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Jesus Christ Vs. Babylonian Occultism

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Participants: David Shin and Steve Wolhberg


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00:15 I'd like to welcome you to "Battles of Faith".
00:16 My name is David Shin and I'm here with Steve Wohlberg,
00:19 who's the Speaker/Director of "White Horse Media",
00:21 based and... in California.
00:23 He's the author of several books and we've been focusing
00:25 through this series of 13 programs on this pointed
00:28 issue of the supernatural from the biblical perspective.
00:32 We've entitled the series "Magic, Ghosts and the Bible".
00:35 Welcome to our program again here, Steve!
00:37 Hello, David!
00:38 It's been a pleasure being with you.
00:39 A privilege.
00:40 Now, to start off here to give a little bit of background
00:41 for the individuals that have not been with us
00:43 up to this point, I've just been fascinated
00:46 in my discussion with you, about the pervasive nature
00:49 of the supernatural entities in society, in the media
00:53 in all sorts of books, in literature,
00:55 and maybe we can start by going to talk a little about
00:58 why we're doing this study here today.
01:00 Right. Well, as you mentioned, we're doing this because
01:03 the influence of the occult and the supernatural,
01:05 has become all pervasive in our society.
01:07 We've talked about in previous programs
01:09 about the explosive growth of witchcraft and Wicca
01:13 among teenagers. High school and college campuses
01:16 across the country are supporting
01:18 pagan student associations, where kids are going to school
01:22 and they're joining these groups and they're learning about
01:24 witchcraft, they're learning about covens,
01:26 they're learning about paganism and magic.
01:28 I remember when I was in high school,
01:30 North Hollywood High School, which was quite a few years ago,
01:33 we talked about drugs, we knew about gangs
01:37 and various things that were going on in our campus,
01:39 but we never talked about witchcraft or witches
01:41 or casting spells or mixing potions or practicing magic.
01:44 That was totally foreign to us, but not today.
01:47 If you go on to just about any high school campus
01:49 and ask, just pick a student and say: "Have you heard of"
01:53 "Wicca? Do you have any friends that are practicing Wicca?"
01:56 You'll be surprised. There are just lots and lots.
02:00 You'll see the pentacle, the five pointed star
02:02 with the circle around it.
02:03 So, it's here, it's not going away and what we've done
02:08 so far in this series dealing with magic,
02:10 as we talked about the Book of Exodus,
02:12 how in the time of Moses, there was a battle
02:14 between God and the magicians, the Pharaoh.
02:16 We've talked about it in the Book of Acts,
02:18 as the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the disciples
02:20 and the gospel was spreading throughout the Roman world
02:24 that Peter ran into Simon, the sorcerer and Paul
02:28 ran into Elymas, the sorcerer and in Ephesus they burned
02:31 their magic books and so it was big in the Book of Acts.
02:34 Now, we're going to go in the Book of Revelation
02:36 and we're going to show how it's not just described
02:40 as happening in our world, but, David, it's part
02:43 of Bible prophecy and that's going to be our focus today.
02:46 So, it's gone to the Book of Exodus, we've seen Moses
02:49 and the magicians, we've seen the first century church,
02:52 how the Holy Spirit was driving all the way through this process
02:54 and we go to the last book of the Bible,
02:56 the Book of the Apocalypse and this deals with the end
02:59 of time, where I believe we're living right now today
03:02 and we're seeing this element of the supernatural
03:05 manifestations as well, in the Book of Revelation.
03:07 That's exactly right. Let's go to Revelation, chapter 17.
03:11 Revelation, chapter 17 describes John being taken
03:16 in a vision through the Holy Spirit and he sees
03:19 a mysterious woman. Revelation, 17:3 says:
03:23 [text on the screen]
03:32 Verse 4 describes the dress of the woman.
03:34 It says that she has a golden cup in her hand,
03:36 full of abominations, which will come to a little bit.
03:39 And verse 5 says:
03:41 [text on the screen]
03:50 Many Christians have read this prophecy,
03:53 many people have read this and they wonder what is
03:56 Babylon, where is Babylon and there is a lot
03:59 to the topic and as we'll show in a minute,
04:03 occultism is definitely in many ways, we can say,
04:07 it's an unseen influence, that is very much apart
04:11 of what the Book of Revelation refers to it's Babylon.
04:14 So this woman is sitting on a beast that
04:18 has seven heads, ten horns, she's decked out,
04:21 she has purple and scarlet in her head,
04:24 now these, just... the historical context
04:27 for our viewing audience here, this is not a literal entity
04:30 because you can't go down to your local zoo and see
04:32 a beast with seven heads and ten horns, obviously.
04:34 No. That's correct. This is obviously a symbol.
04:37 This woman is a symbol and she is referred to
04:40 as a mystery woman and she is called "Babylon".
04:43 Babylon is the name of the woman in Revelation 17.
04:48 She's also mentioned in chapter 18.
04:50 In many different places of the Book of Revelation
04:53 Babylon is mentioned.
04:54 Now it's significant and this is where I want to go with this.
04:57 that when you read the Bible, there was a Babylon
05:00 in the Old Testament, that really forms the rude system
05:04 of Babylon in the Book of Revelation.
05:06 Almost all of Revelation is rooted somewhere else
05:10 in the Bible.
05:11 The apocalyptic Babylon is rooted in ancient Babylon
05:16 and if you go back to ancient Babylon and read about her
05:19 about this city, this nation, this country, this woman,
05:23 you'll find that she was permeated with occultism.
05:28 Go to Daniel, chapter 2 and take a look at this.
05:31 Daniel, chapter 2, which will come back to again
05:34 in another program, when we deal with the dream
05:37 of king Nebuchadnezzar and how the sorcerers,
05:40 and the astrologers and the magicians,
05:43 they were clueless about the interpretation of that dream.
05:47 In Daniel, chapter 2, verse 2, it talks about...
05:52 Verse 1 talks about the king of Babylon dreaming a dream
05:54 and then he wakes up and he can't figure out his dream
05:56 - Nebuchadnezzar. - Right, Nebuchadnezzar.
05:58 And then in verse 2 it says:
06:00 [text on the screen]
06:08 Now this is the king of Babylon and within the king's inner
06:12 circle of advisers are magicians, astrologers
06:15 and sorcerers. And when we read in the Book of Revelation
06:18 that there is another woman called "Babylon",
06:20 it doesn't make sense that if ancient Babylon was full
06:24 of magic and astrology and sorcery that the Babylon
06:27 in the book of Revelation, modern Babylon,
06:29 mystery Babylon, that eventually deceives the whole world
06:32 will also have occultism as part of her deceptive snares.
06:38 It doesn't make that perfect sense.
06:39 Sure.
06:41 That's the root system.
06:42 That's the root of the Revelation's prophecy.
06:44 - In Daniel, chapter 2. - That's right.
06:45 That's a part of it. There's obviously much more than that.
06:48 I see. So, in the mystical Babylon, as people say
06:52 in Revelation, there is ties to literal Babylon,
06:55 and one of those ties in Daniel, chapter 2
06:57 is that within the inner sanctum of these individuals,
07:00 like the king of Babylon, the first person that he went
07:02 to the council was the magicians, the sorcerers.
07:05 That's right. It's just like in Egypt, we read about it
07:06 in the book of Exodus.
07:08 Pharaoh's wise men included magicians who counteracted
07:11 the work of Moses. In the Book of Daniel,
07:13 Nebuchadnezzar's wise men were the magicians.
07:16 And then we go to the Book of Revelation.
07:18 Revelation warns about a global Babylon
07:20 that is going to be deceiving the world.
07:22 Now, here's another passage. Go to Isaiah, 47:9.
07:28 Isaiah, 47:9.
07:31 This is talking about the fall of ancient Babylon.
07:34 and what was going to come upon this ancient city
07:37 because of her sins. Verse 9 says:
07:40 [text on the screen]
07:47 And here's the reason.
07:48 [text on the screen]
07:56 So again, it says that Babylon would be...
07:59 she would fall, she would be eaten away from the inside,
08:02 because of her sorcerers and her sorceries
08:05 and her enchantments. So when we read in Revelation
08:08 about another woman Babylon, it just makes sense.
08:11 - Same characteristics. - That's right.
08:13 And a lot of people just haven't made the connection.
08:17 But as we see the growth of witchcraft,
08:20 the growth of the occult, the growth of paganism,
08:22 the growth of people that are getting into magic
08:24 today, we need to look at what's happening in our society
08:28 through the eyes of Revelation and see that this revival
08:32 of ancient occultism is really part of prophecy
08:36 and it's warned about in the Book of Revelation.
08:39 That's part of what we're seeing.
08:41 I see. It says in Revelation chapter 18, I noticed,
08:44 that it says that she's full of this key word, "abominations".
08:48 Now, how's does the Bible define abominations?
08:52 Good point. Thank you for asking.
08:54 Alright, let's go back again to the Old Testament
08:56 and let's look at Deuteronomy, chapter 18.
08:57 Deuteronomy, 18. Let me also mention that
09:01 if you do some research, some homework
09:04 about modern occultism, you can definitely trace
09:09 a lot of the roots, a lot of the rituals,
09:12 a lot of the practices, a lot of the activities
09:14 that are going on, you can trace them
09:16 back to literal Babylon.
09:17 There is books that have been written about this,
09:19 showing the connection between Babylon and sorcery,
09:23 Babylon and magic and again this is what prophecy
09:26 is predicting. Now, if you go back to Deuteronomy, 18
09:32 we read in Revelation, 17 that this woman has
09:35 a golden cup and inside that cup are abominations.
09:39 We also read in chapter 17, verse 5. It says that
09:42 upon her forehead was the name written
09:44 "Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots"
09:46 "and abominations of the earth".
09:48 That word, "abomination" is used many times.
09:51 Now let's go back to Deuteronomy, 18.
09:53 Let's look at that word and let's define what God
09:56 says are abominations in verse 9.
09:59 Deuteronomy 18:9.
10:01 [text on the screen]
10:02 And this was God's warning to the people of Israel
10:04 right before they got into the land,
10:06 into the promised land. He said:
10:08 [text on the screen]
10:14 That's the key word, "abomination"
10:15 That's right. Here it is and God said when
10:16 you get there don't learn to do what they're doing.
10:20 Now, what were they doing? Verse 10 says
10:22 [text on the screen]
10:27 That was a pagan practice that was a terrible thing.
10:30 They would take their kids and they would put them
10:33 through fire and if they survived, they thought
10:36 this was a sign of the favor of the gods and if they got
10:39 burned up, well, that was an offering to the gods.
10:42 I can't imagine taking my son, putting him in fire.
10:45 I would never do that. But they did it and God said
10:48 "Don't do it!".
10:49 This is a terrible thing, it's an abomination.
10:51 And then He goes on and He lists also "or someone"
10:54 "who uses divination." This is the practice of
10:57 trying to divine the future and see the future.
11:00 A lot of people are doing this today.
11:01 And then it says "or an observer of times",
11:04 that's astrology as you're walking through a Wal-Mart.
11:07 As you're going to the cash register, a lot of times
11:10 you'll have horoscope books right there, yahoo,
11:13 go on the Internet, I mean it's just horoscope astrology,
11:19 people looking at the stars, trying to figure out
11:20 their futures. That was one of the things that God
11:23 said was an abomination in Deuteronomy 18.
11:26 "An observer of time", it says, "or an enchanter or a witch."
11:32 someone who practices witchcraft.
11:34 Verse 11 says
11:36 [text on the screen]
11:39 We'll talk more about that. Familiar spirits are spirits
11:41 that are connected to mediums, spirits that many times look
11:45 familiar, look like someone that's died, talk familiar,
11:48 act familiar, no things that apparently only a dead person
11:52 can know, but they're really not the dead.
11:54 They are familiar spirits which really means
11:57 they are demons in disguise. And then it says "or a wizard",
12:01 like Harry Potter. Harry is a wizard.
12:04 It's a young teenage wizard boy who goes to
12:08 "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry".
12:10 We've got a whole program we're going to be talking
12:11 about that, but here in this passage, the Bible says
12:15 that being a wizard and a witch, these things are things
12:18 that God does not want his people to be involved in.
12:21 As you keep reading, it says "or an necromancer",
12:25 which means someone who talks to the dead,
12:27 Verse 12 says
12:28 [text on the screen]
12:38 Verse 13 says: "You shall be perfect with the Lord your God."
12:42 And so, this is probably the most comprehensive passage
12:46 anywhere in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation,
12:49 that lists what we could call "occult practices",
12:52 that God says "Stay away from them! Don't learn them!"
12:56 "When you get into the land", when he told the Israelites
12:58 before they got into the promised land,
12:59 He said "stay away from them, because these things,"
13:02 "they're dangerous." Now, God warns us about
13:05 these things, not because He's mean or harsh or cruel
13:10 or just an inherently intolerant being up in the sky,
13:16 it's because He sees behind the scenes and He knows
13:19 that these things are dangerous.
13:21 They're dangerous, there's no way around it,
13:24 they are gateways to the supernatural world
13:27 and in that supernatural world there are evil spirits,
13:30 there are evil angels, there are demons who impersonate
13:33 the dead, who impersonate gods and goddesses,
13:37 and who are out there, trying to dupe and deceive
13:40 and destroy human beings. And because God is
13:43 a heavenly lover, because He cares about us,
13:46 just like I care for my wife and I care for my son,
13:49 and we get married, David, you'll have the same experience.
13:51 We are talking about that at lunch.
13:54 - Sure. - One of these days...
13:55 - Nor willing. - That's right.
13:56 One of these days, your day will come and when you
13:58 have a family, you're going to love your family
14:01 and you're going to want what's best for them.
14:03 And God loves his people, He loves you, He loves me
14:06 and that's why He tells us in this passage
14:08 "Stay away from these things!" They are abominations.
14:12 If you look up the word "abomination"
14:14 in a dictionary, a Bible dictionary or a Webster's
14:17 dictionary, you'll read things like these are
14:19 "things that are detestable, that are abhorrent,"
14:22 "that are utterly wicked" and that we should just
14:26 absolutely, 100%, categorically, unquestionably,
14:30 stay away from. I think it's very significant.
14:33 that this list tells us what these abominations are.
14:37 And then, we you go to Revelation, it tells us
14:40 that this woman, Babylon, this mystery woman
14:42 has a cup full of abominations and she's also called
14:46 "the mother of harlots, the abominations of the earth".
14:49 That's also interesting when it says "of the earth".
14:52 A lot of the pagan religions today, they're earth-centered.
14:57 They try to connect with the earth, they try to connect
15:01 with the trees and the rocks and the moon,
15:03 they have a practice called "drawing down the moon",
15:05 in witchcraft, where they try to connect with the energies
15:08 of the moon. They are earth-centered religions.
15:11 and that religion goes all the way back into
15:14 ancient Bible days. And God said "Don't do it,"
15:18 "because the rock isn't your maker,"
15:21 "the tree didn't make you." There is no inherent power
15:25 in the sun or the moon, the power is in the maker
15:28 of heaven and earth.
15:29 And God is very distinct from his creation in the Bible.
15:32 A lot of these religions, they're earth-centered.
15:35 I was on a radio show once and a woman called in
15:38 and she said "I'm a Wiccan and you don't understand us."
15:41 She said "We don't believe in the Devil, we don't worship
15:43 the Devil". And I told her "I know that."
15:45 I've done enough of my homework to know that witches
15:47 don't even believe in Satan. They think that Satan
15:50 is just a Christian concept. And then she said
15:52 "I'm just a tree-hugger." That was her expression.
15:55 - "I'm just a tree-hugger." - Living on the earth.
15:56 Right. I love the earth and I think it's important for us
16:01 to respect the earth and to take care of it, but we need
16:05 to realize that the earth comes from God,
16:06 the earth is not God. A friend of mine had
16:09 a poster in his house. I saw one time and it had
16:12 a picture, a beautiful picture with sunset.
16:13 And the word said "Here are two fundamental facts"
16:17 "of human enlightenment. Number 1, there is a God"
16:20 "Number 2, you are not Him." You are not that God.
16:23 That's one of the errors of the occult, the errors
16:28 of witchcraft, the errors of paganism,
16:30 the errors of the broadened new age movement
16:33 is that they worship as Romans 1:27 says
16:36 "the creature instead of the creator".
16:40 That's right and when we tie in the prophecy,
16:42 again, Revelation 17 warns about Babylon and she's
16:48 full of abominations and here are the abominations.
16:52 I'm sure there is other abominations, but here are
16:55 a lot of them: "divination", "witchcraft", "familiar spirits"
16:58 practicing, being a wizard, this kind of things.
17:03 And these are the things that are happening all around us.
17:06 I just find it fascinating that in the Book of Revelation
17:09 which is dealing with us right before the second
17:13 coming of Jesus, it seems like this a warning to us,
17:15 telling us "listen, there is going to a world wide"
17:18 "global infatuation with sorcery, with witchcraft."
17:22 And my question is what is the agenda behind this.
17:26 What is driving the spirits to get this into society.
17:31 That's right. We have a whole meeting on that coming up.
17:34 It's part of the series on "Magic and Ghosts and the Bible"
17:37 Revelation 16:14 talks about the spirits of devils,
17:41 that are working behind the scenes,
17:44 that are moving the planet toward the battle of Armageddon.
17:47 Now, let's look up a few more verses.
17:49 Our time is going fast. Revelation 18:23.
17:52 18:23 is also talking about this woman, Babylon.
17:57 and it reveals that she's a magical woman,
18:01 you might say she's a sorceress.
18:03 She's not just a harlot, but she's a sorceress.
18:06 In Revelation 18:23, it says "by your sorceries,"
18:11 "were all the nations deceived." Right, through her sorceries,
18:16 through her magic, through her occultism.
18:18 So again Revelation 17, we have a woman named Babylon.
18:22 You go back to ancient Babylon, Daniel 2, Isaiah 47:9,
18:26 it was full of occultism. Revelation 17 talks about
18:30 a woman with a golden cup full of abominations.
18:32 You go back to Deuteronomy 18, it lists these abominations,
18:36 These are occult abominations, witchcraft and sorcery
18:39 and divination and astrology and this kind of things.
18:43 You go back to Revelation, it says that through
18:45 her sorceries, through her magic she deceives all nations.
18:49 So there is an occult connection. That's my point.
18:54 In Bible prophecy warning that this is going to be
18:57 affecting how many people? It says
18:59 "by your sorceries were all the nations deceived".
19:02 Now, this prophecy has many faces.
19:05 There's many deception to Babylon.
19:07 Babylon is multifaceted combination of false religion,
19:11 but occultism is definitely part of that combination.
19:17 I can prove this easily. I think I've already done it.
19:20 But let's take a look at a couple more verses.
19:23 Let's go to Revelation 21 and look at verse 8.
19:26 This is a solemn verse, especially in the light
19:31 of what's happening around us, you know.
19:32 I just think about the parents. I think about the kids.
19:34 I got an email recently from a woman that said that
19:36 she's in northern California, she said that "the area that"
19:40 "I live in, is full of Wicca and paganism."
19:43 And she said the influence of TV programs
19:45 dealing with the occult, she said, children's programming
19:49 it's all around us and it's been guiling our kids
19:51 and she said "someone needs to sound the warning".
19:54 And that's what we're trying to do,
19:56 is sound the warning from the Bible.
19:58 Now, take a look at this. Revelation 21:8.
20:01 This is talking about the kinds of people that eventually
20:04 end up in the lake of fire. The Scripture says
20:07 [text on the screen]
20:10 the sexually immoral and then what's that next group?
20:14 - It is the sorcerers. - And the sorcerers, right.
20:17 [text on the screen]
20:25 - That's pretty solemn. - It is.
20:26 - It is a very solemn text. - Very solemn.
20:27 When I look at this and I read this verse,
20:29 I read what it says about the future and about the lake
20:32 of fire, I certain believe there will be a real lake
20:35 of fire. That's what the Bible says
20:36 and it says that sorcerers, that's one of the categories
20:39 of real people that end up in that fire.
20:42 And what's happening today is sorcery is being made up
20:46 to be fun. It's being made up to be cool, exciting, safe,
20:51 friendly, earth-centered natural, wholesome,
20:55 you can practice white magic, you can cast spells,
20:58 you can improve your life, you can improve
21:00 your love life, your finances, your relationships
21:03 There's a whole long list of spells that are available
21:06 right there and these things, according to my Bible,
21:09 are gateways to the demonic.
21:12 It's not the power of nature that people are taping into.
21:15 That's what they think, but that's an illusion, David,
21:18 it's an illusion, it's really the powers of the enemy.
21:22 Revelation 16:14 again says that these are the spirits
21:26 of devils that work miracles. There is real power
21:29 in the supernatural world, in occultism
21:32 and Revelation warns us that those that practice these things
21:35 are heading toward the lake of fire.
21:37 Because it's definitely not presented this way
21:39 It's presented like you said as something that is just...
21:41 they call it "white magic" and it's something that is not dark
21:45 and it's friendly, it's something that since
21:48 your people get involved with, but the Bible is very clear
21:51 it says these individuals will experience what we call
21:54 "the second death" and that's is a solemn warning
21:56 in the Book of Revelation.
21:57 Here's another statement from an article that
22:00 appeared in "World Magazine" called "Season of the witch".
22:02 It said "Followers of Wicca are working hard to erase"
22:05 "negative stereotypes of witches and are finding"
22:08 "extraordinary success." I'm not saying these people
22:11 are evil people. Many of them are just searching for
22:14 spiritual power, for guidance and it's sad, but sometimes
22:17 they haven't found it in the Christian church,
22:18 so they're going off to alternative religions,
22:21 looking for something that they haven't found
22:23 within Christianity. And that's an indictment against
22:28 the church. The church needs the power of God,
22:29 the church needs the Holy Spirit, the church needs
22:31 something to give to these people who are searching
22:34 for power. And what we have to give them is Jesus,
22:37 and Bible truth and something solid and something safe,
22:40 something that won't hurt them and that won't suck them
22:43 into the darkness. Here's one more passage, David,
22:46 in Revelation 22, verses 14 and 15 talk about those
22:52 that go in the city and those that are left out of the city.
22:55 The city is New Jerusalem.
22:57 The city is New Jerusalem, right.
22:58 Revelation describes a glorious beautiful city,
23:01 the New Jerusalem, which is the home of all God's people.
23:04 who overcome through the blood of the lamb
23:06 and who make it into the kingdom.
23:08 And verse 15 says outside the city are dogs,
23:12 which doesn't refer to your pet, it's talking about the kind
23:15 of people, the kind of person that has no interest
23:17 in Bible truth. Dogs and then it says "sorcerers".
23:21 "and whoremongers and murderers and idolaters and whoever"
23:24 "loves and makes a lie." So again just like in Revelation
23:28 22:8, sorcerers are listed as a category of people
23:32 in the Bible prophecy that end up in the lake of fire.
23:36 And I'm just thoroughly convinced from all of
23:38 my research in God's word and history and in various books
23:41 that we are seeing a revival of Babylonian occultism
23:46 all around us, a Renaissance a revival
23:48 and it is extremely dangerous. It looks friendly, it looks fun,
23:53 it looks cool, magic looks exciting,
23:55 witches have a new face and they're representing
23:59 their religion as something positive and they believe that
24:02 and they're sincere about that.
24:03 The problem isn't their sincerity. The problem is
24:07 the powers of evil working behind the scenes
24:10 to deceive them and to ultimately bring them into
24:14 the lake of fire. That is the solemn reality of Bible
24:18 prophecy and what we're seeing around us.
24:20 So, as a recap, we've seen that mystic Babylon
24:23 has ties to ancient Babylon and one of those ties
24:26 is the sorcery and the Bible explicitly says in the Book
24:29 of Deuteronomy that it is full of abominations,
24:32 which one of it is witchcraft and sorcery and there is
24:35 a solemn warning in the Book of Revelation saying that
24:37 to anyone that practices sorcery, it is not an innocuous
24:41 activity, it is something God takes very seriously.
24:44 Now, I just have a question. What about for those individuals
24:46 that perhaps have dabbled in the occult, in witchcraft,
24:52 what kind of hope does the Bible present for them?
24:55 Are they unequivocally, universally lost because
24:57 they've been engaged in these activities?
24:59 No. Perfect question. Not only does Revelation 22
25:02 list these groups that are going into the lake of fire,
25:05 but it finishes with an appeal in chapter 22, verse 17,
25:09 right after that. The Bible says:
25:11 "And the Spirit and the bride say, Come."
25:13 "And let him who hears these things, let him come"
25:17 "And let him who is at thirst, let him come."
25:19 "And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."
25:24 The water of life is God's water, it's the water of
25:26 the Holy Spirit, it's the water of truth and ultimately
25:29 it's the water of the good news of the grace and the love
25:32 and the mercy and the power of Jesus Christ.
25:34 At the very end of the Bible, the last verse, verse 21
25:38 says "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all."
25:43 "Amen." And so God, he points out the dangers of the woman,
25:48 the false woman and her abominations and her sorceries
25:51 and her deceptions and there is a lot of deceptions,
25:54 we're just dealing with a sliver, but it's a big sliver
25:57 and then, as an alternative, God says "Come to me!"
26:00 The Holy Spirits says "Come to me!"
26:02 Jesus says "whoever will", "If you're willing,"
26:04 "I want to offer you the water of life freely"
26:08 "I want to offer you the grace of God, the forgiveness"
26:11 "of God, the love of God, the mercy of God."
26:14 And all of that really is centered in one place,
26:17 which is in the cross, the cross of Jesus Christ,
26:20 who stretched down his hands, was lifted up on a cross,
26:23 was nailed to a tree, because of incredible infinite
26:28 incomprehensible love for you and me.
26:31 And all the witchcraft and sorcery and abominations
26:34 of this world, they all went into his head,
26:37 they went into his heart, they went into his soul,
26:39 and it was willing to pay the full price.
26:41 So, if you're into these things, God wants to get you out.
26:44 They're abominations. If you're a parent,
26:46 I want to encourage you and warn you:
26:49 Parents, watch your kids! Don't let them get sucked in
26:52 to these things! Be careful of what's in Hollywood!
26:54 Be careful of these glowing representations
26:57 of a friendly religion that they can have spiritual power
27:02 by practicing magic. It's a delusion, it's a deception.
27:06 It's part of Babylon. It's predicted in Revelation.
27:08 God says "Don't do it!. It's an abomination."
27:11 "Come out of it! Don't go down with it!"
27:13 "Don't end up in the lake of fire!"
27:14 End up in the New Jerusalem, which is a much better place
27:18 than the lake of fire. It's a perfect place
27:20 and God wants you to be there. And He wants me to be there.
27:23 Just as 2+2=4 and I'm not intolerant for saying that
27:28 there is only one answer, 2+2=4. That's it.
27:31 So what we've told you is right from the Bible.
27:34 It's the truth and may God help us to understand it
27:37 and to respond to its message and to the love of Jesus Christ.
27:42 Well, thank you very much for sharing with us, Steve.
27:45 We've looked at the Book of Revelation today,
27:47 how mystic Babylon has ties to ancient Babylon,
27:50 and how in the last days there is going to be
27:52 a deception specifically dealing with the supernatural.
27:56 I'd like to invite you to not want to miss one
27:59 in this series of 13 that will be delving into.
28:02 Steve will be sharing from the Bible and unmasking
28:04 some of these deceptions that we...
28:07 I'd like to thank you for joining us today
28:08 and join us next time for another edition.


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