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Participants: David Shin and Steve Wohlberg.


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00:15 I like to welcome you to Battles of Faith, my name
00:17 is David Shin and we are here with Steve Wohlberg.
00:19 He is the speaker director of White Horse Media based
00:21 in Fresno, California. He is the author of several
00:23 books and this is a series of 13 programs delving
00:27 into the supernatural from a biblical perspective.
00:29 I would like to welcome you again to our program here.
00:32 Thank you, David. Now, we've mentioned in our previous
00:34 episodes about this White Horse Media and you
00:37 mentioned some books off hand. Now where can they find
00:39 more information if they wanted to do so. Right,
00:41 thank you, I've been asked to do this special series on
00:44 the occult because I've done a lot of research into the
00:46 dangers of things that are happening in our society.
00:49 We do have a website which is,
00:52 It's just loaded with
00:54 information. There is articles, there is TV
00:57 programs you can actually just watch, you can click
00:59 and you can listen to programs and so we're just
01:01 trying to share information with the world that is
01:05 mixed up and confused and one of the big areas of
01:08 confusion David has to do with magic and witchcraft
01:11 and wicca and sorcery and the occult and that's the
01:14 reason why our society is experiencing a massive
01:17 shift into the Supernatural, Hollywood that has been
01:21 promoting for the last 10 years, just a whole host
01:24 of television programs and movies that talk about
01:27 talking to the dead, they talk about cruel women,
01:30 who have supernatural powers and then there is of course
01:33 Harry Potter, which we'll come to it at a future
01:35 program and really just go into more detail about
01:38 the controversies surrounding Potter mania. But we're
01:42 concerned that people are moving into the occult
01:45 and it's actually happening, we're not just reading books
01:47 about it, we're not just watching movies about it, but
01:50 its really happening. I was in Canada holding a seminar
01:53 and a young boy walked up to me about 15 years old,
01:56 he had a pentagram around his neck and I had been
01:59 talking about the dangers of the occult and
02:01 witchcraft, and he said I am not, I'm not concerned
02:03 about it. He said I won't go into anything that's
02:05 dark and he said the reason is because I'm gonna follow
02:07 my heart, that's what he said, I'm gonna follow my
02:10 heart and when he said that, you know, that caused
02:13 me to think of the Bible text in the Book of
02:15 Proverbs that says, he who trusts in his own heart is
02:19 a fool, we can't trust our hearts, we can't trust just
02:23 our own experience, we have to have something
02:26 bigger to rely on then just humanity and that's
02:30 what we really want to focus on today, the weakness
02:33 of witchcraft, the weakness of the occult, because it's
02:35 just, its based on human experience, it doesn't
02:39 really have anything solid, I'm reminded of a scripture
02:43 in Second Peter, chapter 1, verse 19, it's a powerful
02:47 passage, where Peter said we have also a more sure
02:52 word of prophecy, we have a more sure word. David, I
02:57 grew up in California, live there now and even
03:00 the ground under our feet in California is not sure.
03:03 I've been in many earthquakes and I used
03:05 to live not far from the St. Andreas Fault Line and
03:08 I'm thankful that I now live up in the mountains a little
03:10 bit farther away from that crack, but the ground isn't
03:13 stable, this world isn't stable, there is nothing
03:16 stable on planet earth, nothing that is of man or
03:19 of the earth, what is stable is God's word, a sure word
03:24 of prophecy. Now we talked about in our previous
03:26 programs, we've been taking the journey through the
03:28 Bible, it's been on scripture and we have gone
03:31 through Exodus, talked about Moses and magicians,
03:33 we've talked about in the Book of Acts dealing
03:35 with the first century church and the holy spirit.
03:37 That's right. And the power then and on the other side
03:40 of this dual almost is magicians and then we
03:43 saw in the Book of Revelation how in the
03:45 last day deception, the sorcerers, the magicians
03:48 are gonna be involved and this was also a solemn
03:50 warning to those that delve into this, and today
03:53 we're going to another part of the Bible, am I correct,
03:55 It's correct. And what part of the Bible
03:56 are we gonna be looking at. We are gonna go to, we
03:57 are gonna go to Daniel chapter 2, Daniel chapter
04:00 2 deals with what I would call the weakness of magic
04:03 and it deals with the dream that was given to
04:05 the King of Babylon and how his advisors came in
04:10 to try to interpret the dream and they were
04:12 clueless, and there is a lot of lessons that we
04:14 can learn there, so let's go to, let's go there. Daniel
04:16 chapter 2. Let's go to Daniel chapter 2. Right,
04:18 Daniel chapter 2. And again just a recap, we've
04:22 been talking about the battle and the
04:24 centrality of the struggle in the Bible concerning
04:27 magic as well. Exodus, we mentioned the battle with
04:31 Pharaoh's magicians against the work of God through
04:33 Moses, we looked at Acts, the spread of the Gospel and
04:35 the struggle with that Elymas the sorcerer and
04:37 Simon the sorcerer, in Book of Revelation sorcerers
04:40 will end up in the lake of fire, Revelation 21,
04:42 verse 8. And now we'll go to Daniel 2 and let's take
04:47 a, look at another chapter that deals with this whole
04:49 issue of magic and the occult. Daniel 2, verse 1
04:55 talks about, in the second year of the reign of
04:57 Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, he had dreams,
05:01 he dreamed dreams and then he woke up and he had this
05:04 incredible dream and it woke him up out of sleep
05:07 and I don't believe all dreams come from God,
05:09 I mean you can eat too much food before you go
05:11 to bed and dream up a storm, but this was
05:14 not just a normal dream, this was a supernatural
05:17 dream that God gave him, and when he woke up he
05:20 knew it was important, but he couldn't remember it
05:23 and so he called in his counselors. In verse 2, it
05:27 says then the king, the King of Babylon commanded
05:30 to call the magicians, and the astrologers, and the
05:35 sorcerers and the Chaldeans to show the king his dream.
05:39 Now again it's significant that magicians and
05:44 sorcerers had worked their way in to the highest
05:47 parts of the kingdom of Babylon and it's happening
05:49 today, sorcery and magic and witchcraft it's
05:53 recognized by the Federal Government, it's being
05:55 practiced in the military, it's moving into Washington
05:58 DC. I could share a lot of stories about the in roads
06:01 of magic in our society, its getting bigger and
06:04 bigger and bigger and bigger and people don't
06:06 see what's going on behind the scenes and that's what
06:08 we're trying to do. So back in ancient Babylon, this
06:10 is a lesson that we can learn a lot from, the
06:13 king woke up, he had a dream, he didn't remember
06:16 it, so he called in his magicians and his sorcerers
06:18 to tell him his dream and could they do it, were
06:21 they able to interpret, tell him a dream and then
06:24 interpret it for him. So this King, Nebuchadnezzar
06:26 has a dream, he forgets to dream and so the next
06:29 logical conclusion is to go to individuals whom
06:32 he thinks would have the answers and he asked these
06:35 magicians, astrologers and sorcerers, can you tell me
06:38 what I dreamed in my own bed. That's right. And the
06:41 interpretation, he wanted to know two things, what
06:43 did I dream and what does it mean and these men were
06:47 clueless. They didn't have the answers. They didn't
06:49 have the answers. Their religion, their connection
06:53 to their supernatural world failed them and they were
06:57 weak and clueless, and they said to the king, they said
07:00 well, you need to tell us what you dreamed and then
07:02 we will tell you interpretation. We'll come up
07:04 with one. And Nebuchadnezzar was no dummy and he figured out
07:06 that if you can't tell me what I dreamed in the
07:08 first place, surely you can come up with any
07:10 interpretation and he finally said that if you
07:13 don't tell me my dream and the interpretation, he
07:16 said in verse 9, then I will know that you have prepared
07:19 lying and corrupt words before me, lying and
07:23 corrupt words from the magicians, now it reminds
07:25 me of somebody I heard called the psychic hotline
07:28 and he got on the phone with this supposed
07:32 clairvoyant psychic and the psychic wanted to, you
07:37 know, offer to tell him his future, the person who
07:39 called in and he said first you have to give me your
07:41 credit card and then I will tell you your future, and
07:44 then the person said well if you are a psychic you are
07:45 supposed to know that. You should know my credit
07:47 card number. Yeah, you should know my credit card well
07:48 obviously they, that person didn't know and there is
07:51 just so much out there that is just, as the Bible says
07:54 lying and corrupt words, now I'm not saying there
07:56 is no real supernatural power out there, there is
07:59 real supernatural power in the occult world, but many
08:02 times that power just does not come to the rescue of
08:04 its practitioners and when it does come, there are
08:08 times when psychics can predict certain things, but
08:10 they don't have a 100% accuracy and many times
08:13 they don't know what they are talking about and in
08:16 Daniel 2, it really lifts the veil and reveals that
08:19 when you give right down to it, these magicians and
08:21 astrologers and sorcerers are ultimately clueless
08:25 when it comes to what's most important in life and
08:28 in this situation they had prepared corrupt and lying
08:31 words before the King of Babylon and they couldn't
08:34 come up with an interpretation, the dream
08:36 or the interpretation. So in this passage, now
08:39 we've noted in our previous programs that there is real
08:42 power behind the occult, behind witchcraft and so
08:46 forth, but this shows a different angle on it,
08:48 perhaps that even though there is power, there is some
08:50 will be called "limitations" to this power. Yes, and its
08:54 erratic, I mean God's power, his sure word of
08:57 prophecy is stable and solid. God never leads us
09:00 astray, he always tells us the truth and he always
09:03 directs us right. In the whole confusing world of
09:06 magic and the occult and sorcery, there is so
09:08 much variety, there is so many opinions, there is so
09:10 many waves of personality and views, and view points
09:14 and even the spirits themselves that claim to
09:16 be guiding these people or that they claim are guiding
09:19 them, these goes to the spirits and apparitions
09:23 familiar spirits that we are gonna talk more about
09:25 them later, they are not reliable and they let their
09:29 own magicians down in Daniel chapter 2 and so
09:33 Nebuchadnezzar said that's it. He said you're done.
09:36 Execution. And he send out the word to gather all of
09:38 the astrologers and magicians in his realm
09:41 and to kill them all. Well, there was a man named
09:43 Daniel, a Jew, who was a captive in Babylon and he
09:46 was considered to be part of the magicians and so he was
09:50 supposed to be executed as well, and he came before
09:53 the king and he said wait a minute, give me
09:54 sometime, let me pray, let me talk to God and let me
09:57 interpret, let me see if God will give me the
10:00 answer and so Daniel prayed and God gave him an answer,
10:04 it says in Daniel 2, verse 19, that the secret was
10:09 revealed to Daniel in a night vision, the secret
10:14 was revealed to Daniel in a night vision, and this
10:16 is very important, this is a Revelation that came from
10:20 God to his prophet and then Daniel came back in before
10:23 Nebuchadnezzar and he began to explain this and may be I
10:28 should just mention verse 20, it says Daniel answered
10:31 and said, "blessed be the name of God forever and
10:33 ever, for wisdom and might are his," right, God has
10:37 wisdom, God has might, God has power, and verse 22
10:40 Daniel said he reveals the deep and the secret things
10:45 and as we read this chapter we are gonna see this is a
10:47 prophecy, a sure word of prophecy that God has
10:51 revealed to his servant, to his Jewish prophet Daniel.
10:56 So we're looking at this story and it's just
10:59 fascinating to me, the magicians, the astrologers
11:01 were incapable, incompetent of revealing what the king
11:04 dreamed in his own bed and here comes Daniel, he says
11:07 wait a minute, he goes to God, prays, God reveals
11:11 what Nebuchadnezzar dreamed in his own bed. That's
11:13 right. That's amazing. Because God gave him
11:16 a dream in the first place and then God revealed
11:18 what he gave to Nebuchadnezzar, he revealed
11:21 it to Daniel, showed him the dream and then
11:24 showed him the interpretation. So here
11:26 comes this Jewish prophet, this Jewish prophet,
11:28 captive prophet stands before the King of Babylon,
11:30 the greatest king on earth, and he says, Nebuchadnezzar,
11:33 let me tell you what you dreamed and let me tell you
11:35 what it means. So, he reveals that in verse 31,
11:39 he says, you O! King you saw behold a great image, a
11:42 big statue, actually it was a statue of a man, which we'll
11:46 come back to, a great image, the image was excellent and
11:50 it stood before you, its form was terrible. Verse
11:53 32, he said the image's head was fine gold, its breast
11:56 and his arms were silver, its belly and thighs of
11:59 brace, its legs were legs of iron, and its feet were
12:03 part of iron and part of clay, and then verse 34
12:07 says, you saw until a stone or a rock was cutout
12:11 without hands, without human hands and it smote
12:15 the image upon its feet and then it broke them all to
12:18 pieces, and then Daniel said that rock became a
12:21 great mountain and filled the whole earth and I can
12:24 just picture Nebuchadnezzar's eyes just getting really
12:26 big, is now dropped open he just went. That's
12:29 what I dreamed. That's it. That's what I dreamed.
12:31 That's what I dreamed. I remember it now and so
12:33 then the next obvious question is. What's the
12:35 interpretation. Yeah, what does it mean? And so Daniel
12:37 then explained it and in verse 36, he said this is
12:41 the dream and I will tell you the interpretation
12:44 before the king and then verses 37 and 38, he
12:47 describes the King of Babylon, who was a powerful
12:49 king Nebuchadnezzar, the name Nebuchadnezzar had been
12:52 uncovered on the ancient bricks of Babylon at the
12:55 ruins south of Baghdad, so he was a real person, this
12:58 was a real place and his name is still on there
13:01 today. And in verse, at the end of verse 38, Daniel
13:06 said to Nebuchadnezzar, you are this head of gold, you
13:09 representing, you Nebuchadnezzar and your
13:12 kingdom, you are the head of gold, the head of gold
13:15 represents Babylon, the king and his kingdom, and
13:18 then verse 39, he said after you shall arise
13:21 another kingdom, there would be another kingdom
13:23 that would be a bronze kingdom, I'm sorry, silver
13:28 kingdom, and then after you there would be a third
13:30 kingdom, another one after that a kingdom of bronze,
13:32 and then verse 40, there would be a fourth kingdom,
13:35 strong as iron, so he goes to the gold kingdom, then
13:38 the brass or the silver and then the brass and
13:42 then the iron and then he goes on and says
13:44 talking about the toes or the feet of the image
13:46 he says that verse 41, where as you saw the feet and the
13:50 toes part of potter's clay and part of iron, the kingdom
13:53 would be divided and then at the end of verse 42, he says
13:57 the division would be partly strong, partly broken, and
14:00 then verse 44, he says in the days of these kings,
14:03 shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall
14:06 never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left
14:09 to other people not to man, but it shall break in
14:12 pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall
14:16 stand forever. Forever. Right. So what he does
14:18 is he reveals is there is the head of gold and that
14:21 represents the Kingdom of Babylon, after you would
14:24 come another kingdom, a silver kingdom and that
14:27 represented the Kingdom of Persia that follow Babylon.
14:29 And then after the Persian kingdom would come another
14:32 kingdom of brass and that would be the Kingdom of
14:35 Greece. And after the Kingdom of Greece would
14:37 come another kingdom, the iron legs representing the
14:40 Kingdom of Rome and then when Rome would be divided
14:44 among the 10 toes, Rome fell and it was divided
14:48 among 10 nations, some of which were strong, some of
14:50 which, which were weak and that basic sweep reveals
14:55 world history from the time of ancient Babylon to Persia
14:59 to Greece to Rome to the breakdown of the Roman
15:02 Empire to its division all the way down until the end
15:06 of time. Wow! And if we go down to verse 45, then he
15:11 describes the coming of the rock and Daniel said as
15:15 much as you saw that a stone was cut out without human
15:21 hands and it broke in pieces the iron, the brass,
15:24 the clay, the silver and the gold, so the Great
15:27 God has made known to the king what shall come to
15:31 pass here after. And the last part of verse 45 is so
15:34 powerful, it says and the dream is certain and the
15:38 interpretation is sure. So what happens is the
15:43 magicians didn't have the answer, they were clueless,
15:46 they couldn't see the future, they couldn't
15:47 interpret the dream, they didn't know what the
15:49 dream was, they couldn't interpret it, Daniel comes
15:51 in, God reveals it to him, he shows him the nations
15:56 point by, point by, point and that's exactly what
15:58 happened. Babylon was known for its gold, if you
16:01 study history, the time of the hanging gardens of
16:04 Babylon, one of the historians back then said
16:08 that Babylon was the land full of gold and then the
16:11 next nation would be the Persian nation, which was
16:15 represented as silver, the silver arms and the
16:18 Persians were known for their silver, they paid
16:20 their taxes in silver, and if you go down to the next
16:23 kingdom Greece that took over the Persians, it was
16:26 a kingdom of brass and the Greeks were known for their
16:29 brass, they fought their battles with brass, brass
16:32 shields, brass swords, they had a lot of brass, and
16:37 if you go down to the next kingdom, the Roman Empire,
16:39 it was referred to as iron and the great historian,
16:42 Edward Gibbon referred to the iron monarchy of Rome.
16:46 And the Romans fought their battles with iron swords and
16:51 they were known for their iron and then Rome did fall,
16:54 it was divided among the 10 nations, some were strong,
16:56 some were weak and that division has gone all the
16:59 way down to this day. If you look at Europe
17:01 today, you know, the Germans and the French
17:03 and the various kingdoms of Europe don't always see eye
17:06 to eye and that division has continued to this day
17:09 and finally it says at the end of the dream, where
17:11 Daniel looked at Nebuchadnezzar he said there
17:13 is a rock, there is a rock coming down from the sky,
17:16 and that rock represents God's kingdom and when it
17:19 comes it's going to hit the image, which is represented
17:23 as a man and it will crush the image of man and it
17:27 will then fill the earth and Daniel looked right at
17:30 the king and said this dream is certain and this
17:32 interpretation is sure. And, and, you know, it's
17:35 just, its so significant that in the world around
17:39 us, in the world of the occult especially as what
17:42 we are looking at in this special series, occultism
17:46 has nothing solid, nothing sure, there is some of this
17:50 article I referred to before that appeared in, Beliefnet
17:53 called, the witch next door, it's, here's a
17:56 spokesman for witchcraft and this spokesman says
17:59 there is no sacred text within witchcraft.
18:02 No creed. We are and they say tongue and sheep, we
18:05 are non-prophet and they use the prophet they spell
18:08 prophet, they are non-prophet, in other
18:12 words, in witchcraft there is no prophets, there is no
18:14 Bible, there is no central authority, it's all really
18:18 based upon, based upon experience, based upon
18:21 their own ideas, based upon various traditions, based
18:26 upon, you know, their interpretation of rituals,
18:28 they do have many times those that practice
18:30 witchcraft have what they call a book of shadows,
18:32 which is their, their diary where they write down their
18:35 spells and their different rituals that they use that
18:38 work for them, like the whole arena really is just
18:42 up for grabs and the point of Daniel chapter 2 is to
18:47 show us that the magicians when it comes to really
18:52 understanding the things of God and the things of the
18:55 future they fall flat, they are clueless, they have no
18:58 knowledge, even though they claimed, they had
19:02 all these claims that's how they worked their
19:03 way up to Nebuchadnezzar's inner
19:05 circle, but when it right, when it came
19:07 right down to it, they didn't have it
19:10 and then Daniel walked in and
19:12 Daniel said, God has shown me the real,
19:15 the dream and the meaning and he
19:18 went right down through it, and he showed a
19:20 real kingdom of Babylon followed by another
19:23 kingdom, another kingdom, another
19:24 kingdom and then a break down
19:26 all the way to the end of time.
19:27 And, David and anyone out there, if you study
19:30 Bible and if you study history, you will
19:33 that the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in
19:37 Daniel chapter two, that was interpreted
19:39 by this Jewish prophet that it follows history
19:43 exactly that it fits Babylon, Persia,
19:47 Greeks, Rome, the division all the way
19:50 down to today, and it just, it reveals
19:53 to us that as it says here in Daniel
19:57 chapter 2, verse 19, the secret was revealed
20:00 to Daniel in a night vision, it was revealed
20:03 and Daniel blessed the name of God.
20:08 And, Daniel said, he reveals the deep and
20:10 the secret things, this book is solid.
20:13 Prophecy is a sure word.
20:16 Peter said, we have a sure word of
20:18 prophecy. And, I think it's, it's very
20:22 significant that at the end of Daniel 2,
20:24 the rock comes and that rock represents the
20:30 return of Jesus Christ, that rock is Christ
20:32 coming and Christ coming is represented as a
20:35 rock, which hits the image of man and
20:39 shatters it and that shows that you've
20:42 got man on the one side, you've got the rock
20:44 on the other side, and when the rock of Christ
20:47 kingdom comes, it's gonna crush the
20:49 kingdoms of man and the occult and
20:52 witchcraft and religion and wicca and
20:54 casting spells and portions and magic
20:56 all of this, is all just the religion of man
21:00 Okay. It's just of the earth, it's just human,
21:03 it's not solid, it's not sure, it's like the
21:07 California ground that I grew up on, which
21:12 you can't rely on, this is something we can
21:13 rely on, as it says here in witchcraft
21:15 there is no sacred text, we are
21:17 non-prophet, they don't have a Bible, they
21:19 don't have prophets, they don't have
21:21 anything solid. So if you want to leave
21:24 something solid to a go off into something
21:27 that has really no substance. You know,
21:30 follow, witchcraft, follow the occult,
21:32 but the lessons of the Bible from Daniel
21:34 chapter 2, revealed that magic is limited, the
21:38 magicians were clueless, God is superior
21:43 and that's what we are trying to show in this
21:45 series. Going back to Exodus, we already
21:48 read early in a previous program that when,
21:50 when the magicians of Pharaoh did their,
21:52 their magic and then Moses and Aaron
21:55 you know, were spokes people for God,
21:57 eventually the magicians they couldn't stop the
22:00 plagues and the plagues were upon them, and
22:02 that shows the superiority of God
22:05 over the magicians, same thing in the
22:07 Book of Acts, same thing in the
22:08 Book of Revelation the sorcerers will end
22:10 up in the lake of fire and it's the same thing
22:11 in the Book of Daniel chapter 2, the image
22:14 of the man crushed by the rock. Now, I
22:21 wanna build my life on a rock. Not on the
22:22 sand. Not on the sand. You know, my little
22:23 boy have said, he loves, he loves to have me read him
22:27 the story of the wise man, who build his house
22:29 upon the rock and the foolish man, who build
22:31 his house upon the sand, and when the
22:32 rain comes and the storms hits, and it's in
22:35 Matthew chapter 7, and the flood comes, the
22:37 the foolish man's house, it falls, but the
22:41 wise man built his house upon the rock and he
22:45 stands, and we need need something solid in
22:48 this world and magic and spells and portions they
22:52 just don't cut. I just find it very
22:55 fascinating and reassuring when I
22:57 looked at the story of of Daniel here, the
23:00 dream was not able to be comprehended and
23:02 the interpretation was given, on top of that
23:05 you have this prophecy like you said that was
23:07 fulfilled to the tee, Babylon, Medo-Persia,
23:10 Greece, Rome, the ten kingdoms and they say,
23:13 if 90% or 99% of this prophecy is accurate, it
23:16 must be that the last part about the kingdom
23:19 of God coming and crushing this must be
23:21 true too and so it's good, good to place
23:24 your odds on that side I would say.
23:25 That's right. And, something else that
23:27 Daniel prophecy reveals is that God is a God
23:31 for all the nations, he is the God of all
23:34 the nations, he knows about Babylon, Persia,
23:37 Greece, Rome, the division, he sees the
23:39 whole world, he sees all of history from his
23:42 vantage point, he is a great God, he is
23:45 a mighty God, he is a powerful God.
23:46 He offers us what witchcraft cannot offer us,
23:50 and it's just, it's frustrating to me and
23:52 it's sad to me and it's, it's a fearful thing for
23:55 me to think about all of these young people
23:57 that are getting caught up in the occult
23:59 because of the promise of magic that day, but
24:02 I remember I was holding another
24:03 seminar in SoCal, California talking to a
24:06 large crowd about this very topic and when I
24:08 was done a 14 year boy named Craig
24:11 walked up to me, shook my hand and he said, I am 14,
24:14 I want to meet with Steve and he said, I read one of
24:20 books on witchcraft and said, it pointed me
24:21 to the Bible, and then he said, he said,
24:22 I grew in the church. And, he said, been a
24:25 Christian all my life "A Christian" and he said
24:28 for the last two years I have been practicing the
24:30 what he called the elementals of witchcraft
24:33 and he said when I read your book, it opened
24:35 my eyes and it showed me where this was going
24:39 and the supernatural forces that were
24:42 working behind the sins and he said I am out
24:44 now, I got out of that, he said I am back to
24:46 Jesus, I'm back to the Bible and I thought, I
24:50 thought praise God you know, that's what
24:52 that's why we are doing this, that's why we are
24:55 having this series, that's why I am trying to share
24:57 things that I've learned, it's because I am trying
24:59 to help people and I am trying to give them
25:01 something, something better then what they
25:04 have in the world and I am trying help to get
25:06 them out by the grace of God from things that are,
25:09 that are dangerous and they can't, they can't
25:11 deliver on what they promised. They can't
25:15 deliver. So, here was a young person who was
25:17 a Christian, grew up in a Christian environment.
25:19 Fourteen year old. Fourteen year old that
25:21 unknowingly had gone into a little bit of the
25:24 elementals as you call it of witchcraft and
25:26 suddenly he, he got an awareness and said, hey
25:29 I didn't know where this was heading. That's right.
25:30 I didn't know the spirit behind this and I would
25:31 say that if there is a young person out there
27:11 that is getting a pull toward the attraction
27:12 for power, it's for spiritual and
27:13 so forth. The Book of Daniel tells us unequivocally
27:15 that there is a greater power out there, that is more
27:16 sure then experience, 'cause I know my
27:17 generation were caught up in experience and
27:18 experience is everything, it's the post
27:19 modern generation, and we're like, if I
27:20 experience it, it must be real and it must be
27:21 true, but that's not necessarily the truth in the end. That's
27:22 right, that's a very dangerous, dangerous philosophy actually,
27:23 if I experience it, it must be true. I mean people can
27:24 take drugs, I used to smoke pot, I used
27:25 to snort coke, I used to, I have even dabbled
27:26 a little bit of LSD, praise God I still have
27:27 my brain, my mind, I have, I had friends
27:28 that are now 6 feet under ground because they've
27:29 overdosed on drugs and I was following my experience, I was
27:30 following my heart. And, my heart and my experience led me,
27:31 led me right now and I just thank God that he got me out of
27:33 that, got me to the Bible and helped me to understand like
27:34 the prophecies like Daniel 2, where in verse 45,
27:35 Daniel said the dream is certain and the
27:36 interpretation is sure you know, I need
27:37 something certain, I need something sure,
27:38 I only have one life in this world and I don't
27:39 wanna rely on that, I don't wanna rely on you,
27:40 I don't rely, I don't wanna rely just on me,
27:41 don't wanna rely on some, some books some magicians, some
27:42 sources, some spells, some portion. I don't rely on
27:43 religious teachers, I don't rely on TV programs, I don't rely on
27:44 supposed experts. I rely on this book, on God's rock and it's, it
27:45 has credible history behind it and prophecies that have been fulfilled literally in history
27:46 and I know the rock is coming. I know that rock is coming. The
27:47 second coming. That's right the second coming of Jesus Christ
27:48 and I wanna be ready for that day and I wanna help as many people as possible to be
27:50 prepared for the big day, when the rock comes down.
27:51 Well, this has been a very stimulating discussion from you
27:52 Steve, thank you so much for sharing with us here today. And
27:53 to our viewing audience that has joined us here for the first
27:54 time I wanna appeal to you to join us again we'll be delving
27:55 into scripture, dealing with different topics, this is just
27:56 the beginning of a series dealing with this battles of
27:57 faith about magic, magicians, and the Bible and so I wanna
27:58 encourage you to join us again today we've gone through the
27:59 Book of Daniel, looking at the superiority of God's power, how
28:00 it's sure, how we can rely on it, and it's my
28:03 prayer for you that you'll learn to live by
28:05 every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
28:08 May God bless you and keep you today. Amen.


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