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00:15 Right, welcome you today the Battles of Faith
00:16 my name is David Shin and I am here with
00:18 Steve Wohlberg who is the speaker director of
00:20 White Horse media based in Fresno California,
00:22 he is the author of several books and will be
00:24 delving into this topic of the super natural from
00:27 the Biblical perspective and I would like to welcome
00:29 you to our program you know its strange to three ADN
00:32 and I've just been fascinating
00:34 as we've been going through scripture
00:35 and masking some of the deceptions
00:38 is behind the occult and awake a magic and so
00:40 far then I'm just been amazed
00:42 at the pervasive nature that this is taken
00:44 there is almost inoculums thing that this taken
00:46 society by storm. And I'm just fascinated
00:49 with what you have to show with us today.
00:51 Yeah, it looks inoculums, it looks friendly,
00:53 it looks safe and positive and that's why
00:56 so many young people in grows are just
00:59 getting into the occult and experimenting with
01:02 magic, but there is a immense behind the magic
01:04 and that's why we are doing this special 13 part series
01:08 dealing with magic and ghosts,
01:09 ghosts and the Bible. And we'll be dealing with
01:12 Ghosts like a couple of program that had of us.
01:15 Today we are going to talk about
01:16 what i called the dark side of wicker
01:18 which craft is presenting itself to society
01:21 with a friendly face times had change to used
01:25 to be that people would think about which craft
01:27 and which is and they thought about
01:28 old woman with a big black hats
01:31 and long noses with the with words on their nose
01:33 and always dressed in black and they were just you
01:36 know, very sinister looking people,
01:39 but times have change, I've read number of time
01:42 from an article called season in the witched
01:44 that appear in world magazine,
01:45 not too long ago and it says that followers of wicker
01:48 are working hard to erase negative sterile types
01:52 of witches and they are finding
01:54 extraordinary success. Today they look more like
01:57 the good witch glender in the visit of us
01:59 then the wicked witch of the west.
02:01 Wicked has grown in numbers and influence
02:03 and entertainment value and beautiful witches seem
02:06 to be eveyr where, they are hip,
02:07 they are slick and they have power.
02:10 Wicked are really tranferred to America
02:13 in the 1960's. It's pretty common
02:16 knowledge that it really can go goes back to
02:19 a Britich witched name Gerald Gardner
02:22 and in the 60s the couple of his disciples
02:24 came to America and began a slowly disseminates
02:28 among the American public
02:29 the teachings of witched craft.
02:31 And it was at the same time that to be witched
02:34 series, the TV series came out.
02:36 and it became extremely popular
02:38 and looks like Montgomery the friendly house wife
02:40 you know who wiggled her nose.
02:41 In 1964 to 1972 it one 23 emmy awards,
02:46 and that program began to make people think
02:51 more positively of witches especially housewives,
02:55 because Elizabeth Montgomery
02:56 you know, that would be witched star was the
02:58 house wife and then after that you've got some
03:00 brain of the teenage witch, the Charm series
03:03 Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman, and
03:05 Sandra Bullock, I Married a Witch
03:07 again starring Nicole Kidman and of course Harry Potter
03:10 and you can trace the popularity and the inroads
03:15 of TV program that make witch craft
03:18 how to seem really cool and fun and magic
03:21 as exciting, you can trace the
03:23 a parallel growth of interest in real
03:27 witch craft specially among teenage growth.
03:30 And we have seen that just explode in the
03:33 last few years. Now i want a book on the
03:37 screen and there it is right on target
03:39 The truth about witchcraft today
03:41 is a popular book and there you see on the
03:43 front cover a very slicky looking young lady
03:46 and that is the face of witchcraft today
03:48 it's not a dark sinners took face
03:50 that's right, its very bright,
03:52 its a friendly face and that's one of the reason
03:55 why witchcraft is growing now
03:57 there is another book and i want to just
03:58 mentioned briefly and then actually read if you think
04:01 fragment i mean it do something that
04:02 often is not done on Christian television,
04:04 but we'll do it, we are going to do it
04:06 for reason and I'll make that clear and the book
04:08 there is called teen witch wake up for a
04:10 new generation it's one of many books
04:12 that are targetting young people to get them
04:15 involve in witchcraft. I've got the particular book
04:18 right here and its, its fascinating David to see
04:21 just a few other things that are actualy
04:24 in this book I related that book this book
04:25 is a mother of four is she useb to be a Baptist.
04:28 Formal Baptist, formal Baptit and she became
04:31 witch, she is a mom a mother of four
04:32 and she has a section in her book here teenwitch,
04:37 the title there it says this little lap of mine
04:40 I'm get to let it shine. You can see some of her
04:43 Christian background you know,
04:44 and what she does here she lists
04:47 a series of bullets, a series of things
04:50 under the heading real witches do not do these
04:53 things and the first thing she says a real witch is
04:56 do not hurt people physically, mentally,
04:58 spiritually or magically she says we are not trying
05:01 to hurt anybody. We don't take legal drugs,
05:03 we do not work black magic she is a promoter of
05:08 what's called white magic which is wicker
05:11 a religion the practises witchcraft or white magic
05:14 she says that we do not she says we don't fly
05:17 in the sky on broomsticks, and we buy cars and trucks
05:20 and stay on the road and just like everybody else
05:22 if we feel the knee to take to the skies
05:26 we choose Delta Northwestern or American
05:27 airlines, she has got a sense of humor
05:30 we don't need babies we love babies
05:32 we want them to grow up to make them strong
05:34 and do good thing for people like hopefully find
05:37 cure of aids or cancer we don't kill animals
05:40 we have big pet people, we had dogs and cats
05:43 gerbils bunnies etc. and they all live
05:45 long happy lives and they see the wet regularly
05:49 we don't tell fibs or pigs whopper lives
05:51 we don't get into the sexual provisions,
05:53 we don't drink or use blood in anyway from animals
05:57 or from ourselves or from any person alive or dead.
06:00 Now some people and they called do this
06:02 that those that are generally in the wickened
06:05 stream which is the most popular she says,
06:08 we don't do anything like this.
06:09 we don't change hair color in the blinking of eye
06:11 we go to the grocery store and buy hair dryer
06:14 hair dye to cover the great just like your mother does
06:17 she says we don't steal, we don't take part
06:20 in any criminal behaviour we don't semen demons
06:24 and we don't believe in satan.
06:26 These are some of the teachings of this
06:29 particular lady and there is a lot of books
06:31 like this that you know, promote these things
06:34 and say look we are not we are not into the
06:37 dark stuff, we are not into the black magic,
06:39 that's right, that's right, we were into witchcraft
06:42 and we are trying to stand for good things.
06:45 and I want to I don't think it's unfair for us
06:50 as Christians to acknowledge you know, that there are
06:54 some things that people out there
06:56 to get into this standup for that are not
06:59 that are not Evil. And many of them
07:01 are not even people, they are trying to
07:03 you know, find spiritual path
07:05 they may live right next door to you,
07:07 they may be relatives of yours,
07:08 they maybe your boss or someone that you know
07:10 closely. I know someone that just minds me of reading
07:15 through this book there is someone that i know
07:17 that was one of our school she was a nice young lady
07:20 very engaging, positive personality,
07:23 but she was involve a wicker her mom her broad into in
07:25 and when you meet her face to face
07:28 you would think this is a very seguin individual,
07:30 a very bright happy individual the kids
07:32 loved her and so this is almost a make over
07:35 I would say a witchcraft into the 24th century.
07:38 That's right, its witchcraft with a new face
07:41 that is the face that is being presented
07:44 by this book and by many other books
07:47 and I want to make very clear as i just read
07:50 those things that I am very concerned
07:53 that there is a dark side behind even white magic
07:58 which these people actually themselves
08:01 don't really understand, they are promoting
08:03 wicker with Ishmael with a friendly face
08:07 and when I read my Bible and I want to make this
08:10 very clear that according this book
08:12 it is really Satan with Ismail.
08:15 There is a dark side and that's we are going
08:17 to talk out today. There is dark side
08:19 of wicker and in spite of the fact that many of them
08:22 are standing up for good things,
08:23 they believe in the environment
08:25 helping environment, they are wickened charities
08:27 that are springing up have a friend
08:29 she said to me not too longer
08:31 or she said my aunt is the wicken
08:33 and she said she is my favorite aunt
08:35 and she said I love her to death
08:37 she is a wonderful person and nice person
08:39 I don't agree with what she is doing
08:40 but she is really a nice lady
08:42 and I think that it's fair for Christian to do
08:46 to realize that there are many people
08:48 out there, they are getting into this
08:50 that you know, think they are getting
08:52 into something that's good and friendly and positive
08:55 and they are doing the best they can
08:57 but what we are here to do is to share
09:00 that there is dark side that they don't understand
09:03 themselves. And that side is a very,
09:05 very real and very dangerous and we here on three ABN
09:10 on this program we don't promote any
09:13 kind of witchcraft or sorcery or magic
09:15 and that includes black magic and also include
09:18 white magic, because white magic in fact,
09:21 is even more dangerous, because it presents
09:25 itself as being friendly where as underneath it.
09:29 There are spiritual forces that are out to destroy
09:34 people that get involved in this and we are here
09:37 to sound a volume. So there is a lot of people
09:39 like your saying that are sincere that are evidently
09:44 involved in society promoting the good will
09:46 society and like this book mentioned, but your saying
09:48 that there is a danger behind this and that's what
09:51 this program is all about saying that hey,
09:52 you dabling something that you don't know yourself
09:55 about and we are not out to bash witches like you said
09:58 in the first book, but we are here as a warning
10:00 from the word of God showing that there is
10:03 power beyond this that is take you down a role
10:05 that you may not want to go later.
10:06 That's exactly right one of the reasons
10:07 why witchcraft is growing wicked is growing,
10:09 because they say it's white magic
10:11 which means they are trying to cast good spouse
10:14 not bad spouse they are not practising
10:16 black magic only white magic that's what they believe
10:19 that's their line that's what their promoting
10:22 but the truth is this book the Bible doesn't
10:25 differentiate between black magic and white magic
10:28 it says that all magic, all witchcraft,
10:31 all spells, all sorcery are all
10:33 door ways to the demonic and they all
10:36 extremely dangerous. Now when if you have
10:38 the Bible out there I would like to direct you
10:40 to the book Galatians chapter 5 we have looked
10:43 in the past in this series we've looked at the book
10:46 book of exodus and seen the battle
10:47 between God and the magicians
10:49 at the time of Moses we've seen in the
10:51 book of Axe, we've seen in the book of revelation
10:53 sorcer is going into the lake of fire.
10:55 We've seen in Daniel chapter 2 the weakness
10:59 the magicians or the sorceres of the Babylon
11:01 who couldn't understand the dream that was given
11:03 to kind Nebakanezer, but Daniel could because
11:05 he had a connection with God and now we are going to
11:08 look galatians chapter 5, we have Paul talks
11:11 about the battle, he talks about a struggle
11:14 and that's what this program is called battles of faith.
11:17 And there is a battle and it's right here
11:19 in the Bible. In Galatians chapter 5
11:22 verse 16 well Paul says this I say then,
11:25 walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust
11:28 of the flesh. For the flesh lusted against the Spirit,
11:33 and the Spirit against the flesh:
11:36 and these are contrary the one to the other.
11:43 So here it's drawing a line and it says there was the
11:44 flesh on the one side and there is the Holy Spirit
11:45 on the other side and these two are at adds
11:47 there is a conflict, there is a clash
11:50 it says they are against each other
11:52 and the flesh is something that we all
11:54 we've been born with as cute as your baby
11:57 as your kids are and less they are born from above
12:01 we are just naturally born of the flesh.
12:05 And the flesh is really like a term in the that we are
12:08 who just going the natural way just going the way
12:11 of your heart, doing what your flesh your natural
12:15 desires want to do and the reason why its called
12:18 of the flesh is because the sinful
12:20 natural human nature tense downward
12:25 like a rive down stream its the pull down
12:28 i have a garden, I've recently gardening
12:29 to in. It's restful for me to go out and plant
12:33 some peas and some tomatoes and we've got some squash
12:38 growing and some lettuce, and my 2-year-old,
12:40 he just love to take a seed and stick it in the ground
12:43 he could the excite the plant to see
12:44 and there are so many lessons from gardens
12:47 and from seeds and big lesson is that if you
12:50 don't do anything the seeds can't grow up
12:52 you know, you have to cultivate the soil
12:54 but if you do nothing those who greed's we've just
12:56 grow and they'll take over and that the way the
12:58 flesh is that's the way the natural human tendency is
13:01 and its interesting more than interesting its
13:04 significant and its life changing
13:06 to go down in Galatians 5 and to look at the list
13:10 of what are the works of the flesh
13:13 and let's take a look at this Galatians 5
13:16 Paul specifically says the works of the flesh
13:20 are these here they are they are manifest which are
13:23 adultery no 1, fonication no 2,
13:27 that sex outside of marriage uncleanness no 3,
13:31 less lasciviousness or just a loose
13:34 lustful way of living and then verse 20 says
13:37 idolatry putting the head of God
13:39 and then what's the next word as listed there
13:42 sorcery, that's right. Okay your Bible says sorcery
13:44 mine says witchcraft. Galatians 5:20
13:47 says witchcraft. Now it doesn't say
13:49 just black witchcraft, it doesn't say only
13:53 dark witchcraft, it just says witchcraft.
13:54 The Bible doesn't say there is white magic
13:57 white is okay and there is black magic which you need
13:59 stay away from. Bible doesn't say that
14:01 those who are enter witchcraft into wicker
14:03 they say that, but the Bible doesn't say that
14:05 the Bible says witchcraft itself is a work of
14:09 the flesh. And then it lists other
14:11 works of the flesh I hatred and that's interesting too
14:15 hatred if you have witches that's the work of the glesh
14:18 we don't want to be involved witchcraft that we don't
14:20 want to hate them witches either
14:22 you know we need to recognize their people
14:23 they are human beings and many of them are
14:26 trying to do many right things.
14:28 and its not sin to acknowledge that
14:30 to be fair, but we need to point out the danger
14:33 and that's what we are doing right here, its not the
14:36 people its the craft itself witchcraft and then it
14:39 goes on and lists okay hatred variance emulations
14:42 wrath strive editions heiresses.
14:44 that heiresses that's another term
14:46 did you know that there are code uncode Christians
14:49 that are practicing witchcraft they are
14:51 christian witches out there today
14:52 Its a whole growing movement are people that
14:55 are trying to integrate Christianity the craft
14:58 together. The Bible says don't do that
15:01 its all a work of the flesh and then it should
15:05 keep going and this is the very solegn part
15:08 Paul continues and says he mentions in these
15:13 murders drunken these reviling and such like
15:15 of which i tell you before as I've also talk you
15:18 in time past that they which do such things
15:23 shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
15:27 This is a solegn text Paul is very clear
15:31 witchcraft is the work of the flesh
15:33 and those that are doing it. Paul says will not
15:37 inherit the kingdom of God. So we are dealing
15:40 with the life and death matter and it doesn't matter
15:43 how friendly of a face you know, witches put on
15:49 the people maybe nice not smoking, not drinking,
15:53 not getting in the sexual provisions
15:55 you know, this is these are good things,
15:58 but when it comes to practicing witchcraft
16:01 itself doing their witchuals and preparing their portions
16:05 and practicing their magic and drawing their circles
16:08 and whatever they do and summoning the spirits
16:11 that they summon in their visuals this is a real
16:14 danger and the Bible refers to the whole category
16:18 of witchcraft as a work of flesh which means that
16:22 it tense downward. Many people get into
16:26 what they consider to be white witchcraft,
16:29 but it doesn't take long David it doesn't take long
16:32 until they start moving in an area that gets darker
16:36 and darker, and darker, and darker, and they have
16:39 no, they have no protection against these things.
16:43 I read an article some time ago call protection magic,
16:47 where the people that are into witchcraft
16:49 or discussing how some times they feel dark forces
16:54 coming over their lives and harassing them and
16:57 they hear voices in their heads and
16:59 they you know, they have to deal with these things
17:01 and they struggle with these things
17:02 and they think what do we do
17:03 and the article that I read says one way to deal with
17:06 by laughing have a positive attitude
17:10 think good thoughts and the other option was to cast
17:13 a good spell against the negative forces
17:16 you know, and this what they are trying
17:17 to accomplish, but they don't realize that you can't
17:20 you can't fight Evil with Evil
17:23 witchcraft itself is a work of the flesh.
17:26 itself tense downward and the more you get involved
17:30 in it even though you think its a friendly face.
17:33 and you start thinking your practicing white magic
17:36 it will belong into forces move in and take control
17:41 and pull you down. And that's what God is
17:44 warning about here and its very clear
17:46 it is the work of the flesh and those who do it
17:50 will not inherit the kingdom of God.
17:54 So it seems like if i am understand you correct
17:56 after this point Paul delineate that
17:58 there is two entities within our human nature.
18:01 That the flesh and the Spirit
18:03 and these are owns with one and another and then
18:06 he defines what specifically is the works of the flesh
18:10 and one of those is witchcraft and categorically
18:12 it doesn't matter well there is white magic
18:14 doesn't matter whether dark magic
18:16 dark witchcraft or white witchcraft
18:18 it says categorically. This is the work of the flesh
18:21 and if you engaging this you will lose your salvation
18:25 you will inherit the kingdom of God.
18:26 That's right to call at white magic is a deceptive
18:28 distinction, its a deceptive distinction.
18:31 Now in verse 22, Paul gives the other side
18:35 and he says the fruit of Spirit
18:37 and this is the Holy Spirit. It is love, joy, it is peace,
18:42 it is longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
18:45 meekness, temperance or self control
18:48 the contrast, that's right. And so you have the flesh
18:50 that goes whoever it wants to go which pulls down
18:54 ultimately and then you've got the Holy Spirit
18:56 that lifts us up and that is full of love
18:59 and joy and peace. I have a personal friend
19:02 of mine we keep in touch fairly regularly
19:05 and her name is Pam and she has quite a testimony
19:08 she grow up in the church and then she got involved
19:13 in witchcraft, she felt the pull
19:15 to get into the craft and she did it,
19:18 and she emailed me and emailed some time ago
19:21 where she tells, she told me her story and its quite
19:25 amazing she says here that she was a wiccan.
19:28 She had the books the warned, the cauldron
19:31 the candles the alter of the jewellery,
19:33 the ruins every thing 1000s of dollars worth
19:36 of witchcraft paraphernalia, that she was very deeply
19:39 involved in she said i think most people are
19:42 attracted to wake up for the same reason then I was
19:44 the needful power and that's what
19:46 we've talked about the appeal of power
19:48 and then she says they needful power
19:50 to protect yourself, but also they need to
19:52 worship and the special the need to belong
19:54 the need to belong is great. And so she got into
19:57 for those reasons and then she says
19:59 the insidious part is that when you get involved
20:02 in witchcraft the power is actually taken away.
20:05 And the protection that you think your
20:08 getting is all facade. It's an conclusion,
20:11 it's a deception wicked it's not a game to play yet.
20:15 It is pure, witchcraft and entirely of the devil.
20:18 There are some who argue that there is
20:20 white or good magic. And there is also
20:23 black or evil magic. That's what the woman
20:26 who wrote that book who left Christianity and
20:29 went into witchcraft. That's what she says.
20:31 And then my friend Pam said this is not true.
20:34 All witchcraft, all sorcery, all incantations,
20:37 all rights in ceremonies that in both Gods and
20:39 Goddesses are evil, very evil. I could always tell when
20:42 an evil presents was coming over me it was like all
20:46 of the sudden my thoughts become dark.
20:47 My emotions become muted and I felt like
20:50 I was all powerful. This was her experience
20:52 when the spirits of they craft, God enter her,
20:56 it made her think that she powerful, but she was
20:58 loosing her emotions. And she being moved
21:02 into a direction of darkness. And then she says that
21:05 they was a pretty amazing chain of events that took
21:08 me from right out of the missed of the witchcraft
21:12 to facing Jesus Christ had on.
21:14 And then she says God's hand has been on my life
21:16 for lot of years, but I had no clue.
21:19 And then as we discuss the two of us, all these
21:22 TV programs that are promoting witchcraft is a
21:24 positive thing, these books that are
21:26 making witchcraft look like, you know, cool
21:29 chick woman with a smile and professional lady
21:31 like we showed that, couple a while ago,
21:34 then Pam responded to this and she said
21:38 it overwhelms me. All these kids being
21:40 sucked into the devils hands. He must be delighted,
21:43 they are like lambs going to this slaughter.
21:46 Wow! Lambs being let this slaughter
21:49 Now here is a women that knows she has been
21:52 there she is done that. She thought that was a good
21:55 thing, she thought was a friendly thing, she thought
21:57 that would be something that in power for life,
21:59 but, she got in. She got hooked and forces
22:03 got into her that pulled her down.
22:06 Now she says here in the final parts of this email.
22:09 She said it hasn't then more than a few weeks
22:12 since I have absolutely turn myself over to Christ.
22:15 It overwhelms me when I think about
22:17 where I have been and where I am now,
22:20 where I am now. She learned what the
22:22 Bible says in Galatians 5 about the dangers of
22:27 witchcraft. That it is work of the flesh and those that
22:31 do it will not be in the kingdom of God. She learned
22:34 verse 22 the truth of the Holy Spirit is love and joy
22:37 and peace and she found a love and peace in her life.
22:40 When she surrounded her heart to God.
22:42 That it just is an available in witchcraft.
22:44 It's just not there, you know a lot of the people are
22:47 friendly people, but has he get in if you think about it
22:52 or has they get into it. I've never been into it.
22:56 I don't need to get into it to check it out.
22:59 We don't need to experiment and double with these kind
23:01 of things to find out. Some people who get in,
23:04 many people never get out. And I don't even want
23:06 to get started. I've got a two-year-old boy,
23:08 when he gets old I don't want him dabbling in this.
23:10 I don't want him watching these programs that
23:12 promote witchcraft to something cool and fun
23:14 and friendly for kids. I don't want him reading
23:16 those books. I don't want him being deceived by white magic.
23:19 I want him to read his Bible. And to know what the Bible
23:21 says that all witchcraft is work of the flesh.
23:23 It's dangerous stay of it, or you'll lose your soul
23:26 because of it. That's what the Bible says.
23:28 And then I want him to know that God has
23:30 something better. Something much more
23:34 positive and powerful. And it is the power
23:36 of the Holy Spirit. And that's where true love
23:39 joy and peace comes in. And they really is just
23:43 not in the craft. It's in the cross.
23:46 Peace and love is not in the craft, it's in the
23:48 cross of Jesus Christ. And my friend Pam
23:51 learned that by experience she has been there,
23:53 she has done that. She knows and we can
23:57 learn a lesson from her experience.
24:00 I think there is a lot of people out there that
24:02 want to have love, joy, peace long suffering
24:05 all the attributes of the spirit in there life and
24:07 the deception is with this makeover of white witchcraft
24:10 is that is says hey. If you double in white
24:13 witchcraft is more inocuos it will give you joy,
24:16 it will give peace, it will give all these bright things,
24:19 but as we seen in illustration of Pam
24:21 she went into and expecting one thing and found that
24:25 it was the opposite side. It was the Cornell nature.
24:27 It was the flesh that heal to; that's right;
24:29 and that's the exception. It feeds the flesh and I mean
24:32 there is a certain it's true there is a certain
24:35 freedom, a sense of freedom in doing
24:38 whatever you want to do. But, that freedom is
24:41 ultimately an illusion and it brings a person
24:43 into bondage. I mean in the garden of Eden
24:45 what will be discussing later on a different programs
24:47 Satan said that if you eat the forbidden fruit
24:50 you won't die and you will be God.
24:52 You will be your own God. You can do whatever you want.
24:55 You know good and evil and you will raised to a
24:57 higher level of experience try it, take a bit.
25:01 That's what the circum said and he thought hey
25:03 that sounds good. Looks good the Serpent looks nice,
25:05 you know he is the friendly looking Serpent
25:08 he has the melodious voice. He is smiling in the tree.
25:11 And I think I will try it. And she took a bit of that
25:14 fruit and then her eyes but instead of a raising
25:18 to a higher state of existence she realize that
25:21 she was necked. And she was in sin
25:25 and a cool sense of guilt kept over her soul
25:28 and that was the beginning of the all the problems
25:30 That have ever hit to planet earth, it all started
25:32 right there with the deception of the serpent and
25:35 a woman trying to be her own God. And that's really if
25:39 you study witchcraft, I mean that's what they teach.
25:41 They teach us no death and your God, your Goddess
25:44 and you worship the Goddess and there is sense of
25:47 freedom there a certain sense.
25:50 But it's not real. But it's not real, it's not
25:52 solid, it doesn't last and it just you have no protection,
25:56 no barrier so it just pulls you right into the darkness
26:01 and I can promise you that what may start out to look
26:05 white was slowly get darker and darker
26:08 and darker and darker. Have another friend my
26:09 name is Shay and she told me that she was
26:11 involved in witchcraft, but she said it got darker,
26:14 it got dark fast. And that's why she got out.
26:18 She said this is not for me. You know now she in the
26:20 light praise God the pure light.
26:23 The pure light of the lord Jesus Christ.
26:26 Now the last few seconds here Steve.
26:28 We have talked about the darkness and the dangerous
26:31 of witchcraft now. What about a person
26:33 that wants to experience the joy of the spirit?
26:36 What could you tell to them in the last few seconds
26:39 we have on this the program. Okay, sure we have read
26:41 now Bible said in Galatians 5:22
26:44 the scripture says the fruit of the spirit is love.
26:48 We need to make a chose to turn from the darkness
26:52 and to just pray and ask God to come into your
26:55 life's and to give us the Holy Spirit and to bring
26:57 his light. I remember one time my little boy
27:00 Seth was about, I don't may be seven months old
27:03 and he was in middle of night crying,
27:04 and crying, and crying. And he wouldn't stop
27:06 crying and I get off of the bed and I grabbed him
27:08 and I carried him around the house and I was just you know
27:10 talking and hoping he would stop crying and finally
27:13 I started singing a little song.
27:14 I just saying for God so loved the world
27:16 that he gave his only begotten son, for God
27:18 so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son
27:20 as I saying this song first of all he stop crying
27:24 and second of all it just and my heart was fluted with
27:28 the sense of Gods love. Love for my little boy
27:32 for me and in giving his own son to die for a Sins
27:37 and that's the choose we need to make.
27:39 Turn from sin, open your heart,
27:40 let Jesus and his love come in your life.
27:43 And that's will change you because he loves you
27:46 and he now loving witchcraft like the
27:48 love of Jesus Christ. Well that out of time, thank you
27:51 so much for sharing with us today and it's my appeal to
27:54 you as we go to the series in Battles of Faith to give
27:57 your life to Jesus Christ. There is no power in this
28:00 world, that can give you that sense of peace.
28:02 And it's a prayer that you live by every word
28:05 that proceeds from the mouth of god.
28:06 Join us again next time for
28:08 another edition of Battles of Faith.


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