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00:15 Welcome to Battles of Faith. We are you host
00:16 Ivor and Atonte Myers. Today's program
00:20 is entitled The art of counter crucifixion.
00:24 And we've been talking about the war that
00:27 we are in as Christians and if you've been watching
00:29 the last several programs we've been going over
00:31 the different arts of how to fight and we are
00:34 continuing that today. Well, Atonte this program
00:38 is going to be we're gonna have to take this one step
00:41 by step because art of counter crucifixion
00:44 is something that I believe is a very powerful
00:46 principle, but we're gonna have to unfold
00:48 this, so we're gonna jump right into the scriptures
00:50 and we're gonna go to the book of
00:52 Psalm chapter 18 and in Psalm chapter 18
00:55 David is here writing and he is writing about the
00:59 victories that God has given him over his enemies.
01:01 And I want you to notice just a couple of verses
01:03 from this chapter in verse 37 notice what David says,
01:08 I have pursued my enemies and overtaking them;
01:12 neither did I turn again till they were consumed.
01:16 Notice verse 40, Thou hast also given me the necks
01:19 of mine enemies, that I might destroy them
01:21 that hate me. Verse 42, Then did I beat them
01:25 small as the dust before the wind; I did cast them
01:29 out as the dirt in the streets and we will read
01:32 couple more verse 47, it is God that avengeth me,
01:36 and subdueth the people under me.
01:39 Ye he delivereth me from mine enemies thou liftest me
01:43 up above those that rise up against me thou hast
01:46 delivered me from the violent man.
01:48 Now, David here speaking about his war conquest,
01:52 but we wanna take these verses and look
01:54 at them in light of the New Testament because
01:57 Jesus has come on the scene to give us victory
02:01 over our enemies. And the question Atonte is who
02:06 are our enemies? We are not talking about people
02:09 as we have seen in the past programs.
02:12 We are talking about the enemy of self, the enemy
02:15 of sin and temptation. Now, I want you to notice
02:18 Micah chapter 7:18. Micah 7:18, listen to what
02:23 it says here, who is God, Who is a God like unto thee,
02:27 that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the
02:30 transgression of the remnant of his heritage?
02:34 he retaineth not his anger for ever,
02:36 because he delighteth in mercy. Verse 19,
02:39 He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us;
02:42 he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all
02:47 their sins into the depths of the sea.
02:50 We see here that God says I will subdue not physical
02:54 enemies, but your iniquities. So, if we would go back
02:58 and read the Psalms again, Psalm chapter 18
03:01 and read these verses about David pursuing his
03:04 enemies and overtaking them. The way that we ought
03:08 to read that as Christians is these verses are God's
03:12 promises of what he will do to our sins.
03:16 He will give us the power to overcome our sins
03:19 not only to, to, to avoid them but to actually over
03:24 take them. What is that mean to counter in a war.
03:30 It means that you not only maybe defend
03:34 yourself, but you also go after the enemy and,
03:38 and we are being told according to what we have
03:41 read here we've been told that God wants us
03:43 to go after our sins and subdue them grab them by
03:49 the neck counter crucify them as it were and
03:52 subdue them. You know as Christians Atonte
03:55 we often limit our warfare to defense you know
03:59 Oh! that was a close call miss, that was a close call
04:02 miss, but God says no I want you to do more than
04:05 that I don't want to just be on the defensive
04:08 I want you to be an offensive Christian.
04:10 I want you to go after your sins and to destroy
04:15 them in my power and by my grace.
04:17 Now, isn't that good news I mean that this to me is
04:21 the Gospel that's right. This is, this is what should
04:25 excite people and this is what we can take to the world
04:28 because right now sin is dominating our world
04:31 and it's dominating peoples lives and they are
04:36 hurting and their sadness and there are so many bad
04:38 things, but God is saying look, I want to use you
04:41 Mr. or Mrs. Christian to go and take this to the world,
04:44 but you must experience it first. That's right,
04:46 we have to move from a defensive based Christianity
04:50 to an offensive based Christianity the Bible says,
04:53 the violent take the kingdom of Heaven by force
04:57 and what the Bible is talking about there is not that,
05:00 that Christians ought to become physically
05:03 violent, but they must exert a spiritual violence.
05:06 In other words, a spiritual just all their energy,
05:13 all their force in order to take the kingdom of heaven,
05:16 because we must serve God with all of our heart,
05:18 heart, all our souls, and all our mind and that means
05:22 that when it comes to our enemies, which itself
05:26 the temptations the sins. Not only are we to be to
05:30 defend ourselves in the grace of Christ, but
05:34 we are also to turn around and to grab hold of those
05:37 sins and destroy them put them away as our
05:40 Second Corinthians 10 says, bring every disobedient
05:44 thought into captivity to Christ, to cast down
05:47 those thoughts. And interestingly enough the
05:50 Greek definition for the word cast out means to
05:53 destroy. So God is here calling us to destroy not just
05:58 bring into captivity these thoughts, but destroy
06:01 every unclean thought, destroy every temptation
06:03 when temptation comes we are called not only
06:07 to defend ourselves against it, but to counter
06:09 crucify. Do you sometimes feel that your situation
06:13 is hopeless that your sin is so big and so much
06:16 stronger than you that there is just no hope.
06:19 It is our prayer that these messages will be a blessing
06:22 to you and that you will believe that God can
06:25 do this in your life because even as,
06:28 as we're recording I can just imagine Satan being
06:31 angry because it's like wait a minute we are going
06:34 over the steps, where that they are understanding
06:36 the formula what it takes to defeat me and I know
06:39 he is not happy, but praise God. That's right,
06:41 we wanna layout some principles in this particular
06:43 program on how the Art of Counter Crucifixion works
06:47 and the first thing we want to talk about is defense.
06:51 What is it mean for Christian to be on the defense
06:55 to be ready for an attack and to ward off that attack.
07:00 And Atonte the answer is amazingly simple.
07:04 We're gonna talk about stance for a moment
07:08 or position, position. Now it's a, it's a known fact
07:12 Atonte that you know if you have a person standing next
07:15 to you, they're just standing outright straight and you
07:17 were to push that person what would happen
07:20 that person would fall over why? Because
07:22 his center of gravity is what? High,
07:25 is high, but if that same person were to get into
07:29 a stance and that's what they teach in any fighting
07:33 system, any physical fighting system they teach you
07:36 that before you begin to fight the first thing
07:38 you must do is get down into your stance or your
07:43 position. Why do they say that because you have
07:47 to have balance. Your center of gravity has to be low
07:53 when your knees are bent hint, hint when your knees
07:57 are bent and your feet are wide apart, your center
08:01 of gravity is lowered and if someone were to try
08:05 to push you over it will be more difficult for you to be
08:09 pushed over when you are low than when you are high.
08:13 Now, this principle is crucial Atonte because
08:17 I want you to notice in Psalms 18 Verse 36,
08:20 how David points this out he says,
08:22 Thou hast enlarged my steps under me,
08:27 and the margin actually needs to widened.
08:29 So David said you had widened my steps under me
08:32 so that I did not fall or so that my feet did not slip.
08:36 What do we talking about here, we're talking about
08:39 a stance we're talking about a position, you have
08:43 placed me upon the rock and you have lowered
08:46 or widen my steps so that I would not fall or
08:49 would not be pushed off balance. You know,
08:51 Atonte unfortunately many Christians are push
08:54 overs when it comes to the Devil,
08:56 when it comes to temptation. All the Devil has to
08:59 do is push why? Because our center of gravity is what?
09:04 High, is high. The first thing that we must learn
09:08 in this Art of Counter Crucifixion is how to lower
09:12 our center of gravity. What I mean when
09:14 I say lower our center of gravity it means to become
09:21 humble. It means to become lowly.
09:23 And the Bible says pride cometh before a fall.
09:25 That's right, so you got to be pretty puffed up
09:28 when you puffed up it's easy for Satan to push you
09:30 over. Pride comes before a fall and a Holy Spirit
09:34 or rather Holy Spirit comes with pride can goeth
09:37 before destruction, right, and a Holy Spirit
09:39 before a fall, right. This is how temptation works
09:43 Atonte. The Devil knows that all he has to do
09:46 is to cause you to rise and you know that's what
09:49 temptation does it causes us to rise.
09:52 Someone says something to you and all of the sudden
09:54 you rise, that's right, because you are now under
09:57 defense and as soon as you rise your center
10:00 of gravity as it was spiritually speaking your
10:03 center of gravity is not lifted up and all the Devil
10:06 has to do is to sweep you. Just sweep those legs out
10:10 from under you and what happens we fall, we fall.
10:13 So if we can learn how to master humbleness
10:17 how to remain low and that's why Jesus never fell,
10:22 because he never what? Exalted himself,
10:26 his center of gravity was always low. You know
10:30 I has had a thought you not, you don't get as offended
10:33 as much the places where you get offended
10:35 the most are in your home with your spouse or with
10:38 our children and at your church I mean my husband
10:41 is a pastor I'm a pastor's wife we work with people
10:43 all the time we know there is always offended
10:45 people over something and people always saying
10:47 something that they shouldn't be saying and it's
10:49 completely Satan, but these things wouldn't happen
10:52 if we were getting puffed up if the pride if we just
10:55 did, if we just laid low. Satan would not able to,
10:58 to push us over. That's right, the Bible says,
11:00 "Great peace have they which love thy law:
11:02 and nothing shall offend them. " In other words
11:05 temptations cannot come in and cause them to rise
11:08 any temptation you look at the temptation of adultery.
11:10 Temptation comes in and says man you deserve
11:14 this you deserve better than what you have right now.
11:17 Temptation causes us to rise and once we rise once
11:21 our center of gravity has been lifted up the Devil
11:23 just comes in sweeps and we fall. We make his job easy,
11:28 exactly, we need to make his job very hard.
11:31 If we surrendered and stay low with God
11:35 like Jesus. Jesus was humble and meek and if we would
11:39 allow God to work those attributes in us Satan's job
11:43 to try to get us to fall would be much harder right now.
11:46 It's very easy, push and sweep, that's right.
11:50 Or lift and sweep and don't be a push over, right.
11:53 You know this bending the knees idea, idea of bending
11:57 the knees. So, that you can get lower how do we get
11:59 lower there is only one way to get lower and it is by
12:01 bending the knees. This is why the art of deep
12:05 breathing is so important. These things have set us
12:08 up step by step to learn how to deal with the
12:12 actual crisis. You know, in, in, in war, in battle.
12:16 In war I should say there is the drill and then there
12:22 is real time conflict or what you do in the drill matters
12:28 but what you do in real time conflict matters more,
12:32 that's right. You see, it's not about what we talk
12:35 and what we hate, this is what you do in the when
12:37 the Christ comes. We can talk these things, but what
12:40 happens in the midst of the crisis that's what really
12:43 counts and these things learning to still and beside
12:47 in, learning to focus and to breath deep,
12:49 leaning to know without knowing and fight by,
12:54 by not resistant God. Knowing these things and
12:58 understanding these things and mastering these principles
13:01 will help us to this, get to this ultimate level
13:04 of actually overcoming counter crucifying as it were
13:10 the temptations that the devil throws out at us.
13:13 Now, I was never a martial artist, but for what I
13:15 learned from my husband and when I can see
13:17 from people who, who do that, that art that training
13:21 or whatever, if you are low you can see the enemy
13:24 coming better, that's right, you have a better
13:26 understanding of your surroundings.
13:27 You have control over the situation instead
13:30 of the situation taking over you? That's right,
13:32 when we are on our knees when we are praying.
13:34 When we are praying for humility we can never be a
13:38 offended if we are low, right, in Christ and that's why
13:42 the Bible Jesus says come unto me for I am meek
13:44 and lowly, I mean he was trying to tell us something
13:48 here the way of escape is by coming to Jesus
13:52 and he teaches us how to be meek and how to be lowly
13:56 and those who are lowly cannot be pushed around
13:59 or pushed over by temptation. So that's the first
14:02 principle understanding our position, our stance if you
14:06 are falling check your stance, that's right,
14:08 check your position, your position, your center of
14:12 gravity is too high and you need to come down
14:15 and when we come down Satan exalted himself.
14:19 Jesus humbled himself even unto the death of the
14:22 cross and that's what we ought to do in the midst
14:24 of crisis and trial. And that's why the Bible says
14:26 "Great peace have they which love thy law:
14:29 and nothing shall offend them. " For a long time
14:31 I struggle with that because I thought look how make
14:34 it not appears you what they said was rude you know
14:36 but if you are like Jesus, Jesus was never offended
14:39 and people were rude to him, but he wasn't
14:42 offended they were very mean to him.
14:43 But if you lay low like Jesus did the offense
14:46 can't touch you it's almost like the offense
14:48 doesn't go that low. That's right, now we're gonna
14:51 to talk about another principle Atonte in this art
14:53 of counter crucifixion and that is protecting the
14:56 center line. Protecting the center line again
14:59 in any system of war fighting system of war
15:02 you were taught that you must protect your center
15:04 line because the vital organs are found in the
15:08 center line. They are not found on the outer parameters,
15:11 but right in the center and in the same way as Christians
15:15 we need to understand that the devil is out to attack
15:18 the center line. What's in the center? Our minds,
15:22 our hearts and, and, and once we realize
15:26 what were Satan is aiming? We've got to learn
15:29 how to protect these center lines. Now,
15:31 you say what how do we protect the center line what
15:34 are our deflectors. What the Devil really has you know
15:37 a few ways of entering into the mind, but one of
15:40 those ways is through the eyes, one of those
15:44 ways is through the tongue, the mouth,
15:46 one of those ways is through the ears and what we need
15:50 to do as Christians is to understand that our eyes
15:53 and our ears and our tongue are to be the deflectors
15:57 as it were, that deflects Satan's blows from coming
16:01 in here. So, when the Devil tempts us with, with,
16:03 with sight our eyes ought to deflect move away from
16:09 what the devil is trying to show you. Turn your eyes shift
16:11 them. Use your eyes as deflectors and not receptors.
16:17 You know, lot of people say man if I was only,
16:19 if I was just blind life would be so much better.
16:21 I wouldn't have any temptation to deal with it,
16:24 if I was just deaf you know things wouldn't
16:26 offend me all the time. No our ears ought to be
16:29 our defense mechanism, our eyes ought to be our
16:32 defense when we dedicate our eyes to Christ
16:34 and our ears to Christ as we're walking throughout
16:37 the day and we hear something instead of receiving
16:41 those things into our ear and allowing them to dwell
16:44 in our hearts. We, we, we deflect those we say Lord
16:48 I give this over to you I will not allow it to enter
16:50 into my heart and to hit the target.
16:53 We've got to learn to protect as it were the center line,
16:57 the same is true with the eyes, the same is true
16:59 with the ears. Protect don't allow the Devil
17:01 to come in and lodge his thoughts into our minds
17:04 and then into our hearts. Now, what is trapping?
17:07 Okay, we're gonna talk about the next principle
17:10 which is trapping and this is a really amazing thing
17:15 Atonte because in Second Corinthians chapter 10.
17:18 Second Corinthians chapter 10 and verse 5,
17:21 the Bible tells us there and we've read this verse
17:25 a few times already, but the Bible talks about bringing
17:30 into captivity every thought to be obedience of Christ
17:35 and it uses the word captivity. Now, I would say
17:38 you what does captivity mean? Well, what you
17:41 would answer to me captivity means, that you have been
17:44 caught or trapped. Second Corinthians 10:5,
17:49 Casting down imagination, and every high thing
17:51 that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and
17:53 bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience
17:58 of Christ. We are seeing in this scripture that when
18:02 Satan sends one of those thought bombs we are
18:05 talking about earlier that, that when he is addresses
18:08 or tries to lodge his temptations into our hearts
18:12 these evil thoughts and evil feelings we ought to trap
18:17 them. We ought to bring them into captivity one of the
18:21 ways in which many fighting systems of a worldly
18:25 nature operate is you know if you throw a punch
18:28 at someone, they would trap your hands
18:30 that you would not able to throw another punch.
18:32 What Christ is coming us to do here is that when the
18:34 temptation comes in you trapped that thought you
18:38 bring into captivity to Christ you don't allow that
18:41 thought to wander around in your heart and in your mind
18:43 and just have it's own will. You trap it and you bring
18:47 it into captivity to Christ and again this is another
18:51 principle this another lesson that can only be learned
18:55 and that can only be exercise through the grace of Christ.
18:59 We need to be still, be silent focus and breath deep
19:04 without breathing deep, without understanding the
19:08 indwelling of the spirit of God it will be impossible
19:12 for us to capture these thoughts and bring them into
19:15 captivity to Christ. So, you have to identify though,
19:18 that's right, and know that, these are evil not be
19:21 a denial and that's what I think some of us are stock,
19:26 you know we think oh it's not so bad you know
19:29 I can think about that or do that. But you must identify
19:33 it as evil. That's right. And now Atonte that same
19:35 verse up in verse 5 very first line it says casting
19:38 down imaginations we saw earlier that the word
19:42 for casting down implies to destroy, alright,
19:45 look at that, the Bible is telling us here that through
19:48 the grace of Christ we can actually destroy imagination,
19:52 counter crucifixion. Evil imagination,
19:55 evil imagination God calls us not only to bring that
19:59 evil thought into captivity but then to destroy it.
20:02 So, we trap and then we Destroy. We take no prisoners
20:06 of war. No prisoners of war, no evil thoughts
20:09 running around in our hearts. We captured,
20:12 we trap, and then we destroy. You know, sometimes
20:17 we say Lord give me a clean heart make my
20:20 heart pure. God is saying, I will do that for you
20:23 if you are willing to allow me to do that,
20:25 it's not just like a zap boom magic kind of thing.
20:28 God is saying look you surrender each thing to me
20:32 and I will do that for you. And so if we really want
20:36 a clean heart a pure heart it's really our mind.
20:38 We want clean thoughts and
20:40 pure thoughts and God says I will do that for you.
20:43 You know there is another verse Atonte that is the
20:47 powerfully illustrates this point, it's actually found
20:49 in the Book of Galatians chapter 5,
20:52 Galatians chapter 5 and verse 24 and it's says here.
21:00 And they that are Christ have crucified the flesh
21:05 with the affections and lust. Now, you've never read
21:10 that verse in your life before Crucified the affections
21:14 and the lust, now remember the lust and affections
21:17 and temptations are busy trying to do what?
21:20 Crucify us, yes they are trying to kill us,
21:23 they are trying to destroy us, but the Bible says
21:25 that they that are Christ have crucified the flesh
21:30 and the affections and the lust. Wait a minute are you
21:33 telling me that you are calling me to counter crucify
21:40 sin to counter crucify lust and the Bible says yes that's
21:44 exactly what I'm telling you. If you live in the Spirit
21:47 walk in the spirit it is by the spirit of God that we
21:51 learned how to eliminate that temptation by actually
21:54 crucifying the affection and the lust. That means
21:57 bringing it to an end, destroying it.
22:01 The question is how in the world, do we astray, do we
22:04 counter crucify sin. We've seen God said here, we
22:08 seen it in his word that he calls us to do this.
22:11 You know when you are fighting a battle against
22:13 someone and that person seems very strong.
22:15 You know you ask yourself one question does this
22:18 person have a weak point, does this person
22:22 have a weak spot and we ought to ask the same question
22:26 of temptation. Does temptation have a weak spot?
22:31 You know on face value it seems like temptation
22:35 can have a weak spot, temptation is impervious
22:37 to anything, temptation cannot be defeated, but
22:40 Atonte we know that temptation must have a weak
22:43 spot because we are told to do what? To crucify,
22:46 to crucify, to crucify the lust, to crucify affections.
22:50 Now, we do know from this verse, but we also know
22:53 it because Jesus himself over came temptation.
22:58 He crucified it. So, we need to understand yes
23:03 temptation does have a weak spot well the question
23:06 is what is temptations weak spot? And the answer
23:12 is again amazingly simple. What is the power of
23:16 temptation? Temptation causes us to what? Rise.
23:21 The center of gravity as it were for temptation
23:26 is in its height. Remember Satan exalted himself Jesus
23:33 humbled himself. Where do we strike at temptation
23:37 is the question. How do we strike a temptation?
23:40 The answer is we strike low, very low, we strike low
23:46 in responding low, in striking low.
23:49 Remember Jesus said I'm meek and what lowly in
23:54 striking low Jesus was always able to overcome sin.
23:59 He never allowed sin to lift him up and thus give
24:04 temptation the advantage, he always kept himself low
24:08 and he struggle. You say what do you mean strike
24:10 little? Pastor listen. Someone says something to you
24:13 and it in your natural mind you would in your
24:17 natural response you would strike high.
24:18 And you will go, defend myself, I'm gonna defend
24:21 myself. How dare you that's what call striking high.
24:24 You are striking back high,
24:26 You strike low by refusing to retaliate evil for evil.
24:31 I imagine it this way like temptation is coming
24:34 and looking for the person to tempt them,
24:37 but the person is laying so low that they can't pick
24:40 the temptations right were we can't kept pick
24:41 the person. That's right, the radar of temptation
24:43 cannot pick you up because you are underneath
24:46 you are low, you are underneath its radar
24:48 screening. And you are heading Christ.
24:49 You know, when Jesus was blindfolded and the
24:53 Roman soldiers were, were, were hitting him
24:57 and saying prophecy unto us who swear you?
25:00 Atonte, I always imagine this Jesus could call
25:04 blindfolded that he could call their names out, yes,
25:07 and probably giving them a heart attack, but
25:10 he did not, he did not try to prove himself
25:15 he strike low, how did he strike low?
25:17 By not answering a word, how do we strike low
25:20 by doing the humble thing, how do we strike low
25:25 by when temptation says men don't you deserve
25:27 this you say no I don't deserve that.
25:30 You strike low, when temptation says man you
25:32 deserve better than your husband or your wife
25:34 and you ought to go out and do this. You ought
25:36 to indulge yourself you strike low by saying
25:39 no I'm not worthy of that. I'm not worthy
25:41 of bearing the cross of Christ I'm not worthy of, of,
25:45 of you know I am the lowest of the low and Jesus
25:48 says those who are will humble themselves
25:51 will be what? Exalted, but those who exalt
25:54 themselves will be humbled. So, in as is Atonte
26:00 what is the message we have? Be still,
26:05 be silent focus and breath deep know without knowing
26:13 fight without fighting and counter crucify
26:19 and if we learn this process whenever
26:22 temptation arises we learn this process of being
26:25 still, silent, focus, breathing deep asking
26:28 for the spirit of God to fill us know without
26:30 knowing. Lord what's the way you want me to go?
26:31 How do I deal with this? fight without fighting
26:33 by refusing to engage the enemy counter crucify
26:39 by trapping by staying low trapping and destroying
26:42 that sinful thought in the grace of Christ we become
26:46 masters over self. And he who has master self
26:51 is greater than he who masters others. You know,
26:56 I feel compelled right now because I know many
27:00 people are watching and to make an appeal to ask
27:04 them to make a decision to say Lord I want to learn
27:08 these arts I want this to be a part of my life,
27:11 I want to trap my enemy, which is Satan and self
27:18 and to make that decision and to make the decision,
27:21 make a conscious decision say this is what I want
27:23 in my life and I want God to give me the power
27:27 to do that. That's right, you know as warriors
27:29 we need to learn how to fight and be persistent
27:32 in fighting. Many times we get knock down, but Atonte
27:36 real fighters always get up they say where did
27:39 I go wrong they study that how do I make it?
27:42 How do that I mess up there they study it and they go
27:45 back to there master Jesus Christ and they say
27:48 master continue to teach me and eventually day
27:51 by day they become better and better in the grace
27:55 of Christ until they master self.
27:59 Well we all at a time until next time God bless.


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