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00:14 Welcome to Battles Of Faith.
00:16 We are your host Ivor and Atonte Myers.
00:19 On today's program we are going
00:22 to be talking about the sanctuary.
00:24 The Bible says in Psalms 77:13, "thy way oh God is"
00:28 "found in the sanctuary. "
00:31 Many of you may be thinking, isn't the sanctuary that
00:33 thing that Moses built in the wilderness?
00:35 I don't understand it, there are so many symbols and
00:39 this furniture goes there and this side all those
00:42 things, but really God's will for your life can be found
00:45 in the sanctuary.
00:47 We are so excited about this program because we know if
00:51 we learn more about the sanctuary, we can perfectly
00:55 fulfill God's will for our lives.
00:58 We want that for you.
00:59 That's right, the sanctuary is
01:01 actually a science, the science of salvation can be
01:05 found in the sanctuary.
01:07 To most people the sanctuary is like science, it is
01:11 difficult to understand.
01:13 We want to take this program to unfold the sanctuary
01:16 and show that it God's way, according to Psalm 77:13,
01:21 His way is actually and indeed found in the sanctuary.
01:26 Some people may, when they hear that term, the way,
01:30 they think of Jesus, Jesus is the way.
01:35 When you look at John 14:13, or rather verse 6 which says
01:41 Jesus is speaking here, "I am the way, the truth, and"
01:47 "the light. "
01:49 When you put those verses together some 77:13 and John
01:51 14:6, you come to the conclusion that Jesus the way is
01:57 actually is found in the sanctuary.
02:00 That's right, Jesus is all in the sanctuary.
02:02 That's right, He is present there and the science of
02:06 salvation is there, His work is there and we are going
02:09 to look at the sanctuary and understand that there are
02:12 many principles that reveal the blueprint to salvation.
02:19 To the way God saves and delivers His people.
02:24 The context of what we have been speaking about in terms
02:27 of how Satan is attempting to manipulate the environment,
02:32 and through science, falsely called, change the
02:38 characters of humanity.
02:41 We are going to see in this program that the sanctuary
02:44 actually lays out the method God uses in order to save
02:51 His people from the tricks of the enemy.
02:55 Right, and I know all of us are interested to know
02:58 exactly how God plans to save us because it is our goal
03:01 to be with Jesus and be in heaven.
03:04 That's right, in Exodus 25:8 the Bible says there
03:08 God is speaking to Moses and says, "let them make me a"
03:11 "sanctuary that I may dwell among them. "
03:14 We are going take a look at a couple graphics
03:16 that we have.
03:18 The sanctuary was a beautiful edifice that was
03:22 constructed in the wilderness.
03:25 As you look at some of these graphics you will see here
03:28 that the sanctuary was located directly in the center
03:33 of the camp of Israel.
03:36 He had the tribes on various sides and you have the
03:39 sanctuary building right in the center of
03:41 the children of Israel.
03:45 If we were to go into the sanctuary, or right into the
03:51 first door of the sanctuary, you have what you call the
03:53 outer court and inside the outer court are two articles
03:56 of furniture.
03:58 You have the bronze alter where animals were sacrificed
04:03 and if you go a little further into the sanctuary, still
04:07 in the outer court, you have what they call the laver.
04:09 The laver is where the priests would wash their hands
04:12 and their feet before they entered into
04:14 service for the Lord.
04:16 If you were now to go further into the sanctuary you
04:20 would have a second compartment, a smaller building as it
04:24 were, rather not a smaller building, there was the outer
04:28 tent, then you had the sanctuary proper.
04:31 Inside that sanctuary it was divided into two parts.
04:35 In the first part you have what was called
04:37 the Holy place.
04:39 In the Holy place there were three articles of furniture.
04:42 The seven branched candlestick which represented the
04:45 light of the sanctuary.
04:47 That was what kept the sanctuary lighted.
04:50 You had the altar of incense, which symbolized prayer.
04:53 Then you have a table of shewbread which represented
04:59 the word of God.
05:01 These articles could not just be placed anywhere in the
05:03 sanctuary, God gave Moses the instructions of where to
05:08 place them, they were not randomly placed.
05:10 Exactly how we are going to see the significance of that
05:12 as we go on.
05:13 When we moved further into the sanctuary you have the
05:17 second compartment, which was called the Most Holy Place.
05:21 Inside the Most Holy place, you have the Ark of the
05:25 covenant and God's presence in that compartment.
05:29 So this was the outline of the sanctuary and Atonte what
05:34 we are going to see is the process by which God saves
05:38 His people, the way of salvation according
05:41 to Psalms 77: 13 is actually laid out
05:44 in the sanctuary service.
05:46 So let's begin by looking at an example of the story
05:53 of the Exodus, this is when the children of Israel were
05:55 led out of Egypt and began their journey
06:02 into the promised land.
06:04 There was a way that was given to them to escape the
06:08 bondage of Egypt and enter into the promised land.
06:12 So what was the first thing that God instructed the
06:16 children of Israel to do to prepare to leave bondage?
06:21 The very first thing that He asked them to do was to put
06:24 the blood on the doorpost.
06:26 That is right, it was a sacrifice He had called them
06:29 to make, and if you look in the sanctuary service itself,
06:32 you will notice the first article of furniture
06:35 represented, was the bronze altar which
06:38 represented a sacrifice.
06:40 Interestingly enough, after the sacrifice takes place,
06:43 God then leads them, Exodus 12:14, you will find God
06:51 leading the children of Israel through the Red Sea.
06:55 This was a symbol or type of baptism.
06:58 When you look in the sanctuary you will see the article
07:01 a furniture found after the bronze altar was the laver.
07:05 The laver represented washing.
07:10 Immediately after they came through the Red Sea, what you
07:14 have in Exodus 16 is that they are now being tested on
07:17 God giving them manna, manna falls six days but on the
07:24 seventh day, rather five days but on the sixth day it
07:28 will fall twice as much and on the seventh day they were
07:31 not to go out and gather.
07:32 Well what you have here is that God is testing them with
07:36 bread, when you think of bread what are you thinking of
07:39 in the sanctuary?
07:40 You are thinking of the table of shewbread.
07:42 Interesting enough, as you move on through to Exodus 19,
07:47 God for the first time says to Israel, you will be My
07:55 royal priesthood, My royal nation.
07:58 That royal priesthood and nation was symbolic of the
08:01 seven branched candlestick when you remember Jesus saying
08:04 in the New Testament where Jesus you are the light of the
08:09 world, He was talking about the people of God were to
08:12 represent the light of the world.
08:14 In Exodus 19 He is declaring them as the light of the
08:18 world, in that same chapter Moses says to the people,
08:22 God is going to come down on Mount Sinai in a few days.
08:26 You are to spend the next three days in preparation
08:29 for God's coming.
08:32 Or for God coming down on Mount Sinai.
08:35 That represented a type, they were to be in a meditative
08:38 type or state of mind, they were to be praying and
08:42 searching their own souls which brings us to the altar
08:45 of incense which we said earlier represented prayer.
08:48 Then in Exodus 20 you have God coming down and speaking
08:52 the 10 Commandments, symbolic of the Ark of the covenant.
08:56 You see the way God led the children of Israel out of
08:59 Egypt to Himself,
09:02 the blueprint was found in the sanctuary.
09:05 That's right, and I think we can see for our own lives
09:08 that that is a very similar pattern because many of us
09:12 our caught in bondage by Egypt.
09:14 God wants to deliver us the same way.
09:17 My favorite author, when the children of Israel had to
09:21 cross the Red Sea, my favorite author talks about that
09:24 they actually had to step into the water, it wasn't that
09:28 the water was open when they were walking toward it,
09:32 but by faith they had to step into the water.
09:34 When God saw they had enough faith, that is when He
09:37 parted the Red Sea.
09:38 It is the same thing for us, God will do that, He will
09:40 deliver us from the things we are in bondage to if we
09:44 have faith in Him and He will open the Red Sea for us.
09:47 Exactly and another instance we can look at with the
09:49 sanctuary, is that the sanctuary was actually a blueprint
09:52 or a foreshadowing of the birth of Christ.
09:55 In Exodus 25:8 God said, "let them make me a sanctuary"
09:59 "that I may dwell among them. "
10:02 In the same way inside the sanctuary was the actual
10:07 presence of God.
10:08 So when Jesus is born in Matthew 1:23, I believe it is,
10:14 the Bible says that His name would be called Emanuel,
10:18 meaning God with us.
10:21 Jesus was God with us.
10:24 He was with us, His body, God was in Him and surrounding Him
10:30 and when Jesus came to dwell on this earth it was as
10:34 though He was a sanctuary in the midst of His people.
10:38 That is why He said in John 2:19 I believe it is,
10:41 "destroy this temple and I will raise it up again in"
10:45 "three days," he was speaking about
10:47 Himself as the sanctuary.
10:49 The sanctuary also points to Jesus, it points to the fact
10:52 that Jesus Christ is the presence of God with us.
10:58 Amen!, and again that is what we need.
11:01 Jesus came to dwell with us and we need to allow Him to
11:05 dwell with us and us with Him.
11:07 This is the science of salvation, Christ with us,
11:10 Christ in us.
11:12 The sanctuary not only points to the life of Christ,
11:14 rather a mean the birth of Christ, but it also points to
11:17 the life of Christ.
11:18 This is so beautiful Atonte because Jesus was born in a
11:24 Manger, a Manger with animals.
11:28 When we look at the sanctuary, where was the animals taken?
11:32 They were sacrificed on the altar of sacrifice.
11:36 In essence... that was the first step, that was the very first
11:40 thing... Jesus was born ready to die, He was born a living
11:44 sacrifice as it were, in the manger, among animals.
11:48 The very next thing we find in the sanctuary is the laver,
11:51 again representing washing or baptism.
11:53 If you look at the next significant, major significance
11:58 in Christ life, it was His baptism at 30 years old.
12:02 He was baptized at the Jordan and you will find there the
12:05 laver and the baptism.
12:07 The path, or the science of salvation being worked out in
12:11 Christ very own life.
12:12 Interesting enough Atonte, when you look at the sanctuary
12:16 you'll find that Christ, after His baptism, the Bible
12:19 says He was lead into the wilderness which would take us
12:22 into the Holy Place of the sanctuary.
12:26 How many times was Jesus tempted in the wilderness?
12:30 He was tempted three times.
12:31 He was tempted three times, how many articles of
12:33 furniture do we find in the Holy Place?
12:35 Three articles of furniture.
12:37 The first temptation, according to Matthew 4, the devil
12:42 came and said to Jesus, turn this stone into what? Bread.
12:47 I have a funny suspicion that Satan was well aware of
12:52 this sanctuary pattern that he had seen worked out so
12:57 often in the Old Testament.
12:59 The first temptation was to turn the stone into bread,
13:01 Jesus overcame that.
13:03 The second temptation, He was taken up into a high
13:07 mountain, or the pinnacle of the temple, and was asked to
13:10 throw Himself down and call out to God because
13:14 God would deliver Him.
13:15 It was symbolic of presumptuous prayer, throw yourself
13:18 down Jesus and pray to God and He will deliver you.
13:21 He was being tempted at the altar of incense.
13:24 Symbolically speaking, Jesus overcame that.
13:27 The third and final temptation was ...
13:30 I'll give you the world.
13:32 I know that you have come to save your people.
13:35 I know that You want Your candlestick, I'll give it to
13:40 You another way, You don't have to die.
13:42 I'll give Your people if You simply bow down
13:46 and serve me.
13:47 He was being tempted over the very people that He loved.
13:50 I'll give them to You if You will bow down and serve me.
13:52 But Jesus overcame that as well.
13:54 As He overcame these three temptations the Bible says
13:58 He returned in the power of God's Spirit.
14:01 He returned to magnify, not get rid of, but to magnify
14:06 the law of God.
14:08 Which is found in the Most Holy Place.
14:10 Again we see the sanctuary actually laying out the
14:14 process of Christ life which is the process of salvation.
14:18 You know when Jesus overcame, He was constantly saying,
14:22 "it is written, thou shall not live by bread alone"
14:25 and thus as far as all the temptations came.
14:28 We can have that same power in our life.
14:31 That is what God wants for us is to go through those same
14:35 steps in the sanctuary so we can have the power like
14:38 Jesus had power and overcame the enemy.
14:40 The sanctuary is a blueprint of salvation.
14:43 It not only reveals how He led Israel out of Egypt,
14:47 how He came to be God with us, how He lived His life
14:52 in accordance with God, but it also reveals the
14:54 depth of Christ.
14:55 If you take a look at the graphic once again you will see
14:57 that the sanctuary, the articles of furniture in the
15:00 sanctuary were placed in very specific places.
15:03 If you were to take a pen and outline the articles of
15:08 furniture, you would see there the shape of a cross.
15:12 You mean starting from the altar of sacrifice as the
15:16 post, and then going all the way up you will find the
15:20 shape of a cross.
15:21 Incredibly enough, thousands of years before Jesus came
15:25 the sanctuary revealed that he would die on a cross
15:29 for our sins.
15:31 Amazing, not only that but you look at the places where
15:34 the articles of furniture are placed, Jesus received a
15:37 wound in each one of those places.
15:40 In the feet, representing the bronze altar, each wound
15:46 in each hand, the candlesticks, the table shewbread.
15:51 He had a crown of thorns on His head representing the ark
15:56 of the covenant in the sanctuary picture.
15:58 He received a wound in the His side in which came out
16:02 blood and water, which represented the laver where the
16:05 laver was placed.
16:06 Jesus died actually of a broken heart.
16:10 He was rejected of man,
16:13 and supposed to be rejected of God.
16:14 So we see there that the sanctuary actually illustrates
16:18 or points out the death of Christ on our behalf.
16:21 I know that for young people out there who have never
16:24 probably found the sanctuary that exciting, when you see
16:28 Jesus all over the sanctuary it makes it very exciting.
16:33 When you see how He was able to overcome and how God
16:37 actually put this in the Bible years before Jesus was
16:41 even on the scene and actually had the victory.
16:43 It should be very exciting for you and for anyone who
16:47 was studying and we know that if you have watched these
16:50 programs you have heard things that probably challenged
16:54 you in your personal life.
16:56 Especially dealing with the entertainment industry and
16:58 things like that.
16:59 It is very difficult to overcome these
17:02 things on your own.
17:03 It is hard to stop listening to the bad music the pulls
17:06 you away from God.
17:07 It is hard to stop watching those television programs or
17:11 movies or things that are disconnecting you from God.
17:15 But if we follow these steps, God can definitely give us
17:19 the power and the victory to do so.
17:21 That's right, the science falsely so called is the
17:24 devil's attempt to pull us away from the true science
17:28 of the Scriptures.
17:29 As we look at the entertainment industry and see what it
17:34 is trying to do through principalities and powers, it is
17:38 really Atonte, trying to take our minds from the word of
17:42 God and make it difficult for us to even comprehend the
17:45 Bible, but as we apply ourselves to the word of God,
17:48 we will see that it is really not a boring book.
17:51 Hollywood cannot outshine this, their are so many
17:54 beautiful and wonderful things found in here that will
17:57 draw us continually closer and closer to Christ.
18:00 That's right, and the sanctuary is very important where
18:04 Psalms 77:13 says "thy way is in the sanctuary," really
18:08 it's Atonte's way, or your way,
18:10 you can put your name in that place.
18:12 Not that we should put our own way, but that God has said
18:16 that the way has been provided for each one of us and we
18:19 can make it personal, but it is always God's way.
18:24 Let's look at another illustration Atonte,
18:26 of the sanctuary, because it also illustrates, not only
18:29 the birth of Christ, the life of Christ and the death
18:31 of Christ, but it illustrates the work of Christ.
18:34 We know that when Jesus, when you look at the sanctuary,
18:39 the sanctuary actually began with a sacrifice of the
18:43 animal, and this is a very important lesson.
18:46 What it teaches us is that Christ's work of salvation began
18:51 with His sacrifice.
18:54 A lot people say that the sacrifice ended it all.
18:56 No! The sacrifice ended one part of it, but it was the
19:02 beginning of a new work.
19:03 Christ, when He died, began the work, or the process of
19:07 salvation and when you look at the next article of
19:10 furniture which represents the laver which represents the
19:13 washing of when Jesus was resurrected and He was as it
19:17 were ascended through the sky.
19:18 He was resurrected with a new body, in other words His
19:21 body was now glorified and was not bruised up as it had
19:25 been before, it was washed so to speak.
19:27 He ascended up to heaven and in Revelation chapter 1,
19:31 we find Jesus standing in the midst of seven
19:35 Golden candlesticks.
19:37 Where is He now? He is in the Holy place and then in
19:41 Revelation 11, our attention is shifted to the Most Holy
19:46 Place, the ark of the covenant.
19:47 What this process reveals Atonte, is that Christ has
19:51 ascended into heaven, according to the sanctuary pattern.
19:55 He didn't just die and go off and leave the sanctuary
19:59 pattern, no it was a process, the blueprint that He
20:02 followed even in heaven.
20:04 It reveals to us that we have a high priest now who
20:08 is on the right hand of the Father,
20:09 interceding on our behalf.
20:12 That's right, He is interceding for you and me and He is
20:16 asking Lord, help them as our prayers are extending to
20:20 Him and He is taking them to God and He's interceding
20:24 on our behalf and he is asking for the request and needs
20:27 of the things we need.
20:29 But always, things are never rejected and that is the
20:32 reason we are asking for grace and the power to overcome.
20:34 This is the one I really like Atonte.
20:38 The sanctuary reveals a process by which God will save
20:42 humanity as a whole.
20:44 Those who have accepted Christ at the bronze altar
20:47 while they were on this earth, who accepted the sacrifice
20:51 of Christ in their behalf and lived out His life.
20:55 When they do that, Jesus is going to come again and part
21:01 the sky as Moses parted the Red Sea.
21:04 Symbolic of the laver, we too will be washed and receive
21:09 clean new bodies.
21:11 Amen, we're going to go through that atmosphere as
21:14 though it were a sea.
21:16 We are going to go over into that seven branched
21:20 candlestick which represents the city, or the people,
21:25 of God, we are going to enter into that city.
21:28 When we enter into that city, notice we are following
21:30 the sanctuary pattern, when we enter into that city,
21:34 one of the first things we are going to do is sit at the
21:37 welcome table.
21:40 There is a popular song, I'm Going to Sit at the Welcome
21:41 Table One of These Days.
21:43 We are going to sit at the welcome table with Abraham and
21:45 Isaac and we are actually following the sanctuary pattern
21:48 of salvation.
21:50 The Bible then says in Revelation 20, we are going to
21:54 spend 1000 years with Christ as King's and priests.
21:58 Symbolically speaking that work of judgment, which took
22:02 place largely at the altar of incense, in the Holy Place,
22:06 the priest could not enter into the Most Holy place
22:09 without the incense.
22:11 For 1000 years God's people are going to be as priests
22:14 doing the work of judgment.
22:17 The work described in Revelation 20 as judging the wicked
22:23 while they are dead upon this earth.
22:25 Then at the end of the millennium the city of God
22:29 comes down, and the Bible says behold the tabernacle of
22:33 God is with men.
22:35 Now we will ever be with God as one,
22:39 forever and ever after.
22:42 The sanctuary even reveals the process of salvation for
22:47 the entire race of humanity.
22:49 You know Satan's plan, or his will for us, is to never
22:53 get into the word enough to see these beautiful promises.
22:57 Just talking about heaven, as we are talking about it
23:01 now, I'm getting excited and can even envision as God
23:05 will take us home to heaven and sit at the welcome table.
23:08 But you are so caught up in this world, and the problems
23:11 of this world, the things of this world has to offer
23:15 again, as the entertainment industry and those things
23:18 we don't even think about our final destination which
23:21 is our home heaven.
23:23 That is why Jesus came to die on a cross for our sins
23:27 so that we can be with Him forever.
23:30 The Bible speaks Revelation 14 of a special group of
23:35 people who are described as following the Lamb where
23:39 so ever, He goes.
23:41 Well guess what, the path of the Lamb is found in the
23:45 sanctuary, every person that is saved will be able to
23:48 trace their testimony Atonte, through the sanctuary.
23:52 There was a time where I decided that I had to give my
23:56 life to Jesus Christ and their symbolically speaking,
23:59 I did that at the altar of sacrifice, the bronze altar.
24:03 Now great, I've given my life to Christ, is it over?
24:06 No! Because I have to move on in
24:09 the process of salvation.
24:10 I have to now be washed and cleansed from the filthiness
24:15 of this world.
24:16 I have to give up the music and give up things that were
24:19 polluting, it isn't enough to just say I give my life
24:23 to Jesus, no I have to follow through and be washed from
24:27 this life, I did not know about the sanctuary then.
24:29 I didn't know that I was now walking through this step.
24:32 But God was leading me as I looked back now I see, wow,
24:35 this was the process that is laid out in the sanctuary.
24:38 Once we are washed and cleansed, but God then lead me
24:42 to the word of God.
24:45 The table of shewbread, you have to study to show
24:47 yourself approved.
24:49 He leads us to the seven branched candlestick, this is
24:52 to be a light unto the world.
24:55 You have to share what you have and be that shining light
24:58 in a dark place.
24:59 Then He says it is not enough to just study your Bible,
25:02 it is not enough just to shine, but you have to be in
25:05 constant communication with Me.
25:07 You need to learn how to pray, and pray, and pray, and
25:09 when those things are accomplished it is as though you
25:13 have entered into this presence of God relationship where
25:17 you and God speak, symbolically speaking as it were
25:21 face-to-face.
25:22 It is not a one-time thing, He didn't just give His life
25:25 to Christ 10 years ago, but this is a daily thing we have
25:28 to do daily, we have to die daily on the altar of
25:32 sacrifice and then God has to cleanse us more because
25:35 there is more things that we are finding out that
25:38 God needs to cleanse.
25:40 We have to study His word daily, pray daily,
25:42 and be a light daily.
25:44 We want to close the session now with a very special
25:47 message and it is found in Exodus 25:1-8.
25:50 God lays out these building blocks that are to be used
25:55 for the sanctuary.
25:57 We are going to put it up here on the screen.
25:58 We are just going to look at the articles and what they
26:02 are, they are to be:
26:23 Now Atonte, each one of these has a very special
26:25 significance, gold represents faith.
26:28 Silver represents the word of God.
26:30 Brass represents steadfastness and impenetrability.
26:34 There are Bible scriptures that actually explain,
26:38 you at home get your concordance out and look up these
26:41 words, what does gold mean?
26:43 What does faith mean?
26:44 What does brass mean in the Scripture?
26:46 What is it used to symbolize?
26:48 Atonte, from our studies we have found a beautiful
26:52 message in the very outline of the articles given.
26:55 If you were to put all these things together in a
26:58 sentence listen to what it would read.
27:01 It would read hear, or have faith,
27:03 in the word of the Lord.
27:04 Be steadfast and obey and He will make you kings and
27:09 priests through His righteousness.
27:12 Through His righteousness rather He will cover you.
27:15 By the sacrifice of His flesh, He will take our curse
27:19 upon Him and through His spirit, He will give light.
27:23 Anointed, He will intercede for us bearing us as precious
27:28 upon His mind and heart.
27:30 What a message to be found.
27:32 And that was through all the things that are represented
27:34 in the sanctuary.
27:35 That's right, I know we didn't have time to really get
27:38 into it this program, but beloved if you will search it
27:40 out you will see these things.
27:42 God has precious treasures for us in His word and they
27:46 are exciting, don't let what the world has blind you to
27:51 the beauty of God's word.
27:52 That's right, don't let with Satan is trying to offer
27:55 daily keep you from His word, because you can find these
27:58 treasures and jewels for yourself.
28:00 We are all out of time so until next time, God bless.


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