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Sanctuary, Pt. 2

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00:15 Welcome to "Battles of Faith."
00:17 We're your host, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:19 And we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:22 In our last program,
00:23 we learned that God's way truly is in the sanctuary,
00:28 that it is a GPS, "God's Plan of Salvation."
00:31 How we can make it home back to heaven
00:34 and live with Him eternally.
00:35 That's right, Atonte.
00:36 We've been discussing this blueprint,
00:39 what we called the GPS,
00:40 God's Gospel Plan of Salvation,
00:43 and how God had given this sanctuary
00:46 to the children of Israel in the Old Testament
00:49 to teach them the plan of salvation.
00:53 And the path back home, and we've gone over
00:57 various examples of Christ and His sacrifice.
01:00 And how, you know, the children of Israel
01:05 were to look at the sanctuary
01:07 and see the Gospel spelled out
01:11 in the different articles of furniture, et cetera.
01:14 And so what we want to do now is,
01:15 we want to invite our audience
01:17 to again take out your Bibles
01:19 because we're going to put this GPS up again.
01:21 We want you to get used to this GPS.
01:23 We're going to be referring to it in future programs
01:27 and we want you to know it so well that if if anyone
01:30 would ever come to me and say, hey,
01:31 this is the way to salvation or that's way to salvation.
01:33 You can say uh, my GPS says something different.
01:37 And that is the Gospel Plan of Salvation
01:39 that is God's sanctuary blueprint.
01:42 And this GPS like some of our GPSs
01:45 that we have in our car or on our phone.
01:47 This one never gets us lost.
01:48 It never makes a mistake.
01:49 And so we can trust God's GPS.
01:52 That's right. So we know that --
01:54 the Book of Exodus Chapter 25 verse 8
01:56 God says, "Let them make me a sanctuary,
01:59 that I may dwell among them."
02:01 The reason being is because God would
02:03 hide His Glory, within that temple.
02:07 In much the same way that when Jesus came to this earth
02:10 He was God hidden under a veil of the flesh.
02:14 So God says, make the sanctuary
02:16 so that I can dwell in the midst of you.
02:18 And the Psalmist also wrote of this sanctuary.
02:22 He says in Psalm 77:13
02:24 "Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary."
02:28 It is God's path to salvation,
02:31 it is found there in the sanctuary.
02:33 So what we want to do is we just want to
02:34 do a quick review of the sanctuary.
02:37 How it was laid out and what each
02:39 article of furniture represents
02:41 and then we're gonna show is how
02:43 God delivers through this very pattern.
02:46 It's a very exciting study
02:48 and we're gonna jump right in right now.
02:50 So, taking a bird's eye view of the sanctuary,
02:55 we're gonna put our picture up on the screen,
02:57 when you went into the outer court of the sanctuary
03:00 that was the first place that the sinner would go.
03:02 He goes into this tabernacle in the wilderness
03:06 and the first article of furniture to me,
03:08 him was the Altar of Sacrifice.
03:11 And that's where they would sacrifice the animals
03:16 as it, you know, a sin offering as it were,
03:18 there was of, they would confess their sins
03:21 over that particular animal.
03:23 The animal was slain and the blood was
03:24 put upon that altar of sacrifice.
03:26 Going up a little bit further you had go ahead,
03:30 Well, we've the Laver. That's right.
03:31 And the Laver is where
03:33 the priest would wash their hands.
03:37 Of course there was blood, because there was death
03:41 in the slain of lamb and so just in handling the lamb
03:43 they would need to wash their hands.
03:45 And so there was blood and water there in the Laver.
03:47 Exactly. After we --
03:50 So after the priest have washed thier hands
03:52 and their feet, they now enter into
03:54 what is called the Holy Place
03:55 and there in the Holy Place
03:56 you have three articles of furniture.
03:59 The Table of Showbread and we know that according to the
04:02 New Testament, it represents.
04:05 The word of God. The word of God.
04:06 "Man shall not live by bread alone,
04:07 but by every word that proceeds
04:09 out of the mouth of God."
04:11 You have the Altar of Incense,
04:12 which represented? Prayer.
04:14 Prayer, and you have the
04:17 Seven-Branched Candlestick, which represents?
04:20 God's Church and being a light in the world.
04:22 Being a light in the world.
04:23 Matthew 5:16 says, "Let your light, so shine,"
04:27 that represents the Church
04:28 or the eye witness, letting our light shine.
04:31 And then finally, you had the most Holy place,
04:35 which was, uh, which have,
04:37 The Ark of the Covenant, and the Mercy Seat.
04:41 Within the Ark was Law of God
04:43 and upon the Mercy Seat was the presence of God.
04:45 Representing God's throne
04:47 and the foundation of his throne,
04:49 which is the Law of God.
04:50 So see that blueprint, memorize that image,
04:53 don't forget it, because we're gonna see
04:56 just how God delivers through this pattern,
04:59 over and over and over again.
05:02 So, here's what we're going to do
05:03 we're not going to go through the Book of Exodus
05:06 because after all God did give the pattern to Israel.
05:11 And that we want to see how God delivered
05:16 Israel out of Egyptian captivity.
05:19 And we're gonna find this absolutely amazing.
05:21 We're gonna go to the Book of Exodus, Chapter 12,
05:24 and let's read from verse 1 to verse 6.
05:30 I think I'll go ahead and read that.
05:33 Atonte, you can go ahead and read that,
05:34 Exodus 12 verse 1 to verse 6.
05:37 And just to give a little context
05:39 what we're about read here.
05:42 God has been sending out plagues
05:44 upon the Egyptians in order to let Israel go.
05:50 This is the very last thing
05:52 God is instructing Israel to do
05:54 before they actually leave Egyptian captivity.
05:58 Now, as we're reading, I want you out there
06:00 as you're watching to be thinking
06:02 of the sanctuary and think okay,
06:05 what article of furniture could this be pointing to.
06:08 Okay, so let's read Exodus 12 verse 1 through 6.
06:11 Okay, and it says "And the Lord spake
06:13 unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,
06:17 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months,
06:20 it shall be the first month of the year to you.
06:23 Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel,
06:26 saying, In the tenth day of this month
06:29 they shall take to them every man a lamb,
06:32 according to the house of their fathers,
06:34 a lamb for an house,
06:37 And if the household be too little,
06:39 for the lamb let him and his neighbor
06:42 next unto his house, take it according
06:45 to the number of the souls,
06:47 every man according to his eating
06:49 shall make your count for the lamb.
06:53 Your lamb shall be without blemish,
06:54 a male of the first year, ye shall take it out
06:58 from the sheep, or from the goats.
07:00 And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day
07:03 of the same month and the whole assembly
07:06 of the congregation of Israel shal kill it in the evening."
07:09 And verse 7 as well.
07:10 "And they shall take of the blood,
07:12 and strike it on the two side posts
07:15 and on the upper door post of the houses,
07:18 where in they shall eat it."
07:19 Okay, so here we've the institution
07:21 of the Passover Sacrifice, hint, hint, hint.
07:27 The Passover Sacrifice, God is about to lead
07:30 Israel out of captivity and the first thing
07:33 He tells them to do is to what?
07:36 Sacrifice a lamb. Lamb.
07:39 Well, bell should be going off, because
07:41 if you have been familiarized with the blueprint
07:44 and you remember the articles of furniture.
07:46 You will, your mind would probably go where?
07:49 To the Altar of Sacrifice.
07:52 That's the very first step in the plan of salvation
07:56 that sacrifice, without that sacrifice,
07:58 there can be nothing else.
08:00 And so God instructs Israel to make the sacrifice
08:03 and I believe He was trying to point them forward
08:07 to the ultimate sacrifice that would come,
08:10 that would deliver us out of Egypt, from captivity.
08:14 I mean think about it right now.
08:15 You maybe sitting out there,
08:16 watching this program and you're saying,
08:17 I'm in a captivity.
08:19 You Know, I'm in a captivity to drugs,
08:21 I'm in captivity to alcohol,
08:22 I'm in captivity, you know, to whatever it is.
08:25 You fill in the blank, what we're seeing here
08:28 through what we've read so far is that,
08:31 the way of deliverance is thorough a sacrifice.
08:37 And that sacrifice is none other
08:39 than Jesus Christ himself. That's Right.
08:41 So, Christ this story points forwards to Christ,
08:46 but in it's actual setting,
08:48 we see here a lamb being sacrificed,
08:50 which shows us this is the very first step
08:53 in the blueprint of God.
08:55 In that sanctuary service, the sacrifice of the animal.
08:59 So what happens, they sacrifice this animal
09:01 and the destroying angel comes,
09:05 and whosoever house that destroying angel
09:08 passes over that did not have the blood
09:11 on the posts, they were destroyed.
09:13 What does that tell us about the plan of salvation?
09:16 That we have to have Jesus' blood to cover us.
09:20 And we get that through repenting of our sins.
09:22 That's right.
09:24 It is through confession, and repentance,
09:27 and cleaning the blood of Christ
09:29 that averts destruction, and what do we know,
09:32 the devil is trying to destroy.
09:35 That's his job, that's his mission.
09:36 Okay, so that's Exodus Chapter 12.
09:40 Well, the children of Israel
09:42 are out of Egypt and they're rejoicing
09:45 and Pharaoh is back there in Egypt
09:47 and he lets them go
09:49 but then he begins to have second thoughts.
09:51 And he says, what have I done.
09:53 He says, he says to his army,
09:55 go and get them and bring them back.
09:58 Well, if you know the story you'll know that
10:01 the children of Israel are on their journey.
10:03 When they hear news that Pharaoh is behind them,
10:07 coming to bring them back to Egyptian captivity.
10:10 And, you know what, I just want to say here
10:12 that Satan will not let you go without a fight.
10:15 That's right. That's right.
10:16 You know, don't think that just because
10:19 you accepted Christ's sacrifice
10:21 on your behalf, that the devil says,
10:22 okay, well, you know, let him go.
10:25 No, He is always going to come after you,
10:29 trying to bring you back into captivity.
10:31 That happens many times, sometimes people
10:35 have been living a life of sin
10:37 and even though what they were doing
10:39 is what Satan wanted them to do
10:41 they didn't feel his presence so heavily,
10:43 but then when things got really bad,
10:45 they did feel his presence
10:46 and they decided to turn to Jesus.
10:48 But then they see that the attacks
10:51 are pushed up or it's more aggressive.
10:54 And they're thinking I gave my life to God
10:56 why are all these things happening,
10:59 because Satan wants you back.
11:01 That's right. He wants you back.
11:03 What a title? He wants you back.
11:05 Well, anyway so that's Exodus 12,
11:09 as we said, we've seen our Pharaoh
11:11 and his army is coming after Israel.
11:14 And there is a situation because Israel,
11:17 it looks as though they're trapped
11:18 because right ahead of them is the Red Sea, the Red Sea.
11:28 Our whole bells are going off,
11:30 because if you remember the blueprint,
11:33 what article of furniture comes right after
11:37 the Altar of Sacrifice, what is it?
11:39 The Laver. It's the Laver.
11:41 And what does the Laver represent?
11:44 Baptism. It represents baptism,
11:46 we saw that in earlier programs.
11:48 We saw that in another program.
11:49 In this program earlier,
11:51 the Laver represents baptism,
11:53 and the children of Israel
11:54 are their face, they're in between,
11:55 the Red Sea is in front of them,
11:57 Pharaoh's behind them.
11:58 And God says to Moses,
12:00 Moses, why are you standing here?
12:02 Lift up your rod and something is going to happen.
12:06 When Moses lifts up the rod.
12:08 Sixteen. You go head.
12:09 Chapter 16 verse o rather chapter 14 verse 16.
12:13 "But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine
12:16 hand over the sea, and divide it,
12:17 and thy children of Israel shall go on dry ground
12:20 through the midst of the sea."
12:21 That's right.
12:22 It's interesting, Atonte, that when Paul writes about
12:26 this event in First Corinthians 10,
12:28 listen to how he describes it,
12:30 he says verse 1, "Moreover, brethren,
12:32 I would not that ye should be ignorant,
12:34 how that all our fathers were under the cloud,
12:37 and all passed through the sea.
12:39 And were all baptized unto Moses
12:44 in the cloud and in the sea."
12:46 Here is a symbol, the children of Israel
12:48 going through the Red Sea
12:49 actually symbolized a baptism,
12:52 just like God had pointed out in the sanctuary.
12:56 Now mind you, the sanctuary hasn't even been built yet.
13:00 The children of Israel don't get the sanctuary
13:01 until they're in the wilderness.
13:03 So God is even showing this sanctuary path
13:07 before the children of Israel
13:09 even received the sanctuary.
13:11 They sacrificed the Passover lamb,
13:13 that's the Altar of Sacrifice.
13:15 In Exodus 14, they crossed through the Red Sea,
13:18 that's the Laver, they've been baptized.
13:21 Well, what comes next after they crossed over the Red sea
13:25 and they're rejoicing and they're all happy,
13:28 something else happens.
13:30 Well, God rains manna down. That's right.
13:32 The children of Israel, all of a sudden are like
13:34 hey, we're hungry.
13:36 And he rains manna down from heaven that they,
13:39 and gather it every day except on the seventh day.
13:43 That's right. What a blessing.
13:44 All you need to do is to go out
13:46 and get the food for free.
13:47 Exactly. Exodus 16:4, it says.
13:50 Well, actually verse 3 says,
13:51 "And the children of Israel said unto them,
13:53 Would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord
13:56 in the land of Egypt, when we ate,
13:58 when we sat by the flesh pots,
14:00 and when we did eat bread to the full,
14:03 for ye have brought us forth into this wilderness
14:05 to kill this whole assembly with hunger.
14:07 Then said the Lord unto Moses,
14:08 Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you,
14:11 and the people shall go out
14:13 and gather a certain rate every day,
14:15 that I may prove them,
14:16 whether they will walk in my law, or no."
14:19 So what's happening here is that
14:20 God now is raining manna down from them.
14:24 Now, remember again bells should be going off
14:27 because what article of furniture
14:29 do we find in the Holy Place that would
14:32 correspond to God raining bread down?
14:36 The Table of Showbread.
14:37 The Table of Showbread. Absolutely.
14:40 We might say this is a coincidence
14:42 or we might say, no, this is the GPS,
14:46 this is God's path of Salvation.
14:48 This is how God delivers.
14:50 This is how God saves, always through that pattern.
14:55 You've got to accept Christ first,
14:57 you've got to be baptized.
14:58 And then you've got to start studying the word of God.
15:00 You've got to start reading,
15:01 you've got to start eating that word
15:04 and having it become a part of you.
15:05 And I am glad that you said study,
15:08 at first you did say reading but then you said study.
15:10 Because it's not just reading the word of God.
15:16 But when you eat the bread
15:18 and so, it represents studying,
15:21 taking it deep, digesting and allowing
15:23 it to become a part of your mind,
15:27 your thought process, it begins to change you.
15:31 So many times Christians say,
15:32 yeah, I get up, then I, you know,
15:35 read a passage in the Bible.
15:36 And you know, then I pray for five minutes
15:39 and nothing really seems to be happening,
15:41 or the Bible is boring,
15:42 it's because we're not eating the bread of life,
15:45 we're just reading the outside of the bread.
15:49 That's right. The label if you will.
15:50 Exactly. God is taking His people
15:53 through the journey of the Israelites.
15:56 God is actually showing us our own journey,
15:59 He is showing us what we must do
16:01 in order to make it to that promised land,
16:04 because that's where He was ultimately leading them too.
16:06 All right, so that's Exodus 12 the Altar of Sacrifice.
16:10 Exodus 14, the Laver, they passed through the Red Sea.
16:13 Exodus 16, God rains down manna,
16:16 that's the Table of Showbread.
16:18 Well, what comes next?
16:19 In Exodus 19, we find God
16:22 making a pronouncement to Israel,
16:24 if you will, it's Exodus 19 and verse 5.
16:27 Atonte, do you want to read that?
16:29 Verse 5 and verse 6.
16:30 Okay. It says. "Now therefore,
16:32 if you will obey my voice indeed,
16:34 and keep my covenant, then ye shall be
16:36 a peculiar treasure unto me
16:38 above all people, for all the earth is mine.
16:42 And ye shall be unto me
16:43 a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.
16:46 These are the words which thou shalt speak
16:48 unto the children of Israel."
16:50 So the Bible, now tells us here that God is
16:54 calling His people and He declares them that
16:57 His royal nation He declares them a peculiar treasure.
17:00 Now, as we look in the sanctuary we might say uh,
17:03 peculiar treasure, what peculiar treasure.
17:09 What would that represent in the Holy Place?
17:12 I mean you look at a candlestick,
17:14 usually has one shaft it's a candle.
17:17 But here we have a peculiar treasure
17:20 if you will, a candlestick
17:22 seven branched made out of gold,
17:24 that is pretty peculiar.
17:26 What God is here declaring to the children of Israel
17:29 is you are the light, you are the people I'm going to use
17:34 to bring the light of the Gospel to the world.
17:38 You are my royal nation, my nation of priests
17:41 that I'm going to use in the plan of salvation
17:44 to shed light to the world.
17:47 I've had something that's stood out to me in verse 5.
17:51 "If you will obey my voice indeed,
17:53 and keep my covenant." That's right.
17:54 "You will be considered a peculiar people
17:59 and I will use you basically."
18:01 And so there is condition to that as well.
18:03 Exactly. Exactly.
18:04 God is showing us through the path of Israel
18:07 the very path we are called to take.
18:09 So Exodus 12, "Altar of Sacrifice."
18:11 Exodus 14, "The Laver."
18:14 Exodus 16, "The Table of Showbread."
18:16 Exodus 19, "The Seven-Branch Candlestick."
18:19 We can't say that this is coincidence,
18:21 or we can say, no, this is God's GPS.
18:25 This is a plan, this is not a coincidence,
18:28 this is God's directing.
18:29 Well, what happens next?
18:31 In Exodus 19, same chapter Exodus 19,
18:34 and I believe this is verse 9.
18:37 The Bible says in verse 9.
18:39 "And the Lord said unto Moses,
18:40 Lo, I come unto thee in a thick cloud,
18:42 that the people may hear
18:43 when I speak with thee, and believe thee forever.
18:46 And Moses told those words,
18:48 told the words of the people unto the Lord.
18:52 And the Lord said unto Moses, Go unto the people,
18:54 and sanctify them today and tomorrow,
18:57 and let them wash their clothes,
18:59 And be ready against the third day,
19:01 for the third day the Lord will come down
19:04 in the sight of all the people upon Mount Sinai."
19:09 It's quite interesting here. Well, God is calling,
19:11 he's telling the children of Israel to do this thing.
19:13 He's saying, listen,
19:15 prepare yourselves because I'm coming.
19:19 Prepare yourselves because I'm coming.
19:21 It's as though He was calling them
19:23 to make hard preparation they spent these three days,
19:26 you know, probably searching their own hearts,
19:28 searching themselves and trying to do all that
19:31 they could to be ready. Yeah.
19:33 This is a call to prayer. Yes.
19:35 It's a call to contemplating,
19:38 you know, you're deep self searching
19:41 and it points us to the Altar of Incense.
19:46 It's amazing that God is actually going
19:48 through this entire pattern as He's leading
19:51 the children of Israel, of through this path
19:53 because what do we find happening
19:56 in Exodus Chapter 20, remember.
19:59 Exodus 12, "Altar of Sacrifice."
20:02 Exodus 14, "The Laver." Baptism.
20:06 Exodus 16, "The Table of Showbread." Manna.
20:09 Exodus 19, "The Seven-Branch Candlestick.
20:15 "You are my peculiar treasure.
20:17 Same Exodus 19, spent three days
20:20 in deep heart searching because in Exodus 20,
20:25 what do you have happening?
20:26 And maybe you should be jumping up and down
20:28 in your chairs right now at home because,
20:30 what is Exodus 20 about?
20:32 God gives the Law to Moses,
20:34 the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments.
20:36 He gives it actually to all,
20:38 he gives it not only to Moses,
20:39 but the whole-- all the children of Israel,
20:43 they receive the commandments,
20:44 God comes down and speaks
20:46 the law of God, in their hearing.
20:50 This is the sanctuary of blueprint
20:53 laid out for us in the most amazing and spectacular way.
20:59 God saves through this pattern
21:03 this is how he delivers.
21:04 Ultimately, Atonte, it shows us
21:07 that God is trying to lead us back
21:11 to keeping His commandments.
21:14 He's saying, listen, if you want to get in my presence,
21:18 if you want to dwell with me throughout all eternity.
21:23 Remember, that day in the Garden of Eden,
21:26 Satan, convinced Adam and Eve
21:28 that they did not need to obey God's word
21:32 and as a result they were cast out of the Garden.
21:37 They were therefore in a lost condition,
21:43 mankind has been in a lost condition.
21:47 What God is here doing now
21:49 is He gives to mankind the special gift,
21:53 this blueprint, it's like a map.
21:55 And again we have a map of the sanctuary
21:57 right before us on our table,
21:58 we have it folded out just like we --
22:01 just like you would open up a map and show it someone,
22:03 hey, are you lost, this is the way to go.
22:04 Here is our map of the sanctuary
22:06 that shows this path of salvation,
22:09 God gave this, this blueprint to the humanity
22:13 as a map so that they can look and see.
22:16 Okay, if we want to get back into the presence of God,
22:21 we have to accept Christ's sacrifice.
22:24 Yes. We too must be baptized.
22:26 We must study his word daily.
22:29 We too must pray, pray,
22:31 and commune with God on a daily basis.
22:34 We too must let our light shine.
22:37 And I think, in as Christians we get the surrender,
22:43 we get the baptism, we even understand
22:45 studying His word and praying.
22:47 I think the weakest, one of the weakest links
22:49 that we find-- is in the witnessing
22:52 letting our light shine. That's right.
22:54 I mean, yes, living as a-- living a good honest life,
22:58 people can see that by example
23:00 but actually with a purpose, intent.
23:02 You know, an intention to go out
23:04 and witness to actually try to study with someone
23:07 or have some type of ministry
23:09 that God has called you too.
23:11 I think that's where the weaker --
23:13 the weaker link is for Christians.
23:14 Exactly. In other words,
23:17 it's showing us and it's quite amazing, Atonte,
23:19 just staying on that Holy Place just for a moment,
23:25 the Altar of Incense, the Table of Showbread,
23:30 and the Seven-Branch Candlestick,
23:32 it's as though they're all equals.
23:34 And whenever we give any one of those articles
23:38 more attention than the other.
23:41 What ends up happening is that
23:43 you lead an unbalanced
23:45 you have an unbalanced Christian experience.
23:47 If you're only into prayer
23:49 and you're like I don't need to study,
23:50 I don't need to witness, you're unbalanced.
23:52 If you're only into Bible study,
23:54 oh I love studying the word of God, but prayer,
23:57 you know, witnessing, you're unbalanced.
23:59 Anyone of those that you lean toward
24:03 and kind of play the other down,
24:05 it leads to an unbalanced experience.
24:08 And when you're unbalanced what happens?
24:11 You fall. That's right.
24:12 And in Proverbs Chapter 11 verse 1,
24:16 the God says that, an unbalanced man
24:19 is an abomination unto the Lord.
24:20 That's right. Unbalanced man.
24:21 So he wants us to be balanced in everything in our life.
24:23 Exactly. Exactly.
24:24 So ultimately we find here that --
24:28 the plan of salvation leads us back
24:31 into the very presence of God.
24:34 But if we want to be in the presence of God,
24:37 we must be willing to submit to the law,
24:41 which is the foundation of His throne.
24:44 This is why Revelation 22:14 and 15, say,
24:47 "Blessed are they that do His commandments,
24:50 that they may have right to the tree of life,
24:52 and may enter in through the city."
24:54 Remember, Adam and Eve, put out of the Garden
24:57 because they sinned or rebelled against God's law.
25:00 God is ultimately saying, the way back to me,
25:04 back into that city is through ultimately
25:08 keeping my commandments.
25:10 That's what He's leading us back to,
25:12 to keeping His commandments.
25:15 So we see the plan of salvation
25:16 or we see the blueprint laid out here.
25:18 I want to show one more thing,
25:20 just before we close,
25:21 we just have a short time left.
25:23 But even the way that the New Testament
25:28 is organized shows the GPS plan of salvation,
25:34 the Gospels, the Book of Matthew,
25:36 Mark, Luke, and John.
25:37 All deal with the life, death,
25:41 and burial of Jesus Christ, and His resurrection.
25:46 That's all the max that the Gospel speak about.
25:48 The next book is the Book of Acts,
25:51 by the way that would be the Altar of Sacrifice.
25:54 The next book is the Book of Acts,
25:57 and the Book of Acts deals strongly
25:59 with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
26:03 Well, audience, what is that?
26:06 The Laver. Exactly.
26:07 The Laver. The Laver.
26:08 The baptism, all right.
26:11 Then you have the Book of Romans
26:13 all the way to the Book of Jude.
26:14 And those books Romans to Jude,
26:17 covers the importance of Bible study,
26:20 the importance of prayer, and Christ intersession,
26:24 and the importance of letting your light shine.
26:26 That's right. Of being a witness,
26:28 all those books cover all those three aspects,
26:32 which brings us to the Book of Revelation.
26:35 And the Book of Revelation
26:37 takes us into the very presence of God.
26:42 It shows us exactly what we need to do
26:45 in order to stand before His throne.
26:48 It takes us into that most
26:50 Holy place like no other book does.
26:52 And it's amazing just in case you think
26:54 this GPS is coincidence we're gonna see in future studies
27:00 that the blueprint is all over the Bible.
27:03 And I've heard, Christians say that I stay awake,
27:07 I stay away from the Book of Revelation,
27:09 and to think that's book that takes into presence of God.
27:12 Exactly. It's amazing.
27:14 So as we have, I believe
27:16 demonstrated here today, trust the GPS.
27:20 It doesn't lie, God's Plan of Salvation
27:23 will get you to where you want to go,
27:26 that is the Kingdom of Heaven.
27:28 Amen. For those of you who are
27:31 starting to get more and more excited about this study.
27:34 I mean, it has made us excited,
27:36 because I know there's family members and friends
27:39 and people out there that you're thinking,
27:41 they don't know Jesus and hey're confused
27:44 on what the Bible is really teaching.
27:46 But we believe that this GPS,
27:48 this blueprint is what you can use.
27:51 God would want, would like for you to use
27:53 to help guide them and show them the path to Jesus.
27:58 And then eventually the path into living in the kingdom,
28:00 and living with Him Forever. Amen.
28:02 So you don't want to miss any future programs
28:05 because this was exciting but it gets even better.
28:08 So until next time, God Bless.


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