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Defense Against The Dark Arts

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Participants: David Shin and Steve Wolhberg


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00:15 Like to welcome you to Battles of Faith.
00:16 My name is David Shin and I'm here with
00:18 Steve Wohlberg and we've been going through
00:20 a series building a Biblical foundation
00:22 delving into the supernatural, into magic,
00:25 into Wicca. And we are going into the defense
00:28 against the Dark Arts and it's been quite
00:29 a journey hasn't it, Steve.
00:31 Yes, David it's been a quite a journey and
00:32 I'm very grateful to be on this program and it
00:35 is just so appropriate that this program is
00:37 called Battles of Faith because that's really
00:39 what we've been dealing with a conflict,
00:42 a cosmic conflict. A struggle of war between
00:45 the forces of good and evil. And this is a big
00:48 program because we're gonna talk about
00:50 defense. But, let me, let me just start out by
00:52 going to the Book of Revelation, okay,
00:54 chapter 12 and just lay the context of the
00:57 struggle of the conflict of the war. Revelation
01:00 12 verse 7, the Bible says that there was war
01:04 in heaven. The very first war was not on earth
01:07 it was in heaven and the war was between
01:09 God and the devil. And as you continue to
01:11 read on, verse 9 talks about how Satan and his
01:15 angels lost. His sympathizers, they were
01:17 kicked out. It says in verse 9, the great dragon
01:19 was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil
01:21 and Satan, who deceives the whole world;
01:24 he was cast out into the earth, down here
01:27 where we are and his angels were cast out with
01:30 him. And as you continue to read
01:32 Revelation and study the history, you see the
01:34 battle continuing on down throughout history
01:37 in verse 12, Revelation 12:12 it says rejoice
01:41 you heavens and you who dwell in them!
01:43 But woe to the inhabitants of the earth
01:45 and the sea! For the devil has come down to
01:49 you, having great wrath, because he knows
01:52 that he has but a short time. We've talked
01:55 about how those that are involved in
01:56 witchcraft and spiritual as a mediums they
01:58 don't believe in the devil, we do, we believe
02:01 there's a real devil. The Bible reveals him and
02:05 exposes him and warns us against him and
02:08 tells us that he is here, he is full of anger and
02:11 wrath and fury, because he knows his time is
02:14 running out. And he is trying to take everybody
02:16 down with him as many as possible and
02:19 David, once you really get into the supernatural
02:22 arena and you realize they are evil angels
02:24 out there. Satan and his angels, it just creates a
02:27 need for protection, for defense, how do we
02:32 defend ourselves against these forces.
02:34 That's our focus today. So, we are in a battle
02:38 and this battle is between Christ and Satan
02:40 and the battle started in heaven, it's been
02:41 transferred to earth and I'm assuming that
02:44 we're in the midst of this battle.
02:45 Yes we are. And the controversy is
02:48 going to be as to how we get a defense in the
02:51 midst of this battle against the forces of
02:53 darkness. Yes and we need that defense.
02:55 Okay. And the Bible is very clear on how to
02:58 have that defense and that's what we're gonna
02:59 really zero in on. Let's go to the Book of
03:01 Ephesians, Ephesians chapter 6, Ephesians 6
03:06 is a very powerful chapter where Paul talks
03:10 about putting on the armor of God. We cannot
03:13 defend ourselves in our own strength.
03:15 We need supernatural power, our enemies are
03:18 supernatural and we need supernatural help.
03:21 Ephesians 6 verse 10, Paul wrote, finally my
03:24 brethren, be strong in the Lord, God's power
03:28 and in the power of His might. Put on the
03:32 whole armor of God that you may be able to
03:35 stand against the wiles of the devil. Okay.
03:39 Paul is clear there is a devil and there is a
03:41 God, we're in the middle we needs God's
03:43 armor upon us in order to stand against his
03:47 wiles, against his deceptions, against his
03:49 delusions, which are sweeping planet earth in
03:52 these last days. And I wanna put up on the
03:54 screen a picture from the Harry Potter movie,
03:59 I just wanna make some comments about this,
04:00 there is just a quick, quick picture there,
04:03 we did a whole program on this that Harry
04:06 Potter, it's a series of books and a series of
04:08 movies that are being read and watched all
04:10 around this world. I think it's very significant
04:13 that in the Potter series, Harry is a young
04:17 wizard boy and he goes to a school called
04:19 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
04:21 and he takes a class, he takes many classes.
04:23 On divination, and potions, and spells,
04:25 but his favorite class is called defense against
04:28 the dark arts, that's his favorite class, where he
04:31 learns through learning certain spells how to
04:36 protect himself against the evil wizard Lord
04:39 Voldemort. Now, a lot of people and we've
04:41 talked about this controversy, a lot of
04:43 people think the Harry Potter series is just a
04:45 total, just entertainment, there is
04:47 no real witchcraft in those books. That is not
04:51 true. I have a book here in my hand and we've
04:54 referred to this a couple of times it's called
04:56 Teen Witch, Wicca for a new generation,
04:58 this is a book by a best selling author. She is a
05:01 Wiccan, she is a witch, she's into witchcraft
05:03 and she is teaching witchcraft to teenagers
05:05 and there is a lot of books out here in the
05:08 world like this and I don't recommend them,
05:10 but I wanna a point here that in this best
05:13 selling book teaching witchcraft to teenagers,
05:16 chapter 9 is called protection, you see that
05:19 protection. Umm! Protection. Okay.
05:20 And the whole chapter is about how to learn
05:23 spells to protect yourself against evil.
05:26 It's called the protection magic and
05:28 the author wrote that we have to deal with
05:30 protecting ourselves, our homes, our friends,
05:32 and our families. And then this author says
05:34 you have three very important assets to
05:36 protect yourself from evil. Now number one is
05:38 common sense she says, number two is our
05:40 American sense of justice and number three is
05:43 witchcraft. Protect yourself from witchcraft.
05:45 Now my point in sharing this is that the Harry
05:49 Potter books and movies, where Harry takes a
05:53 class at Hogwarts to learn how to protect
05:56 himself from evil through witchcraft and
05:59 spells, parents that is the exact philosophy of
06:05 real witchcraft, whether you believe it or not it
06:08 is, even though there is a lot of fantasy and
06:10 goofiness in the Potter books, the philosophy
06:13 underneath it, many, many times is, is the
06:16 real philosophy of the craft. And when kids
06:20 are reading these books and thinking that
06:21 Harry you know was going there, learning
06:23 how to protect himself through witchcraft and
06:26 spells, seeds are being planted in their minds
06:29 and that is exactly what real witchcraft is
06:31 teaching and that's what this book is teaching
06:34 and it is, the truth is that it is, it is ridiculous,
06:38 it is ludicrous, it is, it is foolish to think that
06:44 you can protect yourself from evil through
06:47 witchcraft, witchcraft is an open door for evil
06:51 not a way to protect yourself from evil.
06:54 So, you're saying that even within the
06:56 witchcraft craft there is witchcraft to protect
07:01 against the evil witchcraft. There is a
07:02 good witchcraft and there is an evil
07:03 witchcraft. That's right and they try to protect
07:05 themselves by casting good spells. Okay.
07:07 But, you cannot, you cannot protect yourself
07:11 from the devil by casting a spell. Satan is
07:13 much more powerful than that and he is
07:15 behind spells anyway. And so let's look at
07:17 what the Bible says, okay, about how to
07:19 protect ourselves from evil and it's not by
07:22 casting spell. Let's take a look at First John
07:25 chapter 1 verse 9. We're gonna look at five
07:28 different points right now, okay, very
07:30 practical, very biblical, very important for all
07:33 of us to know how to protect ourselves from
07:36 the forces of evil. And what is gonna start at
07:38 the foundation. First John chapter 1 verse 9,
07:41 very simple passage, very important these are,
07:44 this is our source of protection, our key,
07:47 the key is to protection. How to defend
07:49 ourselves. We don't need to take a class
07:51 learning how to cast spells, we need to read
07:52 our Bibles, put on the armor of God and
07:55 follow the scriptures, which tell us what to do.
07:59 First John chapter 1 verse 9, David, I'll let
08:01 you. Sure. I'll let you read that text,
08:03 First John 1:9, first defense, line of defense
08:08 1 verse 9; if we confess our sins, He is faithful
08:11 and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse
08:13 us from all unrighteousness.
08:15 That's right there you see the picture on the
08:17 screen that the girl kneeling down, a woman
08:19 kneeling and confessing her sins. Okay.
08:21 With an open Bible at her feet. What brought
08:25 Satan into humanity in the beginning of time,
08:29 in the Garden of Eden, was Adam and Eve's
08:32 choice to sin, to go against God's will and
08:36 that choice to sin was an open door that
08:40 allowed Satan to enter into their hearts and
08:44 into humanity and if we want to be protected
08:47 against Satan and his evil forces the first
08:50 thing we have to do is make a choice to turn
08:53 away from sin, to close that door that we don't
08:57 want sin in our lives. And that's what this
08:59 verse is saying, First John 1:9, it says, if we
09:02 confess our sins, He is faithful and just to
09:06 forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all
09:09 unrighteousness. Confession of sin closes
09:12 a door. In a sense it kicks Satan out of your
09:17 life when sin comes in, Satan comes in,
09:20 when sin goes out we confess it then the devil
09:23 has to leave because he cannot, he cannot
09:25 abide where there is no sin or when we
09:29 confess sin and God's power is then coming
09:32 into our lives. Now let's take a look at another
09:34 passage, Acts chapter 20 verse 20, I call this
09:38 20:20 vision. Okay. Easy to remember
09:41 this verse. Acts chapter 20 verse 20.
09:44 So, line of defense number 1 is to believe
09:47 the word of God and to confess your sins,
09:49 confess them to God and let him forgive you.
09:52 That's the first step; we're getting away from
09:57 the darkness. So, Acts 20 verse 20.
09:59 Acts chapter 20 verse 20 right and I'll read
10:01 this passage. Okay. 20:20 vision, easy to
10:05 remember it, Paul wrote, actually it's
10:11 verse 20 and then 21, I kept back nothing
10:14 profitable to you, but I've shown you and I
10:16 have taught you publicly and from house
10:18 to house, and then verse 21. Paul said I'm
10:21 testifying both to the Jews and also to the
10:23 Greeks, repentance toward God and then
10:27 what's the next step? And faith toward our
10:29 Lord Jesus Christ. Right and faith toward
10:30 our Lord Jesus Christ. Repentance toward
10:34 God, I guess we can call this 20:21 vision.
10:38 Umm! Umm! Repentance toward God and
10:40 faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. We need
10:42 to not only make a choice to confess our
10:44 sins and it goes right with it, it's the flip side
10:46 of the same coin. But it's to repent of those
10:51 sins, which means we don't want them in our
10:53 lives anymore and we are responding to the
10:55 grace of God and the picture that we just saw
10:58 shows a person and people repenting because
11:01 of the cross, because they see the love of the
11:03 cross and they realize that sin has caused pain
11:07 to the heart of God. Okay. That's very
11:09 important David, repentance needs to be
11:11 from the heart not just a form. It reminds me
11:14 of a little event that happened in my life,
11:17 a number of months ago. I was in Oklahoma
11:19 with my wife and my son Seth, he was just
11:22 under 2 at that time and we were taking,
11:24 Seth and I were taking a walk out in the field
11:27 and we happened to find ourselves right in
11:30 front of a pile of rocks and you know what
11:32 little kids like to do, what little boys like to
11:34 do when they see rocks. They throw.
11:36 Right, he, Seth knelt down and grabbed a rock
11:40 and we were just there by ourselves in this
11:41 field and he just innocently and gleefully
11:44 just threw it up and threw it back behind him
11:47 and guess where I was standing.
11:49 Right there. Right behind him and
11:50 that rock went flying through the air and it
11:52 hit me right in the mouth. Right there,
11:53 and it was a pretty good size rock and he
11:54 threw it pretty hard. And the first thing I did
11:57 was I grabbed my mouth and I felt my
11:59 teeth. Make sure you have it.
12:00 Make sure my teeth were all their.
12:03 I didn't need any, you know, major dental
12:05 work done and I felt okay all my teeth are
12:07 there, that's good news thank you Lord and
12:09 then, I can feel the blood, I was starting to
12:12 bleed, my lip starting to flatten up, but I was
12:14 okay and so my next thought was Seth.
12:18 I wasn't mad at him because he didn't,
12:19 you know, he did it innocently, but I was
12:21 thinking how can I turn this into a daddy-son
12:23 moment and teach him a lesson. So, I knelt
12:26 down, turned him around and I said Seth,
12:28 I felt my lip, I said Seth look you hurt
12:30 daddy, you hurt daddy. Oh! Wow!
12:32 And he looked at me and then I said Seth say
12:34 I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry daddy. And so Seth
12:36 looked at me like a little robot, he just said
12:39 I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry daddy. And I can
12:42 tell immediately he didn't mean it,
12:43 he just said it 'cause I told him. Well, here is
12:46 the amazing thing about a minute later,
12:49 you know, I kind of knelt back down,
12:50 I was nursing my little wound here and Seth
12:55 started walking around the rock pile and he
12:57 walked a little bit away from me and then he
13:00 turned around on his own initiative, I didn't
13:01 say anything, he turned around, he looked
13:04 right at me and with very earnest eyes he said,
13:09 he said daddy, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. And that
13:13 time he meant it and I was, I was amazed that
13:17 a little boy not quite two was feeling from his
13:21 heart that he was sorry that he had hurt daddy
13:25 and he said it on his own initiative and it
13:28 really touched me and then my mind thought
13:30 about God, I thought you know that is what
13:32 real repentance is all about. He is realizing
13:34 that we hurt someone by our sins. We don't
13:37 wanna just confess them and then keep doing
13:39 them, we wanna repented them and we wanna
13:41 repent from our hearts and we wanna say
13:44 Lord, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I was
13:47 hurting you. And that's what real repentance is,
13:51 its sorrow for sin, that our sins have hurt
13:54 Jesus, we've hurt God and then it's a choice to
13:57 turn away from them. So, that's what
13:59 repentance is and that's what we need to do in
14:02 order to defend ourselves against the dark arts
14:04 is repent from our hearts. That we don't
14:08 wanna sin anymore. So, sin separates us from
14:11 God because God is our protection and when
14:14 we confess our sins that means
14:15 acknowledgment of our sin.
14:17 That's right. Repentance that you
14:18 illustrated is a genuine sorrow for sin and a
14:20 turning away from it. That's right.
14:22 And these are some defense against the dark
14:25 arts as you mentioned before.
14:26 That exactly right and it's not only in verse
14:28 21, Acts 20:21 vision, it says not only
14:31 repentance toward God, but faith toward our
14:34 Lord Jesus Christ. We need to trust in a
14:37 simple child like faith that Jesus Christ paid
14:40 the praise for our sins on the cross. All the
14:43 sins we ever committed were in Jesus
14:46 mysteriously and he died for them. He paid
14:49 the price for them. The wages of sin is death
14:51 and he died that death. And so we not only
14:55 repent, but we trust that he is our sacrifice,
14:59 he is our savior. His death is sufficient
15:01 for me in order for me to receive his
15:05 forgiveness and his salvation. And those are
15:07 simple steps, steps to Christ that these are the
15:11 steps that will drive the devil out of our lives
15:14 and keep him away from us.
15:16 I've, I've read in another passage that,
15:19 what about a person that doesn't feel sorry
15:21 like, like he is illustrating the earlier,
15:23 the first time your son said, I'm sorry,
15:25 it wasn't from the heart, but is, I read in,
15:27 I think it's Romans it says that repentance is
15:29 actually a gift. In another words, if you ask
15:31 the Lord for the gift of repentance, Lord,
15:33 I'm not sorry, but help me to feel sorry.
15:36 He will give you that as well and so
15:38 everything that is needed for our salvation
15:40 or even for our defense is in Christ and you
15:43 can ask him for whatever you like, and?
15:44 That's exactly right. We can pray for them
15:46 and we can ask God to give them to us and
15:48 heal. He wants to give them to us anyway.
15:51 And he is trying to give them to us right now.
15:53 So, let's look at the next verse. Let's go to
15:55 Revelation, chapter 12 verse 11.
15:59 Revelation 12:11, line of defense number
16:04 three is the blood of Jesus Christ. This is
16:08 very powerful. The same chapter that talks
16:10 about the war that started in heaven was,
16:12 was transferred to the earth and has been
16:14 going on throughout history and will
16:16 intensify and has intensified in this time,
16:19 in the close of time. We are in the very
16:21 closing days of time. Revelation 12 verse 11
16:26 says that they, referring to God's people.
16:28 They over came him, referring to the devil,
16:31 by, by what? The blood of the lamb.
16:34 That's right, by the blood of the lamb.
16:39 And by the word of their testimony and
16:40 they loved not their lives even to the death.
16:43 They overcame by the blood of the lamb.
16:45 I can't really understand it,
16:47 I can't fully explain it, but I know that there
16:48 is power in the blood of Jesus Christ.
16:52 Amen. I heard that story once about
16:53 Martin Luther, the great Protestant
16:55 Reformer. And one night in the 1500s,
16:57 he in the, in the height of the reformation,
17:00 he went to bed one night and he had a dream.
17:02 And in his dream he saw the devil and the
17:05 devil came over to him, holding a scroll and
17:08 on that scroll was a lot of words. And the
17:11 devil looked at Luther and he said Martin
17:13 Luther. Are you Martin Luther? And Luther
17:15 said, yes I am. This was his dream. And then
17:17 he, he said are these your sins written on this
17:21 scroll? And Luther looked and he said,
17:23 yes those are mine. And then the devil said,
17:26 and Martin Luther do you know, what the
17:28 wages of sin are? And Luther said, yes I know
17:31 what they are? And the devil said, what is
17:32 it? What's the wages of sin? And Luther said,
17:36 it's, it's death, the wages of sin is death.
17:38 And the devil laughed insidious laugh, ha, ha,
17:40 ha. And he said, that means you're gonna die
17:43 Martin Luther because you've sinned.
17:46 And Luther looked at the devil and he noticed
17:48 that the devil's hand at the top of the scroll
17:50 was, was covering some other words.
17:54 And Luther said, move your hand devil,
17:55 move your hand. What, what's under there?
17:56 And the devil said I won't. And Luther said,
17:58 move your hand. And the devil said I won't.
18:01 And finally Luther waxed bold as he was
18:03 known to doing. And he looked at the devil
18:06 and he said in the name of Jesus Christ move
18:10 your hand. And the devil couldn't stand
18:13 under that, those words and he moved his
18:15 hand. And underneath his hand was a Bible
18:17 text from First John 1:7. And the text says,
18:21 the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses
18:24 us from all sin. Hallelujah.
18:28 And then Luther saw that text. He knew the
18:30 blood of Jesus was his defense. And he said
18:32 Satan I'm under the blood of Jesus,
18:33 get out of here and boom the devil was gone
18:36 and that was the end of his dream. And it just
18:38 illustrates powerfully that just what the Bible
18:43 says he overcame him by the blood of the
18:45 lamb and by the word of their testimony.
18:48 I think we've a slide that illustrates the
18:50 blood of Jesus Christ and again I can't explain
18:54 it. I can't understand it. There is no,
18:56 there is no human wisdom that can really
18:59 fully comprehend it, but when we trust the
19:02 blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the
19:03 cross for our sins, Satan cannot stand up under
19:07 that blood. That blood represents Christ life.
19:10 And his life is enough, his death is enough.
19:13 It is sufficient to cover our sins. So, number
19:17 one, confess your sins, repent, trust in Jesus as
19:20 your savior and rely on the blood of Jesus
19:24 Christ. These are, these are the defense.
19:26 These are the steps of defending ourselves
19:29 against the Dark Arts. Now, let's look at
19:30 another passage, David we got a little bit more
19:32 to do. Okay. Let's go to Psalm 101.
19:37 Psalm 101, the S.O.S. Psalm. Psalm 101,
19:41 I sometimes refers to this as the TV Psalm
19:44 because it talks about the importance of
19:46 making sure that what we watch is good and
19:49 not bad. And it just perfectly applies to
19:52 television, watching 3ABN is a good thing.
19:55 That's right. There is a lot of other
19:56 things out there that we shouldn't be
19:57 watching. Psalm 101, take a look at this.
20:01 Okay. Verse one says, I will sing of mercy
20:05 and judgment, O LORD, will I sing.
20:09 Verse two says, this is David's prayer to God
20:12 and his song to God. I will behave myself
20:14 wisely in a perfect way. O when will you
20:17 come to me? I will walk within my house.
20:20 David said with a perfect heart. Verse 3,
20:23 I will set no wicked thing before my eyes:
20:28 I hate the work of them that turned aside;
20:30 it shall not cleave to me. Verse 6 says,
20:32 my eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land
20:36 that he may dwell with me. Now, read this
20:38 passage carefully David says, says things that
20:40 are in front of me that are wicked. He said,
20:42 I'm not gonna be watching them. I'm not
20:44 gonna put anything wicked in front of my
20:45 eyes. I want my eyes to be upon the faithful.
20:48 I want my eyes to be upon the good things,
20:50 upon the things of God. And that David this
20:52 was a very important defense, when we think
20:54 about our homes, we think about the things
20:56 that we read, the things that we watch,
20:59 the things that we listen to. A defense against
21:02 the dark arts is to get rid of anything that's
21:06 evil in our home whether it's on the computer,
21:10 whether it's on TV, change the channel or get
21:13 Christian satellite or if they can't control it,
21:15 don't have the TV. And if there's magazines
21:18 and books and things that are gonna be
21:20 tempting you and leading you into the
21:21 world then astray. We need to get rid of these
21:23 things. We need to close our eyes against evil
21:27 because Satan can come in through what we
21:29 watch, through what we listen to; these are
21:32 avenues into our hearts. And this is part of our
21:35 defense against the dark arts is to get rid
21:38 of these things, if they are evil. So, we've a
21:40 choice the, the thing is I will set no wicked
21:43 thing before my eyes. That's right.
21:44 So, it's not just like Oh! I can't help it,
21:46 God has given us the power of choice to
21:48 choose the type of medium that we'll have.
21:50 That's exactly right. Okay, one more line
21:53 of defense, First John. This is a very practical
21:56 program. First John chapter 2, verse 13.
22:03 And we have a lot of information on this,
22:05 on our website
22:07 We've resources that are designed to help you
22:11 to protect yourself from evil in these last days
22:14 and this is one of the big ones. This is
22:17 probably the biggest. First John chapter 2,
22:20 verse 13. I'm sorry it's verse 14, I made a
22:26 mistake. Verse 14, John wrote, I written to
22:28 you fathers because you have known Him
22:31 who is from the beginning. I have written
22:33 to you, young man, because you are strong,
22:35 and the word of God abides in you and you
22:40 have overcome the wicked one. So, there it's
22:43 talking about how to overcome the wicked
22:44 one. And the, the key to victory is the word of
22:48 God not in the pages of a book only, but it's
22:51 inside of us. Memorizing scripture, learning
22:55 the Bible, learning the power of the word,
22:57 as we learned the power of God's word and
23:00 put it in our minds and it abides in us that's
23:02 how we will overcome the wicked one.
23:04 When Jesus was in the wilderness tempted by
23:06 Satan, he resisted Satan three times by
23:09 quoting scripture. There is power in God's
23:13 word, his almighty word. And if you wanna
23:15 overcome, overcome the devil memorize
23:17 scripture. When Satan comes to your door,
23:20 quote scripture and he'll flee. And so
23:22 that's, that's our defense David confessing
23:25 our sins, trusting Jesus Christ, trusting his
23:27 blood, getting rid of evil out of our homes
23:30 and memorizing scripture and planting it in
23:33 our minds, that's the key, that's the source
23:36 of victory. So, these are some practical things
23:39 we can do against, against the darks of the
23:42 enemy. Now, what do you think is the, is the
23:44 result of a person that has you know,
23:47 confessed her sin, repentant, got these
23:49 things, is there a sense of piece in the life that
23:52 comes to an individual that has followed
23:54 Christ or is it unsettledness or is it.
23:57 No. Is there a reassurance a settled
24:00 sense of peace when the individual follows
24:01 through. Sure, it's, it's tremendous peace and
24:03 rest, another passage I'll just quote it,
24:05 I can see our time is running out, is Matthew
24:07 chapter 11 verse 20 and 29. Jesus said,
24:10 come to me, all you who are weary and
24:12 burdened and I will give you rest. There is
24:15 rest, there is peace in Jesus Christ. And then
24:18 he said take my yoke up on you and learn
24:20 from me. He wants us to learn from him.
24:22 Satan wants us to learn witchcraft and magic
24:25 and sorcery and spiritualism, but God
24:28 wants us to learn about Jesus. He wants us to
24:30 focus on the good shepherd, on his love
24:32 for us, on his mercy and to enter the school
24:35 Christ. Witchcraft is a school, but it is the
24:39 school of the enemy. And the Bible wants us
24:42 to enter the school of Jesus Christ and to learn
24:45 from him, to learn his meekness, his humility,
24:49 his goodness and yes we will find rest,
24:52 we will find peace, we will find love, we will
24:54 find power that you can never find in the
24:57 world. There is just no way around that.
24:58 I've been there, I've done that, I've been out
25:00 there and now I'm in here and I'm not going
25:03 anywhere except into my Bible and into my
25:05 Bible and into my Savior's love and into
25:08 power of his Holy Spirit. It works, it really
25:13 works. And Jesus is offering all of us that
25:17 love and that power. David, I wanna share one
25:19 more text. Okay. Galatians chapter 3,
25:24 I can't leave this program without reading
25:27 this passage. Galatians chapter 3 verse 1.
25:33 It's talking about the centrality of the cross,
25:36 the importance of the cross and Paul was
25:38 concerned about the early church in Galatia
25:41 that they had been, they had been bewitched.
25:43 The word bewitched is right there. We've
25:45 been talking about witchcraft, spirituals
25:46 and the occult, that's what this whole series is
25:47 about. And Paul talks about being bewitched,
25:51 but in this passage he says, that we, we don't
25:54 necessarily have to be practicing witchcraft or
25:58 diving into spiritualism in order to be,
26:00 bewitched, we can be bewitched if we allow
26:04 our minds to be turned away from the cross of
26:09 Jesus Christ. Paul wrote in Galatians 3 verse 1.
26:12 O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched
26:15 you, that you should not obey the truth before
26:18 whose eyes Jesus Christ has been evidently
26:22 set forth, crucified among you. The center of
26:26 God's message in this book is the cross.
26:31 And Satan is trying to bewitch us. So, that we
26:33 don't see, we don't see that message, we don't
26:36 see that power, that love. And God wants our
26:40 eyes as we've talked about previously to be
26:43 opened and he opens them through scripture
26:46 and he reveals to us supernaturally, through
26:50 the Holy Spirit, he helps us to see by faith that
26:55 2,000 years ago the son of the infinite God,
27:00 the maker of heaven and earth stretched out
27:02 his arms, took our sins and suffered a horrible
27:07 death. Separating, separated from his father
27:12 because he loves us. And he wants to get a
27:14 hold of us and save us for eternity and that's
27:18 the power of the cross and that's the message
27:20 of this series on battle, Battles of Faith.
27:22 And my final comment to you is don't let the
27:24 devil cast a spell on you and bewitch you
27:27 away from seeing Jesus and his love for you.
27:32 Amen, amen. Thank you very much Steve.
27:35 This has been an enlightening journey
27:37 through scripture. And today we've discussed
27:39 defense against the dark arts and how Jesus
27:43 Christ and his power is our only defense.
27:46 And we can do some practical things in to
27:49 aline ourselves with Jesus, confessions,
27:51 repentance, get things out of our home that are
27:53 keeping us from the cross and the blood of
27:55 Jesus is the only entity in this world that can
27:59 give us that true defense against the dark,
28:01 dark arts. My name is David Shin and I'm
28:04 here with Steve Wohlberg, may the
28:05 Lord bless you and keep you in his care.


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