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The Prince Of Devils

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Participants: David Shin and Steve Wolhberg


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00:15 I like to welcome you to Battles of Faith,
00:16 my name is David Shin and I'm here with
00:18 Steve Wohlberg who is the speaker and director
00:19 of While Horse Media based in Fresno, California.
00:22 He is the author of several books
00:23 and has done extensive research on the super
00:25 natural from a Biblical perspective and I like
00:27 to welcome you again to our program here.
00:30 I know your handshake. Yes, we've been doing
00:31 it quite often now, series of 13
00:34 and We have to keep going.
00:35 We've, taking a Biblical perspective as we
00:37 always like to do and basing it upon the
00:39 word of God, we've gone through the book
00:40 of Genesis, Revelation, Exodus, the book of
00:43 Acts and we've gone into our last program,
00:46 our last series of programs about
00:48 who is on the other side that behind these
00:50 magicians, there are strong super natural
00:53 currents that are driving these things and
00:55 we've going to be talking a little bit more
00:56 about that, I think when we're going to talking
00:57 about the chief, there is a little bit of
00:59 organizational structure in this isn't there?
01:01 There is a lot of organization structure
01:03 and you're right. Okay. We're going to focus
01:05 right now on the leader of Evil,
01:09 the prince of darkness himself and then
01:11 of course we want to focus and really center
01:15 everything on the prince of life,
01:17 the prince of light who is Jesus Christ.
01:18 The issue of the Devil is really an issue
01:22 today, it's a big issue the more you get
01:24 into the whole issue of the super natural
01:27 and who is out there and what's out there
01:30 and what's happening in Hollywood and
01:32 and in popular books and movies and
01:34 websites and just the whole supernatural
01:37 arena the question arises you know is
01:40 there a leader of Evil that is out there.
01:43 Some sinister being that is pulling the
01:46 strings behind the scenes, someone such
01:49 as the Devil, also called Lucifer or Satan
01:54 the prince of darkness, Beelzebub,
01:57 he has many names, there is a slide on
01:59 the screen that she just pulled that just
02:01 showed you know some sinister
02:03 personality pulling the strings behind the
02:07 scenes directing traffic in planet Earth,
02:12 on planet Earth, around planet Earth.
02:15 It's no secret that those that are into the
02:17 occult generally speaking do not
02:20 believe in the existence of a personality
02:22 named Satan. This is certainly a doctrine
02:26 of modern witchcraft or what we have
02:28 been talking about Wicca, Wicca, a
02:30 religion that practices witchcraft. We've
02:32 mentioned the other book teen witch
02:34 a couple of times in past programs,
02:36 this is a best selling books its being read
02:38 by unsuspecting teenagers around the
02:42 world. We certainly don't recommend it
02:43 at all, but it's no secret that the author of
02:47 that book who reflects the current
02:49 Wiccan philosophy just comes right out
02:51 openly and says there is no Devil.
02:53 Many times those that are into witchcraft
02:55 or Wicca will criticize Christians and
02:58 they will say to us, you Christians are
03:00 all wet you're all wrong, you think that
03:02 we're Devil worshipers and we don't
03:04 even believe in Satan and they use that
03:07 as an argument in favor of the fact that
03:10 they are not doing anything wrong, that's
03:12 their line. And I come back and say well
03:15 I understand that you don't believe in
03:17 Satan, but that doesn't mean that there is
03:19 no Satan, it just means that you don't
03:21 believe in him. Just to give a few more
03:25 evidences that the modern Wiccan
03:27 movement does not believe in Satan I
03:29 mentioned an article that was sent to me
03:31 from the Paso Robles High School
03:33 where I used to live. This is just a,
03:36 you know campus newspaper and there
03:38 was one particular article dealing with
03:39 witchcraft and it says here in Wicca
03:41 there is no Devil. A lot of Christians are
03:44 amazed by that, they think that witches
03:46 are Satan worshipers but the fact is they
03:48 are not Satan worshipers because they
03:49 don't believe there is a Satan. Here is
03:50 that quite a few statements, published
03:52 statements from people that are involved
03:54 in Wicca, one of them and most of these
03:57 are teenagers. There is not Devil in the
03:59 craft and as long as you do not harm
04:02 others it says so in the Wiccan read and
04:05 in the witches creed, that's their doctrine,
04:07 no Satan. Another Wiccan person said
04:10 Wiccans give no power to Satan because
04:12 they do not accept his existence. He is a
04:15 Christian creation only, we don't believe
04:17 in him. Another one from a woman
04:19 named Becky, she said this is just a
04:21 teenager, she said being only 16 years
04:23 old even I know that Wicca has nothing
04:25 to do with Satan, and here is one more
04:27 from a person that posted something on
04:30 the Internet, she says as a Wiccan we
04:32 know there is no such thing as a Satan
04:34 because there is no such thing as heaven
04:37 or hell. So, this is just typical and I just
04:40 want to bring this out for your
04:41 enlightenment in case you don't know
04:42 that, that people in the modern
04:44 witchcraft Wiccan movement that is
04:46 growing by leaps and bounds, all over
04:48 planet Earth is being reflected and
04:50 promoted in different television
04:52 programs and books and movies and
04:55 Hollywood has really gotten behind the
04:56 whole sorcery sells phenomenon,
05:00 you know witchcraft is making a lot of
05:01 money these days and it's just growing
05:03 rapidly and it's important for us to
05:05 realize that Wiccans don't believe that
05:07 there is a Satan. Now the same thing
05:09 applies David, to those is that are into
05:11 the medium spiritualist movement.
05:14 Modern mediums also don't accept the
05:16 existence of Satan. I've mentioned
05:18 Sylvia Brown, she is a best selling
05:21 author, she is written many books she
05:23 has been interviewed on the Montel
05:24 Williams Show on television many, many
05:26 times she's. You mentioned that you
05:28 you saw her. I saw her one time, yeah.
05:30 Once, you saw a clip of her being
05:31 interviewed by Montel and anyway she
05:33 has written numerous books and one of
05:35 her books she just comes right out and
05:37 says and by the way this woman
05:39 actually, she is a pastor of a church,
05:42 she has her own church and she speaks
05:45 and she quotes from the Bible many
05:46 times, which is amazing to me that she
05:49 doesn't read the entire Bible and that she
05:50 doesn't really accept the Biblical truth on
05:53 this but anyway here is one of her books
05:54 where she says that evil is a creation of
05:56 human kind, not from God and since
06:00 God not some mythical Devil created us
06:02 with souls that are eternal and then she
06:05 goes on and gives her philosophy,
06:07 she says the idea of equating anything
06:09 evil in the spiritual world is mystifying
06:11 to her. She doesn't, she can't comprehend
06:14 why we would think that there maybe
06:15 evil out there in visible world, because
06:18 she doesn't believe in a Devil. She refers
06:20 to the concept as a mythical Devil and
06:24 there is of lot statements like this
06:26 that I could share and so it's important to
06:29 realize this, and important to
06:31 understand that in the occult movement
06:34 today whether it's witchcraft or whether
06:37 it's mediums and spiritualists, there is a
06:40 general belief and that is that there is no
06:43 such thing as a personal Devil.
06:46 This has been amazing to me
06:49 because from a Christian standpoint
06:50 it's always been assumed that those
06:52 involved in Wicca or the occult are
06:55 Devil worshiper or worshipers or Satan
06:57 worshipers and we categorically assume
07:00 that these individuals adhere to the
07:02 existence of Satan, but this isn't true.
07:05 That's not true at all. Over and over
07:08 again they say there is no Devil and that
07:10 doesn't mean there is no Devil it just
07:11 means they don't believe he is there.
07:13 It reminds me of or just thinking about a
07:16 boy that wanders away from the village
07:19 one night in Africa and doesn't believe
07:21 that there are man-eating lions
07:22 out there. Now does that mean there are
07:24 no man-eating lions? No, it just means
07:26 he doesn't believe in them and that even
07:29 makes them more dangerous, because if
07:31 you don't believe that they're there and
07:32 they are there, they can much more
07:34 easily hurt you and destroy you. I like to
07:37 share a quotation from a book that's a
07:40 classic book in Christian literature
07:41 of you are familiar with it. It's called the
07:43 Great Controversy and it deals with the
07:45 battle between the forces of good
07:46 and evil and here on page 516 it says
07:50 that as we approach the close of time
07:53 as we get nearer and nearer to the end to
07:56 the return of Jesus. It says when Satan is
07:58 to work with greatest power to deceive
08:01 and to destroy, he spreads everywhere
08:06 the belief that he does not exist.
08:09 That's right; it is his policy to conceal
08:11 himself and his manner of working.
08:15 And it just makes sense that he would do
08:16 that, he would just that he would try to
08:18 convince people he is not there and if
08:20 you don't think he is there, then he can
08:21 just come right in and take over your
08:23 life. I've mentioned that on a previous
08:25 program my friend Pam that she was,
08:28 she grew up in a Christian home, she
08:29 went off into witchcraft, she was a
08:30 practicing witch for many years and then
08:33 God opened her eyes and she came out
08:34 and she wrote to me her testimony, she
08:37 sent me an email and one of that lines
08:38 I did not read before this is what she
08:40 said, she said pure Wicca holds that
08:43 there is no evil force, no Devil in the world
08:47 Clever ploy of the Devil. If he
08:50 doesn't exist we don't need to worry
08:51 about him and then she continues on
08:53 and talks about the dangers that she sees
08:55 in the craft. And that's it, if you don't
08:58 think he is out there then you don't
09:01 worry about him and he can easily come
09:03 right in to your mind and into your heart
09:06 and he can as the Bible says he can
09:08 seduce, deceive and destroy. Now let's
09:11 take a look at what this book actually
09:12 says and its amazing to me David, as I've
09:14 done a little bit of research into the
09:16 teachers of Sylvia Brown that she claims
09:19 as a modern medium to actually believe
09:21 in the Bible but then she says in the
09:23 same breath there is no Satan, there is no
09:26 Devil. Well, my Bible teaches
09:27 differently if you look at Isaiah chapter
09:31 14, verse 12, the scripture says how art
09:36 thou fallen from heaven? How you've
09:38 fallen from heaven, O Lucifer son of the
09:41 morning. Here talks about a being
09:44 named Lucifer that has actually fallen
09:46 from heaven and there are liberal
09:47 scholars that read this passage and they
09:49 say that this is just talking about a person
09:52 but it can't apply to an individual normal
09:56 human being because this being was in
09:59 heaven and he fell from heaven. Now
10:02 especially when you look at Ezekiel
10:04 chapter 28 and this is another chapter
10:06 that people spiritualize away
10:08 and rationalize away liberal scholars and
10:10 apply this to some human being. Ezekiel
10:13 28, verse 15, verse 14 talks about an
10:16 anointed Cherub, Cherub in the Bible is
10:18 an angel, it's a glorious angel
10:20 and God is here talking through his
10:22 prophet about someone who was an
10:24 anointed Cherub that used to cover.
10:27 He was in the Holy mountain of God;
10:29 he walked up and down in the midst of
10:32 the stones of fire. In verse 15 Ezekiel
10:35 said you were perfect in your ways from
10:39 the day that you were created until
10:41 iniquity which means sin was found in
10:44 you, now there is just no way around it,
10:48 there is no human being in this world,
10:50 in this fallen world that was created
10:53 perfect down here until sin was found in
10:59 that person and that can only apply to a
11:01 supernatural being. And when you again
11:03 the read the context it's talking about the
11:05 anointed Cherub, who was walking up
11:07 and down in the midst of the stones
11:09 of fire. And verse 17 says that he was
11:11 beautiful he was exalted but his wisdom
11:13 corrupted him and eventually he fell and
11:17 so the Bible's clear when you put the
11:19 pieces together. Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28,
11:21 especially when you compare it with
11:23 Revelation, chapter 12, which is the
11:26 greatest chapter that deals with the fall
11:29 of this heavenly being, this angelic entity
11:32 named Lucifer, Lucifer means light
11:35 bearer and after he's sinned against God
11:38 his name was changed to Satan, which
11:40 means the adversary, the enemy of God.
11:44 Revelation chapter 12:1, you read this
11:45 David. Chapter 12 verses 7 through 9
11:49 and this is the greatest book on
11:51 prophecy ever written, lifting the veil
11:53 showing us what's going on behind the scenes.
11:55 In Revelation 12:7, and war broke out in
11:58 heaven, Michael and his angels fought
12:01 with the dragon and the dragon fought
12:03 and his angels. But they did not prevail,
12:05 nor was a place found for them in
12:07 heaven any longer. So was the great
12:09 dragon cast out that serpent of old called
12:12 the Devil and Satan, who deceives the
12:14 whole world. He was cast out into the
12:16 earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
12:19 That's right, so that the first war was not
12:22 a war that occurred on Earth. It was not
12:25 a war that occurred in the Middle East,
12:26 it wasn't World War I, World War II;
12:28 it wasn't any human war, it was a
12:30 heavenly war that took place way up
12:32 beyond the stars. And it was a cosmic
12:35 conflict and Lucifer rebelled against God
12:38 and some of his sympathizers, the other
12:43 angels eventually joined him entirely in
12:45 their rebellion and the heavenly host was
12:47 divided, one group of angels stayed with
12:50 God and the other group of angels sided
12:53 with Lucifer and there was a conflict.
12:56 The Bible says there was a war that took
12:58 place in heaven and Lucifer and his
13:00 angels lost and it says that they were
13:02 kicked out. Verse 9 says the great dragon
13:04 was cast out, that old serpent called Devil
13:07 and Satan who deceives how many people.
13:11 The whole world. He deceives the whole world,
13:13 that's right and one of the deceptions of
13:15 the Devil is that there is no Devil. I mean
13:19 it's pretty simple, that's what he is trying
13:21 to pull off. It says he was cast out into
13:24 the Earth which is right here and his
13:27 angels, those are holy angels on his side
13:29 or they were holy angels and now they're
13:31 fallen angels, his angels were cast out
13:34 with him. And there's many examples in
13:37 the Bible of these evil angels appearing
13:40 and even of Satan himself showing up in
13:44 certain ways, tempting people, doing
13:46 things, working behind the scenes, one
13:49 of the classic examples is in Matthew
13:51 chapter 4. Matthew chapter 4 contains as
13:54 and seen when Jesus himself came down
13:58 to this world to do battle with this
14:01 enemy, this invisible angelic being and
14:04 he met him in conflict in the wilderness.
14:08 Matthew chapter 4, finds Jesus fasting
14:12 and praying at the beginning of this
14:13 ministries and then he is tempted, right,
14:16 three times by this being that the Bible
14:20 clearly identifies as Satan. Matthew
14:23 chapter 4, let me find it here. In verse 1,
14:27 it says Jesus was led by the Spirit into
14:29 the wilderness, to be tempted by the
14:31 Devil and when he had fasted 40 days
14:33 and 40 nights afterward he was
14:35 hungry and when the tempter came to
14:37 him he said, if your are really the son of
14:40 God command that these stones become
14:43 bread and Jesus responded in verse 4
14:45 and he said, it is written man shall not
14:48 leave by bread alone but by every word
14:50 that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
14:55 Each time Satan temped Jesus in the
14:58 wilderness he resisted those temptations
15:00 with scripture, he quoted the word
15:02 of God, quoted the word of God, just
15:04 like he did here that we should live by
15:05 every word that proceeds from God's
15:07 mouth and if we're going to do that,
15:09 if we're going to believe the Bible,
15:10 every word of the Bible then we're going
15:12 to believe that Jesus Christ was really
15:14 tempted by the Devil and there is a real
15:16 Devil and we're going to resist that Devil
15:19 with scripture and that's what witches
15:22 and Wiccans and mediums need to
15:23 understand, is there is a real Devil out
15:25 there and because they don't believe in
15:27 Satan they play with these supernatural
15:31 world and think they can tap in to the
15:33 energies and the spirits of nature and the
15:36 spirits of the dead and they are not on
15:38 God against an entity, a personality
15:42 named Satan and his fallen angels and
15:45 it's just a perfect set up. It's a perfect trap
15:48 and they are wide open to being just
15:50 duped and let astray.
15:52 So the, the irony for me is that it actually
15:55 place into the Devil's advantage to say
15:58 that he does not exist. Sure.
16:00 Because it opens you up to be more
16:01 susceptible to his deceptions. Now,
16:05 I just like to recap a little bit here so,
16:06 we're saying in Isaiah chapter 14,
16:08 Ezekiel chapter 28 as we pointed out
16:10 Lucifer, who was next to God fell from
16:13 heaven, he was in need in according to
16:15 Ezekiel chapter 28 and it says in book of
16:17 Revelation that there was war in heaven
16:19 and then we see Matthew chapter 4
16:21 that the war was transferred from heaven
16:23 to earth and so there is a conflict on a
16:27 spiritual level that we do not see of
16:29 which we are evidently a part, because
16:31 its here on planet earth.
16:32 That's exactly right. And we are in the
16:34 middle of that conflict. We have the
16:37 forces of good on the one side, the forces
16:39 of evil in the other side. People think of
16:42 you know the little proverbial Devil, Devil
16:45 sitting on your shoulder and whispering
16:47 into your ear well that's just a little
16:49 cartoonish illustration of a very real
16:53 reality that there is an evil force out
16:55 there, there is an a being named Satan,
16:57 he does command a host of fallen angels
17:01 and he certainly isn't happy that we are
17:03 discussing this and talking about what
17:05 the Bible actually says about it. Now
17:07 let's look at another passage, let's go to
17:09 Luke chapter 22 verse 3, this is a rather
17:12 frightening text and it shows one of the
17:15 goals of this fallen entity, this personality
17:19 named Satan. Luke chapter 22, verse 3
17:23 says then entered Satan into Judas,
17:27 surnamed Iscariot being of the number
17:29 of the 12. Judas was one of the disciples
17:32 of Jesus, he was in the inner circle of
17:35 Christ followers and right before he
17:37 betrayed his master with a kiss, this
17:41 verse says that he entered in to Judas
17:44 and then Judas went out, he went in to the
17:46 night, he betrayed Jesus for money,
17:49 he led the group of the Roman soldiers
17:52 and some of the temple priests to the
17:54 Garden of Gethsemane and he gave Jesus
17:56 a kiss which was the sign of betrayal to
17:59 his, to this mob and then they arrested
18:02 Jesus because Judas showed them who
18:04 the Messiah was and that this the one
18:07 that you are to arrest and take away
18:09 and eventually Jesus went through a
18:11 series of trials until he was whipped and
18:13 beaten and crucified on a cross for you and me.
18:17 And before Judas did hid deed, his
18:20 dastardly deed that has made him
18:21 infamous throughout history, the Bible
18:24 says that Satan actually entered him
18:27 and that shows us that Satan's goal is to
18:30 actually come inside of human beings,
18:34 he is an invisible being I've said often
18:36 that human beings were created as
18:38 indwell-able beings, that we have the
18:42 capacity as human beings to be indwelt
18:46 by one side or the other. And God wants
18:49 his Holy Spirit to come into our life and
18:52 Satan wants to come in himself and take
18:55 over and posses us.
18:56 So here on this angle on in Luke chapter 22,
18:59 verse 3, you see the concept of possession,
19:03 here Judas was going to betray Christ
19:06 and the Bible says that he possessed
19:08 not, that Satan possessed Judas
19:10 and then Judas went out to betray Jesus
19:12 and so you see on one hand the Christian
19:14 faith, Christ and on the other hand
19:16 you have Satan. So, these two are at
19:19 odds with one another. And so I don't
19:22 know as a young person, this is kind of
19:24 scary and so what is the alternative,
19:26 obviously we don't want to be possessed
19:28 by the other side, we don't want to betray
19:30 Christ, so is it possible for Christ to
19:33 posses us. Yes, very much so
19:36 and his possession is not like a Devil
19:38 possession, but its more of indwelling
19:40 where he comes into our lives and he
19:42 blesses us and gives us peace and love
19:44 and joy and before I finished this
19:46 program I want to illustrate this in a very
19:48 personal way through my son but before
19:50 we do that I want to show another
19:52 picture on the screen of a book written
19:56 or actually channeled by a woman
19:58 named Jane Robert that you see the
20:00 book called Seth Speaks and the voice
20:02 there says, I do not have a physical body,
20:04 yet I am writing this book. Jane Roberts
20:08 was one of the most famous mediums in
20:11 the 1960s, she was playing with the
20:12 Ouija board with her husband in
20:14 New York. In 1963 and a spirit took
20:19 control of the Ouija board and began to
20:21 talk to her and this spirit said his name
20:24 was Seth and he eventually came inside
20:27 of Jane Roberts and began to actually
20:30 dictate books and she wrote many, many
20:34 books. They are now called the Seth
20:36 material and those that have done their
20:38 homework about this it's very easily
20:40 documented that this woman truly was
20:43 possessed by some spirit from the other
20:46 side that called itself Seth. Now she
20:48 thought it was the spirit of a dead person
20:51 and it's fascinating that and I haven't
20:53 done this but I've read about it that if you
20:56 take the Seth dictated books and there is
20:58 many of them and then you compare
21:00 them to other books that Jane
21:02 Roberts herself wrote. She was also a writer
21:05 and when you compare the two books,
21:06 they are very different, the Seth dictated
21:08 books have a totally different personality
21:11 a different tone, a different flavor from
21:13 the books that Jane herself wrote and so
21:15 it's very clear that there was a being that
21:19 entered into Jane and called itself Seth.
21:21 Now, one of the fascinating things
21:23 is that most of the Seth books today have
21:26 very friendly covers, they're glowing in
21:28 there, they look nice. The first book that
21:32 came out, one of the Seth books that was
21:36 dictated by this spirit showed a picture
21:38 of Jane Roberts on the cover of it and
21:41 I've actually seen a copy of that, of that
21:44 book cover they've changed it because
21:46 it's just, it's not something that
21:48 you want to look at. But it used to be
21:51 there and we're not going to show a
21:53 picture of it, but let me just tell you that
21:55 I've seen it and on the cover is a picture
21:57 of Jane Roberts indwelt by this spirit
22:00 called Seth and her face looks absolutely
22:05 ghastly. I mean it's all contorted, her
22:08 eyes look dark, she looks like she is
22:10 almost being tortured. And a friend of
22:13 mine Tal Brooke is the president of the
22:14 spiritual counterfeit projects, who wrote
22:16 the forward to one of my books, he has
22:18 seen that cover as well and he said it
22:20 looks like something from a horror film
22:22 and it just, my point in sharing that is
22:25 that when this entity named Seth came
22:27 into Jane it made her look terrible, her
22:30 face looked awful and then when also lot
22:32 of other things have happened
22:33 in the history of Jane's experience that
22:35 are very, very frightening and I am
22:37 totally convinced without any doubt
22:39 especially based upon what I read in the
22:41 Bible that that spirit was an evil spirit
22:43 and what showed up on her face or
22:46 through her face was a reflection of
22:48 darkness and wickedness. Now, I want to show
22:51 another picture of another Seth which
22:55 hopefully will come up pretty quick,
22:56 there we go. Now there is another Seth.
23:00 That's right, there is me and my son
23:02 Seth, we there you Seth about two years
23:05 old, sitting on my shoulders, I
23:08 just, my wife's name is Kristen, our son is Seth,
23:10 we live up in Arbury, California and he
23:12 is just the joy of our lives and there is
23:13 another picture, that was a fairly recent
23:15 one and he is just as happy as can be,
23:18 we didn't name him Seth because of the
23:20 spirit that took over Jane Roberts, we
23:23 named him because in the Bible the third
23:25 son of Adam and Eve was Seth, right
23:28 and Seth means one who is appointed,
23:30 appointed by God and my point in
23:33 showing you those pictures is that
23:35 there is a vast difference.
23:39 What a contrast. What a contrast,
23:41 between what will happen to us if God's
23:43 love and his blessing and his joy is in
23:46 our lives, if the Holy Spirit is in lives as
23:49 compared to if we open ourselves up to
23:52 the forces of the Devil, when Satan came
23:54 into Judas he used him to betrayed Jesus
23:56 Christ. When the spirit calling himself
23:58 Seth came into Jane Roberts her face
24:01 looked horrible. In spite of what all these
24:04 mediums and witches and Wiccans say
24:05 today that there is no Devil, there is a
24:08 real Devil, he is out there, he is working
24:10 behind the scenes. We read in the Great
24:11 Controversy that one of his goals in the
24:14 end of time is to convince people
24:16 everywhere that he doesn't exist but that
24:19 just opens an open track, trimmed for
24:22 him to come right in to people's lives
24:24 and destroyed them And I, when I look
24:27 at the happy face of my boy I don't want
24:30 any evil influences inside of his happy
24:34 face, I only want the Holy Spirit, I want
24:36 God's love, God's goodness, God's
24:38 power and Bible truth inside of him
24:41 because that is what will make our faces
24:44 shine. And I want to finish David,
24:47 I know our time always seems to be
24:49 running out about this point, but in
24:52 Colossians chapter 1, verse 27 there is
24:55 very powerful passage about God's goal
24:57 for us. Colossians 1:27 it's called the
25:00 mystery, the Bible says to whom God
25:03 would make known what is the riches of
25:06 the glory of this mystery among the
25:09 Gentiles, and what is this mystery, it is
25:12 Christ in you, the hope of glory. When
25:16 Jesus comes into our lives through the
25:18 power of the Holy Spirit and when
25:20 angels are guarding us, all around us and
25:22 protecting us our faces are going to shine
25:25 just like Moses' face shown when he
25:27 came off the mountain, when he
25:28 received the Ten Commandments,
25:30 just like the face of my little boy is
25:32 happy, you know he is growing up in a
25:33 Christian home. He is memorizing the
25:35 Bible, he loves, he loves to talk to daddy
25:39 about scripture, he has memorized quite
25:41 a few verses and it's just, it's thrilling to
25:44 me and that's what God wants, that's
25:47 what God wants for me, that's what he
25:49 wants for you and so even though we've
25:51 talked about Satan and his real and he is
25:53 out there, we certainly must not lose our
25:56 awareness of that, we need to be on our
25:58 guard, but we don't need to be afraid
26:00 God's angels are more powerful, the
26:02 Holy Spirit is more powerful and God
26:04 wants to come in and make our faces
26:07 glow and that will, that is what will
26:09 happen to us if we open our hearts to the
26:13 love and to the goodness and to the
26:15 mercy of Jesus Christ.
26:17 Amen, and I like that illustration that
26:19 you use, one of illustration that
26:21 historical fact of Jesus while his was
26:23 tempted in the wilderness by Satan
26:25 the ammunition that he used to combat
26:28 the Devil's deception was scripture,
26:30 every answer was it was written and like
26:33 we see in Colossians chapter 1, verse 27,
26:35 that we have a mystery Christ in us,
26:38 the hope of glory. That exactly right
26:40 and I want to also clarify that in this
26:43 special series here that we are doing
26:44 that's called magic and ghosts in the
26:47 Bible. There are times when we do show
26:50 a picture on the screen, that is a book
26:53 that we certainly don't recommend, we're
26:54 simply doing this to illustrate what is
26:58 happening in our world and then to warn
27:01 people not to be mislead and not to be
27:03 deceived and to direct them away from
27:05 the darkness and to the light of God's
27:07 love and it's true if that's why we are
27:09 doing this. We are heading these issues
27:11 head on, we are talking about Wicca,
27:12 we are talking about witchcraft, we are
27:13 talking about mediums, we are talking
27:15 the occult, we are talking about these
27:17 things because they're happening all
27:18 around us and we are doing it as a
27:20 warning, as a warning to alert parents,
27:23 to guard their kids and to encourage
27:26 people to give their hearts to the one that
27:28 loves them and gave his life on the cross
27:30 and he is the only one that can heal and
27:33 fulfill and satisfy their souls.
27:36 Thank you so much Steve, this has been,
27:38 this has been a great study and very
27:40 educational for myself as well.
27:42 Well our time is quickly slipping away from us
27:44 and I'm sure that you've enjoyed the
27:46 study as much as I have and we've been
27:49 going from a Biblical perspective,
27:51 exposing some of the madness behind
27:54 the frenzy and so forth and I like to
27:56 invite you to join us again next time for
27:58 another edition of Battles of Faith,
28:01 my name is David Shin and I'm here with
28:02 Steve Wohlberg and we would like to
28:04 invite you to join us again next time and
28:07 live by every word that
28:08 proceeds from the mouth of God.


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