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00:14 Welcome to Battles of Faith.
00:15 We're your host Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:18 Today's program is entitled Holy Wars.
00:21 And I am very excited about this program
00:24 because as Christians we need to learn how to fight
00:27 because we do have an enemy.
00:30 Being a Pastor's wife we run into baby Christians
00:33 all the time. And once they get baptized, they
00:35 think, hey, I've joined the church, I am following
00:37 Jesus, everything is going to be a breeze from here
00:39 on out, but they soon learn that that's not the case.
00:43 Once you take the opposite side of Satan,
00:45 he is gonna up his attack and everyone has to learn
00:49 how to fight and the fight the war effectively.
00:51 That's what we're gonna talk about.
00:52 That's right, Atonte you know, Christianity
00:54 is often portrait as a very peaceful religion and it
00:58 is a peaceful religion but when we read the Bible
01:03 we also see the Christianity deals with war.
01:07 And the reason it deals with war is because as
01:10 Christians we are in a holy war.
01:13 And I know that term has become very popular in
01:16 the last couple of years because of 9/11.
01:19 I remember when we were in Virginia.
01:22 We were actually in Virginia Atonte on the
01:24 September 11 we were to fly back to California.
01:28 The following day on United Airlines we were
01:31 thinking about leaving from Dulles Airport and
01:33 flying into Los Angeles. And that morning,
01:37 September 11th my son came into the room and
01:40 said, daddy, daddy wake up quickly.
01:41 You know, mom said to go turn the TV on.
01:44 So, we went downstairs and we turned the TV on
01:46 just in time to see the second plane flying into
01:50 the Twin Towers. Holy war or what is called
01:53 Jihad in some places had come to our shores.
01:57 And I have remember the nation was paralyzed for
02:01 quite a while, I mean there was sadness, there
02:03 was grief, there was disbelief, but soon that,
02:06 that sadness and grief and disbelief turned into anger.
02:11 America had become angry, we were now in
02:15 a holy war. And things have changed Atonte
02:19 since September 11th, we are facing an, an, an
02:24 invisible foe, we're facing terrorism in a, in a way
02:28 that we have never seen it before.
02:30 And I want to say that in spite of all of that,
02:33 the Christian faces a war with much greater stakes.
02:42 This war is a war that the Bible describes in
02:47 Ephesians chapter 6, verse 12.
02:49 We're going to go ahead and take a
02:50 look at that verse. In Ephesians 6 verse 12,
02:53 the Bible tells us that we wrestle not against flesh
02:55 and blood, but against principalities, against
02:58 powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this
03:02 world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
03:07 We are told as Christians that our warfare is not
03:11 against the terrorist across the sea but we're
03:14 fighting against spiritual wickedness
03:16 in high places. Okay. And these enemies
03:18 are way more dangerous than terrorists or any
03:22 other person could be to us.
03:24 And to amplify it, it actually says, in the
03:26 supernatural world. That's right. So, it's, it's
03:29 a enemy that we cannot see, but he is definitely there.
03:31 That's right, you know, going back to this
03:34 September 11th, when, when this event took place.
03:36 One of the first things that America tried to do
03:40 was they try to figure out who was behind the attack?
03:43 Everyone wanted to know who was it that
03:45 was behind the attack? Was it one group, was
03:50 it a nation? Who was behind the assaults?
03:53 They wanted to identify the enemy.
03:55 And I want to suggest that when Christians
03:57 understand that they are in a Holy war the first
04:00 thing that needs to happen, is they need to
04:02 be able to identify the enemy. So, who do you
04:06 think the enemy is Atonte? Well, we know that it's
04:09 Satan because he was against our Savior Jesus.
04:11 That's right, the enemy, the ultimate enemy,
04:14 the, when the Bible tells about principles and
04:17 powers we're talking about Satan and fallen
04:20 angels but I want to suggest as well that our
04:23 greatest enemy, our greatest terrorist is Self.
04:30 The person that you get up and look at in the
04:33 mirror, mirror every morning, that is our
04:36 greatest enemy. And when we are able
04:38 to identify that, when we are able to identify
04:41 that Self the, the, the, the carnal nature inside
04:45 is really against us, is our ultimate terrorist
04:48 then we know who the fight needs to
04:51 be directed against. And what Satan does is
04:54 he tempts himself to want to do the things
04:57 that are opposite of God's will?
05:00 And so that's what he does. He uses our own carnal
05:03 nature to try to get us to do the things that God
05:05 doesn't want us to do. That's right, we're gonna
05:06 take a look at First Peter chapter 2, verse 11 and,
05:10 and in this verse it says, Dearly beloved,
05:12 I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims,
05:15 abstain from fleshly lusts, which war
05:19 against the soul. So, we're being told here
05:22 that what is warring against our soul is the
05:25 fleshly lust. And James chapter 1, verse 13 and
05:31 14 tell us where those fleshly lusts come from?
05:35 Verse 13 says, let no man say when he is
05:37 tempted, I'm tempted of God. For God cannot be
05:40 tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any
05:43 man. But, every man is tempted, when he is
05:45 drawn away of his own lust and enticed.
05:49 So, it is our own lust, our own sinful carnal nature.
05:54 That is our greatest terrorist, your greatest
05:57 war is not against your husband or your wife or
06:01 the people who disagree with you.
06:02 Your greatest war is against Self, in fact
06:05 Satan and Self have found a confederacy to
06:09 try to destroy you. To try to destroy the
06:12 Christian and when you realize that, again
06:15 Atonte we realize who our greatest enemy is?
06:19 And there is an old saying 'know thy enemy.'
06:21 We ought to know Self, we ought to know what
06:25 Self is fully capable of? So, the most important
06:27 thing is to identify your enemy because you
06:30 don't want to be fighting against the
06:32 wrong person or entity. And then you really
06:36 wouldn't win the war. That's right, that's right.
06:38 You know, there is another issue Atonte
06:40 that that when, when we, when America
06:44 discovered or thought they knew who it was
06:47 that was behind the attacks. They knew, that it was
06:49 now, they knew that these were terrorists.
06:52 There was a, a, a word that went out to the,
06:58 nations and it was this, if you're harboring
07:02 terrorist we will come after you.
07:06 And it's interesting Atonte that when we
07:07 look at the spiritual war, the Christian holy war.
07:12 And you know when you use that term Holy
07:14 war, we're talking about true Holy war.
07:15 Because these are the Holy wars are really
07:18 unholy wars. That, they are not being fought for
07:21 the right reason, they are not being fought in
07:24 the right spirit. They're being fought physically,
07:26 the true Holy war is the spiritual conflict against
07:30 principalities and powers and against the
07:33 Self nature, the carnal nature.
07:37 Now, we talk about harboring terrorist.
07:39 How does that relate over into the spiritual
07:42 conflict. Well, Atonte you know many times
07:45 people will, will, will say you know, man
07:48 I would never do something like that.
07:50 What are they doing? What they're doing is, is
07:53 they're saying they, they are harboring a terrorist
07:56 because the Bible lets us know that Self the
07:59 carnal nature is capable of how much,
08:02 of anything, of anything, of anything.
08:05 Just think about some of the thoughts that
08:06 have gone through your mind and you set them
08:08 and go I cannot believe that I actually thought that.
08:10 You know, you're saying there is a Christian
08:12 to think that you are actually tempted with that.
08:15 Self is fully capable of doing anything and
08:19 once we come to the realization that, that
08:22 Self will do anything. We need to understand
08:24 that as Christians we must step back and
08:27 refuse to harbor a terrorist. We will, we we're not
08:31 gonna say, Oh! I'm not, I would never do that
08:33 because you know but by the grace of God we
08:36 would do anything. That's right. And you
08:40 know, as you've seen on our previous programs
08:42 we've talked about the entertainment industry
08:44 and the things that are a part of that and most of
08:49 the things that are out there in Hollywood is
08:52 feeding that carnal nature, that Self nature
08:55 that is sinful and goes against God.
08:58 So, the, the main way that Self is fed is
09:02 through those sinful things and when we
09:04 watch or hear those things, we're making
09:07 Self stronger and stronger. Exactly, Atonte you know
09:10 the issue that America is facing right now.
09:14 That there is turmoil in this country over this war,
09:17 because how do you fight an unseen enemy.
09:19 How do you fight an enemy that you, you
09:22 know, it's not a nation you're talking about
09:24 individual people, you're talking about
09:25 hidden faces. How do we fight someone or
09:28 something that we cannot see? And we want to take
09:31 that question right over into the spiritual context.
09:34 How do we, how you fight against someone
09:38 who lives with you 24 hours of the day.
09:42 How do you fight someone who knows
09:44 your every thought? Self knows you better than
09:46 anybody else, how do you fight someone who
09:48 knows all your secrets, all your weaknesses?
09:51 How do you fight someone that is closer
09:54 than a brother closer than a friend? How do you
09:57 fight against Self? And, and the good news is that
10:01 there is a way to fight against Self that's what
10:03 this whole Bible. Amen. Is given to us for to
10:06 teach us how to fight this Holy war?
10:09 And that is indeed the Holy war that all
10:12 Christians are called to fight when they decide
10:15 enlist unto Jesus Christ. And that's why I'm so,
10:18 like I said in the beginning. I'm so excited
10:20 about this program because as a Christian if
10:23 God did not give us a formula in his word.
10:27 On, how to fight against Self? I'll be honest
10:29 I would be completely depressed everyday.
10:31 Because if there was no hope for our sinful condition.
10:35 It would be very, very discouraging like you said.
10:38 How do you fight something that is with
10:40 you all the time that knows you better or just
10:42 as well as you know yourself?
10:44 Yeah, you know as I said earlier, Self and Satan
10:47 have, have formed a confederacy.
10:49 No one can betray you like Self.
10:52 You know Self knows you better than anybody else.
10:56 And Self is all too willing to go and hand those
10:59 secrets over to the devil, to give him those, those,
11:03 those clues, those tips to cause you as a
11:06 Christian to fall. And, and you know the, the
11:10 Christian ought to have motto but one,
11:12 no enemy but Self. We need to understand
11:15 Atonte that all external warfare is the result of
11:20 poorly fought internal warfare.
11:24 All external warfare, in other words, all warfare
11:27 that spills out into the physical realm is the
11:30 result of a poorly fought internal warfare.
11:33 Because the war starts in your mind.
11:34 The war starts, starts in the mind, as Christians
11:37 we're called to fight not external conflict, not
11:41 external battles but internal warfare.
11:44 In fact, in James chapter 4 and verse 1, the Bible
11:47 says this, From whence come wars and fights
11:50 among you? Come they not hence even of your
11:54 lusts that war in your members? In other words,
11:59 James is telling us here that the reason, why we
12:02 get into arguments in family circles,
12:07 amongst friends. The reasons why nations go
12:10 to war with one another is, is, is ultimately
12:13 because of poorly fought internal battles.
12:17 The lust within our members spill out, they
12:20 rule us, they dominates, Self dominates and gets
12:23 his way, gets his will and Self will always try to
12:26 fight outwards. So, Self is always gonna blame
12:29 somebody else or looking at, at something,
12:32 something external for his problem when as
12:34 Christians we're called to fight the battle internally.
12:37 We, we, we might call it internal warfare versus
12:42 external warfare. And this again is what God
12:45 calling us to do to fight. This is the holy war that
12:49 Christians are to engage in.
12:51 And Self is always trying to protect Self like you
12:55 said this is why we have so many conflicts in a
12:57 marriage, conflicts at work or with people it's
13:01 because Self rises and Self is going
13:03 to defend Self. That's right, and the, the
13:05 things Self likes. You know, we talk about
13:07 the music and movies and all these different things.
13:10 Self is out for the, these things energize Self.
13:13 These things empower Self and that's why we
13:16 need to aware. We need to understand that Self
13:20 being our enemy must be defeated; there must be a
13:24 declaration of war against Self.
13:27 And, and that's another very important issue
13:29 Atonte, when, when America, you know,
13:31 when, when the Twin Towers fell and America
13:34 knew, that this that Jihad or holy war had been
13:37 brought to their shores, they turned around and
13:40 made a declaration of war. I want to talk about
13:43 that, that, that declaration in a moment but Atonte
13:46 one of the greatest mistakes that a person can
13:49 make is under estimating the enemy.
13:51 When you underestimate an enemy? When you
13:53 think an enemy will not do certain things or, or, or
13:57 will not stoop certain levels. We go into the
14:00 battle unprepared. We go into the battle rather
14:04 prepared to lose. We have got to have the right
14:07 assessment of the enemy and once we have that
14:10 assessment, once we understand who we're up
14:12 against, we make that declaration of war.
14:16 United States made a declaration of war some
14:19 people agree with it, some people don't,
14:20 disagree with it, but I believe as Christians
14:23 we have to make a declaration of war, if we
14:28 don't make a declaration of war against Self, Self
14:30 will continue to pound away and to destroy us.
14:34 You know, flying spiritual planes into us.
14:37 You know, whatever it is just, just trying to destroy,
14:41 trying to detonate, trying to bring us to ashes and
14:46 we've got to realize you know someone said
14:50 you may as well run or you may as well fight,
14:53 stand and fight because if you run you only die
14:56 tired. Let me get that, let me say that again,
14:58 you may as well stand and fight, because if you
15:01 run you will only die tired. And that's true of the
15:05 Christian war, when you become a Christian you
15:08 may as well stand and fight. That's right. Because if
15:10 you run, Self will come after you, the devil will
15:12 come after you, you will only die tired.
15:15 And as Christians God has promised us eternal
15:17 life, death is not in the picture for a Christian
15:20 when it comes to, we're talking
15:22 about spiritual death. The devil wants to
15:25 destroy us spiritually, Christ says I'll come to
15:27 give you life and to give you life eternal.
15:29 That's right. And you have to make a new
15:32 declaration of war every single day because Satan
15:35 ups his attacks and he never stops. I've told my
15:38 children sometimes some days they have some hard
15:41 days and they find that they have been
15:43 disobedient that day and they say Oh! Mommy it's
15:45 so hard, I do not know why I do these things.
15:47 It's because your enemy never rests.
15:49 That's right. You can never just get up one day
15:51 and, and have a relaxed mind as far as your
15:54 fighting goes. You have to make a decision everyday.
15:56 I have an enemy, I'm making a decision to
15:59 allow God to empower me today to fight this
16:02 enemy, it must be a conscious decision.
16:04 That's right, when we talk about Holy war we've got
16:08 to understand that there are principles
16:10 involved in war. Anyone that enters into the
16:12 military, they are trained, you never just get a, get
16:16 a, get a group of people together and say come on
16:17 let's go fight and they go, no, there has to be
16:20 training, there needs to be an understanding of
16:22 the principles of war. Atonte many times I have
16:25 people emailing me or calling me, I'm struggling
16:27 with this or that. You know many times the
16:29 young people say, I don't know how to give this
16:32 thing up, or give that thing up, it's all the
16:34 people saying I've got this problem, I've got this
16:36 stronghold in my life. And as warriors we need
16:40 to understand the principles of holy warfare.
16:44 One principle that, that I just want to talk about
16:46 very quickly is temptation. You know I believe that,
16:49 that temptation and this has to be understood
16:52 in the right way. Temptation is the
16:54 soldier's warning system that Self is about to
16:57 launch an attack. Like Radar. It's like radar
17:01 you know, when you, when you begin to feel,
17:03 as a Christian you begin to feel that feeling that
17:06 you get, when you know temptation's drawn on.
17:09 Not that temptation is a good thing, what I'm
17:11 saying is that temptation is the, it's a warning
17:16 device saying Self is up to something.
17:19 You know when Pearl Harbor happened, people
17:21 to this day. Did America know or were they caught
17:25 off guard. Same with September 11th, you know
17:28 was, was there a pre warning, did America
17:30 know or were they caught off guard.
17:32 And I believe Atonte that as warriors we need to
17:36 understand that when we're under temptation.
17:40 It is, it is a warning system, it is a warning
17:43 sign for us that Self is getting ready to launch
17:47 an offensive. And principles like these we're gonna
17:50 be discussing them in our, in our upcoming series
17:52 but we're gonna be learning how to fight the
17:55 good fight of faith. You know, I like that
17:57 because we can instead of temptation being this
18:00 big scary thing. We can almost with God's power
18:03 flip it on the devil if you will. You know use that
18:05 as a weapon, like we said radar. So, that you know
18:09 something is coming, something is approaching,
18:10 he is trying to get me to do this thing.
18:12 And use it because, just because temptation comes
18:14 doesn't mean we have to fall into it, we don't
18:16 have to sin. That's right. And so we can use that
18:19 against him. Yeah, in fact the Bible
18:21 says, blessed is the man that endureth temptation.
18:24 You know we got a blessing from enduring temptation.
18:27 And we'll talk about that a little bit later on, but
18:29 another important issue Atonte, another important
18:32 event that took place here in American was that
18:35 after 9/11 you had many, many people who were
18:41 civilians leave their civilian status to enlist
18:46 in the army. So, those who are one time civilian
18:51 were now soldiers. And I believe that one of
18:54 the greatest faults in, in Christianity.
18:59 One of the greatest weakness in Christianity
19:02 today is the oxymoron of Christian civilians.
19:07 What in the world is a Christian civilian?
19:09 You look at a civilian, a civilian is a person who
19:12 you know enjoys the pursuits of life.
19:14 He is engaged in you know, you know, the
19:17 pursuit for liberty, happiness, he is doing his
19:20 work. He is just going about business. A
19:23 civilian is not a soldier in a sense that the soldiers
19:27 are the ones that protect our freedom.
19:29 The soldiers are the ones that are fighting the
19:30 battle, the conflict. And, and, and to have a
19:33 Christian civilian is, is an oxymoron because there,
19:38 there should be, there is no such thing as a
19:40 Christian civilian, why? Because we are called
19:43 into Warfare. Well, once you make a
19:45 decision to be a Christian you're a soldier,
19:48 you're in war. Second Timothy chapter 2:3
19:51 and 4 tell us this. "Thou therefore endure
19:54 hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
19:58 No man that warreth entangleth himself with
20:00 the affairs of this life; that he may please him,
20:03 who has chosen him to be a soldier."
20:06 And that word can be translated warrior.
20:09 When we enlist as a Christian, we are enlisting
20:13 as a soldier. There is no such thing as a Christian
20:16 civilian. Civilians support the war, we're behind the
20:20 war 100 percent. Many Christians we, we
20:24 support you Pastor you know, we, we're behind
20:27 the war but they're not actually in the battle
20:30 themselves. As Christians God calls us to enter
20:35 into holy war, you know one amazing thing about
20:37 the, the difference Atonte between a Christian and
20:40 a civilian is that civilians you'll never see a soldier
20:44 on the battlefield or I should say you will
20:47 rarely see a soldier on the battlefield crying saying
20:51 why are they shooting at me? Because they know.
20:54 I don't understand it, what have I done?
20:58 Nor a Christian soldier knows that he is in war.
21:02 So, he is expecting bullets to fly his way.
21:05 He is expecting conflict, he is not taking a back, he
21:08 is not offended when he finds an offensive
21:12 coming his way. And, and, and, and at so many
21:15 times as Christians we, we get into this mind set,
21:18 this civilian mind set, I don't understand why
21:21 this is happening to me? This is happening
21:23 beloved, because we wrestle not against flesh
21:26 and blood but against principles and powers
21:28 against spiritual wickedness in high places.
21:30 As Christians, we need to get the mind set of a
21:33 soldier and leave the status of a civilian.
21:36 You know, Satan, Satan is banking that will keep
21:39 that mentality of that word you know, we sign
21:42 up as Christians but we're not really in a war.
21:44 Because once you take on the mentality of, okay I'm
21:47 in a war on a daily basis. And there is an enemy
21:50 that's gonna be coming at me at all you know angles
21:53 then you take life differently, you make
21:56 different decisions on a daily basis.
21:59 I mean we all know that again he fights in the
22:02 family or he uses the family unit to try to, to, to
22:06 win this war, to win battles. So, you're not
22:08 going to want to react the same way, when your,
22:13 when your husband says something that you
22:15 think is attacking you. You gonna want God to
22:18 train you to be able to defend that weapon.
22:21 That's right; we learn to live in an atmosphere
22:25 of war as it were. Again Paul tells us fight the
22:30 good fight of faith, we have to expect conflict,
22:35 in fact First Peter rather. Yeah First Peter chapter
22:37 4, verse 12 and 13. Listen to what it says, beloved,
22:40 think it not strange concerning the fiery trial
22:43 which is to try you, don't cry on the battle field
22:46 saying why is this happening to me.
22:48 Now, it's alright to cry because you know
22:50 soldiers cry when they're wounded, it's alright to
22:53 cry when you're wounded? But we don't
22:55 cry, why was I wounded? Why was I shot at?
22:58 We know, because we're in a Holy war.
23:01 So, don't think it's strange when fiery trials come
23:04 your way. As though some strange thing
23:06 happened unto you but rejoice an as much as
23:09 your partakers of Christ's sufferings, that when
23:11 His glory shall be revealed, you maybe glad
23:14 with exceeding joy. You maybe glad with
23:18 exceeding joy. We are told that as soldiers
23:22 we're gonna have conflict. We're gonna have
23:24 warfare, but be glad because you're fighting
23:27 the good fight of faith. Another difference
23:30 Atonte between a civilian and a soldier is the dress.
23:34 A soldier is in military wear, civilian is in
23:40 civilian clothing. He is not protected, again we're
23:42 called to put on the armor of God. We're called to
23:46 live you know, the soldier is always ready,
23:49 ever ready for. He is always on guard.
23:51 He's never got his guard down because he knows
23:53 he's in an atmosphere of war. And as Christians,
23:56 when we have this mentality of a Christian
24:00 civilian? We're setting ourselves
24:03 up for a major defeat. We need to have the
24:07 mentality of that the fact that we are in a war and
24:11 that we must fight. And I think as Christians
24:15 again we're just kind of get so busy with life that
24:18 we forget that there is a supernatural element out
24:21 there that is against us. Now, praise God there is
24:23 another supernatural element out there, who is
24:26 God, who is on our side? But God gives us the
24:29 power but we must still be able to focus
24:31 enough to realize. And not get too busy that
24:34 we're in a war. That's right. Now, one
24:37 more event Atonte that we that we can discuss
24:39 with September 11th and this war that that we're in
24:43 now, nations are in now, this war against terrorism.
24:48 In every war there has to be an objective.
24:51 A war without an objective is a war where
24:54 you will never know are we succeeding or are we,
24:56 you know, where are we? Without the objective you
24:58 can never tell where you are. And as Christians we
25:01 have a divine objective. And, and I sum that
25:05 divine objective up into two words, Contain and
25:10 Destroy. The Christians objective in war is to
25:13 contain and to destroy. What do we mean by
25:16 contain? We just read in James 4:1 that all war is
25:19 a, is a result of poorly or external conflict is a
25:23 result of poorly fought internal conflict.
25:26 To contain means that we keep Self
25:29 contained within. We don't allow him to spill
25:32 out, to go on the loose, when you speak out an
25:34 angry word. Self is on the lose, when you react
25:38 negatively towards someone, Self is on the
25:40 loose, when you're arguing Self is on the
25:42 loose. The Christians divine objective is to
25:45 contain Self, to keep Self, to keep the battle within
25:50 and never spilling out into the external, into the
25:54 external realm. We've got to keep Self
25:56 contained, but what about destroying? You know,
25:59 it's not enough to keep Self contained, because
26:02 I may not speak the evil word, I may not argue,
26:05 but I maybe arguing where? In mind, in your
26:07 mind. In, in my mind, I maybe speaking those
26:09 bad words in my mind, I maybe having those
26:12 desires in my heart. We've not only, we not
26:15 only have to contain, but we must also destroy.
26:19 In other words, we're told to bring every thought
26:23 into captivity to cast down high imaginations.
26:27 That's Second Corinthians 10:3-5.
26:30 And the word there for cast down Atonte is
26:32 actually destroy. So, as Christians we're called to
26:35 destroy, not only contain Self within, but also to
26:39 destroy those thoughts, those lusts, those desires
26:45 that Self tires to bring up to take control of us.
26:48 So, that's our divine objective, contain
26:51 and destroy. And I believe that once we
26:53 begin to put these principles into play.
26:55 And what we're gonna learn over these next, in
26:57 this throughout this series is gonna tremendously
27:00 help us in this war on the ultimate terrorist we face,
27:04 you face a person that you see, when you get up
27:07 in the morning, you. And see why Satan wants
27:10 us to spend so much time entertaining our mind
27:12 with all these other things is because he doesn't
27:15 want us to fight that war that's in our mind.
27:17 He doesn't want us to be able to contain and
27:19 destroy. I mean that takes some a lot of focus and
27:22 knowing what's going on. You know, to even get
27:25 your imagination and your thoughts under control.
27:28 That's right, we have to have that ultimate love
27:30 for our general Jesus Christ, Amen.
27:33 And be, stand in his words, stand in his grace
27:37 and through that grace he will give us the power to
27:41 defeat and the overcome Self.
27:43 I don't know, about you, but I want to make a
27:45 decision to choose to fight on a daily basis.
27:49 And to allow God to work his miracles
27:52 working power in my life and I pray that you will
27:55 make that same decision. Well, we're all out of time
27:59 but until next time. God bless.


Revised 2014-12-17