonna go through
03:38 the articles of furniture very quickly.
03:41 In the Outer Court of this temple in the wilderness,
03:45 were two articles of furniture,
03:47 you will see them they're listed as number one
03:49 and two on your screen.
03:50 Number one represented the Altar of Sacrifice,
03:53 that's where animals were sacrificed on a daily basis.
03:57 Number two was the Laver, that's where the priests
04:01 who would wash their hands and feet,
04:03 so that when they went into the temple,
04:05 they were free from all defilement, okay.
04:10 And then as you advanced further
04:13 into the sanctuary itself, a two compartment room
04:16 divided by a curtain, one compartment was called
04:19 the Holy Place, the other compartment
04:21 the Most Holy Place.
04:23 In the Holy Place compartment,
04:25 there were three articles of furniture, they were the--
04:28 'Table of Showbread', 'the Altar of Incense'
04:30 and 'the Seven branched Candlestick.'
04:32 Exactly, those three articles of furniture were
04:34 found in the Holy Place.
04:36 And then if you would advance further,
04:38 there you found the Ark of the Covenant,
04:42 which rested underneath
04:44 or was underneath the Mercy Seat.
04:47 And you have two covering cherubs there
04:49 and between those Cherub was the very
04:51 presence of God, the Shekinah glory.
04:53 And so what you have here and just remember
04:55 that picture, don't forget it.
04:56 And if you, a good way to remember is see
04:58 the outline of the cross, because in every place
05:00 that an article of furniture is,
05:02 Christ was wounded in one of those places.
05:04 The sanctuary foreshadowed Christ dying
05:07 on the cross for our sins.
05:08 So remember that graph.
05:11 God had given this sanctuary as an illustration
05:15 of the plan of salvation.
05:17 And in a very personal sense this sanctuary shows me,
05:21 it shows you how we are to be saved.
05:26 So we're gonna go through that process in this program.
05:29 And we're gonna begin where the plan of salvation begins,
05:32 at that first article of furniture,
05:34 'The Altar of Sacrifice.'
05:36 Now someone is out there,
05:37 they're living a life of total, just sin,
05:40 and, you know, they know nothing about God
05:42 or have never committed their lives to Him.
05:45 And they're asking the question,
05:46 what must I do to be saved?
05:48 The things have happened in their lives
05:49 and they're wondering, what do I need to do
05:51 to grab a hold of salvation.
05:53 The Book of Romans Chapter 10 verse 9
05:56 tells us the first step to salvation.
05:58 Would you like to read that, Atonte?
05:59 Yes, it says "That if thou shalt confess
06:02 with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,
06:04 and shall believe in thine heart
06:06 that God hath raised him from the dead,
06:08 thou shalt be saved."
06:10 All right, and a very powerful verse
06:12 because what it tells us is that
06:15 because of the sacrifice of Christ.
06:19 All we need to do to come to Jesus to begin
06:21 that journey is to confess Him with our mouths
06:25 and with our hearts, is to believe in Him,
06:27 to accept His sacrifice on our behalf.
06:31 And I think that's the powerful truth because it,
06:33 it lets us know the Christ was willing to die
06:36 in our place and He did do that.
06:38 He died in our place, so that we don't have to die.
06:42 And He says, if you accept my sacrifice in your place,
06:46 that's what they did in the Old Testament.
06:48 They would take a lamb and confess
06:51 their sins over the head of that animal.
06:53 The sins were transferred from the sinner
06:56 to the innocent lamb and that innocent lamb
06:58 was slain in the sinner's stead.
07:01 And so this is what Christ did for us on the cross,
07:05 the Bible says "If we confess and believe
07:08 we shall be saved."
07:10 It's so simple it's, you know, just like wow really?
07:14 That simple.
07:15 But I'll tell you, imagine if you will,
07:21 and we don't even need to imagine this,
07:22 we know that Satan is doing all in his power
07:25 to keep mankind from Jesus Christ.
07:28 That's right. The Bible says in John 12:32.
07:31 Jesus is speaking and He says
07:32 "I, if I be lifted up from the earth,"
07:36 and He is talking about dying on the cross.
07:37 "If I be lifted up from the earth" will do what?
07:40 "Draw all men unto me."
07:43 So in our little diagram,
07:44 we had there the first article of furniture
07:46 which was the Altar of Sacrifice.
07:48 If you are unsaved right now, you're not even on that chart,
07:51 you're like somebody way down at the bottom,
07:53 you're in darkness.
07:54 But something happens and you say,
07:56 man, I want to give my life to Christ.
07:58 I would say let's say that they are ten demons
08:01 standing in between you and the Altar of Sacrifice.
08:05 Their job is to keep you from advancing to that Altar.
08:09 They don't want you to be moved by the Spirit,
08:13 who is always trying to woo us
08:15 and to convince us and convict us of sin.
08:18 That's right, Christ dies on a cross
08:19 and His purpose is to draw us.
08:22 But the devil and his demons
08:23 or his demons are standing in between
08:25 the cross and us, kind of linebackers,
08:27 if you will, trying to stop you from advancing
08:30 in the Path of Salvation.
08:32 So let's say by the grace of God that you're watching
08:34 this program and you say, you know what?
08:36 That's it, I want, I'm giving my life to Christ
08:39 right now as you speak.
08:41 Praise God, you have broken through
08:42 that line of demons, and the Bible says,
08:45 if you do this, if you genuinely do this,
08:48 you shall be saved.
08:50 Now is it, is that all that needs to be done?
08:57 No, not according to the Bible, but a lot of--
09:00 And I'll say not according to the--
09:02 Not according to the blueprint. Exactly.
09:04 Not according to the blueprint but those
09:06 who don't understand the blueprint,
09:08 do some people think and teach
09:10 that once you confess your sins, that's it.
09:13 Right, they'll say, hey, all you need to do
09:16 is confess with your mouth and believe
09:18 with your heart and that's it.
09:20 There is nothing else to be done.
09:22 But as you are studying the blueprint you can go,
09:24 wait a minute, the blueprint that my GPS tells me
09:28 that there is more to the plan of salvation
09:30 than just confessing Christ with my mouth.
09:34 Because if I genuinely confess Christ with my mouth,
09:37 then that's going to lead me to be baptized
09:41 and that's the second article of furniture, the Laver.
09:45 Because if you're truly converted
09:48 at the Altar of Sacrifice, then the next step
09:50 is to make that public declaration through baptism.
09:54 And that's really all baptism is,
09:55 it's saying to the world that I am forsaking
09:58 the old ways and the sins of the past.
10:01 And I'm gonna allow God to order my steps
10:03 and cleanse me of, all of the known sins
10:07 that I have in my life,
10:08 and it's just a public declaration.
10:11 Exactly, in fact if we look at
10:13 John Chapter 3 verses 3 through 6,
10:17 and by the way, we invite you at home
10:19 to get your Bibles, so you can open up
10:21 and follow along with us.
10:22 But in John 3, Jesus says this He says,
10:25 "Verily, verily, I say unto thee."
10:27 He is speaking to Nicodemus and Nicodemus is asking him
10:30 the question or is coming to Him seeking spiritual council,
10:35 that's what Nicodemus is really doing.
10:37 And Jesus says, "Verily, I say unto thee,
10:39 Except a man be born again,
10:42 he cannot see the kingdom.
10:45 Nicodemus saith unto him,
10:46 how can a man be born when he is old?
10:48 Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb,
10:50 and be born?" Jesus answered, verily, verily,
10:53 I say unto thee, except a man be born of what?
10:56 Water and of the Spirit,
11:00 he cannot enter the kingdom of God.
11:03 That which is born of the flesh is flesh
11:05 that which is born of the spirit is spirit."
11:07 So what do we see here?
11:09 It's not just enough to confess with your mouth
11:12 and believe with your heart.
11:13 You must be baptized.
11:16 Yes. Born of the water.
11:18 You know, I can think of some people may be thinking
11:20 about what about the thief on the cross.
11:22 Well, the thief on the cross didn't have
11:23 an opportunity to be baptized, that's right.
11:26 Had he would been able to come down
11:27 from the cross guaranteed he would have been baptized.
11:30 But God meets us where we are
11:33 but he doesn't plan to leave us there.
11:35 So, yes, some people may make it only to confess
11:38 in Christ with their mouths
11:39 and believe on him in their hearts.
11:42 And may never be able to get to that second step
11:44 because who knows they died or,
11:46 you know, something happens but the genuine Christian
11:49 who truly accepts Christ will, according to the blueprint,
11:54 move to the next step which is baptism.
11:56 So what I like to say is this, you know,
11:59 if there are ten demons trying to stop you
12:02 from getting to the Altar of Sacrifice,
12:04 and you broke through by the grace of God.
12:06 Then there are 20 demons trying to stop you
12:08 from being baptized.
12:10 Trying to stop you from making it public
12:13 that you are going to serve Jesus Christ.
12:16 So as your experience in following
12:19 the blueprint increases and goes deeper,
12:21 so do the demons, that's right.
12:24 Because he never wants you to progress to the next step.
12:26 That's right, he wants to stop you
12:28 because think about it, where is God ultimately
12:30 trying to lead us to?
12:31 He is trying to lead us back to his throne.
12:34 And into his presence. And into his presence.
12:36 And the devil will do whatever he can.
12:38 He even pat you on the back and say,
12:39 wow, you gave your life to Christ, great job.
12:42 That's all you need to do, don't even know
12:43 you need to be baptized.
12:44 I think baptism, why that works.
12:47 Don't listen, don't follow the devil's directions.
12:50 Don't ask devil for directions. Yeah.
12:52 And don't ask his friends for direction.
12:54 He will get you lost, he will get you lost,
12:55 you know, he'll tell you to make you left,
12:57 and you should make a right.
12:58 Whatever is the right way,
12:59 he is gonna tell you the opposite.
13:02 That's why God has given us this GPS,
13:04 so that we can know without a shadow of doubt,
13:06 we don't have to depend upon, upon the devil,
13:09 His angels or even misguided human beings.
13:12 God says, I've given you the blueprint
13:14 so that you can study it and see
13:16 for yourself what is the Path of Salvation.
13:19 So we've got to accept Christ with our mouth
13:23 and with our hearts, we got to believe in him.
13:25 But then we have to be baptized.
13:26 Now, now that I accepted Christ
13:28 and I'm baptized I can now say,
13:31 praise God, it was all finished at the cross,
13:34 the entire plan of salvation was finished at the cross.
13:37 Well-- No. No.
13:40 Not according to the blueprint.
13:41 Not according to the blueprint,
13:42 otherwise the blueprint would have stopped
13:44 right there at the Altar of Sacrifice,
13:46 that's all God would have needed to demonstrate
13:48 the plan of salvation.
13:49 But no, there's more.
13:51 Yes, there is more that God wants you to do
13:54 as a Christian and then there are more demons
13:57 because now you publicly declare to the world.
13:59 I'm following Jesus and I'm going to allow him
14:01 to order my steps.
14:03 It's now what does Satan want to do?
14:04 He wants to embarrass you in front of the world
14:07 so people can say, 'oh, yeah look,
14:09 that's what Christians do look, how they act,
14:10 look how the things that they do' try to get you
14:13 to fall in front of the world, exactly.
14:15 Now we're not going in any order now
14:17 because all these three because you know what's next.
14:19 A genuine Christian who's accepted Christ
14:22 and who has been baptized is going to do what?
14:26 Study the word of God.
14:29 Now again, we're not doing this
14:30 in any particular order as one,
14:32 as if one is more important than the other.
14:34 But let's go with the word of God first.
14:36 Because we find there in the Holy Place,
14:39 the Altar, I'm sorry, the Table of Showbread.
14:42 Yes. And Second Timothy.
14:45 Second Timothy Chapter 2 verse 15 says
14:47 "Study to show thyself approved unto God,
14:50 a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.
14:52 Rightly dividing the word of truth." That's right.
14:55 So it's not just studying the Bible,
14:57 but it's being able to discern from truth and err,
15:00 to divide the word properly so you're not coming up
15:03 with things that are not really in the word of God.
15:07 And I think the blueprint helps with that as well.
15:10 That's right, it helps you stay
15:11 with in the right box, if you will.
15:14 Exactly. Not even outside of the Bible.
15:16 Exactly, I mean studying the word of God.
15:18 The reason why the word of God is so important
15:21 to study is because it is our, the Bible says,
15:26 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
15:28 and a light unto my path."
15:29 In other words, we need to understand
15:31 the word of God because when the devil comes
15:33 and begins to misquote scriptures
15:35 like he did with Jesus.
15:36 Yes, and to flip meanings and to do all
15:39 these kinds of things with the word of God.
15:41 You need to know the word of God so well that
15:44 you will not be deceived.
15:46 In fact, I believe that, you know,
15:47 none but those who have fortified their minds
15:50 with the truths of God's word will be able to stand
15:53 in the last great crisis.
15:56 And so we need to say, you know,
15:58 a genuine Christian is going to be found studying
16:02 the word of God on a daily basis,
16:04 wanting to eat that word
16:06 and make it a part of themselves.
16:08 I believe studying the word of God and hiding it
16:10 within our hearts the Bible talks about that,
16:12 memorizing the word of God.
16:14 Because Satan has been around longer than this,
16:18 these scriptures have while they were being written,
16:20 originally the first time he was there.
16:23 So He knows the scriptures better than anyone.
16:25 That's right.
16:26 So He can take things and just, you know,
16:29 mess it up just by a little bit
16:31 and so it's very important that we just really study
16:34 the word of God and hide it within our hearts.
16:36 That's right, that's right.
16:37 Another verse that comes to my mind and moving
16:39 on to the next article of furniture
16:41 which is the Altar of Incense.
16:43 I believe, I believe it's First Thessalonians 5:17.
16:47 The Bible says there, "Pray without ceasing."
16:51 Now listen if they were ten demons
16:54 before the Altar of Sacrifice trying to stop you there.
16:56 And they were 20 demons before the Altar of,
16:59 before the Laver, trying to stop you
17:00 from getting baptized, and by the grace of God,
17:02 you break through that line and you get
17:04 to the Table of Showbread.
17:06 And you're there studying the word of God.
17:08 I believe they're 30, 40 demons trying to stop you
17:14 from getting to that Altar of Incense that teaches us
17:20 the importance of prayer, of communing with God
17:24 or talking with Him.
17:25 Because if we're not communing with God,
17:27 if we're not daily getting to know Him better
17:33 in that conversational prayer that,
17:37 you know, speaking to God as though He were our friend.
17:40 You may know the Bible backwards and forwards.
17:43 But if you don't know the God of the Bible,
17:48 you're gonna fall, you're gonna fail.
17:50 That's right, a really good friend of ours put it this way
17:53 and I really like it, if you're just studying
17:56 the word of God, you're just going to have
17:58 a really big head because you're just so knowledge based
18:01 and you're intellectual and you're understanding it,
18:04 and then a very small heart, and you'll still die.
18:07 And then if you're just praying
18:09 and you're not really studying the word of God,
18:11 you'll have a very large hearts
18:13 and a very small head and you'll still die.
18:16 So the point is that it has to be equally balanced
18:19 and you're right, we still haven't covered
18:21 the last furniture in the section.
18:23 But they're all on the same level,
18:24 one is not above the other,
18:26 the Table of Showbread, and the prayer.
18:28 And now we're gonna go
18:29 to the seven-branched candlestick.
18:32 Yeah, but let me just mention something on this,
18:34 on this issue of prayer as well,
18:36 because I believe one of the ways that
18:37 the devil is doing everything in his power to stop you
18:40 from truly grabbing a hold of that Altar of Incense
18:43 is he is using entertainment and media,
18:46 and so many different things to get us
18:50 so caught up in, you know,
18:52 the rat race of life that we feel like
18:55 we don't have time to just be still
18:58 and know that God is God.
19:00 That's right, many times because we fill our minds
19:04 with so much entertainment either music
19:07 or television programs, movies, whatever it may be,
19:10 that when you go down to pray
19:12 this is what's going on in your mind,
19:13 it's like it's the last TV show or the last movie
19:16 or the latest, you know, a song that you heard
19:19 on the radio and it's hard to clear that out
19:22 and after you clear that out by the grace of God
19:24 and through his power then
19:26 you can commune with the Holy God.
19:28 That's right, that's right.
19:29 What we have one article of furniture left
19:31 in the Holy Place and that would be
19:34 the Seven-branched Candlestick.
19:36 And let's go ahead and look
19:37 at the Book of Matthew Chapter 5 verse 16, yep.
19:42 It says "Let your light so shine before men,
19:44 that they may see your good works,
19:46 and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
19:48 Yeah, and I like the verse right before that,
19:53 maybe two verses before that verse 14 it says,
19:56 "Ye are the light of the world.
19:59 A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.
20:03 Neither do men light a," What?
20:06 "Candle, and put it under a bushel,
20:08 but on a candlestick, and it giveth light unto all
20:13 that are in the house."
20:14 And then it says "Let your light so shine before men,
20:17 that they may see your good works, and glorify God."
20:20 So God calls us as genuine Christians,
20:23 if we've truly accepted Christ,
20:25 if we've truly been baptized.
20:27 If we truly are reading the word of God and studying
20:29 the word of God, if we're truly praying we are,
20:31 it's going to be evident
20:33 because our light is going to shine.
20:36 It reminds me of the song that I learned in create
20:38 a role and we even sing with our little kids at home.
20:42 "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine."
20:45 That's right. Hide it under a bushel? No!
20:46 Don't let Satan blow it out.
20:48 And that's what he is trying to do.
20:49 Yes, he is trying to blow it-- He is trying to blow it out.
20:51 In fact, Satan is trying to lead many Christians
20:56 to believe that witnessing and showing your faith
21:00 is not a vital part of your salvation. Wow.
21:05 But if you don't realize that you are your brother's keeper,
21:09 then you have the same spirit of Cain.
21:12 Who said, "am I brother's keeper?"
21:13 You know, what's my, I don't have any,
21:16 you know, business with him.
21:17 God calls us not to hide our light but to let it shine.
21:22 And so if there were, you know,
21:25 40 demons trying to stop you from the Altar of Incense.
21:29 You know, I don't know there are 80 demons
21:31 trying to stop you from letting your light shine.
21:34 For sure. From, you know.
21:36 Taking all the things that God has done for you
21:39 and making it known to your friends,
21:42 to your family, to your neighbors.
21:44 It's critical this plan of salvation
21:46 that God has laid out, it is right there.
21:49 He shows you step by step
21:51 what he desires of His people.
21:53 And anyone who says yeah, take a detour.
21:55 Ah! You don't really need that,
21:56 you don't really need this, you can know that
21:58 they do not understand the blueprint unfortunately
22:02 or they are misguided themselves maybe
22:04 even honestly misguided.
22:06 But God has given you a blueprint
22:09 that you need not be lost.
22:10 And for a lot of Christians, sincere, even really
22:15 into the word of God and enjoy praying Christians.
22:19 Satan will send those demons to make you fearful
22:23 to go out and to witness to others.
22:25 And make you think that you're not,
22:27 you don't speak eloquently enough
22:28 or you don't have a gift of teaching
22:31 in all of these different things.
22:32 And if he can, if he, you know,
22:34 if you're at home studying and praying
22:36 but you're not going out to witness,
22:37 Satan is still okay with that, that's right.
22:39 Because he knows you're just becoming
22:41 a very overweight Christian if you will
22:44 and you need to share and exercise your faith
22:47 and share with others.
22:48 And he knows you're still being imbalanced.
22:50 In many of our churches, my husband is a pastor
22:53 and so we travel around and we see these things.
22:56 We see that really prayer meeting is probably
23:00 the least attendant meeting at church, at many churches.
23:03 And when you make a call to let's go out
23:05 and witness and share our faith
23:07 with the world on a afternoon, after church.
23:11 All of a sudden people have a lot of things
23:12 they have to do or they become very tired,
23:14 whatever the case maybe.
23:16 And so Satan will try to get, cause us to have
23:20 all the excuses in the world,
23:21 why we can't either study God's word deeply,
23:24 pray or go out and be a witness to the world.
23:26 That's right, it's not an option
23:28 according to the blueprint.
23:31 Final piece of our furniture 'The Ark of the Covenant.'
23:36 If you are genuinely studying the word of God,
23:40 and praying, and willing to let your light shine.
23:44 If you've done everything that God has asked you to do,
23:47 it will lead you to one inescapable conclusion.
23:51 It's found in John 14:15, Jesus says,
23:54 "If you love me, keep my commandments." Amen.
23:58 And we're gonna find in further studies that
24:00 this is the thing that the devil hates the most.
24:03 That's right. It is the commandments of God.
24:06 He doesn't want us to be subject to that law
24:09 and so He comes up with all kinds of distortions
24:11 like you're not under the law, you're under grace,
24:13 you don't need to keep the law.
24:15 And every, or the law has been changed or altered,
24:18 if he can get you to go against that law,
24:20 he gets you in essence to forfeit.
24:23 Because remember Adam and Eve were put
24:24 out of the garden because they sinned
24:27 or rebelled against God's word.
24:30 And Revelation 22:14 tells us
24:32 that the way back into the garden.
24:34 It says "Blessed are they that do His commandments,
24:36 that they may have right to the tree of life,
24:39 and may enter in through the gates into the city."
24:43 Like I want to enter into the city.
24:44 So God tells me, keep my commandments,
24:46 if you truly genuine you love me,
24:48 keep my commandments.
24:49 It's interesting that a person maybe willing to be baptized.
24:52 I mean, to accept Christ, and then be baptized and yeah,
24:56 I'll study, yeah, I'll pray, yeah,
24:57 I'll witness but when you bring them
24:59 into that Most Holy Place and show them the law of God.
25:01 Suddenly, no, we're under grace,
25:06 no, you don't know what you're talking about.
25:08 Beloved, the blueprint doesn't lie.
25:11 If you want to be able to stand
25:13 in the presence of God, you must,
25:16 you must be willing to be subject to the law of God.
25:22 And whatever the law of God says,
25:24 which are really promises to us
25:27 and are blessing in our lives, there is nothing that
25:29 God is asking us to do that
25:31 'A' He doesn't give us the power to do.
25:33 And 'B' that wouldn't be an extreme blessing in our life.
25:37 Yes, I'll just want to share one more thing,
25:39 I'm gonna do this so quickly.
25:41 Even in the sanctuary diagram,
25:43 the future of God's people are revealed.
25:46 At the Altar of Sacrifice, it causes to live
25:49 a life of sacrifice on a daily basis.
25:52 The Laver represents new birth, being born again.
25:56 The time is coming where we are going to literally
25:59 be born again, that is at the resurrection
26:02 the second coming, we're gonna have new bodies
26:04 cleanse the bodies, I can't wait for that day,
26:07 that's we're gonna be washed a new,
26:09 that's a literal being born again.
26:11 Then we're gonna, we're told,
26:12 we're going to enter the city of God.
26:14 That's that Seven-Branched Candlestick.
26:16 We're gonna enter into that city through the gates.
26:18 What do we gonna do there?
26:20 We're gonna sit at the welcome table with Abraham,
26:23 Isaac and Jacob, and with all the saints,
26:26 that's the Table of Showbread, amen.
26:28 We're then told that we're gonna spend
26:29 in the Book of Revelation and we'll get into
26:31 this a little bit further,
26:32 a little bit down in our further programs.
26:34 But we're gonna spend the thousand years
26:36 reviewing the records of Christ
26:38 and His intersession for the lost.
26:41 We're gonna see the Christ did everything
26:42 He could to save the lost and they rejected it.
26:45 We're gonna see that
26:46 and that will be at the Altar of Incense.
26:49 And finally the Bible tells us in the Book of Revelation
26:52 that the tabernacle, the throne of God will be
26:55 with men forever and ever, with no separating veil,
26:59 that's the Ark of the Covenant,
27:01 the Most Holy Place, the very throne room of God.
27:03 So again, the blueprint is all over the Bible,
27:07 and when we understand it, we understand the foundation
27:10 for the entire plan of salvation.
27:12 And so we want to encourage you to stick with us
27:15 because what we're going to learn in the upcoming programs
27:18 is going to be life changing.
27:20 I think one of the most exciting things
27:22 about the blueprint is how exciting it makes the Bible.
27:26 I mean, we should already be excited about
27:27 the Bible but for some it's just seen as a boring book.
27:30 But when you study it, I can see how deep it goes
27:34 and how God has just connected
27:35 so many different things together,
27:37 nothing is by a happens stands or by accident or,
27:41 you know, everything is in there
27:43 for a reason and a purpose, it's all planned by God,
27:47 the giver of life, the creator of this world.
27:49 And so, when we look at it like that,
27:51 there brings a whole new excitement
27:54 and freshness to the Bible.
27:56 And that's what God wants to do for each
27:59 and every one of us everyday if we would just
28:01 take that time and spend that time
28:03 with Him in His word and praying.
28:06 We thank you for joining us,
28:07 please join us next time, until then, God bless.


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