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00:15 Like to welcome you today to Battles of Faith.
00:17 My name is David Shin I'm here with Steve Wohlberg,
00:19 who is a speaker director of White Horse Media based in
00:22 Fresno, California. He is the author of several books and
00:25 this is a series of 13 in which we've been delving into
00:29 supernatural from a Biblical perspective and like to
00:32 welcome you here to our program again.
00:34 Thank you David. So, as a pleasure
00:35 talking with you. Now to start out in such a stage for us,
00:39 I've grown up as a young person in the 21st century
00:43 and 20th century and from an imperious stand point
00:46 of view, very scientific stand point of view, but
00:48 now as we've discussed in this program there is
00:51 scientific data supporting the existence of
00:54 something beyond our five senses, something
00:57 beyond what we can see here, smell, taste and
01:00 today we are gonna be talking little bit about
01:03 what is on the other side and identify exactly what
01:06 the spiritual forces are that are babbling and
01:09 drooling for our tension and argue away our lives.
01:13 That's right, there is lot out there. There is
01:15 certainly as lot going on, as we talked about in
01:18 previous programs. I'm a strong believer in the
01:20 supernatural, but I believe there are
01:22 two sides out there. There is a good side and bad side
01:25 and many people don't seem to really grasp that
01:28 at least especially according to what the
01:29 Bible actually says. It's no secret that in the world of
01:33 witchcraft and the occult and the spiritualist world.
01:37 People that are mediums and clairvoyance and
01:39 psychics they are seeking supernatural power and
01:43 they are finding that, they are finding those
01:45 supernatural powers. Those that are mediums
01:49 believe that the spirits that are out there are the
01:51 spirits of the dead. Those who are into witchcraft
01:55 and wicker and the whole occult movement along
01:58 those lines they believe that the spirits of nature
02:01 are out there that in their rituals and their
02:04 incantations and their magic circles that they
02:06 can contact the Spirit of the North, the Spirit of
02:09 the South, the Spirit of the wind and the fire and
02:11 the trees and forests. They believe in that they are
02:14 God's and Goddesses and deities out there many
02:17 different names the list is endless. Hence, and
02:21 some people believe that the spirit of your dead
02:23 dog or your dead cat or your dead horse there also
02:26 out there on the other side. If they can possibly
02:28 communicate with you after they've barked their
02:31 last bark. So there is a lot of opinions about what is
02:36 out there in the supernatural world and
02:39 more and more people are seeking for that, they are
02:41 searching for some kind of contact with the other
02:46 side. I have in my hand a book written by a best
02:49 selling author, her name is Sylvia Browne.
02:51 She is a modern medium. She has been on
02:53 television many times. The Montel Williams
02:56 Show hosts her or actually has her as a guest
02:59 a lot and she is New York Times author and she tells
03:03 a story in one of her books about her first
03:06 encounter with the other side and this is what she
03:09 said is quite fascinating. The chapter is called
03:11 Ghosts, I've known and loved. She says many of
03:14 you know the story of my first one on one clears the
03:17 bell no way around it Spiritual Encounter,
03:21 Spirit Encounter. I was eight years old, I was
03:24 alone in my bed one night when a glow of light cut
03:27 through the darkness and the slightly vague form of
03:31 a tall slender woman with long black hairs step
03:35 toward me from a core of light and the voice said
03:39 don't be afraid, I've come from God and then this
03:45 little girl she says, I ran screaming to my
03:48 grandmother after I saw this apparition in my
03:51 room and then she said my grandmother calmly
03:53 explained to me that I had just received a visit from
03:56 my Spirit Guide her name was Elena, but I changed
04:00 her name to Francine for no apparent reason and
04:03 like all spirit guides she has been my closest,
04:06 closest companion and advisor every minute of
04:09 everyday of my life from that time until this time.
04:14 And so this is just a sample she was eight
04:17 years old. Ghost appeared in her bedroom and she
04:20 believes that, that Ghost was the Spirit of the dead
04:23 person, who had now come back to guide her as
04:26 a Familiar Spirit and that's what launched her
04:29 on her career into today's limelight as one of the
04:33 most well known and respected mediums of the
04:38 21st century. Now it's amazing to me David that
04:42 when something happens from the other side, some
04:45 ghost or some spirit that people just they don't
04:49 question whether the spirit might be tricking
04:52 them, whether the spirit might be deceiving them,
04:55 she just assume that because that ghost said
04:58 I've come from God that it must be true and I think
05:01 there is a lot of a gullibility and naivety in
05:07 the general population that when something
05:10 supernatural happens and some spiritual ghost or
05:12 whatever happens that they trust that it really is
05:16 who it claims to be and that is something that
05:19 I think is very unfortunate and very dangerous, and
05:23 just like we often you know when people tell us
05:27 things we don't always believe what they say.
05:29 Why shouldn't we question as well the
05:32 voices and the impressions and the
05:35 apparitions and the phantoms and whatever
05:37 else goes bump in the night that comes from the
05:40 other side. We should be questioning those as well.
05:44 So, the common element among whether they be
05:47 witches, wicked, occult is medium psychics is that
05:50 they all have an adherence or recognition
05:55 that there is a force on the other side.
05:56 That there is something out there.
05:57 And I think it's almost for those of us that haven't
06:00 dabbled in this or those of us that come from a
06:03 world view that, that doesn't believe in the
06:05 supernatural. I think one of the tendencies is when
06:07 you recognize that there is a force on the other
06:09 side, the assumption is, oh! it must be okay,
06:11 because it's there, because it exist, that's right,
06:14 it must be, it must be true in that regard.
06:16 That's right people trust, they trust the miracles.
06:19 Okay. They trust what they are being told and that's not a
06:24 safe thing, safe thing to do. It reminds me of the
06:26 story and I've got some of the unfortunate details in
06:31 front of me maybe you remember Scott Peterson
06:34 that name ring the bells, Scott Peterson.
06:36 Laci Peterson. Yeah, Laci Peterson's
06:38 husband March 16, 2005, 32 year old Scott Peterson
06:45 was sentenced to death for murdering his
06:47 pregnant wife Laci. Before Laci's mysterious
06:51 disappearance on Christmas Eve 2005.
06:54 Mr. Peterson appear to be a friendly, a friendly man,
06:57 his wife was expecting a baby and all family
07:00 members you know looked at him and thought
07:01 hey this is a happy Dad to be. He took his wife out,
07:04 he took her to dinner, he conducted himself in a
07:07 very friendly way like a man that was excited
07:10 about being a father, who have during the murder
07:13 trial even one of the jurists commenting upon
07:17 Mr. Peterson and she had been dialoguing with him
07:20 actually behind the scenes that he was polite and
07:22 friendly. Yet this man underneath, cordial,
07:27 friendly, happy. Exterior was the darkest heart, an
07:32 evil heart, a wicked heart that did the unimaginable.
07:35 He actually murdered his pregnant wife and
07:38 of course the baby as well in April 14, 2003.
07:42 Her unrecognizable coats washed up on a shore,
07:47 shoreline near San Francisco and when all
07:49 the evidence was put together even though
07:51 Mr. Peterson look like a nice guy. There was
07:56 something very, very dark underneath his cordial
07:59 exterior and he was a murderer and what we see
08:03 in the visible world, these kind of things should
08:06 teach us a lesson that the same thing can happen in
08:09 the invisible world, that is because it ghost appeared
08:12 to an eight year old woman, eight year old
08:14 girl and said I've come from God and I'm
08:17 wrapped in a robe of light that doesn't mean that,
08:21 that are really is the spirit that comes from God.
08:23 There is a verse in second Corinthians chapter 11,
08:25 verse 14, that says that Satan himself can
08:29 transform himself into an angel of light and we're
08:33 gonna be discussing more in detail about that
08:35 personality in the future program, okay. And, what
08:39 I like to do now David is go to the Bible and take a
08:43 look at Revelation chapter 5 and start
08:46 zeroing in on what the Bible says about who is
08:48 out there, who is in the invisible world, invisible
08:51 world. Revelation chapter 5, verse 11, maybe I'll let
08:55 you read this text I've been reading a lot of
08:57 verses, so give you a chance to take a look at
09:00 that verse, Revelation 5:11, Revelation 5:11, right.
09:03 Then I looked and I heard the voice of many angels
09:05 around the throne, the living creatures and the
09:08 elders; and the same number of them was ten
09:10 thousand times ten thousands and thousands
09:13 of thousands, that's line. Okay and here talks about
09:15 many angels. The book of Revelation was written by
09:18 John. He was taken in a vision and he looked into
09:21 the future and he saw many things and one of
09:23 the things that he saw was angels. There are angels
09:27 on the other side and the angels that are referred to
09:30 in this verse are Holy Angels, they're good
09:32 Angels, they're angels that are on God side.
09:35 In chapter 5, verse 12, they are singing a song or
09:38 they're praising, they're praising Jesus and they're
09:40 saying with the loud voice, where is the lamb
09:43 so they are God's angels, they are on his side.
09:47 And there is lot of verses in the Bible to talk about
09:48 angels. Angels are not human beings, they are
09:51 not the dead, they are not the spirits of our departed
09:55 or daily departed, who have passed on. They are
09:58 a unique specific distinct creation an order of being
10:02 that is not us. In the book of Genesis at the very beginning
10:06 of the Bible, angels guarded the gate when
10:08 Adam and Eve sent they have to live and they
10:10 would cheer up them, they are with flaming
10:12 sorts, they were not people. All throughout
10:14 the Bible, they appear at different times.
10:18 In the New Testament, an angel appeared to the
10:20 version Mary and told her that she was gonna have a
10:22 baby and that baby was going to be Jesus himself.
10:25 When Jesus rose from the dead there were angels
10:28 there at the tomb, one of them rolled away the
10:30 stone, another one was on the inside and told the
10:33 woman that he has been resurrected from the dead
10:35 and now here in Revelation we see a many angels
10:39 around, round about God's throne and there is
10:42 a lot of them as you mention it says 10
10:44 thousand times and 10 thousand and thousands
10:47 of thousands now I don't know if you can do the
10:49 math in your head with the calculator, but that's a
10:52 lot of angels. So we know that on the other side out
10:56 there, there are Holy angels, they are invisible,
11:00 they protect us, they guard us against the
11:03 forces of Evil and they are out there.
11:07 And this is also saying that the assumption also
11:09 is that not only there are millions of them, but
11:11 these beings are very powerful, they have
11:14 supernatural power. That's right.
11:16 And their I think throughout scripture it
11:18 shows that in comparison to human beings they
11:20 have considerable amount more powerful than we
11:22 do is that, is that is a sentence to form.
11:25 That's right, there is no question about that they
11:26 are much stronger then we are, they are taller
11:28 than we are, they've lived a lot longer then we've
11:30 lived and they are messengers of God to do
11:34 with his will. Now, here is another passage David
11:36 first John chapter 4, verse 1, first john 4, verse 1.
11:43 Okay. The Bible says beloved believe not every spirit;
11:48 don't just believe every spirit that shows up in
11:50 your room or in your home or somewhere else.
11:54 Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits to see
11:58 whether they are from God. So when Sylvia
12:02 Brown describes as an eight year old that this
12:04 ghost appear to her from the other side and said I'm
12:08 from God what she should have done is she
12:10 should have tested that spirit based upon the
12:12 Bible to see whether it really was from God or
12:15 whether it wasn't. And that's what the Bible says
12:17 that we should test them. Now here is another
12:19 passage if you go to First Timothy chapter 4, it tells
12:24 us that not only do we need to test the spirits, but
12:27 it gives us a reason. First Timothy, chapter 4, verse
12:30 1 says now the spirit and this is talking about the
12:35 Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit speaks expressly so
12:38 they are good angels out there on the other side
12:41 and there is the Holy Spirit out there, God is
12:43 out there, Jesus is out there, the Holy Spirit is
12:46 out there and the Holy Spirit speaks to us
12:48 through the Bible and he says in the later times
12:51 some shall depart from the faith and they will
12:54 give head to what. Demons deceiving spirits
12:58 and doctrines of the demons. Right, okay my Bible says
13:00 the seducing spirits, what does you were saying
13:02 seducing spirits or. Deceiving, deceiving spirits.
13:04 Deceiving spirits right. So, here the Bible warns
13:06 about seducing spirits about deceiving spirits
13:11 that will teach doctrines of demons, doctrines or
13:15 teachings that come from the spirits do not line up
13:18 with this book, they are deceptive in their lives
13:22 and the Bible warns us about that. And the more
13:24 you read this book you discover that just as there
13:27 are good angels on the other side. So there are
13:30 evil angels, there are bad angels, there are angels
13:32 that originally lived in heaven, but they got
13:35 kicked out and in the next program we will talk
13:38 more specifically about why they got kicked out
13:40 and about their leader, who got kicked out with
13:43 them, but the scripture is very clear that there are
13:47 tricksters our there on the other side and we
13:50 shouldn't just accept everything they say and
13:52 just know for sure that you know hey, it's a
13:55 supernatural being, it must be telling me the
13:58 truth not so. And we've got to watch it out for that.
14:01 Now let's take a look at another passage here in
14:03 the Book of Mark; it's a chapter Mark chapter 5,
14:07 Mark 5 is an amazing passage. The gospel of
14:13 Mark second book of the New Testament talks
14:18 about an encounter between Jesus Christ and
14:21 a man, who was basically a lunatic, he was a crazy
14:26 man, he had lost his mind and the reason is because
14:29 something from the other side had come into his
14:32 heart, into his life. Verse 1 talks about how
14:35 Jesus was in a boat, he came to the other side of
14:38 this country called the Gadarenes and verse 2
14:41 says when he came out of the ship immediately they're
14:43 met him out of the tombs a man within unclean
14:47 spirits. This man was, he was insane, he was living
14:51 in the cemetery out of the tombs it says. Verse 3
14:55 says his dwelling was among the tombs, very
14:58 scary person can you imagine. You know,
15:00 taking a walk one, one afternoon in the cemetery
15:03 looking at tombstones and have this man just
15:06 run out at you screaming and half naked, chains,
15:11 you know, dangling from his wrists that's what,
15:14 that's what happening here. It says no man could bind
15:17 him not with chains because he had been often
15:20 bound with fetters and chains and the chains had
15:23 been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters were
15:26 broken in pieces. Neither could any man tame him,
15:29 he was very powerful because someone was
15:32 dwelling inside him. It says night and day he
15:36 was in the mountains, in the tombs crying and
15:38 cutting himself with stones. Just an awful
15:41 picture of a specimen, specimen of humanity
15:45 that's in big trouble. And then it says verse 6
15:47 when he saw Jesus a far off he ran and he
15:51 worshiped him and then he cried with the loud
15:53 voice. And there was something inside of him
15:55 that recognized that he was in the presence of his
15:58 deliverer and he wanted to appeal to Jesus for help.
16:02 But, as he opened his mouth another voice
16:06 spoke through him. He cried with a loud voice
16:09 and the voice said, what have I to do with you,
16:11 Jesus, the son of the most high God. I adjure you by
16:15 God, that you torment me not, so frightening,
16:19 frightening passage. For Jesus had told him to
16:22 come, told the spirit to come out of that man you
16:25 unclaimed spirit. Now look at verse 9,
16:26 Jesus asked him he said what is your name?
16:29 So, here's this man in front of him you know
16:31 frothing of the mouth, naked, bleeding, cutting
16:34 himself, screaming out. And Jesus looks at him
16:37 and says what's your name, who are you?
16:39 Tell me who you really are? And look at the response.
16:43 In verse 9 what did, what did the voice say that
16:47 spoke from within this man's body and he
16:49 answered and said my name is Legion,
16:51 for we are many. That's right; my name is
16:53 Legion, for we are many now. A Legion was actually a Roman,
16:59 a group of Roman troops in the Roman army and
17:02 you can do your research on this historians tell us
17:05 that within a Roman Legion there was
17:07 approximately 3 to 5000 different troops and this
17:11 voice said my name is Legion and he said
17:14 because we are many, there is a lot of us in here
17:17 and they began a little, a little appeal as these
17:20 demons are speaking their appealing to Jesus and it
17:24 says that they be sought him that he would not
17:26 send them away out of the country.
17:28 Verse 11 says there was near on to, on the
17:31 mountains a great herd of swine feeding, there was
17:34 a whole big group of pigs that were on the mountain
17:37 just casually grazing and eating grass and all the
17:41 devils, it says all the devils be sought him
17:45 saying send us into the pigs that we may enter
17:49 them and Jesus gave them leave, he said go.
17:53 And then verse 13 says the unclean spirits they
17:55 went out, they entered into the pigs and the herd
17:59 ran violently, violently down a steep place into
18:03 the sea. They were about 2000 of them and they
18:07 were choked in the sea. Just a little bit of tongue
18:10 and cheek humor. Have you ever heard of deviled ham?
18:13 Deviled ham. Yeah, deviled ham it's a
18:15 rather common, common phrase. Well, I think this
18:18 is what comes from. This is what comes from these,
18:21 these devils went into the pigs and they push them
18:25 down this hillside and they push them
18:29 into, into the water. Now some people would
18:31 say when they read the Bible or when they just
18:33 think about you know mental illness they would
18:35 think this man was just insane. There really aren't
18:38 any supernatural forces out there. There is all just
18:41 humanistic, they don't really believe in any real
18:44 demons, they would say this is just some idea that
18:48 goes back to the dark ages. But if you look at
18:51 the text this can't be a man simply with a mental
18:54 illness because these spirits that were in him
18:57 came out of him, crossed through the air went into
19:02 2000 pigs, move the pigs down a slope and they all
19:07 drown in the water. And so you know did a mental
19:10 illness do that? Who did that? If we believe the bible
19:14 who did that? It's demons according to
19:17 the Bible. Yeah, that's right according to
19:18 the Bible it was Legion and then finally in verse
19:22 15 it talks about the people of the area they
19:24 came back to Jesus and they saw this man. It says
19:27 who was possessed with the devil, who had the
19:30 Legion. He was sitting and he was clothed and
19:33 now he was in his right mind. Right mind.
19:36 That's right; he was in his right mind. It is a right
19:39 mind to realize that in the invisible world there are
19:43 two forces, there are holy angels, there is the Holy
19:46 Spirit and there also deceiving spirits,
19:49 seducing spirits who teach doctrines of
19:51 demons, invisible agencies the Bible calls
19:54 them devils, they are demons. They were 3 to 5000 of them
19:58 inside this person they came out, push the pigs
20:01 into the sea and then they went somewhere.
20:04 Who knows exactly, where they went?
20:06 And then the man was left there in his right mind
20:10 and God wants us to be thinking in a right mind,
20:12 as we think about what's going on in the invisible
20:15 world. And it's very clear from these verses that
20:18 there are forces of evil that are as the Bible calls
20:21 them they are devils, they are demons. And in the
20:24 next program, we are gonna look at the issue of
20:26 whether they have a leader and it's amazing to
20:28 me that when you, when you just take a surface
20:31 look, I don't recommend the people go very deep,
20:34 but if you take a surface look at what is being
20:37 taught by popular mediums by those that are
20:39 involved in wicked and witchcraft it's pretty
20:42 common knowledge that they publicly say that
20:45 they don't believe there is a devil out there.
20:47 They don't believe in demons, fallen angels,
20:51 they just don't, they don't buy this and they are
20:54 open to all kinds of other things and the problem is
20:57 David that they don't question, they don't test.
21:00 They are not, they are not discerning to recognize
21:06 that what's out there is not what they realize.
21:10 Now it's, it's evil spirit, it's evil angels, it's
21:13 demons and these demons, these evil angels
21:15 can very easily impersonate a dead person.
21:19 They have got an agenda, they are powerful and
21:21 their goal is to trick and deceive and seduce and
21:24 eventually come inside of us and to takeover and
21:27 then to bring us down and to drag us into the pit to
21:32 the cemetery life. And it's also amazing that lot of
21:35 people today are focused on death. Not too long
21:37 ago, I was in a record shop and I was just
21:40 scanning the covers of lot of the rock and roll
21:44 albums and I used to listen to a lot of these
21:46 groups, I was a big rock and roller in my teen
21:49 years until my eyes were open and I came out of
21:51 that and a lot of the covers of the popular rock
21:55 groups have themes of death and darkness and skulls.
22:00 And it just reminds me of Mark 5 that when the
22:02 demons come in then what happens?
22:06 You know they, they move this man into a cemetery.
22:10 Cemetery. Into a cemetery that's right,
22:12 insanity and that's the goal of the devil and
22:15 these forces are out there and they are real and if
22:18 we don't want to be possessed by this demons,
22:20 by this legion then we need to be discerning and
22:23 we need to test everything by scripture and not just
22:26 be open to any ghost that says I come from God
22:31 because it may not come from God. May be a
22:33 lying, deceiving seducing spirit.
22:35 So, just to recap what we talked about up to this
22:37 point, the Bible is clear that in the Book of
22:39 Revelation there are myriads, hundreds,
22:41 thousands. If not millions of angels that surround
22:44 the throne of God. These beings are more powerful
22:46 then we are and on the counterpart of that we
22:48 have fallen angels, which we call demons and these
22:52 demons and angels are on opposite sides. They are
22:54 spirits in the sense and our duty according to first
22:58 John I think it was that said we have to test the
23:01 spirits. In other words, just because the spirit
23:03 comes in the way when supernatural, we are not
23:05 just to be lay our hands and say oh! this must be
23:07 true or we have to test the spirits. And we have also
23:10 shown according to Mark chapter 5 that these evil
23:15 spirits want to possess human beings. There is
23:18 an element of possession. It's their desire to inhabit
23:21 and to control us as individuals and so it's a,
23:24 it's a solemn factor, there is some dangerous ground
23:27 that you are delving into here. If you dabble into
23:30 the spiritual world without a discerning eye.
23:33 That's exactly right and as we talk about this our
23:36 goal is not to make anybody afraid.
23:38 Sure. We don't want to scare you because when you
23:41 keep reading the Bible we discover that the angels of
23:43 God are much more powerful then Satan
23:44 angels. We don't have to be afraid of the evil
23:46 angels, we don't have to worry about Legion
23:48 because God's angels are stronger and if we are on
23:51 God side and if we surrender our life to the
23:52 Lord, he will send his angels to protect us.
23:55 One of my favorite passages it's on 34 verse
23:58 7, 34:7 it says the angel of the Lord in camps
24:02 around about them that fear him and delivers
24:06 them. Now, why would angels need to deliver us
24:09 unless we were exposed to evil forces.
24:11 There is a good book that I can recommend and it's
24:14 called must have been an angel. We don't
24:17 particularly sell in our ministry, but it's not hard
24:20 to find out there in a bookstore. It must have
24:22 been an angel and that book is full of stories of
24:25 angels that have appeared to people and protected
24:27 them. Sometimes in human form and they
24:29 were immediately recognized as angels.
24:32 One of my favorite story is one about an old
24:34 women and she was in a cabin and she had her
24:38 wood for her fire and in one particular winter she
24:40 ran out of wood and it got colder and colder and colder
24:43 and she was hoping and praying that her friends
24:46 would come and give her some more wood, but she
24:48 couldn't get hold of them and the temperature was
24:51 dropping fast and so she started praying to God.
24:53 God, please you got to help me, I just may freeze
24:56 up here. And so all the sudden unexpectedly the
24:59 door opened and a man walked in, a tall man that
25:02 she had never seen and he was very noble looking,
25:05 had a smile on his face and he was carrying a
25:07 handful of wood. And he didn't say a word came
25:10 in, put wood by the fire, went out the door came
25:13 back in put more wood by the fire, went out the door
25:16 came back in put more wood by the fire, and then
25:18 he went out one more time came back in and
25:21 put wood by the fire and then he took some of it
25:23 got some kindling going and started this fire and
25:26 once the fire was going and the warmth was
25:28 starting come into the house. He turned around
25:31 and he started walking towards the door and this
25:34 woman, and this is recorded in this book,
25:36 it must have been an angel, the women was
25:38 looking at him and they won't say anything back
25:40 and forth throughout the whole time. And as this
25:42 man was walking out the door after starting the
25:45 fire, she had this feeling that he was gonna go out
25:47 and not come back and she began to think to
25:50 herself this, this may be. Must be an angel.
25:53 Must be an angel right, that's what the book's
25:55 called must be an angel and she may be had read
25:57 a verse like this, that the angel of the Lord in
26:00 camps around about them that fear him and delivers them.
26:03 And so this is what happened David as the
26:07 man walked out for the last time in her mind she
26:11 looked at him and spoke a mental word without
26:15 verbally saying it, she just said in her mind she said
26:18 are you an angel of God? And right before the man
26:24 walked out he turned and he looked at her and he
26:28 smiled then he went like this.
26:32 In other words. He just gave a, Yes.
26:34 He just gave a nod and then he walked out,
26:36 closed the door and she went out after him and
26:40 she looked and there was a lot of snow on the
26:41 ground and he was gone and there, there was no
26:44 footprints in the snow at all and she just went,
26:48 Wow! I have just seen an angel of God in human form.
26:54 Wow! And he was tall and noble, and he smiled and
26:58 he had a very intelligent and loving
27:01 look about his face. And that's a wonderful
27:04 story and so as we talk about demons and
27:07 deceiving spirits on the other side. Let's not be
27:10 afraid, let's trust in the lord that he will protect
27:14 us with holy angels. But, let's also be very well
27:18 aware that according to this book there are good
27:21 angels out there and there are bad angels deceiving
27:24 angels that are trying to trick us and deceive us
27:26 and lead us away from Bible truth and let's not
27:29 follow them anytime they may show up and try to
27:34 convince us contrary to God's book.
27:37 Well, thank you so much Steve. This has been a
27:40 reveling study and discussion of this past
27:44 half hour has been who dwells on the other side
27:47 the battle between angels and demons. And as we
27:51 pray for you that you will not just go out into the
27:54 supernatural, but that you will learn to test the
27:56 spirits by the word of God. I would like to invite you
28:00 join us next time, we will be delving a little bit
28:01 more into this who is the leader of these demons.
28:05 May Lord bless you and keep you and that's our
28:07 pray, that you remain faithful to scripture.


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