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The Spirit's Laws Of Motion

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00:14 Welcome to BATTLES OF FAITH
00:16 We are your hosts, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:18 Today's program is entitled The Spirit's Law of Motion,
00:22 and again we are going to be giving you tools on how
00:26 to fight in this battle.
00:28 We need to know how to fight, because we have an enemy
00:31 that is always warring against us,
00:33 but praise the Lord we have God, who is stronger than the
00:37 enemy and He has tools and weapons to give us to fight
00:41 back and effectively.
00:42 One of the things we will be looking at in this program
00:46 is the Laws of Motion, and we have seen in our previous
00:49 programs that we have been discussing this principle of
00:54 the scientific laws, or the spiritual laws of science in
00:58 terms of God's kingdom of faith.
01:01 As there are laws that govern the seen world so there are
01:06 laws that govern the unseen world, the spiritual realm.
01:10 We are going to be looking at some or those laws in this
01:14 program, and again the program is entitled
01:17 The Spirit's Laws of Motion.
01:20 We will be looking at this, what is the spirits law of
01:23 motions, of motion rather.
01:26 We are going to go ahead take a look at our first law.
01:30 We have it entitled it The Spirit's Law of Inertia.
01:33 The Spirit's Law of Inertia and it simply says:
01:52 Now what is this saying?
01:54 Very simply Atonte, it is saying that we remain asleep,
02:01 we remain resting in sin, comfortable in sin, and the
02:07 wicked principles of this world until the Spirit of God
02:12 moves upon us.
02:15 It causes us, in essence, to move.
02:18 This is the first law of motion, and object cannot be put
02:22 into motion unless an outside force is acting upon it.
02:27 We find this law in the physical realm, is also true
02:32 in the spiritual realm.
02:33 So we are not moved closer to God on our own, first the
02:38 Spirit moves upon us and then we move closer to the Lord.
02:43 This principle, I like to call it the law of conversion.
02:49 The law of conversion, restated, is simply if the
02:53 Spirit of God has truly moved upon us, we will be moved.
02:58 We will no longer be in the place in which we were before
03:03 the Spirit of God moved upon us.
03:05 The Spirit of God, His job is to move.
03:09 You look at Genesis chapter 1, where it speaks about the
03:13 creation of this world and it says the Spirit of the God
03:17 moved upon the face of the waters.
03:21 This is the law, this is an example, or a type as it
03:25 were, of the law of motion in the spiritual realm where
03:29 the Spirit of God moves upon us and it is the beginning
03:33 of our creation process.
03:35 It is important that we don't reject the Holy Spirit and
03:39 that we accept the Holy Spirit when it moves upon us.
03:43 It is not that God gives up on us even when we reject the
03:47 Spirit, but each time we reject the Spirit it gets
03:51 harder and harder so it is easier to accept the Spirit
03:54 when He first was upon your heart.
03:56 We don't want to resist God, we don't want to be found
04:00 resisting because the Spirit of God is moving upon every
04:03 person, He is striving with every person.
04:06 It really is up to us whether we accept or reject the
04:11 moving of the Spirit of God.
04:12 Atonte, in 2 Peter 1:21, this is what the Bible says.
04:30 Here we find this principle of the spiritual inertia,
04:33 the spirit of the law of motion, where the Holy Spirit
04:36 of God came into these men's lives and moved them,
04:41 so much that it resulted in the writing
04:44 of the Scriptures.
04:47 The Spirit of God when He comes in He moves men,
04:50 He moves them from a place of unconversion,
04:53 a place of lawlessness into a place that draws us
04:58 closer and closer to Jesus Christ.
05:00 We have spoken many times on this program really trying
05:05 to appeal and reach out to young people,
05:08 and again, the Holy Spirit is moving upon everybody upon
05:13 the earth, but I know that God is really calling young people
05:17 to receive His Spirit so they can go out and minister and
05:21 witness to the world, because there
05:23 is nothing like young people giving the gospel to
05:26 the whole world, there is a whole lot of power there and
05:28 people will stop and listen.
05:30 That is what is called the moving of the Spirit of God
05:33 when Jesus said to His disciples 'go'.
05:35 What is go? It is a motion.
05:37 Go ye into all the world teaching and baptizing in the
05:41 name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
05:43 That was a commission, that is the Law of Inertia in
05:48 action, where we are moved to go and spread the gospel.
05:53 You will see this law working in the lives of saint
05:57 after saint, after saint in the Bible.
05:59 We spoke our last program and said that the scientific
06:03 law is something that is observable, it is repeatable,
06:06 and it is predictable.
06:08 A person who has experienced conversion, this law will
06:12 be a reality in their lives.
06:14 They will be moved, you look at Paul.
06:16 Paul was moved in such a way that he went throughout much
06:22 the world preaching the gospel after his conversion.
06:25 This was inertia, Paul was under the force of the
06:28 spiritual inertia.
06:30 Look at Noah, the Bible says in Hebrews 11:7 that he
06:33 was moved to build an ark.
06:35 The Spirit of God came upon Noah, inertia in action, he was
06:39 moved to build this art.
06:41 Abraham, he was moved by the Spirit of God, out of his
06:45 comfort zone into a place where he had no clue what lay
06:49 ahead in the future, but he was moved by the
06:52 Spirit of God.
06:53 When the Spirit of God comes into our lives,
06:56 it becomes a moving force.
07:00 We are drawn, as it were, to Jesus Christ and we become
07:05 Christians that are in motion, not Christians that are
07:09 standing still, not doing anything.
07:11 You may be thinking I'm not experiencing this
07:15 moving of the Spirit, well you can pray for it.
07:18 We should pray for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit and
07:22 if there are others, that we see are, not being moved by
07:25 the Spirit, we should love them and pray for them because
07:28 there is power in prayer, and God will respond.
07:32 I want to mention Atonte, Jeremiah 20:9 and it says.
07:58 That is the Modern King James Version.
08:00 As Christians, when the Spirit of God moves upon us, we
08:05 cannot stop, we cannot stand still, we cannot be silent.
08:09 Of course we know that one of the things the enemy is
08:13 trying to do, he is trying to nullify this Principle of
08:17 Inertia between the Holy Spirit, and the Christian.
08:21 If he can nullify this principle, then you have a
08:25 Christian basically standing still, or a Christian that has
08:28 stopped, and it is only through the motion of the
08:30 Holy Spirit that this gospel is going to go into
08:32 the whole world.
08:33 The enemy knows that, he does not want you to be moved,
08:35 because if you are moved to, you are going to go.
08:38 He wants you to stay still so that you won't go and
08:41 you won't share the gospel with the next one that needs
08:43 to hear a word from you specifically.
08:46 Let's re-phrase this Atonte, the body under the
08:50 continuous force of the Spirit cannot rest.
08:54 That is a law, a body under the continuous force,
08:58 or under the moving of the Spirit cannot rest.
09:01 We're not talking about resting in Christ, we are talking
09:05 about resting, standing back, standing still, saying oh
09:08 this work is none of my own, let somebody else do it.
09:12 When the Spirit of God moves upon us, when we come under
09:16 the laws of the spiritual kingdom, when we come out of
09:20 the laws that the enemy has in this world and come under
09:24 the laws of God, we get a moving, the spirit of moving
09:28 within us, it cannot be quenched as long as the Spirit of God
09:32 is dwelling with us.
09:34 That's right, and again we encourage young people because
09:37 the enemy knows that if young people are out there doing
09:40 this work and be moved by the spirit, there is a lot of
09:44 power there, and from previous programs you know my
09:47 husband's testimony, he was in the world and came into
09:50 the church but that doesn't have
09:51 to be everyone's testimony.
09:53 It's preferable it is not your testimony, that you were
09:56 with Christ as a young person and He was able to take
10:00 you into adult hood and that is a much powerful
10:02 testimony to say I always walk with the Lord.
10:04 I didn't have to go out into the world and experience
10:08 those things to be the type of Christian I am today.
10:11 What we submit ourselves to the Lord, He moves upon us
10:14 and He will move us from the places from which we were.
10:17 You say how do I get out of this condition that I am in?
10:21 You allow the Spirit of God to do what it has been seeking
10:24 to do for so many years.
10:26 You know everyone has talked to Him and He is not
10:29 listening, people complained or not ready to hear, but
10:33 when a person understands the Spirit of God has been
10:36 moving upon them and they have been resisting,
10:40 all they need to do is to cease to resist.
10:43 Cease to resist and the Spirit of God will take you
10:46 and will move you.
10:48 Now we want to move to another principle that is still
10:50 under this law, but we want to re-phrase it a little bit,
10:53 and it is this.
10:54 Earthly force cannot move a body at rest in the Spirit.
11:00 Earthly force cannot move a body at rest in the Spirit!
11:06 So that means all the peer pressure, not just for young
11:11 people, but for all people.
11:13 We all live in the world and we all received pressure
11:16 from the world to not stand for God, or to do things like
11:19 the world and not the way God would have us to do them.
11:22 Exactly, now understand the terms in which I'm speaking,
11:26 there was a scientific experiment done in the days of
11:29 Daniel to prove this principle.
11:31 The experiment actually took place a couple of times
11:35 in the book of Daniel.
11:37 Number one was when the test of appetite,
11:41 what do they eat?
11:42 Earthly force could not move Daniel because he was
11:48 resting in the Spirit.
11:51 What they brought about him he refused to do what he
11:55 knew was not lawful for him.
11:57 Here we have a scientific experiment as it were.
12:01 There is another one found in Daniel chapter 3 where the
12:06 three Hebrews are brought together, along with everyone
12:09 of the present nations, and they were brought together to
12:13 bow down before this image that Nebuchadnezzar has built.
12:18 Daniel chapter 3, and again this law is revealed in this
12:22 scientific experiment, spiritual scientific experiment,
12:26 as it were, where earthly force, and even the forces of
12:30 devils and demons were present, and even Atonte, before,
12:34 the force of devils and demons could not move those three
12:39 Hebrews from standing in Christ.
12:42 We see that this is a law in the spiritual realm that
12:47 when we submit to Christ, it doesn't matter what the
12:51 world is doing.
12:53 It doesn't matter how the devil is seeking to manipulate
12:55 the environment, through his spiritual evolution,
12:58 to try and cause us to adapt to that environment,
13:01 it doesn't matter, the man who was resting in Christ
13:05 cannot be moved.
13:06 Isn't that exciting, that is better than any movie I've
13:10 ever seen, I mean just really envisioning what must have
13:12 been going on at that time, especially with the three
13:15 Hebrews and the fiery furnace.
13:18 I mean God is all-powerful and it is exciting to see
13:22 what He has done in the past and what He will do for
13:26 each and every one of us.
13:27 Joseph, here you have Joseph a young man, who again is
13:31 in captivity, and the wife of someone very high up comes
13:36 to Joseph and tries to seduce him.
13:39 Earthly force, and the forces of demons are again trying
13:44 to move a body at rest in the Spirit, and as they shove
13:48 and push and do everything they can, they find that
13:52 Joseph is immovable and at the same time he flees out
13:56 of that place, he moves physically but,
13:59 he did not budge spiritually.
14:02 The law is true, a body at rest in the Spirit cannot be
14:06 moved and we can talk about Jesus.
14:08 He was at rest in the Spirit of God, His whole entire
14:12 life, no matter how much they tried to move Him,
14:16 He could not be moved.
14:19 Amen! that is very awesome, very exciting.
14:22 This principle Atonte, is again seen in the book of
14:25 James 4:7 and it says.
14:36 Then it says, "draw nigh to God and He draw nigh to you. "
14:40 You see this principle of being moved towards God,
14:43 but at the same time resting or resisting,
14:46 rather the devil.
14:47 In resisting him, we stay in a rest position in God.
14:51 That's what it means, resting in God is equivalent to
14:55 resisting the devil.
14:57 We can also find it in Psalm 16:8 and it says.
15:08 We are told that when we set the Lord before us that
15:12 we cannot be moved, we shall not be moved and there are
15:15 so many verses of Scripture that talk about being
15:18 planted firmly, planted in Christ.
15:22 That is what this law is telling us.
15:25 It is a lot of resistance.
15:27 Resist the devil, rest in God and earthly force,
15:32 no matter how strong it is, cannot move us.
15:36 In fact Atonte, people in the last days experience this
15:40 law of resistance, because the Bible speaks that in those
15:45 last days, that this beast power is going to force all
15:50 people to receive this Mark.
15:52 They are going to force, or move the people to do this,
15:56 but there'll be a people are at rest under the
15:59 influence of the Spirit and they will not be able to
16:02 be moved to bow down to the image.
16:05 They will not be able to be moved to receive the mark,
16:09 because they are under the spiritual, in their lifetime
16:14 they understood this law of resting in Christ as real,
16:19 and as solid, as the laws that govern this seen world,
16:24 so are the laws that govern the unseen world.
16:27 Colossians 1:23 backs it up even more.
16:45 Paul encourages us to not be moved away from the gospel.
16:50 There are earthly forces out there, and spiritual forces
16:54 out there whose purpose it is to attempt to move God's
16:59 people away from an interest in the Bible, and interest
17:03 in spiritual things, and there is so many people being moved
17:06 because they are moved by the manipulation of the
17:11 environment around us.
17:12 The devil is manipulating through the music and all these
17:15 different things, he manipulates the environment in an
17:18 attempt to move us away from God, and when
17:21 we understand this, we submit ourselves, not to
17:26 the laws of this environment, but to the laws of the
17:30 spiritual places where God, the heavenly places where God
17:35 has invited His people to come up into.
17:37 We submit ourselves to those laws, and as I say,
17:40 no one walks around saying, I wonder if gravity is
17:43 going to hold me down today.
17:45 Neither should we wonder if I resting Christ will I be
17:49 able to resist the devil, no, it is a law, it is
17:52 repeatable, it is observable, and it is predictable.
17:56 Those who rest in Christ cannot be moved, no matter
17:59 what earthly force or spiritual force the
18:02 devil uses against them.
18:03 That is why God does not want us to participate,
18:07 or watch, or view things that are not promoting the
18:11 Gospel, because by being a part of it, it is moving
18:15 us away from the gospel.
18:17 That is the purpose of those things that are not
18:20 promoting the Gospel, is to take us away from Jesus.
18:24 Now let's look at our next law.
18:26 This is the Spirit's Law a Proportion.
18:31 The Spirit's law of proportion! It simply states this.
18:49 One of the ways that this, but meaning of this Atonte
18:54 is that we move in proportion to the force of the
18:59 Spirit placed upon us.
19:02 Okay, and when we translate that into the spiritual
19:07 law, the law of God, I'm sorry the power of God,
19:12 the Spirit of God is always moving with
19:15 all force upon us.
19:16 It is a constant, but we are the variable.
19:20 In other words it's also explained in the equation known
19:25 as F = M x A, forced equals mass times acceleration.
19:31 The force is the Spirit of God, the acceleration is the
19:35 power with which the Spirit of God moves, and the mass
19:39 is guess who? It's me! That's you!
19:42 So as the Spirit of God moves upon that body,
19:46 dependent upon how much the body yields to the moving
19:52 of the Spirit, that is how much force we have
19:55 in our Christian life.
19:57 In other words, to rephrase it again, the Spirit of God
20:02 works in corporation with us, depending on how much we
20:07 yield to the Spirit of God, that is how much of the
20:11 power of God we receive.
20:14 So if we yield much, then we will have a lot of power.
20:19 If we yield a little bit,
20:21 we will have a little bit of power.
20:23 It's called the Spirit law of proportion, yield much,
20:29 I'm sorry, yield little, little power.
20:33 If you would look at the equation you would see
20:34 YL = LP, yield little equals little power.
20:39 If you look at the other equation YM, yield much would
20:43 equal MP, much power. YM = MP
20:47 You see this is the spiritual law of proportion,
20:51 we receive power in accordance to how much we are
20:55 willing to yield and obey God.
20:57 As a preacher would say, somebody needs to say Amen!
21:01 because these are the answers that we are looking for.
21:05 I mean all of us, or many people, want power in their
21:09 lives, they want to have victory.
21:11 If it is the mother at home with the children,
21:13 they don't want to yell at their kids anymore.
21:15 If it is the husband who is struggling, or the wife with
21:18 sexual things, that you want to do that anymore,
21:21 but they can't seem to get the power and a victory over
21:24 these things, and God
21:25 is saying, listen surrender all to Me, as we learned
21:29 in the previous program, now yield everything to Me and
21:33 you will have a lot of power,
21:35 and that is what we need, we need power in our lives.
21:38 It is daily because again we are in a battle each
21:40 and every moment.
21:41 Now we wants to look at an actual example in the
21:44 scripture that reveals this law, yield much, much power,
21:47 yield little, little power.
21:49 This law of proportion, when we yield the Spirit of God
21:52 comes upon us, will refuse to yield the Spirit of God,
21:55 as it were, has to draw back from us.
21:57 The Bible says that God resisted the proud.
22:00 There is a story of Samson.
22:02 Sampson was a man who yielded to God at different
22:08 times in his life.
22:10 Interestingly enough we find the laws we been speaking about
22:14 culminate in Judges 13:25 and listen to what
22:20 this tells us Atonte about Sampson, it says.
22:34 The Spirit of God moved Sampson but only at times.
22:39 There were times where he yielded to the Spirit of God
22:43 and times where he, the Spirit of God could not work
22:47 with him, because he was yielding very little.
22:50 We find that the law of inertia, the Spirit of God come
22:54 and move Sampson at times, but then we saw the law of
22:59 proportion where as Sampson was moved at one point in
23:03 his life and at other times he refuse to submit.
23:06 So you see here this principle, this up-and-down
23:09 principle, the law proportion being moved,
23:12 and not being moved,
23:14 being moved to not being moved, and this is what
23:16 the Devils happy with this, if we don't yield constantly
23:21 to Lord, but are just moved at times, the devil can
23:25 actually do more damage through a person who yields at times
23:29 than he can with someone who doesn't yield at all.
23:32 Because they appear as, you know people use Sampson
23:36 and David and in his life he was moved at times.
23:40 Praise the Lord, more times he was moved by the Spirit
23:44 of God, very few times did he resist the Spirit of God,
23:48 but in those very few times, the David's life, so many
23:53 skeptics use David, look at David, look at David.
23:55 You rarely hear them use Sampson, Sampson was at least
23:58 consistent and that he was always up-and-down,
24:02 up-and-down, David was consistent straight through
24:04 to a certain area in his life, and because of that,
24:07 they always say look at David.
24:09 The more we yield to God is the more powerful we are,
24:14 and even yielding to the enemy once, falling under this law of
24:17 proportion, and being moved 'only at times'
24:20 is a dangerous thing.
24:22 We want to be yielded at all times to the Spirit of God.
24:26 The Spirit is moving upon us because He wants to give us
24:30 power, and another word for power in the Bible is grace.
24:33 I like Galatians 2:21, what it says.
24:46 So we don't want to frustrate the grace of God,
24:49 the power, the Holy Spirit is moving to deliver you and
24:53 He has something for you, He has power and grace given
24:56 by the Father, and we need to accept it because we don't
24:59 want to frustrate the grace of God.
25:01 Grace does not come by the law, righteousness does not
25:04 come by the law, the law simply points out to us how
25:08 unrighteous we are.
25:10 The Spirit of God moves upon us and moves us into a
25:14 peaceful relationship with the law of God.
25:18 The law of God basically tells us this and that and this
25:22 is wrong and grace enables us to walk in the Spirit so
25:26 we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.
25:29 I think of this Atonte, Saul was a man who was moved at
25:33 times, there was a time where he was humble, so humble
25:36 that when they came looking for him, he was hiding out
25:39 saying I can't be the king of Israel.
25:42 He was moved at times, and there were other times in his
25:44 life where he resisted the movement of the Holy Spirit
25:48 and that began to overtake the amount of times he was
25:52 moved by God, so finally he was totally rejected of God.
25:56 We want to stay away from being moved at times, we want
25:59 to be under the influence of the Spirit all the time.
26:02 You could be someone out there saying, you know what,
26:04 that is my life, I have been moved by the
26:06 Spirit at times.
26:08 Don't be discouraged, because at this point you can say
26:10 you know what I realize that I have had a very
26:12 up-and-down situation going on, but I want to have a
26:16 continuous moving with the Spirit as
26:19 He moves on your heart.
26:20 You can make that decision now and accept God's choice
26:23 for your life, because that is God's will for your life and
26:26 move with the Spirit.
26:28 That brings us to our third and final law in our closing
26:31 moments of this particular program.
26:35 It is this Atonte, to the Spirit's action there is always
26:41 an opposite, but not equal reaction.
26:46 In other words, every time the Spirit of God wants to do
26:50 something in our lives, there is an opposing Spirit.
26:53 There is an opposing force, though opposing yet not equal
26:59 to the Spirit of God, that is trying to get
27:01 us to do otherwise.
27:02 When you are sitting there and feel the Spirit of God
27:05 moving upon me and I want to do right, there is an
27:07 opposing force that will always be there, yet not equal
27:11 in power because the Spirit of God is way more powerful
27:14 than the Spirit of the enemy.
27:16 However, the Spirit of the enemy will always be there.
27:18 We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
27:21 spiritual wickedness in high places.
27:22 As long as we keep this law in mind, for every action
27:26 of the Spirit, there is an opposite but not equal Spirit
27:30 that is working against us.
27:32 We can rest assured that Christ Spirit is greater than
27:35 the spirit that is in the world and we can trust in Him
27:40 and give Him our full, submit ourselves to Him fully.
27:44 That is what God wants us to do, He wants us to submit
27:48 fully to Him and He will continue to move on our hearts,
27:53 because not from just the first moving has God done,
27:55 but He will continue to move upon us for the rest
27:58 of our spiritual walk.
28:00 Well we thank you for joining us and we are
28:02 all out of time,
28:03 until next time God bless.


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