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00:15 Like to welcome you to Battles of Faith.
00:17 My name is David Shin and I am here with Steve Wohlberg,
00:19 who is a Speaker Director of White Horse Media.
00:21 We are going through the series thus far,
00:24 series of the 13, it's been quite a journey,
00:26 and so we haven't talked lot about White Horse Media.
00:29 So, why don't you tell our viewing audience
00:31 little bit more about your ministry there in Fresno,
00:33 California? Sure, just briefly we are in Fresno.
00:36 We are kiwi ministry, we have chosen the name of
00:38 White Horse Media because of Revelation 19.
00:41 It talks about Jesus coming on a white horse
00:43 and we are inspired by that, and Christ is the center
00:47 of the ministry because he is the writer and our goal
00:49 is to help people to get ready for his return,
00:52 and that's what is all about. So,
00:54 we do this through the Internet. We have a website
00:55 We have books seminars,
00:58 DVD's and radio programs and lot of things
01:01 and we are just trying to reach out and share
01:04 Gods love and truth into a lost world.
01:07 So, if they wanted to find out more information
01:08 they go to
01:12 Yes, that's it
01:13 Alright, so today's topic is the love of power versus
01:17 the power of love. Am I correct?
01:19 Yes, that's it we are in a power battle,
01:21 the power struggle, cosmic forces are at work.
01:25 And it's really no secret for those that dealt
01:29 into the whole arena of the occult and witchcraft
01:32 and magic that the appeal, we can say the lure
01:35 of the craft today is the appeal of power,
01:39 the lure of power, the people are looking for power,
01:42 they want power and witchcraft claims to offer
01:45 people that power to really do almost
01:48 whatever they want to accomplish their will,
01:50 that's what witchcraft is about. It's about accessing
01:52 supernatural power to do what you want to do.
01:56 And Bible talks lot about this and it's in the book of,
01:59 Book of Acts, we've been going through different
02:01 passages in this Series called Magic Ghosts and the Bible,
02:06 and I would like to just start out by going to Acts
02:09 Chapter 8. David we looked at this before,
02:11 and I just wanna redirect attention to the issue of power
02:16 because that's what happening here.
02:18 Acts Chapter 8 Verse 9 talks about a certain man,
02:20 his name was Simon. Acts 8 Verse 9 and he used
02:24 sorcery it says, and he bewitched the people of
02:27 Samaria with his sorceries and he called himself
02:32 some great one. People considered him to be a great,
02:36 great man. In Verse 10, it says that they all gave
02:39 heed to him from the least to the greatest saying
02:41 this man is the great power of God. He is the
02:45 great power of God. Now it's interesting that and
02:47 when you read this chapter. What's happening
02:49 is Simon Magus, the sorcerer, who is in Samaria.
02:53 All the sudden he begins to witness the power of God
02:56 working through the Apostles.
02:58 The Apostles are laying hands on people,
03:00 and God's power is coming through the Apostles
03:03 to reach the people, and Simon looks at this and he is,
03:06 he is very intrigue by this and he wants that power.
03:09 And so in Verse, Verse 18, he offers the apostles
03:13 money and then in verse 19 he said give me
03:16 also this power, I want it because really that's what,
03:20 that's what witchcraft and sorcery is all about.
03:24 The problem with the occult is that they don't realize
03:28 the source of that power. They think generally speaking
03:32 in witchcraft that the power comes from nature,
03:34 it comes from the spirits of nature,
03:36 it comes from the moon, and from the trees,
03:38 and the force, and the earth, and the wind,
03:40 and the fire, and they don't realize according
03:43 to the Bible that they are really two cosmic powers
03:46 out there. There is a good power and a bad power,
03:49 and the power of evil, the power ultimately of Satan
03:52 and the Devil. And as we have discussed this before
03:55 those are into witchcraft, don't believe there
03:58 is a Satan and so they are not looking,
04:00 they are not concerned about watching out for that power
04:06 I think there is almost a curiosity that's involved
04:08 with this power and I think it's also natural to human
04:11 nature to desire power. It's inherent within us from
04:14 I guess almost a corner perspective that we desire
04:17 a power even money is power,
04:20 we think that fame is power, perception is power,
04:24 and this is one of those elements if you can tap
04:26 into the supernatural side that there is an element,
04:29 first you are amazed that exist and then you are like
04:32 while maybe this power can help me to achieve
04:34 certain things in this life. That's right and they wish
04:36 to clarify, it's not entirely wrong to want power.
04:39 Okay. It just depends on what you wanted for.
04:43 Okay. Because we all need power.
04:44 We are all in the world of sin and the world
04:47 of temptations and battles and trials,
04:48 and problems and we need power to help us to cope.
04:51 Power to overcome and to rise above the things
04:55 that comes our way and so, but what we need to realize
04:58 and this is a very crucial distinction is that there
05:00 are two powers. There is Gods power and there
05:02 is the Devils power, and we need to make sure
05:04 that we are tapping into the right power for the
05:06 right reasons. Now let's go to Acts chapter 26,
05:09 let's take a look at another passage same chapter
05:12 of same book that talks about Simon Magus,
05:14 who people thought was the great power of God,
05:17 who said give me this power, I want power.
05:19 Well here let's take a look at this Acts 26 verse 18,
05:22 Jesus had just spoken to Paul from heaven,
05:26 he knocked him down, his name was Saul on the road
05:29 to Damascus, his name was then changed to Paul,
05:31 and Jesus gave him a commission to go out
05:34 into the world and to spread the knowledge
05:36 of the truth. And in Verse 18, Jesus told Paul
05:39 I am sending you to open their eyes,
05:42 that's the eyes of the people of the world,
05:44 and to turn them from darkness to light,
05:48 that's crucial, and from and notice David,
05:51 it says from the power of Satan to where.
05:56 To God. To God. That's rights
05:58 that they may receive forgiveness of sins
06:00 and an inheritance among them, which are sanctified
06:04 by faith that is in me. So, this verse talks about power.
06:07 There is power, and but as you look closely
06:10 and this is where Jesus wanted Paul to go out
06:15 and open people eyes. People need to have
06:17 their eyes open to this. They don't in witchcraft
06:19 they just think there is just one power out there,
06:22 and they can get that power and then channel
06:24 it for their own purposes. This verse says that
06:27 our eyes need to be opened and their eyes need
06:29 to be opened that there are two powers,
06:32 two contending powers. One of them is the power
06:35 of Satan and the other is the power of God.
06:40 And it's very significant when you look closely
06:41 at this text. Jesus said to open their eyes and to turn
06:45 them from darkness to light, and from the power
06:48 of Satan to God, and that shows that Satan's power
06:52 is associated with darkness. Okay. It's not,
06:55 it's not light, it's dark, and I have done a lot
06:59 of research on this and I have done this because
07:01 I want to know the truth about what I am talking about.
07:04 I don't want to just you know speculate,
07:07 I want to know what the Bible says
07:08 and I wanted to be accurate in my communication
07:11 about the subject and from what I have read not only
07:15 in Satan's power in dark, but it's also cold.
07:20 It is a cold power and I am going to share
07:23 some illustrations on that in just a minute.
07:24 Okay, so what you mean by cold. Alright,
07:27 now we have just talk little bit about some of the
07:29 contrast between God's power and Satan's power,
07:31 and one of the characteristics that Satan's power
07:33 is dark and you said it's cold. Now what do you mean
07:35 by cold, do you mean temperature cold or do
07:38 you mean I don't know about different type of cold,
07:41 but it's definitely little bit of a contrast there.
07:45 Yes, I do mean temperature cold. Temperature cold.
07:47 Yes and I will illustrate that. We can put up
07:49 on the screen here a photograph of a book written
07:52 actually written by a ghost. It's called Seth Speaks
07:56 and we can see just a little line from that book.
07:59 It says "I do not have a physical body,
08:00 yet I am writing this book." In the 1960s,
08:04 a ghost name Seth entered into the body of a woman
08:09 name Jane Roberts, who was, she and her husband
08:11 were playing with the Ouija board in New York
08:13 and this ghost eventually began to write books through
08:17 Jane Roberts, and these are called the Seth material,
08:20 the Seth books. And from, if you do your homework
08:24 on this Seth's books really literally practically
08:27 launched the new age movement and there is just
08:30 a lot of information about this being and what happened
08:34 in this apartment, and people came in and actually
08:37 studied what was going on, and they took notes
08:39 and did investigation, and we talked about this briefly
08:42 that when you look at the Seth dictated books.
08:44 We talked about this before, that's right,
08:46 and then you look at the books that Jane Roberts
08:47 herself wrote. They are very different,
08:49 that there was a real being in Satan.
08:52 He did actually enter this woman and she has become
08:54 one of the most famous mediums in history.
08:56 I certainly don't recommend that you read
08:57 any of her books. Sure. And I'm just using this
08:59 as an illustration. This is fascinating.
09:02 Let me just tell you this quick story,
09:03 that one Seth first began to entered this woman.
09:07 He gave certain signs to demonstrate,
09:10 who he was that he was really a real ghost.
09:13 Robert Butts was Jane's husband and they were
09:17 sitting there, and the Seth spirit told Robert
09:21 to look at Jane's arm and her arm became like a paw,
09:24 and then the Satan ghost told Robert to reach out
09:28 and touch Jane's arm. And this is what Robert testified.
09:33 It says here that Butts cautiously touched
09:36 Jane's hand and it felt very cold, wet and clammy.
09:40 And when I read about that, I just thought you know
09:43 there is an example right there of this ghost coming
09:46 into this woman's body, her arm changes,
09:49 it's really a rather scary scene, and her arm
09:52 becomes cold, wet and clammy, and looks like a paw.
09:54 Now that's one example. Let me give you another one.
09:57 You can put another book on the screen here.
09:59 This is a best selling author, her name is Sylvia Browne.
10:02 She wrote this book "Visits from the Afterlife."
10:04 You can take it off now. She is one of the most
10:09 well-known mediums of this day. She is a modern medium.
10:13 She has been on the talk shows circuit.
10:15 She has written many books. She is New York
10:16 Times Best Seller and you mentioned sometime ago
10:19 that you happened to turn on the TV one day,
10:21 that's right, and you saw Sylvia Browne.
10:23 She was on, what show was that?
10:25 Montel Williams Show. The Montel Williams Show,
10:26 that's right. She is a regular guest on the
10:28 Montel Williams Show. Montel Williams is the talk
10:31 show host and people watch this program around
10:34 the world. Well it's interesting in the book that I just
10:37 showed on the screen. We just showed
10:38 "Visits from the Afterlife." At the very end
10:41 Sylvia Browne tells very interesting ghost story
10:45 about how she was invited to by CBS to head out a
10:50 documentary on whether the Queen Mary was haunted.
10:54 I have been actually been on the Queen Mary.
10:56 It's a big boat parked dock off the coast of Long Beach,
10:58 California and I have been on that boat,
11:01 and Sylvia Browne was on that boat with the full
11:02 television crew. And Montel Williams was there with
11:05 her because he was pretty much in charge of this
11:08 documentary and whether the Queen Mary was haunted.
11:11 Well anyway they, they are looking around the ship
11:13 and the cameras were rolling and they go down
11:14 to the lower level, and Montel Williams is there
11:18 and the crew is there, and all the sudden
11:19 Sylvia Browne looks around, and she sees this,
11:21 this ghost that nobody else sees, but she sees it.
11:24 And it's dancing around the room.
11:25 And Montel Williams just kind of looking and just
11:28 wondering if this lady really furious like,
11:29 she is crazy. And at one point the Sylvia tells
11:33 the ghost Mary to stop right in front of them
11:35 and this is what she describes. She told Mary to
11:39 standstill, the ghost name was Mary to standstill.
11:42 She said I took my host by the hand that was
11:45 Montel Williams and he was brave enough not to
11:47 hesitate even though he did not have a clue
11:49 what I was about to do. And then without a word
11:51 I simply walked him right through Mary's ghostly
11:54 body through the spirit that she saw, that she thought
11:57 was a dead person. And then she says I'll never forget
12:00 how huge his eyes were after he stepped
12:03 through her. Did you feel that I asked?
12:06 It was rhetorical question and she said I looked
12:09 at him and I could tell he felt it for sure.
12:11 And then he said feel it, how could I not feel it.
12:14 Whatever it was, it was freezing cold.
12:18 And then she said I decided to play the Devils'
12:21 advocate well to be fair it is chilly down here
12:23 at the lower deck of the Queen Mary.
12:24 And then he shook his head, Montel Williams,
12:27 and said not like that. That wasn't any kind
12:31 of cold I've every felt in my life.
12:34 It went all through me right down to my bones
12:37 in that one spot that you walk me through.
12:40 Wow. Now when I read that,
12:42 I thought you know wow! here's,
12:43 here is a ghost and Sylvia is taking Montel and walking
12:47 him through that ghost, which he doesn't see,
12:51 but she sees and as soon as he hits that,
12:53 he is just freezing. Satan's power is cold.
12:57 I believe that spirit was a demon and that this woman
13:00 is involved in communication with demons,
13:02 although she doesn't know it. Now here is one more
13:04 quick example. Let's go back on the screen
13:05 and put the book by Allison DuBois called
13:10 "Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye."
13:11 This woman and we can take that off now.
13:13 Allison DuBois is a best selling author in
13:15 New York Times Best Seller. She is the inspiration
13:17 behind the NBC TV Series medium,
13:19 which is being watched by people all around
13:21 the world. It's just, it's a big show.
13:23 It's won awards. It's won awards.
13:25 It's about a woman, who talks to the dead people
13:27 and Allison DuBois is the real person behind the show.
13:31 She is a real medium. She has been on TV.
13:33 She has just been, she has done a lot of things.
13:36 Well anyway, her book that I just showed there
13:39 "Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye." In that book, she describes
13:43 what happens to her when she is about to go
13:45 into a reading with the person,
13:47 where she is supposedly talking to a dead person
13:49 or getting information from the dead person
13:51 and then sharing it with the sitter,
13:53 who she is giving the reading to.
13:54 And she said here "When I am preparing
13:57 for a private reading, I know the other side
14:00 is churning around me when my hands quickly
14:03 become freezing. I refer to this as holding hands
14:07 with the other side. So Jane Roberts encountered
14:11 with the Seth's spirit turned her hand cold
14:14 and clammy. The reason why Montel Williams
14:17 has Sylvia Browne on his program, is because
14:21 he walked through a ghost and he was just chilled
14:24 to his bone, and Sylvia Browne,
14:27 I mean Allison DuBois says the same thing that her
14:29 hands become freezing whenever she is involved
14:31 with the spirits. And these are all just examples
14:33 of how the and my point is that the power of Satan
14:38 is dark and it's cold. It's cold.
14:40 It's freezing up. One more quick example,
14:42 I share with you before my friend Pam,
14:45 who has come out of witchcraft.
14:47 She was into witchcraft. She came out of it
14:49 and she wrote me an e-mail and she said this.
14:52 She said I could always feel when she was involved
14:55 in the occult. When an evil presence was coming over me,
14:58 it's all of a sudden like your thoughts become dark,
15:02 your emotions are muted you can't feel your emotions,
15:06 and then you feel like you are all powerful,
15:09 you know all powerful. And that is what sorcery
15:13 and witchcraft is all about, is that power.
15:15 But it's a dark power, it's a cold power,
15:19 it's an, it's an evil power, and it's not the power
15:23 that God wants us to experience. In the Bible,
15:26 we have already read in Acts 26:18, God wants
15:29 to open our eyes, the people eyes in the world,
15:31 who are mixed up in these things and he wants to turn
15:33 them from darkness to light,
15:35 and from the power of Satan to God.
15:38 Now let's take a look at another passage.
15:40 First Corinthians, Chapter 1 Verse 18.
15:42 First Corinthians 1:18, God's power is very different
15:48 from Satan's power and that's the power he wants us
15:51 to have, alright, and that's the power he wants
15:53 working through this programs, God's good power.
15:56 In First Corinthians 1:18 and David
15:58 I think I'll let you read that text.
16:00 Okay, so First Corinthians 1:18, correct,
16:03 for the message of the cross is foolishness
16:06 to those who are perishing,
16:08 but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
16:12 Right now, notice it says it is the power of God,
16:14 and where is God's power centered according
16:17 to this text. It says the message
16:19 of the cross. Right the message of the cross.
16:21 God's power is revealed through the message
16:24 of the cross. Now if you turn to John 3:16,
16:28 which is one of the most famous verses in the Bible.
16:31 I love this passage, it talks about the cross,
16:34 doesn't use the word cross, but it talks about
16:36 the message and it reveals that the message
16:39 of the cross is centered in God's love.
16:42 John 3:16, Jesus said for God so loved the world
16:47 that he gave his only begotten Son,
16:49 that whosoever believed in him should not perish,
16:52 but have everlasting life. This is so important.
16:55 The power of God is centered in his love that
17:02 is revealed in him giving his son to die on the cross
17:05 of Calvary for the sins of the world.
17:07 And in my life what really reached me the message
17:13 of that love, the message of that good news
17:16 reached me when I saw the struggle between
17:19 the father and the son in the garden of Gethsemane
17:22 as Jesus was wrestling with the powers of darkness
17:26 and with the choice whether he was gonna
17:28 give his life that's a sacrifice for my sins and for the sins
17:31 of everybody else. And let's just take a look
17:32 at that also. Matthew Chapter 26,
17:35 this passage is what really reached me 28 years ago.
17:40 I was lost in Hollywood, lost in the life of drugs,
17:43 and just crazy living searching for the power
17:47 of the world and God's power got a hold of me.
17:51 And this was the sin that did it.
17:53 In Matthew Chapter 26 Verse 36, the Bible says
17:58 "Then cometh Jesus with them to a place
18:01 called Gethsemane and said to the disciples sit here
18:04 while I go over there and pray."
18:06 And he took with him Peter and the two sons
18:08 of Zebedee, and he began to be sorrowful
18:10 and very heavy. And then he said to them,
18:13 my soul is exceeding sorrowful, even to death,
18:17 teary here, and watch with me.
18:19 And then verse 39, he went a little further
18:22 and fell on his face and he prayed,
18:23 and he said Oh! My Father, here is the son,
18:27 the son of the God agonizing and pray
18:29 before his father. Father if it is possible,
18:32 let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless,
18:36 now look at that David. Nevertheless,
18:38 not as I will but as you will. Now here is
18:44 the difference, one difference,
18:45 there are many differences between Christianity
18:47 and the craft, and witchcraft.
18:49 Witchcraft wants power to do your own will.
18:54 Okay. And in this scene in Gethsemane Jesus
18:58 is praying and he is saying father not my will,
19:01 but your will be done and that reveals his love
19:06 that he was willing to yield his will, yield his life, yield,
19:10 yield everything in order to ultimately to save us.
19:14 And in the Bible in Christianity,
19:17 we surrender our will like Jesus did to receive
19:21 God's power to do his will. In witchcraft
19:25 they want to get power to do their own will
19:28 and there is a major difference that's witchcraft
19:31 or selfcraft, and we may not be practicing
19:33 witchcraft, but if we are doing our own will,
19:36 we are really practicing selfcraft, and Christianity
19:39 is giving up our will to receive God's power.
19:42 And the supreme example of that is Jesus himself
19:46 doing that wrestling with that and finally praying
19:49 Father not my will, but your will be done,
19:51 and God's will was for him to go to the cross
19:55 as a manifestation of his love, so he could save us
19:59 from sin. So he could ultimately die on a cross paying
20:03 the price for all of ours self will,
20:06 all of our search for power, all of our wickedness
20:10 and our corruption in going our way instead
20:12 of our creators way. And ultimately our way
20:14 is a disaster, it leads down, it leads to the pit,
20:18 it's self destructive, and God loves us and that's why
20:21 he wants to get us out of that and turn us around,
20:23 open our eyes, turn us from the darkness
20:25 to the light from the power of Satan to God.
20:27 So we can be forgiven and as we read in the
20:30 Book of Acts, so that we can receive an inheritance
20:34 among those who are sanctified through faith
20:36 in Christ. Now that's another point.
20:40 God's power can actually sanctify us, it can lift us up,
20:45 it can purify us, it can cleanse us, and it can,
20:50 it can make us new. And Satan does not have
20:53 that kind of power. Witchcraft is just about getting
20:56 power to do what you want. God's power wants
20:59 to change your life and get sin out of your life.
21:03 And I have a friend of mine that once made a statement
21:05 to me that I have never forgotten.
21:07 He said Satan has power, but he has no power
21:11 to help you do right, he can't do that,
21:15 he doesn't have that power.
21:18 Now we talked a little bit up to this point about
21:20 the power of Satan and the contrast of the power
21:23 of God. Power of Satan is cold. Power of God is warm,
21:26 it's loving, it's self-sacrificing. Now we talked
21:30 in a previous program about witchcraft or wicked.
21:33 Now someone viewing this program that has
21:36 dabbled in witchcraft or Awake or the
21:39 Harry Potter books. The question may come to their
21:41 mind they say there is an element of love in witchcraft.
21:46 Would you agree with that question or interpret
21:48 opposition of that question that there is an element
21:50 of love in the how should I say the new witchcraft
21:55 that's coming out in the 21st century.
21:57 Yeah, that's a, that's a good question.
21:59 Well you are right. The modern wicked movement
22:03 definitely has a friendly face and I would say
22:06 let me clarify this way that there is no love
22:11 in Satan's power. None. None. Okay.
22:14 Not a bit not an ounce, but God's power
22:17 is working all around this world and it's interesting
22:20 I remember the statement that Pam made
22:23 and I'm just thinking of this as you are,
22:24 as we are talking about this and you asked that question.
22:26 Pam talks about how she became a believer
22:30 and somewhere in her testimony if I can find it.
22:33 She says that here is it that God's hand has been
22:38 in my life for a lot of years, but I had no clue. Okay.
22:42 So God was working in her life. God's love was trying
22:46 to draw her and working in her life,
22:50 leading her ultimately to him and to the cross.
22:52 Okay. And so I mean there are, there are people
22:55 that are into witchcraft that do good things.
22:58 Sure. I mean I'm not saying that everything
22:59 they do was bad. Okay. But anything that anybody
23:01 does that's good is because God is to some extent
23:04 working in their lives, I see, even if they don't know
23:06 that it's God. But my point is that Satan's power,
23:09 his power entirely is loveless, it's cold, it's dark,
23:13 it's wicked, and the deeper people get into the craft
23:17 they start tapping into that power and just like Pam
23:20 did and that power will eventually destroy them.
23:22 Okay. And as we've mentioned
23:24 these modern mediums and people that are involved
23:26 in spirits and ghosts, there is an element of coldness
23:28 that is associated with the supernatural powers
23:32 that they are involved in, and that's my point,
23:34 is it's a dark power, it's a cold power,
23:37 it's not God's power. Okay. As we see there is a big
23:40 contrast between the two powers and we need to have
23:43 our eyes opened to see that and get out of
23:45 the bad power through his power and get in the right
23:48 power, and the motivation to do that is the power
23:51 of his love revealed on the cross, revealed
23:53 in Gethsemane through the struggle of the father
23:56 and the son, who are willingly to be separated from
23:59 each other because of our sins. That is a love that
24:02 is beyond compare. There is nothing like it in
24:05 any religion on this planet. It's not in Islam,
24:08 it's not in Buddhism, it's not in Hinduism,
24:10 it's not in any religion except for Christianity
24:14 that shows a father giving a son to die as a sacrifice
24:20 for our sins. That's a beautiful picture there
24:22 on the screen, Jesus holding a little child just
24:25 reminds me of my little boy Seth, and I have learned
24:29 so much about God's love and about his warmth
24:31 and my point is that God's love is warm
24:34 and loving and cradling, and that's what he wants for us.
24:38 He wants to wrap us in his arms of love and not only
24:42 that he wants to deliver us, to deliver us from evil.
24:45 Let me share one more text here. In the
24:47 Book of Colossians, Chapter 1 Verse 13,
24:50 I love this passage. It's talking about Jesus
24:53 and it says that he has delivered us from the power
24:57 of darkness and has translated us into
25:01 the kingdom of his dear son. Okay.
25:04 Sometimes we talk about the importance of translation
25:07 and I believe in that, that God wants to prepare us
25:09 to be translated at the second coming without
25:12 seeing death. But if we are going to be translated
25:13 then we need to be translated now and the translation
25:17 to this verse is talking about is being translated
25:19 out of the kingdom of darkness,
25:21 the power of darkness and translated through
25:24 the power of the Holy Spirit into the kingdom
25:26 of his dear son in whom we have redemption
25:28 through his blood even the forgiveness of sins.
25:32 Umm! I know. God's power delivers us from evil.
25:36 I remember, still remember, I will always remember
25:38 the first time I knelt in the dormitory room
25:41 in Southern California at the age of 20,
25:43 and I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.
25:47 I yielded to the power of that love that drew me,
25:50 I clunged at the cross and I said Lord if you,
25:52 if you want me, if you will have me, you know
25:55 I am a sinner. This was the first prayer I have
25:57 ever prayed. I never, I didn't even read the Bible
26:00 until I was 20 years old and I read about Gethsemane
26:02 and that's what reach me, and I got on my knees
26:04 and I said some pray, I don't really remember exactly
26:06 what I prayed, I just said, you know,
26:08 Jesus if you are there, if you want me,
26:10 forgive me and help me. I was smoking pot,
26:13 I was using drugs, I was doing all kinds of things,
26:15 I was lost. And I felt at that moment that doesn't
26:19 always happen like this, but I felt it.
26:21 I felt this power and this love coming to me like
26:25 I have never known. I felt the burden of guilt,
26:27 lifted off of my conscious, the stone of guilt
26:32 was rolled away and it was amazing and
26:35 I remember thinking to myself I thought of
26:37 Mick Jagger song, I can't get no satisfaction
26:39 that I used to listen to a lot in my BC days,
26:43 and I remember thinking to myself at that moment,
26:45 this is satisfying. This I have found
26:48 satisfaction and I felt the love, and the joy,
26:51 and the peace that I have never known, and that love,
26:54 that power actually delivered me from the things
26:57 that I was doing. And David it's been 28 years
26:59 and I have not smoked one marijuana joint since then.
27:02 Praise the Lord. I am out of alcohol, I am out of cocaine,
27:05 I am out of those things. Jesus Christ has
27:08 delivered me from the power of darkness and it has
27:11 brought me into the kingdom of his son,
27:13 and I am very grateful. And I want everybody
27:16 to experience that power. I want to warn people
27:19 to stay away from the power of the occult,
27:21 the power of witchcraft, the power of spiritualism,
27:24 it's a wrong power. God's power is the right power,
27:27 it's a loving power. It will change your life
27:29 and you will never be sorry that you have opened
27:31 your heart to that power.
27:33 Well, thank you so much Steve. And I think all of us
27:37 started to experience the power of God can say
27:39 that there is nothing that is fulfilling as the power
27:42 of God's love. That's right.
27:43 In our daily lives. Well, we have been talking
27:45 today about the power battle, the love of power
27:48 versus the power of love, and we have discussed
27:51 how Jesus loves us, and gave himself,
27:55 so that we might be uplifted, we might be sanctified,
27:58 and ultimately we might be saved. My name is David Shin
28:02 and I'm here with Steve Wohlberg. Join us again
28:04 next time for another edition of Battles of Faith.
28:08 May God bless you.


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