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Participants: David Shin and Steve Wolhberg


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00:14 Like to welcome you to Battles of Faith
00:16 my name is David Shin and I'm here with Steve
00:18 Wohlberg who is the Speaker, Director of
00:20 White Horse Media based in Fresno,
00:21 California. He is the author of several books
00:23 and has done extensive research on the
00:25 Supernatural from a Biblical perspective.
00:28 This series is entitled Magic Ghost in the
00:30 Bible and it's been quite a journey, I like to
00:32 shake your hand here its becoming very familiar
00:35 and you are no stranger to 3ABN.
00:37 Now, I just like to set this stage for our
00:39 viewing audience that has not perhaps been
00:41 with us up to this point. We've talked a little bit
00:44 about the main stream nature of the occult, of
00:47 Wicca, of the Supernatural and maybe you can
00:49 give some illustrations on that, how prevalent
00:52 it has become and why we are talking about
00:54 this topic here today about Armageddon.
00:57 Sure, yes, we've been talking about the occult,
00:59 about the growth of witchcraft. Its modern
01:02 term is Wicca. We've been talking about
01:05 spiritualism, about mediums, we've been
01:07 talking especially about Hollywood TV
01:09 programs like Medium and Ghost Whisper;
01:12 movies like the Harry Potter series, we've
01:14 talked about the Charm series and just a lot of
01:17 productions that are out there, that are being
01:20 watched by people around the world and
01:22 how these productions are actually desensitizing
01:25 people to the dangers of the occult and they,
01:27 many of them especially when it comes to
01:29 the spiritualism programs are actually connected
01:32 to, to real mediums who are really claiming to
01:37 communicate with the dead. And there is just a
01:40 lot at the Supernatural that is permeating our
01:44 society right now around the world
01:45 especially through, through the media.
01:47 I refer to an article in one of the previous
01:50 programs from People Magazine and you can
01:53 see the words here it says "They See Dead People."
01:56 People magazine is a widely read journal read
01:59 by all kinds of different people and this
02:02 particular article says what is it with the
02:04 dearly departed. It seems like they are
02:07 everywhere lately. Goals, I'm sorry ghosts,
02:11 ghouls and spirits are invading prime time
02:14 and that it refers it to medium, ghost whisper,
02:16 supernatural and popular mediums
02:19 like John Edward, Allison DuBois, Sylvia Browne,
02:23 the list goes on and on. And what we're trying
02:26 to do in this special hot series is to address
02:30 these issues from a Biblical perspective and
02:32 to expose the menace behind the magic and
02:36 the dangers that are hidden within the occult
02:40 world and to warn people to watch out
02:44 and to be careful and to stay away from these
02:47 influences which really have supernatural evil
02:51 behind them which are seeking even though
02:53 they may put out a friendly face, friendly
02:56 happy face you know actresses and actors
02:59 that are nice people. There is menace that is
03:03 working behind the scenes to suck people
03:05 down into the darkness and that's what we're
03:08 doing here and we're trying ultimately to turn
03:10 people from the darkness and to
03:12 promote the light. To promote the love of
03:14 God and the truth of this book and to prepare
03:19 young and old for the soon return of Jesus Christ
03:22 which we believe, we believe we're at the
03:24 edge of the big day. And this whole
03:27 production is designed to help to prepare
03:29 people to be ready for the big one.
03:32 It's not an earthquake in California.
03:35 The big one is the, the end of the world and the
03:38 return of Lord. That's what it's about.
03:40 Now, we've talked in a previous program about
03:43 these currents and behind the occult,
03:46 behind Wicca and behind magic there are
03:48 certain currents that are pulling now.
03:50 My question is why do they have this
03:53 fascination with human beings, what is their
03:55 agenda, is there a climax point in the
03:57 future that this is thrusting us toward and
04:01 what does the Bible have to say about that.
04:02 Right. Where, where are we heading? Where
04:05 are the spirits moving humanity toward.
04:08 There is a point and if you have a Bible I'd
04:10 invite you to turn to the last book. The Book of
04:12 Revelation, chapter 16 points toward the final
04:16 battle and we're going to zero in on prophecy
04:19 in this program and just share some eye opening
04:22 passages. Revelation Chapter 16,
04:26 we're looking at the 14th verse.
04:28 Revelation chapter 16:14. The Bible says
04:31 and I'll just read these three verses and then
04:33 we'll unpack them. Okay. 16:14 says they are the
04:37 spirits of devils working miracles which go forth
04:44 to the Kings of the earth and the whole world to
04:47 gather them to the battle of the great day of God
04:52 almighty. In verse 15, Jesus said, behold
04:55 I come as a thief. Blessed is he who
04:58 watches and keeps his garments, lest he walk
05:01 naked and they see his shame and then verse
05:04 16 says he gathered them together into a
05:07 place called in the Hebrew tongue and
05:10 what's that word. Its Armageddon.
05:12 That's, that's right. The word there is
05:13 Armageddon. Armageddon is the last
05:16 battle. It's the apocalyptic battle,
05:18 it's the final battle at the end of the world in
05:21 verse 14 it's called the Battle of the Great Day
05:24 of God Almighty and it's very significant
05:28 David and everybody out there please listen.
05:31 It's very significant that the build up to the final
05:36 battle of Armageddon, the battle of God
05:37 Almighty is described in verse 14 and it says
05:41 they are the spirits of devils, that the spirits of
05:45 devils working behind the scenes. It says they
05:49 work miracles, they do wonders, signs and
05:51 wonders that people look at and they go wow.
05:53 You know this must be from God, but these are
05:56 deceptive forces orchestrating things
05:59 behind the scenes and it says that they go forth
06:02 to the Kings of the earth and the whole world,
06:04 this was a prophecy of a global spiritualistic
06:08 activity all over this planet, they go out to
06:12 gather people, to gather the world for the final
06:16 battle against God. There are evil forces
06:20 working behind the scenes as we talked
06:22 about in the previous program, according to
06:24 this book, the Bible, there is a, an individual,
06:27 a personality called the Devil. He is the
06:29 ultimate deceiver and he has an army of evil
06:33 angels that are working with him behind the
06:35 scenes and they are manifesting themselves
06:38 in many different ways and I just think it's
06:40 extremely significant David that when the
06:42 Book of Revelation mentions the Battle of
06:44 Armageddon, which it only does one time that
06:47 verse 14 tells us that the spirits of Devils
06:50 working behind the scenes, performing
06:52 miracles, going forth to the whole world, this is
06:56 part of the build up, part of the gathering of
07:00 humanity to be ultimately on Satan's
07:03 side in the battle of the great day of God Almighty.
07:07 And so, that's why we're dealing with this
07:09 topic in this series. We're talking about
07:11 witchcraft and it's involvement with spirits.
07:13 We're talking about spiritualism, mediums,
07:16 popular mediums, mediums that are on TV,
07:18 that are writing the talk show circuit, that are
07:21 writing best selling books, New York Times
07:23 best selling books. We're talking about
07:24 NBC programs, CBS programs, Hollywood
07:27 movies, we're talking about the big productions
07:32 like Harry Potter and the Spiritualistic
07:34 influences that are working behind the
07:36 scenes to desensitize an entire generation to the
07:40 dangers of the, of the occult and my
07:43 conviction is that what's happening is we're
07:45 witnessing David, we're witnessing the going
07:49 forth of these spirits in the beginnings of the
07:53 build up to the final battle of Armageddon
07:56 and what's happening is Satan is working in
07:59 every way that he possibly can, especially
08:03 through spiritual manifestations from the
08:05 other side that don't claim to be demons,
08:08 that claim to be either the dead or the spirits
08:10 nature or the spirits of the force and the trees
08:14 and whatever other things people are you know
08:16 worshiping and trying to contact from the other side.
08:20 These spirits are impersonators, they are
08:22 demonic impersonators and they are moving
08:24 humanity toward the final day and Revelation
08:27 gives us a warning and it tells us watch out
08:30 spirits of devils, they're gonna go out.
08:32 And they are gonna prepare humanity to be
08:35 on the wrong side for the final battle and
08:38 we're here to warn you and to help to get you
08:42 on the right side instead of on the wrong side.
08:45 That's what it's all about. Now, it seems like
08:47 Steve that within the last five to I would say
08:50 10 years there has been like a resurgence of
08:54 Wicca, resurgence of witchcraft within the
08:57 main stream media. It's no longer on the
08:58 periphery, no longer on the fringe. That's right.
09:00 And so my question to you is, do you believe
09:03 with this build up of media frenzy regarding
09:07 the occult and these kind of things that we
09:09 are approaching the day of Armageddon.
09:12 Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
09:14 Exactly that. Let me share another quote
09:17 from a book that I referred to previously
09:18 a book called the Great Controversy which was
09:20 a classic Christian work dealing with Christian
09:24 history and the battle between good and evil
09:25 and Bible prophecy and the things that are going
09:28 to be happening right before Jesus returns.
09:31 In this book, page 561, many of you are
09:33 familiar with this book. It says here that Satan
09:36 has long been preparing for his final effort to
09:40 deceive the world. The foundation of his work
09:43 which we've talked about was laid by the
09:45 assurance given to Eve in the Garden of Eden
09:47 that you shall not surely die.
09:50 We looked at that in Genesis 3, verse 4.
09:52 That was the first lie of Satan that you don't die
09:54 and there is no death. And then he continued,
09:57 the serpent continued and said in that day that
09:59 you eat your will be open and you will be as
10:02 God knowing good and evil. Those two lies that
10:04 there is no death and that we're God, those
10:07 are the foundation lies of modern spiritualism
10:11 and of the witchcraft movement. And then it
10:13 goes on and says little by little Satan has
10:16 prepared the way for his master piece of
10:19 deception in the development of spiritualism.
10:23 He has not yet reached the full accomplishment
10:26 of his designs and then it says, but this will be
10:31 reached in the last remnant of time.
10:36 And then there is a quote from the Bible
10:38 which was Revelation 16:14, they are the
10:42 spirits of devils going forth to the whole world
10:46 to gather them for the battle of Armageddon
10:48 and my point is again that revelation 16
10:53 predicts that there will be a global spiritualistic
10:57 manifestation of spirits of devils working
11:01 behind the scenes as part of the activity of
11:05 the devil in the last remnant of time that
11:09 will gather the world for the battle of Armageddon.
11:12 And that is where we are right now.
11:14 Never in my 28 years of ministry have I ever
11:17 seen so much spiritualistic activity
11:20 going on through Hollywood and through
11:22 popular mediums that are now like I said
11:25 writing the talk show circuit and speaking
11:28 right on TV and this is what's happening and
11:33 we're almost there. You know I want to go
11:34 home, I want to raise my son in heaven,
11:36 I've got a two-year-old, I've got a lovely wife
11:38 and I look at Seth and I just think to myself
11:41 you know let's go home and we're almost there.
11:45 I can hear the foot prints of God
11:48 approaching and that's why we're doing this
11:50 program to help you to be aware of what's
11:53 going in our world. So, on one hand you
11:57 have Christ, the other hand you have Satan
12:00 and Satan the, I just said the thing behind
12:03 the madness is that he sees a point in the
12:06 future in which there is going to be the last
12:08 battle, which is what Armageddon means,
12:10 between the forces of light and the forces of
12:12 darkness and his agenda is to make sure that as
12:15 many individuals are ultimately on his side of
12:19 this battle between Christ and Satan.
12:21 He is gathering people to be on his side.
12:24 Now, I want to zero in David on verse 15.
12:27 A lot of people talk today about Armageddon.
12:29 They have made movies on this but there is very
12:31 few that really know what the Bible really
12:34 says about this subject and the word
12:37 Armageddon like with mentioned is only
12:38 mentioned one time in Revelation 16:16 and
12:42 it's in verse 15. It's in the one verse right
12:45 before Armageddon sandwiched in between
12:48 the spirits of devils in verse 14, Armageddon
12:50 mentioned in verse 16, that in verse 15 Jesus
12:53 Christ inserts special council to us.
12:59 Giving us instruction as to how to be ready
13:03 and that's what I want to focus on. We're not
13:04 here just to talk about the darkness, but we
13:06 want to point to the light. Amen.
13:08 And here is the light. In verse 15 Jesus says
13:10 behold I come as a thief, I'm coming soon.
13:13 When you see all this things happening hear
13:15 the voice of Christ saying I'm coming,
13:16 I'm coming soon as a thief and then he says
13:20 blessed is who that watches and when Jesus
13:23 says blessed is he who watches, he doesn't
13:25 mean watches prime time TV programs,
13:28 talking about ghosts and spirits. He doesn't mean
13:31 watching movies about a boy wizard who go to
13:34 Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,
13:37 referring to the Harry Potter series. Jesus is
13:39 talking about watching out for deception and
13:43 for the subtle influences of evil angels working
13:47 through the media and through whatever else
13:49 they can use, to get into our minds. Blessed is he
13:53 who watches, watches out. Jesus said watch and pray,
13:57 lest you enter into temptation and then
13:59 notice, verse 15. Blessed is who watches
14:02 and then does what else. Keeps his garments.
14:05 Right. Keeps his garments, lest he walk
14:09 naked and they see his shame. Now that's
14:13 amazing. And this is a very personal verse,
14:16 its talking to individuals and it's Christ council to
14:20 us, how to be ready for Armageddon.
14:22 Armageddon is mentioned verse 16.
14:24 Verse 15 Jesus tells us to keep our garments.
14:26 We've got to have our garments and if we
14:28 don't have those garments on then we're
14:30 gonna end up naked and we're gonna be ashamed.
14:33 Now here is the question. When was the very first
14:37 time that anybody ever walked naked in this
14:41 world and then the next question is what are
14:44 those garments that Jesus tells us we've got
14:47 to wear in order to be dressed for Armageddon.
14:50 So, when did anyone first walked naked.
14:53 We've read about that. We've read about it in a
14:55 previous program. Right. About when the first lie
14:58 in the Bible and then after Eve and Adam
15:01 part took of the fruit, they realized
15:02 that they were naked. That's exactly right.
15:04 And that's the first place that I can look at.
15:06 That's right. When Jesus says keep your
15:08 garments lest you walk naked what he is doing
15:10 is he is pointing us right back to the Garden of
15:12 Eden, when Adam and Eve yielded to the
15:14 serpent who said you don't die and you're God.
15:18 Those two doctrines you don't die and you're God.
15:21 Those were the doctrines of the serpent.
15:22 Adam and Eve believed them and they ate the
15:25 fruit and then they lost their rope of light and
15:28 they ended up naked and ashamed.
15:30 And when Jesus tells us keep your garments and
15:34 don't, or else you're gonna walk naked.
15:36 He is pointing us right back to the Garden of
15:38 Eden and he is telling us to be aware of those
15:41 exact teachings of the serpent and ultimately
15:44 he is warning us about sin. He is warning us about
15:47 going our own way, living our own life,
15:50 doing what we want to do instead of what God
15:52 wants us to do and when people do that,
15:55 when Adam and Eve did that the result was
15:57 they lost their heavenly robe of righteousness
16:00 and they ended up naked and that's the
16:03 condition that we're in naturally that human
16:05 beings are in, in this world as we are
16:07 naturally naked. It doesn't mean that we
16:09 don't have any literal clothes on. It's talking
16:12 about spiritual nakedness, that we're
16:14 spiritually naked in sin, we're exposed to the
16:18 justice of God, a dead sin and we need a
16:22 covering; we need a covering and what is
16:25 that covering, who is that covering, how do
16:28 we get that covering, that is the core message
16:33 of the book of Revelation and of our
16:35 preparation for the Battle of Armageddon.
16:39 And that's interesting too because in your
16:40 previous program we also noted that God
16:42 made provision for Adam and Eve after
16:44 they found out they were naked, he got
16:46 skins of animals to clothe them which was
16:49 a symbol of what I think you're gonna be
16:51 talking about here and again, what was that
16:52 covering, that covered. That's right. That's right.
16:54 The garments are mentioned many times
16:57 in the Bible. All the way back in Genesis
16:59 God clothed Adam and Eve we talked about
17:01 with skins of animals in Genesis 3:21,
17:04 which represented the perfect garment of the
17:07 righteousness of his son, who would
17:10 eventually come down here and die on a cross
17:11 for our sins. The book of Revelation often
17:14 refers to these garments in Genesis, I'm sorry
17:17 Revelation chapter 3 verse 18, Jesus says I
17:22 counsel you, talking to the church, I counsel
17:24 you to buy of me, gold tried in the fire that you
17:28 may be rich and white raiment, white raiment
17:32 that you may be clothed. There it is and that
17:35 the shame of your nakedness do not
17:38 appear and anoint your eyes with eye salve that
17:41 you may see, that you may see the truth, that
17:44 you may see your need for the robe of that
17:48 white garment white raiment. The white robe
17:52 is mentioned many times, here in Revelation 3:18,
17:55 Revelation chapter 7, here is another reference.
17:59 And Jesus wants our eyes to be opened to the
18:01 need for that, that garment. Revelation 7 verse 9,
18:08 John looked into the future and he said after
18:10 this I'll be held in lower great multitude which
18:12 no man could number, of all nations and
18:14 kindreds and people in tongues, they stood
18:17 before the throne, the throne of God and
18:19 before the lamb and they were clothed and
18:21 what were they clothed with? They were clothed with
18:24 white robes. With white robe.
18:26 That's right and palms in their hands and they
18:28 cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our
18:31 God who sits upon the throne and to the lamb.
18:35 That's a, that's a precious picture there
18:36 on the screen of Jesus hugging a sinner and he
18:40 is placing upon him the white robe of his
18:43 perfect righteousness. The covering was
18:46 predicted in Genesis 3:21, the covering of
18:50 the animal skins, the covering is mentioned
18:52 in Revelation 3:18 as white garments.
18:55 The covering is again mentioned in
18:57 Revelation 7, 9 and 10, that God's gonna have
19:00 people one of these days from every nation
19:03 who are not following the serpent, not
19:05 following the doctrines of the devil, not following
19:07 the spiritualistic manifestations, but are
19:10 following the Holy Spirit, are following the
19:12 truth of the Bible and have given their life to
19:15 Jesus Christ and he has now put upon them his
19:18 perfect, pure, white robe. David, that's one
19:22 reason why we call our ministry White Horse Media,
19:24 even though I'm wearing a black shirt
19:26 you've got the white horse on there and the
19:28 white horse is described in Revelation 19, where
19:32 Jesus is described as coming on a White Horse.
19:34 White represents his purity. It's not a reference
19:37 to the color of our skin, it's a reference to the
19:40 purity of Jesus Christ and the most beautiful
19:43 white thing, garment described in the Bible is
19:48 the white robe of his righteousness.
19:50 I remember it still, I'll always remember the
19:53 day of my wedding when I saw my lovely
19:56 bride to be Kristen Wohlberg walking
19:59 down the isle at that time she was Kirsten Demoras.
20:03 But not yet. But not yet, not quite
20:04 yet Wohlberg. And then when I said I do, that
20:06 was it. And I still remember seeing her in
20:09 a beautiful white dress and what Jesus wants to
20:12 do is he wants to cover our sin, cover our
20:15 nakedness, cover our past, cover our failures,
20:18 cover whatever we've done, all of our
20:20 mistakes with his white robe which ultimately
20:24 represents his, his just his pure covering of
20:26 forgiveness that when we choose to turn from
20:28 sin he'll wrap us in his love and he'll wash
20:33 those sins away and he'll put a perfect white
20:36 robe on us. Let me tell a quick story. I heard a
20:39 story once about a 13 or 14-year-old boy whose
20:43 name was Tim and he lived out in, out in the
20:46 country with his parents, mom and dad,
20:48 and he had a temper and one day he got in a fight
20:50 with his dad out in the field. They were working in the
20:52 field and he said to his dad, I'm out of here.
20:54 I'm tired of you, I don't wanna be here
20:57 I'm gone. So he left the house and he lived out
21:00 in the world for three years trying to make it
21:02 on his own like the prodigal son.
21:03 Well after three years life wasn't going so well
21:05 for Tim and he decided that maybe he would go
21:10 home if his dad wanted him back. So, he made a
21:13 phone call one day in the middle of the day
21:14 when he knew his dad would be out in the
21:16 field and he called up his mother and he just
21:18 quickly said mom, it's Tim, didn't give her a
21:20 chance to talk. He said mom it's Tim.
21:22 I've decided to buy train ticket and I'm going to
21:24 be passing at the bottom. They lived on a hill
21:26 and at the bottom of their hill was a train station.
21:29 And just one house on the hill. And he said I'll
21:32 be on a certain train on a certain day; it was on
21:34 a Monday I think and I'll be passing and I'll be
21:36 going to that station and then I'm gonna look
21:38 through my window and I'm gonna look out
21:39 and see our house. And Tim said mom talk to
21:42 dad and if he is willing to take me back
21:44 have him just hang something white on the porch.
21:46 And if when I get to that station, I look up
21:49 and I see something white then I'll know dad
21:51 wants me back. But if I don't see anything white
21:53 I'll just keep going and then he hung up.
21:55 Didn't even give his dad a chance to talk.
21:57 Well, the day came and he bought his ticket and
22:00 he got on the train. And he happened to sit next
22:02 to a pastor. And Tim sat down and he was really
22:05 nervous biting his nails and the pastor noticed that.
22:07 And he said young man what's going on.
22:09 And then Tim explained to him all about what
22:11 had happened. And as they continued to talk
22:13 the train was winding around the bends,
22:15 finally they were getting close to that final,
22:17 final bend and Tim said to the pastor.
22:20 He said Mr. Minister, he said I'm so nervous
22:24 when we go around that final bend I'm going to
22:26 close my eyes. He can't look.
22:27 I can't look and he said I want you to just look
22:29 through the window and you'll see our house up
22:30 on the hill you can't miss, that's right up there.
22:32 And he said if you see anything white you tell me.
22:35 And if you don't then just don't say a word
22:37 and when the train stops it will just go on and I'll
22:40 just go with it and that will be it. So the train
22:43 started going over that final bend and Tim
22:45 closed his eyes and the Pastor said a prayer and
22:48 they went around that bend and the pastor
22:50 looked through the window and he was
22:52 totally shocked at what he saw. What he saw
22:54 cost him to lose all of his ministerial dignity
22:57 and the train stopped and he jumped up and
22:59 he grabbed the boy and he said Tim, he said look.
23:02 And Tim opened his eyes and he looked
23:04 through that window and he was totally
23:05 shocked to see his little house on the hill
23:07 completely covered in white. Those parents
23:11 had taken every white blanket, every white
23:13 sheet, every white bed spread, every white towel,
23:16 every white napkin, all the white toilet paper
23:20 everything white that those parents could find
23:23 and they draped the house totally and the
23:26 last thing the Pastor remembers as he looked
23:29 through the window was seeing the back of
23:30 the legs of that young man running up the hill
23:33 as fast as he could, running up through the
23:35 steps, through the white sheets, through the
23:38 porch, through the front door and then the Pastor
23:41 couldn't see it. But the boy had run into the
23:44 arms of two parents, lonely parents who
23:48 would do anything to let their son know that
23:52 they loved him and they wanted him to come home.
23:54 Amen. And you know what, I mean that story is
23:57 sometimes I breakdown when I tell that story
23:59 'cause I'm a Dad myself and that story reveals
24:04 God's love for you and it reveals the message
24:06 of the book of Revelation and it reveals the
24:09 preparation that we need, in order to be
24:11 ready for Armageddon. Jesus loves us and he's
24:14 got a white robe for us, just like all that white
24:16 all around that house. And there is nothing he
24:18 wants more than to put that white garment
24:20 around us to forgive our sins and to help us to
24:23 stand, so that we're not naked on his side
24:26 following his book and his Holy Spirit, as we
24:31 prepare for the battle of Armageddon and that's
24:34 the message of Revelation David, when Jesus Christ
24:38 says and maybe I'll just finish up with this and
24:40 then I'll let you wind this up. Sure.
24:43 Revelation 16:14 warns us that they are the
24:48 spirits of devils and they're working through
24:51 Hollywood, they are working through
24:52 mediums and witchcraft and all of the things that
24:54 we've been talking about in this series.
24:56 And they're working miracles and they're
24:57 going forth right now to the Kings of the earth
25:00 and the whole world to gather them to the battle
25:02 of the great day of God Almighty.
25:04 Behold I come as a thief Jesus tells us.
25:07 Blessed is he who watches. Not watches those
25:09 programs but who watches out for the
25:11 deceptions of the devil and keeps his garments,
25:14 the garments, the white robe, the perfect robe of
25:17 Christ righteousness that is our key, that is
25:22 the key to our preparation for Armageddon.
25:25 We can't stand on our own. If we just try to
25:28 think we're good enough and that you know
25:29 we can do it on our own, we're gonna end
25:32 up naked, we're gonna end up ashamed.
25:34 We need a white robe of covering,
25:36 Jesus Christ perfect covering, that's how we
25:38 stand at Armageddon and the way to have it
25:43 is to realize that we don't have it and that
25:46 we need it and then to trust in Christ to give it
25:49 to us, to rely on him entirely to turn from
25:52 the darkness to trusting him, so he can put upon
25:56 us the perfect white robe of righteousness.
25:59 Amen. That's the message of Revelation.
26:01 Amen. Amen. Warns us you know.
26:04 Stay away from the occult, stay away from
26:06 the spirits of devils and come to the white robe
26:10 of your savior. Amen. Praise God.
26:13 Praise God. Well, Steve we've covered a lot of
26:15 topics here and we've just about one minute
26:18 left and I'm thinking about this, there is a
26:22 battle going to take place between Christ
26:24 and Satan, between the forces of light and the
26:27 forces of darkness and that robe I'm seeing is
26:30 essential as far as protection to making
26:32 sure that you make it out of this battle, which
26:35 we're all coming to and just in a nutshell, in the
26:38 last minute or so, could you just give an appeal,
26:42 or appeal to the person to accept that robe of
26:46 Christ's righteousness or what can they do,
26:48 maybe they have been dabbling in the occult,
26:50 in witchcraft, or maybe they, they haven't given
26:52 their life to Christ. What is the compelling
26:54 motivation that drives us to accept that robe?
26:57 Yes, we have a whole program coming still
26:59 yet in this series about defense against the dark
27:01 arts, but the motivation right now is the
27:04 motivation of God's love. Here's a quote from
27:06 Napoleon Bonaparte, great French military
27:09 General. He said Alexander, Caesar,
27:11 Charlemagne and myself founded empires,
27:14 but what foundation did we rest the creation
27:17 of our genius. He said upon force. Jesus Christ
27:20 founded an empire upon love and at this hour
27:24 millions of men would die for him.
27:27 The foundation, the message is about Jesus
27:30 died for you, he wants you to get your life to
27:32 him and he'll clothe you with that perfect robe
27:34 and prepare you for heaven. Don't miss it,
27:37 don't miss it or you're missing everything.
27:39 Amen. Amen. Thank you so much Steve.
27:42 Well, we're quickly winding down here.
27:45 We've talked about Armageddon and the
27:46 protection against Armageddon.
27:48 The protection against being deceived in the
27:51 last days is having that robe of Christ
27:54 righteousness and it's my appeal is to appeal
27:57 to you to accept that robe of Christ righteous.
28:00 Whatever it is in your life that you're dealing
28:01 with, Jesus is the answer and he will give you
28:05 that sense of peace. My name is David Shin
28:07 and I'm here with Steve Wohlberg.
28:08 Join us again next time.


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