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00:15 Hello and welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:17 We are your host, Ivor and Atonte Myers,
00:20 and we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:23 In our last program
00:24 we learned that not only has God given us a blueprint,
00:29 the gospel plan of salvation.
00:32 But He has also put it in different stories
00:36 throughout the Old Testament.
00:38 We looked at the story of the children
00:42 of the Israel leaving Egypt
00:44 and going into the wilderness,
00:46 and we actually saw the blueprint
00:48 all over that story.
00:50 Really the gospel plan of salvation
00:52 all over that story,
00:54 and so we see that not only has does
00:57 God have a plan for us,
00:59 He actually has hid it if you will.
01:03 In all the different stories
01:04 so that if we study we can come up
01:06 and see that this is God's plan of salvation for us.
01:10 And not only do we need to read about it,
01:13 study it but we need to apply it,
01:15 the steps into our own lives.
01:17 That's right, we've been discussing
01:19 the fact that God in His effort to save humanity
01:25 who was lost because of the rebellion
01:27 against Him has given this world a gift,
01:32 a blueprint in the sanctuary that He had given to Moses
01:37 and that sanctuary was to serve as His GPS.
01:42 God's gospel plan of salvation
01:46 to direct mankind back to him.
01:48 And so if you've been following us
01:50 we know that you're gonna be
01:52 excited to open the word of God again
01:54 and see how this blueprint
01:57 goes deeper in the word of God.
01:59 And if you haven't been following us,
02:01 if you're just joining us for the first time,
02:02 we just wanna kind of catch you up a little bit
02:05 and we're gonna take a look at this sanctuary that God
02:09 had instructed Moses to build,
02:10 and see just how this sanctuary
02:13 is the pattern of salvation.
02:16 This time we're gonna look at it
02:17 through the life of Christ.
02:18 But before we do that,
02:20 we again wanna put
02:21 our sanctuary image up on the screen
02:24 and just explain each article of furniture very briefly,
02:27 so that you get the picture
02:28 we want you to memorize this,
02:30 this blueprint because God's GPS doesn't lie,
02:34 it always speaks the truth. Amen. Amen.
02:36 So again, the sanctuary image is now on the screen
02:40 and what you'll see there are six articles of furniture.
02:44 Two were found in the Outer Court,
02:47 three were found in what was called the Holy Place.
02:50 That's the Table of Showbread,
02:52 the Seven branched Candlestick,
02:54 the Altar of Incense
02:55 and the final article of furniture represents
02:58 the throne of God that was found in the Most Holy Place.
03:00 So the first article of furniture
03:02 is the Altar of Sacrifice.
03:04 You'll find all this in the Book of Exodus.
03:07 The Altar of Sacrifice represented
03:09 Christ's sacrifice on our behalf.
03:12 The Laver, which is where the Priest would
03:14 wash their hands and their feet represents baptism.
03:18 The Table of Showbread represents the word of God,
03:21 "Man shall not live by bread alone
03:23 but by every word that proceeds out
03:25 of the mouth of God."
03:26 The Altar of Incense represents prayer
03:29 whereby we commune with God.
03:31 And the Seven branched Candlestick represents
03:33 the light that shines as a result
03:37 of the Christian witness
03:39 Let your life so shine that men may see your good works,
03:42 and finally the Altar of,
03:44 I'm sorry, the that the Ark of the Covenant
03:46 found in the Most Holy Place,
03:48 number six there,
03:49 right on the top of your screen
03:50 representing the Law of God.
03:52 And just mentioning this again,
03:54 if you look at the way the articles of furniture
03:56 are set up it is in the shape of the cross.
03:58 Simply showing us that thousands of years
04:01 before Christ came,
04:02 the sanctuary prophesied as it
04:05 were that Christ would come
04:07 and die on ours for our sins die on a cross on our behalf.
04:12 So memorize that image,
04:14 and now what we're gonna do
04:15 is we're gonna show once
04:16 again as we did in our last program
04:17 and as we'll do in future programs.
04:19 How this sanctuary actually
04:22 demonstrates the Path of Salvation?
04:25 So that none need be confused
04:27 as to the direction of heaven.
04:31 How we can be saved?
04:33 So we're gonna take a look at our Christ.
04:36 How is Christ's actions seen in this blueprint?
04:42 We're gonna start with a theme
04:44 that we call Christ descends.
04:47 Let's go to the Book of John.
04:49 John Chapter 6, John Chapter 6,
04:53 we're gonna take a look at,
04:55 I believe it is verse. Verse 38. Verse 38.
05:00 And it says, and ye have not His,
05:03 "and ye have not His word abiding in you
05:05 for whom He has sent Him you believe not."
05:09 Now that is a beautiful verse
05:10 and it's just not the verse we wanted to read.
05:13 Even though it's beautiful.
05:14 So just stick that verse in your memory somewhere,
05:16 we may use it other at time in the future
05:18 but we're gonna read John 6.
05:20 We're in 5 verse 38,
05:22 we're actually both there. Okay. So 6 verses 38.
05:25 That's right. Okay, alright.
05:29 "For I came down from heaven,
05:31 not to do my own will but the will of Him that sent me."
05:34 Okay, so this verse is basically telling us,
05:37 Christ is speaking here, He says,
05:38 I came down from heaven.
05:43 As we look at the sanctuary,
05:46 the highest point in the sanctuary
05:49 was the Ark of the Covenant
05:51 and above that the mercy seat of God.
05:56 We understand that Christ in heaven
05:59 left His throne to come down to this earth.
06:04 So lets put our image backup
06:06 and you'll see there at that the Ark of the Covenant.
06:11 You'll see there the throne of God,
06:14 we might say, we might look at that picture and say,
06:17 well, Christ left that throne,
06:19 item number, six right there,
06:21 to come down to this earth.
06:24 Now I just want to say, you know, praise God. Amen.
06:28 That, that, that God sent His Son into this world,
06:32 to redeem us and to save us
06:35 and to call us back to Him.
06:38 Christ left heaven,
06:40 He left His throne to come down to this earth.
06:42 Well, that moves from Most Holy Place
06:46 to the Holy Place
06:48 and there we find three articles of furniture.
06:50 Those articles are?
06:52 The Table of Showbread,
06:54 the Altar of Incense
06:55 and the Seven branched Candlestick.
06:57 Seven branched Candlestick.
06:58 Okay so we might ask now well.
07:00 Okay, Jesus left his throne in heaven,
07:02 but He came down to earth to do what?
07:06 Look at John Chapter 1, John Chapter 1 verse 9,
07:10 and at home if you have your Bibles,
07:12 I don't know if we invited you to,
07:13 but we invite you now to get those Bibles
07:15 so you could follow along with us.
07:16 John 1, verse 9. It says that was,
07:20 "that was the true light
07:22 which alighted everyman that cometh into the world."
07:25 Okay, this verse is actually speaking,
07:28 we should have probably read that verse earlier.
07:30 But it's speaking about Christ
07:32 who came into this world
07:34 to be the light of this world. Yeah.
07:38 So Christ comes and He comes with a mission.
07:40 He leaves His throne in heaven,
07:42 Ark of the Covenant, Mercy Seat,
07:44 to be a light in this world.
07:47 Why, because we were in darkness. Darkness.
07:50 And one of the hardest things to do
07:51 is to find your way back to heaven
07:54 when you're in darkness.
07:55 To find your way.
07:56 It's impossible. It's impossible.
07:58 To find your way anywhere.
07:59 That's right. In the dark.
08:01 That's right. So Christ comes
08:03 and He is the light that is going to help guide us
08:06 back to salvation.
08:08 Not only that because there are two articles
08:10 of furniture in the Most Holy Place.
08:13 There is the Table of Showbread
08:16 and there is the Altar of Incense. Incense.
08:19 Let's look at Luke Chapter 6 verse 12,
08:21 Luke Chapter 6 verse 12.
08:23 You know, as we're turning there,
08:25 I remember recently hearing,
08:29 I won't mentioned the person's name
08:30 but a very unpopular talk show
08:34 and they were talking about
08:35 how there are many paths to God.
08:37 And as we look at this GPS
08:39 and as we're learning it more and more,
08:42 and we're seeing that,
08:43 that is not true. That's right.
08:44 There is only one path to God
08:46 and that's through Jesus. That's right.
08:47 And it is a narrow path. Yeah.
08:49 We're told. You know,
08:50 we can't go to the right or to the left,
08:53 we've got to stay in this narrow path
08:54 and we're gonna see that as we go along.
08:56 Because the Bible describes the people
08:58 who will follow Jesus,
09:00 follow the Lamb with us where ever He goes.
09:02 And what we're gonna find is that this pattern
09:04 actually reveals the way the Lamb went.
09:08 We're gonna get to that in a later part of this program.
09:11 So you don't want to miss that,
09:12 but Luke Chapter 6, verse 12.
09:18 "And it came to pass in those days that
09:21 He went out into a mountain to pray
09:24 and continued all night in pray to God."
09:27 Okay so, this is just one verse that points out
09:30 a very important aspect of Christ's life.
09:33 Christ came to this earth to demonstrate
09:35 to us something godly.
09:39 To demonstrate to us what a godly life was like.
09:41 And not only did He descend from heaven,
09:44 Ark of Covenant, to let his light shine,
09:48 Seven branched Candlestick,
09:50 but He also descended to show us
09:52 how to live a life of prayer.
09:55 In fact, He interceded for us.
09:57 He was just praying out there just to be praying.
10:00 He came not only to shine light
10:02 but to also intercede for us.
10:05 So this sanctuary what we're seeing so far,
10:07 is that it actually delineates
10:09 Christ descent from heaven on our behalf
10:13 and what He would do in order to save us.
10:16 And it says that He prayed all night.
10:21 I know as Christians we think okay,
10:23 well, Jesus prayed all night
10:25 and that's what He was called to do.
10:27 But really? I mean, we're all,
10:29 I mean there's times we're struggling with things
10:31 and we want victory
10:33 and we're fine being that our normal prayer
10:36 that we're doing our, you know,
10:37 maybe an hour in prayer daily,
10:40 on a daily basis, it's just not working,
10:41 it's just not giving us the victory
10:43 over that really tough,
10:45 hard thing that we're struggling with.
10:47 And so I have found that
10:48 we've both been a part of all night prayer meetings before,
10:52 and have personally spent
10:54 many many hours at night in prayer,
10:57 when you're trying to get victory over
10:58 something you're struggling with.
11:00 And I think Jesus did this not just
11:02 so that we could see that He did it,
11:04 but to be our example.
11:05 I mean, He didn't have any sin in His life,
11:08 we're filled with sin and need to get victory.
11:10 And so how much more do we need to pray,
11:12 the way Jesus prayed and sometimes all night.
11:14 That's right. That's right.
11:16 Jesus descends from His throne,
11:18 He comes to be the light of the world,
11:21 He comes to show us an example of prayer.
11:23 But there is also one other article in that most,
11:26 in that Holy Place rather, and that is what?
11:29 The Table of Showbread. Showerbread.
11:31 Which represents the world of God.
11:34 And there is very interesting stories
11:36 found in John Chapter 4.
11:38 Jesus is speaking to this woman at a well
11:41 and He's giving her salvation,
11:43 He's showing her the Path of Salvation.
11:45 The disciples had gone
11:47 because you know everyone was hungry,
11:49 so they had gone to get food
11:51 and when they come back,
11:52 Jesus seems to be fully satisfied.
11:55 And I want you to notice
11:56 what He says in John 4 verse 31,
11:58 it says, "in the meanwhile
11:59 His disciples prayed Him saying master eat."
12:02 Now remember, He's just witnessing to this woman
12:06 and He said unto them
12:07 I have meat to eat that is food,
12:10 not actually flesh, but food.
12:11 That's what the word meat means.
12:13 I have meat to eat that you know not of,
12:15 therefore said the disciples one to another,
12:17 has any man brought Him ought to eat.
12:20 Jesus said unto Him, unto them,
12:22 my meat is to do the will of Him that sent me
12:27 and to finish His work.
12:31 To finish His work.
12:33 "Man shall not live by bread alone
12:35 but by every word that proceeds
12:37 out of mouth of God."
12:38 Jesus Christ came to,
12:39 He descended from heaven to show us,
12:41 to be a light for us,
12:43 to intercede for us the Altar of Incense
12:45 and to show us
12:47 what the will of the father was to do His work,
12:50 to finish the work,
12:51 to share that bread of life with all of humanity.
12:56 And so we find here this incredible
12:58 pattern of Christ's life.
13:00 Not only did He leave His throne to be a light,
13:04 Seven branched Candlestick, to be a,
13:07 to intercede for us, Altar of Incense.
13:10 To share the bread of life, in fact He said,
13:12 I am the bread of life that has descended from heaven.
13:16 We also see that Christ Himself
13:19 was baptized on our behalf.
13:23 We find that in Matthew Chapter 3,
13:26 I believe its verse 16, you gonna read that.
13:29 Yes, Matthew Chapter 3 verse 16, it says,
13:32 and Jesus when He was baptized went up
13:35 straight way out of the water and lo,
13:38 the heavens were opened unto Him.
13:40 And He saw the spirit of God descending
13:42 like a dove and lighting it upon Him. Amen. Amen.
13:48 The baptism of Christ.
13:49 It's amazing again,
13:52 we can say is this coincidence.
13:55 Or we can ask is this coincidence,
13:57 or we can say no, no, no, this is God's GPS.
14:01 Look at this God, Christ is following
14:03 the exact pattern of the sanctuary and He's showing,
14:07 this is what I did in order to redeem humanity.
14:11 He left his throne in heaven and what is He doing?
14:13 He's descending, descending, descending.
14:17 Bible says, let this mind be in you
14:19 which was also in Christ Jesus,
14:21 who thought of not robbery to be equal with God
14:23 but humbled himself and became obedient
14:27 even to the death of the cross.
14:28 In other words, Christ left heaven,
14:30 not only did he leave heaven and leave behind His glory
14:34 and all its, you know, His omnipotence.
14:38 He took on a veil of human flesh
14:40 and He humbled himself, humbled himself,
14:42 and humbled himself. He was baptized.
14:44 Baptism is a symbol that one needs
14:47 to die and to be reborn again.
14:49 That's why when John the Baptist saw Jesus
14:52 and Jesus said, you've to baptize me,
14:54 John was like, no, why should I baptize you?
14:57 Why because, you know, I mean,
14:58 think about it Jesus was without what? Sin
15:03 But yet Jesus suffered to be so, why?
15:05 Because He was setting an example for what we must do.
15:09 So Christ He leaves His throne in heaven,
15:12 He intercedes on our behalf, He is the light of the world.
15:17 He's the bread of life,
15:18 He's showing us to will of the Father.
15:19 He is then baptized and what happens
15:22 three and half year later? He is crucified on a cross.
15:27 That's the Altar of Sacrifice.
15:31 So we're finding that the blueprint
15:33 is so authentically from God that you can go from
15:37 the Altar of Sacrifice all the way out
15:39 through all the pieces of furniture
15:42 to the Ark of the Covenant and see the gospel,
15:45 or you can start at the Ark of the Covenant
15:47 and make your way backwards and down,
15:50 and you still see the same plan.
15:53 Exactly. And that is just--
15:54 It's like which way do you want it.
15:55 Right, and that's so amazing for those who maybe
15:59 haven't seen our previous programs,
16:01 the reason why God even had to give the blueprint
16:03 in the first place because what happened in heaven.
16:08 There was war in heaven and Satan was cast out,
16:10 and you know, and there has to,
16:13 and God is, well He creates humanity.
16:17 So that in the future we can judge to see
16:20 if God really is a just and righteous God.
16:24 And so Satan is trying to destroy humanity,
16:27 he doesn't want them to understand the blueprint.
16:31 And so, as you can see, God has made it so that
16:34 it is impossible for Satan to destroy the blueprint.
16:38 Because He just puts it and shows it
16:39 in so many different ways that if we're willing
16:42 to surrender our hearts to God and allow Holy Spirit
16:44 to lead us and study in His word,
16:47 God will continue to show us this blueprint,
16:50 this gospel Plan of Salvation.
16:52 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:3
16:54 that the saints are gonna judge the world
16:56 and we're gonna judge angels,
16:58 and we're going to actually vindicate God's judgment.
17:03 You know the saints will say,
17:04 just and true are thy ways O God.
17:06 So, you know, not that we're judging God,
17:09 we're actually called to judge Lucifer and his angels,
17:12 and at the same time
17:13 we're gonna vindicate who God is,
17:16 what he has done,
17:17 and God gives us this blueprint,
17:19 so that we can understand His character
17:22 and understand His efforts to save humanity.
17:26 And I think it's a powerful thing that
17:28 He is showing us in so many,
17:30 it's like he's trying to gain
17:31 our confidence in this blueprint
17:33 so that we'll trust it and know that yeah,
17:35 this is not lying.
17:36 It shows the life of Christ,
17:38 it shows Him dying on the cross.
17:40 It shows in the previous program we saw,
17:42 it showed the exact path
17:44 that God lead the children
17:46 though in their journey from Egypt,
17:48 all the way to Mount Sinai,
17:50 it is filled with gospel applications,
17:55 so what we just saw is Christ descending
17:59 from his throne all the way to the Ark,
18:02 I mean to the Altar of Sacrifice
18:05 where He dies for our sins.
18:07 But now we're going to reverse it
18:09 and we're gonna show the life of Christ this time
18:12 starting from the Altar of Sacrifice.
18:15 And again, I will leave an another amazing
18:19 description or depiction
18:20 if you will of the accuracy of the blueprint, the GPS
18:24 So Christ is born. In a manger. In a manger.
18:31 Now what's kept in a manger? Animals. Animals.
18:34 So Christ is born among animals.
18:36 You can find that in Luke Chapter 2 verse 7,
18:40 and as I look at that concept,
18:43 Christ being born among animals.
18:46 You know when the John Baptist sees Him,
18:47 he says, "behold the Lamb of God
18:50 which taketh away the sins of the world."
18:52 We might say that Christ
18:54 was born on the Altar of Sacrifice.
18:58 That's where the animals were taken.
18:59 He was born ready to die.
19:02 He was living sacrifice,
19:03 that's why He came into this world.
19:06 He came to be the Lamb of God
19:10 which would take away the sins of humanity.
19:14 So, we have Christ being born a manger
19:19 and He grows up,
19:22 He gets His call to ministry if you will.
19:27 The next significant thing
19:28 we have happening in Christ's life
19:31 that is recorded in the scripture, of course after
19:33 His visit to the temple at the age of twelve.
19:36 By the way-- By the way,
19:39 it is when Christ visits the temple
19:44 that He begins to understand at the age of twelve
19:48 He begins to understand His mission,
19:51 it is as He is studying this sanctuary, this temple.
19:54 And He's seeing this lambs slain
19:56 and He's watching all these services,
19:58 and I believe it is at point that things
20:01 begin to click in mind.
20:02 This is who I am. This is my mission.
20:04 And so He can say to His mother and father,
20:06 did you not know that
20:07 I would be about my Father's business
20:09 when they came looking for Him at the temple.
20:12 That's where He discovered, I believe,
20:14 in its fullest extent His Father's business. Okay.
20:18 So, so the next significant event
20:20 He's born in the manger,
20:22 at the age of thirty Christ is baptized.
20:26 And that represents the Laver. The Laver.
20:28 What do you have there?
20:29 The Altar of Sacrifice, He's born ready to die.
20:32 The Laver, He is baptized at the age of thirty.
20:36 I think it's absolutely amazing
20:39 that we see in those, excuse me,
20:41 thirty years of Christ life,
20:43 we see the Altar of Sacrifice
20:46 and we see the Laver representing
20:51 the beginning of His mission.
20:52 After He was baptized something else happened.
20:56 Yes, He was lead up in the wilderness to be tempted.
21:00 In Matthew Chapter 4 verse 1,
21:01 it says "Then Jesus was led up of the spirit,
21:05 into the wilderness, to be tempted of the devil.
21:07 And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights,
21:10 he was afterward and hungered,
21:13 and when the temper came to Him, He said,
21:15 if thou be the Son of God,
21:17 command that these stone that it be made bread.
21:20 Once again, Atonte, I think,
21:21 we can either say this is coincidence
21:23 or we can look at it and say,
21:25 you know what, this is, this is a blueprint.
21:27 This is how God leads in the path of salvation.
21:31 I don't think that the devil just coincidentally
21:33 happened to tempt Christ to turn stone into bread.
21:37 This is taking us right to the Table of Showbread,
21:41 and Christ responds by saying in verse 4.
21:44 It is written, man shall not live by bread alone
21:48 but with every word that proceedeth
21:50 out of the mouth of the God.
21:51 And so Christ's victory there shows us
21:53 the importance of the word of God.
21:55 It shows us that we are to truly seek God
21:58 and to follow the path of the Lamb,
22:02 and by the way that's exactly
22:03 what we're looking at, Christ is the lamb
22:06 and He starts at the Altar of Sacrifice,
22:07 He's baptized, He then goes to the Table of Showbread
22:11 and showing the importance of the word of God
22:13 that it is more necessary than our daily food.
22:18 When we decide, desire to follow the Christ,
22:20 He says, this the way I walked,
22:23 then He says, you walk in it.
22:24 Well also, He's tempted as we'll find not once,
22:28 but three times. Three times.
22:29 And there is three articles of furniture.
22:31 Again, what are the odds. Exactly. Yeah.
22:34 Well the second temptation, verse 5 says,
22:36 then the devil taketh him up into the Holy City
22:39 and sitteth him on a pinnacle of the temple.
22:42 And save unto him if that will be the Son of God
22:45 cast thyself down, for it is written,
22:48 He shall give His angels charge concerning
22:51 thee and in their hands they shall bear the up less
22:54 that anytime thou dash thy foot against a stone.
22:58 So this second temptation, basically the devil
23:01 has taken Jesus up to this high place and says to Him,
23:04 throw yourself down and then call out to God.
23:07 Pray to God, He'll save you.
23:10 We can see here the devil is tempting
23:12 Jesus to offer a presumptuous prayer,
23:15 to put ourselves in harm's way,
23:17 and then ask God to deliver us.
23:19 This is God, this is the Bible showing us
23:22 that presumption is a very dangerous thing.
23:26 Don't put yourselves in harm's way
23:28 and intentionally think, I mean,
23:30 intentionally tempt God and then ask God to save you.
23:34 So, so Jesus here again overcomes His temptation,
23:38 He overcomes showing that not only must
23:41 we depend on the word of God,
23:42 but our prayers must be right prayers to God.
23:47 Don't live in sin and then ask God to save you.
23:51 While you're living in sin.
23:52 And open a known set,
23:54 for sin to be sent in your life,
23:57 truly in God's life you have to be realize that it's sin,
24:00 exactly, and you know not rebel against Him.
24:02 Exactly, exactly.
24:03 So now we get to the third temptation.
24:05 And by the way that second temptation brings us
24:07 to the Altar of Incense.
24:09 So the first temptation, Table of Showbread,
24:11 second temptation, Altar of Incense,
24:14 dealing with prayer.
24:15 And the third temptation, the Bible says in verse 8,
24:21 it says, again the devil taketh him up
24:23 to an exceeding high mountain
24:26 and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world
24:29 and the glory of them.
24:31 And saveth unto Him all these things will I give thee
24:35 if that would fall down and worship me.
24:38 I think it's significant
24:39 that Satan takes him up into a mountain.
24:41 Because Jesus in other places in the scripture,
24:45 in fact I believes it's in the book of Matthew
24:47 where He says-- Matthew 5 I believe it is,
24:51 where he says, you are the light of the world,
24:54 a city set on a hill cannot be hit.
24:59 He was speaking about
25:02 the city of the Church, of God's people.
25:05 So the devil takes him up to this mountain and says,
25:07 I'll give you your Seven branched Candlestick.
25:10 I'll give you your light of the world
25:12 if you just simply bow down and worship me.
25:14 You don't have to die to get it,
25:15 just worship me
25:16 and you'll get what you came for.
25:19 And of course we know the Christ
25:21 also rejected that offer.
25:22 Rejected the temptation to bow down to Satan
25:26 and these three temptations,
25:29 not coincidence that the devil will tempt
25:32 Christ in these two areas.
25:34 Because the blueprint shows us that
25:36 this is where God requires each of us to overcome.
25:40 This might be a whole another series
25:42 but I just thought of this
25:43 when you're talking about the candlesticks
25:45 and God's Church and Satan saying,
25:47 you know, throw yourselves down,
25:48 bow down and I'll give you, your people,
25:50 and Jesus was like, no.
25:52 You know, there's even a specific way that God
25:55 wants us to witness to the world
25:58 that any old way just won't work.
26:00 We can't just take things into our own hands
26:02 and think that we can go
26:03 and witness and minister to the world the way we think,
26:07 it has be-- Using Satan's methods.
26:08 That's right, it has to be according
26:09 to God as well in purpose.
26:11 Well finally we see that Christ
26:15 after He overcomes these three temptations.
26:17 He goes on to do what?
26:20 To preach the law of God that's found
26:23 in the Ark of the Covenant
26:24 combined with the mercy of God,
26:27 which is right on the top of the Ark of the Covenant.
26:30 In fact, it's interesting how law and mercy
26:32 were together because in Exodus 20,
26:35 and I believe it's verse 6.
26:36 Right there in the middle of the Ten Commandments
26:39 we're told about
26:41 who will receive the mercy of God.
26:43 It says, showing mercy unto thousands
26:46 of them that love me and keep my commandments.
26:49 So who does God give mercy to?
26:51 To those who keep His commandments.
26:54 Mercy Seat, Ark of the Covenant, it's the gospel.
26:57 The law and grace combined, the law and mercy combined.
27:01 And so what we see here,
27:03 what see in the program is Christ descended,
27:07 down from heaven, left the Ark,
27:09 left his throne, came down, lived a life of prayer,
27:13 witnessing and Bible study,
27:15 was baptized, died for rest.
27:17 And then reversed it.
27:18 He was born at the manger, he was baptized,
27:20 he was tempted three in the wilderness
27:22 and then went on to preach the law of God
27:24 combined with the mercy of God.
27:26 The blueprint tells us, tells it to us all,
27:29 it's a magnificent thing that God has given us
27:32 and we ought to understand this especially
27:34 in the light of the future messages we have coming up.
27:36 That's right, that's right.
27:38 And again, God wants us to know this message
27:43 and understand the blueprint
27:44 so that we can experience it personally in our lives.
27:47 And so that we can also share it with others.
27:50 There are so many people out
27:52 there that are lost and just don't know their way.
27:55 And God is wanting to use you to be a light
27:58 in their life and put them on,
27:59 and help them to get on the right path.
28:02 We hope that you would join us again,
28:04 until next time, God bless.


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