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00:15 Welcome to BATTLES OF FAITH
00:16 We're your host, Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:19 Today our program is entitled, the Science of the
00:24 Laws of the Kingdom.
00:25 All these programs are to help you, like tools, to help
00:29 you fight the battle, that's why we call the program
00:32 Battles of Faith!
00:34 Satan is on the warpath, but God has given us so many
00:37 wonderful tools to help fight in our spiritual walk.
00:40 We want to help you to do that here on Battles of Faith.
00:42 This program, The Science of Laws of the Kingdom is
00:46 going to reveal that as there aren't laws in a natural
00:50 world, so there are laws in the spiritual world.
00:55 If we abide by those laws in the spiritual world we will
01:00 find that our walk with Christ will be much easier walk,
01:04 because we are actually walking and living according to
01:08 those laws and those principles.
01:11 In fact there is a correlation between many of the
01:18 scientific laws that scientists have so-called discovered
01:23 and the laws that govern the spiritual realm.
01:27 We are going to take a look at some of those laws today.
01:31 There is a statement from a book, Child Guidance, Atonte
01:34 that I would like you to read.
01:35 It actually shows us the correlation between the laws
01:39 of the natural world and the laws of the spiritual world.
01:42 It says, "the same power that upholds nature is also
01:46 working in man. The same great laws that guide alike the star
01:50 and the Atom control human life. The laws that govern
01:54 the hearts action, regulating the flow of the current
01:57 of life to the body, are the laws of mighty intelligence
02:01 that has the jurisdiction of the soul. "
02:04 Right, that gives us this idea that as there are laws
02:09 in the physical world that govern the physical world,
02:13 so there are laws in the spiritual world that govern
02:17 the spiritual world.
02:20 We want to have our viewers understand that these laws
02:24 are so important, there is a reason why we have to watch
02:28 over children when they are little, because
02:30 children do not understand the laws, for example,
02:33 of gravity, and because they don't understand these laws
02:37 they will do crazy things like jump off of high things
02:40 not realizing that there is a law in place.
02:44 In breaking that law you can get hurt, experience pain
02:50 suffering and etc.
02:51 In the same way there are laws in the spiritual world
02:55 that as we become aware of them, they are magnificent
02:59 laws that God has put in place that help us on
03:03 our Christian walk.
03:04 We have been looking at the issue of the entertainment
03:08 industry, we've been looking at the French Revolution
03:12 and we have seen this principle of the Science of
03:15 Evolution, falsely called, sprang out of the French
03:19 Revolution, out of the abyss.
03:20 How this is attempting to manipulate our environment
03:26 and have the world transformed or adapt to the law of
03:32 lawlessness, if you will, the law of chaos.
03:35 Well we are looking today at the laws of the spiritual
03:40 realm and scientific laws, we have a graphic here.
03:44 The scientific law is described in three simple ways.
03:53 It's very simple, observable, repeatable, and
03:56 predictable. Observable meaning that we can see it,
03:59 repeatable meaning if we do it time and time again,
04:02 the same thing happens,
04:05 and predictable really means the same thing, I can
04:08 guarantee that every time I drop the pen, what is
04:11 going to happen?
04:12 It's going to hit the floor. It's going to hit the floor!
04:14 That makes something a law, it is unchangeable.
04:18 In the same way, I would like to put up on our screen,
04:22 what a theory is, according to
04:24 Webster's dictionary.
04:35 I would put evolution under a theory.
04:40 It has yet to be proven, it is a mere guess.
04:44 You know millions of billions of years ago...
04:47 This is what could have happened!
04:49 This is what could have happened it is a guess,
04:51 it's guesswork.
04:52 Now Atonte, interestingly enough when we come to the word of
04:56 God, the Word of God is no guess work.
04:59 The plan of salvation is no guess work.
05:03 These are fixed laws that we are speaking of here.
05:08 We want to go ahead and jump into one of our first laws.
05:11 We are going to be discussing two laws today.
05:13 One of our first laws of the kingdom of Faith is simply
05:19 this, the law of going broke.
05:22 The law of going broke, you would say, the law of going
05:24 broke, I have never heard that law before.
05:26 You have! You never heard it put like that.
05:28 The law of going broke simply states this, going broke
05:33 pays... Atonte: how can that be possible?
05:37 When everyone around the world is trying to get paid
05:40 so they don't go broke.
05:42 Going broke pays, we are talking in the sense of the
05:46 spiritual realm, what does it mean, going broke pays?
05:51 First of all we want to see if this law of going broke
05:55 pays is observable.
05:56 In order to do that we are going to go to the book of
06:01 1 Kings 17, and in 1 Kings chapter 17 there is a story
06:06 of a widow, or rather Elisha show who comes
06:11 across a widow.
06:13 We are going to just read the story described in verses
06:16 8 to 16, but we're going to read verses 11 and 12.
06:19 There will be a few other verses so we can get
06:22 the picture here.
06:23 1 Kings 17:11 and 12, Atonte would you read them?
06:52 Now this here is a time of famine.
06:55 Elisha is hungry and thirsty and he asks this widow woman
06:59 who was passing by to fetch him some water, that was in
07:03 verse 10, and as she is going he asked her would you
07:07 bring me something to eat as well.
07:08 She says listen, I have nothing, we are going to prepare
07:13 the last thing we have then I am my son are going to die.
07:17 Notice what Elisha says, verse 13.
07:34 Elisha is about to reveal to us the principle, the law of
07:39 going broke pays.
07:41 Notice what he says in verse 14.
07:55 Elisha here is making a challenge to this woman.
07:57 He is saying, if you go broke for God, I'm putting this
08:01 in my words now, you go broke for God, you will be paid.
08:05 You will be filled, and what do we see happening in this
08:09 story, the woman goes in verse 15, "she went and did"
08:13 "according to Elisha and she and he and her house did"
08:17 "eat many days. "
08:20 Which in your margin, really means a full year.
08:24 I never seen a days worth of meals go a whole year.
08:28 I wish it did.
08:29 That's right, and you see here this principle that God
08:32 is laying out in the Scripture, that Elisha lays out
08:35 this law of going broke pays.
08:38 We see that this law is observable.
08:41 The next question I want to ask, is it repeatable?
08:45 In other words is this really a law, or was it just a
08:49 one-time thing, a random thing.
08:52 No, we will see this law is indeed repeatable.
08:55 We are look at another story and this one is found in
09:00 2 Kings 4:1-7, and I will go ahead and read this story
09:04 so you can get the picture and will be able to hear this
09:08 law as the story is read.
09:39 Here it is a Atonte, she has one pot of oil and you can
09:42 already get the sense that this pot of oil is going to
09:46 play a very special role.
09:47 It is all she has left.
09:49 Elisha goes on to say, in verse 3.
10:13 Now I can imagine this lady scratching her head, how am
10:16 I going to pour, how am I going to give all this oil
10:19 into all these empty vessels, to even have one full?
10:23 But it goes on, verse 5.
10:48 They had borrowed all the vessels that they could.
11:00 Here we find again this principle of going broke pays.
11:05 What does this really mean?
11:06 What God is trying to say is it is not if I spend my
11:09 last dollar, He is going to make me a millionaire, but
11:12 when we spiritually go broke for Jesus.
11:16 When we give all that we have in us for Him, that is
11:21 when we receive the blessing.
11:24 That is when we get paid as it were, with that wonderful
11:28 gift of fire for the Lord.
11:32 Being on fire for God and serving Him with all our heart.
11:35 This is how we get paid, so to speak.
11:38 Some of you might be familiar with the song, I Surrender
11:42 All, well we learn some new words to that song.
11:46 It's called He surrendered all, and it shows how Jesus,
11:49 the first 3 verses of the song shows how Jesus
11:52 surrendered all first.
11:54 He left heaven and came down to say sinful man,
11:58 you and I.
11:59 Then in the last verse it says, I Surrendered All, because
12:02 He surrendered all, we can surrender all.
12:05 He is our perfect example.
12:08 Now we want to look at our third question.
12:10 We see that the law is observable.
12:13 We have now seen that the law is predictable,
12:16 or rather repeatable.
12:18 We have seen it happen more than once and now we want to ask the
12:22 question, is the law predictable?
12:24 Is this principle of going broke pays predictable?
12:28 In other words, will this happen all the time, or will it
12:32 just occur some of the time, in some of the places.
12:35 We are going to see the law is predictable.
12:37 In other words, we can rest assured that if we give all
12:42 for God, He will bless us with all.
12:46 We are not talking about in the physical realm, we are
12:49 talking about spiritually speaking.
12:53 Let's take a look at Matthew 14:16-21.
12:58 This is the story of a young boy who was walking around
13:02 with five loaves of bread and two fish.
13:07 There was a great multitude, look at verse 15.
14:03 Now let me say something here.
14:05 I said this was the story of a little boy with two
14:08 loaves, but there is another story that lays out the
14:10 same principle where there are 4000, I believe.
14:13 This one has the story for boy with the loaves and fish,
14:18 the principle here is the same.
14:20 We see here that from this little, five loaves, two fish,
14:25 it was multiplied into a very great number.
14:30 This law of going broke, giving all that we have to Jesus,
14:36 Jesus then multiplies it beyond our dreams.
14:41 Is nothing within ourselves that can help us to be able
14:46 to live that life that Jesus wants us to live.
14:48 All we can do is surrender everything, going broke.
14:52 If we do that, He is saying, I'll do the rest.
14:55 I will help you the rest of the way.
14:58 This is a law, we can look at the story of the widow.
15:01 The widow's mite, a widow comes to the Temple, Christ
15:05 and His disciples are watching and she puts in all
15:09 that she has, two mites.
15:12 The Lord says, bless her for this action and she will
15:15 be remembered for this.
15:17 The principle there again is revealed, going broke pays.
15:21 She gave all that she had and the Lord blesses her.
15:25 Even though she could not see the blessing, the Lord
15:28 had blessed her and we believe she will be in heaven.
15:31 This was the pattern of her life.
15:33 She was living according to this principle
15:36 of going broke.
15:38 There is another story Atonte, of a rich young ruler
15:41 who did not want to live according to this principle.
15:44 God asked him, will you go broke?
15:47 Jesus asked him, will you go broke, will you live
15:48 according to this law?
15:50 Don't fear, going broke pays.
15:53 But this rich young ruler, when Jesus said to him sale
15:56 all you have and come and follow Me and you will have
15:59 riches in heaven.
16:02 He said no, I don't believe in that law, I don't believe
16:04 in that principle and he went away very sad.
16:07 When we don't live our lives according to the laws that
16:10 God has laid out, we are talking about the scientific
16:13 laws of the spiritual kingdom, true science.
16:17 We will walk away sad, we will live sad lives.
16:20 In each of our lives that the Holy Spirit is trying to
16:24 come close to and saying, are you willing to give that up?
16:29 Are you willing to go broke for Me?
16:31 We do not want to be like the rich young ruler and say
16:34 no, we want to be like these other examples in the Bible
16:37 and say yes Lord, I'm willing to give all that I have
16:40 for you, and God will bless.
16:43 The devil says hold onto this stuff, are you going to become
16:46 a Christian, be a Christian but to still hold on to some
16:50 of my stuff, or just change your name to Christian and
16:54 hold onto it and God says no.
16:56 Going broke pays, give all up for Him, give all into
17:02 Him, go broke.
17:03 There is a parable of a merchant man seeking goodly
17:06 pearls, and when he found one pearl of great price
17:10 went and sold how much? Most of what he had? No!
17:14 All of what he had, he understood this spiritual
17:18 principle that going broke pays.
17:21 The way Jesus states this law, we can find it in the
17:27 Beatitudes where Jesus says blessed are they who are
17:32 poor in spirit, poor in spirit.
17:35 Other translations read, happy are those who know their
17:40 spiritually poor, or how blessed are those who are
17:45 destitute in the spirit for the kingdom of heaven
17:49 belongs to them.
17:50 We use the term broke, hey I'm broke today.
17:53 What does that mean? It means I have no money.
17:56 I'm financially broke, and what God is saying is that
18:01 He wants us to become broke in spirit.
18:04 Not financially, broken spirit, going broke pays.
18:09 You want to be on fire for God, God says give Me
18:14 everything you have, give Me your whole heart, give Me
18:16 your whole mind, if you go broke I guarantee you that
18:19 I will fill you with the Spirit.
18:22 He can use us best in that state of mind because He
18:26 wants to come in to mold and shape us.
18:28 If we are still holding onto something it makes it very
18:30 difficult for Him.
18:32 He needs to have something that is void,
18:35 that has nothing, like the way the Earth was when He
18:38 created it, He wants to re-create us and needs us to be
18:42 broke, void, have nothing.
18:44 Jesus went broke for us, His body was broken for us
18:49 symbolizing that He had given all.
18:52 His everything for us, we ought to go broke for Him.
18:56 The second law, we've seen the law, it is observable,
19:00 it is repeatable, and it is predictable.
19:03 Now we want to get our second law very quickly.
19:07 It is another beautiful law Atonte, what goes down
19:10 must come up.
19:13 This is a law of the spiritual realm, the law of
19:15 God's kingdom, what goes down must come up.
19:20 We are going to ask the question first of all...
19:22 In the science world what goes up, must come down.
19:25 And that is true as well, when we look at the principle
19:28 of Lucifer and of Jesus.
19:30 We are going to talk about Lucifer for a second.
19:34 Lucifer desired to be what? Exulted and in so doing
19:38 he was brought down, the Bible says, to the pits.
19:42 What goes up, what exults itself, must come down.
19:46 We want to look at this other law, mainly what goes
19:50 down, must come up.
19:53 Let's see, first of all, if this is observable.
19:56 We see that it is observable when we look at the life
20:00 of Joseph, Joseph story covers much of the book of
20:03 Genesis, so we are not going to go through verses.
20:07 We will say that Joseph began his career, I would say
20:11 probably a little ignorant a little bit haughty.
20:16 Why do we say that, well he has this dream that his
20:21 brothers basically end up bowing down before him.
20:24 What does he do? He runs to his brothers and says,
20:28 hey guys, guess what? Look at what I dreamed.
20:31 In the Bible he actually says,
20:33 look at what I have dreamed.
20:36 It was as though he was taken the glory to himself which
20:39 also angered his brothers, his brothers were not right
20:43 in the first place, but this just added to their anger.
20:47 And their jealousy because he was favored among the
20:51 brothers and so here Joseph is saying look at my dream.
20:55 What happens? Because of Joseph spirit towards his
21:01 brothers, they did not like him.
21:03 What did they do? One day they took him and cast him
21:06 where? Down into a pit.
21:09 After he is cast into this pit, they bring him out and
21:14 sell him down into slavery.
21:19 Those who took them as a slave, brought him down,
21:24 the Bible says, into Egypt.
21:26 In Egypt he's taken to Potiphar's home and some
21:30 incidents happen that were unfortunate.
21:34 He was being blamed for something that he didn't do,
21:38 but nonetheless, he went further down into prison.
21:42 So you have Joseph going down, down, down.
21:45 Throughout his story you find Joseph now is having
21:51 dreams and now his response is not, hey I can tell you
21:57 the dream, it is dreams belong to God.
21:59 The interpretations belong to God.
22:01 You see this Spirit of humility coming about Joseph.
22:05 Even when he is brought to the Pharaoh to explain the
22:09 dream that the Pharaoh had had in terms of the famine
22:14 that was coming, his response has become so humbled.
22:17 In other words, there is nothing special in me, God is
22:21 the One, God is the One.
22:23 Before it was, look at what I had dreamed.
22:25 You guys are going to bow down to me.
22:27 What begins to happen, you see Joseph, who had been
22:31 brought down, down, down now exalted to the very
22:35 highest position in Egypt.
22:38 What goes down must come up.
22:42 Jesus is the same way, He had to come down to our Earth,
22:45 which had to be a humbling experience.
22:48 He is God in heaven and he was exalted after His death.
22:52 We are going to see that, one of the stories we are
22:56 going to use to show this story is predictable.
22:59 We are going to come back to that, but the second story
23:02 we can look at is, we have seen it is observable,
23:04 is it repeatable?
23:06 We will look at the life of Moses.
23:08 Moses is a man who was to be exalted into one of the
23:12 highest places in Egypt, but he had to be humbled.
23:16 Because of His exaltation, He was brought down.
23:19 I can do this by myself, I will lead Israel out of
23:24 captivity and because he slew a man, Lord says we will
23:29 have to humble you and he was brought down, down, down
23:32 to where this man was going to hold one of the highest
23:36 places in Egypt.
23:37 He spends 40 years in the wilderness herding sheep.
23:40 He is brought down, down, down and when Moses has learned
23:44 this lesson of humility the Bible actually describes him
23:49 as one of the most meekest man on the face of the earth.
23:54 Low and behold, who is the that God exults to the
23:58 position of leading all of Israel out of Egyptian
24:01 captivity, none other than Moses.
24:05 What goes down, must come up.
24:09 This is the principle that the devil comes and says,
24:12 hey, through the entertainment industry you can be
24:14 exalted, he wants us to follow those exulting themselves.
24:18 They have the spirit of, we are going up, we want to be
24:22 worshiped as stars.
24:24 We want to be worshiped as highly exalted and in so
24:27 doing people do not realize that they are being set up
24:30 for the principle that what goes up, must come down.
24:34 You know we travel and get a lot of questions.
24:36 What is wrong with Christian rap music, or Christian
24:40 rock 'n roll, or Christian Reggae?
24:41 What we are talking about right now is one
24:44 of the key issues.
24:46 You have to be very prideful to do that music.
24:50 There is no humbleness nor meekness about Christian rap,
24:53 or Christian rock.
24:56 All those things, it is impossible to be humble and meek
25:00 That is step number one to really having a close
25:04 connection with Jesus.
25:06 It is the principle of going down.
25:08 This world's principle is all about exalted self.
25:11 You see going up, up, up.
25:13 Jesus came, we seen it observable, we seen its
25:18 repeatable in the life of Moses, and now we are going to see that
25:21 this law is predictable.
25:22 Jesus, the highest placed in heaven, willingly came down,
25:27 He lowered Himself to become a man.
25:30 Not only did He lower Himself to become a man, He lowered
25:39 Himself to become a man with the nature of Adam after
25:47 his fall, so it is not as though He came in the perfection
25:49 of manhood, He came in the nature after the fall.
25:53 So He lowered Himself even further.
25:55 Not only that, He didn't come as a rich man, He came as
25:58 a poor man, lowering Himself even further.
26:01 He lowered Himself, the Bible says, even unto the death
26:05 of the cross, and it was at the death of the cross when
26:08 He lowered Himself even down into the grave.
26:11 We read in Matthew chapter 28, when Mary and the others
26:15 came looking for Jesus, the angel that was there said,
26:19 He is not here, He is risen.
26:23 What goes down, must come up.
26:27 Not only was He risen from the earth, but He was risen
26:29 with a glorified body.
26:32 Not only was He risen with the glorified body, but He
26:34 was risen all the way up into the heavens to the right
26:37 hand of God.
26:38 What goes down, must come up and the same principle
26:41 applies for us, we humble ourselves and step away from
26:45 the science of the devil which says, exults yourself.
26:48 Which manipulates the environment and says
26:51 do what you please.
26:52 We humble ourselves, even though we may go
26:56 down to the grave.
26:57 Even though we will go down to the grave, God says
27:01 don't worry the law is true even when it seems like,
27:04 He humbled himself and died and is now dead.
27:07 God says that's not the end, what goes down,
27:10 must come up.
27:13 And we want to come up in that glorious resurrection
27:16 of Jesus Christ and it would behoove us to begin to
27:19 live according to the principles.
27:21 We do not have to fear, I wonder if gravity is going to
27:24 hold me down today? No, as sure and certain as gravity
27:28 is, is this sure and certain as the law of what goes
27:31 down, must come up and the law of going broke pays
27:35 applies to us spiritually.
27:37 And God wants to exalt us spiritually, not before the
27:42 world, but change our hearts that we are riding high,
27:47 that we are overcoming Satan's temptations as he tempts
27:52 each and every day.
27:54 1 Peter 5:6 tells us "humble yourselves therefore unto
27:58 the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you
28:01 in due time. "
28:03 God bless you and we will see you next time.


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