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Sanctuary, Pt. 1

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00:14 Welcome to "Battles of Faith."
00:16 We're your host Ivor and Atonte Myers,
00:19 and we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:22 You know, something that is a more recent
00:26 invention is called a GPS,
00:29 you can have it on your phone,
00:30 you can have it in your car,
00:32 and it helps you to find your way.
00:35 Sometimes, we have found that they are not perfect,
00:38 they'll say make a left and the left
00:40 will be going off of a cliff, so they are not perfect.
00:43 Man didn't make it, but it really does come
00:46 in handy when you don't know where you're going.
00:49 You know we have found that God has provided
00:52 all of us, the world, the simple world
00:55 with a GPS to help us to find our way home.
00:59 And we like to call it the blueprint. That's right.
01:02 A blueprint is put in place to help you like
01:06 a map, to help you and guide you in the way
01:09 that you should go and we find
01:11 that the Bible does have a blueprint.
01:12 And there is a reason why God had to give us
01:15 a blueprint and maybe we can recap what we have
01:19 found in previous programs and why God
01:22 even had to give us a blueprint.
01:24 That's right, Atonte.
01:25 A GPS is used to help us find the way
01:29 especially when we're lost.
01:31 And as we look at our safety,
01:33 we're gonna see that God has indeed given man
01:36 a GPS, whereby he might know the way to salvation.
01:41 So what we're gonna do is,
01:42 we're gonna do a little recap as you said
01:44 and we're going to see why it is that
01:46 God had to give us a GPS.
01:48 So let's go back to the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 28.
01:52 And again we invite you at home to get
01:53 your Bibles and to open up with us,
01:56 because we're going to see how God's plan of salvation
01:59 is unfolded in this GPS.
02:03 Exodus 28 beginning with verse 14,
02:07 the Bible describes a fallen angel
02:10 by the name of Lucifer who was created perfect,
02:13 but eventually sinned and cause a rebellion in heaven.
02:17 Verse 14 reads, "Thou are the anointed cherub
02:20 that covereth and I have set thee so,
02:23 thou wast upon the holy mountain of God,
02:25 thou hast walked up and down
02:26 in the midst of the stones of fire.
02:28 Thou was perfect in thy ways from the day that
02:31 thou was created, till iniquity was found in thee."
02:35 We understand that this covering cherub
02:38 is so called because what this angel did
02:43 was cover the Ark of the Covenant.
02:47 This was found in the Old Testament Sanctuary,
02:50 which was a miniature model of
02:52 the "Throne Room of God,"
02:54 there was the Ark of the Covenant
02:57 that was found in the most Holy Place
02:59 and above the Ark was the Mercy Seat
03:02 whihc represented God's throne or His law.
03:05 You're looking at image on the screen right there,
03:08 but you'll see there that there were
03:09 two angels on either side of that Ark
03:13 and those are described as covering cherubs.
03:15 So, what we know about this is that Lucifer was
03:18 a covering cherub, one that stood in the very
03:20 presence of God, in the very midst of
03:23 God's throne protecting or defending if you will
03:27 the law of God, that where cover means
03:29 to protect or to defend.
03:31 Well, the Bible says that Lucifer sinned.
03:34 And the definition of sin is transgression of God's law.
03:38 As a result, he was cast out of heaven.
03:42 We also know that when God created
03:44 planet earth that, that He created man perfectly
03:48 and subject to His law, to His government.
03:53 But we understand that Lucifer came
03:55 to the garden in the form of a serpent and he tempted
03:59 Adam and Even, and they two sinned
04:01 or rebelled against God's law.
04:04 When a person sins or rebels against God's law,
04:07 it puts them in a certain condition?
04:10 We'll say that, that condition is
04:12 a llost condition, a lost condition.
04:17 So God gave the blueprint,
04:20 so that we could find our way, exactly.
04:22 If you're lost, you need to find your way.
04:24 Exactly. What is that blueprint?
04:27 It is none other than
04:28 what the Bible calls, the sanctuary.
04:31 Psalm 77 verse 13, in fact says,
04:35 "Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary."
04:40 God's path to salvation, His direction back to heaven,
04:46 man when he sinned, he was put out of the Garden of Eden.
04:50 God's plan of salvation is to lead man back to his presence.
04:56 And we find, we'll find that as we look at
04:58 the sanctuary blueprint, we're going to see
05:00 that that's exactly what God did.
05:02 He showed man the very way in which he could
05:06 return to the presence of God.
05:08 So, what we're gonna do now is,
05:09 we're gonna take a look at that sanctuary
05:12 from a bird's eye view, if you will.
05:15 And if you were living in the Old Testament times
05:18 and you were a Jew, who had been living
05:22 in that time where Moses was
05:24 instructed to build the sanctuary.
05:26 You would see basically a tabernacle that had
05:30 six articles of furniture in it.
05:32 Now on your screen, you'll see those
05:34 six articles of furniture.
05:36 The first two of those articles
05:37 were found in the outer court.
05:40 When you went into the outer court,
05:41 you came at to something called
05:43 the Altar of Sacrifice.
05:45 What happened there, Atonte? That's where--
05:47 Well, that's where the children of Israel
05:50 would bring a daily sacrifice.
05:52 So they would bring a lamb and bring it to
05:56 the sanctuary and the priest would take that lamb
05:59 and sacrifice that lamb for their sins
06:01 on the Altar of Sacrifice.
06:03 Actually they sacrificed the lamb,
06:05 the priest was there to officiate.
06:06 But that's where that sacrifice took place.
06:10 Back on the screen, if you were to go
06:12 a little bit further into the sanctuary,
06:13 you would now see an article of furniture called the Laver.
06:17 And because, of course, when a lamb is
06:21 sacrificed it's, you know, there is blood
06:24 and that's kind of a messy situation.
06:26 So this is where the priest would wash
06:29 their hands, and so in that Laver was a mixture of blood.
06:31 That's right. And water.
06:32 Water, blood, and the priest had dirt
06:34 or anything on them, they had to wash
06:37 before they entered into what was called the tabernacle
06:41 proper or the sanctuary proper.
06:44 Advancing a little bit further,
06:46 you now came to a compartment called the Holy Place.
06:51 The Holy Place had three articles of furniture in it,
06:54 and it was a tent as it were within the tent.
06:58 In this Holy Place, there was the
07:00 Table of Showbread, and that's basically
07:04 where the priest would bring in 12 loaves of bread
07:09 every week, and they were changes out weekly
07:13 just representing those loaves of bread.
07:16 If we would've to think of what these articles represent,
07:19 the loaves of bread would represent the word of God.
07:21 You remember, Jesus said in Mathew 4:4.
07:24 "Man shall not leave by-- Bread alone.
07:26 Bread alone, but by every word that proceeds
07:29 out of the mouth of God.
07:31 Right in the centre of the Holy Place was
07:34 another article of furniture called
07:36 the Altar of Incense, Incense.
07:39 And that's where the priest would do what,
07:41 they would burn incense.
07:44 Right, if we burn incense on a daily basis
07:48 and that incense was like a sweet smelling fragrance.
07:51 We know in the New Testament
07:53 that that incense represents, what?
07:57 Prayer. The prayers.
07:58 In Revelation 8. That's right.
08:00 It talks about the prayer of the saints.
08:02 That's right, so all these articles of furniture
08:04 basically are symbols of greater truths
08:08 that we find in the New Testament.
08:11 In the same Holy Place, you had another
08:12 article of furniture called the
08:14 Seven-Branched Candlestick.
08:16 You'll see that right there to the left of your screen.
08:19 The Seven-Branched Candlestick,
08:21 which gave light in the tabernacle.
08:25 And Matthew 5 tells us that, you know, Jesus says--
08:31 We are to be the light of the world.
08:33 That's right, the light of the world.
08:34 So you're seeing all these symbols,
08:36 all these articles representing different
08:39 truths in the New Testament.
08:41 Finally, you, in this sanctuary you would not,
08:45 if you would advance, you would go into
08:46 another compartment called "The Most Holy Place."
08:50 That was divided, that divided the Holy Place
08:53 from the Most Holy Place,
08:55 there was a curtain in between,
08:56 and when you went into that Most Holy Place,
08:58 that's where the actual presence of God was,
09:02 the Shekinah Glory, the light if you will.
09:05 There was a mercy seat representing his throne,
09:07 the Ark of the Covenant representing the law of God
09:11 and the foundation of His throne
09:13 and then you have those two covering cherubs
09:15 which represented the angels in the very presence of
09:19 God's throne and God's midst.
09:21 So here you have a bird's eye view of the sanctuary.
09:26 And I find that again Psalm 77:13 telling us
09:31 that God's way is found in the sanctuary is just
09:35 absolutely mind blowing.
09:37 The sanctuary basically is the entire plan of salvation,
09:44 the entire story of salvation
09:46 from the fall of Lucifer, down to the redemption
09:50 of mankind, the ultimate redemption of mankind.
09:53 It's all right there in the sanctuary.
09:56 And I think something interesting,
09:58 if we could look at our graphic again
10:01 when you look at the actually even where God had them
10:05 place the articles of furniture, actually symbolizes
10:10 this blueprint or Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.
10:14 That's right, if you take a look you'll see
10:17 that the way the articles of furniture
10:18 are setup, if you were to join outline
10:20 around the articles of furniture,
10:22 you would find a cross.
10:24 It's almost as though Atonte,
10:25 thousands of years before Jesus came to this world.
10:30 The sanctuary prophesied that
10:32 Christ would die on our behalf.
10:35 He would die on a cross for our sins.
10:38 So the gospel is right there in that
10:42 Old Testament Sanctuary, in that blueprint.
10:44 And in fact, if you were to look at that chart again,
10:46 I know, we're referring to the chart
10:48 over and over again, but we want you to get
10:49 used to this, to this GPS, okay.
10:52 If you were to look at everywhere,
10:54 everyplace in which an article is,
10:56 Jesus was wounded in that very place.
10:59 That's right, the Altar of Sacrifice placed
11:02 down at the bottom.
11:03 We know that he was nailed on the cross
11:06 at His feet, there was a wound there.
11:09 We know that He had a crown of thorns placed on His head.
11:12 That's right, Which is a wound, and also when you're
11:15 on a cross, you've to be nailed by your hands
11:18 and so with the candlestick, with the candlesticks
11:21 was placed and Altar of Showbread,
11:24 Table of Showbread is placed that's also where
11:27 His hands would have been.
11:29 And then we know He died of a broken heart, so--
11:31 It's the Altar of Incense. The Altar of Incense.
11:33 And it's interesting, Atonte, because,
11:36 you know, the Altar of Incense represents prayer,
11:38 our communion with God and when Jesus
11:41 felt that His communion with God had been cutoff.
11:45 "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
11:47 You're not answering me.
11:48 We're not dialoguing or communing as we have
11:52 been so used to doing when Jesus felt that
11:55 that was cutoff, it broke His heart.
11:57 That's right. And He died.
11:59 But we actually, I'm looking at the chart one more time.
12:03 There is one more piece of furniture and that's
12:06 the Laver, that's right, and what happened--
12:09 Right. What did the Roman soldier did?
12:10 Yeah, Jesus died, the Roman soldier,
12:14 one of the Roman soldier came and pierced his side
12:17 and out came blood and water, right.
12:20 And so, it's amazing that the sanctuary,
12:22 articles of furniture actually show not only
12:26 Christ death on the cross for us,
12:28 but in every place that an article is,
12:31 there Jesus was wounded on our behalf.
12:33 It's interesting, Atonte,
12:34 as we look at this content, we look at this
12:36 sanctuary, this blueprint,
12:37 this GPS that when God had instructed Moses
12:43 to build the sanctuary, he said in Exodus 25:8,
12:46 "Let them make me a sanctuary
12:48 that I may dwell among them."
12:52 If you were to look at that sanctuary
12:54 from the outside, you would see a building that looked
12:59 very plain, you know, brown covering just
13:04 nothing attractive about it,
13:06 but inside that tabernacle
13:08 was the very light of God, the Shekinah Glory,
13:12 the very presence of God.
13:15 In the same way, Jesus when He comes to this earth,
13:21 in fact, I believe its John 2:19,
13:24 where Jesus was speaking to the Jews and He said,
13:26 "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it up
13:30 again in three days."
13:31 And they thought He was talking about, you know,
13:34 a literal temple, He was talking about
13:36 the temple of His body.
13:37 So Jesus makes this correlation that
13:40 He is that Old Testament Sanctuary.
13:43 He is the sanctuary embodied.
13:49 When Jesus was born, the Bible says that His name
13:52 would be called Emanuel, meaning--
13:55 God with us. God with us.
13:58 You look at that baby, you saw nothing
14:00 attractive, nothing spectacular,
14:03 but just like that tabernacle
14:04 in the Old Testament, inside that very natural
14:09 normal looking baby was the very presence of God.
14:15 In fact, John Chapter 1 tells us,
14:19 I believe it's verse 14 tells us that,
14:23 "In Christ was the life,
14:25 and the life was the light of men."
14:26 That's John 1:4, and then verse 14 says,
14:30 "That he dwelt among us."
14:33 Just like God says in the Old Testament,
14:35 "Let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them."
14:38 Christ Himself came, the Glory of God embodied
14:43 in flesh, so that we could behold Him and not die.
14:49 We find that the sanctuary then not only
14:52 points to Christ birth and Him coming as a God
14:57 in the flesh, it points to His death.
15:01 And if we even go further,
15:03 we'll see that the sanctuary actually
15:06 illustrates Christ at every point
15:10 or at every article it illustrates
15:12 some aspect of Christ life.
15:17 Okay, I thought you're gonna add something there,
15:19 but let me just go on and add this as well,
15:22 because I think it's important for us to
15:23 understand that each
15:25 article of furniture represents something.
15:28 We covered a little bit earlier,
15:30 but the Altar of Sacrifice,
15:33 what is that mean to us and for us?
15:36 Well, just like this lamb had to be
15:41 sacrificed on a daily basis
15:43 and it points the lamb, points to Jesus.
15:46 Jesus is the Lamb of God and He came and died
15:50 for our sins, we're to die daily, that's right.
15:53 And allow the blood of Jesus to work in our
15:57 lives on a daily basis, His sacrifice for us.
16:00 That's right, and it's interesting because
16:03 that Altar of Sacrifice,
16:05 it represents a work that you and I must do.
16:09 We must die daily. We must pick up our cross.
16:14 Take up our cross, the Bible says and follow Christ,
16:17 but it also points to Christ Himself
16:20 because John 1:29, when John is baptizing
16:28 in the Jordan and when He sees Jesus
16:31 and this language can only, you know,
16:34 truly be understood when you understand this blueprint.
16:38 So when John the Baptist sees Jesus,
16:41 He says to Him, John 1:29, it says,
16:46 "The next day John sees Jesus coming unto him,
16:49 and saith, Behold the Lamb of God,
16:52 which taketh away the sin of the world."
16:56 When you understand this blueprint, this GPS,
17:00 you see exactly what God was trying to teach
17:02 the children of Israel, way back there in the wilderness.
17:05 When they were told to bring a sacrifice,
17:07 an animal, a lamb, they were also told to
17:10 lay their hands upon their head of that animal
17:14 and they would have confessed their sins
17:16 on the head of that animal.
17:18 And as they did this, what was happening was,
17:21 they were transferring their sins
17:23 from themselves to the innocent animal
17:26 and then the animal was slain.
17:29 This is exactly what John the Baptist was
17:32 speaking about, when he said,
17:33 "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away
17:36 the sin of the world."
17:38 So we, what we're trying to do is,
17:40 we're trying to get you to trust the blueprint,
17:43 trust the GPS because we're gonna find
17:46 in later programs that it is a failure
17:48 to understand the GPS, the path of salvation
17:52 that leads so many people, sincere people even
17:56 to be lost, to be confused about the plan of salvation.
18:00 Or to believe things that are not truly
18:02 in the word of God, that's right, that's right.
18:04 So we have here the Altar of Sacrifice,
18:06 we now understand what that means.
18:08 What about the Laver?
18:10 The Laver, the Laver is where once again we see
18:13 the priest would wash their hands and their feet.
18:16 And when we think about it, well,
18:18 what could that represent in the New Testament?
18:20 Washing water, I mean, what comes to mind.
18:24 Well, even Jesus before His ministry started,
18:27 He had to be baptized. That's right, that's right.
18:29 And so the Laver represents baptism.
18:31 That's right, exactly. Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
18:33 That's right, it is-- By the Holy Spirit.
18:34 By the Holy Spirit and even down to that
18:38 water whereby, whereby we are cleansed,
18:43 Jesus is the water of life.
18:47 So not only He is the Lamb of God,
18:50 but He is the water, whereby we are cleansed
18:54 from our sins as well.
18:55 He is that water of life whereby when we take it in,
19:01 we experience a new birth, a new creation.
19:06 So we also must be baptized.
19:10 We can't just, you know, say I accept Christ
19:12 and leave it at that and say, okay,
19:14 great, I accepted Christ, I confessed Him with my mouth,
19:17 that's all it takes no.
19:19 The blueprint shows us that not only must
19:21 we accept Christ, we must also be born again,
19:26 we must be baptized, okay.
19:29 So now we move, we advanced into the Holy Place.
19:33 And in the Holy Place, once again we found
19:35 those three articles of furniture,
19:37 the Table of Showbread, the Altar of Incense,
19:40 and the Seven-Branched Candlestick.
19:43 It is interesting that in the Book of John
19:46 Chapter 6, Jesus says of Himself,
19:50 I am the bread of life.
19:56 Again, Atonte, these things begin to fall
19:58 into perspective, when you understand
20:01 the blueprint and you understand what He is
20:03 referring to, it begins to make
20:05 all the sense in the world.
20:07 He is basically saying, look,
20:09 I am these things that the Old Testament
20:12 Sanctuary was pointing to.
20:13 I am the blueprint and if you understand
20:17 the Old Testament Sanctuary, it is near impossible
20:21 to be fooled, to be deceived,
20:24 to be misguided, we know that that's exactly
20:26 what the devil's trying to do.
20:28 So He says, I am the bread of life.
20:32 We're to eat of His flesh,
20:34 and when we eat of His flesh, what do we have?
20:36 We have life, we have life.
20:39 And so a a Christian so far,
20:41 what we can see is we have to first die to self,
20:44 that's through the power of God,
20:46 be baptized by the Holy Spirit,
20:49 but through water and now
20:51 at the Table of Showbread, we realize,
20:53 Jesus is the Bread of Life, but He is the through,
20:57 it's also representing the word of God.
20:58 So as Christians we have to be studying the word of God.
21:01 That's right, that's right.
21:03 We now come to the Altar of Incense.
21:06 And the Altar of Incense found right there
21:08 in the centre of the Holy Place represents
21:11 that as we said in Revelation Chapter 8,
21:14 it represents the incense, the prayers of the saints,
21:18 the prayers of the saints represents intersession.
21:21 It is our communion with God.
21:27 Something interesting about
21:28 the Alter of Incense is that the incense would burn
21:32 and the smoke would go up and it would go up
21:34 over the vale where the presence of God is.
21:36 So it's communion with the God.
21:39 There is a vale there, but almost like
21:41 when we pray we can't literally see God,
21:45 but by faith we know that He is hearing our prayers.
21:47 Exactly, exactly we know that our prayers should be
21:50 ascending like that sweet smelling incense and,
21:54 you know, that's how God views it.
21:56 When we speak to Him, when we pray to Him,
21:58 He says it's like sweet smelling incense
22:00 in my nose, you know, but even above
22:04 and beyond that the Bible tells us that
22:07 Jesus Himself is that sweet smelling savior to God.
22:13 In fact, in Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 1 and 2,
22:16 the Bible says, "Be therefore followers of God,
22:19 as dear children, and walk in love,
22:22 as Christ also has loved us,
22:24 and has given himself for us an offering
22:28 and the sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savior."
22:33 Sweet smelling savior, so we find that Christ is
22:35 not only the Lamb of God,
22:38 He is not only the Water of Life,
22:41 He is not only the Bread of Life,
22:43 but He is also the Sweet Smelling Savior unto God.
22:49 I find it interesting, Atonte. He is our intercessor.
22:51 He is our intercessor, you know.
22:55 I find it interesting that there are so many people
22:57 that say the Old Testament,
22:59 we don't need that, we should do away with that
23:03 and the sanctuary, oh, yeah,
23:05 that's definitely Old Testament stuff.
23:07 But if we were to understand why God had
23:12 given the sanctuary to mankind because remember
23:16 in that sanctuary is the way.
23:19 Satan's work is to get us and to keep us lost.
23:25 So I think that the thing that Satan would
23:28 hate most for us to understand is that blueprint.
23:32 He would hate for us to have that GPS because
23:35 someone comes along and says,
23:36 I don't know this has happened to us.
23:38 We've been in some strange place
23:39 and we're for directions we pulled over, we someone,
23:43 you know, hey can you help us and they say,
23:45 yeah, you know, all you have to do is just,
23:48 go down to the street here, make a left at the light,
23:51 make a couple of rights here, make another left,
23:53 another right, go straight,
23:54 go down two miles, make a left, right, left,
23:56 right and then you'll be right there.
23:58 And we're like, okay, this guy sounds like
24:00 he knows what he's talking about.
24:02 And what happens, we follow those directions
24:04 to a 'T' and then you get to the place
24:07 where you thought you're trying to go
24:08 and you realize you're lost.
24:11 The guy himself didn't even know
24:12 what he was talking about.
24:13 And he thought he did. And he thought he did.
24:15 Well, God is not a guy. Amen.
24:19 He is not a human being that he should lie.
24:22 When God gives us the GPS,
24:24 when God gives us this map-- Didn't make a mistake.
24:26 This blueprint, He doesn't make a mistake,
24:30 He is showing us and what He is saying is,
24:32 if anyone comes along and tells you, no,
24:35 you don't have to do this or you don't have
24:37 to include that, you don't have to go this way,
24:39 you can know without a shadow,
24:41 without a doubt, in fact,
24:42 we have a blueprint map in front of us,
24:44 it actually folds out like a map
24:46 and you know, that's exactly what that map is.
24:50 This map shows us the whole sanctuary diagram in the plan.
24:53 God is trying to open up before us a map
24:57 that shows without a shadow of
24:58 a doubt His plan of salvation.
25:00 So Christ is the Lamb of God,
25:03 He is the Water of Life, He is the Bread of Life,
25:05 He is the Sweet Smelling Savior.
25:08 What about that Seven-Branched Candlestick?
25:11 He is the Light of the World. He is the Light of the World.
25:16 Without Him we would be in darkness, that's right.
25:20 What we're trying to get you to understand
25:22 as you watch is that this sanctuary
25:25 is absolutely full of the gospel.
25:28 And of Jesus everywhere.
25:30 And of Jesus everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.
25:33 And we're just skimming the surface,
25:35 you know, right now.
25:36 We're gonna go deeper as we continue the program,
25:39 but the sanctuary is it covers Jesus.
25:43 Christ, in fact, Christ says, I am the way,
25:47 the truth, and the life.
25:48 No man cometh unto the father, but by Me.
25:52 What He is saying is that I am the path. Yes.
25:54 But Psalms 77 says, "Thy way, O God," is where.
25:59 In the Sanctuary, so when we look at the sanctuary,
26:01 we should be seeing Jesus all overly.
26:05 Amen. What about the law of God.
26:08 We're going to the Most Holy Place
26:10 and there we find the Ark of the Covenant,
26:12 that's where the law of God is.
26:13 And Jesus said, think not that I am come
26:15 to destroy the law, I am come to fulfill.
26:18 He says, I am the law personified,
26:20 I live this law out.
26:23 If you look at the description of the law,
26:25 you're looking at the description of Jesus Christ
26:27 who kept that law perfectly.
26:30 He is also our mercy, He is God in the flesh,
26:37 He is that Shekinah Glory,
26:39 and so our time is quickly running out,
26:42 but we see here, we hope that you've seen
26:44 that this sanctuary represents Christ, Christ, Christ.
26:50 And if we truly want to understand Christ,
26:52 we must truly understand this blueprint, this GPS.
26:57 And if something is truth from the word of God,
27:01 we should be able to see Jesus all over it, that's right.
27:04 Everything that we teach Jesus
27:06 should be the center and this blueprint,
27:09 center and this blueprint, the sanctuary
27:10 is Jesus in His truest form, just all of the things
27:15 that He has come to do, so that we can be safe,
27:17 so that He can show us the way.
27:19 And we can find our way back to heaven.
27:21 That's right, He wants to lead us
27:23 back into the very presence of God.
27:27 Man sinned, he broke God's law,
27:30 and was put out of the Garden.
27:31 And it's interesting, God in the
27:33 Book of Revelation 22 verse14.
27:35 It says, "Blessed are they that keep His commandments,
27:37 that they may have right to the tree of life
27:39 and may enter in through the gates into the city."
27:42 The sanctuary is the GPS that guides us back
27:47 into the very presence of God.
27:49 And we hope that you have been blessed
27:51 by what you've learned today and we've a more to come.
27:55 That's right, you're not gonna want to miss
27:57 future programs, because we're gonna be going
27:59 deeper into the blueprint, the GPS,
28:03 the sanctuary, so that we can continue
28:07 to show God's love for all of us.
28:09 Until next time, God bless.


Revised 2014-12-17