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00:15 We would like to welcome you to BATTLES OF FAITH
00:17 My name is David Shin and I'm here with Steve Wohlberg,
00:20 who is the Speaker, Director of Whitehorse Ministry, and
00:23 he is the author of several books and has done extensive
00:25 research on this issue of the supernatural from a
00:28 biblical perspective, and I would like to thank you for
00:31 joining us on this program.
00:32 It has been a pleasure to meet and talk with you prior
00:35 to this, so tell us a little bit about yourself...
00:38 I see on your shirt there you have Whitehorse Media,
00:41 what is that all about?
00:43 That is the ministry I am involved in right now in
00:44 Fresno California and we are a television ministry.
00:47 We produce programs for 3ABN and other networks.
00:50 I continue to write books, I give seminars, I am a
00:54 husband and a father.
00:55 I have a little boy named Seth, who calls me daddy.
00:57 I love hearing that and am happy to be here on
01:01 Battles of Faith, to discuss the supernatural
01:04 and the Wiccan movement.
01:05 The occult as we have chosen to subtitle this series,
01:08 MAGIC, GHOSTS and the BIBLE.
01:11 So we have a lot to do and a lot of very fascinating
01:14 controversial things to discuss.
01:17 Magic is in the Bible, so tell us a little bit about
01:20 this as we are discussing, evidently, 13 programs that
01:24 we will be delving into.
01:25 Now why the 13, why the emphasis?
01:28 Is this something that obviously you have a passion for
01:31 and is this relevant for viewing audience?
01:35 Anybody that has any knowledge of what is happening
01:38 around them in this world is aware of the incredible
01:41 popularity and growth of witchcraft and sorcery in the
01:44 the occult and it is getting about as big as it can get.
01:47 Here's an article in a religion linked publication, which
01:52 was put out for reporters, and
01:54 it is talking about trends in our society.
01:55 It says here that "throughout the country Wiccans are
01:57 organizing congregations and youth groups. They are
02:00 training clergyman and pursuing charity work. They are
02:03 sharing pagan parenting tips and fighting for their
02:06 civil rights. " And this was just the tip of the iceberg,
02:09 David, I have a whole list of articles I have read and
02:13 books that I have done research into.
02:15 Here's another article 'The Witch Next-Door"
02:17 "the pagan spiritual path is enjoying fast popularity and
02:20 widespread acceptance, even mentioned on a Scooby Doo
02:23 video. Wiccan in fact is the fastest growing religion
02:28 movement in America. "
02:30 Here's a story from National Public Radio NPR Barbara
02:34 Hagerdy did a program called Teens and Wicca.
02:36 Here's another one called The Season of the Witch that
02:41 mentions "that Wicca has grown in numbers, in influence,
02:44 and entertainment value and beautiful witches seem to
02:47 be everywhere. They are hip, they are slick
02:49 and they have power. "
02:51 And we will discuss that issue of power which is really
02:54 the appeal of Wiccan movement, but
02:56 it's in entertainment, it's in Hollywood movies, kids
02:59 cartoons and programs, and their countless websites
03:02 on the Internet.
03:03 I can tell you many stories of people that I have met,
03:06 and people that I know who have come to me and told me
03:08 that their son or daughter, or even their spouse are
03:11 dabbling into witchcraft, checking out the occult, and it
03:15 has become a major force, a phenomenon in our society
03:18 which we are here to discuss, and as we get
03:21 further into the series we'll deal with such issues as
03:24 Harry Potter, we will talk about the Potter media series
03:28 and talk about Hollywood programs that talk about ghosts,
03:32 spiritualism, and talking to the dead.
03:34 Whether or not that's possible and what does the Bible
03:36 say - you know this whole program is Battles of Faith
03:40 and we are in a battle, in a conflict between the forces
03:43 of good and evil.
03:44 We are going to go to the good book and see what the
03:47 Bible has to say about the struggle we are in dealing
03:52 with supernatural forces.
03:53 Now you mentioned that this phenomenon is no longer on
03:58 the periphery of society, it is going mainstream.
04:00 Now there may be individuals in our viewing audience that
04:04 perhaps have dabbled in Wicca or witchcraft.
04:07 Now how do we want to frame this as we go through these
04:10 series of 13? What is going to be our approach?
04:12 Evidently were using the Bible but what would you say to
04:15 someone that innocuously, these are sincere individuals that
04:19 have perhaps dabbled a little bit into these realms
04:22 of supernatural that you have spoken about?
04:24 First, I would say if you are a conservative Christian,
04:26 we are going to share lot of information that will be
04:28 very enlightening to you, and
04:30 if you are a witch or a pagan please don't tune us out,
04:33 we have a lot to say and we will do this as respectfully
04:36 as we possibly can.
04:38 I recognize that people who are in the pagan spiritual
04:40 path, the Wiccan movement, they are people just like me,
04:43 just like you, and many are searching, sincerely
04:47 searching for spiritual power.
04:48 We all need spiritual power in our lives, but as we are
04:51 going to find out, there are actually 2 powers out there.
04:54 There is a good power and there is a bad power, a very
04:57 sinister power, a very subtle and deceptive power that
05:00 many times people don't know what they are dealing with;
05:02 they don't know what is the nature, or the identity of
05:05 that power, and so we are going to be discussing all
05:08 these things and do it as respectfully as possible.
05:12 We are not witch bashers, we are not out there saying
05:15 stone the witches and kill them and put them on a stake,
05:17 or take rocks and throw them onto their heads.
05:20 I recognize that Wicca and witchcraft are a recognized
05:24 religion in this country and people have civil rights.
05:27 It is federally recognized and witchcraft is practiced
05:30 in the military, it is practiced in high school and
05:33 college campuses across the country.
05:35 There more people than we realize that our getting into
05:38 this movement and looking at and so we are
05:40 going to look at it too.
05:42 We are going to address it as honestly and objectively
05:45 as possible, and we will point out the dangers,
05:48 and we will also point them to a better way,
05:49 to a person who loves each of us, who loves me, who loves
05:54 you, and who has spiritual power, more power then you
05:58 can imagine that can help you in your life.
06:00 Also the power of love, David, that is the most important
06:03 thing of all is the power of love, and
06:06 it is a love we all need and that love is available
06:10 for all of us and we are going to get into all of that.
06:13 Now before we go into our Bible passage, I have one
06:17 other question I want to ask you.
06:18 Now you say that behind this phenomenon of the occult,
06:23 behind Wicca and so forth, there are some other forces
06:27 that are behind this, and
06:28 individuals that do not recognize we are in a battle.
06:31 That there are currents that are actually driving this
06:34 thing and I don't know if you want to mention a little
06:36 more about the currents behind this phenomenon
06:40 that we are addressing?
06:42 There is definitely a current in our society, we have
06:44 discuss this before, it reminds me of an article I
06:46 recently read in Fresno Bee, the title here is,
06:49 "Cruise Captain Blames Currents. "
06:51 It talks about a big cruise ship, you're familiar with
06:54 these gigantic ships and sometimes they carry thousands
06:57 of people, and this particular one went down.
06:59 The actual cruise ship sank under the water and 1500
07:03 people were approximately rescued before it went down.
07:05 Two people are missing and nobody really knows
07:07 what happened to them, and
07:09 the Captain blames the currents, strong currents that
07:12 moved the boat into the volcanic reefs, and
07:15 as we will discuss and see from the Bible, there are
07:19 spiritual currents underneath what I see as the
07:22 popularity of witchcraft, occult and spiritualism that are very
07:27 dangerous and can sink our ship.
07:30 We don't want that to happen to us, we don't want it to
07:33 happen to you, and we are concerned about that, and
07:36 that is why we are doing this program,
07:37 MAGIC, GHOSTS, and the BIBLE.
07:40 Fascinating, fascinating, so let's go to the Bible.
07:43 We are going to be delving into this topic from a
07:46 biblical perspective about the topic of Magic,
07:50 Ghosts, and the Bible.
07:52 So what is going to be our approach?
07:54 What is our first passage here.
07:55 Let's take a look at 1 Corinthians 10:11.
07:58 We have chosen this is our opening text.
08:00 This is just the beginning of the series and we have a
08:04 lot to discuss and so this was a good verse to start out,
08:07 then we are going to go to the book of Exodus and take
08:10 a look at the battle concerning Magic.
08:12 1 Corinthians 10:11, Paul is talking about the history
08:17 of Israel, he talks about Moses, and the things that the
08:20 Israelites went through as they came out of Egypt in this
08:24 chapter and in verse 11 it says,
08:36 and so it is talking about the Old Testament history,
08:40 especially the history of Israel is an example
08:43 for us and was written for those of us that
08:46 live down at the end.
08:48 We are going to see from the book of Exodus that there
08:52 was a struggle, a battle going on between God and Moses
08:56 and Aaron against the Pharaoh and his magicians.
09:00 The struggle over Magic was a major part of the history
09:06 of Israel as they came out of Egypt.
09:08 So that is where we are going to go and it illustrates
09:10 that these are lessons for those of us who live
09:14 at the end of time.
09:15 The sands of time are fast going down on the hour glass.
09:20 We are in the final days and I am totally convinced
09:23 that the Lord is coming soon and that these are the
09:26 momentous days before the apocalyptic end, and
09:31 we will find lessons for us in the book of Exodus.
09:35 So this passage, and just to recap what you just said,
09:39 the history of Israel is not just merely historical data,
09:44 just for our fancy, but it actually has relevance for us
09:47 living in the last days and these are lessons that we are
09:50 to go back in history and apply to us, and
09:53 they have some sort of practical applications.
09:56 That's exactly right they were written for our admonition
09:58 upon whom the ends of the world are come.
10:01 That's what the text said.
10:02 So let's go back to Exodus and find out what some of
10:05 these lessons are.
10:06 If we look at Exodus 7, this is describing the
10:10 deliverance of the people of God out of Egypt.
10:14 They have been in Egypt for 400 years, and for me as a
10:18 Jew, especially this has a lot of meaning because this
10:21 was the beginning of the birth of the Jewish nation,
10:25 as a nation, when they came out of Egypt in Exodus 7:8.
10:30 The Bible says.
11:05 This is really interesting David, this is the conflict
11:09 before Israel was delivered.
11:10 God of course was the Deliverer, Moses and Aaron
11:14 represented the Deliverer, and Pharaoh was the enslaver
11:17 who have brought God's people into bondage, and
11:21 his wise men were sorcerers and magicians.
11:24 The sorcerers and magicians have worked their way into
11:27 the leading positions of the nation, and
11:29 so here you have sorcerers and magicians and they are
11:32 doing the same thing in some sense.
11:35 What God was doing, they did the same thing with their
11:38 enchantments and it shows that they do have real power.
11:41 That magicians and sorcerers did have power.
11:44 They were there in Egypt and were contesting the work
11:48 of God through Moses and Aaron.
11:50 Now then in verse 12, this is very interesting.
12:03 This shows that God's power is greater than the power
12:07 of the Magic and magicians and sorcerers.
12:11 I see, so let's recap what is happening here.
12:14 So Moses, who is going in to deliver the Israelites,
12:18 goes in before Pharaoh and one of the signs that he
12:21 was to ask for, was to throw down your rod, and
12:23 he throws down the rod and it becomes a living serpent.
12:25 Am I correct? - That is correct.
12:27 It becomes a living serpent and at the same time it is
12:30 almost a dual between Moses and the magicians, in this
12:33 case, and he says, the Pharaoh says, I can do the same
12:35 thing and calls out his magicians and they
12:38 do the same thing.
12:39 They're serpent's, their rods become serpents, in this
12:43 case, but there is a dual between the serpents themselves
12:47 and Moses rod, which was a serpent, swallowed
12:51 up the other serpents?
12:52 That's right, there is a battle between God and His
12:54 representatives, and Pharaoh and his representatives,
12:57 being the magicians.
12:58 This is very significant that we read in
13:01 1 Corinthians 10:11 that the history of Israel was
13:04 written for our admonition upon whom the ends
13:09 of the world have come.
13:11 These are texts that apply to the end times, or at least
13:13 they have lessons for the end times and that was why
13:16 they were written, and
13:17 if you go back to Exodus, you have a battle between God
13:19 and the magicians, and
13:21 we are witnessing the same battle today.
13:22 That battle is happening right now in our society.
13:25 It is happening all around us,
13:27 it is happening in the entertainment industry,
13:28 on the Internet, it's in books,
13:31 kids books, kids movies, cartoons, and
13:34 that is why we are dealing with this.
13:36 In the beginning of the series we are laying a foundation
13:40 here showing that magic battle was going on all the way
13:44 back in Bible days in the book of Exodus.
13:46 As you keep reading this chapter, you can see the battle
13:49 continues on, the plagues begin to fall one by one upon
13:52 the Egyptians and there were 10 plagues.
13:55 In chapter 7:21 it talks about the water becoming blood.
14:00 That was one of the plagues and verse 22 says,
14:03 "the magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments
14:06 as well. " So again you have a struggle over power, and
14:09 the magicians are not just making it appear that they
14:12 are doing this, they are actually doing this,
14:14 there is real power working through the magicians,
14:18 and I think it is significant David that when we look at the
14:22 whole Wiccan, sorcery, occult movement, the appeal of
14:25 that movement is power as I mentioned this article,
14:28 The Season of the Witch, it says, "Wicca has grown in
14:31 numbers, influence and enter- tainment value and beautiful
14:34 witches seemed to be everywhere They are hip, they are slick
14:37 and they have power. "
14:39 That is the way they are presented in the media and here
14:42 it says, it is the promise of power and control that
14:46 drives Wicca to its current level of popularity, and as we
14:50 farther into these programs, I'm going to share some
14:53 experiences about people that I know who have encountered
14:57 real spiritual power and discovered that power was a
15:02 dark power, and then they prayed and sought deliverance
15:06 from another power, which was God's power.
15:09 He actually came in and ripped them out from the forces
15:13 of evil that were holding them and bringing them down.
15:17 So make no mistake about it, we are in a power battle.
15:21 That power was going on right there in Egypt in Exodus
15:25 8:7 it says, it talks about the frogs that was another
15:29 plague where God sent the frogs all over Egypt.
15:31 It says in verse 7, "and the magicians did so with their
15:35 enchantments, and brought up frogs upon the
15:37 land of Egypt. "
15:38 And so magicians are actually doing miracles, real power
15:42 is operating through them and they are counterfeiting
15:46 the work of God,
15:47 but it is interesting that as you go farther into this
15:49 chapter as the battle continues, the power of the magicians
15:52 it weakens and they are exposed, that
15:57 they do not have the same power that God has.
16:00 In Exodus 8:18 it talks about the lice and how this was
16:06 another one of the 10 plagues.
16:08 Verse 18 says, "the magicians did so with their
16:11 enchantments to bring forth the lice. "
16:14 They tried, they did their rituals, they're incantations,
16:17 whatever they did and it is says in verse 18, "they could
16:21 not produce the lice. "
16:23 So there was a limit to what they could do.
16:26 First 19 says, "then the magicians said unto Pharaoh,
16:30 this is the finger of God. "
16:32 So the magicians when confronted with God's power, His
16:35 superior power, point by point they began to recognize
16:39 that this was not just a human influence, or a Moses
16:43 influence, or an Aaron influence, this was really the
16:46 power of God Himself.
16:48 The finger of God was at work, and step-by-step, the
16:51 magicians were being beaten down, and beaten back.
16:54 It really climaxes with this struggle, at least as far as the
16:59 magicians go in chapter 9:11.
17:02 When the boils fell upon the animals and upon the people.
17:07 Verse 11, "and the magicians could not stand before
17:11 Moses because of the boils; for the boils was upon the
17:15 magicians, and upon all the Egyptians. "
17:19 So if you look at the history there is a conflict, the
17:24 magicians are there, they represent Pharaoh,
17:27 they represent the enslaver, they are counterfeiting the
17:30 miracles of God, but step-by-step they are losing
17:34 the battle, the superiority that started out with Aaron's
17:38 Rod swallowing up their rod.
17:41 It was eventually played out as you go farther into the
17:45 plagues and finally the boils are upon them and they
17:48 don't know what to do and recognize it is the finger of
17:51 God and they are in trouble.
17:53 They look to Pharaoh and say, you might as well let these
17:57 people go because there is a spiritual power here.
18:00 So it was greater than their power.
18:02 So I see, it played out throughout this scenario, there
18:05 is a real power behind these magicians? - That's right!
18:08 There is a power behind Moses and they are at conflict, but
18:11 as we see through the sequence of the plagues, you see
18:14 certain limitations of the power of the magicians, and
18:18 God's power comes out to be superior.
18:20 We will see that contrast, I am assuming, throughout the
18:22 rest of the series as well. - That is correct.
18:24 Many people look at life through a secular humanistic
18:27 perspective and they don't think there is really a
18:30 supernatural world out there.
18:31 But according to this book, there is a real supernatural
18:35 world, and those that are delving, dabbling into the
18:39 witchcraft movement, many of them are looking for
18:42 sincere power, and they often find power, real spiritual
18:47 power, but the problem is they do not know the
18:50 nature of that power.
18:53 They think, those that are witchcraft, I've been on a lot
18:55 of radio shows, TV shows.
18:57 I've been interviewed and had people calling on these
18:58 programs and talk about what they do.
19:01 I get e-mails from witches and Wiccans.
19:03 Someone forward to me and e- mail from witchcraft Bob
19:06 who said here's the latest spell that would help you
19:09 with your love life, or your money,
19:11 or it will help you financially.
19:13 The list goes on and on, there is just so many people
19:15 that are checking this out, and
19:17 again the appeal is power, and its people get into this
19:21 in time they find out it is not just a human influence.
19:24 The secular humanist who say there is no supernatural
19:27 power out there, they are wrong.
19:29 There is a real power out there, there is two powers.
19:32 There's God's power and the power of the enemy ultimately
19:35 which the Bible says is of Satan the devil, and
19:38 I know that witches do not believe in Satan which is
19:41 surprising to many people.
19:42 I will demonstrate this later on, I will actually show
19:45 you quotations were people who were into witchcraft say
19:48 that the concept of a devil is just a Christian concept.
19:51 They do not believe in that, so they say don't worry
19:54 about us we are not doing anything bad,
19:57 we are just practicing white magic and say they do not
20:00 even believe in Satan,
20:02 so how can Satan be involved with us because
20:04 we do not believe in him.
20:06 As we will demonstrate, there is a real Satan and he is
20:11 working behind the scenes, and
20:13 those that think they are tapping into the forces of
20:15 nature, or the forces of the moon, the sun, the rocks,
20:18 the trees, the birds, there are all kinds of gods and
20:22 deities in witchcraft that these powers, they think are
20:26 the powers of the spirits of the forest, the trees,
20:29 and even spirits of the dead, but they are not,
20:32 and they are impersonators, they are tricksters,
20:35 they are liars and deceivers, and
20:37 they represent the enslaver, just like Pharaoh was the
20:41 enslaver of God's people in Egypt,
20:44 so these forces represent the ultimate enslaver who is
20:48 the devil himself; and
20:50 his goal is to get into peoples lives and trick them to
20:53 think it is a friendly power and then he can come right
20:56 into their minds and take over their lives and
20:58 pull them down.
21:00 God wants to deliver His people out from these forces,
21:03 and at the beginning of the series we are trying to lay the
21:07 foundation and talking about how big this movement is,
21:10 it's here and all around us, anybody that is aware of
21:14 what is happening in our society knows that this is
21:17 happening and we are showing from the Bible in our first
21:22 program, 1 Corinthians 10:11 says what was written in the
21:27 history of Israel is for our learning, especially those
21:32 of us that live at the end, and
21:34 we go back to the history of Israel and see the battle
21:36 between God and the magicians, and
21:39 we see this superiority of God's power over the magicians,
21:43 point by point by point, and finally God delivers His
21:47 people out of Egypt and He brings them into
21:50 the promise land.
21:51 That is what this is all about, is to be a channel to
21:55 bring people out of the darkness, out of Egypt.
21:58 I remember getting, again somebody forwarded me an
22:01 e- mail recently from witchcraft Bob.
22:04 They said Steve check this out.
22:05 Witchcraft Bob was offering all the spells and his own
22:09 book, which advertised the secrets, the ancient secrets
22:13 of witchcraft from Egypt.
22:15 Old Witchcraft Spells from Egypt, I thought here going
22:19 back to Egypt, and there is witchcraft spells that go
22:23 back to Babylon, that go back to Assyria and just all
22:27 kinds of religions. There are
22:28 god's and goddesses from Greece and Rome and the list goes
22:31 on and on and the conflict continues.
22:34 The conflict is going on right now, just like it was
22:36 going on in Bible days.
22:38 So it didn't end in Exodus? It's gone all the way down
22:41 through history to our day and this is just a tip of the
22:44 iceberg and there is something behind the magicians,
22:46 there is something behind these representatives.
22:49 I would like to say as a young person growing up in the
22:52 21st Century, you grow up in a scientific age, and
22:56 where, like you said, we don't believe in the
22:59 supernatural, it's Pasay, that's the religion of the
23:02 Bible, and I think part of the draw of the supernatural
23:05 is when you start dabbling in Wicca you realize that
23:08 there is something behind,
23:11 there are spirits that are there that are driving all
23:13 this, and I think that is to draw, because
23:15 you almost exist in this pure scientific aura, our world view
23:19 and realize there are spirits.
23:21 These things are real and I think we will be going later
23:25 into some scientific findings about individuals dealing
23:28 with the supernatural scientific data that proves
23:30 empirically that spirits do exist.
23:32 Or something exist beyond our existence.
23:34 I have a little clicking here from a newspaper in
23:38 Paso Robles, where I use to live and this is called the
23:41 Crimson Chronicle from the Paso Robles high school,
23:44 it's a student paper and it talks about, the title is
23:46 Which Witch? It is about kids getting into witchcraft
23:49 right there on the high school campus that I used to
23:51 live right around the corner from.
23:53 It says here, "Wiccans encounter spirits on a regular
23:56 basis. " And one young man, a sophomore in school,
23:59 he says that he can feel spirits with me as I
24:04 worship my goddess.
24:06 So the spirits are real, they are out there, the
24:08 supernatural world is real, and
24:10 the biggest problem with those that are getting into
24:12 Wicca, is not the people are bad, the people are like
24:15 us, they are searching for spiritual power, but they
24:17 do not realize who the spirits are, and
24:19 that they represent the enslaver, trying to bring them
24:23 down into bondage and they can get in and destroy your
24:26 life, that is the danger.
24:28 We are running out of time here for our first program.
24:31 Let me just share a text in Colossians 1:13.
24:35 Colossians 1:13 is talking about God's power and says.
24:55 The farther you get into researching what Wiccans believe
24:58 they don't believe in the Bible, they don't believe in
25:00 Jesus Christ as the Savior.
25:02 They don't believe in confessing their sins.
25:04 They do not believe in forgiveness, because they don't
25:07 really need for that, and
25:09 as they get farther into this, they find themselves,
25:11 many times, in deep spiritual trouble, and they can't get
25:14 out, they can't get out.
25:17 The only way they can get out is with the supernatural
25:20 power that is greater than the power they have opened
25:23 their hearts to, that power is revealed in this verse
25:26 that God has delivered us from the power of darkness, and
25:30 He has brought us into the kingdom of His Son.
25:33 Throughout this series David, we are going to prove
25:36 the superiority of God's power over the power of magic.
25:39 We're going to show the truthfulness of this book.
25:42 The power of this book.
25:44 We are going to show the goodness of the Gospel,
25:47 that God sent His own Son and we are going to show
25:50 the need for forgiveness.
25:52 We all need that forgiveness.
25:54 We are going to show ultimately David, the power of love.
25:56 John 3:16 is one of the most well-known verses in the
26:00 Bible where Jesus said "for God so loved the world that
26:03 he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth
26:07 in him should never perish but have eternal life. "
26:11 The power of love is what people need more than anything
26:14 else, and that is the power that is in Jesus Christ.
26:17 That is the power that changed my life and changed your
26:21 life, and it can change your life if you are open and
26:24 willing to let that love and power come in.
26:28 So the last 60 seconds here or so in this program,
26:33 we have gone into a lot.
26:34 We have talked about Moses and the magicians.
26:36 Let's say that someone in our viewing audience has
26:39 dabbled a little bit with this and they are facing
26:42 some challenges and are tempted to go into the
26:45 supernatural, what would you say as a message of hope
26:48 an appeal to them from Scripture that will give them
26:51 some assurance in dealing with this,
26:53 or perhaps a text or something from God's Word that
26:57 would help with temptation on this.
26:59 We have a whole program ahead of us called,
27:01 Defense Against the Dark Arts, and we are going to go
27:03 into the details of what to do, but
27:05 I am reminded of my friend Pam, she had been a witch
27:09 for many years, she had the spells, the incantations,
27:12 she had the books, and the jewelry she was using in
27:16 witchcraft, and eventually the powers of darkness just
27:19 about took over her life, and
27:21 she got on her knees, she remembered her Christian roots
27:23 and said God, if you are still there and still want me
27:26 come in and get me out of this,
27:28 and that is what He did, so prayer and opening your heart
27:32 to the God of the Bible, the God of the universe.
27:34 He can do it, He has done it for others, and He can do it
27:38 for you and we have a lot more to discuss in this program
27:42 Magic, Ghosts, and the Bible.
27:46 Well thank you so much for sharing with us,
27:48 it has been a fascinating study, and we would like to
27:50 thank our viewing audience for joining us as well.
27:53 We have discussed a lot here today from a biblical
27:55 perspective, dealing with Moses and the magicians and
27:59 how God's power is superior to that of these supernatural
28:02 entities that are out there.
28:04 Thank you so much for joining us today and we would like
28:06 to invite you to join us again next time as we delve into
28:09 the Scriptures from the biblical perspective.


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