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00:14 Welcome to BATTLES OF FAITH
00:16 We are your hosts, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:18 We are going to continue our discussion today on how
00:22 to fight back spiritually.
00:25 You know a few months ago we lost a friend.
00:28 It was not a desirable circumstances, but we lost him
00:32 and were really moved to fight Satan back spiritually.
00:35 That is to get victory in areas he thinks he has victory
00:39 over us, so we want to spoil his plans.
00:42 Today we are going to learn more on how we can do that.
00:46 That's right Atonte, we have been discussing in our
00:49 previous program this principle that as there are laws
00:53 that govern the physical world, so there laws that
00:56 govern the spiritual world.
00:58 Laws that govern our walk of faith, and in this context
01:02 also, our fight of faith.
01:04 When we abide by these laws, they help us to fight that
01:08 good fight of faith, to stop the enemy's plans for our
01:13 lives and actually have God's plans fulfilled in our lives.
01:17 Today we are going to be talking about spiritual eponyms.
01:20 You hear that word eponym, what in the world is that?
01:23 Well let me explain what that is.
01:26 Were going to put our graphic on the screen.
01:28 This is a definition of an eponym.
01:43 That is what eponym is, and in the science world there
01:47 are scientific eponyms.
01:49 Eponyms such as Pascal's theorem, named after Blaise
01:54 Pascal, or there is Newton's law of motion named
01:59 after John Newton, or Abogados law, or Ohm's Law.
02:03 There's Kepler's law of planetary motion, and you can go
02:06 down the list of these laws that are named
02:11 after various people.
02:12 These are called eponyms.
02:14 Well in this spiritual context there are spiritual
02:18 eponyms that we would like to share with you today.
02:22 We are going to be looking at a couple of people in the
02:25 Bible, who have not so much discovered, but may be
02:31 used to exemplify the laws that help us to fight
02:36 the fight of faith.
02:38 So the first eponym we're going to look at is what we
02:40 call, Jacob's Law, or the law of endurance.
02:45 The law of endurance and this law states this Atonte,
02:49 determined and enduring faith yields Divine blessing.
02:56 Determined and enduring faith yields Divine blessing!
03:01 You can probably begin to determine
03:03 why named this Jacobs law.
03:05 Because he was wrestling?
03:07 That's right he wrestled with God the Bible said in
03:09 Genesis 32:26 and on.
03:13 There Jacob has an encounter with a stranger and they
03:18 begin to wrestle there, and the Bible says,
03:20 "they wrestled until the break of day. "
03:22 Jacob begins to realize that this being he is wrestling
03:26 with is not just some regular man, he is actually
03:33 wrestling with Divinity.
03:35 In fact when Jacob's name was changed, it was changed
03:38 to Israel, meaning one who is wrestled
03:40 with God and overcomes.
03:42 So here Jacob is and he says in Genesis 32:26.
03:48 God here is speaking to Jacob and He says,
04:03 There you have that Divine formula.
04:06 "I will not let thee go unless thou bless me. "
04:11 Jacob was exercising and revealing this principle that
04:15 enduring and determined faith yields Divine blessing.
04:20 He held onto God, and God in this story says to Jacob,
04:25 what is your name? Or rather what is your name?
04:28 Jacob! He said, no longer will you're name be
04:30 called Jacob it will be called Israel because you have
04:33 wrestled with God and have prevailed.
04:36 He prevailed, not that he was stronger than God, but he
04:40 prevailed in that he endured.
04:42 This is the principle that we want to bring out in this
04:46 program, as Christians we must endure.
04:51 We must have determined faith.
04:53 Sometimes we get knocked down and we say this is never
04:56 going to work, I'm never going to be able to get victory
04:59 over this thing, or that thing, things I have been
05:02 learning through this program.
05:03 God says listen, as sure as the law of gravity works
05:09 all the time, is a sure as this law in the spiritual
05:14 realm will work, determined and enduring faith
05:18 yields a Divine blessing.
05:20 These stories of these people who had these type of
05:24 victories are put in the Bible to be an examples and
05:28 encouragement to us.
05:29 They are there to encourage us to know that they
05:32 struggled the way we struggle and they were able to
05:34 overcome by wrestling with God, by submitting themselves
05:38 to God and surrendering all to God.
05:40 In our previous program, we talked about the fact that
05:44 scientific laws must be both observable, repeatable,
05:47 and predictable in order for it to qualify as a law.
05:51 It can't be guesswork, it can't be random, it happens
05:54 sometimes here, but doesn't happen other times there.
05:58 We want to look and see, is this law, Jacobs law, is it
06:02 we see it is observable, but is it repeatable?
06:05 We can look at the story of Abraham.
06:09 Right, and we have an account here in Hebrew 6:13-15.
06:33 You see there it is again laid out right before us.
06:36 He patiently endured, patiently endured.
06:38 Patience and enduring faith yields Divine blessing.
06:45 Abraham waited for a child, and he waited, and he waited.
06:49 he waited, he didn't give up, he never gave up.
06:51 He was well into his old years when this blessing was
06:58 finally given to him.
07:00 Again, we have here in an experiment form as it were,
07:07 this principle being revealed to us as
07:09 not only is it observable, but it is also repeatable.
07:13 If we wait on the Lord, He will bless us.
07:17 If we endure, no matter how many times we get knocked
07:21 down, if we get back up and say I will receive the
07:25 victory over this thing.
07:27 We will receive the victory, God will bless us.
07:29 Right, we have Job as an example as well in James 5:11.
07:45 Job's experience was a horrible experience, and yet
07:49 throughout the whole experience he never turned his back
07:53 on God, he endured, he held on and said I will not let
07:57 Thee go except Thou bless me.
07:59 These are men who are walking in the footsteps of Jacobs
08:03 law, the law of enduring, determined faith.
08:06 That's right and we also have another example of Elijah
08:12 praying seven times in James 5:17.
08:30 He's determined faith, his determined prayer, and that is
08:33 something else we need to address is that we have to have
08:37 a determined prayer life.
08:39 We are going to talk about that in an upcoming program.
08:42 We have to have this enduring faith, this determined
08:45 faith that says Lord, I will not let You go
08:50 unless You bless me.
08:52 We see this law is both observable, it is repeatable
08:56 and it is predictable.
08:58 Jeremiah 29:13, Jeremiah says there, "you shall seek me
09:02 and find me when you search for me with
09:06 all of your heart. "
09:08 He is saying there that yes we press on, even though it
09:13 may seem Lord I haven't found You yet,
09:15 but I'm searching for You.
09:16 If we endure, if we continue to seek the Lord,
09:19 the Bible tells us, the spiritual law tells us, that we
09:24 will find God, we will receive that Divine blessing.
09:28 This is where the determination of Christ has to be
09:32 put within us, that we can have that determination and
09:36 say, Lord no matter what, I will not let You go
09:38 unless You bless me.
09:39 And speaking of Christ we have an example of that in
09:41 Mark 14:35-39.
10:15 And you see there an example on the opposite side that
10:19 Peter is here and having this faith that is not enduring.
10:22 He is falling asleep, and so many times Atonte, people
10:26 fall asleep spiritually.
10:29 They fall asleep to the principles of the world.
10:32 They fall asleep to the cunning devices of the enemy of
10:38 souls and we don't want to fall under that.
10:40 We want to be subject to Jacob's law, so that we say that
10:46 whatever happens Lord, I will not let you go.
10:51 This law is observable, it is repeatable, it is
10:55 predictable, but I want to look at another law Atonte.
10:59 There is another law we want to talk about and it is
11:02 called, what we call Daniel's Law of Magnetism.
11:07 Daniel's Law of Magnetism, I want to go ahead and read
11:11 just a little something here about magnetism.
11:15 What is magnetism?
11:16 "The word magnetism comes from the ancient Greek name
11:21 for certain natural occurring iron oxides, stones
11:25 called Lodestone. These stones have the properties
11:29 exerting force on each other and on bits of iron or
11:34 steel. They also have the power of imparting their own
11:38 distinctive properties to pieces of steel brought near
11:42 them. A piece of steel for example, a steel needle,
11:46 that has thus acquired the properties of the Lodestone
11:50 is said to be magnetized". It is called a magnet.
11:56 Daniel's Law of Magnetism, Daniel's Law which we also call
12:02 the law of magnetism has something to do
12:05 with magnetic properties.
12:08 Another thing about magnets is that, regardless of the
12:13 environment or surroundings, a magnet will always point
12:17 where? North, north it always points north.
12:21 It is because it has been magnetized.
12:24 Interestingly enough, one of the ways to demagnetize
12:27 a magnet is by the use of heat.
12:29 We are going to talk about that in a moment.
12:31 A magnet will always points north, no matter what
12:34 the circumstances, no matter what the environment.
12:37 Interestingly enough Atonte, in Proverbs 27:17 the
12:41 Bible says, as iron sharpens iron, so a man
12:43 sharpens his friends.
12:44 The Bible likens people to iron in this verse.
12:49 Another one in Jeremiah 1:18, where God is speaking to
12:53 Jeremiah and says, "I have made you an iron pillar. "
12:57 So there are a couple places in the Bible where we
13:01 are likened unto iron.
13:03 When I see this I say, if we are likened unto iron,
13:07 then we should, in all actuality, be as magnets.
13:11 Christ being the Lodestone.
13:14 I want to read a quote here from Counsels on Health,
13:17 page 290, and it says.
13:19 "God calls for men whose hearts are as true as steel
13:23 and who will stand steadfast in integrity undaunted
13:28 by circumstances. "
13:30 Now remember, we have been discussing in previous
13:32 programs, that the enemy of souls is attempting to
13:36 manipulate the environment so that we will adapt
13:40 to that environment.
13:41 What we are reading here, is that God is looking for
13:46 people who will be as true as steel,
13:49 as iron pillars who cannot be moved or manipulated
13:54 by their circumstances.
13:56 What better person can we think of to exemplify this
14:01 principal of magnetism then Daniel himself.
14:05 Daniel is a man in the midst of compromise, in the
14:11 midst of unfavorable circumstances, because he had
14:17 been rubbed up against the Lodestone, Jesus Christ who is
14:23 our magnet, who draws us with His love.
14:28 Because Daniel was so closely connected with Him,
14:30 no matter what circumstances Daniel was put in,
14:34 in the book of Daniel, he always pointed north.
14:38 Daniel's Law simply says this,
14:40 a piece of steel or iron, as long as it is magnetized
14:44 will always points north.
14:48 The enemy of souls is always trying to put us in those
14:51 situations, those hot situations so that we can
14:54 demagnetize, or he can try to demagnetize us, if that's
14:57 really the word, I'm not sure.
14:59 So that we will not point north, especially young people.
15:02 He is always trying to put you in a position to see if
15:06 you will compromise, to see if you will yield, or bend,
15:10 but God is saying no, if you are really with Me and My
15:15 Spirit is in you, you will always point north no matter
15:19 what the circumstances is, even if they are threatening
15:22 to put you in a fiery furnace.
15:24 There we have a perfect illustration.
15:27 Here you have these three magnets standing there on the
15:30 plain of Dura and the devil sees this and says, hey
15:34 angels, we have two to demagnetize them.
15:38 What does he do? He moves Nebuchadnezzar to light,
15:41 or heat this furnace and command that if they will not
15:45 bow down, they will be demagnetized.
15:49 They will be thrown into this fiery furnace, and
15:51 what do they do? They say no, we are not going to bow
15:55 down no matter what the environment around us is
15:59 suggesting we do, no matter what the circumstances,
16:02 we are going to point north regardless.
16:06 They take these three men, throw them bound into the
16:11 fiery furnace with the intention of demagnetizing them.
16:15 Getting them hopefully, before they were thrown in,
16:19 getting them to say okay, we will bow South.
16:22 We are not going to point north anymore, but no that
16:25 did not work, even in the fire Christ comes in and they
16:28 are so connected with Him, and He is so connected with
16:32 them, that even in the fire they are still standing.
16:36 They are pointing north, nothing could deter them
16:40 from following God.
16:42 Many of our young people out there have friends, have
16:44 acquaintances who are saying, come on, bow.
16:48 Just listen one more time.
16:49 Just do what we do, and God is calling be a magnet.
16:53 Point north, don't allow the enemy of souls to come in
16:58 and to draw you southward, to draw you downward.
17:03 When you become a Christian and you submit yourself to
17:07 the laws of the spiritual world, these laws are as
17:12 certain as the laws of gravity.
17:14 I will not bow down, I will not point any other way
17:19 except north because this is Daniel's Law of magnetism,
17:24 and this is a law that is applicable, that is very real
17:29 in this spiritual context.
17:31 And We do not want to be presumptuous either, meaning
17:35 you are saying, I want to be like Daniel here.
17:38 Then don't put yourselves in situations where you know
17:42 it is going to be hard, sometimes we can't avoid that.
17:45 Don't put yourself in a place, if you know a place you
17:48 are going are bad, then you want to cut that out and not
17:51 be presumptuous and say I can go there and be
17:53 a magnet and just point north.
17:55 That is a little presumptuous.
17:57 You have to make good decisions about the things you are
18:00 watching, what you are listening to, where you are going,
18:03 the people you're hanging around with, because you are
18:05 trying to get stronger and stronger and when you get
18:08 into those positions you will be able to point
18:11 north unto Jesus Christ.
18:12 I have a couple verses here Atonte, and maybe we can
18:16 read some of these back and forth, but very quickly,
18:18 powerful verses about the Law of Magnetism.
18:21 In Testimonies volume 3, page 45, it says here,
18:27 "As the mysterious magnet points to the north, so do the
18:30 claims of religion point to the glory of God. "
18:36 So just as the compass points to the north, we as
18:40 Christians, are to always be pointing northward.
18:45 There is another one Atonte, Testimonies to Ministers
18:49 page 235, it says.
18:51 "The obedient are called the just, they are drawn to the
18:58 Holy Magnet, Jesus Christ. "
19:01 The holy attracts the holy.
19:05 You see we here find that as Christ is the main magnet,
19:10 we are, as it were, little magnets.
19:13 We are drawn to that main magnet, Jesus Christ.
19:17 He is the Lodestone that when we rub up against Him,
19:20 His characteristics are placed within us,
19:25 and like attracts like.
19:27 So God calls us again, I want you to be a magnet.
19:31 I want you to point north always.
19:34 Now we are going to go ahead and look at
19:36 one final eponym.
19:39 This is what I call Paul's Law, or the Spiritual
19:46 Laws of Thermodynamics.
19:49 Thermo meaning heat, the Spiritual Law of Thermodynamics.
19:54 The first law of thermodynamics says, rather explains
19:58 the change of energy from one form to another.
20:02 It's called the conservation of energy, energy is simply
20:05 changed from one form to another, and
20:08 Atonte, we find that this principle rest true in the
20:12 spiritual realm.
20:15 You look at the life of Paul, here was a man who was
20:17 dedicated to persecuting the people of God,
20:21 but once he was converted, that same energy with which he
20:27 had persecuted the people of God, was simply changed into
20:34 his zeal for God.
20:36 To save souls. - Exactly.
20:38 The same energy with which we are out in the world,
20:41 pursuing the world, before we knew Christ.
20:44 That energy, under this law, simply says that same
20:47 amount of energy and greater, is used up when
20:53 we become Christians.
20:55 We should never have, when we have zeal in the world,
20:57 we shouldn't come into the church, and just sit in a pew.
21:01 Just sit in the pew and ho-hum, no, that means we are
21:04 operating under the laws of the spiritual kingdom.
21:07 We need to be operating under these laws, and this law
21:11 states that the same energy with which we put out when
21:15 we were against Christ, that energy is simply transformed
21:19 and increased when we become Christ's servants.
21:23 Wow, that is awesome.
21:25 I think of your own testimony on how you were out in the
21:29 world doing Hip-Hop Rap music and putting all your
21:32 energy and everything into that.
21:33 When you became a Christian, you said Lord if you take
21:36 this microphone away from me, please put me before
21:39 another one, and you did know that meant to be a
21:42 minister or a preacher in the way that you are doing now.
21:45 But you are putting forth that energy you are using to
21:48 draw people into the black hole and now you are using
21:52 that energy to draw people into the heavenly kingdom.
21:54 That is powerful Atonte, I would never have thought when
21:57 I was out there, appearing on these various television
22:00 shows, that was going to be my television life.
22:04 I was going to be appearing in rap videos and those
22:07 things, and then the Lord drew me out.
22:10 I was totally unaware of this law, this first law of
22:14 conversion, Paul's Law of spiritual thermodynamics.
22:20 The heat that was put out, and zeal that was put out
22:24 in pursuing worldly things, was now simply converted
22:29 and now used for God's glory.
22:31 If someone had told me 10 years ago that you would be
22:35 hosting a program called "Battles of Faith", talking
22:39 about spiritual things with a ball head and no dreadlocks.
22:42 In a suit, nope, wrong person. - It's not going to happen,
22:46 it's not going to happen, but this is the law of
22:49 conversion, energy transformed or changed from
22:53 one form into another.
22:55 That can be you, I know there are young people out there
22:58 watching that think that could never me.
23:01 I'm doing what I'm doing now, this is my life and I'm
23:03 not changing, but as the Holy Spirit moves upon your
23:07 heart, and as He is leading you to follow Him, there is
23:10 a future ahead of you that you cannot even imagine, that
23:14 only God knows, and He is going to use it for His honor
23:17 and His glory to lead other people to Him if you accept
23:21 His calling upon your life.
23:22 In the old world we are burned, in the old man we are
23:27 under the heat of sin and wickedness, but when God
23:30 baptizes us with the Spirit of God, Matthew 3:11.
23:34 He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire,
23:36 the heat has changed towards the glory of God.
23:39 Now a second law of thermodynamics simply is a
23:42 law of entropy, the law of entropy, Atonte, states that
23:46 it is a law disorder.
23:50 It is the process by which things break down and cease
23:56 to operate correctly.
23:58 If you look at bedroom, the bedroom is nice and neat when
24:01 you go in, that a couple of days later you go in and the
24:04 bedroom is in chaos, or disorder, that would be an
24:07 example of a law of entropy.
24:11 Under this law, in reality or the spiritual context,
24:17 it is the law of sin and death.
24:20 We are always moving towards entropy,
24:23 in a spiritual sense,
24:24 but when we become converted, this law of entropy is
24:28 reversed as it were.
24:31 In other words, we stop this downward process, into the
24:36 abyss of chaos, and we start an upward process of
24:40 order in our lives.
24:42 The Bible says, God is not a God of confusion, but
24:44 of order you see.
24:46 So under the second principle, the necessitation of
24:50 entropy we cease this process of going into more and
24:54 more chaos, of living how we want to live.
24:57 The law is reversed, and we begin to live lives ordered
25:03 after the order of heaven.
25:05 Amen, God is so good, this is His desire for our lives.
25:08 We seem like we are always talking to young people,
25:11 but we are speaking to all ages to make this decision.
25:14 We are especially concerned about the young people,
25:18 because we really want you to catch the excitement and
25:22 receive the Holy Spirit and move forward and
25:24 do the work of the Lord.
25:25 Are right now are going to look at the third law of
25:27 spiritual thermodynamics which states this,
25:29 "There is a continual emission of heat from a higher
25:33 to lower temperatures until the entire object is
25:37 evenly heated. A system operating in a cycle cannot
25:42 produce a positive heat flow from a colder body
25:46 to a hotter body. "
25:47 In other words, heat must come from something warmer.
25:51 A cold body cannot give off heat.
25:55 A hot body, heat travels from higher to lower, and what
25:59 we are seeing in this spiritual realm Atonte, is that God
26:03 calls us to be on fire so that we can give heat to
26:08 others that are cold around us.
26:10 This is the third law of spiritual thermodynamics.
26:15 He calls us, if we are in a cold church...
26:17 I was just thinking the same thing, everyone is always
26:19 complaining our church is cold and no one is on fire.
26:22 Well, you need to be on fire and spread the heat.
26:24 That's right, you get on fire, you spread the heat.
26:27 Let the words of God become like a fire in your bones.
26:31 As this word becomes a fire in your bones, you will
26:34 touch someone and they get on fire.
26:37 That is how you begin to even out, not even in your own
26:41 self, but in others around you, the church begins to even
26:45 out under this third law of spiritual thermodynamics.
26:50 It takes each and every person, God says I have given you
26:54 a place to warm in this church.
26:57 He wants us not to be cold, not to be lukewarm, but He
27:01 wants us to be hot, He wants us to be hot! and
27:04 these are just a few of the spiritual Eponyms, again if we
27:08 open the word of God and begin to study it to see the
27:12 applications, I tell you God has so much for us that
27:15 our minds can barely contain it.
27:17 Again if you are wondering, where do they get some of
27:19 these things on Battles of Faith?
27:22 A couple programs ago we talked about how to study the Bible.
27:25 We saw that if you just to surface reading you will just
27:28 have a surface experience as you are studying.
27:31 But if you go deeper you will get the deep things of the
27:34 word of God that He wants you to have.
27:36 We want to learn how to submit ourselves to the word of
27:39 God, to the laws not found in Satan's kingdom,
27:43 but to the laws that are found in God's kingdom.
27:47 We want to be subject to those scientific laws, this is
27:51 the science of war, the science of spiritual war.
27:54 God calls us to abide in His principles and so doing we
27:58 will learn how to fight.
28:00 Well we thank you for joining us and we are all out of
28:03 time, until next time, God bless.


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