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The Holy Spirit Vs. Magicians

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Participants: David Shin and Steve Wohlberg


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00:15 I'd like to welcome you to Battles of Faith.
00:17 My name is David Shin and I'm here
00:18 with Steve Wohlberg,
00:20 that's the Director/Speaker
00:21 of White Horse Media based in Fresno,
00:22 California. He's the author of
00:24 several books and he's done extensive
00:26 research on this issue of the supernatural
00:28 from a biblical perspective.
00:30 I'd like to welcome you again
00:31 to our program here.
00:32 Thank you David, I'll shake your hand.
00:33 Yes, again and we've been delving
00:35 into some issues here, we've go into
00:37 the supernatural, now for those in our
00:39 viewing audience that have not seen
00:41 our previous programs lets set
00:42 the stage here. Why the supernatural?
00:44 Now there's been a fascination recently
00:46 in society delving into things like Wicca,
00:49 into magic, and so forth.
00:51 Why are we emphasizing this point at this time?
00:53 Because of that very reason.
00:55 Because our society is moving
00:57 towards the occult. The interest in magic
00:59 has reached unprecedented level.
01:02 There are teenagers all around the world
01:05 that are mixing potions, practicing magic,
01:07 joining covens, getting involved in witchcraft.
01:09 The Internet is just exploding with these
01:11 type of things, and because it's
01:12 happening all around us, we have chosen
01:14 to address it. The subtitle of our
01:16 series is called Magic Ghosts in the Bible
01:18 and we're looking at this from
01:19 the word of God, we are pointing
01:21 out the dangers that are all around us,
01:25 as we approach the close of time.
01:28 We're gonna show from the Bible
01:30 that this development has been predicted.
01:32 It's been predicted in many different places,
01:35 and so we're trying to equip you with
01:38 an understanding, with a biblical knowledge
01:40 and we're also trying to help you to just
01:42 become more aware of what's going on
01:44 and hopefully to be able to talk intelligently
01:47 to people that are into this movement.
01:49 I've had a lot of conversations,
01:51 I've received emails from people
01:53 that have family members that have
01:55 chosen to get involved in Wicca
01:56 and witchcraft and dabbling in the
01:58 occult and they, and they say
01:59 what do I do? You know how do I
02:00 relate to these people? And so,
02:03 we're talking about it, we want you to
02:06 respect other people and love them
02:08 and recognize that they have freedom
02:11 in this country and really, anywhere,
02:13 even if their governments don't allow them,
02:15 God gives people freedom
02:16 to make decisions, but hopefully we will
02:19 be enlightened so that we'll make the right
02:20 decisions and we'll do what's best for us
02:22 and that's what this series of Battles
02:25 of Faith is all about. It's enlightenment,
02:27 it's about warning, it's about power,
02:30 it's about God's power and ultimately
02:32 it's about His love and His ability
02:34 to change a human life.
02:36 Now, before we go to our biblical text,
02:39 I just have one question about your
02:41 White Horse Media, now, we've talked
02:43 about a lot, sure. Why the White Horse?
02:44 I'm just curious, I got to ask.
02:46 Yes, I've got my White Horse Media showed on
02:49 White Horse Media, we picked our name,
02:50 we're based in Fresno, California,
02:52 we picked the name, because of Revelation
02:53 chapter 19, it describes Jesus coming on
02:56 a white horse, and white represents
02:58 his purity and his righteousness and
03:00 we've just been inspired by that biblical
03:02 imagery and we want to help people to
03:05 prepare for the big day, okay for His return.
03:07 That's why we've chosen that name,
03:09 White Horse Media, okay. We communicate
03:11 through media, through TV, through the
03:12 internet and through radio and that's
03:14 what we're all about.
03:15 And one of the thrusts of White Horse Media,
03:18 I'm assuming is the supernatural,
03:20 because that is going to be a key player at
03:22 at the end of time, righ tbefore Jesus comes.
03:24 Yes, it is a key player. We mentioned
03:26 this previously. Here's an article,
03:29 from Religion Link, which is for reporters
03:32 to discuss trends in our society and to
03:34 help them to deal with them what's
03:35 happening and it says here,
03:36 throughout the country, Wiccans,
03:38 who are people that practice witchcraft,
03:40 are organizing congregations
03:42 and youth groups, they're training clergy,
03:44 they are pursuing charity work,
03:46 they are sharing pagan parenting tips
03:49 and fighting for their civil rights.
03:52 It says experts agree that Wicca is growing
03:54 from small towns to big cities to military bases.
03:57 And so its something we need to talk about.
04:00 I have something interesting here, David.
04:01 Somebody gave this to me, not too long ago.
04:04 This is a bulletin from a Protestant,
04:06 it says Protestant Chapel.
04:07 Just like when Christians go to church,
04:09 they get the church bulletin.
04:11 Well, this is a bulletin from a chapel
04:13 in San Luis Obispo, its inside a prison
04:17 and someone handed this to me
04:19 and it mentions various things that
04:20 happens during the church service,
04:22 such as the reading of the Bible in
04:23 Isaiah 45 and then it mentions the Wiccan
04:27 elemental blessing. So, what they've done
04:29 is that they've incorporated witchcraft
04:31 into a Protestant church service,
04:34 in a chapel, in a prison and this is typical.
04:37 And so, anyway, we're dealing with
04:39 something that's happening all around us.
04:41 We've previously talked about the book
04:43 of Exodus and how the battle in Moses'
04:46 day was God against the magicians.
04:48 The magicians were there, they represented
04:50 Pharaoh, and they did their miracles
04:52 too and they were real miracles,
04:54 but as time were on there eventually,
04:56 they were defeated by
04:57 the superior power of God.
05:00 And now we're gonna go to another
05:02 biblical book, to show that the
05:03 battle continues. It's not just in
05:04 the book of Exodus, it's in many different
05:06 places and we'll see it in the book of Acts.
05:09 So, we've basically gone through history,
05:11 we've seen that it's not only something
05:13 in the 21st century, it goes all the way
05:15 back to the book of Exodus,
05:16 with Moses and magicians
05:17 and we're going to see, that's
05:18 right. Not only Old Testament,
05:19 but New Testament references that
05:21 the battle goes on, it transcends time,
05:23 it transcends even space and people.
05:25 So, there's elements behind these
05:28 individuals that are playing and
05:30 jockeying for the power. That's right,
05:31 that's right and as we will see later
05:34 in the book of Revelation that the
05:36 battle will climax at the end.
05:38 And I believe we're at the end,
05:41 we're right at the edge and the forces
05:43 are at work all around us and very powerfully
05:46 and we need to understand this
05:47 and learn and get some biblical light
05:51 on this struggle that we're in.
05:53 So, let's go to the book of Acts, David.
05:55 We're going to look at the battle between
05:58 the Holy Spirit and the magicians
06:00 in the book of Acts. That's our focus,
06:03 in Acts chapter 1 verse 8.
06:06 It talks about how right before the Holy
06:08 Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost
06:09 Jesus promised his disciples.
06:11 He said, But ye shall receive power,
06:13 after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:
06:16 and you will be witnesses to me
06:18 both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea,
06:20 and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost
06:21 part of the earth. So, here David,
06:24 Jesus Christ promised that power would
06:27 come to his disciples. And it's a real power.
06:30 It is the power of the Holy Spirit.
06:33 And we can feel that power even as
06:35 we're here, conducting this seminar,
06:39 this series for you. God's power
06:42 is with us. Jesus promised that
06:43 power would be with His people.
06:45 In Acts chapter 2, the power came on
06:49 the day of Pentecost, it says when the day
06:50 of Pentecost was fully come,
06:52 his disciples were together and in verse 2
06:54 it says suddenly there came a sound from
06:55 heaven as of a rushing mighty wind
06:58 and verse 4 says they were all filled
07:00 with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit
07:03 came down like fire on the disciples.
07:06 They had a supernatural influence
07:09 that entered their lives and then they
07:11 began to fan out and then they began
07:13 to preach the gospel, the good news
07:16 of Jesus Christ into the Roman world.
07:20 So, we be seeing the book of Acts that
07:22 they ought to wait for the Holy Spirit,
07:24 which is the power and basically the whole
07:27 book of Acts flows from this manifestation
07:29 of power. They didn't a phenomenal
07:32 feat of taking the gospel to the entire
07:34 world in one generation and so,
07:36 you see the Holy Spirit is the power that
07:38 is driving this movement
07:40 of the Christian faith, am I correct?
07:41 That's right Christianity exploded in the
07:44 first century because of power,
07:45 spiritual power, and the power of
07:46 the Holy Spirit. Now, this is what we want
07:48 to focus on. As you go on in
07:50 the book of Acts, you discover that
07:55 there is a counter power that fights
07:56 against the advancing power of the gospel
07:58 and the Holy Spirit and that is the
07:59 power of sorcery, the power of magic,
08:02 the power of the occult. And that's what we
08:04 wanna take a look at. So, let's take a
08:05 look at Acts, chapter 8. Many Christians haven't
08:08 seen this and I imagine that those that are
08:11 involved in witchcraft haven't seen this
08:13 either and if you are dabbling in that arena,
08:16 we encourage you just take a look at and
08:19 hopefully your eyes will be opened
08:21 and you won't just tune us out and
08:24 turn us off, but that your
08:25 heart will tune in. Acts, chapter 8,
08:29 that's right as the gospel was spreading
08:31 in Samaria, Peter was preaching
08:34 through the power of the Holy Spirit.
08:35 Verse 4 says they were preaching the Word
08:38 and in verse 9 it says, there was a certain man.
08:40 His name was Simon and before time
08:43 in the same city, which is the city
08:44 of Samaria, what did he use?
08:46 What was he practicing? Sorcery,
08:47 he used sorcery. That's right
08:49 he was a sorcery and it says he
08:50 bewitched the people of Samaria,
08:53 giving out that he himself was
08:54 some great one. Verse 10 says,
08:56 To whom they all gave heed,
08:57 from the least to the greatest,
08:58 and they said, this man is the great
09:00 power of God. They said God's power
09:03 was working through this man now,
09:05 was it really God's power?
09:06 But, there was power and that's the point,
09:09 there was power. Verse 11 says to him
09:11 they had regard, because that of a
09:12 long time he had bewitched them
09:14 with their sorceries. Right,
09:16 sorcery and witchcraft has been
09:18 around for a long time.
09:20 It's not something new.
09:21 That's right, it's not something new.
09:23 Well, as you keep reading,
09:25 Philip was preaching the gospel in Samaria
09:28 and this man apparently was really
09:30 a surface confession; he accepted the Word
09:33 of God and he confessed Christ
09:35 and he was baptized. In verse 13,
09:37 it says, Simon believed and he was baptized.
09:41 Well, after that, as word spread to the
09:44 Christian headquarters, the Jewish Christian
09:45 headquarters in Jerusalem of what was
09:47 happening in Samaria, they sent some people
09:49 down there to work with some new believers,
09:52 including Peter and John, in verse 14. So,
09:55 they went down to Samaria.
09:56 And verse 17 says, they laid hands
09:58 upon different people and they also
10:01 received the Holy Spirit. Now, verse 18 says
10:04 that Simon saw this. He was observing this
10:06 phenomenon of spiritual power coming to
10:10 the people that were receiving Christ
10:12 and then it says that he saw this
10:14 and so he offered them money.
10:16 He said, here's some money,
10:18 he said, give me that power.
10:20 Look at verse 19 He said give me
10:22 also this power that on whomsoever I
10:25 lay hands that he may also
10:27 receive the Holy Ghost.
10:29 So, Simon comes up, He's a baptized "Christian,"
10:32 to this point and he sees Peter,
10:34 John laying hands on individuals he sees
10:36 the power there and he says
10:38 I want that power. I want to buy this power.
10:41 That's right, and what was the
10:42 response by Peter and John?
10:43 That's right yeah well, we'll take a
10:45 look at that, but first I want to stress that.
10:48 Number 1 that in this world of sin
10:52 that we're in, we all need spiritual power.
10:56 It's not wrong to search for power in itself.
10:59 We need power to cope with life,
11:01 to cope with the stresses of the world,
11:03 to overcome problems, to deal with all
11:05 the things that come at us every day
11:07 and the appeal of witchcraft,
11:10 really you know why is it growing so much?
11:12 Why are so many people getting into this?
11:14 It's because of the promise of power.
11:16 In this article that I've read earlier,
11:18 it says here, The promise of power
11:20 and control drives Wicca to its
11:22 current popularity. People are looking
11:25 for power. There's rumors,
11:27 there's books out there, there's movies,
11:28 there's TV shows, a lot of books that just
11:31 promote power as the appeal of witchcraft God.
11:35 There is one of them that is called
11:36 Power of the Witch and this is just a
11:38 sample of a lot of books showing that
11:40 witchcraft appeals to people from that angle.
11:45 There is one specifically called Spells Teen
11:47 Witch that shows that kids can get
11:50 their power through magic and this is just,
11:53 again, a sample. I'm not promoting these books,
11:55 but if they're very accessible out
11:58 there and it's very easy to demonstrate
12:01 that one of the main reasons
12:02 why people are getting into this
12:04 is because they're searching for power.
12:06 So, you're saying that the motivation
12:08 even as exemplified with Simon
12:10 saying I want that power is a driving
12:12 force even today, that's right with the
12:14 manifestations and the fascination
12:16 and the supernatural. That's right
12:17 I want that power, that's exactly what he
12:19 said and people do want power.
12:21 The problem David is that people don't
12:23 realize the nature of the power that
12:26 they're opening their hearts up to.
12:28 When they open up their hearts to the occult,
12:30 and to the witchcraft and to spells
12:32 and potions and magic, trying to get power
12:35 to improve their lives, they don't realize that
12:38 the powers that they are getting are really
12:41 the powers of darkness and that's what
12:43 the Bible tells us, that's what the
12:45 Bible reveals. Let's keep reading
12:46 what Simon said, I want power.
12:48 In verse 20 Peter said to him,
12:50 your money perish with you,
12:52 because you thought you could buy
12:54 the gift of God with money.
12:56 And then in verse 22, he said Repent
12:58 therefore of this your wickedness
13:00 and pray to God that, perhaps your heart
13:04 may be forgiven because of your sin.
13:06 In verse 23, he said, Peter said I perceive
13:09 that you are in the gall of bitterness
13:10 and in the bond of iniquity.
13:12 It's amazing that the occult of the Wicca
13:14 movement is offering people freedom,
13:17 but in this passage, Peter said that this
13:21 man who was Sin the sorcery,
13:22 who was bewitching people who wanted power,
13:24 he was really in bondage, he was in the bondage
13:26 of iniquity. And that's what sin does,
13:28 sin controls a person, sin binds them and they
13:31 offer freedom, but they don't really have,
13:34 they don't have true freedom,
13:37 because their lives eventually become
13:38 controlled by another power that moves
13:41 them even against their will.
13:43 Now, there's another chapter
13:45 that I want to look at. We're just gonna walk
13:46 through the book of Acts and illustrate
13:48 that's we talked about this before,
13:50 that the battle in Exodus was God
13:52 against the magicians, in the book of Acts,
13:54 as the Holy Spirit is moving out into
13:57 the Roman world, the battle is continuing
14:00 and eventually we'll get to the Book
14:01 of Revelation. If you look at Acts 13,
14:03 we have another contest, another conflict and
14:08 this time there was a sorcerer
14:11 and his name was, verse 8 says
14:12 Elymas the sorcerer. What was happening
14:14 was Paul was traveling on
14:16 the island of Cyprus and they were preaching
14:18 the word of God and there was a deputy
14:20 of that island that was very interested
14:22 in what Paul was preaching.
14:23 He wanted to hear the gospel.
14:25 He wanted to know about Jesus.
14:26 In verse 7 it mentions him He was the deputy
14:29 of the country, Sergius Paulus
14:32 and he desired to hear the word of God.
14:34 And then verse 8 says, But, Elymas the sorcerer,
14:38 for so is his name by interpretation,
14:40 he withstood them. Now look at this
14:42 you've got at the end of verse 7
14:44 a man who wants to hear the word of God.
14:47 And then in verse 8, you've got Elymas
14:48 the sorcerer, who is opposing them.
14:51 So, here's the battle, right?
14:54 Between the spreading of the word
14:55 of God through the power of the Holy Spirit
14:58 and a man who's practicing sorcery,
15:00 who says I'm going to stop this.
15:01 And he tried to influence the deputy
15:05 to it says at the end of verse 8,
15:06 He wanted to turn him away from the faith.
15:10 And that's the struggle that we're in.
15:12 These, you know people that are into
15:14 this they don't realize what they're doing
15:17 and many times they actually fight against,
15:20 against the word of God. Verse 9 says then Saul,
15:24 who also was called Paul,
15:25 filled with the Holy Ghost,
15:27 he set his eyes on this man,
15:29 this sorcerer and he said to him,
15:30 these are powerful words,
15:31 just straight forward words,
15:33 he said O full of all subtlety and
15:35 all mischief, you child of the devil,
15:38 you enemy of all righteousness,
15:41 will you not cease to pervert the right
15:44 ways of the Lord? Now, it's fascinating.
15:47 We're going to have a whole program on
15:48 this in the future, that those that are
15:50 into what's called the neo-pagan movement
15:53 or modern Wicca, modern witchcraft,
15:56 generally speaking, they don't believe
15:57 in the Devil. They don't think
15:59 there is a Devil. And in fact,
16:01 they use that as one of their major
16:06 arguments against the Christian concern
16:07 that there is something dangerous
16:09 about their movement. They say, hey,
16:10 wait a minute. You know we don't
16:11 even believe in Satan. Satan is just a
16:12 Christian concept. He's your creation,
16:17 not something we believe in.
16:18 And it's important for Christians to
16:19 understand that those that are in this
16:21 movement do not "consciously"
16:25 worship Satan. They're not Satan worshipers.
16:27 They don't drink blood. Very many of them,
16:29 some do, but not very many.
16:31 Most of them are nice people,
16:32 they may live right next door,
16:33 they may be your boss, your friend, your spouse,
16:35 your son or your daughter,
16:37 may be dabbling into this.
16:39 And they'll say: we don't believe in Satan.
16:42 But, the fact is there is a real Satan
16:45 and he works behind the scenes,
16:46 whether they believe in him or
16:48 whether they don't. And Paul,
16:50 in the book of Acts, chapter 13,
16:53 verse 10, he looked at this man,
16:55 who was involved in sorcery,
16:56 who is opposing the word of God
16:57 and he called him O full of subtlety,
17:00 full of mischief and a child of the devil.
17:02 He was an enemy of all righteousness,
17:04 so I don't think this person believed
17:08 that the devil was working through him,
17:10 but Paul had spiritual discernment.
17:13 And he recognized, he saw what was behind.
17:15 He saw what was behind the scene,
17:16 that's right. He saw the undercurrent,
17:18 he saw the spiritual force that was
17:20 there and that force, what's that,
17:23 was the force of Satan. And then he pronounced
17:25 a curse on him. And verse 10,
17:29 11 and 12 says that a darkness came
17:30 upon him and he couldn't see and that
17:32 darkness was a reflection of
17:34 the spiritual darkness that was in his life.
17:37 And the deputy said wow, you know this is amazing
17:41 and he turned his heart to God.
17:44 I just find it fascinating.
17:45 The battle was containing.
17:46 Yeah that the battle is in the New Testament,
17:48 you don't the Holy Spirit being poured
17:50 out and you see the sorcerers that are
17:52 opposing this spreading the word of the god.
17:53 But here you see where Paul pronounces
17:56 a curse upon him and you see that
17:57 there is a superiority here again of
18:00 the Holy Spirit's power over the sorcerer's
18:02 power in this context as well.
18:04 That's exactly right and it's important
18:05 for us to realize that God identifies,
18:13 with Elymas, he associates it with
18:15 the devil himself and with subtlety
18:17 and with the perversion of the right
18:19 ways of God. Now lets go to Acts chapter 19.
18:22 We've seen chapter 8, we've seen chapter 13,
18:25 the battle between God and the magicians,
18:27 the Holy Spirit magic is continuing
18:28 and here it is again in Acts, chapter 19,
18:31 the word of God was spreading in the city
18:36 of Ephesus and in verse 17 it says:
18:39 The name of the Lord Jesus was being magnified.
18:41 The Gospel was spreading in the city
18:44 of Ephesus and then it says in verse 18
18:47 that "many of them who believed,
18:49 they came, they confessed,
18:50 they showed their deeds. Many of them also
18:52 which used," the King James says curious arts.
18:57 Some other Bibles say magical arts.
18:59 Curious arts. They brought their
19:00 boks together, and they burned them
19:02 before all men and they counted the price
19:05 and they were very expensive.
19:06 And so here is a revival of the word
19:09 of God and of the preaching of Jesus Christ
19:11 and of the religion of God in this city.
19:15 And people are converted and they've
19:16 got their magic books. These are magic books.
19:19 They're magic books, right.
19:20 They're occult books. In the first century
19:22 they had their magic books.
19:23 I mean the magic books aren't just
19:24 out there today, They were back
19:25 there in their day. They didn't have
19:27 printing presses and the Internet,
19:28 so they weren't as popular and
19:29 as accessible, but they were there
19:33 and in the book of Acts, these people who
19:35 were converted, they got rid of them.
19:36 Those unawareness of the power behind
19:38 and they got rid of those books,
19:41 because they realized that those book
19:43 were dangerous. And look at verse 20,
19:45 it says so mightily grew the word of God
19:49 and it prevailed. Just like in Egypt,
19:52 when Aaron's serpents swallowed up
19:55 the magicians' serpents, God's words prevailed.
19:57 Same thing in the book of Acts.
19:59 God's word is prevailing and people
20:01 are giving up magic. So, we see it in Acts 8,
20:03 we see it in Acts 13, we see it in Acts 19.
20:06 The point is that the battle as
20:09 the Holy Spirit was falling and the gospel
20:11 spreading in the book of Acts,
20:13 the battle between God and the magicians
20:15 continue and we're going to see it in
20:17 the book of Revelation in a future program
20:20 and we see it right there. Now, let me mention
20:22 something else. And we've got a little
20:23 bit of time left in this program.
20:25 Go down to verse 27, this is very significant,
20:29 David. In verse 27, Acts, chapter 19:27,
20:32 as the word of God was growing in Ephesus,
20:34 he connects sorcery in Acts chapter 13
20:35 there was a group of people that were
20:37 makers of statues and they were concerned
20:40 that this was going to affect the sales
20:42 of their statues. And verse 27 says that
20:46 they said: not only this our craft is
20:48 in danger to be set at nought;
20:50 And also that the temple of the great
20:53 goddess Diana that it should be despised,
20:55 and her magnificence should e destroyed,
20:58 whom all Asia and the world worships.
21:02 Now look at this. This was talking
21:03 about Ephesians. They worship the great
21:05 goddess Diana and they said that she
21:08 was being worshiped all over the world.
21:10 It's no secret that the modern Wicca
21:13 movement is totally goddess centered.
21:16 The worship of a female deity,
21:19 the heavenly mother. There is just plenty
21:22 of quotes. If I can put my finger on one,
21:24 here it says. Here Wicca is a form
21:26 of neopaganism, a term used to
21:28 denote contemporary paganism as opposed
21:31 to ancient paganism. There are many
21:33 forms of Wicca, but most share a
21:34 worship of divine feminine
21:36 or the goddess and a reverence
21:38 for nature and its cycles.
21:40 And it says: Wicca is the largest
21:42 segment of neopaganism. Today, they're
21:45 worshiping the goddess and mother
21:47 earth and they're trying to get a
21:49 connection to the goddess.
21:51 I read an article some time ago.
21:52 It said what the goddess can't do for you?
21:54 That the goddess doesn't love you,
21:55 the goddess can't truly change your life,
21:58 the goddess can't forgive your sins.
21:59 I have a friend who was into witchcraft
22:02 and she got out and then she was
22:03 trying to get out, she saw some icon
22:06 appear on her computer screen,
22:08 supernaturally and then it exploded,
22:11 just not a physical explosion,
22:13 but exploded on her screen and the
22:15 message was, this is a message
22:17 from the goddess. Come home., goddess,
22:20 From the goddess come home.
22:21 So, the goddess was trying to
22:24 impress her. You know, don't leave me,
22:26 come back. And my friend, her name is Pam
22:29 eventually realized that the goddess was
22:31 really a demon. There is no heavenly
22:34 mother up there. It was a demon.
22:38 There was a spiritual power there that was
22:40 trying to control her and ultimately
22:42 destroy her life. And my point is
22:44 that goddess' worship is not new either.
22:47 It goes right back to the Bible days,
22:48 in Acts, chapter 19. Satan created
22:51 this Diana of the Ephesians,
22:53 the great goddess that it says
22:54 the whole world worships. And so,
22:56 what we're seeing today, the whole world is still
22:58 moving in that direction.
22:59 It's a revival of ancient occultism.
23:01 It's a revival of things that were practiced
23:03 a long time ago. And the goddess is not,
23:07 she is not real She is, it's a demon in disguise.
23:10 And the book of Acts describes the battle,
23:13 the conflict between the two sides and
23:17 it says ultimately that the word of God
23:19 prevailed and that is what we need.
23:21 We need the gospel, we need the power of God,
23:23 we need to realize that we're in a struggle
23:25 or conflict and its ultimately David,
23:28 a battle of power. There's one of the
23:29 verse that I want to look at in
23:30 the book of Acts. Chapter 26, verse 18.
23:36 26:18 this talks about the battle of
23:40 powers and that's what we see over
23:43 and over again in the book of Acts.
23:45 26:18, Jesus sent Paul out to preach
23:48 and he said, I'm sending Jesus told
23:51 Paul I'm sending you, to open their eyes,
23:54 to turn them from darkness to light,
23:55 and from the power of Satan to God,
23:59 that they may receive forgiveness of sins,
24:01 and inheritance among them who are
24:04 sanctified by faith in me.
24:05 The power of the Holy Spirit is
24:08 revealed in Scripture. The Bible reveals
24:10 the power of God, the power of
24:12 the Holy Spirit and the book of Acts
24:13 shows that battle of powers.
24:15 And we're in that battle today.
24:16 You're in that battle, I am in that battle,
24:18 we'll see later on in a future program
24:20 the battle between the flesh and the spirit
24:23 and we're in the middle of this.
24:24 It's not wrong to search for power.
24:27 We need power, but the important
24:29 thing is to tap into the right power,
24:32 the right one. The power of God that is safe,
24:35 that is pure, that is uplifting,
24:38 that wants what' best for us,
24:40 and not the power that is really connected us,
24:44 Peter said and Paul said, connected to the Devil.
24:47 That's full of mischief and all subtlety
24:49 and that perverts the right ways
24:51 of the Lord and that power that wants
24:53 to bring us down. In Ephesus,
24:55 they got rid of those books,
24:56 they burned their magic books.
25:00 I'm not going to tell people what to do,
25:02 sure but I don't have any interest
25:05 in those books. I may just mention in my
25:09 programs that people are reading these books,
25:11 you're not promoting. But I'm saying
25:12 these are not books for us to be reading.
25:14 This is the book that God wants us to read.
25:17 This power is a safe power,
25:20 the power of the Holy Spirit.
25:22 So, you're saying that what is driving
25:24 the Wiccan movement, what is driving the
25:26 supernatural into these or the movement
25:28 that phenomenon taking place is this
25:30 fascination with power and the book of Acts
25:33 is showing if you want power,
25:34 if you want the real power,
25:36 you want the safe power, it's the Holy Spirit
25:38 power that is able to deliver you
25:40 and give you truth and peace
25:41 and happiness in this life.
25:42 That's exactly right. In one of our previous
25:45 programs, I mentioned something
25:47 that the magicians finally confessed
25:49 in the book of Exodus, when the battle was
25:52 going on between God and them,
25:54 as the plagues were falling.
25:56 The magicians eventually ran
25:59 out of steam, they couldn't do
26:01 all the miracles that God was doing
26:03 through Moses and Aaron. In Exodus chapter 8,
26:08 verse 19 it says, the magicians
26:10 said to Pharaoh, this is the finger of God.
26:12 The finger of God. And David,
26:14 I've thought about that. The finger of God,
26:19 the finger of God is connected to a hand
26:22 and that hand has a hole in it.
26:25 And that hole is from a nail,
26:27 from a nail where Jesus Christ was nailed
26:31 to a cross 2,000 years ago.
26:33 There is a verse somewhere,
26:35 I think it's in the book of Zechariah
26:36 or Haggai, I can't remember exactly,
26:39 but it says that the hiding of his power
26:41 is revealed through those holes
26:43 in his hand. Through love. That's right,
26:45 and the greatest power of God is the
26:48 power of His love. And that love is
26:50 reaching out to you, it's reaching out to me,
26:53 it reached out to my friend Pam.
26:55 No matter how dark our lives,
26:57 no matter how deep we've gone into sin,
27:01 no matter how much Satan has come
27:04 in to take over our life, it controls us,
27:06 if we dabble with the supernatural
27:08 and if we make wrong decisions
27:10 and gotten ourselves into a big mess,
27:13 God's love is reaching out,
27:14 God's power is reaching out.
27:16 And his power is greater than the power
27:18 of darkness, the power of Satan
27:20 and it's the power of love that can
27:22 forgive and transform and change our lives
27:25 and bring hope and happiness to us.
27:27 And that's what this series is about.
27:30 Magic and Ghosts and the Bible
27:32 is all about to bring hope
27:34 and love to everyone of us.
27:36 Well thank you so much for sharing
27:38 with us Steve. I can see that you're
27:40 passionate about this topic and for those
27:43 in our viewing audience that have joined
27:44 us there for the first time,
27:45 I'd like to invite you to join us again.
27:48 We'll be looking at the supernatural from
27:50 a biblical perspective. We want to uphold
27:52 the Bible and at the same time give
27:54 some warnings to those individuals
27:55 about was is happening in society,
27:57 this phenomena of the supernatural.
28:00 And it's our prayer for you that you'll be
28:01 faithful in Scripture and join us again next
28:04 time for another edition of Battles of Faith,
28:06 may the Lord bless you and
28:08 keep you to the end.


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