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00:15 Welcome to "Battles of Faith."
00:16 We're your host, Ivor and Atonte Myers,
00:19 and we're with Power of the Lamb Ministries.
00:23 You know when you are lost, you need a map.
00:26 I know that, we've been lost many times
00:29 driving and praise God, we didn't have a map,
00:32 but we had a GPS.
00:34 And that helped us to find, where we needed to go.
00:37 And, God, has been so good,
00:40 that He has given us a map,
00:42 a blueprint to lead us home, to show us how we can
00:47 have salvation and live in heaven eternally with Him.
00:50 That's right, Atonte, this program
00:52 that we're gonna be doing this,
00:54 this 13 part series is actually showing,
00:57 God's Plan of Salvation, in such a clear way
01:01 that none need be confused as to how to be saved.
01:05 We're gonna be covering the entire Plan of Salvation,
01:11 from the Fall of Lucifer,
01:12 all the way down to the end of time.
01:14 And so if you've ever wondered
01:17 how you could get a clear picture of the, word of God,
01:21 this is the right series you've tuned into.
01:24 And we're excited about what, God, is gonna be teaching us
01:29 through His word.
01:30 And so we invite you to get your Bibles
01:33 and we want to start of
01:34 with the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4.
01:36 We're gonna be discussing in this particular program,
01:40 the Fall of Lucifer from Heaven.
01:42 How the controversy began
01:46 and what that first war was all over?
01:50 And you know, I'm so excited that we're starting
01:52 there at the beginning of the rebellion,
01:56 or where, Lucifer, first fell,
01:57 because so many people have questions about that.
01:59 They don't understand
02:01 how this could happen, I mean in such a--
02:03 In a perfect place, that's right.
02:04 And so there is always many questions about that.
02:07 People who aren't sure about the Bible or don't know
02:10 if they believe their God, in God, or not,
02:13 they're always asking that question.
02:15 How could this happen, in such a perfect place?
02:17 I think it's also important, you know Atonte that,
02:21 if we're not certain about how the war began?
02:24 What it was over?
02:26 As Christians, we run the risk of not knowing
02:32 what we're fighting for in this day and age.
02:36 So I think it's critical that we--
02:39 that we understand the issues that were involved
02:42 in that first conflict, so that we can better
02:44 understand the conflict that we face on earth in our time.
02:49 That's right, because if we don't understand,
02:51 then we can become very complacent.
02:52 That's right, but, when you understand and you have,
02:56 just you understand your purpose,
02:58 then you can be really engaged and it's exciting.
03:01 Yeah, and we're excited just reading this Bible study.
03:03 Alright so, let's go
03:05 to the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4.
03:08 And Atonte, would you read for me verse 1 and verse 9?
03:13 Okay, Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 1 reads,
03:17 Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left
03:22 us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem
03:25 to come short of it."
03:26 Okay, and I'm going to stop right there,
03:29 a little bit of background, what's going on here is,
03:31 Paul, is writing and he is,
03:34 he is admonishing the Christians
03:36 of his day to fear, to--
03:41 Seem strange, yeah, yeah!
03:42 Fear, he wants-- he wants you to fear.
03:44 Right, what does he wants them to fear.
03:45 Well, well the story of-- the story that comes to mind,
03:50 the story that, Paul, is actually relating back to.
03:52 He is making a comparison
03:53 between the children of Israel and their journey
03:56 into the Promised Land and our journey
03:59 into the Kingdom of Heaven.
04:01 He says, "Let us fear, lest a promise being left
04:03 to us of entering into his rest
04:06 any of us should seem to come short of it."
04:10 The children of Israel had been led out
04:12 of Egyptian captivity and they were journeying
04:15 to this Promised Land, the Land of Canaan.
04:19 And we know that many of them did not make it,
04:22 because they either murmured were complaining,
04:26 or just rebelled in the sight of God.
04:29 And so many of them did not make it
04:30 into the Promised Land and, Paul, is basically telling us
04:33 here that we too are on a journey and we must be careful,
04:38 lest we are on that journey,
04:41 begin to murmur as they murmured.
04:43 But that's just little bit of background.
04:45 We really want to get into verse 9
04:47 because verse 9, reads this,
04:50 it says "There remaineth therefore
04:52 a rest to the people of God." Now again--
04:57 Some of the promise, there is a promise
04:58 and this rest once again is speaking about that promise
05:03 that to come in the future.
05:04 It's talking about the heavenly Canaan,
05:07 the Kingdom of Heaven.
05:08 We're all on the journey from this world
05:11 into the Kingdom of Heaven.
05:13 And we don't want to murmur,
05:15 or complain, or make the same mistakes
05:18 that the Israelites made, that kept them
05:21 out of the earthly promised land.
05:23 But there is something interesting about this verse,
05:24 that's going to give us an understanding
05:27 of the great conflict in heaven and how it started,
05:30 because the word here, rest, in verse 9
05:33 is the Greek word, "Sabbatismos, Sabbatismos."
05:39 If you consider this, the word "Sabbatismos"
05:42 it actually means rest.
05:44 And because we know that, God,
05:47 here is speaking about the Kingdom of Heaven,
05:49 we understand that heaven is God's rest
05:53 or we might call it His,
05:56 the Greek word His Sabbatismos.
06:00 Heaven is a land of rest.
06:04 It's a land of peace, where we get to rest
06:07 from the trials of this world, then the hardships.
06:10 And so, well, we need to understand a little bit
06:13 about how heaven is, is considered
06:16 to be a land of rest.
06:18 Wanna go to the Book of Leviticus,
06:20 Chapter 26 because just as we're looking
06:24 forward to the land of rest, the Bible described,
06:28 Canaan, in the Old Testament as a land of rest.
06:33 In Leviticus 26, we're gonna discover
06:35 what it means, when it says
06:37 the land is at rest.
06:38 Leviticus 26 verse 33.
06:41 Okay, get me right, you read that Atonte.
06:43 "And I will scatter you among the heathen,
06:45 and I will draw out a sword after you,
06:48 and your land shall be desolate,
06:49 and your cities waste."
06:52 And it took, follow it to verse 35.
06:54 "Then shall the land enjoy her Sabbath,
06:57 as long as it lieth desolate,
06:59 and ye be in your enemies' land,
07:01 even then shall the land rest, and enjoy her Sabbath.
07:05 As long as it lieth desolate it shall rest,
07:08 because it did not rest in your Sabbath,
07:11 when ye dwelt upon it."
07:13 Okay, so, the land was set to be at rest
07:17 when the people where obedient to God.
07:19 When there was disobedience in the land
07:21 there was no rest,
07:23 There was no rest, we might say
07:25 there was unrest in that land.
07:27 And so this is one of the definitions of what it means
07:29 for a land to be at rest.
07:31 We know that heaven was a land of rest,
07:35 because all the angels way back
07:38 in a distant past were, in harmony with God.
07:41 They were all submitted to the, will of God.
07:44 There's another verse we wanna look at
07:45 its found in the Book of Judges, Chapter 3 and verse 30.
07:50 Judges 3, verse 30.
07:52 "So Moab was subdued that day under the hand of Israel
07:57 and the land had rest for score years."
08:00 Okay, so once again we see here,
08:02 this concept of land having rest
08:05 and in this particular context,
08:07 because there was no war in the land,
08:10 it is said that the land was at rest.
08:13 So basically, we're simply seeing here
08:15 that for land to be at rest, it means that land had.
08:19 There was no war, there were conflicts going on.
08:22 And all the inhabitants of that land
08:24 were submitted to the, will of God.
08:26 So as we take this concept, this understanding
08:29 of what it means for land to have a rest.
08:32 And see that in the New Testament
08:34 heaven is actually called God's Sabbatismos.
08:38 We see that heaven is a place of rest,
08:41 a place where there is no war.
08:45 Where everyone -- And where there is perfect obedience.
08:47 Perfect obedience to will of God.
08:49 So let's take this concept now.
08:50 We're gonna go all the way back
08:52 to the beginning of time, as we can understand it.
08:56 Right, a heaven was God's Sabbatismos,
09:00 His place of rest.
09:03 All the angels were in perfect harmony
09:06 to the, will of God.
09:08 There was no war, there was no strife.
09:10 We can understand heaven being God's Sabbatismos,
09:13 because this was the law if you will,
09:17 that ruled the land.
09:20 But, we know, that according to the, word of God,
09:22 there was a change, because Book of Revelation,
09:25 Chapter 12, verse 7 says, "And there was war in heaven.
09:30 Michael and His angels fought against the dragon
09:32 and the dragon fought and his angels.
09:34 So watch this, here we have this environment
09:37 of perfect rest, perfect peace, perfect harmony.
09:41 But then, and its called God's what?
09:43 His Sabbatismos, His place of rest,
09:46 His land of rest.
09:48 But then we now have introduced this war,
09:52 this conflict introduced by none other
09:56 then an angel named Satan.
09:59 Or Lucifer, Or Lucifer, at that time,
10:02 so what did, Lucifer break,
10:06 when he began this rebellion in heaven.
10:10 He broke God's Sabbatismos.
10:14 The rest, The rest, The peace.
10:16 He brought unrest and we might say civil unrest
10:20 to the Kingdom of Heaven.
10:22 So what we need to discover now is, how is it all,
10:26 what is it that, that Lucifer did,
10:28 to bring about this state of unrest.
10:31 So let's go to the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 28,
10:34 because Ezekiel 28 is going to give us some
10:37 further insight into this conflict, how it began?
10:41 So Ezekiel Chapter 28, let's begin with verse 13
10:45 and we will read to verse 14.
10:48 "Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God,
10:50 every precious stone was thy covering,
10:53 the sardius, topaz, and the diamond,
10:56 the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire,
11:00 the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold.
11:02 The workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes
11:06 was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.
11:10 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth
11:12 and I have set thee so.
11:14 Thou wast upon the holy mountain of God,
11:17 thou hast walked up and down
11:18 in the midst of the stones of fire."
11:21 I'll read one more verse to 15,
11:23 "Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day
11:25 that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee."
11:29 Okay, so, here the Bible is telling us about this angel
11:33 that was created, this covering cherub
11:36 and the word cherub simply means
11:38 an angel that was created.
11:40 And is important to understand that this angel
11:43 was not created imperfectly, but rather perfectly.
11:48 The angel is said to be a covering cherub
11:52 and this is where our study really takes a turn,
11:56 because in order to understand what, Lucifer,
11:58 actually did in heaven.
12:00 What was his role in heaven?
12:02 We need to understand this term covering cherub?
12:06 Because what was he covering.
12:07 Right, what was he covering?
12:08 Well, to understand this term,
12:10 we've to go back to an Old Testament
12:15 map if you will that, God, had instructed, Moses,
12:18 and the children of Israel to build,
12:20 it's called the sanctuary.
12:23 We've a nick name for it, we call it God's GPS,
12:27 because that sanctuary basically contained
12:30 the entire Plan of Salvation
12:32 and the entire story of Salvation.
12:35 It was like a little story book,
12:36 like a little object lesson that, God,
12:40 had instructed, Moses, to build.
12:41 And as you look at the articles of the sanctuary
12:46 and how it was build and how it was structured,
12:48 you begin to see, lessons that actually
12:51 reveal the Plan of Salvation, even down to how,
12:55 Lucifer, fell and what caused him to stumble.
12:59 Okay so, we're gonna take a look
13:01 at one of the rooms in particular that
13:03 God, have instructed, Moses, to build in this sanctuary.
13:06 Now before you read Exodus 25, Atonte,
13:09 just wanna stress that this,
13:12 this most holy place was like a miniature model
13:15 of the throne room of God.
13:17 So as we read we're gonna, I want you pay attention
13:20 to what you are reading, what you are hearing,
13:21 because you're gonna catch a allusions of God's throne
13:25 and He is the foundation of His throne.
13:27 So let's go ahead and look at Exodus 25, verse 17 to 21.
13:32 It says "And thou shalt make a mercy seat of pure gold,
13:37 two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof,
13:41 and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof.
13:44 Okay pause right there, I know I'm sorry but,
13:47 consider this mercy seat, this mercy seat basically
13:50 represented the throne of God.
13:52 And that's why we, you know, talk about
13:54 coming boldly to the throne of grace
13:57 that we may obtain mercy in the time of need.
14:00 So this mercy seat again was a symbol of God's throne.
14:04 Okay let's read on.
14:06 "And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold,
14:08 of beaten work shalt thou make them,
14:11 in the two ends of the mercy seat.
14:14 And make one cherub on the one end,
14:17 and the other cherub on the other end
14:19 even of the mercy seat shall ye make the cherubims
14:23 on the two ends thereof.
14:25 And the cherubims shall stretch forth
14:27 their wings on high, covering the mercy seat
14:30 with their wings, and their faces
14:32 shall look one to another, toward the mercy seat
14:36 shall the faces of the cherubims be.
14:38 And thou shalt put the mercy seat above upon the ark
14:42 and in the ark thou shalt put the testimony
14:45 that I shall give thee."
14:46 Okay, so very profound thought here.
14:49 We've the mercy seat which is symbolic of God's throne.
14:53 But that mercy seat is resting upon something,
14:56 it's called the Ark of the Covenant.
14:59 What was inside that Ark?
15:01 It was the Ten Commandment law, the law of God,
15:06 and so get the picture here.
15:08 The mercy seat which represents God's throne
15:12 or His government is founded upon God's law.
15:17 God's kingdom in heaven rests upon His law.
15:21 That's very important to understand,
15:23 because when we get to this issue of, Lucifer,
15:26 being a covering cherub.
15:28 We begin to see that, that picture of the,
15:31 you see a picture of two angels.
15:33 Facing each other, on either side of the mercy seat,
15:35 or the throne of God, they're covering
15:39 the mercy seat and the Ark of the Covenant.
15:42 That were covered, it actually means
15:45 to defend or protect.
15:49 Now get this, Lucifer, was one of the angels that stood
15:52 in the very presence of God.
15:56 His job in heaven was to protect
15:59 or defend the law of God
16:03 which is the foundation of His throne.
16:06 As long as all heaven was subjected to that law
16:10 and that law we might sum it up in one word,
16:13 the law of self-sacrificing love.
16:18 As long as heaven was subjected to that law,
16:20 all heaven was at rest, all heaven was in peace.
16:25 Heaven was God's Sabbatismos.
16:28 But you remember that in the Book of Ezekiel,
16:31 we read that, Lucifer, was found, was created perfect
16:35 until something was found in him.
16:38 What was found in him?
16:39 Until sin was found in him, that's right,
16:42 the Bible says iniquity was found in him.
16:44 So what we want to discover now is
16:46 what in the world is iniquity or sin.
16:49 What is the biblical definition of sin?
16:53 First John, Chapter 3, verse 4, the Bible says,
16:57 "Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law,
17:03 for sin is the transgression of the law."
17:08 And this is the law that was in the Ark of the Covenant,
17:11 and this is what, Lucifer, was supposed to be guarding.
17:14 Protecting and guarding.
17:16 In other words, Lucifer, turned
17:19 against the very law that was,
17:22 that he was commissioned to protect, to defend,
17:26 to stand in defense of.
17:28 And not in defense of as though there were people,
17:30 you know, angels attacking this law,
17:32 but simply to show the reverence of that law.
17:34 Right, Lucifer turned against that law.
17:36 The Bible says, iniquity was found in him.
17:39 And this is what broke the rest of heaven.
17:44 This is what broke the peace of heaven.
17:46 So sum this all up, the very first conflict
17:52 to take place, took place in heaven
17:55 and it took place over the law of God.
17:59 Lucifer rebelled against God's law,
18:03 which is the foundation of his throne.
18:06 Thus the Bible says, there was war in heaven.
18:10 Michael and his angels fought the dragon
18:13 and his angels fought.
18:14 So now we come to the question, but wait a minute.
18:18 How did, Lucifer, convinced other angels
18:22 to go along with this rebellion?
18:25 Because it was such a foreign thing,
18:27 I mean they had just known this holy perfect loving God,
18:33 and how can someone convince
18:36 these angels that have lived with God, thats right.
18:39 From the, you know from their creation
18:41 and to see His loving character,
18:43 how could he convince them.
18:44 That's right, you know, I often asked
18:48 people the question, do you think, Lucifer,
18:50 said to the angels, hey, angels I think
18:52 I want to stage a rebellion, I like to be evil.
18:55 Who wants to come with me?
18:56 They wouldn't fall for that.
18:58 I don't think the angels would have fallen for that.
18:59 Lucifer, had to have promoted a lie so deceptive
19:06 that it deceived even intelligent holy angels
19:12 and that's what happened, angels that were once
19:15 subject to God, now turn to follow Lucifer.
19:17 So let's see how did this happen?
19:19 I want to go over to the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 14.
19:23 Isaiah, Chapter 14, and let's take a look
19:27 at verses 12 to 14 and I'll read that.
19:30 And we invite you to get your Bible out
19:33 and turn with us because -- amen.
19:35 I mean it's so good to see
19:37 the word of God for ourselves, amen.
19:39 Bible says in verse 12, "How art thou fallen from heaven,
19:41 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
19:44 How art thou cut down to the ground,
19:46 which didst weaken the nations!
19:48 For thou hast said in thine heart,
19:49 I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above
19:52 the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount
19:56 of the congregation, in the sides of the north.
19:59 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
20:02 I will be like the most High."
20:05 That's the key phrase I want to focus it on.
20:07 I'll be like the Most High.
20:11 What is the Most High like, Atonte?
20:12 He is loving, He is kind, He is long suffering.
20:19 He is patient, He is patient, He is righteous.
20:21 Yes, Lucifer, what he told the angels what he tried
20:27 to convince the angels was, is profound.
20:31 Lucifer was saying, I can be like, God, that is loving,
20:35 kind, righteous, holy like God, without, God,
20:43 giving us instruction on how to do it.
20:47 In other words, I don't need a law telling me
20:50 how to be holy and righteous.
20:52 I can be like, God, without God's instruction.
20:57 I can be righteous without, God, telling me what to do.
21:01 We hear talk like that even today.
21:04 Thats right, I can be a good person,
21:06 I don't have to go to church, or study the Bible,
21:10 or pray to God to be a good person.
21:12 I can just be a good person.
21:13 Right, it's we'd call it the argument
21:16 of self-sanctification or self-righteousness.
21:22 Lucifer, convinced the angels by simply saying look,
21:25 God, doesn't have a market on righteousness.
21:27 We're already holy, we're already good.
21:31 We don't need a law telling us how to be righteous
21:34 and if we're truly free, why we need a law.
21:38 And, Atonte, I just find it absolutely amazing that
21:41 these are the very same arguments
21:44 we hear today on this earth.
21:46 We don't need, God, in order to be good.
21:48 I pay my taxes, I take care of my children,
21:51 I am a good person.
21:52 I don't need God and I don't need, God, giving me a law
21:55 to tell me how to be righteous,
21:57 its self-righteousness.
21:59 And this is the argument that deceived one-third of angels.
22:04 It was the concept that, that they could be righteous
22:08 without, God, and without His law
22:11 as a guideline to righteousness.
22:15 The way I look at it, Atonte, is a kind of like
22:19 Democrats and Republicans.
22:21 You know Democrats and Republicans,
22:22 they love to demonize each other.
22:24 The Democrats, they are the ones
22:26 that are destroying the nation.
22:27 Right, no, the Republicans, they are ones
22:28 that are destroying the nations, right.
22:30 The nation and each side
22:31 thinks that they're doing what's right.
22:33 The best thing for the country,
22:35 Lucifer, was the master politician
22:38 and basically he argued,
22:39 look God's government needs reform.
22:43 We're not truly free under His government.
22:45 In fact his argument was,
22:48 we've too much big government.
22:50 We don't need government telling us
22:51 what to do and how to do it.
22:54 We need government out of our lives
22:56 and they were angels that actually fell
22:59 for this argument and said yeah, we can be righteous
23:01 and we should be able to rule ourselves and this is how
23:07 the rebellion began in heaven.
23:09 And it is crucial for us to understand that,
23:11 because we see the very same things going on earth today.
23:15 Men saying, I don't need a law
23:17 to tell me how to be good.
23:18 I don't need, God, to tell me how to be righteous.
23:20 I don't need, God, dictating every area of my life.
23:25 But that's just contrary to God's perfect plan.
23:30 And may be because of sin and because we have fallen short.
23:34 We do need Him to come in
23:36 and shine light in every area of our life if you will,
23:41 because you know, our hearts are deceitfully wicked
23:44 and we can think of something is good,
23:46 but without the Holy Spirit, without God's direction,
23:49 we don't really know good from evil.
23:52 From evil, that right, so we need Him.
23:53 We need to depend on Him. We need to depend on Him.
23:55 It's interesting, Atonte, that when,
23:57 when God creates planet earth
23:59 and this is after this whole rebellion.
24:01 We'll get into more of this in our next study,
24:06 Our next program. Program, that's right.
24:07 But when, God, creates earth, the Bible says
24:11 at the end of every day, He saw that it was good.
24:15 Good, there was no rebellion on earth.
24:17 There was, Adam and Eve,
24:20 after He created them were in perfect
24:21 submission to His will.
24:23 And its interesting that after, God,
24:25 created all of earth and the, Garden of Eden,
24:27 and, Adam and Eve,
24:28 and finished that work of creation,
24:32 the Bible says that, God, rested or Sabbath which,
24:37 which is I find very significant.
24:39 It's almost as though in-resting on earth,
24:42 He was saying, listen this earth has become
24:45 somewhat like heaven.
24:49 Very much like heaven except the location.
24:51 This earth has been sanctified, it is My rest.
24:58 All earth is in harmony to Me, it is with Me,
25:01 it is subjected to My laws.
25:03 It is, there is no war going on.
25:06 That Sabbath rest I think was very significant,
25:09 because, God, was taking almost as it were
25:13 the entire principle of heaven which is rest in, God,
25:18 trust Him, submit yourself to Him
25:21 and in resting on that seventh-day,
25:23 He was saying to earth listen as long as
25:26 you submit yourself to Me, you will be at rest,
25:29 you'll have peace.
25:31 It's interesting the Book Ezekiel
25:32 Chapter 20, verse 12.
25:35 We're told that one of the reasons
25:37 that mankind was given the Sabbath and to--
25:41 and was instructed to keep it was to keep them
25:43 from that very deception that, Lucifer,
25:46 pulled off in heaven.
25:48 Ezekiel 20, verse 12 says this, it says
25:53 "Moreover also I gave them my sabbaths,
25:55 to be a sign between me and them,
25:57 that they might know that I am the Lord
26:01 that sanctify them."
26:02 You can't sanctify yourself,
26:04 I'm the one that sanctifies you.
26:07 You can't work your way to heaven,
26:09 you've to rest your way to heaven.
26:12 And I find it interesting, Atonte, even if you look
26:14 at the Ten Commandments.
26:16 Those commandments all begin with thou shall not.
26:19 Like God is saying rest or cease from lying,
26:23 cease from killing, cease from committing adulteries,
26:27 cease from coveting.
26:30 It's like all the commandments deal with rest.
26:32 Right, even the commandment dealing with
26:34 honor your mother and father, it's saying rest in
26:37 what your parents say, don't resist them, rest, amen.
26:40 And then the fourth commandment begins with what.
26:42 Remember the Sabbath day, rest.
26:44 The commandments are all about
26:46 resting not what, working.
26:49 So God says, we rest our way to heaven,
26:51 not work our way.
26:52 We can't sanctify ourselves by doing our own thing.
26:55 We've got to be submitted to the, will of God,
26:58 and to the, law of God.
27:00 This is what caused angels in heaven to fall
27:03 and now that we understand oh the war on earth is that,
27:07 Lucifer, is trying to convince mankind
27:10 of the very same thing.
27:11 We don't need to keep God's commandments
27:13 in order find the rest.
27:15 Jesus says, come on to me, and I will what?
27:18 Give you rest, I'll give you rest from your lying ways,
27:21 rest from your, you know thieveries,
27:23 rest from your covetousness.
27:25 He wants to give us that rest
27:27 that ushers in the Sabbatismos.
27:30 And will ultimately usher us in to God's place of rest.
27:34 By the way if we're unwilling to rest here,
27:38 we'll not rest there.
27:41 God cannot allow us into that kingdom,
27:43 because we'll refuse to rest there.
27:45 Because the angels had lived
27:48 their entire life if you will, resting.
27:51 And as soon as they started working
27:54 thinking they could do it on there own.
27:55 That's when all havoc break out.
27:58 That's right Wow!
27:59 Well, I'm excited just for our future
28:03 studies and programs.
28:04 You don't want to miss the rest of God's GPS,
28:08 God's Plan of Salvation.
28:09 Until next time God bless.


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